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Colonel Sanders

Harland David Colonel Sanders (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980) was an American fast food businessman who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant chain.

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WWE 2K18 to Feature KFC's Colonel Sanders as a Playable Character - IGN
I have to say this... COLONEL SANDERS IS THAT YOU!?
When am I going to see the new commerical with you dressed as Colonel Sanders?
I'd pay lots of money to watch Colonel Sanders from KFC have a "Smile-Off" with Aunt Jemima
Like the great late Colonel Sanders said. “ I’m to drunk to taste this chicken”
"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" . -Colonel Sanders
Sumo wrestling to replace NFL as the national sport for the calorically fortified masses and Colone…
NEW INVENTION! 'The Outgoing Colonel Sanders' is a jar ipad for $16
Thele's no reason to be the richest mpn in the cemetery. You can't do any business from there. Colonel Sanders
NFL players protesting the pay gap is like Colonel Sanders protesting the mistreatment of chickens
Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…’I’m too drunk to taste this chicken. -Will Ferrell
Woody Allen speaking out, on Harvey Weinstein's 'Witch Hunt', is like Colonel Sanders speaking out for Ronald McDonald's 'He…
Guys, I just realized that Ray Liotta is the newest Colonel Sanders.
The new ProFlowers handshake ad rivals the KFC fake Colonel Sanders ads with Ray Liotta and Rob Riggle for sheer st…
Ray Liotta is the latest actor to wear the KFC Colonel Sanders outfit and he is doing a great job
Ray Liotta is the newest Colonel Sanders and I'M LOSING MY MIND!
Ray Liotta is the new Colonel Sanders. How far is too far?
Ray Liotta is the new Colonel Sanders?! Are they going to change the name of the restaurant to Goodfeathers? Or Cockland?
I'll buy WWE 2K18 if I played as Jim Gaffigan as Colonel Sanders.
why does Kelly Greg sound like the Colonel Sanders from the new KFC commercials? 😂
BREAKING: Rick Pitino hired as the new Colonel Sanders for KFC commercials
So are you a Kentucky Colonel like Colonel Sanders, or the Grand Wizard's driver, or what?
Kentucky Fried Chicken has a VERY weird history in this country... Colonel Sanders apparently defecte…
Henry Hill, Shoeless Joe Jackson.and now, Colonel Sanders. Just another day at the office for Mr. Liotta.
Man you know how Kentucky treats chickens ask Colonel Sanders
Oh I thought you meant Colonel Sanders and you were talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken. 😁
Colonel Sanders is a Kentucky colonel from the 19th c. 🇺🇸 War. Kentucky is renown for good Southern…
I know he represents Kentucky, but does anyone else find it ridiculous how much Mitch McConnell sounds like Colonel Sanders?
when the OG Colonel Sanders died, his ashes were distributed evenly among Kentucky citizens
If aliens invade Switzerland, they’ll think that guy is our god. Same with Colonel Sanders in Kentucky.
Ray Liotta has been cast as the new Colonel Sanders for KFC. Up next: Sean Spicer as the new Colonel Klink.
He can be the next guy to play Colonel Sanders.
Man, so Colonel Sanders did hook up with one of Trump's exes.
It's the 169th birthday of Cave Hill Cemetery - the final resting place of Colonel Sanders, George Ro…
OMG looks like Kip Winger and Colonel Sanders had a baby right there.
Colonel Sanders returns to comics to fight along side DC heroes. Yep, you read that correctly. -
I think he is a distant relative of Colonel Sanders he is over there so much.
now has a Colonel Sanders themed smartphone! See the story on the page at
Follow us as we track the dark history of Colonel Sanders.
Saudi Arabia accusing Qatar of terrorism is like Colonel Sanders accusing Heston Blumenthal of underseasoning a duck co…
Why is Rob Lowe now playing Colonel Sanders? Chris Traeger LITERALLY would not support this.
Colonel Sanders, in the Bistro with the hockey stick. Melrose needs a KFC commercial
Jeff Sessions will be the next Colonel Sanders. He will also be the last Colonel Sanders.
In Japan they don't call him Colonel Sanders. They call him Uncle Kentucky.
.With all the greasy Kentucky Fried Chicken eats, I'm hoping Colonel Sanders will help us get rid of him.
still kills me when I watch the Family Guy scene where Peter goes to a KFC in Kentucky to look for Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders wudnt like Kentucky associated with this halal caper.😠😠
Guess who KFC just cast as the newest Colonel Sanders
Do you reckon Orville Redenbacher & Colonel Sanders had some relation & came up with popcorn chicken?
In a country that promotes a draft dodger to Commander in Chief why did Colonel Sanders not receive 3 Michelin Stars?
Highlight of David Thomson's biography of television is a 2-page analysis of as Colonel Sanders.
Maybe this will all make sense when turns out to be the next comedian to portray Colonel Sanders.
General Keith Kellogg is very much in play for NSA - as are three others - Captain Crunch, Colonel Sanders, and Genera…
Colonel Sanders is senile.. nice try Bernard. Don't worry, we'll reserve a place for you here in Whispering Meadows.
When did Greg popovich become Donald Sutherland if he was playing Colonel Sanders
"Who's your top three?". "Colonel Sanders, A Saber Tooth Tiger, and Count Chocula"
Scott Pruitt is Colonel Sanders, Rick Perry is Dark Helmet, and DJT is President Skroob .
Catering about to go from Rick Bayless to Colonel Sanders
always loved that scene, esp the look Dark Helmet and Colonel Sanders give each other after the luggage line
Did you know that Colonel Sanders was 70 years old before he got his first deal to license his chicken recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Colonel Sanders, hows the Summer Home Hillary bought for you to sell your soul? Sad for your supporters.
Colonel Sanders was born in 1890. His father died when he was 5. Harland (that is his first name) was the oldest of 3 siblings
I wonder which Colonel Sanders will live in the White House and serve Trump his meals. My money is on George Hamilt…
a white plastic Kentucky Fried Chicken figurine piggy bank of Colonel Sanders. It was filled with holy water — blessed…
Trump assured all chickens in America will have a voice in his administration. Then he appointed Colonel Sanders as his ch…
Since the 108-year gap from the last Cubs win is imbued with Buddhist symbolism, does that make Colonel Sanders uncurse the Japanese team?
Nick Kroll and Colonel Sanders at "Conan" a few years back. He's on tonight. Nick, not the Colon…
Snake People (1968) starring Boris Karloff as a Colonel Sanders type but instead of fried chicken, he can control snake…
Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas remind me of Colonel Sanders and Dave Thomas. Thanks to them we have and
again, i mentioned religion. Lmao you defending Islam is like a Chicken defending Colonel Sanders.
This clown uprising was brought upon us by the Burger King and Colonel Sanders to weaken Ronald McDonald's hold on this country
A 'Mad Men' star is KFC's new Colonel Sanders mascot
Is it just me or does Gregg Zaun look like Colonel Sanders washed his white suit w/a red sock? Usually so dapper
The only way Alec Baldwin as Trump makes sense is of SNL is doing a Colonel Sanders thing with the actor. . Hopefully is next
[New York Daily News]A statue of Colonel Sanders after it was recovered from the bottom of th…
Ed Werder looks like the next Colonel Sanders on today, just needs the bolo.
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No Colonel Sanders you're wrong momma's right
Happy Birthday to the late great Colonel Sanders, Joe Negroni, Otis Redding and Soulja Slim.
Barry, Bernie, and Colonel Sanders should team up to create the words most powerful anime fusion
My daddy Colonel Sanders makes the best chicken on the planet!
Colonel Sanders comin to get ya girl. Stay tuned
I feel like I could be friends with Ole. It's just you who's wrong, Colonel Sanders
thanks colonel sanders. Now quickly get back to your bunker.
In the words of the late colonel sanders!
Harland Sanders, "Colonel Sanders," who founded fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was born today in 1890.
Happy bday to Colonel Sanders. Photo from his visit to London,1965. From the LFP Coll h…
*** Colonel Sanders' nephew spilled the beans on the family recipe. The kids NEVER respect what their family...
No tint on my glasses, colonel sanders
colonel Sanders is rolling in his grave
.debuts new Colonel Sanders for football season
DJ: turns the kfc cup towards me to show colonel sanders. DJ: he's crying )':
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See the spot: Guess who is next comedic Colonel Sanders?
These are strange times we live in, with an infinite number of Colonel Sanders.
This is as real as it gets a relative of Colonel Sanders whos a Sanders & a Colonel cant get that anywhere else
"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" happy bday Colonel Sanders
No, Colonel Sanders was born in 1890. The Emancipation Proclamation was in the 1860s
Please stop asking if the new Colonel Sanders is me and standing on each other's shoulders.
No Colonel Sanders you're wrong.mama's right
No Colonel sanders you're wrong. Mina's right
Happy Birthday to the legend that is Colonel Sanders. May the 11 secret herbs and spices live on forever more. 🎉
Colonel Sanders, Captain Crunch, Admiral Ackbar I think to name few
Grab a bucket of chicken and head to Cave Hill Cemetery to wish Founder Colonel Sanders a Happy Birthday! 🍗🎁🎉 http…
There's no reason ,o be the richest man in the cemetery. Youmcan't do any business from there. Colonel Sanders
Woke from a nap a little while ago. . Dreamt Colonel Sanders was called racist for appropriating fried chicken..
Colonel Sanders' nephew revealed the family's secret recipe — here's how to make KFC's 'original' fried chicken
NEW INVENTION! 'The Smart Colonel Sanders' is a car wristband for $22
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
ICYMI: That time became Scarface while working for Colonel Sanders:.
"A chicken can't root for Colonel Sanders"
Here's his real secret recipe:. "Don’t be against things so much as for things.". ~ Colonel Sanders.
Colonel Sanders says it best "Finger lickin' good" Let's put what you've learned to the test
Colonel Sanders. Sure Orman. And that last thing is not really a thing stop making stuff up. Sad!
Every month or so we have a different Colonel Sanders. This is a bigger turnover than I'm really comfortable with.
It's so cool to share birthdays with Colonel Sanders and Adam Sandler isn't it? Believe me I know.
Is it just me, or does the new Colonel Sanders look like a sex offender?
In honor of Colonel Sanders 126th b-day this always awesome profile.
The bizarre life of Colonel Sanders on what would have been his 126th birthday
Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, was born on September 9, 1890. Photo of him aged 7 with mom.
Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken Fame.was a bird colonel.
I share a birthday with Adam Sandler, Michael Buble, and Colonel Sanders... All of which are my heroes. 👑🎂🎉🎁
Did Colonel Sanders' nephew spill the secret to KFC's recipe? via
Is this the Colonel's "secret recipe?" A man who is the nephew of Harland Sanders' 2nd wife showed this to a...
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KFC's secret 11 herbs and spices, and recipe revealed:
Chicago reporter leaks secret KFC recipe he found in an old Colonel Sanders' scrapbook
Women who vote for Hillary is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders...
Was Colonel Sanders' secret blend of 11 herbs and spices accidentally revealed? KFC says no.
Colonel Sanders' nephew reveals secret recipe? I know what is doing this weekend
Has KFC’s secret recipe been revealed?: Has Colonel Sanders' nephew inadvertently revealed to the world the secret…
Kottke — Colonel Sanders: serving up chicken and sick burns with equal spiciness.
Colonel Sanders totally looks like an evil plantation owner/D'jango Unchained villain.
Met Colonel Sanders, he didn't have a whole lot to say.
Someone probably just revealed Colonel Sanders' top-secret KFC chicken recipe:
"Most likely to moonlight as Colonel Sanders on the weekdays" - Craig "Fish" Griffitts
Has Colonel Sanders' secret recipe been revealed? No, says… on
Colonel Sanders visited a KFC w/ the NY Times food critic in 1976 and absolutely slammed the food
So many stories have been told about Colonel Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken, it's impossible to know...
In 1976 an NYT food critic took Colonel Sanders to a in Manhattan and he hated everything about it
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Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky, home to Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken!
Dolph makes a better Colonel Sanders than Darrell Hammond
Dolph Ziggler as Colonel Sanders vs. a chicken is legitimately a better match than Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose
Ziggler is a better Colonel Sanders than Darrell Hammond, but not quite as good as Norm McDonald.
Holy crap. Dolph Ziggler makes a better Colonel Sanders than Norm McDonald, Darrell Hammond or George Hamilton.
Biggest takeaway from a weekend in Kentucky is...Colonel Sanders has a MUCH more grandiose grave than Muhammad Ali.
The Colonel Sanders commercial where the arms stick out of the sand would be funnier if one hand was clutching a foot long weiner.
So then I thought, what if Colonel Sanders is the devil, and now rules over *** with an iron fist?
So .. Lady david coverdale is hangin w Colonel Sanders
colonel sanders from KFC shall lead the charge. Wendy's is the sexy sidekick.
That should do it! Getting Hispanics to vote for Trump would be like getting chickens to vote for Colonel Sanders!
Colonel Sanders' secret original KFC recipe 'found in a scrapbook belonging to his nephew'
Colonel Sanders should have gotten eaten.
Ay man why yaw didn't tell me Colonel Sanders & Orville Redenbacher were from Indiana?
This new "Extra Crispy Colonel Sanders" is so racist but I can't figure out how or why.
That's kinda like having Colonel Sanders babysit your chickens.
Currently in Kentucky I'm bout to walk in this KFC here and ask to talk to colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders looks mighty smug about the way that poor cow died
A relative of the late Colonel Sanders claims he has KFC's secret recipe:
Who's accent is narrating this video? It's so Mississippi! Sounds like Colonel Sanders grandfather. .
Why does Hammond sound like Colonel Sanders? Not sure if he's selling me on dinosaurs or chicken.
The structural fix is as Colonel Sanders on the execution and 'hum' for the personality of type was great logotype.
"Happiness comes from the madulla ablingada"- colonel sanders
The KFC secret recipe might just have been found. Colonel Sanders' “Original Recipe” has…
John Hammond, or as I'm calling him for the rest of this movie, Colonel Sanders, dipping into the office fridge
During my nap just now, I dreamed about bacon and Colonel Sanders so let me know when you all are sending me to fat camp.
Angel needs a parade and her own building downtown. I have no problem with her replacing Colonel Sanders.
The Chicago Tribune is reporting that it may have uncovered Colonel Harland Sanders' secret original recipe.
Do you remember when reporters had ethics? No, not in my lifetime either. Reporter discloses KFC’s secret recipe -
"A Black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders"
Colonel Sanders' nephew discloses KFC's secret '11 herbs and spices' to food reporter
Gary Lineker looking like Colonel Sanders when he puts his glasses on.
BAM! -- Colonel Sanders' famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe found in scrapbook Or is it?
So, may have uncovered Colonel Sanders' famous KFC recipe:
Sitting with "The Colonel" during our recent trip to Sanders Café in Corbin, Kentucky, home to Colonel Sanders...
Off tonight to see a play produced by at "Constance, Kentucky" which is NOT the story of Colonel Sanders' wife.
Colonel Sanders don't live in Kentucky no more and got plastic surgery
He should get in the "being Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken ads" rotation. Everyone else is. 😎
Rudy Giuliani forgetting 9/11 is like Colonel Sanders forgetting the recipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
I want to be the first female Colonel Sanders.
Now that George Hamilton is extra crispy Colonel Sanders, yeah I think so. If he's succeeded by Zonker Harris, defs.
Speaking of, George Hamilton as Colonel Sanders seems odd. Random thought sure, but I don't get that casting. Oh well.
Colonel Sanders is the issue. Funny Mike Meyers scene...funny, but maybe not so funny...
NEW VIDEO!!! I dress up as Colonel Sanders and terrorize West Des Moines with Brady.
This is our favorite version of Colonel Sanders ever!!.
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I can't be the only one who has to think for a minute before remembering which one is Bernie Sanders and which is Colonel Sanders, can I?
Cain was later booed off the campaign trail after the discovery of Papa john having lunch with David Duke and Colonel Sanders.
Anyone else notice that Bela Karolyi looked like Colonel Sanders?
that's NOTHING—I stormed the beaches of Normandy at the behest of Colonel Sanders!!
ohh I was afraid of Colonel Sanders. Didn't know General Tso was so close
I do believe that the illustration shoes the duel between Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders. Did either survive
Kesha is singing a beautiful song dressed like the love child of Colonel Sanders and Punky Brewster. With no autotune even.
Like how bout a movie called zero dark thirty one where chief keef, Seth Rogan, and Colonel Sanders fight terrorists
Popcorn Chicken is the illegitimate *** love child of Colonel Sanders & Orville Redenbacher.
Dont know if i can hack turkey dinosaurs, waffles and beans for the 3rd night in a row, could be time to pay a visit to colonel sanders
The only Sanders I would ever vote for is the Colonel.
I think the deeper question is "why did Colonel Sanders cross the road?"
she was being chased by Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders had his road kill allocation already
I live near the chicken capitol of the US. There, it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork. Colonel Sanders go t arrested for doing that. :P
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Colonel Sanders was on the SAME side. That's scarier.
Colonel Sanders was on the other side
If Colonel Sanders can do a chicken, I am all thats left.
I'm not a supporter but I'm disappointed that nobody is finding a way to call him Colonel Sanders.
Full on Colonel Sanders mode this am. It's gonna be a funky fresh day ladies and gentlemen.
Just found out that guy running for president is not Colonel Sanders. Fried chicken for everyone promise was a lie.
Colonel Sanders just rolled over in his grave!
I thought Colonel Sanders on Waze was funny...but T-Pain giving him a run for his money. 😂
NEW INVENTION! 'The Thick Colonel Sanders' is a pig shorts for $767
'There's no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.' ~Colonel Sanders Live this spirit about your Blended Family.
Colonel Sanders original white suit was auctioned off for $80,000 in February 2002
All I can think about RN is how my bus driver looks like KFC's Colonel Sanders 🚌🍗
Colonel Sanders needs to focus on more important things,like chickens ,Good morning Sir,have a beautiful day!
Those who followed Stalin styling like the washed-out Colonel Sanders and so on... There happens no good.
NEW INVENTION! 'The Outgoing Colonel Sanders' is a nike ipad for $101
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In other news, Colonel Sanders joins the RSPCA.
I googled "& "to see what polling is like for next week's primary. . Results? KFC, Colonel Sanders 😂.
I saw someone ask if Bernie Sanders was kin to Colonel Sanders
The real teachings of colonel sanders 😂😂
Bernie playing the Race Baiting card again! Shame on you Colonel Sanders! Go back to where you once belonged!
Bernie Sanders needs to run with Colonel Sanders.
Colonel Sanders keeps kicking Secretary Clinton's *** all over the country, but somehow isn't close in delegates. Something ain't kosher.
Barry that white suit and black tie makes you look like Colonel Sanders.
Colonel Sanders comes up with a brilliant radical idea based on...?... Nothing but a good sound bite to get votes.
LoL He's not a Democrat either. But Hillary would loose to Colonel Sanders too.
Colonel Sanders all decked out in samurai garb today
WVirginians actually thought they were voting for colonel sanders.
also 35% of those sanders supporters thought they were voting for Colonel Sanders
Hillary not so popular with the working class we generally look down upon. We'll concede those to Colonel Sanders
I keep waiting for Bernie Sanders to say "prank" then reveal that he's actually Colonel Sanders and then he tries to se…
Played a game w/my gymnasts to decide who'd be 1st. Me: Name a presidential candidate. Kids: Trump! Clinton!. One yelled out Colonel Sanders
Both are proven masters of chicken, but who's better in battle: Colonel Sanders or General Tso?
Dave Thomas liked to drive by Wendy's school during recess wearing his old Colonel Sanders uniform he used to wear when he worked at KFC.
4 a black 2 have any respect 4 the racist founders of Southern Baptist and its seminary is like a chicken loving Colonel Sanders
Cecile Richards: ‘A woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.’
he looks like he's the new Colonel Sanders ( Big Poppa Pump )
"He was a handsome soldier, like Lieutenant Dan or Colonel Sanders"
"I met a cute boy at a bar. He was a soldier like Lieutenant Dan or Colonel Sanders!" -😂
Let me just quote the great Colonel Sanders "I'm to drunk to taste this chicken" 😂😂
Bernie Saunders looks like my boy Colonel Sanders 🤔🤔🤔
Perth: Bloated corpse of Colonel Sanders to st... via
it's not going to hurt anyone's feelings if you guys just drop the whole Colonel Sanders thing.
Hey guys, where did the Morgan Freeman voice go? Colonel Sanders makes lovely chicken, but he's no Morgan Freeman!
The Hanshin Tigers baseball team of Japan is believed to be cursed by KFC founder Colonel Sanders for throwing his storefront statue.
I swear to god if Kurt Rambis is coaching the New York Knickerbockers next season I will kick your Colonel Sanders lookin ***
Harry's stylist is obviously a big fan of Colonel Sanders and Elton John.
Would be hilarious if Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't actually Negan & it was really Darrell Hammond dressed as Colonel Sanders
he reminds me of Darrell Hammond playing the part of Colonel Sanders in the KFC commercials.
Remember when Brandon Flowers looked like Colonel Sanders? I do.
KFC is confusing me with all the different Colonel Sanders.there can be only one.
Yep, Exactly, John: it's like the chickens votin' for Colonel Sanders. :-)
Gilbert Gottfried wants to be the next Colonel Sanders...
The year is 2016. Darrell Hammond is running for the highest office in the land and Jim Gaffigan is Colonel Sanders.
Take a look at this mini-bio of Colonel Sanders and be inspired.
Here's why should hire to portray Colonel Sanders:
Flyer at Trump rally 'Workers voting for Donal Trump are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders?'
I really hope Jim Jefferies gets the Colonel Sanders gig. Please make this happen
Glad I'm not the only person wondering why KFC keeps replacing Colonel Sanders actors in their commercials:
TV Query: What's up with all the KFC Colonel Sanders? Jim Gaffigan? Norm MacDonald?
Naive question from a Canadian.Is Bernie Sanders related to Colonel Sanders? Can't Democrats do better?
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Colonel Harland Sanders 1st attempt at fried chicken restaurant failed at age 65 he used his SS checks 2 being franchis…
No disrespect to Jim Gaffigan, but Norm MacDonald is the superior Colonel Sanders.
All I'm saying is, do you think Colonel Sanders gives two hoots about the people of Kentucky, let alone their chickens?
Looks like Colonel Sanders has said something monumentally stupid about white people not knowing what it's like to be poor.
Colonel Sanders has become a comic figure.
Why has KFC changed their Colonel Sanders three times in the last year?
I'm too drunk to taste this chicken. - colonel Sanders
There's no reason to ie the rxchest man wn the cemetery. You can't do any busuness from there. Colonel Sanders
NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN-I ate it. If Colonel Sanders was running for president I'd vote for him. This message brought to you by KFC.
As a comedian, there is no bigger honor than portraying Colonel Sanders in the ads. Great food!
I'm not even kidding, man: these KFC commercials are effective. Colonel Sanders be thy name. Robbie want wingy.
Tony told me he has the Hotts for Colonel sanders
Can anyone confirm if Bernie Sanders is related to Colonel Sanders ?
5. It's NEVER to late! Ray Kroc was 52 when starting Colonel Sanders was 65 starting &…
It's fascinating to watch each successive actor attempt to put their unique stamp on the role of Colonel Sanders. You know, like Hamlet.
Colonel Sanders threw so much shade in that 5 dollar fillup commercial lol. 'Anybody can give you a "bag of food" for 4 dollars...'
KFC taps Jim Gaffigan to portray Colonel Sanders in Super Bowl 50 commercial...
How many Colonel Sanders can one handle?
They have gone through at least 3 Colonel Sanders😂
Capturing El Chapo makes as much difference to the supply of drugs as capturing Colonel Sanders would to the supply of f…
Hillary Clinton might beat Bernie Sanders, but there is absolutely no way she would beat Colonel Sanders
Fun fact: . Bernie Sanders is the great grandfather of Colonel Sanders.
Just realized that we could potentially have Commander-in-Chief Sanders, which is a pay grade bump from his previous rank of colonel.
Kinda worried they might bring Nancy Reagan back to life like they did Colonel Sanders.
Colonel Sanders got fired from dozens of jobs. He found himself broke at the age of 65, and decided to start KFC. http…
For all the entrepreneurs out there looking to start their own business, don't give up, for real. Colonel Sanders started KFC at 66.
Michigan voters going for Hillary like the chicken caucusing for colonel sanders
If Colonel Sanders here does somehow become president, he better redistribute me some his fried chicken or imma be po'd.
NEW INVENTION! 'The Smelly Colonel Sanders' is a toilet car for $78
Black Colonel Sanders then what Wendys brings back a Chinese Dave Thomas
is a much better Colonel Sanders that Good call
Did you know Bernie is related to colonel Sanders?. It makes sense cause when I eat KFC I defintely
The whole "white genocide" thing is complete and utter garbage, but when Sanders says stuff like that, it just heaps gasolin…
Watching the US dem debate I could have sworn Anderson Cooper called Bernie Sanders, colonel. Think it's just wishful thinking on my part.
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