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Colonel Mustard

1949 UK: Miss Scarlett is portrayed as a blonde in her late 20's or early 30's. Head mounted on a red pawn.

Professor Plum Martin Mull Professor Green Miss Scarlet Miss Scarlett Parker Brothers Tim Curry Colonel Sanders Gene Parmesan Madeline Kahn Mrs White Leslie Ann Warren White House

nah. It was colonel Mustard in the library with a lead pipe :)
Colonel Mustard, in the dinning room... with a lead pipe
Colonel Mustard, in the library, with a candlestick!
Colonel Mustard was always my favorite.
They be in comments telling you it was Colonel Mustard in the library with a candle stick.
Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with a lead pipe.
Two people are here for an eye appointment, myself and a "Mr. Blue". We need a Miss Scarlet and a Colonel Mustard and we'll have a game!
Colonel Mustard in the pool with the candlestick
Item 109. It's Captain Jean-Luc Mustard! (Not to be confused with the Colonel.)
Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet together again,Community casts Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren as Britta’s parents
My college stripper name was Colonel Mustard
And literally everyone is smoking in Colonel Mustard's boardroom because '80s.
Some late night, easy listening, with the Colonel - Ideal for elevators or shopping centres .
6th Grade Mandatory GRADUATION Parent Meeting!-- tomorrow, 8:30am in the library, [with Colonel Mustard]
Colonel Mustard in the Library with the wrench.
Colonel Mustard told me “This is war, Peacock. Casualties are inevitable."
When u played wikki wars you could have easy found colonel mustard from cludo :{P
"First I will drop my crust on his sandwich...and then...then...the *** . -Colonel Mustard
Do you have Clue who Colonel Mustard is?
Colonel Mustard has no idea what's happening behind him 🙈
"Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the clarinet"
I believe, colonel Mustard did it in the study with the candlestick
Only thing missing is Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a knife. Looking good girls.
I finally figured out who killed Lucy Beale.. It was Colonel Mustard, with the lead pipe in the library 😏😏
Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with a candle stick.
I've got it! Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench.
Morning all up and working on the book database in the garden room. Colonel Mustard has just left clutching the Lead Pipe.
Winning answer tonight in Clue: The Kinky version: Colonel Mustard, in the Red Room, with the Flogger.
Colonel Mustard in the dining room with a lead pipe. 😂😂
Scene 1. In which Colonel Mustard ropes his desk chair to the bottom of a commercial airliner and rides it to Kalamazoo
While studying for his Civil War test, Noah confused General Custer with Colonel Mustard 😂
It was Colonel Mustard with the pestle in the observatory. In Melbourne.
Tuesday Colonel Mustard in the office with the wool sweater.
Till this day I refuse to go in the study with anybody named Colonel Mustard.
I'll never find out, who killed Colonel Mustard in the kitchen, with the candlestick.
Colonel the bathtub.with the toaster.
Was it Colonel Mustard.. in the library.. with a spanner?? 😕
Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the Knife
Whodunit? At this point, is like a game of clue..Colonel Mustard in the library with the candle..
I Never got to find out who killed Colonel Mustard with a candle stick holder
Bless the was Colonel mustard in the library with knitting needles and some barbed comments
Breaking: Mr Green,from his hospital bed,has just announced the signing of Colonel Mustard for Rangers. Professor Plum denies he's ***
. The colonel lives on!!! Woodsters 51!! as of saturday and unretiring from running how goes it mate?/. W
..older boyfriend,the streaking janitor,Colonel Mustard)are just there to gin up a "Who Killed Laura Palmer" meme,and to pad the...
A murder mystery spoof at Call up Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard and head over.
Turns out Jack the Ripper was Colonel Mustard this whole time.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Colonel Mustard takes on the Shockers at 10:20 tonight, Bethel Park Blade Runners.
We passed Colonel Mustard rehearsal and explained to Dylan what it was and he said "well then I'm Lieutenant Ketchup."
Something bad is brewing at the Body Mansion. Someone won’t be leaving the party tonight. Who is up to no good? Will it be Miss Scarlet in the dining room with the candlestick? Colonel Mustard in the billiard room? Or YOU?! Join us for a one-week musical theatre intensive and find out. Performers aged 13 – 18 will sing, dance, and act their way through daily classes while creating Clue! the Musical. We need a few more victims, uh, guests or the party can’t get started. Even if you can't participate, tell your friends...share this post! Clue! the Musical July 28 – Aug 1 9am-3pm Ages 13-18 $350
Incredible debut album from Glasgow-based alternative/dance rock/comedy group, Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5
Good luck getting promoted over lieutenant colonel if your last name is Mustard.
Ha! Indeed. Colonel Mustard finally got a clue
Redneck flight, with Colonel Mustard in the library !
Going to Colonel Mustard's just to get a Void magazine
I think he's related to Colonel Mustard Plaster.
Help support COLONEL MUSTARD AMATEUR ATTIC THEATRE COMPANY on Razoo! Donate or share this post to spread the word.
Reasons you should come to Zipline Brewing Co. immediately: 1. I am here 2. It's the last Throw in Thursday for Community CROPS (bring them a tool & get a beer) and it's Give to Lincoln Day. I've got the computer all set up so you can donate to Crops or the fabulous The Colonel Mustard Amateur Attic Theatre Company who will be having their power hour right here in the taproom, or any of the other Lincoln organizations you love 3. I hear the beer is pretty good.
It was colonel mustard in the man cave with the leg lamp
Yeah, he's so badly off he keeps referring to his cat Colonel Mustard as Sergeant Peppers!
cant wait for The Life And Death of Colonel Mustard
It was me. I killed Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the library.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the Candlestick.
Do you mean to say, in the ballroom with Colonel Mustard?
Colonel Mustard and Mayor Naise's offspring accompany our pork chop tonight. Also served with triple cooked...
Twas either Colonel Mustard or Mrs.Peacock in thee library WITH Petrina's car keys...AND that is why she can't find them at present.
But inside me I knew it was you all along with the flamethrower in the oval office, Colonel Mustard!!
I can tell you now it was Colonel Mustard : )
Anyone in Markham area this Saturday, come on out to Colonel Mustards! Great music with Darin Martin Music featuring Jonathan Manafo and Jonathan McMurray. Things start around 9pm!
Colonel mustard pants in the parking lot with silver cowboy boots.
Adam Smith our artwork genius , who put together the Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 cartoon on double gate fold vinyl has got another cartoon in the Viz. well done mate. Album is available at Love Music on Dundas Street next to Queen Street Station Glasgow or order on Bandcamp.
(whilst Colonel Mustard watches from the corner making some Mrs. White)
Oh no! Someone killed Colonel Mustard with a wrench in the kitchen!! 🔧
Stilt just called me from down at the pub, all excited.. said he'd met the goddess of his dreams. She had told him that her name is Dijon, and she lives with her uncle, Colonel Mustard. I had to ask "what about your wife Ima??" Stilt said " I don't have a Clue,"... truest words ever spoken by him, los los.
There's a trivia team here named "Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with Anal Beads."
Colonel Mustard, in the bedroom, with the . I bet no one ever tries that on you!
The itsaxxxthing blog, good honest reviews and words of wisdom from a true gent. Check out the review they've...
OF GUNS, KNIVES AND BASEBALL BATS May 28, 2014 In the wake of a mass murder in Isla Vista, Calif., critics of America’s gun laws have been predictably quick to trot out the classics, advocating the passage of new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms and blaming the National Rifle Association for opposing what are invariably termed “common sense” reforms. On Sunday, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut took to Face the Nation to claim that if Congress had passed his preferred measures last year, it would have “finally” put a “stop the madness” and brought an “end the insanity that has killed too many young people.” This is nonsense. The bill to which Blumenthal refers would have made it illegal for gun owners to trade their firearms privately without undergoing a background check, prohibited magazines that held over ten rounds, and instituted a new ban on what politicians have termed “assault weapons” — that is, standard rifles that boast certain cosmetic features. B ...
Was that Corrie? Felt like I was in a game of Cluedo. I can cross off the lead piping but is Rob colonel mustard or Professor Plum
It was Colonel Mustard in the parlor with a candelabra.
Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty to all seven charges..Claims it was Colonel Mustard in the library w/lead pipe.
Maybe Martin Mull made my sandwich. Cause he was Colonel Mustard that one time.
Acoustic Fest Offer Double bacon cob with tea or coffee for £3 at Colonel Mustard's Café!
" This is the onion release of the year that will reveal increasingly more and more as your ears peel layer after...
Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 review -
Pretty sure the bus driver is Colonel Mustard from Cluedo lol
- condiments: mustard ketchup onions relish and the Colonel's special sauce!
Just had a google, and it seems they do only Corporal Ketchup and Brigadier Brown. THERE'S NO COLONEL MUSTARD.
Keep an eye on Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett, I have my suspicions about them
Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the lead pipe
I blame Miss Scarlett. ;) “That darn Colonel Mustard is to blame!”
That darn Colonel Mustard is to blame!
At least corrie done the killer now as in Eastenders they are still playing cluedo... Colonel Mustard in the billiards room with the 🔪
I think it will be Colonel Mustard, in the study, with the lead pipe!
I think you did it in the dining room with colonel mustard.
Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the lead piping.
This is my new friend, Colonel Mustard. He's the bee's knees.
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5. Next up for the Dijon a main stage appearance at Eden Fest Sunday 15th June at...
Look stylish and sophisticated when dining with a friend, in a fashionable Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5...
Surpirsed the blamed Dave Hudgens and Jose Valverde and not Colonel Mustard with the rope in the Conservatory.
"Colonel Mustard did it in Park Ave with a... car? o.O" :P
So far in the competition to have Colonel Mustard stickers and T Shirts in the most weird and wonderful places...
It is! But Colonel Mustard thinks it's preposterous!
Little known fact about colonel mustard, his first name is DeShawn but it's pronounces Dijon.
Colonel Mustard is up to his old tricks again...
I bet you Colonel Mustard hates it when everyone gets to the party and they start to play ketchup.
Colonel Mustard, in the NRA-Owned Congress, with an Assault Rifle.
"You look like a colonel and a mustard cause your hair is red" -Channah
Was it Colonel Mustard in the Gazebo with the Candlestick? Was it Ms. Scarlet in the Library with the Revolver? Deliciously naughty, murder mystery nights at Boringdon Hall offer a wicked evening of murder and misbehaving.
It's rumoured the Colonel Mustard might be returning from his lair in Western Australia for this one too...
"Clue" by flashlight because our power is out. It's just a really good thing the Texas Rangers aren't playing tonight!!! Side note--it was NOT Colonel Mustard, with the dagger, in the game room! 😉😉
Thursday March 27, 2014 This is the 86th day of the year, with 279 days remaining in 2014. Fact of the Day: Clue ™ Clue (Cluedo outside the United States) is a murder mystery board game set in an English country mansion and was originally published by Waddington Games in 1948. It was devised by Anthony Pratt, a law clerk from Birmingham, England. Parker Brothers obtained the rights to produce Clue in the United States and was purchased by Hasbro in 1991. The players represent guests staying at the mansion, whose owner, Mr. Boddy (Dr. Black outside the United States), has been found murdered. The solution to the mystery contains the three components of Room, Suspect, and Weapon. The rooms include the kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, dining room, billiard room, library, lounge, hall, and study; suspects are Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Rev. Green, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Peacock, and the weapons include rope, lead pipe, knife, wrench, candlestick, and revolver. More useless trivia.
Colonel Mustard, from the grassy knoll, with the candlestick! Do I win a prize?
I remember Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum. And all I wanted was a quick basic update about that plane. Shoulda known, no Fox
Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard on - Is the whole panel
The fact that they had to stress Colonel Mustard vs. Colonel Klink amuses me to no end.
Coincidence? Driving home an unusual way not far from where the old Colonel Mustard pub used to stand just over the road from Leeds based Waddingtons. Images of the board pieces sprung to mind and how they would be recreated in a 3D program. Ten minutes later, nearing home I turned on the radio and the first words heard were, 'Colonel Mustard killed Professor Plum with the candlestick'. It was from the show 'Thanks a lot, Milton Jones!' on Radio 4.
Yeezus with Best Rap Album, Daft Punk with best record, and Colonel Mustard in the Auditorium with the candlestick.
(while watching 'Sense and Sensibility') Emily: "I like that Colonel Brandon...I recall now that you are a colonel. Colonel Mustard." Jake: "No." Emily: "Colonel.Chicken." Jake: "Colonel Sanders?" Emily: "YES!"
Mel just said "John, it's not Colonel Mustard, it's col-on-el Mustard!" So seriously !!
Colonel Mustard at JD's again tonight. gotta clean up the carnage from last night. :)
I definitely more colonel mustard than Miss the library
I have this problem all the time. I have to stop inviting Colonel Mustard over.
"Professor Green arrested" - I always suspected he killed Colonel Mustard in the ballroom with a candlestick
did u ever catch colonel mustard for Archie's murder?
NEWSFLASH , Professor Green gets arrested on suspicion of burglary! I'd of thought he'd of been arrested for wagwan and not being a real professor , that's fraud. All the cluedo characters must be scared they're gonna get a knock. Colonel mustard is worried cos he's not actually a condiment
with Colonel Mustard in the Dining room?
Where could u get cleudo the boardgame? Ya know the one colonel mustard in the library wid a wrench an that.
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 artwork artist and sometime musical collaborator Adam Smith of THE PLIMPTONS and... http…
Played Clue. Several strangers (aka 4 family members) were called in to determine the final events in the life of Mr Body. Colonel Owen Mustard, Professor Garrett Plum, Mrs Leonard White, and Mrs Scott Angela Peacock started investigating in the far flung rooms of the bathroom-less mansion. By the middle of the game, Col. Mustard's erratic behavior made it clear to all (except perhaps to himself and to Prof Plum) that he was the villain. Soon after, the bloody wrench was singled as the murder weapon. At this point, The Madams Peacock and White raced from room to room searching for evidence of the crime. Mrs. White cleared the dining room, then in her clipped British tones formally accused the drunken Colonel Mustard of bludgeoning Mr. Body to death in the Hall! Mrs. Peacock screamed from just outside the hall as her victory and dreams of a book deal were lost forever.
Backing the Cru's boys to get another big win against Holt today, gutted I can't play. I am off to London with Professor Plumb and Colonel Mustard to meet a goose.
Professor Green has been arrested, apparently. Colonel Mustard still at large
*Colonel Mustard hires a DiJon for his 65th birthday party*
Playing clue and it is always Colonel Mustard, with the candle stick, in the Library.
Trivia: Colonel Mustard and Sgt. Pepper died in each other's arms during the Second South African Condiment Offensive.
"the smell of paint." 11/28/2013, Thanksgiving day. I was confused. The Indians had loved us, I had been told. The Pilgrims, the New England Patriots, had came to America as explorers. They found these people already living here. Being that they originally thought they were in some undiscovered parts of India, the Pilgrims called the Americans "Indians". The Pilgrims had a lot of fancy gowns, swords, jewelry, and utensils the Americans(sorry, but that's what I call them) had never seen. The Americans had a lot of wood carvings, exotic furs(New Englanders loved fur, back in the day), and gold the Pilgrims liked. So they got together and decided to have a White Christmas Party and call it "Thanksgiving". That's what They told me when I was 5. And I believed Them. But now They were telling me something new. It was 5th grade, so I was mature enough to learn about righteous killing. We were learning about new stuff like the Geronimo, Custer, and the like. It confused me. Why would They kill Their own friends? ...
Bought my kids Clue for Hanukah. Can't believe Colonel Mustard is now just Mustard, Mrs. White just White?! Why??
I think it was Colonel Mustard in the Walmart with his feet.
If your name was Colonel Mustard you'd probably kill someone with a candlestick too.
Colonel Mustard at JD's Sports Pub tonight and tomorrow.. :)
Colonel Mustard will trash JDs like a cheap rental car this weekend. You don't want to miss this. Bring a helmet and a small first aid kit. Music starts when we're *** good and precisely 9:15 in other words.
Oh, my silly William--This morning in the car, on the way to my dad's house, the kids were looking at movies to watch and William said how about "Clue?" He then said "it has Colonel Mustard in it...Colonel is where guys pee, and mustard is what you eat!" Bob and I were puzzled and couldn't imagine what he was talking about until we realized he meant "urinal." I thought this was perfect thanksgiving day fodder.
Moureen Tweedie colonel mustard now you see him now you don't ...! Lol
Woke up sick and sad I lent all my Harry Potter movies out. I still feel thankful for a ton of things many of which I will forget to mention. I am thankful to have such an awesome wife who loves me and supports me even when I am at my worst. I am also thankful that this year we were able to have our relationship legally recognized and celebrated! I am surrounded by some of the most incredible friends imaginable. My family (birth, in-laws, and chosen family) is full of some pretty awesome folks who I am proud to call family. I am also thankful to work at Maple Star and work with some of the kindest, hard-working, empathetic folks around. I am thankful for my fur babies (Diego, Little One, Colonel Mustard) who have made and continue to make my life way better. (Sorry Daddy (the cat) you didn't make the list).
White wine drunk by noon, as decreed by Pocahontas and Colonel Mustard way back on the first Thanksgiving.
Pretty sure it was colonel mustard in the toilet with the clarinet
FAMILIAR faces such as Colonel Mustard have been replaced by politician Alec Mustard, who seems to bear a resemblance to First Minister Alex Salmond, as the capital gets its own version of the detective game.
FelixThe SaxCat shared the following link and had this to say about it: Well done to everyone involved at the ginger music video for Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 it has been awesome laugh. And here is the final cut for everybody to see with John McAlinden, Kellie Bell, Gordy Duncan, Rose Filippi, FelixThe SaxCat, Dean O'Dinosaur, Little Wing and many many more folk involved in this love it, thank you for making ...
It was colonel mustard in the hall with the revolver! I win losers! Love playing games with you guys and winning!
I know this will likely fall on def ears which is why it's nice that me typing this will allow def people understand...OK that was a little off topic, this is what is on my mind...(clearing my throat) I realize Colonel Mustard may get upset by this, however, Mustard and Ketchup go great together; so why call it Mustard? In my mind it makes more sense to call it Fallbehind to put it in the same name category as Ketchup...But, since Ketchup isn't spelled Catchup a little flaire would have to be implemented, so instead of Fallbehind Mustard should be called Xvallbehind (the "X" is silent) or something like that...Thanks for reading, Merry Thanksgiving!
I've got it…….Colonel Mustard, in the vestibule, with a goose.
Hmm. Pneumonologist called and said that so far, the biopsy shows a lot of necrotic (dead) lung tissue. That's not typical of the Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia but is more in line with an organism. And of course, at this stage of the game we haven't got cultures grown out from the biopsy. She's calling me in some antibiotics to keep me on for a few weeks. She says she suspects oral anaerobic bacteria via aspiration now (Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick in the Library!)
Yep, it's official I need a holiday . I've just told Hannah that KFC was founded by none other than Colonel Mustard 󾌯
We were in the studio over the weekend working with the guys from Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 & The Girobabies. Both bands are definitely worth checking out
It was colonel mustard with the revolver in the conservatory...
Congratulations to Colonel Mustard our new "Pet of the week"! Remember to get as many likes as possible when your pet is a featured "Pet of the day", the pet has the most "Likes" will become our "Pet of the week" and has a chance to compete for "Pet of the month" and wining a prize from us. *To keep the competition fair, we only count "Like"s occur on the posting date and 2 days after. Colonel Mustard: 15 Likes Cassey: 14 Likes Lux: 13 Likes Sammy: 9 Likes Oreo: 9 Likes Jezzie: 7 Likes
Colonel Mustard invited me to the conservatory to check out his candlestick collection, but I dunno... I got a bad feeling.
In the end, it was Colonel Mustard in the Library with a candlestick.
I don't believe this! I'm watching 1 vs 100 and the VERY 1st question is "Which of these is a character in the board game CLUE?" A) Captain Ketchup B) Colonel Mustard C) Miss Mayonnaise And she didn't know the answer. She had to use a help! You know what else 4 people in the mob got it wrong too. Even if you've never played CLUE before...There are so many references to it in movies and shows. How could you not be able to pick out the right answer? Geez there's even a couple movies based on the game!
It was self defense, I swear... but colonel mustard is a murdering ***
Today our mascots Ike the Spike, Jane Doe and Colonel Mustard visited the Special Olympics PA Athletes Village!
Sorry about the 2 week wait, but Film Club is back! TOMORROW @ 2:30 in Room 016, across from the library, we'll be showing Jonathan Lynn's Clue (1985), the movie adaptation of the board game (with 3 different endings). It's a very funny movie with all your favorite characters from the game like Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) etc. Very enjoyable, if you like the board game, that is.
I one day would like to pour drinks like Martin Mull as 'Colonel Mustard' in CLUE.
Colonel Mustard does it, in the drawing room, with the rolling pin.
Nick Offerman would be the perfect choice to play Colonel Mustard in the Clue remake.
Gene Parmesan played Colonel Mustard in Clue?! "Ah, he did it again!!!", in my best Lucille voice.
it's a burger place called Colonel Mustard's.
Little Giant Ladders
Colonel Mustard invited me into the conservatory to look at his candlestick collection. I said 'nah you're alright mate'
Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room with the lead piping
Say hello to Colonel Mustard. The cutest dog in the world.
Colonel Mustard in the Screaming Forest with an army of spider-people.
Colonel Mustard killed my vibe in the library with the lead pipe.
Unless you want to keep playing Clue and wonder if Colonel Mustard is in the dining room with a wrench.
Colonel Mustard is endorsing Wiener! And why shouldn't he?
Sexy Cluedo's a thing, right? It should be a thing. "It was Colonel Mustard in Miss Scarlett, with the candlestick."
On the wharf, a salty dog looked at my yellow pants and called me Colonel Mustard. There was much rejoicing.
It was Colonel Mustard with the wrench in Greenbrier
It was Colonel Mustard with the knife in the library.
This is exactly the sort of place where Colonel Mustard did it in the Conservatory with the Lead Piping...
Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with Professor Plum... I always suspected those two.
Colonel Mustard was in the ballroom with the rope but he certainly wasn't killing anyone if you know what I mean..
"It's very Cluedo this house, isn't it? Colonel Mustard in the ensuite bathroom with the lead pipe. Battered"
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the candle stick . “so who killed trayvon martin”
When I go, I wanna be killed by colonel mustard in the billiard room with a candlestick
Colonel Mustard grabbed my boob last night.
Colonel Mustard in the ensuite bathroom with a lead pipe... BATTERED!
I see you're on to us - but we're the distraction! It was actually Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory!
My detective work says it was Colonel Mustard.
Colonel Mustard called, he said get a clue
Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.
We'll tonight it was colonel mustard in the conservatory with the knife! 2 for 2! Amanda is 0 for 2
Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum gonna get your ***
Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe
'Big data is a Cluedo view of the consumer [..] Could brands target Colonel Mustard with an offer on lead piping?'
It took me 24 years to realise Colonel Mustard was a pun.
well we do like to mix with the rich and famous. I reckon she rode colonel mustard and becks rode toto
If I'm playing Clue, you better believe I'm Colonel Mustard.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I want Colonel Mustard to murder my *** in the library with a candlestick.
Colonel Mustard, with a candlestick, in the library!
I choose Colonel Mustard. In the study. With the rope.
I think Colonel Mustard and Professor Peacock are suspects.
My 30th celebration featuring Colonel Mustard &the Dijon 5 is 17 August in the Flying Duck. If you fancy coming drop me a PM. You're invited
Colonel Mustard on the grassy knoll with a blunderbuss.
This is literally clue, that's colonel mustard
playing Cluedo. In the bedroom with the silk stockings. Colonel Mustard and Rev Green just out of shot.
Colonel Mustard: Why is J. Edgar Hoover on your phone? Wadsworth: I don't know, he's on everybody else's, why shouldn't he be on mine?
Some Crazy Obscure Arrested Development S4 gags: -Lucille's inmate number throughout the season is 07734, which is "hello" when you write it on a calculator and turn it upside down. It's a reference to Annyong (whose real name is "Hel-loh"), who turned Lucille in and had her sent to jail. -Tobias, Gob, and Lindsay all eat the same snack, a combo of mustard and parmesan cheese. It's a reference to Martin Mull, who plays Gene Parmesan on the show and played Colonel Mustard in the 1985 movie Clue. -In the end credits, actor Rich Chrisandanost is credited as playing "Divine Spirit," although it's later revealed that Marky Bark (Chris Diamantopoulos) is actually pretending to be the character Divine Spirit. The fake actor's name is his first name (Chris) plus the word "ostrich" rearranged, the same format as the credits for the character Maeby pretends to be in Episode 3. They both used ostriches when disguising themselves --During the scene in the police station, John Beard is on Fox 6 news in the background ...
It was colonel mustard in the laundry room with a deli meat.
I say it was Colonel Mustard with his sidekicks the letter G and the number 12.
. To see you cuts me like a knife. Said colonel mustard in the conservatory!
Mustard for the win! (Hey, did they have any Colonel Mustard stuff at the mustard museum?)
it was colonel mustard with the candlestick. Saved you a job now! :-)
Hey - The Colonel from just said U were a good guy, and I quote, "When he's alseep"
"I need more time to catch up," said Colonel Mustard with great relish.
I believe Colonel Mustard did in the study ...with a candlestick.
I think has a better chance of pinning it on Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.
Me: was it colonel mustard? : do I look like I'm in the billiards room?
I heard a rumour its Colonel Mustard
ask if they were with Colonel Mustard, in the Kitchen with the frying pan.
Was it Colonel Mustard in the pantry, with the fish slice?
yes this is John King & I'm here to tell you that Colonel Mustard & Mrs White took the White House down in the study w a pipe wrench.
Death "I believe colonel mustard did it in the study with a candlestick Bill "sorry dude, it was Professor Plum"
It was Colonel Mustard in the study with candlestick holder!
Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory with the lead piping.
"Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Guitar jesus christ what is air?
Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Guitar
Racks on racks on racks, maybachs on bachs on bachs -Colonel Mustard
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Colonel Mustard in the study with the rope
Colonel Mustard in Conservatory with The Candle Stick. If you know what that means you’re old like me.
Colonel Mustard in the cloak room with a brick
Colonel Mustard in the beamer with the lead foot.
It was Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the candlestick
Ahhh well my prediction was wrong, colonel mustard didn't do it who was it then? Colonel Mustard in the Dinning Room with a candle stick?
anyone else have Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Lead Piping?
Colonel Mustard with the Revolver in the Kitchen !
the new colonel mustard worked on me :D
"She's marrying a doctor" "I'm a doctor" "You're a dentist, that's like saying General Patton and Colonel Mustard are both military men"
Colonel Mustard playing the Mr. Boddy role this time. Have to admit, a Tim Curry/Garrett Morris butler combo would be epic!
Photo: Clue “Why is J. Edgar Hoover on your phone?” – Colonel Mustard “I don’t know.  He’s on everybody...
Colonel Mustard: How many husbands have you had? Mrs. White: Mine or other women's? I love and Madeline Kahn
Starting to get our Sippin' Sundays set up again for 2013. So far... we have Rodger L. Montgomery, The Heliotrio, Abbey Road, and Colonel Mustard. Who else would you like to see on the list?
so apparently theres a reboot of the classic Hasbro board game, Clue, which was made into a film in 1985 starring Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, Martin Mull, Leslie Ann Warren, etc; i assume it's currently in the works... but me being the movie nerd that I am, i thought i'd conduct a personal list of actors/actresses of who I think would be a possible suit for each character, starting w/: Colonel Mustard: Thomas Haden Church, Jack Nicholson, or Christopher Walken Mrs. Peacock: Betty White, Ellen Barkin, or Jane Seymour Prof. Plum: Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Seth MacFarlane Ms. White: Emily Blunt, Jennifer Hudson, or Kristen Wiig Mr. Green: Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong, or Stanley Tucci (or Ricky Gervais) Ms. Scarlet: Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, or Jamie Chung what do you guys think? lol
The ever faithful Colonel Mustard waits patiently until called upon to deliver me from this blizzard in northeastern Kansas.note the ski mask!
News from Spitfire Radio18th Feb 2013 Plaque to be erected for Kings Heath Cluedo inventor Anthony Pratt Author Jonathan Foster – a Cluedo devotee – has splashed out £400 for a blue plaque to Anthony Pratt and gained permission, from the authorities and property owners, to have it erected. Anthony Pratt's daughter Marcia Davies with author of the 'Cluedo story', Jonathan Foster and the plaque in Stanley Road, Kings Heath It's the Birmingham street with a hidden secret – murder most foul. For within the walls of one of its modest semis an unassuming civil servant created a board game that took the world by storm. We’ll give you a Cluedo. It wasn’t Colonel Mustard with a dagger in the kitchen. It wasn’t Reverend Green with a spanner in the cellar. And it wasn’t Mrs Peacock with a revolver in the study. It was solicitor’s clerk Anthony Pratt, with a vivid imagination, in Stanley Road, Kings Heath. He dreamed up Cluedo, the whodunnit game whose popularity has endured for close on 70 years. So ...
In the words of Colonel Mustard, How many manys are too many. I thought i was pushing my luck, the bands and the audiences patience with a 4 band bill. Just saw a 6 band bill being advertised. Ouch!!! Is this hedging your bets to ensure a decent turn out or will each band flow seamlessly into the other?
you prof pic is funny. Lieutenant Dan and Colonel Mustard
I'm gonna be one of the greatest Colonels of all time. In the ranks with greats such as Colonel Sanders or Colonel Mustard.
Parker Brothers: CLUE 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition in Metal Tin: Unknown by Call the police! (Again!) The unfortunate Mr. Boddy has been showing up dead in his mansion ever since Anthony Pratt invented the game of Clue in England in 1944. Here's another chance for intrepid country-house weekenders like you to do him in (or have fun trying to figure out who did). In this 50th Anniversary edition, the 19-inch, square green board represents nine rooms in the Boddy mansion. The suspects are 1.75-inch metal figurines of Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, and the late Mr. Boddy's other so-called friends. Other game elements include a die, a Clue card pack, and a pad for keeping track of suspects, locations, and weapons. The weapons are 1.5-inch-long metal models of a dagger, a pipe wrench, etc. Read the story of a weekend gone tragically wrong, and then set up the board and seek the awful truth. Just be sure to watch your back--unless, of course, YOUdunit. --Richard Farr N ...
Just seen a band called Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 @ King Tuts. I'm speechless, in a good way.
MUSTARD MYSTERIES - EPISODE 1 "HANG IT UP" INT. STUDY - DAY COLONEL MUSTARD is standing next to the fireplace, sipping on a brandy. COLONEL MUSTARD These moving pictures are getting quite good. Don't you think, Professor Plum? Professor Plum is looking over a movie camera. Professor Plum Yes, it's amazing. If I can just make this camera more compact. There is a ring at the door. COLONEL MUSTARD Will you see to the door Mrs. White? (Yelling for Mrs. White.) INT. HALLWAY - DAY MRS. WHITE puts down her duster. She heads toward the door, and opens it. MRS. WHITE Oh, hello Mr Green. Mr. Green is standing outside searching his pockets. MR. GREEN Hello Mrs. White. It seems that I Lost My House Keys. MRS. WHITE Not again Sir. Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum are in the study. COLONEL MUSTARD Who's at the door, Mrs. White? MR. GREEN It's Green! Mr. Green enters the mansion. MRS. WHITE Ill get you a cup of hot tea. INT. STUDY - DAY Professor Plum (puts the camera box down) What the devil is he ringing the door .. ...
latest I heard is Paul McCartney is going to change his entire identity to `Kurt Cobain` using forged passports and plastic surgery and tour with Nirvana all the time. Like everyday. and live out the rest of his days as Kurt. Ringo`s got his eyes on replacing Dave Grohl too who fancys himself as a natural replacement to John Lennon. This could get interesting. Band Swap Idol. It`s good how a P.R story can snowball by chinese whispers of annoyance when the real annoying story of the day everyone should be talking asbout is Rebecca Brookes got paid £10,800,000 in compensation to not go to work anymore after what could be mildly described as a `shanner` of a job at News Corp. Everyone should be annoyed and talking about that. or saying/ typing mic check 12.12.12. or sharing the `Christmas Pimpin` video by Colonel Mustard & The Dijon Five.
This week we will be shipping Coffee, Ruby, and Colonel Mustard west and Hammer east.
I'm still laughing over hilarious Pickett boy comments around the poker table & Thanksgiving festivities. Mitchell Pickett to Matthew James Pickett "Whatever you say Anderson Cooper." Mitch to Mason (who was wearing a yellow shirt), "It's your turn Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the corner." Mike Pickett to Mary Lee: "Did you cook any food?" She's a lifelong gourmet chef with a 24/7 buffet at her house.
Could anyone else have played Colonel Mustard in Clue? The answer is yes,the point is, Martin Mull gets work...Consistently.
Who killed Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with a Big Mac? :p
Colonel Mustard, in the living room, with the candle stick. That's my final answer. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Just played Habeneros with Colonel Mustard.was it a full moon?? Just wondering. :)
Watching "Clue" for first time in years. Surprised to see Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard. In my memory, it was Alex Karras (Webster's dad).
*** . I thought it was Professor Green in the Hall with a suit of armor. It's always Colonel Mustard, the bastid.
heading to Colorado bright and early in the morning for some Firefall gigs. One in Frederick just north of Denver and one in Colorado Springs then on to the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque for a show with Poco on Tuesday night. Should be fun then back in town next weekend with my comfort food band Colonel Mustard.
The definitive but not yet mastered version of this Colonel Mustard sing a long , *** disco dancing anthem. Peter Tatchell human rights activist ha...
President Snow as Colonel Mustard in Clue makes me giggle.
Colonel Mustard looks more like John Cleese, but there's definitely a resemblance!
So the *** Jeep is regurgitating coolant at a rather alarming rate. It's not quite at Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" level, or even Lardass Hogan in "Stand By Me". I'd say it's more like Woody Harrelson in "Kingpin". ("You really jarred something loose, Tiger.") Regardless, this pile of Mopar junk is puking antifreeze all over the place. Not sure yet what the culprit is. Haven't had a chance to check it out. Hopefully its just a hose, but that's not how my luck works. It might be the radiator. It might be the water pump. *** it could be Colonel Mustard with a lead pipe in the Billiard Room for all I know at this point.
I've just been cast as Colonel Mustard in the play, "Clue, the Musical". The play is Nov. 2, 3 & 4th, in Black River Falls, WI. My first musical in about 12 years. I'm a little nervous but excited.
Do Colonel Sanders and Colonel Mustard serve in the same Army?
Watching "Clue" with This is so awk because Colonel Mustard is one half of Pompous Pep. Vlad Masters... Martin Mull...
Now I can't get the Clue movie out of my mind.must have seriously seen that movie a minimum of 50 times. What a star studded cast with (all off of memory) Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard, Christopher Lloyd as Professor Plum, Michael Mckean as Mr Green, Eileen Brennan as Mrs Peacock, Madeline Kahn as Mrs White and Leslie Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet. Don't know who played Yvette the maid, Mr Body, cop or singing telegram.
Do you like comedy and insanity !?! Listen to the BREW CREW show on at 3pm! Here are some reviews for the show "I listen to this show right before viciously murdering someone in the Kitchen with a knife " -Colonel Mustard- " I would give my right arm to listen to this show !" - the guy from 127 hours- " It's not who I am underneath but what I do defines me .I love the Brew Crew show " -Batman -
Up working on my second book, 'Call Me McElroy' writing a scene set on a train about an iconic jazz musician/heroin addict trying to get clean and Synanon is chasing him, along with the Mexican Mafia, and had a sudden urge to add a massacre. I've got to stop watching the ID channel. Not about the Synanon/Mafia part - the massacre - an action taken more often than previously believed, at least in tiny towns full of misfits with overly large insurance policies. Now I have to decide WHERE my massacre will happen - in the limo? The halfway house? The recording studio? Short-Armed Fatty's place? Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick?
Cluedo character/rapper claims Colonel Mustard did it, using the lead pipe.
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Your favorite board game CLUE, come to life in your favorite city. You remember the classic detective game with Professor Plum, Scarlet, Colonel Mustard and the rest with weapons like the candle stick, the pistol and the rope. Well this thrilling Urban Race turned murder mystery will be adding some ...
OK, here's a nostalgia question: What childhood game does this remind you of? "Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick." If you answered, "Spin the Bottle," then I frankly do not want to know any more about your childhood ~ Dave Barry
Tim Curry is in it. The names, 'Colonel Mustard', 'Mrs. White', etc. are all pseudonyms, thus adding a layer of believability.
I peered into the former abode of Sgt Pepper and Colonel Mustard. I immediately began conducting a thorough search…
Just a quick reminder... "Fools Life" will rock Daddy-O's on Saturday July 14th for our annual Colonel Mustard & Friends July Birthday Bash.
Was it Professor Plum with the steak knife in the kitchen or was it Colonel Mustard with the bazooka in the Billiards Room? Find out tomorrow night @ OPHS Production of Agatha Christie's THE HOLLOW!
Thursday our band Colonel Mustard will be opening for Firefall at the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater in Medford..Tickets are still available at and they are only 20 dollars. Hope to see you!
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