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Colm Meaney

Colm J. Meaney (Irish: Colm Ó Maonaigh; born 30 May 1953) is an Irish actor widely known for playing Miles O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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The Best Supporting Actor in a New Production of a Play award goes to… Colm Meaney for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Gonna watch Under Siege now - with a fun easter egg in the form of Colm Meaney playing a henchman! XD
Oh and the Magical world of the Leprechauns, which was Romeo and Juliet. With Leprechauns. and Colm Me…
Time to land. . Why can't I stop thinking about Colm Meaney in Die Hard 2?
Buscemi, Malkovich and Colm Meaney walk into an action movie ...
BTW I looked up Colm Meaney and he's from Dublin, so it's not a Scotty situation there.
The best part is that you can almost hear Colm Meaney's voice in your head with that gif. Well done!
Had a dream last night that Colm Meaney was driving me around in a jacked up Humvee. He was wearing black fingerles…
Exclusive: Colm Meaney reprises the role of Chief O’Brien in this still from Tarantino’s Star Trek film
To be fair, Colm Meaney’s bad language is never quite insulting, and always causes a lol 😂
No idea, but I know Colm Meaney did one on Stargate.
Would really like to see Colm Meaney as well.
Day 9: Favourite Character - O'Brien. An enlisted man with a wealth of engineering & tactic…
Colm Meaney from Star Trek. Not pictured in Star Trek there obv.
I would love to meet Colm Meaney at a convention. He seems like a nice, regular guy.
Now I'm just imagining Colm Meaney as a goblin wizard. I am ok with this.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I love Colm Meaney as an actor! All respect to him and his people. Minimal respect to his character so far.
Lol Last nights show had the feel of "Alpha Papa" with you playing the Colm Meaney role waiting for t…
Because colm meaney had to die to make it a Christmas movie? You monsters
Colm Meaney has been in similar situations - where he just said, "Yes, I knew it was f…
Been watching the Die Hard movies for the first time and here are my thoughts:. 1- fabulous, awesome, 10/10, so many…
Restarted DS9, anytime they talk about the Cardassians I've mentally replaced it with the Kardashians. Also, Colm Meaney forever.
Colm Meaney talks about which Irish accent he used for Star Trek via
“Lulls and Siestas” starring Colm Meaney as John Fox and Patton Oswald as Dowell Loggains, coming th…
Tickets for starring Sienna Miller, Jack O'Connell & Colm Meaney go on sale 25 Sept https…
My favorite Law & Order Criminal Intent is the one where Noth and D'Onofrio have to team up to battle Colm Meaney.
to Colm Meaney, best known as Miles O’Brien. What's your favorite moment?
Oh no! Colm Meaney gets killed by our girl.
Ah I assumed you were Irish. They're both Dublin landmarks.Round the corner from where Colm Meaney is fr…
'Tis pretty good so far. At interval drinks now. Looking forward to seeing 'Big Daddy' Colm Meaney in second half!
Is it more likely that the guy outside the No Frills was Elderly Disco Colm Meaney, or actual Terry Richardson?
Now on sale: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof from with Sienna Miller, Jack O'Connell and Colm Meaney- Feb 22nd…
Was standing beside Colm Meaney in an Irish bar just now. Loving the GAA he was 😂
Deep into DS9 Season 2. Amazing how much they gave Colm Meaney to do. Glad they did. He's great.
watching Con Air again such a good movie! Hope you liked Colm Meaney as much a I do!
Does Colm Meaney not like to do cons and such? Because I never see him at events like that.
Colm Meaney wishing us luck before tonight's album launch. Thanks mate!
The relief you feel when you check how old Colm Meaney was in 1993 (DS9) and realise you're not that age yet.
Yep. Can't beat Colm Meaney hamming it up as a baddie.
So I have to watch a Colm Meaney trilogy to get up to speed? Ug. What am I getting myself into? ;-)
For some reason Star Trek comes to mind. Colm Meaney would look well in this.
As a Trekkie, I have to say it has some of Colm Meaney's best work ever
I feel like you all must have known about this but none of you told me: The Colm Meaney Song - An Unknown Band
Sienna Miller is terrific as Maggie in CAT ON A Hot Tin Roof, playing in London's West End, along with Colm Meaney and Jack O'Connell.
I beginning to suspect that is not really Colm Meaney.
was excellent. Storming, intense performances all round, but esp Sienna Miller, Jack O'Connell, Colm Meaney & Lisa Palfrey
Sienna Miller, Jack O’Connell & Colm Meaney in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof make the perfect Tennessee Williams trio…
Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney star in which opens on Friday at
Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney are outstanding in the political drama THE JOURNEY, opening Friday. My review:
When are you coming back to NYC? There's this event on Friday with Colm Meaney!
'The Jouney', with Colm Meaney as Martin McGuinness and Timothy Spall as Ian Paisley. Actual
The Journey opens today starring Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney. Screening at 7.45pm (film starts at 8.15pm).
I know, though her accent as Troi is odd enough I forget sometimes. Also I'm mostly here for the Colm Meaney reference.
Just screened THE JOURNEY. Amazing performances from Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney. Review coming this week.
Join us and for the U.S. Premiere of — starring Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, John Hurt
Or Colm Meaney putting up with the degenerate Space Oirish in TNG. Famineesque s…
Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney and John Hurt all in one film, it's like acting heaven. Have to watch this somehow.
In his younger years, he kind of looked like Colm Meaney A.K.A. Miles O'Brien from Star Trek TNG and DS9
Forgot to mention it's Colm Meaney in get up with Roddy Doyle dublin accent drollery
Colm Meaney in The Snapper is actually my Da
ONE NIGHT ONLY - NEXT TUESDAY, June 13th | Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney star in this dramatization of the events...
The Film th is from is GREAT. Comedy wBitter Truth.
Have you seen this? Very Irish, a hilarious take on Star Trek & Colm Meaney
Such a good movie and Colm Meaney is so good in it
Maybe so. Here's a good one Sean, you'll like this. When I was a child I used to think Colm Meaney and…
The coconut 🌴 joke in the pub from Colm Meaney in 😂 watching on +1
I forgot how is a perfect film. Colm Meaney at his best, a young Brendan Gleeson, Tina Kellegher being awesome. And Pat Mustard.
Imagine being Colm Meaney and most of your scenes involve having a pint
How did Colm Meaney not get an Oscar?!
Colm Meaney definitely got the Star Trek gig because of his "Red Alert... Red Alert" line in
I think it’s every Irishman’s version of a Viking’s Valhalla… dreaming of becoming Colm Meaney in The Snapper. A1 Sharon.
Colm Meaney in The Snapper on .one of the all time great comedy performances 😂😂
The nominees for Best Actor - Musical or Comedy at the 51st Golden Globes. Colm Meaney was robbed
Dessie Curley is everyone's da who group up in North Dublin, absolutely spot on acting by Colm Meaney
Ah feck, no early night for me when is on. Colm Meaney at his finest.
The inimitable Colm Meaney in a of and DS9. via
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In a HBO remake of the ending would reveal Colm Meaney as the child's father.
They only go and put the Snapper on the night before English paper 2. If only Colm Meaney was a poet
between that and the commitments, colm meaney is Ireland's da
Does the whole world stop when is on or is it just my house?? What a show... colm meaney is fantastic!
Colm Meaney in is the ultimate Irish dad! Adore him ❤️
Colm Meaney in the Snapper. Best role he ever played!
Ah lads, like it or loathe it, some of the best lines ever come fromevery 2nd line from Colm Meaney is epic. up de Dubs
is on Irish tv. A perfect encapsulation of Ireland. . 'Yer wha?! Aw, jaysus.' . *colm meaney cries for two hours*
What's not to love! Nic Cage, Malcovich hamming it up, Colm Meaney being angry, wailing guitar solos. 90s goodness.
Times: "Strong performances by Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney"; Guardian: "This film really is more relevant than ever…
When does Colm Meaney get his recog as the longest continuing running ST character, even before ep TNG Lst DS9
"A celebration, by two splendid actors, of the art of political theater" - THE JOURNEY Stars Timothy Spall & Colm...
Just saw the Pele movie. What fun to see you & Colm Meaney on screen together again! And I loved Pele's cameo! Big ⚽️fan.
🚨 🚨 Meet the cast joining Sienna Miller, Jack O'Connell and Colm Meaney in 👇🏽 https:…
The Sligo-shot and Colm Meaney starring film Halal Daddy will have its debut premiere at the prestigious...
It's an sp day for me... But viewers. Con Air, starring Colm Meaney, is canon on its 20th Anniversary!
Colm Meaney challenges media hypocrisy on the death of Martin McGuinness.
I wish Colm Meaney was in more movies. He was good in Layer Cake, if you recall that movie
"The Journey" holds your attention thanks to the compelling work of Timothy Spall and Colm Meaney. It's Frost-Nixon about the IRA. 🍁🍁🍁
Sure who wouldn't have the craic working with Colm Meaney?!
Sometimes you forget what great writing looks like. Here it is: Star Trek's Colm Meaney is on another planet.
That Colm Meaney is a universally loved actor for being on two of the best series ever makes me happy!
Colm Meaney was good as McGuinness too. The current DUP & SF leaders need to recapture the spirit o…
Very impressed by the Paisley/McGuinness film,The Journey, which I watched today. Remarkable acting by Timothy Spal…
Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney chat to about taking on the roles of I.Paisley & M.McGuinness in The Journey
Loved 2 men talking in a car mainly. A lot more interesting than it sounds! Colm Meaney one of my fav Irish actors
WATCH: Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney reflect on playing Ian Paisley & Martin McGuinness as premieres in NI htt…
Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney are magnificent in Northern Ireland drama screening here from Fri…
Here's a shot from our junket set up with Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney for The Journey. In cinemas now so don't miss…
A show presented by the Colm Meaney character from Intermission? Nein danke.
Breast Cancer Awareness
What a complete Feckin Class A Tosser you are Meaney. Shame on you!!.
Colm Meaney was never better than he is here. The concept is brilliant and the execution is confident and refined.…
Colm Meaney discusses Hollywood values, playing Martin McGuinness and what it taught him about 'Dr No' Paisley
Colm Meaney on playing Martin McGuinness: 'He was one of history's great demagogues'
If I could have the time I spent watching "a Belfast story" back, I'd be deli…
Colm Meaney is a McGuinness fan so expect a hagiography.
Compare and contrast with the sycophancy of
Colm Meaney on playing Martin McGuinness: 'Even the most seemingly irreconcilable characters can come together'
Watching The Secrets of Emily Blair. A possession horror flic. Colm Meaney is the Priest so it has to be good
Colm Meaney talks about playing the late Martin McGuinness and other real-life figures and more on The Picture Show…
Colm Meaney on playing Martin McGuinness: 'He was born into this'
I spoke with Colm Meaney on playing Martin McGuinness & lots more - he doesn't hold back re mainstream Hollywood:
I talked to Colm Meaney about THE JOURNEY and many, many other things.
The Journey starring winning Colm Meaney opens in cinemas today while is still playing this wee…
Colm Meaney tells what it's like to play the late Martin McGuiness in in today's magaz…
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Excellent response to the IRA fan club by Eilis OHanlon.
We catch up with Colm Meaney who talks about his most demanding role to date, that of portraying the late Martin Mc…
Why Star Trek actor Colm Meaney is on another planet in McGuinness row
Colm Meaney: ‘In this business, anybody who keeps their word for 7 mins is pretty f**king rare’ via
Colm Meaney truly is the ultimate deluded Irish American! Somebody beam him up.
Timothy Spall on McGuinness and Paisley's friendship: 'It was almost preposterous' – video
Menachem Begin bombing of St Davids Hotel 'a terrible atrocity' according to Colm Meaney but don't dare criticise Martin M…
I met Colm Meaney in work today and I only spazzed out a little bit
...or possibly an overly dedicated fan of Die Hard 2. Colm Meaney isn't flying the plane, is he?
Not sure if I was more excited to meet Santa or Colm Meaney today!!!
not an Irish place but an Irish legend "Colm Meaney" by Eric Prydz
yeah he just sounds like Colm Meaney trying really hard to do an accent!
Colm Meaney's English accent is quite the thing.
Watching the documentary and it's great, & It sounds like Colm Meaney as the narrator, but I could be wrong.
I wonder if Colm Meaney knows what marzipan is made out of
What if your name was Colm Meaney but you were actually quite a generous sort?
My old manager of the Irish National Theatre said 'Don't worry about be...
I played trombone for 10 minutes, and then I was in an accordion band...
Which is good, in a way, because the danger in doing something like S...
Colm Meaney in the Snapper is literally me Da   😂
my favourite bit is Colm Meaney as a British pilot
There's no reason not to be in television now. You get to live at *** ..
Crashes Colm Meaney's plane just to make a point
He is VERY worried about Colm Meaney's shockin' American accent
I hate how the chick in Under Siege is all "I don't kill people" and the only person she kills is Colm Meaney! WHO ONLY KILLS COLM MEANEY?!
Normally when I'm sent a script I'll read it through to see how it ...
here is my pitch. get Chief O'Brian to play Luthor... Colm Meaney is perfect!
Even in the depths of dreadful situations, there's usually something...
I hope everyone has a very special Colm Meaney this year.
Let's not forget to have a very Colm Meaney Christmas again and always.
A good comedy's very hard to make, so good comic writing I really enjoy.
It's interesting because I haven't done a lot of period work in the p...
Well, I've always been a character actor, you know, and you always ge...
As an actor, I like to get a bit of momentum going with a character ...
“Next thing, the window goes up and Whelo goes 'We're f**ked here Sen!' 😂”
Talking about the show reminds you of things that you went through. S...
In the past I've worked with directors who saw very much their scene ...
If you're playing the a historical character that's in the public co...
I love doing comedy. You don't get many good comedy scripts. They're...
📷 Kevin Spacey, Eve Best, and Colm Meaney attend the after show party to celebrate opening night of A...
oh man they need to bring back Colm Meaney for ST:D and make O'Brien (or ancestor) suffer more
I think Colm Meaney needs his own YouTube channel where he reads children's stories.
Just binge-watched the entire five seasons of AMC's *** ON WHEELS with brilliant performances by & Colm Meaney.
a shame to be sure. I would have loved to see Colm Meaney front & center.
This would have starred Colm Meaney as O'Brien and run for 35-40 mins. Script was written but project dead by '99.
Was the Colm Meaney appearance you were trying to remember from the 'Alan Partridge' movie?
I love Steve Buscemi in this film. And Colm Meaney is sneaky good as the *** DEA agent.
'interpret'?! You give them a lot of credit. Who would Cyrus be? Or cusack's character. COLM MEANEY MAN!!
So far, the only review of my new haircut by beloved work colleges is that I look like Colm Meaney from The Commitments.
Worf does actually stop the show's tradition of adding recurring security characters to cover for Colm Meaney.
Yeah, heard that one back in the day,when they were talking about doing a 40 IMAX movie with Colm Meaney.
Indeed they are, don't forget Colm Meaney!
Dreamt that and Colm Meaney came into my cafe last night, but left before I could meet them properly!
So glad Colm Meaney won this contest.
So, myself and Fassbender as the 2 O'Donovans. And maybe Colm Meaney as our John Candy-esqe coach in the movie
Colm Meaney playing the dad, auditioning to be in The Commitments. He also said "Elvis is King!"
Colm Meaney watching . Screened the for Colm in LA. A beautiful morning & a happy actor
I suppose I look for humor in most situations because it humanizes things; it makes a character
throwing the idea out there idea for special guest - Colm Meaney - just saw he attended Birmingham MCM last year.
has to be from the Snapper. Kids stickin the pencil in the socket, and Colm Meaney complaining about the electric bill 😝
I do probably 80 or 90 per cent of the cooking at home.
OMG I just realized I've been totally forgetting O'Brien. Sorry, Colm Meaney, wherever you are! 6 of *9* main cast members.
Netflix is using this glamour shot of Colm Meaney to entice me back to I feel judged somehow.
Colm Meaney is in our library right now, but it feels like today was a step in the right direction
Hana Hatae talks about catching up with Colm Meaney
Just finished *** On Wheels. Highly recommend for those who like westerns, railroads, Canadian TV or Colm Meaney.
Colm Meaney talking to about his forthcoming HALAL DADDY - now shooting in the Yeats County. https:…
I just looked up that movie King of Texas, it has a great cast, Marcia *** Harden, Colm Meaney..I should see that
Colm Meaney chats about working on our new feature HALAL DADDY currently shooting in the Whest of Ireland! .
Colm Meaney filming on first Sligo visit
Colm Meaney back home to play loose cannon dad: Colm Meaney is in Sligo making Halal Daddy, a culture clash c...
Colm Meaney is in Sligo making culture clash comedy Halal Daddy - playing another father who's up to ninety!.
Other than Colm Meaney, the thing I will miss the most about *** on Wheels is the awesome theme music. -☀️
Comic signed by colm meaney (miles o brien) and signed farscape from viriginia hey. One of the best comicons.
I know now who Keith Andrews reminds me of, he's like a skinny Colm Meaney
Self restraint is: spotting Colm Meaney on Wicklow Street after the match and not going in for the hug
I watch this more times and yet I'm always surprised seeing Chief O'Brien (Colm Meaney) as a pilot
Great turnout for the Reptile Exhibitions this weekend. Even the great actor Colm Meaney stopped by for a visit. 😊
Did Colm Meaney just say "moider" for murder? This movie cannot get better. OR CAN IT?
"AZZ KIKR" License plate for Colm Meaney. This movie just gets better and better.
PLEASE battle Colm Meaney vs. Anson Mount from AMC's *** on Wheels!!!
Film pitch: Ghost Boxer. Starring Colm Meaney as an ex boxer, who goes toe to toe with ghosts. He won't stand for their nonse…
Mark Gatiss Hi Mark , I thought u were in the film three & out. But it wasn't u it was Colm Meaney. u were very good
Did Colm Meaney throw his own darts?
How do you think poor Colm Meaney felt about this ep as his people were horribly charicatured? Ugh
Just been reminded of Irish legend Colm Meaney in this sartorial classic -The Van (sorry for swearing)
PS. I hope Colm Meaney is getting something for today...
The Italian Colm Meaney is somewhere right now in his chipper van getting ready to print a fBrady tshirt
They should have released a film with Colm Meaney as a grumpy dad this year. Would've been perfectly timed.
Missio Myth: my dad nearly (or did...) got into a fight with Colm Meaney at Giants Stadium in 1994.
You can always rely on Colm Meaney to get right to the point.
Got to talk to the wonderful the darling and the legends Colm Meaney and Art Malik today.
Check out a film I was in, starring Colm Meaney, Kevin Farley & Fred Willard! Trailer:
Watched 'Parked' starring the brilliant Colm Meaney over the weekend and i'd never heard this
I think it was "he said god sent him.what on a fkin Suzuki " spoken by Colm Meaney (and no transporter lol )
between Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig, and Colm Meaney, DS9 definitely had the best overall cast…
Colin Bateman on new novel and upcoming film with Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney- The Green Room at 8pm
Just finished Season 1 - 5 of Outstanding performance by and Colm Meaney
How did I miss this before now?! Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney as Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness in upcoming film 🤔 htt…
Irishman Colm Meaney to play James Burbage in new Shakespeare drama
I kind of have an interest in all history. And I suspect it comes from bein...
So now on top of everything else, O'Brien must suffer your disapproval? Poor Colm Meaney.
Free Game to Make You Smile: anytime you watch a Star Trek episode that Colm Meaney is in, picture him as a little kid.
The part of Nicolas Cage is played by Colm Meaney's accent
What about Colm Meaney though? You all pronounced it wrong many times but you allowed it.
Colm Meaney was a answer for actors in Alan Partridge : Alpha Papa. Just a shame neither Xander or Richard could pronounce it...😂
coming from the man who can't say Colm Meaney 🙄
Blown away by how Colm Meaney was a pointless answer in the final today. He was a main character in Alpha Papa!
English people say 'Colm Meaney' really really weird.
Steve Coogan talking to Colm Meaney earlier today about the new Alan Partridge series -
wait. Is that why I'm a Con Air fan? Is Cusack or Colm Meaney Robin?
Do people know how colm meaney is?? My beautiful girlfriend seems to think nobody does!!
great film. Colm Meaney is an underrated actor
Stephen Frears' comedy drama, based on Roddy Doyle's novel, starring Tina Kellegher and Colm Meaney tells the...
I think Alpha Papa works because it's not really about Alan, it's the story of Colm Meaney's character (which has a full arc)
Trying to think of an Irish equivalent of "black don't crack" to use for Colm Meaney.
Colm Meaney now there's a Star Trek Actor who is all too often forgotten about. Even though he was in 2 different series.
I think we are all owed a prequel to "Con Air" that tells the story of Agent Duncan Malloy, played by Colm Meaney.
(The choice to retcon Colm Meaney's pilot role as O'Brien is a nice touch.)
was that colm meaney in Childhood's End?! gotta watch now
Colm Meaney, proponent of the Liam Neeson technique in which you don't care whether your character is Irish, you're not changing your voice
Has Colm Meaney been approached to play a Trump analogue in this generation's The Great Dictator?
Colm Meaney tries and fails to retain his dignity
not sure if my favorite part is the inclusion of Colm Meaney or the ghost Denise Crosby.
Also, don't forget about Colm Meaney...the best transporter chief, ever. Of all time.
Saw last night..fantastic! Finally understand what Colm Meaney was on about in Intermission
Late Night Star Trek Trivia Crikey, the writers really had it in for Colm Meaney.
Cannot wait to see Colm Meaney as some sinister villain. He's a master at that type of character.
I totally got that Colm Meaney reference although I found The film a bit dull if I'm honest.
Colm Meaney to play Martin McGuinness. Here he is with the actor playing Gerry Adams.
He was Colm Meaney's CO. Both of them were bad guys in Steven Seagal movies who were killed by not Steven Seagal.
You got it! Colm Meaney plays Morgan the Goat in it.
Look, if there was ever a way to get people in to Colm Meaney it's the Finnish VHS of Con Air with a 4:3 cropping that makes his -
[US] *** on Wheels (2014): Dark and gritty Western tv show from AMC. Starring Anson Mount and Colm Meaney. Se...
I think it was a national decree that every film from 1995-2005 in Ireland had to have either Pat Shortt, Colm Meaney, or David Wilmot.
Watching Parked on RTÉ1, great acting from Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan, love it
Armagh's own, Colin Morgan on at moment in 'Parked' w/ Colm Meaney. Looks good.
Parked with Colm Meaney & Colin Morgan both lovely and heartbreaking
Hey, John C. Reilly! Always mux him and Colm Meaney together.
Man, I just remembered a dream I had this week: Colm Meaney was walking around trying to take pictures of crotches with a vintage camera.
not many people know, but Colm Meaney invented the hand dryer
Thats very true! I asked cos Con Air is on Sky1 now. Colm Meaney -so funny
This is my favourite photo from Barrytown Meets Musictown event - Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle performing Two Pints!
Colm Meaney easily one of my favourite actors.
I just like Colm Meaney, :P But yeah, the film was solid, and I enjoyed the acting all around.
LOL!!! O'Brien whispering! As thought the computer can't hear him if he whispers! . Nice touch, Colm Meaney.
I do have all of the eps, I think. And the lost American pilot with Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt.
.They missed a trick getting Stallone instead of Colm Meaney, as he was in War of the Burtons... *baddum-tisch*
Great decision to cast Colm Meaney as John Connor in the new Terminator movie
Meeting and greeting super talented Colm Meaney
We made this video celebrating the excellent Colm Meaney from the films of the Barrytown Trilogy :).
We made a video to honour our hero, Colm Meaney, in his greatest role, Jimmy Rabitte Snr!
if he was still alive Don could easy play Colm Meaney if they ever made a biopic of the great Irish actor.
There isn't a single aspect of Terminator Genysis that wouldn't have been improved by casting Colm Meaney as adult John Connor.
Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle had in stitches with this sketch . photo .
Has Colm Meaney been in anything other than the 90's?
underrated film IMO, Colm Meaney is boss in it
viaRoddy Doyle. I read this one with Colm Meaney at the Barrytown Meets Musictown gig in Vicar St last night.
We're still reeling from last night! .had a lovely piece about us
Me & Irish legend Colm Meaney. The Curleys and the Burgess' make peace 😉
Colm Meaney and Roddy Doyle reading scenes on stage! Amazing!
'Did ye see yer man from The Commitments is doing a show tonight?' Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle perform Two Pints
Imelda May, Glen Hansard and Colm Meaney in town for MusicTown
Which famous person have you met or been close to? — colm meaney. his acting is just like the best. he beats joh...
Watching and totally just shouted out loud "IT'S COLM MEANEY!" Nobody else got it. I'm so wasted in real life 😒
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Sat next to Colm Meaney this afternoon on my flight home from Majorca. Star struck I bottled it and let him sleep!
possible substitutes for Colm Meaney in John C. Reilly, Billy Crystal, James Franco in like ten years
Colm Meaney said "Sorry" to a sheep in a movie. At first i thought it was because it was the victim of a car chase. It was bc he put it down
Keep expecting Colm Meaney to go full 'Jimmy Rabitte Snr.' in - "God sent him? On a fu*king Suzuki?"
colm meaney laughing at me being silly ... Awe! I’m seeing a lot of him on Netflix atm! :)
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