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Colm Meaney

Colm J. Meaney (Irish: Colm Ó Maonaigh; born 30 May 1953) is an Irish actor widely known for playing Miles O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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...or possibly an overly dedicated fan of Die Hard 2. Colm Meaney isn't flying the plane, is he?
Not sure if I was more excited to meet Santa or Colm Meaney today!!!
not an Irish place but an Irish legend "Colm Meaney" by Eric Prydz
yeah he just sounds like Colm Meaney trying really hard to do an accent!
Colm Meaney's English accent is quite the thing.
Watching the documentary and it's great, & It sounds like Colm Meaney as the narrator, but I could be wrong.
I wonder if Colm Meaney knows what marzipan is made out of
What if your name was Colm Meaney but you were actually quite a generous sort?
My old manager of the Irish National Theatre said 'Don't worry about be...
I played trombone for 10 minutes, and then I was in an accordion band...
Which is good, in a way, because the danger in doing something like S...
Colm Meaney in the Snapper is literally me Da   😂
my favourite bit is Colm Meaney as a British pilot
There's no reason not to be in television now. You get to live at *** ..
Crashes Colm Meaney's plane just to make a point
He is VERY worried about Colm Meaney's shockin' American accent
I hate how the chick in Under Siege is all "I don't kill people" and the only person she kills is Colm Meaney! WHO ONLY KILLS COLM MEANEY?!
Normally when I'm sent a script I'll read it through to see how it ...
here is my pitch. get Chief O'Brian to play Luthor... Colm Meaney is perfect!
Even in the depths of dreadful situations, there's usually something...
I hope everyone has a very special Colm Meaney this year.
Let's not forget to have a very Colm Meaney Christmas again and always.
A good comedy's very hard to make, so good comic writing I really enjoy.
It's interesting because I haven't done a lot of period work in the p...
Well, I've always been a character actor, you know, and you always ge...
As an actor, I like to get a bit of momentum going with a character ...
“Next thing, the window goes up and Whelo goes 'We're f**ked here Sen!' 😂”
Talking about the show reminds you of things that you went through. S...
In the past I've worked with directors who saw very much their scene ...
If you're playing the a historical character that's in the public co...
I love doing comedy. You don't get many good comedy scripts. They're...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
📷 Kevin Spacey, Eve Best, and Colm Meaney attend the after show party to celebrate opening night of A...
oh man they need to bring back Colm Meaney for ST:D and make O'Brien (or ancestor) suffer more
I think Colm Meaney needs his own YouTube channel where he reads children's stories.
Just binge-watched the entire five seasons of AMC's *** ON WHEELS with brilliant performances by & Colm Meaney.
a shame to be sure. I would have loved to see Colm Meaney front & center.
This would have starred Colm Meaney as O'Brien and run for 35-40 mins. Script was written but project dead by '99.
Was the Colm Meaney appearance you were trying to remember from the 'Alan Partridge' movie?
I love Steve Buscemi in this film. And Colm Meaney is sneaky good as the *** DEA agent.
'interpret'?! You give them a lot of credit. Who would Cyrus be? Or cusack's character. COLM MEANEY MAN!!
So far, the only review of my new haircut by beloved work colleges is that I look like Colm Meaney from The Commitments.
Worf does actually stop the show's tradition of adding recurring security characters to cover for Colm Meaney.
Yeah, heard that one back in the day,when they were talking about doing a 40 IMAX movie with Colm Meaney.
Indeed they are, don't forget Colm Meaney!
Dreamt that and Colm Meaney came into my cafe last night, but left before I could meet them properly!
So glad Colm Meaney won this contest.
So, myself and Fassbender as the 2 O'Donovans. And maybe Colm Meaney as our John Candy-esqe coach in the movie
Colm Meaney playing the dad, auditioning to be in The Commitments. He also said "Elvis is King!"
Colm Meaney watching . Screened the for Colm in LA. A beautiful morning & a happy actor
I suppose I look for humor in most situations because it humanizes things; it makes a character
throwing the idea out there idea for special guest - Colm Meaney - just saw he attended Birmingham MCM last year.
has to be from the Snapper. Kids stickin the pencil in the socket, and Colm Meaney complaining about the electric bill 😝
I do probably 80 or 90 per cent of the cooking at home.
OMG I just realized I've been totally forgetting O'Brien. Sorry, Colm Meaney, wherever you are! 6 of *9* main cast members.
Netflix is using this glamour shot of Colm Meaney to entice me back to I feel judged somehow.
Colm Meaney is in our library right now, but it feels like today was a step in the right direction
Hana Hatae talks about catching up with Colm Meaney
Just finished *** On Wheels. Highly recommend for those who like westerns, railroads, Canadian TV or Colm Meaney.
Colm Meaney talking to about his forthcoming HALAL DADDY - now shooting in the Yeats County. https:…
I just looked up that movie King of Texas, it has a great cast, Marcia *** Harden, Colm Meaney..I should see that
Colm Meaney chats about working on our new feature HALAL DADDY currently shooting in the Whest of Ireland! .
Colm Meaney filming on first Sligo visit
Colm Meaney back home to play loose cannon dad: Colm Meaney is in Sligo making Halal Daddy, a culture clash c...
Colm Meaney is in Sligo making culture clash comedy Halal Daddy - playing another father who's up to ninety!.
Other than Colm Meaney, the thing I will miss the most about *** on Wheels is the awesome theme music. -☀️
Comic signed by colm meaney (miles o brien) and signed farscape from viriginia hey. One of the best comicons.
I know now who Keith Andrews reminds me of, he's like a skinny Colm Meaney
Self restraint is: spotting Colm Meaney on Wicklow Street after the match and not going in for the hug
I watch this more times and yet I'm always surprised seeing Chief O'Brien (Colm Meaney) as a pilot
Great turnout for the Reptile Exhibitions this weekend. Even the great actor Colm Meaney stopped by for a visit. 😊
Did Colm Meaney just say "moider" for murder? This movie cannot get better. OR CAN IT?
"AZZ KIKR" License plate for Colm Meaney. This movie just gets better and better.
PLEASE battle Colm Meaney vs. Anson Mount from AMC's *** on Wheels!!!
Film pitch: Ghost Boxer. Starring Colm Meaney as an ex boxer, who goes toe to toe with ghosts. He won't stand for their nonse…
Mark Gatiss Hi Mark , I thought u were in the film three & out. But it wasn't u it was Colm Meaney. u were very good
Did Colm Meaney throw his own darts?
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How do you think poor Colm Meaney felt about this ep as his people were horribly charicatured? Ugh
Just been reminded of Irish legend Colm Meaney in this sartorial classic -The Van (sorry for swearing)
PS. I hope Colm Meaney is getting something for today...
The Italian Colm Meaney is somewhere right now in his chipper van getting ready to print a fBrady tshirt
They should have released a film with Colm Meaney as a grumpy dad this year. Would've been perfectly timed.
Missio Myth: my dad nearly (or did...) got into a fight with Colm Meaney at Giants Stadium in 1994.
You can always rely on Colm Meaney to get right to the point.
Got to talk to the wonderful the darling and the legends Colm Meaney and Art Malik today.
Check out a film I was in, starring Colm Meaney, Kevin Farley & Fred Willard! Trailer:
Watched 'Parked' starring the brilliant Colm Meaney over the weekend and i'd never heard this
I think it was "he said god sent him.what on a fkin Suzuki " spoken by Colm Meaney (and no transporter lol )
between Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig, and Colm Meaney, DS9 definitely had the best overall cast…
Colin Bateman on new novel and upcoming film with Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney- The Green Room at 8pm
Just finished Season 1 - 5 of Outstanding performance by and Colm Meaney
How did I miss this before now?! Timothy Spall & Colm Meaney as Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness in upcoming film 🤔 htt…
Irishman Colm Meaney to play James Burbage in new Shakespeare drama
I kind of have an interest in all history. And I suspect it comes from bein...
So now on top of everything else, O'Brien must suffer your disapproval? Poor Colm Meaney.
Free Game to Make You Smile: anytime you watch a Star Trek episode that Colm Meaney is in, picture him as a little kid.
The part of Nicolas Cage is played by Colm Meaney's accent
What about Colm Meaney though? You all pronounced it wrong many times but you allowed it.
Colm Meaney was a answer for actors in Alan Partridge : Alpha Papa. Just a shame neither Xander or Richard could pronounce it...😂
coming from the man who can't say Colm Meaney 🙄
Blown away by how Colm Meaney was a pointless answer in the final today. He was a main character in Alpha Papa!
English people say 'Colm Meaney' really really weird.
Steve Coogan talking to Colm Meaney earlier today about the new Alan Partridge series -
wait. Is that why I'm a Con Air fan? Is Cusack or Colm Meaney Robin?
Do people know how colm meaney is?? My beautiful girlfriend seems to think nobody does!!
great film. Colm Meaney is an underrated actor
Timothy Spall as Ian Paisley and Colm Meaney as Martin McGuinness in The Journey
Stephen Frears' comedy drama, based on Roddy Doyle's novel, starring Tina Kellegher and Colm Meaney tells the...
I think Alpha Papa works because it's not really about Alan, it's the story of Colm Meaney's character (which has a full arc)
Trying to think of an Irish equivalent of "black don't crack" to use for Colm Meaney.
Colm Meaney now there's a Star Trek Actor who is all too often forgotten about. Even though he was in 2 different series.
I think we are all owed a prequel to "Con Air" that tells the story of Agent Duncan Malloy, played by Colm Meaney.
(The choice to retcon Colm Meaney's pilot role as O'Brien is a nice touch.)
was that colm meaney in Childhood's End?! gotta watch now
Colm Meaney, proponent of the Liam Neeson technique in which you don't care whether your character is Irish, you're not changing your voice
Has Colm Meaney been approached to play a Trump analogue in this generation's The Great Dictator?
Colm Meaney tries and fails to retain his dignity
not sure if my favorite part is the inclusion of Colm Meaney or the ghost Denise Crosby.
Also, don't forget about Colm Meaney...the best transporter chief, ever. Of all time.
Saw last night..fantastic! Finally understand what Colm Meaney was on about in Intermission
Late Night Star Trek Trivia Crikey, the writers really had it in for Colm Meaney.
Cannot wait to see Colm Meaney as some sinister villain. He's a master at that type of character.
I totally got that Colm Meaney reference although I found The film a bit dull if I'm honest.
Colm Meaney to play Martin McGuinness. Here he is with the actor playing Gerry Adams.
He was Colm Meaney's CO. Both of them were bad guys in Steven Seagal movies who were killed by not Steven Seagal.
You got it! Colm Meaney plays Morgan the Goat in it.
Look, if there was ever a way to get people in to Colm Meaney it's the Finnish VHS of Con Air with a 4:3 cropping that makes his -
[US] *** on Wheels (2014): Dark and gritty Western tv show from AMC. Starring Anson Mount and Colm Meaney. Se...
I think it was a national decree that every film from 1995-2005 in Ireland had to have either Pat Shortt, Colm Meaney, or David Wilmot.
Watching Parked on RTÉ1, great acting from Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan, love it
Armagh's own, Colin Morgan on at moment in 'Parked' w/ Colm Meaney. Looks good.
Parked with Colm Meaney & Colin Morgan both lovely and heartbreaking
Hey, John C. Reilly! Always mux him and Colm Meaney together.
Man, I just remembered a dream I had this week: Colm Meaney was walking around trying to take pictures of crotches with a vintage camera.
not many people know, but Colm Meaney invented the hand dryer
Thats very true! I asked cos Con Air is on Sky1 now. Colm Meaney -so funny
This is my favourite photo from Barrytown Meets Musictown event - Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle performing Two Pints!
Colm Meaney easily one of my favourite actors.
I just like Colm Meaney, :P But yeah, the film was solid, and I enjoyed the acting all around.
LOL!!! O'Brien whispering! As thought the computer can't hear him if he whispers! . Nice touch, Colm Meaney.
I do have all of the eps, I think. And the lost American pilot with Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt.
.They missed a trick getting Stallone instead of Colm Meaney, as he was in War of the Burtons... *baddum-tisch*
Great decision to cast Colm Meaney as John Connor in the new Terminator movie
Meeting and greeting super talented Colm Meaney
We made this video celebrating the excellent Colm Meaney from the films of the Barrytown Trilogy :).
We made a video to honour our hero, Colm Meaney, in his greatest role, Jimmy Rabitte Snr!
if he was still alive Don could easy play Colm Meaney if they ever made a biopic of the great Irish actor.
There isn't a single aspect of Terminator Genysis that wouldn't have been improved by casting Colm Meaney as adult John Connor.
Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle had in stitches with this sketch . photo .
Has Colm Meaney been in anything other than the 90's?
underrated film IMO, Colm Meaney is boss in it
viaRoddy Doyle. I read this one with Colm Meaney at the Barrytown Meets Musictown gig in Vicar St last night.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We're still reeling from last night! .had a lovely piece about us
Me & Irish legend Colm Meaney. The Curleys and the Burgess' make peace 😉
Colm Meaney and Roddy Doyle reading scenes on stage! Amazing!
'Did ye see yer man from The Commitments is doing a show tonight?' Colm Meaney & Roddy Doyle perform Two Pints
Imelda May, Glen Hansard and Colm Meaney in town for MusicTown
Which famous person have you met or been close to? — colm meaney. his acting is just like the best. he beats joh...
Watching and totally just shouted out loud "IT'S COLM MEANEY!" Nobody else got it. I'm so wasted in real life 😒
Sat next to Colm Meaney this afternoon on my flight home from Majorca. Star struck I bottled it and let him sleep!
possible substitutes for Colm Meaney in John C. Reilly, Billy Crystal, James Franco in like ten years
Colm Meaney said "Sorry" to a sheep in a movie. At first i thought it was because it was the victim of a car chase. It was bc he put it down
Keep expecting Colm Meaney to go full 'Jimmy Rabitte Snr.' in - "God sent him? On a fu*king Suzuki?"
colm meaney laughing at me being silly ... Awe! I’m seeing a lot of him on Netflix atm! :)
"Call me Ishmael". - a drunk Sean Connery confirms the gender of actor Colm Meaney
Are there non-Irish actors playing them? Speaking of which, Colm Meaney's American accent is ok.
Colm Meaney plays a good drunk Chief O'Brien and a good drunk, period
Gah! The judges on this show always pick the one I hate. That Colm Meaney one shoulda gone through...
The superb Colm Meaney and the gorgeous Sharon Corr on good choice of sitters
I also loved Layer Cake (2004) which usually isn't my kind of film but it's Michael Gambon, Daniel Craig, Colm Meaney and Dexter Fletcher :)
I would usually expect better from Colm Meaney but have to agree with you, it was crap
wow well done Mark. Celebrity overload in that pi. Love Colm Meaney
"That's the Irish bloke who's always on Easyjet to Mallorca": My mum watching Colm Meaney in Con Air.
your man from the snapper Colm Meaney will be on again next telling us he lives in America now. Jaysus
as a non-monetary reward for those actors. I remember Colm Meaney spoke about it in an interview a few years ago
That's probably my favorite convicts-on-a-plane film that stars both John Malkovich and Colm Meaney.
Discussion of Colm Meaney leads me to this, which would now be a fascinating retrofuture period-piece
Is it fair to grade Colm Meaney on a bell curve?
It takes in gentrification, The Troubles, the rise and fall of Colm Meaney. It's got everything.
Colm Meaney was knocking on my window with a CV before I was halfway through typing ‘road-block’.
The portraits of Neil Hannon were amazing. I think the artists were a little intimidated by Colm Meaney.
Colm Meaney was great in Guardians of the Galaxy!
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that's true - we could use Anson Mount & Colm Meaney at Thanksgiving dinner
AMC Renews *** on Wheels for a Fifth and Final Season: The Western drama starring Anson Mount and Colm Meaney...
Caught up with the first two episodes of 'The Driver' - David Morrissey, Ian Hart, Claudie Blakley and Colm Meaney: Four very good reasons to watch.
Stick around for the award-winning film THE YANK, starring Fred Willard, Kevin Farley, Colm Meaney and Sean...
I love Westerns and this is Anson Mount on the left and Colm Meaney from Star Trek TNG on the right.…
To celebrate the release on DVD of three of the best TV series right now, we are offering FIVE of you the chance to win a copy of all three. Haven, Season 4 (out to own September 8th) The thrilling Haven is back and life may never be the same again for the town s supernatural residents... Picking up six months after Audreys disappearance at the end of Season 3, a lot has changed in Haven with the town in disarray and overrun with paranormal phenomena. With Audrey nowhere to be found Nathan and Duke will have to work together in order to find her and bring the town s afflictions under control before it s too late. Pre-order now at: *** on Wheels, Season 3 (out to own August 18th) Former soldier Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) is back and with a new mission in mind. Abandoning his quest for revenge for the deaths in his family, Bohannon takes up arms against Durant (Colm Meaney) and along with Elam (Common) travels to New York to take control of the Union Pacific Railroad. Blood will be spilled, lives will .. ...
Fe9s at Football Blitz this morn. Thanks Brendan Meaney & Colm Crowley
I get this, and I like it, but I'm unsure if Colm Meaney is a real person. Hope that helps!
Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. But who played that transporter guy on Star Trek: The Next Generation?. It's Colm Meaney.
That famous Eric Prydz song is so much better when you imagine the lyrics are 'Colm Meaney'
Catchin up on my *** on Wheels'. Colm Meaney is so good at making me hate him.
If someone made a movie about you, who would you want to play your father? Mine, Colm Meaney
That whole Mormon fort thing was a big mistake. Bohannon is more interesting when he's battling Colm Meaney.
Holy crap, Colm Meaney's American accent is out of this world. Top notch.
Watched ep 1 of *** on Wheels' last night. I'm hooked - and I usually hate Westerns. AND IT HAS COLM MEANEY.
I had to Google that :/ but yes colm meaney is and he's an ***
oh, it's not standup but the movie Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa with Steve Coogan and Colm Meaney is really funny
Intermission cracks me up every time Farrell meaney
"Get me Colm Meaney, only goofier looking." --How John C. Reilly got his first role.
Colm Meaney just walked by me in same park and gave me a weird look. Random
Can't decide whether I'm happier to see Tasha or Chief O'Brien in the past timeline. What up, Denise Crosby and Colm Meaney!
Nice to see Jake Weber on He'll make an excellent foil for Colm Meaney/Durant.
It's a great drama set in post Civil War US about the building of the Pacific Union Railroad, stars Colm Meaney and Anson Mount
Film 15: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. The funniest movie i’ve seen in a while. And Colm Meaney is an American treasure.
I agree. It's a descent show but I have seen better acting in other less popular shows like *** on Wheels. Colm Meaney.
You know Colm Meaney was like "ONE MORE TAKE!" "Sorry Colm, haven't got the time..."
I watched it a few weeks ago. Was alright I thought tho the PSNI badges annoyed me and the ending 😂 . Colm Meaney was in this 1
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I like when baby Colm Meaney was all nodding after he shot that arrow: "I got you dude. women, right?"
Star Trek News - David McDonnell returns with a new Starlogging guest blog in which he recount memorable road trips with TNG and DS9 star Colm Meaney.
Little Giant Ladders
Colm Meaney was buying ice cream while I was buying ice cream. However, he did not beam us up with his transporter skills.
Let's talk about the scene in Lodge Kerrigan's Claire Dolan in which Colm Meaney throws a cat out of a window.
Bad move if he does. They should get Brendan Gleeson and Colm Meaney.
Can we have more Colm Meaney in movies please
Try to find a role for his Layer Cake co-star Colm Meaney.
I’d forgotten Colm Meaney was in Atomic Shakespeare.
Tales from road trips with Chief O'Brien! Story at
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Colm Meaney came into TOPSHOP today! Why so many famous ppl in this summer?
Colm Meaney, Phil Cornwell & Geordie Michael all pointless but Tim Key wasn't?? Amazing! Well we'd have won £1,000 with you, Dan!
Can't believe a great man like Colm Meaney was a answer!
What, AMM wasn't Little disappointed by that. But Colm Meaney & possibly Darren Boyd plus Is It Just Me - not too bad!
Colm Meaney was a pointless answer. Basically people knew Steve Coogan and that was it.
how was colm meaney obvious all the time? He was excellent in DS9.
I'll take Colm Meaney and David Schneider from Alpha Papa.
Movies starring Colm Meaney with 13 titles to watch.
have ever seen "The Commitments" an excellent movie..Colm Meaney plays one of the fathers.
My only goal in life is to wear the t-shirt Colm Meaney wore in The Van.
9 with actor Colm Meaney for buy and direct download online, Netflix
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns fourth point: Great actors like: Randy Quaid, Colm Meaney, Roger Daltrey, Whoopi Goldberg
So...just met Colm Meaney. Rad dude. He made fun of my glasses...
The Colm Meaney one happened in front of about 8 of my closest friends so we always laugh about it.
Transporting suckers like I'm Colm Meaney, so many lives you'll think I got a Game Genie
My dad has the same sunnies as Colm Meaney in Con Air
Jaysus. Big Jack & Colm Meaney - how could you go wrong with that? A news bulletin with Anne Doyle now & you've the whole shebang!
Directed by Declan Lowney. With Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Tim Key, Karl Theobald. When famous DJ Alan Partridge's radio station is taken over by a new media conglomerate, it sets in motion a chain of events which see Alan having to work with the police to defuse a potentially violent siege.
Clearing of decks or something more sinister, colm meaney-assisted AIRHEADS?
I know he s not Jewish or American but looks a little like Colm Meaney to me. My eyesight is rubbish though xx
Colm Meaney is one of those actors you never really think about, but then realise he's been in so many things
So it would seem Colm Meaney is running in the local elections!
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Solid mashup of Love Actually and Reservoir Dogs with all my irish favorites. Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Colm Meaney, Kelly MacDonald (well she's Scottish, but I'll take as much of her as I can get).
What do Eamon Dunphy, Don Baker, Colm Meaney and Robert Ballagh have in common? They're all in Dublin tonight supporting
This is an improvement over James Marsters and Colm Meaney, who both appear in 20%.
Dramas starring Colm Meaney with 8 titles to watch.
Watching "The Race" on Tv3. They were filming this at Castle Leslie when we got married in 2008. Got to meet Colm Meaney. A gentleman.
Launching into A Belfast Story! Colm Meaney usually never fails to impress!
Man, Colm Meaney is great at giving indirect looks to the camera that basically say "can you believe this guy?"
"Are you looking for a shot, man? Dislodge the champion for his podium?" Colm Meaney is incredible.
Colm Meaney sends the lads a message during the West Indies game!.
they are great villains, colm meaney is good too! I like the action and it's well directed. Seagal is also very good
you can't fully appreciate the awesomeness of Colm Meaney unless you're a Star Trek fan
Whoa. Just bumped into actor Colm Meaney in downtown So sweet!
Tonight we will be showing ALAN PATRIDGE, starring Steve Coogan, at 6:00pm & 8:15pm! Alan Partridge finds Alan at the center of a siege, when a disgruntled fellow DJ (Colm Meaney) decides to hold their station hostage after learning that he’s getting sacked by the new management.
Also a reminder that Colm Meaney is a legitimately good actor who deserves better than "oh yeah, him off Star Trek"-type roles.
Update: Shortly after Colm Meaney stepped outside to smoke a couple of cigs, his food arrived. He's gonna be so mad.
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Update: Colm Meaney and date just started on a bottle of red wine. Gonna be a long night too, apparently.
Update: Colm Meaney went with what appears to be a vodka and tonic. Been a REAL long week.
Update: Colm Meaney still looking at wine list. Must've been a long week.
I am 99% certain that Colm Meaney is at the next table.
StarTrek TNG - now on syfy, Barrie Ingham and Rosalyn Landor from an Irish colony world. I always wonder what Colm Meaney thought of this ep
Colm Meaney plays the railroad magnate like a boss!
taking that tip onboard and going tomorrow - Colm Meaney a close 2nd?
Colm Meaney because Colm didn't get enough hugs as a kid.
"The grand bud hotel" - a shot-for-shot remake of the Wes Anderson film in Wynn's on Abbey St. Colm Meaney in the Ralph Fiennes role.
In the spirit of Michael D. Higgins' visit to the United Kingdom, here's Colm Meaney singing "Jerusalem":
LeVar Burton speaking to Colm Meaney, it fascinates me how fast they speak and mess up not, how I wanted to learn, but they give me a dirty
Seeing an advance screening of Alan Partridge, starring Steve Coogan and Colm Meaney. Thanks, Landmark Theaters!
Can anyone call Colm Meaney and get his *** on here, some of us appreciated the Chief just as much.
Colm Meaney , I am told google that
I'm glad colm meaney starts to show up more now
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Shame on you Colm Meaney>"Colm Meaney & Dáithí Ó Sé showed the world how to take a proper Selfie:
Jeremy Irons and Colm Meaney visibly furious on stage at the lack of interest. Simon Delaney mortified.
Just commented on Dáithí Ó Sé and Colm Meaney took a much better IFTA selfie -
Well, and Colm Meaney's IFTA selfie is far better than the official one:
crowd talked throughout, even when the likes of Colm Meaney, Neil Jordan and Steve Coogan were presenting/accepting. Embarrassing.
I'd love to see Brendan Gleeson & Colm Meaney have a fight, not on film but scrapping infront of Laverys or somewhere
Of course we are, so here goes; Colm Meaney, Richard Dean Anderson, Montgomery, Robin Curtis, Jolene Blalock, that'll do 4 now.
Release via ReleaseLog - Title: One Chance 2013 BDRip X264-AMIABLE Image: Description: This article has been published at - visit our site for full content. AMIABLE with the bdrip of One Chance, enjoy. Plot: From the director of The Devil Wears Prada, ONE CHANCE is the remarkable and inspirational true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night. Paul became an instant YouTube phenomenon after being chosen by Simon Cowell for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Wowing audiences worldwide with his phenomenal voice, Paul went on to win ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and the hearts of millions. Fresh from celebrating his Tony Award-winning Broadway run in ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’, BAFTA winner James Corden (THE HISTORY BOYS) stars as Paul Potts and is supported by an acclaimed ensemble cast that includes Julie Walters (MAMMA MIA!, CALENDAR GIRLS, BILLY ELLIOT), Mackenzie Crook (THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), Colm Meaney (GET HIM TO THE GREEK), Jemima Ro ...
Our "Viewers' Choice" Film series is focusing on lighter fare this "bleak mid-winter." We'll crank up the heat and have hot drinks galore (English tea almost certainly) for tomorrow night's selection THE ENGLISHMAN WHO WENT UP A HILL AND CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN, the popular 1995 film with Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald and Colm Meaney. If you liked WAKING NED DEVINE, LOCAL HERO or DANCING AT LUGHNASA, you'll love this one. Start time is 7:15.
Check out the new artwork from WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES, previously known as The Occult and The Devil’s Rapture. The picture is directed by Christian Christiansen and stars Rufus Sewell, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colm Meaney and Jennifer Carpenter… [ 159 more words. ]
Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Willis, and a special appearance my Colm Meaney. How did this movie get so bad?!??!? Cold Light of Day is probably the worst movie in the history of garbage that we call movies.
"Colin Morgan's performance in this ['Parked'] was truly remarkable...and I hope he gets the attention he deserves."--Colm Meaney
FACT OF THE DAY: In "Con Air" Malloy, played by Colm Meaney, has a Star Trek key ring on his car keys. This is a reference to his role as Chief O'Brien in both Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation.strangely his prized car, a 68 Corvette, is the same one drove by a young James T' Kirk in the 2009 film. Great wee fact.
This weeks new dvd releases in store now include; Alan Partridge Papa Alpha With Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sean Pertwee Grown Ups 2, With Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade Man of Steel with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon Smurfs 2 with Papa Smurf, Smurfette and lots more blue people and The Hangover Part 3 With Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha Dvd rental prices now start at £1! and don`t forget your free bag of popcorn with each order. Free membership call in today, sign up takes 2mins. Key fob membership cards comming soon.
Created by Joe Gayton, Tony Gayton. With Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common, Phil Burke. Cullen Bohannon, a former soldier and slaveholder, follows the track of a band of Union soldiers, the killers of his wife. This brings him to the middle of one of the biggest projects in US history, the building o...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Enjoying this series I'm watching called *** on Wheels. It's in it's 3rd season and stars Anson Mount and Colm Meaney (Miles O' Brien from Star Trek:TNG and DS9). It was filmed in Alberta and is about the building of the first transcontinental railroad in the 1860s.
Just finished both series. Anson Mount & Colm Meaney with superb performances. If you like it, give Hatfields & McCoys a watch.
Oct. 4, 2013 Poster for Gravity Gravity PG-13 Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney Synopsis: The lone survivor of a space mission tries to return to Earth. Showtimes + Tickets | Trailers + Clips Poster for Nothing Left to Fear Nothing Left to Fear R Cast: Anne Heche, James Tupper, Ethan Peck, Jennifer Stone Synopsis: A pastor and his family encounter devilish forces in a small Kansas town. Poster for Where the Devil Hides Where the Devil Hides NR Cast: Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Carpenter, Colm Meaney, Alycia Debnam-Carey Synopsis: Follows a small commune on the verge of witnessing an age old prophecy, that predicts the coming of the devil's daughter, come to fruition.
Just got sent THAT press kit from Colm Meaney's new film. Trying to figure out how to Spring Breakers-ize my new balaclava...
Got to love this one, Colm 'Minion' Meaney. Meaney
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