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College Station

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, situated in East Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley.

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Knowing I'm going to be in College Station with October 17th for the Bama vs A&M game makes me so happy😊
The verdict is in, and College Station is more of a hipster town than Austin - Houston Chronicle via
🙏🙏🙌🙌 how far away is Blinn! Y'all are going to the one by College Station, right?
Our 3rd Featured 5 contest is the SEC series in College Station between &
First restaurant I tried (Vy's Kitchen) in College Station was great. $8 for a humongous bowl of good, spicy pho.
I'm headed to College Station this morning from Sugar Land - is it safe? Any ice reports?
College Station is channeling it's inner Tswift today
That's my boy. He brings home the hardware from College Station.
will be playing in my hometown of Tomball in March but I'll be out of the state for Spring Break!😩 come to College Station soon
Here in College Station for the Lone Star Clinic. Ready to talk some ball!
get some sleep, CW. I'll be listening from Bryan/College Station!
Wait is this Kiss Me Kate or Chicago? 💋 @ The Theatre Company of Bryan/College Station
And the first new Aggie is Jaylen Hinckley! from College Station, Texas!
is in College Station, Texas ready to take on Delaware State University!
Where Jermaine Brown tied Shavez Hart's WL of 20.76, the latter pipped by Devin Jenkins in 20.89 (iPB) to 20.90 in College Station.
Congrats W on South Texas soccer friendlies in College Station
in College Station. Texas A&M leads No. 1 Kentucky, 28-25, at halftime. The Wildcats shoot 30 percent in the fir…
Home to Texas A&M University, College Station, TX receives high marks for its quality of life amenities.
Texas Vietnam Heroes Exhibit to settle in College Station. Follow the link to learn more.
Texas Oil and Gas Association will fight tooth and nail to water down College Station ordinance
Just passed by old apartment in College Station 😭😭 I miss her so much!
wasn't it great when Justin Tucker beat them in College Station a few years ago?
I refuse to refer to any crowd of football fans outside of College Station, TX as the 12th man.
You might live in College Station if, when watching American Sniper, you look down for a second, only to hear the whole audience begin to hiss- and then look up to see Bradley Cooper wearing a T.U hat!!! Lol. That aside, this movie had me bawling through the whole thing. We are truly blessed to live where we do, and to have the protection and sacrifice of our amazing military. Very moving, and very eye-opening. Love and respect to Chris Kyle and his family, along with his brothers and sisters who fought alongside him, and to those who are still fighting today. No amount of appreciation and thanks will ever be enough.
Because I can't wait to be in College Station with my bestfriend/twin sister
The reason the Brazos River flows through College Station is because tears fall in Waco.
John Chavis is officially in College Station. The Chief has LANDED.
Home again, home again, jiggety jig! San Antonio to College Station to Houston
Reveille and Lee at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Freezing our buns off but the Aggies win. Long drive home to College Station tomorrow. Happy New Year!
Dense Fog Advisory now thru 11 AM for areas generally E of the Brazos River; advisory now includes College Station
Nevada offense, pistol formation, Johnny Manziel, College Station, my lyrics are causing a fire throughout the nation
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thankful for spontaneous trips to College Station & long talks with so glad we can be so close 😊❤️
Eating pizza walking around rice village enjoying my life. STILL not in College Station smh
Here's video from yesterday's implosion at Kyle Field in College Station, courtesy of 12th. Man Productions.
Kyler Murray and my cousin are going to A&M next year. My goal is to visit College Station and make him a homie of mine.
Back in College Station, working with nine new businesses as the pitch coach for Startup Aggieland, There are,,,
Zilker Park is up by College Station and the Houston Zoo Lights is one of the biggest Christmas lights venue in TX or the US
Sun Salutation has a show on 12/06/2014 at 10:00 PM @ Poets Billiards in College Station, TX
President George W. Bush discusses his biography of his father, President George H. W. Bush, with Andy Card, who served as White House Chief of Staff for President Bush 43 and Secretary of Transportation for President Bush 41. They speak at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas.
I enjoyed coming home and seeing my family but I am so excited to get back to College Station tomorrow 😁
Everyone go follow for the weekly music schedule for Bryan/College Station area!.
LSU head coach Les Miles met with the media after the 23-17 win over Texas A&M on Thursday night in College Station, where he fielded...
The more time I'm away from College Station the more I realize how much of my home it is now and how much I love that place.
Rabalais: after a delay due to technical issues with Les's headset, we are off in College Station!
Liberty alum Samantha Ponder should always feel right at home in College Station.
Turkey at Grandmas house in New Braunfels now headed to College Station for Aggie food w/ boys!…
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Both break at same time. Causes a small black hole to suddenly engulf all of College Station. All blamed on…
What an absolutely gorgeous day, have a wonderful Sunday Bryan/College Station!. Don't forget to grab your church... http:…
Round two of high school play-offs tomorrow morning in College Station. Klein Oak BTHO Bowie. Should be nice and rainy at game time.
Mike Evans thinks it's a Saturday at College Station.
95% sure I'm going to go to a&m or blinn because I'm in love with College Station
Pres Bush (43) with Andrew Card Jr discussing new book at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX
The infamous hate group Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest at Texas A&M University in College Station, but were met with protests and picket signs from a large group of Aggie students, …
WATCH: Westboro Baptist met by Unitarians in Houston, Yell Practice in College Station
College Station. SEC Nation is coming to Texas A&M. See y'all Saturday in Aggieland!
Lubbock last weekend, Austin this weekend, and College Station next weekend. 😁😁
College Station cross country set for strong showing at state meet. (Sent from The Eagle)
College Station bound next weekend for Cody Johnson with my boy Nick😏🙌
IT'S OFFICIAL: The former Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Bryan/College Station (site of the first-ever...
God is good! The former Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas (site of the...
Going through some papers, have learned that there's a "Phil Gramm Blvd" in Bryan (sister city of College Station) which is pretty *** sad   10% Off
If you're in Bryan/College Station or Houston, be sure to see at one of her upcoming events!
Westboro Baptist Church to picket Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX this Sunday, November 9th:
College Station traffic gives me road rage...I'm not going to last very long in Houston 😩
Halloween Weekend with my two favorites @ College Station, Texas
So I heard someone in College Station say that South Texas was nothing but Mexicans and practically Mexico.
College Station, Texas, has a Gross Metro Product of $10.4 billion:
How sad are College Station bars that went from the legendary drinking of Johnny Manziel to Kenny Hill puking/sleeping in the parking lot?
Why would Kenny Hill get suspended for off field activities? Isn't that how they kick off a Heisman campaign in College Station?
Gotta wonder about what's going on in College Station. QB Kenny Hill, now a backup, suspended for 2 games for violating team rules.
Aww, Kenny "the anointed one" Hill is no longer the savior in College Station. That's what happens when you give the Heisman out after wk. 1
College Station traffic gives me anxiety.
On my way to college station to spend some much needed time with my best friend Jamie Kelley!!!
You're in college station now. Quit driving like you're in Dallas.
I'm about to go live next on 101.9 The Beat in College Station, TX.. Tune in now!!
College Station tune into now!! they're about to play my new single "Vitamin ME" !!
New Single Premiering Today In College Station TX for the first time!
Hopefully I'm going to college station tonight 😕
3 hour drive to college station man I am PUMPED
College Station is always different when I come back 😳
Happy Friday Celebrate the start of the weekend and tune into Philly's College Radio Station!
Welcome aboard guys - was at college in Station X grounds!
College Station vs Consol game later gotta see what it do
Today the Next Step Project building plans were APPROVED by the College Station city Design Review Board, the most subjective part of city permitting, required because FC property is in the special Wolf Pen District (where buildings must be "pretty", not just ok with the building code).
Hey everyone we have a Tournament in A&M Saturday and Sunday. Games are at 10 and 2 both days for anyone who's in or around college station this weekend. Fans are always welcome! -Dave
There are a lot of "-palooza's" out there, but the only one we're playing this weekend is PUMPKINpalooza in College Station. This Saturday...come see us!
Tonight is the Battle of College Station!! Predictions on who will win? I'm putting my money on the Cougars.
gas at Sams in College Station is 2.74 pr gallon
My best friend is coming down from College Station today!🙌
what about the other 2 you guys made up that aren't recognized by anyone outside of College Station?
Well I can now officially say I've been to college station... And that it absolutely ***
I just went through college station to Waco so I'll see you sometime next week😍😘
College Station is too small to fit everyone. Always traffic. It's like trying to put 30 crayons in a 24 pack. Redneck crayons w/big trucks.
naw man I moved back to College Station, coaching at Bryan Rudder HS now
Wear your best costume to and you could win some great prizes from the Bombers in our costume contest! The contest is open to all ages and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded in each division. Kaboom told us that there might be some Bombers season tickets up for grabs for the best costumes... will your Halloween costume be a winner? October 26, 6-9 pm | Cellucor Field | Presented by ABC Dual Language Learning Center, Mathnasium Bryan and College Station, Primrose Schools, Spirit Halloween, and Revive 45 Music
LIVE NOW from RED-C Catholic Radio in College Station Texas! to find out more! http:/…
Playing a show in College Station, TX at 10:00 PM today at Prospectors
Visited with Steve's parents and had lunch in College Station for their birthdays, then decided to stop by the MSC to see how much had changed in the approximately 35 years since we were students. WOW!!!
"My "Twerk" station on Pandora has some good throwbacks from high school to college fraternity parties. Yes, I said twerk."
Available for in College Station. To apply visit
Anybody in college station wanna lift this evening?
Had to give a lady CPR beside a road today in College Station. I won't say any more than that. Sure hope she made it.
Wishin I had someone to play soccer with down in college station
Alwys reminds me of freshman year...of college.
Taekwondo lesson today, football game in Bridge City tonight,wedding shower tommorow, Alexis will be in college station for Livestock Judging. Hoping Sunday after church will be a free day! Lol! Our life is hectic but we wouldn't have it any other way! We love that our kids keep us busy.. One day they will be all grown up :(
*Jason Boland and the Stragglers at Midnight Rodeo in Springfield, MO. *Wade Bowen at Big Texas Dancehall in Spring, TX. *Brandon Jenkins at Mule Barn Justin, TX. *CMT Tour with Kip Moore at Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth, TX. *Corey Smith and Rich O'Toole at Tumbleweed in Stillwater, OK. (I'll be there!) *Whiskey Myers at Hurricane Harry's in College Station, TX. *Casey Donahew Band at El Dorado Casino in Shreveport, LA. *Cody Johnson Band at Hopkins County Fair in Sulphur Springs, TX. *Josh Abbott Band at City Limits in Stephenville, TX.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
“To go to buffalo. Or to not go to buffalo. That is the question” college station
Alright I'm putting the college station slander on hold until Sunday, I'm going to give it a chance to prove me wrong
COLLEGE STATION: I have had to make the difficult decision to rehome my ball python, unfortunately I just do not have time to give her the care she needs. She is a gorgeous 2 year old female pastel ball python. Bought from a breeder not a pet store. In excellent health, currently eating thawed frozen rat pups. With her I will include her terrarium, water bowl, zoomed reptile carpet, under tank heater, heat lamp, 2 hides, a climbing branch and temperature regulation system. I'm only asking $200 for everything. The main thing is that she goes to a good home. She is very docile and has never bitten or tried to bite anyone, she would make a fantastic pet for an older child as well. She almost 3 feet now but will continue to grow to about 4 or 5 feet.
Need to get in touch with someone who lives on Hwy 30 outside college station! Need some land to hunt and I hear that's the best area!
I want to watch tjat Music Station gdi ;0; but work and then college and then sleep and tomorrow doctor and then more classes WAE
What's up with this College Station traffic? Don't people know it's a bye week?
Playing outside with Kaylee and Ajax. (@ New Yoakum Residence in College Station, TX)
News Update: just entered College Station and I instantly regret coming
My bro Kirko Bangz is live in college station tonight. Y'all make sure to come out to shotzies!!! We turning up!. .
Looking for a NEON guy as well as installing the neon at our TATTOO studio in Bryan college station Tx...if anyone knows that person,have them contact me pass me there info... Thanks
Random day trip to College Station with da roomies
Great mix of songs from my college radio station ♫ Heard on WTMD/NPR Richard D Anthony
I've been trapped in College Station for too long. I need to go home!! 😩🏡
I'm back to work in college station
Farmers want to know... Though this year’s El Niño is now predicted to be a weak one, it still spells more a chance of a wet, cool winter for most of Texas rather than a dry one, according to the Texas State Climatologist. El Niño refers to warmer-than-average ocean water temperatures off the Pacific coast of South America, said Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, state climatologist, College Station. A moderate to strong El Niño usually means more moisture to parts of the Southwest and Southeast during the late fall and winter. El Niño translates as “The Boy Child,” because it usually peaks about the time of Christmas. “We’ve been waiting for El Niño to develop for about six months now, and it still hasn’t quite happened,” Nielsen-Gammon said. “Temperatures in the tropical Pacific have been running above normal for most of the period, and there’s still a great deal of warm water beneath the surface. So the odds still favor at least a weak El Niño developing over the next couple of months and ...
Texas A&M Athletics Department is hiring an Asst. Manager Creative Design & Graphics in College Station, TX
Great day for tennis! (@ Pebble Creek Country Club in College Station, TX)
A 4 hour delay in College Station, an overnight in Dallas, an hour in St. Louis, and we're off to the
Made it back to Jackson. fans: Here's my Ole Miss/Texas A&M report from College Station
Enjoyed spending time at Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church in College Station.
Gotta love this bonafide *** whipping of A&M by the Ole Miss Rebels down in College Station!!!
Ole Miss fans give their impressions of College Station and Kyle Field.
Central Texas is the of college football today. vs TCU in Waco; & duking for the in College Station.
5 games between Top 25 teams tomorrow! We're calling an upset under the lights in College Station. What do you think?
Upcoming retreats at Cedarbrake: A Single Parent Spirituality Retreat will be held Oct. 18 at Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center in Belton. Father Barry Cuba, associate pastor of St. Mary Catholic Center in College Station, will lead participants in reflecting on the struggles and triumphs of living the faith as a single parent. The cost is $35, which includes lunch. To register: or call (254) 780-2436 or e-mail cedarbrake
Just passed through Lone Star, Texas en route to College Station to see the Rebels play.
10/8 hints for . BWW College Station at 7p . BWW Webster at 7p . BWW Copperfield at 7p . Lone Star Ice House at 7p...
My wife says her next home school field trip with Sam is to the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX. That's curiously random.
What's wrong with this? How in the world can the Vegas oddsmakers have Texas A&M favored over Ole Miss, by a point? Something stinks about this! From 247 Sports- Vegas odd's: Ole Miss at Texas A&M (-1): The Rebels had a huge win against Alabama, but there is no time to rest. Ole Miss is up to No. 3 in the AP poll but has to travel to College Station to take on Texas A&M and the “12th Man.” A&M’s defense is still struggling, as evidenced by the 48 points allowed to Mississippi State. The Aggies’ win over South Carolina doesn’t look as impressive this week. Ole Miss needs to go on the road and have another solid showing to keep the momentum going from the Alabama win.
OMG just made a classic mistake on She mixed up College Station, TX with State College, PA! Been there, GZ.
Riff Raff is performing the same night as Katy Perry but in College heart hurts but I'll be ok
The fact that Roger Creager is coming to College Station the week of my birthday just made life a whole lot better
Soo my dad didn't let me purchase tickets to see Granger Smith at College Station on October 3rd..
As I've met with people around College Station, one of the most consistent questions I'm asked is, "You say you are a small business owner, exactly what is it you do?" I'm the sole owner of the Texas Trading Post - the largest online store for Texas gifts and decor on the internet. I'm very much a hands-on businesswoman, and I'm involved in every aspect of my company (including taking the trash out). I have one full time employee and 3 part-time employees. When the Christmas rush hits us, around the latter part of October, we have two shifts going and we hire 10-12 students and retired citizens to help us keep on top of the orders on a daily basis. I started the Texas Trading Post back in the 90's as a hobby...something to do in the evenings when I wasn't traveling on business for my career in the Tourism Industry. Originally, I started selling Texas themed items on eBay and within a few short months, was catapulted to the "Power Seller" status with a 100% approval rating. When my late husband, Russ, ...
Why do I love people from Bryan/College Station so much? . Because "Howdy" is a greeting on the most average basis.
Tonight! Bryan/College Station y'all come out to the Cowboy Club at 8pm for a free show! It's going to…
Bullet train build-out could later include San Antonio and College Station.
My dad works for A&M kind of but I'm not gonna go to A&M because Bryan/College Station is a trash town
Downpours coming within the hour to Bryan and College Station. Rain is now in Grimes County and heading west.
So flew from Jacksonville to Dallas/Ft Worth to College Station. All this just to see One Direction in San Antonio.
Napa Flats, a "wood-fired kitchen" in College Station, expands to San Antonio this December
hails impact of vaccine manufacturer at College Station groundbreaking via
Woke up in San Antonio, flew to Dallas, drove to College Station.
If San Antonio weather is bipolar College Station weather is tripolar
CNC Machinists: Details: Job is located in Indianapolis, IN. CNC MACHINISTS THESE POSITONS ARE LOCATED IN BRENHAM, TEXAS Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, welcome to Brenham, Texas! Brenham is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Houston, 80 miles east of Austin and 30 miles from Bryan/College Station. The county is noted for its beautiful green rolling hills which are blanketed with bluebonnets and other wildflowers in the springs. Running two shifts, we have a 135,000 square foot air conditioned facility. Our temperature control building helps our people and equipment hold the close tolerances required. MIC Group is a Master Manufacturer with multiple locations, both domestic and international. By utilizing our Group’s full range of manufacturing capabilities, services and our efficient cost structure, we are able to offer Total Supply Chain Services as a Master supplier. Visit our website at . MIC Group Brenham, precision machining companies, have the below ...
is hiring a Physician or Practitioner (College Station, TX) in apply now!
Now hiring for Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant in College Station, TX
we'll see they their starting Rb Carlos Garcia rushed for 321 yards and 3 td's last game vs College Station
Big shoutout to for altering it's official logo just for its College Station steak house! 👍 h…
The Sumlin Show. on University Ave. in College Station. Show Time – 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. 1st Show to Air on Monday night @ 7 p.m
THE 18TH BIRTHDAY A REPORT ON TURNING TO ADULTHOOD Well ... we had the big event for my niece this past Wednesday in College Station on the occasion of her 18th Birthday ... A Milestone was met as we all gathered at Olive Garden --- but not without a hitch ... We had 6:30pm reservations for the alcove room ... Arriving on time, we were told that they had already given the room to someone else ... WHAT? ... Being the Senior of the family (Aside from my Mom whom I would not place in the position of confronting management, nor is the kind who would do so. She takes everything as if it is meant to be. Some things are, but most things are NOT!) ... I stomped over to the manager and pointed to our group gathered near the front entrance and said, "We had reservations. You gave away our room. This is my niece's 18th Birthday event. Now, Olive Garden is ruining it! What are you going to do?" He shrank a bit and apologize, then said "We will make it right by discounting the meals." ... I said, "That's fine, but we ...
Cities saved in my Weather app... Longview, College Station, Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York. Where else would I need to go?
Also, really, College Station? is worse than even the cops in Sierra Blanca.
At Reed Area in College Station for sister-in-law's graduation.
Seriously considering going to College Station, Knoxville, Gainesville, and Columbia for away games this season.
Home sweet home:). Had a wonderful time in New Braunfels! Road trips to Austin to see Robin, Drate, and Penny, and to College Station to see Callan and Ryan. We really love y'all and are so proud that y'all are living your dreams:). Speaking of proud- check out that trophy!! What!?!? Way to go Anna!
Really wish there was a Lifechurch in College Station!!! Hook us up Pastor Craig!!!
I'm so thankful for my amazing friends both in El Paso and in College Station 😊❤️
Early reports show that kvngcannon is putting on an exhibition in College Station at the A&M Overnight…
It turns out vampires hate Republicans almost as much as Democrats do. Last night's episode of True Blood on HBO found two characters attending a gala to support Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas. The way they described the people they were likely to mee…
Hamilton Collection
Congratulations to Shelley Batson of College Station, Texas - yesterday's winner of a Texas A&M blanket. Click on...
I just want to be back in Texas, in fact just back in College Station already. August 1st hurry up
Not a big deal today, but back then it was. Also founded the AIDS hotline in College Station, TX - home of Texas A&M. XOXO
“Have a swagtastic summer”-a middle school sign in College Station. Keep up the good work, Texas.
Kyle Field, College Station home of the Aggies. Drove up to Texas A&M to check out the campus, very…
33% of the participants in today's Developmental Games in College Station are from Texas. Florida is second w/ 10%
College Station adding to its oral history collection | KWKT Fox 44 | Central Texas
I'm so in love with the history of Texas A&M. I can't wait to move to College Station.😍
I will miss College Station, Texas so much. It's the greatest college town in the world
College Station: There's a motorcycle cop on Texas by the golf course. He's already pulled over 3 people.
Your next Texas Concealed Handgun Class is July 26th in College Station.
The Colony High - Texas Region 4 state qualifier track meet. DJ and Dillon vying to make state in College Station.
July 26th is Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History Day! Mayor Nancy Berry, of the City of College Station, and...
Only 1 month left in flower mound then College Station is my new home!! 😍
Brownwood Lions trail Canton, 14-6, at halftime of first Pool I game at 7-on-7 Division II state tournament in College Station
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Austin's expensive, but the housing market in San Angelo, Laredo & College Station might be tougher.
I'm from Houston, but I live in College Station currently. Student at Texas A&M.
The SkillsUSA team of Samantha Villalobos, Pablo Villalobos, Kelvin Wang, and Tyler Johnson from College Station...
Tonight at 7 Interior Castle is giving a FREE concert at St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station! Don't miss out!
Dude, I love College Station! It's so nice. The whole town is like the north side of San Antonio.
Its the Todd Dodge Era at Westlake, the Chaps Football is rejuvenated. Snoop Daniel goes turfside to cover Westlake High as they hosted the 2014 - clinching a spot in the College Station 7x7 State tourney along the way. Includes interviews with Breckyn Hager, Nick Scott, Gabe Duran and much more!
Tomorrow from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm in Kountze next to Juans tire shop (near the railroad tracks on hwy 69) the Kountze Lions 7on7 football team will be having a car wash and selling water bottles. Come support them as they raise funds to qualify for the state 7on7 tourney in College Station on July 10th & 11th. Please share with your friends and family.
Moving day! We are so thankful for our time in College Station and the friends we've made here. So…
Hello, I am looking for a place to rent for this Fall semester. I am an Aerospace Engineering student, and distance is not a problem for me. Additional Info: - I am a non-vegetarian. - Clean / Extremely Organized - Junior Year - Ride a motorcycle - Love aviation and the aerospace industry - Extrovert Please message me if you have a room available. I will be in College Station this Saturday so if you would like to meet up that'll be fantastic.
Fans welcomed back to College Station the Aggie track and field teams and celebrated their tremen...
I miss College Station and how nice everyone is there and being able to say Howdy w/o getting funny looks
CITIBANK IS OUT OF TEXAS. Can you imagine one of the top 20 banks in the World, out of the Texas state ? In the city that is the capital, plus all the international business connections and no Citibank in Austin ? Just insane, American banks are ranking : Citibank is the 14th largest bank in the World. Chase the 6th, Bank of America the 12th, Wells Fargo the 21st and obviously 1st is ICB of China, 2nd HSBC from UK, 3rd Credit Agricole from France, 4th BNP from France, 5th Mitsubishi from Japan and 8th Deutsche Bank from Germany. BB&T Corp. already bought all 7 Citigroup Inc. bank branches in Austin as part of a 21-branch statewide deal. The deal also includes all Citibank branches in the San Antonio and the Bryan-College Station areas. The acquisitions, which are scheduled to close during the second quarter 2014,( last day was Friday on June 13 2014 ) would expand North Carolina-based BB&T’s presence in Texas to 81 financial centers and $2.8 billion of deposits, BB&T officials said Wednesday.
Knights Football qualified for the Texas State Public 7 on 7 Championship tournament in July in College Station
I was there in College Station to cover his jump at age 80. Met Chuck Norris, Mikhail Gorbachev
Retirement celebration for Msgr. Bill Brooks St. Theresa Parish in Austin will host a celebration for the retirement of Msgr. Bill Brooks after 39 years of priestly service. A reception will be held June 28 at 6 p.m. at the St. Theresa Parish Hall. Msgr. Brooks has served at parishes in Waco, College Station, San Marcos and Austin. Please register by June 16 at or by calling (512) 451-5121.
This Missouri Pacific engine has hit a soft spot on the power plant lead in College Station..early 1930's
Seeking God? There's an app for that. In May, digital researchers at Texas A&M University in College Station,...
College Station: Where you might be the only Texan with West Nile Virus.
Gage Gandy Bail BondsGage Gandy Bail Bonds has been in business since 1996. The founder and owner Gage Gandy is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a life long native of Bryan-College Station. Gage has years of experience in helping families with bailing their loved ones out of jail very fast. He…
A garage rock group with southern grit, are a five-piece from College Station, Texas
Mon June 9 Scattered severe thunderstorms in south-central to northeast TX, in a strip from near Del Rio to Dallas eastward to Longview, College Station to San Antonio, north half LA, central and north MS, west TN, AR, southeast OK, possibly extreme southeast MO and extreme southwest KY. TORCON - 2 to 3. A chance of an isolated severe thunderstorm in southeast PA, south NJ, DE, MD, DC, central and east VA, central and east NC, east SC. TORCON - less than 2
Congratations to our varsity 7 on 7 team who qualified today for the Texas State 7 on 7 Championships in College Station …
Aaron and Paul Wiley messing around in College Station.
Congratulations to former Cuero coach Scott Holder who has led College Station to the Class 3A state baseball final
Matthew Bennett hits a walk-off single to give College Station a 9-8 victory over Lubbock Cooper in 8 inn. CS to face Argyle for 3A title.
I still remember the breakfast tacos at the Shell station in College Station. In 1993. 😊
Youth from across the world will gather July 7-9 for the 2014 Bank of America AQHYA Youth Excellence Seminar in College Station, Texas. YES welcomes youth ages 10 to 18 to experience a three-day, fun-packed event that offers valuable leadership skills, inspiring speakers and tons of fun. This year's…
I was so honored to be asked to take a playoff shirt for the Silsbee Tigers Baseball team and make this onesie, diaper cover, bib & burp cloth for Coach Nelson's newborn son, tonight they a play against College Station and if they win they go on to State playoffs. My Grandson Noah is on this team and it would be wonderful if they win but even if they don't they have all still won, they have a great coach & coaches! I just read the article about Silsbee BB and Coach Nelson in the Beaumont Enterprise and I quote what Coach Nelson told them about the game of life " If You don't learn anything from me please learn these two things"...Be a great father to your kids and be a great man and husband your wife will need" . Thank you Coach Nelson!... So proud my grandson is on his team and Proud of Our Silsbee Tigers...GO TIGERS!
A Mississippian in Texas. TRYING TO PRESERVE OLD GRAVE: HELP NEEDED An old grave in Lyons, southwest of College Station, of William H. Davis, a confederate officer in the Civil War is in danger. He began as a private in the 13th's Spartan Battalion (later Company H) and was the last officer in command of the tiny remnant of the regiment when it surrendered at Appomattox in 1865. Somehow 1stLt. Davis, who was from Chickasaw County, Mississippi, wound up buried on private property in Lyons. The landowner's seasonal mowing has periodically scarred the stone and has knocked it down. Mr. Jess McLean, an independent historian, is looking for help to preserve this old grave. Mr. McLean has tried to get Texas A&M interested. I have pictures of the headstone and contact information if you are interested in this project. Mr. McLean is looking for interest in preserving or moving this grave; someone that has connections or interest in the history of the Civil War. Mr. McLean has visited the site and taken pictu ...
Big news out of College Station today. I thought Ty Murray's kid would have gone to Tarleton St.
Memorial Day picnic at the church. @ Christ United Methodist Church - College Station
College Station used to be fun...what's going on nowadays
Excited to show our friends all the places we love around College Station! @ Brazos River
Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon B Johnson announced his sweeping reforms to end poverty and a host of other societal ills. Those programs have almost all been dismantled because many say nothing has changed because of them. My story takes a different perspective. As a young married mother of two, whose husband was unable to get a decent job for lack of a college degree, I read the headlines in The Dallas Morning News about these programs, read further and read MY FAMILY QUALIFIED. I wept all day long mortified that we qualified for government assistance, I could only see the shame in that. My husband came home and still quite tearful-- okay hysterical, I explained how we qualified for LBJ's POVERTY Program and what were we going to do about it! We chose to make a change for our greater independence. Four months later, our little family of 4 plus dog Prissy, moved to College Station, Texas where my husband had enrolled in Texas A&M to complete his degree, and I was going to put food on the ...
Why are we having this San Antonio v Houston battle? We all know the best town in Texas is College Station.
Austin is to College Station as Alec Baldwin is to Stephen
Part III: Our Record with Albert Lee - on FM Radio! 84 Radio Stations Added Our CD into Rotation: WLJS in Jacksonville, Alabama KMXT in Kodiak, Alaska KLPI in Ruston, Louisiana WAKE in Winston-Salem, North Carolina KSAU in Nacogdoches, Texas KANM in College Station, Texas KMNR in Rolla, Missouri KQAL in Winona, Minnesota KMSC in Moorhead, Minnesota WGMU in Fairfax, Virginia WVRU in Radford, Virginia WRIR in Richmond, Virginia KTCV in Kennewick, Washington KSUB in Seattle, Washington KAOS in Olympia, Washington KCWU in Ellensburg, Washington KWRS in Spokane, Wasington WRUB in Amherst, New York WDWN in Auburn, New York WHWS in Geneva, New York WAIH in Potsdam, New York WSBU in St. Bonaventure, New York WCVF in Fredonia, New York KMSA in Grand Junction, Colorado KRCX in Denver, Colorado KBUT in Crested Butte, Colorado KBVR in Corvalis, Oregon KDUP in Portland, Oregon KPSU in Portland, Oregon KEOL in La Grande, Oregon KCSC in Chico, California KCSS in Turlock, California KCPR in San Luis Obispo, California KS ...
Coach Mike Bobo will lead the Dawgs into College Station in 2024 against new head coach Gus Ma
This happened during the Iraqi war when George Bush was president of the US. Mr. Bush told reporters aboard Air Force One as it returned from Baghdad on Thursday night that his parents did not know about his trip beforehand. But he said that he told his daughters, Barbara and Jenna, on Wednesday before he left and that his wife, Laura, had been aware of the trip all along.''I had to tell my family, that would be wife and daughters, that I would not be there for Thanksgiving today,'' Mr. Bush said. ''My mother and dad came over from College Station, thinking they would see me. They did not know that I was not going to be there.''Only a few reporters were allowed to accompany Mr. Bush. But a transcript of the comments made by the president and his aides was circulated to other reporters. [Page A26.]The administration did not announce the trip until Mr. Bush had left Baghdad, about midday Thursday, Eastern time. The president was expected to refuel in Washington about midnight, and then fly on to Texas, wher ...
Trying to get home from San Antonio and ended up in College Station..
Headed home from San Antonio and we ended up in College Station 😂
Busy day! First Mickey Mantle tryouts for Tanner (fingers crossed he does well). Then off to College Station to move Ashley home for the summer. I see the pool calling my name later! Have a great day friends! :-)
My cousin swims tonight in the 100 fly finals vs Michael Phelps! Go Big Ben Colley!! He does this all while championing the type 1 diabetes cause that he was diagnosed with last year! PROUD! I am delayed in the College Station international Airport, Hair care and Tire Center and wont be able to watch!
Toyota Tacoma rear axle complete hub to hub ready to bolt in. 4.10 gears no locker, came off my daily driver truck with only 117k. Its about 60-61” wide makes a great swap for samurais or older toyotas. Call or text 55nine392422one thanks College Station, TX may meet for right price
A well maintained 1 story College Station home at 2531 Cross Timbers –
On this day in 1903, "The Eyes of Texas" was first sung. The performance took place at a minstrel show benefiting the University of Texas track team at the Hancock Opera House in Austin. The ditty soon became the official song of the University of Texas, and is even considered by some a sort of unofficial state song. (Such enthusiasts are rare at College Station.) William L. Prather, an alumnus of Washington College (Lexington, Virginia) and president of UT from 1899 to 1905, had often in his student days heard Robert E. Lee, then president of Washington College, say to students, "The eyes of the South are upon you." Prather altered the saying for use at UT. Texas State Historical Assn.
The legend of Johnny Football is old hat for the patrons at his favorite bar in College Station, Texas. On Wednesday at Chimy's, Manziel made sure the memories were more than an afterthought, treating more than 100 revelers to a beer and a shot.
Johnny Manziel treated his favorite College Station bar to $2K worth of Fireball shots and Miller Lite on draft night h…
Friday was a day of celebrating small business openings in Albany and Troy. First up was with Mayor Sheehan Assembly Member Pat Fahy and Council Member Cathey Fahey at the Fort Orange General Store on Delaware Ave in Albany. Then I joined Mayor Rosamilia and County Executive Kathy Jimino for a trifecta of openings at Henry Loves Betty on River St, Birkmayer Travel and Plum Dandy Frozen Yogurt on Sixth Ave at the new College Station in Troy. Congratulations to all and Thank You for your investment in the community!
Over the last week, health inspectors suspended the permits at E-Star on University Drive in College Station for roaches and an inspection score of 62, and the Easterwood Airport Cafe for rodent droppings. Both establishments have corrected the violations and their permits have been re-issued.
Looking for a massage therapist in Bryan-College Station area that can travel to different locations or come to my office? Referrals & Suggestions?
Nobody feels sorry for Johnny Manziel, right? He's a Heisman trophy winner from an oil rich family in Texas. He probably had sex with half the pretty girls in College Station and a few dozen more in Austin by the time he was a sophomore. This is after he was a larger than life football hero in High School, in Texas! --Not saying we should celebrate such male conquest but his path has not been any real struggle. Now he's drafted in the first round of the NFL and will make millions instantly with contracts/endorsements, even if he doesn't become a hugely successful NFL player. Plus, getting drafted lower certainly doesn't mean you can't become a star QB. Joe Montana to Tom Brady to Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, are some of the best examples. Brady being the best one ever. None of them were even first round picks and Brady was drafted in the sixth round. So, hopefully for Cleveland Browns fans, Johnny's gotten most of the spoiled *** out of him in college but you never know... He's only 21 years ...
START SIGNING UP LADIES !Coaches and Parents, All Star Academy, in cooperation with our sponsor, "THE PROFILE", will be hosting a series of Girls Softball College Exposure & Skills Showcases this summer. These showcases will feature instruction from experts that will provide hands-on training in defensive and offensive techniques and skills for the softball player wanting to play at the next level, combine events to display athletic ability, as well as, live game action to showcase skills. The emphasis is to prepare athletes for a higher level of competition. June 20th at IFA/VTD State Championship Showcase Clinic in College Station, Texas for 12u-18u softball players looking to gain exposure, network with college coaches and gain valuable experience to improve their overall game: CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (2), HILL COLLEGE, MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, NAVARRO COLLEGE (2), NORTHERN OKLAHOMA COLLEGE, SCHREINER UNIVERSITY, SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY (2), UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS (PINE BLUFF) (2), UNIVERSITY ...
Austin, San Antonio and College Station among new cities getting Amazon Sunday delivery
A few severe thunderstorms will be possible across North Texas from Vernon east to Texarkana south into the Hill Country and Central Texas. Wichita Falls, Vernon, Paris, Longview, Dallas, Eastland, Brownwood, Waco, College Station, Junction, and San Antonio are a few towns included in the risk zone.…'s Every Day Delivery is Growing: Sunday Delivery Available in 15 Additional Cities through the USPS®. Today, announced the expanded locations offering Sunday package delivery. The Postal Service is now delivering packages on Sunday in 15 additional locations: Indianapolis, IN; Louisville and Lexington, KY; New Orleans and Shreveport, LA; Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; Oklahoma City, OK; Philadelphia, PA and Austin, College Station, Dallas, Houston San Antonio and Waco, TX. As online shopping continues to increase, the Postal Service is happy to offer shipping solutions that allow major mailers and customers alike appreciate the benefits of the U.S. Mail.
Another story from Gunsight Baptist Church. I first met Rex Boggs, the pastor and founder of Gunsight, and Rex Dodds, the original music minister, back in 1988 when Beth and I and the boys moved to Breckenridge as pastor of the First Baptist Church. Rex and Rex were and still are bi-vocational pastors. While in Breckenridge we helped Rex and the Gunsight church in a kind of creative way (another story I only tell in person) as they were moving from the cemetery location out to their present location on highway 183. Gunsight was started in 1987 and they were in revival and were growing. We moved to College Station and in 1991 Rex called me and asked if I would come back and preach a revival for them. He told me to bring someone who could do the music. I called my good friend, John Park. He, like me, was a cowboy preacher, the only other pastor I know who also kept a saddle in his office. Unlike me, John could sing, a singing cowboy. In fact, the best I have ever heard. John grew up in Trinity Baptist Churc ...
I feel like I'm having $3 pitchers of beer back at The Dixie Chicken in College Station, TX while listening to
Playoffs continue, best of three -Thursday, Friday and Saturday if needed against College Station. 7 pm at Adam Dunn Field in New Caney
College Station won flip, will play Diboll best-of-3 area series. All games at New Caney: 7 Thursday, 7 Friday, 2 Saturday…
Bryan/College Station!! We're playing Revolution Cafe and Bar tonight!! Doors at 9! $5 all ages! Come dance under...
This show takes place in the oh so amazing city of Austin 😊 I don't see any show taking place in boring ol' College Station,do you,Catracho?
FINAL: LSU 9, Alcorn State 7. The Tigers erupt for five runs in the eighth. LSU travels to College Station to face Texas A&…
11 days until Eric graduates from Texas A&M and 22 days until Joshua graduates from the Coast Guard Academy and my niece graduates from Tech in 18 days. It's going to be a very busy May with lots of road travel between Frisco, College Station and Lubbock and then flying to Connecticut - but I'm ready to go!! And, better, yet, I can see since I had my cataract surgery. Yeah!!!
Great show!! You took me back to all of the fun times I had in College Station with Texas Country Music! Loved it!
it's a weekend trip in College Station that a church puts on. Its for the group Aggies for Christ 😊
Hot *** it's true. College Station we're comin' for ya!!
I waited twenty-four hours too long to be able to cancel my booking in College Station. Looks like we'll be taking a trip after all, even if we aren't going to Science Olympiad State Tournament!
IGC has been busy! Undefeated in select softball league play during the week and continue to improve in tournament play. We are very proud of these young athletes in their first season together. USSSA tournament this weekend and the 3rd stage of the Challenge Series coming up on May 17 in College Station. This team is working hard and is on the rise. GO GOLD!
We have less than a week before the Navasota Theatre Alliance production of “And Then There Were None” starts performances May 1 for three weeks. It is a serious Agatha Christie murder mystery. This will provide the audience with a classic drama that enraptured audiences on Broadway for years. It is fun for me as I get to work with many fine actors I have not yet had a chance to work with. Many of whom I enjoyed watching from the audience perspective. For friends in College Station and Bryan Navasota is only about a 25 minute trip. I want to invite everyone to join us for “And Then There Were None.” Evening performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday Afternoons at 2 p.m. Tickets and info and the theatre is located downtown Navasota at 104 West Washington Street .
Rumor is, Johnny Football no longer resides in College Station, Texas. Last we saw Oregon point guard Johnny Loyd, the 5’8″ point guard was guarding UC Irvine’s 7’5″ Mamadou Ndiaye in a basketball one-on-one equivalent of… [ 177 more words. ]
River Ordinance was awesome at The Tap in College Station. Also Halperin was a great opening act.
College Station, are you ready for the color party this weekend? Let's get the party started at packet pick up tonight & tomorrow at College Depot from 3-7pm!
Exciting things coming up this week! Thursday: 1:00pm send off for the Regional bound track team!! They will leave the gym at 1 and stop in front of the high school for a little "good luck" and then will head down College St. and come up Main St. Come out and help send them off to victory!! Regional track meet starts Friday morning at 9 in San Antonio. Friday: 3:00pm Good Luck Rally for REGIONAL CHAMP, STATE BOUND Jessey Martinez! The rally will be in the big gym so come and show your support for Jessey. Jessey will head to College Station on Sunday and will play her first match Monday morning at 8am!
We had an awesome time in College Station! That full moon last night played some trickery on the other bands but we still have much love for them.
Three years ago today, I couldn’t find anything to wear. I went through every maroon shirt I had, and none of them were good enough for a baseball game. I mean, it couldn’t be just any t-shirt because this wasn’t just any baseball game. So, in a mad crunch for time, I decided to do some speed shopping to find a nicer maroon shirt. 45 bucks later, I was on my way and was soon introduced to the music of Hayes Carll and the game winning crowd in College Station. It was the best first date I could have hoped for – even though he didn’t like my new shirt.
for a chance to win 2 tickets to see on April 30th here in College Station. ht…
listening on the road between College Station and San Antonio, TX thanks for the excitement, go blues!
People in the Bryan/College Station area make sure to listen to the Chance Anderson Band on KAGG tonight after 7! It's my brother's band😊
Johnny Manziel is working out for Browns officials today in College Station. Manziel will visit Cleveland this week. (via…
Maxi has gone from Houston to College Station & now San Antonio 🐶☺️
San Antonio drivers are just as bad as College Station's
Headed to Fredericksburg to Seth's school program then dinner with the kids before going back thru Seguin to get Skye and Payton who're going to follow us back to College Station for a quick visit!! Excited!!
Bryan/College Station, Dallas, San Antonio, Buda & Lockhart...we are coming to your city! Visit for more info!
I'll also be playing in Bryan/College Station this Friday with OneGoodLung at The New Republic Brewing Company around 10pm!
Tiger Baseball loss tonight to College Station was 2 to 1. Couldn't be prouder of our Tigers who played hard tonight!
San Angelo’s Aggies will have an extra source of pride when they attend games at the newly renovated Kyle Field at Texas A&M University in College Station in the future, as the project will contain tons of local steel from Hirschfeld Industries. The company currently has trucks hauling structural st...
TEXAS! We are going to Lock in as many dates as possible in the coming months. Dallas, Ft Worth, Amarillo, San Angelo, Corpus, Houston, Galveston, Laredo, El Paso, Amarillo, Midland, Del Rio, Austin, Waco, College Station... Any where in Texas we are wanting to play there! If you are a band, promoter, venue or just a fan and you want to book, promote and set up a show msg us!! or e mail us @ bookingor shoot us a msg here. :)
College Station meets Friendswood at 1 p.m. for a trip to the 4A state soccer tournament. The regional final is at 1 p.m. at Humble.
College Station baseball team beats Caldwell. (Sent from The Eagle)
HS Baseball: College Station leads Caldwell 2-0 heading to the 6th
No. 1 College Station and No. 6 Caldwell 0-0 after 1 inning
Today in Black History: 2012, the 1st black student was appointed as Commander of the Texas A&M Cadets. This is nearly a half-century after Blacks were admitted to predominantly white Texas A&M University. Marquis Alexander became commander of A&M's Corps of Cadets, a high-profile post that involves establishing the cadets' dress codes for their military-style uniforms and setting their daily schedule, including physical training that can begin before dawn. Black students represent less than 4 percent of the 40,000 undergraduate students at the College Station campus. A number of cadets applied for the commander position for the 2012-13 school year, then underwent scrutiny that included a five-minute presentation before an 11-member panel that included school officials, the reigning corps leadership and the corps commandant, retired Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez. Alexander, who hopes for a career as a military lawyer or intelligence work, said he wasn't even aware he was the first black cadet commander until som ...
(CNN) -- Jeb Bush said the debate over immigration reform needs to move past derisive rhetoric describing illegal immigrants. The former Florida governor said in an interview Sunday in College Station, Texas, that people who come to the United States illegally are often looking for opportunities ...
“Wowza. This wreck happened in College Station. Amazing video from A&M prof via KBTX: WHOA.
Back at the lake house after a fun weekend in College Station. Time to lay it on down and watch One Tree Hill.
Friday was work and a surprise party in Corsicana, and because I'm deaf I slept through my three alarms and seven phone calls to get up the next day, so I didn't have time to talk to my parents or see the new car they bought me since Charlotte went kaput. Or yknow, thank them too for the fact that they are about to spend more $ to buy me hearing aids. Saturday was back to College Station for an ethics workshop that focused on sexual child abuse... Which on the way to I hit a buzzard and busted my mothers car mirror she was so generously allowing me to borrow. So I spent the rest of my day frantically trying to find someone to help me find the part or who could put it on and sad eating about it before telling her. So to keep you updated: I have a new car I haven't seen yet, a new Sonic Boom alarm clock complete with a vibration system, about to get hearing aids, and how do I repay them? By slaughtering innocent buzzards with their cars and not knowing what I'm doing with my life or where I will be living c ...
Before Texas Motor Speedway there was this place ... Texas World Speedway in College Station, Tex.
So Letterman is 66 and Bill Murray is 63 and they're flirting with Lady Gaga who turned 28 last Friday--a week older than my daughter. If we saw two old geezers flirting with a young woman like that at a party in, say, College Station or Baytown, would we not be appalled?
CONGRATS TWHS Junior Varsity Winter Guard for finishing 4th at the Texas Color Guard Circuit STATE Championships today in College Station!
In the QB from A&M's defense, if it were up to the College Station area a Bush would always be President.
"Police found him sleeping in a planter outside a College Station bar." Thats a beautiful tribute to his predecessor: …
Johnny Football has done it again. By all accounts, his pro day at College Station yesterday was a smash hit. He chose to come out in pads which is never done for these professional exhibitions. He had some edgy music playing during the workout. The music was modified when the former president Bush and former first Lady Babara Bush showed up to watch. Everyone was fully impressed with the strong velocity of his throws and their consistent accuracy. His footwork was sharp and very quick on his drops. There were brooms acting as defenders. He was prepared and it showed. He wanted to answer some of the objections or concerns with his game and he did. He took all of his snaps from under center where he had only taken one snap under center during the season. He did enhance his stock for the upcoming draft. Texans have a tough choice to make for the first pick of the NFL draft and Johnny Manziel would be a fine choice for the franchise. Talk will heat up as the May 8th draft approaches. BTW, the ...
After impressing NFL personnel at his pro day Thursday in College Station, Johnny Manziel discussed his history and relationship with Chip Kelly.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, like virtually all of the NFL, are transfixed on the Pro Day of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Unlike some of the teams visiting Manziel today at College Station, the Bucs are in the market for a quarterback and have a good chance of possibly getting the chance at dr...
Johnny Manziel isn't the only show in town Thursday in College Station, Texas. Former Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans will be performing his pro-day workout as well, and some teams on hand will be focused on him, not the quarterback.
will make a pit stop next week in College Station. RT/come see him!
Playing Island Party this Saturday (3/29) at Wolf Pen Creek Ampitheater in College Station, TX. Who's coming? Starts at 5pm & it's FREE!
I'm totally expecting all of you that criticize the President for what he does. To criticize Rick Perry for heading out to College Station to watch Johnny Manziel's Pro Day. For someone who should be an advocate for education he sure does seem to be advocating leaving school early to make millions in a career that could be ended in a matter of seconds.
Police say video of cocaine use contributes to pair's arrest in College Station via
The Palestine Wildcats boys soccer team won 2-1 in their playoff game against College Station tonight in Waco
New show announced in College Station, TX at Hurricane Harry's on April 29, 2014
We finally got some Whataburger after an intense trip to the outlet mall in San Marcos before heading to College Station!
On board for the trip to College Station!. Woo!!.
We are excited to welcome to College Station for their 4th Annual Symposium!
Very excited to have our Windy Hill Farm goat featured at Foodways Texas's 4th Annual Symposium in College Station this weekend! Thanks to Chef Sharon Hague of Dallas for thinking of goat!
Petition to create a man made beach in College Station.
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