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College Station

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, situated in East Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley.

Reed Arena San Antonio Corpus Christi Central Baptist Church Kyle Allen Crimson Tide Kevin Sumlin

Texas A&M football is the reason the city of College Station has a drinking problem
College Station, keep being the coolest mofos around.
The sign of the night from College Station:
College Station with the quick answer on 18-yd rush by Marquez Perez. Cougars trail FB Marshall, 27-24, 3:53 Q3.
heads may be rollin in Austin but dont think they can't roll in College Station too
USC just stole a victory from Texas A&M in College Station. If you don't know the name D'Anthony Melton, you will soon. M…
Shea Patterson throwing a Johnny Manziel type TD in College Station!!! Ole Miss back within 1 score. Heard on
Raise your hands and shout "hallelujah!" The Women of Restoration Concert is coming to College Station!
THIS Friday! Join us in-person in College Station, TX at Central Baptist Church or livestream…
College Station got the memo that it was Halloween.
After first-and-goal at the 3, settles for Jared Wiley's 19-yard field goal to cut College Station lead to 10-3. Same score at half.
18-5A Football: Jared Wiley 19 yard FG. College Station leads Temple 10-3 with 4:41 left in the second quarter.
19 yard field goal puts Temple on the board, College Station leads 10-3 with 441 left in half
Wylie tennis defeats Andrews 10-1 to win the Region I-4A championship and advance to College Station for the...
College Station man caught with over two pounds of marijuana near playground
Kevin Sumlin details the advantages of having veteran coordinators John Chavis, Noel Mazzone in College Station
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Best Biscuits in Texas?!?! Atleast Central Texas via /r/texas. Going to College Station in a few weeks and i am driving from South Texas. A…
I must say, Texas A&M/College Station is an incredible place with great people and the nicest fans I have ever watched a ga…
Justin Evans (TAMU) and Alvin Kamara (TENN) both had incredible performances at College Station. Too bad Myles Garrett is playing hurt
Faith Calendar: ... 1101 Rock Prairie Road in College Station, will celebrate Holy Communion ... Contact us f...
Help me thank for donating to More EdCamp College Station info >>
If Granger Smith performs in College Station anytime, I'm taking my butt right there 😍
College Station, some people have spotted a clown and some guy got hurt at San Marcus College, that's where my cousin goes to school.
Robert Neyland enrolled at A&M, then transferred to West Point once he realized how soft people in College Station are.
My Grandaddy gave me my love of Texas A&M & Aggie football. He'd get me outta school on Thursday's to go to College Station for home games
Pls recommend some apps to play since I'm going on an hour trip to college station 😤
Why is my cable showing me college station commercials 😒😒
Used to tell Lexi that I couldn't find those holiday cookies in College Station so that she'd send them. Expose him!
In College Station wit no Transportation to go get something to eat
If anyone from stephenville is wanting to go to koes show in college station let me know I might be going around 5-6
Big day in with rivalry matchups! I'm listening to ESPN College Football 1 with TuneIn.
Inside College Football on CBS Sports Network!! Thanks for having us at the radio station today :)
My grandma grocery shops for us here in college station, and sends them here every week.. It's the cutest thing ever bc she gets so excited😍
This College Station heat is seriously no joke! Like I can't even rn. Stay hydrated, y'all!
Who's got an address (not P.O. Box) in Bryan or College Station I can get a package sent to?
rancher finds decomposing remains of young girl in container - More on investigation:
I really wish I was in college station 😭😭😭
I guess I will skip Bush 41's Presidential Library when I take my sons to College Station, Texas this weekend.
Go ahead and add College Station to the list pretty sure there's not a cookie place here. /cc
Get to visit college station Thursday. See my little Bri Bri 😘
Meet Laura, who now works as a technical operator for a local news station:
Underrated part of college is becoming tight with the respective gas station employees closest to your apartment
Midland and College Station, TX are both in the bottom 10 housing markets. To sell your house for cash today, go to
nah I'm in college station. I should be out there in like two weeks tho
A&M wasn’t in College Station, it was in the Cotton Bowl.
I start sweating the second I step outside in college station
For every defensive gun use there are dozens of tragedies: Texas A&M student killed inside her College Station apt https:/…
Petition to get a Trader Joes in College Station
Closet canes to me in College Station 😭
God Bless you College Station, Texas for having longer than normal yellow lights in order to save me from tickets. 🤗🚦
Be aware that it may rain in College Station this weekend
Anyone at College Station wanna lend me a can opener? 😭
Need to take a trip down to college station real soon!
Nearby Apartments for Rent in College Station, Top 303 Apts and Rental Homes in College Station, TX
I walked 1.59 mi with Check out my route in College Station, TX, United States!
Recently Recently saw ST & gushed something like "We 1st met at my college radio station and..." she instantly said "I'm so sorry"
College Station, Stephenville, and Nacogdoches are the best college towns in Texas
7on7 ready to compete in College Station!
College was so good today 😎👌🏻Then I saw Tom and Rose at the bus station and we got the bus together. I've missed them :')
Still waiting for college station to get a 24 HR donut place or something of the sorts..
PSA! Our event, Wine and Wisdom, has a location change: WeWork South Station.
Playin with these space cowboyz tonight in college station. See y'all there.
Comprehensive list of things to do as a student in College Station: . 1. Try to convince each other you don't hate it there…
Please believe me when I say this. If you are trying to escape Palestine/Cayuga, DO NOT COME TO COLLEGE STATION.
A week today at Station Cafe - drop-in coffee morning to share your memories of Derwen College
Today's cross country meet is at CSMS (900 Rock Prairie Rd, College Station). 7G start at 5:00 followed by 7B, 8G, and 8B.
College Station volleyball rallies to win last two games and beats Willis in five in final tune-up before starting district play.
It's football season and we r huddling in College Station with COO- John McWhorter. Great job 4th floor!
On our way to College Station. Police say more arrests could come after 19-yr-old died @ Sigma Nu frat house ht…
I drove all the way to College Station just for a job interview. Hopefully everything goes well.
I go back to college station in a week.. Where did the summer go???
When you go to college station with me
Goodluck to my baby up in College Station!!! I will miss you tons!! See you soon! Don't forget about me😩💜
agreed. For instance, im concerned that moving back to college station means no more Willy dogs
Taking the first step toward the rest of my life today... Ready or not, I'm College Station bound!
College Station making roads safer! No more Pokemon Go while you drive! .
Looking for a fall internship? 107.7 The Bronc, selected as the Best College Radio Station in NJ, is looking for...
I want to go back to College Station
College Station Housing Report, median housing price is up 12%.
love you mayzie brooke & have fun in college station... I'll be down to visit for sure.. 😭❤️
There's no Hailey & Rebecca in College Station so you just need to stay... Plus I'm gonna miss you😫😫
let's just hope the bad Trevor Knight shows up in College Station.
Writers & Illustrators' Social in College Station tonight at 7 -- Starbucks at Hwy. 6 and Rock Prairie Road. Join us!
I just have to get through this work week, then back to College Station! 😍😍
Construction on Both directions from 135th Street Station to Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College Station
In approximately 90 days, you will no longer be able to use your cell phone while driving in College Station...
Coming home from college station basically means I'm really unproductive
I hate when I tell somebody I'm going to Texas A&M and they say "the one in college station" . I be like "BI- ... yes that one.…
Badgers football: Former UW quarterback Ron Vander Kelen dies age 76: ... one of the most important players t...
Why can't there be a taco shop in college station 😭
Well, the entire CNN viewerbase at this point is *** college kids, so she fits perfectly on that station.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
properly.”290 725. Addressing the key messages in his speech at College Station, Mr Blair drew the Inquiry’s attention to his argument
currently me as I drive to college station
Just read a great post on College Station Roofing
Hey Joe Weaver former WB student. I cover high school/college sports for Texas radio station in Houston. like to hear from u
See our latest TX and click to apply: GMAT INSTRUCTOR - College Station, TX -
506 College running with buses Keele to Jarvis & Streetcars from McCaul to Main Station until October 8
Presto re-load machine in Bay Teamway STILL not working, only 1 works at college station
Now that class is back in I'm gonna have to leave a lot earlier.. I'm still on college station 😐
*Courtesy Post* College Station, TX: FOUND! Male husky "wandered up very dirty and thin. Had a collar and rabies...
He gets the orders in his HAND so I apply to college at his duty station and don't accept my acceptances here.
PSA: The city of College Station is banning the use of cell phones while driving. Not just texting. This starts Novembe…
3 YEARS AGO: Rashi Vats moves to KRIV from 3 -
Good for College Station to ban cell phone use behind the wheel. Too bad this can't get national traction and...
is coming to College Station on Oct 15!. Register for here: https:/…
Mayor's good luck means fire department now has drone - Bryan-College Station Eagle
Welcome to Texas A&M University-College Station...they just signed up for the Anaheim Mitey Race!
I apologize thought you went to University of Texas. I use to work at Texas A&M in the MSC in College Station
TRAFFIC ALERT: The southbound lanes of Texas 6 in College Station are closed at Southwest Parkway because of an accident.
our mascot, visits support group leaders in College Station
Bilingual Office - College Station, Texas needed in at Apply now!
We'll see how it does down in College Station when UCLA rolls into Texas A&M 😅
There's something up with my beard this evening... @ College Station, Texas
I have some time to kill in College Station before I head back to Dallas, so we might as well Periscope at 4:30 and talk abou…
Texas friends: asking for a friend going to College Station for the first time -- best BBQ in the area? Go!
Logan Green and Parker Gregg of PTB 15u Black compete at the PG College Station - Texas A&M…
Have you talked w/ press, public, or policy officials? Tell about it in College Station this month!
Woof. It was legit 112 in College Station a few days before I moved to start my career elsewhere. Texas heat can be brutal.
A well maintained College Station home with great curb appeal at 4004 Rehel Drive –
College Station to the University of Texas A&M
UCLA visiting Texas A&M and former OC Noel Mazzone could be the most intriguing matchup in week 1. Gonna be a shootout in College Station.
Treat after a great Aggieland professionals meeting! (@ Marble Slab Creamery in College Station, TX)
I'm sure it was just a slip of the tongue, but A&M is in College Station, not State Park as you said in the beginning w/Sumlin
MT The new Engine 75 on display in College Station for TEEX Vendor Show at Reed Arena
Good to be at the annual Texas Aggie Bar *** n directors meeting in College Station. Great group of attorneys!
I might go to at Reed Arena in College Station, TX - Oct 15
just opened in the Kohl’s shopping center in College Station! Go get your sweet tooth fix!
For our Bryan/College Station friends - this is a great opportunity to support the Dallas Police Department. Eat...
Blinn and College Station is getting so real. I am so freaking stoked
You know you're dreading the drive when you get the uber estimate from College Station to Dallas
I love the drive to College Station it's so beautiful & peaceful
For my Bryan/College Station friends.please come out and support my friend, Fire Marshall Lance Norwood. ~ Linda
Pit stop in Jackson to join MSU staff for the trip to the Event Management Mtg in College Station. behind the wheel. 🚌
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a road hazard on University Drive E, College Station on - Drive Social.
STA players at the Texas Grand Slam in College Station. L to R. Caleb Folse, James Cuellar, Hana Folse and...
Alamo Heights and College Station brought a good crowd last night. Lots of energy at Dell Diamond.
It's the 9th, so our is No. 9 Robert Johnson stunning the Aggies with 0:25 to go in College Station. https:/…
make the cut for the stud four-star wide receiver. Will be in College Station on Saturday.
TX Elite Basketball programs had a good weekend in GASO College Station. Ole School hard training works.
I'm so mad at College Station for being so caucasian yet not having a Boston Market, La Madeline, or Einstein Bro's within 50 miles. 😫
maybe you are thinking Bryan - College Station. He's right, otherwise
Showers popping up between Waco and Bryan, College Station. This is where rain chances are the highest today.
Downside of high school graduation in Bryan/College Station: whoop ever time someone is going to A&M and hiss when someone's going to UT 🙄🙄🙄
vs . vs . Are first up on this Saturday in Bryan/College Station
You were convicted of stealing money from the Council in College Station. Any comment?
Love summer but miss all of my sweet Kappa Delta sisters back in College Station
College Station is at Maple Leaf Gardens.. so for the first 15 years that mural was there that was the stop to go to hockey games..
Listening to rumbles of thunder and at work in College Station, Texas, rooting for the underdog Pereira
Watching surreptitiously from work in College Station, Texas.
Every awesome system install begins with...three pieces of Poplar? @ College Station, Texas
my town, College Station, was named that for the train station where the A&M College of Texas was located. Original, I know.
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ohh ok! So you joined us here in Texas!! Howdy 😜 If you ever make your way down to College Station..give us a holler!
Bringing 2 great women's classes to College Station on May 26!.
College Station has a few redeeming qualities but its greatest by far is its Texas Country music station.
well come see us if you are ever in College Station!!! Miss y'all but we love &
Excellent weekend . Let's go win a conference championship. Also, Geaux Tigers and Go Complete Washout in College Station.
Going to church with at my sister's church in College Station before I leave! @ Grace Bible Church
Thanks for an unforgettable four years. @ Reed Arena, TAMU, College Station, TX
"My team good, we don't really need a mascot" @ Reed Arena, TAMU, College Station, TX
I stand out in College Station with my Converse in the land of boots
About to start the trek out to Montgomery High School. Magnolia vs. College Station. It's game three. Win or go home.
College Station's Annika Williams has won the 5A girls' high jump by clearing 5-8.
Pastor of St. Mary's in College Station appointed bishop of
The Tate Martell story is refreshing. Usually 5-star QBs spend an entire season in College Station before departing.
The team's NCAA Championship 1st round match against Texas has been moved to 2 pm Friday, May 13 in College Station.
Can't wait to get back to College Station this weekend!
College Station got a little bit more beautiful today. Is it because of the street or our girls, amiright? 💎💜
BASEBALL: Top 6th: College Station ties the game at 1 as Chris Sanchez scores on a ground ball hit by Kyle Richardson.
Softball tonight then to get Letty from San Antonio come back tomorrow and get ready to leave for College Station .
I don't know if I could move to a bigger city, I cannot even do College Station traffic.
Come out to support Lady Hornets in our first playoff game tomorrow night in College Station @ 7💚
A beautiful, well cared for College Station home at 4702 Johnson Creek Loop –
The Crimson Tide has arrived in College Station for this weekend's matchup with No. 3 Texas A&M
0 R, 1 H, 0 E, 1 LOB for the Crimson Tide in the seventh, but UA still leads 5-0! It's time to stretch in College Station
My bf isn't even an Aggie but he says College Station is the friendliest town he's ever lived in & loves how welcoming Aggies are ❤️
Woman stabbed 20 times in College Station; suspect arrested
Lmao have to seen College Station or UT? Apparently not if you think Baylor is big lmao.
Because it should be stopping in Bryan-College Station, not Grimes County.
"Liberty, Dallas and College Station are home to me" .SAME😂
Getting it done in College Station! Excited to be Texas A&M's new mobile parking payments provider. Go Aggies!
Man finds new life after oil downturn > KAGS TV - College Station, Texas
All purpose parts banner
"Why is it called College Station?". Omfg Anthony, it's literal not symbolic 💀
I made the long drive from my highschool in Bryan to College Station.
it's called mutton bustin'. Or Saturday night in College Station.
Bryan-College Station was the 15th fastest-growing metro area in the U.S. last year, according to census data:
Bryan-College Station is among top 20 fastest-growing metros in the county.
Just got word that I'll be on CBS in Bryan/College Station playing some tunes on live TV.. Holy crap I'm freaking out.
Agency conducts study on Bryan-College Station transit systems with eye on improving service over next five years:
I started using miles more when I realized it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours to drive from College Station to Houston.
Tonight in Center. Tomorrow in Cypress. Wed in Conroe. Thurs in College Station. (Lots of "C" cities)...
There is only one place to be in College Station this afternoon, Reed Arena for ladies 3pm tip off!
Norman, Stillwater, College Station, Denton and Columbia MO are not Southern towns!
Current status: driving for 3 hrs from Dallas to College Station just to watch the Ags & drive back to DAL right after.
Nashville to Lexington, KY is closer than College Station to Corpus Christi. I'M SCREAMING
Sometimes I do dumb things. Today's dumb thing is leaving San Antonio at 1am to go back to College Station. Will update when I arrive alive.
yea, from Caldwell to Bastrop (not quite to College Station). But the bottom edge of those lines may be trying to (cont)
Fun fact: people in Laredo and College Station don't know about the State Fair
y'all need to go inspect the on Texas Ave in College Station.
Justin Bustos and Richard Torres are attending the conference of student government association in College Station!
It was a fantastic night of worship in Bryan/College Station, Texas at Central Baptist Church with our friends,...
So let's check in with Kyle Allen on the state of "fun" in College Station.
Of course Super Bowl MVP Von Miller was in College Station to celebrate Texas A&M's buzzer-beater over Kentucky:
Indians earn 4th place out of 64 teams in Bryan-College Station tournament.
The Big Blue Nation is already out in force in College Station. I'm joining them today!.
.is coming to College Station!. Next Saturday: Aggies vs. Wildcats.
The basketball version of ESPN College GameDay is making its first trip to College Station for Kentucky at Texas A&M n…
Gameday in College Station next week? Wonder what color the "out" will be
Preparing for invited talk at workshop on Technology & Nature Mon 15 February in College Station, Texas. Programme:
Share with the College Station talents! America's Got Talent is coming to Texas for auditions!
Our 2nd SR Spotlight is is Triston Carlow. He plans to attend Texas A&M in College Station for Business. Congrats! https:/…
Condolences to those impacted at our sister SEC campus.We did not know College Station existed outside of Texas.
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The Head to College Station for Texas A&M Quadrangular! Read more...
Playing with my buddies The Josh Abbott Band this Friday at Hurricane Harry's in College Station,TX
Salt Lake City, Utah to College Station, Texas: First, I decided that since I screwed up with the last road tr...
College Station was staying in it with 3s. Zach Nutall just hit a big one from the corner for Bryan to put the Vikings ahead, 50-44- 2:14
Seth Yates with a 3 for College Station from the left corner cuts Bryan’s lead to 45-41. The Vikings started burning clock at 4:00.
Learn more about careers with the Railroad Commission of Texas at the Veterans in Government-College Station event o…
Come to College Station already Cud! I can personally guarantee you will sell atleast one ticket
Dude, the Aggie band will march from College Station to see that guy start a Cows game
THIRTEEN DAYS and counting. College Station is ready for Game 1. Bring on season. 🐑
Possibly going to PAX South next weekend, and then the weekend after that is partying in College Station, I'm so ready
Johnson Golf >> With 6 birdies between them the Jags are led by Johnny Keefer, Garrett Martin, and Gerardo Daniel in College Station.
Brazos Fellowship Church and Pastor Will are two of the many reasons I missed College Station 👌
TEXAS Join us for B12/SEC pregame at Fox N Hound, College Station, Jan 30th, starting at 10am. Gametime is 1pm at R…
Clear space office/ warehouse in College Station at 17801 Highway 6 South –
Relet - $635 - 1 of 3 beds - available NOW at Cottages at College Station .
Pic says it all. Hate to lose you man but I know you'll make College Station a better place. You welcomed me in...
For those wondering about A&M-Noel Mazzone, he's actually still in College Station and currently with Kevin Sumlin.
pretty sure they also said Chief wasn't coming to College Station either
TX hill country reporter is on in visit Nacadoshes TX 2 hours north east of College Station.
Dare you to steal the Zamboni and drive it back to College Station.
maybe.. Gotta head back to the College Station for a couple of days than I'll be back
Fannin Regional Hospital is hiring a Medical/Surgical/Oncology, apply now!
🍑👀 we don't talk, I saw you at college station at a ⚽️ tournament, you play pretty good.
good for him, not sure he's a fit but we shall see. Seems more like a slot WR. What on earth is going on in College Station?
When one of your college station friends sends you a video of the snow in El Paso, while you're here in Dallas with the ugly weather😩
thank you! Now we can go out in college station 😂
You're in College Station. No one is there...
Really need someone with a truck to take me to College Station so I can pick up some wheels and tires so I can drive my truck again😂
looked like a classier version of College Station at ISU
Miss college station. But got unfinished business in the K.
New Event Bike-Friendly Friday Breakfast - College Station, TX . Join us for bike-friendly discussion over breakfa…
*Casually listens to two entire albums on the way home from College Station* 🎧☺️
to one of the funniest nights I've ever had in College Station…
I want to be back in College Station, but once I go back I know I'm gonna want to come back to Houston. /:
1/9 with Anthony Green at The Rail Club. 1/22 in College Station at Grand Stafford Theater. 2/12 in Houston at the Acadia Bar and Grill
Update:. Roadside assistance isn't valid for 72 hours. Left debit card in College Station. Bank account is frozen for 24 h…
THIS is HUGE. With exception of 2 longtime favs - EVERY single artist I listen to came from NPR/Colleg…
Apply now to work for Fannin Regional Hospital as - FT Float Pool in
how I feel when I'm in college station over the break lol
BREAKING NEWS: We have a crew at Mullins Loop S in College Station where there is heavy police activity.
College station trips with the Bestfriend always get real crazy👀😈
Elyse and me heading out with Gigy and Grandaddy to see our Aggies play!! @ College Station, Tx
Fannin Regional Hospital is hiring a PRN, apply now!
AccentCare is looking for: Nurse Practitioner PRN College Station, TX College Station area.
like I like your music and i work at a college radio station so it must be cool right?
College Station Medical Center is hiring! - Telemetry in apply now!
Someone text me while I'm On my way home from college station. I'm bored af !
I will be watching Harry Potter as snow falls outside my window... Kinda wish I'd be in College Station to chase 😔
I just want my car to be fixed so I can be back in college station.
What's going on off of Barron Rd in College Station?!
Ready 2 be back in College Station now
*closely watches college station weather to make sure my home doesn't blow away while I'm in San Antonio*
I've decided on throwing a kickback New Years Eve in College Station! BYOB. Start at 10pm!😁
March 11th in College Station is the Next Futures All American Tryouts. Sign up below:...
It's about time to head back to college station
I see it off in the distance and I'm all the way in college station
Lowkey kinda ready to go back to College Station... Katy is boring af lol
Everyone watch the sky and stay safe. Very bad tornados by the look of video. I'm in college station so I'm safe. Please be careful
College station and houston's the sig tornado parameter run for tomorrow. Be weather aware all day!
Have you read the College Station update in our December Newsletter?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I see that Scott Drew is Scott Drewing it up down in College Station.
My most favorite time of the year...invading College Station in my Green & Gold!!! SicEm IT'S GAMEDAY
Despite the departure of Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray, indications are strong Kyle Field plans to remain in College Station.
Met with our new 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassadors in College Station last week. Always exciting to see our Texas...
Thank you College Station and Thank you Texas A&M University 👍🏽
When mommy tells baby Emerson he's coming to College Station today to see his Uncle Chris 😊😭😊
Thank you College Station and thank you Texas A&M University 👍🏼
Doing the alphabet in reverse. Taught myself on a five hour drive from College Station to Corpus Christi. .
It should be a record getting from Corpus Christi to College Station in 3 hours
in Texas (College Station) needed in at Barton Associates. Apply now!
What a great road for a walk in the country! Or even a bike ride! This is Lick Creek Park in College Station.
Social media, the new megaphone for violent perpetrators - Bryan-College Station Eagle: Bryan-College Station ...
How to help your child reading video | Athena Learning Center of College Station (979) 314-9132
Everyone has already left for College Station and here I am still in bed at my parents on my fourth episode of Netflix this morning...
College Station&playoff run ends with loss to Angleton - Bryan-College Station Eagle
I'm going from Denton to College Station to Richardson to North Richland Hills then back to Denton this week. At least I'll have Charlie :)
College Station definitely has talent | . I can honestly say
I had just graduated, but was in College Station at my girlfriends house. We just sat there watching the TV feeling helpless.
Aggie men's golf team signs two for 2016 - Bryan-College Station Eagle
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company is hiring a apply now!
Bush biographer lauds ex-president in College Station talk: Bush, left, listens to Pulitzer Prize-winning auth...
Apply now to work for Community Health Sys as - Admission/Discharge in
Check out this Sponsored Programs Administrator at Texas AM University in
Aggie softball team signs class of four - Bryan-College Station Eagle
We're Read about our latest opening here: Diabetes Specialty Sales Professonal Waco\College... -
Driving to college station lol what the heck
Kellie said she was going to sleep. I'm in college station doe
Best night yet. I love college station👍🏼
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