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College Football

College football refers to American football played by teams of student athletes fielded by American universities, colleges, and military academies, or Canadian football played by teams of student athletes fielded by Canadian universities.

Ohio State Appalachian State Florida State Mississippi State Chad Kelly Death Valley Nick Saban Joe Williams Labor Day Penn State Brad Nessler

College Football, for always keeping us on our toes. . feat. . http…
Next: Jerry Palm (from CBS Sports joins & to preview the College Football weekend…
Tonight! hosts -We ask what should College Football's playoff be called? Free for all…
"The top 4 teams stay the same in this week's College Football playoff rankings."
Okay, College Football, I'm gonna need you to send Jimbo to LSU, Herman to FSU, Miles to Texas and Charlie Strong t…
Wolves. NFL. College Football. SEC. Warriors. Chad Kelly caught with weed on Snapchat...
Fire Gus and Rhett..Also,Jay Jacobs should be dismissed!! Thanks for making Auburn the laughingstock of College Football..
With Clemson, Michigan, and Washington losing, Chaos is taking over the College Football rankings.
Honestly, no RB in College Football is playing as well as Joe Williams the last 4 weeks IMO. He's just playing incredible.
kevinmcguire: Nobody was catching Joe Williams on this run. Fox Sport… College Football: Ut…
The Penn State student section: Best in College Football, best in the nation. We Are.
11 Am in Evanston, toughest place to play in College Football
College Football, 12:16 left: West Virginia Wesleyan 35, UVa-Wise 10. Michael Anderson has been the man with 4 TDs.
"Notable Streaks in College Football" at EDSBS is pretty great. But left out a Bill Snyder joke.
Minn/Purdue tickets! Discount: 10% Discount on all College Football orders less than $150.00:
Happy 90th Birthday to John Gagliardi...College Football's All-Time Winningest Coach with 489 wins! An honor to say I played for that man!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
College Football has never been the same since Johnny Football left
Great time for Sports - World Series, NFL / College Football, Hockey and Basketball Season. You can even put NASCAR and DRAG RACING also.
Start planning on filling growlers for weekend College Football and games - tasting room open Sat (12-5pm)
Great Day of College Football! Congrats to Nebraska for a great win and to Florida Gators for making in SEC!!!
and if you want to get technical, 1a. College Football 1b. NFL
Robert Scheer and Petros Papadakis Discuss the Joys and Dangers of College Football: Petros Papadakis, former……
I feel that way about College Football bowl games. I miss Keith Jackson and Brenr Musberger
College Football primetime TV schedule: Week 7: Here is a preview of what you can expect for colleg...
New York Rangers ’17 Preview: College Football has a new upset every week, the NFL is in mid season form and ...
any Florida Big 3 College Football fans out there, check out Trinity Christian Academy Highlights from last week.
See what I be talking about when I say College Football try to keep that old money on the forefront... Watching...
College Football: Flyers back on track with win over Drake - Dayton Daily News
.Radio Analyst Rodney Williams joins Eye on College Football next to to talk Louisville/Clemson.
Love the College Football games!!! 😊🏈🌟 All day long, nothing better for recovery of a double dental implant! 🙊😁 .
I'll select my College Football team that I'll support till the day I die THIS Monday on The at 9PM East. . Michigan or Tenn
College Football: Preview box for Catawba at Newberry - Salisbury Post via
Saturday on 93.9 KSOU College Football: Hastings at Northwestern 1pm courtesy of Premier Bank
Thank you, Les Miles for making College Football truly more enjoyable. Hard to imagine Death Valley without you...
Tennessee has officially replaced Clemson as the premier Paper Tiger in College Football
I liked a video (24) Utah Utes knock off USC Trojans with TD on final drive - 2016 College Football
Got some great College Football action coming at you starting tonight! . Here's our Week 4 projections:
Aren't the College Football, Mississippi Mudsharks playing the North Carolina Looters this Saturday in Charlotte?
Aren't they a College Football team down in Mississippi
Battle of the Saints: Why St. Thomas vs. St. John's is One of the Best Rivalries in College Football
College Football schedule has been something else this first few weeks.
Chad Kelly is not the best QB in College Football. Lamar Jackson is.
Louisville Cardinals is to College Football as Leicester City FC is to EPL. .
College Football: Barry Switzer shares a spectacular story on how he was offered the…
Is there a more obvious form of nepotism than Mike Golic Jr as a College Football analyst? I'm all about getting a chance, but yikes!
Does Presbyterian College offer "The Religion of College Football"? Of course it does. And it includes picking games
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GF away, so my weekend will be all about Football, College Football, Cycling, NFL & whatever else I can fit in from the comfort of my sofa!
Things that go good with. Cowboy Coffee Chew. NFL Kickoff. College Football. MLB. PBR. Dipping Tobacco. Rodeo. Bull Riding
Knoxville on fall Saturdays: SEC College Football paradise. Knoxville every other day of the year:. Comparable to war torn st…
I miss Brad Nessler. I know he is going to do a few games this year. I still miss him. College Football needs his voice. Oh, Go Herd!
It just dawned on me after watching a kick *** weekend of College Football, that the NFL is only 2 days away!!! Best reality show on TV!
College Football: Big Ten makes big statement in opening weekend!
College Football on Sunday?? I'll take it but, where is Brad Nessler???
When it comes to SEC College Football. Kentucky and Miss St are banned and Tennessee is on probation for their week one performances.
I'd like to shake the hand of whoever decided to put Labor Day and the first weekend of college football together. That's…
What's going on? State college football roundup: Victor has 2 TDs in Towson's… Get found ->
College football is a beautiful thing
Winners and losers of Week 1 in college football
First weekend in September is always a reminder that defense is optional for 80% of college football.
A recent study found that high school and college football players experience most injuries to the brain during practi…
I know I'm in the minority on this, but I've been watching college football for 14 hours today. The NFL has nothing on…
College is for academics and not football. Also for getting drunk.
First Saturday of college football and we already have the cheap shot of the year.
Sun Devils' College Football Playoff hopes are still alive as they beat NAU 44-13.
I forget how much I hate college football till it fills my TL up
College football is way better than nfl honestly
How Houston proved it's a true playoff contender by absolutely dominating Oklahoma.
I also got sunburnt pretty bad on my face bc in college we have football games at 1pm
done with classes for the week, college football returns tonight & Family Camp tomorrow-happy Labor Day weekend to me!…
You thought college football was done for the day...
Best college football game day in a long time 💪🏾
need increase in college fantasy football to help build viewership and involvement to rival NFL
All this college football got me thinking nfl starts tomorrow smh
FB | TOUCHDOWN WOLVES!. Freshman RB Torreahno Sweet scores his first college TD breaking tackles for 30 yards!
Jake Wieneke is the best WR in all of college football
Taysom Hill is three years younger than me. Watching him play college football is disorienting.
It was a full day of college football action. . Here's how some of the top ranked teams fared.
In early Sept. I'm forced to watch college football at work. But at home I watch Aga. Clearly the right call.
Happy first college football Saturday. AAMU has a better band than MT.
First college football game at Lambeau Field since 1983!
College football winners and losers in Week 1: Alabama has its quarterback
So glad College Football is back on!
Love college football. Thank you, baby Jesus.
So glorious that there is still live college football on rn
Let's severely overreact to Week 1 and *** said overreactions.
Hk McCaffery is about to be the goat of college football
Well, I can't find a stream of UNI-Wyoming, so I can finally say I had college football on my TV from 7:30 a.m. - 2 a.m. Never been happier.
LSU and Oklahoma both lose Week 1. College Football is a beautiful thing.
Hogs win, LSU loses, it's a good Saturday of College Football
Penn State won. Oregon won. Starting out the College Football season as a winner! Yay! $$$
Chris after the JAGS upset Mississippi State in his first College Football game. GO JAGS!!
UCLA, LSU, Mississippi State, Northwestern all lost stunners on this first day of College Football.
Vince, Travis, and Frank all dropped within the last 2 weeks? Perfect weather? College Football? Labor Day weekend? Did I…
College Football is back. Nothing like it. Hello ESPN I can watch you a little more now lol.
1 more day until Saturday becomes gameday again. Man I missed College Football. Can I get an amen?
In other news, South Carolina & Vanderbilt are dead locked 10-10 with 3:00 to play on ESPN. College Football is back & I love it so much.
College football makes my heart happy.
college football is back in full swing, a great time to be a Catamount
The college football Grid of Shame: Where does your team rank? 🔓
Let the college football season begin!!!. Oh wait..let the upsets begin!!
Drafts are a Dollar & College Football is on the telly. and are behind the bar.
My least favorite part of college football is when the whole team holds up 4 fingers to signify the start of the 4th quarter
Come on Appalachian State! Please beat Tennessee! That would be a great start for college football!
preseason college football rankings are ridiculous. Tennessee stinks.
College football welcome back you sexy beast
a tradition unlike any other. Welcome back, college football
Forget college football I'm waiting on college basketball🏀
"Hey, Coach Petrino, let's act like we on NCAA College Football 2007 on easy level". Coach Petrino: "Say no more fam"
I'm legitimately invested in Maine, UT-Martin, and Appy State right now. COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK 1!! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!
College Football Recruiting Air Mile Index: That is so interesting. I get off on great maps, and this was perfect. Thanks.
College football is back and I'm so content
With all the stoppages, good time to revisit 's excellent preview Boggs/Stringer/Cox = Animals!
Tennessee is 15 minutes away from being the biggest joke in college football of the season.
College football needed that Falcon 9 explosion GIF today. Thanks, SpaceX.
Is there a better time of the year than college football season?
If more games were like this Appalachian St.-Tennessee game I'd be a bigger fan of college football
I am guessing the author hasn't been to many of these places, particularly Lincoln. via
ON As season kicks off, we offer mascot ideas for NASCAR race teams ->
We have our first "Folks, you are looking live..." of the season from Brent Musburger. College football is back! https:/…
I play in my first college football game in less than 48 hours.…
I am so happy college football is here. and nfl next week baby. *** ya. fly eagles fly. 4-0 in the preseason.
I made it on the nation wide college football trash talk story!!! Y'all check it out!
College football is now on your TVs for the next five days. GAME ON.
College football is on. Happiness is back 😍🏈
College football is back. All is right again.
College football season. The Tide is ready to roll!Can't wait for Saturday.
With college football starting I really wish I went to big football school like UT or Ole Miss 😭😭
9 years ago today, Appalachian State completed one of the biggest upsets in college football history.
Watching someone Ive played next to since the 6th grade give it to one of my favorite college football teams is awesome!
I'm just so happy college football is back I can't wait to watch have a monster season 🙌🏾🏈
College football season is the season I live for
Butch Jones has a top 5 roster in college football and his coordinator can't get them in the endzone against Appalachian State.
Football season is great Bc you have 3 straight days of games, high school on Fridays, college on Saturdays and NFL on Sund…
Tennessee has only scored field goals and app state is still winning. College football is back with a vengeance.
College football, welcome back you sexy beast. Merica.
Update your maps at Navteq
Minnesota murdered the Oregon St. QB. Welcome back, college football!
Inspirational life- unforgettable legend. The greatest walk-on in the history of college football. In theaters NOW! ht…
Best corner in college football period !
He can master any role ... even college football. 😂
We have Brent dropping the gambling odds. Welcome back college football.
College football is back which means fall is around the corner 🍂🏈
watching Tennessee fall on their face is really the first time I've been excited for this college football season
I'm ready for some college football!
PODCAST: UFR 35 is here with our college football preview show! and all join:
Home-field advantage trends in college football are shocking the experts. What's the cause? Look inside the numbers:. htt…
Cheating on the US Open to watch College Football. I'm sorry Stevie J, Tennessee needs to slay
All is right in the world. College Football is back on. @ Oklahoma Christian University
College Football is back THIS Friday!. Christian McCaffrey & Stanford take on K-State, Friday at 8pm ET on FS1.
College Football season starts this week! Check out the HBCU Week 1 Preview .
NCAA College Football 2K2: Road to the Rose Bowl is 15 years old today !
Order Miche Bag Online!
Nebraska Football ranked as 1 of 8 Blue Blood programs in College Football
Headed to worship with the College Football team and Friendship Baptist Church this morning.
IU football season preview: 3 key players, games for 2016
That college football live show.. Someone just picked Florida State to win the Acc.. Clemson is winning the ACC flat out Or the tar heels ;)
I don't think I can wait another week for college football
Soo ready for some college football next weekend🏈
Even more eyes on the replay this season in the ACC - via App
Travis Ward will be playing in his first college football game today! GO BC
Next weekend all I'm doing is watching college football.
Duke's Thomas Sirk likely to miss season after reinjuring Achilles - via App
.reports that UGA practicing at the Georgia Dome today:
Pac-12 to sign multiyear contract with Fox Sports Australia - via App
Love football season for Friday night games, all day Saturday for college and the Boys on Sunday. Nothing beats this time of…
Would you ace a college course on the religion of SEC football?
Cheers to this college football athletic trainer in who came out as
Final from Down Under. wins the first college football game of the 2016 season.
It's just about that time again! Check out our annual college football preview section in the Sunday World-Herald
Just 1 week to go until the College Football Classic at the Get your tickets →
So this time next Saturday will be kicking back watching our first full day of college football with no…
Less than one week to go!!! NCAA College Football 2016 Schedule:
It's unreal how many good college football teams there are this year
Jones County Junior College will add four new faces to the JCJC Sports Hall of Fame. Former football and baseball...
Opening weekend of college football is going to be 🔥🔥🔥
friendly reminder- we are ONE WEEK away from college football Saturday so it's time to start drinking water N O W.
Our College and Pro Football edition is free to read at
Countdown to college football: 5 days - via App
BREAKING: UGA to hold practice at game site of opener.
Would be a perfect Saturday to stay inside and watch college football all day but...
I'm just ready for college football
Finally finished my first college football training camp
Right now Cal is the best team in college football. I'm going to cherish this moment.
First college football game of the year is in the books. Cal takes down Hawaii in Sydney, 51-31.
Football, football, football. Started Friday night with high school. Next weekend is college and the following weekend is the NFL.
ICYMI: 10 players who are the building blocks to ISU's future in my story
In desperate need of some college football !
I will be covering this fall. Check out my preview on The Sky Boat
Made it out of Elkton .. On to bigger & better things 💪🏈 Lincoln University D2 college football 😈 making my way up
The season began with an onside kick. Don't ever leave us again college football.
I hate both these teams, but the Ohio State/Michigan game is gonna be so fun if you like college football
This is the last Saturday until January that we won't have college football 😍🏈
Tfw you realize you made it to the last Saturday without college football.
Centralized replay will add another layer of coverage in the ACC
Last night was the appetizer. One more Saturday without college football! As put it, I can't wait to welcome back my…
Look for transfer Jerod Evans to be locked in as starter all season for by
Breaking down the new social media rules in college football recruiting -
When you wake up and realize there's no college football on today
Think again sir--- we're about 7 hours away from College Football
This is the last Saturday without college football for 15 weeks. Act accordingly.
Morgan Morgan for every college award.
Today is the last Saturday of 2016 without college football. Yee Yee!
Saying one week until college football is like saying one week until Christmas to a Rowdy Gentleman
From Mobile to Los Angeles, USC's Tee Martin has charted his own course
The first TOUCHDOWN of the 2016 college football season goes to Khalfani Muhammad.
. Good afternoon Coach Harbaugh!!! How are you doing sir? What does Michigan have in store for NCAA College Football in 2016?
Seriously, if you bet on College Football & you don't read Phil Steele's Magazine you shouldn't be respected. His info gives you an edge.
Most wins in College Football in the last 4 years:. Ohio State: 50. Alabama: 50. Florida State: 49. Clemson: 46
It's now the QB Greg Ward Jr. Land on the cover of regional College Football issue
Cox (Virginia Beach, VA) 4-Star DE Jordan Williams has committed to play his College Football at Clemson.
WIN tickets to College Football's BIGGEST Game Ever, Find out how:
College Football: Hawkins, Bulldogs excited for 2016 season: Matt Hawkins hasn't been hanging out a lot at *** ..
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just bought Tech tickets for the West Virginia game! My mom and my pops are coming up! College Football season is close!
superior LSU team 33-24. Ohio St finishes 12-2 in 2016 season. Well, that's my Cincy Greer predictions for Ohio St. 2016. College Football
Yulman Stadium is the place to be for College Football in LA this Sept!
Why is Alabama the King of College Football? Every 12-feet on the Walk of Champions is a National Championship
56 days until College Football 🏈. 👉🏻RT if you're ready for football season!
Yes, we visit College Football too. Had a great visit at Elmhurst College two weeks ago
College Football is going to miss this man .😔‼️
One of the nastiest secondaries in the history of College Football
Friday : High School Football. Saturday : College Football. Sunday : NFL Football. Love this time of the year 😈😍😏
if you are ready for College Football! . Michigan State Spartans Get your tissues out. 2016 Wolverine Football🏈🏈
College Football: Auburn alum Charles Barkley has a sneaky plan to get Nick Saban stuck in…
Who is ready for some College Football? Support your team w/Mason League
ever since College Football added the Playoffs it's made it 10 times better.
Interesting to see who CBS used on College Football, Lindsey Nelson/Paul Hornung for the late 70s at Cotton Bowl, Nelson/Pat Haden after
On paper the best team in College Football heading into the 2016-2017 season is Texas A&M. They will not make the playoffs though.
"If you are in College Football to win, Jim Harbaugh isn't even in the same sentence as Nick Saban"-
College Football: Trio of USC legends on 2017 ballot for College Football Hall of Fame
The Results are in . Penn State HC James Franklin has been voted as the most overrated HC in College Football
James Franklin is the most overrated Head Coach in College Football and Penn State is overrated
The Big Show - NFL & College Football - Trevor Reilly: Trevor Reilly made his weekly appearance to talk all t...
100 days until College Football is back: [vid
The United States of College Football. Only 100 days until the return of college football. Merica.
107 days until College Football, great lineup for the first Saturday
College Football is losing all of my favorite commentary this year. It might not be the same watching Saturday Night games.
Death Valley is toughest place to play in College Football last 5 yrs.our fans are best in the Country!!! h…
Rapper Plies (played College Football at Miami of Ohio and University of Southern Florida
[CBS Sports: Eye on College Football] Stanford captains protested workouts in 2015
College Football's Most Important Offers of the Week: The Red River rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma is a c...
College Football: How Texas A&M can finally put an end to all the drama
So Nick Chubb and Leonard Fournette can enter the Draft after this upcoming College Football season?
NEW Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White by Paul Kersey Paperb
FOCUS GROUP - Looking for 18-44 year olds who drink pop and watch College Football. Focus Group is (cont)
I don't like being the Temp Agency of College Football! . Angry Tiger Walking!
I feel like all my teams won the Superbowl, World Series, NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, the Final Four, and College Football playoffs
Season of Saturdays : A History of College Football in 14 Games by Michael...
These Two will definitely make an impact in College Football this season Bean‼️
Congratulations to Bob Griese (1984 College Football and 1990 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee) as the newest Biletnikoff Award voter.
Strongest comment: Fox Sports Tim Brando on SEC's Net's Paul Finenaum Show, "We need a Czar for all of College Football."
Tonight I'm playing trivia with the round, "College Football (specifically the Ole Miss Rebels, 1962 season)"
As a Die-hard College Football fan, It's been fun watching these players over the last few years. Best of luck to all of the young men
Fact of the Day: Ohio State has the best winning percentage in College Football over the last 100 years.
Coming up at 7am on We talk College Football recruiting with top analyst
[CBS Sports: Eye on College Football] Cardale Jones tries to stay out of the spotlight
College Football: James Madison defense has look of 'Steele'
3 years ago, Nebraska and Jack Hoffman (gave us a reminder of why we love College Football ht…
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The legend of Budda: My story on star DB who just never slows down:
At this point, Jim Mora can stop worrying about Myles Jack's draft stock
Clips of Graham (Wash.) Kapowsin OT Foster Sarell offseason workouts at
Congratulations DJ Walden for signing with Shorter College today to play football.
When you hear the Aggies are ranked for next season, but it's for angriest fan base... .
NFL could have been the sport celebrating Jackie Robinson Day
South Carolina football parts ways with team chaplain
Mark Richt Mic'd Up at Miami Football Spring Practice: Mark Richt Mic'd Up: The new head coach of the Miami Hu...
Before Saturday's Blue-White game, a look at changing offensive and defensive lines.
Sports Illustrated "News Update" Notre Dame DE Grant Blankenship suspended for violating team rules
NCAA: Marcus Lattimore can’t work for South Carolina football, considers it an unfair recruiting advantage:
Best way to get people to come out.. FREE STUFF.
Hardman could start on offense but also end up on defense .
.on the argument Texas A&M and Texas fans love to have: Martell or Ehlinger?
Craziest part about it tho? He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings while never playing a single down of college football.
Five-star Friday: Get to know No. 2 overall recruit Dylan Moses
Fans tailgating before Florida vs. Florida State college football in Tallahassee, 1964.
I've been waiting to hear Gus say some of this.
Former Alabama QB will pay the NCAA to bring back his favorite video game
The five angriest fan bases in college football
Being a walk-on for Iowa football team is 'a badge of honor.' The list is long. Great stuff here: via
College Football/Draft Talk • Re: Rams Move Up To Overall: And with the news out that the Titans want to mo...
An FCS player has never been the top overall pick at the NFL Draft. NDSU's Carson Wentz might change that.
Will once again have one of the most dominant offenses in college football in 2016? -
Paul you should listen to yourself. You talk about him everyday. He is good for college football.
LSU OC Cam Cameron advocates for prostate cancer awareness: 'I was six months from death'. https:…
You may have heard Lamar Thomas say he was going to learn to pole vault in his mic'd up video. Here's the backstory https:/…
College Football: Meyer shares stage with 4 ex-Ohio State coaches at clinic
Position breakdowns and players to watch in tomorrow's Blue-White game! -
Last ? of the day. Do you have a problem with college Football coaches having satellite camps in other states?
Michigan running back Drake Johnson was hit by a forklift at practice and hospitalized
Robert Nkemdiche has stolen the spotlight from Chris Jones ever since high school.
Date of Southern Miss-La. Tech football game moved for TV
Tim Tebow for Congress? Ex-Gators QB targeted to run for open seat.
LSU’s Les Miles to make cameo as a cop in an independent film
Pretty smart for the broadcast to talk about how college football is better than NASCAR imo
Kirk Ferentz proud to continue the tradition of starting walk-ons, writes
Florida LB T.J. Robinson talks about his "very big" P5 offer from https:…
Did u know? Of 71,291 college football players last year, about 300 will make NFL rosters this year.
College football cant get here soon enough 😩
Follow your heart and you will never make the wrong decision. Im with you either way you go.
Everyone talking about UW being last in recruiting expenses in Big Ten. First, read this from
NEW Taste of the Town: A Guided Tour of College Football's Best Places to Eat
College Football: Sacred Heart hopes to be NEC contender
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