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College Football

College football refers to American football played by teams of student athletes fielded by American universities, colleges, and military academies, or Canadian football played by teams of student athletes fielded by Canadian universities.

Ohio State Dabo Swinney Chad Kelly Penn State Joe Williams Brad Nessler

Good effort, Virginia. The U holds on to their College Football playoff spot for another week
If Miami is back to being a National Championship contender in College Football, then I would be scared if I was Alabama.
Campus Confidential – A College Football Insider Segment with your inside look at College Football's biggest games .
Still lots of losing left in College Football. Notre Dame is at Miami. TCU v Oklahoma. Iowa v Wisconsin all next week.
College Football is not the same without Verne Lundquist and Brent Musburger
Dabo Swinney is hands down my 3rd favorite coach in College Football.with Saban being one and Mike Leach being two.
Dabo Swinney looks like the best head coach in College Football!
College Football rankings got it wrong, Cavs look old, Warriors don’t look interested & more!
College Football: Timberwolves finish off Heat in OT, 125-122
I hope he talks about College Football...
Big Day today in College Football. Good luck to My friends at Clemson and my good friend Ted Roof at GA Tech. It’s gonna be a wet one!
VietBet Head Linesmaker Wise Guy Play of the Day: College Football - Stanford at Oregon State (Under 59)
Week 7 has no ranked opponents which means be on the alert for ... - ESPN College Football ……
Woke up to these scores this morning. What in the world happened to College Football last night!
College Football: Witt spots Hiram early score, rolls from there
For at least today, the College Football world revolves around Iowa State.
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The only reason to like October:. College Football & cereal! . Where's my Boo Berry?. Can't find it anywhere ? Help!!
College Football: remains undefeated after blowing out Livingstone 56-18 via
Once a QB prodigy, receiver David Sills is now one of the best receivers in College Football
College Football: Penn State to celebrate tradition against Indiana on Saturday
Georgia is one of two teams in College Football to hold every opponent under 300 total yards through 4 games.
College Football: Penn State survives a scare in this week's Social Rewind -
what the NBA, NFL doesn;t realize is there are other sports to watch. College Football, College B-Ball, Soccer, UFC, girls beach volleyball
Lee is the best College Football off season Manning Camp QB in history. Does not translate into game success.
College Football road trip with to see the Miami Hurricanes play Toledo.
60 years ago today.Maryland vs Texas A&M at the Cotton Bowl on the return of College Football with Lindsey Nelson & Red Grange on
College Football season is here! Time for all the Penn State alumni to act like they are still in college !
College Football on today. Just letting you know that none was watched in my house today. Good job You wear t…
Brevard County Friends, College Football done right with the Best BBQ in the county at Double D's BBQ ... David...
(2/2) Paul Finebaum of the Paul Finebaum show talks about week 3 of College Football at 905, Tim Duncan at 930.
For the folks who find this offensive.this is College Football!. Disrespect happens. I stand with Baker Mayfield👍
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The Big Ten went 11-3 in the first week of College Football... (Only losses: Indiana, Purdue, Rutgers)
College Football scores and highlights from 1st Saturday of the season
I love College Football but not IMPRESSED with these early season 56-7**66-0 type scores only 2 weaken by season's end. Play tougher teams!!
can we just take ONE NIGHT off from our *** president to watch College Football?!? GEAUX LSU!! (Where they have parishes).
Clemson and Ohio State both have 2 National Championships in the modern era of College Football.
I hate Alabama so much tonight, I don't even care that ESPN keeps referring to Clemson as the "New Kings of College Football"
Great combination of modern and retro. Oklahoma State consistently has some of the best uniforms in college footbal…
I'm so hype that college football is back!
Feels so good to have college football back
Let Rob Manfred finish screwing up baseball and then he can get started on college football.
Want to know who the best team in is? It's READ MORE:
Wow it is such a beautiful thing having college football back
College Fantasy Football Week One New article up, Check it out
College football season off to a solid start!
My day old daughter was being fussy. . I turned on college football and she stopped. . Positive development.
Desmond Howard been the worst *** covering college football for like a decade now
Kind of a B1G deal: College football road trips can include your golf clubs every fall in the Big Ten Conference
I'm just so happy to be watching college football rn
Theirs no better feeling that watching college football
Minnesota running the spread is proof that it's taken over college football
I was agreeing with you in the first place. That's an atrocious stat line for college football
Ohio State coach picking his nose on national TV means that COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK!.
How congress gave the wealthy fat tax deductions on the purchase price of best seats for college football games. https…
when college football comes on my boyfriend is MIA
I couldn't be happier that college football is back
There are very few things on earth as good as college football
Five straight days of college football begins tonight with No. 2 Ohio State squaring off against Indiana. 🏈
Man Bookers Bourbon with one ice cube in DC is sweet. Just chilling watching IU hanging on against OSU. College football is back baby!
Thornton Alumni Update: Greg Ruff '16 returns to the running back corps for the Endicott College football program.
He is the most overrated college football player in a long time
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In honor of Aggie football starting in just three days, here's one of Johnny Manziel's best highlights from college. h…
When you realize there is college football tonight..and tomorrow..and Saturday..and Sunday..and Monday
If Ohio State has a loss before the first Saturday of the college football season, I won't stop smiling until the year 2147
You'll have to settle for the NFL and college football
I like watching college football way better than watching NFL‼️‼️
Meet the six players who are erasing the stigma of being a *** athlete.
College football starting up got me hyped
College Football: Butch Davis era at FIU begins with 61-17 loss to UCF
The Herbie Awards: picks his favorites for '17. PSU claims Best Student Section & more. Full List: htt…
I'm so happy that college football is back!
The problem with college football. Way. Too. Slow.
Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy has a mullet. You must know these 7 things about it
This is how those 507-team Circle of Suck things start on Reddit.
College football is byke and I couldn't be happier
Watching my family on tv doing what they love is amazing. College football and the NFL I'm just proud ❤
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Sarcasm bruv. You ain't watching the college football game and see their mistake.
"What was hardly a discussion 10 or 15 years ago now must be accounted for in athletic depts & locker rooms."
College Football is back and who knows what will happen. May not even be Alabama and Clemson playing for the national championship this year
Note to College Officials; STOP WITH ALL THE PASS INTERFERENCE CALLS! You are killing the game of Football!
It's been an offseason of gains in the college football world 💪
I just wanna go home and watch college football
Selby twins hope to be double trouble for Blue Hens, other Delaware State football foes https:/…
College football all the way. I'd take USF vs. SJSU over a $100 PPV fight
can't wait for my Saturdays to be filled with college football🏈
👉🏽Liberty City👈🏽 is the Mecca of Youth, High school, College and NFL football.ok?
College football has become nearly unwatchable for me due to that exact reason.
Florida-based WR Jeshaun Jones locks in a pair of official visits, and knows of 2 additional visit destinations. --> http…
College football is back, only because we haven't been able to kill it yet.
A handful of games kicked off Saturday in a soft opening, the so-called for the 2017 season — five ga...
What would the College Football Playoff look like if Alabama didn’t make it?
Take a sneak peek at our Huskers College Football Preview section video from behind the scenes at the photo shoot:…
My last until the end of college football's regular season.
This USF coffin corner punt was so glorious, the camera operator knew our eyes couldn't look directly at it.
.Already done. Screw the , & if college football goes political, I'll stop watching it as well.
Survived my first college football camp. A grind indeed
UMASS vs Hawaii over hit for you college football fans. My horse in the Travers might still be running though 😩
ICYMI! tabs as best college team in Michigan, regardless of division! https…
Facts only: has the best record in the country vs. FBS opponents
Plays like this are exactly why college football is better than the NFL
My college football team and MLB team have combined for 75 points/runs today.
waking up on Saturdays are so much better when there's college football on.
Colorado state’s qb bounced back from the first massive hit of the college football season | Sports: qua
1-0-1 on college football today. Not ideal but it's a start!.
I'm breaking my brain trying to picture the career trajectory to go from professional dancer to college football co…
I'm smashed and it is college football time, all is well.
Sitting in underwear, with a beer watching college football. My Saturday night
Enforcement staff believes every word Leo says about OleMiss, but nothing about his admission he took money from MSU h…
Tom Osborne proves that following a college football legend is doable
When college football is back in a week >>> 🍺🏈
Tom Oates: Badgers once again ignore outside opinion on strength of schedule
Milk shakes, college football and the boys. That's my evening
IN 10 MINUTES: It's time as faces off against Come join the conversation!.
It's finally here. Opening Day for college football.
Band out here ruining college football halftimes already.
I'm waiting for a college football game featuring a team from Texas and a team from California to start in Australia. I need help.
Football player picks up ball, walks into his own end zone, takes self-safety
Ithaca College is the winningest football football program in New York State!
If you care about college football in don't cheat yourself:
Playing college football games abroad is dumb.
Saturdays were made for college Football
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
College Football takes the sting off summer ending.
Oregon State used the playcall sign with Crying Jordan on it and immediately fumbled
7 days! Let's celebrate with one of the greatest plays, by one of the greatest players, in college football history: "The H…
Team Meeting voting for the MOST PRESTIGIOUS team captains in college football into watching the fight together.
All White people should boycott the NFL and College Football. Spend time with the fam instead. Play a sport; don't wat…
College football Kicks off NOW with Oregon State/Colorado State on CBSSN!
College Football, Week 1: TV schedule, game time, 2018 NFL Draft prospects to watch – Niners Nation
College Football game day from Sydney,Australia vs
Wondering who to take this first week of College Football? Piggy back on for some strong plays! 🏈
Oregon State Beavers vs. Colorado State Rams This Saturday Aug 26th for the 1st week of College Football. Check out.
MLB playoffs are close . Fantasy Football is closer. College Football is closest
Do you agree with on his 'Top 5 Quarterbacks in College Football' rankings?
Monday night College Football, that was different!
How are the two even close to being the same? 12 teams make NFL playoffs, 4 make College Football playoff. -- Dirt
Odds: has the odds on the best teams to reach the College Football final-four playoffs: https:…
In my interview w/ we talk College Football, the Catalina Winer Mixer, and the
Woody Hayes was a better head coach then Bo Schembechler ever was in the Big Ten Conference & College Football. He developed Bo to be good.
You have to give it to Houston Nutt it takes serious talent to derail the same College Football progra…
Bishop Sullivan 2018 WR Da'Kendall James has committed to play his College Football at Coastal Carolina.
Who knew that Knoxville offers more than a College Football game in the fall? Yes we are super keen to attend a...
College Football: Orlando City outdone by Sebastian Giovinco, Toronto FC in home loss
Need proof about that "Most Entertaining Team in College Football?". Got five minutes?.
It will be exciting to serve on the College Football 150th Birthday Planning Group with Oliver Luck,
College Football in Utah is seriously comparable to how it is in the South. Its insane
In college sports there are always two guys I think of. Kyle Peterson - College Baseball. Kirk Herbstreit - College Football
Targeting in College Football, did you see the hits that the Notre Dame and Stanford Receivers took in as many weeks ???…
Today's podcast is up. Talking Holbrook to College Of Charleston possibility and lots of College Football
Join "Mr. College Football," Tony Barnhart, and Tailgate with Terry - tomorrow at the Capital City Club in http…
Tuesday card is live. Only and now until College Football starts.
College Football: Capsule look at top 10 picks in Major League Baseball draft
College Football predictions and a free pick: Clemson at Georgia Tech https…
Would it be a better career move to return to College Football, rather than play for the or in 2018?
You know being an analyst for College Football on ESPN is the best place for former University of Oregon coach...
Is "The Game" the best rivalry in College Football? If so, vote now
Favorite player in each sport of all time! . NFL- Lawrence Taylor . College Football- Sean Taylor "SIP" 🙌🏿🙌🏿...
College Football: University of Dayton plans $172 million in arena renovations
College Football: Martinez's arm and bat fuel 9-4 Cardinals win over Marlins
College Football: Ozuna excels, Conley struggles in Marlins loss to Cardinals
College Football: Corey Robinson: 'The greatest honor in my life has been to serve those…
Have you ever wondered what goes into a College Football game day? Find out here!
I don't know what is worse: Jesse Palmer on College Football broadcasts or watching with my fiancée him on Spring Baking Championship
The only week that College Football has that can compare to the opening weekend of the NCAA Tourney is Rivalry Week. Das it.
College Basketball. NBA Finals . World Series . College Football. Super Bowl. Now the Oscars?. This year has been the definition of "lit af"
What has South Carolina EVER won in College Football?? The Outback Bowl? They took a coach in Will Muschamp no one…
Pacific Pro Football League Will Be a Game-Changer for College Football and the NFL - HERO Sports
Ordered my College Football tickets today for v in cant wait!!
Heritage 2017 RB Roy Johnson III has committed to play his College Football at Christopher Newport University (
State your teams so there is no confusion next year: 2017-18. 🏈NFL: STEELERS. 🏈College Football: OREGON DUCKS...
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney reacts to his team defeating Alabama 35-31 to win the College Football... - via App
College Football champion is Clemson. Super Bowl champion is Tom Brady and The New England Patriots.
I wanted to let know I'm immersing myself in the fine art of College Football tonight
If Clemson can please just pull this out it would make my College Football season
Congrats to these legendary contributors to College Football! Awesome Class!!
Poll results for who should win the National Title in College Football this year.
Hello, Ian. I apologize for the pixelation while watching the College Football games. Can you please DM me your address
The fact that a College Football playoff game starts at 7pm on New Year's Eve is positively absurd.
College Football playoffs and Shawn Wayans at the Ft. Lauderdale Hard Rock... solid way to bring in '17.
That dude from FSU fondling the Michigan player's asscrack is just another reason why College Football is trash.
From the movies straight to an awesome match up between FSU and Michigan! College Football, never leave us! 😭
In between escaping Alabama and getting a speeding ticket in Georgia, I had a chance to see the College Football ***
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In its Aug.22,1997 College Football edition,USA Today listed Lavell Edwards as one of college football active coaches "Nat…
The next College Football game at Legion Field will be September 2, 2017 Alabama A&M at the revived UAB Blazers!
Ryan Ruocco is the best PBP announcer for the He's FAR better at calling Baseball than College Football.
Does this Alabama team have the greatest defense in College Football history?
College Football is confusing, but one thing is clear, the worst conference is the AAC. Their "champion" is losing to a 6-6 ACC team
This waiting around until 9am for College Football bowl games to start is really trying my patience.
Rashaan Salaam, Joe McKnight, and Lawrence Phillips are 3 of the best running backs I ever saw play College Football and they are all gone
US History A Studs...Mr Ross' favorite College Football team will play Michigan in the Orange Bowl this year...Florida State University.
College Football in Texas is officially bad. No top 25 and then TCU and Baylor lose today. Aggies? t.u.? Tech? Yuck
CFP committee watching the action. Great group and blessed to be a part...College Football is the greatest !!!
Patrick talks NFL and College Football with at 12:00 AM Eastern/9:00 PM Pacific Time tonight!
Jim Harbaugh is the Rex Ryan of College Football. A lot of talk & caring about personal image more then finishing a season with a ring.
If the College Football committee is totally objective they will realize that Michigan is a better team than Penn State or Wisconsin.
College Football's Greatest rivalry just gave us the perhaps best game I have ever seen. Now I'm replaying Game 7 of the World…
If you are not a College Football fan you probably need to see your physician!!. 'Cause this is the last and...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
College Football Update: A sphere of hot plasma, of no certain origin & nearly 100 million miles away, keeps us all ali…
Happy Birthday Bro!! Hope you had a great one!! Probably did with all the college football on today lol.
Turns out America's "fake news" problem is most observable in college-football coaching searches.
it's WSU vs. UDub rivalry game. Like groovy shoes but for college football.
Great Read - Jim Harbaugh's circle of friends is even cooler than you think
Western Michigan the favorite for New Year's Six bid after win, Boise State upset
Hawkeyes strike quickly, rout Huskers 40-10 in finale
Washington hungry for a spot in the College Football Playoffs 🐺.
Upsets could land us an ugly college football postseason this year:
"We played our best football these last three weeks. We just put our minds to it." recap from
Iowa's Faith Ekakitie says he was target of racial slurs from Nebraska player
He's the most versatile player in college football. . He's .
Tomorrow at noon, the greatest rivalry in college football. Michigan vs. Ohio State on ABC (College Gameday starts…
Today he's CEO. 35 years ago he was a record-breaking receiver for h…
Arizona State looks to become bowl eligible when it travels to take on rival Arizona; watch live in the ESPN App (…
exactly. Orgeron's self-awareness is really impressive, also college football is 80% recruiting & no one is better than Orgeron
USAToday: Iowa DT Faith Ekakitie says Nebraska player targeted racial slurs at him
SMU motivated to upset Navy, but school wonders about head coach's future
The new most interesting man in the world says he played college football in high school, BUT the commercial suggests he was…
jack who is the best college football team in Texas right now?
Forever grateful for our family! Thank you for making Beaver Stadium the best place to play college footbal…
College football Week 13: Top 25 schedule, TV times and what to watch for
Iowa running backs LaShun Daniels, Akrum Wadley rush to the record books in Nebraska rout.
Set your ⏰ for the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football!
Very conflicted. It's awarded to "the most outstanding player in college football". I think excelling at 11 positions qualifies
Cincinnati scored one of the most clever trick-play TDs of the season
"The last thing Grandpa said was, 'Hey, I hope you kick like 4 or 5 field goals and do great, and you still lose.".
ESPN will air College GameDay feature on Devon Gales, who was paralyzed vs. Georgia in 2015
LeShun Daniels and Akrum Wadley rushed over Nebraska and into Iowa's record books:
Keeping score: The woman tracking rape in college football when no one Else will
Cincinnati's offensive line set a trap, and Tulsa walked literally directly into that trap (h/t
Wyoming freshmen and pump up Cowboys with rap song.
"Row the boat.": Western Michigan finishes the regular season 12–0 and is onto the MAC Championship Game.
Strong expects to meet with UT officials Saturday
My high school & College football teams t'up this year on that football 🏈💚💛 🏈💙💛
Toledo submitted a late entry into the race for 2016's Saddest Onside Kick
basketball is only giving up an average of 39.2 points per game. There are 8 college FOOTBALL teams whose defense allow…
They were showing toy story and my boss changed it to college football I'm gonna fight
Some people go shopping today, I just watch college football and movies and eat even more food then yesterday.
. Strong expects to meet with UT officials Saturday
We'll be back on December 9th (blame college football!) for the first half of our two-part finale. It's gonna be a big one.
College Football, for always keeping us on our toes. . feat. . http…
Next: Jerry Palm (from CBS Sports joins & to preview the College Football weekend…
Tonight! hosts -We ask what should College Football's playoff be called? Free for all…
"The top 4 teams stay the same in this week's College Football playoff rankings."
Okay, College Football, I'm gonna need you to send Jimbo to LSU, Herman to FSU, Miles to Texas and Charlie Strong t…
Wolves. NFL. College Football. SEC. Warriors. Chad Kelly caught with weed on Snapchat...
Fire Gus and Rhett..Also,Jay Jacobs should be dismissed!! Thanks for making Auburn the laughingstock of College Football..
With Clemson, Michigan, and Washington losing, Chaos is taking over the College Football rankings.
Honestly, no RB in College Football is playing as well as Joe Williams the last 4 weeks IMO. He's just playing incredible.
kevinmcguire: Nobody was catching Joe Williams on this run. Fox Sport… College Football: Ut…
The Penn State student section: Best in College Football, best in the nation. We Are.
11 Am in Evanston, toughest place to play in College Football
College Football, 12:16 left: West Virginia Wesleyan 35, UVa-Wise 10. Michael Anderson has been the man with 4 TDs.
"Notable Streaks in College Football" at EDSBS is pretty great. But left out a Bill Snyder joke.
Minn/Purdue tickets! Discount: 10% Discount on all College Football orders less than $150.00:
Happy 90th Birthday to John Gagliardi...College Football's All-Time Winningest Coach with 489 wins! An honor to say I played for that man!
College Football has never been the same since Johnny Football left
Great time for Sports - World Series, NFL / College Football, Hockey and Basketball Season. You can even put NASCAR and DRAG RACING also.
Start planning on filling growlers for weekend College Football and games - tasting room open Sat (12-5pm)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Great Day of College Football! Congrats to Nebraska for a great win and to Florida Gators for making in SEC!!!
and if you want to get technical, 1a. College Football 1b. NFL
Robert Scheer and Petros Papadakis Discuss the Joys and Dangers of College Football: Petros Papadakis, former……
I feel that way about College Football bowl games. I miss Keith Jackson and Brenr Musberger
College Football primetime TV schedule: Week 7: Here is a preview of what you can expect for colleg...
New York Rangers ’17 Preview: College Football has a new upset every week, the NFL is in mid season form and ...
any Florida Big 3 College Football fans out there, check out Trinity Christian Academy Highlights from last week.
See what I be talking about when I say College Football try to keep that old money on the forefront... Watching...
College Football: Flyers back on track with win over Drake - Dayton Daily News
.Radio Analyst Rodney Williams joins Eye on College Football next to to talk Louisville/Clemson.
Love the College Football games!!! 😊🏈🌟 All day long, nothing better for recovery of a double dental implant! 🙊😁 .
I'll select my College Football team that I'll support till the day I die THIS Monday on The at 9PM East. . Michigan or Tenn
College Football: Preview box for Catawba at Newberry - Salisbury Post via
Saturday on 93.9 KSOU College Football: Hastings at Northwestern 1pm courtesy of Premier Bank
Thank you, Les Miles for making College Football truly more enjoyable. Hard to imagine Death Valley without you...
Tennessee has officially replaced Clemson as the premier Paper Tiger in College Football
I liked a video (24) Utah Utes knock off USC Trojans with TD on final drive - 2016 College Football
Got some great College Football action coming at you starting tonight! . Here's our Week 4 projections:
Aren't the College Football, Mississippi Mudsharks playing the North Carolina Looters this Saturday in Charlotte?
Aren't they a College Football team down in Mississippi
Battle of the Saints: Why St. Thomas vs. St. John's is One of the Best Rivalries in College Football
College Football schedule has been something else this first few weeks.
Chad Kelly is not the best QB in College Football. Lamar Jackson is.
Louisville Cardinals is to College Football as Leicester City FC is to EPL. .
College Football: Barry Switzer shares a spectacular story on how he was offered the…
Is there a more obvious form of nepotism than Mike Golic Jr as a College Football analyst? I'm all about getting a chance, but yikes!
Does Presbyterian College offer "The Religion of College Football"? Of course it does. And it includes picking games
GF away, so my weekend will be all about Football, College Football, Cycling, NFL & whatever else I can fit in from the comfort of my sofa!
Things that go good with. Cowboy Coffee Chew. NFL Kickoff. College Football. MLB. PBR. Dipping Tobacco. Rodeo. Bull Riding
Knoxville on fall Saturdays: SEC College Football paradise. Knoxville every other day of the year:. Comparable to war torn st…
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I miss Brad Nessler. I know he is going to do a few games this year. I still miss him. College Football needs his voice. Oh, Go Herd!
It just dawned on me after watching a kick *** weekend of College Football, that the NFL is only 2 days away!!! Best reality show on TV!
College Football: Big Ten makes big statement in opening weekend!
College Football on Sunday?? I'll take it but, where is Brad Nessler???
When it comes to SEC College Football. Kentucky and Miss St are banned and Tennessee is on probation for their week one performances.
I'd like to shake the hand of whoever decided to put Labor Day and the first weekend of college football together. That's…
What's going on? State college football roundup: Victor has 2 TDs in Towson's… Get found ->
College football is a beautiful thing
Winners and losers of Week 1 in college football
First weekend in September is always a reminder that defense is optional for 80% of college football.
A recent study found that high school and college football players experience most injuries to the brain during practi…
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