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College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff (or the NCAA Division I FBS playoffs) is the system in American college football that will determine the champion for NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) beginning with the 2014 season.

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You guys cried for a month for THIS Michigan team to be in the College Football Playoff?
.- Traveling to Phoenix to coach my team in the College Football Playoff. When are your guys'…
As I prepare to take my team out west for the College Football Playoff, remember it was exactly one month ago when this happ…
Exploring the special teams numbers for Ohio State and Clemson ahead of the College Football Playoff semifinal.
ICYMI: used his putter to decide the College Football Playoff national champion | For The Win
If it's really about finding best team in America, expand the College Football Playoff, Jon Spencer writes.
CFB: Lane Kiffin plans to remain as Alabama OC through College Football Playoff before moving on to Florida Atlantic job
Little did anyone know on Sept. 10 how Pitt’s 42-39 home win over Penn State would alter College Football Playoff final foursome thinking.
College Football Playoff: Bill Hancock on Alabama, Penn State, Washington and scenario that…
Penn State's Trace McSorley gets Heisman love; PSU got 'screwed' in College Football Playoff, and more
selected to College Football Playoff for second straight year
Michigan football left out of College Football Playoff via
Barring a College Football Playoff surprise, Michigan likely to play in Orange Bowl on Dec. 30 vs. Florida State.
Jim Delany knows whats up - proclaims Ohio State has 'done enough' to earn a bid to College Football Playoff.
College Football Playoff projections: Ohio State and Clemson in the Fiesta, Alabama and…
U-M's College Football Playoff chances dim after big Washington win
football: What-if scenarios for and the College Football Playoff
Badgers football: What-if scenarios for Wisconsin and the College Football Playoff
Another team in a shade of Blue: Penn State. a Big Ten Title game spot and a spot in the College Football Playoff
How Ohio State reloaded to stay in the College Football Playoff race (by
Florida State football in the latest College Football Playoff rankings
Does the College Football Playoff committee think Ohio State and Penn State are comparable? What does it all mean?
Ohio State remains No. 2 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings
trying to deny election come Dec. 19 is like trying to get Notre Dame into college football playoff this season. isn't happening.
I never understood how college football can have a 4 team playoff with the 5 power conferences? somone is still getting screwed
Stanford holds steady at 24 in the College Football Playoff rankings
Buffs are still rising, more about the Buffs rise to No. 9 in the rankings, from
It's time to start seriously talking about two Big Ten teams in the Playoff.
How did Condoleezza Rice get in on the College Football Playoff committee
Tonight! hosts -We ask what should College Football's playoff be called? Free for all…
Big Ten in strong position for two playoff teams after latest CFP rankings - Sports Illustrated
BREAKING: Penn State Football moves up to No. 7 in the College Football Playoff rankings ahead of the final week of the re…
moved up one spot to No. 12 in the College Football Playoff rankings! ✌
ESPN unveils new College Football Playoff rankings to great controversy
Ohio State, Michigan ranked No. 2 and 3 heading into The Game
Here are the top 6. But where did everyone else land?. Check out the new Top 25 from the committee:
When Penn State fans realize they're up to in the college football playoff rankings.
"The top 4 teams stay the same in this week's College Football playoff rankings."
Huskies up to No. 5 in latest College Football Playoff rankings
New post: "New times join College Football Playoff debate"
Bowl projections: Ohio State up to No. 3 in final College Football Playoff vote: By Jerry Palm
Oklahoma State could present a major problem to the College Football Playoff committee.
Oklahoma can start campaigning hard for fourth College Football Playoff spot - Sporting News
11–1 Ohio State vs. 11–1 Michigan in Columbus for the de facto College Football Playoff quarterfinal. It does not get any better t…
Michigan & Ohio State now meet as top-3 teams. Big Ten titles and College Football Playoff berths on the line. This is what i…
Here is today's show! Today, we talked Dak Prescott, the College Football Playoff, and much more: .
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College Football Playoff rankings: Ohio State up; Michigan, Clemson still top 4
Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson make up latest College Football Playoff top four
Chaos Rules: Sizing up the state of the College Football Playoff race after an upset-filled Week 11
UND beat Cal Poly, who beat SDSU, who beat NDSU, who beat Iowa, who just beat Michigan. College Football Playoff here w…
Michigan lost and now Penn State actually has kinda sorta realistic shot at making the College Football Playoff...What.…
Clay Helton proved USC's doubters wrong and spoiled the College Football Playoff race.
Clemson, Michigan, Washington all lose, but what does it mean for the College Football Playoff?
Upsets galore: College Football Playoff picture disrupted after Clemson, Michigan, Washington all lose
To recap, Michigan, Clemson and Washington all lost today. Tuesday's College Football Playoff rankings should be fun
can Louisville still make the College Football Playoff? (by
Auburn stays at No. 9 in College Football Playoff standings. Here's the story:
CBS College Football Playoff projections put Texas A&M in last spot at No. 4
is No. 1 on the Road to the College Football Playoff.
When you're the number 12th ranked team in the nation in the College Football Playoff Poll. We Are.
College football playoff rankings released today. Good time to remember this gem.
Virginia Tech places in first College Football Playoff rankings
Las Vegas differs with College Football Playoff rankings on Michigan - Detroit Free Press
We put up 700 yards of offense on the college football playoff team. This hurts.
Utah has been ranked in every week of the college football playoff rankings each of the last 3 years.
Ohio State still in good position in College Football Playoff race
is No. 4 on the Road to the College Football Playoff.
Here's what the bracket would look like if the Playoff was today: Alabama vs. Texas A&M. Clemson vs.…
Aggies grab fourth spot in first College Football Playoff rankings
College football playoff contenders; sizing up schedules, resumes for Ohio State Buckeyes, others
Time for and inside of 24 hours until another Game 7! Plus the first College Football Playoff rankings.
Ranking Reaction: Texas A&M No. 4 for now, but no worries, Washington - USA TODAY
Reminder: In the first College Football Playoff rankings in 2014, Ohio State checked in at We all know how tha…
Alabama, Clemson, Michigan and Texas A&M top first College Football Playoff Rankings
First College Football Playoff ranking has a mild surprise with Texas A&M in the final four ahead of ...
Committee throws a curveball in first CFP playoff rankings - ESPN
BREAKING: Penn State comes in at No. 12 in the first College Football Playoff ranking of 2016.
College Football Playoff chairman Kirby Hocutt is impressed with Penn State's "quality of wins."
College Football Playoff rankings is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
JUST IN: No. 12 Penn State football ranked in the College Football Playoff rankings for the first time in program histo…
Banner night for Big Ten in initial College Football Playoff rankings
👍 comes in at No. 4 in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the season!
Big 12 facing slim College Football Playoff hopes after first rankings
College Football Playoff outlook: Ready for November to remember?
The Tigers are on a collision course with the College Football Playoff.
Texas knocks Baylor, Big 12 out of College Football Playoff contention
STILLWATER, Okla. -- The Big 12's most promising contender for the College Football Playoff took a tumble in ...
Representatives from the Sun Bowl, Independence Bowl and. . . the College Football Playoff are here for the Deacs game against Army.
Sunday Fab Four: who replaces Ohio State in the College Football Playoff bracket?
Charting the Huskies’ path to the College Football Playoff: Here’s a prime...
Navy stunned No. 6 Houston 46-40 in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday, ending the Cougars' College Football Playoff...
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Duffy Daugherty was pushing for a College Football Playoff ... IN FREAKING 1966.
ESPN's Rece Davis has picked Ohio State to make the College Football Playoff along with Clemson, Alabama & FSU
ESPN experts make College Football Playoff, national title picks
ESPN has Boise State a sleeper candidate for the College Football Playoff, plus info on Summer Classic softball game.
Will this year's College Football Playoff look similar to last year's?
A College Football Playoff in 1983 would've given us a Bo Jackson vs. Mike Rozier title game
how many SEC teams have a viable shot at the college football playoff
Not sure what would hurt worse: an OKC NBA Title or an Oregon/WSU College Football Playoff Title...
Houston celebrated a bowl win last year, but Tom Herman has the Cougars thinking even bigger things in 2016.
College football is most predictable sport outside of the NBA also. Less so now that there's a playoff will say
ESPN has Utah as their sleeper pick for the College Football Playoff
How does the Big 12's playoff odds change with a championship game? Depends on assumptions.
Huh. The playoff has already decimated interest in bowl games. Who'd have guessed that would happen? RT
Currie says there hasn't been any discussion from the Big 12 on trying to push the college football playoff to 8 teams
Lawson's been hurt since last season's college football playoff…that injury's gonna linger during the season
The 1988 college football season would have been a playoff committee's nightmare
Who will be the commissioner of the 37-team college football league with a 20-team playoff in 2074? MY COLUMN
Again have to wonder if the Pac-12 will be so good that it will cannibalize its champion out of the College Football Playoff.
Both Louisville and Utah are listed in the . College football roundtable: Sleeper playoff contenders
.made it through a brutal 2015. Now it's time to contend for a Playoff spot.
John Currie says the Big 12 has not had any discussion about pushing for college football's playoff to expand beyond four teams.
Wrote this in January, feel very much the same: I think I don't like the
Alabama football, the SEC and BCS 2.0, that insulting college football 4 team "playoff". Much prefer your show.
ESPN pegged Michigan State as its College Football Playoff sleeper pick out of the Big Ten
How much will you pay in 2026 to watch a league comprised solely of CFB’s glamour schools & an 8-team playoff?
did you order your ring with the Cotton Bowl/College Football Playoff around the top or is that an error by Jostens?
Paul Finebaum believes Harbaugh will take Michigan to the College Football Playoff this year (De…
Jeff Heuerman is the first player in football history to own a College Football Playoff championship and a Super Bowl ring.
John Swofford on replay, divisions and College Football Playoff
Will host one of the college football playoff semis next year and the 2017 Final Four.
College football fixed its worst thing 2 years ago (replacing BCS with playoff). Time for NFL to fix its worst thing now (overtime).
surprising turn of events, NFL has given us some quality overall playoff games and College Football disappointed. Usually other way around.
The College Football Playoff Trophy Presentation press conference is underway.
Once college football over putting playoff games on Sat night is like low hanging fruit for the
I would love to see the NFL use the college football playoff rules.
Playoff NFL is great. Regular season nowhere near as compelling & dramatic. Take note as you go down this Playoff road, College Football.
Just think, there are people who are against more playoff games in college football...
College football needs to up the playoff to 8 teams
This is the exact reason why college football needs a real playoff system! Not these lame bowl games no one wants to watch anymore
In college football, this game doesn't happen. Green Bay would be in the Taxslayer Bowl. No playoff, remember?
The NFL needs to adapt College Football's playoff rules. I'd like to know stats on winning coin flip then winning game.
I love playoff football. High school, college, and NFL. Nothing better.
Hope the NFL playoff games are better than the College Football bowl games 🙃
I'll take college football playoff rules over pro football playoff rules any day.
A game like this needed college football playoff rules
The College Football Playoff has a pylon cam, the NFL has the Coin Cam.
Never been a fan of NFL's playoff rules though. College football does it the right way
Why did college football fight this for so long?? Playoff anything is always the best.
Want a chance to win weekly prizes, plus a trip for four to the 2017 College Football Playoff Nation
I hate football. Especially playoff football. There's nothing good about it. Bring on college basketball
College Football Playoff needs to grow: Sez Me … Rocky Long likes the college football playoffs. What's not to...
🤔 I've never been the bragging type but Bama football is on a whole other level. . https:/…
"Anti-expanding the college football playoff guy" is the same person as "anti-instant replay guy."
College Football Playoff needs to develop -
1 year ago today: Ohio State wins the first ever College Football Playoff
(AP Photo/Chris Carlson) Alabama and Clemson square off in the second College Football Playoff title game on...
security planned for College Football Playoff, Phoenix events -
Why Clemson will top Alabama to finish undefeated and win the College Football Playoff. via SI
.recaps first full day at the College Football Playoff in Arizona:
Alabama Gameday: Complete Guide to Crimson Tide's College Football Playoff final vs. Clemson: Here's what you ...
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New Year's Eve brings us the second edition of the College Football Playoff, when the University of Oklahoma and Clemson wi…
Ratings down for the College Football Playoff: DALLAS — Jimmy Kimmel told people to watch Even soap opera stars on…
"FOX NCAACF NEWS UPDATE" College Football Playoff ratings were down this year, here is who to blame - 'The Herd...
Oklahoma safety Ahmad Thomas is back in South Florida for the College Football Playoff... https:/…
Someday someone is going to Steve Harvey the No. 4 team in the College Football Playoff and stadiums will burn.
Ciara to headline entertainment for College Football Playoff title game:
How new College Football Playoff system might cost the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade - The Pasadena Star-News
YASSS. More "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials during the College Football Playoff!
Let's take a look at this year's College Football Playoff matchups:
College Football Playoff pairings are set via
UA_Athletics: Cotton Bowl Bound! AlabamaFTBL is headed to Dallas for the College Football Playoff!
College Football Playoff: Clemson play Oklahoma, Alabama to meet Michigan State: Tigers se... from world news app
New OU uniforms on tap for the College Football Playoff:
The Spartans celebrate after finding out they officially made the College Football Playoff!
I want to see ITT Tech vs Phoenix Online in College Football Playoff
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The only team to appear in College Football Playoff in 2014 and 2015,
Breaking: Clemson is top seed for College Football Playoff, followed by Alabama, Michigan State and Oklahoma.
Notre Dame shrugs off drop in College Football Playoff rankings: Teams now ranked ahead of Notre Dame on the o...
Questions raised by the fifth College Football Playoff ranking - USA TODAY
RB Zeke Elliott talks All-B1G, Heisman race and of course the College Football Playoff.
College Football Playoff | Ohio State moves up to sixth in rankings They should be in the final four.
Let's be real.. The Bearcats should be the final team in the College Football Playoff
The next-to-final College Football Playoff rankings are here, with Ohio State and Stanford hoping for chaos.
Clark Kellogg, studying the College Football Playoff bylaws no doubt
College Football Playoff has raised expectations for college coaches - Bryan-College Station Eagle
Ohio State's chances at a second straight College Football Playoff are slim. Let's explore how it could happen.
Navy helps College Football Playoff committee by losing to Houston - Los Angeles Times
Oklahoma up to 3rd, Iowa 4th in College Football Playoff rankings; Notre Dame slips to 6th
College Football Playoff scenarios: Notre Dame, Michigan still alive. Here’s how.
Oklahoma jumps into the top-4 in this weeks College Football Playoff rankings
Florida is going to the College Football Playoff
Video: Breaking down the College Football Playoff picture after Week 12
Rise of the Hawkeyes. Iowa steadily climbing the AP Poll as the College Football Playoff nears.
BTl today: Kevin's weekly interview with Alex Smith, Jack Harry at 3p, College Football Playoff at 4p & Mitch Holthus on at 5p
Still shocked to this day that Condolezza Rice is with the College Football Playoff selection committee😂
The committee has spoken. . Here are the top 10 teams in this week's College Football Playoff rankings:
Bob Stoops says Sooners should be in College Football Playoff, takes subtle jab at SEC
[ESPN] Bob Stoops -- Win out, and Oklahoma Sooners should be in College Football Playoff: . Bob Stoops...
New bowl projections, with Notre Dame's College Football Playoff case topping Oklahoma's
I just entered the Goodyear Sweepstakes for a chance to go to the College Football Playoff!
Five observations from the second College Football Playoff rankings
Alabama now at No. 2 in the College Football Playoff rankings. Our own insider Stephen M. Smith with all updates.
Temple is 22nd in the latest College Football Playoff rankings
The latest College Football Playoff rankings are in and is still No.22.
College Football Playoff rankings are a slap in the face to the Athletic Conference. Multiple 2 loss teams over Houston/AAC.
Temple stays at 22 in the College Football Playoff poll
Temple is No. 21 in the new College Football Playoff rankings. No. 21 Memphis and No. 20 Navy ahead of Owls.
. For the second week in a row Temple is No. 22 in the College Football Playoff rankings
Temple remains at in the College Football Playoff poll
If you rank UNC, you have to consider putting the News & Observer in the College Football Playoff.
Power 5 conference champs should all be in the College Football Playoff. Let the committee pick the 3 wild cards. 8 teams!
Don’t be surprised if Mississippi State is ranked in the top 15 of the College Football Playoff poll on Tuesday.
AAC commissioner Mike Aresco's reaction to the first College Football Playoff rankings:
Michigan State cracks first College Football Playoff poll via
College Football Playoff rankings will be revealed tonight, but it won't
Gators No. 10 in first College Football Playoff rankings - Orlando Sentinel (blog)
The first College Football Playoff rankings are out, and the selection committee ranked Clemson, L...
The committee has spoken. . Here's the top 10 in the initial College Football Playoff rankings.
Alabama included in Top 4 in first College Football Playoff rankings via
Michigan, Michigan State ranked in the top 20 of the first College Football Playoff rankings. Story:
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Hogs vs VT in Beamer's last game . Bowl projections for all 40 games, including College Football Playoff semifinals
Great article on Tigers and College Football Playoff. Yahoo's Dan Wetzel nails it.
Florida State remains No. 15 in Coaches Poll and No. 17 in AP Poll. The first College Football Playoff rankings debut Tuesday.
Did Matt Leinart just picked Pitt to run table, win the ACC and make College Football Playoff on FS1? If so, he's my new fav…
[Montgomery Advertiser] - Bowl projections: Alabama, LSU are set for College Football Playoff showdown:
This week's Forde-Yard Dash focuses on how many teams are still in the College Football Playoff race:
Iowa remains unbeaten by blowing out Northwestern, enters College Football Playoff picture. htt…
Lincoln Report (One college football expert has Northwestern playing in the College Football Playoff)...
Thursday Night Committee has spoken. If the College Football Playoff started today, here's who they would have IN.
TIL Condoleezza Rice is a member of the College Football Playoff selection committee via /…
It's the list that no CFB team wants to be on. Here are the teams eliminated from playoff contention after Week 4.
If the college football playoff started today, Utah would be in the top 4 based on it's dominating win over Oregon.
Following Week 4, here is what the College Football Playoff picture looks like:
Another great weekend of college football. If the playoff started today, I would vote for. 1. Ohio State. 2. Ole Miss. 3. UCLA. 4. Utah
Ohio State is still trying to figure out how to get Braxton Miller the ball:
Ohio State needs to figure out how to use Miller
asks the question, 'Is Utah the Real Number 1?'
Which undefeated Pac-12 South team do you think has a better chance to make the College Football Playoff?
ESPN's Chris Morris illustrates the Utes plucking good performance in Eugene
TCU ain't making the Playoff. Regression to the mean is already ongoing … and it's gone past the mean.
Injuries are taking a giant toll on TCU. How long can the Frogs keep it up?
TCU's good fortune turned bad, and now its College Football Playoff run is in danger: The Horned Frogs have on...
New 2015 College Football Playoff and bowl projections, with UCLA joining top 4
Recent bowl projections predict USC in College Football Playoff
If any conference can get 2 College Football Playoff bids, it's probably the Big Ten
Recent bowl projections from and predict USC in College Football Playoff
.Fab 4: Michigan St. bullies its way into the projected College Football Playoff
Cotton Bowl is one of College Football Playoff semifinal sites.
If Gus Malzahn ever gets an offense, might have a legitimate chance to win the College Football Playoff...wait...wha…
FWIW, Craig Haubert, Desmond Howard and Greg McElroy picked Stanford to go to the College Football Playoff.
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Marcus Spears just said the Vols are a legitimate College Football Playoff contender.
"I’m going with Clemson as the 4th team in the College Football Playoff." –
They're just here for the title. The road to the College Football Playoff begins tomorrow.
USC athletic director Pat Haden announced Tuesday that he will not attend a College Football Playoff meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana,
Kirk Herbstreit calls for to win BigXII, go to College Football Playoff | ESPN
Audible: Who we think will join Ohio State Buckeyes in College Football Playoff via
Heather Dinich and Joe Schad discuss which teams from the inaugural College Football Playoff will ... - via App
Podcast: The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Year 2 of the College Football Playoff with Stewart Mandel
Mountain West sizes up Group of Five, College Football Playoff landscape - USA TODAY
New breaking down Oregon's road back to the College Football Playoff. Spoiler: Outlook's good
What Charlotte's College Football Playoff team can learn from Phoenix - The ... - Charlotte Business Journal (blog)
Britton Banowsky, a member of NCAA committee of infractions for sanctions case, hired as executive by College Football Playoff
Graham with Bill Hancock of the College Football Playoff committee.
College Football Playoff director Bill Hancock on 790 talks about TCU & Baylor being left out
College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock joins on a loaded show on
Update your maps at Navteq
Joined now by College Football Playoff director Bill Hancock joins us now on
Joined now by The Executive Director of the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock.
Ex-Vandy coach to rely on 'eye test' when ranking teams for College Football Playoff:
Mike Strange: Phillip Fulmer can only wish he had the College Football Playoff - Knoxville News Sentinel
Picking the best team to win this year's College Football Playoff ...
Drafting the perfect team to win this year's College Football Playoff -
Kickoff times for College Football Playoff semifinals have been announced. Hope you’re not busy on New Year’s Eve. http:/…
College Football Playoff semifinals to start at 4 p.m. ET on New Year's Eve
College Football Playoff national semifinal games moved to New Year's Eve. (via )
Boise State football: Will Broncos enter the College Football Playoff race in 2015? via
Nick Saban and Jeff Long spar over the College Football Playoff -
This reminds me of that time when we beat Oregon and won the inaugural College Football Playoff.
[Columbus Biz 1st] Here’s how much it cost Ohio State to attend the College Football Playoff
It costs a lot of money to take 681 players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, etc. to College Football Playoff
Trying to make Army-Navy fit in playoff selection schedule: Heading into next week's College Football Playoff meetings in North Texas...
College Football Playoff brings more millions to ACC - Triangle Business Journal
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer reflects on winning the inaugural College Football Playoff championship and the B...
Not much traction for the four-team College Football Playoff to expand to eight teams
So Ohio State wins the College Football Playoff and Duke wins the National Championship in basketball. What a great year...😑😑😑
team wins 1st College Football Playoff national championship, tonight plays for NCAA title, yet media insists B1G is awful? Got it...
USC's Haden to boycott CFP meeting in Indy: USC AD Pat Haden said he will boycott the College Football Playoff...
On - Petros Papadakis picks ASU to play in the 2016 College Football Playoff (H/T
Ohio State hype video focuses on College Football Playoff title game victory.
Nick Saban says an expanded College Football Playoff cannot co-exist with a bowl system.
Report: 49ers to bid to host College Football Playoff title game
Levi\'s Stadium to bid for College Football Playoff title game
Report: 49ers will bid to host College Football Playoff title game . Shared from the FOX Sports LIVE app.
Same peeps who schedule College Football Playoff on Monday Nights...
Tennessee (via early playoff contention for the
TOMORROW: the launch of our offseason feature, College Football Playoff simulations (1998-2013)
My credit card payments for my NOLA and Dallas college football playoff trips are finally due. GO BUCK$...
Playoff Premium, the ultimate game day experience, is back for the 2016 College...
Meet the Teams Who Can Win the CFB Playoff (via Wow, not even an LSU mention.
College Football Playoff odds for SEC teams in 2015.
Commentary: No Tide in premature predictions. If not which SEC team is in? via
It's as dumb as not having a playoff in college football. Oh wait, we fixed that.
Meet the 10 Teams Who Actually Have a Chance to Win the College Football Playoff | (via
Chicago tribune predicted the college football playoff in 1971.
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