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Colin Tilley

Colin Tilley (born June 27, 1988 in Berkeley, California) is an award winning music video director who has written and directed music videos for artists including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Usher, Melanie Fiona, Keri Hilson, Wiz Khalifa and U.K.

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It's awesome that Colin Tilley will be working with Lil B on a new music video real soon I can't wait
Colin Tilley did a real nice job on this Lil B vid
Nicki's best music videos are directed by Colin Tilley, amen
lil b hangin wit colin tilley at the VMA's... real berkeley
That attempt to make Colin Farrell the next Tom Cruise when he wasn't that at all.
Selena shot the music video for her collab with yesterday!!! Colin Tilley directed it.
Selena was with mv director Colin Tilley last night 😱👀
Selena yesterday was with Colin Tilley and these are some of the videos he directed!
Selena is right now working with Colin Tilley, a Grammy nominated music video director! Here's some of his work
Selena Gomez is filming an upcoming music video with Colin Tilley today! So excited 🙌🏻.
Selena is working with Colin Tilley so I googled him and... 👀
BRTHR's music videos are cool but they're kind of a one-trick-pony. Even Colin Tilley mixes it up a little bit from time to time.
The cinematography in Future's Mask Off is top stuff. Props to Colin Tilley 👏
I think the choices should've been actual music direct ors like Director X , Hype Williams, Colin Tilley etc
199 for 5 from 42 overs. Will North 3 for 17. Ben Blackford 2 for 45. Colin Tilley 2 for 42
Sidebar: Nicki and Colin Tilley make amazing videos together
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Barbie looks. And she'd have to get Colin Tilley to direct one of the videos to really get the feel of it 🙏
Us: *Kris x Travis Scott MV must be expessive*. *Prolly he's having Colin Tilley in directing that bomb*. *Does he have…
New music video for GD X TAEYANG’s single 'GOOD BOY'. shot for the 2015 YTMAs and featured as a YouTube Music Moment. Directed By Colin Tilley
Im a young colin tilley, some won't understand that though.
Girlie, have Colin Tilley direct the Black Barbie's video
& the video!!! Colin Tilley was also behind Slumber Party. The guys a g.
My friend Colin Tilley is the most best human director I know.
If you look at the work of someone like colin tilley you can see why they got to the top of their area so fast
Music Video / “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Chris Brown. Director Colin Tilley. View full video at
It was a pleasure to meet Colin Tilley yesterday, humbled to be involved in the same project as him 😊😊
Hey Colin! Check out the "WatchESPN" app on your smart phone or online at: That might work for you
Wale finally dropped an official video for “My PYT” directed by Colin Tilley.
Colin Tilley killed the visuals great work !!! Best video I've seen all year
Colin Tilley is actually one of my fav music video directors ever
I love that Wale's new video. Melanin overload plus its so colorful. Colin Tilley did well
All purpose parts banner
A bright video perfect for this sunny day, Wale drops his video for My PYT directed by Colin Tilley!. Enjoy!...
wale gave colin tilley a small budget for PYT. Lol, it was a nice video, but i can tell they did what they could.
Wale & DJ Sam Sneak return with the official visuals for 'My P.Y.T'. Directed by Colin Tilley.
Colin Tilley with another banging visual
This PYT video too clean. This jawn got Colin Tilley written all over it .
I love Wale's "PYT" video. Props to Colin Tilley on the visual. Still don't like the song, though.
Wale "My PYT" Video: Wale shares the Colin Tilley-directed video to "My PYT."
All of these videos were AMAZING. Colin Tilley=Genius
Colin Tilley produces the BEST music videos... his creative expression so fye 🔥
Watch: Kendrick Lamar reveals the Colin Tilley-directed video for ‘These Walls’ via SBTV
So BEYOND obsessed with this freaking MUSIC VIDEO! Colin Tilley, YOU DID IT AGAIN!
ohyesitsrita:. Body on me VIDEO!! It’s finally out!! I’m so excited and proud thank you Colin Tilley! It’…
Watch the Music video Rita Ora - Body on Me. Directed by Colin Tilley.
Colin likes to take pics of me and my fur friend😊❤️
Colin Tilley did justice to the video! .
Colin Takes me to get food at crazy *** times in the morning 😂😂
Watch the Music video The Band Perry - Live Forever. Directed by Colin Tilley.
I forgot Colin Tilley used to do all those old Lil B videos.
Up studying a few of my favorite music video directors and this happens to be one directed by Colin Tilley.
Lil Wayne, David Guetta & Chris Brown are shooting a music video for "I Can Only Imagine" right now, which is being directe…
Colin Tilley is such a gifted music video director
I just started following Colin Tilley on
RnM News: Colin Tilley, David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin launch new music video app- Triller
OH YEAH i was so pleasantly shocked when i started tao's mv and it said "colin tilley" LIKE THAT'S SUCH A HUGE NAME? LIKE WOW
it's good! the mv was directed by colin tilley gdi LUCKY ;-;
Want to make music videos?? Everyone go try out Colin Tilley's new iPhone app!! .
To see Colin Tilley go from making videos for Young L and lil B in 2008 to making perhaps the two biggest videos the past years is bugged
The fact that Colin Tilley, the SAME director who directs and MV DIRECTED TAO's video is pretty *** cool ❤️👏👍
will someone enlighten me? this is the muthafckin colin tilley director of most hollywood MVs like *** .. Z.TAO ur really something
*** is this legit directed by colin tilley? the same director of bieber's confident and All that Matters?
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Let's get to know more about Colin Tilley, director of TAO's "T.A.O." MV
the first thing i noticed abt tao's mv was that it was directed by colin tilley he's directed for so many huge western artists!! so cool B^)
Tao's mv was directed by Colin Tilley, he's balling omg
OK but let's talk about the fact that COLIN TILLEY DIRECTED THE VIDEO OKAY?I know i already said but i'm just shocked
Video of the Moment: Directed by Colin Tilley / "I Like Tuh" ft. iLoveMakonnen. Watch here:...
QQ Music Weibo :Tao new album released with a strong visual and lyrics plus his unique style directed by Colin Tilley http:…
.Kendrick Lamar - Alright: In the black-and-white clip directe dby Colin Tilley, Kendrick plays ...
Incredible new Kendrick Lamar video (dir. Colin Tilley)… & ends with Lamar being shot by a white police officer:
Colin Tilley directed the Deuces video and now new video.. Both great songs & video's -black and white evokes so much emotion
“Mr. Happy . Dir. by Colin Tilley. Watch: was really good
Mazie going to Colin n Lesley for 9 days 😜
is this the actual infamous Colin tilley that's an amazing director?
Photo: chancetherapper: I made a short film with my good friend/director Colin Tilley. tmw
So so inspired. Thank you Colin Tilley. Thank you so much.
Just watched mr happy directed by Colin Tilley. It connected both psychologically and emotionally.
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“Mr. Happy . Dir. by Colin Tilley. Watch: so col omg yes
“Mr. Happy . Dir. by Colin Tilley. Watch: everyone NEEDS to watch it
"Mr. Happy . Dir. by Colin Tilley. Watch: this was good
Colin Tilley created a short film that's more impactful than a lot of mainstream movies.
WPA DP beautifully lenses in w. Colin Tilley via
I highly recommend that you check out Mr Happy by Colin Tilley | Short Film via
If you haven't seen Mr. Happy by Colin Tilley & its a must that you do.! I promise you that You wont regret it.!
If you have a minute check out this short film with Chance The Rapper -Mr Happy by Colin Tilley via
Mr Happy: . Chance the Rapper stars in music-video director Colin Tilley's debut short '...
can't stop thinking about mr.happy, Colin Tilley is a genius
Colin Tilley is my favorite Director off tops.
Colin Tilley who's a massive music video director actually knew of little mix and wanted to work with them omg
Not sure Colin Richards, Christopher Tilley or Richard Bradley would agree!
"Fan of a Fan" was a game changer, it introduced us to Colin Tilley
We shooting this rappers like we work with Colin Tilley
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Hype Williams, Director X and Colin Tilley better watch out, there is a new video director in town
Chris Brown & Tyga – Ayo (Video): . Dir. by Colin Tilley . This time round, Chris & Tyga’s Fan of a Fan will...
Colin Tilley directed the "Ayo" music video. Back to Riveting Entertainment!
Downtown Films is casting models/dancers and extras for a music video directed by Colin Tilley. Email...
. Also appreciate good visual art like photography & video's/movies.Taj,Alexi Papalexopoulos & Colin Tilley are so
Trying to get on that Colin Tilley level soon 💰💰
Colin Tilley "who would you want to direct the feeling myself video"
Coodie and Chike are prolly my very favrit videomakers...then theres colin tilley and Va$htie Kola
Colin Tilley(directed MV "Anaconda") is directing Royce's music video for his next single "SOAF" ft SnoopDogg w/ choreogr…
I hope Colin Tilley produces the next music video
.It should be directed by Colin Tilley.
Nicki Minaj's Anaconda vid directed by Colin Tilley. Oh my.
Colin Tilley, the man who has worked with Chris Brown and Jason Derulo. FEMINIST VISIONARY.
And the video was directed by Colin Tilley and Drake is in it. Two people I'm sure are feminist and have no interest in just staring at ***
Official HD Music Video for "Wiggle" featuring Snoop Dogg - Directed by Colin Tilley . Jason Derulo's new Album...
Mr. Colin Tilley, the gentleman behind this video:
Colin Tilley is an award winning music video director who has written and directed music videos for artists including Enrique Iglesias, Zendaya, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Nicki ... Wikipedia
Get down at a warehouse dance party with in "Crazy Stupid Love," directed by
MEET THE CREW PRODUCERS LUTI FAGBENLE/STEFANO MOSES Luti Fagbenle is best known for producing high-profile music videos and commercials for some of the world’s biggest recording artists and most recognizable brands. His unwavering ambition, extreme drive, and excellent crisis management skills coupled with a wealth of experience and resources make him one of the most sought after, young, up and coming producers in the UK. His company Luti Media, one of the UK’s leading promo production companies, has been responsible for producing work that has been viewed over a billion times worldwide. In 2013 Luti produced a mini movie/music video for One Direction breaking the all-time YouTube/Vevo record for the most views in 24 hours. Collaborating directors frequently include Director X, Colin Tilley, Anthony Mandler, Marc Klasfeld and Kanye West. Luti’s music video credits include videos for Kanye West, OneDirection, Cheryl Cole, Snoop Dogg, Craig David, Nicki Minaj, Olly Murs and many more. Luti’s film wo ...
All yesterday, Lil Wayne, Euro and Birdman shot a music video for their new single, “We Alright“, which will appear on the upcoming Young Money: Rise Of An Empire compilation. Colin Tilley is the person who is directing the visual. Joining the YMCMB crew on set yesterday was Mack Maine, Lil Twist, Gudda Gudda, Chanel West Coast, Jae Millz, Flow, Compton Menace, Christina Milian, PJ Morton, YoYo, Theotis Beasley, Braydon Szafranski, Detail, Cortez Bryant, and others.
He is an amazingly talented director.
Colin Tilley was a producer for Licks. Wow!
So I'm expecting that Ana joint to be in a music video produced by Colin Tilley in. A year...person rapping...Rick Ross
the key to a great film is having either Hugh Grant or Colin Firth. Ideally both
I would love to get in a boxing ring against Colin Tilley, can someone set that up please.
Colin Tilley is directing the video so we still have hope!
Filming Enrique's I'm a Freak music video. is finished.. Music video's director is - Colin Tilley
oh that means there's still hope then lol I liked Colin Tilley
Shoutout to Colin Tilley for directing dope music videos (y).
Colin Tilley is the director of my new music video
Colin Tilley is a good director too, he makes okay videos
We're clearly in maturation phase as seen in his newly released All That Matters video.
Mike WiLL & Colin Tilley are the best producers.
furthermore I expected less-stunted fake video from Colin Tilley but I guess he din kno what again to do with this lil rebellious boy
Colin Tilley, who directed What About Love, directed All That Matters too. I like him. Austin Mahone
Colin Tilley made what about love and all that matters i
I just realized how clever Colin Tilley was with the video. She's posed in the opening scene by herself, looking down and facing towards the
Justin Bieber steps into image adulthood in his new music video for "All That Matters," and doesn't look back. Well, to be accurate, he does look back several times in the Colin Tilley-directed smolder-fest that premiered on Monday to molten levels of anticipation among Beliebers. Like the "All...
did an excellent job,Colin Tilley great director and I love it,but make me your main model the next time please lol
Colin Tilley is only 25 and is living my dream. I need to step my game up.
it was the Colin Tilley dude's fault. He was the director. He should've had me or Ben Winston direct it
Colin Tilley is still my favorite music video director
Justin Bieber, All that matters video, By colin tilley.♡ Justin Bieber.
Ben Winston did a much better job than Colin Tilley
Colin Tilley needs to make stop kissing girls in his videos...
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i don't like the concept of the ATM video like there was no point of so being so sexual, i expected something better from colin tilley tbh
Colin Tilley makes the best music videos btw Justin Bieber
Colin Tilley always makes the best videos
Didn't know that Colin Tilley was the director of the From U Smile to All That Matters aw
Colin Tilley directed the video for U Smile and All That Matters.. he is an amazing director
I'd just like to thank Colin Tilley for making such an incredible video
*** ! I'm loving the new Justin Bieber music video "All that matters" by Director Colin Tilley…
i hate you colin tilley . Justin Bieber
The "All That Matters" music video is flames, too. Colin Tilley did his thing as usual.
Colin Tilley did a great job with Bieber.
Lol wow u guys didn't know Colin Tilley directed the video for What About Love also? Where have you guys been i
The All That Matters video is so beautiful like all Colin Tilley music videos are always amazing.
Bieber News : Justin Bieber ‘All That Matters’ Official Music Video!: Justin Bieber turns up the temperature in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his series. He gets intimate with his sexy co-star, played by 19-year-old model Cailin Russo. In the the clip directed by Colin Tilley, Justin shows off his chiseled chest, serenades his lady on guitar, and goes in... ?
DJ Khaled premieres the Colin Tilley directed music video to his all star track “No New Friends”. Features Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Off Khaled’s alb
If you guys think that ATM's MV is kinda inappropriate then blame Colin Tilley..
Watching edits for the video. Colin Tilley they are gonna love this one :)
sta guardando le ultime modifiche per il video di all that matters insieme a Colin Tilley (il direttore del video)
vid is coming soon...The edits are WILD .. Colin Tilley is in the game again
Only today I watched the NO GAMES video 4 da 1st time & I honestly think its the best video of this year! (Salute >>>> Colin Tilley)
If any1 in da industry needs work-rate motivation look no further than Colin Tilley! Guy is killin the visual game!
Colin Tilley"Your favourite music video director?
Any one seen that Rick Ross "No Games" music video? Hands down, best video directing ever!! Big thumbs up to "Colin Tilley"
Rick Ross drops the official visual to his single "No Games" featuring Future . directed by Colin Tilley...
Colin Tilley is a beast with the visuals
Colin Tilley has directed music videos for every artist you can think of. Check this dude out!
Man Colin Tilley went crazy for Ross no games video
is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo. The track written by himself in collaboration with Jon Bellion is confirmed as the 4th official single taken from his 3rd studio album that was released on digital retailers on September 20, 2013 via Beluga Heights and Warner Bros. The Colin Tilley directed music video was premiered on his Youtube channel on November 4.
Colin Tilley is a white *** kanti.. I thought he were a darkie
Watch JUST ONE LAST TIME ft Taped Rai, the amazing futuristic video directed by Colin Tilley on VEVO here:
Colin Tilley really is that dude as far as visuals go
Meet Black Singles 300x250
.directs and lots of women with automatic weapons in the cinematic "No Games"
Averaging at least two music video releases a month in 2013, director Colin Tilley is one of the most active directors in the industry. All of Colin’s videos from this year have been massive, cinematic efforts, and "No Games" by Rick Ross ft. Future is no different. We…
Colin Tilley is a Jason Derulo video got some dope visuals
Video: Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross) gave the world a clean visual directed by Colin Tilley for his single “No...
Rick Ross premieres the official video for his single ‘No Games’ featuring Future. Directed by Colin Tilley. His...
A man said I'll deets Colin things strong fam 😂😂😂
Colin Tilley hasn't had a wack video yet
Colin Tilley killed the color scheme and camera shots with this Rozay video for No Games
Colin Tilley would be perfect if he perfected his storytelling. He's not quite a director but an amazing director of photography.
You want to play rough? Game on. Rick Ross’ new cinematic Colin Tilley directed visual for “No Games” featuring Future has a Grand Theft Auto feel with shootouts, fast cars, explosions and army guns. This is the first single off Rozay’s forthcoming sixth LP, Mastermind, in stores December 17. The MMG boss’ upcoming second single “The Devil Is A Lie” featuring Jay Z is coming soon.
Wow Colin Tilley does it again.. New Ross video is fire smhh!!
video has everything you want in a video. cars, guns, women, exploding cars. Colin Tilley did his job on it.
Colin Tilley killed it! He that niqqa but he not a niqqa tho!
*Video+NewS* -Rick Ross – ‘No Games’ (Feat. Future)- I guess Ross wasn’t kidding when he said he will deliver a “movie” for the ‘No Games’ video featuring Future. With some help from Colin Tilley, Rozay plays the boss on a mission in the fiery visual which you can watch after the jump. This is the official version so don’t be confused with the Revolt TV viralhe put out in September. The song serves as the street single off MMG bawse’s forthcoming album Mastermind, hitting stores December 17th.
The money aint enough else he would have gone to meet Director X or Elf Rivera or even Colin Tilley
Just released another Video I Stunt Coordinated for Enrique Iglesias Directed by Colin Tilley. I Haven't worked with Enrique in 13 years and he hasn't changed one bit. What a great artist and this video shows it.
Warning: This post contains spoilers. There are a few mysteries "Heart Attack", the new video from Enrique Iglesias, directed by Colin Tilley. One of them is what happened to his hand, which for most of the video is bandaged with some blood soaking through. The other is why the character Iglesias pl...
Just read Coke Bottle's MV Director, Colin Tilley's biography. wow! Bet it's gonna be great MV!
Colin tilley is the best music video director
Definitely yes. She worked with Colin Tilley, Laurieann Gibson, & Bryan White for the music video for
It's a post-apocalyptic world and wolves have taken over the city in the animated video for "Hijack" by Tgya ft. 2 Chainz. The Colin Tilley directed clip begins with giant wolves running loose, smashing into cars and buildings as they're known to do. We then find Tyga, who t...
Wow. Future "Honest" video is so classy. Colin Tilley strikes again
Watching 's What About Love video directed by COLIN TILLEY! Austin, we gon' swag it…
Video: Tyga ft 2 Chainz – HiJack [Colin Tilley directs an animated video for Tyga’s record Hi...
Meeting Colin Tilley. Still on my to do list 😍
Colin tilley make the best music videos.
Random 2am post but just looking back over the last three weeks as the traffic on the site is up 200%, we have sole ad revenue coming in, we had some exchanges with Techland, and I just set up a phone interview with WayForward about their new Kickstarter project. So I just wanna thank Chuck Nalley, Josh Barnett, Evan Swafford, and Colin Tilley for an insane amount of hard work and a commitment to more of the same. It would seem it may actually pay off at some point.
Future debuts the official video for his new single ‘Honest’. Directed by Colin Tilley.
Colin Tilley is the best music video director for sure.. Seriously all amazing
Dang that *** Luckily this second single will be coming after The Other Side :) Colin Tilley is director of the video
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I Love what i do as a video producer im tryna walk in the feet steps of director x, Hype Williams,Boomtown ,Colin Tilley this my passion
Man, Colin Tilley is hands down the best out right now.
Colin Tilley did a great job on For the Road video
Colin Tilley makes some sick music videos
“Colin Tilley is probably the best director out right now. That dude is paid for sure.” He definitely is
Random Thought : As I watch these music videos, films, plays...they'res not enough credit that the directors get.out of their Colin Tilley, Antoine Fuqua, Tyler Perry, John Singleton, Michael Bay,Benny Boom, etc
Colin Tilley makes the best music videos fr!
let me send Colin Tilley and Scooter my video suggestion
Colin Tilley's music videos are the best .
That's why I will always rate Anthony Mandler over Colin Tilley. Mandler is a filmmaker and tells a story...
Nic & Busta should do an official collab. & have Colin Tilley direct the vid. Would be dope.
The 1st single's should be directed by Colin Tilley, Joseph Kahn, or Francis Lawrence. It'd be a MOVIE.
I love Colin Tilley's work. I wish she could work with him for every video.
Da Rockwilder video really looks like every Colin Tilley directed video. It was before it's time. Such swag.
This Colin Tilley producer I know he got money bc he make some sexy *** videos nd the picture is crazy
goes to prove Colin Tilley made riveting great...he is a great director great editor and Andrew was just ...
looks like the Colin Tilley version of the Boyfriend vid we never got..the fire and all... 😭😭😭
Alex Nazari seems to be the new Colin Tilley ..
Colin Tilley videos are always dope so I'm excited for this chryga video
SNEAK PEEK: Tyga Feat. Chris Brown – For The Road: Tyga hooks up with his go-to director Colin Tilley for wha...
Chris and Tyga on set of For The Road w/ Colin Tilley
colin tilley didnt direct it. I'm not starring in it but it does premier tonight and on Sunday
Matt Alonzo seems to be the main man for Music videos at the moment in Hip Hop, last year it was Colin Tilley.
I think Colin Tilley and Beny Boom are the best video directors
lol! You know Colin Tilley is no longer at RIVETING?
did Colin Tilley direct your new video?
It happened in US Colin Tilley use to be the best then Director X came and bounced him
working with Colin Tilley would be dope too. His videos are always on point!
Loving the Saturday morning grind , god I love work
my old teacher was best friends with Colin Tilley, if i still knew him i'd try to get to meet Colin Tilley c:
And here is the Hooters - Step Into Awesome, Rave TV spot Directed by Colin Tilley:
please let colin tilley direct the video ur collaboration wid him is always amazin' Btw u urslf can also direct:))
Hype Williams, Director X & Colin Tilley... These dudes need awards for their work, music videos have never been this powerful!
I was just wondering, are you ever going to release the Colin Tilley version of your music video?
Well done MOONEE VALLEY. Div 1 section1 premiers. Next week a chance to play in the div a grand final the week after. I would of loved to hug my girlfriend Shelley Tilley after the game :-).
So Tyga is shooting a new video in LA this weekend and asking people to be in it hmm I wanna go *thinks*
Monday Night Film Series Present: HYDE PARK ON HUDSON $7 general admission February 25, 7:30pm at Tilley Hall, UNB Campus Director: Roger Michell Cast: Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams Runtime: 95 minutes Country: United Kingdom Year: 2012 Language: English A Gala Presentation at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival®, Roger Michell’s scurrilously entertaining Hyde Park on Hudson details the historic pre-war weekend in 1939 when England’s King George VI (last seen portrayed by Colin Firth in the Film Circuit favourite The King’s Speech) and Queen Consort Elizabeth came calling on U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt at his upstate New York manor house — and when the president started to become especially close to his distant cousin Margaret “Daisy” Suckley. The royal couple’s sojourn to Hyde Park on Hudson marks the first time that the British monarchy has ever made an official visit to the United States, and with war clouds on the horizon it is crucial that the soon-to ...
Had a great night bowling with the bro's Bradley Sean Wetherill Kevin Ha Colin Castleberry Zachary Bailey!!! Love y'all had fun!!
Colin Tilley hands dopest visuals in the game rite now he makes the sickest videos
I wanna be known amongst the names of Bill Paladino, CJ Wallis, Derrick G, Colin Tilley, Fredo Tovar, along with other directors
Another snow day in burin -reporting live Woss Tilley NTV news
Dr. Janet Brooks was invited to attend the grand opening of the new Mental Health wing of the Oshawa Clinic. This new wing will house the Oshawa Psychological Counselling Services and the Oshawa Psychology Training Institute. Also in attendance tonight were Dr. Colin Carrie,MP, Mr Harry Horricks, CEO Oshawa Clinic, Mayor John Henry, Joe Tilley, Sports Anchor CTV news. Dr. Brooks congratulated Dr. Ken Kwan, Director of the Oshawa Psychological Services.
Marriage equality is not just an issue over which the Democrats and Republicans can argue. Laura Bush, Colin Powell, former Vice President *** Cheney and President Barack Obama have all voiced their support. "None of us would want to be told we can't marry the person we love." It all boils down to love. Please watch the 30 second video below. Thanks!
Hard work pays off, proud to now be a music video director for Young Money / YMCMB - First vid x Lil Twist this Friday! Let's go
The quality of this video tho...Colin Tilley did his thang! -->> Love Me (Explicit) - Lil Wayne via
Update your maps at Navteq
Lil Wayne new video is too Colin Tilley-ish don't like them creepy satanic videos but I did like how Future was swaggin on the hook tho.
Kisses down low video with colin tilley and afternoon lol Raycardo Showtime Shannon
I will be having a few leaving drinks on Friday 22nd feb from 8pm in the Tilley stone if anyone would like to join me, please spread the word
Just a quick message before all the rumours start floating round, yes it is true i am leaving after 23 years! ahh it only feels like yesterday when i started, and no im not going to stagecoach with Barry we are not joined at the hip! well not the last time i looked.
Clarence Peters is the Colin Tilley of Nigeria! He's pretty good too!
ques: hu is yr role model Ans: it depends , most of em are younger than I .{Colin Tilley, Toni Sejanamane . the list goes on }. i gat many of em.
OMKelly With less than a week of receiving the most adds on Urban radio format with "Kisses Down Low", Kelly Rowland has chosen Colin Tilley to direct the lead single. Already in production in LA, this will make the pair first work together. Check out Colin …
prem darts tonight going for the thorn,barny,lewis,newton and gerwen £5 acc pays over £400
Beyonce's not the only one using the Super Bowl as a launching pad for new music... VIDEO IN PRODUCTION: Kelly Rowland - Colin Tilley, dir. more here:
in humid...but so glad and emotional as well as i went to visit dee and colin. they looked so well.they shared with me especially dee with her first experience in boarding school.well we laughed, as i tried my best not to cry.thank God for their lives.healthy and all is was hard to say goodbye, hard to let go of dee.she was strong to say mom i will b ok...thank u for visiting1!!!
Then Colin Tilley was making everyone's videos
"Ole Miss isn't cheating, they have a beautiful campus, gorgeous women, and the academic difficulty of a fishing license"-
Anything that has to do with visuals and Colin Tilley is amazing.
Man, Colin Tilley makes the nicest video
Checkout the trailer for our movie "LICKS" which will be premiering at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival in March! Director: Jon Athan Producer: Niko Philipides Co-Writer: Hongry Hussein Editor: Vinnie Hobbs Executive Producer: Colin Tilley DOP: Rob Witt Thanks to everyone who worked on this, and hope to see you in Austin!
LICKS follows the story of a young man, D, as he returns to his Oakland neighborhood after two years served in prison for a robbery gone wrong... Director/Sc...
xot brif bwt the trak [dont judge me] is way through the desert before arriving at an army base. He suits up in his Black Pyramid gear and prepares to board a spaceship When a reporter, who also happens to be his girlfriend, asks him why he would risk his life on a suicide mission, he responds, “I’m doing a service for my country and my planet. If that means saving the people I love and I care about, then that’s what I’ll do.” A brave Breezy prepares for takeoff as tears stream down his face. He has flashbacks of his girlfriend before the rocket collides with a meteor and he saves the world Watch Chris’ selfless act of heroism in the emotional clip, which he co-directed with Colin Tilley
Colin Tilley does a lot of Chris' music videos
Tyga keeps the visuals coming as he releases a new one for his single ‘Dope’ featuring Rick Ross. Directed by Colin Tilley. The track, which samples ‘Deep Cover’, was previously known as ’187′. This is off his upcoming album “Hotel California” dropping soon.
Debate of the day. Is Colin Kaepernick better than Michael Vick? Or does he just have better coaching and personnel around him?
..I fux with that Tyga feat. Rick Ross - "Dope" song and video. Colin Tilley
missing my children already.dee n Colin.praying for safety, wisdom.well thats it there's tym for every tok about visiting Suva every weekend!!!
This video is great! Sometimes i wish i was colin Tilley lol
Colin Tilley makes the dopest videos
They need to give Colin Tilley a cameo in the next X-Men feature film
lmao yeah Colin Tilley shouldn't be on this project. ://
Colin Tilley did his thing on that and video "DOPE"...
it was weak spitting by both but I like Colin Tilley's visuals... Yo I'm thinking bout Burb beanies with that new logo
"Got concept for sinnerMan's video...Mad *** concept..." Hmm...awon ti colin tilley
Video: Tyga Feat. Rick Ross – Dope: Very sick video directed by Colin Tilley, lookout for Hotel California dropp...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tyga featuring Rick Ross – Dope: Colin Tilley directs the latest visual drop-off for Tyga and ...
Snowboarders in Chattanooga: Holla at me. I have something you might enjoy. Tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends.
After switching lanes with Game, Tyga teams up with Rick Ross in the Colin Tilley-directed vid...
Colin tilley should start directing movies already
You know a Colin Tilley video when you see it. !! Dopeness!
Yes, my friend Colin told me to see it, so I saw it at TIFF knowing nothing about it!
Watch the music video for Just One Last Time [BTS] by David Guetta ft. Taped Rai and more new videos on VEVO.
Marc posed an interesting viewpoint in the Posts by Others. I thought many of you might have views you'd like to share. -David Marc Andy Tilley Dont get me wrong, I love dr who, all of them since the age of 5, that was a long time ago...i would just like to see a doctor with a harder edge, more scientific, more i dont give a stuff... maybe thats just my taste ,,, comments ? marc
I think Colin Tilley left Riveting Entertainment. All his recent production credits are for different production companies.
want Colin Tilley to shoot the video or Keoni?
Colin Tilley is by far my favorite director right now...
Sitting here watching Colin Tilley videos thinking...I want that Tilley look with Right Lights flavor!
Thank you Colin Tilley!! You make the music videos way Better !! 💜
NOPE!!! “Clarence peters is our Colin tilley”
Clarence peters is our Colin tilley
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Starting 01/1/13, business will be tightening up! Getting on my Hype Williams, Colin Tilley, and Gil Green ish!
Colin Tilley should do alot of Nicki's videos.
Watch JUST ONE LAST TIME featuring Taped Rai, video directed by Colin Tilley
Colin Tilley “Who was the director for No Worries ?”
NOW CASTING: VANITY MUSIC VIDEO This will be a stylistic, sexy, edgy, glam video for the artist Vanity. It is directed by the amazing Colin Tilley (Justin Beiber ''Boyfriend'', Nicki Minaj ''I am your Leader'' David Guetta Feat. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne ''I Can Only Imagine'' THis will be super HOT. See roles on the first comment and submit by emailing your photo to info.kmhcasting
I have a concept for UIF and I need to speak with Colin Tilley please.
That Colin Tilley kid is pretty rad. Mike put me on
nice write up on the making of video with director and DP ROB WITT
One of my fav directors on the new video "Freedom"
Awks moment on the history test where you almost but colin tilley instead of Leonardo tilley
Director Colin Tilley on Nicki Minaj "Freedom": The staircase? Miniature. The massive structure that gave me a ...
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