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Colin Murray

Colin Murray (born Colin Wright on 10 March 1977) is a Northern Irish sports and music radio and television presenter.

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Celtic won their semi, did they aye? 😒
Ah the naivety of it all 👍 but pipe dreams are good mate. Good to have them I guess
take out Patrick, soz will take down Hibs, soz & then Celtic in final, soz
Ever wondered who the in is in the UK? Dr Colin Murray Parkes - See him in action here..
you should finish a with "and that's the bottom line cos Colin Murray says so"
Some good reads here, including Colin Murray on Team Sky and a Michael Carrick exclusive...
Phil,I owe you an apology- last year I made reference to colin murray's exit from TalkSport. hope it wasn't misunderstood
why don't you go back to being ignored by Colin Murray?
mate Colin Murray left TalkSport because the Sun bought them out and yet Bellew still does work for them
great listening, typical Colin Murray,fast furious and witty.
11:00 Fighting Talk: Colin Murray is joined by Tamsin Greenway, Nish Kumar, Dougie Anderson and Greg Brady.
Andy Murray saved seven match points in a 31-minute second-set tie-break on his way to reaching the semi-finals. 👉
Deeply troubling events at Middlebury. Campuses are no place for Murray's class intolerance but also not violence.
he ain't no Colin Murray but he was on about amateur refs striking this weekend due to abuse/ intimidation while ref'ing
Colin is grand but I'd have loved to see Alliance take the last seat
between him and Colin McGrath of the SDLP - tight race!
Week in 1,000 Words: Why Musselman and Marshall deserve MW's top honors; Nevada football schedule; Colin Kaepernick.
The Rag being given coverage by TALKSPORT. WOW I guess all is forgiven then. No wonder Colin Murray left.
Wasn't a fan of Colin Murray but at least he had a moral compass.Durham is a joke.
Changed it yeah, thanks for noticing the label. Probs not heard of SRR. Colin Murray had morals.
It is now. That's why folk like Colin Murray resigned.
If I don't end up marrying Colin Murray is there really any reason to keep living?
keep working for the sun *** at least Colin Murray had balls to resign 🙈
Talksport's only good guy was Colin Murray, when he left it all went downhill massively.
We're excited to welcome a new embedded Canadian Exchange Officer from Colin Murray!
just what I was thinking. No dignity or self respect like Colin Murray. He's a disgrace
it's sad that some agree with their awful "analysis". Talksport died with Colin Murray leaving IMO.
Another big congratulations to last weeks shared winners who all received £152.32: Scott Semple, John McNeil, K Murray, Colin Grant 1/2
Had an amazing time filming at People Camps. Awesome crew to work with, Greg Murray Shaun Belmore Luke Sinclair.
Colin Murray used to wind him up loads on talksport.
Thank you to Stephen Kelly of & Colin Murray of for a great discussion.
Colin Murray of says the running parties' diametric opposition on the question of is dangerous for N. Ireland.
at the HELM! Bloody predictive text. Colin Murray at the Helmet, I'll be honest doesn't do it for me
Colin Murray from the project will be on The Stream tonight at 19.30 GMT to discuss Brexit and NI:
Rumors are already swirling that the are very interested in free-agent RB Latavius Murray
Colin Rae of speaks on infrastructure inclusion in housing development collaboration waning post-r…
never thought Id say this... bring back Colin Murray. Jim White makes me wana rip my intestines out and strangle myself with them
Colin Murray to be fired out of a cannon in Morecambe
yeah I like him and I used to like Colin Murray as well. Sadly he's gone.
DRDC is proud to have its very own Colin Murray be 1st Canadian Exchange Officer embedded in
A Hill Murray student at his finest
collymore moronic Colin Murray was quality only h and j worth listening to left
Murray will get hurt as soon as Fleury goes. Just watch.
Wonder how much damage you can do to our Premier? . Just remmeber Paul Murray, Colin Barnett is the BEST Premier this Nation has !!
Colin Murray show was ace a true man of the people turn over now just not having Jim White
keep saying Colin Murray had principles he left Quinn still taking the Murdoch pound 👹👹👹
Colin Murray was top with Keith Gillespie too. Laughed all morning. Your piece during the 'skirmishes' was great radio.
shame you and Colin Murray never got a mention as you both made major contributions in different ways to euro 2016
have you got the balls to mention Colin Murray and Stan who contributed so much .
is Bob Mills still on or did he leave with Colin Murray? I might consider that.
bob mills - he'd have a scorn for the whole proceeding ? Colin Murray ?
Would seem rumours about Danny Baker going into the jungle are true. Colin Murray hosting his show for the next 5 weeks.
No Danny Baker show? That's my Saturday morning routine screwed. Much as I like Colin Murray, I love the whimsy of Danny's show.
Which Notts MP has backed Colin Murray and a Euro 2016 team? - Nottingham Post
With the possible exclusion of Colin Murray
true mate and he shouldn't even be there in the first place. Clearly missed Colin Murray's exit statement!
Bill Murray's potential conflict: Attend NLCS Game 7 at Wrigley or a Kennedy Center event in his honor?
btw such a great show is damaged by bill n ben bring back Colin Murray
you shouldn't even be talking to talksport - remember Colin Murray's stance
are owned by the sun , hence Colin Murray leaving.
hence fair play to Colin Murray for sticking to his principles
he does realise the owner of talksport owns the sun as well? That's why Colin Murray and that left
correct. Least Colin Murray had the decency to leave and say he couldn't work in their organisation.
Aiden Gillen, Colin O'Donoghue, Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Devon Murray, shut up I don't have a thing for Irish men
When I start my email to my professor off with "hello this is cullen" and her response starts with "hey colin"
Colin Murray just blew a kiss at me I'm alive
Rock and Roll this year with Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by (Bert Murray) … …
Jim white just not filling Colin Murray's boots
The vastly incompetent Murray McCully is to mediate between USA and China? You HAVE to be Joking? Start digging those shel…
Sky sports are dreadful & getting worse, as are Talksport, who had a sly dig at Colin Murray on air last week. Pathetic.
thanks Dale. Honoured! And that Colin is kind enough to compare me to Murray. I love the sport!
Liked it when Colin Murray did it. Quite relaxed and matey sort of show. Too contrived now trying to do same formula
Colin Murray Jim white the lost can go on listening figures thru the roof since!
"I don't understand what's un-American about fighting for liberty and justice for everybody." -Colin Kaepernick
piracy is piracy. I hated hearing adverts on Colin Murray's pod but sat through them
Can we expand it to include Patrick Kane, Bill Murray, Colin Cowherd and Jeff Fisher?
Merry Christmas everyone! Have a FREE Colin Murray show 2016 calendar! Print or keep on desktop. You're welcome!
I'll text jim Christie, steph Murray jk anaw
Be sure to visit Bert Murray's Author page and check out The Colin Preston Series!
Might surprise you but I dislike Robbie Keane & Rory McIlroy - and Colin Murray & Eamonn Holmes, obviously.
SpursDr talkSPORT he calls everyone "my friend", repeats himself so much & keeps saying "I'm loving this".Colin Murray he ain't...
Know what you mean pal. Other than H&J and Colin Murray (before he left), it's gone *** poor quick sharp.
So BBC got rid of colin Murray for Homophobic bullying of BBC Clare he gets new job at...BBC. The BBC moral code
Fighting Talk on radio 5 live is absolutely back to its best with Colin Murray 👊🏻
Colin Murray seems to be enjoying Josh...
I liked the Colin Murray show before he left and drivetime is decent for a wind up even if I don't agree with Adrian Durham
Mr Quinn still taking the Sun money should be ashamed Colin Murray had principles 👹👹👹
How cringing is Jason Mohammeds " banter" with Phil Taylor. Makes you miss Colin Murray.
Let's not have Colin Murray back on 5 live. Let's have
wasn't it Colin Murray the other day James ?
Colin Murray is coming back to Fighting Talk can today get any better
have you followed David Thompson and Colin Murray lead an walked out on that radio station or are gonna stay an be the (1/2)
first Colin Murray now David Thompson quit talksport because of their links to new owners who own the sun well done guys total respect
Good on him too as well as Colin Murray 👍👍 Ex-Liverpool player quits talkSPORT over links with The S*n
that's why collymore and Colin Murray both left and David Thompson
Colin Murray quits talk sport,,, over the sun... Will diehard reds Micky Quinn and Ray houghton follow,, maybe money comes first eh lads.
Colin Murray has quit TalkSport after it was taken over by the parent owner of The Sun. . Respect👍🏼
How many times can Colin Murray tell us that Germany are world champions...
Do you think a young David Baddiel looks like Colin Murray?
Scott quigg just got dangerously close to Henry Cooper's "the amateur game is the amateur game" on Colin Murray's show
A.J. Jackson tries some Matrix-style moves to try to avoid a pin, but Colin Murray gets one anyway. Kiski Area 62, Carrick 0.
Talksport discussion • Re: Colin Murray: Murray is the only person from Norn Iron who I can...
guaranteed 2morrow some yinzer who said strip Sid of C will say let Murray should be starter
Eurosport turn to Matt Smith as lead presenter in Berlin, with Colin Murray and Andy Goldstein unavailable
Baseball: Santa Ana 3, Grossmont 2 (Top of 5th) - Jeff Murray and Colin Winn each hit a solo home run to put the Dons on top
never been there before, what am I to expect? 😘
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Colin Murray used to put his feet on the desk. Hated that.
Yes, I have actually been chasing this up Colin.
Colin Murray has just said Klopp has free reign this season, and not surprised no one has come in. Massive summer ahead though
Colin Murray try's to play 'Simon says' with Evander Holyfield 02/02 at around 11:35-11:38 Gareth from Maidstone
Cant listen to Colin Murray here.The lads tongue is excellently placed on Holyfields ***
Please can we have back instead on Colin Murray?? Colin is using his job just to indulge himself!
Obviously Colin Murray gets knocked out first
Write in vote - the scrappy Colin Murray counted out.
Ian Greig Chappell (3 for the price of 2), Brendan Julian Wiener, Abid Ali Brown, John Derrick Murray,
Michael O'Halloran is currently undergoing a medical at Murray Park.
Michael O'Halloran has arrived at Murray Park with his agent ahead of a medical as he finalises his move to
you want see how cop gangs work, investigate the case of Colin McLean & the relationship to the murder of Murray Stretch
Fax Sen Murray (202) 224-0238), ask her to SUPPORT an order by to remove Snake River Dams
RB DeMarco Murray is at I saw him take two steps then take a seat, so not much has changed sinc…
Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled by Bert Murray Check it out
Couldn't be arsed with him. I'm watching last night's boxing. He's better than Colin Murray, though.
Andy Murray: "I feel like I've been here before. Sorry I couldn't get it done tonight.".
That's official then. For the first time ever Jamie Murray gets the front seat AND picks the tunes . .
Good heavens, Colin, I only said I'd got up n dressed! And see - it's brought Murray luck!!
Colin and Mike listening to murray match offshore in North Sea, bracing the arrival of Storm Hendry!!
Some bad, some good from Murray is never going to be enough against the unrelenting excellence of Djokovic.
Not going well for Murray, looks like a beaten man already not good at 5-1 first set! c'mon Andy wake up man, it's match day!
My Sunday morning is sorted. Come on Murray!!!
Colin Murray is there to remind us that Mardle, Harrington et al are not so bad after all
that would be one *** of a story: Colin Murray done for manslaughter of Michael Jackson.
Colin Murray prepares for Belfast ‘mankini walk’: TV and radio presenter Colin Murray will take to the streets...
Great snooker coverage on Eurosport. Best ever commentator - Mike Hallett. Shame about Colin Murray - Hazel Irvine he AIN'T !
British Eurosport will be getting more of my attention with Ronnie and Jimmy on the team, oh and Hazel Irvine in Colin Murray's skin
Colin Murray on talk sport has got me in stitches
I don't think Sanchez will keep tripping Murray in the backfield either, Bradford had 1 meh quarter
WATCH: Murray at the Sky Pad: Andy Murray joined Mark Petchey at the Sky Pad to analyse his victory over David...
should have taken cutler over bradford. Only got bradford to steal murray
: ❖ : look out for: Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled by Bert Murray
5* "Murray’s version of the 80s is spot on.a step back to 'yesterday'" - .
i remember the Snoop advert with the Colin Murray lookalike!
Douglas Murray as associate director would put most people off:.
Throwback to when Colin Lloyd punched a dartboard
Murray running out the play offsets the penalty
Anyone at teensiest bit concerned that BBC website on Emwazi links to Cage?.
Murray is picked on A&M's second play of the game. Not a great start.
Kyler Murray takes the field for Texas A&M's first series.
Kyler Murray took first QB reps in skelly drills in pregame. His throws looked crisp. My guess is that he starts tonight.
Kyler Murray dressed for the Aggies tonight. Kevin Sumlin said earlier this week if Murray was healthy, he'd start.
yes they did they put that marvellous Colin Murray his morning show is really .really. awful
yup Colin Murray is drivel I don't listen anymore
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Have a look at my Review for Bert Murray's(Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled. View Review Here:
Jamaal Murray dunks it and sprints back on defense. I like this guy
Well done Seb. Coe ( I never doubted this great man( who are the insects like. Colin. Murray to sneer at King Seb
Really looking forward to hearing the Danny Murphy show with 'average guests' Daly Thompson & Colin Murray 😂
Excellent studio coverage as ever from Nat & Mike - but the best thing about it? Colin Murray not being involved
Think it was Colin Murray who said there was some very sad breaking news about somebody at Radio 1 that >
Why the *** isn't Kyler Murray in but Hubenak is???
Murray is dying to go in. He ran over and grabbed his helmet and kept creeping closer and closer to the field while in the huddle
If I were Murray I would have transferred at halftime when Sumlin or Spav or whoever it was decided he was somehow not a better option?
Both Alex Murray and Jacob Caffrey saw action in last night's 8-3 loss to the Nittany Lions.
yep Defo , trying to get colin Murray from talksport up to as he's at St. Albans game !! Lol
he does come across as a really nice guy, are you gonna be on Colin Murray and friends on talk sport soon?
when did you become best mates with Colin Murray?
Alex Murray tried to be Martin Brodeur. Never try to be Martin Brodeur.
heard u on Talksport few weeks ago on Colin Murray n last Sun wiv C Barker wot a gr8 voice u have keep up gr8 work moreFOOTY
35 mins into Colin Murray & friends. Still no mention of the Europa League?
NEW Love and Loss: The Roots of Grief and Its Complications by Colin Murray Park
Start or sit Colin Kaepernick tonight? has your advice:
thanks noel edmonds hair. Can we have bobby george and colin murray next?
I'm too far gone. Plus, it was Ben Folds, Colin Hanks, and Bill Murray. My questions were good, too.
Joe lad it were funny when Colin Murray pulled Abraham up for sayin Pakistan wrong? Highs of 19
Get on the radio Pete and give Colin Murray a ring!!! Local Hero
COTW. Colin Murray approx 10.10am on Tuesday 20th October. "Stuart has a massive one he wants to tell us about after the break"
that is to be decided either Colin Murray's Blue Jays or the KAnsas City Royals
Lets go Blue Jays. Wake Colin Murray up. he claims to be a fan... the Jays are Canada's Peoples club. Magic tonight
We are all today! My favourite players are Colin Murray and Ian Healy. Come on old boys
Colin Murray show.full of Z list celebs who you only see on one of those football gaffs DVDs that go out every xmas!!!Bore off
Colin Murray of last night - "Hibs fans singing Sunshine On Leith is the most beautiful moment in football…
The abstaining betrayal of Ian Murray this week is the final nail in the coffin of Scottish Labour...
Colin Murray supports the Foundation. Massive thanks to
Koog. Colin Murray on talksport is doing a boxing week all week with Buncey. Get your *** on to promote the channel bro.
The one and only RONNIE O'SULLIVAN and COLIN MURRAY just gave me the £100 Wickes vouchers prize for my impression of Micheal Van Gerwin! LOL
listening to Colin Murray boasting about windmill punching you yesterday? Is this true?
We already knew it...but here's proof why our HYAs host is such a good guy!
good grief. Colin Murray 's interviewing technique on a sport he knows nothing about is funny
Your Barry Mcguigan sounds like Colin Murray wearing a too tight pair of jeans
I know your on the colin Murray show at the mo but trust me lol jimmy loves you
Quote of the day I'm so young and hip!! By Colin Murray so modest .
Big-hearted Colin Murray donates awards fee to Foundation
Bill Murray's take on being mindful (kept waiting for the punchline; turns out he's just highly self-aware)
Three of my favorite singers right here! Angelo Moore, Chris Murray, and Colin Giles!
My brand-new on author, Christoph Fischer's blog about my new novel...
I just bought: 'Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled' by Bert Murray via
are you on TV this season or you doing something on the wireless with Colin murray
Ebdon will be on BBC Radio Five Live tomorrow night to talk about veganism with Colin Murray, sometime between 8.30pm an…
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Just watching the Heather Watson game again. Why was colin Murray sitting next to her mum? 😭
Is that Colin Murray in the box with Heather Watson's family??
Was that Colin Murray in Heather Watson's players' box? Sitting next to her Mum?? Weird
now just what the *** was Colin Murray doing sat next to Heather Watson's mum at Wimbledon! I had to do a double take!
I hate Colin Murray more than Stephen mulhern now. Why do people employ him??
So, did we ever find out if Colin Murray is Heather Watson's dad?
Valiant effort from Heather Watson, so sad for her, now someone please tell me: WHY WAS COLIN MURRAY THERE?
hey moose story is Colin Murray sat with H.W mother !!
Heather Watson magnificent but Serena is just awesome! Love that Colin Murray was in coaches box
I didn't know Colin Murray was her Dad!
Great effort from Heather Watson. Still wondering why Colin Murray is in her box?
Colin Murray jumping on the bandwagon really pisses me off!
Mama Watson and Colin Murray are the cutest thing on Centre
Don't know what's more amazing - the way Watson is dominating this match, or the fact that Colin Murray seems to be sat bes…
Colin Murray! Good to see him on prime time telly. Even if it is fleetingly.
Heather Watson and Colin Murray seemed to hit if off when they first met in 2013
is Colin Murray sat in the family box? With dark glasses on
The question on everyone's mind is why is Colin Murray sitting next to Heathers mum?
Is that bloody Colin Murray in the players box
But how else would we get to see such A listers as Richard Bacon and Colin Murray!
So, is Colin Murray doing sex with Heather Watson then
Sport • Re: Wimbledon 2015: great question wrote:Colin Murray is in her camps seating areaV...
Is Colin Murray dating Heather Watson or her mother?
Someone explain why Colin Murray is sat with Heather's posse?
That's Colin Murray next to Heather Watson's mum in the crowd! Didn't realise he was the father
Is that Colin Murray sat beside Heather's mum?
Worst thing about this tennis match is they keep cutting to Colin *** Murray.
Why is Colin Murray sitting next to Heather Watson's mum?
Is that Colin Murray & is he knocking off Heather Watson's ma?
Is Colin Murray filling Heather Watson in? Or her mum? What's he doing in there?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Serious question, is that Colin Murray in the Watson family box?
Colin Murray is slightly dimming my enjoyment of this.
Is that Colin Murray next to Heathers mum?
It's weirding me out seeing Colin Murray in the coaches box.
Is that Colin Murray on the coaches box!? Looks identical!
Is that Colin Murray sitting beside mum??
Has anyone explained why Colin Murray is there?
Are Colin Murray and Heather Watson's mum an item?
When Colin Murray woke up,hungover,with a strange woman & said he'd spend the day with her, little did he know it was Heather Watson's mum.
most puzzling thing is why Colin Murray appears to be in her supporters box
Is that Colin Murray sat next to Heather's mam?
Colin Murray is in for a treat tonight.
If she wins... this match will go down in history & I'll be forever thinking... Colin Murray?
What is Colin Murray doing in next to Heather Watsons mum? He's not bumming her is he?
Is Colin Murray married to Heather Watson or something? Someone explain why they keep showing that pillock's face.
Who's the bloke sat next to Heather Watson's Mum who looks like Colin Murray? (This is where somebody tells me it's Colin Murray...)
Why is Colin Murray in Heather Watson's family box?
Is that Colin Murray in the players box??
Not sure looking up to your box & seeing Colin Murray on his feet would inspire anybody
Why is Colin Murray sat with her Mum?
Colin Murray getting plenty of air time
How good is Johnny Vaughan! So much better than the mundane Colin Murray
Oh good. Johnny Vaughan is in for Colin Murray. What else is on?
Amazing day! Shame about the result, but got to meet Tony McCoy, Paul Merson and Colin Murray in the FA Lounge.
Colin Murray: Only the FBI can clean up the Fifa mess presided over by Sepp Blatter
Colin Murray being a *wee* bit awkward over heysel on TalkSport there.
Dr Colin Murray Parkes is speaking on Disorganised Attachment and Separations from Parents in Childhood on 24 June.
With the story changing daily I think it is time Murray reconsidered his original 'not guilty' plea
Colin Murray takes delivery of his new Kawasaki ER6n, many safe miles Colin.
FACT: Colin Meloy if The Decmberists and Tim Murray have never been spotted in the same room.
yep colin murray and chums big step up from MOTD
My brain might melt if this happens.
he can certainly maintain Fifa's current reputation. And why is nobody grilling Jim Boyce. Colin Murray ducking furiously.
Really good interivew with Colin Murray and Kellie Maloney- Wednesday, May 20 | talkSPORT via
morning Colin,looking 4ward to Chunky!. When is your Murray meets with Sepp?. Tune for Sepp It wasn't me by Shaggy!.
With all this nasty corruption being uncovered in FIFA I am so pleased it couldn't happen here, eh Murray..., Murray?
I only listen when you are on Didi , if it wasn't for that annoying little twerp Colin Murray i would listen all the time
Bryan Murray's continued refusal to simply buy out Colin Greening and move on is astounding. NO ONE WANTS THAT CONTRACT.
Thursday at the French Open: Andy Murray and Heather Watson will be Britain's sole representatives at the Fren...
Hey Murray McCully, I'm against the TPPA. If you don't want any trouble, bung me 6 mill and a model farm.
Ironic that I was moaning about having to drive this morning and I've been hooked to all day! Even put up with Colin Murray
5* "Murray's version of the is spot on...a step back to '
that the place where you were in the same room as Colin Murray and no one twatted him?
Cesc Fabregas and Colin Murray in the Italian line up
Italy. 3 tenors including Colin Murray in red bins. I can see this doing well bit mushy though. 7/10
Breast Cancer Awareness
Today in FALS presents the Annual Colin Roderick Lecture at Presented by Joanna Murray-Smith ...see you there 4.30 start.
Philadelphia fans, here's your 1st look at DeMarco Murray in his new digs. Cowboys fans, look away!. (via
Netflix to premiere Bill Murray Christmas special directed by Sofia Coppola in December
The rot on Radio 1 started when they took on the awful Colin Murray & sidekick Edith, getting rid of Fearne is a good thing, she's awful too
Colin Murray: Ronald Koeman should be named Premier League Manager of the Year for the job ...
Ian Murray will be introduced as St Mirren manager at a 4pm media conference Pic via
Ian Murray leaves Dumbarton and is set to be announced as the new St Mirren manager this afternoon.
Glad St Mirren took my advice from last week's column and appoint Dumbarton's Ian Murray as their new manager.
About 12.20 on Wednesday on Colin Murray show a caller describing sliding on a knife. Very funny but weird
Colin Murray and Perry Groves have just said live on air that's he's good enough to replace Xavi at Barca 😂😂
Colin Murray on now saying Ferguson is 'nailed on' to be boss.
I think my nephew Murray is taking the Scandinavian flick a step too far, it was the Colin McRae rally though http…
Oh, it's Bill Murray and John Goodman. No need to write them, people will just like them.
"A coming-of-age story with plenty of where is not only blind, but it -
Colin Thomas is looking for a buyer on 160 W 6400 S
Can I Just shock you? I like the Alan Brazil show. There, I've said it. Colin Murray and the other 2 at dinner as well tbf.
Andy Legg, Ricardo Moniz, Colin Slater, Dougie Freedman, Colin Fray, Adam Murray, Carl Froch and Rick Passmoor all coming up at 6!
Colin Murray is a LEGEND, his crack is class!
Colin Murray is a wee fanny but this is the best thing he's ever written
Colin murray talks some nonsense bout mayweather pacquiao fight
colin murray is prime *** He idiotic views got him the sack on MOTD and rightly so. He's so annoying
The SFA confirm that Paul Murray is 'fit and proper' in terms of Article 10.2.
Colin Murray the Carl osysden of trust darts ?
I still listen to Brazil, but always switch off when that awful Colin Murray comes on.
Colin Murray, dont write anything in the sports colum of the Metro again , you absolutely do not deserve to talk about sport
Colin Murray is now a boxing expert also. His article in the metro is the biggest bag of *** I have read for a long time
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