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Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan (born 1 January 1986) is an actor from Armagh, Northern Ireland, best known for playing the title character in the BBC TV series Merlin.

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next one is Legend with Tom Hardy, Colin Morgan, Christopher Ecclestone and possibly David Thewlis :)
Kids and Colin Morgan can't exist together
did you go to youtube and search for Colin Morgan movie they'll come up unless it is blocked:(
I want Colin Morgan to be super successful but on the other hand I kind of want to keep him our little secret
YOU LIKE MERLIN OMG??? I've been a fan since the beginning! Ain't Colin Morgan so purty? xxx
Def got my priorities straight! lol Speaking of Ireland, have you ever seen The Fall? Colin Morgan is in the latest season
Filming for a new BBC programme starring Colin Morgan has started and it's filming around Bristol. *wanders around to fi…
are you Colin Morgan What' s your name :-) :-)
you can also find it search for Colin Morgan movies:)
Photoset: New photo of Colin Morgan in The Living And The Dead! (x)
I'm already looking for Merlin pic of Colin Morgan on a horse so I can zoom in & compare.Lol
this poll is useless and Colin Morgan deserves to be know for his talent and not for his physical.. I hate this kind of poll...
Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston and Colin Morgan confirmed for the UK premiere of -
Humans was awesome and Colin Morgan is incredible and I LOVE HIM
Colin Morgan slays me and has been for years. He just does it for me tbh
Colin Morgan no need to be in sexiest man poll bc it's his talent the most important. This kind of poll is totally stupid...
No one can deny Colin Morgan's handsomeness. I won't let them.
Foto: hessofluffyyy: Colin Morgan, favorite photos :: filming Testament of Youth in Oxford (7/∞)
"He really is a very good actor, isn’t he?" - my mum, watching Colin Morgan in Humans, and finally...
Little trailer they have released of The Laughing King starring Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan looking awesome as Ariel in Shakespeare's the tempest.
I'm really enjoying HUM∀NS. It's really creative, and I love seeing Colin Morgan again!
It's been confirmed that John Lynch, Archie Panjabi & Colin Morgan will join Gillian Anderson & Jamie Dornan in Season 3 o…
Ashley Pharoah drama starring Colin Morgan, The Living and the Dead, starts shooting at Bottleyard Studios-
But then again, the wonder of Colin Morgan and Bradley James is always enough to lure me back in. Hot guys and their great actinf, honestly.
Colin Morgan, Alice Troughton and Robert Emms filming together! I am so excited ! 😆
Merlin's Colin Morgan is to star in spooky new period drama being filmed in the West Country. Click here:
Colin Morgan to star in new BBC period drama
My obsession with is maybe a bit unhealthy, but Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby and Bradley James 😍😍😭
So how was it seeing Colin Morgan as Victor on massive movie screen? Please prepare me if u can
Exactly 1 month ago, I met Colin Morgan, the love of my life. I miss him with all my heart. I miss…
Colin Morgan ruining my life with his leather jacket oh dear lord
Colin Morgan with a scruffy beard is making my life too hard to live I can't deal
Last gif is going to be of of course bc Colin Morgan is amazing as Leo and his tears are my tears
reflects on his latest TV drama . via
Ugh I really need to go watch Testament of Youth b/c Taron Egerton and Colin Morgan together in one film is epic in and of it self.
Huh! Wait did u see Colin Morgan in there? My cuddlybear
discusses what it’s been like to work on Channel 4 hit
on getting a Synth himself: I wouldn’t be the 1st in line,no. . via http:…
One of the reasons why I think is special- he prefers to live in real world ❤️. htt…
Thanks so much for this awesome interview with :) …
Colin Morgan can always make me smile 😊
star Colin Morgan talks about the sci-fi themes in and the Leo/Max dynamic
is talking about And after a brief research, I think I'm gonna watch it, but just for Colin Mor…
‘Humans’ Episode 5 review: Who/what is 'Merlin' star Colin Morgan's Leo? -
The more I watch Colin Morgan the more i like his acting... what a great actor.
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Colin Morgan is so talented it doesn't make sense😍
The Rising: Brendan Coyle Joins Colin Morgan in Cast of Irish Film: As filming has started on the Downton Abbe...
Great interview! every word that Colin Morgan says, sounds like an explosion of knowledge! He's a genius! tks
Here's my full interview with about over at
ooh yeah Colin Morgan's legit never gonna do it for me
well so many...ehm for example. Colin Morgan, Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Sean Bean... and so on :)
Also watched the first episode of Good story and heavy questions. Nice to see Colin Morgan and Katherine Parkinso…
I love Colin Morgan, Chris Colfer and the list goes on and on but most of all i love you Niall :). I love all the songs you have singed,
See what Colin Morgan, Ivanno Jeremiah, and Danny Webb have planned for their synths:
What would Colin Morgan, Ivanno Jeremiah, and Danny Webb add if they were synths? Find out:
Started watching Humans. Love it! Great cast - Colin Morgan, Katherine Parkinson, Will Tudor!
Are you watching Humans? It's on AMC, stars Colin Morgan and Katherine Parkinson. I think you'll like it
I liked a video Bradley James and Colin Morgan are friends for life
Colin Morgan interview by SFX at San Diego Comic Con 2011 I LOVE this interview. His giggle when…
Bradley James' JAWLINE. and Colin Morgan's cheekbones are pretty nice too 👍
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Emily Browning and actor Colin Morgan playing with Tom Hardy's dog on the set!
Colin Morgan plays Victor,a lovely young man who sacrifices a lot through his kindness …
The best people have the name Morgan. Dexter Morgan. Colin Morgan. Morgan Freeman . Me Morgan
act there was a time I voted for Colin Morgan over him bc last series of merlin and thought it would be Colin's last chance😂
you are welcome!😚 It's always pleasure to share Colin-Sunshine-Morgan ☺️
What would you do if Colin Morgan was your toe? — I would cut off my toe and dress it like Merlin.
That moment when Colin Morgan and Bradley James won't stop staring at you
Colin Morgan is such an inspiration.
But under the tutelage of Stephen Jones, Matthew Morgan could become a new Colin Stephens? No?
Sheriff Morgan said If America is racist why do we have an African American president ? Why is Colin Powell secretary of state?
HUMANS looks really good and so does Colin Morgan
Favorite actors from left to right: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Colin Morgan, Asa Butterfield, Matt…
and Colin's in the 300 hurdles but I'm not sure what time they will be
Humans looks so fuxking good and it's got Colin Morgan in it ahhh
Check out 'Hunger TV: Colin Morgan Behind the Scenes' on Vimeo there go my ovaries 😍😍😍
Watch on 1 at 9.35. Brilliant performances by Colm Meany and Colin Morgan, beautiful direction by
TRAILER: Humans | Coming Soon | Channel 4 via This looks so good. And Colin Morgan too!
It's nice to be Colin Morgan's fan ☺️
count another vote for Colin Morgan from me!
🙋Question for Jamie: What was it like working with Colin Morgan? Agnes from Hungary😘
New article about . no mention of Colin Morgan though... via
Colin Morgan's smile is my strength and weakness
To play the war-blinded Victor in Testament of Youth, Colin Morgan had the same training as blind veterans, while blindfolded.
"is in E4’s ‘I’m definitely going to watch it now." Via
okay what did I miss when did Colin Morgan almost puke on you
"I'm just happy to be doing what I always wanted to do." Colin Morgan
I feel a close connection with other Colin Morgan fans, even if I do not speak to them.
Watching Parked on RTÉ1, great acting from Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan, love it
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome one and the only Mr. Colin Morgan! No one like him
Armagh's own, Colin Morgan on at moment in 'Parked' w/ Colm Meaney. Looks good.
Parked with Colm Meaney & Colin Morgan both lovely and heartbreaking
Can't wait to watch HUMAN on channel 4 - especially because Colin Morgan's in it!
Today we remember Sir Don Revie 26 years gone. Rest In Peace The Don. You will forever be in our hearts MOT
This is Melvin Mr Morgan Colin he is the big boss of my Movie!!! Jaska The Killer 3
Can't wait to watch Humans! Colin Morgan! Can't believe Merlin finished 3 years ago :'(. Miss Merlin but phsyced up for Humans :)
Has there been a cast list for a who's who. Sure I had one but cannot find it. Morgan
I like this man ♡ ツ Watch “Hunger TV: Colin Morgan Behind the Scenes” on
Merlin star Colin Morgan joins cast of new Irish movie The Rising
Behind the scenes video of the gorgeous for photo shoot. Video: …
I have something to confess: I love Colin Morgan 💓
should consider Colin Morgan to play role again.
Oh, and JC Chasez and my Heatness are neck and neck in this race o' love with the great Colin Morgan, bytheby. Ask Dylan McDermott.
Merlin CRACK! ► Part 2: Okay, sheer I Spy brilliance!. And have I said lately that I heart Colin Morgan? I do's!
When are colin morgan and Bradley James filming together again I need them
to fans of Colin Morgan and Bradley James, our Merlin and Arthur ❤️
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
if Colin Morgan doesn't play Merlin in OUAT I will be disappointed
Never watch it, it will break your heart! You've been warned! But you should definitely love Colin Morgan ❤️
aww yes! I hope u can get Colin Morgan to serve u tea on ur BD! 😘
Colin Morgan and I like the same peanut butter so if that's not love idk what is
Statement from Colin Morgan about PA course closure.
2/4 First up: chairing 'Fantasy and Reality' tomorrow Friday 22nd at 19.00 with Fiona Shaw, Colin Blakemore and Richard K. Morgan
Humans.. coming soon on tv June 28th.. well in UK anyway. Colin Morgan is indeed the busies alumn of Merlin – Official
more of Colin Morgan bts HungerMgz photoshoot
Clip of Colin Morgan accepting 2013 National TV Award. Will play lead in Oscar, only a matter of time. .
I need Colin Morgan as Merlin in Once Upon a Time okay
everytime I see a colin morgan picture a song pops up in my head... ^^
County council make new appointments: Councillors Graham Morgan and Colin Hay have been appointed as chair and...
Lost Grey's Anatomy but there's Humans which is Colin Morgan is in it. But the only problem is they using british.
Great line-up in Humans, including William Hurt & Colin Morgan. Plus... Krishnan Guru-Murthy! (There are n…
"Telling stories and portraying characters is my passion and my drive" via
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If Morgan Freeman And Liam Neeson's voices had a baby it would have created voice.
Hey guys, vote for Colin Morgan in tournament:
"Colin Morgan is a actor and a man amazing! He deserves all the Support in the World!"
When I saw Pierce Brosnan in Remingston Steele, I said now that's James Bond material.Now say Colin Morgan as Laurel.Jack Black as Hardy.
Can we all hope that Colin Morgan will play as merlin again in season 5 of once upon a time?
Perfection has a name it's called colin o'donoghue! (Credit )
It would be hilarious if Colin Morgan joined OUAT. It would also justify that STUPID FINALE B
COLIN MORGAN is a wonderful human who i love most in the world. he is so cute & lovely. he have the most beautiful eyes & wondreful lips
Omfg i love colin morgan i just adore him he is so amazing!
Behind the scene from photography: Jack Buster
Photoset: Colin Morgan behind the scenes of Hunger Magazine Part I (x) (Part II)
credit to the incredible talented oli..x, go find her on FB Colin morgan group or Wizard Merlin Manips
Fluffy haired Colin Morgan is my new favourite thing
1. Merlin is Lillys dad. 2.Colin Morgan better join the cast & play a super old version of Merlin 3. Wow.
Photoset: legendofmerthur: teawithaview: S2E1 Commentary with Bradley James and Colin Morgan Bradley: I...
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Thank you to Colin Morgan and Asda Broughton for providing us with a nice bottle of 12 year old whisky for the...
credit to Oli..x , *** talented!!! check her out at Colin morgan group or Wizard Merlin Manips on FB htt…
I'm even more amazed David Tennant,James McAvoy,Billy Boyd,Richard Madden and Colin Morgan all went to RSAMD.
I added a video to a playlist Bradley James & Colin Morgan performing 'You're the Voice' \0/
I'm so happy there's going to be a new British TV show with Colin Morgan. I miss seeing him in Merlin.
yes it is our Merlin...Colin Morgan and this is his Arthur..Bradley James ... you can try NEtflix
In about an hour, my post will go live featuring the teaser trailer that has no Colin Morgan in it.
In movies and series I´m a Michael Fassbender and Colin Morgan fan and Eddie Redmayne :) x
Katie Perry and Colin Morgan. :D. (People I know it's not Katy Perry ok)
you should bring in some BBC actors this year, like Eoin Macken, Colin Morgan, Santiago Cabrera, etc...
Photoset:  New stills of Colin Morgan in Testament of Youth
Ahem Globe Theatre production of The Tempest w Roger Allam & Colin Morgan coming to screens in Syd, September.
well the tempest with Roger Allam and Colin Morgan had a very good aesthetic too if you're interested!
Colin Morgan & Bradley James singing You're The Voice. Pin now watch later
Colin Morgan attends the UK Premiere of "Testament of Youth" at Empire Leicester Square on Jan 5, 2015 in London Engl
I did Shakespeare. Saw w/Roger Allam & Colin Morgan thanx to I, too, won today.
If only I could meet Bradley James and Colin Morgan
its-rumancek-you *** Can we talk more about how Colin Morgan and Bradley James played a prank on Angel...
Humans: First picture of Channel 4 and AMC sci-fi series starring William Hurt and Colin Morgan
Many thanks to everyone for the kind words about my interviews with Colin Morgan, Kit Harington & Alicia Vikander: htt…
Happy birthday! Colin Morgan, Morris Chestnut, Betsy Ross, and Paul Revere have the same bday as you!
Happy early birthday! Colin Morgan, Paul Revere, and Morris Chestnut share a birthday with you!
Jamie Dornan, Emmett Scanlan, Colin Morgan - I can't function anymore, The Fall season 2 is frying my brain.
Ditto. I miss Colin Morgan and his big fluffy ears :D
Have no idea who Rik Mayall is but Colin Morgan was amazing playing Merlin.
I added a video to a playlist Colin Morgan - Our John is a *** man now... [Catherine Tate Xmas Show
I've forgotten how much I love looking at Bradley James and Colin Morgan's faces 😍
I would like to see Colin Morgan in Mrs Brown's boys. He'd be so funny. :D
Video: Colin Morgan as DS Tom Anderson in episode 2x06 of ‘The Fall’ driving into the police station with...
After seeing The Tempest live and now watching it on Sky Arts 2. I can see how well Colin Morgan played Ariel. Now he's in The Fall
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The Tempest starring Colin Morgan starts on Sky Arts 2 in 5 minutes
The Tempest is repeated on 2 at 4.15pm. Globe recording starring Roger Allam & Colin Morgan.
Thanks to Katie MсGrath,Bradley James,Angel Coulby,Anthony Head,Richard Wilson and espesially to perfect Colin Morgan! Thanks for "Merlin"!!
Ooo Jamie Dornan and Colin Morgan is a pretty sexy pairing too.
Catch last year's production of The Tempest starring Roger Allam and Colin Morgan on Sky Arts 2 at 8pm. You won't…
A year ago today I was watching Colin Morgan live on stage (along with Rupert Grint and Ben Whishaw) 🇬🇧
Many TV/film actors aren't great live performers. Rupert Grint in Mojo for example, though Colin Morgan and Ben Whishaw were phenomenal!
Colin Morgan tells us about joining playing DS Tom Anderson, as the hunt for killer Paul Spector heats up.
A new officer will be assisting DSI Stella Gibson. Introducing DS Tom Anderson, played by Colin Morgan.
New promo for Yeah no, more like death by DS Tom Anderson (aka Colin Morgan, ya handsome devil)
Recorded too see Colin Morgan. Found out he's not on till next week and Emmett Scanlan is in the show. Still winning.
... Colin Morgan, Mark Addy, Kate Winslet, Dylan McDermott, Michael Chiklis and plus lots more!
Two more promotional pics of Colin Morgan and Jamie Dornan in The Fall.
Colin Morgan and his father in Merlin (John Lynch) aka Balinor reunited in The Fall!
Colin Morgan is a theme-park junkie & got Richard Wilson on Space Mountain @ Disneyland Paris. "We all feared for his l…
My voted show my true nerdy nature. Colin Morgan for Merlin & David Tennant for Dr. Who!
Great video But STILL no pic of Colin Morgan as DS Tom Anderson. waiting will be worth it I bet
What? we can see spoilers season 2 but no picture of Colin Morgan,Tom Anderson? this is unfair !!! ♡ ツ
Colin Morgan interview with about his role in
Colin Morgan and Bradley James's dynamic in Merlin is everything.
Would you have any promo pics of Colin Morgan as Tom Anderson to share?
So this happened to me one year ago today *sigh* --> Colin Morgan - MOJO Stage Door - November 5th, 2013:
Shakespeare's Globe on Screen presents THE TEMPEST, screening this Tuesday, 10/28 at 7:00pm! Tickets: Duke of Milan (Roger Allam), usurped and exiled by his own brother, holds sway over an enchanted island. He is comforted by his daughter Miranda (Jessie Buckley) and served by his spirit Ariel (Colin Morgan) and the deformed slave Caliban (James Garnon). When Prospero raises a storm to wreck this perfidious brother and his confederates on the island, his long contemplated revenge at last seems within reach. Imbued with a spirit of magic and the supernatural, The Tempest, recorded live on stage earlier in 2014, is Shakespeare's late great masterpiece of forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment. Director Jeremy Herrin's previous work for Shakespeare's Globe includes 2011's much loved Much Ado About Nothing. Roger Allam won the Olivier Award for best actor for his role as Falstaff in Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 at the Globe in 2010. Colin Morgan is best known for playing Merlin in the long running BBC series "Merl ...
I'm now looking at possibly Nov 27th being the first time we see Colin Morgan on does that sound right? Episode 3?
I really do miss my Colin Morgan. Oh, Colin Morgan, a handsome guy.
Colin Morgan should've had a bigger part in that episode of Doctor Who, his character was so cool.
I really want a letter from Colin Morgan, that would be my biggest wish ever
oh really? What kind of Colin Morgan goodness?
fine, just wallowing in all the recent Colin Morgan goodness
Photoset: colin morgan bfi london toy press conference
Photoset: There are times when I feel the weight of my destiny  c r u s h i n g  m e .
Photoset: tsundereslasher: your actions are betraying your words tbqh all know you would search...
Photo: totheloveless: based on this [x]
Photo: deheerkonijn: An anon asked me if I’ve ever drawn Merlin topping, and my answer is — not explicitly!...
Photoset: sociopathmb: Everything can change. But Colin Morgan’s smile will always light up my life. Love...
Video: brolinskeep: BBC Films attends the Testament of Youth Gala Premiere Colin about filming the scene at...
rocknvaughn: According to BBC’s media centre, The Series 2 premiere of The Fall is scheduled the week of...
Photo: whimsycatcher: This was inspired by the heart-churning news that Colin Morgan has been cast in an...
The story will be done brilliantly I want it to be so good and Kit Harington and Colin Morgan have been some of my favour…
The smile and hair of Colin Morgan are magical items.
Rewatching a bit of I'd forgotten how brilliant it is. Colin Morgan's cheekbones should come with a health warning.
Gorgeous Colin Morgan, this man is all I need.
Kit Harington and colin morgan in the same movie YES PLEASE
I'm watching The Fall ie the series with Jamie Dornan, Colin Morgan and Emmett Scanlan not the movie with Lee Pace and it's so good omg
COLIN MORGAN QUOTES. Anything that is close to your heart is worthy of your time and commitment...
"My first day with Colin was separate from my first day with Kit, Colin and I just very immediately..."
hessofluffyyy: "I think it’s the perfect time with the centenary of the First World War. Not just that...
Great news Colin Morgan fans. He's starring alongside a big Hollywood name in a new drama next year
Colin Morgan's just perf and adorable 👌😁.
COLIN MORGAN FANS! Post y fave pics in the COLIN section on MERLIN WORLD Forum!
Photoset: eyesparks: Colin Morgan answers a question during the “Testament of Youth” press conference at...
The day Colin Morgan got hot, like, really, really hot, was the day I started to worry
So Morgan needs you to explain the game Ice to her because she's confused and you rated it 5 Stars
Kit Harington, Dominic West, Colin Morgan, Taron Egerton & more talk to BBC Films at the premiere
Lee Pace!! Richard Armitage! Stephen Amell, Colin Morgan, anyone from the Marvel universe and LOTR/Hobbit,
Colin Morgan is not just beautiful on the outside, but amazing on the inside. U just gotta love him!
Photo: darasmithville: legendofmerthur: merthur: liveship: (via lizardspots) yes. yes yes yes. this is the...
Photo: edgewcrth: I found this in my RE book. Isn’t it beautiful.
Photoset: Hear this now: I will always come for you.
landofmerlin: updated my merlin icons page with +8 Gwen icons requested by Geena :) Read More
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rothsteins: Arthur Pendragon: nope nothing could change my mind nothing i tell you nada i’m the king of...
Overheard: merlin series 1: gotta keep my magic secret cause i could die merlin series 5: what the *** who...
Testament of Youth Review - Perhaps the most invigorating aspect of Testament of Youth is the exceptional...
Photoset: irikawa-rena: FANGIRL CHALLENGE {1/5] actors | Colin Morgan “People often ask me what inspired me...
Photoset: excalibee: this is exactly how it happened what are you talking about
oh what kind of messages? Yeah me too. I wanted Colin Morgan and Bradley James to message me for a long time!
Oscar-winning actor William Hurt to star in new Channel 4/AMC drama alongside Colin Morgan.
Powerful performances by Alicia Vikander (she's a gem), Kit Harington and Colin Morgan.
Diaporama : Colin Morgan, Kit Harington, and Taron Egerton attend the Testament of Youth Press Conference...
The babe with power! Colin Morgan. Colin Morgan / John Phillips. Discover more images at
I love him so much! Colin Morgan looking amazing! Colin Morgan / John Phillips. Discover more images at
Adam & Paul is such a genius film. Like to imagine both Tom Hardy and Colin Morgan got some inspiration for Stuart & Cathal from this..
Colin Morgan joins cast of BBC Radio 4 series Good Omens: The Fall star Colin Morgan has been cast in BBC Radi...
Colin Morgan joins cast of adaptation of apocalyptic classic Good Omens
Photo: mamalaz: Arthur will rise again
This morning I watched the first episode of The Fall hoping to see Colin Morgan but I didn't I found myself questioning what was going on
Photoset: Come morning light You and I’ll be safe and sound
Colin Morgan and Louise Brealey cast in BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Good Omens.
I can see Colin Morgan as Newt, and I like the Aziraphale and Crowley casting. The Spaced/HHGTTG vibe is v in keeping w the bo…
Can't wait for star in a lead role in the second series of drama via
yis + Colin Morgan too! - The Fall season 2: Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson back on BBC2 as early as October
"Piers Morgan is a simply awful man, who should never have been taken seriously again after he put…" — Colin Whiteoak
this is colin morgan in the film of merlin. FANS!
Speedo a real legend forever marching on together.
Meeting COLIN MORGAN at the stage door! Colin gives fan high 5! … …
COLIN MORGAN NEWS. Good Omens with CD AUDIO is available on January 2015 on Amzon uk...
"This picture of Colin Morgan makes me happy 💜 eye crinkles :)
This picture of Colin Morgan makes me happy 💜
Colin Morgan is playing Newt in a Good Omens adaptation because the universe tends to unfold as it should. Hope he does …
Omg, Colin Morgan is Newton. I can't wait! :D Okay, rereading Good Omens - it's always a treat. :)
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Colin Morgan joins cast of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's new radio dramatisation of ‘Good Omens’ -
Colin Morgan's face and hair and eyes and voice and accent and smile give me breathing difficulties
Colin Morgan, and his other selves. 😛
My celeb crush--Colin Morgan as But after that finale episode, looking at my phone just makes me sad.
it probably has a crush on Colin Morgan's nostrils.
me too !! but let's see what Colin Morgan is preparing us! I'm sure it will be amazing!
You are obsessed with Colin Morgan. Everyone knows! I don't care!
and actors to star in Radio 4's Good Omens
I see Colin Morgan! I see Peter Serafinowicz, I see Phil Davis. Dunno I if I do know more people. Too smal.
Merlin star Colin Morgan will be playing Newton Pulsifer in Dirk Maggs' new radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's "Just William meets the Antichrist Damien" drama, Good Omens. Morga...
Colin Morgan will have a role in the BBC radio adaptation of Gaiman and Pratchett's Good Omens
Dirk Maggs' adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s 1990 novel Good Omens has begun recording - with Colin Morgan, Peter Serafinowicz and Neil Gaiman in this first cast photo
Kit Harington and Colin Morgan are going to be in a movie together
Misha Collins, Jarad Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Matt Smith, David Tennant, and just anyone from DW
sorry to interrupt but this girl I know doesn't like Colin Morgan and thinks Bradley James is "EH" pray for her I think she blind
You're the voice by John Farnham will forever remind me of Bradley James and Colin Morgan ♡
I will meet Colin Morgan . I will meet Benedict cumberbatch. I will meet Matt Smith. I will. I will. I will.
In other news, Robbie Kay and Colin Morgan could totally be brothers
I just kissed Colin Morgan. 😘. Not really but ate a bit of Skippy and figured he must taste a bit like it. 😀
will be sad. Looks like he's grown up listening to you. I luv ur sound too
I think anyone who has a passion for what they love to do, and who pursue it, is inspirational for me. Colin Morgan
“Show announcement! Colin will be playing at September 7! how can you even see the guitar
It's come to that time of the night where you just want to cry over Colin Morgan's bae-ness
Photo: whimsycatcher: For this colour meme! No more requests please. An anon wanted Merlin, and...
I'm pretty excited that Colin Morgan will be joining The Fall. Excellent casting choice, that.
I dare you to stare at this pic of Colin Morgan and not smile
In light of today's timehop... The day Morgan farted and the house shook... Thus gaining my father's…
If I'm sad, from now on I'll watch a Colin Morgan interview. I love listening to him talk even more than I do Benedict Cumberbatch. Shock.
occasionally I think my crush looks slightly like Colin Morgan and I cry
Went and saw the only wax figure of Colin Morgan today and wasn't allowed to take a picture, highly depressing
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Colin Morgan is the real legend. :D
You're not. Jensen Ackles . Jared Padalecki . Misha Collins . Colin Morgan . Or a cat. Don't talk to me
Humbled by all of your messages! No better fans then football fans..
Colin Morgan is so pretty like sometimes I forget that and then I see a picture of him and it just hits me like woahhh
Oh my, I just had a thought. What if Colin Morgan played Romeo on a live stage? I would surely die a thousand deaths http:/…
I only have these two merlin one so I am envious of you ha! I am planning on getting a Colin Morgan one, can't wait
Colin Morgan is so cute can he be mine
Yes, I did it was Colin Morgan & he was wonderful.I didn't watch Merlin so was not familiar with his work.Loved that prod!
This is not a nostrils account, just a Colin Morgan fan that loves his nostrils. 😉
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