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Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan (born 1 January 1986) is an actor from Armagh, Northern Ireland, best known for playing the title character in the BBC TV series Merlin.

Bradley James Angel Coulby Katie McGrath Rupert Grint James Bond Jamie Dornan

Glorious (and I'm a City fan...). Also a reminder of how good Willie Morgan was.
It'll take a lot to beat this Xmas present...a print of a still of Colin Morgan's lips, from…
How brilliant was Colin Morgan's reading? The man with the velvet voice that beautiful N Irish lilt 🍀dripping honey & such a…
There's no social media or Googling yourself. You only have to do ...
I'm sorry but if you told me to punch Piers Morgan in the face but we were in the same room as Colin Firth I might acc…
And speaking of Colin Morgan, was outstanding & the scariest thing I watched all year.
Oo yes that's a good show! It's on AMC as well. Reminds me of the other Colin Morgan show I really liked- a horror short series.
Great video by SF students Dominic Lazzini, Ray Eldridge and Colin Dunn on history of Morgan PA soccer team.
I cannot wait to come back to Glasgow. I know the place like the back o...
to make up for how good certain other people are? Like Misha and Rob and Matt and Colin Morgan and puppies and idk YOU and Amy
Why is Colin Morgan not sitting next to me laughing at my silly jokes? Just look at him! 🤤😍🤤
yeah I mean I already loved Colin Morgan so I had no issues getting into it but as someone on ep4 I think it got
I literally just found out that Piers Morgan and Colin Firth are not the same person.
I love all of them. But, yep, Colin (Morgan) is surely whom I prefer 😂
A lovely reading by Colin Morgan of MacNeice's poem. Drama on 3 - Autumn Journal -
looking forward to it. Actually very excited for Colin Morgan to be honest.
A movie about Wilde must be epic anyway 😍 with actors like Colin (Morgan and Firth) and Everett the masterpiece is guaranteed 😍
wel.I enjoyed it for its old-fashioned non-gory creepyness and shirtless Colin Morgan.
Pop this wonderful two-hour poem on and let Colin Morgan read you to sleep:
Man, Kaepernick just keeps getting better and better.
From what I've read, everyone has a claim on Merlin. Was he Scottish,...
I really enjoy it has a great cast but Colin Morgan is wasted in it. He's one of the best actors about, give Leo som…
Colin Kaepernick praises Fidel Castro. Castro dies the next day. . https:/…
One fact i realize Colin morgan n Lee Sungmin born in same day month and years oke both of them born to be cute together []
Autumn Journal: Colin Morgan reads Louis MacNeice's poetic testament of life on Dec 4th on BBC Radio 3 at 9pm.
Just 36 days left for 2016 to get its hands around the throats of Piers Morgan & Kelvin Mackenzie.don't let us down…
Whenever I see Colin Morgan act in anything my first thought is "Hey Merlin is in this"
Colin Morgan,BBC Merlin a very funny moment love this
Colin Morgan playing an annoyed emo teenage son in Doctor Who is my spirit animal
So Flash and Colin Morgan fans It's 7.30 pm in the UK a lot of dancing tired and it's cold so I'm going to say good…
This mornings performance was my favourite moment of the week. And my week included Colin Morgan's face.
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It's or it isn't This is a really problem!.
"Leo sees a way forward and has his sights set on a target and knows how to get there." - Colin Morgan
me: [laying next to a half-asleep Morgan]. me: I literally can't stop thinking about Colin Firth... DILF
it's been horrid since before Halloween It's definitely the season Colin Morgan Force may be the only things keeping me together
Perhaps my dreams will be an interesting mashup of GBBO and The Living & the Dead, with Colin Morgan making pastries
also had the Gs that Colin Morgan does&said it means a "felon/convict/bad person" but that signatures diff from reg writing mean a persona
Tis the season. I expect your work will be horrid from now until Jan 1st. May the Colin Morgan force be with you.
Colin Morgan brings me such joy. I pray everyday that he is happy in whatever he chooses to do.
Colin Morgan is such a pure and delicate being and his shy smile gives me life 💛💛💛💛
'If we don't like protesting what's next?': crushes Colin Kaepernick critics
Colin Morgan is my inspiration to always move forward and search for my dreams. Thank you pixie.
Getting serious Vichy France vibes from Piers Morgan's Trumplove. A moral void whose only guiding principle is proximity…
I thought about that because I mentioned "Midnight" which has Colin Morgan, who is also in Testament of Youth (and other amazing things).
From E.B. White to Colin Kaepernick: What does democracy mean today?
So … Nigel Farage & Piers Morgan in red coats and bearskin hats guarding the entrance to the Trump White House & Casino?
I can see both Colin and Morgan saying this
Dozing on the couch I hear Colin Morgan speak to me in my living room I open my eyes & he's on my Aust screen in an advert for 😄
I want Katie McGrath, Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James, and the rest of the Merlin cast to be happy always.
:: So..I'd LOVE someone to use Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath as FCs. Yes. Merlin throwbacks.
I'm thinking if it wasn't for Colin Morgan fans, The Fall's ratings would plummet.
In a dispute involving Piers Morgan, when the person other than Morgan looks the bigger prat, it is a very dodgy lo…
Colin Morgan smiling to brighten your day, your welcome
I want a boy with cheekbones like Colin Morgan.
If Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Morgan do not someday act together as father and son, I'm afraid I will have to leave…
God Colin Morgan is such a great actor. I love Colin Morgan so much
started watching Humans. Currently falling in love with Colin Morgan all over again
Can I just say Colin Morgan is the cutest thing?
🤔 This is the same Victor Cruz that was vocal about how wrong Colin Kaepernick was/is for non-violently protesting oppres…
So only bring back Richard Coyle for one scene and send Colin Morgan away? No thank you
Is there anything Colin Morgan isn't in lately? (Not complaining, btw.)
If you filled your timeline with negative posts about Colin Kaepernick a month ago but say zero about Josh Brown, you're…
Colin Firth, Hugh Dancy and Colin Morgan in one movie. I won't survive that...wait Emily it's going to be there too
Oh my god, is that Colin Morgan when he was young? My god
Life is hard when you have no idea whether Bradley James and Colin Morgan are still in touch or not.
.talks USB interfaces and addresses the confusion around class drivers
i need more tom scenes in my life Colin Morgan what a fave
For me, one of my favorites, director-wise, is Tim Burton. I also reall...
A glass of wine & Colin Morgan in the fall on my Aussie Screen in 5 minutes
.in showdown with UKIP's during live TV clash.
My winner, always, no matter if the blinds from can't see it. I see it and many more see it. You are the…
And now, as the last post-debate palate cleanser, here's a picture of Colin Morgan.
you are trying to kill me. Death by "Colin Morgan, Love Sniper" & his shirt of sex.
literally just googled "Colin Morgan ovaries gif" it's the first thing to pop up lmao
The more I look at him the more I see the love child of Piers Morgan and Colin Firth..
very subtle but Tom raises an eyebrow in the screen grab on the right Colin Morgan ... DS Tom Anderson ... injured…
The Second Time Around - Trailer - Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath this is it and it's so god *** good
Matimak Colin Morgan nominated as the new 007 along w/ Tom Hardy Om Fassbender sulit inimak 😢.
Marshawn Lynch says if you're not racist then you won't see Kaepernick's protest as a threat https:/…
Marshawn Lynch shows support to Colin Kaepernick’s protest.
IQ members elect Anthony Morgan, Colin Jenkins and Philippe Frenay as Trustees on the Board…
It's Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer from The Living and the Dead! 👻👻👻🚜
Happy Birthday Colin!! Hope it's a good one 🎉 sorry I saw you like 8 times today and didn't say anything 😂
Colin Morgan is the best actor these days, he simply blows you away
Colin Kaepernick says he'll donate $100k a month for the next 10 months. Is setting up web site so public can track $, how…
The rest of the cast was amazing as usual. Colin Morgan brought everything to life. But. I wish they'd been given some more time :/
Love and light to you . Melita Morgan xxx. Striking a pose as Madonna with my best friend Colin Miller aka...
partly bc Angel Coulby and Colin Morgan are both hella cute ngl
I think I'll fall back into my Colin Morgan fangirl time
The Living and the Dead ep 1 showing at Sitges Film Fest on Oct 12th... Colin Morgan won't be there, but anyone want to join? 🙇
we are rewatching the series for nostalgic purposes DO NOT accuse me of being a fake colin morgan fan
Indeed Colin Morgan isn't on any social network! :) Welcome in my fan page! :)
Ive been in love with Merlin since I was 13 & only now Im seeing other people starting to watch it smh don't ever sleep on Colin Morgan
13) Colin Morgan's performance as Merlin will move you. He is such a talented actor, and the whole journey, there will be times when he-
hello if I leave a message for a few minutes in the office he reads him Colin Morgan
Owen Morgan 85* - the highest-ever score by a night-watchman for Glamorgan,surpassing Colin Metson’s 84 against Kent at Ma…
If I had auditioned for 'Merlin' on magic alone, I don't think I'd have got it. Like any ki
I just started Humans and Colin Morgan is one of the main characters I didn't expect this
Morgan fan. Also, you are so respectful to Colin and everyone involved in his projects unlike some others. Again, I'm
hi I believe you represent Colin Morgan Can you tell me if this pic' is from a production or fan made?
Don't worry I don't abandoned my site I'm working on a new version to celebrate the 5 years
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on anthem protests: "We want them to use their voice."
Colin: Good game bruh way to play. . Cam: *** please... SECURITY! Get this jiggaboo away from me!
Love seeing angry Colin Morgan acting. It's about time we see a darker side!
Tom Hughes is like a cross between Eddie Redmayne and Colin Morgan
A videos are deicated to Colin Morgan...some tribute about Merlin, the living and the dead...
with a little project. And the lovely Colin Morgan on the TV, just because. 👍
Colin Morgan. The boy who almost died. Again.
I think anyone who has a passion for what they love to do, and who pursue it, is inspirational
Colin Morgan is so attractive that everyone died
Watched the finale of Merlin. Tears on my pillow. SUCH a fantastic show! I'll 4ever be a fan. Massive thanks 2 & Colin Morgan!
Got to see the brill play Mojo in London with Daniel Mays, Ben Whishaw❤️, Colin Morgan, Rupert Grint & Brendan Coyle. Heaven!
ok but do Bradley James and Colin Morgan still hang out? or at least text each other occasionally? I need to know this
"I’m so confused by Colin Morgan growing up into Ben Wishaw" claramente eu
Added to the list! Did you watch The Living and the Dead? It was spooky and Colin Morgan is ace.
😂😂 lets see: actors: Colin Morgan, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Marcia *** Harden, Sissy Spacek.drawing a blank on more lol
is that the one about human looking androids staring Colin Morgan from Merlin?
"Colin Morgan, who won a legion of fans as the boy wizard in BBC’s early-evening fantasy Merlin" lmao true. me included!
I liked a video from Colin Morgan talks to us about new series 'The Living And The Dead'
The Living and the Dead TV: Colin Morgan gets to grips with spooky goings-on in this eerie BBC drama
Doesn’t Colin Morgan look all grown up with that beard?
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Living and the Dead 2nd ep short review: Hello Creepy Children. Colin Morgan deffo worth it tho.
Watched this last night - and it was suitably creepy. Colin Morgan a long way from his Merlin days
Colin Morgan is Nathan Appleby...He is ready to make us fall in love with him! 😍😍😍. h…
Humans star Colin Morgan has spilt the beans on his new series The Living and the Dead
The Living and the Dead: Charlotte Spencer says show harks back to 'traditional horror'
In case you haven't seen it yet, is worth binging with the epic Colin Morgan on IPlayer now!.
super programme and always a treat to see merlin back on screen. Sorry Colin Morgan
Charlotte Spencer en Colin Morgan over 'The Living and the Dead', zo meteen op BBC 1
The Living and the Dead or much anticipated return of Colin Morgan🙌🏻
Ashley Pharoah has made a new show and Colin Morgan is in it and nobody told me? You're all fired.
now I'm gonna go and watch my top vids again and watch Colin Morgan and build a fort of blankets and play guitar
lots of tv series are being released this week... Colin Morgan is back w/ Living and the Dead!
I think Colin Morgan look like a gelding compared to you. Would you be flattered if someone other than I told you that?
Colin Morgan talks "treading the tightrope between the real & the unexplainable" https:/…
Colin Morgan is too good at his job, he makes me believe all his characters are real & in pain-bc they always suffer
Can Colin Morgan be more beautiful? I'm sure he will prove that he can. How does he do it? Probably magic
It's COLIN MORGAN! I love this guy, haven't seen him interviewed in aaages.
Colin Morgan will always be my favorite actor..I don't think anyone will take his place
I saw the 6 eps of the Living and the Dead with Colin Morgan, that's excellent, can't wait for season 2 !
I think Colin Morgan looks like a gelding compared to him!
Best wishes to Colin Morgan who plays lead role in new TV drama beginning now on Adh mór ort! https:/…
all i saw was "COLIN MORGAN IS BACK" and i legit thought merlin was returning for a second i almost sh i
Watching for a second time and wow the chemistry between Charlotte Spencer and Colin Morgan is off the scale 😍😍
Watching the 4. episode now. Impressive to see Colin Morgan in this role; a serious, sophisticated gentleman! :-)
Colin Morgan accidentally calling himself a gorilla in sign language is gonna be my final thought on my deathbed I just know it
Okay let's face it, Colin Morgan is kinda dreamy as Nathan Appleby😍
Living And The Dead is a great dose of folk horror. And Colin Morgan is a fine looking man.
Colin Morgan is quite unreasonably handsome. No one needs to be that handsome. Also, good, innit?
His agony speaks to my soul. This has to be my favourite performance of the dear Colin Morgan.
Ooh. Finished ep 6 of Once I reached ep 4, could not stop - that's all I'm saying. Colin Morgan &
I often confuse piers Morgan and Colin firth
Intense ! Colin Morgan at his best Love it Roll on episode 2 😱
What did you think of with Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer?.
So jealous got to work next to COLIN MORGAN in ... Ultimate Merlin fan... But I love the new series!!😋
has left me so confused. The woman at the end? Why?? What is this? Colin Morgan looks hot with a beard though
Totally worth bingeing!! Will send shivers down your spine, and that's just Colin Morgan!
The Living And The Dead cast 'heard odd noises' on set of the BBC horror drama
Y'all. Tonight I have been blessed. With knowledge and content that contains Colin Morgan's great acting. I can die a happ…
I am 100% here for more Colin Morgan in things, for reasons.
can we talk about how beautiful Colin Morgan looked in the living and the dead pls.
10:00 Graham Norton: Graham is joined by Colin Morgan and Trevor Nelson.
I will forever be jealous of Angel Coulby for getting to kiss both Bradley James AND Colin Morgan.
The government needs to form an elite squad tasked with reuniting Colin Morgan and Bradley James
New MQ photoshoot with Colin Morgan and Katherine Parkinson for via https…
star Colin Morgan is looking fab in our photoshoot, don't you think?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Life is good when there is new Colin Morgan pictures 😍
Behind the scenes photo of Colin Morgan w/ by
Behind the scenes photo of Colin Morgan…
Can it be June already please? I need Colin Morgan back on my television screen.
Grant do you know that in the dramatic scenes remind me a lot to Colin Morgan...
Others photos of Colin Morgan from the photoshoot by (use the search)
Colin Morgan is so beautiful tho he's only a little puppy okay
Good luck to the cast of tomorrow and Colin Morgan I hope that he's there
Thanks Colin! 🎂 Send me the link for the HM and I'll sign up. I need another challenge :)
1ST doodle is available for auction.The funds raised will benefit The NF Network htt…
1St doodle is available for auction now. The funds raised will benefit h…
The gorgeous during his 2015 shoot by via http…
I believe I haven't been fangirling this much since Colin Morgan.
See photos from the 2016 brochure shoot feat Colin Morgan, Eleanor Tomlinson & more!
What a day to bury a climb down. Nicky Morgan abandons government plan to force all English schools to become Academies
Oh my god Colin Morgan is going to kill me. Is he even real? How?
There is no limit to Colin Morgan's talent and beauty. He is beyond the sky, and surpasses the stars.
Morgan Cheek splits a double team to score his 6th goal of the game & give Harvard a 9-8 lead
Dan thought Colin Firth was piers Morgan *** is heV
chamber choir running man challenge: Colin Keating edition
second doodle is up for auction! The funds it raises will benefit via ht…
I hope this project gets made. Colin Morgan's reading of the letter from Sean MacDiarmada gave me chills.
Fanart of Colin Morgan as Ariel from The tempest (2013)
Love the Irish they have given us some wonderful actors Colin Morgan,Jamie Dornan, Eoin Macken and great show Mrs brown,Father Ted.Thankyou
In pics: Colin Morgan, Mark Rylance and more in The Tempest through the years at the Globe - http…
Thanks Colin. I'm fine today and appreciate my achievement. I was 100 per cent well as I've a cold so I'm all good about the HM x
"Colin Morgan is a very special human being , his talent and character is incomparable".
Colin Morgan as the young Duke Of Blackwood (can't wait)
I adore the marvellous Colin Morgan! He is real greatness and humility.
Dishy & Dreamy Colin Morgan.I love him! Thanks for sharing more sneak peek pi…
# Hunger10iscoming with Colin Morgan? This is wonderful !! Thanks in advance!
I have a new Star-Crush !!! Colin Morgan! He is one amazing actor. ❤️ Its not very often a actor is so go…
Colin Morgan in a promo reading from The Rising (2016) film - powerful stuff even if the piano is a bit over done.
I would love to see Colin Morgan as Jimmy back. He is truly a brilliant and intelligent actor.
Colin Morgan's marvellous to watch.His work's always spectacular,excellent.He'll be top as Nathan in
Colin Morgan played Jimmy Minor masterfully. He always does an exceptional work. I'd love to see him back in
Just watched all of Merlin for the first time. HOW DARE YOU, Colin Morgan and
I was looking at my tl and got bored, too little Colin Morgan. Gimme Cols!
Can't stand liars. created two fake accounts and spam Morgan. Then turn around and try to blame your friend. Smh
Leicester, man. If they're 1994 Blackburn, Wes Morgan is well worse than Colin Hendry. Mitro, KILL KILL KILL
Colin Morgan and Jamie Dornan backstage for (season 2)
Colin Morgan and as DS Tom Anderson and Paul Spector in
I want a Colin Morgan... Plz get me one!
pls whoever reads this love Colin Morgan because he deserves all the love spread the love share the love for Colin Morgan
I srly need a movie or season 6 about I miss James and Colin Morgan 😢😢😢
Colin Morgan wearing a checked shirt is my aesthetic.
I added a video to a playlist Colin Morgan at the IFFMH (4/6)
I liked a video Colin Morgan at the IFFMH (3/6)
would it be possible to have a Bradley James and Colin Morgan reunion thanks bye
Irish actor Colin Morgan presents the Best Editing to Margaret Sixel for Mad Max: Fury Road
that'd be cool. Him, and preferably Colin Morgan, Matt Smith and Jonas Armstrong. 😇
do you not think there's a chance of a black doctor then? How about Rupert Grint or Colin Morgan?
This is precious pixie of my heart, Colin Morgan 😘
I hope for you I met Colin on the set of Waiting for You in France is really a remarkable person ♡ ツ…
Morgan eyes WBC world title: Track and Field athlete-turned boxer Kelly Morgan is confident she can "turn her ...
Oddly, I often forget Carter created it. The eps that define the show for me are usually by Morgan & Wong, D Morgan, Spotnitz.
Can we please just appreciate how amazing Colin Morgan would be playing the Doctor?😅
that ties in with rumours of Morgan Freeman playing Johnny Winter in a biopic. It was either him or Lady Colin Harvey.
4 years ago & I met Colin Morgan in London, what a great experience. He's a great guy & an amazing actor!
It's a year since I met Colin Morgan 2 days after seeing him perform in The Tempest. Excited to see it again tomorrow http…
Still can't get over the fact I met Colin Morgan just over a month ago
" I have never felt less attractive in my entire life and that is because I'm joined by Colin Morgan and Bradley James " this interview
That's true that Colin Morgan looks like the Prince Charming...
Would be great if you could ask about Colin Morgan's character DS Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson alias Colin Morgan will be back on Awesome news 👍🏻👍🏻
Happy 30th birthday to Colin Morgan (Jan. 1). The first time I saw him I said he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. Still true today.
Aim in life: to see Colin Morgan perform live again because he was absolutely bloody amazing in Mojo back in 2013
Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. And the inventor of Netflix.
I need more Bradley James and Colin Morgan on my TV
wow Colin Morgan even got brown lenses to cover his natural blue eyes. Then, are you the one in the llama costume? ;)
He's actually in two places at once. Colin Morgan uses Hermione's time-turner
Odd one out!😇 . We wish you a Morgan Christmas and a Colin New Year! 😂 🎅🎄
UK why not order your 007 poster today? ht…
UK why not order your 007 poster today?
Gemma Chan & Colin Morgan are incredible in the sublime which earns a place in my Top 10 TV Shows of 2015 htt…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I have to agree that Colin Morgan is amazing
More pics of Colin Morgan chatting with me :) pic 1
Here's a gif of Colin Morgan this morning...because...just because.
Colin Morgan is an actor best known for playing a lead character in https:…
attends UK Premiere of at on Jan 5, 2015 in London, England
you and Colin Morgan and his famous backpack :)
Colin Morgan would be amazing as James Bond!
Ever dreamed of playing James We think he'd look gorgeous! htt…
Colin Morgan really is completely amazing in everything he does
Young, wild, and crying over Colin Morgan's performance in Parked.
UK The poster is now in the shop Snap it up ht…
Colin Morgan is literally my sunshine
I don't understand how Colin Morgan makes me so emotional in so many different roles, it's like he has a front door key…
Mr.Colin Morgan ; always so bright in everything he does!
We need 35 orders to print posters, please buy now ht…
|| Can someone please use Bradley James or Colin Morgan as a faceclaim?
Actually... Colin Morgan has more fans than he ever will but... That's none of my business. *Flips you off*
Colin Morgan, Vernon God Little, 2007 - Black comedy is top of the class | via
The wait is over! Here's our VIDEO chat with the amazing Colin Morgan, talking about series 3 of
In case you missed it, our chat with Amazing Armagh man, Colin Morgan. VIDEO: A new vid follows tom…
Tuesday treat! VIDEO chat with Colin Morgan talking about C4's exciting sci-fi Humans, with Watch:
Hungry for more Check out a clip from the next episode, starring Colin Morgan!
ANNOUNCING: Colin Morgan and Charlotte Spencer are leads of new drama The Living and the Dead.
My friend said she thought the hottest man in tv was Ian Harding but girl have you seen Colin Morgan or Colin O'donoghue??😂
This is one of my favorite pics of Colin Morgan. Don't know why. It just is. Makes me giggle.
This on the behalf of all of Colin Morgan's fans.
yes but if you think about Colin Morgan you need a shower for completely different reasons...
And the other video of Colin Morgan in front of Shakespeare's Globe before his performance 2 weeks ago
Colin Morgan signing autographs after in front of Shakespeare's Globe last week enj…
Colin Morgan - that smile and those eyes are so much more epic in person :) my photography skills don't do u justice h…
Ok I met Colin Morgan again today, twice :) took a video of him and he was so sweet he posed for a pic with my daughte…
Gorgeous pic of Colin Morgan today with my daughter Layla :) he was so sweet
Colin Morgan waving goodbye to daughter, he said "nice to meet you Layla" awww
Colin Morgan still talking to my daughter :) awww
The promised Video of Colin Morgan signing autographs after The Tempest last week. Sorry it's late. Enjoy :)
Fritz told us to think about a man we love when singing our love song in LJE so naturally I decided think about Colin Morgan.
this isn't fair all I have on my camera roll is pictures of Colin Morgan and my cat..
That is Colin Morgan as old Merlin. Series is young merlin, twas really good, funny too
Hey Pat, any news on a Colin Morgan return?
excellent! And by unforeseen & unavoidable do you mean someone dialled Colin Morgan's phone by mistake and told him he had a part?
If you are Colin Morgan, I an on first train to Brum 🚂 😉
Colin Morgan -about beanie hats and being recognised in NY [interview] via
Watching Merlin at 1 in the morning!!! Colin Morgan is amazing!
Film about the 1916 Easter Rising starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Morgan "postponed"
And the cigarette! Even if the Carter episodes aren't great, I have high hopes for the Darin Morgan one.
On the end of 'Merlin' and how Colin Morgan is the standout of the series:.
Colin Morgan deserves the biggest recognition for his huge talent,his outstanding acting & his sweetness.Mar…
I wait anxiously to see Colin Morgan 😘
Cast of the spin off to snow white, colin morgan is one of them... Hoho... Been a long time! So gonna watch it!!!
COLIN MORGAN's screen presence is outstanding ht…
colin morgan is actually why I'm alive
if this happens, Colin Morgan will be the best and most gorgeous James Bond of all time!
If there was 1 thing we looked forward to when watching it was seeing Colin Morgan:
Want your gorgeous poster for Don't forget to order it by Monday!
We will forever re-watch for Colin Morgan. Here's why the show is so special:
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