Colin Kaepernick & Frank Gore

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Franklin Gore (born May 14, 1983) is an American football running back for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. 5.0/5

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Lebron James. Tim Lincecum. Steph Curry. Colin Kaepernick (that year and a half was incredible). Frank Gore
Since taking over, Colin Kaepernick has more rushing yards than Todd Gurley, Frank Gore and Devonta Freeman in the same amount of games.
These things I learned yesterday. 1. Tom Brady will always own Peyton Manning 2. Emmanuel Sanders is a beast! 3. Big Ben is playing the best football of any QB right now outside of Tom Brady 4. Mark Sanchez will lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs 5. Tony Romo is more important to the Cowboys than any other player. 6. Antonio Brown should get some MVP votes 7. Tre Mason is the best RB in STL 8. Colin Kaepernick continues to prove how overrated he really is 9. Frank Gore is done! Get Carlos Hyde in there already. 10. Teams will eventually learn to stack the box against Seattle and teams will realize they have no weapons on the outside. 11. RG3 will be out of the league within 5 years. 12. Whoever sill thinks DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart belong as starters in this league should be boycotted from football for life. 13. Lovie Smith is a terrible football coach. 14. The Texans need to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick now and see what they got in Ryan Mallet.
The San Francisco 49ers suffered a tough loss last week against the Bears and now Colin Kaepernick has some major Fantasy Football options in Week 3, as Vernon Davis is expected to play, while Carlos Hyde, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Stevie Johnson are also solid starters for thi…
We take a look at Frank Gore's Miami workout site, which might be where Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton will do some training this offseason.
This game is awful. I don't see how Seattle is dominating when they barely made it to the Super Bowl. They won in the last few seconds at Candlestick Park (their home field) vs San Francisco. Well, I'm pretty proud of my team now. Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith & Frank Gore did pretty good against them!
Little something I read this morning about our Niners...bring it on SHE-HAWKS This is how the death machine works. Frank Gore chips off four or five yards at a time. Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis slice through the secondary for 15- and 20-yard chunks. And then Colin Kaepernick will scramble around for as much as he needs, just to make the defense a little more helpless. Then the other team gets the ball back, and you remember the Niners defense has Navorro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks and Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith and Donte Whitner/Hitner. Then you watch them wreak havoc on poor, miserable offenses and grind them down to nothing one hit at a time. The 49ers don't have the best offense or the best defense, but no team in the NFL has a better combination of the two. When everything's clicking, it's clinical on both sides of the ball. When everything's clicking, there's no more methodical, ruthless machine in football.
Colin Kaepernick Niners bread and butter,Frank Gore is the heart and soul!
Check out Frank Gore's key block on Colin Kaepernick's huge 42-yard run yesterday. Frank's the best!
49ERS 23 Green Bay 20 Is anyone not looking forward to this game? For that matter, is anyone more excited than Frank Gore? If you've watched the Packers' defense this season, you know it can be run on ... a lot. Green Bay allowed 125 rushing yards per game at 4.63 yards per carry. There is no reason to think Jim Harbaugh and his Niners staff won't use their full stable of backs to pound the Packers' front seven into submission. It's too bad Bruce Miller is hurt. It's not too bad that Colin Kaepernick is playing. So maybe Kaepernick won't put up 181 rushing yards like he did against the Packers in the playoffs last season; he can still certainly run for 50. Utilizing Kaepernick on zone-read plays and option runs will make Green Bay play 11-on-11, not 11-on-10, as the Pack would be able to do if it were Shaun Hill, Jim Druckenmiller or Steve Bono lining up under center for San Francisco. Not to mention (but we'll mention) the fact that limiting Aaron Rodgers' possessions always makes sense, especially whe . ...
Sad day for my 49er organization!! Final game in Candlestick Park oh the memories of all the greats... Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, John Taylor, Brent Jones, Kevin Gogan, Merton Hanks, Tim McDonald, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Ricky Watters, Terrell T.O. Owens, Dana Stubblefield, Bryant Young, Ken Norton Jr, Tom Rathman, Garrison Hearst man the list goes on!!! But for the new age bunch Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis,Colin Kaepernick yall boys ball out tonight n go out with a BANG!!! NINER NATION 4 LIFE!
Tonight's MNF game features the 49ers and Atlanta game. As a long-time (and now former) season ticket holder, Candlestick Park (while a dump!) holds lots of fond memories of some wonderful games from the Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and too many others to mention era, and the opportunity with Colin Kaepernick and the current team, including Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Anquan Boldin, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Joe Staley, Phil Dawson, and Coach Jim Harbaugh for future success. When Jed York first took over the San Francisco 49ers, I admit, I didn't like him much. But he has proven himself to be a good owner and love that he gets advice from Eddie DeBartolo -- THE VERY BEST NFL Team owner. No matter how this season finishes, you all should be proud of what you have accomplished!
OBSERVATIONS FROM THE GAME: 1. The 2013 Saints are unlike any other team under Sean Payton. Sure, they've always had Brees, Colston, and a bunch of X-Wing fighters to attack NFL defenses. But this season with the addition of Fat Tarzan and a renewed dedication to the running game, they have gotten TOUGHER. Couple that with Payton's perspective change gained from his yearlong exile they have also gotten SMARTER. This team learns from its mistakes from week to week, *** even series to series IN games. 2. This game reminded me of an old-fashioned NFC West game between the Saints and 9ers of the 1980's and 90's. The Saints' D went Dome Patrol on the 49'ers *** limiting Frank Gore to 48 yards on 13 carries, (and the team to under 90 yards rushing) and under 200 yards total defense. Fat Tarzan's boys beat the crap outta Colin Kaepernick, aka Taliban Slim, sacking him three times, and narrowly missing a safety. Daddy Buddy Ryan surely was pleased. 3. This was a very physical game, one past Saints teams would ...
Serious question to all 49ers fans. Which is the bigger problem for the team right now. The offensive line play not allowing Frank Gore to run well and time for Kaep to throw OR Colin Kaepernick playing quarterback this year instead of Alex Smith. Please give me your input and pick one. I'm having a debate with someone.
Staley vs Jordan is huge. Colin Kaepernick vs The Haters. I want to see Frank Gore run all over the Saints D.
ICYMI: See what Colin Kaepernick had to say about the recent criticism by former QB Trent Dilfer. Also see what Frank Gore said about getting the San Francisco 49ers offense back on track vs. the New Orleans Saints.
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Frank Gore on difference between Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton: "I think Kap is a little better."
Colin Kaepernick explained why Frank Gore is a future Hall of Fame running back.
Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith: Which QB will have the better season? Which quarterback will have a better 2013 season - Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? On the one hand, Smith had the superior passer rating last season - 104.1 to Kaepernick's 98.3. This season, Smith will have the younger and better running back (27-year- old Jamaal Charles vs. 30-year-old Frank Gore), and the younger and better No. 1 wide receiver (29-year-old Dwayne Bowe vs. 33- year-old Anquan Boldin). Kaepernick probably has the better offensive line, but the Chiefs spent the first pick in the draft on tackle Eric Fisher. Smith will have a good offensive line, too. Kaepernick has the better tight end - Vernon Davis but Kaepernick completed just 27 passes to Davis in 10 games last season.
My new profile picture speaks to my favorite players: Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore. Go NINERS!!
The Texans lost to Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Navorro Bowman, Justin Smith, Donte Whitner (Donte is changing his last name to Hitner but he can't do that because of the government shutdown), Eric Reid and the San Francisco 49ers 34-3. Matt Schaub threw a pick 6 interception for the touchdown for the 4th game in a row on his 1st pass of the game, setting the all-time NFL record. Gary Kubiak keeping Schaub in the game and leaving him out to dry to get embarrased on national television because Matt threw 2 more interceptions after that and he had 3 on the night. Gary Kubiak is going to make a decision and it will not be a popular decision and I have a feeling that Gary is going to stick with Matthew Rutledge Schaub as the starting quarterback because he believes in Matt as a person and a player. The Texans are now 2-3 on the season and are in a world of trouble right now and it's the 1st time since 2010 that the Texans have been under .500. Let's bring on 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradf ...
Byes: Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington     San Francisco 35, ST. LOUIS 11 The Niners bounced back in a big way - at least on the scoreboard - and the Rams floundered through another tough performance. But we can’t really fault the Rams for this, as they’ve played two strong defenses the past few weeks in Dallas and San Francisco.   Niners: Colin Kaepernick had a much stronger week, going 15-of-23 for 167 yards and 2 scores, and had 11 yards rushing. You expect Kap to bounce back after a tough week and you can start him against the Texans, especially if you don’t have RGIII or Big Ben this week...Frank Gore was dominant with 153 yards and a score but may find tougher sledding against that Texans D. I rate him as a low against Houston...Kendall Hunter may be a sneaky flex play as he had 11 carries for 49 yards with a score. If he’s on waivers he might be worth taking a flier on, especially if you’re a Gore owner...Anquan Boldin had 5 catches for 90 yards and a score and has cemented ...
Frank Gore ran over the Rams & Colin Kaepernick got back on track. Everything you need to know about 49ers-Rams:
Back on track - Fri, 27 Sep 2013 PST: Colin Kaepernick threw two touchdown passes, Frank Gore had his first...
Anyone else want to question 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick? Thought not. 15/23 209 yd 2 TD...key stat 0 INT. Kaepernick is still the right stuff in The City by the Bay. As for the Rams, defense did their job until they were gassed and the conservative playcalling was the final straw. I mean we saw tonight how truly bad Daryl Richardson is. He caused more drives to fall apart just by handing the ball. 12 rushes for 16 yd. Take note of Frank Gore, true RB. 20 rushes 153 yd TD. Any questions? Good, because at end of the night. More questions for Rams, none for the 49ers. Good night. 35-11 49ers.
HUGE game for Navorro Bowman and Eric Reid's looking like the early Defensive Rookie of the Year. Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Colin Kaepernick tore it up too.
Colin Kaepernick threw for two scores, but more importantly he handed the ball off, stood back, and watched Frank Gore do what he does best.
I'm so grateful for good role models like Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin... Where would we be without them Shayne Blakemore? ... so much confidence and enthusiasm, such great sports... such great winners
So happy the 49ers won!! Major kudos to Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore. I love football! :)
Kaepernick has another horrible fantasy game, worried? Shouldn't be not many Quarterback have been able to rip apart the Rams this season. Week 1: Carson Palmer: 17 points Week 2: Matt Ryan: 22 points Week 3: Tony Romo: 20 points Week 4: Colin Kaepernick: 13 points This game was all about Frank Gore running wild, as we expected, and then Kaepernick didn't get to throw the ball much in the 4th quarter so we can't panic yet, we just the fact that they didn't need to throw. CPB
Niners got off tonight way to play football tonight Colin Kaepernick nd Frank Gore showed thm Rams Defense just wht happens,good job guys thts the way u play Niners Football
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So before the game I kept saying "They gotta give it to Frank Gore." And they did, and look what happened, we smashed on em' They beat us and tied us last year, but now Colin Kaepernick and Jim Harbaugh got us back to our winning ways, We gotta remain 49ers Faithful and Gold Rush Niner Faithful Props to our team! Frank had what? 130 something yards rushing? Back to Smash mouth football, the way we like it. Keep it up fellas!
Wow. Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore have extremely high voices. They should never talk.
Vernon Davis was on the field. Patrick Willis was not. But other members of the 49ers Mount Rushmore, Frank Gore and NaVorrow Bowman in particular, made their mark on Thursday night's Week 4 game in St. Louis. Gore rushed for 153 yards on 20 carries, his first 100-yard game in 2013, and Bowman wreaked havoc in the opposing backfield to lead the 49ers to a 35-11 victory over the host Rams before a nationally-televised audience. The win snapped the visiting team's uncharacteristic two-game skid. San Francisco (2-2, 1-1) and St. Louis (1-3, 1-1) played 10 quarters in two games last season, but this one was decided in four - or before the fourth even started. Wearing their home red jerseys on the road - the Rams chose to wear their whites - no player seemed to be more of a blur than Gore. The 49ers all-time leading rusher contributed runs of 17 yards, 27 yards, 17 yards and 34 yards. That was in the first half alone. Cruising behind fullback Bruce Miller much of the night, Gore had 10 carries for 107 yards be ...
How cool is that for the 49ers fans that came out to support Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore on TNF :D thatswhatsup!!
I'd like to thank a couple of 49ers. Thank you, Frank Gore. You gave me hella points in fantasy this week. Thank you, Colin Kaepernick. You gave me my "Lebron James" for the NFL.
Oh no...the 49ers are 1-2...I should quit on my team now and be like all the other band wagoners. Should give up on Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Anquon Boldin and everyone else.nah, not me. It's 3 games. I believe in us Jim Harbuaugh! Let's Ride!
Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers cut ethical and moral corners Sunday to win a football game that they still lost. They knew they were doing it; they knew they'd be called for it. They still did it. The 49ers let troubled linebacker Aldon Smith play only days after his DUI arrest -- and apparently right before he enters a treatment center -- and it wasn't enough to win the game. So the 49ers and their leaders really had two bitter losses to deal with after Indianapolis' stunningly easy 27-7 victory at Candlestick Park: For the first time in the Harbaugh era, the 49ers have dropped two games in a row and for the first time they're under .500, at 1-2 and two games behind Seattle in the NFC West. Yes, the 49ers have never looked so stagnant or frustrated in the Harbaugh era. "I think we are stopping ourselves," quarterback Colin Kaepernick said. Really, the 49ers' current offensive woes are a bit reminiscent of the Mike Singletary era, which is not something 49ers fans -- or the 49ers -- ever want to experience. A ...
San Fransisco lost not to Seattle but to there own game...many execution errors, 120 penalty yards, 3 picks, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 starting players getting injured on the field. Coach Harbaugh says he will address these isssues and have them fixed immediately. We should have had more double TE plays with Vermon Davis and Vance McDonald (who leveled Sherman last night) and use the height and speed of WR Jon Baldwin (who is quickly picking up the offense and should see some action next week at the stick). Also the read-option shouldn't be used as much when running the ball, but when we use it, run the ball straight ahead with RB king Frank Gore as lead blocker. I just can't wait for WR Michael Crabtree to return to the field and make plays (like he did last year) and have WR Anquan Boldin opposite of him. This past game has shown that QB Colin Kaepernick can communicate nonverbal audibles (like Peyton Manning does) when on the road in loud stadiums. Its just the beginning of the season and there is still ...
Quick S/O to Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore for combining for 4 points yesterday on my fantasy team.
Colin Kaepernick: 50-yard TD run, longest by anyone on 49ers since Frank Gore had 3 of 50+ yards in 2009.
“Frank Gore said on NFL Live that Colin Kaepernick has always been one of the first players in and last ones out.…
Frank Gore thinks Colin Kaepernick can get “a lot better” via
Big congrats to Colin Kaepernick, P Willis, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and coach Jim Harbough on a well deserved trip to the Super Bowl!
The former starting quarterback of the San Fransisco 49ers, Alex Smith, has just been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs who now have their QB that they have desparetley needed for years. The 49ers will recieve a 2nd Round Draft Pick for 2013, and a conditional draft pick for 2014. The trade isn't official until March 12th, but it is 100% for sure going to happen. Also, the Niners have reported some interest in the NY Jets' Darelle Revis, who was injured for the most of last season. Adding this solid cornerback, that the Niners need, would add to their already lethal defense, along with a stingy offense that includes Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore. Be on the lookout for more deals as they pop up.
Memorable Wonderlic scores, from Colin Kaepernick's 37 to Frank Gore's 6, and everything in between:
meeting Frank Gore, Colin Kaepernick, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Curren$y, Big KRIT, and getting autographs from them all.
In the coming years, when I think about the Super Bowl just played, I know I'll think about the play that might have been: third-and-goal from the Baltimore 5. Colin Kaepernick, at the snap of the ball, took one step back and Frank Gore roared in front of him to clear a hole on what looked for all t...
Greg Cosell on the Murph & Mac Morning Show..."Colin Kaepernick had a brain freeze on two of the last three plays" Chris "Mad Dog" Russeau on Sirius XM..."You can blame the last play on Frank Gore... he guessed wrong and blocked right when he should have blocked left...Kaepernick had almost no time to set up and throw because of the blitz on the left side"...
Frank Gore had 3 touch downs, Colin Kaepernick had 2, Michael Crabtree had 2, Delanie Walker 1, Patrick Willis 1, and Akers with a fieldgoal
Well, just as I suspected - Jim Harbaugh couldn't lose with class, whining about the non-call in the end zone, as well as the PI on Culliver on 3rd and 9 earlier in the game. Hey, Jim, what about the non-call personal foul hit by Ray McDonald out-of-bounds on Joe Flacco on 3rd and goal, which would have resulted in a Ravens 1st and goal on the 1? I did not hear or see Big Brother, Flacco, or any of the other Ravens whining about that when it happened. Face it, Jim, you were thoroughly outcoached by Big Brother who had a great defensive game plan, at least in the 1st half. And your play selection for 4 plays on 1st and goal at the 5? Were you advised by Mike Singletary? Even Frank Gore, who I thought was a class act, was whining about being the better team, sounding like Matt Leinart after the 2006 Rose Bowl after he got punked by Texas. It seems that the only stand-up 49er that I saw after the game was Colin Kaepernick who, in addition to being one *** of a player, is really a class act.
Well, to those that are curious about how I feel following yesterday's game, here goes. I am quite disappointed, as you might expect. But, I must say that I am thankful for the power outage that gave the 49ers an opportunity to steal a win that would have been unattainable had the game continued uninterrupted. Beyond that, I am stunned by the utter lack of creativity on the part of the offense starting with 1st and Goal at the 8 yard line. After failing to get the ball to Crabtree on 2nd down, I am stunned that they tried to do it again on 3rd down. Ray Lewis called Colin Kaepernick a "one read guy"...which was quite evident during those final plays. What about trying to get the ball to the guy that got you to 1st and goal (Frank Gore)? What about going to your best receiver (Vernon Davis)? What about letting the guy that is supposed to be "all that and a bag of chips" run it in (Colin Kaepernick)? Because I never emotionally invested in the team that I fail to recognize, I am essentially over this a ...
Hot off the Presses from Soul Tree Sports! Super Bowl XLVII – Blackout on the Bayou By Michael – Louis Ingram BASN / Soul Tree Radio – In the Raw! PHILADELPHIA (BASN / STR –ITR) New Orleans begins its tenth Super affair in good order; after the pre – everything, it’s time to finally play the *** game. Here now the view from the Armchair Press Box: Ravens win toss, defer to get the ball in second half; game notes written drive by drive: First Quarter: SF1: a 25 yard QB Colin Kaepernick pass completion to TE Vernon Davis is negated by a procedure penalty, setting up a conservative third and 15 call; punt to BAL 1 results in a successful TD drive by QB Joe Flacco, culminating in a 14 yard pass to WR Anquan Boldin after an offside penalty squashed an end zone incompletion to TE Dennis Pitta on third and nine (BAL 7, SF 0); SF 2: Niners put nice drive together (TE Vernon Davis and WR Michael Crabtree carve up the middle of the zone) but have to settle for three on 36 yd FG by PK David Akers after . ...
Ok everyone I thought that was the most insane and entertaining Super Bowl I've seen and I'm thinking how the heck are they going to top this Super Bowl. This game had everything a game that looked out of reach and then a power outage that lasted 34 minutes and the 49ers were power surged to score 20 unanswered points with a TD pass to Michael Crabtree, 6 yd run to the right side by Frank Gore and a 15 yd TD run by Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers get in the red zone late in the 4th Quarter, but the Raven's hold them on a goal line stand and all you can do is commend for both teams on playing a hard and well fought game. So I say congrats to the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis, John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco. To all 49ers Fans look you can't win them all and this loss will bring more motivation for the 49ers I can see this team going back to the Super Bowl in less than 3 years tops, but the Baltimore Ravens on the other hand well the Ravens will have to rebuild from the ground up.
All u Niners fans out there be safe. Don't drink and drive out of anger. It's just a game. At the end of the day, Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore and Vernon Davis are still millionaires. That said, i need me a shot of "water"
This *** was like you name a player on the NINERS that isn't Colin Kaepernick. Umm okay. Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Delanie Walker...
Blackout at the Superdome leads to a huge momentum shift in Super Bowl By Frank Schwab | Shutdown Corner But it's hard not to intertwine the blackout and the complete momentum changed that happened afterward. Although the 49ers' first play after the blackout was a failed third down conversion that led to a punt, San Francisco came back in a big way after that. A couple of stops by the defense helped. So did quarterback Colin Kaepernick heating up. He hit Michael Crabtree for a touchdown. After a short punt and a good return by Ted Ginn, Kaepernick's throw to Vernon Davis set up a touchdown run by Frank Gore. The 49ers scored two touchdowns in 2:21 to cut Baltimore's lead from 22 points to only eight points. From the time of the blackout to Gore's touchdown, the 49ers outgained the Ravens 106-16. Once again it was a close game. The 49ers got even closer after Ray Rice lost a fumble, and the Ravens had a running into the kicker penalty on a David Akers' missed field goal. Akers made the second attempt after ...
Go '9ers! Only for my homeboys Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and my main man Colin Kaepernick!!
lol ppl are so lame in their Super Bowl score predictions. Its gonna be a blowout. Only Marcellus Wiley knows whats up. Marcellus Wiley, "SportsNation" co-host: 49ers, 40-19 -- Colin Kaepernick and his decision-making can't be stopped. Try and stop him; Frank Gore runs up the score.
Playing Online with the 49ers , jschvz defeated the Broncos 49-7 on All-Madden in Head to Head. The leading passer was Colin Kaepernick with 219 yards, and the leading rusher was Frank Gore with 181 yards.
Ok I know the anticipation is killing you! Super Bowl 47 is going to be interesting. This is one of the most evenly matched games in the Super Bowl In quite some time. I will go position by position and tell you who has the edge QB-even I know Joe Flacco has been very good this post season (8 TDS 0 INTs) but i'm not sure which Flacco your gonna get. My gut says you will get the good Flacco because of how well he is playing. Colin Kaepernick is playing at a level that you only hear of once in a lifetime. I'm not sure the Ravens can keep him contained for the whole game. Bottom line they are both the reason these teams are here. RB-Ravens Ray Rice has been a beast ever since he has been in this league. Frank Gore has actually played well this year. He has decent backups that help. Rice is the man in Baltimore and I will be curious to see what he can do against this 49ers defense. Rice can carry this team on his shoulders so if he is playing great dont be surprised if they go to him a lot especially if the . ...
Ok I am going to stop watching NFL network or reading ESPN. It seems that the ravens have no chance against the great Colin Kaepernick. Apparently never throwing for more than 280 yards in a game makes you a great quarterback. Of course it may be his dynamic running ability which has led him to one game over a hundred yards(against the packers) but more importantly has opened things up for Frank Gore so that he can run. Of course Gore has only rushed for more than a hundred yards in one game since Colin became quarterback (also against the packers) but that doesn't matter because of the narrative. No one has been able to stop the pistol. Except you know the Rams and Seahawks. But unstoppable. Now I am not Namathing a Ravens win, but the game will not be decided with the Niners on offense. The game will be decided by how many plays start with the ball in Flacco's hands and end with it in the hands of a guy in a red jersey. 0 or 1 Ravens win. 2 or more 49ers win. There now you don't have to watch the pregam ...
Bets place for Monday Go 49ers and my buddy Colin Kaepernick !!
I'm sure Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama would be much more happy and content to start off African American History Month (FEB) if the Superbowl MVP went to a reputable hardworking guy like: 49er QB Colin Kaepernick, TE Vernon Davis, RB Frank Gore, or LB Patrick Willis as opposed to a guy like Baltimore Raven's Double Murder Accomplice/Accessory, NFL Substance Abuser, Insincere, Loud mouth, Trash-talking, egotistical, self-centered, self righteous, sac-religious LB Ray Lewis who sets a very poor example of a role-model and selflessness and throws God's name out there for self glorification and attention. Does he really think that we are stupid fans and believe he is sacrificing for God by playing in the NFL? His biblical quotes are out of context, used for the wrong purpose and used solely to boost himself or the Ravens, not God. He wants TV time, credit for his own stats and career, and the Ravens to win, not God's glorification. Let's see how he responds about God's greatness after a loss, in fr ...
I completely hate both Super Bowl teams. Can there be no winner? I like Ray Rice and Tori Smith, but hate Joe Flacco! I like Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick but hate Jim Harbaugh and Randy Moss! Who do I riot for?!?!?? Post what team and your reason below to help me choose!
Madden NFL 13 has predicted the outcome of Sunday's Super Bowl, using the latest stats on the players. Let's see how close the actual Super Bowl is to what played out on the video game. Read it if you're interested, but don't if you don't want the game spoiler, LOL! :) Both the Ravens and 49ers were held to first quarter field goals to start the game. But in the second quarter the 49ers’ Frank Gore scored on a 19-yard run and Joe Flacco quickly answered with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. Later in the quarter, Baltimore added a Ray Rice touchdown to go up 17-10 at halftime. In the third, The Ravens Joe Flacco tossed a 24-yard strike to Anquan Boldin to stretch their lead to 14. San Francisco got an early fourth quarter touchdown from Frank Gore and added a game-tying 12-yard touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis just before the two-minute warning. But Baltimore moved the ball down the field, capping the drive with a 40-yard field goal from Justin Tucker to push the Ravens ah . ...
Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore led San Francisco to a record comeback in the NFC Championship Game overcoming a 17-0 deficit to beat Atlanta Falcons 28-24 sending the 49ers to their first Super Bowl since 1995. Packer Maniacs
Guys like Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore and now Colin Kaepernick deserve to win their first Super Bowl, this Sunday.
OPINION POLL. 1: Which is the better running back: Frank Gore or Ray Rice? 2: Which is the more reliable Quarterback: Colin Kaepernick or Joe Flacco? 3: Which Linebacker would you rather have when your defense needs a boost: Ray Lewis or Patrick Harris (from SF)? 4: Which receiver would you rather trust for a clutch catch: Tori Smith or Michael Crabtree? 5: Who will win Super Bowl 47: San Francisco or Baltimore?
Who is going to shine on Super Bowl Sunday? Will it be Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Colin Kaepernick or will someone else step up? Will Ray Lewis once again be Super Bowl MVP?
Football Musings, Thursday: 1. You can now rest easy, NFL fans. Frank Gore has been fined $10,500 for wearing his socks too low against the Falcons. 2. I heard Colin Kaepernick can throw a 93 mph fastball. 3. And let me leave you with this thought today.Ndomakong Suh is going to be on Celebrity Diving.
Well I have about 10 days to figure out where we will watch the Super Bowl. The trick is wherever it is you get there early. Then the place should be nice and not some smelly dive bar. There's nothing worse than that . I like a place that has a mixed crowd young and older patrons . On Super Bowl it should be a loud crowd the place should have good bouncers and or security too. I enjoy the atmosphere like watching people cheer on the home team I do not mind drunks I no longer drink so now I find them comical as long as there not being stupid. It will be a hoot. Both teams are extremely good we are for the 49ers. I'm sure there will be some spectacular plays on both sides. The players I will be watching are Patrick Willis Frank Gore Randy Moss Justin Smith Crabtree Vernon Davis former Oregon Duck James . Colin Kaepernick. I'm sure the 49ers will win and get six Super Bowl wins. I am not thrilled the are moving nor am I happy Candlestick Park will no longer be. This said . Its time 49er fans unite . The ro . ...
Frank Gore stood in the middle of the Georgia Dome field, moments removed from the biggest victory of his life. Gore was the difference for the 49ers in their 28-24 win over Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game. He made a Falcons team determined to stop Colin Kaepernick pay. [...] with two second...
With that being said, I also believe that Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore have the talent and the will to be victorious offensively. We also have the most awesome defense. Lets beat big brothers team!!!
Once again we are all reminded that life isn't always fair to those who are so deserving. Yesterday marked the end of the career of a real NFL consumate pro with true character, Tony Gonzalez. Unfortunately his team lost in the playoffs and he will never have the chance to play in the ultimate game. Although we will have an interesting Super Bowl with many great story lines, like the emergence of Colin Kaepernick, the deserving efforts of Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Frank Gore, and of course the Harbaugh brothers. Instead, we'll be deluged, by the media, with stories about a man that got away with murder, Ray Lewis, and how his Hall of Fame career fitting ended with a trip to the Super Bowl. In my opinion, that's a crime in it's self. Good luck to Tony Gonzales in all of his future endevors, and thankyou for all done for, and accomplished in the NFL.!
ALBERT'S NFL: And here's another question-What's with the playcalling and schemes of the Atlanta Falcons? The Falcons lost by 4 points in a NFC Championship Game they initially dominated in the first quarter going up to a 17-0. It just seemed their defensive coaching staff was fixated on stopping Colin Kaepernick from running.That's fine-so why did you then allow Frank Gore to gain nearly 100 yards on the ground? Why did Vernon Davis get 100 yards on receptions most of them runs after the pass? And why when the Falcons were driving in the 4th quarter did they not try to run the ball for a touchdown? Or better yet kick a field goal and try to get the ball back? Falcons deserved to lose this game.
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ATLANTA (AP) -- Frank Gore's 9-yard run midway through the fourth quarter gave San Francisco a 28-24 lead over the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday's NFC Championship Game. The 49ers, who trailed 17-0 in the first half, took their first lead of the game on a short 38-yard drive set up by Ted Ginn Jr.'s 20-yard punt return. Gore had a 5-yard touchdown run to cap an 82-yard drive to open the second half. The high-scoring pace of the first half continued as the 49ers were impressive to open the second half. Colin Kaepernick had passes of 21 and 17 yards to Randy Moss in the drive. The 17-yarder moved the 49ers to the Falcons 5, setting up Gore's scoring run. Matt Ryan threw three touchdown passes in the first half, including a 10-yard toss to Tony Gonzalez with 25 seconds remaining in the half. The score answered San Francisco's two straight touchdowns as Atlanta led 24-14 at halftime. Ryan also threw touchdown passes of 20 and 46 yards to Julio Jones. Ryan was hurt by two third-quarter turnovers. His pass for Rodd ...
Ravens Vs. Patriots: Ravens The Ravens are currently loaded full of emotion and confidence that they can beat anyone. Ray Lewis has one of the best defensive minds and is going to throw Tom (whiny and arrogant) Brady off his game. Lets us also not forget that the Patriots defense is weaker then wet paper! I expect Flacco to step up big time and make some great throws to his plethora of weapons. (Jacoby Jone, Torey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta) It is worth noting that the Patriots offense is weakened due to the injury of Rob Gronkowski. 49ers Vs. Falcons: 49ers The Seahawks should have one last week but since Pete Carroll is an *** they didn't. The 49ers in my opinion are going to walk all over the Falcons. Colin Kaepernick is going to run all day next to Frank Gore. While the niners D will force the Falcons to be one dimensional.
This is my prediction for the AFC/ NFC Championship Games: San Francisco over Atlanta 37-23 -Colin Kaepernick runs for over 100yds and 2 scores. He throws 25 of 37 for 314yds with 2TD passes and 0 interceptions. -Frank Gore rushes 22 times for 114yds and 1TD. -Matt Ryan throws 27 of 48 for 272yds with 2TD and 3INT. -Tony Gonzalez gets 10 receptions for 120yds. -The interceptions Matt Ryan throws will prove costly as the 49ers takes advantage of the turnovers. -The defense of the 49ers might start off well until the 4th Quarter where the Falcons tried to comeback with 10 points scored but was still too much for the Falcons to handle. Baltimore over New England 41-33 -Joe Flacco starts the game with a 40 yard hail & mary for a TD. -Joe Flacco ends the day with 27 of 41 for 350yds with 3TDs and 1INT. -Anquan Boldin catches a decisive TD and ends the day with 8 receptions for 137yds and 1TD. -Torrey Smith catches 5 passes for 90yds but was held without a score. -Ray Rice rushes 20 times for 90yds and 1 score. ...
"The Quest for 6" The 49ers have secured their second straight NFC championship position with a hard fought victory over the Greenbay Packers. The final score came to 45 to 31 49ers favor, with Colin Kaepernick throwing 17/31 for 263 yards and 2 passing TDs to Michael Crabtree and 2 rushing TDs for 181 rushing yards. Michael Crabtree not only caught the 2 TD passes but also caught 9 passes for 119 yards. Kaepernick was not the only one to rush, as Frank Gore rushed 119 yards for 1 TD. . Who's got it better than us? Well apparently the Atlanta Falcons do, as we'll be playing them in the NFC championship in 4 days. The Atlanta Falcons have had a good season, having a record of 13-3-0 to the 49ers 11-4-1. The 49ers key to winning this one is ( In my opinion ) is stopping the Falcon's passing game. Matt Ryan has thrown 4,719 passing yards this season. His rating is currently 99.1 However, he has been sacked 28 times, meaning their offensive line doesn't have what it takes against a good defense, and the 49ers ...
NFL Playoff History: •The 49ers became the first team in NFL history to ever have two, 100-yd. rushers [QB Colin Kaepernick (181 yds. rushing), RB Frank Gore (119 yds. rushing)] and one, 100-yd. receiver [WR Michael Crabtree (119 yds. receiving)] in a playoff game in NFL history.
My analysis of next week's Conference Championship Games: Gronk is out with a broken forearm, but Brady still has a lot of weapons. Ravens are starving on defense in that they seem to eat everything that moves. Ravens by 3. Ryan makes bad decisions at the worst possible times and the Falcons are undersized on Defense. However, they way they swarm to the ball will help ground a very potent 49er running attack UNLESS Frank Gore goes absolutely nuts. X - Factor. QB Colin Kaepernick... as dangerous on the ground as he is in the air. 49ers by 12.
Go Niners, started out as a dog fight in the 1st half. Domination by the Niners in the 2nd. No one was stopping that rush attack of Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore. Now on to the next until we hit the super dome.
Colin Kaepernick has 183 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns... and Frank Gore is the runningback. 49ers Superbowl baby
325 rushing yards for the Niners, wow that boy Clay Matthews and the rest of his squad don't know what to do with Frank Gore or Colin Kaepernick!
Frank Gore is my all time favorite running back. Colin Kaepernick just won back my respect tonight.
Colin Kaepernick and Frank gore are tearing the Packers apart.
49ers look like the team to beat. Colin Kaepernick is a bad boy. And it's scary when Randy Moss is just your 3rd option at receiver! Oh and Frank Gore is a MAN out there! He's a problem for real!
The last time the 49ers and the Packers met was week 1 of the Regular Season. The 49ers won that game 30 - 22. Now this weekend the 49ers is going to show the Cheeseheads why they are the "Best in the West" when Green Bay comes to Candelstick Park and faces the relentless defense of the 49ers, and the cannon that Colin Kaepernick throws with. I'll be looking for a few TD passes to Michael Crabtree Some long burst runs from Frank Gore and a few pick 6s from numerous players on the defense, cause this team is Super Bowl bound.
To beat the Packers Saturday, what 49er (besides Colin Kaepernick) needs to have a big game?
The Packers are going to see a similar quarterback in San Francisco. Though Colin Kaepernick only became a starter late in the season, he has rushed 63 times for 415 yards, five touchdowns and a 6.6 yards per carry average. He and leading rusher Frank Gore (1,214 yards, eight touchdowns and a 4.7 average) present a formidable one-two rushing punch.
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So let’s get on to some real playoff football, huh? Packers at 49ers — that’s the real deal. As sweet as it is to crush those *** from Minnesota, it’s time to wash our hands of that and start focusing on Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore and company.
After hours of deliberation I finally decided to go with a Frank Gore jersey. Choices were Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, or Frank Gore. Told myself if we win the Super Bowl I'll have to get a Colin Kaepernick.
Ready for the upset of the year? The San Francisco 49ers got a dose of reality against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on Sunday and will look to get back on track this week against divisional rival Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals will be playing out the finale of an extremely disappointing 2012 season that ends as it began: with a cloud surrounding the quarterback position. Head coach Ken Wisenhunt spent all year trying to find a viable signal-caller and failed at every turn, and it could very well end up costing him his job. For the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick and the offense need to get back to basics, namely handing the ball off to Frank Gore. San Francisco got far too cute early against the Seahawks, and it cost the team. Head coach and play-caller Jim Harbaugh needs to get back to what made this team so successful in 2011 and earlier this year by feeding the running game, especially Frank Gore.
Merry Christmas to Jim Harbaugh, Justin Smith, Frank Gore, and Colin Kaepernick's parents. Ya did good.
Here's a photo of Colin Kaepernick taking the field yesterday. Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick each ran for a touchdown to lead the 49ers to a 27-13 victory over the Miami Dolphins. "Share" this photo if you were happy with the outcome of the game! Read more 49ers news:
Hey, how about those 49ers? Colin Kaepernick is looking pretty good out there. Not just yesterday night but in spot duty all season. I am just as happy with my first string of Alex Smith and Frank Gore as I am with my second string of Colin Kaepernick and Kendall Hunter. 49ers are set for a few years in my opinion. - Shout out to Adam Thompson and Brandon Jackson
San Francisco 32, Chicago 7: In his first career start, Colin Kaepernick out-dueled Jason Campbell and it was not even close. Kaepernick had 243 yards and two touchdowns to Campbell's 107 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.
Kaepernick and 49ers Roll the Bears 32-7 November 19, 2012 at 8:54 pm Everyone saw the game so I’m not going to go on and on and on about this and that. I’m gonna keep it simple and post the numbers. Colin Kaepernick 16 of 23 for 243 and 2 touchdowns. Vernon Davis 6 catches for 83 yards and 1 touchdown. Frank Gore 78 yards rushing. Aldon Smith 5 sacks. The Chicago Bears on both sides of the ball should be embarrassed. Kaepernick in his first start outperformed and made the Bears defense to look like a joke. The biggest question this week and from here on out is how long until Colin Kaepernick takes over as starting quarterback. Notes: Aldon now holds the record for most sacks on a Monday Night Football game record for sacks with 5.5. The 32-7 victory is the largest margin of victory for a QB getting his first start. Aldon now has 14.5 sacks on the season, which at this time leads the NFL. Brandon Marshall looks like he was going to cry the entire game.
That was one hellacious block by Frank Gore on Lance Briggs on Colin Kaepernick's TD pass to Vernon Davis.
When you got Vernon Davis, Matt Forte, Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick starting on Fantasy Football. >>
8 carries for Frank Gore. All in 1st half. Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith had more carries in 2nd half than Gore. Getting too cute.
In the final game of Jimmy Raye's ill-fated tenure as the 49ers' offensive coordinator in 2010, Kansas City defenders called out telegraphed plays - often handoffs to running back Frank Gore - before the snap. In a nod to creative play-calling, wide receivers and backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick...
Well everyone the 49ers won 34-0. Alex Smith was 12-21 143 yards 0 Td 0 Int, Frank Gore had 21 Rush, 62 yards 1 TD. Carlos Rogers returned a fumble 51 yards for a touchdown, and Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick - on a wildcat-style option - all ran for scores. Grant blocked a punt. Patrick Willis had an INT and the 49ers Def showed everyone why they are one of the BEST if no the BEST. Well everyone I will be back on later tonight to give an update on the cowgirls when they loose to the bears.
Oh..I forgot about Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick too!
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