Colin Kaepernick & Christian Ponder

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Christian Ponder (born February 25, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. 5.0/5

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Christian Ponder will serve as the reserve QB behind Colin Kaepernick in Atlanta. More updates:
Who should start, Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert or even Christian Ponder?
49ers OC Curtis Modkins announced Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday. Christian Ponder was not discussed as option
Andy Dalton & Colin Kaepernick were the 2 QBs drafted after Jake Locker & Christian Ponder in the 2011 NFL draft
Back in 2011, the Vikings could have drafted Nick Fairley or Colin Kaepernick rather than Christian Ponder... -Edward
And we picked Christian Ponder over Colin Kaepernick and Josh Robinson over Russell Wilson!
Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian ponder, blain gabbert, and Andy Dalton were all selected before Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 you see any of them in back to back NFC championship games???
Colin Kaepernick states his case as 2011 draft's top QB!! "Greatest on the road Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers Kaepernick seems agitated that he was selected in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and took it upon himself to show the player picked No. 1 overall in that same draft who really is the actual top quarterback in that draft class. Kaepernick was the sixth quarterback taken in the 2011 draft, behind Newton and other notables such as Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton. To say the 49ers got a gift in Kaepernick in the second round is a monumental understatement.
Just amusing stuff for any fans, Blaine Gabbert was picked before Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, and Colin Kaepernick.
Just a reminder to Vikings fans you drafted Christian Ponder over Andy Dalton TJ Yates and Colin Kaepernick
confused on how Colin Kaepernick is not a Fantasy Football star, Christian Ponder (now we got Josh Freeman!) has nearly as many points...oh well, 49ers get the job done.
There's already 2 Starting QBs in the NFL that have been benched this seasons. . . Next up: -Christian Ponder -Colin Kaepernick - Every QB on the Jaguars? seriously. . . how long does a team like the Redskins stick with RG3? They are 0-3 this season. . . They have a back-up who looked to be pretty *** good last season. Also, What do the Giants & Steelers do with Eli & Ben if they keep on losing games?
Christian Ponder is to Colin Kaepernick as Wes Johnson is to Paul George.
TURLOCK, Calif. -- Colin Kaepernick a Raider. Imagine the change in history.
Wat if the vikings drafted Colin Kaepernick over Christian Ponder
NFL trade rumors: Alex Smith trade market limited The San Francisco 49ers have a new starting quarterback named Colin Kaepernick who helped lead them to the Super Bowl this past season. However, while they would like to now pull off an Alex Smith trade, rotoworld reported on Feb. 13 that the trade market for Smith is "limited." While earlier rumors have the 49ers interested in a Percy Harvin trade, it doesn't look like Minnesota is interested in Alex Smith. Head Coach Leslie Frazier told ESPN that he was not going to bring in competition for Christian Ponder in 2013 and had faith in his quarterback. That eliminates another team that San Francisco could talk to for Smith's services. While Buffalo, Arizona and Cleveland could use an upgrade... ~SportsMan
Some of the names include J.J. Watt, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Torrey Smith and many more
Interesting.Bears are 1-8 vs. the Packers since Cutler has joined the that span the highest points the Bears have scored against them is 21.and McCown started that game. Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Christian Ponder beat them last year. Is Cutler who we think he is???
"I am glad we picked Christian Ponder over Colin Kaepernick"--- something no Viking fan is thinking tonight
Second Trivia Question: How many quarterbacks were drafted in the 2011 draft, before Colin Kaepernick? First comment here wins - MUST be a fan of the page! You will win one of our Signature Dangles!
Oh yeah. That's right. The Vikings chose Christian Ponder over Colin Kaepernick. Typical. Even as he is losing, he STILL looks 10 times better than Ponder.
Colin Kaepernick is a grown up version of Christian Ponder.
Remember when the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder instead of Andy Dalton or Colin Kaepernick
Now that the first quarterback from the 2011 draft class has reached the Super Bowl.Question: If you were the Carolina Panthers two seasons ago and you were drafting 1st overall would you still take Cam Newton, or would you take Colin Kaepernick, or even Andy Dalton? And to all Vikings fans, Colin Kaepernick was taken with the 36th overall pick, and Andy Dalton was taken one pick earlier as the 35th how do you feel now about your team taking Christian Ponder 23 and 24 picks earlier in round 1?
Okay, this was brought up last night at work. Why? I don't know. I was asked if I could name 10 QBs that I think are better than Jay Cutler. I came up with 12. Here is how is worked out: Better than Cutler: Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Robert Griffin III, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Drew Bress, Josh Freeman, Andrew Luck, Matt Schaub, and Peyton Manning. About the same: Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers Cutler is better than: Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, Nick Foles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Tannehill, Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker, Chad Henne, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford Again, this is just my opinion. Let the debate begin.
Christian Ponder or Colin Kaepernick...who do you pick to start a team tomorrow?
The Minnesota Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers for Troy Williamson and Erasmus James, and Colin Kaepernick for Christian Ponder. Oops.
Come on man. Colin Kaepernick was drafted in the second round and 24 spots after the Vikings took Christian Ponder with the 12th overall in the same draft. Looks like a big miss by the vikings scouts... Thanks
Move over RG 3, Colin Kaepernick has just become the most entertaining player in the NFL!!!
Watched "Inside The NFL" last night. Chris Collinsworth is picking San Francisco to beat Green Bay. Phil Simms is picking the Packers over the 49ers (partly to contradict Chris' prediction, I think). I say that Colin Kaepernick is 3 times as good as Joe Webb and twice as good as Christian Ponder, thus, the 49ers won't be playing with the same handicaps that the Vikings had. San Fran will beat Green Bay easily.
How does it feel to be a vikings fan knowing they picked Christian ponder over Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. Hurts doesn't it?
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I hope my boy Ste'Vaughn realizes that Colin Kaepernick isn't elite and that Aaron Rodgers is gonna walk into SF on Saturday and make his team look horrible. Go Pack Go.
So it's official... The Vikings need a quarterback, obviously Christian Ponder isn't the answer and Joe Webb definitely isn't the answer... In looking around the league and who might be available I have narrowed it down to the best option: Alex Smith... He is no longer needed in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick looking to be their option moving forward... We don't need to draft and try to build up another rookie... We need to use our draft picks on a big play receiver, cornerbacks, safeties and much needed help on the O-line
Wouldn't it be something if we ended up with 2 rookie QB's in the superbowl? (Russell Wilson (Seahawks) or Robert Griffin III (Redskins) vs. Andrew Luck (Colts)... Did you know that 6 of the 12 playoff teams have starting QB's with less than 2 years NFL experience? (Luck, RG III, and Wilson are all rookies) (Colin Kaepernick (49ers), Christian Ponder (Vikings), and Andy Dalton (Bengals) are 2nd year starters) 2012 is the year of the Quarterback!!!
NFC playoff quarterbacks: Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Rodgers, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Christian Ponder. If GB slips up against SF, then this is Matt Ryan's to lose. Yes, I just picked the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl.
6 of the 12 teams that made the NFL playoff's have QB's with 2 years or less experience: Robert Griffin lll, Redskins; Andrew Luck, Colts; Christian Ponder, Vikings; Russell Wilson, Seahawks; Andy Dalton, Bengals; and Colin Kaepernick, 49ers. Unprecedented and exciting news for the future of professional football.
Half of the NFL playoff teams have rookie or 2nd year QBs: RG3, Andrew Luck, Russ Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton, & Christian Ponder
You know what's crazy these quarterbacks are in the playoffs (the number is the number of playoff games they have played) Robert Griffin 0 Russell Wilson 0 Andrew Luck 0 Colin Kaepernick 0 Christian Ponder 0 Matt Schaub 0 Andy Dalton 1 These quarterbacks aren't in Eli Manning 2 Super Bowl Titles Ben Roethlisberger 2 Super Bowl Titles Drew Brees 1 Super Bowl Title
There has been a huge youth movement in the past couple NFL seasons. Here are the current starting QBs with 3 seasons or less in NFL experience (not including this season), thier age will be in parenthesis Robert Griffin III (22) Russell Wilson (24) Andy Dalton (25) Cam Newton (23) Josh Freeman (24) currently in his 4th season Sam Bradford (25) Matt Stafford (24) currently in his 4th season Christian Ponder (24) Nick Foles (23) Blaine Gabbert (23) he was starting until getting hurt Jake Locker (24) Ryan Tannehill (24) Andrew Luck (23) Brandon Weeden (29) Mark Sanchez (26) currently in his 4th season, was starter until getting benched the previous week Greg McElroy (24) new Jets starter Colin Kaepernick (25) Ryan Lindley (23)
Players drafted after Christian Ponder in the 2011 draft: Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Ricky Stanzi
Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Brandon Weedon, Ryan Tannehill, and now Colin Kaepernick--10 QB's in their 1st or 2nd year that all look promising--at least more than the Jags sophomore, Blaine Gabbert. At least Nick Foles looked terrible for the Eagles, or it would be 11.
Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson, Greg McElroy, Christian Ponder, Kirk Cousins, Colin Kaepernick and on and on.
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