Colin Kaepernick & Alex Smith

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. 5.0/5

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When I was into football, I was angry when the 49ers fired Jim Harbaugh. But to be fair, he did dump Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick.
Alex Smith is QB for the 5-0 Chiefs. . Jim Harbaugh gave us Colin Kaepernick and is Coach of a college team. Thanks Jim. 🤘🏻…
I wonder how San Francisco has been feeling lately knowing that they got rid of Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick
if Alex Smith should've retired when he lost his job to Colin Kaepernick
One of these quarterbacks is not like the other. Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert.
And that's how good Cam Newton is compared to Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.
It was OK to make fun of Alex Smith and Blaine Gabbert in the past, but it's not OK to make fun of Colin Kaepernick now?
Jim Harbaugh took Alex Smith to NFC Title Game and took Colin Kaepernick to the Super Bowl. Michigan will be fine.
Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick. This is just the price now.
my lower end quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith, and Jeff George
How fitting that as I wrap up the Colin Kaepernick portion of my column I receive a text saying, "I wish Alex Smith was still there."
Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith headline autograph show: Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith will be reunited ...
What is the difference between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick? One's a QB and the other works for John Henson...Wait for it...
Mariota is much closer to Ryan Tannehill or Alex Smith than he is to Colin Kaepernick.
Alex Smith hasn't thrown a TD to a wide receiver all season. He has more fantasy points than Colin Kaepernick.
The 49ers have to be who they were when Colin Kaepernick came when they'd traded Alex Smith
Colin Kaepernick forever proving that the 49's should of kept Alex Smith 👏
Which skill would 49ers fans take from Alex Smith and give to Colin Kaepernick? -
Heard Heath Evans would take Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick. Wow. People say anything to make a name for themselves. Evans is terrible.
Here's my not-so-veiled shot at Niners fans -- Colin Kaepernick had a tough outing Sunday. Alex Smith did not:
tell that to Colin Kaepernick after Alex Smith got hurt while in SF
A lot of fans are not going to like it, but I'm going out on a limb and say that if RGIII is out for an extended time, and it appears that may be the case, Kirk Cousins will keep the starting job especially if he continues to play well. It would not be unprecedented. New England's Tom Brady got his job after starter Drew Bledsoe was injured and eventually ended up in Dallas, and former 49er starting QB Alex Smith suffered a concussion and was replaced by Colin Kaepernick who took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Smith eventually ended up in Kansas City and is the starting QB there. If Cousins keeps playing well and the Redskins continue to win, I expect Cousins to keep the starting job.
this reminds me of when Alex Smith got injured and Colin Kaepernick became the regular starter.
Riddle me this: Alex Smith - $30 million guaranteed ... Colin Kaepernick $12.6 million guaranteed ...
Colin Kaepernick, in place of Alex Smith in 2012 vs. Bears
In my opinion, Alex Smith is and always will be a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick.
Alex Smith unwilling to sign a contact similar to Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton..
Niners' Colin Kaepernick to start ahead of Alex Smith, reports say - Colin Kaepernick will start today at...
Alex Smith&next contract could be affected by Colin Kaepernick&$ ..Chiefs WichitaNews
One former NFL agent says contract structure and the Chiefs’ current situation makes it unlikely for quarterback Alex Smith to get a new deal similar to what San Francisco gave Colin Kaepernick: six years and $126 million.
Colin Kaepernick contract: 49ers quarterback thanks Alex Smith for mentoring him -
With San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick signing a massive contract extension, per, after having started his career as a backup to Alex Smith, now seems like a good time to talk about some other guys sitting on the bench who might have the talent to be a stud. While not all...
Kaepernick gives a big shout out to Alex Smith: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, ...
Andrew Brandt has written an interesting piece for MMQB about the interesting contract situations for both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. The story is interesting in and of itself because Kaepernick supplanted Smith as the starter for San Francisco, so… [ 678 more words. ]
Colin Kaepernick has been a revelation since replacing Alex Smith in 2012, and now the Niners are rewarding him. Kaepernick signed a mega deal Wednesday that includes $61 million guaranteed.
Colin Kaepernick deal will impact potential deals for Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith this year; Luck, RGIII, Russell…
Kaepernick: I wouldn't be here without Alex Smith
Impressed Colin Kaepernick included Alex Smith among those he credited and specifically tried to ensure young, deserving …
For a team that prides itself on running the football, how do the 49ers plan to get a return on a six-year, $110 million ($61 mil guaranteed) investment in Colin Kaepernick? It's the most guaranteed money made by an individual in NFL's Colin Kaepernick. Cam Newton coming, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson coming, Alex Smith contracts all coming up within the next two seasons. WOW!
How much is Tom Condon seeking for his client, Alex Smith? He has already landed Peyton Manning $18 Million a year, Drew Brees $18.4 Million a year, Tony Romo $17 Million a year, Matt Ryan $16.5 Million a year and will be negotiating hefty deals for Eli Manning and Matt Stafford, soon. Not long after Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler all with big deals and with other QBs working behind the scenes on extensions(Colin Kaepernick & Ben Roethlisberger) and others who will be needing dealt with over the next 12 months(Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) just how much can we pay Smith? Any extension, as discussed in depth; will already cost us the services of Tamba Hali. A huge extension, more then likely chops Brandon Flowers or Dwayne Bowe off, also. SO, serious questions. Are we at a place where we can even make this deal? Will Alex stick with his QB brethren and increase the average pay for QBs or will he cut us a deal?
I'm sure this makes Alex Smith happy.
Am I the only one who does NOT think Colin Kaepernick is worth $18 million a year?? He's young and he has definitely benefited from having a great defense and great running game. Harbaugh made Alex Smith better too. I would wait a couple years before giving that kind of money. Maybe even draft another possibility at QB that Harbaugh could work with
the last 3 years in 49er history is bittersweet. thank you alex smith for beating steelers and saints and then a tough ot loss to NY at the 'stick. next year we get a huge expectation qb from NV Colin Kaepernick college and family in GB who halfway thru a season gave us our first LOSS in a superbowl as Ray Lewis walks off into the sunset with his 2nd lombardi trophy. next year we are under Satan's seahawks all season yet get enough momentum to take a wild card so far great wins vs packers and panthers. yet we are cut short in 4th quater after great half vs our top enemy, satans seahawks. our main goal after losing to ravens were to build a stronger team that can take down our enemey satan seahawks and beat broncos in the superbowl, no one else in afc was expected to beat broncos. KAEPERNICK FAILED! i love my 49ers and this heart break is not right for the fans to go thru, for SF to go thru with such rich history from Montana to Young, even Barry Bonds and Buster Posey for the SFGIants. in the end i love m ...
The rest of the top 10 most-liked players: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Interestingly, Smith ranks ahead of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took Smith's job in San Francisco and played in the Super Bowl a year ago but sits only 14th on the most-liked list.
I grade how good are these QB's by "tiers" or "categories". For Example, I give a QB a 6 if they are elite, 5 if they are very good, 4 if they are good, 3 if they are average, 2 if they are below average, and 1 if they are bad. Here is my opinion on top QB's. What is your ratings based on these QB's? 6- Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees 5- Ben Rothliesberger, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Nick Foles, Matt Ryan 4- Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson 3- Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, Matthew Stafford, Mike Glennon, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer 2- Bills QB's (Manuel, Lewis), Titans QB's (Locker, Fitzpatrick), Rams QB's (Bradford, Clemens), Raiders QB's (Pryor, McGloin) 1- Geno Smith, Chad Henne, Browns QB's (Weeden, Campbell), Vikings QB's (Ponder, Cassel, Freeman) I would put Kirk Cousins, Matt Flynn, Josh Mccown, Michael Vick, and Brian Hoyer somewhere in this system but they have not played enough games to earn a spec ...
Colin Kaepernick had a flute season bro! Alex smith i... — Omg. You guys can have this debate through dms or som...
Come on, Peyton, there is still time. I mean, realistically, no, there isn't. You're not Joe Montana or Steve Young or even Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick. But, theoretically, there is still time.
This game is awful. I don't see how Seattle is dominating when they barely made it to the Super Bowl. They won in the last few seconds at Candlestick Park (their home field) vs San Francisco. Well, I'm pretty proud of my team now. Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith & Frank Gore did pretty good against them!
Reggie Jackson is the Colin Kaepernick of the NBA and Russell Westbrook is Alex Smith
San Fran has made 3 NFC championships in a row w/Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick because their team isnt around their QB
Report: Redskins reach out to 49ers' Greg Roman In addition to reportedly seeking interviews with Bengals coordinators Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer as well as Vanderbilt coach James Franklin, the Redskins have also reached out to 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, according to NFL Network’s Albert Breer. Roman, 41, has been San Francisco’s offensive coordinator the past three seasons and has been lauded for helping the 49ers transition from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick last season. The 49ers’ offense ranked third in rushing yards per game this season (137.6) and 11th in points (25.4). Breer reported that Roman is also being sought by the Vikings and that there “could be interviews coming” with both teams. Roman cannot be hired until the 49ers’ season ends. They beat the Packers 23-20 on Sunday to advance in the playoffs. Roman becomes the eighth NFL coordinator linked to the Redskins’ head coaching vacancy, joining Gruden, Zimmer, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Cowboys s ...
Colin Kaepernick was asked to come in last season when Alex Smith came out. Result: berth.
Here are the picks for this weekend, boys and girls: Packers over 49ers: Home field and a huge advantage at the most important position, quarterback. Make no mistake about it, Colin Kaepernick is incredibly over-rated and a borderline liability against anything but an atrocious pass defense. Plus, I just feel like the Packers and Rodgers are flying high coming off an emotional win. Saints over Eagles: I know the Saints have struggled on the road, but I just feel like they are that much better than the Eagles. They have a stronger defense and this will be the first career playoff game for Foles, who is essentially a rookie. Drew Brees finds a way to win that game. Colts over Chiefs: I feel like these teams are pretty evenly matched, but the Colts have home field and when in doubt, go with the better quarterback. Alex Smith can't hold Andrew Luck's jock strap. Chargers over Bengals: This really just boils down to the fact that I plain don't trust Andy Dalton. If the Chargers can go into Denver and hold Peyt ...
All I have heard this season is how Colin Kaepernick would be a one year wonder. First of all yeah how they did my cousin Alex Smith was wrong. Yeah his numbers are down and just because he didn't rattle off the long runs and all the "Kaepernicking" isn't going on he is automatically a bum right? Well chew on this. Colin Kaepernick was a Senior Bowl standout in 2011 and his Nevada Wolfpack were the first team to give the BCS red headed step child, Boise State their first lose in four years and stealing the WAC Title out of their hands. In the same year he was drafted in the second round which many thought the move was a steal for the 49ers. In that same draft five quarterbacks were picked in front of him (In chronological order: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and Andy Dalton. In their first FULL year of starting Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick led their teams into the playoffs. Although the 49ers had the 31st ranked passing attack in the league Kap threw one interception in th ...
Alex Smith benched for Colin Kaepernick & Drew Bledsoe benched for Tom Brady is not comparable to McCown v. Cutler. McCown is 3…
START/SIT/SLEEPER for week 14 QB: Start em' Cutler/McCown- Doesn't Matter who starts either way this is a great match up. Dallas is currently letting up the second most points to opposing quarterbacks, and this Bears offense has been hot with McCown and Cutler. Mathew Stafford- He's playing a team that let's up a lot of points to opposing quarterbacks. This Eagles defense struggles against big physical guys like Megatron, so that has to help Stafford. Alex Smith- This chiefs will finally pull out of their slump, with playing an easy Redskins team. This Redskins defense is down right awful, and the Chiefs need to make a statement. Sit em' Colin Kaepernick- He's playing the Seahawks, do I really need to say anymore... Russell Wilson- This 49ers defense, is also tough against quarterbacks. This game is going to come down the run game. Tony Romo- When is this game being played? Oh right, DECEMBER 9. The month of December means that Tony Romo starts playing bad again, and this Chicago defense is good too. Slee ...
In light of the 49ers-Redskins game tonight ... has your impression of Colin Kaepernick changed since the end of last season? 49ers fans: Do you still think he can lead the team to a Super Bowl win? Would you rather have Alex Smith?
Did you know that Russell Wilson has been sacked more times, but has a better passer rating than Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, RG3, Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford? :)
Bucs recap from yesterday: 1. I am not like some fans. I don't get disappointed with every win just because it means we might get a lower draft pick or we might actually keep Schiano around. Anybody who has followed the draft as long as I have knows that it's way less about where you pick and way more about how good your scouting department is at making that pick have the best value possible. I want my team to win. So yesterday was a lot of fun to watch. The Bucs played a complete game in all phases and made big plays in all three, as well. 2. The offensive line has been a completely different unit with Jamon Meridith in the game. They bulldozed in the run game for the third week in a row, and kept Mike Glennon off his back for most of the game. 3. Speaking of Glennon, good luck convincing me that the Bucs should take a QB in next year's draft. QB rating of 87.7 (higher than Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, RG3, Eli Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith), 11 TD, 4 INT, 62% completion percentage. And he's j ...
No hate on Colin Kaepernick but I'd rather meet Alex Smith in person.
Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is no Tom Brady.lost 2nd time in a row at the Dome...not a winner so far, but perhaps a good whinner.Let's see ALEX SMITH IS 9&1 WITH THE CHIEFS.
49ers QBs past and present - Alex Smith, Scott Tolzien and Colin Kaepernick - go 0-for-3 today ...
Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick both played so-so tonight...
You cannot continue to give the ball back to Peyton Manning and expect to win. This game is showing why Colin Kaepernick was chosen over Alex Smith in San Francisco.
This is about the point in the season when the Chiefs should replace Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick.
Via Brian Chung: Clearly Colin Kaepernick is not the same QB he was when Alex Smith was holding his clipboard.
Alex Smith is a much better QB than Colin Kaepernick! What in the world were they thinking?
When the Chiefs beat the Broncos tonight, I hope Alex Smith dedicates the win to Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick.
Serious question to all 49ers fans. Which is the bigger problem for the team right now. The offensive line play not allowing Frank Gore to run well and time for Kaep to throw OR Colin Kaepernick playing quarterback this year instead of Alex Smith. Please give me your input and pick one. I'm having a debate with someone.
Hey, a fun little stat: From the start of the 2011 season until he was replaced, Alex Smith was 19-5-1 as a starter with the Niners. Since replacing him, Colin Kaepernick is 13-7. Yeah he got to the Super Bowl, but c'mon, that team was stacked. Alex Smith is 9-0 this year. Just saying...
Colin he the guy or should the 49'ers have stayed with Alex Smith??
Colin Kaepernick can eat the biggest of *** .. Alex Smith has lost 3 games in 30ish starts
The return of the San Francisco Fluffer brother Mark McCracken had a great suggestion to trade Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs for Alex Smith...I think we should give up a 2nd round pick as well... Also, the California legislature will vote to make "Kaepernick-ing" illegal...punishable by 30 days in jail and 3 years of community service.
Jim Harbaugh replaced the smartest quarterback (Alex Smith) of the NFL with the dumbest (Colin Kaepernick) bad move. I called it then, and I called it now. Stupid!
The biggest mistake the 49ers have made was getting rid of Alex Smith. He may not be as athletic as Colin Kaepernick, but at least he won games.( 9-0 this year with KC). Kap may have a lot of potential, maybe he can be elite in a couple years, but he's NOT getting the job done right now.
The 49ers have been going downhill ever since they gave Alex Smith's starting quarterback job to Colin Kaepernick! =|
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Colin Kaepernick worst QB ever Alex Smith much better QB and I love how refs decide the end of games f*** the NFL
I still believe that the 49'ers would have won the Super Bowl last year if they had not benched Alex Smith. I am not a believer of Colin Kaepernick. I think I might hate you Colin.
Here's Colin Kaepernick's stats today. 17-31 for 127 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT 72.9 QB Rating. Now let's root for Alex Smith and the Chiefs to beat the Broncos tonight so that knife can turn in the Niners back just a little bit more!!! Woo!!! -Ryan
It was a year ago right now that Colin Kaepernick exploded on to the scene as a starting quarterback in the NFL, making the game look almost easy with his blend of dynamic playmaking and dual-threat athleticism. The San Francisco 49ers started him ahead of veteran Alex Smith for the first time in We...
When Jim Harbaugh named Colin Kaepernick his starting QB and decided that the 49ers would be moving forward without Alex Smith, Smith became Andy Reid's starter in Kansas City...
Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith: Which QB will have the better season? Which quarterback will have a better 2013 season - Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? On the one hand, Smith had the superior passer rating last season - 104.1 to Kaepernick's 98.3. This season, Smith will have the younger and better running back (27-year- old Jamaal Charles vs. 30-year-old Frank Gore), and the younger and better No. 1 wide receiver (29-year-old Dwayne Bowe vs. 33- year-old Anquan Boldin). Kaepernick probably has the better offensive line, but the Chiefs spent the first pick in the draft on tackle Eric Fisher. Smith will have a good offensive line, too. Kaepernick has the better tight end - Vernon Davis but Kaepernick completed just 27 passes to Davis in 10 games last season.
What Does Alex Smith Have in Common with Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck?JASON SEIBEL 1 hour ago on Arrowhead Addict As we rapidly approach the NFL’s week 7, there are two undefeated teams in the league. Of course anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows they are the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos have gotten to their position on the “record breaking” arm of quarterback Peyton Manning and perhaps the best wide receiver corps in the league. The Chiefs, as Addicts know, have won the last six games thanks to a violent and relentless defense who are on track to break a few records themselves. Because the Chiefs are winning there haven’t been many calls for Alex Smith to head to the bench. 2011 this is not and there aren’t planes buzzing Arrowhead calling for the resignation of quarterback. Aside from the handful of fans who were against the trade from the beginning and continue to voice their level of frustration at the Chiefs rookie general manager ...
I'm glad everybody is getting off the Colin Kaepernick hype train. He's not as good as Alex Smith, and people are finally realizing that.
I don't like how quickly people turn on QB's in the league. It's so up and down and I'm tired of it. For example: QB's who are currently "Bad": Eli Manning, Big Ben, Colin Kaepernick, Matt Schaub, Cam Newton, RGIII (Who was considered God last year) QB's who are currently "Good": Phillip Rivers, Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith (Who is nothing but a game manager) Sorry, I'm just tired of the back and forth. Quit judging QB's off of one season.
i came to another conclusion today. Alex Smith lost his job last season to Colin Kaepernick after getting hurt. then Kaepernick caught fire and led the 49ers to the big bowl game. the 49ers have a great defense and will win tonight, but Kaepernick is not an upcoming Hall of Famer. he has crazy intangibles (speed and a rocket arm), but he is just so-so. and I know he's young, but he hasn't won anything yet. reminds of another QB who entered the league while I was in high school named Michael Vick. QB's who continually try to lean on their athleticism just don't make it in the NFL. that's why they take a test called the Wonderlic. so that complete *** aren't drafted and awarded millions of dollars b/c they are athletic. so basically, Kaepernick is Vick version and he will have a long career b/c people (coaches, GM's, owners) will continually be amazed at his potential. but that is all it is. potential. potential still takes lots of work to become good and an understanding that coaches are necessary. and ...
?...My QBs are Colin Kaepernick & Alex Smith-I have a trade offer to get Matt Ryan for Marshawn Lynch...
The 49ers are making a change at the quarterback position. No, Colin Kaepernick isn’t headed for the same fate as Alex Smith but the team is making a change on the depth chart behind him. The 49ers have cut quarterback B.J. Daniels, who they selected in the seventh round in April and installed as their third quarterback this summer. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the team is expected to sign John Skelton to replace him on the roster. Barrows also reports that the team hopes Daniels clears waivers so that he can rejoin the team as a member of the practice squad. He notes that the Seahawks were reportedly interested in Daniels during the draft, however, and the two NFC West teams haven’t been shy about signing castoffs from their rivals. The 49ers also announced that they have signed linebacker Jermaine Cunningham. A 2010 second-round pick of the Patriots, Cunningham was released at the end of August and has been out of work for the last month. He had 67 tackles, 3.5 sacks and two force ...
Check this out, Alex Smith has more passing and rushing yards than Colin Kaepernick does ! Like if you love it !! OUR PAGE !!!
I have a qb competition between Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith, who should I start?
Not intended to stir emotions, but I know it will...Alex Smith has more yards passing (957-856) and rushing (151-140) than …
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So... Alex Smith has more wins then Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Ben Rothisberger, and Colin Kaepernick combined.
Hey Coach Hairball, I was just noticing that Alex Smith has more passing yards, more touchdowns, fewer interceptions and a higher passer rating than Colin Kaepernick...oh yeah, and also he is UNBEATEN at Kansas City...yeah that Kansas City that only won two games last year...
NFL rankings on the internet this AM with Denver at the top followed by Seattle, ooh that Russell Wilson. But surprising, to me, are the 9ers at 5th, with a 2-2 record and a sputtering start. Cited for that placement was a "convincing" win against the Rams, that dog won't hunt. This is truly Colin Kaepernick's season, his name was in the lineup at the QB spot from the git go. What happens will be on him. Now Alex Smith was no world beater, and I can see why Harbaugh went with Kap, but this is the NFL, they make adjustments quickly and hit hard. Harbaugh will be tested also for his move, he rolled the dice and they made the Super Bowl, with that roll, but some of those chips that got them there were Alex Smith's. This year that roll will really be tested, as will be Kaepernick. You make steel by putting raw iron under heat and pounding out the impurities. Raw iron looks strong, but when put under stress it breaks, fractures and gives away. Steel, has not only strength, but gives under stress and rebounds t ...
"Since Colin Kaepernick has taken over, the 49ers have been outscored 230-228. And we have seen the time of possession beginning to lead toward their opponent." Gee, I wish I've been saying stuff like that all along. Kaepernick is not the future of this team. Also, Alex Smith has the second-best winning percentage in the league over the past three years. Just sayin'.
Ok Colin Kaepernick I'm warming up to you...But Im still in a relationship with Alex Smith... So confused...
S.O.S. Time for San Francisco? How many people in the San Francisco Bay Area miss Alex Smith right about now? Hopefully not too many, but I am sure somewhere in Kansas City, Alex Smith is laughing to himself right about now. Who can blame him? His Chiefs are 3-0 and Smith has posted impressive numbers through three weeks. The 49ers are 1-2, not because of some crazy accident, but because they have had zero offensive production besides week 1 against Green Bay. Defensively, they can’t seem to make tackles to save their life, especially when it comes to stopping the run. Seattle beat the 49ers soundly, although Russell Wilson did not play the greatest game, the defense of Seattle shut down Colin Kaepernick and held him to just 127 passing yards, and intercepted him 3 times. Going into this past week’s game against the Colts, 49ers fans were looking for redemption, unfortunately, all they found was more disappointment. The Colts defense held Kaepernick to just 150 passing yards. Indianapolis picked off K ...
Should I start Alex Smith this week or Colin Kaepernick?
Who is more likely to be playing in the NFL in 5 years? Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick?
I knew Colin Kaepernick sucked. San Fran, you should've kept Alex Smith.
Oh, and to back up what I was saying since last year, RG-oh-and-three. RG-overrated-and-three. Colin Kaepernick is 1-2 with a 72.5 QBR and Alex Smith is 3-0 with a 92.1 QBR. Andrew Luck playing well because he's not a gimmick.
To all my Fantasy Football Friends... who should i start this week at QB Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? Thoughts?
I want to thank Alex Smith for what he did in San Fran and I continue to cheer for him now that he's in KC. I've heard some chatter that we should of kept him and that this guy named Colin Kaepernick is not who we thought he was. The truth is, its only been three games and Kap's future is so bright. Give him some time and I guarantee you that he will turn this bad start around. Go Niners.
THIS WEEK IN FOOTBALL: Thoughts & Ramblings of the NFL: Once again, we're reminded of how slim the talent gap is across pro football. Six of the NFC's 2012 post season contenders are currently 6-12 combined. Right now, Alex Smith has a higher QB Rating than RG3. Terrell Pryor, with a far lesser head coach and offensive line, is currently outplaying Colin Kaepernick. As friends of mine know, I can't stand the belief that quarterbacks deserve either all the blame, or endless praise for the success of an organization when Superbowl's are won by great teams. Bad offensive lines, injured & under performing running backs, along with issues on the defensive side of the ball, no matter the QB, don't make for great teams. There's only 3 QB's in the league who have multiple rings. The Giants and The Steelers each have one of them under center. The Giants and Steelers are also a combined 0-6. Andy Reid is an excellent coach but he needs to jump on that Rex Ryan diet. Or at least Nutri-System.
When the San Francisco 49ers chose Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith last season, they opted for light-speed over slow and steady. Now they are experiencing the downside of that trade-off
About a month ago Ron Jaworski of ESPN made a statement that Colin Kaepernick might be the greatest quarterback ever. 2 thoughts on this.Hey Jaws, your an *** and another thing, you weren't that good of a quarterback to be judging someone else anyways. I think the 49er's are already missing Alex Smith.
Couple of random thoughts regarding the NFL: The San Francisco 49ers must be thinking about how they gave up on Alex Smith. Chiefs are 3-0, and the 49ers are 1-2, outscored 56-10 in their last two games. Colin Kaepernick stunk it up again today. He might be a problem. I thought they were Super Bowl favorites, but they will need some breaks just to win their division. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants are stinking it up. They are teams looking for leadership and are unlikely to make the playoffs. The Washington Redskins have a lousy defense. Robert Griffin III might be Superman, but their defense will sink them. The Philadelphia Eagles need to be blown up. I watched the players ignore Chip Kelly. They ignored Andy Reid as well. Losers. The Miami Dolphins are a huge surprise. They play hard and their success is showing (3-0). I just hate their new helmets and uniforms. Yet again, the lack of understanding tradition just *** I might not be a Jerry Jones fan, but I do appreciate his willing ...
amazes me how quickly ur average fan overrates a qb, I said last year Bob3 doesn't have the pocket presence awareness to b an effective qb and Defenses wuld contain the run/option. its not college ball boys, its the nfl. last season will b his best season, and the same with Colin Kaepernick, shoulda kept Alex Smith dummies, that hybrid qb crap doesn't fly and hopefully the deadskins will keep trying to make Bob 3 a man he is not so we can *** up Cousins when his contract runs out!!! 0-3, yea for all of u that said he had skills equal to Andrew Luck, u guys can keep him, I beg of u, KEEP HIM!!! We c how truly humble and respectful bobby is when things get controversial, now who's next for us to overrate b4 proven? Rex Grossman ftw!!
Yeah, but Tyler Murphy ain't no Colin Kaepernick. “RT Happened to Alex Smith last year.”
Why do I keep having to have the Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith conversation with people?
One of my fantasy teams has both Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith.. My own little QB controversy.
Next Friday will be an interesting match up. Colin Kaepernick VS. Alex Smith.
Colin Kaepernick d'boed Alex Smith for that starting position lmao
Charles: Alex Smith is a Super Bowl quarterback - Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles called new Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith a Super Bowl-caliber passer, reports "I think he is," Charles said. "He's got a great arm. He's been winning most all of his career. I think he wants to prove people wrong: That he is a good quarterback, that he can stay consistent." Charles said the decision to bench Smith for Colin Kaepernick last season is all the motivation Smit...
It is amazing, not in a positive way, when a quarterback gets benched a year after leading his team to the Conference Championship game and who was leading the league in completion percentage. But injury brought upon the Alex Smith benching and the inception of the Colin Kaepernick era, and Smith ha...
Im not a believer of Colin Kaepernick!
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is certainly the Bay Area's most exciting young passer these days. The second-year man from Nevada took over for Alex Smith last November, and took a team that seemed a great quarterback away from … Continue reading →
I don't know about some sports fan but I am ready for Football right now. 49ers it going to be are year. Yeah we lost are top receiver but I always say a receiver is a dime a dozen Espn just makes the receiver seem like the most important guy on the team. Yes I will miss Crabatree the first 3 months but 49ers roster is loaded. If there is one thing to learn about Colin Kaepernick taking of Alex Smith job is that nobody on the 49ers is above the team. Anybody that think that way can job Jacbo and Randy Moss you wonder why Moss is not back with the 49ers. When Moss open his big trap thinking he was better then Jerry Rice it was over for Moss. 49ers still got the best defense and the offense going to be even better. 49ers is going to be even hunger than last year. 49ers Superbowl champs
Colin Kaepernick was a question mark, says 49ers CEO - The San Francisco 49ers' switch from Alex Smith to Col...
Colin Kaepernick is in the NFL Top 100 of 2013. My guess is that the voters were in a 3 month coma before Alex Smith got hurt
Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, RGIII, Sam Bradford and Colin Kaepernick. Sorry for bringing logic to this discussion.
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Alex Smith is better on 3rd down than Colin Kaepernick... by a lot
My cousin and his gf met Alex Smith and my cousin Melina met Jim Harbaugh and saw Colin Kaepernick and other players today. :/
Colin Kaepernick thanked Alex Smith on red carpet. "He was a great teammate, a great mentor."
First, Kontos wanted Alex Smith to start over Colin Kaepernick and now he gives up a homerun to the pitcher! Not going good for him lately!
Alex Smith was the 49ers QB before Colin Kaepernick took over. lol he didn't do anything wrong.
How much better was Michael Crabtree w/ Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith? A close look at the numbers ...
I'm about to Alex Smith these *** so they better get they Colin Kaepernick on.
Colin Kaepernick will have a really bad season ,and show that trading Alex Smith was dumb
Jordan Morgan is to Mitch Mcgary as Alex Smith is to Colin Kaepernick as Drew Bledsoe is to Tom Brady.
Hm MT The 49ers tried to sign Matt Hasselbeck to join Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick after lockout of 2011.
If Colin Kaepernick continues to play like he has since he overtook Alex Smith he could be a Top 3 fantasy QB and be the SOD in many leagues
Saw a guy on the bus this morning who looked just like Colin Kaepernick - so much so that I checked under the bus for Alex Smith.
No but we have Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, and Alex Smith here at float lmfao
Alex Smith congratulated Matt Ryan BEFORE he congratulated Colin Kaepernick... Oh, the humanity.
Marcellus Wiley to Colin Kaepernick during QB challenge -"Come on Colin, Alex Smith aint there anymore"
I wonder how Danny Tanner would feel about Colin Kaepernick replacing Alex Smith. I paint Danny as a Smith guy.
49ers Breakdown: By John Breech Team overview: If you don't count the first two quarters of Super Bowl XLVII or David Akers' entire season, the 49ers were almost perfect in 2012. The defense finished the season ranked third in the NFL and the offense wasn't too shabby either, ranking 11th overall -- but lets talk more about the defense. The 49ers defense had four All-Pro players, including linebackers NaVorro Bowman -- who finished second in the league in tackles -- and Aldon Smith, whose 19.5 sacks in 2012 trailed only J.J. Watts' 20.5. Offensively, Coach Jim Harbaugh's decision to start Colin Kaepernick is the gift that keeps on giving for San Francisco. First, it paid off when Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Then it paid off again when the 49ers were able to send backup Alex Smith to the Chiefs for a 2013 second-round draft pick and a conditional 2014 pick. The trade will free up $9.75 million in cap space for the 49ers. Except for taking receiver A.J. Jenkins in the first round of the 2012 ...
49ers include Kaepernick in Chiefs trade, just to keep screwing with Alex Smith.
Alex Smith traded to Kansas City Chiefs in return for a tattoo gift certificate for Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick spoke out about the Alex Smith trade for the first time on NFL Network, saying he believes Smith will be successful wherever he ends up and that the trade helps both QBs.
Colin Kaepernick had nothing but praise for the man he replaced as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. In an interview with the NFL Network, Kaepernick said Alex Smith will thrive no matter which team he plays for while also hailing him as a great teammate and teacher. The 49ers have agreed to trade Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, a deal that cannot be made official until March 12. "Of course, nothing can be finalized yet. Whether Alex is with us or he's somewhere else next season, he's been a great teammate to me," Kaepernick said. "[He's] been a great friend, a great mentor. So anywhere he goes, or if he's still with us, he's gonna be successful." In just his second season out of Nevada, Kaepernick took over as the 49ers' starting quarterback after Smith went down with a concussion in Week 10. With Kaepernick possessing an explosive run/pass element to his game, Coach Jim Harbaugh opted to keep him as the starter even after Smith was cleared to return. Kaepernick said Smith, who lost ...
Colin Kaepernick praises Alex Smith: The Chiefs are picking up a quarterback who is just 28 years old but has ...
Alex Smith is a former No. 1 N.F.L. draft pick who never quite panned out—or, rather, didn't…
Hey Niner fans...because you are all now in love with Alex Smith...what would you say to trading Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs for a second round pick this year and a third next? Yeah..I thought so
New post: Colin Kaepernick on Alex Smith: “He was always in my ear, making sure I was se
Alex Smith is finally going to be a starting quarterback again and Colin Kaepernick is finally going to free of…
Colin Kaepernick praises Alex Smith: Colin Kaepernick has nothing but nice things...
Colin Kaepernick praises Alex Smith: While it can't be official until at least March 12th, t...
How different do you think the 49ers season would've turned out if they had stuck with Alex Smith, if different at all? - Joey
When news broke that the San Francisco 49ers had agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, Colin Kaepernick was left standing alone atop the quarterback depth chart. The only problem now is figuring out what happens at the No. 2 spot. As of right now, that role goes to Scott Tolzien, an…
49ers Trade Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick to the Chiefs Just to Torture Smith (Sportspickle)
Colin Kaepernick: Alex Smith 'was always in my ear' - Yahoo! Sports
Colin Kaepernick filled in for an injured Alex Smith and the rest is history. He led the San Francisco 49ers all the way to the Super Bowl, which they eventually lost to the Baltimore Ravens, and Coach Jim Harbaugh never looked back at Alex Smith holding that clip board. The 49ers were originally in...
The 49ers starter chose his words carefully when asked about the Alex Smith deal.
Congrats to the KC Chiefs on acquiring Alex Smith. Much love! He's too classy for San Fran & pukes like Jim Harbaugh & Colin The Bug Kaepernick anyway. God I miss football!!
No one can say Colin Kaepernick beat Alex Smith because they never had a QB Battle
With the trade of Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, the 49ers now find themselves in the market for a backup QB. One possibility is Arizona QB Matt Scott, who figures to be available around the 4th round, and is someone that 49er scouts have had their eyes on.
After watching lots of replay footage of the last season, does anyone else think the 49ers may have won the Superbowl if Alex Smith was the QB (highest rated QB in the league at the time of concussion & he's the best "blocking QB" in a long time)? Colin Kaepernick is a good QB, & a great football player but I counted over 2 dozen times where he was changing the plays out of what looked to be pure confusion (his confusion, confused the defense) Best of luck to Alex Smith in Kansas City!
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick discusses Kaepernicking with the First Lady and his relationship with Alex Smith.
Vernon Davis said he was in love with Alex Smith and that he is going to take Colin Kaepernick out dancing on today. Who is his PR guy?
San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis said it will be difficult seeing QB Alex Smith play for another team in 2013 after being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. "It was tough for me because I really care about Alex," Davis said. "I love the guy. It's hard to see him leave, but I know the business. I understand it. It's the nature of the business." Davis added Smith handled his role well after he was relegated to backup status following the emergence of QB Colin Kaepernick. "He's a classy guy. You saw what happened to him this year. He remained a 49er and he didn't complain. He didn't go to coach saying, 'Coach I should be the starter. I had a concussion and you took me out.' He didn't do none of those things."
Remember you guys heard it from me first it's going to be Alex Smith against Colin Kaepernick in the Super Bowl
Tho excited about Colin Kaepernick as 49ers starting QB, still sad to see Alex Smith go. I'll definitely be pulling for him to be successful in KC.
I hope Colin Kaepernick just blows next season, so Jim Harbaugh will look like an *** for trading Alex Smith.
Chiefs acquire QB Alex Smith from 49ers for 2nd-round and conditional mid-rounder Jim Harbaugh is a genius. Alex Smith was considered to be a candidate for release when Harbaugh took over as head coach of the 49ers. However, Harbaugh claimed that he was a fan of Smith's when the Utah product entered the league. Harbaugh then coached him up and turned him into a solid starter. It was obvious though that Smith would never lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl because of his limitations. That's why Harbaugh made the obvious choice to go with Colin Kaepernick. Well, it was obvious to everyone except the Chiefs. This is an absolutely terrible trade for them. Smith, without Harbaugh, is a pedestrian signal-caller at best. He'll regress without Harbaugh, just as Matt Cassel did when he lost Charlie Weis. Andy Reid has been good with quarterbacks, but he's no Harbaugh
Courtesy of Mike Freeman of What happened in the NFL on a quiet Wednesday afternoon was something extremely rare: A trade was made in the NFL and everyone involved in the trade won. Yes, everyone. The Chiefs win. They get Alex Smith, who despite limited arm strength and a rocky career has rebounded to where he's one of the more solid throwers in football. Smith is 20-8-1 (including the playoffs) the past two years. The 49ers win. They will get, at least, a reported second-round pick in 2013. They have their quarterback of the future in Colin Kaepernick and now get two high picks for Smith. Those picks are gold. Alex Smith wins. He gets to be a starter. He's rewarded for being a class act. Kaepernick wins. It's his team now. Andy Reid, coach of the Chiefs, also wins. He gets his starter to build the offense around. See what I mean? Sure, you can poke holes in some of the trade, or all of this, but you'd be pushing it. Smith is still relatively young, he's smart and adaptable. He's perfect fo ...
AROUND THE LEAGUE Offseason Forecast: San Francisco 49ers By Gregg Rosenthal Published: February 25, 2013 at 12:53 PM Modified: February 25, 2013 at 3:17 PM With the offseason officially under way, Around the League will examine what's next for all 32 teams. The series continues with the San Francisco 49ers WHAT'S CHANGING The backup quarterback (Alex Smith) is getting all of the attention, but the NFC champions have plenty of big decisions to make. Trading Smith is the first step. The 49ers don't stand pat schematically from year to year and need to tweak their offense for Colin Kaepernick's first full season as a starting quarterback. David Akers, Parys Haralson and possibly Carlos Rogers are candidates to be released. The secondary needs to be fixed. BIGGEST FREE AGENTS » S Dashon Goldson: It's no sure thing that the 49ers will use the franchise tag on Goldson again. Despite his Pro Bowl nod, there are some concerns about Goldson's tendency to give up big plays. » TE Delanie Walker: He's so much more ...
Colin Kaepernick shared the following link and had this to say about it: Niners trade Smith: Best of luck to Alex Smith. He is a great QB, and any team will be lucky to have him! Colin Kaepernick got a small window of opportunity in 2012, and took it! Nobody can hate him for that! -- A...
I do not like Alex Smith as a quarterback, the The Kansas City Chiefs need to get serious about a franchise back, please don't trade for this guy.
When I hear that Alex Smith may be playing for the Chiefs, my reaction is "Meh."
The San Francisco 49ers have a trade in place for QB Alex Smith,the Cleveland Browns are not that team,according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora
49er's anti done screwing with Alex Smith Yet! 5. Alex Smith’s last supper in San Francisco? Not necessarily Shortly after Super Bowl XLVII, San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke took Alex Smith and his wife Liz out to dinner. After handling his midseason demotion with class and grace, it’s now time to look towards Smith’s NFL future. "We're going to look at all options available," Baalke said Thursday. "Are you going to trade him for sure? No, that hasn't been decided." Colin Kaepernick, the 36th overall pick in 2011, is set to make just north of $800,000 in 2012, but due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed two summers ago — he can not renegotiate his deal. The 49ers also have 14 draft picks this year. It sounds crazy, but in a quarterback-starved league, the 49ers don’t have much incentive to get rid of Smith. As he heads into his ninth season, the 49ers backup is due $8.5 million in 2013, including $6.5 million guaranteed if he remains on San Francisco's roster after Apri ...
I think Tebow will get traded to the 49ers for Alex Smith jets need a starter and 49ers need a backup who can run a Colin Kaepernick offense
Just saying, the way Colin Kaepernick plays the game it might not be a horrible idea to hold on to Alex Smith...Scott Tolzien is their third
We might as well keep Alex Smith for backup just in case Colin Kaepernick falls to injury like Smith did with the concussion
Plot twist, 49ers release Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith and draft Matt Barkley.
Colin Kaepernick is pulling a JD McCoy... is Alex Smith gonna do a Matt Saracen
The Arizona Republic reports there are "decision-makers within" the Cardinals that want the 5-11 team to pursue San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. To no avail, the 28-year-old Smith, who was permanently shelved in favor of Colin Kaepernick after getting concussed in November, requested…
Heard a rumor of a possible Dallas Cowboys trade for Alex Smith. For him that could be great but for me as a 49er fan it would hurt tremendously. -DR
I have a solution Jets' fans. Trade Darrelle Revis to the 49ers. Darrelle Revis and Mark Sanchez for Alex Smith and the 49ers 2013 1st round draft pick. The trade clears up a ton of cap space so you guys can resign guys like Brandon Moore and Mike DeVito, you guys get a stop gap quarterback for the next 3 or 4 seasons before you can get a real franchise quarterback like Luck, Griffin, Wilson, Kaepernick, Newton, Tannehill and Dalton in the 2014, 2015 or 2016 draft because Mark Sanchez isn't a franchise quarterback and there isn't a franchise quarterback in the 2013 draft.
HOLY S...ok you guys, so what if the Niners traded Alex Smith and a first or second round pick for Derrelle Revis! I think it would be doable if the right incentives were in place...just some thoughts for you this morning...
49ers Blog: Five myths about the 49ers, Alex Smith and the future Gentlemen, start your fibbing. There are only two sentences you need to keep in mind as the Alex Smith Affair cranks up over the next four weeks. They are: 1.) The 49ers want to trade Smith. 2.) Smith would rather be released and become a free agent. The rest is fluff designed to influence one of those outcomes. To wit: 1.) The 49ers would be perfectly happy and perfectly capable of having both Colin Kaepernick and Smith on the roster this year. That's been the party line for the last month or so. As The... ~SportsMan
Colin Kaepernick is working out at the gym...a guy walks up and says "Hey, bro, what do you bench?" "Alex Smith" (I just made that joke up. I'm hella proud of me.)
Patrick Peterson for Alex Smith deal or no deal? -Robert
Got a question for you guys,We gave Alex Smith $10 miilion a year for five years when we signed him in 2005,I wonder what you guys think how much Colin Kaepernick is worth in 2014 if your the 49ers.To the very least,Imo i would give Kaep $75 million for 5 years and $50 million guaranteed and if he wins the SB and becomes the SB MVP,Then i will break the bank.Your thoughts 49er Empire.
Alex Smith seemed headed to his first Pro Bowl three months ago. That was before a concussion derailed his season and, in all likelihood, put his career on a new track. Though Smith has sacrificed quite a bit,
NFL trade rumors: Alex Smith trade market limited The San Francisco 49ers have a new starting quarterback named Colin Kaepernick who helped lead them to the Super Bowl this past season. However, while they would like to now pull off an Alex Smith trade, rotoworld reported on Feb. 13 that the trade market for Smith is "limited." While earlier rumors have the 49ers interested in a Percy Harvin trade, it doesn't look like Minnesota is interested in Alex Smith. Head Coach Leslie Frazier told ESPN that he was not going to bring in competition for Christian Ponder in 2013 and had faith in his quarterback. That eliminates another team that San Francisco could talk to for Smith's services. While Buffalo, Arizona and Cleveland could use an upgrade... ~SportsMan
Colin Kaepernick burst onto the scene for the 49ers in a big way during the 2013 season. When starting quarterback Alex Smith went down with an injury midway through the season, Coach Jim Harbaugh made the switch and the team never looked back. Kaepernick became once of the most versatile quarterb...
We thought it would be fun to post famous people who have been adopted. Sine we are big 49ers fans I thought we would start with Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick began his pro career as the 49ers' backup to starter Alex Smith. In the middle of the 2012 season, Kaepernick filled in for an injured Smith and became the full-time starter as the 49ers advanced to the NFL playoffs for the second straight season. He set an NFL record for most rushing yards (181) by a quarterback in a game (playoffs or regular season) in his first playoff game. After beating the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship 28-24, he led the 49ers to their first Super Bowl since 1994.
Welcome to the 378th Edition of my long-running series.  Unfortunately, the 49ers came up short last week.  However, at least they made it that far and I think have a great future ahead, especially Colin Kaepernick who started only his 10th game and helped the get them that far which is something that Alex Smith may not have been able to do.  The weather has remained pretty fair here but I know up north, people got some bad weather so I hope those reading have survived this weather.  I will now get to my selections for the week.   Dream for an Insomniac (1996):  This is my independent romantic comedy for the week which was written and directed by Tiffanie DeBartolo.  Ione Skye stars as Frankie who lives in San Francisco and is an actress looking to get to Los Angeles.  She works for a family run coffee shop and is quite the insomniac.  She longs for a man but has very high standards but soon a man named David, played by Mackenzie Astin, walks in for a job and they hit it off right a ...
The offseason edition of Colin Kaepernick is here, now with more tattoos. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is coming off a season in which he shot to fame, usurping starter Alex Smith...
Is Jimmy Howard about to be Alex Smith to Petr Mrazek's Colin Kaepernick??
I'm sure I could never fully fathom what it would be like to lose a Super Bowl and I imagine is quite disheartening.but all these interviews I see with Colin Kaepernick.he acts like a child whose had his candy stolen. Alex Smith handled losing his job better than this kid did one game!
Colin Kaepernick # 7 49ers had a great year taking over for Alex Smith with 1,814 yards and 10 touchdowns in just ten starts not counting the Superbowl .I been a 49ers fan since 2nd grade so them losing doesnt make me not like them im still down for my Sanfranciso 49ers. GoNiners2013.
Yeah. The 49ers lost... It *** .. I've waited 18 years since the day Steve Young won the Niners their 5th trophy. I remember jumping up and down in my crib when I was 2 years old, when they won... :P I've waited so long see them back in the Super Bowl for their sixth trophy.. Sadly, they fell short. That was a BEAST second half. Just not good enough. I've waited patiently for that day. I was a faithful fan through the difficult years, when they were finishing seasons off like 4-12, 3-13, and so on. I was a fan when Alex Smith first arrived, and his rookie season was a disaster, throwing only 1 TD pass all season and picked off 23 times... Fan through all the offensive coordinator and head coach changes... But these last two years have been some of the best, thanks to the arrival of Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. Harbaugh turned around Alex Smith, making him improve substantially. Beating the Saints in the playoffs last year, and beating the Packers at Lambeau this year... Anyway, I'm always going to . ...
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Alex Smith vs Colin Kaepernick for their contract with 49ers. "Smith is due $8.5 million next season, $7.5 million of which becomes guaranteed after April 1. He would certainly be among the highest paid backup quarterbacks in the league. Kaepernick can make up to $1.3 million in 2013, which will be the third year of his four-year rookie contract"
Colin Kaepernick knows how to make the news. From opinion pieces on his many tattoos, to Super Bowl coverage, the 25-year-old NFL quarterback attracts major media attention. Kaepernick ascended to the coveted Super Bowl position when San Francisco 49’ers regular QB, Alex Smith, was injured mid-seaso...
Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is as conservative as a blue blazer, gray slacks and black wing tips. It's time for a change. Garrett should try wearing Robert Graham shirt -- the more colorful the cuffs, the better --- and a pair of designer jeans from a consignment shop in the Bishop Arts district. For Garrett to keep his job as coach of the Dallas Cowboys for more than one more season, he must leave his comfort zone and the conservative approach he's used with the Cowboys and be bold next season. Understand, this ain't about trick plays. Or going for it on fourth down. It's about a mindset that shows his team winning is all that matters. Garrett must have the self-confidence and courage to make a bold move when the opportunity presents itself. That's the only way Garrett can remove this once-proud franchise from the muck of mediocrity. Garrett can look to each Super Bowl team for example. San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh benched Alex Smith, then the NFL's top-rated passer, for Colin Kaepernick, who ...
Even though we Lost the Superbowl I am not Hurt by it one bit...Mainly because I know we have a bright future to build on with Colin Kaepernick at the Helm... I have always been a believer in him and I am very proud of what he accomplished this year for the team... Imagine what he has done in only in a short amount of time as a starter... for the first time in a long while I am looking forward to next season... haven't felt like this since the Montana and Young days... I have never felt that way when Alex Smith was our QB...even last year. Still wanted him replaced... I can truly see who is a true niner fan and who is a bandwagon niner fan when they quickly turn their backs on CK7 after we lost, and but before then was cheering him on like he was their biggest fan... SMH... you should be ahsamed of yourselves... then you say things like we would of won if Alex Smith was QB? Really? True Niner fans knows when we have a great QB in the making.. and if cant agree with me.. then you are not a true niner fan!
Five observations about the Super Bowl: 1 Didn't actually see it, a lapse in thinking resulted in me catching the result on the local news. 2 See ya Ray Lewis, exit stage left. 3 Colin Kaepernick in charge ad QB, Alex Smith will need to look for a job somewhere else. 4 The power going out was a big shift in the game, was set to be a blow out. 5 Once again the curse of Joe Namath present as the Jets fail to reach the big game again.
My post-Super Bowl analysis, in three verses: 1. I'd take either Harbaugh over any other coach in the league. 2. Speaking of coaches ... Bill Cowher ought to have disqualified himself from ever coaching again with the suggestion that Alex Smith be called on in relief of Colin Kaepernick. Smith is a capable NFL quarterback. Kaepernick is special. 3. Every Super Bowl needs a 35-minute power outage. I got a lot of housework done.
My last whining. The 49ers offensive coordinator should be fired or shot, maybe both. With the Super Bowl there for the taking, despite an afternoon full of mistakes, he went conservative the last three plays and tried to turn Colin Kaepernick into Alex Smith. The whole point of switching to Kaepernick was to stress the opposing defense with the threat of running. If you are just going to drop back and throw the ball three times in a row then Alex Smith is a better Alex Smith than Kaepernick is. Dude had a 157 QB rating the last game he played before the concussion, and he's mobile enough to move and throw on the run. Kaepernick is there to pressure the defense with the run option. You can't take that away from him with the Super Bowl on the line. Again, that was why they made the switch in the first place. So frustrating to watch a professional coach absolutely brain freeze when it's been 18 years since your team's been in the Super Bowl. I'll be 55 in April, there's no guarantee I even have another 18 y ...
So happy about this win. Go screw yourself, Jim Harbaugh. I don't care how talented Colin Kaepernick is...I hate that you abandoned Alex Smith.
Even though we lost, I appreciate the fact that our Niners worked their *** off to give us a good and close game. I am incredibly proud of our team and I thank Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick, and even Alex Smith for giving us a wonderful season. NOW IT IS TIME TO BRING ON THE SF GIANTS BASEBALL.
Colin Kaepernick is a beast ! Alex Smith better find a new team, cuz he might not see the field again.
If the 49er's actually wanted to win this game, Alex Smith would have been playing QB today. Kaepernick could be good someday but for now you want experience and reliability, not possible game changer. Clearly Colin wasn't a game changer today.
Jim Harbaugh will step in for Colin Kaepernick as QB, not Alex Smith.
Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick? Alex Smith has been been in the playoffs before! Kaepernick is looking a little shaken.
Prediction: Colin Kaepernick gets hurt in the first quarter and Alex Smith steps up and throws 4 TDs and wins the game and MVP.
My prediction for the Super Bowl... Ravens over 49ers 24-20... MVP: Ray Lewis (14 tackles, creating a turnover)... unless the 49ers win, where I would pick Alex Smith as the MVP coming off the bench in relief of an injured Colin Kaepernick and leading SF to a 27-24 win... but, I believe Ravens take this one...
The gods of irony have Alex Smith leading the Niners to victory after Colin Kaepernick gets knocked out of the game in the 1st half.
I think the Colin Kaepernick tips the scales in tonight's Super Bowl. I've got the San Francisco 49ers over the Baltimore Ravens. Who ya got?
I dislike Colin Kaepernick so much I hope Ed Reed cuts his head off with his forearm in the open field.
What if.Colin Kaepernick goes down and Alex Smith comes in to win it with 2 late drives?
Is it me or does Colin Kaepernick's head look like it is 2 sizes too small for his body?
Trying to figure out who to root against most: the criminal Ray Lewis, the criminal Randy Moss, or Colin Kaepernick's criminally bad tattoos.
Colin Kaepernick is only a 2nd year QB. The future of the 49ers is in very good hands with him as starting QB.
Here's my full interview with the man who is the indirect cause of "Kaepernicking" below: Sporting News columnist David Whitley condemned former Nevada and current San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's tattoos, indirectly causing a national trend — *kisses bicep" Reno Gazette-Journal’s freelance sportswriter Eric Lee Castillo caught up with Whitley in December. Castillo: In your article you implied that it’s okay for Miami Heat Lebron James to have tattoos but not Kaepernick — saying, ‘I’m cool with James looking like an Etch-A-Sketch.’ Why is that? Whitley: “It’s more because of the position. The NFL quarterback was always the spot where nobody had a tattoo. There are always exceptions, like Michael Vick, and there are some other guys who have them, like Ben Roethlisberger has one and Alex Smith has one.” “But to me, by and large one, quarterback is the one position that’s gone tattoo free.” “To me, I compare it to the business world where you see the worker guys ...
I feel like its the first day at a new job, Christmas when I was kid, the night before my wedding, when I found I was going to be a father, and when I got arrested all combined into one. Approximately 18 years ago I became a 49ers fan when I watched them beat the Chargers 49-26 and Steve Young threw a Super Bowl record 6 touchdown passes. Since then I watched them lose to the Falcons in '98 when Garrison Hearst's ankle broke in half in the first quarter, the Catch II when the Niners beat Green Bay on a TD pass with 6 seconds left down by four to Terrell Owens, TO's celebration in Cowboy stadium by Standing on the Star at midfield, the Niners come back from down 24 points and win against the Giants in 2002, and go 2-14 in 2004 only to pass on Aaron Rogers in favor of Alex Smith with the number 1 overall pick. I watched Alex Smith get benched and cast off 243 times before finally redeeming his career under Jim Harbaugh only to have it snatched away with the emergence of Colin Kaepernick. I watched good, bad ...
His name doesn't carry the same gravitas as peers like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but Joe Flacco is on pace for one of the greatest postseason statistical performances in NFL history. He has thrown eight touchdowns with no interceptions during the playoffs. The only quarterbacks to finish the postseason with at least nine touchdowns and no interceptions are 49ers greats who are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Joe Montata (11 TDs in 1989) and Steve Young (nine TDs in 1994). The further emergence of Flacco as the league's best deep passer puts him in line for a massive offseason contract extension. Grade: 8.5. San Francisco: A little more than two months ago, Colin Kaepernick was making his second career NFL start in New Orleans replacing the injured Alex Smith (concussion). Kaepernick is now returning to the Louisiana Superdome on the verge of leading his team to a championship. Kaepernick's running skills and strong arm have provided elements to San Francisco's offense that were lacking under Smit ...
Imagine this happens today: Colin Kaepernick gets taken out by Ray Lewis and Alex Smith has to come into the game and is the hero. however I picked the Ravens.
How good my 49ers are: - When scoring 20-plus points, Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers are 22-0-1 in their last 23 games. Including playoff games, the 49ers have only lost one game in the Harbaugh era when scoring 20 or more points - Michael Vick has had three rushes of 50-plus yards in his 10-year NFL career. Colin Kaepernick has three rushes of 50 or more yards since Week 13 - Colin Kaepernick had the NFL's best rating on passing attempts of 21-plus yards through the air (minimum of 10 attempts). He was the only player with at least 10 attempts to complete more than 50 percent of his passes that far downfield. Alex Smith had the NFL's next best completion percentage on throws of 21-plus yards (47.1 percent). - Defense has allowed opposing offenses to score only 14.3 ppg in the playoffs. Offense is perfect in the redzone.. in the playoffs.
Hm, some very interesting facts here. What do you think? 9: Career starts for Colin Kaepernick Jeff Hostetler had started just four regular season games and six total before defeating the Buffalo Bills in thrilling fashion in Super Bowl XXV. Vince Ferragamo had started just five career regular season games and seven total before taking the field as the leader of the Rams' offense in Super Bowl XIV against Pittsburgh. Colin Kaepernick will rank third all-time with just seven regular season and nine total starts under his belt when he takes the field Sunday night. He is just the fourth QB to start in the Super Bowl in the same season in which he made his regular season staring debut (Ferragamo, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady). Ironically, nine also is the number of times Alex Smith was sacked by Baltimore in the only previous meeting between John and Jim Harbaugh in 2011’s 16-6 Thanksgiving win for the Ravens. 0: Interceptions thrown by 49ers QBs in five Super Bowls Everyone knows the 49ers are 5-0 all-time in Su ...
As we all know, Jim Harbaugh took a huge risk in his decision to start Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith mid way through the regular season. Most of us criticized him for making such a contoversial call, including myself. Personally, I ate my words and now call him a genius for doing so! If you were the head coach of your team and decided to stir the pot with a switch up, what would it be? Im a Falcons fan and I would start Jacquizz Rodgers over Michael Turner. I love Tha Burner BUT, Quizz would take his spot as the Falcons starting RB. -DANNI-ATL
en the 49ers have the ball: The 49ers ranked 11th in the NFL in total offense this season – fourth in rushing offense and 23rd in passing offense, but were third in both rushing and passing yards per play. It is worth mentioning that the 49ers played in the same division as some of the top defenses in the NFL – Seattle, Arizona and St. Louis were Top 10 defenses, according to Football Outsiders' advanced metrics – which helped the 49ers rank fifth in Football Outsiders' opponent-adjusted team offense DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average). The key to the 49ers' offense is quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took over for a concussed Alex Smith to pass for over 1,800 yards with 10 touchdowns and three interceptions to go along with 415 yards and five touchdowns on the ground. The 2011 second-round pick out of Nevada has taken his game to the next level in the postseason, completing 33-of-52 pass attempts for 496 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. Kaepernick has also rushed for 202 yar ...
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Watch the video Sports Friends - Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick on Yahoo! Screen
Somewhere in New Orleans, Alex Smith is holding a clipboard full of the phone numbers Colin Kaepernick has collected.
Who am I picking in the Super Bowl ? Here is what I think , I know a lot of you will disagree , but W.G.A.S. ? Baltimore : Yeah , okay , Ray Lewis is retiring . SO ??? Ed Reed and Matt Birk (c) may be playing their last game in a Ravens uniform as well . how far can the "Win it for the Gipper " crap really go on for ??? Flacco has been very good in the playoffs so far this year , but does anybody here really believe he was that great against Denver ? While we are on the Denver game , how about the fact that Peyton Manning TORE THEIR "GREAT D " UP ? The Ravens won that game because Denver CHOKED , LONG AND HARD ! They played better than the Patriots , but San Francisco blew out the Pats a little over a month ago . San Francisco : Colin Kaepernick ??? Don't get me wrong , I think he is a great QB ,and I 100% believe that he makes the team BETTER , especially the WRs . he can actually get the ball to them ! BUT Alex Smith was 2 fumbled punts away from having this team in the Super Bowl LAST YEAR . The "pass ...
As much as I'd enjoy watching Joe Flacco finally get the monkey off his back by winning a Superbowl and as much as I'd enjoy Colin Kaepernick completing his season with a Superbowl win, the most entertaining outcome to this game would be to have Colin Kaepernick go down on the first drive and Alex Smith win the MVP. Talk about an interesting situation in San Francisco. Just imagine a team trying to trade or release a present year Superbowl MVP!
2011 San Francisco @ Baltimore 2011 Part 2: In the third David Akers tied the game at 6 with a 52 yd FG. In the 4th Dennis Pitta caught an 8 yd pass from Joe Flacco and Cundiff converted the PAT to give Baltimore a 13-6 lead. Cundiff finished the scoring the way he started it with a 39 yd FG, and Baltimore won the Harbaugh battle 16-6. This gave Baltimore an 8-3 record and a 3-1 series record. Leaders for the game. Joe Flacco of Baltimore threw for 161 yards. The Ravens Ray Rice lead in rushing with 59 yards and the Ravens Anquan Blodin caught passes for 63 yards. Finally Baltimore's Ladarious Thomas picked off Alex Smith once. The one main difference with that game played just 14 months ago and the one this Sunday, the 49ers have a different QB Colin Kaepernick replaces Alex Smith.
On the heels of a report that Alex Smith won't be back with the 49ers next season, Coach Jim Harbaugh acknowledged that Colin Kaepernick's backup deserves to be a starter in the NFL.
Phil Simms relates to Alex Smith; the Jeff Hostetler-Colin Kaepernick comparison: January 31s...
I'm not bias towards anyone or against anyone, but why is Colin Kaepernick so highly rated when him and Alex Smith have very similar stats? -Ozzy
My boys got me on one today, Cody Hendrix Daniel Bowers...You want stat facts!!! Here we go: Randy OWNS 19 NFL Rec. Records / Randy had 17 different starting QB's in his career... Brad Johnson/Vikings, Dante Culpepper/Vikings, Kerry Collins/Raiders, Tom Brady/Patriots, Matt Cassel/Patriots, Vince Young/Titans, Rusty Smith/Titans, Alex Smith/49ers, Colin Kaepernick/49ers.To name a few. When he played with one of the best (Tom Brady) He had his Best Season Ever 10 years into his career!! Who did Jerry Rice play with.hmmm Joe 'Super Bowl' Montana and Steve Young...Two Hall of Famers! The man throwing the ball makes a big difference...So to even be anywhere close to Jerry's stats shows that "Maybe" he IS the best of ALL TIME.Stats Don't Lie,, But the TRUTH hurts...
5 days left until the 49ers claim their 6th Superbowl ring. (When the Niners win on Sunday) Colin Kaepernick will do what Joe Montana Steve Young and Alex Smith could not do; win a Superbowl in his rookie year.
I have so much much 49ers Suoer Bowl stuff jammed into my show tonight, I just hope I can get it all in. Talking Media Day, Randy Moss and Jerry Rice, Alex Smith, Jim and John Harbaugh, and Ray Lewis and deer antler spray. That should just about cover it for today. Oh, and we have Colin Kaepernick in one of the news segments.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith spoke with Tracy Wolfson regarding how he's helping Colin Kaepernick get ready for the Super Bowl as well as addre...
After being usurped as the 49ers starting quarterback by Colin Kaepernick this season, rumors have swirled that Alex Smith wants out of San Francisco. It appears the Niners will grant him that wish...
I may be a little bias because i have been a Randy Moss fan since i was like 12 but give him Joe Montana and Steve Young and he is hands down the best WR in NFL history. Moss has been through Quarterbacks such as: Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson, Daunte Culpepper, Jeff George, Todd Bauman, Spergon Wynn, Gus Ferotte, Brett Favre, Joe Webb, Tarvaris Jackson, Kerry Collins, Marques Tuiasosopo, Andrew Walter, Aaron Brooks, Tom Brady, Matt Cassell, Rusty Smith, Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick. Let the debate begin.
Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the San Francisco 49ers. Alex Smith is in the process of being phased out.
Who had a bigger impact on their team this year? When Jim Caldwell replaced the very popular Cam Cameron for the Baltimore Ravens, or when Colin Kaepernick replaced the injured Alex Smith for the San Francisco 49ers?
I'm torn by the fact that 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh says Alex Smith now coaches Colin Kaepernick more than he does.Part of me sez what a great teammate, putting the team first despite him losing his job thru no fault of his own. Another side sez he should be more of a *** if he wants to make it in this league. The N F.L. stands for Nice guys Finish Last.
In a perfect world, Kaepernick gets hurt and Alex Smith comes in and wins the Super Bowl. Then Ray Lewis dies.
colin kaepernick dislocates shoulder early in the 3rd QTR and Alex Smith comes back and leads the 49ers to victory
Added Harbaugh: "(Smith is) another person really to credit in Colin's success because Alex has really helped coach Colin. He's been right there at his side, sitting in meetings every single day, and he coaches Colin now more than I do. And that speaks volumes for the kind of person and teammate that Alex Smith is." Smith has spoken honestly about his desire to play, but he's never flinched in his support of Kaepernick and the 49ers. That's what we've seen publicly, but spending time with the guy who replaced you -- burning hours to make that person better -- confirms something about Smith that nobody can take away. By Marc Sessler
Alex Smith had every reason to be miffed after being demoted in favor of Colin Kaepernick earlier in the season, but San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh says Smith has 'really helped coach Colin.'
Niner nation since the great Steve Young, do yall remember such players as Tim Rattay, Steve Strenstom, Ken Dorsey, Cody Picket, Jeff Garcia (Okay maybe Jeff Garcia) but moving on Trent Dilfer, Shaun Hill, Chris Wienkie, J.T O'Sullivan, Troy Smith? Since last season you learned who Alex Smith was, but by the end of Sunday night you will remember Colin Kaepernick.
ESPN is reporting that 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh may be considering Les Miles' secret and seldom used "Jarret Lee Plan" wherein he would surprise the Ravens by not playing the quarterback who got them into the championship game ; Colin Kaepernick, in lieu of Alex Smith, who hasn't had any success for a while..
So Colin Kaepernick grew up a Brett Favre fan and Aaron Rodgers is quite a vocal Alex Smith fan. If that doesn't beat all...
Colin Kaepernick was named the starter week 11 over the injured Alex Smith on a Monday Football vs the Chicago Bears. He would never miss a start again, Jim ...
My Super Bowl Prediction: Colin Kaepernick gets injured, Alex Smith saves the game for the 49ers.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will ask for his release from the team before the start of free agency, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported Monday. The 49ers have been …
Huddle up everyone, we have a winner in our third day of {Big Game Trivia}! Congrats to Jessica B. who was randomly selected from all of today's correct answers. And the answer was: Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. Stay tuned for more trivia tomorrow @ noon CST for a chance to win FREE catering for your next gathering!
LOL. Just listening to the Vietnamese radio with my mama and I heard the announcer asked the listeners: Who is cuter Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? Colin Kaepernick is cuter.
Colin Kaepernick has won the job as 49ers quarterback, and a report says Alex Smith will ask for his release before the team can trade him
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Montana picks 49ers to win, reminisces about quarterback switch, marvels at Kaepernick POSTED BY CAM INMAN ON JANUARY 28TH, 2013 AT 9:17 AM | CATEGORIZED AS UNCATEGORIZED Joe Montana expects the 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, and he’ll be there to see it, only the second Super Bowl he’ll have attended as a fan. Montana spoke to KNBR 680-AM on Tuesday, exactly 23 years ago to the day when he won his fourth and final Super Bowl ring in the 49ers’ 55-10 rout of the Denver Broncos at the Superdome. “I think the 49ers are going to win, but it’s going to be fun,”Montana told the “Murph and Mac” show. “Both quarterbacks are playing well, both defenses are playing well.” Colin Kaepernick will be making only his 10th start as the 49ers quarterback since replacing Alex Smith. That switch was the biggest sinceMontana and Steve Young set the standard for quarterback controversies 25 years ago. “I’ve been in that situation, and I missed a lot longer time,”Montana said in reference t ...
Okay, well I was way off on my Superbowl predictions, but I really like this mach up between the two brothers. I've kinda joined the Ravens/Ray Lewis bandwagon because I like that team way better than the 49s. However, I believe the 49s are going to win because their team is a tad bit better and their QB is preforming great. I also hate Jim Harbaugh for what he did to Alex Smith and how he acted to Jim Schwartz (Lions Coach) two years ago. But the Only way I see the Ravens winning is if Joe Flacco has an excelling game and if the defense contains Colin Kaepernick. All I know though is that it's going to be a great game.
My mom just said, "Ashley Wagner is Alex Smith and Gracie Gold is Colin Kaepernick."
I've been saying this awhile now but in my opinion, Colin Kaepernick is overrated. His stats were pretty much identical to Alex Smith only he can also run which is why people thinks hes awesome. In the regular season he was only averaging one touchdown pass a game, in 3 he had 0. They both played in 8 games, Kaepernick only had about 60 more passing yards them Smith and Smith had 3 more touchdown passes. People were wowed about his playoff game against the Packers but lets be honest here, the Packers defense sucked, all he did on a few runs was just run, not even touched, hes fast and that's a great trait but not that difficult when the defense is playing that bad and you have great blocking. Its seem as so Kaepernick is getting all the credit when he really shouldn't be, their defense is a huge reason why they are in the Superbowl, top 5 in many categories including points allowed and yards allowed. If Alex Smith was still the starter they still would have had a legit chance to be in the Championship gam ...
I just woke up from a horrible nightmare that Colin Kaepernick got hurt in the 1st QTR of the Super Bowl and it was all up to Alex Smith. Oh please Lord don't let that come true!!!
Friday 10 Spot: Colin Kaepernick can't cash in, what Niners do with Alex Smith, O.J. Brigance and more.
“Anatomy of a monumental mid-season QB switch: Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick and the Big Bang...
If SF 49ers win the Superbowl, I bet Colin Kaepernick (Quarterback, would be named as MVP of the Superbowl.! Can't wait to watch the game.
The national media is inclined to focus the Alex Smith narrative on the negative aspects of Smith losing his job to Colin Kaepernick. There is an infinitely better story to tell in how he has handled the situation, and helped the 49ers Super Bowl run
Sure wish the Super Bowl was this Sunday instead of next week. Another week of hyping up the game by making nothing stories into something. Most infamous was the unfortunate reporter who, back in the late 80's asked Washington Redskin Doug Williams "So how long have you been a black quarterback." This week it's backup 49er quarterback Alex Smith saying he's rooting for his teammate starter Colin Kaepernick. Wow! What's he going to say "I hope Colin singlehandedly loses the game"? This is what happens with the 2 week hype instead of the normal one. The non contact Pro Bowl from Hawaii is on this Sunday.
It's been a great week. Been watching all my Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick playoff and Super Bowl film getting ready for the Super Bowl. Who's got it better than us?? NOBODY!
In case you're wondering, Alex Smith is officially a member of the Colin Kaepernick fan club. Most young guys show flashes but then they have those rookie moments, boneheaded things. Smith, who will play the role of Joe Flacco in practice, is enjoying the Super Bowl ride, even though it isn't the ...
I think I have a new crush, can't choose between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick
Best coach decisions this year: 49ers starting Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith and Seahawks starting Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn. Thoughts!
Both Sam and I have made no secret of the fact we have felt bad for Alex Smith ever since he got replaced by Colin Kaepernick. I came around sooner than Sam did…I mean after all Colin is great. But I still feel sad every time I see him on the sidelines. I’ve met his darling wife Liz. In fact when I met her she reminded me of how she when 16 living in Morgan Hill she came out to see me at an event plus they’ve got a cute little boy and I heard another one on the way. And I just think Alex has handled himself better than almost anyone else would have. And how has he handled it? You’ve got to read Tim Kawakami’s column today in the Mercury…Why Alex Smith isn’t mad at his predicament…   Alex said he can’t fault Colin because that’s how he himself became the starting quarterback in college. A guy got hurt he stepped in. “So it’d be pretty hypocritical to be about about it. It’s just the nature of team sports.” Later says he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t a little bittersweet ...
Alex Smith has won the job, lost the job, got hurt on the job, reinvented himself on the job, and experienced any number of other flips and flops as a high-profile 49ers employee.
If the San Francisco 49ers never made the switch to Colin Kaepernick, would they still be going to the Super Bowl? Kurt Warner weighs in on Alex Smith and Kaepernick.
Are a lot of sports people saying stuff like "Colin Kaepernick is the Shirley Maclaine to Alex Smith's Carol Haney"? Probably, right?
Conference Championship performance: I WENT 2-0! WOO!   What I learned in the Conference Championship weekend - Matt Ryan finishes his fourth playoff season with one postseason victory.  You wanna know who else has one postseason win?  Tony Romo, Tim Tebow, Tommy Maddox (as a starting quarterback; he won his ring on the bench), Jake Plummer, Alex Smith (again, refer to Tommy Maddox), among a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting. - You wanna know who has MORE playoff wins as a QB than Matt RyanChris Chandler, Trent Dilfer, Mark Sanchez, Brad Johnson, and Jake Delhomme. - In all due seriousness, Falcons/Niners was a solid game.  Julio Jones caught two great touchdown passes for the Falcons, and despite a slow start, Colin Kaepernick was able to find his game (though not in the same condition as it was in the Packers game) and lead his team when it mattered most.  And with that, my preseason NFC pick makes it to the Superbowl, though to be fair, when I made that pick, Alex Smith was still head qu ...
Colin Kaepernick -- Parties with Alex Smith at 49ers NFC Victory Bash: Hours after the San Francisco 49ers destr...
Three of the better gutsy coaching decisions this NFL season: Pete Carroll going with rookie QB Russell Wilson after the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn as a free agent. Jim Harbaugh staying with Colin Kaepernick at QB after Alex Smith was healthy again to start. The Baltimore Ravens firing their offensive coordinator and installing Jim Caldwell into the position, although the fired OC might not be too happy about it.
A year ago, Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff/Lee Evans were goats. This year, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco redeemed them. I've been wanting a Harbowl since last year's losses, and that's exactly what will happen. Kudos to Jim for making the ballsiest move of the season in benching Alex Smith. Kudos to John for winning in Foxborough against Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, virtually impossible to do. I am very excited for Super Bowl Sunday this year. Best of luck to both teams.
Jim Harbaugh benched Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick and John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron and went with Jim Caldwell. Both gambles led to SB.
Put this in the short story book called No Guts, No Glory! On the west coast Jim Harbaugh pulled a much criticized move to bench Alex Smith who had one of the highest QB ratings in football this year but a concussion midway through the year lead to unproven 2nd year QB Colin Kaepernick becoming started for the Niners for the rest of the season despite Smith regaining his health and being cleared to return. The result, the Niners to the Super Bowl. On the east coast, John Harbaugh, Jim's brother, decided to fire his offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, after 12 games despite the Ravens being in first place, replacing him with former Colt head coach Jim Caldwell. The two gutsiest coaching moves this year, and you can make the argument that those moves are why the HarBowl will happen in New Orleans in two weeks.
Earlier in the year, I questioned the wisdom of keeping Colin Kaepernick as starter for San Francisco. I felt that it would eventually catch up with us and catch us out. I also felt terrible for Alex Smith, who had by no means played badly. I wish him the best in whatever he does next. I also now believe that Jim Harbaugh knew what he was doing in keeping Colin in at quarterback. I was wrong; even if fate is against us and our sixth Super Bowl, I believe that we have our future settled at the QB position. whilst I can't help but worry about a quarterback who will be playing in what, his 9th game as a starter, I also think he has the smarts to play a great game for us. If he does and we win, Harbaugh is clearly a genius, and really does do what is best for the team. Let's go and win it!
I picked the 49ers today. But I admit I was a doubter when Jim Harbaugh went with Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith.
Congrats to the 49ers and their fans! Jim Harbaugh should let Alex Smith play the first half of the Super Bowl and then Colin Kaepernick the second half. I think it's only fair!
Jim Harbaugh rolled the dice with Colin Kaepernick and it looks like the young man has done what Alex Smith couldn't do.. San Francisco is going to the Superbowl and Jim Harbaugh has Papa Harbaugh smiling I'm sure we will see if Johnny boy can make it a Harbaugh Duel in the Bayou
Ok, so this means Jim Harbaugh made the right decision choosing Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith.
Where are all of the folks that said that that Jim Harbaugh was making a big mistake by choosing Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith?
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