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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League.

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How former Seahawks player and Green Beret Nate Boyer and NFL QB Colin Kaepernick decided together to out of respe…
50 years before Colin Kaepernick knelt, John Carlos raised his fist - Kansas City Star
Totally enjoying watching Megyn Kelly, Colin Kaepernick, and Hollywood fail spectacularly at the same time. It’s what they deserve!
Megan Kelly and Colin Kaepernick are a good team . They both killed their careers . Ha ha dummies
Colin Kaepernick thanked Eminem for his support after his powerful freestyle
It's no accident that Donald Trump has chosen a Black woman (Jemele Hill) and a Black man (Colin Kaepernick) as his primary…
Colin Kaepernick gives $100,000 to Meals on Wheels and Somalia famine charities after Donald Trump swipe
Black players are 70% of the NFL. We have the power to defend Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill from the forces that would…
What do Jemele Hill and Colin Kaepernick have in common?. They are both failing race baiters who need to find new jobs 😂
I wonder how San Francisco has been feeling lately knowing that they got rid of Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick
Mixed people turn out like Colin Kaepernick. That’s enough.
😎 Donald Trump brags about giving to charity. Colin actually does it. . . via
Reminder of why NFL players are protesting.
Colin Kaepernick's 'sole focus' is reportedly playing football and getting another...
Report: Colin Kaepernick is willing to go anywhere to work out for an NFL team.
Update: Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Nessa Diab says report that QB will stand for anthem is 'completely false' https:…
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CBS clarifies after saying Kaepernick would stand for anthem
Once again, people are changing Colin Kaepernick's message without using his own words
Colin Kaepernick responds to report saying he would stand during national anthem if he were to play in NFL again.
Colin Kaepernick Walks Back Comments on “i’ll stand for the national anthem for a job”
This story about Kaepernick is a complete lie
Donald Trump brags about giving to charity. Colin Kaepernick actually does it.
Colin Kaepernick donated $1,000,000 of his money to help people less fortunate. cost tax payers $250,000 to essentially pro…
BREAKING: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick tells CBS he'll stand during national anthem if given chance to play football i…
You mean like the million dollars Colin Kaepernick has donated while being unemployed?
Press is Dead‼️Kaep changes mind so CBS Retracts Story that Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem if Signed SMH 🤦‍♂️
Colin Kaepernick'$ Egyptian girlfriend is killing the NFL! (Or the Russians?)
Colin Kaepernick Did NOT Say He Would Stand for the National Anthem If Hired by the NFL, AP Retracts Report
Jerry Jones asked about Colin Kaepernick after the game: "I'm not interested in him as a quarterback with the Cowboys."
Colin Kaepernick says he'd stand for anthem if signed by NFL club
How many days has Colin Kaepernick been denied work in the NFL? We're counting.
When Colin Kaepernick (took a knee, he started a wave of similar protests. Here's what's on the line.
NFL owners are considering banning all anthems, says Shaun King and Colin Kaepernick
UPDATE: NFL reporter now says he never asked Colin Kaepernick if he’d stand for the national anthem. https…
Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend denies report QB will stand for anthem if signed.
Translation: “Colin Kaepernick ‘believes’ in his ‘cause.’ But not if it keeps him from collectin’ a paycheck.” Fraud. Meri…
And if you think Matt Cassel gives us a better chance to win than Colin Kaepernick, GFY
Colin Kaepernick has the 2nd best interception rate in NFL history behind Aaron Rodgers.
Poll results: Raider Nation wants Colin Kaepernick, but reportedly have no current plans to add him
If he can't play on a team, activists say Colin Kaepernick should at least be named Person of the Year
Just a reminder: Colin Kaepernick still doesn't have a job, because in US, fighting for justice will make you unemployable…
Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: 'Proud of you' for your activism via the Android appb
Jay Z tells the NFL he won't do the Super Bowl, then does SNL wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.
Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: I'm proud of you for "leading the way"
can you do me a favor. I ask you to show this to Mr. Haslam and Hue Jackson, Cut Cody Kessler and sign Colin Kaepernick. Thank you.
First 20 teams to play this week had 11 players kneeling combined. The 49ers, Colin Kaepernick's former team, almost trip…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The "Maybe we should have signed Colin Kaepernick and not Jay Cutler" face.
I'm sorry. Colin Kaepernick on his worst day has more to offer the Dolphins at QB than Mr. Indifference, Jay Cutler.
JAY-Z shows support for Colin Kaepernick on 'SNL' via
JAY-Z performs in a Colin Kaepernick jersey on
The fact that Fidel Castro was on Colin Kaepernick's shirt one time does not mea…
💥Burgess Owens, former NFL player nailed it tonight on . Colin Kaepernick is a Marxist!
Wouldn't it be fantastic if Colin Kaepernick were voted the Overseas Sports' Personality of the Year?
has a really big problem on it's hands. It allowed itself to become politi…
Editor's at don't care that web article misspells name of football player "Kapernick"?
A kid walked into a GameStop wearing a Kaepernick jersey. Two NFL players saw and bought him an Xbox.
Perspective: From Jimi Hendrix to Colin Kaepernick — why black Americans' patriotism often looks like protest
40 years from now, white folks gonna stand on Colin Kaepernick Blvd and lie about always supporting him and his message of uni…
It is SURVEY time: All those who think Colin Kaepernick should meet birth mother Heidi Rus…
He's an embedded Communist Given every opportunity any white kid could only dream of. LOVES COP KILL…
He is a domestic terrorist, in addition to being a White Nationalist. Trump won't condemn these people like…
Colin Kaepernick kneeled and donated a million to Americans. Tom Price stood and stole a million from Americans. Who is…
Colin Kaepernick kneeled for racial injustice & donated $1M to charity. Tom Price stole $1M from us for his benefit.…
Colin Kaepernick spotted wearing a Tupac shirt with the words "Me Against the World!"…
Colin Kaepernick's decision to take a knee will be his lasting legacy | Bob Brookover
Byron Scott talks Colin Kaepernick and Craig Hodges and the new look Lakers: via
This whole Colin Kaepernick issue reminds me of Craig Hodges of the bulls. Some say they don’t care about history...
New York's Museum of Modern Art pays homage to Colin Kaepernick by displaying his jersey
Colin Kaepernick: I won't stand 'to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Bl…
Matt Tobin was against Colin Kaepernick's protests. Then Michael Bennett's incident in Las Vegas opened his eyes…
Do you know how Kaepernick came to the decision to Aug 14, 2016- Colin Kaepernick sits for the...
Could somebody send this to Lebron James, Colin Kaepernick & Sheila Jackson Lee?
Spike Lee, Michel Faulkner spar at over Colin Kaepernick's role in anthem protests
Colin Kaepernick should have a job, but Branch Rickey? Seriously? Kaepernick=James Damore and Brando…
YBMSN shows support for exiled Colin Kaepernick with blackout at WMU’s first game
Craig Hodges, Colin Kaepernick, And The Dangers Of Speaking Out Nicely done by my friend via
Colin Kaepernick is nowhere to be seen on this cover, but Roger Goodell gets a front-row spot?
Montreal Alouettes exploring Colin Kaepernick as option at QB
According to a report, the are exploring the possibility of signing Colin Kaepernick.…
Yep. Exactly. Colin Kaepernick still did his job as an athlete while Kim Davis refused to do hers as a county clerk.
Mike Tomlin and Colin Kaepernick both members of my beloved Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.…
Sigh. About a year ago, when President Obama was asked about Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, h…
Tim Conway was the original Colin Kaepernick. And he took TWO knees!
So we're just ignoring Colin Kaepernick on purpose at this point? Gotcha.
Colin Kaepernick kneeled for us. Idk who the NFL is kneeling for.
Which of these people were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers?. A) Colin Kaepernick. B) Robert E. Lee
If you don't see that! I call on Any American war Veteran to tell me that Colin Kaepernick does…
"There is something admirably American in the way this is headed." via
Colin Kaepernick’s Muslim girlfriend influenced him to start this. So says Michael Savage on the Savage nation.
Athletes Are Not Going to 'Stick to Sports' and That's an Admirably American Thing
All these football team owners talking and all lat but when is y'all going to hire Colin Kaepernick ?😠
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You don't have to agree with Colin Kaepernick. I fight to defend his right to the 1st amendment. Popular speech doesn't ne…
Almost as much as Colin Kaepernick. He still has no job.
I've been reposting it repeatedly:.
Trump is gonna try to run against antifa, Berkeley undergrads and Colin Kaepernick for re-election.
Glad they could make room for him after they fit in Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick stepping up! Now if we could only get lawmakers to do the same.
Do you support Colin Kaepernick? Read this before making a First Amendment political protest on the job
"What NFL players did was genuine — real solidarity. What most team owners and GM's did was marketing"
No participation trophies for NFL owners who stood in solidarity with players yet blacklisted
have supported "taking a knee" from Colin Kaepernick back to Monica Lewinsky.
From Why Colin Kaepernick and I Decided to Take a Knee - NYTimes
Let's be clear, Colin Kaepernick taking the knee during the anthem wasn't about the flag, just like Rosa Park's fight w…
The NFL owners and executives protesting Donald Trump are the same ones who blacklisted Colin
Colin Kaepernick inspires a movement with his absence
Liz, this crap is a consequence of Islamic infiltration 100%. Colin Kaepernick Converting To Islam…
You can sign the petition below to show your support for Colin.
The fact Colin Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster has made him far more relevant and powerful socially than if he had been…
Republicans in Congress hate Colin Kaepernick b/c they can’t understand someone who’s willing to lose his job over somethi…
Opinion: Eric Reid on why he and Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee
20 years before Colin Kaepernick, NBA star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf made a similar protest. . How far have we come?
SOLDIERS SPEAK OUT ON KAEPERNICK: His protest 'makes him more American than anyone'
NFL: Releases flurry of statements voicing support for NFL players right to peacefully protest. Also NFL: Colin Kaepernick…
One thing is certain... Stephen Curry, Lebron James & Colin Kaepernick did not commit treason. I can't say the same ab…
Why Colin and I intentionally decided to kneel as a sign of respect.
Steelers' Army veteran who stood alone while team protested has also said Colin Kaepernick's protest was brave
They should replace those statues of Robert E. Lee with ones of Colin Kaepernick kneeling.
maybe if Colin Kaepernick got a Robert E. Lee tattoo Trump might not be so quick to condemn him
The "it was before the anthem" cry means less than zero, folks. Jerry Jones was on a knee like Colin Kaepernick was. That's all, folks.
On Tuesday, I'll be on CNN @ 11:00 am to discuss Trump, the NFL & my Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brother, Colin Kaepernick. Please tune in.
Point: Colin Kaepernick kneeled in an attempt to provoke debate over race and police brutality. Counterpoint: *SCREAMS LEE GREENWOOD SONGS*
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Former slugger Carlos Delgado was asked about his 2004 protest and Colin Kaepernick.…
The Racial Demagoguery of Trump’s Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry
Perspective | Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow: A tale of two Christianities on its knees
Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed. . It's widely accepted that his unemployment has nothing to do with football. . The bo…
.is more offended by Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry than he is by NAZIS. 🤔
Seeing Ray Lewis after being so critical of Colin Kaepernick (
Congrats to Colin Kaepernick for popularizing the hatred of America. Good work, bro. Your buddy George Soros is so proud.
This is why Colin Kaepernick chooses to during the national anthem.
Colin Kaepernick's mother has not one ounce of a care about Trump. She's too busy lounging in
You know the Democrat party is going downhill when they are turning to Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick for political guid…
I liked a video Michael Rapaport responds to Donald Trump comments on Steph Curry & Colin Kaepernick
Media is saying Colin Kaepernick won't be a distraction, but they bashed Tim Tebow for his Christian beliefs and called…
John Carlos. Tommie Smith. Colin Kaepernick. Bruce Maxwell. god bless athletes with connections to the Bay Area.
Obama (9/5/16): Colin Kaepernick is "exercising his Constitutional rights...He cares abt real, legitimate issues that have to…
Mike Ditka to Colin Kaepernick: "If you don't like the country . . . get the *** out"
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Trump attacks Colin Kaepernick, Stephen Curry & Jamele Hill. What do you expect from a white supremacist.
Friday: Trump attacked Colin Kaepernick . Saturday: Trump attacked Stephen Curry. Two black athletes. Trump has never atta…
It's not surprising that Trump has gone after Jamele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, and Stephen Curry, but it is disgusting.
Trump has now attacked Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, & Stephen Curry. All have something in common but I can’t quite put my…
Whichever team hires Colin Kaepernick is my new favorite NFL team.
People Trump has angrily attacked in the last few days:. 1. Jemele Hill. 2. Colin Kaepernick. 3. Steph Curry. Notice a trend?
.has attacked Colin Kaepernick with more conviction than he has NAZIS. 🤔
Colin Kaepernick is misunderstood. He's really just bending the knee to Daenerys Targaryen since…
It's always been disingenuous to vilify Colin Kaepernick because the NFL's patriotism was rooted in a…
That random Super Bowl bar on 4:44, Colin Kaepernick shoutout just last week at the Meadows. JAY-Z hinting at something or…
Jay has been very vocal about the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick. TF would he want to perform and help…
ICYMI: New column debunking concerns about both quality of play and Colin Kaepernick in 2017 http…
Kaepernick continues to do the work. This is awesome. .
Rob Schneider​ thinks it’s ridiculous that Colin Kaepernick​ is not at least an NFL backup. Do you agree?
The man has completed 9 his entire career. . Jaguars just signed him. Kaepernick is unemployed.
Call it what it is: Colin Kaepernick is blackballed from NFL, via
Roger Groves presents his take on the "ban" of Colin Kaepernick in the
Vikings' Adam Thielen, Everson Griffen believe Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL.
I'm a white woman who supports Colin Kaepernick & his right to protest. He will be on the right side…
Jay Z dedicated “The Story of O.J.” to Colin Kaepernick during his concert and then turned down superbowl offer
QBs I want to see play again in NFL (none of them will): . •RG3 . •Johnny Manziel. •Colin Kaepernick. •Tim Tebow. •Tony Romo. •…
Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Detroit protest at NFL game in support of frat brother Colin Kaepernick htt…
I stand with Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick just as my ancestors stood with Thurgood Marshall, Martin Lu…
Some want Colin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton, per report
He's not actually on an NFL team, but ex-Nevada star Colin Kaepernick has been named the NFLPA Week 1 community MVP. https:/…
Tom Brady says Colin Kaepernick deserves a shot in the NFL
Tom Brady thinks Colin Kaepernick belongs in the NFL.
This is a great interview with on Colin Kaepernick and white supremacy by
. on Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and white supremacy
White privilege is Sean Spicer "reinventing" his image on the Emmys while Colin Kaepernick is black balled from the NFL
I'm a middle aged white guy-and as far as I'm concerned-Colin Kaepernick has been mentoring all of us.
I would take a team with Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, & Johnny Manziel at QB. All have been winners, and the media coverage would be great!
After bold move for Sam Bradford, could have used Colin Kaepernick as backup Sunday, writes
If the Jets signed Colin Kaepernick, which they need to do, he could drive himself to the stadium. He lives in New York. DO…
Tom Brady hopes Colin Kaepernick gets another shot in the NFL.
"Ronald McNair was a real American hero. He died 2 years before Colin Kaepernick was born. Details in comments."
Joe Walsh says Colin Kaepernick has a right to protest the national anthem. . He just thinks he should be abused an…
Colin Kaepernick isn't currently playing in the NFL, but the players' union still named him its Week 1 MVP
Jay-Z dedicates a song to Colin Kaepernick during his New York City concert last night
Harvard should have invited Colin Kaepernick to be a fellow instead of Sean Spicer. One of them told the truth & one of…
Here's what I know:. Colin Kaepernick's jersey would immediately become the highest selling jersey in the league if a team s…
Several Philly reporters & several staff members of the insist this reporter misrepresented the team owner . https:/…
"The truth hurts white people. Colin Kaepernick has hurt white people, and that is why it’s convenient to banish...
Jay-Z's first NYC concert in 3 years includes dedication to outspoken NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
Jay-Z dedicates song to Colin Kaepernick at NYC concert
Colin Kaepernick wins NFLPA award for community outreach
George Foreman praises Trump, slams Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant via the App
Reminder:. Donald Trump, after being elected President, openly endorsed the mistreating Colin Kaepernick.
NFL players’ union names Colin Kaepernick its Week 1 MVP for his charity work
Colin Kaepernick just announced he is making a donation to to help them fight for the rights of America's you…
This clip of Max Kellerman speaking on Colin Kaepernick and racial injustice as a whole is a must-watch.
About half of my class, mainly comprised of relatively young people, did not know who Colin Kaepernick is.
Ryan Clark & Josina Anderson speak out on Colin Kaepernick's ongoing NFL... via
We stand with Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Bennett + all those out there fighting injustice + white supremacy…
I liked a video Mark Schlereth on if Cam Newton can bounce back, Josh Rosen and Colin Kaepernick |
Let's just pray that Colin Kaepernick does not become broken and discouraged in the wait like many of us...
Richard Sherman can't believe Colin Kaepernick still isn't on an NFL roster.
Deshaun Watson looks like a young Colin Kaepernick.
An understanding of culture is essential in understanding the protests of NFL QB Colin Kaepernick
How a young Colin Kaepernick found a deeper connection to his own roots
Colin Kaepernick not getting a job has millions angry. But what amounts to a conspiracy to kill young black males so it has a steady supply
Powerful statement from Jim Brown regarding Colin Kaepernick &other athletes who protest national anthem &those who cho…
Kid Rock says F the people who support Colin Kaepernick (EPIC RANT)
Tom Brady is mum on Colin Kaepernick, says he hasn't paid 'much' attention to the…
Kappas and NFL players protest, show support for Colin Kaepernick on 1st NFL Sunday via htt…
Hank Aaron says he'll boycott over Colin Kaepernick treatment; QB's supporters set to rally Wednesday in NYC
I have a commentary I would like to share regarding Colin Kaepernick. What is your email address?
My thoughts this morning on how the has effectively banned Kaepernick from the league in the prime of his life. https:/…
Trending on Colin Kaepernick and the Power of Silent –
The only thing Colin Kaepernick was ever oppressed by was NFL defenses. Merica.
Dave Chapelle pays homage to Colin during huge show!
Colin Kaepernick donates to organization that sends DREAMers to protest at Trump hotel, gives NOTHING to Houston. http…
It's really sad that NFL owners would rather lose games than sign Colin kaepernick. ESPECIALLY THE COLTS. Scott Tolzien.
Stephen Curry voices support for Colin Kaepernick Warriors star on quarterback: 'He…
Stephen Curry thinks Colin Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster 🏈.
Seven NFL team owners gave gave $1,000,000 each for his inauguration. Colin Kaepernick is unemployed.…
colin kaepernick, bo jackson, and Ronnie Lott's Severed Pinkie in a time machine correcting all of football's wrongs
Colin Kaepernick's QB rating for '16 was 90.7. . 18 starting QBs (combined HOU QBs) did worse in Week 1. . Stop saying he is…
Colin Kaepernick threw 4 interceptions on 331 pass attempts last year. Scott Tolzien has thrown 2 pick sixes on 17 attem…
Steph Curry letting us know how he really feels about what's happening to Colin Kaepernick.
Steph Curry speaks out in support of Colin Kaepernick.
Steph Curry Shows Support for Colin Kaepernick: ‘He definitely should be in the NFL’
Latest: Ray Lewis comment on Colin Kaepernick met with NFL silence
voices support for Colin Kaepernick via
Leftist radicals are focused on getting anti-America millionaire Colin Kaepernick yet another paycheck.
2 Chicago bars are boycotting the NFL until Colin Kaepernick gets signed via
Chicagoans plan to rally for Colin Kaepernick at Bears opener
Just a reminder that you had to watch. Scott Tolzien. Tom Savage. Brian Hoyer. Carson Palmer. Josh McCown. Play instead of Colin Kaepernick
NFL QBs that Colin Kaepernick is better than: Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins, Brian Hoter, Jared Goff, Josh McCown, Carson Palmer, etc.
Watch this from the Greatest - Muhammad Ali - and then think of just how much it applies to Colin Kaepernick.
I think Ray Lewis should stop talking about Colin Kaepernick.
Ray Lewis to Colin Kaepernick: "Cut your hair, eat meat & drop the girl. Try murder or domestic abuse to get in the good g…
Craig Carton spent countless hours ripping Colin Kaepernick for being anti police only to be running a Ponzi scheme. Lol, pat…
Kid Rock blasts Colin Kaepernick and insults white supremacists in a profanity-laden concert rant
Shannon Sharpe powerfully speaks on Michael Bennett, Colin Kaepernick and more.
Michael Bennett told y'all to listen to Colin Kaepernick..
Here’s how two Steelers of 1970s would have dealt with Colin Kaepernick protest, Hall of Famer says
Lastly, Cam Newton said yesterday that Colin Kaepernick belongs in NFL. Who agrees, and who doesn't? My guide:
This is why Colin Kaepernick protests. This is why we say BLACK LIVES MATTER. Thankful that Michael Bennet is alive. https:…
Americans this is why Colin Kaepernick took a knee
We're shaking our heads at Jason Whitlock for this one
Sharpe slams Jason Whitlock for Kaepernick skit via
This is Rory Fanning, an Army Ranger in the same unit as NFL player Pat Tillman, supporting Colin
"Do I think Colin Kaepernick is better than some starting QBs in the NFL? Absolutely.". - Cam Newton
Before Jason Whitlock sold his soul for money at Fox, before he hated Black Lives Matter & Colin Kaepernick, dude was my big…
Colin Kaepernick is an testament to what happens to *** who don't dance for vindictive white owners. Ray Lewis is a…
Jason Whitlock's obsession with Colin Kaepernick is so strange. Hes more upset than racist white people.
Colin Kaepernick not being on a roster at the start of the NFL season is a major win for America.
Ray Lewis has the lamest reason to why the Ravens didn't sign Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick: "I stand with Michael and I stand with the people"
Same folks who say "stick to sports, no politics" don't want Colin Kaepernick to have a job over T.J. Yates or Bryce Petty…
Ravens send Ray Lewis out to make Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend the scapegoat for him still not having an NFL job
It's true. Jason Whitlock is utterly obsessed w/ Colin Kaepernick because he has learned that dissing Colin gets him showere…
Cam Newton: "In my opinion is Colin Kaepernick better than some of the starting quarterbacks in this league? Absolutel…
The guy dressed as Colin Kaepernick in the viral photo with Jason Whitlock?. It's apparently Kid from Kid 'n Play 😐
Colin Kaepernick calls Las Vegas police alleged assault of Michael Bennett "disgusting and unjust"
👀🏈 Tony Romo weighs in on Colin Kaepernick vs. NFL GM's. Do you agree? 🤔
Von Miller: There aren't 64 quarterbacks in the NFL better than Colin Kaepernick, plain and simple. h…
Cam Newton says Colin Kaepernick should "absolutely" be starting in the NFL (via
Imagine watching this Michael Bennett video and still getting mad Colin Kaepernick sat for A SONG
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Cam Newton talks Colin Kaepernick, Christian McCaffrey, Kelvin Benjamin - and his little brother Caylin at Howard.
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton talks about how Colin Kaepernick "absolutely" should be... https:/…
QB Cam Newton would like to keep the focus on Sunday. But his comments on Colin Kaepernick were strong, nonetheless…
"Is he good enough to be a starting quarterback? Absolutely." Cam Newton on Colin Kaepernick, adding it was "unfair" Kaep not on a roster.
If you are using the memory of Pat Tillman to bash Colin Kaepernick, I say with utter assurance that Pat Tillman would ha…
Browns cut Brock Osweiler. How much you want to bet he still gets picked up before Colin Kaepernick.
Brock Osweiler getting a job before Colin Kaepernick now would break the internet.
Wearing a Nevada shirt today to support both the Wolf Pack who play Northwestern this afternoon and fellow alum, Colin Kaepernick.
I blame Joe Namath. Aaron Rodgers: Colin Kaepernick 'should be on a roster right now' via
Aaron Rodgers knows what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, and he believes Colin Kaepernick has it.
White people after they hear Aaron Rodgers supports Colin Kaepernick
Matthew Stafford is not better than Colin Kaepernick
New on whether a hoops Colin Kaepernick would be in the NBA, Avery Bradley's defensive RPM and more:
"Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel with us, we’re gonna be standing for you." -💯 .
"Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel for us, we'll stand with you." . -Cardi B. Nothing but respect for my president😌
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Jesse Jackson says NFL owners "have colluded" to stop Colin Kaepernick from playing
Kappa Alpha Psi is out here in full force supporting Colin Kaepernick --their fraternity brother. -
Kappas are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.Colin Kaepernick is a member
I have to speak about Jim Brown for a minute as he steps and fetches for Trump and continues to blast Colin Kaepernick.
Jim Brown, the NFL’s Moral Compass, Finally Chimes in on Colin Kaepernick
Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, which Colin Kaepernick pledged in college, are here getting the crowd going before…
Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, Colin Kaepernick's fraternity, spitting Invictus at the rally earlier today. h…
Colin Kaepernick is a modern version of John Carlos and Tommie Smith.
Is the NFL blacklisting QB Colin Kaepernick? Protesters think so. I talked to HLN’s for his take.
this morning, talking Colin Kaepernick. Click. Mayl not ever watch again. Craig Carton on Boomer & Carton had a beautiful rant.
Colin Kaepernick supporters are bringing their message to Roger Goodell. A former player talked about the protest.
WATCH: legend Hank Aaron has some strong words about former QB Colin Kaepernick.
Brian Hoyer ranked lower than Colin Kaepernick, Mike Glennon in ESPN QB Tier rankings
.The Steelers need to sign Colin Kaepernick immediately
I added a video to a playlist George Foreman calls Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant 'Sore Losers' and
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Steelers need to sign Colin Kaepernick immediately, writes
SELECTIVE RACISM! Colin Kaepernick in African American history museum; still no Clarence Thomas - -
12 NFL players kneel during national anthem, the largest group not to stand since Colin Kaepernick began his protest
The Cleveland Browns ride out for Colin Kaepernick by kneeling during national anthem.
NYPD officers take a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick
Athletes and fans need to stand up for Colin now
New York City police take a knee at rally in support of Colin Kaepernick
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