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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League.

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Come on.Ryan Mallet??? Chase Daniel??? Colin Kaepernick was the starting QB of a team that went to a SB.
Chase Daniel, Ryan Mallet, Matt Barkley. on 15 backup QBs who are better than Colin Kaepernick:
Bill Maher won't lose his job for saying the N-word, but Colin Kaepernick can't get a job for proclaiming
Yo The people on who want 2 push the narrative that Colin Kaepernick is bad are hillaroius 😂😂. Now there saying…
In a league that grants high-profile second chances routinely, Colin Kaepernick can't get one, writes Dan Graziano.
Not one legitimate, thoughtful argument exists for why Austin Davis has a job in the & Colin Kaepernick doesn't. . None…
Pete Carroll says Seahawks not signing Colin Kaepernick now, but door remains open
From Pete Carroll: At this time, the Seahawks are not signing Colin Kaepernick
Probably the same place you were when Colin Kaepernick's freedom of speech was being put under fire.…
Some1 who listened too much to publicist & not enough to coach:Colin Kaepernick. Victim of believing…
Seahawks won't sign Colin Kaepernick "at this time."
Pete Carroll says door remains. open for Colin Kaepernick but for now nothing imminent.
Pete Carroll confirms Colin Kaepernick signing with Seattle is not imminent
Some say Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed from the NFL for protesting the National Anthem.
Last Chance:New post: Colin Kaepernick thanks his fans for the support and letters they have sent…
You are not alone. My latest piece (w/on why people rallied in NYC for
People rallied for in NYC. For those like Sean Bell's dad, William, it had nothing to do with football https…
Sean Bell was killed by police ten years ago. William Bell spoke out for the right to speak against police v…
Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins explains why Colin Kaepernick's protest was 'genius'
This is about as symbol of resistance. But it's also about the right to speak out w/out losing…
The Jaguars should sign Colin Kaepernick. A QB can turn them into playoff contenders.
The Colin Kaepernick Foundation (donates $25K to Chicago org Just in case anyone locally wa…
Pete Carroll believes Kaepernick is NFL starter, Seahawks still pass
That Colin Kaepernick hasn't been signed yet is baffling. You telling me he's worse than Tom Savage, Kirk Cousins & Josh McCown?
While he waits for a job, Colin Kaepernick continues his $1M charity pledge. $700K thru April. He announced the latest orgs b…
Pete Carroll says Seattle Seahawks not signing Colin Kaepernick 'at this time'.
Backtalk: Times readers sound off on Colin Kaepernick, the Mariners and Kevin Durant
.Seattle Seahawks were told to stay away from Colin Kaepernick by representatives of the NFL.
"LeBron is just like Colin Kaepernick. Too involved in social media and cyber humans and making everything about race." ht…
Pete Carroll on Colin Kaepernick visit: 'At this time, we didn't do anything with him'.
Pete Carroll on Colin Kaepernick: We’re not doing anything at this time
Pete Carroll: Seattle Seahawks not planning to sign QB Colin Kaepernick
Pete Carroll has high praise for Colin Kaepernick:
Pete Carroll says Colin Kaepernick can still start in the NFL - Los Angeles Times
Colin Kaepernick is 'a starter in this league' — Pete Carroll; Seahawks are reportedly not planning on signing Kap.
Why Malcolm Jenkins is now calling Colin Kaepernick's chosen form of protest "genius."
Stephen A. Smith, Jason Whitlock, and Sage Steele are thriving in "post-racial" America. Colin Kaepernick can't get…
Per John Lynch apologized to Colin Kaepernick about Peter King’s report from 49ers sources
Torrey Smith believes Colin Kaepernick is being treated more harshly than players who have committed crimes.
Many folks of color support him. can speak up at some point
Colin Kaepernick speak out for your people and lose career!! Yeah we certainly are a Christian nation!!! (2)
Read Robin Di'Angelos white fragility. Might help to explains "fan" behavior
Consider who your fans might be. They, you should be protesting so he doesn't have to.
"All my years being in the league, I never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue.”
You could have the same treatment as Colin Kaepernick.
Torrey Smith says Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned because teams ‘can’t get over...
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So... Colin Kaepernick sits during anthem and the right wants his head on a spike. Trump bops around during anthem…
via Fans don't pay big bucks to go and see players play no to see them disrespect the whole nation
New post in Futebol Americano: Giants owner on Colin Kaepernick: An 'emotional issue'.
Giants owner on Colin Kaepernick: An 'emotional issue'
"Ariana Grande should use her platform to condemn terrorism". "Colin Kaepernick should shut up and play football" https…
I think I want a Colin Kaepernick jersey.
if you'd want Colin Kaepernick on your team
"This is a blackball. You have people being signed that have no resume that matches anywhere near Colin Kaepernick." . -Mi…
So sick and tired of easily-offended snowflake millennials!. Anyway, if my team signs Colin Kaepernick, I'll never watch fo…
Giants received 'a lot' of letters on Colin Kaepernick's anthem protest
Imagine still not understanding why Colin Kaepernick didn't stand for the National Anthem lol
"Colin Kaepernick is a bad man" - folks in Pittsburgh while wearing their Ben Roethlisberger jerseys.
Giants owner on Colin Kaepernick: An ’emotional issue’
Torrey Smith blasts Giants for comments about former teammate Colin Kaepernick.
From Total Access: The latest on where things stand with the and Colin Kaepernick (and other stuff) heading into OT…
NBC Sports - ProFootballTalk: John Mara says signing Colin Kaepernick would lead to fan backlash
Colin Kaepernick is our generations Muhammed Ali. You can recognize and accept that now in 30 years. Truth is the truth.
I hate how people try to say Colin Kaepernick offended soo many veterans by what he did
The best thing that happened in sports last year was Colin Kaepernick. He took a stand for those without a voice, without a platform.
If you don't think Colin Kaepernick is good enough to play in the NFL, then you need to google Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer, Geno Smith.
As get set to begin their OTAs tomorrow, I'm told nothing is imminent on QB Colin Kaepernick. Interest is real, but…
Colin Kaepernick is a better human being than me and you. He has done more for humanity than me and you.
NFL billionaires boxing Colin Kaepernick out of the league is a great example of how economic and racial politics canno…
You could've just called Colin Kaepernick the n-word cuz that's all you're really doing here WHILE using a black person's image.…
Amazing that so many people think they know what Colin Kaepernick wants.
Former NFL head coach: Colin Kaepernick would be a good ..
Per source, Colin Kaepernick "wants to be a Seahawk" and informed team that he's content backing up Russell Wilson. Mtg…
Colin Kaepernick was at HQ late into day. Met with coaches, etc. Plan was for him to leave in evening.
Colin Kaepernick is meeting with the Seattle Seahawks. He wants to be surrounded by a city of people that make him look…
Colin Kaepernick among QBs expected to work out for Seahawks.
A group that works to help parolees get suits for job interviews is planning to "stand up" for Colin Kaepernick:
Former NFL GM perfectly breaks down why Colin Kaepernick would fit in Seattle
Replace "Girls" with "Colin Kaepernick" and replace Peter Griffin with Roger Goodell
I know that. Was Richie incognito as big of a story and player as Colin Kaepernick? No
Ryan Fitzpatrick signed before Colin Kaepernick really? The NFL not blackballing him though?
Bucs sign Ryan Fitzpatrick as NFL teams continue to avoid Colin Kaepernick - Washington Post
You mean to tell me that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better backup QB option than Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III?
Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 INTs in 44 attempts in 1 game vs KC last year. Colin Kaepernick threw 4 INTs in 331 attempts over 1…
Meet the Canadian team that has hoarded the rights to Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III.
On ‘GM Street,’ and discuss Colin Kaepernick and the Seahawks, Eddie Lacy, and more
Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll says the team has considered signing Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III.
Seahawks are exploring Colin Kaepernick and RGIII as backup QB options
Both Herm Edwards and Bill Polian can see either Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III as the ba... - via App
Pete Carroll says Colin Kaepernick and RGIII are among the backup QB options that the Seahawks are exploring.
Tony Romo to CBS, Jay Cutler to Fox... Colin Kaepernick to MSNBC? Maybe he can co-host a new show with Rachel Maddow.
You just compared Peyton Manning to Colin Kaepernick. Sit out until Monday, bud.
Colin Kaepernick’s birth mom criticizes him for not standing during National Anthem.
Colin Kaepernick has still not gotten even a single inquiry according to his gf. Is the NFL any more of a "meritocracy"…
I agree, Colin Kaepernick is better than Russell Wilson at throwing interceptions
Why would an team take a risk on Colin Kaepernick for this season? says the QB has made his point b…
Colin Kaepernick is firmly one of the 64 best quarterbacks in the world and is unemployed. You know that is a probl…
The left: "Colin Kaepernick shouldn't be penalized for his political views.". Also the left: "boycott everything that doesn't denounce Trump"
I support Colin Kaepernick 100% in what he's doing. But when he pulled" th…
Three teams have reached out to Colin Kaepernick since free agency opened - Sports Illustrated…
So now he only trails Colin Kaepernick by 1.6 points in career passer rating! (87.3 to 88.9)
Could Colin Kaepernick have a legal case for collusion? As I wrote on in March, several factors would be key: h…
I don't know if Colin Kaepernick is being black balled from the NFL but we should all agree he's being African American B…
Why doesn't Colin Kaepernick have a job,
Btw: You can read about Kaepernick's inability to play from the pocket earlier in his career here
Dude had similar numbers to Colin Kaepernick last year yet he gets an elite card and so much hype
All purpose parts banner
49ers columnist slams all the football excuses being given for why Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned…
Colin Kaepernick risked his career & stood up for the injustices in the black community.
Colin Kaepernick last season:. -Better td-to-int ratio than Brees. -Better completion percentage than Cam. -Better passer ra…
Adviser to Colin Kaepernick says three NFL teams have shown interest
I wrote about Kap's season. I'm far from a perfect analyst or evaluator but I put a lot of film study into it. https:/…
What is going on with Colin Kaepernick? Sounds interesting….
NFL still shunning Colin Kaepernick because of his politics, not his play
Arizona Cardinals were a PERFECT fit Colin Kaepernick & a no-brainer if they cared about winning. Latest 👇
NFL owners, fans would rather win than sign Colin Kaepernick. Hence, he's unsigned.
There are about six teams paying backup QBs $2 million+ per where Colin Kaepernick would be a modest upgrade
49ers columnist says there's a 'whisper campaign' to keep Kaepernick from finding an NFL job h…
Colin Kaepernick took Blaine Gabbert's job. Gabbert just signed w/the Cardinals. Kaepernick still jobless! HOW!?!?!? 🤔 h…
=NFL owners, fans would rather not win than sign Colin Kaepernick
You just compared Peyton Manning to Colin Kaepernick. Stop, Mike. The Silicon Valley money ain't worth it.
this is fiyah ... Tim Kawakami: Who's putting out disinformation about Colin Kaepernick and why? via
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Colin Kaepernick reportedly wants a training camp invite. The should give it to him:…
.Colin Kaepernick (can focus on both social justice and the NFL.
James Baldwin, Colin Kaepernick, and paying student-athletes. Not your average graduation speech, by
Here's why the Bengals should consider signing Colin Kaepernick.
No one wants to sign Colin Kaepernick. Here's why the should consider it:
Hearing people try to explain why Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job, while a guy like Ryan Mallet does is so annoying.
"Colin Kaepernick wants to play, hopes to be in a training camp" { by Michael David Smith } via
Colin Kaepernick just donated his old suits to parolees.
Colin Kaepernick is donating a bunch of his old suits to a nonprofit
[Right Wing Daily]The NFL needs to get its “priorities in order” and Colin Kaepernick should be hired by an NFL…
Backseat driving, but for multibillion-dollar franchises
Colin Kaepernick donates custom-made suits to parolees that are looking for jobs
Since nobody in NFL is interested, Colin Kaepernick is now handing out men's suits in front of NYC parole offices.
NFL welcomes those accused of sexual and physical assault, but not Colin Kaepernick. My column: https…
No one will miss Colin Kaepernick - he had 15 minutes of fame as a QB and 15 minutes of fame as an anarchist, both are over
An unsigned Colin Kaepernick is a bad sign for NFL via
Colin Kaepernick ain't going to No Dallas Cowboys you all need to stop it. Go find rating somewhere else
If the Dallas Cowboys sign Colin Kaepernick. They are dead to me
"Colin Kaepernick doesn't need a second chance because he's done nothing to mess up his first chance." — htt…
Colin Kaepernick could've killed somebody and been signed faster than this. Fighting for civil rights doesn't fly in this c…
Colin Kaepernick still undrafted. I mean, c’mon, what other conclusions can be drawn here?
USA Today: NFL Needs Colin Kaepernick - IF Kapernik gets signed that's like winning the election.
Ppl forget Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract. Conservative views on National Anthem were the same for both Rapin…
Colin Kaepernick has been handing out free suits to job seekers outside a parole office in New York. 😍
Jay Cutler just retired because no one would sign him to play quarterback. Blatant racism. Just like Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick donates custom made suits to parolees looking for jobs -
It says the NFL & fans supporting Kaepernick's blackballing are racist AF.
Several men who have been accused of physical or sexual assault have been signed while Colin Kaepernick has not.
If so concerned about Colin Kaepernick having a job, why don't they sign him to do TV? Put your money where your mo…
In a not-exactly-surprising twist, it turns out that Colin Kaepernick is a better person than everyone whining about him…
Colin Kaepernick handing out suits in front of a NYC Parole office👍🏽
Colin Kaepernick would be on an NFL roster right now if he had beat up his girlfriend instead of protested smh
Something doesn't seem right when Josh McCown has a job in the and guys like Jay Cutler & Colin Kaepernick don't.
And Debbie - good luck at your next job at McDonalds as a fry cook. You and Colin Kaepernick will get along just f…
Colin Kaepernick among athletes on list.
Colin Kaepernick named one of Time's 100 most influential people.
.named QB Colin Kaepernick one of the 100 most influential people… and wrote the passage.
One of the NFL’s best defensive ends talks about Colin Kaepernick, visiting the White House and why he turned down a free trip…
Carlos Hyde and Navorro Bowman: ex-teammate Colin Kaepernick should not be unemployed.
Carlos Hyde, Navorro Bowman the latest to go to bat for Colin Kaepernick
My new goal in life is to be Jesse Williams, Jane Elliot, Colin Kaepernick, Will Smith, Brené Brown
New 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan explains why he didn’t want Colin Kaepernick via
The fact that Mark Sanchez has a job in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick doesn't is just sad.
folks claim white people hate Colin Kaepernick because he spoke his views in a peaceful way. talking about free speech an…
The NFL is blackballing Colin Kaepernick according to Richard Sherman:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Richard Sherman feels the NFL is punishing Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick does exactly what Republicans say they want, but Sarah Palin still rips him for it. via
Sarah Palin gets roasted online for complaining about Colin Kaepernick's donation to Meals on Wheels | Raw Story.
Mark Sanchez has a job but Colin Kaepernick does not. vs
Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, and Aaron Burbridge all signed with the to play WR? ***
Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith question why Colin Kaepernick doesnt have ...…
Johnny Manziel got a meeting with Sean Payton, and Colin Kaepernick is (allegedly) "hated" by some NFL owners. Let tha…
Ben Stiller, Colin Kaepernick and other stars raise millions to fight famine
⚡️ “Ben Stiller, Colin Kaepernick and more raise millions for famine-stricken Somalia”.
Colin Kaepernick, Ben Stiller and more celebs teamed up to raise $1 million in food aid for Somalia. More:
Two Eagles players stand up for Colin Kaepernick - Bleeding Green Nation
eaglesnewsfeed: Two Eagles players stand up for Colin Kaepernick
Two Eagles players stand up for Colin Kaepernick via
Two Eagles players stand up for Colin Kaepernick
Yes - we will only comment on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Kaepernick
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Why the signed McCown and not Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick or Chase Daniel
If Jay Cutler can get a job in the NFL then something is fishy about Colin Kaepernick not getting offers.
Donald Trump takes shot at Colin Kaepernick's free-agent status - ESPN
Who does Colin Kaepernick have to thank for being a free agent? Apparently, it's Donald Trump
Colin Kaepernick is STILL a FREE AGENT, for what reason, Help us understand.
No Drumpf, just bad at football. Colin Kaepernick's search for new team draws Donald Trump's attention
Good read from -> President Trump has ideas, but why is Colin Kaepernick still a free agent?
Donald Trump says he's the reason Colin Kaepernick is a free agent.
Donald Trump takes credit for Colin Kaepernick still being a free agent
Until this very moment, I did not care if Colin Kaepernick ever played football again. Now I very much demand it:
Colin Kaepernick will be alright, regardless of what these weak people THINK they're doing to him. Trust and believe that. ✊🏾
Geno Smith is backing up Eli Manning, yet Colin Kaepernick isn't being blackballed?
Shannon Sharpe: NFL owners are sending a message by not signing Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick helped get a plane to Somalia that's expected to hold 60 tons of food to help end the famine.
Trump said he would denounce any team who gets Colin Kaepernick, who used his 1A right to kneel. Trump doesn’t understa…
Trump now mentions Colin Kaepernick to loud boos
UPDATE: add quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III to their negotiation list
"It's amazing to me that no one has signed Colin Kaepernick yet"
President Trump brings up Colin Kaepernick, for no apparent reason, at a Kentucky rally on Monday night
Disgusting. In his speech tonight Trump openly said owners won't sign Colin Kaepernick because he'll come after them o…
Colin Kaepernick gave a million dollars to feed starving children last year. Trump wants to cut Meals on Wheels and Med…
Colin Kaepernick. Jay Cutler. Tony Romo available, we release Marshall, Revis, Folk, and Mangold to sign Josh McCow…
Adam Caplan and Jim Trotter break down why Colin Kaepernick is having a difficult time finding a ... - via App
As a US Marine Corps Veteran and a avid Football Fan. I could care less if Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL teams.
Spike Lee rips NFL teams for not signing Colin Kaepernick: 'It smells mad fishy'.
Spike Lee is absolutely correct. . What the is doing to Colin Kaepernick is SHADY AS *** .
.på Chase Daniel visiting the Why no Colin Kaepernick? Come chat!
Spike Lee thinks Jets should sign Colin Kaepernick, while team met with Josh McCown, Chase Daniel
Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during National Anthem in San Diego and is booed - LA Times 9/1/2016
Last year, Colin Kaepernick used his voice. Now, he's being blackballed by NFL GMs. *FIXED*
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The fact that Geno Smith now has a job is all the proof anyone should need that Colin Kaepernick is being shunned.
Colin Kaepernick is a free agent. But nobody wants to take him
*** Niners release Colin Kaepernick, Torrey Smith, and Antoine Bethea in same week? A lot of changes happening.
Pleas read and share. KING: Why criticizing Colin Kaepernick now makes no sense
I guess you heard that Colin Kaepernick will stand during the National Anthem next season but Stephen A Smith blames him for
It is amazing that the US stopped oppressing people of color at exact moment Colin Kaepernick became a free agent.
Week in 1,000 Words: Why Musselman and Marshall deserve MW's top honors; Nevada football schedule; Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick says he will stand for the National Anthem next season, mostly because it's too hard to kneel while s…
Colin Kaepernick is a soon to be free agent. In other news, sources say he will be standing next year during the National Anthem.
Colin Kaepernick missed his window. He should've walked away from NFL in the fall & become a social justice movement leader.
Colin Kaepernick is also looking for a team to play for next season.
Now we can all get some sleep. Colin Kaepernick reportedly will stand for the National Anthem if a team will add him to its 2017 roster.
Now that he's stopped it, do you think Colin Kaepernick's anthem protest actually accomplished anything?
MONEY TALKS, WOKE-NESS WALKS. Go figure: New free agent Colin Kaepernick decides to stand for National Anthem
I liked a video First Take - Is Colin Kaepernick's a fit for the Jets?
No matter what you thought of Colin Kaepernick’s protest, he got the country talking.
Kaepernick just another publicity seeking fraud
Colin a free agent next week..with 10 picks in the draft should probably snag 2 of them in the mid rounds.
About time. Colin Kaepernick will reportedly stand for National Anthem next season via
Colin Kaepernick is such a freaking joke. He will end up in CFL.for a month.
Colin Kaepernick to stand for National Anthem. Translation: I really, really want a job somewhere else and this might…
Colin Kaepernick elects to stand for anthem – social media reacts
Weird how Colin Kaepernick says he'll now stand for the National Anthem since he's unemployed.
Kaepernick says he isn't going to protest the National Anthem next season.
49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets his price and more in Bay Area home sale - Sacramento Bee
If Colin Kaepernick didn't opt out, 49ers would have released QB via App
Colin Kaepernick will end his National Anthem protest in the 2017 NFL season.
Colin Kaepernick says he's ready to start standing for the National Anthem. Now he just needs to learn how to complet…
If this happens, I'm not sure how I'd feel. Colin Kaepernick, from 49ers to Seahawks? Don't be shocked
.was a supporter of Colin Kaepernick's actions in 2016. 2017? Not so sure.
Hamilton Collection
Karceno on Colin Kaepernick now willing to stand for the anthem
Colin Kaepernick got the nation thinking about the issues that more than ever divide us.
You all do the same things as Colin Kaepernick, so please get off your high horse.
HYPOCRITE MAXIMUS: Colin Kaepernick, to be released by 49'ers, says he'll stand for Anthem next season. https:…
I liked a video Colin Kaepernick says he will stand for anthem - Cowherd explains why | THE HERD
Report: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick will stand during the National Anthem this season
Colin Kaepernick can do whatever he wants. He accomplished what he set out to do: get people to acknowledge injustice. Start…
Colin Kaepernick won't kneel during the National Anthem next season—but his protest sparked a powerful movement:
So all it took to make Colin Kaepernick proud of his country again was for Obama to leave office & Trump to take over. Tha…
In a related note to Colin Kaepernick's decision to stand for anthem, several teams said they wouldn't sign him if he cont…
Colin Kaepernick reportedly will now stand during the National Anthem:
Colin Kaepernick a hypocrite! Ends protest now that he needs job.
Colin Kaepernick will reportedly stand for the National Anthem in 2017. I hope so. It's hard to see from the stands if y…
Colin Kaepernick:. Not standing for the National Anthem ✔️. No NFL contract renewal ✔️. Announces he will NOW stand for th…
Colin Kaepernick says he isn't going to kneel next year, I guess it's kinda hard to flip burgers while you're on your knees
Colin Kaepernick Ready to Stand for National Anthem, ESPN Reports - Newsmax too late Jihadist
Colin Kaepernick would make a great Steelers backup quarterback. He could be Ben Roethlisberger's eventual replacement.
Donald Trump should definitely take credit for Colin Kaepernick standing. His election is only thing that changed since pro…
Kaepernick plans to opt out of NFL 49ers deal: agent. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who drew global attention for kneel…
Colin Kaepernick has opted out of the final season of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. https…
QB Colin Kaepernick's new agents, Jeff Nalley & Sean Kiernan, informed 32 teams yesterday that they rep him and he wil…
I wonder if the Colin Kaepernick to Denver rumors are true. How awesome would it be to see THIS happen twice a season. L…
NFL Network discusses the likelihood of Colin Kaepernick remaining on roster in 2017.
He played the game and his own way.
FOX Sports exec: Colin Kaepernick not reason for NFL ratings dip - 247Sports
SF 49ers Colin Kaepernick is w/o a contract & a team after creating more divide in this country when he was supposed to b playing football!
Lynch on meeting with Kaepernick: 'Colin left excited and we left excited' (via
justice is served 'Colin Kaepernick Fired '
John Lynch: Colin Kaepernick left 'excited' after visit
Kapernicks gone. is not. NFL must heal the country. Start by telling the truth about Police.
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Colin Kaepernick is taking a stand by refusing to stand. Change is not comfortable, but it is necessary. His...
All I'm gonna say is think about it,
Looks like Colin Kaepernick is getting some new ink.
Well Colin Kaepernick now you can kneel at home.
The Denver Broncos need to go all in for Colin Kaepernick...
Colin Kaepernick has reached out and will meet with John Lynch soon.about a position change to safety since he's so bad at QB.
Who would you rather have lead your team and pay millions of dollars to? Colin "The Kneeling Loser" Kaepernick,...
The left balked at Tim Tebow kneeling to God yet rejoiced at Colin Kaepernick kneeling in defiance of National Anthem. The irony of it all.
"For him not to far as I'm concerned, everything he said meant absolutely nothing!". - on Colin Kae…
If you were more upset about Colin Kaepernick than this, you ain't nothing but a fake Patriot.
When they played the National Anthem at Super Bowl 51, not one person took a knee. Tell that to Communist Colin Kaepernick.
Wouldn't it be great if it was Colin Kaepernick who stole Tom Brady's Superbowl jersey? (Or, Roger Goodell?)
launches a free campaign to educate youth. Read:
Odd choice of word calling Dean Blundell homophobic considering how much he loved Colin Kaepernick
No thats the fact of the matter. Did the fans get yall to draft Colin Kaepernick? No that was Jim Harbaugh.
no, hundley is a pocket passer as much as Rodgers. Nobody wants to be Colin kaepernick
NFL offseason: Destinations up in the air for Raiders, Romo and other QBs
As long as Colin Kaepernick is kneeling for the National Anthem, I will not be able to kneel down & give you a ring.
and this is what I think about Colin Kaepernick
Making a case for Colin Kaepernick as the 2017 starting QB. (Via ).
Potential QB options for the Browns in 2017
Just remembered this Shea Serrano piece because of this
Colin Kaepernick is putting his money where his mouth is in the city of Milwaukee.
Yall can't keep holding the Kodak Black's of the world to Colin Kaepernick standards of wokeness.
Tragic mulatto sweaty ball jiggler caught wearing socks with cartoon pigs in cop hats:
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