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Colin Jost

Colin Jost is an American stand up comedian, screenwriter, and head writer for the TV program Saturday Night Live.

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Colin Jost has quite the Weekend Update...
if Colin Jost can hook up with Scarlett Johansson, you can achieve your wildest dreams
Vanessa Bayer announces departure on Instagram with touching, rewritten Billy Joel lyrics from Colin Jost
I am SO DONE WITH ALEC LEAVE HIM BE!!! I love Pete Davidson also and can do without Colin Jost
Hamptons Mag named our Comedy Club one of The 6 Best Things to Do in The Hamptons! Come see SNL's Colin Jost on 7/1
When is someone going to explain Colin Jost to me.
Michael Che and Colin Jost have been doing Weekend Update for almost 2 years Nina😂
"Trump introduced his revised travel ban this week. It's probably not great that it's just a bunch of brown color swatches."…
Colin Jost and Michael Che will appear in Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update, alongside other SNL cast members.
So this happened last night! DJ Salinger draws in Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live' with his Wax on Wednesday...
Colin Jost of 'Saturday Night Live's' 'Weekend Update' stops by Wax on Wednesday at Tellus360
Just read a critique of Colin Jost and Michael Che that called them the worst Weekend Update other than Kevin Nealon and Colin Quinn
So with all the BS in the US, can I marry Melissa McCarthy, Colin Jost, AND Michael Che? I love them. Maybe THEY can run our country.
Colin Jost said on SNL that it's not fair to compare Trump's America to Nazi Germany, "because at least Germans STOOD UP…
We're in the same building as Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Colin Jost, Melissa Villeseñor, Vanessa Bayer, Pete D
This is my favorite picture of Colin Jost w/ girlfriend Rashida Jones:
Colin Jost, Jake Lacy, Nick Braun, and Anders Holm are all in this movie. whose fetish is this
Church Lady returned to to dish on the election—and make fun of Colin Jost: 🙊
i'm certain the highlight of Colin Jost's life is bumping *** with David Ross
At this point I can't tell if Michael Che and Colin Jost are trying too hard or not hard enough. . But Leslie Jones is not the solution.
SNL's Pete Davidson is going bald, not that Colin Jost would understand: In the best of hair times, we had "W...
We're not worthy of Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or Pete Davidson or Colin Jost or Keenan Thompson or the whole SNL cast we're so blessed ***
is coming! taps SNL talent Colin Jost to host awards
Just watched Colin Jost on mute and he was twice as funny, which is to say, not at all.
"But I have this scorching piece on Colin Jost's bubble tea preferences"
Overheard tapes Colin Jost 4/22 . Please join KLRU's Overheard with Evan Smith for an interview with Colin Jost on...
I'm so tired of preppy little boy boy Colin Jost on Weekend Update. What happened to rebels like Dennis Miller and Chevy Chase?
Colin Jost comes off as a very likable dude. Mad props to him for taking the reigns of Weekend Update & killing it.
I totally thought Colin Dieden and Colin Jost were the same person
I had no idea Colin Jost and Rashida Jones split up over a year ago did you?! I run all celeb coupling/uncoupling by you now fyi
how does know Colin Jost?? They were on vacation together last year
Somebody is going to have to take down Colin Jost if SNL is ever going to recover.
We chatted w on armadillo races, why he loves and his upcoming Fest debut
When Colin Jost cracked up during Weekend Update was the highlight of my weekend.
I truly only watch SNL for Weekend Update. My love for Colin Jost & Michael Che is real
I'm actually gonna marry Colin Jost, wait on it
I want Colin Jost's signature on my butt
In case you were wondering, I find Colin Jost to be quite sexy 😍
3 levels of friendship:. Acquaintances . Close friends. Colin Jost in a dress shirt hanging with firefighters
I want Colin Jost to.blow my back out
and don't get me started on Colin Jost
Colin Jost on Instagram: “Me: "Hey Che, did you watch The Masters today?" Che: "."”
Colin Jost to Cruz last night: "Please don't come" to NYC. . Wonder which candidates will pop up on next week ahead of
Kate McKinnon on 'SNL' is everyone's mom trying to sum up 'The People v. OJ Simpson.': Colin Jost introduced K...
I wish that every Weekend Update would end in a Colin Jost and Leslie Jones "flirtmance" segment!!
Why does Colin Jost always moisten me up
tonight and afterwards backstage met up with Colin Jost and Michael Che @ 30 Rock NBC Studios
Colin Jost is adorable and I always think of vanilla muffin because of Leslie Jones
Ha Colin Jost was head of the Harvard Lampoon.
Gots to say, I'm digging the longer hair on Colin Jost. 👍🏻
If I can be a teenaged girl for a sec, Colin Jost is literally THE HOTTEST GUY. I can't even.
No offense but Colin Jost is my fav *** boy
Colin Jost is looking quite dreamy tonight. 😍
I think Colin Jost is wearing a wig.
colin jost's smirks between jokes are basically tied with those jokes for Best Part Of Weekend Update tbh
"We all came to New York to escape weird people with values like you". Colin Jost crushing Ted Cruz and I love it.
Thank you Colin Jost of SNL for bashing Ted Cruz Cruz is not any better than that ***
Colin Jost and Michael Che just dropping so many mics on Ted Cruz and "New York values".
Finishing the night with Colin and Champagne.
Colin Jost has that beautiful Superman hair going for him.
Taking some bets. Will Colin Jost and Michael Che actually interact tonight, or mock each other in closeups?
Breast Cancer Awareness
a friend asked me why I liked Colin Jost on Weekend Update. I said he's a hot nerd who is funny. What's not to like?
I liked a video from Supercut: Leslie Jones Flirting with Colin Jost
Frasier hopes to meet Kate McKinnon during his brief dalliance in NYC, but with his luck it'll be Colin Jost.
Every SINGLE time I watch the Weekend Update I know in my heart Colin Jost is impossibly charming - but it STILL amazes me how much so.
Colin Jost dates Rashida Jones.what a good gene their children would be. Smart AND beautiful... kya
I love her too much. I literally watch SNL every week just to drool over her, Colin Jost cuteness and Michael Che.
Leslie Jones talks to Colin Jost like I would if alone with Clive Owen.
Leslie Jones has my dream job. Being on SNL and getting to hit on Colin Jost
LIVE on Colin Jost arrives at the Perry Ellis Fall 2016 show
I liked a video ‘SNL’s’ Kate McKinnon Breaks Character with Colin Jost on ‘Weekend Update
a picture of Colin Jost just showed up in my Instagram feed without my consent
Colin Jost wants him on SNL and I say YES
An writer just bought himself a Montauk home with an ocean view for $2.149 million
Colin Jost, Dave Hill + more funny people are opening for Liam McEneaney's album recording at this Sun
I just have the biggest dorky crush on Colin Jost. Marry me?
Fun fact : I have mutual friends who are VERY close with Colin Jost and Pete Davidson. Never met either
Really trying to solve this avocado dilemma...also, Colin Jost 👍🏻
Apparently I messed up in comedy when I wasn't born as Colin Jost
Two things I cannot believe:. 1. Carly Rae Jepsen is older than me. 2. Finn Wittrock is not Colin Jost's brother.
"LIAM McENEANEY album recording at The Bell House with COLIN JOST and DAVE HILL" by on
Try Colin Jost returns for his third season as co-anchor of SNL’s “Weekend
Exploring the dynamic between and on
I love Cecily Strong, but I'm glad it wasn't Colin Jost who got the ax from Weekend Update.
Moving to NYC to marry Colin Jost. And you know have a successful career in fashion. But also for Colin Jost. Colin Jost.
Colin Jost and Michael Che aren't great, but they're growing on me. Weekend Update is getting better again.
"You can't use big words like existential. We're a country that's about to be 4 deep into the chipmunks franchise."- Colin Jost
Colin jost and Michael Che are cringingly not funny
I have such a huge crush on Colin Jost it is not even okay
which is funny because his bass player looks like Colin Jost
I am head over heels in love with Colin Jost
Colin Jost is the cutest little muffin of a comedian
If anyone was wondering Colin Jost's brother is nowhere near as attractive as he is
also i love colin jost, but my heart is DEDICATED to pete
Yes. SNL, too. I want to see Colin Jost cry.
This week we're playing some of our favorite shows of 2015 while we prep for 2016. TODAY: Larry Wilmore / Colin Jost & Mic…
'As his mum – I'm in despair' Colin Bloomfield's mother shares her diary.
Dear SNL: stop with Kyle Mooney. Just stop. I'd be willing to trade being forced to more Colin Jost. I would even watch Fred Armison again.
Wow congrats RT"we've signed WRs Ryan Stickel and Colin Jost"
Tina Fey proves why she has two TV shows and why Colin Jost is gonna end up opening for Daniel Tosh.
Colin Jost is just a combination of Seth Meyers and Aaron Tviet and I want to marry him
It's Colin Jost and Pete Davidson that have my heart when watching SNL
I'm watching Staten Island Summer and I'm enjoying it but I keep almost turning it off just in protest of Colin Jost's entire existence
What the public thinks of 'Staten Island Summer': Reactions to the Colin Jost film, from the borough and beyond.
Colin Jost: Colin Jost Event on 2015-08-08 23:00:00 Colin Jost was born and raised in State...
I'd like Colin Jost a lot more if they did a digital short called "Jost the Two of Us."
is my Michael Che and I'm her Colin Jost
I see SNL Cast member/Head Writer Colin Jost is following my main squeeze I'm not ok with this, dude better back up off Bae.
and like mayonnaise I have come around to liking Colin Jost and accepted the criticism that's about to come
Anyone who finds Colin Jost funny also puts mayonnaise on all of their sandwiches.
I think I've figured it out. Colin Jost is my dream husband.
stars a bunch of vets & cast members. Watch the trailer on .
Hilarious trailer for Colin Jost's 1st movie on on July 31. Can't wait!!
Watch the trailer for Colin Jost's film 'Staten Island Summer'
10 takeaways from Colin Jost's 'Staten Island Summer' -- no spoilers here
Colin Jost is one hella cute guy. DATE ME
Colin Jost made a movie about a rich white kid who has a big party before he goes to Harvard...but he's awkward!! What will he do??
So awesome that you're working on a Lorne Michael project that was written by Colin Jost! Congrats, that's amazing!
Coming Distractions: Staten Island Summer is Colin Jost’s attempt to get teenagers laid
My 10 yr old saw folks in it& said, "Colin Jost should be in this. Oh, that's him! Wait, he,has a brother?" We're in!
The trailer for Colin Jost's 'Staten Island Summer' features a ton of his 'SNL' friends
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A movie about pool lifeguards in NYC with Saturday Night Live (cast members & directed by Colin Jost (
Paramount: So tell us about your movie idea. Colin Jost: It's like "The Way Way Back". P: … but…. CJ: No "but".
Colin Jost wrote a movie and it looks amazing and I'm so happy
this is getting as good as that Colin Jost rant
Neptune Ball last night. Colin Jost was fabulous!
Sooo this is what happens with goes bad for a comedian. Namely SNL's Colin Jost via
I shouldn't make a big deal out of this but this is totally a big deal to me. Colin Jost followed me. (':
don’t worry! both the shows we mentioned are at smaller more intimate venues! Check it out
Wait Rashida Jones is dating Colin Jost?! Best news ever!
Hugo Johnstone-Burt, the young love interest, looks like the love child of Guy Pearse and Colin Jost.
Come see Colin Jost and Michael Che of on May 27th!
Good Morning! We have tickets for Michael Che and Colin Jost on Comedy Thursday!
watching Michael Keaton on defo need less shiny white dudes on this show. for reals. start w Colin Jost, he stinks.
I am Leslie Jones hitting on Colin Jost regarding my feelings for Grant Gustin.
Colin Jost will be performing this year for Springfest! by
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Colin Jost is kinda attractive in a weird way, but still. he's attractive lol
Pryzbylewski was the colin jost of his time
My god I love Pete Davidson and Colin Jost so much 😂
& I chuckled again watching SNL. You & Colin Jost never in same room...
Did enjoy Colin Jost break down of the Jinx's theme song, found it hilarious.
It really isn't fair how attractive Colin Jost is.
With Ashlee gone. I'm hanging out with Pete Davidson and Colin Jost
colin jost is goals in every way I hate life
Colin Jost a quiet stand out in this
I live for Colin Jost's face in that Scientology parody video.
Hey guys! Your website says that Colin Jost and Steve Byrne are going to Exit/In but they'll be at Zanies!
Watching SNL. I think Colin Jost has finally found his update rhythm!
Y'all calling Colin Jost ugly... Love yourselves fam
colin jost is THE CUTEST person i have ever watched on tv in my entire life. will you please marry me??
That picture was supposed to follow the Taran one captioned "but Colin Jost is defs bae this week" but I RUINED EVERYTHING.
Felt like Michael Che was finally allowed to be awesome on Weekend Update last night. And Colin Jost didn’t ruin it?
omgoodness Colin Jost actually made me laugh!! I KNEW the day would come!!
With Michael Che and Colin Jost as anchors, SNL's Weekend Update segment is as funny as it was when... ...well, it's NEVER been as funny!
Colin Jost looked the part way too much lol 😂 fav part of the…
How come no one talks about how insanely handsome Colin Jost is?
Colin Jost has all the qualifications of a Jewish Husband: Harvard Grad, New Yorker, Not Actually Jewish
Colin Jost SNL: "A NJ woman gave birth in the back of an Uber car on the way to the hospital, per a 0-star review from the next passenger."
From Colin Jost last night on Weekend Updtate: "If you are Catholic, Happy Easter. If you are Jewish...nice try."
Colin Jost, you make amazing jokes seem mediocre when you deliver them.
I still think Colin Jost should be replaced by Leslie Jones and/or Mike O'Brien. That said? "To Jews: Nice try" was his best-ever joke.
So weird to see Colin Jost in a sketch.
"Tomorrow is Easter. So to Christians, Happy Easter. And to Jews, nice try." - Colin Jost (via...
Keaton was great on last night, but can we all admit the biggest issue with the show yet? Colin Jost: where fun and laughs go to die.
I don't like the but at the end of SNL where the cast gather and you see Colin Jost and Michael Che have changed into casual wear.
"Tomorrow is so to all the out there Happy Easter. And to the ... nice try." Colin Jost on
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Colin Jost has done the impossible: gotten worse at anchoring the update desk
Michael Che and Colin Jost drag Dr. Ben Carson for his homophobic comments on Weekend Update
Please, someone, get Colin Jost off of my TV.
My favorite part of is Colin Jost's face.
I have a weird nerdy crush on colin jost
Tina Fey's "you'll all have chins" joke was a premonition about Colin Jost
I love but Michael Che is horrible at - Colin Jost is good but Che can't hold the laughter back.
"Today is Easter Sunday. So to all our Christian viewers, Happy Easter! And to our viewers that are Jewish... Nice try!" - Colin Jost
Colin Jost on Weekend Update: "Tomorrow is Easter. So for Christians, happy holidays. And for Jews... Nice try."
Colin Jost tries to get Heather's (Cecily Strong) take on the Super Bowl but instead finds out he's
Cecily Strong is only about 150 times more entertaining than Colin Jost so what's up with that montage snub?
As good a time as any to remind everyone that Cecily Strong ran circles around Colin Jost & Michael Che as a Weekend Update a…
Colin Jost looks just like Adam Scott on snl
What is plan to fix Colin Jost has ZERO charisma and Che lacks confidence.Bring Cecily Strong back!
"You're like a straight eight and a *** ten." -Pete Davidson accurately evaluating Colin Jost
Colin Jost and Leslie Jones have true chemistry and should be the Weekend Update team.
Colin Jost is funny but Michael Che is just wasting everybody's time with cheap race jokes
They were going to ask colin jost to host the white house dinner but they realized they would lose him in the mob of other smug white dudes.
Am I the only one shipping Leslie Jones and Colin Jost?
I think I've found a new OTP. Colin Jost and "Relationship Expert" Leslie Jones. (I'm in Seth/Stefon withdrawal)
That's true. I wish it were possible to do both well, but it isn't. But Colin Jost is so bland. I do dig Michael Che.
Even the WHITE. HOUSE. thinks Cecily Strong should still be on Weekend Update. Colin Jost is literally the worst.
reasons why I cry? mainly b/c gets to date Colin Jost in real life and Rob Lowe on screen. Ya that's also the only reason.
nice pick on Colin Jost. He is awesome.
Photo: bemyonly: This is the actual pic from Colin Jost and Cecily Strong’s photo shoot from Time Out New...
At first I wasn't a big fan of Colin Jost on SNL Weekend Update. But he's definitely settled into it well recently. I'm a fan now.
oh I know. I rewinded that Leslie Jones-Colin Jost clip perhaps more than three times...
Weekend Update with your hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che
Colin Jost, a tall glass of almond milk.
So now I have to buy the new issue of GQ for Chris Pratt and Esquire for Colin Jost. 😍😍😍
Fire Colin Jost and get someone else to be head writer. He's really not funny.
I forget how handsome Colin Jost is, and then I see him and get lost in those beautiful, beautiful eyes.
you are at the same concert Colin Jost is at...just thought I'd inform you...
I don't think this Weekend Update format of Colin Jost and Michael Che is gonna last very long. The jokes are painfully unfunny.
Why does no one talk about how attractive colin jost is
I imagine if I was an on-air personality, I'd be exactly like Colin Jost just more blushing.
does liking Colin Jost make me waspy?
Tomorrow is ur last chance to bid on tix to a live taping of &meet Colin Jost
I kind of need Leslie Jones screaming "LOOK AT MY BREASTS" at Colin Jost as my new text message alert. (I'm looking at you, Tumblr)
Does anyone actually like Colin Jost on the Anchor Desk for Weekend Update? They should've replaced him, not Cecily Strong.
Colin Jost and John Mulaney sound the exact same and look only a little bit different.
"Under head writer Colin Jost the show hasn’t exhibited the compensatory satirical edge or straight-up audaciousness needed"
Colin Jost just cannot do it any justice. He may be the worst, and he's head writer now. Just go back to that. Cut it indeed.
Yes. Weekend Update is just embarrassing. Who thinks Colin Jost is funny?
Every time Weekend Update comes on my baby crush on Colin Jost grows just a litlle bit more.
it will continue to be until they stop trying to make Colin Jost happen
I live for the barely noticeable grin that Colin Jost makes after he says jokes on Weekend Update...
I think Leslie Jones and Colin Jost are going to be my new Seth Meyers and Stefon.
I really don't like Michael Che but I'm starting to like Colin Jost. Kinda hope Che won't be there next season.
"You tall glass of almond milk” is the most accurate possible description of Colin Jost.
Continuing to ship Leslie Jones and Colin Jost after she called him a “tall glass of almond milk” last night
I hate Colin jost, pretty sure he's ISIS.
Colin Jost, no personality at all. Haven't decided about Che yet, though he was good on Daily Show.
and your continuous flirtations with Colin Jost
I want to still hate Colin Jost so bad but he's funny and I can't help but kinda love him.
I've TRIED to like Colin Jost. I really have. But I don't. I literally do not laugh at a thing he says on Weekend Update. PLEASE REPLACE HIM
I think Colin Jost is fine, and last night he was hilarious. There, I said it.
Anyone else think Colin Jost and Michael Che are the worst Weekend Update people ever!
Colin Jost favorited this and I didn't even tag him!!
Last night'e episode of "Saturday Night Live" was actually pretty good. Woody Harrelson was a solid host; as he was back in 1992 when he last hosted. It was good to see an episode filled with mostly original ideas and an overall effort by the cast and Woody Harrelson to put on a good show. Woody Harrelson and castmembers Taran Killam and Kate McKinnon were the best performers of the night. However, the whole cast did fine overall throughout the show. Even "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Jost did a decent job; as a couple of his jokes and even his delivery made me laugh. Thus, a good improvement over Chris Rock's episode; which was a surprising letdown-- mostly due to very weak sketches and not-so-great performances by the cast. I hope Woody Harrelson hosts the show again at some point. He and Jim Carrey have given us the best episodes of the season-- while they and former castmember Bill Hader have been the best hosts so far. Thus, a good show last night. Hopefully, Cameron Diaz's show is good as well. We . ...
Colin Jost is a great Weekend Update host.
Someone explain to me why Leslie Jones isn't anchoring Weekend Update instead of Colin Jost.
bemyonly: Nicknames for Colin Jost that Leslie Jones has called him during Weekend Update: Delectable...
So we're all going to pick on Colin Jost but just give Jordan Klepper a pass?!
Colin Jost's Ebola joke would've been SO good ... delivered by Seth Meyers.
Cecily Strong was much better than Colin Jost, why the change?
Love Michael Che on but wish he was paired with Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost.
Also, still not a fan of Colin Jost. Miss Cecily Strong on Update.
Also, why didn't Colin Jost get replaced on the Weekend Update desk instead of Cecily Strong? Michael Che is great, but Jost is annoying
ohhh Colin Jost wrote the drunk uncle bits with bobby
Lorne Michaels realized that Weekend Update on SNL didn't work last season so he made a kicking Cecily Strong (who worked well on it) off and replacing her with another SNL writer. Colin Jost was the worst thing about SNL last year (and that's saying a lot) and Lorne is keeping him. Why? He delivers jokes like a doctor delivering bad news to a terminal patient, only not as hilarious.
The iconic "Weekend Update" segment on "Saturday Night Live" will be getting an update of its own this season. "Daily Show" veteran Michael Che will be joining Colin Jost at the news desk for the comedy show’s 40th season:
Seriously so mad Cecily Strong isn't co anchor for Weekend Update anymore. She was way better than Colin jost in my opinion.
The problem was certainly not that Colin Jost is dead-eyed and unsettling.
While I wish they rather replace Colin Jost instead of Cecily Strong, hiring Michael Che to do Weekend Update is one of the best moves SNL has made in a long time.
Comedian/writer Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong on the “Weekend Update” anchor desk for “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th season. NBC confirmed the change late Thursday. Che will serve as co-anchor alongside Colin Jost, who joined the desk opposite Strong about halfway through last season. Strong…
I think it should've been Colin Jost going back to writing full time. But at least will have Michael Che!
Colin Jost that does the 'Weather Update' on SNL will be at the Lied Center in October! Come get your tickets!
Wait. SNL fired Cecily Strong from Weekend Update but left Colin Jost in his place? This is like the Red Wedding of comedy.
I don't understand why they wouldn't get rid of Colin Jost instead. Or just bring back Seth.
Colin Jost!!! That's the name of the guy from Weekend Update. Yeah they should have removed him instead of Cecily Strong. Much more funny
I agree. Cecily was the better of the two IMO - Saturday Night Live Forgets to Replace Weekend Update's Colin Jost
On a scale of one to colin jost and Rashida Jones how out of your league is your significant other
Colin Jost and Strong weren't working as a pair. But was this the best way to fix it?
I'm excited to see Michael Che but Colin Jost still being there is a drag. A John Mulaney/Che Weekend Update would be interesting.
Colin Jost acts like anchoring Weekend Update is his birthright or something
But Colin Jost is staying - really? Really? 'SNL' Replaces Cecily Strong as 'Weekend Update' Anchor
Colin Jost is so eh on a Weekend Update that I don't get why Cecily was removed instead of him.
So explain to my why Colin Jost is still the Weekend Update Anchor and Cecily Strong isn't?
Colin Jost is by far the worst Weekend Update Anchor I have ever heard.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wait so Colin Jost stays on Weekend Update? I thought we all agreed he was probably the worst SNL cast member ever. COME ON.
actually excited about this until I heard it was Cecily being replaced. Nothing against Colin Jost, he seems genuinely funny and witty, but he's just comes off as bland, zero charisma. Plus Cecily is easy on the eyes...not that it should matter for W.U., just stating the obvious.
."Really, I am more of a Colin Jost fan, myself." -Said no one ever.
got it wrong. Replace Colin Jost. Keep Strong. Add some Che!
Why bland ol Colin Jost stays, I do not know.
is getting rid of Cecily Strong on update but keeping Colin Jost? Woof. He is seriously the worst.
Happy for Michael Che, but too bad his new job comes at the expense of Cecily Strong rather than Colin Jost.
With Colin Jost and Michael Che, this will be the first time that two males are co-anchoring Weekend Update together.
People hate Colin Jost so much that they’d rather see Cecily Strong do less sketch work just so they don’t have to see him.
Should have been Michael Che and Cecily Strong. Colin Jost was the weak link but he is head writer so... via
Crazy that SNL would get rid of Cecily Strong on Weekend Udpate. They should get rid of Colin Jost, he's terrible. htt…
Here's your cliff notes guide to Cecily Strong's replacement by Michael Che as an anchor on SNL's Weekend Update.
So you’re going to replace someone at the Weekend Update desk and you replace Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost? Lorne is huffing paint.
my distaste is with Colin jost. I think he's a poor head writer and update reporter. Last season was non to memorable.
Congratulations to Michael Che (who will be joining at the Weekend Update desk!
Yes, Lorne Michaels, the problem with Weekend Update is that the chick was holding back Colin Jost's brilliance.
I think colin jost looks like a kid wearing his dad's suit
Cecily Strong out as 'Weekend Update' co-anchor on 'SNL,' replaced by Daily Show's Michael Che', Colin Jost remains :
It should have been Colin Jost, not Cecily Strong, who was demoted from the Weekend Update anchor desk. Lorne Michaels is awful.
Once again Colin Jost thanks Jesus Christ for stumbling across a faded Polaroid of Lorne Michaels blowing Chevy Chase stashed in a book.
...Michael Che better be good or else will no longer be must-see on Colin Jost started the downturn already.
SNL is cutting Cecily Strong from Weekend Update? BOO! Get rid of the OTHER one, Colin Jost ***
Michael Che joins Colin Jost at SNL News Desk - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Mind.
SNL has moved Cecily Strong from Weekend Update & replaced her w/ The Daily Show's Michael Che. If only Colin Jost had been …
The fact that Colin Jost is still employed by SNL (and a Weekend Update anchor, at that!) makes me actually angry, not just Internet angry.
Michael Che is replacing Cecily Strong as co-anchor of Weekend Update. This stinks! It's B.S.! Colin Jost should've been replaced!
'SNL': Michael Che to co-anchor Weekend Update with Colin Jost: Lorne Michaels tells N.Y. Times ''Daily Show'' correspondent in for C...
Stoked to see Michael Che doing Weekend Update but he should have been replacing Colin Jost.
Michael Che and Colin Jost to anchor 'SNL's Weekend Update next season; more hires on the way http:/…
After a brief stint as a Daily Show correspondent, former Saturday Night Live writer Michael Che is returning to the NBC late-night show as co-host of “Weekend Update”. Che, the first Black host of “Weekend Update”, will join Colin Jost. Cecily Strong, who served as co-anchor for two seasons, first with Seth Meyers and then with Jost, will return to being a full-time cast member.
Lorne Michaels decided that Cecily Strong is out and Michael Che is in as the new co-host with Colin Jost on Weekend Update.
Everyone knows Colin Jost should be sent packing. Stupid "Head Writer" privileges.
Still waiting to see what Lorne Michaels saw in Colin Jost, though. Then again, Lorne's choices have a surprisingly high success rate.
Listening to an Aidy Bryant podcast while Colin Jost walks by me on the train.
Tomorrow night I'm in New Orleans and I'm opening for and we're all gonna have a great time!
I really want to see Colin Jost tomorrow. He's too cute.
great interview with from . . Dont miss him at the Civic TOMORROW
Colin Jost describes his college Mardi Gras experience as "post-apocalyptic" and not necessarily representative of New Orleans. "Otherwise, good lord," he says. "Literally, things in...
still a few hours left to win a pair of tix to see at See how to win here
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