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Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) is a mass murderer who was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York.

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TVD/Season 6 premiere on Oct.2. It's titled "I'll Remember" with a few new cast members. . Colin Ferguson as Tripp. Emily Chang as Ivy
Colin Ferguson was cast in Then I guess I need to catch up on that show. Great actor. He was awesome in and
Ok so i keep hearing about the new villan for season 5 Tripp (Colin Ferguson). He’s running a community militia
Look who's coming to 'The Vampire Diaries' next season:
New Characters in Season 6 . "Tripp" played by the actor Colin Ferguson.
same, I only care about Colin Ferguson, I hope he lasts more than two episodes xD
Hello. Did you know Colin Ferguson is going to be on TVD next season?
Colin Ferguson AKA Tripp:. Julie Plec say: "He`s in town to give Sheriff Forbes a run for her...
'Vampire Diaries' season 6 casts Colin Ferguson as villain
Vampire Diaries Season 6 - Eureka's Colin Ferguson cast as new Villain -
It is so awesome Colin Ferguson is going to be on I loved him on Eureka! It's one of my favorite shows!!
If you do not find Colin Ferguson attractive in his Sheriff Carter uniform with the shirt unbuttoned, we might have a problem.
Anyone else feel bad that Colin Ferguson from 'Eureka' is the new Maytag Man?
Eureka's Colin Ferguson cast as The Vampire Diaries' big bad Season 6 villain
I've read 3 TVD Season 6 scripts so far, and I'm SO fangirl nerdy giddy excited for this season. It's refreshing.
SPOILER! The season 6 villain has OFFICIALLY been cast:
Black Rage Confronts the Law by Paul Harris New York University Paperback In 1971, Paul Harris pioneered the modern version of the "black rage" defense when he successfully defended a young black man charged with armed bank robbery. Dubbed "one of the most novel criminal defenses in history" by Vanity Fair, the black rage defense is enormously controversial, frequently dismissed as irresponsible, nothing less than a harbinger of anarchy. Consider the firestorm of protest that resulted when the defense for Colin Ferguson, the gunman who murdered numerous passengers on a New York commuter train, let on that it was considering a black rage defense. Harris here traces the origins of the black rage defense back through American history, recreating numerous dramatic trials along the way. He recounts in vivid detail how Clarence Darrow introduced the notion of an environmental hardship defense in 1925 while defending a black family who shot into a drunken white mob that has encircled their home. The black rage d ...
Nope, that's Colin Ferguson, the sheriff from Eureka amongst other things.
John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo ('02) come after Colin Ferguson ('95) and before Aaron Alexis ('13)? 2/2
Why did Colin Ferguson do it?. "the false allegations against me by the filthy Caucasian racist female on the line"
This is emphatically not the case. Colin Ferguson is the closest parallel.
Is it just me or do the Maytag commercials featuring Colin Ferguson make you smile?
Okay so.Colin Ferguson, Sheriff Carter from Eureka, is now the new Maytag man.huh.
Tony ferguson just knocked that dude out cold
The website Reddit has a category called "TIL" which stands for "Today I Learned" and this gem popped up: The latest Dr. Who (Peter Capaldi) and Late Show host Colin Ferguson were in a punk band together in the late '70's/early 80's called The Dreamboys.
I'm bingewatching Eureka currently and I think that Colin Ferguson's voice sounds totally similar to Zachary Levi's.
So, Colin Ferguson from Eureka is the Maytag repairman?! Eureka was a really good show. Darn you, Syfy! Why you gotta cancel stuff?!
.will soon be back! More on that here: Or catch up here: http:/…
Colin Ferguson playing a bad guy, I totally love it!
Surely you don't say Alex or Barry Ferguson's names this way?!
yeah, they were good, I gave my sister Annie Eureka boxset for Xmas, she loved it, now wants to see Haven coz of Colin Ferguson.
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Any fans of Colin Ferguson out there? Check out our interview with him from MCM Ireland Comic Con
no but, given the scale of the job of replacing Ferguson, it indicated he didn't have the personality for it. This
Don't know how many of you read the Buffalo News this morning but there was an article with the headline "Disciplinary charges against inmate upheld" Colin Ferguson, the person who murdered 6 people and wounded 19 others on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993, received a disciplinary report while in Attica for inciting other inmates to riot and use weapons to kill correction officers. The newspaper article stated that four Appellate Division justices upheld the disciplinary charges. The APPELLATE DIVISION! This for an individual who is serving 295 years. I think it important inmates have access to the courts for issues relating to their instant offense but the Appellate Court for disciplinary charges? The public would not believe the petty, frivolous issues inmates are allowed to waste the court's time on.
ICYMI: Appeals court finds Long Island Rail Road shooter Colin Ferguson attempted to incite a deadly riot in prison:
Long Island Rail Road massacre shooter Colin Ferguson tried to incite a deadly prison riot, an appellate court decides.
Convicted Long Island Rail Road shooter Colin Ferguson encouraged 'inmates to riot and kill prison guards' at an...
My favourite celebrities are John Cusack, George Clooney and Colin Ferguson...I have good taste..These guys are handsome, intelligent..
So, here are my resolutions for the year. I hope to adhere to these and if I don't, I don't. Doesn't mean I ain't gonna try. 1. Stop drinking dark soda. I may eventually give up pop all together, but let's see how this goes first. 2. Brown bag it to work, except on Fridays. And if I go out earlier in the week, I swap out and brown bag it Friday. 3. Drink more water. Cause I need to. 4. Establish some house rules for Bennett like picking up toys befor bath time and only 30 minutes of Elmo a night. 5. Save more money for the cons. My big draw: the celebrities and I've yet to have a bad encounter, except Anthony Daniels. (My best have been Sam Trammel, Noah Hathaway and Colin Ferguson.) Not that I want one. But I love rifling through the dealers too for nifty things.
Last evening with my 12 Men Of Christmas. Thank you Warren Christie,Jordan Belfi,Patrick Muldoon, Cameron Mathison,Brendan Fehr,Jesse James Hutch,Robert Mailhouse,John Newton,Gil Bellows, Antonio Cupo, Colin Ferguson and Corey Sevier for a wonderful holiday season. You have been with me since Nov. 1st ! I looked forward to coming home from work to see you, for entertaining me in the middle of the night, for giving me sweet dreams. Some comfort in knowing you are only a dvd away and looking forward to seeing you again next year. I will be retired so we can spend more time together!!
It's Been 20 Years Since the LI Rail Road Massacre Before Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown, there was the Long Island Rail Road. On Dec. 7, 1993, a gunman opened fire on a train car filled with commuters leaving New York City. By the time passengers tackled Colin Ferguson, his fusillade had left six people dead and 19 wounded. Though other massacres have far superseded it in terms of casualties, there are aspects of the railcar shooting that, even two decades later, make it stand out in the sad pantheon of rampages that have horrified the nation. "In a mall or a school or a movie theater, there is at least some opportunity for hiding or escaping," says a criminology professor at Northeastern University. "These people had nowhere to go." And then there was the trial. Ferguson defended himself in court, cross-examining the very people he terrorized. Ferguson, who boarded the train in Queens, claimed that he waited to open fire until the train crossed over the New York City border out of respect ...
“Hammer goes down. John Ferguson buys Dancing Rain for 4,000,000gns” u better get her schooled up
quality piece in the sun today about our captain. All the best Colin Ferguson
Interview panel with actors Colin Ferguson, Emily Rose and Eddie McClintock recorded during Syfy Digital Press Tour 2011 for the holiday episodes of their sh...
Right. Because no one on, "the left" has condemned people like Colin Ferguson or groups like the Nation of Islam. Oh wait...
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Barry Ferguson looks a bit silly today!
may be right but you're a huge Ohio homer so there's that
Picked up another job from the ferguson group today in their Kintore office. This will be the 3rd set of offices...
man i loved eureka. sad it's over. Colin Ferguson is on Haven now which I like too.
High Court Glasgow Lord Matthews imposed extended sentence on Colin Ferguson for attempted murder.
Whenever Colin Ferguson shows up in Haven, I want to watch Eureka all over again.
DOF Subsea appoints Angola country manager: DOF Subsea has appointed Colin Ferguson as country manager for Ang...
Not really happy that Colin Ferguson is the bad guy, but glad he can add this role to his CV!
Colin Ferguson who started his career as a commercial diver is now the appointed Angola Country Manager by DOF…
I liked a video Colin Ferguson and Wil Wheaton: On Acting
The sad part of watching right now is the realization of how much I miss Colin Ferguson on
Colin Ferguson can somehow play the most charming good guy in one show and creepiest bad guy in another
A new documentary — "Long Island Railroad Massacre" — opens this month. The 90-minute film, produced by Long Island native Charlie Minn, details the events of Dec. 7, 1993, when gunman Colin Ferguson fatally shot six people and injured 19 aboard the 5:33 p.m. train from Penn Station.
Alex Ferguson steps out of retirement to take over at Palace with his new assistant team of Pope Francis, Dr Pepper and Colin Farrell.
Ok... enough goofing off. It's time to knit! And catch up on Haven. One of my all-time fave SyFy shows. I have no idea how it's not the best show on TV. I swear! It's got 3 of the hottest guys ever and then for season four, they up the ante and make it 4 of the hottest guys ever!! It's hard not to get hot and bothered every time I watch it! lol Makes knitting difficult hehe with sexiness like Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Edge - WWE Universe, and NOW *pant* Colin Ferguson (most popularly known from the awesome show, EUReKA)!! I have to admit, while they are all smokin... my faves are totally Lucas (Nathan) and Colin (William). Tee hee.
Dont go to jail do you see how much time they gave a guy I personally know.literally colin ferguson wont be home til the year 2309,I mean people provoke me but I wouldnt kill them,my friend colin is called a mass murderer I dont agree I say he is who people made him to be,put your mind on whats real.
steven fletcher, Gary McAllister and either colin hendry or Duncan ferguson ?
Colin ferguson, eureka, haven some of the better and relaxing tv of my life.
Can anyone tell the difference between Colin Ferguson, Aaron Eckhart and Mark Valley?
Colin Firth is doin' some mad sobbing right now. I feel ya, Colin.
John Noble on Fringe had one of the best roles ever. I love Eureka and am glad to see Colin Ferguson back too.
Scots lose banned Ferguson: Scotland second row forward Dale Ferguson has been banned for two matches and will...
Robbie McFarlane Lee Hardie Nathan Chung Danny Bell Colin Ferguson Kat Wilson Sarah-Anne Telfer Laura Ritchie if you's want to go paint balling had to be before 30/12/13 ?
Sir Alex Ferguson just before the referee blew for FT at Old Trafford! Still checking his watch! Brilliant
Haven Season 4 Review “William” Just when we think that Nathan and Audrey have made it through all the obstacles and can finally be happy together, Haven pulls the rug right out from under us. What should have been a happy occasion, the return of William (Colin Ferguson), becomes a complete disaster for all our Havenites. When we left off last week, Audrey looked like she might shoot Nathan (though ardent viewers would never believe that was possible). Of course, she doesn’t. Duke, Jennifer, Vince, and Dave rush in and find Audrey shooting after the creepy big guy. As they head to the police station, Vince and Dave tell Nathan that the prophecy has changed and that if Audrey kills her true love, it will be catastrophically bad. This definitely seems like things are looking up for Nathan. Meanwhile, the creepy small guy attack and kidnap Dwight. Once in front of his captors, Dwight manages to call Nathan. Nathan and Duke are able to figure out where Dwight is being kept and head out to save him. The ...
PIGEON CLUBS GOT TALENT was amazing, all the acts were great, the jelly shots were dangerous and the judges were top notch. William Massey you are one sexy woman! Colin Ferguson was aroused and Jill Jones was being a diva most of the night! Thanks to Ligoniel Hps and everyone involved for making it such a great night! Well done Michael Johnston on winning!
Watching latest ep of Haven. Colin Ferguson is reminding me of Robert Buckley. Their mannerisms are very similar.
Thanks to Glenbryn Youngmen for a great night in the PC lastnight . amd cheers for every1 that cheered on THE WICK even though we didnt win ! Colin Ferguson lol ! we fukn rocked the place !
I've never been so conflicted about seeing Colin Ferguson on my TV.
You can take the Colin Ferguson out of the Sheriff Carter, but you can't take the Sheriff Carter out of the Colin Ferguson...
It's not a SyFy program without Colin Ferguson.
I saw the latest episode Colin Ferguson is definitely a far cry from Eureka
Good to catch up and talk some pish with the one and only Colin Ferguson today, top man!
Had a great we day today with Olivia and grant n was really nice to c Jodie and Colin Ferguson Simpson tonight too.
I enjoyed Duke dealing with the crazy people, at least? Such a mess! Liking Colin Ferguson as evil, though.
...Colin Ferguson evil, Pandora's box. What is going on???😱
Colin Ferguson is so cute and good looking . Ratings : 8/10 — Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber.
Solove Colin Ferguson, I hope we get to have him more on the show!
Welcome back to Colin Ferguson - feel free to stick around for a while!
DVRing tonight's to watch tomorrow - gotta get my Colin Ferguson fix on Haven.
I thought he would be the new barn keeper or the big bad for the season. Colin Ferguson is great,
How does a normal guy like Colin Ferguson play the creep so well?
Colin Ferguson's smile is so sexy he's like a white Tay Diggs.
Absolutely. More Colin Ferguson is not a bad thing as far as I've seen.
Haven't seen it yet, but I had totally forgotten a Eureka alum was joining the fray - Colin Ferguson, Welcome to Haven on
Colin Ferguson (woohoo) guest starring in Episode 9 "Breakthrough" PS He's in tonights Haven as well:)
Love Check out our interview with here and catch the premiere of S4 tonight at 9!
Tonight, Showcase is premiering season 4 of the hit television series, Haven at 9PM and we had the chance to catch up with actor Colin Ferguson, who will have a recurring role on the show.
Check out my new Q&A w/ & re: 4th season and the mysterious William. /via
“Barry Ferguson and have been to officially open the new
Here is the great Colin Mochrie on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson from last year. He...
New Man United manager Alex Ferguson is concerned many of the players, such as Paul McGrath and Bryan Robson are drinki…
Andy Ferguson covering the song " I just dont think ill ever get over you " by Colin Hay
Good read with William's return to this Fri: Colin Ferguson arrives In Haven, but is he good or bad?
I wanna lock Mike Breen in a train car with Colin Ferguson.
‘Haven’ star Colin Ferguson embraces ambiguity of role
‘Haven’ star Colin Ferguson embraces ambiguity of role: Everyone seems to be talking about -- or dumping on --...
Ghost Hunters: Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on October 6, 2004, on Syfy (previously the Sci Fi Channel). The program features paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who investigate places that are reported to be haunted. The two originally worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter as a day job while investigating locations at night. Since the show's success, the series now takes precedence in their lives, but they are still honorary employees with the company and continue to do jobs for them if time permits.[1] The show is unrelated to the original 1996 Inca Productions show Ghosthunters produced for the Discovery Channel. The format was sold to Pilgrim Films & Television in the United States to become Ghost Hunters. The only link between the two shows is presenter Ian Cashmore who anchored the UK/Europe show. Cashmore piloted the U.S. show, but chose not to remain part of the U.S. venture after he filmed the promos. Investigative procedures Jas ...
hey your the one to talk Colin! I loyally followed you forever and you just followed me yesterday?!?!
Check out the work of JTCC instructor COLIN FERGUSON and ANNE SAVEDGE at "think small 7"! The international miniature invitational exhibition is at artspace Oct. 25 through Dec. 22! artspace Zero East 4th Street Richmond, VA 23224 Tuesday-Sunday, Noon-4 p.m. and by appointment
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Ferguson announcing he is representing himself as “a formidable opponent to Mr. Peck”, the prosecuting attrny http…
Ferguson transported from Nassau County Police Station with media frenzy.
I go to many conventions, I have met many people. I have had a few like Colin Ferguson, Wil Wheaton, Jason Priestley, John Barrowman, and Dan Fogler set the bar REALLY high on "how to treat fans". It's a shame when we meet someone we look up to they end up being a disappointment. My son is now looking at "Adventure Time" in a different light. He is just a child and has had one of his favorite cartoons ruined by the actions of one of the voice actresses. I want to take this time and acknowledge those celebrities you have met that were OUTSTANDING!!! so tell me, who have you met that has impressed you?
In other Haven news, Colin Ferguson has this intensity that blows away the usual sexiness of Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant.
Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) is a black supremacistmass murderer who was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York.
Colin Ferguson announces a BOLD new rebrand is on its way for
Colin Ferguson on Haven Season 4 for at least 9 eps!
Here's an interview and I did for Haven! ...I don't think we realized it was filmed (eating, etc.)
I am sure someone sent you this interview with and
Colin Ferguson joins 'Haven' for season 4, Friday 9.13.13 at 10/9c.
Yay! Thank you! "video interview with Colin Ferguson and Adam Copeland:
.and tease what to expect this season on (S4 premiering Sept 13 at 10/9c!) VIDEO:
video interview with Colin Ferguson and Adam Copeland:
'Haven' interview: Colin Ferguson and Adam Copeland talk about new roles in Season 4
Want to be a voice actor? Want to co-star with John de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Colin Ferguson and more? Well you...
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Joining TFB2 will be John de Lancie and Colin Ferguson. Support this original Audio Drama series!
I cannot stop thinking about Colin Ferguson and that horribly awesome SNL sketch with Tim Meadows... "WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME?"
How do the wealthy invest and make a lot of money with a lot of risk? It's all about the hard assets on earth.  
Misha & Colin Ferguson Haiti. - misha: "If we reach our goal ($3k more) in 23 minutes, Colin will dump this
Colin Ferguson joins ‘Haven’ in season 4 I wonder how Nathan and Duke will feel about this.
Wonder how come I've never watched now that Colin Ferguson from is showing up in Season 4 will definitely take a look
Former PMS chair Mark Orr says he is surprised at PMS company sec Colin Ferguson's explanation of "rolling loans" to developers
ngl, I absolutely adore Colin Ferguson- cant wait! This is gonna be another whom I love
Every since Colin Ferguson it's not safe to be a Jamaican on the LIRR
Why shouldn't Colin Ferguson run for NY superintendent of schools?
Does that mean John Muhammed, Lee Boyd Malvo, Colin Ferguson, Nidal Hasan, Sirhan, etc were all white? All had psych evals
European Tour fitting truck is at Slaley on 9th July. To book a free fitting session email colin.ferguson
I'm here again as well I've got to ask Ron Perlman questions, spoke to j August Richards again and Colin ferguson
Colin Ferguson panel was hilarious and brilliant, especially when Niall Matter randomly turned up!
Colin ferguson panel turned into eureka panel , bloody funny time
The very funny Colin Ferguson (and his sandwich)!!! And we got a bit of Niall Matter in his panel too!
Haven does have Comic-Con fave Colin Ferguson on its panel :) But Continuum deserves to be there.
had a great day today at oz comic con i meet some great people such as Colin Ferguson it was great meeting him i also got to meet Colin Ferguson omg sooo coool so sweat i also got to meet Raphael Sbarge i got to talk to him and he gave me a hug so cool and very sweat. i got soo many people asking for my pic with alice so a great day in all
I would like to see Felicia Day, Morgan Webb, Colin Ferguson, and your wife!
Sum cast would be AWESOME. Id like Colin Ferguson from Eureka to be at OZ comic Con too.
people like Gelman, Colin Ferguson, the *** from the marathon bombing...they should get one in the skull. No trial, no cost. Done.
8: Big chance for Brechin. Ferguson collects lovely McKenna pass but smashes shot against the post.
Colin Ferguson was also recognized as a murderer waiting to happen.
actually, Colin Ferguson's neighbors more or less did.
Colin Ferguson was the lead in Eureka, Mercedes Ruehl had a recurring role in end cycle Frasier.
And I bet none of you even know who Colin Ferguson is ..
2013 mc's? please I Neva heard of em , we need to murder some, like Colin ferguson ! Lmao
West Ham fans chant "You're Getting Sold In The Summer" to Wayne Rooney. We have Sir Alex Ferguson's word that will not happen.
Duncan Ferguson-esque. You'd still have him in your team though, no doubt.
Or the Long Island Rail Road - let us remember colin ferguson as a symbol of evil.
I liked a video from Colin Ferguson breaks wall at a convention.
Publicly stating that Alex Ferguson couldn't do the job with Distillery's players probably didn't help his cause.
Seung Hu Cho. Colin Ferguson, Omar Thornton, Nidal Hasan etc... that's just off the top of my head ya racist.
True story. Last time I was in Adelaide Colin Ferguson was hanging out in the same bar as me… just him and me, hanging out*
When I was a kid, my class was on the "train" going into the city for a field trip the day Colin Ferguson killed people; & it was traumatic.
Yep it worked. No more Jason Momoa. Have Colin Ferguson now :-)
It works. NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy got elected by the same means after husband killed & son wounded by Colin Ferguson in 1993.
Oh Lordy. Lauren Graham is married to Colin Ferguson and it takes me an hour to notice.
22 Mar. 1995: Colin Ferguson was sentenced to life in prison for killing six people on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train in 1993.
Can you guys do a show at Dallas Con this yr in May? Nathan Fillion, Colin Ferguson, Bill Shatner, several TNG cast will be there..
Weird - turns out Colin Ferguson and I might be distantly related! Lol
good morning! :) was a great day. Out for a few drinks. Waiting for Colin Ferguson to join us ;)
Pop Culture. Got photo/auto of Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13 & auto of Colin Ferguson from Eureka.
Aaaa, oh such amazing people, such little time at Oz comicon, ah Jason Momoa and Colin Ferguson, throw in the shattner and David nykl sweeet
Can we please have Colin Ferguson at The Melbourne OzComicCon. He said he's love to be there.
Are you relying on Colin Ferguson to get you there? If so, you're better off walking.
O n this day in 1969 Rangers beat Clyde 6-0. Goalscorers were Dave Smith, Andy Penman, Colin Stein (3) and Alex Ferguson.
Colin Ferguson talks about upcoming Snakehead Games title via
LOL - yes, but that autocorrected to callum. I meant Colin Ferguson! Oops. *has had a couple too many*
Colin Ferguson has just left the pub we are at. We failed to make eye contact. He doesn't love me.
Tonight I met RDA, Martok and Gowron, Colin Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Callum Blue, and some others I can't remember lol
Colin Ferguson just walked into the pub I'm in.
Some of these wack Macs please I never heard of them. We need to murder some like Colin Ferguson
"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work" -Colin Powell |
Colin Ferguson talks about upcoming Snakehead Games title - cc
darren ferguson,darren fletcher,colin hendry,Brian Mcclair how abt that ?
Colin Ferguson of share's some insider news coming up at - at the
Cathrin up on did he really just take it back to Colin ferguson!!!??? Lmfao
Oh *** yesterday that funny who call my messenger my number!! who is it ? i know sound like that colin ferguson . oh that right :-)
STAR talks about black freedom fighters Colin Ferguson, the D.C. snipers and O.J. Simpson!!
NIALL FERGUSON 'The parliament is essentially a glorified council and cannot flourish while it acts as a mere channel for aid from England.'
How does one even begin to describe the epicness that is Colin Ferguson? :)
I always think I am unlucky too. One of the ladies I stayed with in Perth flew over with Colin Ferguson and Jason Momoa...
I never realised you were such a big fan of Sir Alex Ferguson
you DO. It's a great show and Colin Ferguson is fab. And Niall is so young in the first season, he's ADORABLE :3 Plus ~
Mesono "Alex Ferguson must Valencia and Cleverly a hair-dryer after this match!"
yes it's true! It's a different host but Colin, Ryan, and Wayne are still there!!
Met Colin Ferguson twice and the second time i got an autograph and a photo which was probably not allowed but he was like 'am i allowed?' >
Jason David Frank, Colin Ferguson, Brent Spiner, and Nathan Fillion. All will be at Dallas ComiCon... I die. D:
Colin Ferguson was super awesome at Comic Con! Thoroughly enjoyed. He's only a couple of months older than me! Shall go see Richard Dean Anderson remembering that he is 63 years old. (Gives myself a little comforting hug... some people age better than others...)
Today's Working Daze features Wil Wheaton who hopefully has a good sense of humor. (And also mentions Colin Ferguson.)
Michelle Ferguson Kim Ferguson Colin Ferguson Luke Williams will like this, and the cookbook!!
Weekend in NEW YORK for JTCC students April 5-7 is filling up fast! Reserve your spot and see BIG ART for SMALL MONEY! Sign up with Colin Ferguson at E220h in Eliades Hall, Mondays through Thursdays, and get a complete itinerary.
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Tuesday is tattoo trivia day! What actor has "Scotland Forever" tattooed on his arm? Hint: He's an actor. And Scottish. Don't Google it, just guess.
So I'm cooking in the kitchen, Colleen is playing in the living room and Carsyn's in her bouncy seat until I'm done. Something tells me to turn around and this is what I see... Anyone want to explain how the *** she got out and managed to get on the table? Omg!
(kr lee) omari caro, omari caro,omari caro ,omari caro ,cant wait to see him burn the fc defence scoring trys winning us the game in 37 DAYS the one true derby will be with us once again come on you reds
city being linked with neymar, not sure about him, would rather have a european based player, also roma are apparently ready to offer mancini 4.5mil a year to be their next boss, for some niggling reason I think city are going to end up with moyes! mw
Odd to see Colin Feruson and Niall Matter (both from Eureka) in another show, and they are equals, instead of Zane being the brains, and Carter being the loveable *** sherrif Enjoying Primeval: New World
awe... to all our friends with huge hugs!! Thanks for being there this week means the world to us! From Shane Ferguson & Sonia Mac Queen Sinclair
had the best day with the greatest of peoples Pockets Cycotic Wookie Synizter Colin Carroll Kay Carroll Damon Ridings Lauren Ashley Airsman Delicia 'Twitch' Ferguson Sam Tboo Gettings. take a bow you awesome mutha fackos!
What are the odds that two people in a class will do the same article for an article review without planning it? Well, that's what happened to Colin and I!
Ah, Colin Ferguson... I could eat him on toast.
They've all transferred themselves from Eureka Universe to the Primeval Universe. Niall Matter and Colin Ferguson c: Yesss
Colin Ferguson in a crisis: Quick! We have to put your thing in the hole before it explodes!
Podolski: Bayern in the past Lukas Podolski remains proud of his time at Bayern Munich but is focused on achieving success with Arsenal ahead of their UEFA Champions League tie against his former club. Lambert's men set for battle Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert is preparing his team for a dozen crucial games in the Premier League run in. Wilson ready for Stoke return Marc Wilson hopes to make his return from injury for Stoke this weekend after four months out with a broken leg. Mowbray considers McManus call Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbray has confirmed that Stephen McManus could be set for a shock recall to his starting XI. McCall set to sign new deal Stuart McCall does not expect there to be any problems as he prepares to sign an extension to his Motherwell contract. Karanka anger at Ramos red Assistant coach Aitor Karanka believes Sergio Ramos' 18th-minute red card prevented Real Madrid from enjoying a far more emphatic win than the 2-0 victory they claimed over Rayo Vallecano. Portsmouth fans offere ...
Shooter had 10 rd mags. He was able to reload multiple times. Like Colin Ferguson.
We need a petition the governor thing like what the white house has so that we can put a stop to crap like this.
She's done it so I will. I need boys names.. Help please. Cheers
Today is the 18th Anniversary of Colin Ferguson's conviction for the
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Feb 17 in History: 1863 The International Red Cross was founded in Geneva. 1904 Giacomo Puccini's opera "Madama Butterfly" had its world premiere at La Scala in Milan, Italy. 1933 Newsweek magazine was first published. 1972 President Richard M. Nixon departed on a historic trip to China. 1992 Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced in Milwaukee to life in prison. 1995 Colin Ferguson was convicted of six counts of murder in the December 1993 Long Island Rail Road shootings that also wounded 19 people. 1996 World chess champion Garry Kasparov beat IBM supercomputer "Deep Blue," winning a six-game match in Philadelphia. 2002 The new Transportation Security Administration took over supervision of aviation security from the airline industry and the Federal Aviation Administration.
I know Jason Momoa! :D I'm also going for Richard Dean Anderson and Colin Ferguson xD
1995: Colin Ferguson is convicted of 6 counts of murder for the December 1993 Long Island Rail Road shootings
WENGER: I’VE NO REGRETS... GUNNERS BOSS SHRUGGED OFF FANS’ CRITICISM DESPITE LEAVING STARS ON BENCH UNTIL 2ND HALF AS BLACKBURN WIN 1-0 IN FA CUP UNDER-FIRE Arsene Wenger said he had no regrets after Arsenal suffered another shock cup KO. Boss Wenger’s decision to field a weakened side backfired as Championship side Blackburn conjured a fifth-round win. Arsenal legends Paul Merson and Ian Wright laid into the Frenchman, with Wrighty calling him “arrogant”. It was the first time Wenger had lost to a lower-league side in the FA Cup but he said: “Regrets over what? My selection? No. “We had 11 internationals at the start and, when we made the changes, it was 0-0. “I can understand the fans’ reaction. You don’t want your fans to be happy when you lose at home to Blackburn in the Cup after they’ve had one shot at goal.” It was the Gunners’ second embarrassing cup defeat in two months after League Two Bradford dumped them out of the Capital One Cup at the quarter-final stage. Wenger le ...
Malcolm would seem to have it all. A steady job, his own place and plenty of disposable income. He also has a secret- he "moonlights" in the evening as a homeless person. Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Malcolm loses it all- his job, his home and even his money. With nowhere to turn...
Who wants to come to creams tomorrow with me, Luke Minto-ferguson and Austin Austin Neville... Like if u do
Wishing Melissa Murray and Karis Ferguson all the best for their auditions all at DancExcel! Xxxx
Also, how about we just start liking guns less?
by Dr. Boyce Watkins Like the rest of the country, I found myself curious about the unfortunate events involving late Christopher Dorner. He was, like myself, an angry black man. He also appeared to have a good reason to be angry, since the LAPD is one of the most notoriously racist and abusive
Please someone tell me she really didnt say this!!! Some times my filter isnt spot-on when I need it, but this is ridiculous!
THE WHITE QUEEN is set to become a sweeping and vibrant 10 part drama on BBC ONE. Set against the iconic backdrop of the War of the Roses, THE WHITE QUEEN is a major new ten hour adaptation of PHILIPPA GREGORY’S vivid bestselling historical novel series The Cousin’s War, for BBC ONE. THE WHITE QUEEN is the thrilling story of the women caught up in the ongoing conflict for the throne – they are some of the most ruthless players in history and will stop at nothing to support their own causes and those of the ones they love. THE WHITE QUEEN is a stunningly rich tale of love and loss, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, vibrantly woven through the stories of three different yet equally driven women, in their quest for power as they manipulate behind the scenes of history – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beayfort and Anne Neville. The year is 1464 and England has been at war for nine years battling over who is the rightful King of England – it is a war between two sides of the same family, T ...
"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to anyone that suffered losses or injuries resulting from Christopher's actions. We do not condone Christopher's actions." - Nancy Dorner, Christopher Dorner's own mother. For all you guys making him out to be some kind of saint and saying we should have empathy and sympathy for the man and his cause.
Whats the best rangers game uv ever been to??
Colin ferguson ...john Allen Muhammad...Christopher Dorner ...real scary negroes that were grown right here in the good ole USA ...
In this short HIGH TIMES examines stoner etiquette - specifically when it comes to scraping resin from someone else's bowl. For more helpful insights into th...
Oh Cafe Verona I would never abuse your chocolate notes by hiding them behind cream or sugar
Colin Ferguson killed 6, wounded 19 on the LIRR with 2 Rugers w/STANDARD CAP MAGS.
Even better: My prof just compared Ted Kaczynski (Unibomber) and Colin Ferguson (LIRR murderer) to abolitionist John Brown and the Civl War. I just Jackie Chan faced the class.
My Criminal Procedure professor, on the competency of Colin Ferguson to represent himself: "He came off like a defense attorney. He had a knowledge of Evidence Law; he was wearing a suit." Glad my $125,000 education can be boiled down to a $175 textbook and a trip to Men's Wearhouse.
  GAMBIT a love story   by Colin Ferguson       Elbows resting on the table, chin settling on the cradle of clenched fists. Face now pressed against the toughened glass, peering along the slowly curving corridor in anticipation. A corridor just wide enough for a large metal ball to pass through. Some say it's made of solid gold, but maybe it's just gold plated.   I pick up the binoculars in front of me and have a look around the table. On a clear day I can see for miles along each length of the delicately arching table, but today visibility is poor, maybe a mile or so. To keep track of the table I've picked out people I use as landmarks. One in particular stands out; he sits half a mile or so to the west. He wears a tall Texan hat and dark sunglasses. Always wears those hat and glasses whatever the weather. He's been here since I took my place four years ago, but he'd already been there two years by then. So says Rebecca, six years 38 days. She's struck up a bit of a rapport with him, well it gives ...
guess what liverpool are winning this year.Sweet FA lol (mr)
Ever wanted to travel to New York City but just haven’t had the time or budget to do so? Or, have you ever been to the Big Apple and really want to go back for another visit? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may want to consider signing up for the JTCC Art Club’s annual trip to New York City! The trip begins late Thursday, April 4/early Friday, April 5 with the charter bus leaving the Midlothian Campus at midnight April 5. The group will return to the Richmond area Sunday, April 7 around 7:00 p.m. While in New York, you can explore on your own or join the Art Club for various excursions on Friday and Saturday. The club plans to visit the Guggenheim Museum, Neue Galerie, Whitney Museum and/or Frick Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, and possibly the Museum of Modern Art. The cost of the trip is $190 for JTCC students and $240 for all others. This covers the cost of the transportation to and from NYC and a two-night stay at The Wellington Hotel in Midtown ...
Carolyn McCarthy doesn't know what her new gun ban really bans
What's your favourite romantic novel? We'd love to know (for the day that's in it!)
So with this being Valentines Day, what would be your favorite love song?
Broader applications of carbon nanotubes to real-world problems have largely gone unfulfilled because of difficult material synthesis and laborious processing. We report high-performance multifunctional carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers that combine the specific strength, stiffness, and thermal conductiv...
looking forward to seeing what love is in store for Fran & Judy next season & more Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson is back as Peter's boyfriend on - I'm hoping he sticks around next season.
Gutted bout loss down Roko tonight (even although I scored a decent one) but well chuffed with United result :-)
this shows, that when crazy people and cops are the only ones with guns, innocent people die. 9/6/1949 - Howard Barton Unruh went on a shooting rampage in Camden, New Jersey with a German Luger. He shot up a barber shop, a pharmacy and a tailor’s shop killing 13 people. He finally surrendered after a shoot-out with police. 7/18/1984 – James Oliver Huberty shot up a McDonalds in San Ysidro, California killing 21 people before police shoot and killed him. 10/16/1991 - George Hennard entered Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas and began indiscriminately shooting the patrons. He killed 23 people in all. He commit suicide after being cornered and wounded in a shootout with police. 12/7/1993 – Colin Ferguson brought a handgun into a Long Island Rail Road car and opened fire at random. He killed 6 people before passengers Michael O’Connor, Kevin Blum and Mark McEntee tackled him while reloading. 11/15/1995 – Jamie Rouse used a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle to fire indiscriminately inside Richland . ...
I added a video to a playlist Ticket to Ride: Wil Wheaton, Colin Ferguson, Anne Wheaton, and Amy
Tell a Cricketer Player name who does not have letter 'a' in his name? . Comment fast:- ♥ SUREN ♥
"Education is the foundation of imagination" -Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter)
Well, they say that you must have something to help you hold on..something to look forward to when you are stressed out and in normal fashion...I am throwing myself a "Surprise Going Away Party" will be such fun...I haven't worked out all the details..but regardless..please do not tell me a thing about it...all suggestions welcomed..we will need food...(lots of it) music..(loud and then quiet when we want to talk) and something chocolate...stay tuned for more continued updates...Oh what fun we will have...
Ron Atkinson. Describe this great Manchester United Manager in one word (n)
During the 2011 Syfy Press Tour, a few members of the digital press and a star of a Syfy show were given a chance to participate in a demonstration of the ne...
Thanks Colin it actually means a lot. Love you too bro
BR: "It’s no coincidence we’ve won seven of our last nine games since the Europa League stopped. We’ve had one game a week. That’s why I said when I came in for us to succeed it’s about building a competitive squad. The squad has to be stronger."
Look who'll be guesting on Primeval New World when it returns for Episode 9. None other than Colin Ferguson who...
That flight was *** thanks to Jamie Melanophy, Charlie-Gavin Maguire, Shane Cormack Ryan O Laoí Colin Greene Roney Ferguson Dug Out Bar Paddy McCauley Ronan McCaffrey and David Gallagher. Never drink before a flight again
Very powerful quote from Niall Ferguson on the opportunities denied to poorer children (towards the end).
Friday afternoon teaser from Arbor Hall. Can you name the 12 players who have received 6 or more red cards in the English Premier League. No cheating.
British newspapers are reporting that Wayne Rooney could be on the bench against Liverpool
Australian Financial Review Friday 11 /1/2013 WA fears green hit to gas hub West Australian Premier Colin Barnett is concerned the $30 billion Kimberley gas hub involving some of the world's biggest oil companies could become the next casualty of pressure from green groups before the federal election this year. The federal government on Thursday defended· its approvals process after Queensland and Western Australia claimed big mining projects were being held up by the Commonwealth. These included Rio Tinto's $1.4 billion South of Embley project in Cape York and Toro Energy's Wiluna project in WA. The states warned Environment Minister Tony Burke against blocking or delaying mining projects to boost its support among green voters. Mr Barnett, already seething over Mr Burke's decision late last year to delay final approval for the Toro project, which would be the state's first uranium mine, said the approvals process should be apolitical "There's been some indication in the Kimberley that despite a process ...
I would be so down to see the Marvel worlds exist with Eureka's world. Where are Stan Lee, Jon Favreau, and Colin Ferguson?
can't believe I'm still stiff from bootcamp yesterday i think plate may finish me off tomorrow with elfitness
Ayr Amateur Opera Company is delighted to return at last to The Gaiety to present ‘Beauty & The Beast’ – a theatrical version of the classic film with all the magic of the original fairytale in which the ‘Beast’ tries to win the heart of ‘Belle’ before the last petal falls from the rose. Enhanced by...
SECOND AMENDMENT, Bill of Rights: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Where do you stand on the government gun control issue?
SIR ALEX FERGUSON believes Manchester United and Liverpool have finally ended their war over Luis Suarez. The old enemies meet at Old Trafford on Sunday for what promises to be another explosive clash between England’s two biggest clubs. Last season’s matches were overshadowed by a fall-out after Liverpool star Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing United defender Patrice Evra when the two sides met at Anfield in October 2011. Suarez was hit with an eight-match ban and £40,000 fine following an FA investigation. Then last February Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand before the return league fixture. The warring duo finally buried the hatchet in September by shaking hands before an emotional league clash at Anfield when both clubs paid tribute to the Hillsborough victims. Yet Suarez has found himself at the centre of another storm this week following his blatant handball while scoring against Mansfield in the FA Cup at the weekend. United fans are likely to single out Suarez for plenty of abus ...
Mm god... Colin Ferguson playing a *** interest for Peter in the next episode of Happily Divorced. Can't wait! He's sooo hot!!!
The 93 Colin Ferguson act was a failur of the SJPD not performg requird bkgrnd ck w/in 15day wtng prd.
I've been flat out this morning along with Sue Payment with our group..Sorry Sue next time i advertise it I will makesure I do so in one place at a time so as not to get so many requests all at Swankee meaning has me stumped but.
So, Boston was rated the drunkest city in America. congrats bros, we did it! Tony Leoni Tommy Sledzik Colin Ferguson John Alexander Joseph Starr Brad Saunders Tony Piselloo Max Tambling Jose Olivares Hussain Ali
Successful day at UMKC! They are lucky to have their newest student, Derek Gibson! ❤ Yay!!
Apparently we're going to wake up to some Good News in the Morning! :D
When I was a young boy. my daddy said to me; Listen up my little mandchild, A SIGMA YOU'RE GONNA BE. I cried. OH DADDY. sigh. R.I.P. Colin Raymond Christie. Its a so long since I first heard those words from my step-dad. wow! He was instrumental in this journey! Colin Craig Christie Deallo Christie Datra Sherrise Oliver
Calling all my Knicks fans...(Jennifer Minto-Hinton,and Collin Lamey) Calling all my Heat fans...(Paulette Richards-Harvey,Kingsley Bhoorasingh,Sharon Ferguson,Rachelle Anderson,Marjorie Dean,Senovia Ferguson,Carmen Walters,Kurt Fagan,) Let's get ready to ball y'all!!!
Transfer news: Dundee striker Martin Boyle has joined Alloa on loan until the end of the season
When we return to on Jan 22! "on reuniting with on 'Primeval: New World'
So, Tim introduced me to the Table Top web series tonight. It was created by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. Wil Wheaton and 3 other people (typically famous people) play a tabletop game and give neat directions on the rules. It is really run to watch if you are a game nerd! I highly recommend it. We watched the one with Colin Ferguson..luv me some Colin Ferguson. Maybe I should find out how to write in to them and see if they can get Nathan Fillion.m.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
CALLING ALL RELATIVES - please help me build a family tree! Found out some interesting things on one side but hitting dead ends so easily on the other :S Lorna Ferguson Helen Austin Annalise Ferguson Cheryl Galbraith Cheryl Ferguson Colin Wight Donald Daws et al
Revised the list for the first time in a LONG time. New 5: Jason Stathammm, Hugh Jackman, Colin Ferguson, Jeremy Renner, Adam Levine.
Why do I believe all Americans should be armed? Colin Ferguson 12/07/1993
Tomorrow more stuff to for the boys!! they need some ♥ too!!
As ugly of a thought as I think it is, if Colin Ferguson had happened now rather than when he did, there would be no guns, ever.
Q.5 Answer: Darren Fletcher, Darren Ferguson, Brian McClair & Colin Hendry. That's all for today folks, more during the week!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely wounded two years ago in an Arizona shooting, is launching a group aimed at curbing gun violence and raising enough money to challenge the well-funded gun lobby. Giffords, starting the effort called Americans for Respo...
"Because there is a law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself out of nothing." - Stephen Hawking Logic please...
Are you any of the following; *Personal trainer... *Amateur athlete... *Gym owner... *Looking to start a 'home distributor' venture in selling sports supplements... SNE are giving YOU the opportunity to join the team today...comment below, express an interest and i'l post each of you the link to apply!
I wish I could bring my bed on LIRR, I can need sleep on a train, my snoring sounds like Colin ferguson
Why do I feel like I know Colin Ferguson?
Anyone have any ideas for names for our new fermenters?
I wound like to welcome two new player to the club. Gregory paul and sean powell.
"Christiano Ronaldo is without a doubt the world´s best football player right now. Among the human contenders, that is. Unfortunately for him, there´s an alien from planet Football in the race. Not fair, really." So true..
Del Bosque, the best coach in the world
Update your maps at Navteq
Need a new job. To much to do and time is ticking away!! Stressed out bout to go RBG.
City council 'must cut 330 jobs': Bristol mayor George Ferguson says 330 jobs will need to go at the city counci...
Obama's friends in Congress are seeking to take advantage of Sandy Hook, and without a doubt it's going to be a full-court press. SHARE THIS PAGE:
Need to go to the gym it's been like 3 days now
“Is there and o and a fan that whats to go with me to confirm it happend” Take the train with Colin Ferguson.
Emilia Clarke in a movie about dinosaurs? Hmm. Directed by Colin Ferguson? Hmm. Syfy!
just watched Great Crimes And Trials and it was about Colin Ferguson...I wonder if u had rep. him,how history will have been inkd
lets define stupidity Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) led the way with four bills introduced. Her husband was shot to death in 1993 and her son was severely injured when Colin Ferguson, a mentally unstable black militant (he spent time in his apartment chanting, “all the black people killing all the white people”), shot up a Long Island commuter train. ny has one of the toughest gun restictions,the man who killed her husband broke law But McCarthy wasn’t alone. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), apparently ignoring the fact that his heavily gun-controlled home city of Chicago is the nation’s leader in murder with guns, introduced legislation that would create more stringent licensing for gunowners. So did Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ). chicago has the highest child death in the country,and has the strictest gun laws already in place,not a single child ws killed by a person who could legally have a gun And Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) proposed a bill that would prevent anyone under age 21 from carrying a handgun – e ...
To all my glory hunting friends. There is a vicious rumor goin about that Slur Alex is the greatest football manager ever! I beg to differ, especially when u consider the late great Bob Paisley! Let's look at the facts and figures. Paisley was in charge of LFC for 9 years. Let's take Slur Alex's first 9 years at Man U. Slur Alex. Paisley. League titles: 3. 6. F.A. Cup: 3. 0. League Cup: 1. 3. EuropeanCup: 0. 3. UEFA Cup: 0. 1. UEFA Cup Winners Cup: 1. 0. UEFA Super Cup: 1. 1. Charity Shield: 2. 6. Total: 11. 20. Now I would never want to be accused of being bias, so I'll even take Slur Alex's best 9 years in consideration. Just to include the 2 European Cups. Even tho it took him 12 years to win his first and then another 9 for his second. Where it only took Paisley 2 years to win his first then won 3 in 4 seasons!! Slurpy. 1999-2008 League: 7 F.A. Cup: 2 League Cup: 1 C.L: 2 FIFA Club World Cup: 1 Intercontinental Cup: 1 Charity Shield: 3. Total: 17. And Paisley done it without the help of the Ferguson A ...
In October 2011, Haines indicated that characters from Primeval could appear in some capacity, stating "We've only got one at the moment... We haven't worked that out". Space and Impossible Pictures jointly revealed the cast of the series in March 2012. Andrew-Lee Potts, who played Connor Temple in Primeval, reprises his role in the first episode. Potts indicated his character would be used to tie the two series together, saying Connor appears to "rectify something that may have gone wrong, and to try prevent it getting worse. In addition to the main cast, Lexa Doig, Colin Ferguson, Louis Ferreira, and Dan Payne were cast in various guest roles.
Still reeling from its failure to pass legislation on women bishops, the Church of England was engulfed in another controversy about its future yesterday, after a decision to allow *** clergy in civil partnerships to become bishops.
Malaysia Airlines President Obama World Cup Rory Mcilroy Casey Kasem British Open White House Van Gaal Islamic State Angelina Jolie Jon Stewart Supreme Court Edward Snowden Universal Pictures Boko Haram Iron Dome Clinton White House South African Open Championship Lea Michele Internet Explorer 8 New Zealand Middle East Sentencing Commission Prince George North Africa Vincenzo Nibali Hobby Lobby Hillary Clinton German Grand Prix William Hague South Africa Las Vegas New Black Weird Al Hong Kong Newcastle United Carlos Slim Elaine Stritch Frank Lampard Bill Bratton French Alps Wish I Was Here Taylor Swift Long Island Malaysia Airlines Flight Jimmy Savile Kim Kardashian Kate Upton Vladimir Putin Rod Stewart Johnny Depp Star Wars Stephen Colbert South Korea Jersey City Royal Liverpool Scott Disick Kanye West Mutual Fund Social Media Tulisa Contostavlos Maria Bamford Jose Mourinho Silicon Valley Stephen Anderson Trojan Horse Sophie Thompson Lewis Hamilton Malaysian Airlines Loic Remy National Trust Simon Cowell First World War Harry Styles Rick Perry Police Station Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Liam Plunkett Michael Gove Garry Kasparov Invasive Species Russian President Vladimir Putin Nelson Mandela Manchester United Rand Paul London Zoo Joe Biden Iraqi Christians Jill Abramson Coming Soon Ruth Bader Ginsburg Century Fox Adam Levine Daily News Johnny Winter Jimmy Fallon Time Warner El Pollo Loco First World Problems

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