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Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) is a mass murderer who was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York.

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Got a new stove. It's a Maytag, so it turns into Colin Ferguson when I'm not looking, which is a pretty neat feature.
Colin Ferguson of thanks for work on TV spots.
CEO Colin Ferguson officially launches the three new spots
You just showed Colin Ferguson former star of "Eureka" right after the Nuge interview. :)
This detective sergeant sounds like Colin Ferguson.
Barry Ferguson - played same position as me, great love and dedication for
I'd have sworn this was Colin Ferguson
Edward Crawford, hailed as Ferguson protest hero, found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
I had the opportunity to talk to Colin Ferguson from this morning. You can catch our conversations next week on
Colin Ferguson has been a familiar face to viewers recently. Do you remember which Christmas movie he starred in...
This sort of idiocy is why Lawyers have a bad name & is no more valid than the (unused) Colin Ferguson "Black Rage" defense.
. Colin Ferguson killed white people on train in was racist act and he didn't get death penalty.there is evil in every color
Rebecca Ferguson won't be singing at Donald Trump's inauguration next week
- I bet Colin Ferguson was all over this! He and are Manitoba's winter cheerleaders…
which in turn could produce a Barry Ferguson of the future.
Great to see the likes of Colin Bowe, Shark Hanlon, Ian Ferguson & Colin McKeever support a new meeting that's been opened to Irish runners.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Colin Ferguson chose our MBA for Executives Program knowing it had a strong military network.
Eureka Hunk Colin Ferguson running around the house nude in movie
Colin Ferguson shot 25 people, killing 6, on a NY Subway and was taken alive into custody , race-baiter.
Each I hear I think of Colin Ferguson who shot 6 people to death on the LIRR in '93. . Hes black. . Mind...b…
Hilarious sneak peek behind the scenes of Framed for Murder: A Fixer-Upper Mystery with Jewel and Colin Ferguson.
How Blacks perpetrate mob violence against whites and Jews.
Eureka. It is a mix of serious and funny. Colin Ferguson is a great @ physical comedy. Amazon Prime
I wanna sit in Colin Ferguson's lap and wrap my arms and legs around him and not let go
Lori Loughlin and Colin Ferguson take you on behind the scenes of their Christmas movie, "Every Christmas Has a...
Oh what a chance for Rovers! A flick-on sees Stewart one-on-one with Ferguson but his shot lacks power and keeper saves.
81: Rovers sub...Boyd off, Ferguson on. Airdrie sub...Ryan off, Leighton on.
67: Good effort from Airdrie. Brown curls in a shot which Ferguson gets down well to save.
20: First real chance for Rovers. Boyd gets ball wide on left, beats three defenders and cuts into the box but Ferguson saves low shot.
Colin Powell warned Clinton aide 'not to get me' into email scandal | Fox News -
Colin Ferguson looks at clover tolerance to CRW
Update your maps at Navteq
I added a video to a playlist Colin Mochrie on Craig Ferguson
Jessie Nelson here's the picture that made me laugh! I adore Colin Ferguson, so it's so funny to see his off...
Antonio Conte has a message for Sir Alex Ferguson – Do not write Chelsea out of the title race.
7. The bemoaning fires in Ferguson and looting in Baltimore but then diss Colin's peaceful protest.
Yeah :) totally. Season 3 & 5 are my favorites. Laura is brilliant in season 5 (13 episodes Laura is in) & Colin Fe…
90: Ferguson makes a fine save to deny Kerr who unloaded from just outside the box. 90+1: Airdrie sub...Ryan off, Leighton on.
the Colin Ferguson courtroom scene might be Tim Meadows best work ever.
The work of a team should always embrace a great player, but the great player must always work. – Alex Ferguson
Colin Ferguson talks to TOGY about local content in
I'm amazed the car from the Colin Ferguson incident would still be in service.
This is getting nasty! Ferguson crashes into MRU goalie Colin Cooper trying to get a rebound and all *** breaks loose. Lots of rough stuff!
Emily Rose and Colin Ferguson Talk Haven Season 4 -- The stars are holding out hope that Stephen Kin
That's what you see. I believe All Blacks, Snell, Ferguson, Peter Williams etc all speaking honest view.
This guy doesn't know about like Nathan Dunlap or Colin Ferguson: black mass shooters who like Roof were arrested and given food.
Ferguson Marine Engineering to create 150 new apprenticeship roles - Scottish…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
.Colin Ferguson delivers "tourism in 2 minutes" - love all the great things has to offer!
Great piece by Alan Ferguson on RISE candidate Colin Turbett
I added a video to a playlist Racist Black mass murderer Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson: Killed 6 people, injured 16 others, Doesn't plead insanity. Should the court humor him with a trial?
Did you hear about our office opening, joined by two football legends Sir Alex Ferguson & Colin Bell!
.elders praying over Colin Ferguson as he heads off next week to join an Italian church plant. Join us! https:/…
Dylan Roof is comparable to Colin Ferguson or Aaron Alexis. "Pill" Cosby is comparable to Darren Sharper.
A look at our CEO, Colin Ferguson, talking about Carats and investing in the diamond sector.
Seth Macfarlane. Eddie Shin. Colin Ferguson. - someone tell me how their masculinity - that I'm attracted to - supposed to be the same...
post-Ferguson & Gill I'd suggest... I wonder if Ed has had the balls to demand better of LVG & dish out a bollocking or 2
United have been totally rudderless post-Ferguson. Directionless in the dugout and the pitch. Manager and captain offer no fresh ideas.
Was dropped by Ferguson in 2013 and has been anonymous ever since.
Ferguson/Pellegrini the only League Cup winners in last decade to still be in their job a year later.
• Park of Keir site turned down because it is on greenbelt land • Sir Alex Ferguson and Colin Montgom
Congratulations to 2012 Finalist Riley Ferguson on signing with
Everyone bar De Gea and Smalling needed replaced within two years. The squad was ageing and overperforming under Ferguson.
Even Sir Alex Ferguson has had enough of Man Utd 😂😂
Nabucco misses Ladbroke: John Ferguson's Nabucco was the most high-profile absentee as 31 stood their ground f...
Barry Ferguson new favourite to be St Mirren manager after a number of bets today
Beltway snipers, taken alive, colin ferguson (LIRR shooting) taken alive, the list goes on.
I'll look for it. There'll always be a few ultraleft freaks, eg William Kunstler trying to get Colin Ferguson off with a
MATCH PREVIEW | Clyde will take on East Fife at Broadwood tomorrow. Team news and Barry Ferguson's comments here:
Really amazing scenes in at the Ferguson yard. Family's building ships and kids looking to follow on.
I can think of three right now Chris Harper-Mercer, Kesler Dufrene and Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson, Arthur Wise, George Banks, John Muhammad. All black spree killers, all lived
or John Allen Muhammad and his son Lee Malvo? or Colin Ferguson? or Omar Thorton? or Christoper Dorner?(All Black)
Colin Ferguson, John Zawahri & Seung-hui cho must've been non white white supremacist Americans as well.
Colin Ferguson shot 74, losing in a playoff to play in the State Golf Tournament. Michael McAdams shot 76, and Thomas and Nick shot 79.
Does anyone remember in 1990 when Mark Robins scored v Forest and saved Alex Ferguson's job? Anyway, looking forward to football tonight...!
Nearly no one remembers Colin Ferguson on the Long Island RR. He murdered with impunity until he stopped.
It did happen here, anyone remember Colin Ferguson and his murderous rampage on the Long Island RR?
Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson learn how to crochet! This was so entertaining to watch :D...
Colin Ferguson killed 6 people and injured 19 on December 7th 1993 in long island... He is eligible for parole (get this) in 2309
is anyone gonna be brave enough to tell Duncan Ferguson that he's not in the team?
Colin Ferguson is pretty delightful on
How it any debate for Andie MacDowell's character between her alcoholic lying and inattentive boyfriend and Colin I'm bloody hot Ferguson?
bet they were from New York and remembered Colin Ferguson's whites only killing rampage on the Long Island Railroad.
Colin Ferguson is gorgeous, but his Maytag Man commercials are creepy.
There are a number of people to blame for our current situation. The Glazers, Ferguson, and Woodward.
How did Colin Ferguson go from the lead character of a hit SyFy show to the Maytag man?
.Colin Ferguson - shot up the LIRR years ago in a famous case - black guy
TheBlaze follows up on my story about Shaun King *claiming* he was target of 1995 hate crime. http:…
not sure, maybe with Colin Ferguson or Lee Boyd Malvo?
Colin Ferguson. Omar Thornton, Maurice Clemons, Nathan Dunlap..just off the top of my mind...there are many others. DOLT !!!
Don't forget Colin Ferguson who killed all White people with the Long Island Railroad massacre he was…
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I find myself just a bit weirded out by the maytag commercials with Colin Ferguson.
And, there is a new addition to the cast! We cannot wait; read more!
Michael Brown’s memorial tree ‘cut down’ after one night in Ferguson by Colin Daileda of Mashable
Michael Brown's memorial tree 'cut down' after one night in Ferguson via Colin Daileda
Colin Powell--If Ferguson defined us as nation, I wouldn't be standing here today.
was Daniel sharman that guest or do u have another 1 2 replace colin ferguson
wow... Colin Ferguson in a Maytag commercial? lol
We are sorry to announce that Colin Ferguson is now unable to appear at due to work commitments.
even dogs get treated better than African Americans in Ferguson
AWESOME!! I got a tango shot with Colin Ferguson last year. LOVE the photo.
StartupDrinks /w talk by Colin Ferguson of on selling products! cc
As crazy as Colin Ferguson. OK, not nearly as crazy.
Win tickets to hear Colin Powell, Mar. 19 at Ferguson Center
colin ferguson and I'd be there in seconds!
Colin Ferguson has just donated £5.00 to my Bmycharity fundraising page
All the best to Brown Ferguson. A great club man with excellent support in Colin and Stewart. Let's kick aspidistra!
Eureka: Season 4.0 is now on sale for $9.79 at Amazon. Product page:
I stopped riding 1st or last after Colin Ferguson - I want two options for running away. As for quiet, good headphones.
It's not on iPlayer so it's great that has featured Colin McNulty's brilliant doc 'Burroughs At 100'.
Oh! And Eureka! So glad I just saw Colin Ferguson is on The Vampire Diaries now.
Can't tell if it's Fat Hero or if everybody looks that way beside Colin Delaney.
so Colin Ferguson is the person who owns the football related account and the other one no longer exists. Hmm
The only 4 Scottish players to have won Premier League medals are; Brian McClair, Darren Fletcher, Darren Ferguson & Colin Hendry.
Any one ever notice how much Joel Gretsh from "the 4400", looks like Colin Ferguson from "eUreka"??. Yup, thats...
Funny, that. George Zimmerman is always armed, always dangerous, and somehow the cops always manage to arrest him aliv…
Yeah, I recommend them. The guy's name is Colin Ferguson or something like that. He's written a book by that title.
Senior Colin Ferguson named senior in country by Perfect Game.
PGA & Finchem destroying the PHX Open. No caddy races, no tossing stuff to the crowd, no fun! Ban cheering & beer next?
20 yrs ago Colin Ferguson shot 6 & injured 19 on the LIRR & his defense team proposed temporary insanity by "black rage." I remember it well
On This Date By The Associated Press 1787 Delaware became the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. 1796 Electors chose John Adams to be the second president of the United States. 1836 Martin Van Buren was elected the eighth president of the United States. 1842 The New York Philharmonic gave its first concert. 1963 Videotaped instant replay was used for the first time in a live sports telecast during the Army-Navy football game on CBS. 1972 America's last moon mission was launched as Apollo 17 blasted off from Cape Canaveral. 1982 A U.S. prisoner was executed by injection for the first time, in Huntsville, Texas. 1985 Retired Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart died at age 70. 1988 An earthquake in northern Armenia claimed an estimated 25,000 lives. 1993 A gunman opened fire on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train, killing six people and wounding 17. (Colin Ferguson was later sentenced to a minimum of 200 years in prison.) 1995 A 746-pound probe from the Galileo spacecraft hurtled into Jupiter's ...
On this day in history: 1703 – The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, makes landfall. Winds gust up to 120 mph and an estimated 9,000 people die. 1724 – Religious unrest is followed by the execution of nine Protestant citizens and the mayor of Thorn (Toruń), a city in Royal Prussia, by Polish authorities. 1862 – The Battle of Prairie Grove is fought in Washington County, Arkansas, during the American Civil War; 1,251 Union soldiers and 1,317 Confederate soldiers are killed or wounded. 1869 – American outlaw Jesse James commits his first confirmed bank robbery in Gallatin, Missouri. 1917 – The United States declares war on Austria-Hungary. 1941 – The Imperial Japanese Navy carries out a surprise attack on the United States Pacific Fleet and its defending Army and Marine air forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. US battleship USS Arizona is sunk, with the loss of 1,177 lives. 1944 – Japanese cargo ship Jinyo Maru is sunk by a US torpedo ...
just hit me! Ur talk of stayinurlane last week.Re:Ferguson/Ram playrs. You stole from Beast mode/Deion interview at SB XLVIII.
People arguing about Ferguson on my timeline...
On this day in 1993: Colin Ferguson opens fire on a LIRR commuter train from NYC, killing 6 and injuring 19.
If Tony Ferguson loses, are we rioting?
When someone in online class forum tries to slip by some Ferguson comments and you about to go off
Please tell Dem strategist that the I can go back to is LIRR shooter Colin Ferguson
Remember that time there was a rumor of a Stupidest Angel movie with Colin Ferguson playing Tucker? That was a great rumor. I miss it.
. Seth! You should come hang out with Dave, Colin Ferguson and I next Wednesday for our "Canadian club"
Amy Federici, shot2death on a commuter train by Colin Ferguson for
Who’s Really Responsible for Violent Crime in Denying the reality can be fatal
Unrest in Ferguson is symptom of US housing problems: Colin Wiles recently spent seven weeks travelling…
.on How Police Officers Get Away with Killing from to NYC http:…
Powerful things by the communities being done in NYC and Ferguson. Eric Garner case is unexplainable. Justice should be se…
To the flag burners in Ferguson... Merica.
First ferguson, now this. Mr. Van Drie is the Ferguson Police.
not a problem; Colin Ferguson makes that show work; he's pretty hilarious in it
All this chalk about ferguson at SU Is getting on my nerves
After Ferguson, looking back at Baltimore police shooting Hamilton Park case sparked little outrage…
I respect ur opinion on but don't allow blackamericas' internal issues overshadow injustice
I bet Popeyes' business is booming after Ferguson, and now New York!
I just bought: 'Eureka: Season 3.0' DVD ~ Colin Ferguson Reply w/ to add this via
Ferguson protests right next to library where everyone is studying for finals. dat logic tho.
Ward Cleaver doesn't get it. "Mike Ditka said he's embarrassed for the Rams players:
Ferguson situation is horrible.. But the guy who stole this train from the mall is effing HILARIOUS!
Bravo for the Chris Rock reference. He's nailing this Rams/St. Louis PD/Ferguson issue
are there Rams fans in Ferguson? Then, great move by the Rams' players
I agree with you on the Ferguson situation but I agree that there is a bias against Christianity. It seems tebow had it rough
“Charles Barkley opens up on race, police brutality and the situation in
Wonder if will bring up Charles Barkley's comments on today?
Democrats striking the pose on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Wow.
omitted the most important part of Benjamin Watson's post on Ferguson! I encourage everyone to read all the way through it!
You partially read a poem on 12/02/14 about Ferguson, MO. Trying to find out who wrote poem.
For those who miss Eureka (and especially fans of Colin Ferguson), vote for Haven
Just got a nice dose of Colin Ferguson.luv his humor!
thoughts on the Ferguson situation was awesome
great show today! The only media personel with the best representation and points on
Colin Cowherd's rant on NFL fans outraged by Ferguson >
Colin Miller quoting Sir Alex Ferguson on how big game is on Saturday - it's 'squeaky bum time'
How about black on white crime? Can you imagine the rioting & looting if these stories were reversed?
I just learned Colin Ferguson is on The Vampire Diaries, and now I suddenly really want to watch it. Sheriff Carter!
"Colin in Ferguson.". "I'm going downdown, baby, your street, in a Range Rover-Street sweeper baby," "another clown"
More black on white crime I see. Ugh.
At the Arizona State Fair last week, a group of 60 to 100 black people rampaged throughout the fairgrounds,
In Philadelphia Saturday night, a group of 15 black people on bikes assaulted several people over a two-hour period,
In Brooklyn, a mob of 100 black people rampaged through the streets on Saturday, destroying property,
In Memphis, black student violence after school is so bad that police ride several buses to protect other riders
Also, is that Colin Ferguson on the left side? (Picture was taken yesterday).
All black areas in nyc, dc, and Baltimore are disasters. They can't function without govt handouts.
Still no comment on these packs of wild animals?
So this is baiting or it's drawing attn to a problem that Americans are sick of?
I deserve the privilege of not being subjected to these packs of wild animals
This is why no one takes these protests seriously
Obama and Holder gave stamp of approval.Beyond Ferguson | FrontPage Magazine
Beyond Ferguson Race-based violence in the rest of the country and what can't be said about the perpetrators
Watching Colin Ferguson play a bad guy is tripping me out lol
The memory of the NAACP has proven more helpful than the actual work of the NAACP.
it was bc of Colin Ferguson.wasn't it.
Colin Cushman was there. Check out picture
Colin Cushman who brought the message on September 28 was at this event in Ferguson, Missouri. You will see him...
I totally forgot about new Vampire Diaries! And Colin Ferguson!
Fergie: LvG right to spend big: Sir Alex Ferguson felt Manchester United needed the big-money injection of tal...
.Can see T2R played on this episode of Tabletop :) Ticket to Ride: Wil Wheaton, Colin Ferguson, Anne…:
I used to think he was american, I assumed he was but read recently he's Montreal Canadian like Colin Ferguson.
that's the season they had Colin Ferguson and 2 stars from battlestar Galactica. Its good, I like s3 the best though
QUICK... someone get Colin Ferguson and Anne Wheaton back so we can have Ticket to Ride part deux.
I need a sitcom where Mike Rowe and Colin Ferguson are brothers or cousins or besties or something. Dare I hope for a couple. With a kid.
i wish Colin Ferguson would go back to playing good guys, like in Eureka, not creepy guys in tvd adn haven :(
I can't get over Colin Ferguson as the Maytag guy in all the new commercials... My Eureka Sheriff has clearly slipped a bit
I liked a video Ticket to Ride: Wil Wheaton, Colin Ferguson, Anne Wheaton, and Amy Dallen. TableTop
Legends COLIN LOW & GRAEME FERGUSON at Polar Life launch, with legend-to-be
I'm really enjoying this season of the Vampire Diaries so far. Love Colin Ferguson's character, Tripp.
I love that Colin Ferguson's TVD character name is "Tripp Fell"
Thursday Review. An update from Colin Cushman (3rd year M.Div) and other STH students in Ferguson. Stay up to date!
Colin Ferguson's scene in s06e02 revealing that he is the new big bad was brilliant - sunshine & REM's Everybody Hurts. Nice.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Colin Ferguson was on the Long Island Railroad very scary when it happened Mom was on the train right before.
I'm going to think about why James Boyd is dead but Colin Ferguson is alive. Some data:
TVD/Season 6 premiere on Oct.2. It's titled "I'll Remember" with a few new cast members. . Colin Ferguson as Tripp. Emily Chang as Ivy
Colin Ferguson was cast in Then I guess I need to catch up on that show. Great actor. He was awesome in and
Ok so i keep hearing about the new villan for season 5 Tripp (Colin Ferguson). He’s running a community militia
Look who's coming to 'The Vampire Diaries' next season:
New Characters in Season 6 . "Tripp" played by the actor Colin Ferguson.
same, I only care about Colin Ferguson, I hope he lasts more than two episodes xD
Hello. Did you know Colin Ferguson is going to be on TVD next season?
Colin Ferguson AKA Tripp:. Julie Plec say: "He`s in town to give Sheriff Forbes a run for her...
'Vampire Diaries' season 6 casts Colin Ferguson as villain
Vampire Diaries Season 6 - Eureka's Colin Ferguson cast as new Villain -
It is so awesome Colin Ferguson is going to be on I loved him on Eureka! It's one of my favorite shows!!
If you do not find Colin Ferguson attractive in his Sheriff Carter uniform with the shirt unbuttoned, we might have a problem.
Anyone else feel bad that Colin Ferguson from 'Eureka' is the new Maytag Man?
All purpose parts banner
Eureka's Colin Ferguson cast as The Vampire Diaries' big bad Season 6 villain
I've read 3 TVD Season 6 scripts so far, and I'm SO fangirl nerdy giddy excited for this season. It's refreshing.
SPOILER! The season 6 villain has OFFICIALLY been cast:
Black Rage Confronts the Law by Paul Harris New York University Paperback In 1971, Paul Harris pioneered the modern version of the "black rage" defense when he successfully defended a young black man charged with armed bank robbery. Dubbed "one of the most novel criminal defenses in history" by Vanity Fair, the black rage defense is enormously controversial, frequently dismissed as irresponsible, nothing less than a harbinger of anarchy. Consider the firestorm of protest that resulted when the defense for Colin Ferguson, the gunman who murdered numerous passengers on a New York commuter train, let on that it was considering a black rage defense. Harris here traces the origins of the black rage defense back through American history, recreating numerous dramatic trials along the way. He recounts in vivid detail how Clarence Darrow introduced the notion of an environmental hardship defense in 1925 while defending a black family who shot into a drunken white mob that has encircled their home. The black rage d ...
Nope, that's Colin Ferguson, the sheriff from Eureka amongst other things.
John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo ('02) come after Colin Ferguson ('95) and before Aaron Alexis ('13)? 2/2
Why did Colin Ferguson do it?. "the false allegations against me by the filthy Caucasian racist female on the line"
This is emphatically not the case. Colin Ferguson is the closest parallel.
Is it just me or do the Maytag commercials featuring Colin Ferguson make you smile?
Okay so.Colin Ferguson, Sheriff Carter from Eureka, is now the new Maytag man.huh.
Tony ferguson just knocked that dude out cold
The website Reddit has a category called "TIL" which stands for "Today I Learned" and this gem popped up: The latest Dr. Who (Peter Capaldi) and Late Show host Colin Ferguson were in a punk band together in the late '70's/early 80's called The Dreamboys.
I'm bingewatching Eureka currently and I think that Colin Ferguson's voice sounds totally similar to Zachary Levi's.
So, Colin Ferguson from Eureka is the Maytag repairman?! Eureka was a really good show. Darn you, Syfy! Why you gotta cancel stuff?!
.will soon be back! More on that here: Or catch up here: http:/…
Colin Ferguson playing a bad guy, I totally love it!
Surely you don't say Alex or Barry Ferguson's names this way?!
yeah, they were good, I gave my sister Annie Eureka boxset for Xmas, she loved it, now wants to see Haven coz of Colin Ferguson.
Any fans of Colin Ferguson out there? Check out our interview with him from MCM Ireland Comic Con
no but, given the scale of the job of replacing Ferguson, it indicated he didn't have the personality for it. This
Don't know how many of you read the Buffalo News this morning but there was an article with the headline "Disciplinary charges against inmate upheld" Colin Ferguson, the person who murdered 6 people and wounded 19 others on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993, received a disciplinary report while in Attica for inciting other inmates to riot and use weapons to kill correction officers. The newspaper article stated that four Appellate Division justices upheld the disciplinary charges. The APPELLATE DIVISION! This for an individual who is serving 295 years. I think it important inmates have access to the courts for issues relating to their instant offense but the Appellate Court for disciplinary charges? The public would not believe the petty, frivolous issues inmates are allowed to waste the court's time on.
ICYMI: Appeals court finds Long Island Rail Road shooter Colin Ferguson attempted to incite a deadly riot in prison:
Long Island Rail Road massacre shooter Colin Ferguson tried to incite a deadly prison riot, an appellate court decides.
Convicted Long Island Rail Road shooter Colin Ferguson encouraged 'inmates to riot and kill prison guards' at an...
My favourite celebrities are John Cusack, George Clooney and Colin Ferguson...I have good taste..These guys are handsome, intelligent..
So, here are my resolutions for the year. I hope to adhere to these and if I don't, I don't. Doesn't mean I ain't gonna try. 1. Stop drinking dark soda. I may eventually give up pop all together, but let's see how this goes first. 2. Brown bag it to work, except on Fridays. And if I go out earlier in the week, I swap out and brown bag it Friday. 3. Drink more water. Cause I need to. 4. Establish some house rules for Bennett like picking up toys befor bath time and only 30 minutes of Elmo a night. 5. Save more money for the cons. My big draw: the celebrities and I've yet to have a bad encounter, except Anthony Daniels. (My best have been Sam Trammel, Noah Hathaway and Colin Ferguson.) Not that I want one. But I love rifling through the dealers too for nifty things.
Last evening with my 12 Men Of Christmas. Thank you Warren Christie,Jordan Belfi,Patrick Muldoon, Cameron Mathison,Brendan Fehr,Jesse James Hutch,Robert Mailhouse,John Newton,Gil Bellows, Antonio Cupo, Colin Ferguson and Corey Sevier for a wonderful holiday season. You have been with me since Nov. 1st ! I looked forward to coming home from work to see you, for entertaining me in the middle of the night, for giving me sweet dreams. Some comfort in knowing you are only a dvd away and looking forward to seeing you again next year. I will be retired so we can spend more time together!!
It's Been 20 Years Since the LI Rail Road Massacre Before Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown, there was the Long Island Rail Road. On Dec. 7, 1993, a gunman opened fire on a train car filled with commuters leaving New York City. By the time passengers tackled Colin Ferguson, his fusillade had left six people dead and 19 wounded. Though other massacres have far superseded it in terms of casualties, there are aspects of the railcar shooting that, even two decades later, make it stand out in the sad pantheon of rampages that have horrified the nation. "In a mall or a school or a movie theater, there is at least some opportunity for hiding or escaping," says a criminology professor at Northeastern University. "These people had nowhere to go." And then there was the trial. Ferguson defended himself in court, cross-examining the very people he terrorized. Ferguson, who boarded the train in Queens, claimed that he waited to open fire until the train crossed over the New York City border out of respect ...
“Hammer goes down. John Ferguson buys Dancing Rain for 4,000,000gns” u better get her schooled up
quality piece in the sun today about our captain. All the best Colin Ferguson
Interview panel with actors Colin Ferguson, Emily Rose and Eddie McClintock recorded during Syfy Digital Press Tour 2011 for the holiday episodes of their sh...
Right. Because no one on, "the left" has condemned people like Colin Ferguson or groups like the Nation of Islam. Oh wait...
Barry Ferguson looks a bit silly today!
may be right but you're a huge Ohio homer so there's that
Picked up another job from the ferguson group today in their Kintore office. This will be the 3rd set of offices...
man i loved eureka. sad it's over. Colin Ferguson is on Haven now which I like too.
High Court Glasgow Lord Matthews imposed extended sentence on Colin Ferguson for attempted murder.
Whenever Colin Ferguson shows up in Haven, I want to watch Eureka all over again.
DOF Subsea appoints Angola country manager: DOF Subsea has appointed Colin Ferguson as country manager for Ang...
Not really happy that Colin Ferguson is the bad guy, but glad he can add this role to his CV!
Colin Ferguson who started his career as a commercial diver is now the appointed Angola Country Manager by DOF…
I liked a video Colin Ferguson and Wil Wheaton: On Acting
The sad part of watching right now is the realization of how much I miss Colin Ferguson on
Colin Ferguson can somehow play the most charming good guy in one show and creepiest bad guy in another
A new documentary — "Long Island Railroad Massacre" — opens this month. The 90-minute film, produced by Long Island native Charlie Minn, details the events of Dec. 7, 1993, when gunman Colin Ferguson fatally shot six people and injured 19 aboard the 5:33 p.m. train from Penn Station.
Alex Ferguson steps out of retirement to take over at Palace with his new assistant team of Pope Francis, Dr Pepper and Colin Farrell.
Ok... enough goofing off. It's time to knit! And catch up on Haven. One of my all-time fave SyFy shows. I have no idea how it's not the best show on TV. I swear! It's got 3 of the hottest guys ever and then for season four, they up the ante and make it 4 of the hottest guys ever!! It's hard not to get hot and bothered every time I watch it! lol Makes knitting difficult hehe with sexiness like Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Edge - WWE Universe, and NOW *pant* Colin Ferguson (most popularly known from the awesome show, EUReKA)!! I have to admit, while they are all smokin... my faves are totally Lucas (Nathan) and Colin (William). Tee hee.
Dont go to jail do you see how much time they gave a guy I personally know.literally colin ferguson wont be home til the year 2309,I mean people provoke me but I wouldnt kill them,my friend colin is called a mass murderer I dont agree I say he is who people made him to be,put your mind on whats real.
steven fletcher, Gary McAllister and either colin hendry or Duncan ferguson ?
Colin ferguson, eureka, haven some of the better and relaxing tv of my life.
Can anyone tell the difference between Colin Ferguson, Aaron Eckhart and Mark Valley?
Colin Firth is doin' some mad sobbing right now. I feel ya, Colin.
John Noble on Fringe had one of the best roles ever. I love Eureka and am glad to see Colin Ferguson back too.
Scots lose banned Ferguson: Scotland second row forward Dale Ferguson has been banned for two matches and will...
Robbie McFarlane Lee Hardie Nathan Chung Danny Bell Colin Ferguson Kat Wilson Sarah-Anne Telfer Laura Ritchie if you's want to go paint balling had to be before 30/12/13 ?
Sir Alex Ferguson just before the referee blew for FT at Old Trafford! Still checking his watch! Brilliant
Haven Season 4 Review “William” Just when we think that Nathan and Audrey have made it through all the obstacles and can finally be happy together, Haven pulls the rug right out from under us. What should have been a happy occasion, the return of William (Colin Ferguson), becomes a complete disaster for all our Havenites. When we left off last week, Audrey looked like she might shoot Nathan (though ardent viewers would never believe that was possible). Of course, she doesn’t. Duke, Jennifer, Vince, and Dave rush in and find Audrey shooting after the creepy big guy. As they head to the police station, Vince and Dave tell Nathan that the prophecy has changed and that if Audrey kills her true love, it will be catastrophically bad. This definitely seems like things are looking up for Nathan. Meanwhile, the creepy small guy attack and kidnap Dwight. Once in front of his captors, Dwight manages to call Nathan. Nathan and Duke are able to figure out where Dwight is being kept and head out to save him. The ...
PIGEON CLUBS GOT TALENT was amazing, all the acts were great, the jelly shots were dangerous and the judges were top notch. William Massey you are one sexy woman! Colin Ferguson was aroused and Jill Jones was being a diva most of the night! Thanks to Ligoniel Hps and everyone involved for making it such a great night! Well done Michael Johnston on winning!
Watching latest ep of Haven. Colin Ferguson is reminding me of Robert Buckley. Their mannerisms are very similar.
Thanks to Glenbryn Youngmen for a great night in the PC lastnight . amd cheers for every1 that cheered on THE WICK even though we didnt win ! Colin Ferguson lol ! we fukn rocked the place !
I've never been so conflicted about seeing Colin Ferguson on my TV.
You can take the Colin Ferguson out of the Sheriff Carter, but you can't take the Sheriff Carter out of the Colin Ferguson...
It's not a SyFy program without Colin Ferguson.
I saw the latest episode Colin Ferguson is definitely a far cry from Eureka
Good to catch up and talk some pish with the one and only Colin Ferguson today, top man!
Had a great we day today with Olivia and grant n was really nice to c Jodie and Colin Ferguson Simpson tonight too.
I enjoyed Duke dealing with the crazy people, at least? Such a mess! Liking Colin Ferguson as evil, though.
...Colin Ferguson evil, Pandora's box. What is going on???😱
Colin Ferguson is so cute and good looking . Ratings : 8/10 — Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber.
Solove Colin Ferguson, I hope we get to have him more on the show!
Welcome back to Colin Ferguson - feel free to stick around for a while!
DVRing tonight's to watch tomorrow - gotta get my Colin Ferguson fix on Haven.
I thought he would be the new barn keeper or the big bad for the season. Colin Ferguson is great,
How does a normal guy like Colin Ferguson play the creep so well?
Colin Ferguson's smile is so sexy he's like a white Tay Diggs.
Absolutely. More Colin Ferguson is not a bad thing as far as I've seen.
Haven't seen it yet, but I had totally forgotten a Eureka alum was joining the fray - Colin Ferguson, Welcome to Haven on
Colin Ferguson (woohoo) guest starring in Episode 9 "Breakthrough" PS He's in tonights Haven as well:)
Love Check out our interview with here and catch the premiere of S4 tonight at 9!
Tonight, Showcase is premiering season 4 of the hit television series, Haven at 9PM and we had the chance to catch up with actor Colin Ferguson, who will have a recurring role on the show.
Check out my new Q&A w/ & re: 4th season and the mysterious William. /via
“Barry Ferguson and have been to officially open the new
Here is the great Colin Mochrie on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson from last year. He...
New Man United manager Alex Ferguson is concerned many of the players, such as Paul McGrath and Bryan Robson are drinki…
Andy Ferguson covering the song " I just dont think ill ever get over you " by Colin Hay
Good read with William's return to this Fri: Colin Ferguson arrives In Haven, but is he good or bad?
I wanna lock Mike Breen in a train car with Colin Ferguson.
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