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Colin Dexter

Norman Colin Dexter, OBE, (born 29 September 1930) is an English crime writer, known for his Inspector Morse novels which were written between 1975 and 1999 and adapted as a television series from 1987 to 2000.

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lol I see it. Colin Hanks does show up in a season of Dexter tho.
"Kilroy, inevitably, had visited this shrine in the course of his infinite peregrinations..."- C…
Did any spot the Colin Dexter visual this week?
Was there a visual reference to Colin Dexter in Harvest? Thank you. :)
Did anyone see the Colin Dexter cameo last night? I missed it
Evelyn Waugh & (Norman) Colin Dexter. Too early in the week for this 😂
Colin Dexter never had a partner for Morse as he aged. Hope the writers of Endevour have some artistic licence to c…
I usually enjoy but ep4 is the runt of this series. All gone a bit Midsomer Murders. Not sure that Colin Dexter would approve.
Will the Colin Dexter-portrait make a comeback next series on Ms. Frazil's wall? Even might get a backstory? *crosses fingers*
Colin Dexter's books and in the original series. Endeavour is about putting the flesh on the bones. - RL
Who else spotted the bust of Colin Dexter?
Watching on 20 min delay to skip through ads! I have totally forgotten to look out for Colin Dexter's cameos. Anyone seen him?
Endeavour: Russel Lewis is too sensational with the script whereas Colin Dexter was always far more subtle and kept our interest to the end
Is Colin Dexter still involved, do you still get his blessing for your stories and/or the films? Has he seen S4? How is he?
I can't believe Colin Kaepernick decided that Dexter should become a lumberjack
Omg there has to be a series 9 of it cant be left like that a lumberjack ?? Come on we need more than that !! plz
Come join me on a crime fiction tour of Colin Dexter's Oxford!
Finally got through all 8 series of on and must say best series ever loved it but dissapointed in ending like that why??? 😢
Why wouldn’t you want to be as charming as Colin Dexter?
4 of 5 stars to The Remorseful Day by Colin Dexter
Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter bows out of TV cameos, takes "tea in the pavilion" at 86: via
Not just authors lived in Oxford but some great novels set there- Colin Dexter's Morse and His Dark…
I have HP books Want to read again but on Kindle. I can buy books cheaper than ebook. How can you justify it? Not 'green' either
A Very Merry Christmas to you all from The Captain and Dave, Dexter and Steve, Colin and myself, and my poor beleag…
Endeavour: The Complete Inspector Morse covers the first 13 eps of plus all Colin Dexter's stories & 33 eps of Inspector Morse.
On page 50 of 282 of Last Bus to Woodstock, by Colin Dexter
Colin Kaepernick is refusing to win a game until black oppression is ended in America. . What a true hero.
Crime fiction does justice to Colin Dexter and Jeffrey Deaver
Inspector Morse is back! We review The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter:
I'm getting better at 'Where's Colin Dexter?', saw him in three series 2 episodes (out of four) of Endeavour
The Daughters of Cain a Superb New Mystery--His Richest and Deepest Yet--From Colin Dexter, Featuring the
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Watched the pilot & series 1 of Endeavour and my 'Where's Colin Dexter?' -score is 2/5. Hopefully better luck with series 2
does justice to Colin Dexter and Jeffrey Deaver: lifetime achievement awards
Massive congrats to our own his Strand Critics lifetime achievement award!
The Riddle of the Third Mile by Colin Dexter and Chris Brown, Signed First Editi
Congrats to on his Critics Award nomination for best 1st novel!
Apparently Colin Dexter makes cameo appearances in Inspector Morse and Lewis too
I'm watching Endeavour and trying to catch Colin Dexter's every cameo appearance. This is a bit like 'Where's Wally?'
Big congrats to Recipient of Lifetime Achievement award from
FORTY THIEVES is nominated for a Strand Critics award! Congrats to Thomas Perry & to all the other nominees as well.
Huge gratitude to & judges 4 nominating PAST CRIMES for a Strand Critics Award!
DISCLAIMER by is a finalist for Critics Award for Best First Novel!
Congrats to does justice to Colin Dexter and Jeffrey Deaver
I guess maybe someone at 'Dexter' saw the 'Mad Men' stuff and thought,...
Excited to see on the shortlist for Strand best first mystery novel.
& Colin Dexter at the Blenheim literary festival in September.
does this work as a cryptic clue? Finger pointing hidden by Colin Dexter (5). Probably extremely simple but it's my first go!
It’ll be murder trying to track down city’s Cluedo suspects: WAS it Colin Dexter in the Ashmolean with a samur...
H.P. Lovecraft + Colin Dexter. Could they mix? Could Morse 'endeavour' to solve this sort of crime? Would they need help of some kind?
I imagine Dexter and Colin Milburn would have scored a couple of centuries worth nominating too.
3 of 5 stars to Last Bus to Woodstock by Colin Dexter
finished Inspector Morse: The first three novels by Colin Dexter and gave it 5 stars
Yeah, avidly read all of Christie, Ngaio Marsh, D L Sayers, P D James Colin Dexter and Ruth Rendell.
Kai, warren, Rhoden, and Dexter and Jonny Jackson probably my top 5 favs. Personally I love branch warren, reminds me of Colin 😂
Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse books are also good, also can't go wrong with Agatha Christie's Poirot or Miss Marple series
1980 First US Edition of Service of all the Dead by Colin Dexter
Finished reading 'The Riddle of the Third Mile', an Inspector Morse mystery by Colin Dexter. Pure genius. Wish I had mind 4 plots like his!
Dexter Fowler is 17-for-45 with 15 BB in his last 13 games. Line is .378/.533/.556 in that stretch.
5 of 5 stars to Death Is Now My Neighbor by Colin Dexter
omg so Colin Hanks will be Dexter's new victim??? Yas this season is going to be badass
Dexter Fowler walks twice in loss to Recap:
Electronic Device Insurance
Just heard Colin Dexter talk about his time at Stamford. Quite inspiring. He will be at Chapel tomorrow
Goodreads x2 "Inspector Morse would have enjoyed this." Colin Dexter.
Still sorting scripts as I procrastinate, find this note from Colin Dexter, on his fav extracts, Tess, Jane Eyre...
Love , Colin Dexter, , , but just shades it for me.
I can't watch Colin Hanks on Mad Men without thinking of Dexter
1980 Service of all the Dead by Colin Dexter First US Edition
Reading "Last Bus to Woodstock" by Colin Dexter. Yes, I know, about time.
On page 50 of 326 of Last Seen Wearing, by Colin Dexter
I didn't spot Colin Dexter in last nights new Lewis! Did I miss him? Where? When?
Yeah. Very nice place. Colin Dexter spent a lot of time there and a few episodes of Inspector Morse were filmed there I think.
.tomorrow, visiting something called Tons of green action going on in this sleepy city. Colin Dexter is spoiled
yeah, and breaking bad. Weeds. Dexter.
4 of 5 stars to The Jewel That Was Ours by Colin Dexter
Colin and dexter took up my whole *** bed last night so i had to sleep curled up in the corner
For Ron Savory, Paula Savory Carey Beor, my last five books... The Remorseful Day Colin Dexter . The Name of...
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- the strength of great characters, Well done, Colin Dexter.
watching Colin Hanks on Dexter now, and I agree!
Dexter Filken's forensically insightful New Yorker piece on ISIS & the Kurds shows just how inept US policy has been
Do you keep having to walk past Colin Dexter?
Bleak House taught me about the good and evil in man | Colin Dexter Request it here
…almost certainly Mr Dexter….but we have to be careful as Grandad Colin BBQs everything
I was already 50/50 pp/NHS by mid 80s B4 buying my practice. Influenced by Mr. Frank Taylor and likes of Colin Hall Dexter.
I love Colin Hanks in Dexter. At first he’s really cute and nice and then evil and hot. He’s just really great.
we feel the same! based on Colin Dexter, Oxford seems to have more in common with Sunnydale than you'd imagine.
TV Shows created by Colin Dexter with 0 titles to watch.
So do you like the how Dexter or Sons of Anarchy?
I would love to talk to Colin Hanks about "Hello, *** for like a good half hour.
Colin Hanks just reminds me of season 6 of Dexter
In the end settled for The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter.
I was fine with the second to last season. I just wish they would have ended it with Dexter going with Harrison & Hannah
A portrait of the author Colin Dexter. The Morse bar at the .
- 'Last Seen Wearing' by Colin Dexter, an Inspector Morse mystery.
Monty's Revolver, Colin Dexter Short Stories - So no murder & everybody wins? But who was in on the plan?
10:45 Colin Dexter Short Stories: When a special gun is auctioned, one collector ends up facing the wrong end of the…
Colin Hanks has made for a pretty good villain. Not as good as John Lithgow in season 4, but good non the less.
Colin Dexter. Love how he sneaks into each episode.
I've managed to survive a brief trip to Oxford without meeting a sticky end in the manner of a Colin Dexter character
Dear diary, just finished dexter not sure what to do with my life now
'Last Bus to Woodstock' by Colin Dexter, the first Inspector Morse mystery.
If you missed The Definite Articles with Pat Cash and Colin Dexter, have no fear, the mystery has been smashed here:
Colin Dexter gives his definitive answers to our probing questions via
Think I may kill off otisthefirst today. Having a Colin Dexter moment.
Colin Dexter is in Mail Weekend mag and mentions pride at getting Freedom of Oxford. I was there, 2001! A great read for fans, P78.
Oh and freaky creepy Travis from Dexter (aka Colin Hanks)
Colin Hanks in looks so much like his pops.
read The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn (Inspector Morse by Colin Dexter and gave it 4 stars
'People always think I'm cleverer than I am because of the Morse plots' Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter gi...
is it me or is Colin Montgomery looking a lot like Laura Davies these days?
Get your hands on these signed copies of Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse up for grabs at Elder Stubbs Festival Raffle!
A good old British detective episode,... like Endeavour Morse, the young Morse, based upon the character created by Colin Dexter
Love Morse, Lewis and now Endeavour! Thanks for the hours of entertainment.
Part of me thinks I should not read all the Inspector novels by Colin Dexter in one go, but should watch other DVDs first.
Today I watched "Service Of All The Dead" by Colin Dexter. Not as satisfying as I had expected, because it's very close to the book..
I have finished reading "Service of All the Dead" by Colin Dexter. Complicated, but increasingly clear as it hurtled to its climax.
«There's always time for one more pint. - Chief Inspector Morse» — Colin Dexter
If you don't put sunscreen on Colin Dexter are you burning a CD?.
How did I miss this? one else should play Inspector Morse, says his creator Colin Dexter via
Colin Dexter meets Susan Hill. Thank you Endeavour. You make me so happy.
there's an idea though . . . a cut-up using Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse novels.
At the moment I'm reading The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn by Colin Dexter, the third book in the Inspector Morse series.meh!
One of the best lines I've ever heard. Just watching 'Inspector Morse' on ITV3. Still one of the superior police dramas. Morse to Lewis. "Allowing the pages of The Sun to pass before your eyes, does not amount to reading". Brilliant! Thank you Colin Dexter.
77,613 people could have seen 'Colin Dexter' since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.
the 1st mention of 'Colin Dexter' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United Kingdom!
Another excellent love the way Colin Dexter still pops up!
Colin Dexter's cameos are less subtle in than in Morse. That aside, a 1960s dept store would NOT have misspelt "instalments"!
Endeavour - I think John Thaw will be looking down with a smile of approval. Even Colin Dexter has a cameo. Brilliant show.
Hats off to Colin Dexter Endeavor was bloody brilliant tonight
wahey ! watching Endeavour, who else likes playing " spot Colin Dexter " ? I win !! lol
Anyone else spot Colin Dexter making Hitchcock like appearances in Endeavor
Spotting Colin Dexter! (Creator of Morse.) Tonight he was on a bus. He always had a cameo in Morse too!
Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. Interesting additions to the Dexter line up...
the key for every episode - can you find Colin Dexter ? Pops up in every episode of Morse, Lewis & now Endeavour!
Colin Dexter is in every episode, you have to keep an eye out for him.
I love spotting Colin Dexter in episodes of
where was the bus going ? Woodstock!! carrying Colin Dexter and also Karen Matthew as featured in way through the woods. Clever
Watching 'Endeavour' - nice to see Colin Dexter is still making his cameo appearances, as he did in 'Morse' :-)
Used to love watching morse n looking out for Colin dexter the author as he always had a cameo in it, watching endeavour and just sorted Colin dexter In it, made my day that did
I reckon Colin Dexter is the murderer...
Tiny cameo by Colin Dexter there as 'man on the bus' in They do like to tease.
Just spotted Mr Colin Dexter on the bus in
Hands up if you spotted Colin Dexter on the bus in ?
Did you spot Colin Dexter on the bus?
Colin Dexter was not in the first act
Just spotted Colin Dexter in the latest episode of Endeavour. I'd love it if he was the killer
More rewatching season 2 now.. how come Colin Hanks always plays the religious guy in shows (Dexter)..
Today I'm walking along the Bridgewater canal with Colin Dexter
Colin Hanks is adorable. But not sure I like him as a bad guy on "Dexter"...
I'll never be able to see Colin Hanks as anyone but The Doomsday Killer from Dexter.
Bloody *** I didn't realise the man who plays Travis Marshall in S6 of Dexter is Colin Hanks... TOM HANKS' SON
Dexter?"Miami police are investigating 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, 2 others in incident at hotel. No charges have been filed."
I laugh at Colin Hanks because he was freaking terrible in
Miami police investigating Colin Kaepernik for assault. He's an NFL QB, so he'll get off. But he better keep his eyes open for Dexter.
Today's NOOK Daily Find offer is 80% off the first 3 novels of the Inspector Morse crime series by Colin Dexter:
Watching season 6 of and I don't this . .i prefer
My dad has done a bad thing getting me into Colin Dexter. 2.5 Insp. Morse books this week = less clean house, fuller inbox, weird dreams.
BTW - The Colin Dexter books are fabulous!!!
Upon hearing that Colin Hanks was gonna be on "But he's a serial killer!!"
“Next year we should have Colin Kaepernick throw out the first pitch and Richard Sherman catch it. For old times' sake.”😂😂
Yeah I'm still not over Colin Hanks's bad role.
Watching Colin Hanks on Dexter. It's crazy how much he looks like his dad. All of the facial expressions are identical!
The colleges had to change their names when Colin Dexter obtained the copyright for their use in Morse.
Dexter, Arrow “Tokyo_Trev: What's that one horrible series you can't stop watching?”
that is to me short term planning. So you work at the script then colin dexter would look at it. Then readthrough and filming
MT Morse series inspired copy-cat killings. The police called in Colin Dexter to solve the cases
oh no! I've spotted Colin Dexter in every other episode but not Nocturne!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What I want to know is why Colin Dexter wasn't a suspect. He was in that museum too!
Hi, how can I write to Colin dexter? I'd love to get an autograph from him for my child called dexter as he's named after him.
You are a legend! is the best TV there is ANYWHERE. If I can create such characters myself I'll be one happy bunny!
Top class writing and performances in tonight's Endeavour return. Plus the usual Colin Dexter cameo
I'm not sure I want to live in a world where Colin Hanks is on Dexter.
It was an exceptional episode. I think Colin Dexter would have liked it.
Need to get the Colin Dexter books out, never worked out the killer!
Finding Colin Dexter's cameos in each week adds another challenge to this wonderful drama, back for 2nd series.
none of these eyewitnesses is saying "and I saw Colin Dexter"
Spotted Colin Dexter at the start of
Colin Dexter in the opening credits in the museum
Well that Colin Dexter cameo was way too early...
That's on on .looking amazing even in the rain... Did you spot Colin Dexter?
Settling down to Eneavour...already spotted Colin Dexter!
They are fantastic. I've just spotted Colin Dexter!
Colin Dexter on the bench in the park” I was right!
It is so shame that Colin Dexter stopped writing crime novels. I am a big fan of his books.
I am sure I spotted Colin Dexter sitting on a bench when Endeavour and Thursday walked past!
did you see Colin Dexter on the bench, the author of the Morse books, Hitchcock moment
How much do I love Colin Dexter's wonderful creation of Morse? Endeavour is just superb
Colin Dexter's ban on future versions of Morse ruins my idea for Morse's brain wired into a Jag. Think Knightrider meets My Mother the Car.
Love it. Did you see Colin Dexter sitting on the bench?
Bless him, Colin Dexter is the least subtle extra in the business.
Pleased to see Colin Dexter lurking in - as he should :-).
Colin Dexter. Failing miserably to look inconspicuous since 1987.
Colin Dexter making his appearance again!! Love spotting him in Morse.
Colin Dexter - the Stan Lee of British crime thrillers.
Colin Dexter on the bench in the park
Colin Dexter still popping up for cameos then
Colin Dexter spotted on a park bench Endeavour
shamefully never read the Colin Dexter novels of Morse but love the complexities of the plot
For all sleuthing enthusiasts I finished my latest Ruth Rendell on holiday & am now challenging myself with completing all of Colin Dexter's
Now realise are discussing the very issue I was thinking about on Ob's She Said: which characters last?
Can't believe we are sat with Colin Dexter in The Morse Bar!
Dexter is so good, almost done with the show!
Re Morse: 'Why do some fictional characters fight to live on?' I just wondered on new Obs blog She Said:
Colin Dexter says no one else can play Morse, so why do some fictional characters live on? via Said
Colin Dexter has apparently written a clause into his will so that no one can play Morse on screen or stage.
Crime TV Dramas from the 1990s created by Colin Dexter with 0 titles to watch.
Colin Dexter's decision a while back to stop actors playing Morse after his death just surfaced on Today. Imagine Shakespeare had done same!
Colin Dexter doesn't want anyone else to be Morse, P D James doesn't want another writer finishing her books, fairplay it's their ip
Interesting to hear about Colin Dexter and the Morse Clause on
The case of Colin Dexter never wanting anyone other than Thaw to play Morse is interesting because Thaw is not very much like the books.
Piece coming up on about Morse and Colin Dexter, crime fans!
No other Morse(s)? In that case, may continue until is at least 45
what do you think of Tom Hanks' son Colin as Travis Marshall on Dexter?
can you ask about the clause in the contract by Colin Dexter re rights to play Morse
Morning snuggles with Colin and Dexter are the best!
Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse, has put in his will that no actor can play Morse after he's gone (John Thaw died already, sadly)
Didn't know that. I wonder if Colin Dexter has decided since then that he doesn't want anyone else to play him?
I've done that tour!! I am not ashamed! Last year. It was FAB. But we did not see Colin Dexter.
... Seeing Colin Dexter accidentally run into a 20-strong Morse tour group! He was like a pop star!
It has to be the new opening of the new Museum with Colin Dexter's speech! Amazing!
Morse creator Colin Dexter has clause in his will saying no-one else can play the detective. Do you have any unusual inst…
Dexter forbids anyone other than Thaw to play Morse. Imagine Gary Oldman in a US-drama-standard reboot
Colin Dexter has clause in will that no actor other than Thaw and Evans can play Inspector Morse. No one can ever compete with Thaw imho.
Inspector Morse writer Colin Dexter has banned any actor from ever playing the part again as a legacy to actor John Thaw aka Morse
It's kinda funny how no one EVER says bye gettin off the phone in Dexter
Colin Dexter will not allow another actor to play the famous detective .
The Morse code: No other actors will be allowed to play Colin Dexter’s detective after the late John Thaw
Finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & slunk back to Colin Dexter. Guy used *** brown" to describe a skirt in the first 5 pages
Dexter beats out prison break in my book. What a fkn show.
thinking of you Dex, hope you begin on the road to recovery x
Cerebral Suspenseful TV Dramas created by Colin Dexter with 0 titles to watch.
Exam scam shown on "Panorama" recalls a whodunit by Colin Dexter, who was a former exam board fraud investigator
might want to check the spelling of "Colin Dexter"
I'm on air now, we're talking to the creators of keeping you floodwise and talking to Colin Dexter about the return of
Last yr I met the author Colin Dexter. I surprised him by turning up in the Jaguar & taking him for a drive.
Anybody reading something good today? I'm finishing the LAST Inspector Morse mystery by Colin Dexter.i'm pretty sure he dies.
13432 Morse's greatest Mystery / Colin Dexter bit of a con as only half these short stories feature the grumpy drinkdriving detective
Actually, since my guy is called Dexter, maybe we can get him and Colin together to write some books
itv3. I do love 'morse'. My fav detective stories by COLIN DEXTER.
I'm on old favourites - alternating between Colin Dexter and Georgette Heyer. It's like reading comfort food.
Set of 13 Colin Dexter "Inspector Morse The Complete Collection" books. Bought at a charity event, many years ago. Have lots of book collections that I've actually read, but this one has remained sealed, as never that interested. So will sell them for £20. Wellington/Taunton. (Individual titles on request)
First anyone who knows me, Lyn Bennett Wilson, knows that I am a mystery buff. (mystery fanatic really) I cut my teeth on Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allan Poe when I was at the age of 14. I could not get enough of mystery stories or mystery series. Because of my chosen occupation, that of fiber artist, I watch a lot of mystery series. I would like to recommend PBS Masterpiece Mystery “Endeavour” to the readers of “Movie Whimsey”. It is a very well done series. I watched the first series from start to finish in snowy, cold, winter days. It is a thoroughly engaging TV program. As the Brits say; a “cracking” great mystery, with thoughtful plot lines. Not overwrought with emotion, treats the viewer as someone with a brain not just a stuffed potato. Endeavour is the story of the young “Inspector Morse” a series based on the books written by Colin Dexter. It is true to the original work and leads the viewer carefully through how the irascible “Morse” came into being. How his love of ...
Endeavour is a television detective series which is a prequel to the long-running adaptation of Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse novels. Endeavour is produced by Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece for ITV Studios.
A lovely bit of self-indulgence: watching episode 23 of the BBC's Inspector Morse (starring as lead) the late, great John Thaw & his right hand man, Sgt. Lewis (Kevin Whately, whom Morse fans will know to have his own series currently). The beauty of this specific episode ( & they are all beautiful, 1way or another) is that it is set in Italy. I am honored to belong to a group of Morse, Lewis, & now, from the latest offering to originate from Colin Dexter's novels, Endeavour (a prequel, no less) fans. Not only does this episode afford me Oxford scenic vistas that I've come to relish, but its Italian counterparts as well. Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse of the Thames Valley Police, purportedly cantankerous but equally as accomplished. . . The thinking, the cultured person's detective.
Today is J.R.R. Tolkiens birthday, he was born in 1892. Not to far from Banbury Road in North Oxford, where I lived for six years, is Wolvercote Cementry, where Tolkien among others are buried. This cementry also plays a role in many of the books and films about Inspector Morse, (the author Colin Dexter was my neighbour (One of his books was called 'Death is now my neighbour' incidentally). Other notables resting there are philosophers Isaiah Berlin and H.L.A. Hart. When I was a student there, I visited the place occassionally. At that time Tolkien was not the highest-earning dead author in Britain. His very unassuming gravestone was littered with cigarette ends and inscriptions, and did not get much attention from the public apparently.
New movies for January 02, 2014 Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) After crazed killer Michael Myers's niece gives birth, she turns the baby over to Tommy Doyle to save the child from Michael. Living with the Strode family, Tommy suspects the evil force that drove Michael to murder now curses young Danny Strode. Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen (2005) This biopic chronicles how the shrewd Virgin Queen assumed the throne of a nation in turmoil, stabilized the economy, earned her subjects' devotion and manipulated a succession of suitors to political advantage. Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour (2012) Shaun Evans steps into John Thaw's shoes as the younger version of Colin Dexter's iconic creation, Inspector Morse, shedding new light on the origins of the detective famed for his love of crosswords, classical music, real ale and classic cars. American Masters: Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (2012) As host of "The Tonight Show" for 30 years, Johnny Carson was seen by more people on more occasions th ...
"The whiskey tasted good and she told herself that however powerful the arguments for total abstinence might be, few could challenge the fact that after alcohol the world almost invariably appeared a kinder, friendlier place." Colin Dexter, Inspector Morse series.
Inspector Endeavour Morse is a fictional character in the eponymous series of detective novels by British author Colin Dexter, as well as the 33-episode 1987–2000 television drama Inspector Morse, with the character played by John Thaw. Morse is a senior CID (Criminal Investigation Department) offic...
May 3, 2012 - A single nuclear weapon has “gone missing” as of last week, one of four missing but this one “more missing” than the other folks. The Thames Valley Police, well-known for their fictional representations in the Colin Dexter detective novels, detained a substantial ranking government security officer, department to continue to be unnamed, at the behest of what we are told is the Property Secretary. Time we place a contact in to Inspector Lewis? Morse, played by John Thaw, would in no way have permitted such a factor. John Thaw was always a favourite and his pub of alternative, The Trout outdoors Oxford is a good halt off, you can misplace a nuke, torture a spy, this time one of your own, and make it property with fish and chips. A nuclear weapon that wasn’t supposed to exist, a single 500 kiloton hydrogen bomb, one of four being tracked, was seen being loaded at the German port of Bemerhaven, Germany. The groups assisting in what we were informed was a counter-terrorism surveillance ...
The first three books in the legendary Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter. For just Rs 349 on the Kindle!
nspector Morse (TV series) Inspector Morse Genre Crime Drama Created by Colin Dexter Tony Warren Based on the novel series by Colin Dexter Developed by Anthony Minghella K Inspector Morse is a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter. It starred John Thaw as Chief Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis. The series comprises 33 two-hour episodes (100 minutes excluding commercials) — 20 more episodes than there are novels – produced between 1987 and 2000. Dexter made uncredited cameo appearances in all but three of the episodes. The series first shown on Britain's ITV network, was made by Zenith Productions for Central Independent Television. Later, it was produced by Carlton UK Productions between 1995 and 1996. Towards the series end, it was made by Carlton and WGBH. Every episode involved a new murder investigation featuring several guest stars, and showed a complete story. Writer Anthony Minghella scripted three including the first, The Dead ...
This summer, I am going to re-read all the MORSE books by Colin Dexter. There. I *think* I have them all. Hurrah! Superb plan.
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It has been a great summer weekend for us. Didn't go anywhere but our back garden where we weeded, played and had lunch with sparkling wine. Also I started to read a new book, Death is Now My Neighbour by Colin Dexter. I have been watching Lewis on tv but never read his book. So far so good, I must say.
Thank to all the people who made my weekend wonderful. Colin, Pam, Chris, Jo, Paul, Kyle, Sophie, Dexter & not forgetting Mr Sunshine!
I just bought: 'Inspector Morse: The first three novels' by Colin Dexter via
And the most blatant and significant Colin Dexter cameo yet. Might have a new favourite episode...
What is a good movie or tv show to watch?!?! Need something good to watch and keep me occupied after I finish Supernatural
Well I finally watched the end of dexter season 6. Sweet lord what a shocker!!! I'm now going to have to watch the next 12 episodes now. There's no way I'm waiting!!! 󾌸
Dexter season 6... Good, but not a patch on Trinity! (John Lithgow is awesome... Way better than the lesser of the 2 "Hanks" actors)... Great final last shot tho! Can't wait to see season 7! As Claire says " Colin is to Tom as Jaden is to Will". Bloody *** he's not that precocious! ;-)
I think It's gonna be a "Walking Dead" weekend,I actually needed this to catch up. Now if they could just do this w/ "Dexter" life would be amazing!
Long overdue, but here's the video of what may very well have been LiT's final performance. Montmartre by Dexter Gordon, with David B. and David R. on trumpet and tenor (respectively), Farshad on piano, Colin on drums, and guest bassist Nate Goudreault (my apologies if your name is spelled wrong).
Wow, so finished season 4 of Dexter w/John Lithgow. Amazing, yet...? Actually need to take a break and heal a bit before watching more. Never knew that Frankie Avalon song could invoke such creepiness. Still again, Wow. John Lithgow-horrifying/fasinating performance
Good day at sarnia kennel club. Acee the basset grp 4th. Scholar colle BOB for 2 points Doki boxer best of breed. DEXTER STD SCHNAUZER BEST IN SHOW. YaY Congratulations to clive and mary davis on there best in show. It was a pleasure showing dexter for you
It goes against my notions of gallantry to allow a fool to bad mouth a woman. ^THAT, is what I want to hear a man say, in real life :|
Off to Italy thank f..k been a long time coming. Dexter off on his holidays to with Colin Bruce and Fiona McLellan he'll love that...
So many of you know that I'm moving to Brisbane in September, and today I started going through my stuff and was faced with the mountain of stuff that I won't be able to store or take with me, mostly books and dvds. Take advantage of me and take a bunch off my hands really cheap :)   Movies $2 each or deal for multiple   Friday Night Lights A Midsummer Night's Dream Elf       (Will Ferrell) Gattaca Stranger than Fiction Bewitched A Single Man       (Colin Firth) LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Shakespeare in Love Rocky Balboa Black Sheep Battle of Britain Airheads       (Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler) Walk the Line Eastern Promises       (Naomi Watts) The Aristocats Twilight Lantana Takeaway Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Angels & Demons   Just Added: Ace Ventura Pet Detective Animatrix: 9 Animated Short Films Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones Transformers (special edition with deluxe case) Evita (with soundtrack CD) Chicago (with soundtrack CD) Phantom of the Opera (with soun ...
I can't tell if I'm feeling stressed or just watching too much Dexter. I'll mull it over during the next episode.
Well Big Brother... That "Big Secret" was positively rotten to say the least!! Regurgitate something you have done LOADS before!! So let's hope Dexter and Gina go in and stir it right up!!
Whos good and reasonable priced at nails and lashes?
expect to hear abit of basshunter and Black is Back! at this house party tonight with people doing jumpstyle everywhere!
Dexter.last season and I am kinda disappointed. I think it's because I know its going to end and I dont want the end to be a big let down like the past epic shows.The Sopranos.Lost.Seinfeld.and the biggest.king of queens.
Two thoughts: 1. Collin Hanks must think I'm stalking him at all his exercise classes since I've seen him at Pilates and spin this week. 2. The two times I've sat down to eat today and turned on the tv, The Five Year Engagement has been on and I can't decide if I love it or if it depresses me.
Very productive day thanks to Denise Collum and gran and grandad Purves for giving me an almost Ava free day met baby dexter this morning who is just so sweet and tinny made homemade fish cakes for tea thanks to Jamie Blackie for the fish supply, changed the bed finished some ironing then packed my hospital bag!! All set now :)
Colin Hanks and wife have welcomed their second child.
Previous cast members join the current cast to reminisce about Dexter.
Me too. I do like how Colin Dexter has kept referring to him though. Also, Colin's cameo roles in the episodes :~)
Was still watching the brilliant season 5 Breaking Bad way past 3am ..slow later than usual time of starting the day ..time to wake up and go for the morning run .Enjoy the day friends .
Finished up my S08E01 review on Dexter and went through way too many gifs of Jennifer Carpenter.
I don't know where they're going with the final season of Dexter, but as usual, I don't like it.
I really love Lewis and Morse, call me a nerd but Colin Dexter is brilliant
Watching Dexter... Sorry Ted couldn't wait for you. Mike Neil
John Lithgow, Julie Benz, Colin Hanks, Jaime Murray, Christian Camargo and Erik King join the current cast to reminisce about Dexter.
They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and so fans of ITV's detective show Lewis will appreciate the final nod to it's predecessor Inspector Morse.
In the Inspector Lewis Series 6 finale, Intelligent Design, as seen on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery, the hit-and-run of a brilliant biochemist is actually a hit-and-murder, and Lewis and Hathaway must find out who was behind the wheel.
Happy Birthhday, Dennis. Enjoy your special day ... and may you have many more happy, healthy years ahead!!
SPORT Warriors make Buffaloes pay for clutch mistakes Last Updated on 01 July 2013 By HS Manjunath In an exciting finish that stretched right down to the wire, Extra Joss Warriors nudged out Post Buffaloes 57-53 in a Cambodian Basketball League encounter at the Beeline Arena on Saturday. It was a see-sawing battle all along with the lead changing hands frequently, but poor field goal scoring rates from both sides led to a mad rush in the last few minutes of the final quarter. With a minute to go, the Buffaloes lost the ball twice in succession and, as if to punish them for those errors, Fred Babida produced two lay ups to give the Warriors a decisive advantage. Yet, it wasn’t all lost for the Buffaloes even at that late stage. Tino Pheng was fouled on his three-point attempt. The ball went in and the basket was counted. Pheng also clicked with a bonus free throw and the Buffaloes were as close as 53-54 with 30 seconds left on the clock. The full court press that the Buffaloes deployed got them a steal . ...
Sitting on the couch watching boy meets world with Wayne and Maggie is laying between us!!!
Not sure I actually enjoy this season of Dexter's plot twist. It had to end somehow, but this is just another stretch. Should have just deleted last season and kept Colin Hanks on and stretched it out that way.
TV SHOW DEXTER--DEBRA MORGAN--played by JENNIFER CARPENTER: This series- for years good at times brilliant (but not lately) has ruined one of, if not THE most, interesting female character in the history of television. The brilliant JENNIFER CARPENTER (who should win an Emmy for her Season 8, Episode 1 performance) makes you BELIEVE and FEEL everything. Tonight she was otherworldly, and demonstrated that great actors can sometimes overcome mediocre or even poor writing. The writing staff has gone crazy with her character over the last 1.5 seasons. They've given her such preposterous character choices and situations, because they've written themselves into story corners they can't get out of. So they've sacrificed the truth of her character, in an attempt to keep the show going. And while that may serve the studios and showtime, and keep the machine operating, I don't think it serves the truth of the characters that Jeff Lyndsey has created, don't think it serves the fans, either--better to go out on top a ...
So The Wire taught me that Dexter talks on the phone too much and Game of Thrones taught me Murder has a bigger impact when it doesn't happen every week.
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