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Colin Cowherd

Colin Murray Cowherd (born January 6, 1964) is an American sports radio personality.

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Heard it on the Colin cowherd podcast. Chris Broussard reported it. It was in place. they wanted a commitment from LeBron
If Colin Cowherd really does hate Notre Dame, why does he always mention them? via /r/CFB
Colin Cowherd, did you lose respect for Terrell Owens today as a man or athlete, is so say so.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. says he will sue if Conor McGregor fights dirty - -…
He's basically waving the white flag. Colin Cowherd didn't even know Henne was still in the league as of two weeks…
Colin Cowherd picks Ohio State to win the National Championship:
Colin Cowherd says: Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions isn't taking this fight with McGregor serious. And...
Stephen A. is on the radio at the same time as Colin Cowherd out here. Makes me suicidal.
Wait is the new chief of staff just bald colin cowherd
The man who denies everything is suddenly silent.
Colin Cowherd went from a pretty decent expert on ESPN, to an open cat lover, to a pile of garbage on Fox Sports.
Best of The Herd with Colin Cowherd on FS1 | August 16th 2017 | THE HERD
I added a video to a playlist Colin Cowherd explains decision to leave ESPN, join Fox Sports | THE
Rams gave way too much to Buffalo Bills in Sammy Watkins trade, says Colin Cowherd
At Big Ten Media Days, Fox's Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson had some criticisms for colleague Colin Cowherd:
'LeBronzo' in Los Angeles? Broussard and Cowherd explain why it could make sense
Colin cowherd is trying to actively court conservative sports fans. His issue with R…
Don't let the fact that FOX is wasting millions of dollars on Colin Cowherd distract you from the fact that he's really…
Jay Cutler was a sign that the Dolphins believe in their team right now
Fox Sports - Hear why Colin Cowherd has high praise for this year's... Powered by WPeMatico...
Colin Cowherd just dropped the weirdest analogy ever. According to Colin, Jay Cutler is Nicholas Cage and Kap is Christopher Walken. HUH?!
Colin Cowherd thinks Mayweather wins every round and McGregor lands very few punches. I disagree, with no elaboration. Lol
Actually Colin cowherd said it first like last week.
If Stephen A smith debated Colin Cowherd over Lebron talks ! Now that would be like Floyd fighting Lomanchenko.
I remember vividly Colin Cowherd said that Lavine was like a young Jordan with a better 3 point shot.
Do you agree with on his 'Top 5 Quarterbacks in College Football' rankings?
Colin Cowherd is comparing Jay Cutler to Nicolas Cage and Colin Kaepernick to Christopher Walken right now, happy Thursday y'all
Wire: Floyd Mayweather Sr. says they will sue Conor McGregor if he fights dirty playerpress
I finally figured it out. John F. Kelly looks like Colin Cowherd's disappointed dad
List of some of the people I would die to meet: Ernie Johnson Jr., Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Chris Broussard, Bill Simmons, Cari Champion
Colin Cowherd is on a limb with this.
Colin Cowherd doesn’t have Alabama or FSU as his preseason No. 1 team
Bro. Shannon Sharpe, Eddie House, Colin Cowherd and couple reporters on ESPN are sending mad shots at him for no re…
Colin Cowherd thinks Andrew Luck should force his way out of Indy like another local star.
Colin Cowherd says Paul George will rent a house in OKC instead of buying one. Los Angeles his next destination? 👀 (via…
Colin Cowherd to Russell Westbrook is like Skip Bayless to Lebron James. Hate blinds you from the truth!
Joel Klatt stands up for Iowa on Colin Cowherd's show today. draft two
If Nick Wright & Colin Cowherd actually credit LeBron for "getting Kyrie going" by being awful for 6 quarters, I'll never…
John Wall continuously making Colin Cowherd look like a fool is honestly one of my favorite things in sports.
Wizards beat reporter rips into Colin Cowherd after more John Wall criticism (VIDEO)
Going through these Colin Cowherd mentions like..
Colin Cowherd just said James Harden = Danny Granger...I almost crashed my whip
Colin Cowherd said James Harden is the same player as Danny Granger. Seriously...he ACTUALLY said that. He clearly watch…
Will Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd ever get tired of their scripted arguments about Lebron James?
Colin Cowherd explains why Lonzo Ball\'s $495 shoes might not be a terrible investment. (SPEEDonFOX)
.. if Stugotz had sex with Colin Cowherd... Jim Brockmire would be born.
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Colin Cowherd gets me so worked up every time I hear him talk about sports on media 😭😅 he's so 🚮
Being completely wrong about John Wall will be Colin Cowherd's only legacy.
Mt. Rushmore of most overrated and possibly annoying sports commentators: . Bomani Jones, Colin Cowherd, Jemele Hill... Jemele Hill again
bro I haven't enjoyed a show as much as since sportsnation had Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle. Your show is the 💩
I rock with FS1 cuz Shannon Sharp, Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright be spitting the facts about brons greatness while everyone else ignores it
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Dan Le Batard, Ron Jaworski, Colin Cowherd, Chris Berman. These are the guys that make me despise ESPN.
NO, Michael Smith and Jemele Hill SUCK, Colin Cowherd left, stupid entertainment over sports!
Colin Cowherd just went on Fox Sports and gave the Oklahoma City Thunder the type of credit he's never given them...
YO CLARK GO ON YOUTUBE AND WATCH "Colin Cowherd you cannot blame Durant for leaving Westbrook in Oklahoma City
Colin Cowherd just said on his show that Troy Aikman is better than Aaron Rodgers 😂
This might be the only time the Indianapolis Colts fans agree with Colin Cowherd.
C'mon James. You're channeling your inner Colin Cowherd with this Phil Rivers stuff. He ain't…
If you're w huge Lebron James fan then Colin Cowherd's show is for you lol
I love Colin Cowherd we be on the same page 90% of the time
Colin Cowherd is like Lebron James and Skip Bayless is like a bench player on the 76ers
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney calls out Colin Cowherd over "fraud" comment about
I've seen a whole lot of people piling on Cowherd today. This post pretty well encapsolates my thoughts.
"Sports unite us, Politics divide us." -Colin Cowherd. couldn't agree more. Just another reason why the two shouldn't…
With egg on face, Colin Cowherd explains commentators need to be interesting but not correct h…
Colin cowherd is a good example of when a fool is behind the mic
Dabo Swinney wastes no time after championship win, calls Colin Cowherd a "fraud"
Colin Cowherd called Clemson a fraud, so Dabo Swinney returned the favor after proving him wrong
Dabo straight-up calling out Colin Cowherd for calling Clemson a fraud. "The only fraud is that guy."
Watch Colin Cowherd respond to Clemson's Dabo Swinney calling him 'fraud'
Colin Cowherd should not be allowed to talk about Mike Tomlin or the Steelers ever again. He knows nothing.
Colin Cowherd breaks down the lack of maturity shown by Rose and much more right here.
Dabo giong in on Colin Cowherd is amazing.
Derrick Rose's lack of maturity makes his bizarre disappearance not a huge surprise. . --
Humble pie eaten by Colin Cowherd today. I will say, he's the 1 ex-ESPNer at FS1 I actually think was a good hire.
Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD -
Yep, Colin Cowherd addressed Dabo's postgame comments during his show on Tuesday
ICYMI: Last night Dabo Swinney used his platform to call Colin Cowherd a fraud:
WATCH: continues to criticize Mike Tomlin even after playoff win.
I liked a video Does Colin Cowherd owe Dabo Swinney and Clemson an apology? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
Dabo Swinney went in on Colin Cowherd for calling his team a 'fraud' 😳 😳 😳. (via
You can hear The Herd with Colin Cowherd every weekday from 12-3 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.
WATCH: Dabo Swinney calls Colin Cowherd a fraud during the post game press conference:
I usually can't stand Colin Cowherd. But in this instance I couldn't agree more.
Colin Cowherd took a shot at Mike Tomlin, saying Belichick has never had an assistant coach arrested. No, but he drafted…
Is guard Derrick Rose hindered by a lack of maturity?. LISTEN -->
Why would Dabo Swinney take away time from a once in a lifetime moment to scold Colin Cowherd?. --
Dabo just called Colin Cowherd a fraud in his postgame press conference. By name. "I hope you print that."
Dabo on Colin Cowherd: "Don't know him. Never met him. The only fraud is that guy bc he didn't do his homework. I hope…
I only watch FS1 for Colin Cowherd and Shannon Sharpe
Colin Cowherd made a great Billy Joel parody video called "Browns are a Dumpster Fire" making fun of all their QBs:. h…
mikepersinger: Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd: Cam Newton’s not a great quarterback. Here's how many QBs he says are…
.FS1's Colin Cowherd says he'd take 13 NFL QBs before Cam Newton
The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Joe Theismann on Tony Romo & Ben Roethlisberger on Antonio Brown: via
Guys like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless Stephen A Smith, etc. are now beginning to acknowledge the sport and cover it regularly
USC is bowl eligible. Back in September, Colin Cowherd called for Clay Helton to be fired. Yet another time ol Colin was wrong.
Losing in OT to No. 11 on the road is apparently getting exposed. Got it Cowherd. This is why Colin Cowherd is not worth you…
Can we expand it to include Patrick Kane, Bill Murray, Colin Cowherd and Jeff Fisher?
Biggest personality in sports, is the most idiotic promo I've seen since the Colin Cowherd promo. Go figure! Both…
Colin Cowherd grilling Buck Showalter ab being stubborn and Les Miles is his next guest.. this oughta be good
"Goodnight from Dodger stadium, please be sure to check out my friend Colin Cowherd's stance on Dominicans in baseball."
Colin Cowherd is probably the worst analyist i ever seen appear on TV its pretty disgusting
Also, this means incessant playoff tv ads for Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless, so that will be fun.
I'll just leave Colin Cowherd's AFC West prediction right here...
I'll throw my savings in on a rocket ship that will send you, Shannon Sharpe and Colin Cowherd to the moon. One-way…
Colin Cowherd had this as his pick of the week and a big Cowboys lost.
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can't wait for Colin Cowherd to eat his crow tomorrow...
Colin Cowherd keeps talking, Dak keeps winning. Both are trends likely to continue.
Stop listening to Colin Cowherd please Gio that man is an *** when it comes to affairs of my team
Lions will make the Playoffs Colin Cowherd said lol lol. Bill Belicheck 3-1 wit no Brady not bad
Colin cowherd sed Dallas was gon lose today
Colin Cowherd looks like he's silently congratulating himself for not calling police on prostitute that robbed him last night
"College football is better when Miami is good." Colin Cowherd 🔥🙌🏿
The UFC NEEDS Dana White to be in charge and here is why - 'The Herd'
Colin Cowherd act like he have a personal problem with Dez Bryant smh
The people you should also include in your article is media. Colin Cowherd to start with. He spoke poorly of Dez & other greats.
lol funny how Colin Cowherd swore up and down he was the next coming of Joe Montana.
...what was up with the one-hour Furman/Link show? And What about "The fellas?"And WHY so many stupid Colin Cowherd ads? WTHFSR
Colin Cowherd battles Skip Bayless as being the most noise making inaccurate sports pundits.
then ill say it colin cowherd is OVERRATED see how he likes that one
Colin Cowherd says he heard from Jerry Jones that Raiders will stay in Oakland because of Vegas' "transient populations."
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It doesn't matter how you promote or package Colin Cowherd.still uninformed blabber mouth.
Hello Jason, Describe what it's like Debating Colin Cowherd on FS1's Show "Speak For Yourself" during the week on TV?
please rip Colin Cowherd sometime on ur show. He is a hater and a fool. Ps- ur show is great I luv it and go Broncos
Also, I'm a Lebron fan but this dude Colin Cowherd is outta his mind. Jordan never beat a super team? 6 rings is 6 rings esp in the 90s
Can't wait to hear Colin Cowherd roast Iowa this week😂
This is why Colin Cowherd is completely right about Iowa. We suck.
WATCH: Colin Cowherd makes Michigan over Wisconsin his ‘lock of the year,’ says Wolverines will blow out the Badgers
another foolish call by the great Colin cowherd
I don't know which talk show I'm happier about not watching: Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, or Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock.
I love Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd arguing on the herd 😂😂😂
I could listen to Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright go on all day
Colin Cowherd has said Klay Thompson > CP3, Kyrie > Curry, and Centers aren't top 10 players of all-time. He's somethin…
Sileo stole that entire take about Swimming from Nick Young who was on Colin Cowherd day before yesterday.
Colin Cowherd absolutely decimated Chris Simms with one sentence | Bob's Blitz via
Colin Cowherd ranks the NFL QBs in five tiers. Where does QB Alex Smith stand?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I liked a video Colin Cowherd supports Terry Collins' decision to keep Matt Harvey in - 'The Herd'
Oh boy Colin Cowherd sure is edgy and hilarious. Like Dennis Leary with more sports,less joke theft and zero talent.
There is no way I will willingly watch that Jason Whitlock/Colin Cowherd show.
Joe Girardi loves Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock's new sports talk show.
Skip Bayless, Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Danny Kannell and Shaun King within the first few minutes
Alexis Lalas, Skip Bayless, Clay Travis, Colin Cowherd... Y'all not sure ESPN is better?!?!
I can't help but LOL at Fox Sports making Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock the faces of the network. Oh... and Skip Bayless coming soon. smh
Colin Cowherd you're a tool. Twellman thank you!!! Dempsey, Jones, Cameron never play for the US again
Scott Van Pelt strikes me as the type of guy who thinks he is cool and smart but actually probably agrees with Colin Cowherd a lot
Why is YOUR show not simulcast? When people talk about today's great hosts, they say Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and
Colin Cowherd : "To me the 2 most valuable players in the NBA are Lebron James & Chris Paul"
Colin Cowherd on why Steph Curry is not the NBA MVP.
Colin Cowherd and Cris Collinsworth have the exact same voice
Colin Cowherd says Lebron James is the most valuable player in NBA (Video)
ESPN becomes less and less entertaining every day. Stuart Scott, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and now Mike Tirico gone! Yikes!
"Speak for Yourself" with Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock launching June 13 at 6p ET:
Colin Cowherd also said that Butch Jones and Gus Malzahn would own nick Saban
why don't usually carry in the corner like a couple of gutless piece of you-know-what Colin Cowherd now you guys u act so tough
"Listen you *** your first mistake is assuming that Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless should be referred to as 'talent.'"
I don't know what Michael Smith said but I do know one thing. that Colin Cowherd is an as
I know this fool ain't talking about this candy *** Colin Cowherd
Two things I am certain of today: 1. It's Friday 2. Colin Cowherd will have an epic rant today.
Colin Cowherd thinks Conor McGregor is faking retirement because of dispute with UFC
"The Big 12 is a pillow fight, the SEC is a fist fight." - Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd is surprising me with his wisdom for once tonight. Guess there's a first time for everything
FS1 Doesn't seem like Colin Cowherd has gotten lost The Herd has more viewers on FS1 than when it was on ESPNU. The Herd is beating
YES !!! but as Colin Cowherd said him and Chip Kelly r the same guy ! Lol
I always knew there was a little Colin Cowherd in you
Will Colin Cowherd go 1st again in the Sports Radio Draft? Find out tomorrow when 32 PDs pick the nation's top 32 shows.
if Sam Bradford was on ebay nobody would bid for him - Colin Cowherd
wow Tim, a bunch in Colin cowherd in you tonight
Le Batard right though lol...nobody is listening to Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports Radio OR will be watching Skip Bayless on Fox Sports 1 lol
UFC is now stuck on a sports network building around Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, and Skip Bayless. Really in tune with…
FS1 is going under a drastic overhaul. First Colin Cowherd, now Skip Bayless, they're trying to be "edgy" or something.
This is unsurprisingly close to Colin Cowherd's John Wall takes
Colin Cowherd likes Goff . I trust his opinion lol
my dude Colin Cowherd said he's not good against the run at all
I really have to stop listening to Colin Cowherd. He's losing. He was reasonable before LA.
Colin cowherd just admitted that the sec plays real football? That's a first
Colin Cowherd been speaking facts lately I might start watching dude show lol
It's time to get over the gambling stigma and give Vegas an NFL team.
Roger Goodell said he doesn't pay attention to any outside criticism of himself.
If the NFL can partner with FanDuel and DraftKings it can surely take on Vegas.
Valuable or Dependable In times of crisis, which would you rather have? Check this out:
Colin Cowherd thinks his Jets are just a QB away from being a contender. LMAO.
But I'm sure Colin Cowherd would have a problem with the backwards hat. 😂😂😂
Today's Herd Podcast is NFL Draft intense Jared Goff stopped by
So he's just doing Colin Cowherd's schtick?
Andy looks like Colin Cowherd. Murph looks like an 80s game show host that got canceled after 1 season.
Skip, Clay Travis, Colin Cowherd, etc. used to be outliers as intentionally-trolling *** Now that's a career path.
Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless are true inspirations to people currently in the comments sections to our articles.
Me too. Colin Cowherd is in that bunch as well. When folks get upset I'm just like why do you always take the bait
Colin Cowherd has been married twice, divorced once.
Where did FOX get all the money to pay Skip and Colin Cowherd?
VIDEO: Can Mark Cuban be President? Colin Cowherd thinks it's absolutely reasonable
basically. He was woo'd away. Just like Colin Cowherd
Roger Goodell said the district court favoring Tom Brady last summer clearly got it wrong.
I absolutely do not miss Colin Cowherd tho, we're fine without you fam
Cowherd: Drafting the right QB is like marriage - 'The Herd'
offers an interesting take on Conor McGregor's standoff with the UFC.
Recommend listening to yday's ep of 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd. Here's a snippet of his take on Conor McGregor.
Top ESPN host perfectly sums up Conor McGregor’s biggest mistake in UFC conflict.
Conor McGregor was taking on Las Vegas' most powerful family, not Dana White.
"You're bothered because Joey took the Padres vs the Mets?" on anti-gambling. .
Roger Goodell said individual owners will NEVER influence outcomes of player suspensions.
I like what Colin Cowherd said... Millionaires cant take on Billionaires...
For what... Yelling outrageous things at Colin Cowherd...?
Wow. is going to join Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports? Wow. Overpaid too. Best thing about is
Colin Cowherd says Paul Finebaum has been "nurtured" and can't criticize the SEC because ESPN is "the SEC network."
A little perspective from Colin Cowherd to The Notorious One.
Colin Cowherd said all Florida quarterbacks are great until they get to the NFL, like Tebow wasn't the only one they tried to force on us
I hope not cause that group already dope. He might do the one on FS1 like Colin Cowherd did when he got there
Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Curt Schilling, now Skip Bayless? . I may watch ESPN again after all...
Last two years Mike Tirico, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann all dipped from ESPN.
Pick 1… ESPN personality you will miss the most. Keith Olbermann, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico, Bill Simmons or Jason Whitlock
Colin Cowherd probably is the most brutally honest, on point with any type of facts, and realistic sports analyst in the business, honestly.
In the last year, prominent personalities Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Curt Schilling, Mike Tirico have been fired by
This just in: I will be leaving at the end of my contract. Will be joining Keith Olberman, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tiri…
Craig Kilborn update : he's doing mac & cheese commercials is Colin Cowherd next?
ESPN is losing everyone who is anyone at their network: Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico. Who's next?
ESPN lost Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, & Colin Cowherd last year. Now Mike Tirico & even Skip Bayless are leaving. Rough times for ESPN.
That makes it Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico and Skip Bayless all in the last two years.
Curt Schilling got fired? Hooray! Can Chris Broussard be next? Also Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd and Rick Reilly and
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