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Coleen Nolan

Coleen Patricia Nolan (born 12 March 1965) is an English television presenter, author and singer of Irish descent.

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03-01 15 MAR 2003: Oral of the University of Indianapolis races to a second place…
love how Coleen Nolan wasn't on the panel that day!
I see what did there, They let Kim Woodburn attack Coleen Nolan before showing her fake best wishes from Coleen…
Kim Woodburn calls Coleen Nolan a 'maggot' as she SHUNS her offer of friendhsip
Kim Woodburn SHOCKED the Loose Women audience today – she had some scathing words for Coleen!…
Totally out of order to tell kim off Coleen Nolan gets everything she asked for !
Kim was right to say what she did to coleen nolan !
Kim Woodburn did NOT hold back on her opinion of Coleen Nolan!
Kim Woodburn swears on Loose Women as she blasts Coleen Nolan
Coleen Nolan is ok excellent show the two people should try and get together and sort out the difference Coleen Nolan is sound
Did Kim Woodburn go too far on Loose Women today?
Ha ha ha seems Umpa Lumpa Coleen Nolan does not have the guts to face Kim Woodburn today https…
Kim Woodburn has had so much tragedy. But that doesn't define her. She says it how it is. Coleen Nolan = fake
Ladies and Gentleman the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 is Coleen Nolan 😘 . SO WELL DESERVED😈.
Celebrity Big Brother 2017 finale review: Coleen Nolan is the winning housemate
CBB UK: "I missed him": Coleen Nolan says CBB made her realise how much she needs husband Ray in ...
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It's our Final spectacular! Catch our last podcast for the series: "Coleen Nolan"
I've never liked Coleen Nolan. She's always come across as desperate for public affection & attention.
Coleen Nolan's sister Linda says Big Brother will 'make or break' her marriage - The Sun
CBB will 'make or break' Coleen Nolan's marriage says sister Linda
Angie Best warns Coleen Nolan ‘your cars, jewellery and money will be worth nothing when you’re sick’…
Still don't understand why James Cosmo went on Big Brother. From Acting with Mel Gibson and Kit Harrington to sitting with Coleen Nolan
Celebrity Big Brother’s Calum Best lashes out after being dismissed as a one night stand by Coleen Nolan
Celebrity Big Brother star Coleen Nolan in tears over failing marriage in emotional interview ...
Loose Women stars worried for 'vulnerable' Coleen Nolan in
Coleen Nolan has said she doesn't agree with *** couples adoptinf & also compared the LGBT community to ISIS. ON CAMERA!!!
Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie: from fairytale wedding to affair and divorce
Coleen Nolan describes how relationship with Shane Richie went from fairytale wedding to affair and then divorce…
sigh -wonder whats happening in house- Watch the moment CBB's Coleen Nolan admits SHE cheated hane Richie first
Just remembered Jasmine was in with Linda Nolan now she's in it with Coleen Nolan. What did she do to deserve that???
Coleen Nolan’s son Shane admits her marriage isn’t looking good as she enters CBB ringless
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Coleen Nolan's son doesn't think her marriage will survive
What a way to show your mum some support...
Coleen Nolan's son Shane Richie admits that her marriage 'isn't looking good'
Coleen Nolan's son Shane Richie Jr changes name to NOLAN to support mum in Celebrity Big Brother
Coleen Nolan opens up about dad's sexual abuse - Daily Star: Daily Star Coleen Nolan opens up about…
What did Julie Goodyear do to Coleen Nolan on CBB? I didn't watch that series?
'It's heartbreaking': Coleen Nolan's son Shane revealed something horrible about his mum on today's
Jr says doesn't look good 's marriage .dont blame husband this is private matter not public
Coleen Nolan's son reveals shock at seeing her cry over Shane Richie's affair
Coleen Nolan's son reveals shock at seeing his mum cry over Shane Richie affair...
Coleen Nolan's son opens up about her marriage troubles: 'It doesn't look good'
Celebrity Big Brother 2017 star Coleen Nolan – nine things you didn’t know about the Loose Women panellist
What Coleen Nolan and James Jordan saw when Stacy referred to Austin as *** boy'
.stars worried for 'vulnerable' Coleen Nolan in via
star Coleen Nolan opens up about her Dad's sexual abuse
Big Thankyou to the lovely Coleen Nolan for supporting my campaign for CCTV in care homes to stop abuseloosewomen
Coleen Nolan's son is planning to change his name back to Nolan
Remember to keep following this page all the latest news & updates on Coleen Nolan in the house! https…
Shane Richie Jr says 'it doesn't look good' for mum Coleen's marriage
Coleen Nolan reveals why she was strangely 'elated' to confirm ex Shane Richie's affair: via
Coleen Nolan breaks down as recalls Shane Richie affair and claims her husband doesn't 'fancy' her: via
Coleen Nolan's son Shane admits her marriage is in trouble
Coleen Nolan addresses her father's sexual abuse
Shane Richie Jr admits 'it doesn't look good' for mum Coleen's troubled marriage - Daily Mail…
She was on the series with Julian Clary, Coleen Nolan, and Bet Lynch.
Loose Women’s Saira Khan reveals her sex life is back on track while Coleen Nolan hints again at problems in the b…
ICYMI! Coleen Nolan flirted up a storm with Strictly's Danny Mac... and was left a little hot under the collar...…
Coleen Nolan stays silent on Jake and Jesy's relationship status (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Hang on, was Coleen Nolan on last night's Emmerdale?
Coleen Nolan reveals her battle with loneliness as kids leave home on Loose Women
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I love Coleen Nolan, she is beautiful., Sure I'll love the book David, will buy when it's out.
Kanye West for President? Coleen Nolan raises a good point about the rapper
Cheeky! Coleen Nolan was left a little red-faced after *flirting* with Strictly star Danny Mac on Loose Women!…
Kanye West for President? Loose Women's Coleen Nolan raises interesting point about the rapper as bookies drop odd…
Tough times ahead for panellist Coleen Nolan and her family?
Coleen Nolan is so ignorant ridiculing Penny Stewart's birthing experience
Coleen nolan complaning her husband has got a bad memory mabe his just feed up of your nagging and complaning and you ugly face😤
Can we even handle another celebrity split?!.
Coleen Nolan wants the Loose Women to stop taking about Trump & the impending doom America now faces because Danny Mac from Strictly's on
Coleen Nolan is at the helm on today's - join them at 12.30 on
Maybe wasn't about Zayn after all...
Fans freak out after rumours swirl that Jesy Nelson has split with
Little Mix's Jesy Nelson 'splits' with fiancé Jake Roche – and fans are freaking out
Don't blame the girl...Imagine having to look at Coleen Nolan's miserable fuface every time there's a family reunion?! 😞😣
Coleen Nolan reveals her battle with loneliness after her sons left home featured in NBC s Science of Love
Coleen Nolan reveals her battle with loneliness when her kids leave home
On today's we have Coleen Nolan to cheer up your Tuesday - don't miss the show from 12.30 on
Ah I've just met Shane Ritchie Jr and he's just as beautiful and amazing as his mum Coleen Nolan! 💜🎶
I liked a video Loose Women with Coleen Nolan - Monday 31st October 2016
God Nadia is so much better than Coleen Nolan at presenting
Coleen Nolan reveals the secret fear she has to 'force' herself to overcome every day
Coleen Nolan: Lindsay Lohan is addicted to the wrong men and desperate for love
:( Coleen Nolan hits back after fans claimed she bullied Katie Price on ... :-(
you look like a cross between Shane Richie and Coleen Nolan
I not like the woman with loose *** bb. Too much queefing like whoopee cushion. But this Coleen Nolan sexxxy lady.
‘I’m not proud of it’ Coleen Nolan makes shock revenge sex confession
Coleen Nolan drops shocking bombshell about past relationship betrayal on
Coleen Nolan slept with her ex in a bid to teach his new girlfriend a lesson
Coleen Nolan's drawback web page: My companion retains speaking about his ex when he's drunk
Coleen Nolan's problem page: My partner keeps talking about his ex when he's drunk: . COLEEN emphasises the im...
that was cos like me he has an unusual thing for Coleen Nolan.
Had a dream that my family fell out with me and Coleen Nolan was my auntie???
I dare you to write to Coleen Nolan about
Coleen Nolan, Andrea McLean, Sherrie Hewson and Janet Street Porter try out rage yoga on ITV's Loose Women.
Yeah but he's branded with my name.' FOR HEAVENS SAKE WHAT IF A GUY SAID HE HAD BRANDED HIS EX?
Coleen Nolan reveals ex-husband Shane Richie got a naughty tattoo dedicated to her
Coleen Nolan's problem page: My older man shuns me now I'm pregnant: . COLEEN advises a woman who says she has...
Would love a night oot with Coleen Nolan she's bloody brilliant
Coleen Nolan hey sexy because she is so funny. Love watching her flirt with the guests
Tonight Coleen Nolan will NOT be spinning the 8-10pm
On today we have Coleen Nolan - tune in to at 12.30 for another fantastic show
Coleen Nolan's problem page: My past life as a sex worker has made me hate men: . COLEEN advises a reader whos...
Coleen Nolan's crap as lead presenter, it's like she's at school reading in the class.
Welcome the back to today from 12:30pm with Coleen Nolan, Gloria and
Coleen Nolan's problem page: How can I fix broken family after marriage row?: . COLEEN hears from a reader who...
Is there anybody from Loose Women with you to put the tent up for you and take it down Coleen Nolan comes to mind 😀😊
This is like the time I discovered Coleen Nolan is Jake Roche's Mum & I almost passed out.
"Oh yeah i know 5sos, Coleen Nolan's son is the lead singer"-Random woman walking down the street outside where 5sos is playing
Why the Kardashians make me furious - by Coleen Nolan
She was in there with Julie Goodyear, Coleen Nolan, Julian Clary, Danica (??) & Martin Kemp.
Coleen Nolan eyeing up her fitness instructors bum, being inappropriate. If the roles were reversed you'd be outraged
Round 46 of is between Coleen Nolan, Ken Morley, Jack Tweed and Natasha Giggs
Coleen Nolan makes embarrassing revelation - this time about son Jake .
Coleen Nolan secured her place as Queen of Embarrassment with these awkward comments:
Jesy Nelson shuts down Coleen Nolan after she plays the embarrassing mum again
Jesy Nelson Refutes Coleen Nolan's Latest Embarrassing Claim: Jesy Nelson has been forced to deny a claim abou...
Coleen puts her foot in it AGAIN with an embarrassing revelation about her son
Coleen Nolan gets some interesting questions doesn't she?
Coleen Nolan puts her foot in it AGAIN
Coleen Nolan has been playing the embarrassing mum again
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Great to see Kay head of the table again, better that Coleen Nolan
What has Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan done to embarrass her kids this time!?
Came into work for before 6am because I couldn't sleep.My dedication to writing about Coleen Nolan knows no bounds.
Is Coleen Nolan the world's most embarrassing mom? From shocking sex secrets to…
Is Coleen Nolan the world's most embarrassing mum?.
.embarrasses her son Jake and Jesy Nelson with this confession
Coleen Nolan embarrasses her kids and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson with ANOTHER awkward confession - SEE MORE:
COLEEN NOLAN MAKES ANOTHER EMBARRASSING REVELATION. This time it was son Jake, 23 who she made blush. Speaking on...
Coleen Nolan makes ANOTHER embarrassing revelation - this time…
kind of hate myself for loving it because I want coleen nolan banished to the deepest depths of ***
I had the weirdest dream that I was running away from a dinosaur with Coleen Nolan 🤔
Janet Street-Porter and Coleen Nolan... or perhaps Denise Welch and Carol McGiffen?
Coleen Nolan says Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is too skinny on Loose Women
'She's lost so much weight' Cheryl's 'obviously got problems' Coleen Nolan claims
Watch Kaye Adams kick Coleen Nolan out of her chair after she tries to take over Loose Women
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"Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore, Janet Street-Porter & Jamelia are joined by Sherrie Hewson for a load of high-pitched fanny jabber & shrieking."
Mine was wooing Coleen Nolan on Dancing on Ice! 1st March 2009! Addicted for 6 years. Oops
Remember 's book is out! Clicky here to read more and how to order!
Hate Coleen Nolan on Loose Women, such a bitter old hag. Why am I even watching it?
Banish those Monday blues with Coleen Nolan & the from 12.30 today on
Soon someone will write into 'Dear Coleen' about the fact they've no other option than writing to Coleen Nolan as an Agony Aunt.
...Ok, two things: 1. Sack subeditor. 2. Coleen Nolan is an agony aunt??
We get the Loose Women on our bird table every morning. That Coleen Nolan's got a *** of a beak on her.
coleen_nolan Can't believe this was 5 years ago! xxx
😂😂😂he's a bellend can't stand him, anything I can do he can do better 😝😝, Coleen Nolan blocked me 😂😂😂😂
Ireland same-sex referendum set to approve *** marriage stick that in ya pipe Coleen Nolan !!
Coleen Nolan in her new career after comparing *** rights to ISIS.
sounds like a quote from Coleen Nolan
Oh my god I remember meeting Coleen Nolan in dream and explaining in detail how her Isis cake n oppression n stuff
Coleen Nolan is one of the most genuine woman on Tv to date
looks like Coleen Nolan...shame it wasn't.
is bricking it from Coleen Nolan, be a man
Because good neighbours become good friends…. Because good neighbours become good friends…Coleen Nolan's problem pa…
Coleen Nolan's problem page: I have a *** crush on next door neighbour
If you have to do an exercise dvd at this time of night, may as well make it Coleen Nolan's with 80s soundtrack
Coleen Nolan's problem page: Am I wrong to resent my serial cheater dad?: As for your dad – a serial cheater a...
I think i only like Rixton because i love Coleen Nolan and her son's the lead singer😂
Katie Hopkins criticised Coleen Nolan so she should be considered a friend of LGBT? Her calling immigrants cockroaches is suddenly void?
Nicola Sturgeon is up against it today on Loose Women. Linda Lusardi, Coleen Nolan FFS. Hopefully she'll smash any ignorant views.
Don't forget to tune in to at 12.30 today on Coleen Nolan & the gang will be there to entertain you!
sharing Coleen Nolan: 'Psychic predicted my sister's death' -
No today but Coleen Nolan and the girls will be back to brighten your day on Monday!
Rixton steal the show at Once Upon A Smile Ball - cheered on by Jesy Nelson and Coleen NOlan
If I worked at the RSPCA I would be Coleen Nolan, taking all the animals home
love how Coleen Nolan is adopting most of the animals on 😂
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kinda bored by when Coleen Nolan gets all the animals.
Coleen Nolan is going to finish up with a zoo here!!! 🐎🐩🐰
It's the Coleen Nolan rehomes every animal home
Does Coleen Nolan realise that the point of this programme is to let some of the public get a new pet she's not supposed to have them all
Coleen Nolan is me. I would adopt all of the animals too 😂
Linda and coleen nolan were and always will be my favourite housemates! Both had a hard time and stuck up for themselves
Coleen Nolan: embarrassed by her car
to be aroused by Coleen Nolan simulating double oral?
Coleen Nolan definitely my fave loose woman! Always makes me laugh!
Coleen Nolan is bloody funny. Love her 😄
hi I hope you are good! Dear Nolan Coleen: I read Never Never and I have many of the history! Please published the two!! Thank!
Wooow great picture that is Of Coleen Nolan and Mika Nolan the cute great dog 😊👍
I do love these two. Coleen Nolan and Mika Nolan . giveapetahome
Coleen Nolan is my fave loose woman
Here's a thought lads . Imagine shagging coleen Nolan. Tune in next week for more thoughts of the day 👳
Coleen Nolan's problem page: Help! My husband is too much of a mummy's boy
who do I stan? phillip schofield and coleen nolan
Congratulations on the new who's been named 'Linda Coleen Bernie'. as a loving tribute to the Nolan Sisters.
Last night I became a member of a *** club and got told I look like Rixton's singer, then cried cos I thought Coleen Nolan was my mum
I'm at a car boot sale. Coleen Nolan is everywhere.
How have I only just found out that Jake from Rixton aka son of Shane Ritchie and Coleen Nolan is going out with Jessie from Little Mix?
Peter Andre and Coleen Nolan join ITV show Give A Pet A Home I can't wait to watch this :))
Loose Women: Ruth Langsford and Coleen Nolan tuck into a pile of pancakes
Katie you were a bit tame on your comments about Coleen Nolan & GOOFY Janet Street Porter in todays Sun. Well Done
you have to do a sketch about Coleen Nolan and her son
why is Coleen Nolan still on television?
Nobody correctly guessed whose perm was under the magnifier. It was Coleen Nolan. More in this occasional series soon
Coleen Nolan is the sex agony aunt for the Mirror, there's a box at the bottom to send your 'problems' You're welcome
Did I ever mention that Coleen Nolan just did the la la's on the Nolan sister's songs?... anyway what was I saying.. 84850
Maybe im biased because i have a general dislike for his attitude. Coleen Nolan & many other women on TV do leer after men...
I don't think anyone will ever quite understand my love for Coleen Nolan 😩💗😂
Every time I see a tabloid headline about Margot Robbie I think it's about Margot Kidder. This is Coleen Rooney/Nolan all over again.
Jake Roche from Rixton surprises his Mum, Coleen Nolan, on Loose Women: via
just wanted to let Coleen Nolan know that I saw Maureen in blood brothers in sheffield on Monday and she was f…
Just served Jesy from Little Mix and Coleen Nolan.
Here is my mum Jane (on the left)she always gets told she looks like Coleen Nolan! From Kirsty in Bristol
why did you and coleen nolan fall out? Honestly thought u 2 were great friends on the show.
Coleen Nolan's problem page: Husband broke promise to be a stay-at-home dad
cos obliviously being a makes u right bout everything cos u chat about it with a brew at 2 with Coleen Nolan
Stars of sport black and orange in honour of Lynda Bellingham at the
Coleen Nolan I listened to my son have sex for four minutes… and I was dead impressed”
Lynda Bellingham funeral: Christopher Biggins and Coleen Nolan to lead final Loose Women
Coleen Nolan + Davina McCall spelt her name as Linda. Why don't u have a pop at them?? u need 2 get a life + stop being petty
Coleen Nolan breaks down on Loose Women as they remember the late Lynda Bellingham:
Coleen Nolan pays to Lynda Bellingham’s co-stars on Loose Women
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Coleen Nolan pays tribute to Lynda Bellingham via
Coleen Nolan just did so well on the news speaking about Linda Bellingham x
Coleen Nolan pays tribute to Lynda Bellingham: Coleen Nolan says they are devastated by the death of her Loose...
Coleen Nolan pays tribute to Lynda Bellingham -
I know. Watching Coleen Nolan breaking down at end of interview was sad too x
Stained glass window stolen from church. Coleen Nolan in the frame
Bawling my eyes out at Coleen Nolan talking about Lynda Bellingham 😢
Coleen Nolan pays moving tribute to Lynda Bellingham via
Coleen Nolan pays moving tribute to Lynda Bellingham |
Coleen Nolan pays moving tribute to Lynda Bellingham
Sorry to hear about Linda Bellinghams passing..RIP...hopefully Coleen Nolan doesn't turn it into another wailathon all about herself...
have really enjoyed the series I would like to see Coleen Nolan, Kerry Katona , Carol Vorderman:)).
That is a copy of the manual security gate override key that works on Coleen Nolan's *estate. *not a euphemism
teach but he's Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie son!! I don't remember him in emmer dale! His voice is amazing!! Have a listen x
Coleen Nolan's problem page: I've lost my fiancee after a stupid one-night stand
The guy from Rixton's mum is Coleen Nolan.The bloke from 1975's mum is Denise Welch.So if you wanna be a rockstar have a mum on Loose Women
I called Coleen Nolan noleen colon this mornin it was amazin
Rixton lead singer is the son of Coleen Nolan. 1975 lead singer the son of Denise Welch. Loose Women are taking over pop - it's official.
Whoever Rixton are..The lead singer looks just like his mum..Now itv have told me his parents are coleen nolan and Shane Richie..
As if the lead singer of Rixton is Shane Richie and Coleen nolan's son!!
...last 5 years where Coleen bloody Nolan or some other *** doesn't ask them a question about Cheryl.
Rixton's lead singer Jake Roche is the son of actor Shane Ritchie and The Nolans singer and presenter Coleen Nolan.
Coleen Nolan and my mum are basically the same person. If people diss Coleen, it hurts; they're so similar.
This would break my heart as all I've ever really wanted in my life is for Coleen Nolan to like me
Back listening to Rixton. I reckon on first meeting the parents Shane Richie would be really friendly but Coleen Nolan would side-eye
Listening to Rixton again and daydreaming about meeting Coleen Nolan for the first time at an awkward family Sunday dinner
Imagine being Coleen Nolan and knowing your son's debut single was already better than your entire discography
Coleen Nolan reckons she was molested by Jimmy Savile... — It is a shame that British men are cowering in fear o...
Coleen Nolan is anchoring Loose Women today for the first time - I remember when Denise Welch did it how funny it was
Denise Welch, Coleen Nolan, Bobby Davro, the Essex family off Gogglebox, Leon and June off Gogglebox, Beverley Callard,
Thank you. That's lovely of you to say:) Denise Welch, Beverley Callard, Coleen Nolan, Bobby Davro, June and Leon from
Coleen Nolan From Loose Women Singing "I'm In The Mood For Dancing" by The Nolans. If you like Coleen or Loose Women please visit this youtube site for more ...
Masterchef, I don't care what her husband thinks. Like I don't care what Coleen Nolan thinks about football. Get some bloody sausages on.
Coleen Nolan's problem page: Desperate to escape my controlling husband
Georgia just had to drag me away from Coleen Nolan's autobiography in Tesco.. *** YOU WOMAN
Just been told I look like Coleen Nolan. Don't know how to take that.!
Coleen Nolan problem page: Fed-up of waiting for my partner to propose
She should move abroad and leave us in peace!Sick of seeing/hearing about her life!
Lucky you getting a follow off coleen nolan!
that's true. Sometimes I'll have it on in the background. Can't stand Coleen Nolan though
Coleen Nolan's problem page: His pillow talk is all about other women
Apparently Coleen Nolan's younger son is in them!
Just took a trip down memory lane with loads of videos of ABBA and The Nolans phwoar I used to really fancy Coleen Nolan 😍😍😍
The Nolans Sisters "Thank You" greatest hits medley. In the recent sex abuse scandal that rocked he BBC, Coleen Nolan (of the Nolans) admits she had a "lucky...
coleen_nolan you make a guest appearance in this one!! Hahha richiejnr88
Does anyone have the link of Coleen Nolan training on dancing on ice? (asking for a friend)
MISSED CLAIRE ON Loose Women THIS WEEK? Don't worry if you missed Thursday's edition of Loose Women, which had our very own Steps star Claire Richards as one of the panelists. It is available to watch NOW on ITV player, so make sure you give it a watch if you missed its live broadcast. A very special guest joined Ruth Langsford, Janet Street-Porter, Coleen Nolan and Claire Richards; Ben Brooks-Dutton, a male widower who shared his experiences with the viewers at home, and revealed a little more about his great work with the charity Grief Encounter Project. This forms part of a new approach from the show's producers, who are scrapping some of the celebrity visits to the studio in favour of members of the public who have an important tale to tell on National Television. As usual though, there is also some light hearted chat about what is going on in the news and the wider world of all things celebrity, whilst also touching on some hard hitting issues for a female dominated audience. PLEASE NOTE: This episod ...
Not sure about you ladies, but we're very jealous of Coleen Nolan's snap with 'George Clooney' !!
so a flick through Closer magazine whilst waiting for hospital appt and I feel better informed about the important events effecting us all. For instance - how I sleep better in my bed knowing Coleen Nolan has her sex life back on track and her and hubby Ray are at it like rabbits? Great to know Jordan and Kerry Katona are bessy mates again; Feel empowered knowing the NHS are now funding a new set of teeth for a 21 year, ex escort girl addicted to cosmetic surgery who has already had a boob job on me and you and several other invasive procedures; delirious to hear Cameron Diaz confirming that infidelity is inevitable and my favourite by far the winner of the star letter of the week - for commenting on horrific case of domestic violence where a 17 yr old boy branded his 16 year old girlfriend with a hot iron - wins a set of pans for saying how horrible this was!!! Seriously?? Who reads this ***t? And this is supposed to be a magazine for women?? And breath Jane!
So Kylie Minogue is currently wearing the top I bought that Coleen Nolan also has!! I'm redeemed and relived!
Coleen Nolan on Loose Women talking about her Mother who had Alzheimers .. she said ' You should never correct a alzheimers sufferer as they get confused and then angry, coz in their mind what they say and think is right'. I think I need an appointment to see my Dr asap!
Join us at 12:30 when Kaye Adams, Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and Nadia Sawalha will be joined by Dr Christian Jessen and Les …
Coming up on Loose Women at 12.30 on ITV, Kate Garraway will be joined by Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Sally Lindsay. Vroom vroom...The Hairy Bikers are popping by in for a chat as well! All that, plus fearless Davina McCall will be speaking to us live from her Sport Relief challenge. Get involved and have your say!
Good morning and Happy Friday! Join us at today, with Carol Vorderman, Coleen Nolan, Jamelia and Sherrie Hewson going through the big talking points of the day. Also joining us today is the one and only Mr Peter Andre, who will be here for a catch up with our lovely ladies! See you after This Morning, live at 12.30pm on ITV!
Today...Tuesday talking points with Kaye Adams and panellists Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson. Corrie's Sophie, actress Brooke Vincent and Ireland's loveliest export, singer Daniel O'Donnell will be joining us for a chat. 12.30pm, right after This Morning on ITV.
Coleen Nolan opens up about her worries for sister and contestant Linda
Linda Nolan is so much more annoying than Coleen Nolan and that's saying something
Coleen Nolan's problem page: My parents treat me like a child - but I ...: Since then I've had many relationsh...
Good morning! Getting the week off to a brilliant start, on today's show Kaye Adams, Coleen Nolan, Jamelia and Jane Moore will be joined by TV presenter Nick Knowles and The Saturdays star Una Foden. See you live at 12:30pm.
Don't miss Ruth in her very first show as a regular anchor for Loose Women - starting on ITV right now! Ruth will be joined by Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and Linda Robson as they invite hypnotist Paul McKenna to provides tips on improving eating habits for the new year. Plus former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon (Delilah Dingle) speaks about her Dancing on Ice victory in 2010, and her new role as ladette Andrea Beckett in Coronation Street.
It's the last week of Loose Women for 2013! Kick starting the festivities, Andrea is here with Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and Sherrie Hewson. The lads from Blue are here to tell us about their new Text Santa single with The Big Reunion gang! And smiles at the ready for Jack Dee. Live at 12.30pm, after This Morning!
Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore added to 'Loose Women' lineup Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore are the latest stars signed up to return to the Loose Women panel. Former host Sawalha will make her comeback tomorrow (October 10). Journalist Moore will be back later in the month. The returning panellists are the latest in a string of changes to the ITV daytime show. Carol McGiffin recently quit the show following her stint in Celebrity Big Brother and Denise Welch announced that she was leaving last week, claiming that she was upset about changes being made to the show. Coleen Nolan and original show host Kaye Adams are among the other returning presenters. Speaking about her comeback, Sawalha said: "Having been one of the original Loose Women I'm thrilled to be invited back after a decade away. "My time on the show has always held such special memories for me so I can't wait to rejoin the other women behind that famous desk - see you on Thursday girls!" Moore added: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be rejoining the Loo ...
Coming up today on Loose Women... Andrea is joined by Coleen Nolan, Linda Robson and Sherrie Hewson! Find out our reactions to this weekend's X Factor pickings! Emmerdale's Amy- Chelsea Halfpenny is here to give us all the gossip on her characters fight for Kyle. Plus, Strictly star Julien MacDonald! 12.30pm on ITV.
Denise Welch won it before and Coleen Nolan came 2nd. be v wary laying her, she's perfect for...
but who wouldn't go to the pub & say that.. My mums been telling everyone Coleen Nolan & Shane Richie's son has hugged her Yno
Denise Welch hits back at Coleen Nolan over depression comments Irish Mirror (Web), 26/06/2013, Unattributed Mind ambassador Denise Welch responds to column by Coleen Nolan which implied that Welch, along with Stephen Fry and Kerry Katona, had brought mental health problems on themselves through drug use.
1:1 interview eg Barrymore , Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch you really get to know the real them, too much politics sometimes
Popular this week: But there is a catch – he is *** and I am a bisexual man who has not come out of the closet...
Hard hitting piece by as she attacks the lack of knowledge by Coleen Nolan re Bipolar in her column tonight.
What's happening? Oh nothing much...just casually chatting to Coleen Nolan!!! :-) xx
In Record Woman today: Scots teen in with shot at modelling glory + Breast cancer in men + 10 short cuts to happiness + Coleen Nolan
Coleen Nolan's problem page: I want to leave her for a younger model
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like t... — Coleen Nolan&Peter Andre& Amy Childs& Little Mix..
OMG Coleen Nolan is on the table next to us what
Coleen Nolan is in tgi Fridays what
If you had the chance to spend a Day with two celebrities who would they be?... — Coleen Nolan&Peter Andre.
What’s the one book you think everyone should be required to read?... — Coleen Nolan's Autobiography.
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