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Coleen Garcia

Danielle Claudine Ortega Garcia, or simply Coleen Garcia, is a Filipina-Spanish model and actress. She was born on September 24, 1992. She studied at Veritas Parochial School.

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Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia officially an item
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia visit Boracay for a summer escapade with friends May 04, 2014. Laboracay Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Boracay, Billy ...
Coleen Garcia denies living with Billy Crawford: TELEVISION host Coleen Garcia dispelled rumors that she and r...
"Ten-year gap? Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia don't care: psh
Here's the official Cinemalaya poster of The first film produced by Timeframe Productions and Media Ventures Inc.. Starring Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, Slater Young, Sophie Albert, Kit Thompson, and Chynna Ortaleza. Get your tickets now!
I like Billy but not after he dumped Nikki Gil for Coleen Garcia. Tsk.
Ooh! Coleen Garcia bumped into Nikki Girl in Subic recently. What do you think happened between them?
"Coleen Garcia says Billy Crawford is worth fighting for.
Woah. Coleen Garcia and Sophie Albert's girl on girl action... 😳🙈😜
WATCH: Nikki, Billy, Coleen in one fashion show: Nikki Gil, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford participated in a...
OM Another bunch of Filipinos said I look like Coleen Garcia. You guys are awesome, we should all chill and be biffles
Coleen Garcia needs a good stylist. By good, I mean GOOD. Idk if it's her sponsors putting together her pieces, or it's just her.
Coleen Garcia's all glammed up with her outfit from Jellybean
Who's in Trinoma? :) Coleen Garcia is there for Jellybean style origin.
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's trip to Japan: via
Coleen Garcia of Jellybean will be in TriNoma Style Origins fashion show this Sunday, June 22 6PM.
Cath our endorser Elmo Magalona, brand ambassador David John Guison for folded&hung, and endorser Coleen Garcia...
Coleen Garcia really looks like Shailene Woodley of and :)
Indie film soon starring Slater Young, Coleen Garcia and our very own Elmo Magalona. :)
Jgh from rockwell watched Spiderman 2. Saw Billy Crawford and coleen garcia together :)
Thisclose to Coleen Garcia a while ago
Is it just me who notice Coleen Garcia looks like Shailene Woodley ? HMMM 󾌦󾭗
Sam Concepcion as Top and Coleen Garcia as Sam. Plss? just requesting. :D
They said I looked like Coleen Garcia, some said, I looked like Camille Prats, others said that I…
Happy Mother's Day to Coleen Garcia long time my friend. Love you have a great day.
Coleen Garcia and Slater having a movie this upcoming Cinemalaya? I'm not sure what to feel. 😐 Oh well, I'd never know unless I watch it. 😒
BEST TV STAR? I would rather go with Coleen Garcia than JBareta. 👊
Coleen Garcia's first mention to us before May 6, 2012 (our 1st Anniversary).
Best tv star: JuliaBareta?! I would rather go with Coleen Garcia or yung taga-channel 7.
Coleen Garcia, Julia Barretto & a GMA artist on that Favorite actress category. No wonder why she won. Lols
UNCONFIRMED UPDATE: Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia will be back in Glorietta tomorrow for
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"Julia B or Coleen Garcia. Sino mas pretty for you? :) — Kathryn Bernardo. :)
Billy Crawford says he doesn’t listen to critics as long as he and Coleen Garcia are both happy.
On March 20, 2014 It's Showtime, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia made the madlang people kilig! Also, Vice Ganda pokes fun of the two. via YouTube ...
Kamusta nman ang pag-withdraw ko? Kasunod ko sila Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia... they smiled at me!
Wanted to notify you that our 'Norm Leavell' passed yesterday. He was doing what he loved-playing golf, last Wednesday. He had a heartattack, and was in a coma/hospital for 5 days. His wife, Doris is doing fairly well. She's praising The Lord and told Norm, she'd be there soon. If you would like to attend the memorial service: It will be this Wednesday, April 16th, 9am at Twin View. All are invited. Norm's request, was that everyone wear the brightest colors possible, for his Celebration of LIFE! If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, please call me. I miss you, all so very much! Coleen Garcia
Sister Coleen Garcia at a glance i thought this was u
Different BiCol moments credited to Different BiCol Pages. Thank you for supporting Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.
coleen garcia reminds me so much of Chrissy Costanza... aand she's overrated
a new family member was born!! so excited to see my twin niece.. sobrang happy!! ang dame kong blessing ngaung march.. babansagan ko kayong Anne Curtis & COLEEN GARCIA.. naks!!
Try To ADD or Follow Coleen's Look A like :) Little Coleen Garia Makayla and Spread her. babatiin kayo ni Coleen Garcia sa It's Showtime . try it guy's ^_^ thank you
Coleen Garcia: So this is why I keep getting first degree burns on my face... Bata pa lang, matigas na ang ulo :D
Physically, you, are the unified version of Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola!
I heard Coleen Garcia will stop by at Current... swimming pls.
11:11 i miss you and i love you BFF Coleen Garcia! :* ♥
I added a video to a playlist Vice Ganda to Coleen Garcia : 'Sino ang laman ng puso mo?'
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We want teleserye for coleen garcia...
Oh look, there's a cameo appearance by Coleen Garcia in . That's AWESOME. **Maleficent laugh**
Anne Curtis and Coleen Garcia are so gorg. ✨
Guns don't kill people. Dying kills people.
1st video ~ Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia: pls help me spread this video
Post a picture that makes you proud of your country? — Coleen Garcia mylabsss :3
Chachi Gonzales and Coleen Garcia why so look alike
"Because when you're in a relationship you have to be whole as a person." -Coleen Garcia
‘It’s Showtime’ hosts cursed? MANILA, Philippines – Netizens have noticed that the hosts of ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” have been in involved in major showbiz controversies the past year. It can be remembered that Vice Ganda was criticized for a joke he did on GMA-7 news personality Jessica Soho summer last year, while Billy Crawford became a hot topic when he broke up with Nikki Gil July of last year. Coleen Garcia was also linked in the Billy-Nikki when she was rumored to be the cause of the ex-couple’s breakup. Anne Curtis’ nightclub breakdown made news last December. Recently, Vhong Navarro became news of national interest when he claimed he was mauled by a group of men, including businessman Cedric Lee, after visiting the condominium unit of student Deniece Cornejo in Taguig City on January 22. Netizens on social media are wondering: with these controversies, is there a “curse” among the hosts of “It’s Showtime”? But Vice believes the series of unfort ...
Billy Crawford broke up with Nikki Gil because he's confused AND now he's courting Coleen Garcia?! What a jerk.
Coleen Garcia admitted that she and "It's Showtime" co-host Billy Crawford are enjoying their time together but stressed they are not yet an item. Garcia added that Crawford is still wooing her. She also reiterated that she was not the reason for the breakup of Crawford and actress-host Nikki Gil.
When I saw Coleen Garcia at Greenbelt 3 way back 2012, we just have the same height... How come she looks tall in her pictures?
"It's Showtime" host Coleen Garcia on Saturday rocked the dance floor as she performed stunts during a dance number with Saicy Aguila, Regine Tolentino and ...
i dyed my hair blue once. Go to folded and hung salon in gh and say yung blue ng brother ni coleen garcia. Ganda promise
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebr... — Amanda Seyfried, Coleen Garcia and Shawnee Smith.
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"I think Enrique Gil still love coleen garcia"
Coleen Garcia is so gorg it's just her attitude that annoys me.
I don't know what Coleen Garcia is still doing in showtime. Dapat Jason Gainza na ang regular jan, masaya pa!
so hatin' Coleen Garcia! she's so irritating. Best Walang Kwentang Host Ever!
Seriously, what is Coleen Garcia's true purpose in besides saying "back to you guys!"
I swear coleen garcia is the filipino version of ariana grande.
Hiphop kiddy she's very talented. actress, dancer and singer. And she looks like coleen garcia
See, we always knew Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia would give in. Here's why
Like: Coleen Garcia for more videos. :) Job Hiring in USA:
Was asked why I didn't have my picture taken when I saw Anne Curtis last weekend. I replied, "Kung si Coleen Garcia yun, magpapapicture ako"
6 times 'Showtime' hosts survived controversies By Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBNnews Posted at 01/30/2014 6:27 PM | Updated as of 01/30/2014 11:03 PM 'It's Showtime' hosts (from left) Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Kuya Kim, Karylle, Vice Ganda, Jugs & Teddy, Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang and Coleen Garcia. ABS-CBN MANILA -- (UPDATED) Between Vhong Navarro being accused of attempted rape and Vice Ganda's controversial concert segment, co-hosts of "It's Showtime" have managed to move on from controversies they were respectively involved in in the last year. Asked on Tuesday about this apparent streak of challenges, Vice Ganda said he does not believe the program has anything to do with their individual luck. "Magkakasama man kami sa isang programa o hindi, meron at meron namang mangyayaring magaganda at hindi magaganda sa aming lahat," he said. "Nagkataon lang na nagkasama-sama kami. Hindi kasi ako naniniwala sa gano'n, e." "Lahat ng ito ay may dahilan kung bakit nangyayari. At hindi lang naman sa amin, ...
Actress and "It's Showtime" host Coleen Garcia was interviewed by comedian Jason Gainza on Wednesday's "Ihaw Na" segment.
Enrique Gil revealed in an interview that he was happy for his ex-girlfriend Coleen Garcia who is currently dating her "It's Showtime" co-host Billy Crawford. "Okay naman. We bumped into each other...
On Beth's header she looks like Coleen Garcia...
PEP EXCLUSIVE. Coleen Garcia not bothered by detractors of her budding ro...
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Coleen Garcia is wearing Stradivarius clothes I saw her buy last Thursday with a yaya :(( she had 10 paperbags.
Alarming! That's why I am volunteering to become the 24/7 protective detail of Coleen Garcia...😉
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia caught on cam - / via
Daming pinagdaanan ang mga SHOWTIME HOST: Vice Ganda about his Jessica Soho JOKE Billy Crawford about his break-up with Nikki Gil and now in relationship with Co-Host Coleen Garcia Anne Curtis "I Can buy you, your Friends and this club" ISSUE and now... Vhong Navarro Beaten Up
Buzz exclusive interview on Sunday 12, 2014 confirmed Billy Crawford that he and Coleen Garcia is not Boyfriend and Girlfriend “Yes, nililigawan ko. She is not my girlfriend yet, and I would love for her to be.”. The interview will make to put an end on the controversial photo together with Coleen
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia... how about no?
Billy Crawford admitted she is courting Coleen Garcia and wants her to be his girlfriend but denies that they are...
So Billy Crawford admitted that he's dating Coleen Garcia. I dont mind if i'll get haters or you call me jeje but *** !?!?
In an interview on “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, Billy Crawford finally set the records straight, hoping this will put an end to accusations about him and Coleen Garcia.
Just found out the truth about Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. Sorry but i am a Nikki Gil fan. 😤
Billy Crawford finally broke his silence and admitted he is indeed courting Coleen Garcia.
Billy Crawford admitted that he is courting Coleen Garcia
Billy Crawford breaks silence on rumors linking him to Coleen Garcia
Kapamilya star Billy Crawford finally admitted that he is indeed courting fellow It's Showtime host Coleen Garcia during an exclusive interview with "Buzz ng
As expected, Billy Crawford, the man of the hour because of his rumored relationship with It's Showtime co-host Coleen Garcia clarified some issues with Buzz Ng
Disappointed with Billy Crawford. He finally admitted that he's courting Coleen Garcia., wow ha. Poor Nikki Gil. ;(.
Billy Crawford admits that he's courting Coleen Garcia. ©
No, my friends. Chachi Gonzales is wayyy prettier than Coleen Garcia.
The Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil with Coleen Garcia being the third party according to speculations seem to have lived longer than we expected compared to other controversial issues out there.Just before this confirmation of Billy courting Coleen for real, the two were linked while the Billy-Nikki break
Months passed on Billy-Coleen rumored relationship. Finally! It's Showtime host Billy Crawford confirmed that he is courting co-host Coleen Garcia, in an interview with "Buzz Ng Bayan" host Boy Abunda on Sunday, January 12, 2014.
So it's CONFIRMED! Billy Crawford is courting Coleen Garcia. 󾮗 So, bashers and haters. Learn to respect. Respect Billy and Coleen as well as their status.
Is Billy Crawford still hiding his relationship with Coleen Garcia?
Billy Crawford obviously loves collecting Gab Valenciano's ex girlfriends, same with Coleen Garcia she also loves collecting Nikki's ex's. from Gab,now with Billy.
Billy Crawford to Coleen Garcia: She's not my girlfriend, yet. And yes, I'm pursuing her...
what!!?? Billy Crawford,admit that he is courting Coleen Garcia!!?!! tsk tsk tsk...
..Billy Crawford admitted that He's courting Coleen Garcia.. that revelation made me shock!! But ok lng.. i like them both naman.. Happy:)
Oh my god.. Billy Crawford is officially dating Coleen Garcia!!!
Billy Crawford still mum on his alleged trip abroad with Coleen Garcia:
Billy Crawford on reported New York vacation with Coleen Garcia: "I don’t...
Billy Crawford refused to comment on reports that he went on a vacation in the United States with Coleen Garcia.
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Comedian Vice Ganda does not want to get embroiled in the rumored romance between his “It’s Showtime” co-hosts Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. The box office star said in an interview with ABS-CB...
Did Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia spend time together as a couple in New York?
Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia receive negative comments from detractors
Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia Kissing, Dating Scandal - Is Nikki Gil Right All along? They can deny all they want but these photos show what Nikki Gil was talking about for the longest time already. But, it seems like Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are open with their flirtationship? How about...
"It's Showtime" hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia happened to be with each other during the holidays when the two were spotted together a couple of times. -
Recently posted from the photo of It's Showtime hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia spotted together watching the Nets vs Bucks game.
Kris Aquino mastered the art of 'ang showbiz ng sagot'. And Coleen Garcia is the rookie of the year.
Billy Crawford and coleen garcia got spotted together again? I guess they aren't hiding anymore
Spotted: Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia at Brooklyn's Barclay Arena Watching the Nets vs Bucks
sige ba !! Make coleen garcia my girlfriend muna ;)
Tv noon time host will get pregnant daw this 2014. I bet si Coleen Garcia ni.
has anyone told you that you look like Coleen Garcia? 🎀
Hello Coleensters there! Please follow for more updates about Coleen Garcia :-)
"I want to have coleen garcia'a abs. Omg♥" me too. huhu
Coleen Garcia's so perfect without even trying.😍
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Coleen garcia has *** good abs. Im not changing channels.
“Coleen garcia, girl with abs yeah that's perf. 😍”
Coleen garcia, girl with abs yeah that's perf. 😍
Grabe coleen garcia the perfect woman. *** alert!
Actress Nikki Gil reacts to the rumor that her ex-boyfriend Billy Crawford is now dating “It’s Showtime” cohost Coleen Garcia. Read here to find out:
"I hope you understand," Billy Crawford's short message to Nikki Gil in the end of his exclusive interview with host Boy Abunda on 'The Buzz' Sunday, July 28. Almost Three months after their breakup, 'It's showtime' host Billy Crawford and co-host Coleen Garcia were spotted kissing and doing some PD...
when i saw that billboard of Chachi Gonzales at RobPioneer, i was like O_O Coleen Garcia ikaw ba yan?! lelz djk lungs, i adore her shoes :3
Nikki Gil on rumor linking ex-boyfriend Billy Crawford to Coleen Garcia: ...
Andi Eigenmann on Coleen Garcia: I don't know her - National Filipino Love Team |
Coleen Garcia cries foul over rumored romance with Billy Crawford | Read: via PEP.PH©
"“Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford caught on act. 👎" eto yung pic gurl
Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford caught on act.
Just this morning, Oct. 16, 2013 (Philippine time) some netizens confirmed that this website posted some blurred photos of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. It
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia hug each other in an event in Bacolod City - National Filipino Movie
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had a very romantic night in Bacolod City | Filipino Movie
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I really don't know why but coleen garcia reminds me so much of ariana grande -_- please tell me im not the only one.
Nikki Gil is way better that Coleen Garcia! Shunga lang ni Billy!
Ayt Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia have a thing
"On his lovelife: Almost 2 years nang single si Enrique Gil. Last relationship was with Coleen Garcia.
Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are a thing now? What the *** !
Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford spotted smooching at Don't deny. We have proof.
Who's more 'kawawa'? Coleen Garcia or Nikki Gil & the fans of Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford??
Latest Showbiz News: "Netizens confirmed the Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia affair –" -- Read more at
Filipino Love Team | What is the real score between Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia?
so my sister saw Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, Teddy Corpuz and Vice Ganda and she didnt do anything. WOW.
UPDATE! JUST IN: Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Coleen Garcia will join Billy Crawford tonight for... http:/…
We brought in Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia! What's the next thing ACG together with TeamComm will bring in? SOON.
It was nice seeing Coleen Garcia & Raymond Gutierrez party it up at Hyve!! :))
"Gotta love tomorrow! Direk Erik Matti, Gerald Anderson, Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford, Marco Gumabao and Coleen Garcia in DLSU :)"
Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, and Gerald Anderson at DLSU tomorrow funny bec I'm not even THAT familiar with them lol
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WOW. Joyce Pring, Billy Crawford, Vice Ganda, Coleen Garcia, Gerald Anderson, and Direk Erik Matti are all coming to DLSU on Thursday… :O
you look like coleen garcia sa icon! :O :)
Coleen Garcia was in our house yesterday. ;)
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Coleen Garcia, I'm gonna marry you someday.
If Coleen Garcia became my Girlfriend. I'll kick you all sa balls
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"Personal things should be dealt outside social media" - Coleen Garcia
An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. ADD/FOLLOW : Coleen Garcia
Hi guys! =) Coleen Garcia is from Philippines, but i'm from US my cousin saw her when she went there, and she's pretty! :)
I like Coleen Garcia's outfit today in Showtime ;)
I dont like Showtime & I don't like the fact that Anne Curtis & Coleen Garcia are in that show. I feel like they don't belong.
Bet ko ang shoessieee ni Coleen Garcia today! ^^
Is in a relationship with Coleen Ortega Garcia
Pakagandang babae nito ni Coleen Garcia. The smile that drives the guys crazy. -_-
Cutie ng outfit ni Coleen Garcia today 😊
Loving Coleen Garcia's outfit today in esp the Shoes. So awesome classy! ^_^
Study for my exam or go watch movies? Why must i be a nerd :(
When a person misses or thinks about you, that individual is more likely to appear in your dreams. si coleen garcia miss ako?
I don't think I've ever made a request like this before on FB ... but I'm in need of some encouragement as I am walking into a new season. Feels a bit like a battle as things are being stirred up. If you have any kind of prophetic word, picture, or encouragement, could you please INBOX me a message? Thx friends! xoxo
. Good morning, family, friends, & FB world its a great day at the Garcia house. Myles did not wet his bed all night. He woke up ate his food, then I carry him out to the grass he did his business and walked about 10 steps on his own. This mama is so proud of him and so happy this morning. God is good. Prayer works please keep them coming. I am so excited you just don't know. :)
Except if Coleen Garcia is present. lol
Jake Ejercito dismisses romantic link to Coleen Garcia
is watching binibini gandang reyna.. Kgwapa kay coleen,.. (:
You don't need anyone who only needs you when there's no one left. Know what you deserve, and settle for nothing less. -Coleen Garcia
Oh coleen garcia why can't i get you out of my mind?
Celebrity Beauty Feature: COLEEN GARCIA It’s already been three years since I started a career in make-up. It was really a blessed three years i must say with the help of so many people in the...
Andi Eigenmann to Jake Ejercito: "Nobody can ever break us apart. Ever." Not even Coleen Garcia? Instagram post »
Andi Eigenmann is not bitter about ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito and Coleen Garcia's relationship.
Andi Eigenmann Happy for Jake Ejercito and Coleen Garcia. FULL ARTICLE via -->...
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Now watching: After Earth with Coleen Garcia and Solenn heusaff.
What began as a search for the country’s most entertaining acts two years ago turned out to be a hit variety program that launched a thousand trends for Filipinos here and abroad. The show has, in its own way, established itself as its own brand of entertainment thriving on spontaneity and animated conversations. It is more fun in “Showtime” as it keeps churning out popular catchphrases and gimmicks, draws people and barangays together to showcase their talents, and finds thrill and joy in the most mundane situations. It's Showtime will be hosted by Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Karylle, ‘Kuya’ Kim Atienza, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs Jugueta and Vice Ganda, whose camaraderie, spontaneity, talents, and shared sense of humor have brought joy to kapamilyas. Joining them in "It's Showtime" are dance master Jhong Hilario, and favorite "ex hurados" Ryan Bang, and Coleen Garcia. Together, they will be bringing a new and more exciting show filled with surprises and engaging segments that will make ...
Coleen Garcia Sex tape. You'll thank me for this i promise!
Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda, along with their other "It's Showtime" co-hosts, impersonated well-known personalities from different fields, local and internati...
Enjoying a nice dinner with my wife Coleen Garcia
Steven naman, she does not look like me. That's an insult to her. She looks like Coleen Garcia. She's hot!
Who wants Timeline Cover ? Fill up Name : Celebrity : Who is outline you or the celebrity : First 2 ~Blue
here at Ayala Avenue, Makati city w/ Coleen Garcia
alis muna ko. i love u COLEEN garcia
Coleen Garcia in a school uniform. >=))
Gia Oris signed and sealed: 500Php for the finals series.
I wish upon a horse a 1 day date with Coleen Garcia and Vice Ganda :)
Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi Gonzales when smiling (a lil)
Coleen Garcia has the most attractive hair 😍😍
I can see myself as coleen garcia, not in the face, coz' she's so *** pretty, but the way she moves and talks :)
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OMG Me and Coleen Garcia have the same dress. 😂
Coleen Garcia posted a photo of her wearing britney's "Oops" outfit during on...
people keep comparing Chachi and Coleen Garcia like stfu already they are both pretty end of story
Hawig ni Coleen Garcia yung Dana sa the cabin of the woods. =))
Who likes Who to delete? 15 like po muna then we will start.. Celebrities po ang category natin. wag po muna ntin isali c kath para patas po ang laban.. 2 kapamilya and 2 kapuso po tau pero nde dpat kasali c kath and dpat po puro girls lng.. :)) now like and comment na po.. I will wait remember Kath is not alllowed only 2 kapuso and 2 kapamilya teen actress.. :)) go go go!! :)) -Creator19
Pahiram ng sandali with miss collins beautiful lol
Woohoo! What a blast! Ang ganda ng Kaloka-Like Ultimate Showdown sa It's Showtime. Alam ko talagang may su-surprise guest appearance si Britney Spears, and yes she did! Actually si Coleen Garcia ang nag-impersonate ng "Oops!.. I Did It Again" MV character ni Brit. Check it out on TV right now! If you have picture guys share it with us. :)
Danielle Claudine Ortega Garcia, or simply Coleen Garcia, is a Filipina-Spanish model and actress. She was born on September 24, 1992. She studied at Veritas Parochial School. She is currently under the management of ABS-CBN's Star Magic and Cartoon Network. She is known for her role in the teen-ori...
I think Coleen Garcia and Chachi Gonzales are long lost twin sisters
Coleen Garcia and Chachi Gonzales Look-alike. blonde and the brunette hair Both initials are C.G. Coincidence or not?
Coleen Garcia is like Chachi Gonzales - Parehas pang CG :)
Coleen Garcia is just so pretty! She really looks like Chachi Gonzales. :)))
Coleen Garcia trains like a champion.
I favorited a video from Its Showtime 3rd Anniversary- Coleen Garcia-Eruption & Baby
hey. I saw derek ramsey at tiendisitas a while ago. Even coleen garcia. He is so HOT! 😍
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yeah! You look like Coleen Garcia. But you're a good dancer. :)
Gwiyomi with coleen garcia clarence and izzy
Shiet. Then someone starts talking about Coleen Garcia again. :)
Love Coleen Garcia and 's outfit on showtime today!! Bet na bet.
I love Coleen Garcia and Julia Barretto too much. ❤
You kind of look like Coleen Garcia :)))
Gab Valenciano & Coleen Garcia are such a sweet couple! Para silang Koreans dahil they like coordinating their outfits!
I like your icon!! With the very beautiful Coleen Garcia! :)
New music video of Gary V. with Coleen Garcia and Gabriel P. Valenciano in it.
Me too! And how close she is with hayley. She kinda looks like Coleen Garcia too 😊
Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi Gonzales sa Jellybean billboard.
I love what Coleen Garcia is wearing 
Dear FB. I don't need pictures of Julia Barretto flooding my timeline. Coleen Garcia nalang. Thanks.
Julia Baretto, Coleen Garcia, and Donnalyn Bartolome all over my fb news feed. :(
Oh almost forgot. I saw Coleen Garcia on Eastwood awhile ago. She's so gorgeous and her nose is so tangos.
Can you please follow us, we are the fans of Coleen Garcia. :)
Lawson, Julia Montes, and Coleen Garcia in Eastwood lately! Had fun!
Hey I don't have load huhu. Where was coleen garcia in cable???
Got a chance to have a picture with Ms. Coleen Garcia :>
ahh... so you're france!! I've been hearing alot of you from ckobi :) Hi france! nice meeting you :) -coleen garcia
Grbe! Damo2x ga'greet kay Julia Barretto like Georgina Wilson, Jed Madela, Coleen Garcia. So proud of her!
That awkward moment when Enrique Gil's varsity jacket has capital letter "C" and Coleen Garcia is his ex! Coincidence?
Chillin with my g's. Coleen Garcia, Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson!! 💁💁
It's official...we've become a hockey family.
If any of you know Coleen Garcia from dont you think that she looks like Chachi Gonzales?
Which celebrity would you like to spend a day with? — Coleen garcia :">
Coleen garcia is so pretty in personal pala! But I'm taller. :)) (@ Forever 21)
I dreamt about coleen garcia. Solid.
Coleen Garcia & Gab Valenciano are so cute together. 😊
Lastly, and Coleen Garcia's pick, AFRO JACK, will grace the concert!;)
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maria valverde she looks s lot like Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia on boyfriend Gab Valenciano's plan to leave for the States soon: “Kasi medyo ma... | via
Close Up Summer Solstice 2013 - Presscon with Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia: via
Abangan soon on TV with Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia
Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia are included to the newly launched ambassador of
Anne Curtis does look like Queen Amidala, but I'll take Coleen Garcia any time of the day.
Right now Gab Valenciano and Coleen Garcia at Chups Shop.. They are so super cute couple😘👫
Personal life Enrique Gil dated Coleen Garcia, his co-star in Good Vibes, before Garcia entered show business. There have been rumuors saying the he is now currently dating his co-star in bothMula Sa Puso and Good Vibes, Devon Seron. The two of them were spotted together alone at the mall several ti...
pandafabray: im sorry but Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi
Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi Gonzales is it me or
Joyce Pring and Coleen Garcia are so *** unfair! :">
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Hello guys! Star Magic and Viva Artist will go to Vigan, Ilocos tonight for a Fiesta including and Coleen Ortega Garcia
KPOPCON4. Vhong Navarro. Coleen Garcia.. homg i am waiting for more.. lol
Fuuuccck Coleen Garcia will be at the KPOP Con 4 =)
Coleen Garcia for One of the freshest and sweetest faces on Philippine TV is inviting you to be part...
Dying to watch ze Basketball game later :( Uh, Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford :(((
SPARKLE: Celebrity Auction Bazaar! December 21 @ the Ronac Art Center 1 to 8 pm Bid for the clothes of COLEEN GARCIA! Proceeds go to charity
"Quen with Ms. Coleen Garcia for a Close Up event last Saturday" thequenatics's photo
many to mention. Basta on the list si Anne Curtis at Coleen Garcia. LOL
Si gab valencian din he's so lucky to have coleen garcia. My girl crush
Yeah, i know we dont know each other. But we are related to the Ortegas. And yeah, Coleen Garcia is my cousin.
Coleen Garcia and Chachi look the same
Coleen Garcia Coleen Garcia Quenito Gil still there? pm tayo..
I really have a crush on Coleen Garcia. 😍
What a weird question to coleen garcia
Hi ate coleen! I hope u see this po hehehe are you related to Carlos Garcia po? :)
Chachi Gonzales looks more like Coleen Garcia with her new hair color. Lol. :))
Coleen Garcia why your so Gorgeous :) ♥ u
Don't judge out what you see, judge out what the potential. Tama ba? Lol - Coleen Garcia
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Coleen Garcia why are you so Pretty?? :">
Coleen Garcia is the Chachi Gonzales of Philippines ♡ Pretty :">
Oh sht I just saw coleen garcia in person sht instant crush =((
I like the hair of Coleen Garcia. :)
eye candy :) "Anne Curtis and Coleen Garcia in showtime. :") "
So excited for Ms. Coleen Garcia for woohp!
Three narrators team up to deliver Oates’s intriguing short story collection. Paul Michael Garcia takes on the stories with a male point of view, Coleen Marlo delivers those in the point of view of older women, and Tavia Gilbert narrates for the younger women. This formula gives balance to the colle...
Oh coleen garcia, she's pretty indeed. Gabb V, oh never mind. Lol
Patay na patay ako kay Coleen Garcia. I wanna see her in person. I wanna go to ShowTime & crush ko si Ryan Bang, he's so cute and funny. =)
Robi Domingo, Ryan Bang and Coleen Garcia are nominated on the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Best Reality/Game Show Host ...
Gud Evening! Belated Happy Birthday to Philip Philips(Sep. 21)of American Idol and Happy Happy Birthday to Coleen Garcia of Showtime!We wish you a Good Luck and Happy Life!
Enrique Gil says he has no problem with Gab Valenciano dating Coleen Garcia...
That awkward moment when Coleen Garcia is Enrique Gil's ex-girlfriend and his wearing a varsity thaf has a 'C' on it.
cooperation with Star Studio Magazine, ABS-CBN Star Magic held its third Star Magic Games last July 29 at the Celebrity Sports Club. This annual event is one of Star Magic’s 20th anniversary celebrations where all the Kapamilya stars attended--which was very rare considering the hectic schedules of the artists. Star Magic Games started with the parade of colors headed by team captains Xian Lim, Zanjoe Marudo, Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson with their respective muses: newbies Bianca Casado and Yen Santos of the Yellow Team, Jessy Mendiola and Empress of the Green Team, Michelle Vito and Coleen Garcia of the Blue Team and Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes of the Red Team. Robi Domingo and Pokwang were tasked to hype the morning as main hosts. Bryan Santos led the opening prayer after which Yeng Constantino sang the national anthem. Star Magic’s prime man Piolo Pascual did the opening remarks followed by the sportsmanship oath led by Sea Games Gold medalist Japoy Lizardo. ABS-CBN Publishing Head Ernie ...
Coleen Garcia, Bea Alonzo,Marian Rivera and Jackie make your fans feel loved...
i just realize that Chachi Gonzales and Coleen Garcia are just like twins. but they're not..
Oh, Coleen Garcia looks so much like Chachi Gonzales... Oooh 8)
I lhave a bit of a crush on Kristen Stewart, Emilia Clarke, and Coleen Garcia. But that "someone" reigns the most. PBB TEENS?
Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi Gonzales ;-) *i love you both :-)
Coleen Garcia looks like Chachi Gonzales! Work with the bangs
Coleen Garcia on showtime looks like especially when coleen is curly hair with bangs ;> pretty girls all over da world!!! ♥♥
Enrique Gil says he never courted Kim Chiu; reacts to Gab Valenciano's budding romance with Coleen Garcia
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