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Coleen Garcia

Danielle Claudine Ortega Garcia, or simply Coleen Garcia, is a Filipina-Spanish model and actress. She was born on September 24, 1992. She studied at Veritas Parochial School.

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lmaooo is that Coleen Garcia beside you ***
Coleen Garcia to in an action comedy movie
OMG! Is she Coleen Garcia's Cosmic Twin? Please check my video out!
Find out where Coleen Garcia, Solenn Heussaff, Kim Chiu, and more work out:
Coleen Garcia as Top 4 Most Beautiful Woman in the Philippines by Gazette Review 😍 💘 true naman ! 👋
I thought that was coleen garcia on that axe ad.
Coleen Garcia too young to get engaged to Billy Crawford?
Coleen Garcia and I are breathing the same air. WHAT NOW
It’s lovely to see the newly-engaged couple, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, in our store looking for some...
Just saw Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia here in UPTC.
Direk Chris Martinez talks about the movie Extra Service, Coleen Garcia, Arci Munoz and Jessy Mendiola.
stars Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola. The film will be shown on January 11.…
"(Si Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola)...lethal combination of beauty and strength and intelligence." -…
In 2017, get ready for an extra hot New Year! Catch Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola in the movie...
Coleen Garcia at Billy Crawford, engaged na | ulat ni
Update: Enzo Pineda will be part of "Extra Service" Casts. The said movie was top billed by Jessy Mendiola, Arci Muñoz an…
Filipino celebrities we love: model and actress Coleen Garcia
Here's the trailer for "Extra Service,". starring Coleen Garcia, Jessy Mendiola, and Arci Muñoz, together with...
📈 "Coleen Garcia" is trending today on Google Philippines (2000+ searches)
What Coleen Garcia discovered about her fiancé Billy Crawford
Don't forget to watch the new trailer of "Extra Service" starring Coleen Garcia, Arci Muno…
Here is the Official Trailer of 'Extra Service' starring Arci Muñoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola.
Billy Crawford wants to marry Coleen Garcia soon.
Don't miss out on the first preview for "Extra Service" starring Coleen Garcia, Jessy Mend…
star Coleen Garcia with her beau Billy Crawford at the
Check out how Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, Maine Mendoza, and more spent the holidays!
Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford fly to Spain after engagement - ABS-CBN News
Xian Lim and Coleen Garcia to star in new movie.
Scarlet Snow bonds with Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia -
Ex with Benefits: Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay's daring movie - Issue! - Read more!.
Billy Crawford says he was disappointed with the US elections results, but hopes things will be better.
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Billy Crawford clarifies reports he got into an altercation in HK after someone disrespected his girlfriend Coleen.
Billy Crawford on Donald Trump, new show, and Coleen Garcia via
When it's your first day back at spin class and Coleen Garcia sits behind you. 🙃
Coleen Garcia speaks up on restaurant staffer's firing following her complaint - Read more!.
Elmo with Sir James and Coleen Garcia last night! . ELNELLA ASAPIsangPamilya
Liza Soberano opted for messy bun and bangs, Maine Mendoza went for soft loose curls, while Coleen Garcia...
Unplanned moments are the best. Hi Coleen Garcia 😊
I added a video to a playlist How did Billy Crawford treat Coleen Garcia on their 2nd anniversary as
HOT: Coleen Garcia gets Soaking Wet for the Preview Cover - Read more!.
Coleen Garcia at Cabanatuan earlier this afternoon :)
ATM: Ms. Coleen Garcia gracing the opening of Suzuki Royce 3S Shop Cabanatuan!.
If Coleen Garcia as a covergirl for for the next month or on October... Hindi ako bibili, I'm still getting mad on her
Arci munoz, Jessy Mendiola, and coleen garcia in one movie!!! Cant wait shet! 😍😍😍 (jessy u so pretty be!)
Don't forget to watch MMK later at 8:15 PM Starring Coleen Garcia.
Have a WHITExclusive Meet and Greet with Bea Binene, Coleen Garcia, Kim Chui and Janella Salvador at Puregold QI... https:…
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not only is Coleen Garcia very pretty, kinda reminds me of a young Anne Curtis, her acting chops are gold.
Last week it was Joem Bascon who did great on his MMK performance, now we have Coleen Garcia 👏
Omg you looked like Coleen Garcia here!
Hi you look like coleen garcia no hate just love
The cat of Coleen Garcia is so creepy 😓
Just saw Jay r, Bailey May, Shamcey Supsup and Coleen Garcia. 😍😍😍 Wish we got to see Daniel Matsunaga. 😩
It was Coleen Garcia, I thought it was Ylona Garcia. Still good tho 😍💘
Good morning ADN. maine looks like coleen Garcia here
I liked a video Love me - Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia, Dawn Zulueta
2016 had stars Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, Vice Ganda, & more dressing their best! See photos here: http…
Ex With Benefits on CinemaOne. Ayan na naman yung feels of being Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia and Janina Manipol in one event ! Yay! Definitely not gonna miss your SNAPS(ang layo nyo kc😭😂)
Not sure if coleen garcia has a cat, a dog, or has joined Ramsay Bolton in skinning people alive.
Xian wants to work with Coleen Garcia, Arci Munoz, Anne Curtis and Sarah Geronimo
LOOK: Coleen shows off rare pet dogs: It seems Coleen Garcia has a penchant for hairless animals.
Sabe nung kawork ko. You look like Coleen Garcia daw in this pic.
Coleen garcia and her hairless pets
Coleen Garcia on being Daniel Padilla’s stepsister: “Tanggap ko naman if ever” -
My ate's eating in a restaurant rn and the table next to her is w Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford and Vhong Navarro. I mean shet 😍
[CELEB STYLE] Here's one workout routine Coleen Garcia does not do | via PEP Online
Coleen Garcia undoubtedly owns the crown of most fit body in the country. Different from sexy or hot or slim, she's insanely toned
Coleen Garcia again for our 3 o clock habit
"This isn't about second chance for us. It is about second chance for myself."- Coleen Garcia, Ex with benefits🎬
[CELEB STYLE] Oh my, Coleen Garcia looks so sexy in Boracay beach pbhotos! | via PEP Online
Coleen Garcia is our number 1 See more of her perfectly toned body HERE:
I would go for Coleen Garcia or Jennylyn Mercado.
Coleen Garcia on Daniel Padilla as likely stepbrother: 'Tanggap ko naman, if... via
Coleen Garcia wants to work with John Lloyd Cruz and Coco Martin | via PUSH©
Coleen Garcia compares her love scenes with Piolo Pascual and with Derek Ramsay
While passing by SM Cebu's Entertainment Hall saw an angel like beauty, it was Coleen Garcia & i was like "Pare, nasa langit naba ako?" 😍😍💘💋
starring Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia and Dawn Zulueta directed by Gino Santos.
Here it is! The official poster of starring Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia and Dawn Zulueta! Opens in… https:…
Coleen Garcia and Derek ramsey be like. 😂
Mary Rose Glindro, with the eyes of Coleen Garcia and lips of Bianca Gonzalez, you look like...
Coleen Garcia and Enrique Gil excited about upcoming product event via
What's one of the biggest misconceptions about Coleen Garcia? READ HERE:
Pinay Celebs photo of the day: Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia got wet behind the scenes 😍😍😍 Dayum.
Jairah Sayaka Erni Shirai, you're now as hot as Coleen Garcia!
Coleen Garcia peg. Hair and Makeup by the gorgeous 😘💋 @ Studio A
Coleen Garcia Good news for my fellow online shoppers who are constantly…
Preview reveals biggest misconception about Coleen Garcia: Preview magazine sizzles with its new look and newe...
Coleen Garcia Thrilled to officially be the new endorser of 😊…
Afternoon delight! Coleen Garcia on Preview, profiled by And "A Thousand Pieces of You" on Kindle.
Contract signing today. Welcome to the F&C family F&C x Coleen Garcia
Is it just me or she really looks like Coleen Garcia in this picture??!!
Coleen garcia's pretty pero she's just not for showtime..
I almost did not recognize in that ad campaign. and Coleen Garcia's.
Coleen Garcia Today’s The pink beads mix in well with the assorted…
Coleen Garcia Matchy matchy with my date 👀
Coleen Garcia My mom enjoyed the makeover she got from one of the MAC makeup…
We found ourselves going to the salon and asking for the 'Coleen'. Thanks,
Coleen Garcia Enjoying the super cute event with my fellow MAC girls!…
GabRu and other starts spotted at Wanderland 2016 💫 Thank you,
It's getting hot in here with fronting our cover.
Billy posts a sexy photo of Coleen Garcia on his IG: "Can I have carrot cake pls..."
Joseph Marco as Franco Samonte and Coleen Garcia as Jimena "Jamie" Elizondo Prenup Video for ABS CBN's Pasion de...
LOOK: Coleen Garcia sure knows how to throw a party.
*listening to a song in spanish*. Me starts singing. Coleen: do you know what it says bc you're Mexican?
My live report last night apparently had Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia in the background. 😂
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Sporty look more your style? Here's an inspired by Coleen Garcia.
We miss you kuys billy and coleen garcia
kathryn and liza. miles ocampo. coleen garcia. Celebrity crush♥
Shailene Woodley of Divergent and Insurgent looks like Coleen Garcia. ;)
Ex with Benefits was so good. Coleen Garcia is too freaking hot. 🔥😍
Here's how celebrity couples spent their holidays: Billy Joe Crawford and Coleen Garcia pose before a waterfal... http…
Coleen Garcia teams up with Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta in new flick
Coleen Garcia Cheers to a beautiful year ahead
Coleen Garcia Okay, the tiger prawns and squid already tasted fantastic, but…
Coleen Garcia Moved to a different hotel, this time in the Northern part of…
Coleen Garcia coleengarcia: Poolside Margaritas to beat the heat ☀️
Coleen Garcia Poolside Margaritas to beat the heat ☀️
After their safari adventures, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia enjoy the beach in Mauritius!…
Dremt of coleen garcia shooting my neck.
Want to rock my freckles like Coleen Garcia 😍
Omg😍😍😭 saw Coleen garcia😭 I was shaking when I saw her omg and she smiled at me she was so nice❤️😍 https:/…
I dont know that Coleen Garcia but, hawig din ni Meng si Shaina. :3
I liked a video (Now Showing) Full Movie Online Coleen Garcia and Elmo Magalona
Coleen Garcia acting skill is a goosebumps!
Coleen Garcia Already got to watch with Pedro…
Coleen Garcia I won’t let the day end without greeting one of my favorite…
Coleen Garcia Time for you to tell us “I Got This”. Share your most…
It's showtime with my favorite people! 🙏🏼 Got to be Coleen Garcia for the day! Lol!
my friends posted a photo w coleen garcia in school, everyone's like IS THAT REALLY HER OMG . you can see that it can't possibly be edited
Coleen Garcia It’s always hard to find the perfect nude lipstick to match…
Make-up less Coleen Garcia is still a head-turner.
with repostapp. ・・・. Allow Coleen Garcia to introduce you…
Saw coleen garcia gahhhd shes so pretty!
Coleen Garcia in class next to my classroom? Why not? 😂
I wish I was as beautiful as Coleen Garcia. 😏
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I added a video to a playlist Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay Sex Scene
I liked a video Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay Sex Scene
The sexiest girls on TV - Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia, Meg Imperial, Aiko Climaco, Karen Reyes and Bangs Garcia...
Love team to perform, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, Its Showtime!!!
Coleen Garcia Shooting for a new endorsement today! First ever campaign with…
After Billy Crawford, of course, here comes Coleen Garcia! She is now a member of Frontrow. Another power couple...
26. Ysabela is also an Ortega. Coleen Garcia's cousin?
Welcome to the newest member MS.COLEEN GARCIA! :-)
I'll not get surprised if ginebra's next muse will be coleen garcia.
Coleen Garcia Reposting simply because I love the message! I agree 100%!…
But i like the "ENRILEEN" tandem. Coleen garcia and Enrique Gil. kd
CCAP - Intellicare Graveyard Dash at ADP Alabang! ☺️ With Coleen Garcia kalookAlike! Thank you to our…
Maine Mendoza looks like Coleen Garcia. Pls ... follow me ...
Coleen Garcia rehearsing for her It's Showtime number tomorrow
I'm hooked but I don't like Jake Cuenca and Coleen Garcia.. Lang umol lolz😂
More than two years after breaking up with Gab Valenciano, Coleen Garcia opens up to talk about their...
Lol for coleen garcia's school thing LOL
I swear to drunk Coleen Garcia's acting has leveled up. Plus, she has such a pretty face. :(
Coleen Garcia coleengarcia: I am so thrilled to share some exciting news with you guys: I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!…
Coleen Garcia coleengarcia: ❤️ (via simplysouled: “The movie has a refreshing take on the perspective of pain, not…
Coleen Garcia ❤️ (via “The movie has a refreshing take on the…
Coleen Garcia at the Red Carpet earlier! Catch her in showing on its second week! http:/…
pretty late but I saw something at Coleen Garcia's IG 😋
Is Coleen Garcia planning to settle down in 5 years?
Vote for Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia as =>
Billy Crawford at Coleen Garcia looking so fine in their Edwin Tan attire
Coleen Garcia did such a good job on this movie. 👏👏👏
Join Coleen Garcia's virtual conference for with Cebu press on Periscope (now!
Coleen Garcia thinks Billy Crawford is ‘the one’ for her.
Coleen Garcia having a boyfriend who's always there when she has tapings and fixes her hair everytime they're at an event. Goals. 😍
Ex with benefits hugot line by coleen garcia 😂
star Coleen Garcia with her boyfriend Billy Crawford last night at ht…
star Coleen Garcia is ready for the virtual press conference happening now with our…
Coleen Garcia now answering questions from our Cebu press! Watch it live on our Periscope account (starcinema)! ht…
Push PHOTO: It’s Showtime hosts and real-life couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia looking like a perfect...
Julia Barretto, Kim Chiu, Coleen Garcia and Julia Montes for me! Love their gowns!
Just saw Ex With Benefits and *** Coleen Garcia looked so fine. Hot as *** Ser!
Legit jealous of Billy Joe Crawford because he's with Coleen Garcia.
so Jeo and I just met Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsey (we're bffs now)
EX With Benefits movie nila Derek Ramsay at Coleen Garcia... hehe... yun ang themesong... thanks for playing... :)
Wanna see Derek Ramsay, Coleen Garcia and Meg Imperial? Catch them live at on August 30, 6PM!
Derek Ramsay on kissing scene with Coleen Garcia: "Nirerespeto ko siya. Kissing somebody younger...
EX with Benefits' starring Derek Ramsay, Meg Imperial and Coleen Garcia. Directed by Gino M. Santos. September...
What will you do to make the love of your life stay? Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay will be at SM City Dasmariñas...
Derek Ramsay and Coleen Garcia at SM City Dasmariñas, Event Center tomorrow 󾍁 5pm
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Just saw (in order) Kamikazee, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, Daniel Padilla, Mark Herras, and Franco a while ago!
Coleen Garcia is looking like leading lady material in formal wear with Derek Ramsay tonight.…
Coleen Garcia looks so happy at the movie pictorial with Derek Ramsay and their…
We arrived just as Coleen Garcia's bf Billy Crawford left her at the pictorial with Derek Ramsay
Now happening: movie pictorial with Derek Ramsay, Coleen Garcia and director Gino Santos
And the best supporting boyfriend goes to Billy Joe Crawford for always visiting Coleen Garcia to all her tapings...
Saw Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia here @ resort's world. They're such a cutie couple. 😍
with celebrity couple Billy Crawford & Coleen Garcia. by EMAN DE LEON (for Coleen).
Billy, Coleen mark first year with sweet messages: Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia marked their first anniver...
Billy Crawford x Coleen Garcia . Grooming by . Make up by…
Adorbs!!! Coleen Garcia received an early anniversary gift from boyfriend Billy Crawford. On her Instagram, the...
What is Billy Crawford's early anniversary gift to Coleen Garcia? READ HERE:
I spot a cutie on the Candy July Issue Magazine Cover with Iñigo Pascual, Bianca Umali and Coleen Garcia ☺️❤️
Get your copy. favorites Inigo Pascual, Bianca Umali, Coleen Garcia, and Elmo Magalona
LOOK: Billy Crawford may kakaibang anniversary gift to girlfriend Coleen Garcia! Can you guess what it is? FIND...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Billy Crawford’s anniversary gift to girlfriend Coleen Garcia
Billy Crawford gives Coleen Garcia an advance anniversary gift.
Coleen Garcia's make up is on point today 😍
WATCH IT TEH. Ellen Adarna school of acting. with bonus, Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia looks too young to be on this show .
VIDEO: 10 hot questions, 10 sizzling answers from Pasion de Amor's Coleen Garcia! Get to know MORE about Coleen...
Coleen Garcia I love coming home to the babies ❤️ With the eldest and…
Ellen Adarna, Coleen Garcia and who is the other girl?
Coleen Garcia looks like a 12 year old when she actually has a shirt on
Max you really look like Coleen Garcia when I first saw you last night in this outfit as in. Pinaitim na Coleen! ❤️
Coleen Garcia says Billy Crawford is her “pinakagwapong boyfriend”. READ HERE
Excuse you Coleen Garcia, Enrique Gil is the most handsome among all your boyfriends
Enrique Gil, Coleen Garcia and Maja Salvador headlines The Body Issue for their 20th Anniversary this May
Coleen Garcia on Billy Crawford: It would take a lot for us to crumble
LOOK: Another sexy mag cover for Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia to Billy Crawford: "Don't worry, when you're tired, it will be my turn to carry you." Read more of...
Martin Garrix,Eva Shaw,Angus and Julia Stone...the whole close up crew,Coleen Garcia and Enrique Gil 214
Whom would you like to meet? — Angel Locsin, Coleen Garcia, Anne Curtis and Megan Fox
HOT ISSUE: Is Billy Crawford too possessive as a boyfriend? Coleen Garcia speaks up exclusively with Push. Read...
EXCLUSIVE: Coleen Garcia denies that Billy Crawford is too possessive | Read: via PUSH©
Coleen Garcia will be on a rank not lower than Number 10 on the next FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the Philippines.
We're really liking this quirky unique selfie of Coleen Garcia on the set! Mukhang puyat ba yan??? ;)…
Coleen Garcia Finally have my copy of this month’s ☺️ Thank you so much again to team…
Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford spends holiday in Thailand.
I got tay's hairstyle before, now it's coleen garcia's
Coleen garcia and Jessy Mendiola hair 😍
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Coleen Garcia ♥
Fairest of Them All: Coleen Garcia, Ashley Rivera and Aubrey miles: Image courtesy of Instagram: coleengarcia
Coleen Garcia Taping with these two pretty ladies! And
Coleen Garcia Briddick is one of God’s many miracles. A week ago, another dog was playing with him…
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Coleen Garcia This is Tina! She’s not my dog but I love her cause she’s the sweetest and she reminds…
Coleen Garcia Our dog got into a very scary accident a week ago and we’ve been visiting and spending…
you look like Coleen Garcia on your icon hihi
Derek Ramsay movie in the works with Coleen Garcia and Anne Curtis!
Indeed, Coleen Garcia is my fitspiration. Also, Anne Curtis and Jennylyn Mercado.
"You should really want it in order for you to do something to achieve it." - Coleen Garcia
“Is it just me or Coleen Garcia looks like Senyora.” 😂
Coleen Garcia said that she doesn't work on her arms because she doesn't want to be too muscular. She focuses on her core & lower body.
Coleen Garcia's body to my body. Kfine. 😂😂😂😂
Stalking Coleen Garcia's Instagram. Why is she so hot. 😍😍
Coleen Garcia coleengarcia: Chilling with billyjoecrawford and luisortegagarcia while paol…
Coleen Garcia Chilling with and while is enjoying the…
I just want abs like Coleen Garcia's 😭😍
Coleen Garcia on that Ssur beanie tho!
Who else came with a date? Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia both dressed in black and white.
“This is the first Star Magic Ball of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia as a couple.
MANILA – An alleged sex scandal of Coleen Garcia with her ex-boyfriend making rounds on the Internet is rumored to be the real reason of Billy Crawford’s
Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford at ministop earlier. Featuring
Coleen Garcia sexy bikini pictures in Maldives vacation with Billy Crawford ~ The Daily Babble
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's sweet escape in Maldives
Repost from by 307apps. samuelmilby with Coleen Garcia. soon!!
Coleen: Billy is the perfect partner: "I'll stand by his side because that's what partners do," said Coleen Garcia…
Bangs and Coleen Garcia have fab abs. 😘
nahhh. This is the real me. Coleen Garcia here! Lellzz
Maganda na artista for me . Anne Curtis . Coleen garcia . kitkat . Rufa mae
Elmo Magalona and Coleen Garcia are standout characters of the film. Elmo’s suicidal Miles is hauntingly...
Who's Coleen Garcia?! & why are people making a big deal out of her..?
'Coleen Garcia added you'. lol srsly.
Coleen Garcia to shoot love scene with Sam Milby for movie; read: via
presscon of showing on Dec 10 starring elmomagalona Slater Young, Coleen Garcia,…
team bonding sesh. Meg Imperial, Sam Milby, Coleen Garcia with Director, Producer and Writer.
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia last night at The Palace, Valkyrie. (Billy on 9FIVE "J's" Black and…
I so love this photo, I have to repost it. So sweet Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. ❤️💋
Coleen Garcia on relationship with Billy Crawford: "Wala kaming probleman...
Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia admit they are officially a couple . READ:
Coleen Garcia and Enrique Gil. Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil 😁 Oh my gil?
Joseph Marco on being Coleen Garcia’s leading man in ‘Passion de Amor’: ‘I’m really lucky’ | Read: via PUSH©
Billy Crawford proposed to Coleen Garcia on 'It's Showtime' (Viral) via
WATCH: Coleen proposes to Billy in skit: "It's Showtime" co-hosts and real-life couple Coleen Garcia and Billy...
Reading the love/hate rants about Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. *double facepalm* (collen, cooline, belly) FUNNY
Comment on Billy Crawford Wants Coleen Garcia to be His Wife by Briggs: wag na umasa! walang tatalonsa kasal n...
Jane Oineza, Jeron Teng talks on the phone for 4 hours; Billy Crawford wants to settle down with Coleen Garcia |...
Medyo nadismaya ako kay Coleen Garcia. Her dog destroyed her passport and according to her the dog (cont)
Billy Crawford wants to to marry Coleen Garcia soon?
Coleen Garcia just blocked me on IG. I don't like her anymore for doing that for me. :/
Ms. Coleen Garcia and Ms. made my day!
It's 12:45am and Im still stalking Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia 😂
Aside from Billy who wants to work with Coleen Garcia in an acting project?
Saw coleen garcia's vid after her surgery for her wisdom teeth. . And now i'm getting really nervous. 😭😭😭
Joyce Ching, Coleen Perez, Thea Tolentino, Stephanie Sol and Gabbi Garcia gave tips on how to handle...
“Coleen Garcia shows up at the premiere night of "Moron 5.2" in SM Megamall to support boyfriend Billy…
I liked a video from Sweet Ni Coleen Garcia and very supportive of Billy Crawford at the
Billy Crawford hopes Coleen Garcia is the one
Billy Crawford hopes Coleen Garcia is the one -
Vice Ganda naging emosyonal at napaiyak sa harap ng madlang pipol. On the episode of Showtime earlier, the hosts were very emotional as they reminisce all their memories together for the past five years. Ryan Bang, Coleen Garcia and Jhong Hilario show their gratitude to the original hosts of the noon time show. Towards the end they welcomed the unkabogable Vice Ganda as he walked through the stage of Showtime. He thanked the Madlang People for showing their love and support for him. He said that he owed them everything that he has today. Vice promised to the Madlang People that he will not faking a smile for them and he will always be true to them no matter what. He also reminded them that he may not be seen in Showtime like before but he will forever love and treasure the Madlang People. Vice Ganda to madlang people : Vice Ganda become emotional on saturday as he wants to thanks all the fans and wanted to leave showtime for weeks or months because of his health issues. He promise to everyone that : Isa p ...
The most annoying couple award goes to... Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.
Billy Crawford shrugs off fake sex video of girlfriend Coleen Garcia | Read: via PEP.PH©
Coleen Garcia speaks up about boyfriend Billy Crawford's arrest
Here’s the Beautiful Coleen Garcia, enjoying her Revlite laser treatment...
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted by Vice Ganda from Kris Aquino, Billy Crawford and Coleen G... via
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Christine Reyes, Kathryn Bernardo, Coleen Garcia.
- Vice Ganda did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in It’s Showtime; Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia followed
Billy Crawford. billyjoecrawford and. COLEEN GARCIA coleengarcia also known as BiCol. taking the…
Billy Crawford. and. COLEEN GARCIA ( BiCol ). doing the . together!. Very sweet couple!
Vice Ganda,Direk Bobet Vidanes,Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia did the ice bucket challenge live!
Billy, Colleen join ice challenge fever: Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are the latest pers...
Vice Ganda, Director Vidanes, Billie Crawford and Coleen Garcia takes on ALS ice bucket…
Direk Bobet Vidanes nominated his kids, Jhong Hilario, Billy Crawford/Coleen Garcia to do the
Mine your own time line. I stood w/ my words, bastusin na tao si Billy Crawford at kasing cheap ni Coleen Garcia.
Coleen Garcia says she’s not the cause of Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil breakup
Coleen Garcia sets the record straight between her and Nikki Gil.
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