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John Luke John Luke Robertson Duck Dynasty

Congrats to county golf champions Cole Pearson of Good Hope, Katie Tangye of Cold Springs girls and Carter Robertson of Fairview JV.
This has gone south quickly for James McArthur after two quick outs. He just walked Robertson, and now Cole Freeman is up.
with a runner on second and one out after Kramer Robertson singles and Cole Freeman nearly reaches on a sac bunt. . Greg Deichmann up.
Russell Westbrook, his brother, father & Oscar Robertson!
The Big O, Oscar Robertson honors for his single-season triple-double achievement!
Oscar Robertson ends a short speech with, "I only have one more thing to say... MVP!"
This is the heartwarming moment Alfie Robertson, eight, hands out sweets to grieving officers at Pc Palmer's funeral
Oscar Robertson is in Oklahoma City and will be at the Thunder's game tomorrow night to recognize Russell Westbrook's histo…
ULL reliever Jevin Huval comes in for Jack Burk, who pitched a full 6 innings. Huval fans Kramer Robertson & gets Cole Freeman to foul out.
"Is there anything good that comes out of Pat Robertson's show?". Answering "No" to that wouldn't even be a hyperbole.
MVPs: lead Britt Robertson, Cole Escola as a perfectly twinky art student and RuPaul (!!!) as Sophia's neighbor.
Oscar Robertson told he is not hating that Russ broke his triple-double record.
BREAKING: Russell Westbrook records his NBA RECORD 42nd triple double of the season - passes Oscar Robertson.
Kramer Robertson wears a pitch to start the inning, then Arkansas makes an error on Cole Freeman's sac bunt. 1/3 for Deichmann, nobody out
Cole Freeman tries to put down a sac bunt, but he pops it up and is an easy out. Robertson able to get back to first easy.
Robertson can't make the barehanded pick up. That allows Cole to reach 1st
Just. One. More. Russ Westbrook tied Oscar Robertson last night for most triple-doubles in a single season
41 triple doubles to tie Oscar Robertson...wait...Is that Norris Cole on OKC?
Oh my word... LSU SS Kramer Robertson goes all Jeter on us for the AMAZING catch!! (via
Robertson walks on a wild pitch, and Cole Freeman (who led off with an INF single) takes third base. On the corners for
Cole Freeman, Antoine Duplantis and Kramer Robertson coming up for the Tigers.
Southeast Bulloch soccer standout Cole Robertson signing with West Georgia. You know was on hand.
Q1, 8:31-Cole Robertson flagged for unspecified penalty. gets first EMO of game for 30 seconds.
Cole Freeman is dwarfed (figuratively) by double-play partner Kramer Robertson, but it doesn't bother him any.
Cole Freeman just picked up his 13th hit of the season. One shy of Kramer Robertson's team lead.
LSU evens the score at 3 on Kramer Robertson's RBI double. Cole Freeman scores after initially reaching on a misplayed infield pop-up.
Kramer Robertson drives in Cole Freeman on an RBI double right down the third base line. . ties it at 3.
Cole Freeman, Antoine Duplantis and Kramer Robertson up first for the Tigers
Cole Freeman, Antoine Duplantis and Kramer Robertson headed up for the Tigers.
Cole Robertson goes 🧀🧀 on that shot to make it 11-6 midway through the third quarter.
Q3, 6:58-Moving from right to left, Cole Robertson launched shot from right point that found top left corner. leads 11-6.
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Mid 2 | Kramer Robertson with an unreal catch and flip to Cole Freeman to force the 6-4-3 double play. sit at 0-0.
Maryland's Brian Shaffer is a good pitcher. He forced both Cole Freeman and Kramer Robertson to strike out, both of their first of the year.
On many days my primary artistic struggle is, in fact, photography beca...
What were you saying about you n sue singing in the car Michelle Cole Robertson Susan Walker 😂😂🙃
Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry are two of the hottest girls in the worl...
I was always in plays at school and in school concerts - you could ...
How lovely are the portals of the night, when stars come out to watch...
I just don't eat too much. That's never been my problem.
Nerves can be useful, as they sharpen you up, make you determined t...
📸 Hull's Andrew Robertson leaps with Enner Valencia of Everton. It's still 1-0 (36 mins)
John Robertson turns the spotlight on David Cole-Hamilton .
Perfectly good pic of Cole Koop & X-man...until Cam Robertson snuck into the shot! @ Sir John…
Last night, Russell Westbrook joined Oscar Robertson as the only players with 30 triple-doubles in a calendar year. (via Elias) h…
There are a lot of great artists with great voices who aren't singi...
I went to a Catholic school with 40 kids total. There were no cliques...
in all fairness, Robertson is a better left back
What do you know about COLERIDGE COLE & ROBERTSON LTD.? Information can be found here
lol so y'all just going to act like J Cole didn't drop an album this year.list is 🚮
All I ever wanted was to perform, make music, make videos.
36 points. 18 assists. 12 rebounds. . We haven't seen numbers like that in one game since Oscar Robertson in 1962. (via
Senior Sports leader Matt Cole with the hand of his glamorous assistant Mark Robertson taking 2T1 through a fitness…
Happy BDay Oscar Robertson. He avg a cumulative triple double over his 1st 5yrs in the NBA! https:/…
hey cole this is jamie Robertson, a pe teacher from your old school, London academy.
Cole that was actually not funny at all 😔 was was waiting for a class reply
Making a movie in Hollywood is a bit like playing a board game, where you ...
I want to write my own music, and I want to tour.
Well, I think Barkley and I were the only two who were working wi...
then resign turner and trade for Robertson and sale and a top 3 rotation of kersh/ sale/ Maeda.
Russell Westbrook now only 2nd player EVER to record 13,000p-3,400r-4,500a through first 600 games. Joins Oscar…
I'm in the music business for one purpose - to make money.
Mediocre men work at their best; men seeking excellence strive to...
Carbon38 bows on Robertson Boulevard for holiday pop-up shop Matt Cole
Cole Robertson of taking 425lbs for an easy ride. His previous 1RM was 390lbs. He has had a great off…
I wanted to be a cheerleader, like my sister was - all the most popular a...
On Joanne Robertson's blog today. Ragdoll by Daniel Cole via
I love modeling but also see it as a platform for the million other things...
There's an inherent contradiction between appreciating the beauty of cloth...
With acting, if I'm any good at it, my modeling career would never be a hi...
One job opening is currently available for every five people looking for work.
People don't slip. Time catches up with them.
We would like to wish our MD Andrew Cole and his lovely fiance Camille Robertson all the best for their wedding tomorrow!
On this day in history (60) Oscar Robertson (21pts) & Jerry West (20pts) made their NBA debuts in the same game.
I'm not sure if it's fair to call it a 'fairy tale,' but I really loved 'M...
Paul Mainieri has taken to calling Jared Poché, Kramer Robertson, Cole Freeman and Greg Deichmann "The Fab Four." He's happy they're back.
This Friday! Cancer game in support of our own Coach Robertson who starts chemo this week. Shirts on sale all week during…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Eli Robertson and Cole Boggan each had 1 goal and 1 assist as Cambridge beat Hoosick Falls 4-1 in boys soccer.
Cole Robertson of with 275lb for 3x10 today!
Happy birthday to my bestfriend I love and miss you coley.
I think if I did something in the pop world right now, it would be for Rihanna. I'd love to do som
I'm sure Church got some of his ideas from this trip to Europe.
"Just because something is cheap, doesn't means it's good. I mean look at the hookers in Vegas." Wth Cole
Thats all cool and fun that Sadie Robertson came here to talk and put a show on, but I wouldn't take advice from someone who has no problems
Grace Brethren's Tucker Robertson levels Bobby Cole on fourth down. Grace trails Sierra Canyon 14-6 but seems to be settling in now.
Take the decision in early March to arrest Muqtada al-Sadr. It was made apparently without know
Ross oh yes we will, clounge city we like t Cole it Nicole
My real dream is to have a whole, like, buy a whole piece of land. Imagine, like, a long driveway.
"He just gives off that I have a tiny *** vibe" lol okay Cole 😅
Ross leads Robertson, Luti and now Chris Bray. James Cole leads Doug Cole in 5th & 6th
Ross and Robertson 1st and 2nd, Luti 3rd. Cole still 4th and Lee Sullivan 5th
Ross is not into the lead, Luti 2nd and Colin Robertson 3rd. James Cole 4th
It's a victory for Robertson, 0.5s ahead of Ross. Bray 3rd, Burgess 4th, Doug Cole 5th from the back of the grid & Luti 6th
Cole Boggan and Patrick Robertson scored as Cambridge beat Hoosic Valley 2-0 in Wasaren League boys soccer.
As users of the Internet, we all have a role to play in defining what we want it to be.
My favorite singer to this day is Nat King Cole. I've tried to emulate his phrasing. It is so
I am an American citizen and feel I am entitled to the same rights as any other citizen.
Cole Maxwell of DBAT Robertson cranked a no doubter moonshot yesterday My google earth measurement placed it at 440+ feet .
I totally related to Cole Porter's magnetic pull to any piano that was in the room, which he...
in attendance in v checking out AJ Cole & Daniel Robertson among others
Couldnt have done this without Coach *** and Coach Robertson
For example, the philosophers who were interested in logic were probably rather logic...
Just launched our new support site:
That time when LeBron introduced Norris Cole to Jay-Z 😂
Coach Robertson here, about to go Pokemon hunting. None of my players got anything on me. Putting in work to be the very…
The need to protect the environment has emerged as an undeniably important priority for me.
SNP Parliamentary leader Angus Robertson may claim at PMQs tmrw he should be deemed Leader of Opposition as has 56 MPs b…
Furious Angus Robertson tells Cameron there's no way Scotland is leaving the EU
How to stop Brexit: get your MP to vote it down | Geoffrey Robertson
and then God said, let there be Cole Sprouse 😍😍
Can relate to the start of J Cole Chaining day
Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.
commits Brock Wright, David Adams, Isaiah Robertson & Cole Kmet in new Rivals250
trade flurry net: give Realmuto, Pagan, Stroman, Smyly & Robertson for Lucroy, Cole & $80 FAAB, and picked up Wil Harris in FAAB
Cole Freeman is at third with two outs for Kramer Robertson. leads 4-0
And it's victory for Robertson, ahead of Cole and Perkins
Robertson and Cole both set the exact same fastest lap of the race at the same time - 2m27.438s
Cole now a lot closer to overall leader Robertson
Robertson now leads, Doug Cole 2nd and Luti now 3rd
Cole Kilburg of the had a game high 15 points in a win over Kieler Playground
Marilyn Monroe and Vivienne Leigh are real icons of mine. In terms of ...
Rock The Ranch in Cisco will have Reed & Cole Robertson of showing up this year, Sunday, July 10!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Ross, Robertson and Cole are your top 3. Top 3 in Class B are Luti, Campbell & Rogerson
No change at the front - Ross leads Robertson, Cole, Perkins & Robin Walker
There are so many great, great vintage clothes to find; there's a whol...
BREAKING: We're excited to have Reed and Cole Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty joining with us…
Great presentation by Janet Cole about beeswax at Robertson County TN beekeepers meeting.
In here: Cole Freeman is "leaning toward" coming back. Kramer Robertson's season "makes him want to return.".
Mayor Gregor Robertson backs significant boost in public art
Cole Robertson strikes in the second half with a score. girls' soccer team leads Toombs County 3-1.
why are all of my friends obsessed with Cole Sprouse
There is no handbook about how a career is going to go.
Cole Freeman and Kramer Robertson just kill it on D. Wow.
I still wanna rap better than everybody else, and I wanna say important thi...
Thank you so much for our lovely flowers to celebrate the arrival of baby Cole💙
CCFC: VIEW FROM RYTON: Coventry City's Pauline Robertson on working with Joe Cole, injury rehabilitation and h...
VIEW FROM RYTON: Pauline Robertson on working with Joe Cole, injuries and More:
When I am actually cole Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
New artwork for sale! - "Robertson Hall Princeton University" -
Lives of the poets (with guitars): 13 outsiders who changed modern music by Ray Robertson gets praise by Susan Cole
One year ago at Tieties Bay Jazz on the Rocks with Glenn Robertson Jazz Band and Pat Cole Arnold.
Come get Uncorked at Pub Fiction tonight with James Ferris Michael Lumsden Ron Cole and Gavin Robertson oh yeah...
North's got John Barry, Cole Robertson, Jalen Crutchfield, Jarred Schobert and Collin Klein in now. 76-52 lead 1:57 left
can the Robertson family adopt me plz
Is anyone paying attention to J.Cole's Dreamville artists? On the low, them boys be spitting. Content wise, they get two thumbs up.
Drake tells J. Cole that he's going to be at his wedding one day
“His production is crazy, man. The first time we locked in, he played about 10 beats. I wanted 11 of ‘em,” - Kendrick on J…
Joan Collins, George Cole, Robertson Hare and Kenneth More are stranded on a desert island in this comedy.
Natalie Cole, the R&B singer and daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, has died aged 65
Jazz on the Rocks - Pat Cole Arnold and The Glenn Robertson Jazz Band
Dylan Robertson puts the Lakers on the board with helpers from Andrew Willner and Cole Tymkin, 2-1 Iron Rangers
LBJ (6,387 assists) joins Oscar Robertson as the only players in to rank in top 25 in points & assists.
Breast Cancer Awareness
On behalf of Cole Robertson: . "Cole did a great job for us, he was always on top of everything! He was always...
J Cole is the perfect example of a role model
Celtic have confirmed they have completed a deal to sign former Chelsea striker Carlton Cole
Celtic have signed Carlton Cole on a deal until the Summer of 2017
Make the life of the mind gangsta'. You can be just as dope as Hov, Nas, Drake, and J.Cole by being a public intellectual.
GOAL!!! Andrew Willner from Cole Tymkin and Dylan Robertson on a PP, 1-0 Lakers
The fact that cole Robertson has a girlfriend breaks my heart
Well Cole was my last hope of marrying into the Robertson family and there he goes
Cole and Kelly are dating. Cole has a girlfriend. that's the last attractive Robertson. cry……
It's a HUGE recruiting weekend at so we have updates on 5-star Demetris Robertson, Donte Vaughn, Cole Kmet and Jaylen Kelly-Powell.
One of our charity partners KidSport posted a great story today that we had to share! Cole Robertson realized...
Someone saw a black Range Rover at VP and assumed it was Carlton Cole’s?. By that logic I’ve just seen 6 Carlton Coles o…
Hopefully get a left back through before 6?Enrique mentioned,Cole free but would also look to the championship at Robertson or Friend
aww reed and cole looks so adorable. They were probably praying for their sister Mia. Love you Robertson family god bless.
I'm so happy for the fair tomorrow, shopping Friday, possibly j cole Sunday, and then kings island Monday 😍💜
just got offered a free pit ticket for j cole from someone random. should I take it? 😂😂
"Michael Cole sits down with The Eater of Worlds!" is the wrestling version of "Robbie Robertson talks it out with Galactus."
Cole needs to come home so I can keep watching OITNB
Century 21 Beal, Inc. is glad to welcome Mr. Cole Robertson to our team! WELCOME COLE!
Knights 10U Carr defeats the Cajun Cannons 17-1 behind strong pitching from Pace Robertson, Cole Randazzo and...
Nate Robertson throws out runner at third with a great tag from Cole Anderson. After 2 innings: Vermillion 1, Dell Rapids 0.
I love how the older Robertson kids are in relationships and then Cole is just standing there all awkward-like!😂
Would of much rathered watched the two Robertson brothers have a square go than that snide fight
PROMPOSAL of the Day:. Senior Cole Robertson used a little Disney Magic to ask Coral Price, Junior, to the GHS Prom-
ps, jermih feat J. cole, planes...check it out
Robertson Boys, Cole, Reed and John Luke. Duck Dynasty fans! Now is the time to join our VIP Newsletter. Join...
“Watching Lloyd Robertson on CTV is making me uncomfortable. It's time to retire bro” -take Bob Cole and Don Cherry with you
Yeh, Carlton Cole is much bigger than Defoe….
Fond memories of being kicked off a table by Jermaine Defoe and Carlton Cole…. Gazza was there too…
Don't know much about either so I ask yall.j.cole and Kendrick Lamar..worth getting into??
12 team mixed keeper league. Keep who? Shields 15, Cole 18, Robertson 12? Thanks!
Fun chat with Gary Waters. Green Bay game, Norris Cole, recruiting and Oscar Robertson?
turned the pick + Daniel Robertson into Garret Cole...grade the trade?
.If you've searched far and wide for a combination of Monta Ellis, Oscar Robertson, and Jesus, you've found him in Norris Cole
Don't forget about the STORE GM tonight at 6 in WJWH 203!! Guest Speakers will be from Lowe's: Aaron Edwards, Chuck Robertso…
Foreal though who's gonna step up and go with Cole Harrison, and Quintin Robertson?
Riley how the heck do you know freaking Cole Robertson. Could you please explain this to me...
this is worse than the cole Robertson thing
Sometimes I forget that Cole Robertson exists because I feel like he is overshadowed by John Luke and Reed :/
If ya want to get rid of those bees go get Phil & Cole Robertson and some smoke.Poof!! They gone...
I think I'm ready to officially dub her "America's Sweetheart"
Strongsville QB Ryan Robertson being helped off field by teammates after a run play. Bobby Cole in.
The first Chad Robertson book, Tartine Bread, is great. And Peter Reinhart books have some good tips.
I just wanna meet Cole Robertson. Is that too much to ask for?
VOTE for our Homecoming KING & QUEEN nominees, Cole Robertson and Raelyn Mejias Santoro! Details are listed here:
I know that should be me next to him. But I mean there is always cole Robertson 😍😌
Extremely proud of Adrian Robertson on being recognized as 1 of 8 top academic All Canadians. This is a huge honour for Adri…
Good Juan Cole, I'm gonna out Ebola on your pillow
all the big names in early TN history aggressively conspired to control public lands. Blount, Robertson, Donelson, Sevier...
Desperate bro *** need to do whatever to win, shouldve kept dellin though and robertson's not a bum lmao
Cole: I want Phil Robertson hair and beard when I'm old. . Mom: I hope I am dead.
Looks like the orioles got into Chris Davis' adderall. Thats my only explanation for Chris Robertson blowing the save.
Robertson is a BUM shouldve left ma son dellin in the game smh
Saw Willie Robertson at the LSU game today 🙊
Listening to J. cole always puts in a good mood.
Guess both of y'all are gonna help then. 😂😂
You're coming to my house tomorrow to help my do Dylan's tint strip.
I was talking about my picture not you 😂😂
Cole and Scarlett going for a little walk
Shane Greene, John Ryan Murphy, David Robertson, and a lefty reliever from our farm system for cole hamels
Love listening to J. Cole when I'm just driving around.
Monday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Damien Harris leaves Michigan out of his top five and more
Hey man John Luke is single but if Cole Robertson asked me out I totally would date him
I'm just a Cole Robertson kinda girl tbh
I enjoyed meeting Jace, Missy & Cole Robertson today at the Capitol. I appreciate their love of faith, family, & fun!
- pundits want you to believe, LBJ, Wade, Bosh, Robertson, Granger, Cole and Nappier equate a championship roster? SMH
Gregor Robertson releases statement saying he is separating from wife Amy. "It is a mutual decision that we made amicably…
I remember when Aaron looked liked Cole Robertson from Duck Dynasty
John Luke Robertson and Cole Robertson from Duck Dynasty can get it any day. They're so fine omfg😭
This world needs a few more Robertson Families and a few less Kardashian Families.
we had an impromptu party at the library in their parking lot sell. Chelsea Norris Jessica Cole Robertson Kimberly Searle
Deleted my status because Richard Cole Robertson made fun of me
Not to be irresponsible with my money, but as soon as I get paid I'm heading to the titty bar.
Determined to marry either John Luke Robertson, Cole Robertson, or Baylor Barnes. .
I'm pretty sure you guys put a dent in my skull.
John Luke, Reed and Cole Robertson are so hot!
Another whirl wind weekend! Yard work, painting, pot garden, cleaning and cooking! Excellent lunch and quality time with Cole Robertson, Hannah Rigsby and Emma! Another gotcha message from Pastor Mike at Hope! If you don't have a church, please give Hope Community a shot. You want be disappointed! Now, rest to get me through the next crazy week!
That was a fun game of hide and seek! 😆😆
Bradley Baker where are u and Cole Robertson?
“If we date, we're taking naps like this COLE ROBERTSON IS THAT YOU
Cole Robertson is on the board and St. Mary's and McDonogh are tied at 1 with three minutes left in the first.
Enjoyed hearing about the life of Heather Robertson at her memorial Sunday. Wish more journos who benefited from her effort had been there.
Guess who went to duck commander and met Willie and Cole Robertson ??? This girl!!!👑
John Luke and Cole Robertson from Duck Dynasty showed up last night to hear Joni Eareckson Tada speak.
John Luke in blue plaid, and Cole Robertson in the yellow!!
Debating last 2 keepers in 11 teamer that uses 1/2 of MLB pool: Rios $20, Robertson $12, Bailey $12, G Cole $12.
VIDEO | Willie and Korie Robertson Talk A&E Controversy for First Time with Fox News | Watch: by Joe Cole
Louisville freshman Akoy Agau just ran past Oscar Robertson sitting courtside, saw him, and saw, "Oh (wow), that's Oscar…
How can John Luke and Cole Robertson be so hot 😍
if I could marry John Luke, Reed, or Cole Robertson, I would be totally content with life😌😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Storm Boy's Hockey Final last night: Storm 2 - Kennedy 1. Goals by Cole Robertson and Kevin Sampson!
please let me wake up on Christmas with Cole Robertson under my tree, amen 🙏😂
Is Cole Vosbury related to the Robertson (Duck Dynasty fame)family? He looks like he could be Willie's son!
Man sadie robertson and John Luke Robertson and cole robertson and rest of them including sadie John Luke and cole would be great friends
Cole Vosbury is my favorite guy on the voice and looks like he belongs in the Robertson family 😂
YES! I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of John Luke and Cole Robertson ;) I must tell you about it in person!
Cole should sing "sharp dressed man" and dress in camo with an American flag bandana like willie robertson!
The Robertson's and the Palin's together. Alaska and Louisiana hunters unite!
Whoops. Robertson reserve cnr cole & hammer sts is where we will be today!
totally agree with that. Nobodies in the bullpen other than Robertson.
Holy smokes Ed Robertson and Holly Cole...your version of Baby It's Cold Outside might be the worst version of anything I've ever heard.
cole all the way - but I cant help but think he looks like a mini version of willie robertson!! :D
Are you sure Cole is not a Robertson??? He kinda looks like Jase o_O
Anybody ever tell Cole he could pass for a Duck Dynasty family member? He looks like Willie Robertson
I share a birthday with cole robertson. What?? 😊
Get your iPhone insurance today!
. Blake sheltona+ Cole vosbery = Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty live you guys :D go Team Blake
My news feed is full of girls wishing Cole Robertson a happy birthday. So here is one from a guy! Happy birthday bud.
Wait Cole Robertson is just now turning 16? Why must you be so young and attractive?
I'm on the Cole train. How many times have you heard you look like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty?
Cole reminds me of one of the Robertson's!
everyone always says they want to marry John Luke Robertson, but I'd be just as happy with Reed or Cole😍
Vosbury anyone else see the resemblance between Cole Vosbury and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty?
Ugh I can't stand cole!!! He sounds like a karaoke singer... Cut your hair and shave your beard, you are no Robertson...
Cole from and Willie Robertson from though...
Cole vosbury looks like willie robertson from Duck Dynasty
So excited to see John Luke Robertson, Cole Robertson, and in December!! :D
realistically though I'd marry cole robertson he's more than just a really pretty face
Cole Robertson all the way because John Luke is annoying this season
How'd you spend your Labor Day? Watching of course. Cole Robertson though >>> 😍❤
does anyone else know who JohnLuke and Cole Robertson are??
Cole have u found ur bull frog gal? Cause I know there are a lot of thoes kind of girls in the sticks of south Florida with the best marsh to catch the frogs at ;)
One of the girls on Pastors Daughters is friends with Cole Robertson because of the show.
Hey John Luke and Cole Robertson,and I are single! 💁
Y'all are going to think I'm lying, but I swear, John Luke Robertson and Cole Robertson were just walking behind me in the Atlanta Airport 😱
wanna chill with me and cole Robertson later
The only person I would probably change for is Cole Robertson, and I'd only change my location and my eating habits.
Cole Robertson should follow me. Well so should everyone. I mean I would
John Luke Robertson and Cole Robertson are some very gorgeous boys. I must meet these 2.
Cole Robertson can marry me anytime now!
I wish cole robertson would tell me I'm beautiful.
The fact that Cole Robertson is a baseball player. 😍 >>>
i just got noticed by Cole Robertson. my future husband i cant
I'm in love with John Luke and Cole Robertson 😍😍😍😍
Hey what's wrong with cole Robertson? Anybody know? I feel so out of the loop:(
When people actually think I know Cole Robertson! 👍
All purpose parts banner
No one else loves Cole Robertson as much as I do okay
That picture of Cole Robertson in the hospital bed was like a stab to my heart.
My Grand Cole Robertson had surgery this morn on pitching shoulder. Long recovery & rehab. Please pray for him.
Who's up for a trip to West Monroe to find Cole Robertson?😏
As much as I want to see the pacers win this game the coach in me knows. 1) LBJ will come out the telephone booth either with wade and bosh or without. He is at home and the best player in the NBA. He is building his résumé now and this will be another step in his climb to be the best ever. BTW anyone who knows me knows I hate typing this right now smh GO PACERS PROVE ME WRONG GIVE ME A GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT! Lol
Cole is so hot! I totally wish I could go out with him.
To Amber Joy Poulton, Rohan Powell, Beccy Cole, Sean Rudd, Duncan Toombs, Mari McGuire, Liz Stocco, Jaynie-o Power & Betina Darby this is the guitar from my collection that I am putting up for auction to raise funds to go toward the purchase of a much needed "Purpose built" Van for Brandon Robertson, a friend'sson. These photos are just to advise Amber & Rohan who have both offered to promote it and I will advise how & when it will actually be auctioned after consultation with them The last photo shows Shania Twain playing an Ovation with the same face which is simply gorgeous and why I have been reluctant to part with it but I do have 4 Ovations and this one drew "the short straw"! Please check out the website I have set up for Brandon at to see why I am willing to part with a guitar for Brandon, it is the least I can do & I want to do my best to get this fundraising started
Who is the most spectacular pg ever?
Overland Park Kansas June 30, 2013. The Double is a unique new running competition sweeping the nation. The Double is a distance race consisting of two legs - an opening 10k leg, followed by a 5k leg, with a break in between. The Double is the brainchild of running visionary and innovator Bob Anders...
I wanna be sadie Robertson but at the same time I don't.. because then I couldn't date John Luke or cole because we would be related 😂😔
Bible study, check. Work, check. Shopping, check. Cardio and shoulders, check and check. It is almost movie time :)
So jealous that all of my family and friends are celebrating my older sister's birthday and I am a thousand miles away.BORED!! Happy Early Birthday Shelly!!
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