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Cold Wind

Cold Wind is a single by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire. The song is not found on any of their studio albums.

Neal Boortz Texas Aggie Joe Pickett Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

hope it's a decent replacement!? I hope the wedding can shout profanities in the ice cold wind like we can btw 😉
I will give you my wind when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
H-u-f-f, huff and I puff. Blow like snow when the cold wind’s blowin’. Zoom, I hit the mic like boom. Raw dust on my body. -love
it's actually beautiful today. Nice and warm with no wind. It has been cold though. Bring on summer!
ooo its raining and i felt this cold wind on my legs so i was like YES FINALLY but then i sneezed and almost choked
Seem like the wind never stop, like our breath, from cold to hot, from hot to cold, from the different atmosphere
Last night In the extra squad sitting outside in the cold wind for hours and only working for…
A blast of cold wind. White crystals drift from heaven. The gray firmament
Despite cold, wind, rain & grey skies, sailing the was 1 of the most transcendent experiences of my life h…
Amidst the cold wind enveloping them as they stayed outside, he could feel his whole body heating up just because of the +
One last photo! JS180 working in Antarctica. Taken on a beautiful, if cold day...-45°C with wind chill!
As of today, I got dressed and went outside. Standing in wind and cold like a goof
When you were screaming your lungs out in the cold wind last night but didn't get sick ☺️
I think I'm going to wear weave in the winter 💀 I don't want that cold wind on my neck 😭
my uncle told me the cold is just different here but not worse. There's not wind like the east coast
Just heard candle in the wind(goodbye England's rose) for the first time since princess Diana's funeral still makes me go cold 😢
Little Giant Ladders
We have been tricked by the weather this morning and are wholly unprepared for the cold and wind
Cold wind blows into the skin. Can't believe the state you're in. It's so far, so far away. It's so far, so far away.
The wind worries the woods outside. This morning Night was drowned in cold, grey waves.
Even in cold wind driven rain...this place is beautiful. Ran the trail started at…
{The cold wind on your face, the feeling of being completely free, with no boundaries whatsoever, the feeling of your hair >
I can't believe how cold it is 2day,the wind is cold that's why,if we didn't have the wind it would be warm=),but it feels like fall today=(
I shouldn't have worn shorts. The wind keeps trying to give me a cold kwempa.
Cold as ice. Warm as fire. Wind will blow. So is the Raging storm. Cold below. Warm above. Heaven nor *** Centers the place
Cold wind blowing through the window shade,. I’m falling faster each and every day
The wind tonight is so cold. Just got home and all i wanna do just cover my whole body with furry blanket.
Like back end tonight with East wind dragging cold rain across these wild Yorkshire hills, then the sun came out!
me living in tornado valley says WRONG hot air👉/👈cold air=spin>wind speed=vortex>distance=wind funnel got it?
"I was made to keep your body warm. But I'm cold as the wind blows ,so hold me in your arms💭🎼.."
Its so cold in Chicago I'm wearing earmuffs bc my head starts hurting when the wind hits my ears if that makes sense
I suddenly remember you when a cold wind pass through me😰😭
It's so cold today! How is it only 21 degrees I don't even! It feels like 16 degrees especially plus this wind
"But I swear, you try to diss me, I'll slaughter you." - Cold Wind Blows
[BOT]You are blowing cold wind and feel tipsy in my slow air.
So hold my hand once more. Let me feel your warmth. The wind is blowing and it’s cold
"It feels lonely here." He murmured as he fixed his jacket due to the cold wind
can't wait for fall and Brunswick stew and football games and cold wind and snuggles and leggings. 🌾🍂🏈
[ The icy cold winds that blew, prompted Ted to walk faster and follow as she led the way into the old castle. The wind--
The squeal of delight is Gregory being happy with the cold wind…
You know I never want to be alo-oh-oh-one. I can see the stars as a cold wind greets the air. And will you think of me up there?
Down to see some good plank in the river with Sir W. Batten and back again, it being a very cold day and a cold wind.
The wind always whisper your name, although the cold bury your…
Rain, wind, cold, heat, race fans brave all to watch the racing
Labour’s anti-semitism is frightening. Feels like a cold wind is blowing…
The sound of the wind is whispering in your ear can you feel it coming back?through the warmth,through the cold,keep running'til we're ther
They are. Especially the cold wind ;)
Cold wind blows is such a good song to workout to
I argued that this contract stuff has taken the wind out of his sails but in hindsight maybe he's always blown hot and cold?
...looks familiar...😂. You failed to bring the cold wind to…
– Why are you quiet?. Me – What do you want to hear?. I could hardly hear him because of the wind and I was shivering in cold. My hair...
You may be interested in this book 'Cold Wind (Joe Pickett series Book 11)'
Cold Wind by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester.
Song of the day. Cold Wind by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Beautiful Goldlilocks morning in Cape Town: Not too hot, not too cold, no wind. Just right.
How will and heat and lights a house on a cold, windless winter's night? can.
oh right, the wind is bone chillingly cold. 😬 was in Nov last year so I know how that feels. Thanks for the head's up!
Cold ride home. 42 but wind hurts like knives
Try the people of Gaza, who are living in tents during the wind and cold of Gaza's winter. they have little food and water.
No. It's been a clear night, no wind and not too cold.
Cold rain spitting in my face riding to work. Wind almost pushing me over a few times. Work is dark & unheated. It's Namiblanket time.
My hands got pretty dry from the wind and cold recently so input lotion on them and now they're burning why why why
Update your maps at Navteq
Bring it on, Chicago. Wind, cold and all!
Come on, let's get you something to eat *shivers when the wind ruffled his hair and made the cape flutter* Brr, its cold
When LA isnt even cold but the wind is making it hella cold
Good afternoon, Belton-san〜♪. The wind is strong and cold today. Please be careful about a cold.*:.。. o
When there's a strong wind but you have to remind yourself that no weather is as cold as your heart
Overcast skies, cold wind. this morning.
It's windy. The sun is smiling, but a cold wind is laughing.
Today's morning wind reminds me of when I was in the military. Cold every day (´ . .̫ . `)
It was to be expected. The cold claw of the snow dragon missed immediately, the follow up was a quick gust of wind that —.
I don't like when it's cold @ night. During the day w/sun I'm usually ok-only bc of the sun. Wind is the worst though.
Cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
Ah god i love it when the skies are dark and gloomy, when it's about to rain, i love the cold wind.
I'm going where the cold wind blows 🌬
Sweat , rain and cold wind couldn't be any prouder of my girls! ⚽😄
Understatement."There's a cold wind blowing/This world ain't gonna know what hit it/He did it/he made it/he's fina…
Bundle up tonight...while very quiet outside, it will be very cold with less wind too!
Get in out of the cold and wind tonight in our cheerful and bright roller rink! It'...
Cycling Casual Sporrting Fleeced Thermal Wind Jacket for Winter Cold - god of War
What causes wind? Ask a 5th grader! Hot and Cold water investigation to explain
Blustery cold tonight. Wind chills not dangerous, just uncomfortable. Won't be cold all weekend
The biggest thing I had to get used to with my short hair was the cold weather. That wind…
why are trains never at the airport never on time? It's freaking cold and a wind tunnel where you wait.
Despite the sun, today was pretty cold - especially with the wind. We'll have the same weather through Sunday...
Always love when the December whips up & truly gusty cold fronts this time of year!
Clouds wild. Very cold with cold wind today.
I think it's the fact there are no tall buildings to act as a wind break on the lake front, you get that cold lake wind.
Cold gust of wind across the towards Cambridge. You can make out the dome.
Had a nap then spotted the gorgeous been trying a few shots through the branches. Bloody cold wind!
Wind chills in the 30s already all across the area! Only exception is the Poconos... 27° 😕.
Luxury wasteland stretched to the horizon. He trod upon the mahogany paneling that hid the scorched earth, the cold wind sharp with myrrh.
Troutdale WARMEST in metro area as warm southerly breezes arrive. Enjoy after week of cold & wind! https…
When cold temperatures and winter weather, such as snow, sleet, wind and ice set in, it's easier to
Cold wind from nowhere. A girl from the North . came, tossing her hair. Bells. banged. in their steeples. Roofs grew . wings a…
How could you be so, cold as the winter wind when it breeze, yo. Just remember that you talkin' to me though
How about rib? "A gust of wind snapped a rib on my umbrella and sent a rush of cold water down the back of my neck."
Today is very cold.Epic!. I'm hearing noise of the wind at univ's library.It looks cold!
DaveFarley1986: AZJoshM sportslogosnet bitter cold is 5 degrees with a -10 wind chill. But that's for me.
Weather bulletin National Preserve: COLD and WINDY at Howard Pass, winds 48 mph and wind chill of -73 F.
The Dirtboxwailers featuring Jennifer Marriott and Pete Marriott, Mark Miller and the Cold Wind, The Heather...
musicinanime: A Cold Wind in my Mind - EDISON Anime: Black Lagoon
That cold wind yesterday didn't work for my photoshoots . How it feel today ?
The sun is back in Paris, but the wind is freezing cold ☀️💨. So I wish I could soon wear this kind…
My room feels like a fortress. Barely any sun coming through the closed blinds and cold wind from the fan. I love it
Even the wind from the fan kinda cold for me :/
yeah. Im beside you, please. You'll feel a cold wind passes by your back xD
cold wind last couple of weeks glad it's warming up I may even chance just four layers on m/bike this afternoon lol
commute: cold, but no wind. Traffic lightest since any holiday in memory. Did see a few bunnies, but they weren't carrying anything
its bright and sunny but yesterday there was a lot of wind which made it really cold when the wind blew. Today looks to be...
Winter has arrived, I can feel it in my bones..
Wind, cold greets cyclists for second week
I'm cold as, the wind blows, . So hold me in your arms.
When a sudden gust of wind took me by surprise, a cold shiver played tag along my spine.
Cold wind. I think it's going to rain later.
Sun's shining, wind is light, beer's cold & & I are on the Oude Kwaremont :)
"Writing is like hunting. There are brutally cold afternoons with nothing in sight, only the wind and..."
My last beautiful morning waking up at Kure Beach. The wind is cold but sun is warm. Back to work…
“All bundled up on the side of Quandary Peak today.
Good morning, Happy Easter. Cold start to the day at 33 degrees with a bitting wind. Enjoy the sun for now.
Lord knows when the cold wind blows
Is it cold out? I was more concerned with Water buildup and wind damage or items tossed in our out of yard. Didn't go out
Two things don't go together. The cold and the wind 😒😣
It is COLD outside. -16C with the wind. This is the never ending winter. I'm so done with it.
The sun is shining through this cold wind.. something bout the sun.. makes me feel alive.. how long b4 they hide it fr us o wait
there's sun birds cars kids AND cold wind. They donti mix not ever
April. And the cold wind. Whips up. The new snow. Landscape. Frozen again
I would sail across the east sea . Just to see you on the far side . Where the wind is cold and angry
The Mosque was never dirty. Never. There was no wind or dust.. yet it is calm, silent and slightly cold.
"not so good! Now it's a little bit sunny but it's pretty cold and a lot of wind! (I live in belgium)
-46º C at the South Pole today with a wind chill of -66º C.
Unbelievably cold day today. The North wind can go and do one.
Howling wind and crazy mist call for a Shamrock pie stop in Grahamstown. Man it's cold here.
we have five degrees too and a cold wind from the North. Soon summer will come to us Nassu
Rain starts falling and cold wind starts blowing
The wind here is's literally cold outside!😕
This PE wind gets you to close the curtain in hope that the cold will get better
Easter weekend in London with my the cold wind but missing my babies terribly
Rain starts falling and cold wind starts blowing. :)
All week we were praying for good weather, even the cold would be better than wind or rain and we couldnt believe...
My mind goes and flows, it blows like the wind when its cold. Staying up at night because my thoughts eat up my soul
Works also with wind, snow, fog, cold, heat and night.
I'm going where the cold wind blows. In the pines. In the pines. Where the sun don't ever shine. I would shiver the whole nigh…
Aspirants to Monte Rosa--a severe and bitterly cold wind from the north.
I'm cold and the wind is whistling outside its so loud I'm a bit frightened
We are closed: adverse weather conditions. Temperature at the top is cold, wind strength is gale force, visibility goo…
Knowledgable benefits in the wind online cold frame: ZSRjBId
It well was worth braving the rain and cold wind to take this photo. http…
Oh the wind whistles down. The cold dark street tonight. And the people they were dancing. To the music vibe
"I hate it here... This place is so rotten.. It's so unreal.. Everyone around seems to be unreal, they look like shades of the ones they once were supposed to be. No one is real here, no one is alive.. Only the death controls the world I am in.. Nobody can save this world, nobody can stop the path of decay if someone is walking down this way. Nobody can stop someone who wants to walk the road to *** and I am in the middle of that all.. Stinking corpses all around... The darkness!! Everywhere.. No one can find me.. No one can smell the death.. No one can find the end of which I am standing on the edge of.. Never someone's gonna see how it feels to live in a rotten world.. Filled with murder and raper, filled with scum and crap.. Filled with the last filth of the world.. And no one can see how it really is to be left in a dirty hole of excreta and the *** of the depraved society you all show.. Not one of you is real.. Nobody is real.. I am real.. But YOU ARE NOT!!" Red Mist.. Darkness.. Cold Wind.. Acid R . ...
Winter in New England is here. Cold Wind from the north has been chilling us. Brutal! I would say if I was anthropormorphic. Outside tonight the bark on the Maple tree is crackling as it curls up to to stay warm too.
From Corner Baridi where with that Cold Wind blowing we felt we were on the Roof of Rift Valley and the World we descended down to Magadi
Yesterday... Fireworks exploding Loud sonic booms drifting The boat swaying Black waters The city lights shining in the sky Diving into the waters of the predators Bullet like rain clashing into my body My vision blinking repeatedly Hearing drunken adults sing and cry Children shivering The wind blows. Just making it more cold then it already is. My shirt was abandoned. My body responded to the wind and rain "You've never met me. Come and get me" Lightning weakening the dark essence Too bad theres only one light with them But that light was too powerful for them they were too comfortable with him. That light has became even more dark. That light is no longer a light, he is mixed with dark and light. He is... me. I am *** and heaven, Lucifer and the messiah. I am the Archangel. And yesterday was the moment where I earned his forgiveness.
Suns shining but this wind feels like ice!!!
the trees around Chernobyl store vast amounts of contaminated particles, and as climate change worsens the chances of a forest fire increases, which could see all of the
My feet come to a halt as my eyes take in the landscape before me after my successful climb on of the many mountains before me. As stand stop one, eyes drinking in the feat and my body basking in the victory, the others begin to look taller and formidable. Its brothers and sisters are nothing more than silhouettes covered in blankets of snow and hidden behind the veil of mist, like ghost under the moonlight. "I've grown tired..." I whisper, though my voice still carries with aid of the wind. "Tired of the calamities you plague us with. Tired of these trials that you relentlessly put me through. Tired of pain that has forged this clump bitterness in my heart." The winds answered in response, howling bitterly to show its disgust to my words. I could feel the warmth within me flee, leaving an empty canvas that was immediately filled with the cold and frigid caress of death. "I've journeyed to these mountains to show you the resolve of the human soul. May my death be a testament and pave the way to all those ...
Ultima!! Luis Enrique Nuñez Flores** Viodori Buhorado Anark*** 6/6 Under the arc of a weather stain boards, ancient goblins, and warlords, come out of the ground, not making a sound, the smell of death is all around, and the night when the cold wind blows, no one cares, nobody knows. Destroyer lml
Gonzalo Higuain to Arsenal. A Real Madrid forward moving to the Emirates. This feels significant. A statement signing, at last. It feels like time, a change in the wind at a football club that has been stagnating since its move to more plusher surrounds. All statements from the Emirates Stadium for years now have been that of a football club in decline. The sales have been a statement of lack of intent. The mutterings of under pressure owners add only to the unease of supporters; big talk, small ambition. Almost 3,500 Arsenal fans took part in a survey recently. Eighty four percent said the club was not being run properly. That is damning. No trophy since 2005. A forgotten player in the race for the title. A wounding label for a one-time giant of English football; a selling club. A feeder club to England's elite. Last summer the statement of intent was overwhelming. Manchester United came calling for Arsenal's best player and Arsenal lay on their backs with their legs in the air and fluffed up their stoma ...
Straight up Via Cowboys/Livestar entertainment C.E.O. This is what he said and I couldnt have said it better. We are some soldiers here in the dont ever give up no matter what. Heres a prime example of what we have been through latley to get us to where we are today: "Feeling pretty fortunate that we were able to pull it together and clean up our site at Cowboys from this flood disaster. We have all been working 24-7 over the last 2 weeks to recover and make it work in time for The Calgary Stampede. As well as grieving with all those affected from this flood, I was sad to hear that they had to cancel the big shows from our neighbours next door at The Saddledome. Luckily though, we made it work over at the Cowboys Stampede Tent site, despite having to cancel 3 shows in Cowboys right after the flood hit. This summer is the biggest line up of shows that I have ever amassed across Alberta, so it's even with more relief that we survived all the challenges thrown at us as of late in time for the Stampede. Ti .. ...
Ahhh *** another 20 mins for the bus.ugh it's to I see 'Timmy's' stop by and grab something cold and refreshing :p ahhh com on wind need more wind ;)
Some days are diamonds some days are stones Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones Some days are diamonds some days are stones
I miss my 100 and plus weather! Its cold out here water and wind I do--not like you
I dont recommend the flu shot at all.. Thought i was going so well after having it.. Not so much today.. Feeling like crap.. I havent had a cold this bad for years... Stuff the flu
Hmm we're taking the kids up to Robertson at lunch time and I reckon I might freeze my boobies off with this cold wind!!..if the wind would go away it would be such a nice day!!
So HOT Need some cold air . Is it going to be the same tomorrow I hope not but I guess it is better than rain or wind
I'm going to do a series of posts on COUGHS; the different types and the remedies which can be used in each case. Today's feature is CROUP. Here are the main remedies for croup cough: Aconite: first remedy in suspected Croup cough; the cough comes on after exposure to cold air or cold wind, or catching a 'chill'. Spongia: for a DRY, barking, raspy sounding cough, aggravated by a tickle in the throat; follows Aconite. Hepar Sulph: serious, persistent barking cough with rattling mucus in chest. Hepar Sulph is used if the cough develops to the stage where there is production of mucus.
So my neighbor after six years of never meeting him just came out and told me that he's tired of smelling my Bon fires. I asked him politely when a good time for me to have them and his response...(when the wind doesn't blow from the south). Lol since he was rude I guess I'm having a fire tonight and the rest of the weekend.
Fire crankn.on this cold morning .coffee time :)
Omg how hot is it tonight in Glasgow I'm bloody roasting sheesh
PRAYER FOR PEACE: let each sacrifice relieve others sorrow,for GOD has given us christ and he has shown us tomorrow. PEACE is born of freedo,not blood or wars or hate, victories seldom linger near the TYRANNTS cold-steel gate. A love for one is the hope for all. go forward in faith and heed the call, make each day a blessing,you never can regret...make each prayer a SONG. god never will forget it. charles buchanan 111 we need this prayer now more than ever. we had the loss of the 19 firefighters in arizona,and we have china-and russia in the sea of japan with their largest mutual war games ever. remember egypt will play a big role in diversion for all that in the next two weeks! my cycle of nines numbers will be in effect on these dates with the grand illuminist and maso algorythm in place. SEVERE EVENTS WILL OCCUR ON THESE DATES,UP TO AND INCLUDEING A MAJOR ESCALATION OF WAR IN MIDEAST. BUT THE MAJOR THING TO WORRY ABOUT IS CHINAS-RUSSIAS COOPERATIONS IN POSSIBLY TRYING TO RETAKE TAIWAN BY FORCE WHILE WE ...
Brume From the cold brume and lifeless That covers the pale face of the city Drops of water fall in my maked face The sad gray makes me shut up The wind rings me like a cry in despair I walk by the streets that cry Under the lights I see you in every corner, in every look My warm hands, in the pockets Wondering refuse your heat Thinkings float in the air I feel you every instant You are far away, I Know Where my hands don’t reach You were without saying good by Without warning not farewell You open a door And you went out from our lives I cry at every best regards I die at every instant You are a part of a heart That doesn’t beat so well I feel a very big empty A hearthanche hurts me A tear walks slowly on my face My eyes fix on nothing Seeing your image They bright like a flash in the dark It comes me a despair I rum... To your arms? It’s dificult to say. Arno Bukanowsky P.S. Eu escrevi este poema para uma mulher que amei um dia e que se foi. É a primeira vez que o publico desde que o escrevi, em ...
Could have, should have, would have mowed the lawn & cleaned my truck today Instead I went riding with Tim Ellinghuysen to Minneska & back on every winding road that would kinda,sorta get us there! Then we stopped at Johnny's Saloon in Elba for a cold one. Haven't had that much fun for along time. I'm sure eventually I'll appreciate fairings & windshields but for now it's a blast to have the wind in my face! Great day!
Another week of this freaking nasty *** heat and humidity!!! I should just shoot myself now!!
lyrics: It's pretty cold for late September The autumn wind is creeping in The summer sun packed up, it's long gone There's a whole lot of leaving going on, ...
I just did a ten minute rant about people from warmer climates making fun of us for complaining about the heat when it is only 95 out. For the safety of others all sharp objects have been taken away from me. that is gonna stop me.
Today has been one of the worst for my back in a while :( It is so painful & frustrating! I'm taking solace in the fact that I will finally be seeing the neurosurgeon next Saturday to finally get some direction and answers about this nonsense.
Tomorrow.PA will lose one of it's finest gentlemen. New beginnings usually tend to favor positive outcomes of growth but it is hard for me not to admit that this loss will be a bit painful. To my brother and future sis in law.shine that same light I try to shine on others your new home of Columbus Ohio. Brotherly love will remain strong. God bless and farewell to Francis Allen.
Ugg boots are essential. As are gloves and beanies. Heavy frost - still only 8 degrees. Will be cold on the water today.
Pleasant day at work today . Rail temp 132 degrees , Tie temp 160 degrees . At least the sun was shining and there was no wind . Can't wait for it to warm up .
cruel ambition sicka wishin man torn inside im torn inside keep the dreams alive to much to reveal when im stripped of the pride fire scorched ground bring the world down now the brain is fried you say I failed but god damnit I tried to give you everything I had ask the pen and the pad for hours in the lab locked in the closet paper aint sick enough then tare it and toss it mind body soul blown over frosted so *** cold slit of the wrist stories been told written and scripted spittn and lifted so much weight turn on to generate get the wheels turnin get the wind blown behind my back call me juggernaut when im flown .:)
It's amazing to me how we've really been talking about race so much more the last few days BC of this trial. As grown ups, were super divided by race. But what makes me smile is, as I type, G5 is running around the playground with a rainbow of children. They don't care about race, gender, status or even what the other is wearing. They just come together and have a ball. At what point will he leave this world and come into ours??? It's heartbreaking.
Melbourne Weather Forecast: Saturday 6th July: Partly cloudy with sunny periods before a few windy showers develop this afternoon, mainly clearing this evening. COLD conditions, high wind chill. W/NW winds averaging up to 35km/h. Max: 14degC. Note: Winter woolies today and have an umbrella handy. Rain: 1-2mm's.
Cradle mountain just phoned to tell us we can't stay as roads are closed due to TOO much snow! Any ideas as kids are rugged up for snow...
according to the TV weather wind gusts today of 70 miles an hour
Who wants to hear that their son may have suffered even longer than the 1-3 minutes they had to deal with from the initial ME report?? That had to be truly painful for a parent to know their child was in pain even a minute longer than initially told because someone 3 weeks ago suffered the same injuries. What the *** !!
When you broke down, contracted out, and rebuilt that bridge, We kept our torches lit.   When you sent cards and chocolate bars and three dollar bills,  We scoffed and scraped your dirt from our heels.   We never blamed, just came of age, our hedges in a row, you'll never get to know.   When you're old, grown sick and cold, your body frostbitten, you'll wonder where we've been.   After the sun sets and the wind wistles in truths, I'll recall the one thing I was forced to learn from you:   It involves those I love, How I swore to follow through,    And when beasts cross my son, he'll warn them of what I can do. 
WHY can't the weather be like this all the time .. Not too hot , not too cold .. Minus a lil wind so my * will stop burnin an we good ! 😎
I spoke to Michael this morning. He has been admitted to the main hospital.The pain is less.He is able to eat what they give him without problems.All blokes love their food. So, so far ok.Sophie and I are off to hunting and collecting at a garage sale.Strictly for therapy of course.
Good morning everyone, we have had plenty of wind and rain in the last couple off days. We will still see showers today and a westerly wind still up around 20knots and a southwestly swell peaking at 8metres. Tomorrow things should start backing off. Hardly a boat out this week due to rough weather but the canal has given a few die hards a place to fish. Salmon and travally being the main targets. The rivers would be another opption today with most producing bream, salmon and perch. Good mullaway still being caught at the glenelg river up around the 13kg mark. For all your bait and tackle needs this weekend call into compleat angler and stock up. Also we still have great specials on adult and kids bikes. (stock only). Also check out our great range of kayaks there a range for everyone. Have a great weekend. Happy fishing. Cheers Nigel.
Finally made it to the lake. Kicking back relaxing watching a cool looking thunderstorm pass by. NICE!
Southern Australia has been hit with another winter storm yielding outbreaks of high wind, cold rain and mountain snow.
U no its cold when theres thick ice on the car window
Storm coming in! I'm excited to see this lightening storm! Wind is making it really cold.
Dang wind. Walking around downtown tonight is gonna feel like a huge blow dryer.
July 5th and I'm sitting on the porch with a blanket wrapped around me!
Eff off freezing cold wind!!! I would like at least one day of nice weather on the weekend please.
I've known the wind so cold, I've seen the darkest days But now the winds I feel, are only winds of change I've been through the fire and I've been through the rain But I'll be fine
An offering from my friend Denis Lensing: No No it was this sweet gentle blood-spilled day Upon which you offered me flowers. They shone In the daylight, fashioned of razors. May I simply walk away from this? Can bone Live cold and white while the blood sings of red? The sludge clots, and the feet drag, heels of flint On streets of steel. *** this sun that has bred Dust and ash and sour flesh. I mean to mint New coin from this base metal. Yeah, I’ll sing Wild praise of you from holy mountaintops, Castigations vile in the abyss. Ring Out, sorry and sodden soul. The wind lops Off the end of every sentence. Finish? Cannot. Grow strong. Face dawn. Or diminish.
Flew all evening, traveled on a bus for hours, hiked up to our new rooms at 2am just to turn around and get up at 6 for a full day of evangelism but wow, these students are awesome! No stage available so they performed in the middle of a dirt road, cold wind, rocks and all. Praising Jesus for the many sweet souls that came to Christ through prayer today! Washing a 5 yr old child's hair for their first time is a humbling experience. Be grateful America, we truly don't know how blessed we are. Hold your loved ones close tonight and celebrate what Christ has done for you and for me. Miss and love you sweet family.
I admit it.. I'm a baby.. It's 82 degrees and windy and I'M FREEZING!!!
lovely day today I hope you all enjoyed it lifes so much better and far less hassle when the weather is good not having tto struggle in the wind and rain or tense against the cold this is the time we all hope and wait for. night night sleep tight,
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. We are in Coos Bay Oregon and it is very cold and really windy no golf today. Think we are gonna head inland for a few days.
ADRIFT..lonely gull high above an empty ocean a sea of love, one lonesome ship no forlone light seeking desperate harbour for the night. An empty heart in search of kind anothers love upon your mind. Storms sweet passions wind and rain,weathered feelings of loves cruel pain. Adrift alone on upon crowded seas ships pass in the dark but not even a breeze, to show how close two lives entwine knowing she will never be mine. A ship wrecked sailor a lonely gull, loves cruel rocks pierce your hearts hull. now sinking down to Davey Jones a long lost love and cold drowned bones..
... well apparently it's going to hit 85 degrees on Sunday ! ... funny how when it's hot we suddenly start talking about fahrenheit !? and conversely it's always centigrade (-1, -10 with wind chill etc.) when it gets really cold !? ... just a thought :-)
Cold wet rain covering my body the wind making my body shiver and all I can think about is how much I miss u..
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, Thy angels watch me through the night, And keep me safe till morning's light.
Whoa, was worried it might be cold for the run, already warming up, its already 0.8 deg. T shirt and all will be fine
tomorrow I am going to be at a special destination for a few days. All week I have been dropping clues. Let's recap the clues. I am taking a bathing suit, hat with a brim and insect repellent Among the activities I will be doing I will be swimming with pink dolphins and hunting for pirahnas. There are only cold showers because water heated up and dispersed breed germs and one can wind up with lung infection. BTW, you are not stupid if you cannot guess where this mystery destination is. I just wanted to summarize the clues and make it abit easier on anyone trying to figure out :)
Off to the Terang Market this morning! Come along and brave the weather for some bargains! I will be inside the church hall out of the cold wind and where you can grab a nice hot cuppa and a cake :) yum!
Perfect weather for night cold wind after a hot sunny day
Love lying in bed listening to the rain pelting the tin roof knowing I don't have to get up and go milk the bloody cows in it. I so don't miss those days!
Good morning everyone...I hope everyone survived the past couple of days, what a shocker!! the forecast for today will be for scattered showers and possible hail near the coast. Scattered showers also about the northeast ranges and falling as snow above 1200 metres. Isolated showers over remaining districts. Isolated thunderstorms possible over the west this afternoon. Mostly dry and sunny over east Gippsland. A cool to cold day with fresh to strong westerly winds, reaching gale force at times over Alpine areas this morning. Winds easing from the west during the day. Up in the Snowfields, there has been some snow falling. Falls creek has had 14 cm in the past 24 hours, Mt Hotham has had 9 cm, and Mt Buller has had 2 cm. Snow making machines have been working overtime as well, so there is a good cover up there. In our water catchment areas, we haven't had much rain, so our water catchments are slowly emptying. The Hume weir is sitting at 64%, Lake Buffalo is at 56%, Lake Eildon is at 70%, Laancoorie Reserv ...
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Wandering Central Christchurch while waiting for the car to be fixed. First time seeing the Cathedral since the quake now that the cordons have all been lifted. Sobering and thoughtful meandering.
Children of Bodom + Amon Amarth, ONE WEEK "Another night, another demise, Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice... I'll let the wind blow out the light cause its gets more painful every time I die."
Can't believe after 12 days I still feel like I've been rundown by a valley of bulls...if anyone is looking for a decent virus this one is guaranteed to last and make you look and feel like a horror princess. Meanwhile back at the ranch junior worse off than I with a severe tonsillitis/viral infection. In so much pain and tears.saddest boy in town.󾌹 - What school holidays???
OMG. -13 (with wind chill). Very cold and windy. Again, a big thanks to Jason from The Base for helping me out last week.
Really didn't want to get out of bed today. Hoping a strong coffee can give me the boost I need to get moving. Lots to do today..
Why is it so cold this morning? Br, feels like wind is coming straight off the snow
Ok, I tried the trick on Pinterest where you can cut a bottle using only string or yarn, acetone, lighter and a bucket of cold water.EPIC FAIL! Anyone ever tried it and have any suggestions?? :-/
Someone once told me you trap yourself sometimes by thinking desire and need is love. He was right. Love is something far more precious, but something far more fragile. Hold on to it too tightly and it will crumble in your fingers. Hold it too loosely and the wind might blow it away and shatter it on the cold ground. Listen to the voice in your heart but be absolutely sure the voice comes from your heart
Time to get up and take dogs for a run. So windy outside:-(
Daddy was turned down by the county energy assistance office today. They said they only replace heating units, not heating/cooling units. Daddy says it was 86 degrees in the house with 90% humidity. I am worried for him. The heat and humidity in here is getting to him.
What a relief of a little bit of cold wind from the week of endless indoor and outdoor sauna weather!!
Thunderclap - Eskimo Joe (Lyrics Onscreen HD) Twilight Saga: New Moon Official Soundtrack - Bonus Track - Thanks for watching & please don't forget to commen...
Looks nice outside in mwell,but wind be cold ,warm place ft Ryder still Zz
Well how is PCB lookin today? I know Tanya Rhodes Gray has a current forecast!
(Sigh) its cold but at least there is no *** wind!!!
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OMG that wind sounds so cold this morning might say in bed
East bound hammer down. Loaded up and trucking. Cold lake. Then Maidstone Sk. Hair to the wind.
With a predicted high of 20 should be a wonderful day,fingers crossed.
Broken hot water system this morning, never had such a quick COLD shower. :(
Right about now a nice cold February wind would be welcomed!
Well, here's to the first really hot night of the summer - without a breath of wind - which is nice, and lets face it, unusual here. There's been a chill in the wind up to about a week or so ago, a sort of lingering reminder of the cold winter, even though the sun's been shining. It's nice.
Good morning & what a cold start to the weekend! Which is worse the wind or the rain? Got one & the other coming :) Going to see mumsy, then home to a nice warm fire, housework, bookwork, then out to a housewarming tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend whatever you have planned :) Welcome Heather (see you tomorrow) and Selena Beaded Beauties
So cold this morning..Wind going everywhere. I don't think we will be filming today...
Just fished push mowing my heart is pounding like the bass in a lowered corolla. Boom ...boom ...boom boom .boom!
My plumber drains me.We are never in sink.I think hes on crack.Hes conceited and thinks who he is in his tank top.I WOULD NEVER TAKE THE PLUNGE AND DATE HIM.he thinks hes a king of the throne.Anyway bad info leaked out about him.He smokes a pipe and i think the guys full of crap.
Sunrise on dormant volcano Acatenango (3,976m). I left Antigua, Guatemala (1,530m) at 1.30am and got to summit at 4.30am. Waited for sunrise in very cold wind but were lucky to have some great views of surrounding volcanoes including the next climb of the morning, active volcano Fuego (3763m).
4real its i.m patrolling the area an the dusti cold wind is blowing my mind away yoöö.
Love these cold front with all the rain and wind!
Figured out my ear infection was due to the exterme heat and monday high ac blasting at work!!! Our bodies arent meant for dramatic temperature changes! Oh yeah would it rain already!
incredible yesterday hit 35 degrees, hence buying the fan.first half of the night soo sooo sooo stuffy and then suddenly dropped to actually cold and today is struggling to make 19 degrees...walk this morning even with thick sweatshirt I was cold..but the sun is still shining..its the wind that is cold...
Wind looks like it is staying down - So who's fishing today ...
memories like a coat so warm...A cold wind can't get through soso
Why are they putting out back to school supplies and Christmas stuff in the stores on the 5th of July? Summer just got started.
50 pure dead give aways that you are Scottish 1.Scattered showers with outbreaks of sunshine and a cold northerly wind, is your idea of good weather. 2.The only sausage you like is square. 3.You were forced to do Scottish country dancing every year at high school. 4.You have a wide knowledge of local words, and know: Numpty is an *** Aye is yes, Aye right is No, Auldjin is someone over 40, and Baltic is cold. 5.You have an irrational need to eat anything from the chippy, as long as it's deep fried Haggis, pizza, white pudding, sausage, fish, chicken and battered Mars Bars. 6.You used to love destroying your teeth with Penny Dainties, Wham Bars, Cola Cubes, and Soor Plooms. 7.You always greet people by talking about the weather. 8.Even if you normally hate the Proclaimers, Runrig, Caledonia, Deacon Blue, Big Country, etc, you still love it when they are played in a club abroad. (in fact you'll probably ask the DJ to play it) 9.You have an enormous feeling of dread, even when Scotland play a diddy team. ...
The sun finally decided to put it's hat on today. So good to feel warmth instead of cold wind.
Oi Egyptions...wind your necks in...the puds are coming next week.mess my holiday up and i'll set the wife on you - *uck her about at your peril!!!
Cold, sick and wind is howling outside! Thank you for my warm bed, wish this bronchitus could end now! Need TLC!!
Start your engines for another incredible week in the Cayman Islands. Several familiar faces, and many new ones who were experiencing their first LiveAboard week of diving Aggressor-style joined us. The wind was calm and once we boarded everyone we headed up the west side to enjoy a BBQ dinner, complete the welcome safety briefing, and get a good night’s sleep getting ready for our first dives in the morning. Sunday. The wreck of the Doc Polson was up first! This is a shallow tugboat wreck in 50 feet of water with an easy 20 yards swim to the drop off. Plenty of critters were around today and everyone enjoyed getting back into the water and getting wet. A perfect spot for our check-out dive! . We cruised over to the Sand Chutes Wall and the wreck of the Kittiwake for the afternoon dives. Here we had plenty of places to explore with plenty of bottom time, being that the deepest point is only 60 feet. The engine rooms, recompression chamber, galley, mess, and bridge were all checked out, as well as the s ...
Tina said she is moving on without me and don't want to put up with me any more, I only hope you find happiness and i'm sorry I couldn't be there for you its not like I am not trying i'm out here in the thick of things now just trying to make the best of it. Its not easy here cold rain wind fog it is a struggle every day trying to find fish, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I will always love you no matter what and you are the mother of our beautiful son who I adore and miss so much, it will hurt for sure if things wont be the same between us but I will do my best to do what I can for you and our son. I don't sleep good knowing things are not going well for us I wipe the tears from my eyes thinking of you and baby before I fall asleep I will love you always and forever.
Omg who wud rush out the door into the taxi and 4get 2 grab coat sitting here freezing at Southern Cross station waiting 4 the Warrigal train lmao the wind is so cold how stupid of me
Nice ride this morning with a jacket on!! Was 90+ yesterday at this time. Today a balmy 68 with wind! I guess I am a Californian now- today is cold to me!
K-OLD! in Thedbo this morning. Snow Guns still going - nearing 24hrs of continues snowmaking! The cold air and wind suit Thredbo with snow being blown off roof tops, trees and higher peaks making the hill near invisible. Crackenback Supertrail debuts today but with wind still gusting over 90kmh I'm afraid Kosciusko Chair wont be running. Roads will be icy - I know they are! (after slipping and sliding while walking home last night). Get going early or be late for work or miss first lifts.
Another clear case of divisiveness . "Jonathan stated this during the flagging-off ceremony for the reconstruction of the expressway. The new companies that will be handling the reconstruction are Julius Berger Plc and Reynold Construction Company, RCC. President Jonathan arrived the venue in the same helicopter marked Nigerian Air Force NAF 540 with Governor Ibikunle Amosun at exactly 10:15am, with the Governor later complaining that he was not officially informed about the ceremony. According to him, he learnt about it on TV. Earlier before his arrival, the Inspector General of Police,Mohammed Abubakar had arrived in a Police helicopter marked 5N- KSH at 10:00am followed by the Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Azubuike Ihejirieka who was on Nigerian Army helicopter marked NAF 573 accompanied by another Army helicopter, NAF 571" The President didnt invite the governor as he heard it on TV, but invited the IG of police and the chief of army staff . What's the business of this two GENERALS in a flag of ceremon . ...
TELL US: What was your first car like? According to our partners over at USA TODAY, the best cars for teens are "big, slow and ugly." Does that describe your first car? MORE:
Ballarat Weather Weekend Forecast. Saturday. Cold and cloudy with rain. Wind from the N/NW. Sunday - Cold and cloudy with passing showers. Wind from the NW. Saturday Top: 10c Sunday Top: 11c
Plis mi jst this monin i didnt slip wel becos of cold breeze of d wind touch me .
Getting a little more rain, and its a cold rain. the wind is cold
FanQ: My 3month old was an awesome nurser from the start but now shes starting to scream and cry before latching. shes totally fine with a passy in her mouth and perfectly content and then my nipple touches her lips and its a screamfest im getting really discouraged. should i take away the passy? it makes it not only impossible in public but very very difficult at home and one time i gave er a formula bottle please help. Ashleigh
Bbq blew off deck and us upside down...sigh...think I might just wait for some help to lift it
hey we're going to the beach on Sunday - Polly Joke if the wind is right. 1700 high tide. I guess we're taking a radio for the tennis now. all welcome .. hmm cold beers tennis and children covered in sand. livin the dream
I’m your bleacher seats at the baseball game. One inning down, only eight more sweaty, sun-soaked, zero-shade innings to go.
When I hear this wind I know what's coming. Cold cold cold!
Day 8: Moshi After the strenuous day yesterday we had all slept well and there was more Oxygen down at our camp at 3100m. We were all woken up at 6:30am to leave by about 7:30am. For the first time breakfast did not have Maltabela porridge and we only got some flat pancakes, omlette and of course Viennas. All of us ate something and we were in high spirits as we had accomplished our goal and were going back to the hotel where a hot shower and cold beers awaited. We were packed and ready to go at the stipulated time. Our walk was about 8kms and the scheduled time was 4 hours. We walked through a magnificent rain forest on a flat but slippery path with many a 4 point fall especially from Kathryn. What contrasting scenery from the day before. Lush greenery and tall ancient trees were the order of the day. The 0 degrees morning temperature soon climbed into the mid teens or even early 20's. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the forest. No rain or wind just a few misty patches as we descended. We shared sto ...
for all you complaining about the heat?...remember on January 15th,2014 it will be -22 with a -33 wind chill...winds from the northwest at 65 kms /hr..let's see what ya say then!
wou to nty in OUT OF NATURE COUNTRY LODGE is to much wind the cold one.
I think we are finally done with the heat wave. what a perfect day. 85 degrees with a little bit of comfortable :)
Siberia lives up to its name. Cold and clad in fog. Very hostile environment. And in the afternoon there was a cold wind that killed most activity. Yet, we did get good views of Rufous-faced Antpitta - after some struggling. In the morning Boliviian Earthcreeper did not provide any problems near Comarapa.
"As the cold wind blows... In da South it rarely snows but forever pours..."
In the deep, where light touches naught. The heat and cold have no place here, wind and water have no home either. It is a place where there is no sound, there is no feeling of where to be or where to go. Where things go to be lost forever and do not return, a place to give in and never be let go. Pain and torment, lust and love these too are left behind for they are but small things. So come take a walk into you're mind and there find the truth of life. To open your eyes and see that which you could not see before, become a beautiful mind.
Countenance: demeanor Proverbs 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 12:25 Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.
Trying to get yourself out of bed when it is -4 outside with a wind chill factor of -13.
The tree was dancing to the melodious tune as the birds sang. The sun couldn't help but smile at them. There was actually no hypocrisy in the smile because the weather was not going to sweating; rather the weather was feeling cold. The wind was ecstatic because of the music from the birds that it just had to fly around the place.just describing the weather in my area guys...hope u can sense the weather?
- "Cold Wind" by The Original feat. James Brown: via
Request for Your Support For the Sitlahar (Cold Wind) Affected People of Mahotari and Siraha. As we all know that Terai representing districts mainly Siraha and Mahotari are now severely affected due to the cold wind. The districts lives are paralyzed due to the extreme cold caused by cold wind literally called Sitlahar. The cold has affected mainly the lives of children and old aged people. Till now, the Sitlahar has caused the death of more than 20 in Mohatari and more than 10 in Siraha. Similarly, it has been paralyzing the lives of especially poor, marginalized and slum areas people who lack warm clothes and quilts to be safe and warmed from the cold. Considering the panic situation of poor and marginalized people of Mahotari and Siraha districts, Sajha Prayas Nepal (Common Initiative for Development), Nepal Red Cross Society, Chabahil Branch and K and K International College are jointly taking initiative to support the lives of such districts people (especially children and old-aged people) by collec ...
60 Million People will be affected by this HAARPA Made SUPER STORM,Afterwards Comes the Cold Wind,the ICE +SNOW + Collateral HUMAN DAMAGE
Cold Wind (Joe Pickett) (Kindle Edition): The extraordinary new Joe Pickett novel from the Edgar Award-winning a...
A little long but worth the reading. Should be given to every college grad. The greatest commencement speech ever. - The Cold, Cold Wind of Reality. Neal Boortz is a Texan, a lawyer, a Texas Aggie ( Texas A&M), and now a nationally syndicated talk show host from Atlanta . His commencement address to the graduates of a recent Texas A&M class is far different from what either the students or the faculty expected. His views are thought provoking. "I am honored by the invitation to address you on this august occasion. It's about time. Be warned, however, that I am not here to impress you; you'll have enough smoke blown up your bloomers today. And you can bet your tassels I'm not here to impress the faculty and administration. You may not like much of what I have to say, and that's fine. You will remember it though. Especially after about 10 years out there in the real world. This, it goes without saying, does not apply to those of you who will seek your careers and your fortunes as government employees. This ...
"The Cold, Cold Wind of Reality" ~ a commencement address by Neal Boortz at Texas A&M University. He nails it!
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