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Cold War

The Cold War, often dated from 1947–1991, was a sustained state of political and military tension between the powers of the Western world, led by the United States and its NATO allies, and the communist world, led by the Soviet Union, its satellite states and allies.

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Specifically, your story repeats calls for a new arms race / Cold War without factchecking or provi…
I remember the Soviet Union or the U.S.S.R I grew up during the Cold War in the 80's
The Berlin Wall was used to prevent East Germans from entering West Germany & was a symbol of the Cold War.
Richard Sakwa: "We're doomed to...another 25 years of cold war, probably more dangerous than the first Cold War."
Putin's spokesperson said relations between US and Russia were “maybe even worse” than they were during the Cold War
British Army vehicles bound for Estonia in largest ever deployment to Eastern Europe since the Cold War
When your friend thinks the Cold War was a war fought during the winter
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People are so freaking slow. This was obvious from the start. Modernized dis-/information warfare. Don't resist lab…
A new Cold War warrior every day...
And what does the American in you say. Cold War 2 😊
Kremlin spokesman: Allegation Russia could have been interfering in domestic affairs of the U.S. "is slander."
Some in the West seem *** bent on resuscitating the Cold War, writes Tim Black.
We are worst then the Cold War times with Russia.
Setting aside my contempt for Trump: This is the best outcome from Russia's meddling: Russia concluding it backfired
Since Don and Vlad are so keen on reviving the Cold War...
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Did you know that during the Cold War there were emergency *** called "Nebraskits?" Oh, and the cows would...
CP-140 Aurora at Iqaluit Int. Airport during Oprtn Nanook '07...Tragically, in the annals of Cold War ASW, the Cana…
"New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse." - Peskov to on relations between the U.S. and Russia and if this is a new…
New book interview: How the CIA bought off writers, journalists & artists and set up famous literary magazines
Cold War is over Einstein. Russia's not the boogie man.
Was a great network during the Cold War.
I added a video to a playlist Killing Joke - New Cold War
Russian submarines increase combat patrols to Cold War levels
Establishment Dems want a new Cold War because they can't accept their own election failures.
Russia states relationship between itself and United States may be more antagonistic now than it was during the decades-long Cold War
Do you mean when Reagan & Gorbachev came together, Russian democracy began, the Berlin Wall came down, and Cold WAR ended?…
Cold War is over & technology has evolved. A pro-proliferation argument the DPRK should be making w ***
Russian Press Secretary tells that U.S.-Russia relations are "worse" than during the Cold War.
Putin spokesman: US-Russia relations 'maybe worse' now than Cold War . .
Putin spokesman: Relationship 'maybe worse' now than during Cold War...
Winter is Finally Here: Teases a Cold War for Season 7 via
Two world wars won, and a Cold War. Slavery ended. Civil rights and women's suffrage. Yellow fever…
See rare photos from a little-known footnote from the Cold War - when a nuke dropped on Mars Bluff, South Carolina
'Russia & the US are both GREAT POWERS' Le Pen promises to move beyond 'Cold War politics'
Reminder: Ted Kennedy sought to collude with Soviets during Cold War to sabotage Reagan and his re-election.…
Excellent event at w/performances on the Van Cliburn piano & insights from James Wright on Cold War cu…
also led to WW2, Cold War, Vietnam War, etc.
During the Cold War. West Germany was essentially the stepping off point for a world ending event. The whole of it was at risk, everyday.
Art subsidies: In 1950s Cold War, the CIA supported Abstract Expressionism as an artistic symbol of American freedom. https:…
Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between East & West Berlin during the Cold War & now one of the most visited…
Why, for example, didn't they call Jack Matlock, who ended the first Cold War? Or Stephen Cohen, who…
"Russia is an important power upon which the U.S.A. imposed a Cold War." Marie Le Pen. seems like your kind of scum
Cold War Freud and Freud: An Intellectual Biography review – the politics of psychoanalysis.
Historical factor? Read her biography with Russian relations, I did! It would have been another Cold War!
In 2018 if you don't vote (D)em you are voting for (R)ussia. If you're too young to remember the Cold War, ask your pa…
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Absolutely true Mike. Necons are stuck in the Cold War and Libs want to create another.
Listening acid house and watching nuclear detonation videos from the Cold War... am I doing this right?
Cousins: speak some version of English & been on same side for all of WW1, WW2 & Cold surrendering or swit…
OMG this is really making me afraid, just like when I was 10, during cold war
Recently digitized videos reveal the devastating power of weapons
I served in Germany when they had a "wall". As a veteran of the overseas Cold War, I support our Allies as an American
finally completed my shopping for Cold War week now all I need to do is pack🙂
Cold War guide to surviving nuclear attack reissued
Chilling article; sounds like DC is overrun with plague-bearing humanitarian rats. "Cold War 2.0?!" via
I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about learning about the Cold War
This has been past due since the beginning of the Cold War. Can Americans learn from history?
The cold war against the Left is about to become hot. God help you if you're not prepared.
True of every president since cold War CIA Dark state banks. Who is really calling shots ?
No one has to ask a govt official for permission to go to the local clinic. It's Canada. Not Cold War 2be9d8a0b95c810d9ffd8ae1b5c826dfb6d91588. http…
This is too true. Liberal thought in schools must be stopped cold and removed. NOW!. War on Boys . via
A game is being played with the security of our country. Pls watch & share this is important. .
I think I'm just as ready for Cold War as the Alphas are.
Incredible footage of nuclear explosion testing during the Cold War declassified in the US - World - NZ Herald News
If only the Trumpkins knew how dangerous Putin's Russia is to Western civ'n. Shameful to see them hand back US vict…
wow Russia is not our friend! They have nuclear bombs! Who knew??? It's not like the Cold War happened :/
Muslims made the cold war? Not the same scare tactics here against Communism or anything? No parallel at all?
Forget the Cold War. We've got The Hair War now. You just keep your hands off those nukes and we'll b…
jk gotta get fine for Cold War hold me a shirt though 😂
On controlled writers during the Cold War: “They drank the Kool-Aid and thought they were saving freedom."
This ad, appropriately green, demonstrates well (in the text) the interrelatedness of military & civilian space tech in…
partnership is rock-solid. Defeated Hitler, won the Cold War. Been challenged by Kremlin shills before. Just not…
Is that suppose to be a bad thing? We are in a "cold" civil war right now and folks will eventually have to choose sides.
After the barbarians were driven out, it's been very quiet here in Ten Towns (cold obviously). Kinda wanna have another war...
Just landed in Brize Norton after witnessing biggest UK troop deployment to Russian border since Cold War
ummm, have you ever read a history book? There are some good ones about, say, WW2, the Vietnam War, and…
Little Giant Ladders
I was in the first Cold War. You'll lose with a democrat president and win with a strong republican president. Carter, Reagan
When you spend like 4 years working in a cold war bunker and then see what's going on today, you kind of turn back into your 17 yr old self
A physicist working to save films of the nuclear tests the US conducted in 1945-62 says he hopes they're a deterrent
kind of how I roll politically forever. Side effects of being a cold war kid
Whats wrong w Russia? . Cold war over for decades, freedom of religion, . . Why all the bullying, the hate?
John McCain accused Rand Paul of 'working for Vladimir Putin' after anti-NATO move
UK troops in biggest European deployment since Cold War & if Russia invaded they don't know which side US would b on. h…
I was a baby during end of Cold War, but love finding out later how much of it was BS to drive the mil-ind complex.
Everybody in the Military/Industrial Complex is taking a turn beating the drums for Hot or Cold War with Russia. I've seen…
During the Cold War, black activists challenged the U.S. to reconcile domestic policy w/ messages of liberty abroad.
Nothing could have prepared me for a 2017 where liberals would be pining for the Cold War. Every day they get more neurotic…
1954 John Foster Dulles for setting United States policy during the Cold War
Yes, the producers of The Americans know their Cold War spy drama feels eerie today
George Smiley is back: John Le Carre's Cold War character returns in new novel A Legacy of Spies via
well, he missed the Great Depression and WW2, but saw watergate, Vietnam, the Cold War,…
the head and the heart, Zella day, Cold War kids, saint motel, lord Huron
During the Cold War, US comedians used to joke "in USSR there's TV in every room. But it watches you." Today capitalism h…
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War. . by Evan Osnos, David Remnick and Joshua Yaffa via
The Cold War threat has skyrocketed. new season takes off March 7 on
...reject it as hopelessly implausible, over-the-top. But 30 years ago, if you had sent manuscript of a Cold War thriller where 2/
Thousands of orphans in our world are now hungry, cold, and lonely, torn by conflict and war. Sponsor an orphan
no kidding. They're acting like we're still in the cold war... nothing there either.
.That's what USA does. Do evil while looking like a hero :) It is the 'hero' of world war2, cold war etc ;)
This Russia conspiracy theory is entering 1980s Cold War movie absurdity. Hillary's people need to let it go.
I liked a video Intel community manipulates politics to stoke ‘new Cold War’ – historian
WH statement to on Jared Kushner meeting w/ Amb Kislyak in December.
& Btw, long since the Cold War, when you are getting a high-level credential: they dig into yr swanning around with Russians.
um. DUH. has no one ever read a single Cold War era novel??
yes. You've been trying pushing for Cold War II for years. Your license plate reads COLDWAR.
And we thought the US won the cold war.
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Absolute Must Read. Red Baiting is dangerous and escalating Cold War, expansion of MIC, Nucr Proliferation. Russiap…
Know what I find puzzling about the Russia.
they think we're living in the past, yet they're stuck in the Cold War.
Yeah but the cold war is dead, what is wrong with you moronic whining pple.
Yeah, someone tell the libs 1980's called. They want their Cold War 2be9d8a0b95c810d9ffd8ae1b5c826dfb6d91588 fear mongering "argument" back.
Scoops by stories on Russia tonight. Good time to read big piece if you haven't. https:…
God's wish. Who we are today after the cold war.
still not seeing a story or a point. People need to get over the Cold War. Find a new boogeyman.
Reading how badly Sanders voters and Americans in general got burned by Russian cyberwar ops.
Congressman it will be worth your time to read this article; ties all together . ht…
Putin did what he could to elect Trump. He wanted to undermine our confidence in the security of our country.
The Cold War: The Movie ends with jubilant German crowds celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. Unfortunately...
Under a sanctions regime and Cold War 2.0, two Trump campaign members had repeated contact with Russia's ambassador to t…
Nah, this is what movies about the cold war felt like.
He lied under oath. Under a topic he knew telling the truth would have consequences for him. Cold war or not, I dont see why
About this Sessions stuff, it seems we are at no risk of a new Cold War.
international media is terming it as cold war between India and China is it true??
What lay behind Russia’s interference in the 2016 election—and what lies ahead?
Non-story after non-story being covered 24/7, hysteria out of the cold war era, but you can't say
Is this what the Cold War felt like?
.We strongly support an alliance forged through the bonds of two World Wars and a Cold War that defeated comm…
Are tactics from the Cold War spilling over into the Trump era? David Remnick, and investigate: https:/…
So basically neither the American Civil War nor the Cold War ever truly ended and that's why we're here.
You are fortunate. I truly fear for my country. And I've lived through the Cold War, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile crisis...
. 'The Cold War of today is more dangerous in fundamental ways than the Cold War of my generation' - Dr. Step…
Biggest country in Europe. But military structure was still Cold War w/heavy western flank, not eastern. Br…
McMasters is the 21 century Dr Strangelove. He's a Cold War fascist.
History students investigating the Cold War at Jodrell Bank
When Republicans fear monger about refugees remind them Ronald Reagan brought in 100,000 communists during the Cold War
Idc what anyone says, Rocky IV is a great classic that boosted the American morale enough to take down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War.
RIP a total pro. Served his country & government through Cold War, perestroika, & what's came after with skill, discipli…
Global arms trade highest since Cold War era with US and Russia top - International Business Times, UK Edition
Read Dean Acheson by Beisner. Foreign policy at the outset of the Cold War.
Nathan Englander & Cold War:"Now we worry something is going to blow up. Back then we worried the whole world was going to blow up"
The End of the Cold War and 2017 American Politics by Mark Shields | Creators Syndicate via
An intimate look at a Cold War extravagance: spending 29 years as a Soviet sleeper agent in the US
My take on Russia? I want less Cold War, more Cole Slaw. Think about it.
During the McCarthy era of the Cold War, the US denied British physicist Paul Dirac a travel visa. John Wheeler vehemently o…
and Obama chose to not make t a big deal. This happened during the Cold War
I did not serve in Naval Intelligence during the Cold War to watch my country to fall to Russia now. Not on my wat…
It's the cold war that HRC's reset button produced. You got a problem with that?
Trump threatens their power, their existence & their legacy. Years of the Cold War put these folks in power. Detente w/ Rus is sacrilegious.
So, after sixty some-odd years of rampaging against Russia (a/the Cold War), the GOP now seems less than miffed their guy is a Trojan horse.
The backdrop for tomorrow's meeting of NATO defense officials in Brussels.
You want Trump to resign, but what then? Deep mockingbird state is back at the helm-regime changes & cold war with Russia back on.
Is being set up to fail by because they want another cold war with or just another huge Bus…
I've always wondered what the Cold War was like to live through. I guess we will find out.
Forget the "Russians" Cold War is over. Look a mile down the road from the WH ... Bad Boy Bubby,…
the cold war kept republicans together, then Clinton hate. But now the Kremlin won & 'she' lost & the GOP is about to (cue Le Freak)
I see. Your ridiculous post blamed Hillary, who was 2 when the Cold War started.
Russia violates Cold War treaty with cruise missile test: Moscow has secretly deployed a…
Specially in middle-east. If things keep going the way they are,Russia will move things to a bipolar world(not necessarily a cold war again)
Robert Parry sees Trump's cave-in on Flynn as a key victory for the neocons and their dreams of a New Cold War, https:/…
It's better for my investors to make an entitled SJW snowflake than a gainfully employed individual
In addition to online trolls, there are Russian spies in the US today, surpassing Cold War records
Remember when politics was boring business-as-usual then the Russians won the Cold War and the party of Reagan was like lol what can you do
If they do Creed 2 Adonis gotta fight Ivan Drago's son for the culture. Especially since we're in the middle of Cold Wa…
talks big but when it comes down to action’s it is scared of Russia
America's govt lied, broke vow to not expand NATO military alliance east after end of Cold War, now up to their border.
What a weird way to lose the Cold War...
Finally in 2016 won the cold war against thereby placing its agent as president
Russia's new missile violates a Cold War treaty but we're sure Trump will tell Putin what's what https…
"In the parlance of a Cold War spy novel — they were checking in with their KGB handlers."
At this moment, Putin is preparing to send Trump a Happy Valentine's Day card. Special for the Soviet Cold War Victory.…
is about violating Cold War treaties for the one you love
Dennis Kucinich became a regular contributor to Fox News, and is now offering this kind of first-class analysis... .
And a reenactment of a "cold war", even a fake one in completely different times, wouldn't be good.
This feels like a bad Cold War spy movie.
Me gustó un video de What if the Cold War Went Nuclear?
I turn on and it's Cold War 3.0 again w/ more Russia, Russia, Russia. Come to N Dakota-Russia in America!
The cold war is over, why is talking to Russians now a crime? Honestly the media are like sheep.
Some of these folks are Cold War holdovers. All you had to say was Russia & they were ready to burn everybody that might be…
The Cold War was propagated by the global elites to trigger World War 3, which didn't happen. And they're trying again...
Hey Trump supporters of a certain age (like me). We're children of the Cold War. The Russians are still our enemy. They compromised your guy
Hey Salon fear monger much these days?You know *** well the United States & China won't hot war, & u know everybody is in a cold war
We are not against the good people of Russia..we are against the elite Cold War remnants trying to make a last stand...stand down.
The conflicts with the Suliban and the Tholians is well-placed and adds more mystery to the Temporal Cold War
what i'd give for DJT to not have talked to the dang Russkis before the election. Dems nostalgic for the Cold War are never gonna let it go
What's the issue with trumps connection with Russia? Hillary was guilty of similar scenarios. There has been tention there since Cold War...
Life feels weird when you're living in a Cold War espionage novel.
Sorry libtards but if global warming is real then why are we losing the cold war which is back now I guess
Russian spy ship 70mi off the coast of Delaware, not long after they launch a Cold War treaty-breaking missile. Anyone wor…
“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” -- Presi…
is a long-overdue return to the Temporal Cold War arc. The action is well-paced with some fun exploration of time gone sideways
You never know. Don't talk to powerful Russians to get their side b/c some will be agents. Just leave it to us to run the Col…
Liberals waited until 25 years after the Cold War ended to finally decide that the Russians are the Evil Empire
thx 4 dumbing it down 4 us, BHO. Not all Russians wanted us dead during the Cold War. But the 1's w/ nukes got our attn.
Russia pulled off the most successful coup in world history, we lost the Cold War and our future.
It's the birthday of Ronald Reagan, whose courage and moral clarity helped win the Cold War & free many millions from Commu…
.speaks to William J. Perry on nukes & slipping into a new Cold War in "Atom Man" podcast:
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We’re starting to reinvent the nuclear dangers we faced during the Cold War, William J. Perry warns.
I also think that since the Cold War western states police many of these movements in very different ways >
How the U.S. Air Force Mapped the World at the Dawn of the Cold War on
Since the end of the Cold War, Norway has officially mediated 10 peace deals between other countries and secretly mediated u…
Great city for history. WWII, Cold War, and old Prussian history.
as it were, so to speak. 'Pre-loved pessimism, complete Cold War set - mint condition! Must sell, moving to Fu…
Could it be that we are entering a civil cold war, complete with a wall?
As Cold War turns to Information War, a new fake news police combats disinformation
We are in a demographic cold war with people who want us dead. Less of them is good.
A new era, after the cold war, migration became a global phenomenon above frontiers, with a cosmopolitan methodology
The strange and very cold city of Astana could be where Syria’s war is solved
Taking Names! US diplomacy sounds more and more like the COLD WAR, Haley Puts U.N. on Notice: U.S. Is ‘Taking Names’
What is this Berlin in cold war?? We have worked so hard to prosper and to find some kind of peace. No to discrimination.
I spent time overseas but it was during the Cold War. It ended 30 years ago. No real need to have them outside US territory.
The Reagan?Thatcher & Trump/ May connections may save this world by defeating ISIS just like Reagan/Thatcher won Co…
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This is good: on how Dems were hawks throughout the Cold War & are resuming their Cold Warrior status now
All Due respect Sen McCain. You are a cranky old man resting on your laurels. You are living with a cold war mentality. GRACEFULLY GO
MT Obama orders US forces into to deter adding to largest EU buildup since Cold War
Donald Trump could be starting a new Cold War with China. But he has little chance of winning
Think a European Cold War won't happen? Here are some ways it could heat up again
01-27 Scientists keep the Doomsday Clock at the closest it's been to midnight since the Cold War…
And Wade just liked Rondo's post on Instagram, this is cold war at his best
Cold war dead you say? Tell that to Sacha's family - State-sponsored nuclear terrorism on the streets of Lond…
Two decades after communism and the alleged end of the Cold War, R...
Excellent! I hope it's not an old cold war jet or something though - I'd buy that off you first 😉
Please get something into las ASAP. I remember hiding under my desk for bomb drills during cold war. We must b strong
No-one in their right mind wants another cold war, only military industrial complex and it's financial benefactors
I kinda get why during the Cold War, it was okay to drink at lunch.
Real Americans do not want "Cold War"2.0 for out children and grandchildren!! Enough al…
The same guys who said we were closer to doomsday under Reagan (Cold War over- no shots fired)? Those same?
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.Getting this hot war down to a cold war would be the next move.
"Engage but beware",. Prime Minister said. As far as we’re aware,. Cold War was long dead
The fight began, November 8. To democracy, an assault. Cold Civil War is upon us now. All liberals are warriors by default
People keep claiming they don't want this to get to a cold war. When it's already a hot war. We have a failure to communicate here.
They said the same about Reagan's peace through strength policy. He ended the Cold War.
"Doomsday Clock" ticks closest to midnight since Cold War
Future historians may record that both the Soviet Union and the United States lost the Cold War
End of the Cold War did not bring Russia up into the best of capitalism. Or give us Industrial Service Banking, but down.
Nuclear expert William J. Perry: We’re returning to the dangers we had during the Cold War. https…
Salman n Ajay on set Media again failed to spread Rumours of their Cold War 😂
Instead of the Cold War we should bring back boomboxes.
Or maybe you mean during the Cold War. We did make efforts to stop them. Like in Afghanistan.
Doomsday Clock ticks closer to disaster than at any time since height of Cold War
that the Doomsday Clock is at its closest to midnight since the height of the Cold War?
To a very great extent that antipathy was a Cold War artifact; hadn't existed before.
McCain is a fossil still fighting cold war that ended 17 years ago.
I remember cold war-era Voice of America on short wave, US propaganda for the Russians. Now VoA is Russian-style propagand…
just watched .show and now I feel like the Cold War called and it's done with today's politicians stealing their schtick.
Diplomats at the Russian embassy have penned a poem accusing the PM of trying to revive Cold War hostilities
I can't believe we lost the Cold War. Thanks GOP white women!
This US Russian alliance seems to be part of a new cold/hot war between Christianity & Islam. More than ever, prais…
Where is the "global existential threat" that supposedly existed during the cold war? It doesn't exist. Empire as a…
The Anglo-American alliance was strengthened by NATO in Cold War as both US & UK worked to end communist rule & Soviet occupation in Europe.
discord dead now as it's just Cold War II rn
Symbolic 'Doomsday Clock' has been moved closest to a catastrophic nuclear event since Cold War.
The Undiscovered Country is my fav. Give it a watch if you haven't seen it. Basically a Cold War movie.
28 someone was incredulous abt Cold War dance movie starring Gregory Hines+M Baryshnikov. This is awful ballad from. Phil Collins+Marylin
Image: Canada and the Cold War. - To what extent did either Canada or one ...
Cold War relic threatens: Kim Jong Un promises ICBM to reach U.S. mainland. How to stop it? 5 options, some doable. https:…
He bumbled his way into office, initiated the Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine which lead to the Cold War... nuked. Two. Cities.
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that's what Putin wants to hear. We fought the Cold War to lift the Iron Curtain just to push Eastern Europe back under
President-Elect Trump has called NATO obsolete. Here's a primer on its post-Cold War role:
I'm sure you aren't aware that the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan War (the 1st one vs Russia) were proxy wars of th Cold War
New Indian Army Chief asks his military to prepare for a 'limited war' with under the Cold Start Doctrine. https:/…
Finally, Russia is to win the Cold War.
Lenin in the streets, Dostoyevsky in the sheets. Are you ready for this Cold War?
Cold war never ended, we are just in the second half of the game.
The microwave is so weird. It'll sound like World War III in there but you take your food out and it's cold af
TIL that the Cold War nearly descended into Nuclear War when a Soviet satellite misread harsh sun rays for US nuke…
Yeaaah... they think the Cold War is happening. That's why we're making good with Russia now. ^^
Note: China has never been as abhorrent as Russia and they fought a war during the cold war. Also note: America was…
Aren't there any Cold War era CIA guys out there who could deal with this maniac before he takes the oath?
when did Russia become foreign enemy? Russia is NATO ally, *** We all watching the left trying to reignite the Cold War.
no man can, I international hockey... The only ones who came close, did so for the USSR in the cold war
I served in an underground nuclear missile silo during the end of the Cold War (Minot Air Force Base 741st...
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.introduces her novel A Thin Bright Line, which she calls "an American love story with Cold War implic…
Why do you think they are ginning up this new Cold War? They're fixing to McCarthy your *** out of commission.
That would be just fine if you weren't attributing her loss to Cold War fantasies.
students usually only make it to Cold War when studying history.
Sure would like to see Sam Elliot and Mark Harmon team up for some kind of post cold war reunion.
There must be some powerful lobbyists who wish to revive the Cold War. Are they financed by China?
Yep. Thx to narcissist warmonger FDR we got Cold War, Communism all over Asia
I think Chomsky is an important Cold War intellectual, not God, and I feel free to disagree with him on this issue.
What a creative way to start a new cold war. Ugh.
that was also Cold War zero sum thinking in a Cold War - also Russia and China agree on international affairs in many areas
Liberals & Democrats condemning Trump's alleged relationship with Russia/Putin. . Y'know.. Because Cold War II is *such* a better option.
I'm going to Iceland to take credit for winning the cold war. brb.
McCain and Graham are two never trumpers old demented established hacks that still think they're in the cold war. Ignore them…
Flume, the XX, Cage the Elephant, Portugal. The Man, Milky Chance, Yellow Claw, Cold War Kids, and Rezz 👀 but so ex…
The secret Cold War between the Swedes and Norwegians has spilled over to our shores.
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spent all my life fighting communism. Helped Reagan beat them. Now appalled to see systematic attempt to push…
Absolutely,, our cold Civil War will soon we warming up.
How the Arrogance of Cold War Triumph brought us this Low
I am 52 and lived through the cold war. But this? This is scary...
Cold War new norm between India & Pakistan..? What else you expect from Narendra Modi? via
I grew up, showing my age, during Cold War & remember school drills if nuclear attack to hide under our desks! Really!!!
PPOTUS: Aka President Putin of US. Turns out Russia won the Cold War.
Used to love this when I was a STAB . In a patrol harbour. Can I have my cold war back ?
Both parties failed to serve the people, now pay the price. They served special interests and globalism since end of cold war
Unlike the rest of Team Trump, Flynn was a career intel officer & Cold War vet. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing getting i…
Cold War 2? THOUSANDS of US troops arrive in Poland as tension with Russia grow.
"Slow and steady wins the race" . Putin paid attention to his children's stories and now he's won the Cold War, only took them 25 years
Is "the biggest deployment of US troops in Europe since the end of the cold war" a joke to you too?
The cool, rational, non-partisan assessment of Trump threat to American values & interests is that it's greatest we've face…
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