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Cold War

The Cold War, often dated from 1947–1991, was a sustained state of political and military tension between the powers of the Western world, led by the United States and its NATO allies, and the communist world, led by the Soviet Union, its satellite states and allies.

Cold War 2 Cold War Kids Berlin Wall Soviet Union North Korea West Germany United States

Hi Reflects the LNP Cold War mindset. Apparently this donation is fine
China soft power bad, US soft power good Cold War mindset on 2017.
the strumbellas me Cold War Kids. And yeah the headliners
Watch: Robert Scheer on the new Cold War and "faux red-baiting" in mainstream media
I grew up in the Cold War, are my kids on the brink of having to live their adolescence in a second one?
Useful *** How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First by Mona Charen
That said some of us Cold War Kids know other languages like Polish where immigrants to my city are from + Russia from subjugated nation POV
The people who always told me Reagan won the Cold War are now the ones trying to give the trophy back to Russia.
Visited Allied Museum. Interviewed American veterans who served in Berlin during the Cold War. Many interesting sto…
Little known fact: Susan Sarandon born in 1946, just as the Cold War was beginning. Sleeper agent?
Over 95,000 U.S. troops perished in the Cold War. All so Jared Kushner can backchannel a white flag to the Kremlin?
Zbigniew Brzezinski, hawkish Cold War strategist and former top aide to US president Jimmy Carter, dies at 89
Ex-CIA chief John Brennan who voted for CPUSA presidential candidate at height of Cold War testified on Moscow election inte…
on ITV: James Norton (Sidney Chambers) starred in Cold War in 2013. Morven Christie was in Under the Lake in 20…
Lively analysis of the Cold War's impact on the Olympics, & vice versa.
Teacher: Research the Cold War. Me: Okay let me look stuff up... *type type type, hits enter*. Friend: Uh... Me: I'm good a…
Little Giant Ladders
Cold Welcome by . It's the next chapter in the life of Ky Vatta (from the Vatta's War spac…
It's Paper 1 time year 11. The history worry box suggests topic 4 and topic 3 need most support so we'll start with the Cold War. ROCK ON!
this IS Asmall scale COLD WAR is it NOT? RWS is an OVERT LARGESCALE war
So US think Tanks had converted cold war to ISLAMIC wAR AND ALSO PROVIDED FUNDS IN THIS C…
DT and GOP are retreating into the past, regressing into a more ignorant era. The GOP/RU situation is worse than Cold War..
You can't have a Cold War when you can have a *** yes, friend?
Washington is worried about Nicaragua's increasingly close ties to Russia and the threat of a new Cold War
If it succeeds to her fullest wishes, we are in a new Cold War
Remember this women came from a cold war country...and even until now cannot com…
Some awe-inspiring photos of old Cold War technology!
"How to win Cold War 2.0" - um...economics won Cold War 1.0, so no, the answer is not to be like the opponent.
Why Russia might be working with its Cold War enemy, the Taliban - Los Angeles Times
Cold War nuclear weapons warped Earth's magnetosphere - revealing what the true fallout could be if World... |
Written in 2014, still very much relevant: »How to Win 2.0« by .
Oh grow up, 1 woman is not going to start a Cold War.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Let's stream a couple hours of Titanfall 2 this morning. I need footage for a Cold War guide, so that's the focus
It is no doubt that this type of terrorism & terrorist organizations were sponsored by Us…
I'm not the one trying to start Cold War 2 24/7
Early Cold war helicopters used for ASW.
My Cold War observations: Stay high, stay fast, aim for feet, and rage wildy when people on screen for…
Cold War 2.0 and how US government leaves the fighting to Europeans.
The best part is the pledge was only invented to instill deism and nationalism in Americans to combat com…
anti-communism in the US didn't end with the end of the cold war i thought we knew this...
I'm a big Cold War buff so seeing it was cool. Got on top of the Bundestag and that was amazing. Brandenburg Gate's cool.
The son of Jomo Kenyatta now President of Kenya and critical of China, much as his father did in Cold War. via
No getting along. R lost Cold War, and wants a rematch. Putin now is like war of 1812. Vlad former KGB needs final beatdown.
Thank the lord for John Greens Crash Course videos because without him i wouldn't have understood a thing about Cold War ❤️
It's just a stupid red scare, trying to bring back the Cold War because you're mad President Trump won instead of Hillary.
Americans put Gorbachev in the Kremlin, Russians have put Trump in the white house. Cold War II
Cold War made sense with Russia being Communist, but Russia is no longer Communist & re…
Update your maps at Navteq
Russia has attempted to interfere since Cold War & we against them. Dems stop dissing Intel that says no affect on election.
You make camp near a cold colliseum at war with giant djinn. Tales tell that the Unholy King of the North was defeated nearby.
Bad! US president agreeing 2 follow directions from our enemy Russia's president Putin.vDisgrace 2 our Soldiers who…
Highly concerned with Trump's remarks on Russia. McCain's old school (good way)…
I share the same fear as Moniz, I believe we are at greater risk from the nuclear threat right now than during the Cold War h…
Intel officials are nostalgic abt the Cold War & wont rest until Trump nukes Moscow. Why does no one care that US/R…
Cold War + McCarthy = USA Fear + Loathing of Russia. Today, Russia invited to bring media/cameras into White House w/out USA media. HUH?
We are at war. A cultural war. A cold civil war. The core of America is on the line, make no mistake. These people…
To those lefties saying all this focus on Russia will start another Cold War, I have bad news for you, we're already in one.
As long as there are lobbyists who stand to gain from armed conflict there will be war…
I think people were less bored when it was MW, WW2, MW, Cold War, MW, Slight Future. People were bur…
When your class didn't learn past the Cold War but the exam is asking about 1991
I'm developing a real hunkering for the Cold War to return. Don't only but demand
Caption in Russian: "Vlady told us Trump is as dumb as a post. How did we ever lose the Cold War?"
Lenin lives and Cold War starts early with US Army rushed in to prop up West Germany in 1930.
So does the current state of affairs in the US mean that the Russians did, after all, win the cold war?
Stasi files provide a "rare glimpse" into North Korea's intelligence practices and thinking during the Cold War
Swing shift Hanford workers told to stay at home too-danger still present from cave in-exposing hot, radioactive rail cars fr…
Omg, he let bloody TASS in? What the *** says this girl who grew up near DC at the end of the Col…
These sentences are only legitimate if said wearing a beret and smoking a cigarette.
Patriots by Kevin Doherty. Cold war political thriller. PlsRT.
If Putin meets w/ Trump, next day Trump will say that the USSR was right during the Cold War. Plus, the US should have dissolved instead.
Great... Cause MSM still lives in the cold war era. Better without them, they could start a war.
Obama to Romney "The 1980's are calling & asking for their foreign policies back, cause the cold war…
Victory Day & The Thwarted Quest to See Lenin's Tomb - It's a shame that the Cold War and Washington's post-Col...
so who wants to teach me about WW1 WW2 and the cold war by monday for my sol???:)))
What a strange thing to be a Cold War veteran & KNOW the is colluding with You are NO…
ap world history test in about 9 hours. luckily the only thing I have to read about after studying is the Cold War and post-USSR
Accident at Hanford nuclear dump underscores what critics say: Toxic remnants of Cold War stored haphazardly. Story: http…
Has any Democrat realized the Russia narrative is the burned-out hippie Boomers' atavism for a new Cold War?
How is a cyber attack on our democracy, from a long-time Cold War adversary, a partisan issue and not a matter of National Security?
I mean, even movies have stopped showing Russian-American rivalry knowing it's a cliche. Real world still carries Cold War baggage.
Admit it, you'd like to drive it as well. Found on Cold War Aircraft…
'Human capital theory was invented as an ideological weapon in the Cold War'
US press not allowed in. Only Russian press. Assbackwards, no? SMH. I am a child of the Cold War. Wha…
If this was during the cold war they'd all be locked up
Russia is winning Cold War II. Despite our dominance over them in nearly every field, they have a man in Oval Office. We…
Can you imagine this WH staff during the Cold War? Managing hair-trigger situations? Potential nuclear war? Proxy w…
exactly! any1 who grew up during the cold war or in the military knows Russia…
This film catches amazing views of the abandoned remnants of a Cold War space program.
You flew a hammer and sickle flag in your old office. You wished the Soviets had beaten us in the Cold War. Pipe down, lo…
I'm gonna draw a red line. I can't handle the insanity of the left! Ignorance will lead to another "cold war" is
Even high profile partisan democrats need training 1. Russians are not an evil alien species. they are humans t…
Most ppl take this for granted now, but imagine being woke enough to write it in 1948 in thick of Cold War
Little known fact, Bob Diaco started the Cold War with Soviet Union because the U.S. needed a new rival
The Democrats are faking a new Cold War, don't let them get to you. Be happy folks jobs are coming there here!…
New avi of Pescaling Pax from the Cold War quest of by the one and only . Why are Asians so good at…
never a more shared desired than to stop new fake Cold War! RUSSIA not our enemy!
When you grow up during the Cold War + New Deal vs growing up with Bush + neoliberalism
Revising the Origins of the Cold War? Try this new revision quiz!
Screw having good relations another nuclear superpower, let's start a new Cold War with Russia just because we don't like the President
As child of the Cold War when snowflakes were often complicit with evil empire, their new found outrage of Russians is nauseating.
I guess it is totally progressive to be against any detente with Russia and support the MIC in wanting a new Cold War.
Was Van Cliburn's great musical promise enough to making him the "healing figure Cold War audiences yearned for"?…
.A senior government official from the UK told the Telegraph “It really is a new Cold War out there.…
The German deep state is all nazis all the way down because the Cold War did not leave time to replace them with new people. C'est la vie.
You're clearly too young to remember the Cold War. This is not new. They are flying in international airspace.
Studied the end of the Cold War in College. New equipment + TRADOC reforms…
In a new Cold War retro movie, the red menace tries to conquer the world through the cunning use of Wifely duties.
Hopefully it's a countermove against those trying to stack the deck in favor of their new Cold War.…
ICYMI: Nukes haven't been tested at the test site since the Cold War. Could they return?
Here's another Cold War funny...Miss UU Army1962?. Hanoi Jane Fonda. Can't make this stuff up.
At last! Some commonsense Cold War referencing in Auckland's public transport debate! Next up: Famous fascists who…
BBC now no better than Radio Moscow during Cold War. Bias is, at t…
The defense Ministry has accused the Pentagon of tunnel vision on the stereotypes of the cold war
and other infowars bring to mind operation GLADIO and other destabilising activities during Cold War. . Not innocent.
And we thought the cold war over. Only the location has changed
why do I still have notes saved from the Cold War
And she's rolling around in a yogurt slurry that looks like Cold War Berlin ejaculate.
"My name is Drago...I want to fight Rocky!". Love a good bit of Cold War era film with some Soviet music
🙄'I'm not old enough to remember Russia in the Cold War so it must not be real'
I wrote the Guardian obituary for AR Penck, whose primitive-style imagery reflected the realities of the cold war: https:/…
Britain's secret underground city built to protect the government in a Cold War nuclear attack
It is very much true there is cold war between nitish kumar and lalu. This one will widen it. Lalu takes shots these days to r…
Hes right Holodomor is cold war propaganda and its dragged up to justify the liberalization of Ukr…
REVEALED: Secret underground city built to protect the UK government in a nuclear attack
I feel like they are just getting thier payback for the 27 million men lost in the war as well as the damage from t…
GCSE Historians; How to smash every question on Paper 1; Cold War 1943-1991.
Both are super good. I also listen to The Neighbourhood and Cold War Kids slot
Cold war has been over 20 years. The only folks who care about Russia are leftists, they didn't get the memo.
Gotta acknowledge that some Cold War practices we enjoyed might, if used against us today, be described as professionally unp…
Konashenkov accused the Pentagon's obsession with the \cold war\
*** made a mess and the war got cold *brr* shook hands with both ronalds: Regan…
There was a target market and production capabilities. Eg, during cold war,Mercs for polish market were…
The defense Ministry has criticized the Pentagon's obsession with the cold war with Russia
Ministry of defense: the Pentagon is obsessed with the \cold war\
Heck, might as well take it one more level and buy a cold war era communications bunker and bury your entire existence!
Hillary would have reignited the Cold War by now
He had no choice the Cold War ended 2 years prior to him running
obsession with blinds US to real threats – Russian military spokesman
Workshop - German Foreign and Security Policy after the End of the Cold War: From National Defense to…
Tear Down for what? STEAM day Berlin airlift, Berlin Wall, Symbolism with graffiti, Cold War.
24. November 12, 2014: Ray McGovern, Ed Lozansky, and Russian spy talk about the Cold War on RT.
The nonsense Meryl Streeps insolence in the Cold War and The U.S. House Intelligence Commettee
In response to the Cold War II post: Canada vs Finland
The Cold War started because Mexico wouldn't pay for the big, beautiful Berlin Wall.
Only difference is in Cold War it was masked by war, after USSR collapse it started 2 transpire democra…
Currently sitting in the bell tower listening to the Cold War Kids while Garret's taking photos and honestly I'm in such a good place rn
The Type 62 light tank, used in North Vietnam. Designed in the Cold War, but still in service in some nations.
Even before. Airplane Rally's. Private Guards Violence encouraged etc. He's a bigger Danfer to the Republic than t…
Holocaust: 6 MILLION PLUS Jews, *** disabled people, and more were murdered in cold blood. . Civil War: Fought ove…
The best part is journalists totally ignore US history supporting dictators. All through th…
The Cold War is a National battle in the fight to keep warm, and my energy policies will help us win the war
TO BOLDLY GO WHERE FRANK J. FLEMING HAS GONE BEFORE: “At the height of the Cold War, the…
I visited the Berlin Wall they knocked down after the Cold War in DT yesterday and it was amazing. Not the history…
the cold war was fought in summer. Fake news won't tell you that. sad
Looks like diplomatic talks have failed. So goes the Arkansas-Memphis Cold War
The cold war was basically the USA and USSR staring at each other. No nukes were used.SAD!
I liked a video Cold War Era 1950's Silver Certificates Found in the Old Family Safe! Finance 101!
The Cold War had nothing to do with temperature. More FAKE NEWS. SAD.
So how did new world war Odin become a con man
The Cold War was when the U.S. was attacked by the Eskimos
The Cold War: Why could that one not have been worked out?
The Cold War would have been over in half the time if the would have let them use coal for heat.
Bruce Springsteen says "Born in the USA" helped him cope w/ mixed feelings about draft dodging during Vietnam War
After the last HH, I would not be surprised if we see another Cold War style crisis in the next two years
"The Cold War caused the Ice Age. Dunno why that had to happen, could have been totally avoided!"
Rep Cole doesn't mince words on Says "threat of a nuclear exchange has never been higher" since Cold War. Mor…
The Cold War was great because it proved that Global Warming was completely Fake News.
Immigrants were an important part of the Army special forces unit in Berlin during Cold War. Br…
if the US and Russia play out Cold War style proxy wars across One Belt,then Northern Sea Route an…
Nice to know he forgot all about Bosnia, Kosovo,Cyprus, Ukraine, the Cold War lol
.challenges students to think about the Cold War with a social action lens
We'd been walking together but she has a huge hole in it and the cold war.
The cold war gets hot. Mayor and FROED exchange accusations and talk about the FBI. In The Herald News.
This is the article - way more than I've ever known about em
The cyber cold war: the silent, but persistent threat to nation states by via
Neo-Cons Demand Return of Cold War - The neo-cons infiltrating the Trump administration want conflict with Russ...
Conflicts between the USA and the Soviet Union may not end, and the Cold War had not culminated
The Cold War isn't thawing it is burning with a deadly heat. Communism isn't sleeping it is as always scheming, working, fi…
Are the previous tensions from the Cold War causing the situation between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump?…
Plus my mom grew up right outside of Hanford. The Tri-Cities are irredeemably awful. Racist, Cold War nuclear culture loving. Hot. Terrible.
Russian military chief says ties with at lowest level since end of Cold War, but Moscow ready to mend them
Today, I believe that the likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe is actually greater than it was during the Cold War
a failing grade. 1. Our country is more divided than ever. 2. He’s about to put us in a Cold War between Russia & North Korea
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This Cold War rusky narrative is getting so nauseating.
USSR after the cold war ended they have a lot of economical crisis, and instability.
And this is exactly why I don't listen to Radio Free Europe. It's a Cold War soft power tool that needs to die
The Deep Scars of the Cold War. A Prague Radio interview with Victoria Dougherty.
The cnn and bbc knows everything happening in Nigeria but all kept quiet.…
We spend about $150 billion more on defense now than we did, on average, during the Cold War
How important is detente during the period of the cold war between USSR and USA? .
the "underground indoors" in this cold war nuclear bunker look uncannily like 90s FPS level screenshots
Cynthia, if Hutch's mobile studio works, I'll be doing Cold War Radio w/ Hutch & Stacy a…
We're literally spending far more on our military now than we did during the Cold War. YOU are the one…
.It is really an all out foodies like us Cold War we are all lik…
.The foodies like us Cold War between Mediterranean Alexander &…
Oddly the age of mendacity began almost as soon as the Cold War if the Cold War had kept truth alive
Looks that way: "Unlike in Cold War, Russia’s Relations with West No Longer Restricted by Any Rules, Lavrov Says". https:/…
Have we forgotten the Cold War? Nuclear threat more real than ever via
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Be4 I get started on showing the how, who, how, why Ukraine is 2 blame for this entire cold war scare, READ: https…
What happened to the Soviet Union after the Cold War ended? .
1983 President Ronald Reagan and Yuri Andropov for increasing Cold War tensions…
.Does Sergei Lavrov miss the stability of the Cold War or the good old days of the Soviet empire?
Michael Crystal says "we are all stewards" of a fair justice system, "too much of Cold War" mentality btwn Cr and def still prevails.
The Guardians follows during the Cold War, an organization called "Patriot" created a super-hero squad now they must show themselves again
Age gives you perspective hopefully. The Russian bombers flying in international waters near Alaska is not new. They are Cold War relic
Fascinating: origins of personal computer design in Cold War military-industrial complex.
Mikhail Gorbachev warns of new Cold War with US-Russia arms race 'in full swing'
And so the War on Terror continues to erode our commitments to democracy, just as the Cold War did.
Unification of Korea like Germany & Vietnam could be the last chapter on Cold War & a new milestone for free world; China will not let it;
I think rocky said that after he beat Ivan Drago in 4. it ended the first Cold War.
.2 World Wars and the Cold War taught us that peace and stability in Europe is also important for North…
Did the Cold War ever really thaw? - The Kremlin's comments that relations with the West are at their "worst si...
Breaking: calls the bulwark of international peace and security...liberating the captive nations of Cold War...happening now.
Jews started the Cold War by giving Manhattan Project (atom bomb) secrets to the Soviet Un…
War in Syria, new Cold War with Russia, Marco Rubio seeming like wise sage of geopolitics-great, b/c this is what we voted for, right?
Also, people have to remember trumps age, he lived through Vietnam and the Cold War... he's seen what these countries can do
the Cold War followed with the demoralization of the real classification of communism
It's only a matter of time before Cold War II via World War III between the United States and Russia happens!
You don't remember the cold war. We were all the time afraid, dreamed about mushroom clouds. But now are closer to WWIII than ever before.
The clock ticks down to Zero Zero, the cold war suddenly heats up, millions die, but that is just the beginning... . https…
Thanks for the link! Still confused. DT is awfully cold and xenophobic, then abruptly turns to start war…
I don't prescribe to any Russian narrative. Churchill created Cold War..
Trump would gain billions from the war, Putin would avenge the Cold War era USSR, finally a movie where the bad guys win lol
when you just wrapped up the Cold War in APUSH but Trump bombs Syria and you realize that it hasn't ended yet and p…
Did donald trump just declare war against a Russian ally? Wow fifty years of cold war diplomacy undone by Trump in 4 months.
Hey guess what! Tomorrow, instead of waking up to a cold front, we could wake up to a cold war!
Hopefully this doesn't start a more violent form the the old Cold War
World war ... how can we be this cold!!
Maybe we'll get that dirt they got on Trump now. New Cold War or WWIII next on "The President: Trump Edition"?
That's normal. Has been going on since the Cold War so an accidental nuclear exchange doesn't happen.
Although SEATO backed Vietnam there weren't as many active militant powers involved. But yea on the Cold War.
America shot themselves in the foot and destroyed earth by 1.Not supporting Hitler and 2.Cold War communism was gonna fai…
You're right, but this started before Reagan, The US interfered and armed the Middle East because of the Cold War
Yeah Cold War Russian nuclear maps had Fresno marked as a place for an attack
A Cold War still has bloodshed. Lots. It just isn't between the two (maybe 3 this time?) aggressors.
“It’s not an act of war, it’s just minor military action” — what I’m sure Americans would say if Syria launched 59 miss…
Any war isn't ideal but I'll take a Cold War over one filled with even more bloodshed
And we have almost done that in the past; the Cold War *** near caused M.A.D. to the nth degree.
It is, but most US conservatives are actually concerned with Christian population…
For years the UN has had the opportunities to stop what has been happening in…
Cold War. We'd probably see proxy wars through Syria, Korea, and potentially Israel. Doubtful there woul…
My take: We are about to flex our muscles and blow some 💩 up but not going into an all out Iraq style war. - Cold war 101…
Ignorant or naive people like, would prefer to stand on the side as children…
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The Senate's 'nuclear option' brought an apocalyptic expression back to the headlines.
reindeer herders still carrying from Cold War tests.
does not want war with Russia because they know they would lose- end of story
Trump really brought back the Cold War
Tbh I went through the end of the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis so this...Rates low on my "end of the world" scale lol
and that close friend is also your close ,so u got information,kindly give time to enhance papu image not BJP cold war.
Well I guess the US has officially entered Cold War 2.0
I don't think WW3 will happen but I feel the chills of of another cold war coming soon.
Trump: Let's Make America Great Again!. Also Trump: Let's also start the second Cold War! But this time, we actuall…
Blessed are the peace makers, because sending Tomahawk missiles will likely save innocent lives...
Wanna place bets on whether this prompts Cold War 2.0?
If Trump doesn't start talking to Putin soon, we will have WW3. Why?Who is he afraid of?This seems worse foreign relations than the cold war
Considering the current trend in movies and pop culture, it makes sense that we bring the Cold War back from the 80's too
Sir, from a cold Realpolitik POV isn't it best for this local war between our enemies to go on forever?
To my friends who did not live through the Reagan Era Cold War: We will survive.
Thanks for war. God, war always makes things better. Cold or hot.
Russia is going to support Syria and Cold War 2 will begin soon watch
May have sought to do some 1984 style fake conflict (Oceania has always been at war with E…
It seems Cold War was the only time they didn't bomb someone funnily enough
So now we're about to feel the paranoia our parents felt during the Cold War?
We're about to enter a second Cold War with Russia & we'll probably have to fight Syria too. All thanks to YOUR PRESIDENT
Of late, this cold war is escalating. Raje has been telling her close friends that she feels suffocated in the environment created by shah.
Specifically, your story repeats calls for a new arms race / Cold War without factchecking or provi…
I remember the Soviet Union or the U.S.S.R I grew up during the Cold War in the 80's
The Berlin Wall was used to prevent East Germans from entering West Germany & was a symbol of the Cold War.
Richard Sakwa: "We're doomed to...another 25 years of cold war, probably more dangerous than the first Cold War."
Putin's spokesperson said relations between US and Russia were “maybe even worse” than they were during the Cold War
British Army vehicles bound for Estonia in largest ever deployment to Eastern Europe since the Cold War
When your friend thinks the Cold War was a war fought during the winter
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People are so freaking slow. This was obvious from the start. Modernized dis-/information warfare. Don't resist lab…
A new Cold War warrior every day...
And what does the American in you say. Cold War 2 😊
Kremlin spokesman: Allegation Russia could have been interfering in domestic affairs of the U.S. "is slander."
Some in the West seem *** bent on resuscitating the Cold War, writes Tim Black.
We are worst then the Cold War times with Russia.
Setting aside my contempt for Trump: This is the best outcome from Russia's meddling: Russia concluding it backfired
Since Don and Vlad are so keen on reviving the Cold War...
Did you know that during the Cold War there were emergency *** called "Nebraskits?" Oh, and the cows would...
CP-140 Aurora at Iqaluit Int. Airport during Oprtn Nanook '07...Tragically, in the annals of Cold War ASW, the Cana…
"New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse." - Peskov to on relations between the U.S. and Russia and if this is a new…
New book interview: How the CIA bought off writers, journalists & artists and set up famous literary magazines
Cold War is over Einstein. Russia's not the boogie man.
Was a great network during the Cold War.
I added a video to a playlist Killing Joke - New Cold War
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Russian submarines increase combat patrols to Cold War levels
Establishment Dems want a new Cold War because they can't accept their own election failures.
Russia states relationship between itself and United States may be more antagonistic now than it was during the decades-long Cold War
Do you mean when Reagan & Gorbachev came together, Russian democracy began, the Berlin Wall came down, and Cold WAR ended?…
Cold War is over & technology has evolved. A pro-proliferation argument the DPRK should be making w ***
Russian Press Secretary tells that U.S.-Russia relations are "worse" than during the Cold War.
Putin spokesman: US-Russia relations 'maybe worse' now than Cold War . .
Putin spokesman: Relationship 'maybe worse' now than during Cold War...
Winter is Finally Here: Teases a Cold War for Season 7 via
Two world wars won, and a Cold War. Slavery ended. Civil rights and women's suffrage. Yellow fever…
See rare photos from a little-known footnote from the Cold War - when a nuke dropped on Mars Bluff, South Carolina
'Russia & the US are both GREAT POWERS' Le Pen promises to move beyond 'Cold War politics'
Reminder: Ted Kennedy sought to collude with Soviets during Cold War to sabotage Reagan and his re-election.…
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