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Colbert Report

The Colbert Report (the t is silent in both Colbert and Report ) is an American satirical late night television program that airs Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central.

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I can't watch The Daily Show nor The Colbert Report on your website. What's going on? Please tell me they're not deleted
Treasurys are tumbling after the blowout ADP report
Sorry to be this guy, but The Late Show is NO Colbert Report.
I loved him on the Colbert Report... but now? He has just become silly.
Feel like I've heard that question somewhere before
On the old Colbert Report this would be preceded by asking: "great healthcare plan... or GREATEST he…
Stephen Colbert brought back one more Colbert Report legacy to mercilessly mock the G.O.P.’s healthcare plan
I I liked The Colbert Report and then he came out of character. I don't want him since the transition.
Colbert is Olberman with a sense of humour.
Colbert hasn't been funny since he played an anchor on the Daily Show
don't believe it can't even stand to watch Colbert commercials!!
Fallon forced to change 'TONIGHT' amid Colbert ratings wins...
This interview of Michael Hayden on the Colbert Report...
Michael Hayden on the Colbert Report is worth a listen...
Started going pear-shaped back when actual elected GOP officials thought The Colbert Report wasn't a huge "bit".
Also, that graphic needs some updating: Colbert Report? Al Jazeera America? Where's the Huntley-Brinkley Report?
Clinton insider brags about making two Colbert Report specials
Anyone else think Stephen Colbert wishes he would have stayed at the Colbert Report instead of The Late Show?
Miss Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report, it's not the same on the Late Night Show.
Wasn't MSNBC the ones lauding real "fake news", the Daily Show & Colbert Report, as excellence in journalism?
Stephen Colbert worried his 'Colbert Report' character would hurt someone if he kept it up
I stopped watching soon as John Stewart left. The feels more like the Colbert Report if Steven was left wing.
Sad but not surprised that the Larry Wilmore didn't make it. Colbert Report is an awfully hard act to follow...Colbert lea…
Stephen Colbert defies Viacom, reverts back to 'Colbert Report' persona at https:…
I used to really like the Colbert Report and Daily Show, but it went downhill for both real quick
WATCH: Stephen Colbert resurrects Colbert Report character with help from Jon Stewart:
Underachieving Stephen used to be credible on the Colbert Report but is now looking like a maniac! CBS will get rid of him soon!
I liked a video from Stewart & Colbert Report on Prince Charles Scandal
I watched the Daily Show for 8+ years (?) and the Colbert Report for its entirety. Trevor Noah+Larry Wilmore are corporate DNC shills, done!
can we please get the Colbert Report back? the late show is lame in comparison.
Just sad I'm not allowed to view the Colbert Report in Denmark :(
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should get a show like the Colbert Report, I'd watch!
Ted Cruz blasts tabloid's 'garbage' report of affairs
I liked a video from Kendrick Lamar - Untitled (Colbert Report)
When Colbert interviewed my boss via
You couldn't ask for a better ally. She always kicked butt on The Colbert Report.
I was a huge fan of The Colbert Report, but can't be bothered to use the CBS site to stream the Late Show. Just...meh.
Opening your heart to your unexpressed desires is the healthie... More for Taurus
If you don't know what coal rolling is, Stephen Colbert explains:
Colbert of Report vs. CBS Colbert like NBC Dave vs. CBS Dave. Which is "real"? Both? Neither?
Funny stuff: How The Colbert Report changed the way this educator approaches history: via
God I miss the Colbert Report so much
I enjoyed watching Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report, despite the fact that I knew it was satire. Trump, I feel, is Colbert in that sense.
I think it does better what people claimed the Daily Show and Colbert Report were doing. Far superior IMO.
Stephen Colbert honored Kissinger in his final episode of the Colbert Report. Two people in the world cared.
The Colbert Report was wonderful; now he's a bigger ham then Fallon; dancing, singing, skits with guests. And a kazoo player!
Bishop N.T. Wright talks to Stephen Colbert in 2008 about heaven. So awesome. via
Love the Colbert Report on the side of the bus for graphic novel
We don't need the Daily Show or the Colbert report this year to laugh at American politics anyway
I never watched the Colbert Report, I think Craig Ferguson would have been a better option.
He's made it to the Colbert report I'm such a proud mum :')
The Colbert Report was very important to me when I was a lonely liberal child in AL
Sound like its Mikes influence causin TNS not 2 unleash a high level wittiness & cleaver sarcasm like Colbert Report
even a weekly Colbert Report would be better than most of the pap he serves up on
Heard it on Good authority that will be selecting of the Colbert report as VP
If you haven't seen the Colbert Report interview with Maurice Sendak, you should probably make…
44pm ET to watch Jon Stewart's Daily Show or the colbert report.
I love Larry, the man who took over the Colbert Report kept it 100: true to the genre
Stephen Colbert mocks Kasich’s GOP nomination odds with fake ad: ‘Quitters never win, but they …
“Quitters never win, but they still beat John Kasich”: Stephen Colbert roasts Donald Trump’s last …
5/ How many fingers am I holding up on the Colbert Report, Winston?
All purpose parts banner
Problem with Colbert isn't political. He could go full Colbert Report or politically neutral and it wouldn't matter. He's way too bland.
Did that, too, couple years ago. Colbert Report process was not great for people with confirmed reservations.
Remember, Sister Simone Campbell, who's been on Real Time w Bill Maher, the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report,...
Goodness gracious that's an impressive shot.
Also, sorry Jon Stewart Daily Show/Colbert Report, the show I'm sad we don't have commenting on all this is 30 Rock
does the Colbert Report shtick better than
his smile and poses are so cheesy I thought he was the Libertarian Colbert report parody. He needs marketing help.
the colbert report and fallon are on at the same time WHY AM I BEING TESTED
The worst thing about this year's election is knowing there's no Colbert Report to cover it. Think of all the jokes there could have been.
But we still don't know...what's a Reince Priebus?
Such a shame there'll be a summer of Trump v Hillary and no Jon Stewart Daily Show or Colbert Report to document it.
Does anyone remember when rain was on the Colbert report
Here's a hilarious chat on how our brain functions even without our consent. with David Eagleman.
Stephen Colberthas come to know plenty of famous people as host of The Late Showand The Colbert Report
Really missing have a new episode of the Colbert Report every weekday.
Boy Genius Report: Meet the Japanese heavy metal girl group that took Colbert by storm this week: I try n...
Interesting interview from in '09 with mayor and 2016 PA Sen candidate
it's like the Colbert Report of memes...
loses this a joke? Who cares about what a reporter thinks. Stop predicting, report news.
China is nothing but a NWO LABORATORY the UN says that China is the model State for the world!Colbert Report thanks
it's okay. it's colbert, but less in character than on the Report. who are the guest?
It's 11:30pm on a weeknight more than a year later and I'm still grieving the loss of the Colbert Report 😓
the executive producer from the Daily Show and Colbert Report is writing it, so I have hope it will be good
The Colbert Report/Jon Stewart/Craig Ferguson years were the golden age of late night television. Even medicated Letterman had his moments
The Colbert Report didn't end, it just switched channels.
America, your long national nightmare is over: Salon is glad to report that Colbert proclaims Trump dead:
The Colbert Report had an interesting preview of an exciting new game last night!
"food" is exactly right. Gordita Supreme Court
Next up is producer and writer (Rick & Morty, Colbert Report, Community, The Onion).
In times of sadness, take solace in the words of our greatest American. . via
There needs to be an inverse of The Colbert Report. "Barack Obama. Great president or the GREATEST president?"
The colbert report is fantastic satire
The spirit of 'The Colbert Report' is alive and well
“Holland, 1945” in my head the past couple of days, plus reason for ending Colbert Report w/it:
Babymetal on the Colbert Report is so amazing
Stephen Colbert! i'm crying a bit bc it's the colbert report rip
This was actually the first night I was going to watch colbert live since colbert report ended it was a happy coincidence
.is a nobody! Has no talent! Got fired from the Colbert Report (very low ratings!) Now hosts a show no…
Wen u ready af for the Colbert Report or whatever it's called to start already...
I am glad to be living in the sophisticated and erudite Oconee county, Ga. We made the Colbert Report...good grief.
So happy that Kendrick Lamar has released that track from The Colbert Report. Excellent that.
literally cannot believe I'm listening to the Colbert Report song CDQ right now
this the one on Colbert report. untitled 03 | 05.28.2013. by Kendrick Lamar
How many of you actually heard untitled 1 & 2 on jimmy Fallon and the Colbert report ..
Kendrick did track 3 on the Colbert report
Kendrick Lamar wrote untitled 03 the day before performing it on Colbert Report?
Untitled 03 | K-Dot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Can never forget this one.. final show of Colbert Report..👌😌
This the track he performed with Anna wise, thundercat, bilal on Colbert report 😭🙏🏾
One of these Untitled jams is the one from The Colbert Report mos, lol
But the live performance on the Colbert Report is way better.
I didn't think he'd release the song he did on the Colbert Report.
This means i finally get a mastered version of the song from The Colbert Report performance
I've been waiting for a release of untitled 3 since it was played live on the Colbert report almost a year ago. Unreal
So the Colbert Report Untitled is the 'first' untitled he recorded after droppin GKMC
im so happy he put Untitled 03 on here, which was originally Untitled 01 on the Colbert Report, but I'm happy I'm hearing it again
all the *** way. the Colbert Report performance, I bet angels were seated in the audience on some "what did the Asians say?"
Finally! The song he performed on the Colbert report!
I liked a video from Kendrick Lamar - Untitled (Live - Colbert Report) [Legendado]
Kendrick performed "Untitled 03" for the first time on "The Colbert Report" 12/16/14, over a year ago.. and this album just dropped today
Preferred the one from Colbert report i think but this still sounds great
Kendrick's new album has this song he perfumed on The Colbert Report which i was obsessed over 😁 . via
finally a version of the song performed on the Colbert Report 🙌 thank you!
My tracks - Untitled 1 and 2 off The Colbert Report and Jimmy Fallon are hur.
Finally a studio version of the song he performed on the last show of the Colbert Report! Not as intense as live version, but still great.
Untitled 3 live version on the last episode of the Colbert Report was even more epic. Check it out!
that was fun tonight .. THAT ALBUM THO.. finally got that track from the colbert report performance!!
Shout to Kendrick Lamar for this surprise album ! Hope that song from the Colbert report is on there
Yes!! That song from the Colbert Report is on the new Kendrick album
Kendrick finally released that song he played on the Colbert report
When he performed this on The Colbert Report I fell so in love with this song. I'm so happy he released it. Man
Im glad that untitled 3 track that was on colbert report made it on here, super nice
I remember when Kendrick Performed this on the "The Colbert Report" never thought he would release it.🔥🔥🔥
But I've gotta say that when this song blasted on Colbert report I cried...shout out to
My *** , ile Untitled ya Colbert Report is on this album.
I'm so hyped the Kendrick song from Colbert report got a studio version
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He performed Untitled 3 on The Colbert Report last year. Straight Fire.
Thank you for putting the untitled song from the Colbert report on this album
I'm just glad with "untitled unmastered.", you can get the Kendrick verses from the final "Colbert Report" musical report, which is awesome.
I've been waiting for the studio version of "untitled 03" since Kendrick performed it on the Colbert Report.
The Colbert Report track is on here...Lord Jesus.
Really happy got released. Was waiting for it when he played it on the Colbert Report. Can see why it wasn't on TPAB though.
Fambs been askin for that song Kendrick/Bilal/Thundercat/Anna Wise performed on the Colbert report and he delivered 🙌🏾 (untitled
Kendrick was the last musical guest in the Colbert Report and this song is what he performed, and was supposedly never going to release it
Oh yes untitled 3 is the performance on Colbert report 😩😩😩😩
The 3rd untitled song was done better when Kendrick performed it live on Colbert Report, studio version isnt as great
And it has the official release of Untitled from the Colbert Report!!! This made my night.
I was really wondering when Kendrick was gonna put out that track he performed on the Colbert report. Finally I...
he performed 3 on the Colbert Report a while back in glad he finally released the full version
Yes. Finally got the track from The Colbert Report. 🙏🏽🙌🏽
Kendrick finally released his song from the Colbert report *** yeah
Been waiting on untitled 3 since the Colbert report 😩
Does anybody know if that track he did on the Colbert report made it to this album?
I'm happy that untitled track that performed on Colbert report is on this album
glad Kendrick released untitled 03, the mastered version of the performance on the Colbert Report
I dont have to watch The Colbert Report performance anymore cuz this song is finally out
I think the third track on the kendrick is the one he did on Colbert Report back before TPAB came out
Untitled 3 is the track I been tryna find for years, ever since Kendrick performed it on Colbert report.
During-commercial viewing: Kendrick performing what would become "Untitled 03" on Colbert Report back in December 14
I knew Kendrick had to drop these Untitled songs. That one from the Colbert Report last year was incredible
this election would be so much more bearable if the Colbert Report was still on and Jon Stewart was still on The Daily Show
I miss the Colbert Report. One of my favorite bits.
That time visited the Colbert Report to celebrate week.
How do you go onto a show like Colbert Report and not know the whole thing is going to be a joke or for entertainment? It's not Charlie Rose
Colbert Report (not comedy central). GMO researcher vindicated in lawsuit. .
I miss when the Daily Show/colbert report were actually funny.
Ann Coulter, I'm so glad you're still here after The Colbert Report ended. You keep the laughs going.
trump gained his political knowledge by watching reruns of the Colbert Report, not realizing it was satire.
This whole debate is like a Colbert Report segment EXCEPT ITS REAL.
Stephen Colbert stopped being funny when he left the Colbert Report.
This feels like a 'Colbert Report' marathon.
Anderson take a deep breath lol good luck. Will wait for the report on the Colbert show
7. I started growing my hair out when I saw Kendrick's hair on his Colbert Report performance
Hey why did you replace Colbert report with a show based solely on condemning racism?
problem with the biting satire? Like the Colbert Report. The right wing thought it was a documentary
That ISIS truck featured on "Colbert Report", showing the former American owners decal? You helped to ruin that guys life. GJ
Also, if they have a new dude for the Daily Show, can we get a sassy young face for the Colbert Report? Specifically Mine?
Never thought I'd say this but... I miss The Colbert Report 😩
It's rather unsettling when you're trying to act professionall... More for Taurus
Awesome, but not as cool as when Smaug the dragon did mocap and showed a picture on The Colbert Report.
yeah. I get Kimmel, altho i think he's pretty meh, but Meyers isnt that good imo. I like Colbert but maybe biased from Report
Lincoln Report (Colbert recalls the first time he visited Mr. Beef in Chicago)...
I've wondered that since The Colbert Report comment that his grandkids would someday ask, "Grandpa, what was snow?"
sidenote, I think The Colbert Report & Jon Stewart show, added more filthy innuendos to my vocabulary than Sex and the City ever did.
.untitled song that he performed on The Colbert Report was created a day before the show.
true story: I had to argue extensively to convince my evangelical parents that the Colbert Report was satire
It's what finally put me off the Late Show with Stephen Colbert after being such a fan of the Colbert Report.
Lincoln Report (Colbert on Global Warming: I Was Christmas Shopping in NYC in Flip-flops and a Halter Top)...
VHS rip of 2008 episode of Colbert Report with commercials and more
and the Colbert report. The new instantiations are lame++
Stephen Colbert does a really good job hosting the late show but I miss the colbert report :(
I would love to hear what would say about Donald Trump if it was still "The Colbert Report".
I'm glad Stephen Colbert continued shades of his old Report for the new late show.
Mike Sullivan: The Best of the Colbert Report: brand new
As a media studies major, "studying for finals" means watching clips of the Colbert Report and reading articles from The Onion
This just keeps getting better. I really wish the Colbert Report was still around for this.
This led directly to Ham Rove being eaten by dogs on The Colbert Report
Texan Plumber's Truck shows up in Syria | via
'member when ya did this to the poor volunteers ? Still doing penance for that I hope?
As a technician myself, I still remember Hillary Clinton going on the Colbert Report when she was campaigning for President in 2008,
Or one could try to scam the system as this clown tried to do.
i can't work out if you're serious or just a Colbert Report level troll.
You want to share everything you feel in a big way now, but yo... More for Taurus
On the bright side, it did earn him a segment on the final "Colbert Report."
Yes, not surprisingly. Wind turbine syndrome. Colbert explains it best:
I feel like watched on the Colbert Report and didn't realize it was satire. "This man... is so brilliant."
On my way to train station to hit up NYC to see Once saw Colbert Report live so excited for the Late Show!
I miss The Colbert Report and the Dailey Show, those were the best shows on Comedy Central
9:02PM: Report of a 44 MPH wind gust at the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport in Colbert County.
NYC in two days. Can't wait to see again. Colbert Report was a blast, I expect this to be blastier.
“Social disparities...from racism to gender inequality do make people sick” Colbert Report interview
Update your maps at Navteq
Bruce Babcock goes big time on the Colbert Report! Did you see last night's show?
Yes, Jon Batiste is talented. No, I don't need to see him dancing. (This is me kinda not liking The Late Show & def. missing Colbert Report)
Now that The Colbert Report is over, you're all the entertainment I have on the screen.
I was a huge fan of the colbert report the entire series I love Stephen & I plan on giving his late show a shot
Watch a supercut of every time Stephen Colbert broke character on The Colbert Report:
Stephen interviews the U.N. Ambassador from Palau, who wasn't raised there and doesn't know how to say "thank...
When your favorite design is picked 💞
Nation, apparently Colbert's Late Show identity is similar to his Report identity.
I would say traditional but maybe more pre-taped skits...but again I never watched much of the Colbert Report so I dont know
Looking forward 2 Colbert's show 2nite. Was his guest in 2009. 200 people protested my appearance outside the studio.
I wonder how the with Colbert will do tonight, his first one, out of the "Colbert Report" persona.
CBS taking yet another gamble with the start of Colbert's "Late Show" tonight:
Obviously "The Late Show" is going to be compl. different than "Colbert Report", but I hope he continues 'Better Know A District"
Wouldn't it be great if The Late Show with Stephen Colbert were as weird and funny as the Colbert Report was? Although it's highly unlikely.
I think it's dope Colbert had Kendrick as his last guest on the Report and now his first guest on his new show.   10% Off
I had the pleasure of attending a few tapings of the Colbert Report when I lived in NY, can't wait to see how he does here
Can somebody give me a link to that untitled Colbert report performance from Kendrick
I hope that isn't an extension of what The Colbert Report used to be but ,I also hope that it is. Good Luck
Excited for Late Show debut tonight! To prepare, we're rewatching his clip:
Police say suspect Allen Colbert kidnapped and sexually assaulted an ASU student.
Colbert Report will attempt to 'out social' Late Late Show, Jimmy Fallon
TONIGHT COLBERT!! I hope he is as AWESOME in his new position as he was on the REPORT
Still mad that "Colbert Report" is over, but I'm looking forward to watching.
In honor of the premier, to watching the Report with…
I wish Kendrick would release that song he did live on The Colbert Report
REPORT: ESPN reporting Patriots also cheated when they drafted Tom Brady in 6th round. They knew he'd be good and didn'…
The Report always seemed very Christian to me, and not just satirically.More on that here:
Man, it's times like this that I really miss The Colbert Report.
Good luck tonight! We'll miss the Stephen from the Report, but looking forward to what you have up your sleeve!
After years of playing a character on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert is finally free to be himself!
Hamilton Collection
To prepare for Stephen Colbert's return tonight, maybe read the thing I wrote about the end of 'The Colbert Report'?
Biggest fear, what if we don't like the real and we like the Stephen Colbert from the Report better
Been a fan of Daily Show and Colbert Report for a few years now, I really dig their brand of social commentary.
So glad Colbert is back on air tonight!!! Excited to watch although I do miss the Colbert Report.
he says the show will not be anything like the Colbert report. Still will great though.
Man Kendrick Lamar performing on the Stephen Colbert show tomorrow? Man last time he performed on Colbert Report that song was 🔥🔥🔥
Wash., DC! Catch comedian from Colbert Report & MTV on Nov. 21
. Colbert starts Late Show off w/Clooney and Bush. Colbert Report Part Deux?
From The Daily Show to The Colbert Report, to the Late Show. you're going to be great tonight!
There's a lot going on today but you don't want to be pulled o... More for Taurus
Watch and Stephen Colbert dance through the streets in 2014 'Colbert Report' clip:
Apparently none of the contestants watched the Colbert Report because no one knew who Doris Kearns Goodwin is. Our apologies...
Philip Zimbardo / Colbert Report with Phil Zimbardo, but Colbert's argument near the end is perfect!
If you is the surest evidence against a caring god is the fact that The Colbert Report is ending but The Simpsons isn't.
> failing to recognize Colbert Report is a satire of what liberals think of conservatives, not a satire of conservatives
Currently eavesdropping on a Christian book club thing at wold boar. One of the girls didn't know what the Colbert report was...
TIL The last episode of the Colbert Report had about half the ratings as family guy reruns.
Hey, why can't I access full episodes of the Colbert Report? I'm dying here... :-(
apparently in the new season of goes on the Colbert Report? Or am I reading the review incorrectly
EVERYTHING I LOVE (The Colbert Report, Parks and Rec, soon to be The Daily Show) IS ENDING
Paul Farmer from Partners In Health on The Colbert Report - Wonderful Interview from December 4th
coolthinghere: swanqueenidiot: Okay so the Colbert Report posted a link to the Ellen Page interview, right...
Bill O'Reilly is facing the toughest scrutiny of his career and there's no Colbert Report. Sigh.
...of the Tea Party. I'm no more offended as a gamer by that than I am as an American by Colbert Report - he wasn't mocking ME :)
I'll eliminate the propaganda first ABC NBC CBS MSNBS CNN NYT 60 minutes Colbert report Daily Show
Although you are quite appreciative of your friends and associ... More for Taurus
MSNBC may be ditching its liberal identity. How the Daily Show & Colbert Report hastened its demise.
Parks and Rec is done, The Colbert Report is over and John Stewart is stepping down. I think my TV watching days are over.
Report of Heavy Snow in Red Bay and accumulating quickly. When it enters Colbert, travel could deteriorate quickly.
Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert took over the internet with this one. Genius.
Blackadder, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Shield, Colbert Report, West Wing = some of my favourite finales.
The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are coming to an end. :( Good thing I can watch
I don't know if I want to live in a world with no Colbert Report and no Jon Stewart-hosted Daily Show.
I actually enjoy watching The Nightly Show, but I do miss the Colbert Report
Rehearsing for The Report with Come see our show Lady Day at Emerson's Bar…
If you try to say this is like "The Colbert Report," I may not be able to control my Convulsive Punching Syndrome.
just like Anita couldn't name three games on the Colbert report...
I feel like needs some type of racial correspondent ala Daily Show & Colbert report to explain things, like the situation.
too bad we can't watch in Beirut! used to carry Colbert Report yet no !
"High IQ correlates with liking The Colbert Report" - awesome :-)
See a teaser for the Colbert Report replacement, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
Every bit as good as The Daily Show & The Colbert Report - if only could be on every night ... but then that would be
Life without The Colbert Report is... Worse. . Its just worse.
Kendrick Lamar's untitled track he performed on the Colbert Report
The Nightly Show! It took the slot for Colbert Report. It's really awesome.
The Colbert Report finale was good. I still have it on my dvr so I can go back and watch it again
I miss The Colbert Report, but The Nightly Show is great.
No Daily Show or Colbert Report anymore? Welp if it ain't southpark on CC. I ain't watching it.
Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show, and Colbert Report is over. Someone please step up or we'll all be forced to watch B…
I don't like the Colbert Report. He's a registered republican, you know.
For people asking about my apparent mis-spelled words ... Superb Owl. It's not me ... it's The Colbert Report .
Unless that news source was the Colbert Report, you might have a problem.
It's going to be our first Superb Owl with The Colbert Report. :(
My wife just said, "I miss him. I miss him so much." -speaking about on the Colbert Report
Oops correction on tonight Colbert Report I meant to say 4,000 lbs a day NOT 40k lbs a day! So sorry!!
look that up with Colbert Report. Pretty funny segment. That's where it's from.
This Gamergatethingy is literally the most unnecessary thing I've ever heard of. Anita Sarkeesian got slammed at Colbert Report, lol.
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