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Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Zero or Coke Zero is a product of the Coca-Cola Company. It is a low-calorie (0.75 calories per liter) variation of Coca-Cola specifically marketed to males, who were shown to associate 'diet' drinks with women.

Diet Coke Sprite Zero Pepsi Max New Coke Coca Cola

Roman is having an O.K day and bought a Coke Zero. Raise the roof.
I ran out of coke zero and cliff bars AKA my diet is over
it's a bad order, should be two McChickens and a Coke Zero
These intense moments brought to you by Wet Jet and the refreshing taste of Zero Sugar…
DDP is very good, and I am a huge fan, but Coke Zero (Sugar) is numero uno according to my taste buds
Yeah you have to switch to Coke Zero.
Team Coke Zero wooon. and I coming in as the victor's of the Arena of Valor tourn…
Sitting down to drink my fifth Coke Zero of the day.
I’ve done it, I’ve finally found a restaurant that serves Coke Zero
I mean I could understand it if she was asking to taste Coke Zero Sugar
Male birth control has the same branding problem coke had with Diet Coke. They advertised it aggressively to 1/2 th…
Couple examples from the last few minutes... Me: "May I have a water bottle please?". FA: "I just put those away.". Then my se…
dude in the drive thru earlier trying to flirt, “you know you don’t like like you need to drink Coke Zero” I know,…
-turns on radio which has a surprisingly high pass filter-. -Let Freedom Ring plays-. -leans back in recliner, smilin…
I've learned that even if the flyer says CVS has a sale on pop, they won't have Cherry Coke Zero so screw them;
I see that at my local gas station market… I have seen Zero Sugar yet… At Cumberland’s, they still have Coke Zero.
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Hangovers aren’t from the alcohol, it’s from all those sugary *** mixers. Sub coke and redbull with Coke Zero or a…
Ordered coke zero and a piece of chocolate pie, got Diet Coke and a piece of chocolate cake. 😞
We have Diet Coke and Coke zero here. I can tell the difference and I think Diet Coke tastes better…
Why y’all discountinue Coke Zero calories 😭
Softy, truer words have not been spoken. Cherry Coke Zero is king.
Then where can I find it?! I've looked in numerous stores in alabama and cannot ever find Vanilla Coke Zero!!
I have a bottle of Diet Coke and a cup of Coke zero and I am so confused. 🤔 Which one should I drink
Coke Pallaso. Taste the feeling. I wanna let yall Know Coca Cola is a big sponsor at Soma Concert so expect the best. Do you…
I’ve been so hungover all day and all I wanted was a bottle of coke. The Deliveroo man gave me a can of Coke Zero.…
Advertising on snapchat and Instagram is annoying but it works. Like insta just advertised Wendy's and guess who no…
I have a bottle of Coke Zero in the fridge. She calls for me like a psiren...
bring back is MUCH worse 😝. Coke zero was my favorite soda by far. Guess I'll…
Catholic guilt is sneaking a splash of regular Coke in your Coke Zero and feeling like an *** the rest of the day.
Trying my first Coke Zero Sugar. Review to follow
Ramsey World class? Have you been hacked by Ginger Chris or Coke Zero head 🤔. Concede 3 at home is not bein…
Cold Coke Zero in a glass bottle. Wonderful.
First the ice cream machine is always down, and now is getting rid of Coke Zero?
Dear I demand an end to your soda ban in the cafeteria, this is the worst piece of culinary apartheid sinc…
It *was* called Coke Zero in the states, but then they phased out that product and rereleased it as a newly branded…
Quarter pounder fries apple pie and a Coke Zero (cos I’m watching my figurine)
I literally just had a Coke Zero in my hands, and now it's not in my office. I blame alien abduction.
My medications make me not want to drink Coke Zero or eat food. Couple sips and I'm do…
This explains why they've been bringing Sprite Zero to the school and not Coke Zero.
the Cook County SBT is for sweetened beverages but you charged me for Coke Zero. How many others have you…
Hey! If you miss the old version of Coke Zero, Pro tip: Gas stations! They still got sprite cans advertising Home Alone.
I drink more than 2 gallons of water a day now. Might have a Coke Zero or Sprite Zero with dinner. U…
To be fair, taste closer to actual Coke. Different than Coke Zero, but not bad. I'm A-ok with it. Also, cool look to it. ✌🏼
We’re confident Coke Zero fans will love the new, delicious taste of Coke Zero Sugar! We hope you'll give it a try soon!
It has the exact same taste. We already have zero sugar in Mexico instead of coke zero
Thank you, Coke Zero, for providing me with my daily Russiagate distraction.
Laying in bed, and all I can think about is how much I want a Coke Zero.
I don't think it's available anywhere yet. (To be clear, I'm talking about the New Coke Zero Sugar)
Coke is phasing out Coke Zero?? It’s time to go block a freeway on ramp somewhere! Who’s with me???
2nd time I've had it (last time was fountain). It tastes very similar to Coke Zero, possibly better but h…
Coke Zero is being replaced by Coke Zero Sugar NO!!!😭
"Coke Zero Sugar has a delicious taste that will love! It’s a lot like a Coke, but w/o the sugar." i.e. Coke Zero
The new design seems tentative, transitional. I'll wait until they settle on something. I don't like…
I hate Coke Zero tbqh... I hate Diet Coke too but at least it's not *trying* to not suck. Still, excited to try the new thing...
Received horrible news today, apparently coke zero is being phased out in America. How dare you touch the only thing I drink.
So apparently is replacing Coke Zero...I'm guessing it's called Coke Trump, cuz what's less than Zero but ??!
Yes, people, I heard. I wrote about it: Short version: This not a death, rather a Doctor Who-like regen…
Get with it Coca-Cola, no one wants your aspartame crap.
Seriously not happy Coke Zero is being replaced ☹️
Coke Zero was a tremendous improvement on Diet Coke. I'm excited for the new formulation! I'm not even kidding, shut up!!
Can we throw Cherry Coke Zero into the mix too?
In Washington D.C., they are going to name it Coke Zero Cups.
Not that I should be drinking a lot of Coke Zero anyway, but I'll say this is an unwelcome change.
Have we not learned what happens with a "New & Improved" Coke? I'll be stockpiling Original Zero if anyone needs me…
Is Coke Zero Sugar a marketing strategy to get around the soda tax?
Coca-Cola is killing Coke Zero as we know it -- and people are freaking out
RIP Coke Zero.the only soft drink I like, you will be missed ;(
BLASPHEMY! (My only concern is that Coke Zero Sugar won't taste as good. But maybe it'll be better…
Our soda palettes are shockingly similar. Excellent obit on Coke Zero. Goddamit this world was…
If this Coke Zero news is true, then my loyalties will quickly switch to Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. . Though Zero will always be my 1st love.
u do realize that Coke Zero has aspartame in it, don't you?
Coke Zero is being replaced with a new product this is genuinely the saddest ive been in months only i could be this emotional over soda
Attn explain yourselves, you monsters
Dear if you screw up my Coke Zero with this new No Sugar experiment, I will haunt your dreams.
Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with a drink with a new recipe and name
*glances at Coke Zero on desk -- morning (and afternoon) ritual* *extreme panic that this is not going to go well* https:/…
Am I the only person on the planet who gives not a single *** about Coke Zero?
No, no, no! What fresh *** is this?! I can't face the daily dumpster fire that is without the real Coke Ze…
First, Trans soldiers banned from the military. Now Coca Cola is killing Coke Zero. Frankly this is not my day.
Ice-Cold Cherry Coke a can.the most refreshing beverage available to human beings.
Coke Zero Sugar is actually going to be better for you & have zero ca…
This really is the darkest timeline 😭
If you'll excuse me, I need to go buy out the Coke Zero supply of the tri-state area.
Meet Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new and improved Coke Zero coming to the U.S. this August:
Meanwhile, behind this hyperactive scrim of increasingly grotesque distractions, *they're quietly killing off Coke Zero*
Don’t worry! Coke Zero Cherry is not changing at this time.
Keeping a few cases to sell on eBay in a few years as vintage Coke Zero.
So Coca-Cola is getting rid of their best soda only to replace it with "New Coke Zero" because adding 'New' to Coke did so well in the past.
You'll soon have to say goodbye to Coke Zero and hello to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar:
Do you really have to make a goodbye video to Coke Zero?
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar sounds like the New Coke fiasco all over again. I hope it's an improvement.
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Coca-Cola is introducing a new version of Coke Zero in the U.S.
Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with a new drink
Didn't Coke make this mistake once before? Don't take away my Coke Zero!!!
are you guys insane? Coke Zero is one of your best products.
But I like Coke Zero and you can't take it away. No different then all the Democrats saying don't take my Obama Care
A little of me just died inside. Someone check on to make sure he's ok
Fun fact: Diet Coke is based off the New Coke formula, Coke Zero is the sugar-free version of Coke Classic.
They’re rebranding/reformulating Coke Zero because many people don’t realize Diet Coke and Coke Zero are sugar free.
IIRC, Coke Zero is literally sugar-free New Coke, and Diet Coke is Coke Classic.
Feel free to take Coke Zero but if you touch my Diet Dr. Pepper I'll make sure your stylist does this to your eyebrows. http…
Details about Coca-Cola Co.'s decision to replace Coke Zero in the U.S.
All diet soda must go. I can't stand the afte…
Sunny when I left the house and now it's doore af, and my jacket is soaked in Coke Zero 🙃🙃
*BREAKING*. Daniel Levy has offered Porto a packet of skittles and a half finished can of coke zero for Pereira
Coke Zero is Coke's version of lying to one's self.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Foodco weekend deals incredible offers.. Coke 60cl Zero orijin and lots of amazing offers..visit us to any of our outlets
Coke straight up Pepsi, Max and Zero taste weird to me
At Silk with broken clip of Zero Coke
Yes they are awful. They were handing them out at Liverpool St earlier this week. Coke Zero ginger is…
Not liking the New Coke No Sugar it tastes more like Diet Coke to me! I much prefer Coke Zero
I don't drink tea or coffee but am a BIG Diet Coke/coke zero drinker. Without that, it's just water all day every day. Coke is my treat.
Jesus Christ, Superhero. He saved your souls, now he drinks coke zero 🎶
Who peeled off all the Coke Zero labels?
Some one earned a coke zero after this work out
Thank you, for the free birthday meal. (Thankfully, they still had a Coke Zero amongst all the Coke No Sugar.)
My work's vending machine still has Coke Zero. Bless ❤️
WIN tickets to watch twice every hour between 10am and 8pm today with Coke Zero! Tune in now!
Coke's logic: . Diet Coke: no sugar, no calories…
Coke Zero is still widely available, it hasn't gone anywhere just yet!
I went all out with this stinking nights dinner. Large 🍟 hot & spicy mcchicken 🍔 and Coke Zero 🥃
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tried it today and you have changed the flavour from Coke Zero. Bring back the Zero, ditch the No Sugar
Just had to go jump my momma's car. So I told her she owed me a Coke, and she just handed me a $5 instead. Still g…
This is all fizz but still tastes flat. Try again Coke or just bring back the better Coke Zero
Coke Zero makes me burp like a monster. It's kind of fun actually.
I prefer Coke Zero..has more flavor
Decisions, decisions. . Use the bottle cap as an indicator and send us a screenshot of your favourite Coke Zero Sugar meal…
why is cherry vanilla Coke Zero so dang hard to find?
Well just saw 4 rats crawl up the side of this whatabeezy but yolo because they have coke zero 🤞🏽
Love how the way to stop 60lb bags of coke being thrown over at great effort is creating ***
I prefer the name Coke Zero. Coke No Sugar does not have the same ring. Do people REALLY need it spelt…
Tempted to walk a mile down the road to the Circle K for a nice, cold $.79 Large Coke Zero.
Stop ordering coke zero in macs. You're at Macs. You lost the battle already. Just indulge.
Y'all ever had a cherry vanilla Coke Zero? Glorious.
I just realized there's cold Coke Zero waiting for me at home
I wanted to cheat sooo bad this week and I didn't. You know how hard it is for me not to have a Coke Zero? It's been 7 days. So mad at her 😂
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Y'all,Travis really knows the key to my ❤️He got me 2 bags of Swedish Fish&a Coke Zero after surgery instead of flowers or a teddy bear 😍❤️😂
quick question. How is your Billings Bridge location out of Diet Coke and Coke Zero? It's dollar drink days man :(
Q: is there any point at all to "Caffeine Free Coke Zero?" Like, once you take out the caffeine and sugar, what is left? Brown water?
Tho if u put coke zero in a cocktail I wouldn't mind boss
Yah - I like me a Coke Zero, but about twice a year an actual glass-bottle real Coke is the…
You do realize that Coke Zero doesn't have any sugar in it.
Nah , it was a Coke Zero but Mexican coke is good too
Why must I be in line for 10minutex with 2 cars in front of me to order a simple Coke Zero. All the time at this location smh
I bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof.
Hi Has Cherry Coke been discontinued?. I can only find Cherry Zero
Loved the Coke machines. Well done for the excellent choice of diet/zero drinks
Nope! I asked for Coke Zero and the look in my eye meant the Reddies boy didn't correct me.
big up Coke Zero giving out free drinks in ldn x
What's your favorite way to intake sugar? I'm betti... — Coke zero is my true weakness. But only cos my town...
Well they're getting rid of Coke Zero because apparently no one knew it had no sugar
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
People who rag on Coke Zero are haters.
This Coke Zero would taste so much better with some Makers 46…
How can I act like the Young Pope when you can only find cherry coke zero at one store in Vancouver
"That's the biggest (expletive) I've ever seen." 😳. Listen to the best Scanner Sounds from Daytona: htt…
Better still, get Zero Coke to quench it 😂😂😂
Sippin a Coke Zero in my Buick while I head to my second job where I save lives and euthanize kittens
Wine makes me slutty. . So does Coke Zero and water but that's not the point. Mind your business.
Hey fans, don’t panic! We’re just making the taste even better… & still with zero sugar. Your Qs answered: https:…
Is there anyone near the duchess theatre willing to bring me a Coke Zero to stage door?? It's a state of emergency
Just bought two new tarot decks for my phone. Rum/Coke Zero fun times beginning! Also watching Indian Jones and the Last Crusade... yeah 😎
I legitimately like Diet Mt. Dew and Coke Zero now. It's a curse.
Rev up your engines, First Coast!. Enter to WIN tickets to the Coke Zero 400 TONIGHT during Final... aft……
I just entered to win tickets to Coke Zero 400 Weekend presented by Coca-Cola from
I do that with Coke Zero and Bud Select all the time!
Maxwell House Iced Coffee and Coke Zero - both good to the last drop!
Washing dark chocolate covered espresso beans down with Coke Zero in an attempt to nip my low-pressure headache in the bud.
I've tried to switch to Diet Coke, Coke Zero but I just love regular Coke. I'll cut back on sugar in other ways 😕
Coke Zero is specifically marketed toward men, who were shown to associate Diet Coke with femininity.
. Me too, when I stopped drinking alcohol. Coke Zero vanilla and crown royal.
"A Pope climbs through a mountain of babies to get to his cherry Coke Zero".
Mrs C trying to get me off the Pepsi Max & Coke Zero
In Tinahely with Laura, getting menthol cigarettes (if you please) for her and Coke Zero and a Mars for me. A library van went by! Memories!
Bought a 12 pack of One of the cans in it is Today I opened it and there is actual Sprite in the can of Coke Zero. 😂
Thank you for your sympathy!! I hope there is Coke Zero in those glasses.
Honoray pace car driver for the Coke Zero 400 NFL's Telvin Smith talks about fantasy ... -
Less than 24 hours until the Coke Zero 400
Remember NBC will have the Coke Zero 400 on WXII 12 Sat. night, coverage begins at 7pm.
I've ingested so much coke zero in the past hour that I can't sleep now, so might as well start ex machina past 4 in the morning
Sprint Cup Series pit stall assignments for Daytona - Nascar
I hate coke zero. But it's drink zero or drink no coke at all. And that is not a world I want to live in.
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm sure he did that right before ordering a Bacardi and Coke Zero. That happened.
Biffle, Edwards on front row for Coke Zero 400.
Casey will start 20th in tomorrow night's Coke Zero 400! Can't wait to watch him work his magic and get to the front!
Coke Zero is fine, but I’d really like to see Double Chocolate Milkshake with Extra Whipped Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles Zero.
filter expired RC Cola through Mickey Rourke's scarves and mix it with spam & Tutankhamun's remains and it tastes like Coke Zero
Danica Patrick unveiled a new signature dish on during Coke Zero 400 Media Day at Daytona International Speedway.
Am I the only person that can taste the difference between Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Coke Zero and Pepsi Max
Jay Jacobs wife gave me a candle, some Oreos and a Coke Zero today.. No big deal
This is a big mistake Getting rid of the Coke Zero brand for this is stupid.
I'd welcome a new US Coke Zero formula that tastes closer to Coke Classic but it's close enough. It's def not like Diet Coke.
In Peace Walker Big Boss shot a bunch of rockets at a helicopter and then ate 4 bowls of curry, 8 bags of doritos and drank 12 Coke Zero's
doing keema and cheese combo with spring onion and cumin. Because I am worth it. And a glass of Coke Zero to balance the odds.
Is it just me or did anyone else think Coke Zero was the name of a School Play? ?
ok but Im addicted to coke zero tho
You drink Coke Zero too? a drink for legends only. You're a smart man.
Boi, ya weak for mixing it with Coke Zero... Lol, Coke Zero? Drink it straight...
The older brother in the Coke Zero advert is an absolute ***
Met the head of Coca Cola today. I was drinking Coke Zero. Same time yesterday, it was Pepsi Max!
as a sugar-free journeyman, Pepsi Max is gross - Coke Zero much better.
try the Coke Zero with vanilla instead, it's even better 😍
my dad was talking about how he wanted cherry vanilla Coke Zero all day. when he got out of work he live texted me
If I eat a 400 calorie dessert with a can of Coke Zero then all the calories are cancelled out right?
My boss bought me my own Coke Zero for the Christmas party drinks because he knows I like to pretend to be on a diet. How sweet is that?
my mini fridge is all set for xmas with 40 cans of Coke Zero ice cold in my man cave! Now for the pj's!
You inspired me. Except no ginger beer. Or ginger ale. I settled for Knob Creek and Coke Zero.
yup. I moved on to Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Help us caption this photo from the Coke Zero 400 Weekend!
Switching to Coke Zero helped me majorly. It doesn't taste horrible like Diet Coke, either.
The only people interesting enough for Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero are super uninteresting.
Hard at media class assignment in progress. ..coke zero is fuelling me :)
I'm not interesting enough for Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero.
In reality, it's more like, "Carson claimed he bought a Coke Tuesday afternoon. Was actually a coke zero and it was Tuesday night."
My blood sugar is so high again it's at 271 and i didn't even drink alcohol i only drank water and some coke zero
does catering always include Coke Zero in real glasses? How do I order?
I could down a Coke Zero right about now
With pours you a free Coke from your phone
One day I will get that free coke zero from Shazaming that commercial.
When people say Coke Zero tastes just as good as Coke
. That Coke Zero tastes a lot like regular Coke
I think I'm the only person who actually likes Coke Zero
I just spilled coke zero all over my totally rare TRUST t-shirt.
Can't sleep and have a massive headache. Of course I start eating popcorn and drinking Coke Zero because that's definitely going to help🔫
Well, just got a free Coke Zero through Shazaam
My bodega has coke zero now & I'm the happiest little white girl in all of Bushwick
Same but make my drink a Coke Zero and large size the plate
Also, in case anyone is actually keeping score, I'm into Coke Zero
I see that Coca Cola offer zero Coke and Diet Coke like they did at the rugby World Cup which was at King power stadium.
If beats me up can someone tell my kids I love them and they can't have Coke Zero cos its yuck ok!
Hey , did you know you can receive a free Coke Zero just by Shazaming Coke's "drinkable advertising" commercial?
Spotted:3 zero bottles sidebyside,in a cooler w/ names of the last 3 dates I went on.Key word ZERO
Billy Corgan’s favorite cola is Coke Zero. I apologize for this joke.
Beb hooking me up with dat Coke Zero cuz she know how it do
Coke Zero taste better than all the other Cokes
Coke Zero stays carbonated for a lot longer than any other drink.
Coke Zero is the best non-main range of soft drink. Fight me. My location is on.
Sukhbir Badal puts up pics of his village visit saying how he loves the rural environs. With a Coke Zero in hand. https…
don't forget the Coke Zero ones as well.
Cake and Coke Zero after finishing the story. Sitting in a comfy chair. I suddenly feel SO *** GOOD. Post-writing glow.
Coke Zero: For when you're trapped inside a prison of your own masculinity that prevents you from drinking Diet Coke.
I thought it was Coke Zero as it goes, but I'll not be watching again to check
Everyone keeps glaring at me because I'm wearing a red and black jersey but it's for Coke Zero 😂😂😂
opened a can of cherry Coke Zero tonight and it was only 2/3 full 😭
Bol. Milo had a pug sized Coke Zero just now usually don't drink soda
How much do you know about Coke Zero? Test yourself!
these stupid *** Coke zero commercials on the radio make me want to commit acts of violence.
Need to stop drinking 2 litres of Coke zero every weekend
zero idea they love to believe Coke head girls
I'll spam you with pictures of Coke Zero
There was Coke Zero in the basement 😍
I honestly don't understand how anyone can like Coke Zero like go send your taste buds for repairs asap
I had a hamburger bun and a Coke Zero for breakfast.
If I have to see that "übrigens das ist gar keine Coca Cola, das ist Coke Zero" advert once more, I'll dropkick my laptop off my balcony
what's the line on the titantic FCS battle between Coke Zero & Pepsi Max?
I'm thinkin that it's possible to get hungover from a lack of night time Coke Zero
Mom: I don't drink Coco Cola...the next time you come to apologize at least bring Coke Zero 😂😂😂
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
new Diet Pepsi *** bring back the old. I'm switching to Coke Zero. People hate the new Diet Pepsi
Coca-Cola's TL advert says 3-day weekend + free bottle of Coke Zero = 'Best.Weekend.Ever.' Life in Coke towers is none too exciting then!
Just tried Coca Cola Life...not too shabby - but I'm sticking with Coke Zero
I'm obsessed with Coke Zero and Sprite Zero. I need rehab.
Only real *** like me mix their drinks at fast food places. I got Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Sprite, Orange Fanta, and Lemonade
Global sales of the Coca-Cola brand rose 1% in the second quarter. Coke Zero up 1%, Sprite up 3%. But Diet Coke's slide continues. Down 7%.
I liked a video NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - Full Race - Coke Zero 400 Powered by Coca-Cola at Daytona
3 years ago today won the 2012 Coke Zero 400 Sprint Cup Series Race
Ah, coffee! Already had a pot at home, may turn to Coke Zero for rest of the day.
Watermelon vodka chased with coke zero tastes surprisingly like bubble tape.
I don't want to be that person that's glued to their phone all the time. I'm going outside to read , watch a storm brew, and drink coke zero
Coke Zero have some kind of terrible chemical reaction with alcohol.
Grabbed a on our last day of vacation the word is appropriate after a week with my family!
Got my kettlecorn, coke zero & a lifetime movie. Happy friday night
It may have taken a year, but I finally found a Coke (Zero) bottle with my name on it!
Drinking Coke Zero is like your girl saying she really wants Anal sex but she doesn't want it from you.
Started the day with a coke zero. Missed deadlines. And a screaming client because team didn't reach on time to start the setup.
Eww! But, to each his own. I'll stick to my Coke Zero though. But I hope for you that it DOES come back. 😊
Sweet tea and coke zero are my addictions. Except coke zero seriously messes with me and wants to give me kidney stones. So sweet tea &gt
My coke zero said to share one with your love, so poured it on my meat
Credentials are in and I can't wait for the XFinity $ Coke Zero 400 I'll be there. Hope to see you
I got my game face on at the Zero Social Arena.
Nothing says TGIF than popcorn, Coke Zero, and seeing 🎥❤️
"I don't drink too much coke zero" I say as I find a half full bottle in my laundry
ask for an unopened can of Coke Zero.
Gud 4 U: "I quit diet sodas a year ago and it makes a BIG difference! Now when I do drink soda (1x a week) it's regular coke or coke zero."
Mom: I'd like a coke zero. Waiter: you want a tootsie roll? 😂😂😂 dinner with and my mom starting off right!
Love being lazy. Tv and coke Zero and a Netflix binder tonight for ✌💚
Diet Coke is my virtue but Coke Zero is the demon I cling to
like can you be more of an *** John, Matthew, Shawn!!! Morgan I may get just a cherry coke zero just to avoid
but now she's really starting to get into empty boxes of Coke Zero, so idk.
HURRY You have until Midnight to enter the & Coke Zero (cont)
Drowning your sorrows in diet iced tea is not the same as coke zero
Coke zero to get me through the day!
When knows you don't like coke zero, but buys it for you anyway bc he loves you ❤️❤️
My boss drinks Coke Zero over Diet Coke, so I drink Coke Zero over Diet Coke
I bought a bottle of coke zero with my name on it and someone took it from he fridge and i just 😐😑
Are ye aye? I'm busy later, going to go buy some Coke Zero.
what a calories? ;) I honestly have no idea what calories are anything except for water, mustard & coke zero
Today I've drunk Coca-Cola, Diet Coke AND Coke Zero. That's about as exciting as my life gets right now!
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