Cody Simpson & Ariana Grande

Cody Robert Simpson (born 11 January 1997) is an Australian pop singer from Gold Coast, Queensland, who is currently signed to US record label Atlantic Records. Ariana Joan Grande-Butera (born June 26, 1993) is an American actress, singer, and dancer. 5.0/5

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ok then who's Moe Adams, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson and Wesley Tucker (and i probably forgot 2/3 people)
for a solo DM with Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber (in 1 DM), choosing 2 people randomly.. Must be fo…
Ariana Grande solo dm for just 30 ffs. Austin Mahone for 30 ffs. Liam Payne for 60 ffs. Cher Lloyd for 40 ffs. Cody Simpson for 20 ffs
Can I have a Niall? I have Michael Clifford , Cody Simpson, Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande
for a DM to Nash Grier. FAV for a DM to Ariana Grande. REPLY if you want a DM to Cody Simpson or Austin Mahone.
Since you guys are my friends. Except one person who's my best friend,he knows himself. I thought you should know alot more about me so. My full name is Kaitty Shadae Morgan. Am 19. My fave color is Red. I wear size 3 . Am short. Am single. I love cutting my hair short. I have 3 tattoos. Am not perfect. Am a undercover detective. Um my 3 fave male singer are my bff, Ameezy and Cody Simpson. 3 fave female singers are Ariana Grande, um Demi Lovato and um Rita Ora. Female rapper.: Iggy. Male: Eminem. Um I have 2 younger sisters. Kaithy- 16 and Kaittlyn-11 . Um they both live with me. Um am a down to earth person meaning that if u ask me to do sumn for you, I will do it. Um ik am ugly, I get that alot on here and I dnt mind cuz am deleting at the end of summer. I love cooking, writing songs and poems. Anything else inbox me. I HAVE MORE FRIENDS BT AM LAZY TO TAG MORE
I will DM you to Daniel,Beau,James/Jano, Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, Jc Caylen or Alli Simpson DM me and follow please
I'm so excited for Ariana Grande & Cody Simpson to perform in the finale! 😍 Do you know who will be dancing to their songs? 😍
beliebers who Follow Me are followed by Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson.
Believe Avril Lavigne as Alexandra Foster - Leighton Meester as Angelina Edward - Ariana Grande as Violet Walmer - Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber - Cody Simpson as Dylan Carter - Greyson Chance as Alexander Foster - Zayn Malik as Zachary Foster - Taylor Swift as Leona Forsberg - Demi Lovato as Bridgit Pastrana - Niall Horan as Brandon Lambert Shinta
for a DM to Justin Bieber,Ariana Grande,Cody Simpson,Alli Simpson and Jessica Jarrell
Good luck to Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson , Ariana Grande and all the others for the KCA
Yes i love Justin Bieber. Yes i do listen to Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Zendaya Coleman, Little Mix, Emblem 3, One Direction, and Ariana Grande. But i also listen to Tyga and all them rappers like Eminem and etc. Yes i also listen to Michael Jackson, Prince, the Spice Girls, TLC, and all them. Yes i listen to amazing Country singers, as well as Rock. If ya'll got a problem with that then don't talk to me.
what verified accounts follow you — Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Madison Pettis and some others
"Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Nina Agdal, Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun & Rixton are all at The Wanted's concert right now!!
Out of all my Bieber concerts . The opening acts were Mindless Behavior , Cody Simpson , Mike Posner & now Ariana Grande !!
for a dm to Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson and Ariana Grande (mbf)
Cody Simpson & Ariana Grande will open for Justin on August 7th, 8th & 10th (Florida & Atlanta)
if you want Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson to follow you. I will DM them. (mbf)
40 down! Almost halfway there! I'll give you guys the FC's that I've made roles for. Female: Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Male: Harry Styles, Cody Simpson, Niall Horan, Justin Bieber and Louis Tomlinson. Still thinking on more roles so if you have a FC in mind, comment.
any verified accounts following you? if so who? — Yep. Uh..Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Christian Beadles, there...
Cody Simpson fans put up a tough fight, but Ariana Grande ultimately overcame the Aussie's sweet new single 'Pretty Brown Eyes' with her Mac Miller-featured
Since I'm at it, would anyone like any DMs to Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Aaron Carter , or Cody Simpson ?
Foto: cs-wishlist: Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, and Jai Brooks at Disneyland (21/4/2013) and Madison Pettis...
Drake Bell, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Madison Pettis, and AJ Rafael were at Disneyland today and I didn't see any of them. Oh...
39 more followers please! I'll DM your name to a celebrities. Ariana Grande, Alli Simpson, Cody Simpson, Jennette McCurdy, Madison Pettis.
Help my friend get noticed by Liam from 1D, I'll dm 3/5 Janoskians, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson, Rylan Clark, Ella Henderson, Tom Parker!!
ANYONE WANNA DO DM FOR DM? If you have anyone from 1D, E3, Janoskians, or Austin Mahone I have Jai Brooks, Cody Simpson, Ariana grande
If anybody has a follow from one of the boys (from 1D) I will DM your name to either Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson, Ariana Grande (cont)
People who are online on Skype are : Logan Henderson (member of Big Time Rush) , Niall Horan , George Shelley (member of Union J he's always online) , JJ Hamblet (member of Union J) , Jaymi Hensley (member of Union J) , Demi Lovato , Eleanor Calder , Cody Simpson , Justin Bieber , Liam Payhe , Ariana Grande (sleeping) xD , Josh Devine , Chai' , Conor Maynard , Waliyha , HAZZA , Miley Cyrus (busy) , Jasmine Villegas , Paul , and...ME xD lol All these people are online and I am so BoReD !! Zayn xxx
if your idol is Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson, or Big Time Rush.
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if you love Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Cody Simpson. [ Follow Me, I Follow Back ]
people should let me have any extra photos of 1D, Josh Hutcherson, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, or Taylor Swift. Thanks.
Cody Simpson: he is cute but i don't him very well but i think he's cute :) comment a celeb and i'll tell u my opinion about him\her... -rawan
and Favourite for a DM to Ariana Grande and Cody Simpson!!!❤❤ Must be following.
My HONEST opinion of these celebrities: Ariana Grande- OMG are u kidding me I LOVE her I'm gonna be typing all day so I'll just stop there Demi Lavato- She has the cutest smile and the best voice I respect her so much she is one of my biggest inspirations Ed Sheeran- AH I LOVE Ed Sheeran. He is so awesome and I live all his songs and his album and I love his ginger hair Lee teaming from shine- I dunno who tf this is Niall Horan- holy SHX he is se'cute I love his blonde hair and his accent I think out of everybody from 1D he is the sweetest Liam Payne- I don't even kno what he looks like I always get him and Louis confused Justin Bieber- OH MY BIEBERI I AM THE BIGGEST BELIEBER EVER! I think he is so hot and has a great voice and I love him a lot :) Cody Simpson- I don't really care about him Ross Lynch- who? Zany Malik- He is HAWT! Oh my Jesus he is so hot I love his tatts but I wish he didn't smoke Taylor Swift- OMG she is so cute/sweet I love her music especially her album red Harry Styles- he is beyond ...
If any of my new followers like Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, or Jillian Jensen, I could DM your name to them tomorrow if you want. :)
No but Miranda Cosgrove, Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas, Madison Pettis, Cimorelli & Alli Simpson do it!! :D
Emma Field has 3/5, Chris Mears, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, and Austin Mahone all following her. SO JEALOUS!
what famous people follow you? do you have any ? — yepp i do i have Cher Lloyd, Ariana Grande , Cody Simpson , 2...
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I think Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Liam Payne and Justin Bieber are the only celebs who understand what a follow from t ...
Answer these questions to see if you know me. Who's my favorite band? What's my favorite color? Where do I want to go right now? Do I have dimples when I smile? Do I have siblings? Who's my favorite girl singer? Who's my favorite boy singer? What grade am I in? Before I die I would like to meet who? Before I die I want to get a hug from who? Do I like Ariana Grande? Do I like Justin Bieber? Do I like Cody Simpson? What's my dog's name? Who's my best friend?
Should my icon be Alli Simpson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Ryan Beatty, Selena Gomez, Cody Simpson, or Ariana Grande?
Q- Who are all the famous people you have met? A- Cody Simpson, Big Time Rush, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Drake, Tyga, 2 chainz, Miranda Cosgrove, and more.
if you love Justin Bieber, 1D, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or Cody Simpson.
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Celebritys that know i'm alive: Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Jake Short, Ross Lynch, and Sheaghily.
peeps...make sure you go to the TJ Martell Family Day with Train, Cody Simpson & Ariana Grande! Get tix now.
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