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Cody Simpson

Cody Robert Simpson (born 11 January 1997) is an Australian pop singer from Gold Coast, Queensland, who is currently signed to US record label Atlantic Records.

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Cody Simpson is playing with me. I only let loser do that.
Can cody simpson come out with a new album already and save me tf
Throwback to 4 years ago today when all I wanted was to meet Cody Simpson and all I got was this picture..
Cody Simpson - Flower (Official Video) via ask to by this song he sang this to me thank you…
•we are the thought provoking, softly spoken, heart wide open, chill emotion• super beach kids, Cody Simpson
Morning sunshines I hope you have a good day love you all ❤️ .
All I want to do is meet Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson in Melbourne tonight
Cody Simpson twice and once Shawn Mendes, Ryan Beatty
paradise by Cody Simpson is still SUCH a jam
Referees tonight Clint Campbell & with linesmen Cody Simpson and Mitch Perkins
I like this right here. // Victoria Duffield - They Don't Know About Us feat. Cody Simpson - offici... via
Officials tonight are Brian Somes and Clint Campbell with linesmen Cody Simpson and Andrew Garnham
I had to make a first aid kit with a small blanket in it so I obviously put my Cody Simpson blanket in there 😂
I like the song "Pretty Brown Eyes" of Cody Simpson and idc if it may be embarrassing lol I mean its a good catchy song so why not
Really hope drops that song with Cody Simpson on Saturday
like Cody Simpson too xavier ? if yes, you'll like Something Like Kites :). watch here:
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i love Cody Simpson and Jake Miller. please collab .
I know. They are really crazy. I'm still at the hotel. Will go later. concerts of cody simpson are more relaxed
I want you to give sponsor in my dms Acc w/ Camila Cabello & Cody Simpson pls (I forgot to ask you dms last time) ☇
clue is kinda in my username along with Demi lovato, Taylor swift, Conor Maynard, Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and more
Imagine Cody Simpson is at home crushing on me
In other news, I still love Cody Simpson just as much as I did when I was 10 y/o
I swear it felt like yesterday when we were 13-14 obsessing over Cody Simpson and Stardoll 😅
Australian Cody Simpson and sister Alli carry Olympic Torch in Rio ...
There's a 2013 Cody Simpson song playing in my head during every moment of the day
Lmao I just remembered how me and my 8th grade friends were obsessed with Cody Simpson aw
Home to mama by Justin Bieber feat. Cody Simpson (such an underrated song btw)
23) Concerts you've gone to: 1d, Cher Lloyd, cody simpson, lorde, the neighbourhood
I read that in cody simpson's voice
ok then who's Moe Adams, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson and Wesley Tucker (and i probably forgot 2/3 people)
Trade for an account with 14K and Alli Simpson e Cody Simpson follow?
Update your maps at Navteq
Perrie should date Joe Jonas or Cody Simpson. just throwing that out there.
35. I'm gonna do people I've seen live in general. Justin Bieber. Cody Simpson. 5sos. the wanted. Carly rae jepsen. before u exit. Ryan Beatty
My game of how long can I work at a job without them finding out about Cody Simpson has ended
from when we met on the Cody Simpson tour 🙈🙌🏾
// Cody Simpson 一 Flower. Please keep voting for the polls!
Cody Simpson:. "I envy Turks. They have everything from food culture to historical pieces. .
I was a huge fan of Cody Simpson ,he was probably 15 ? Something like that or maybe even more younger my mom bought a ticket for his concert
NEW POST: How Aussie singer-songwriter Cody Simpson is using to build his million-dollar empire 👇.
OH NO, almost added Cody Simpson to one of my soundcloud playlists.
The thing about love, it'll make you do some crazy things. Is you know it when you feel it. [CODY SIMPSON>LOVE]
Listen to Home to Mama by Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson on
remember when Cody Simpson followed me and I cried omg
I'm still waiting on Cody Simpson to block me
I'm going to Cody Simpson at El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City, Mexico - Jun 17
Cody Simpson is so close to blocking me YES!
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Remember when BYE opened for Cody Simpson so we all had a Cody Simpson phase 😂😂😂
this reminds me of a cody Simpson song
Tbh Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson is my crap
Call me old fashioned but I still like version of I want Candy better. Heard a Cody Simpson version during Kindergarten Cop 2.
and follow me for a solo DM with Cody Simpson.
Cody Simpson dating Elliot Rodger shooting spree survivor: According to she has been…
Official celeb (used lightly) sighting list from Coachella: Kyle and Mauricio, Tom and Ariana, Emily Ratajowski & Cody Simpson.
Cody Simpson talks about ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid's new relationship with Zayn:
Cody Simpson, 19 citizen of Earth, human lifesaver, young poet and singer of soul ❤
California cool: Cody Simpson steps out with a male pal in Venice Beach looking stylish...
No ceiling from cody simpson was one of my favorite tbh
Don't cramp my style little sis! Party boy Cody Simpson, 19, dons black tuxedo as he...
Long night? Dapper Cody Simpson looks bleary-eyed in a tuxedo as he leaves a Grammy...
Cody Simpson FINALLY unfollowed ex Gigi Hadid on Insta and this could be why.
Cody Simpson has lived in America since he was younger and for longer yet his AUS accent is still intact, explain yourself
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Yeah i'm, feeling like... there is no better place than right, by… ♫ La Da Dee by Cody Simpson (at Dalem mobil) —
Okay but Cody Simpson just released a mix tape that is serving up some mega 60s surf rock vibes and this is my aesthetic
Cody Simpson just unfollowed Ex Gigi Hadid on Instagram, and we're pretty sure we know why:
Cody Simpson has his own wax work at Madame Tussauds!
true but her last relationship with Cody Simpson she got recognition for being in his music video and then when she was with Joe
i had a video of Cody Simpson singing Feel So Close by Calvin Harris . It was traumatizing
at first glance I couldn't tell if that was Ross Lynch or Cody Simpson
Pharrell, Chris Brown, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, Shawn Mendes are favorite at the moment 😊 And I like more
The minute I leave Caity and Molly they see Cody Simpson and Chris Martin... My life doesn't have to be this bad
I liked a video from Cody Simpson - On My Mind by 9 yr. old Carson Lueders acoustic
-5- Sayang banget sama Cody Simpson dan Martin Garrix,i'm in love with them both!💞
My Cousin from Washington st is performing with Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson 😱😱😱
Ashton with Conrad Sewell and Cody Simpson out last night || via Conrad's Instagram! -K
Cody Simpson - Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor: Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian...
like Cody Simpson too Gary ? know ? follow him :) His album is free at the link in his bio, good?   10% Off
Gigi Hadid has been in music videos for Cody Simpson, Miguel, Taylor, Calvin Harris & Zayn - all from Jan'15 to now. Bella …
Gigi's been in a music video for Calvin Harris and Cody Simpson and she directed one for Joe Jonas and now Zayn.
If you guys would like a DM to Scooter, Ariana, Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson or James let me know :)
Cody Simpson returns to LA before hinting at Niall Horan collaboration - Daily Mail: Daily MailCody Simpson re...
DailyMail - Naomi Watts and Cody Simpson lead the tributes as Australian fans remember the life and times of D...
for a solo DM with Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber (in 1 DM), choosing 2 people randomly.. Must be fo…
"I don't want this time to ever end, 'cause I'm in paradise." - Cody Simpson
Update || Cody Simpson and Ozil attended Louis' NYE party last night and Craig David performed!. One Direction
I swear since getting to the coast it's been Cody Simpson and Jack Johnson on repeat
Because I can sponsor Rita and give td access to James McVey and Cody Simpson :) xx
I added a video to a playlist Jessica Jarrell feat. Cody Simpson - Inescapable (Lyrics on screen)
Booboo Stewart, Michael Clifford, Cody Simpson, Jordan Barrett and Justin Bieber would be the only ones able to break my heart. Thank you
Forever forgetting I've seen the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Emily Osement, Mitchel Musso, Cody Simpson etc. in concert for free in Philly
Check out all the pics of with playing at Holiday Carnival
I've got shawn, 5h acc, justin, keaton stromberg and cody simpson
I'm so over Selena Gomez. Justin should hit up Cody Simpson for a duet of thotful
I'm selling my signed Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, and Cody Simpson cd's. Dm if interested!
I've had more alcohol since 11am today than and ham and Cody have had at the last 3 oj Simpson beer pong tourneys. …
A mysterious musical collaboration between Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson exists in this universe. Sadly, it's not available …
for a dm with Cody Simpson . Mbf . Please post proof xx
i want to sponsor me Cody Simpson. goal: 35 rts. no saved accounts please!
Cody Simpson and Coast House Band on rooftop in Venice Beach
Cody,Corey and Adrian jamming some blues (via Cody Simpson's Snapchat)
wel she dated cody simpson and Joe Jonas in the past, and she's currently dating Zayn Malik SHES A MODEL
Guys I'm in a dm group with Little mix, Cody Simpson, Simon Cowell and many more.. Who wants to be in??
Cody Simpson follows Gracey, and she is excited about it.
2 dms with the vamps' band acc and 1 with Cody Simpson?
and Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson and Jack and Jack and Jake Miller and The Spill Canvas and The Summer Set
Just remembered when and I went to see Cody Simpson like 7 years ago😂😂😂
Gigi Hadid went from Cody Simpson to Joe Jonas to Zayn Malik real quick.. *** girl
Or maybe play for Justin Bieber? I also have Aaron Carter and Cody Simpson. --Saria
Alright the DMs I have are Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, Aaron Carter. So who would you like?. -Saria
I can give td access to Taylor C, Aaron Carpenter, Cody Simpson + Glozell for Nash, Sahwn and/or Jack G td access xx :)
Cody Simpson performing free concert at Musikfest Café July 31!!! Cody really loves his fans!
I have hey Violet, jai and Luke brooks, Cody Simpson, Miranda Miller Glowzell little mix if you would trade for any of them?
tb to when Cody Simpson's dad offered to buy me a smoothie from Smoothie King in the Hamilton Place Mall back in 2013
Gigi Hadid is a Victoria's Secret Angel but my friends and I literally used to hang out w her at Cody Simpson shows
These are my top 5 artists this week: Casper (15), Cody Simpson (14), SDP (10), Peter Fox (9), Jack Johnson (8)
Is it me or almost all Aussies are hot?Take for example Simon Baker,Cody Simpson,5SOS...
Referees tonight are Glenn Anderson and with linesmen and Cody Simpson
HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid - After breaking up with Cody Simpson again, the model apparently de... ht…
I saw you when you were on tour with Cody Simpson and also Jacob I'm obSESSED with your music😍 oh and your face😏😘
Lexilicious! Lex Lex Lex! How much can I toot my own horn!. What a great show! We heard from Cody Simpson, Liz...
"Imma Be Cool - feat. Asher Roth" by Cody Simpson from Surfers Paradise ♫
Me: *doesn't like The Beatles or Elvis*. Me: *likes Cody Simpson and David Archuleta*
Justin the type of guy to not have Ariana and Zayn on the album but Madison Beer and Cody Simpson 😩
its Zoey 101 I know him from, I was starting to think it was Cody Simpson lol
. green day. nirvana. blink 182. all Tim low. kings of Leon. smashing pumpkins. oasis. the neighborhood . & Cody Simpson album 'Free'
Vote for Cody Simpson or Austin Mahone for King of Young Hollywood 2015
Alli Simpson reveals what her brother Cody Simpson thinks if she ...
I wrote my first college essay about meeting Cody Simpson.
Follow me & turn my notis on if you want what I to send your user to Cody Simpson ✨
Miley with Cody Simpson and friends at Mr Nice Guy last night
I went to R5 to see Jacob this year & a big time rush show to see Cody Simpson when I was like 13 😂
instead of going to Canada for like a week or so I went to see Cody Simpson in Boston 😂
Sanam is listening to Cody Simpson and knows all the words omg help me
remember our obsession with Cody Simpson 😂
I embarrassed myself meeting Cody Simpson by not being able to even say the word hi without stuttering
17 for cody simpson yall... WHAT AN ADVENTURE
Cody Simpson because it got moved to a smaller venue and I didn't go 😥
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"Cody is the best. He's very gentle, a very lovely kid." - Justin Bieber about Cody Simpson.
Home To Mama by Justin and Cody Simpson is omg 😍
I'm like dying to see them work with Cody Simpson cuz yanow
Miley in all Chanel everything while out to dinner with Cody Simpson last night!
Cody Simpson gives me John Mayer vibes now and I'm in love GTG
Cody Simpson's music vibe is so different now and it's HOT (I love it so much)
Miley visited the TOM's Flagship Store in Venice today with Cody Simpson + friends!
Video of Miley and Cody Simpson hugging and greeting each other at The Nice Guy restaurant on Thursday night!
Middle of a mall for Cody Simpson or a bar/night club for Shawn
I only met Cody Simpson, Wesley Stromberg (E3), George Shelley (Union J) and Jackson Harris and I loved all them
I legit thought that Cody Simpson song that's on the radio was John Mayer
I have never listened to Cody Simpson until now and holy crap his new album is so chill it reminds me of young Jack Johnson and John Mayer.
I dont mind being on my own. but i would love it if you came along. So we can live it easy. The real good feeling living easy -Cody Simpson-
for everyone who doesn't know 😂 he likes Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, 1D, 5H, Taylor swift, Jason derulo.and that's all I know
Cody Simpson posts video with suspicious looking glass pipe
still can't believe I saw JUSTIN, Carly Rae, Cody Simpson, Jaden Smith, Dan Kanter, DJ Tay James, Scooter Braun and all his crew in 1 night💜
thank god I'm not alone. I nominate Martin Garrix. Another option would be an acoustic version Cody Simpson style
made out with Cody Simpson last night
what singers have you seen in real life? — Colbie Caillat, 5H, jobros, Cody Simpson, allstar weekend
Cody Simpson performs during 2015 World Humanitarian Day held at United Nations in New York City on Tuesday af...
I can add you in a DM group with Chrissy Costanza, Cody Simpson, Robbie Kay (OUAT) or Jared Gilmore (OUAT) just ask! 🌹
GIRL don't even get me started😂 I'll name a few tho😜 Austin Mahone, Bieber, Cody Simpson, Ryan Beatty, so on and so forth💁🏽
Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson always makes me so happy ☀️☺️
On repeat: new Special Olympics anthem, feat. O.A.R. and Cody Simpson. Inspiration at its finest.
you can relate Thomas Jefferson to Gorge Jefferson . and Cody Simpson is related to the Simpsons
DONAVON FRAKENREITER & Cody Simpson play at FREEBIRD LIVE on Aug 25th, tickets at this link...
Okay, reply to this with who you want from 5sos. . We can also give Hey Violet b.a., Cody Simpson, Ari Grande, Twaimz, and Jason Derulo
. I just wanted to say from behind you look like Cody Simpson
Ross Lynch is the knockoff Cody Simpson. Disney Channel tried to replace all their old stars.
💫 2014 💫. Jack Johnson followed me. Jasmine Villegas followed me. Cody Simpson followed me. Alli Simpson followed me
NEW VIDEO: See how I got my red carpet look for Cody Simpson's album release party a few weeks back!
Friendly exes—Cody Simpson breaks his silence on Gigi Hadid's new relationship with Joe Jonas!
Cody Simpson sheds light on his rumoured relationship with Selena Gomez ... - South Carolina SC (press release)…
Im really upset that Gigi Hadid is dating Joe Jonas and not Cody Simpson anymore 😞
Cody Simpson has his say on the Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas dating sitch:
Miley went to Cody Simpson's show last night 💖
Cody Simpson is cool with ex Gigi Hadid's new romance with Joe Jonas: Simpson ended his two-year romance with ...
Lovin' me some Cody Simpson music right now
Cody s is Cody Simpson, not saintgnue if that's what you were thinking x
Cody simpson talks about 'weird' relationship with Selena Gomez. . gist
Miley attended Cody Simpson's gig in LA last night!
UK, have you gotten your tickets on presale yet? meet and greets are also available.
Cody Simpson has good wishes for Hadid | PPP Focus
Wish I was Gigi so I could have my Joe Jonas after I've had Cody Simpson💁🏼
Cody Simpson will always love Gigi Hadid - Parry Sound
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Doing guitar practice with Hafsa on FaceTime, and she's finger picking a Cody Simpson song while I'm playing BMTH. The contrast.
Cody Simpson thinks hanging out with Selena Gomez is "annoying".
Re friendshippeo a Miley y Cody Simpson. Ustedes no?
when you always have to restart a song when you're listening to Cody Simpson because you spaced out and you weren't apprec…
Cody SImpson is 'cool' with Joe Jonas -
Cody Simpson is cool with his ex Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas' romance:
How does Cody Simpson really feel about hanging out with Selena Gomez?
So apparently we will see Austin Mahone, Zayn Malik and Cody Simpson on Teen Wolf's season 5
Who's up for some Solo DMs to Cody Simpson, Madison Pettis, James Yammouni, Tom Parker, Max George, Josh Cuthbert, and now: Brent Rivera!
that before there was Justin Bieber,. Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone. there was & A…
Foto: Selena grabbing lunch with Cody Simpson in Venice, California.
I won't tell a soul or suffer by Charlie Puth which I was gonna send you next but also Cody Simpson's new album
Found a half-finished traced picture of Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid in my sister's room.?
Everyone go check out cover or Home To Mamma by Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson
Articles | Mail Online: Cody Simpson looks in high spirits at Venice Beach after Gigi…
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So has spoken out about all those romance rumours
ever wondered what Cody's room is like? went through his stuff here:
Cody Simpson looks like Neil Patrick Harris and Keegan Allen mashed together in the worst way
Cody Simpson, Ryan Beatty & Jackson Harris, who shared stage with Before You Exit, will be touring Europe this month! h…
The Daily Telegraph New single of Alli Simpson was written by Selena Gomez and Cody Simpson! http…
Who should I give out Josh Devine, Cody Simpson, Max George, Alus, or Calum Hood? -Becky
Nick Jonas confirms his brothers relationship with Cody Simpson's ex-girlfriend
for a dm with Cody Simpson . Fav for a dm with Alli Simpson . Mbf us + or we can't add you ✨
how does it feel knowing that Cody Simpson of all people is dating your wcw I for one think she doesn't deserve u❤️
Cody Simpson's Cover of This Bob Marley Track Is Almost as Good as the Original:
Justin Bieber's snapchat with Cody Simpson - user rickthesizzler.
I have daisy tomlinson, Cody Simpson, Eleanor Calder, Jake Miller, luke Jennings, and Ashton
I have Daisy tomlinson, Cody Simpson, and Jake Miller for Harry?
Eleanor, Cody Simpson, or Jake Miller for Harry?
I might go to Cody Simpson at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach, FL - Aug 25
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo, Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson... why are all the cute couples …
Since when did Cody Simpson looked like a young Neil Patrick Harris?
do you want Jake Miller Madison beer Kendall Schmidt carlos Pena Chris/Crawford collins alli/Cody Simpson for 50?
Who wants solo dms with Cody Simpson, Brandon Pulido, Brandon Evans, Levi Mitchell, Mathias Anderle, Zac Mann? . Follow she do it
Gigi Hadid- Why is Joe Jonas way better than Cody Simpson for her?.
Gigi Hadid pestered by Cody Simpson drunk dialing her.
Thank god Gigi stepped her game up from Cody Simpson 😂 Her and Joe Jonas are a good match!
It's weird that Gigi is hanging out with Joe. She just got out of a relationship with that Cody Simpson guy
Cody Simpson 'drunk calls Gigi Hadid' after she gets cosy with Joe Jonas - Daily Mail
Cody Simpson 'drunk calls Gigi Hadid and begs to have her back' via
Cody Simpson reportedly drunk-dialed ex Gigi Hadid to get back together
you should cover Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson, maybe dedicate it to me since my eyes are brown ay👀
Tune in to Mindless Behavior Radio on by Cody Simpson
not sure why Cody Simpson is so underrated... surfers paradise album was so good omfg
La Da Dee by Cody Simpson is number 3 in Bolivia top 100 songs
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Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson sang some duets last night! Watch them in action:
Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson x street style
for a solo DM with Cody Simpson. Picking.
...making friends so nowadays I just look at You, Jake Miller, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, & Alex Angelo as my friends!😔😕
Oh well who would you guys wanna have? Cody Simpson, Cameron Dallas, Miranda Miller or Beth? ~Leah 🙈💕
Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber were never my type of artists but Home To Mama is just sooo sweet 😍
Who do you want first? Tristan Evans, James McVey, Cody Simpson, Cameron Dallas, Miranda Miller or James Yammouni? 😏💕 ~Lisa & Leah
for a Alli Simpson and Cody Simpson solo dm 😊. Mbf me bc Goals 🙈
Hanging with Cody Simpson and Sis Alli Simpson in the Studio—Teen Vogue’s Besties
who's want a solo dms with Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson?
Hey do you want a DM with Alli and Cody Simpson?
what can you sponser for Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson?
do you want like 10 Cody Simpson's and 10 Jasmine Villegas? have access to them on my other account. totally free. xo
Cody Simpson is in Europe, but that won't stop his sister, Alli, and girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, from hanging out.
I have unlimited Carly Rae Jepsen, James Yammouni, Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson. Who wants to trade? 💞.
Cody Simpson is 18 and probably the next John Mayer. I'm 20 and belt to his songs in the shower. You could say he's beating me.
1 Cher Lloyd and 1 Cody Simpson for Harry dm?? — nahh i have their dms already
I feel like Cody Simpson dedicated Pretty Brown Eyes to me ???
Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson old but gold
They don't know about us - Victoria Duffield ft. Cody Simpson 🎶 I'm inlove with this song
loved to join all fan clubs in high school i.e.: Jake T. Austin, Cole&Dylan Sprouse, Justin Biebs, Cody Simpson
Mobbed by Photographers Australian singer Cody Simpson and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid leaving the Nice Guy Lounge…
and follow me for a solo dm with Cody Simpson ! Picking 1
Cody Simpson & Shawn Mendes songs are the way to go
Can i have zayn? I have little mix, ariana, bethany mota, cody simpson, tiffanny alvord and normani and 10 free follows
Ariana Grande solo dm for just 30 ffs. Austin Mahone for 30 ffs. Liam Payne for 60 ffs. Cher Lloyd for 40 ffs. Cody Simpson for 20 ffs
I like Justin Bieber one direction cody simpson Austin Mahone and more
hey, can you leave the group chat you gave me with Cody Simpson? So you won't get notifications when I spam him
who wants a dm solo with Doniya Malik, Ruth Payne, Cody Simpson, Jake Miller?
Fav for a solo dm with Cody Simpson 😊
I have access to them but ariana follow me and Cody Simpson if you're interested
Im such a fangirl for cody simpson idek
"Thank you! it's a pleasure to work with the Return.
Like i will not donthe dm spree today and that Denise Horan, Mark Tomlinson, Lux Atkin, Andy Samuels, Cody Simpson and Jonnie Edwards -
I liked a video from Justin Bieber ft.Cody Simpson - Home to Mama (Mia Rose LIVE
Cher Lloyd, all time low, josh, Jai Brooks, Liam, Justin, Ariana, Cody Simpson and 5H
for a solo dm with. 💫Nash Grier. 💫Cody Simpson. 💫Josh Cuthberd. 💫Lauren Jauregui . mbf me you should chose which one you w…
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