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Coco Martin

Rodel Luis Nacianceno (born on November 1, 1981), better known by his stage name, Coco Martin, is a critically acclaimed Gawad Urian Award-winning Filipino actor.

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The title of Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo’s first movie under Star Cinema is “Maybe This Time.” However, the...
Coco martin in a commercial about card games. Coco: UN O!
Watched a replay of MLKI this morn, gosh!!..Coco Martin, truly an awesome, amazing actor portraying X…
Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin reunite in ‘Maybe This Time’ . Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and King of...
I wonder if will one day make a Coco Martin and Angel Locsin movie?!?
Ikaw Lamang"in ABS CBN TV is going to be full og suspense because they gonna arrest Samuel COCO MARTIN" go go go COCO"
BLOGGED: [Movie] The release date Sarah Geronimo & Coco Martin's movie has been moved from May14 to a later date! http:…
Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and King of Primetime Coco Martin will reunite in the upcoming Star Cinema film, Maybe This Time.
Balikan natin ang masarap na kwento ni Coco Martin! Sabi nga nila the road to success may not be easy but it will be worth it. Coco's success story is a proof that with perseverance and hard-work, you can make your dreams come true! May inspiring kwento ka din ba? Share it with us!
After a cold shower last night, our son Gab approched me.. Gab: Mom, is it ok to do Indie film? Me: Oo naman. Even the production budget is not that big, they do good films. Mostly, for international and they have very good actors like Coco Martin( dami ko pang sinabi... He was staring at me waiting for my last sentence) Gab: Thanks mom, my shoot ako tom 4pm sabi ni dad. Me: huh? Wait?
Sarah Geronimo for Maybe This Time (movie with Coco Martin) Teaser: via
Good morning po. have nice day good day and take care god bless you all.code name enzo pineda a.k.a coco martin.
QURAN is medicine to our HEART..!! follow the sunnah not SOCIETY follow the way of mohammad not TRADITION return to ALLAH before return to dust. assalamualaikum.:-) hai good evening to all my cute fb friend love u all.:-) for you love u coco martin
Thank you so much Cocolitz Japan for showing ur love for Coco Martin. :)
JUST-IN: For today, Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin are shooting for the Music Video of their movie. And they'll dub, too! JUSTINoneNonly
& Coco Martin's movie this May is entitled 👏.
To all Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca fans our united HT for tonight . => pls RT
Coco Martin and Kim Chiu in a once-in-a-lifetime TV team up, with Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca, in the sweeping love story Ikaw Lamang
“No one is kinikilig with Kim Chiu and Coco Martin pls”
""Coco Martin today Mendoza acting class sunshine boy!"
"Coco Martin today Mendoza acting class sunshine boy!
The chemistry between & Coco Martin in Walang Hanggan reminds me a lot of & Kajol. I guess I've found a new fav pairing
These days I'm interested more in Phillippine movies & teleseryes than Bollywood. My favourite pairing are & Coco Martin!
I can't help but smile when I see Coco Martin. 😛
Coco Martin is proud to be part of the "Re-Meet" TV Commercial Series :)) .
Coco Martin never forget to kiss Kim Chiu. during @ Bench
[Kapamilya Royalty]. Coco Martin "Teleserye King". -One of the Main Cast of The Top Rated and Currently at 2nd...
[VIDEO] Coco Martin singing with the crowd | credits to
Coco Martin is proud to be a part of the "Re-meet" TVC Series. Congatulations
Birthday messages for Vice Ganda with COCO MARTIN'S message
Did you know that before Coco Martin rose to fame, he was a waiter at Max's Restaurant Fairview branch in 2001?... http…
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[WATCH] A spectacular birthday messages to Vice Ganda. Bestie Coco Martin on 3:50 (Last to greet) ☺♥...
Coco Martin had 31 awards in movies and television. I will say that he is the country's most well awarded actor.
Kim Chui and Coco Martin arrived at Costa earlier...
Coco Martin's acting is just impeccable. Plus and support. Hats off to Ikaw Lamang 👐👐
Ikaw Lamang wouldn't be The IL that we watch without Coco Martin & KAY HUH…
"Pinoy Showbiz Daily: Video: Kim Chiu and Coco Martin kisses for the fir...
Kim Chiu: Happy Nerves . On what it’s like to share the screen with Coco Martin in Ikaw Lamang!
Sana meron love song duet together si Coco Martin and Kim Chiu on the Official Soundtrack Album!
"Coco Martin & Kim Chiu watch Ikaw Lamang’s primetime telecast while on location in Tagaytay"
gwapong bata to parang c COCO MARTIN
'cause you're a Coco Martin and I'm just a Clarice Datoon.
NW: 24/7 in love one Napaka cute nmn tlga ni coco martin
I bet Julia Montes AND COCO MARTIN! Enrique? Tss. He choose Julia B. so why bother choose him for our Teen Queen besprend!? :)
Happy Birthday Coco Martin ng cebu Mark Louis Bustillo! hehe.. More blessings and birthdays to come..enjoy your day! :)
Worked as a persevering waiter and now an award-winning actor - that’s Coco Martin! His early beginnings weren’t... htt…
Little Giant Ladders
So true can be the next Coco Martin.
Remy Martin and agua de coco type of night
Ikaw Lamang-Popularized &Sung by;Mr.Pure Energy-GARY V. Teleserye Themesong of one of the most Brilliant actors today COCO MARTIN-Congratulations to the Huge Success of Ikaw Lamang-Magayon-Mabuhay Ka IDOL!!!
Happy Birthday Yan Yan, may your dream do come true and more wisdom, good health and enjoy your life to the fullest together w/you loving family and Coco Martin...more candles to blow for the coming years ahead...Love you my daughter and miss you..Godbless and do takecare always...:))) pls. support "Ikaw Lamang" everynight...mwah:)):)):))
Coco Martin is one of the best artist in philpin flims i like him and love watching his flims
Julia Montes answer questions about romantic link to Coco Martin
I added a video to a playlist Ikaw Lamang : Congratulations Coco Martin!
me and my honey may angal ka heheehe I love you coco martin
gudnyt evryone and thanks to you Mr,coco martin bukas ulit
Hi meet my uncle twin brother ni coco martin :))
So coco martin's dad is probably the governor in Ikaw Lamang
Last time Arsenal won a trophy, Martin Skrtel had hair.
and they said bad about COCO MARTIN" what ever they said " but you can not deny that his a good actor" so stop mocking "
I POSTED this before" here in Alaska" we are not member of any COCO MARTIN fans club" but we supported him from the beginning" bcuz we him"
Coco Martin, Kim Chu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca and the rest of the cast of the new teleserye "Ikaw Lamang" are in Balayan shooting at the only company where I worked after graduating from college, prior to migrating to Chicago, Batangas Sugar Central, Inc. (BSCI) ... they picked BSCI because the episode is supposed to happen in the '60s, that was the year the company started 1968 ( I believe) I was there from 1971-1979 .. watch the Wednesday episode !!
Kim Chiu on Xian Lim: 'Napakagaling na artista'Share this updateDate posted: February 26, 2014Tags:  Kim Chiu, Xian LimKim Chiu may be paired up with Coco Martin in the teleserye “Ikaw Lamang,” but she believes that Xian Lim's career will still soar to greater heights with or without her.The KimXi l...
You can say that again Ms could be the next Coco Martin with a John Lloyd C…
"Ikaw Lamang" starring Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca will finally mark its television debut on March 10.
New Teleserye of ABS CBN na "Ikaw Lamang" starring Coco Martin & Kim Chiu shootsvtaken from 'The Ruins' Talisay City, *** Occidental. Anyone of you visited that tourist spot?(we've been there once).
Ram and Royce ng Gforce Stallion babalik. .with coco martin kalokalike. .here @ mcnp isap. .at 5pm:))
Hi guys Visit the Fanpage of CocoRu ( Ruffa Gutierrez & Coco Martin Official fanpage ;)...
Today we remember, Trayvon Martin killed on Feb. 26th, 2012. Much love to this Florida boy.
its not really like us blue eyes ppl have magic powers or anything but I LOVE your eyes they are like the color of hot coco
Coco Martin and Kim Chiu Reacts to Title "King and Princess of Teleserye"...
Catch "Ikaw Lamang" on ABS-CBN starring Coco Martin and Kim Chiu. Kim and Coco will be paired for the first time in ABS-CBN's upcoming primetime epic love ...
Kim Chiu, Coco Martin to star in new soap
kim joonmyun's cap says everything about him tbh: *coco martin voice* YAMMY
Sarah Geronimo on the set of her movie with Coco Martin right now! With Ogie Diaz! . Hello Ms. Stephanie Asuncion 💕 htt…
im So EXCITED PO SIR eric for as in I love ate and kuya Coco Martin March 10
Today is also my first shooting day for the Sarah Geronimo-Coco Martin film under Jerry Sineneng. 🎬🎥 I'm nervous but reall…
Kim Chiu says KimXi fans will support her partnership with Coco Martin | via
Coco Martin denied that Julia Montes is just a supportive artist on Ikaw Lamang!
Support Boardwalk PH's own Coco Martin in his new TV show, ''Ikaw Lamang'' every weeknights on ABS-CBN!
I swear I wont watch that Coco Martin and Kim Chiu drama.
My first scene with Coco Martin. 🎥🎬 I can't wait for you to watch this film! It's a unique story you…
"She plays the role of Stephanie Asuncion in her upcoming movie with Coco Martin."
Kaingon ko, c shela ra to. WAh. huhuhuhu...nangulba na noun q ugma... Me, laughing with my groupmates in our physics experiment and talking about COCo Martin... (Phone Rings) Me: (number not registered in my phonebook) Hello, CoCo Martin?! (laughs)... Caller: Hello, Miss sharmaine... This is Ms. _ from ___... I would like to inform you that your interview will be tomorrow... (Blahblahblah)... Me: (WASAK ANG EARTH! )
:D RT" Coco martin and i while on dinner break on the set of Walang Hanggan. Ang mag Ama! :D
Coco Martin is not bothered that fans of the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim love team might get mad at him after he was chosen to be the new leading man of the popular Kapamilya actress.
Coco Martin wanted to make Kim Chiu feel that he has high respect for her...
HAPPENING NOW: Ikaw Lamang Presscon with Kim Chiu and Coco Martin! Watch the EXCLUSIVE Preview of Ikaw Lamang HERE
Chikkaness Ave with Coco Martin and Kim Chiu at the they were so game with the questions... March 10 na! …
Ohhh my idol Coco martin have teliserye again...
Ikaw Lamang trailer starring Jake Cuenca, Kim Chui, Coco Martin and Julia Montes.All I could think of Kim Chui's character and Coco Martin's character falling in love is WHUT?
wow there's an outstanding chemistry between Kim Chiu and Coco Martin...another top-rated tandem!
Kim Chiu is sad that her tandem with Xian Lim, dubbed "KimXi," will have to take a rest for the time being. The 23-year-old actress will be paired with award-winning actor Coco Martin in another TV...
ohemgee... Coco Martin and Kim Chiu presscon on Tuesday for this gonna be so much fun!
"Kim Chiu and Coco Martin presscon na this Tuesday (feb 25) for Ikaw Lamang :)
Kim Chiu: ‘Xian Lim and I are not breaking up’Share this updateDate posted: February 20, 2014Tags:  Kim Chiu, Xian LimWill Kim-Coco team-up mark the end of KimXi?As Kim Chiu is set to be partnered with Coco Martin for upcoming teleserye “Ikaw Lamang,” she appeases everybody that KimXi is not breakin...
Let's all support Kim Chiu fo her new Telerye "Ikaw Lamang" with Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca this March na..
Veteran actress Cherie Gil shared some details about her role in the upcoming ABS-CBN soap "Ikaw Lamang," which stars Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca.
I couldn't stop laughing til change nako ako record diha ako I checked the record. He wanted me to change his name to Coco Martin sabay giving me a pic of the actor...then he changed his change kay Aga Mulach...then he murmured...Vic Sotto...he crumpled the form I gave him and told me,"if ma change na ako name "forever" na na cya?".I was like...what? I only realized this man is really crazy and I was a victim of this craziness.=)
"Coco Martin flashing his signature chinky-eyed smile while being introduced to Ellen Adarna
Julia, on the other hand, will be reunited with her “Walang Hanggan” on-screen partner Coco Martin in an epic drama series “Ikaw Lamang,”
Ringgo and Christina's music video with "Lapit" by Yeng Constantino..Aminin na-hook ka sa song ng Lapit habang nagtitigan sina Ringgo (Coco Martin) and ...
Coco Martin sa Rated K February 3 2013. I do not own this video. Credits to ABS-CBN Network. No Copyright Infringement Intended.
Wow! May new show si Kim Chiu with Coco Martin with Julia Montes and Jake Cuenca. Exciting! =)
“Chiu&Coco Martin.really ... They will just use Kim to draw viewers and give her a support role :(
Ayayaya.., you already found coco martin for you own life? Haah
But kim is paired w/coco martin & that's something 2 really luk forward 2. I just hope dat shes really d leading lady not just a thrd wheel.
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Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca and Coco Martin join forces for an upcoming epic drama of ABS-CBN, “Ikaw Lamang“. This will be a reunion package of the four popular Kapamilya stars. Jake, Kim and Coco starred together in Tayong Dalawa while Julia and Coco led the phenomenal series Walang Hangga
Kim Chiu,Julia Montes,coco martin in one teleserye
Good Luck Coco Martin & Julia Montes for your teleserye this 2014 ! I'm sure this would be a phenomenal serye again ! …
Primetime Princess Kim Chiu & King of Soap Coco Martin are back in an epic story about love that conquers time.IKAW LAMAN…
My friend who dated a beautiful girl relative of Coco Martin was kidnapped by a former BF lyk Cedric & his gang
Ikaw Lamang is the grandest teleserye to hit primetime.Two Primetime Royalties in one soap.Kim Chiu&Coco Martin.
Coco Martin and Kim Chiu is a once in a lifetime teamup.I'm all for it.
The wait is over for CoCoJul fan ... Ikaw Lamang starring Coco Martin, Julia Montes will start soon on Prime Time!
Drama King Coco Martin returns to Primetime in the epic love story Very soon!
Kim Chiu and Coco Martin??? team up for teleserye.. sounds interesting ;)
"Coco Martin or Daniel Padilla?" I chose Coco Martin over Daniel Padilla during our icebreaker yesterday 😄
Doing my Nescafe project right now. Nasaan yung tv commercial ni Coco Martin na "Mas Yummy" ? Utang na loob, di ko talaga makita yung tvc na yun. Can someone help me to look for that tvc ? Thank :D
Job done sarap lng my ksma tulungan tpos agad work. Now tym to watch movie ... Coco martin n angelina quinto.. ..Born to Love you..
Wow!!! chinitaprincess and Coco Martin is back in Primetime, in the most…
Kim Chiu with CoCo Martin, Julia Montes, and Jake Cuenca :) These four are BRILLIANT actors and actresses. THIS IS GONNA B…
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Then the next time, the girl na kamag anak daw ni Coco Martin, dated my friend, he was kidnapped at gunpt
Our bebe juls will be having a new Telserye and it's tittle is Ikaw Lamang.. Starring Julia Montes Coco Martin Jake Cuenca Kim Chui Primetime Bida soon !
MANILA -- Coco Martin and Vice Ganda were not in good terms prior to the actor's surprise appearance at the comedian's sold-out concert on Friday night.
ABS-CBN presented to media the cast of the network's newest teleserye under the roof of Dreamscape lead by the primetime king Coco Martin and teleserye princess Kim Chiu. Both stars came fresh from their successful projects respectively - Juan Dela Cruz and Bride For Rent.Martin and Chiu have worked
COCO Martin sings "umuwi ka na baby" JUAN FUN DAY CEBU june 8, 2013 To all those who are interested in joining the COCOlovers Official Fans Club.
After their biggest break in the hit TV series "Infinity" (or Walang Hanggan in Filipino translation) Julia Montes and Coco Martin will continue to shudder thei
Kim Chiu,coco martin and Julia Montes...(Ikaw Lamang) an epic love story in primetime teleserye...
And he is set to be back on Primetime Television in Ikaw Lamang :) Coming soon# Coco Martin is back:)
Coco Martin is Kim Chiu's newest leading man! - LionhearTV
Happy Birthday to d most kuripot Man in d world! Felicissimo Coco martin
- "Kathryn and Daniel have already grossed higher compared to the movie featuring Coco Martin and Julia Montes titled, “A Moment In Time.”
For the very first time, Veteran actress and Superstar Nora Aunor is set to work with Coco Martin and Julia Montes in the upcoming indie film, Padre de Familia. The film is a family drama where
Superstar learns from younger co-star. WATCH: Nora Aunor shares what Coco Martin taught her
Photo: With the best of the best. Coco Martin & the Superstar Nora Aunor to star in Padre De Pamilya. Dir...
Coco Martin with Ms Nora Aunor at press junket 1.15.14. Photo CTO & editedbyCJG
The most awaited comeback of da Phenomenal Loveteam,Coco Martin and Julia Montes in an Indie Movie wid Ms. Nora Aunor. Soon!
Coco Martin and Ms. Nora Aunor now at press junket
Superstar Nora Aunor will be working for the first time with the country’s most popular acclaimed actor, Coco Martin in the upcoming movie Padre de Famili
by Mother and Son, Ms Nora Aunor and Coco Martin "Padre de Familia"
Stills from "Padre de Familia" courtesy of the film's director Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr. Nora AUNOR and Coco Martin with Julia Montes
Snapshot: Mother and Son. Coco Martin and Ms. Nora Aunor in a scene from PADRE DE FAMILIA.…
Coco Martin and Ms. Nora Aunor in one movie, 2014 is looking like a year of real artists collaborate
I've seen a photo of with Superstar Nora Aunor, Coco Martin, Rossanna Roces & Ms. Anita Linda! :) and wow so proud of Julia!:)
I really wanted them to do a reunion show Fresh Prince, Martin, the cosbys and family matters
Am realy goin to be greatful just to have a text from de sexiest man,coco martin
My dear coco martin,gudnyt,swtdreams.dream of regards to ur parent and siblings,bye luv ya
Ooooh fun! We've been on the Mariner of the Seas back in 2006. Went to Coco Key, St. Thomas & St. Martin. Want to go again!
MANILA, Philippines – Kapuso actress Marian Rivera and Kapamilya actors Coco Martin and Richard Yap are among the top winners at the 27th PMPC Star Awards for TV held at the AFP Theater in Quezon City o Sunday, November 24. Marian was named Best Drama Actress for her performance in “Temptation of Wife.” The GMA-7 star bested seven other actresses including Nora Aunor (for “Never Say Goodbye”), Judy Ann Santos (for “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”), and Carla Abellana (for “My Husband’s Lover). It’s been a good year for Marian, who won an acting award for her portrayal in the 2012 primetime series “Amaya” earlier this year. She is also nominated for an Asian TV Award for her role in “Temptation of Wife.” Meanwhile, Coco Martin (“Juan Dela Cruz”) and Richard Yap (“Be Careful with My Heart”) tied for the Best Drama Actor award. “Juan Dela Cruz” won the Best Primetime Drama Series award, while “Be Careful With My Heart” won the Best Daytime Drama Series award. The Best Dram ...
Happy new year coco martin,i will like to be a chiefbride @ the wedding.wish u all the best,luv ya
"sarah G will have a great and busy 2014." Hoping for an MMK episode with Coco Martin ☺
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Alisha made me coco pops. Love that girl
I can hear them talking about Coco Martin... Uhm
a teleserye for Coco Martin that is not dependent on a loveteam like A movie, too in the tradition of Noy.
Angel Locsin, Coco Martin and Dawn Zulueta Lucky in 2014? Find out in this Saturday...
will be working w/ Superstar Nora Aunor & Coco Martin 4 an upcoming indie film entitled
Stargazer on Coco Martin : Maraming opportunity for him
I had a selfie with Coco Martin and AVO and have that "5 seconds" in front of my blockmates... wth weird dream
hope ang would be or Si kay Coco Martin teleserye n…
The time is always right to do what is right - Martin Luther King, Jr.
To all my fellow fans of Coco Martin wishing U ol a prosperous nw yr n my wish to our idolCocoJul that they will successful always n blessed
to my good sanaritan ...Coco Martin .knowing u as my good samaritan is one if the greatest gift from god in 2013..
every time we've went to a club we have fun. STOP BEING SO ANAL COCO DAAAMN *Martin voice*
[PHOTO] "This is our 1st time at Twist and we had s chance to meet Coco Martin! We...
[PHOTO] RTWith Coco Martin last night at Jaypee's party!! 󾬏
I missed out the W. Meant to write woosa lol. Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys
Sehun's coco martin though so all is well~
Happy new year idol .. COCO MARTIN !! 😊 God bless you & ur family :)
Julia Montes will be working with Superstar Nora Aunor and Coco Martin for an upcoming indie film entitled...
THE Nora Aunor joins Coco Martin and Julia Montes for Padre de Pamilya showing on 2014!Plus other big stars like Rosanna Roces & Joel Torre!
Ms Nora Aunor, coco martin, and Julia Montes in "PADRE DE PAMILYA" (working title), a new indie movie currently...
sana comebacking team up at Coco Martin
Mabeth Monroy.with coco martin in moa
Julia Montes will portray a very challenging and different role on her upcoming movie with Coco Martin and Carlo Aquino.
My relatives are calling me Choco Martin what (because, Coco Martin yeah)
"Julia Montes is the next leading lady of Coco Martin, soon! . Lets pray to that cocojul.
many many cristmas hugs to you Coco
COCO MARTIN at Gawad Kalinga Village (Credits to the owner of this photo)
I desperately need more coco martin in my life
Merry Christmas Julia Montes and Coco Martin and to all CocoJuls..
Julia Montes will play the role as a mother with coco martin! Padre de pamilya. Heart heart!
For me, the only guy who knows how to take care Julia Montes the way she deserves is Coco Martin :-)
Merry Christmas po Mr. Coco Martin and Happy New Year !! More blessing pa...we love you!!
To all CocoJul out there Merry Christmas :). and Coco Martin :)
"“"COCO MARTIN & Julia Montes in the Set of INDIE FILM PADRE DE PAMILYA :D
And for the first time, Sarah Geronimo will star in a pure dramatic series this 2014. Coco Martin will be her leading man!
No sis! It was Jericho Rosales. I think you are referring to Coco Martin sis! Hehe!
Congratulations Coco Martin, one of the "TOP 10 MOST TRUSTED CELEBRITY ENDORSERS" of 2013 . source:...
just love dis guy Coco Martin...hez soo handsome,
Wansapanatym, starring Coco Martin watch ako maya...
me with coco martin and richard guiterezz.. with Edmund Canasa Jr. Dess Santos Rowena Dela Rosa
Hosts Toni Gonzaga and Robi Domingo with celebrity endorsers Coco Martin, Solenn Heusaff and Ryzza Mae…
Coco martin and kathryn bernardo live at Robinsons today at 4pm...
Just to give you an update! We've received a text message from our friend in San Jose that there was a CONCERT there at around 11:00 a.m. today. Different dance troupes coming from Southern Leyte performed LIVE with their God-given dancing and singing talents. The main goal of the concert was to ease the heart of our beloved San Josenhons after the trauma they experienced during the typhoon. The event was initiated by the newly-elected barangay officials headed by Brgy. Chairwoman Evangeline Biliran and of course with the support of the former Governor of Southern Leyte. "LUGAW" and "ICE CREAM" were also served to the audiences. Thank you to our contributor Mr. Den Paul Palejaro. P.S. Coco Martin and the ABS-CBN Family will also visit the place on December 23. We'll keep you posted!
COCO MARTIN iz Daniel of da soap My Eternal
Coco Martin was interviewed during and he has some things to say concerning Enrique Gil's plans of wooing Julia Montes! For the latest in .
Sinungaling ang mga mata, puso lang ang nagsasabi ng totoo..” That is one line that caught me last night at the Celebrity Red Carpet Premiere of Born To Love You. A line by Coco Martin that everyone needs to hear on the movie. A tour guide who dreams of becoming a singer meets a struggling photographer. After a rocky start, the two begin to fall in love and find happiness in each other. But their issues threaten to tear them apart Star Cinema’s formula on romantic comedy has been proven through the years, and I would say that Born to Love you has made an impression. “Born to Love You” is a romantic comedy about poor lass, portrayed by Angeline Quinto, who tries her best to provide the needs of her siblings by joining singing contests. In one of the singing contests she joined in, she met Martin’s character who is a photographer. The two then found themselves falling in love with each other. Conflicts, however, start when the characters of Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin’s love affair has someh ...
Coco Martin at Tacloban City (Credits to the owner of these photos)
there's too many Malaysians who are fans of Walang Hanggan loveteam, Coco Martin and Julia Montes. Her leading man is so cute
The story spans three generations. Cruz sisters' Virginia (Susan Roces) and Margaret (Helen Gamboa) vie for the love of Joseph Montenegro (Eddie Gutierrez) in the fictional province of Olivarez. Virginia had to sacrifice everything to let Margaret live a better life with Joseph. Around two decades later, Margaret and Joseph's son Marco (Richard Gomez) develops feelings for Emily Cardenas (Dawn Zulueta), a daughter of a worker in their plantation. However, numerous circumstances and Margaret's haughtiness towards Emily prompts Marco to marry rich banker Jane Bonifacio (Rita Avila) - much to Emily's detriment. It fuels the Virginia-Margaret rivalry more, especially when Marco migrates to the US after Emily shuns him when he tries to explain. Meanwhile, laborer William Alcantara (Joel Torre) settle in Olivarez with his children Katerina (Julia Montes) and Tomas (Joem Bascon). He adopts a streetboy named Daniel (Coco Martin) while working at the Cruz family business, where Virginia assumes a role as his adopt ...
3-in-1: The boyfriends Kean Cipriano and Enrique Gil with Coco Martin as photo bomber ❤️…
Wansapanatym coco martin and susan roces abagan!
Please SHARE the good news! Congratulations to Queen Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo one of the recepients of Anak TV Seal Awards. Kapamilya personalities who will receive the "Anak TV Seal Award" for this year Anak TV will induct into its annual Roster of Makabata Stars the following TV personalities, who in the estimate of many parents, teachers and NGOs are celebrities who they want their children to model after. MALES: 1 Kim Atienza 2 Noli de Castro 3 Ted Failon 4 Coco Martin 5 Daniel Padilla 6 Anthony Taberna 7 Richard Yap FEMALES: 1 Kathryn Bernardo 2 Kim Chiu 3 Karen Davila 4 Angel Locsin 5 Charo Santos Concio 6 Judy Ann Santos 7 Jodi Sta. Maria This year, the Hall of Fame awardees are Kapuso broadcast/journalist Jessica Soho, Bernadette Sembrano, and Sarah Geronimo. Via Admin Prinz Alladin Credit: Certified Kapamilya
watching Born to love you...coco martin and angeline quinto!!!
Coco Martin has bought an expansion in Dragon City!!
Coco Martin at Nagoya, Japan for "Pamaskong Handog sa Nagoya." (Credits to Biboy J. Arboleda for the photos)
Coco Martin a.k.a Joshua C. on the m0ve! :D
Ay COCO MARTIN paayaw2 pa ma pride man .
COCO MARTIN in Pamaskong Handog sa Nagoya:) cto: cocojamjapan:) Coco Martin, Marian Rivera, and Nikki Gil after the Star Awards for TV 2013
Like and Share if you miss their Tandem:) Coco Martin and Maja Salvador:) COCOJAM:)
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Coco Martin, Richard Yap and Marian Rivera lead 27th Star Awards for TV. Marian took home her first Star Awards...
Maja Salvador is the female version of Coco Martin when it comes to acting :)
Marian Rivera, Coco Martin and Richard Yap took home the major awards at the PMPC Star Awards
Congratulations! Coco Martin, Best Drama Actor for in the 27th PMPC Star Awards... http:/…
ABS-CBN and GMA tied as Best TV Station in the 27th PMPC Star Awards for Television; Coco Martin, Richard Yap,...
My dearest filipinos,take heart ok?Every good thing will come...Shoutout goes to Julia Montes(BFF),Coco Martin,Dawn Zulueta and the likes.
Rodel Luis Nacianceno (born on November 1, 1981), better known by his stage name, Coco Martin, is a critically acclaimed Gawad Urian Award-winning Filipino actor. He became famous for starring in many independent films,[1] and was dubbed the Prince of Philippine Independent Films. He is also known for his portrayal of Ramon Lecumberri in the critically acclaimed television series, Tayong Dalawa,[2] as well as for his award-winning dual role as the twins Alexander and Javier del Tierro in the series Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, and main protagonist role as Daniel Guidotti in Walang Hanggan. He currently lives with his grandmother who raised him. He has five siblings, three from both his parents and two step siblings on his father's side. Career: Martin started out in Davao with Isagani Gultiano[3] Alexander Aban[4] Meljhun Rieta[5]& Gene Earl Perez[6] ABS-CBN's talent agency, Star Magic, as part of the Star Circle Batch 9. He made his first cameo film appearance in the 2001 film Luv Text where he was credited ...
Watching in this moment coco martin at Bataan transit
D best actor in d world...gerald anderson, coco martin, and pinaka d best IDOL ruben padilla..i love8...sana may movie n kau...11-17-2013..
With Cristina Quines. Her boyfriend is cousin of Coco Martin. :)
Martin Atjazz♥"Which celebrity have you snapped with?
its time to sleep.fb friends good night rodel nacianceno (coco martin) good night god bless this is your cute fb إوصأحا.
Coco Martin shared the following link and had this to say about it: Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat..
flying to iloilo to host an event with Coco Martin. Sometimes, I really think I have a cool life. :)
Up late night watching Martin. Sure could use a Coco Wynn to watch it with lol
Gina " Martin theirs nothing wrong with my head . Martin "aw baby your heads not big you just got alot on your mind th…
Coco martin reminds me of glen coco
My six year old sister doesn't like coco martin because she thinks he's not cool
Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us? — Coco Martin. XD
I just had my share of Halo-Halo Clicks! Walang Hanggan: Coco Martin as Daniel:
Coco Martin in a funny Juan Dela Cruz video clip :D: via
At Abs-Cbn CDO Complex w/ DJ Totoy B/Coco Martin. Packing up relief goods. Let's get it! Work at night.
I love this Cebuana Lhuillier TVC of Coco Martin. Whoever wrote/conceptualized it is brilliant. The message is so simple …
Vote Coco Martin as the Most Popular Celebrity in the Philippines by clicking this link ->
In behalf of my fmily we wud lyk to Congratulate Coco Martin for being nominated as Best Drama Actor
Coco Martin's BAKAL NA KRUS from is up for AUCTION! Bid now:...
number 1 coco martin, van ostal, channing tatum look-a-like. all in one!! Happy Birthday :)
I liked a video Coco Martin and Julia Montes ❤ Just A Kiss ( CocoJul )
Thursday, November 1, 2012 The Most Memorable and Unforgettable Scenes from 'Walang Hanggan' Finale! "Walang Hanggan" truly proves that it is the Philippine's Phenomenal Hit TV Series of 2012. Even in the finale, it didn't failed to surpass the viewers expectations! The ending of the teleserye shocked the people as the characters of Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes) died. The dying scene of Katerina, the reunion of Daniel and Katerina in heaven, and the dramatic scenes from the major casts were some of the most memorable and remarkable scenes in the finale! Yeah, many of us were truly missing this hit Primetime TV series of ABS-CBN. So, I'm letting you reminisce the emotional finale of "Walang Hanggan" via these photo scenes. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some of the most memorable and unforgettable scenes from "Walang Hanggan" finale: A Bloody Death of Daniel. Coco Martin is Still a Cutie Even Dead! Ms. Dawn Zulueta who is Playing Emily, the Mother of Daniel Cried Out Loud Holding His So ...
AIM GLOBAL INVADES PHILIPPINE SHOWBIZ! Another showbiz celebrity joins the fast growing company AIM GLOBAL... Welcome to the club BESFREN ASIONG ni Juan Dela Cruz... NEIL COLETA recently joined the fastest and biggest networking company in the Philippines and worldwide. Just recently Aljur Abrenica signed up for his 5-head account and now Neil Coleta signed up with 7-head account after his popular teleserye sidecick role to Juan on the ABS CBN's primetime Juan Dela Cruz played by Coco Martin. Coleta and Abrenica are just two among the showbiz personalities who joined ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL or AIM GLOBAL. (Welcome to AIM Global EAGLES ALLIANCE FAMILY Neil Coleta a.k.a ASIONG.. You made the right decision, 7 heads kagad! Next schedule syempre kay besfriend Juan Dela Cruz naman... POWER.. (photos couertesy of Mike Macrohon) )
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C mc gyver ang coco martin ng gingoog city!
A Moment In Time starring n Coco Martin is showing at Astro Box Office(Malaysia) for 1 month.. So Happy!! so pretty☺
Happy Birthday the one and the only COCO MARTIN |
Happy Birthday to one of my fave actors, Coco Martin. His rags-to-riches story is truly…
Happy Birthday to Coco Martin my labs!!! :)) God Bless!! Love you! Yun oh!! :))
Happy bday to our favorite coco martin! Pls pls send Coco our love esp from our…
“Long life and propriety coco martin
Happy Birthday Coco Martin! Have a Belo Beautiful one. From your Belo Family.
“November 1, Coco Martin was born, the King of Primetime Drama! Pls RT
Happy Birthday to our very own, Coco Martin! Your Boardwalk Family is always here to support you.
Happiest birthday to the JUAN and only Coco Martin!
Sus dai ... mabuaNg ko sa "Serbis" ni Coco Martin .. .. → this indi is a must to watch guysss ..
Happy, Happy Birthday to a dear friend Coco Martin.
Happy Birthday to our brand ambassador, Coco Martin!
"Long life and propriety coco martin
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Long life and propriety coco martin
Guyz,happy,happy halloween...both of you,,,and happy 32nd birhtday to coco martin my idol,..!good day everyone.
Wow COCO MARTIN is in the house!! ibang klase talaga Royale kahit sino kapa pwede mag Royale :))
To my one and only papadabas and idol ng masa Happy Happy Happy Birthday Coco martin.
I just want to greet COCO MARTIN a happy Happy Birthday
RTHappy Birthday to our brand ambassador, Coco Martin!
TO MY ANGEL OF JOY AND HAPPINESS, COCO MARTIN...mahal na mahal kita,sobra kitang mahal,i love you,i love you,i love you!!! HAPPY Happy Birthday!!! mwah!!!
Wow Congratz!!!My sweetheart Coco Martin!! Certified royalista na!!!boom!!! For those interested to become independent distributor PLS.Private message me ... I will teach u how!! Join us our fastest growing DREAM TEAM!!! SABAY NA!!!
Wow! Hanep talaga sa Royale biro mo pati si Coco Martin nag Royale na! Kaya ano pa hinintay niyo? Join us and see it for yourself. Yun oh!
. Turn around, stick it out, show me what you got -bubble butt- . Halloween tapos party2?? Well bday kc ni pareng COCO MARTIN XD
Royale tower in Royalebusiness club inc. with coco martin. JOIN NA !
Hapy birth day to coco idol..
Happy Happy Birthday IDOL coco martin and god bless you at sana lalo kapang mg ning ning sa showbiz.
pls bring back Coco Martin & Maja Salvador on primetime bida, from all of us here in KSA, too soon the better. more power.
TEAM CTG with Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Eddie Garcia, Shaina Magdayao and the whole casts of Juan Dela Cruz. CHEERS!!!
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Is a team-up with Daniel Padilla okay with Julia Montes? Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom - Friday, October 18, 2013 Now that her teleserye, “Muling Buksan ang Puso” has ended, Julia Montes is looking forward to playing more challenging roles and working with other artists. Julia played an older role in “Walang Hanggan” and went back to doing an age-appropriate role in “Muling Buksan ang Puso.” She was also paired with Coco Martin, Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil and Diego Loyzaga. Is Julia open to being paired with Daniel Padilla, even if he is paired with her close friend Kathryn Bernardo? “Parang depende sa role. Kasi baka kung sakaling ma-partner ako sa kanya, baka magmukhang ate lang niya ako,” Julia told reporters. She wants to study the roles and the story first before getting paired with Daniel, since Julia thinks that she looks older than the teen actor, who is only a month younger then her. Julia and Daniel have worked together in the youth-oriented show “Growing Up,” but they were pai ...
Coco Martin a devotee of the Black Nazarene. amazing life story!
Judy Ann Santos, Coco Martin and Christopher De Leon sharing to us their devotion to Mama Mary, San Lorenzo Ruiz, and Black Nazarene
Despite persistent rumors that he is making advances towards his co-star Shaina Magdayao,Juan Dela Cruz actor Coco Martin himself clarified that there’s no truth to the matter. Reports have it that for months now, Coco has been lavishing Shaina with attention by consistently sending food for her and her staff.   But, during an interview with and other members of the press at the recently-concluded farewell press conference of Juan Dela Cruz, despite dubbing the actress to be “perfect” as she is, “napakabait, napakaganda, desente” and “kumbaga sa lalaki, wala ka nang mahihiling pa,” according to Coco, he is not wooing the actress, at least “not this time.”   "Pero kung ako ang tatanungin kung liligawan ko si Shaina? Siguro not this time. Kasi parang hindi ko maibibigay 'yung oras o tamang [gawain] para sa isang relasyon. Kasi sabi ko nga, ako sa sarili ko, halos wala akong time. Pero darating din tayo diyan," he said.   As of the moment, Coco shared that they are b ...
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — mmm.. Paulo Avelino, Derek Ramsay & Coco Martin yummm...
I could consider Gerald Anderson, and Coco Martin are the hottest man alive!! Whooaa!
Coco Martin promotes the last few weeks of his primetime series "Juan Dela Cruz" | Sun.Star:
Coco on wooing Shaina: Not this time: MANILA - "Juan Dela Cruz" star Coco Martin finally reacted to rumors lin...
Coco Martin singled out Gretchen Barretto as most memorable guest in Juan Dela Cruz | Read: via PEP.PH©
Juan Dela Cruz (Coco Martin) is the son of the mortal, Amelia (Mylene Dizon), and is is the latest successor to a...
TEN BLESSINGS! 1. Up early! A beautiful morning on my 3rd day of my birthday month. 2. A presscon at lunchtime. With Jericho Rosales. 3. A jolly table with mare'ng Janiz Navida, Rose Garcia Fabregas, ten blessings supporter Gie Trillana, ate noi, Dondon Sermino, Ricky Calderon, the Ricky Lo... 4. Fun in Levinia Pabalan Vivar's car with Reggee Bonoan...tawanan to the max! 5. Looked for a birthday gift for Allan Diones... Finished columns...Phone conversation with Papa Jomari Yllana... 6. Press conference with yhe humblest actor I've met-Coco Martin! Forever thoughtful... Gives back and shares his blessings... 7. Cake!!! Carrot cake courtesy of the "Juan Dela Cruz" staff-Eric John Salut & company...Madiraka 8. Got my prize from "Maria Mercedes" presscon-a LINE doll pala! 9. Last night of the wake of the Reyes' matriarch mama Amada at the Loyola Chapels in Guadalupe. Went with Roel Villacorta and Glenn Regondola... 10. Pagpag at McDo Greenfield District Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, dear Lord!
Coco Martin is very thankful for all the support he got for his top rating show Juan Dela Cruz which…
What's next for Coco Martin after 'Juan Dela Cruz'
Coco Martin says film version of 'Juan Dela Cruz' in the works
Watching born to love.. Kakikilig na nakakaiyak.. Pinag bibidahan nila angeline quinto at coco martin.
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Thank you guyz bkas uli Coco Martin in SM Marikina:) Neozep event:)
Hayop... kahit umuulan,,, kahit baha,, i tried my best to see my idol when i got there sobrang dami ng tao... kahit hibla ng buhok di ko nakita... coco martin... i got so frustrated... badntrip night...
I thought I was watching my dadi Alex Garcias film yun pala si Coco martin. The part when he was singing UMUWI KA NA BABY...He's really like oh:))) Dahil di natuloy ang movie date with yayie and halmunie...tuloy si bratt nlng.
My niece got angry at me coz i said that i'm marrying kai!& i love him. My niece: U SHUD ONLY LOVE ME!!AND U SHUD ONLY MARRY COCO MARTIN!!!
watching BORN TO LOVE YOU! by coco martin and angeline quinto.
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