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Coco Martin

Rodel Luis Nacianceno (born on November 1, 1981), better known by his stage name, Coco Martin, is a critically acclaimed Gawad Urian Award-winning Filipino actor.

Vice Ganda Angel Locsin Ang Probinsyano Julia Montes James Reid Toni Gonzaga Maja Salvador Paulo Avelino John Lloyd Cruz Joyce Bernal Nadine Lustre Kim Chiu Piolo Pascual Star Cinema Anne Curtis Fernando Poe Jr Ryan Agoncillo

We love you, James and I know that it's an honor for you to work with veteran actress like Ms Angel Locsin and Coco Ma…
Summer: Burn Philippines!. Philippines:. Me:. You:. Us:. There was never an us:. Sarah G:. Coco Martin:
Exclusive: Xian Lim wants to play kontrabida to John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin
THIS JUST IN: Angel Locsin also set to do a movie with James Reid. Also with Coco Martin, under the direction of Olive Lamasa…
In the future, would you ever consider directing an indie action film with McCoy, Coco Martin and Jc De Vera in it? 😁
So happy for you talaga :') coco Martin was known for his indie films and now my baby McCoy will debut hehe . MCCOYasVICT…
I have to claim it now, my brother really looks like Coco Martin 😂😂😂
Coco Martin is the finest actor of his generation!!!
Coco Martin as endorser of is a stupid decision. He can't even speak well. If AMA wants to be masa, it coud have chosen Alden
Congratulations, Mr. Coco Martin! You truly deserve all the blessings! 👏😊
Tickets for UK tour go on sale next Tuesday! Xo Coco
CONGATULATIONS: He Just Keeps Winning it all, congratulations to coco Martin for Winning the Guild of Educators...
Please watch Mr. Coco Martin x Funtastik4 this coming April 9, 2017 at Colden Auditorium, New…
Aston Martin da same color as coco butta
Coco Martin shares blessings with elderly -
The magic of the one and only COCO MARTIN. Paquito just like any other kid loves him! Such a darling.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
TFC "Video Coverage of TFC project with Coco Martin" -...
coco martin my name is Morrison from kenya and for sure from the soaps which i have seen you they made me your fan
Take a look at this awesome review of the by . Liam Martin, at
On the cover: How to make a blockbuster hit according to Vice Ganda and Coco Martin. Grab a copy…
Coco Martin and the Funtastik4!!! for interested ticket buyers outside New York City, you can…
To our dear friends, family and all Coco Martin fanatics! Please support our Primetime King of…
almost everybody got food for valentines day but i got a P300 coco martin ang probinsiyano pillow so i think this gift wins!
Coco Martin's home features stunning works of art that you need to see:
Take a peek inside Coco's stunning home filled with notable works of art.
I'm the luckiest girl to bring Coco Martin as my date!
And correct me if im wrong, both is si coco martin ang best actor LadyLuster Unveiled
sana ma guest ka dito sa barrio fiesta sa london for tfc it would be exciting to see you here in UK with coco martin ..
"Pillow cases with horses match the polo covers, Aston Martin was the same color as coco butter, pack on me by myself I was a dolo pumper"
Smile,HAppy Coco Martin,we love you always CM,,,member
TELESERYE: Daniel (Coco Martin) and Ethan (Paulo Avelino) Feud is the most intense Teleserye Rivalry Agree or...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Mr. Coco Martin liked Sir Juan Sarte's IG post of Maine's photo. See the picture on the...
Julia Montes has finally revealed the special gift that she received from Coco Martin! Che…
And then just today she told me that Coco Martin will be here in Cebu on Sunday. i'm like mom do u want me to go see him bec i won't
Angeline Quinto admits loving a man who did not love her back; was it Coco Martin?
Kris Aquino's new house mansion is Coco Martin-inspired pero boring. Take a tour at
The aston martin same color as coco butter
: Julia Montes says there’s no misunderstanding between her and Coco Martin... by via
from - I'm loco over Coco! Read my column today in Business Mirror about Coco Martin by...
I'm loco over Coco! Read my column today abt Coco Martin by clicking the link below.
Celebrate Sinulog with our Kapamilya stars Onyok, Awra, John Prats, Coco Martin, Julia Barretto, Enchong Dee, and... htt…
(2/3) TV and Movie King Coco Martin with Ad & Promo and Sir…
(3/3) TV and Movie King Coco Martin with producer Ms. leacalmerin.…
Aston Martin same color as coco butter
Coco Martin expresses gratitude to his entertainment friends from showbiz | via Philippine Showbiz Republic
Coco Martin and Ms. Judy Ann Santos awarded as MAKABATA HALL OF FAME at the ANAK TV AWARDS. Co…
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Julia Montes is honoured that Coco Martin has expressed interest in working with her again.
Julia Montes wants to work with Coco Martin again
MANILA – Coco Martin hopes to reunite with former leading lady Julia Montes either in a television or big screen...
Coco Martin wants to work with Liza Soberano -
Look at Dennis Trillo, Derek Ramsay, Tom Rodriguez, Coco Martin, they grow so much as actors even w/o perm. loveteams.
on the set with Coco Martin and Albert Martinez taping for Ang Probinsyano 📷
Coco Martin sings on stage once again as the show pays tribute to Fernando Poe Jr. htt…
Coco Martin's reaction to Ms. Susan Roces' wish for him to finally find his lifetime partner & see little Cocos…
As for Ms. Susan Roces, she said FPJ Ang Probinsyano would not exist on TV if it's not Coco Martin.
John Lloyd Cruz is the new face of indie cinema. A position formerly held by The Eugene Domingo, and previously by Coco Martin.
[GUIDE] Susan Roces on net worth of Coco Martin: Coco is priceless! via PEP Online
Photo by - Coco Martin offered his lola, the Queen of Philippine Cinema Susan…
[BTS] Two of the best actors today, Coco Martin and Paulo Avelino, also two of the pogiest faces…
Can abs cbn do the remake of DOTS? Coz I want Coco Martin to play the role as captain. It would suit him well.
the next big thing. A Coco Martin in the making with his convincing & heartfelt acting
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Dreamt about Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, and well, okay. Kim Chiu. Lolz.
Oh man! I take back what I wrote in Maria Makiling. I wanna do something shocking and out of the blue instead. Alice Dix…
starred in an action comedy drama movie with Vice Ganda and Coco Martin
wow! The connection of Alyana with Cardo... Ganda talaga ng storyline... I'm sure Coco Martin is behind it as well ;)
Ang Probinsyano is truly an amazing show! Coco Martin is truly a world class actor!
Coco Martin and no one else as Kardo.(slow clap)
Coco Martin at its best. Hands down to and John Regala. Ang intense
Director Joyce Bernal admits she has big shoes to fill directing Coco Martin and Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, Onyok, and Aura pose with Direk Joyce Bernal for their upcoming movie.…
Vice Ganda, Coco Martin and Direk Joyce Bernal after the story conference of their new movie!
The film will be directed by Joyce Bernal. Joining Vice and Coco Martin are Negi, Onyok, and Aura | via
JUST IN: Vice & Coco Martin meet for their MMFF movie.To be directed by Joyce Bernal.Joining them: Negi, Onyok, Aura
At the moment - story on of Coco Martin and Vice Ganda with director Joyce Bernal.
Coco Martin to movie with Awra, Onyok, and Vice Ganda under the direction on Bb. Joyce Bernal.
Happening this afternoon: Story conf. for Star Cinema's upcoming movie starring Coco Martin and Vice Ganda, to be direct…
When coco martin is prettier than you
Vice Ganda and Coco Martin friendship are goals 😍😍😍😍
Whoa aaron lazaro just liked a picture of my post & no not about me lol it's none other than coco martin. Hay naku Deng, mag hollywood ka na
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — A. Jamie Dornan. B. Coco Martin. C. Paulo Avelino. D. Kris…
I liked a video from GGV: Coco Martin shows "Totoy Bibo" dance steps
I liked a video from GGV: Coco Martin chooses between Julia, Bela and Maja
I liked a video from How did Coco Martin get his name?
I liked a video from It's Showtime: Vice Ganda thanks Coco Martin
Aaaah *** Wrong move. It's like the Coco Martin with the girl on a leash thing.
Grabe si Coco Martin! He successfully transitioned from indie to mainstream. Not everyone can do that. Galing din ng ABS.
martin garrix was in Niagara Falls today wah ):
The scene eveyone is talking about. The undeniable chemistry of COCO MARTIN and Vice Ganda.
that's the Coco Martin i've always admired -- in shirt, jeans and cap ❤️
Coco Martin played as Chynna Ortaleza's ex boyfriend "yumyum" on Click
why is that the tv series of Coco Martin in ABS-CBN has a zoom-in camera obsession lol
When your fam takes a morning stroll in the neighborhood in their pjs and sees Coco Martin like its a normal thing 😂
Coco is such a chill dog. I just took her to Martin's and the cashier thought she was fake.
Vice Ganda joins Coco Martin in this week's episode of toprating series "FPJ Ang Probinsyano". https:/…
Coco Martin. Are you not from the Philippines? or not really a showbiz Fan?
Coco Martin's a great actor pero he looks too smooth and clean to play a role like Cardo. It should be someone rough and scruffy 😂
Nominate Coco Martin for Male Actor of The Year Category in Beam Awards.. link here 👉
Seeing Coco Martin dance like that reminds me how you used to dance and make me laugh hays 😂
LOOK: Coco's birthday message for Susan Roces: Actor Coco Martin on Thursday took to social media to greet ve...
Coco Martin confirms Vice Ganda and Ethel Booba guesting in
If Robin Padilla, Cesar Montano and Coco Martin would be in one action movie/project it would definitely be a bomb!!! 🙌🏻👏🏻
Jaime Fabregas says Coco Martin reminds him of Fernando Poe Jr. | via PUSH©
Coco Martin with Maja Salvador for shows in Cebu. 😊. ©
LOOK: Coco, Maja spend weekend in Cebu: "Ang Probinsyano" stars Coco Martin and Maja Salvador spent the weeke...
Look: Coco Martin and Maja Salvador bond together in a pool
another movie for Angel Locsin this year pls with Coco Martin! Next ang Award winning actress! https:…
Jerome Adel, with the eyes of Paulo Avelino and lips of James Reid, you look like Coco Martin! tantanan ako.. 😂
Coleen Garcia wants to work with John Lloyd Cruz and Coco Martin | via PUSH©
Congrats Maja your new film, Coco Martin said you, Judy Salvador & him for MMFF entry daw…
Comment on Coco Martin, Maja Salvador Give Crime Prevention Tips to Viewers by Anonymous: Sa lahat ng teleser...
Dear how about an episode po with Bela Padilla and Coco Martin the fans would love them see together
Coco Martin in Bulacan as he campaigns & shows his strong support for Sen. Grace Poe http…
Who do you think in your opinion is the Best Leading Man for Julia Montes??. (a)Enrique Gil. (b)Coco Martin. Vote...
The primetime block of ABS-CBN is always stronger w Coco Martin. He is this generation's primetime king. Before it was Richard Gutierrez.
Paulo Avelino and Coco Martin win Best TVSeries Lead Actor for Bridges of Love & Ang Probinsyano. | via https…
Our country is blessed with people like you and Martin 😊
Coco Martin: don't talk to me or my Son ever again
asked mom what time yung kay aura at coco martin, then my mom said, on or before 8pm, then, suddenly. FAK SATURDAY PALA 😒
TRIVIA: Did you know that our favorite primetime TV child character, Junior in Coco Martin's Ang Probinsyano is...
Congrats coco martin..da best k idol
AshLloyd for me has the best chemistry although I love Coco Martin and in fact I am avid CocoJul fan
A 43" TV for Coco Martin's show. I can't even.
Agree on onscreen chemistry! So do SG & Coco Martin. Hope they'll collab on screen again. Very potent chemistry!
Done watching cartoons. NW. Coco martin movies
Thank you! is the next Coco Martin. From indie to mainstream stardom. Calling it.
remembers the time coco martin dressed as paloma. the world is Good
I love you coco martin wo pogi mo shet 😻
Watch the video of Coco dancing while waiting for :). Watch & read at: https:/…
- Erich Gonzales, Coco Martin, and Melissa Ricks in Dumaguete for Talk and Text event.
Irma Adlawan slaying it as a cringe-worthy relative to Coco Martin and Angel Aquino
Now watching: Padre De Pamilya starring Julia Montes, Coco Martin and miss Nora Aunor.
Get your digital copy of the blockbuster movie of Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid and Nadine Lustre: "Beauty...
Teka, break. Why are they pushing Coco Martin and Anne Curtis' characters together sa Ang Probinsyano? What happened t…
CocoJam Coco Martin and Maja Salvador is our for February Week 1. See u in the monthly finals!
Coco Martin reveals he was cast in the original concept for
hope Anne Curtis will be a regular cast :) for coco Martin
I really like this Action Drama,.. I hope I will meet you (Coco Martin) in personal.. I trust on you God.. :)
Wow !!! I am so excited for Angel Locsin project soon with Coco Martin and Piolo Pascual :)
galing ni Cardo (Coco Martin) :) left to the right ang sungtok nya.. Punch :)
Coco Martin and Bela Padilla have very strong chemistry when they are together onscreen. CardoCarmen PerfectMatch
Last December, they were also part of one of MMFF's entry, "Beauty and the Bestie" wc starred Vice Ganda and Coco Martin
Coco & Sarah G were supposed to topbill before it went to read:
For sure blockbuster to!! Coco Martin, Angel Locsin and Papa P!! WOW!!
Coco Martin, Vice Ganda, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz are ‘phenomenal stars’ of 2015.
Paulo Avelino tied with Coco Martin, who got the same recognition for Bridges of Love. . Congrats Simon :).
GMA 7 also featured 15-year old Janice Adams of Valencia City, Bukidnon, the "twin" of Coco Martin. Watch the...
WATCH: Janice Adams, the "twin" of Coco Martin, was featured last night in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Watch the...
I think it's the highest ratings so far. Congratulations team Probinsyano. Bella Padilla,Coco Martin,Maja Salvador https…
The once in a lifetime TV team up of Coco Martin & Kim Chiu in the hit and critically acclaimed TV series "Ikaw Lamang"…
Coco Martin is the next End of speculations. 😂
POST OF THE DAY:-. Coco Martin as Gabriel and Kim Chiu as Andrea's Wedding kiss in Ikaw Lamang(No Greater Love).
John Lloyd Cruz and Coco Martin in a teleserye or heavy drama movie pls.. ULTRA MEGA BLOCKBUSTER to!
Vice: Coco Martin. Gerald Anderson. O, Richard Gomez?. Dawn: Richard pa rin. No matter what happen, she'll choose you over hundreds of men.
At first, I thought is a jejeserye but it turned out to be the Most Entertaining Teleserye of Coco Martin
*** Coco Martin is slaying his role as Paloma! NACACALOCA! 😂
How the Nazareno strengthens the faith of Coco Martin
Coco Martin talks about his devotion to the Black Nazarene
Coco Martin up next, stay tune guys PTA
Coco Martin ribs Vice Ganda about his love life; reveals his friend's latest conquest is not Chinese
Was tempted to start Ang Probinsyano because magaling ang concept and Coco Martin is amazing. But action isn't much my thing.
This is the first time that and Coco Martin worked together.
Martin Lawrence, Kid & Play and Salt n Pepa.. all worked together at Sears before the fame.
Coco Martin and Maja Salvador really make a funny love team!. READ HERE:
Congratulations to my bestfriend, Coco Martin for this great achievement! It brings joy to my heart…
EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre talks about working with Vice Ganda and Coco Martin in MMFF film
Congratulations to my bestfriend Coco Martin for your new teleserye Ang Probinsyano. Husay! Clap clap clap!
So coco Martin time is now Marlou time?
Coco Martin shy about possibility of being hailed Box-Office King
Sarah Geronimo will have a movie next year! Who will be the leading man? ☺. - John Lloyd Cruz. - Gerald Anderson. - Coco Martin. - Piolo Pascual
Masarap mag math. If you don't believe me, ask Coco Martin:. "Math yummy!"
Billy Crawford, Coco Martin, Toni Gonzaga, and Anne Curtis are Vice's Beauty and the Bestie. 😍
Beauty And The Bestie starring Vice Ganda and Coco Martin with James Reid and Nadine Lustre. ht…
WATCH: Teaser “Beauty and the Bestie,” directed by Wenn Deramas, is topbilled by Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James...
Cardo's version of Totoy Bibo is just an amazing one! 👮👮 Wha! Ka shufo ni Coco Martin! 😀😁. Now watching
is out! Lets show our support for Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid, Nadine etc. LINK: https…
kinda expecting it for Grace because of Susan Roces, wont be surprised if Coco Martin endorses her.
I'm still beastmode about that rude Julia Montes fantard! Suck it up & accept that Coco Martin is her boyfriend 😊 Casa M…
WOW!. Coco Martin. John lloyd. And the most popular artist today!. ALDEN!
Congrats to everyone on Coco Martin, my love John Medina & Ms Susan Roces! Great Actors here!
Watching the movie Noy. Ang galing ni Coco Martin and Joem Bascon.
Coco Martin isn't only an action star . That man can really act n a good one at that . He made me cry sa epi knina
Great job all the cast of Ang Probinsyano. Esp. Coco Martin , Susan Roces at Bella Padilla!.
Coco Martin is probably the best actor in the Philippines right now 👏🏽
I can't wait for coco martin & Angel Locsin team up. After their successful MMK last time. Hehe.
Best Actor goes to Coco Martin. Same goes to their Lola and Lolo Delfin.
Is Martin Amis right? Or will Corbyn have the last laugh?. is a wrong the is hilarious
Absolutely no remorse from for dubbing Doug the Muscle Hamster.
One of the best scenes from Ms. Susan Roces and Coco Martin delivered this scene...
Angel Locsin stays as a Kapamilya! A possible team up with Coco Martin very soon.
Fifth Harmony says they have a song produced by Max Martin on their upcoming album that they can see Nicki on.
you're too dark to be Coco Martin. I should call you Choco Martin
Angel Locsin to have reunion project with Coco Martin; read:
Angel Locsin moves on, confirms project with Coco Martin
The character of Coco Martin in FPJ's Probinsyano reminds me of a person who never gives up for justice. 👍.
Coco Martin is undeniably the best actor in his generation.
Coco Martin is really an ACTOR in the sense of the word
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Happy Birthday Coco Martin! truly A great actor and a great person!
"OMG... Jadine in yhe house. With my yummy Coco Martin pa...
Beauty & the Bestie - starring James Reid & Nadine Lustre, Coco Martin, and Vice Ganda; directed by Wenn Deramas - this …
Aside from Lito Lapid & Bong Revilla, Coco Martin is the action star I'll never regret being a fan. I so love action more than any genre.
Just saw the Ang Probinsyano trailer on TFC. It's so astig!!! I love you Coco Martin. 😍
Coco Martin's photoshoot today with his glam team johnvalle20 mervin_lazaro (not in…
Happening now: the King of Primetime Drama, Coco Martin, for FPJ's Ang Probinsyano
Funny how it was Coco Martin's fan who has the truth about the incident 🙆💅 Aw yeah, don't worry Coco you got my support for CocoJul!
Coco hugs Maja in front of thousands of people during performance. Cocojam (Coco Martin... htt…
My friend is now a UK resident she lives in London for more than 20 years. Di siya Fan ng Lizquen more on CoCo Martin Fan siya.
Vote Julia Montes & Coco Martin for the Favorite Movie Star 2015 visit
See you Sunday for the Coco Martin fun!
our very own actor Coco Martin one of our brilliant actor
:They can't get it right. My viewership began to slip even before they took. Martin Bashir, anyway. Keith Olberman was excellent.
regrann from - Vote Coco Martin mr.cocomartin Here are the…
VOTE for COCO MARTIN as your FAVORITE MALE MOVIE STAR at the Awards 2015! Start VOTING here...
VOTE for Coco Martin! . FAVORITE MALE MOVIE STAR category at the
Vote Coco Martin Here are the official nominees for FAVORITE MALE MOVIE STAR...
Gabriel's apology game is so on point, am taking notes. Coco martin is the best actor!!
oh and please include Mr. Coco Martin sa movie. Thank you! 😂
I usually only like a Coco Martin heavy drama but this.
This coming Friday, Coco Martin will be shooting one of his scene for the upcoming teleserye, Ang Probinsyano at...
Kissing scene of Coco Martin and Julia Montes more please do watch ht…
Looks like Coco Martin and Ryan Agoncillo enjoyed visiting a motorcycle shop while in the UK. Repost…
Even fans and other celebrities are a huge fan of Coco Martin! Looks like Coco Martin and Ryan Agoncillo enjoyed...
In case you've missed: says she wants to work with Coco Martin htt…
yes please LizQuen with ms.ann curtis and coco martin.. . What do you thin…
[NEWS] Coco Martin will receive the Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award (from abs-cbnnewsonline) htt…
The fact that Julia Montes and Coco Martin have separate projects but ABSCBN media always pair them up in their news 😝
DJP's nominated for best actor along with Piolo Pascual, JLC, Coco Martin and Robin Padilla. Leveling, my dear. All kings. 👑😌
Coco Martin and Susan Roces at the Preem of of Royal Prinsesa ng Drama Julia Montes
This page's reaction to this news item about Adolf Alix's Padre de Familia, with Coco Martin and Ms. Nora Aunor:...
Coco Martin believes he is "compatible" with Julia Montes; describes leading lady Ellen Adarna as "beautiful"
Am I in America or the Philippines? Lol. We visited Coco Martin here in Max Restaurant. 😘…
two upcoming teleseyes that excites me the most-- Coco Martin & Albert Martinez' and Toni & Piolo's
on ... Best show at the moment, staring Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Julia Montes... 😊😊😊😊
regrann from - Coco Martin with belapadilla Neil Arce, Michael…
Congratulations to all winners of Yahoo Celebrity Awards 2014 esp to Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Kim Chiu, Julia Barretto…
Daniel Padilla and Coco Martin. This is a Comedy Movue. From;Star Cinema and VIVA Films. This 2016
The thanksgiving episode of Martin is on... episode
coco bean is very little ad George ad Arthur are older ad very full of mischievous x
with her , hugging Julia tightly is no other than Coco Martin
Julia Montes and Coco Martin. Not just on big screen but on TV as well. Thank you.
"Gie! Is it true?! Julie Ann San Jose and Coco Martin? And is she pregnant?! 😁 No..😳
And the R/V Martin Sheen was also on the evening news in Costa Rica. WATCH THE VIDEO on the link. If you do not...
Ashton Martin music chopped and screwed 👌🏽
I'm wondering why they still push the JulQuen love team... Aren't they happy with Coco Martin? Or aren't they happy for…
Tho, i know abt Xian Lim, but i think Kim Chiu & Coco martin would make a good Couple. Their Performance in was Pri…
one of the dealers in resort 's world casino looks like Coco Martin's 5 foot 11 version.
Coco Martin signing his poster in clinic.
"forgot" she paid for it our of her salary and not on expences, SHOCK!
CELEBS. I got to see Coco martin in person at the chruch. Im like 'Ohmygawd'. And that's it. LOL
Happening now: Coco Martin attends flag-raising ceremony of the Philippine National Police at Camp…
Walang Hanggan and residency transfer not enough to win Richard Gomez a mayoral post. Unless he was Coco Martin or Dawn…
I want to watch You're My Boss with Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin 😻😭
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin has this chemistry that overflows on TV screens. And tonight's episode…
Coco Martin nd Angel Locsin are da best actors the entertainment industry ever have..
Coco Martin and Angel Locsin's acting skills are undeniably great!
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin is playing their roles well, very well.
Todnight's JJANG! ang galing The best coco martin and
Coco Martin all praises for Angel Locsin as they team up in 'MMK' tribute for SAF
Angel, Coco earn praise for portrayal of SAF couple: MANILA - The fact that it was Coco Martin and Angel Locsi...
Angel's 2-part story together with Ejay Falcon and Coco Martin will air this weekend and next week.
My two idols Angel Locsin and Coco Martin in
it won't be surprise if Coco Martin will become Angel Locsin's partner in the much awaited Darna movie. Why not db?
Watching MMK because...its Angel Locsin and coco martin. Who wouldnt? 😆
I feel the sincerity of acting with Angel Locsin and Coco Martin.
Only great actors can put up a good show. Kudos to Angel Locsin & Coco Martin.
Coco Martin in a special tribute for Fallen 44 - Read:
I salute you Erana,and great job coco martin:)
Angel Locsin and Coco Martin's chemistry is undeniable!
No doubt why Coco Martin and Angel Locsin got the lead roles. They're truly great! ❤
A big hands for Coco Martin and Angel Locsin for this episode of MMK. 👏👏
Two great actors on my TV screen. Such an effective portrayal & Coco Martin!!! Galing!!!
Would like to see Coco Martin and together again in a teleserye or movie :) May chemistry sila...
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Hands Up to Angel Locsin and Coco Martin 🙌🙌🙌. they're the best 👍
Coco Martin and Angel Locsin having a simple conversation but full of emotions. Very natural!
Coco Martin and Angel Locsin in one special project together. What more can you ask for?
Coco Martin with Toni and the Star Cinema family for You're My Boss Thanksgiving party last night!
Watch the kilig tandem of Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin on "You're My Boss" now!
Coco Martin, Kris and Bimby Aquino, Robin Padilla, Atom Araullo, and some DJs from 90.7 Love Radio,
THROWBACK: Do you remember the Summer Station ID back in 2012 where Coco Martin and Julia Montes, Kim Chiu and...
John Lloyd Cruz > Coco Martin. Hate me if you want, it’s just my opinion.
happy easter po just want to ask if coco martin ia in Shine Pilipkinas po. Pls reply thank you po
Watched You're My Boss and Coco Martin is such a cutie!! 💓
Congrats to the cast of You're My Boss especially to Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin and also to their Director who made this movie possible.👏
coco what? Coco martin lol darling how could u 🌵
My movie review of Star Cinama and Antoinette Jadaone's You're My Boss, starring Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga.…
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is slain in Memphis on this day in 1968. (Correction)
Toni Gonzaga's acting is flawless, as usual. Coco Martin was so adorable in the film. Their characters ended up together. Surprise!
Done watching the movie and we absolutely enjoyed celestinegonzaga and CoCo Martin's tandem! Congrats…
Martin Luther King Jr. was killed on this day 47 years ago, April 4, 1968. . This was one of the last…
Batanes is the place to be.. congrats Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin
Coco Martin admits Julia Montes is ‘girlfriend material’
Abangan sina Toni Gonzaga at Coco Martin on and LIVE na LIVE today for
ToniGonzaga is really gorgeous in You're my boss! & Coco Martin is really charming...perfect tandem..clap clap clap!
Scoring Coco Martin 5/5 for | I can't believe that he can be that 'pilyo' 😂 Very versatile. Big reveal talaga siya for me!
Coco Martin can now be considered a versatile actor. His comic timing & natural charm are on point!!! Highly Recommended!!!
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