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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines in more than 200 countries.

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Well its a long vacation weekend. So might as well start it off right. Some Bacardi oakheart rum and coca cola.
So for my new healthy streak I've swapped my movie munch from Coca Cola, Crisps and Sweets to a Banana and Vitamin Water!👌
Wow!!! 50cents for a can of coca cola at the gas station. I LOVE this town! !! :)
Happy to know that God is still working on me. Coca Cola called me to come in for a driver position interview. I was over excited, until I found out she wanted me to come in today. I told her I was unable to, but she will be calling me back next week, hopefully I can make it then. pray to God everyday, not for blessings, but for guidance in the right direction. I can truly say I'm blessed. :-) :-) :-)
Some times just call for Coca Cola. Like when you start vomiting from a tummy bug a day and a bit before Two Oceans. Oh dearie!
mizone fresh in , coca cola jan umpak*an :O
Does anyone know what the weathers supposed to be doing sun & monday ?? I have brought a leg of lamb, some pork and a piece of gammon (which is getting cooked in coca cola) and I have my Daddy coming for Dinner and then mon my Mummy and her boyfriend and simon and the kids are staying the weekend.
Shocked: Few villagers voted for BJP/Congress in assembly elections because they gave them laddo to eat , coca cola to drink.(Punjab Sangrur District)
I got on with Coca Cola! The Monday after this guy graduates,he starts the next chapter in his life!
Coca Cola is a drink of choice for many. As you can see from this latest Coca Cola New Era 9fifty release the price of the drink was only 5 cents at the beginning of times for customers. For Coca Cola collectors this hat is a must have. Check it out now via New Era Japan.
I really fancy a ice cold can of coca cola
Ohhh. how I have missed my Coca Cola.
Like this status if you're old enough to remember the Coca Cola Thirst Tanker
The large size serving of Coca Cola in cinemas contains a staggering 44 teaspoons of sugar.
Who sips on some e and j and coca cola nd plays dominos on a wensday ? Me and my *** do lol
Coca Cola created a little moment of happiness!
Who is that cute little singer on the coca cola commercial?!
I prefer coca cola over Pepsi.. But I like cherry pepsi more than cherry coca cola. Is that weird
We just got new dishes. So out with the old and in with the new. I have a set of Coca Cola plates, bowls, small plates, serving bowl and platter and mugs. All for $20. There is also a few red and black larger plates I will throw in. Perfect for someone just moving out on there own. Who knows, if you need more I may send all the Coke glasses and margarita glasses for another $5. Need gone asap, have no room.
I never knew all these people wanted their names written on a coca cola bottles-her-nkraaasesem paa niee-obiaa soree a, share a coke
Are you a soccer fan? This Sunday, the World Cup Trophy Tour comes to L.A., and we have free passes for you to see the trophy and have your picture taken with it. You can pick up free passes while supplies last at our studios at 3223 Sillect Avenue during business hours. Presented by Coca Cola and McDonalds.
Coca Cola just release the official World Cup 2014 Arabic anthem by Nancy Ajram & Cheb Khaled. The song is full of positive vibes as gained 243,447 views in just 17hrs on…
Since the release of the debut EP Coalition Dora Martin have been name checked by various brands and artists such as; The R&B vocal bible Brandy, Coca Cola, Nokia
Do you have any of these products in your pantry? If you do, then that means the money you have paid for these products is being given to kill a labeling act to let you know what poisons are in your food. Do you want to eat or drink round up weed killer - with the gmo's that make these products, you ARE drinking and eating pesticides that are UNTESTED for human use. Don't believe me? look into it...that's all I ask. Coca Cola - $1,164,400.00 Vitamin Water Smart Water Dasani Nestea Minute Maid Honest Tea Odwalla Vitaminenergy Con-Agra - $1,076,700.00 Orville Redenbacher’s Organic Hunt’s Organic Lightlife Alexia Healthy Choice Hebrew National Dean Foods - $253,950.00 Horizon Silk White Wave General Mills - $908,200.00 Nature Valley Fiber One Cheerios Cascadian Farm Muir Glen Lärabar Gold Medal Organic Food Should Taste Good Heinz- $500,000.00 ABC Bagel Bites Complan Daddies Delimex Farex Greenseas HP Sauce Heinz Lea & Perrins Ore-Ida Smart Ones Tater Tots TGI Friday’s Wattie’s Weight Watchers Wy .. ...
Betty Boop & Coca Cola together on collectors tin. Very rarely do you see these two together. Asking 10.00. Live in Sevierville.
Selling a few things if anyone is interested let me know. I have pics of all if you want me to send to you. Take a look and make an offer I need to get this stuff out of here.. Iphone 4s 8g Black brand new sealed in box -$400 Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE barely used (Retails at $1600) -$900 Full sized Tom Brady Fathead - $50 Coca Cola refrigerator - $300 Bud Extra Neon Light - $75 Mitsubishi 65" DLP 1080p TV - $400 Kitchen Hutch - $375 Kegerator (Fits up to a full keg) - $100
Coca Cola had an 8% drop. I haven't had one since Mardi Gras. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Starting my new job today at Coca Cola :)! So excited however completely heart broken for this is the first time I've had a job where I have to leave my kids. I haven't left them since they have been born :( emotional mommy at daycare.
Everyone looking for a job: Coca Cola is having a job fair at tampa yankee stadium acros from bucs stadium tomorrow from 10am to 2pm take ur resumes. That would be a goos place to work!
“Coca Cola is facing allegations of child labor in its supply chain in the Philippines.” “in some cases these companies undermine food security and economic opportunity for the poorest people in the world, making hungry people even hungrier.”
3:30am call time / satellite media tour for Coca Cola and Alex Morgan soccer Olympic Gold Medalist! I'm not going to bed, too scared the alarm won't go off!
Soda bottles (torpedoes) had a cork stopper and had to lay down to keep cork wet and gas from escaping (I think). Coca Cola came in fluid oz's and medicine bottles were embossed with "CHARTERS TOWERS DISTRICT HOSPITAL". Look at the state Qld Health is in now
LOL! Mary McCarty owns me with this one. Thanks my friend for sharing it! I must confess that although carbonated beverages are a no no according to Doctor Oz and most health experts, I break my own rule and drink both the caffienated and non-caffienated ones. Mostly, I drink Sprite but sometimes I'll go hogwild and drink Coca Cola. Of course, Terry got a soda stream a while ago and on occasion, I'll mix in lemonade or something along with the carbonation. I know I shouldn't. God has to work with me on making my body a temple and not a garbage dump.
Press Release From Deputy Chief Mark Kraus: On April 8, 2014, Corporal Tony Ponthieux was dispatched to a burglary at 629 Martin Luther King Boulevard. Upon Officer's arrival, it was discovered that a Coca Cola truck had been entered and a mobile printer and a lunch box containing blood pressure medication had been stolen. Corporal Ross Rathburn was dispatched to the 2500 block of Elaine Street in reference to a male passed out. Upon arrival, Rathburn located Hayward Tezeno in possession of the mobile printer and other items. Tezeno passed out while officers were with him and was transported to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. It is believed that Tezeno may have taken the blood pressure medicine which was causing his medical problem. The printer was identified as the same printer stolen from the truck less than 1 block away a few minutes prior to locating Tezeno. Tezeno was treated and released from Lake Charles Memorial Hospital and transported to the Lake Charles Police Department for booking by Corp ...
Across the Universe, pizza and Coca Cola. Great start to my day
"The Silver Saw" Gosh, I've got so many stored memories, Friday night football and Wellsburg High School. I was never allowed to go until junior high, my early teens. I had my own paper route by then, paid my own way, only 50 cents for students. For so many years, the cost remained the same, at least until after we graduated. It was brand new territory for me, my "life experience" reaching out in so many directions. At that early age, nearly everything is fresh and new. Inside, I would gather with a few friends, I never sat down.following the ball from the student side, closest to the river bank, and always the best view.up and down that sideline. I took my football very seriously! :-) After all, it was our school, our boys, and our town.The Wellsburg High School Orange Crushers." I think they later changed that to "Orangemen", then, finally to "Orange Knights", I believe. Just before half-time, I'd work my way toward the concession stand. Had to have my two hot-dogs and cup of Coca Cola. :-) E ...
Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke, but Coca Cola > Pepsi, IMHO (and you don't have to tell me how terrible they all are for me--I know.)
The Drive, Chip & Putt Junior competition at Augusta National is the best idea since Pimento & Cheese & 75 cent Coca Cola'…
Pizza and Coca Cola to the train now. Have a nice Saturday everybody cuz I did :) :D
Chivas Regal mixed up with Coca Cola is a good combination.
The way Coca Cola sells to the Aussie cricket fan
Good for David Winters for keeping the heat on the board at Coca Cola. $KO
Coca Cola bought the water aquifers in Africa and made it so people HAVE to buy Dasani instead of drinking tap
(cont) enough to get the job cause this is the 3rd biggest company where I live only after Coca Cola and some other place, LIKE AH
This *** just asked the teacher if Coca Cola is the company that makes Coke
Copesi is Coca Cola and Pepsi but Also my name for Joe Pesci. Sh
you want me to buy stock in Coca Cola, and I see Pepsi in my fridge
MHS Project Graduation is selling cases of drinks for $20 and will use the profit to purchase items to help graduates set up their dorms and apartments. We would appreciate any orders. You may post any orders or message me your orders. I will need the money by Tuesday April 8th but I will come and pick it up from you. We have Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper 10, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fuze Tea with Lemon, Fuze Strawberry Red Tea, Barq's Rootbeer, Orange, Strawberry, Powerades red, yellow or blue, Dasani Water, and 10 oz. Apple or orange juice. Thanks for your help for Sarah Kaitlyn Heard and the class of 2014.
I mix Coca Cola with Pepsi and call it Copesi. Yes, Deal With It.
Though condemning the world's commercial system as part of Satan's system, the Watchtower Society has not held back from utilising it to the fullest, in the process becoming a multi-billion dollar organization. In 2010, the valuation of Watchtower real-estate in Brooklyn alone exceeded a billion dollars. By claiming religious or charity status, the billions earned over the last century have been largely tax free. The Watchtower Society has used stocks, bonds and trusts as investment vehicles. One such trust was the H M Riley Trust, from the deceased estate of Henrietta Riley. This trust trades in a wide spread of bonds and shares in companies such as Exxon Mobil, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble and Phillip Morris, one of the world's largest cigarette manufacturers In 2012, the trust was worth over 3.5 million dollars, and provided the Watchtower with tax free income of $752,859, as shown in the Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.
Why is Coca Cola not so popular drink in London, UK anymore? And why is taking that lead as the soft drinks.
My cash and debit card stolen, no charges. My debit card in my wallet, $214 at green acres Macy's & 2 bucks at Coca Cola in Hauppauge 😔
Pepsi cola came to town, Coca Cola shot him down, Dr. Pepper stitched him up, now we all drink 7Up. 7Up, caught the flu now we all drink Mountain Dew.
1. Interesting thing about Fridays in 2014 : 4/4/2014 Friday : 6/6/2014 Friday : 8/8/2014 Friday : 10/10/2014 Friday : 12/12/2014 Friday 2. There are only 2 countries in the entire world that do not sell Coca Cola; North Korea and Cuba. 3). 3 people stole the secret recipe of Coke and contacted Pepsi to sell, Pepsi immediately informed the FBI and Coke about it.
This is no joke. For the month of April, I am cutting out Coca Cola and ice cream. Had my last supper tonight.
When Crestview Bulletin posted a story yesterday on paint washing off of a brick wall on Main Street revealing a Coca Cola sign I posted a comment saying that There was a 3 year old boy missing and the big news was paint pealing off of a wall crestview Bulletin had this reply- Crestview Bulletin Hi, Pam. We have had extensive coverage on the kidnapping. Did you see it? We wish for Emmanuel's safe return as well. Currently, there is no new information to report on this matter. We'll be watching to see if that changes.See More Unlike · 5 · 14 hours ago · Edited Pam Holster Flores Go to Bring Manny Home and get information. His sisters have left a great amount of information on their mother and step father. Good information. He is out there, sleeping in a van, in a parking lot in some town when he could be in a warm home. But not one person will know that little dirty kid they seen walking through the Dollar General today was kidnapped because it is not in the news. Like · 1 · 14 hours ago Crestview Bul ...
Today Mom and I drove to Atlanta to bid farewell to my most favorite Aunt in the world. The funeral is tomorrow at 2pm. Linnie, your love and kindness always drew me to you. You found the fun in everything. You spoiled me with warm hugs, Coca Cola cake and so much laughter. I feel so very privileged to have known you. You came to England with us when Sean was about 8 or 9. We all laughed so hard at dinner one night that I think all three women peed their pants. You took me on the Great American Scream machine, you played with us, you taught me joy. Thank you so much for that. I love you so, and I will miss you, but I know you are at peace now. I am proud to be your niece.
Wish I was with my District 3 LULAC family enjoying the Cesar Chavez film! A big thank you and shout out to Coca Cola and General Motors for sponsoring this beautiful film for our members, family, and friends! Let's take this film as a reminder of what our forefathers fought for and keep pressuring the House to put S. 744 to a vote!
Alien oppa? -,- "omonatheydidnt: Alien Oppa chosen as the Face of Coca-Cola in China
Check out Madame Alexander Coca Cola Doll - retail $165 - new in box, last one, adorable via
Okay, my grandparents realized that I have an addiction to coke now. They hid it somewhere in the house. They also hid my Coca-Cola!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A Friday night of pizza and coca cola.
Had a healthy dinner of 20mcnuggets large fries and a nice coca cola.
omfg I thought I was out of coca cola. I found a full bottle of it in the back of the fridge. good :3
below video is experiment to show how mentos is reacting with Coca cola and how it produces gas causes for explosio
Only if you're in Mexico. Outside of Mexico it's audio only here:
Breaking news! Coca cola disguises twelfth as Dasani water to appeal to healthy costumers!
The universe was created by my burp after chugging a bottle of coca cola
YAAY! :D *gives myself a medal.made of breadcrumbs and a coca cola lid*
“Remove grease from clothes with Coca-Cola!” Hmmm
Join the Coca-Cola boycott and help spread the word about their opposition towards GMO labeling
If you leave a dirty penny in Coca Cola overnight, remember to remove the penny before you drink the coke.
Remove grease from clothes with Coca-Cola!
Have a Coke and a ..tree? The U.S. Forest Service just announced a partnership with Coca-Cola Co to remove invasive species from Big Tujunga
Kim Soo Hyun is on his way to becoming a CF king as the new model for 'Coca-Cola' in China
Well Coca-Cola bought limca. D rest closed down. Their plant in onitsha is now a grassland
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
on 1886 Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.
Feeling like a bad *** .. Drinking pepsi in a coca cola glass...
was at a lunch meeting today, the topic of the day was the Baltimore Colts. Most of the people there were kids of the sixties. The best subject was about collecting Coke caps with Baltimore Colts players in the inside. You had to collect the whole team them glue them to poster board , once you had the whole team, your parents drove you the Coca Cola office on Kirk Ave. to receive a free Spalding football, decent ball. I used mine for football games on Welbourne Ave. and the Giant parking lot off of Hillen Rd.
Did you know Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it ?
Apparently Jamaica wants to limit fast food advertising..What does coca cola think of that?
As an agent it took me 10 clients to make 100k per year, 20 to make 200k, 30 to make 300k and so on. As a broker, it'll take me 100 agents to make 100k-500k per year. As an investor, it takes 3 deals to make 200k, 6 deals to make 400k, 9 deals to make 600k and 12 deals (1 per month) to make $1,000,000. If you had the same skills, opportunity and market, what would you do? Well, what we working on is, to get 1k agents to produce a passive income of 500k-2M so we can maximize the investing option to one deal per day. Microsoft, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mc Donalds and other Giants in the industry of making money, they have distribution every day 24/7. So it is not bad to think big.
Dont worry girls 😘😍😭😭 The true meaning of sexiness are the ones with bloated tummy's ., Know why?? I can never imagine CHICKS with coca cola body., Go out with this body and be proud 😁😁😁 because what is inside that matters most 😍
I bought nutella, a jar of pickles, and a 2 liter coca cola Just to find out I'm NOT spending the night at Maya 's house -.-
I dunno if I can go to University of Iowa because they serve Coca Cola products and I am from a Pepsi family.
With the American exchange groupe in Coca Cola
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A small amount of alcohol can be found in many popular soft drinks, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
What a great quote!: "I don’t want to talk about what we do inside and nobody tells you how to make Coca-Cola.” …
Please don't make a big deal about Kath being a Coca Cola endorser and DJ being a Pepsi endorser. PEPSI AND COKE ARE JU…
You want to get more coconut water? "I got coca cola" I said coconut water, it ain't the same
Coca cola collection for sale tomorrow after 8 am at garage sale 3126 franke court, 63139, Sunday too!!
News flash: After seeing this, you will NEVER look at Coca-Cola the same again ? mylikes
I've been offered two beers in 20 minutes and not even at college. Think I think for now I'll stick to the good ole Coca-Cola
One of the most unhealthy products made. Coca Cola is evil but hides behind clever image.
My fiance has been informing me lately that many people per year die because of Coca Cola consumption. I have told her that I have not reached that leval of consumption. She has directed me to stop drinking this soft drink!!
I need some coca cola, ima die if I don't get any
"Coca-Cola has created a vending machine which gives out free cans of Coke in return for hugs.
well I got my 1 percent raise from multi billionare coca cola today! oh boy! guess ill just take it easy from now on down there
the fact that people are like “Coca Cola supports racial equality, I’m not going to be drinking Coca Cola anymore” and “Google supports *** rights I’m not going to use them anymore” like what next “the Earth provides Oxygen to ethnic minorities I’m going to stop breathing in protest”
Da'wah tip first to myself, then to others: The human brain attaches itself to negative emotions much more readily and firmly than positive emotions. Neuroscience has proven that emotions are amongst the most important (if not the most important) evaluation and assessment system of our brain. Big corporations like Apple, Coca Cola, BMW, and Mercedes primarily sell emotions to sell their products. Case in point: according to a study between what tastes better between Pepsi and Coca Cola, scientists found that Pepsi actually stimulated the brain's reward center (Nucleus Accumbens) 5x more than Coca Cola yet 66% of the people responding to the survey chose Coca Cola as their favorite drink. Why? Every word we utter invokes an emotion in the person on the receiving end. Therefore, we should try to activate positive and valued emotions in those whom we are giving da'wah to, while sticking to the absolute Haqq. There's always more than one way of saying something. This is why good character and speaking the tru ...
Awesome day doing a shoot for Coca Cola products! We wrapped at 4:30! Dinner with Ad execs ,and now home!
ABC's (A)re you single: yes (B)est friends: Rachel C. (C)rushing on someone: hehe yes (D)rink you had last: Coca cola (E)asiest person to talk to: Irene (F)avorite person: Valeria (G)uy best friend: Sonny (H)ometown: Dallas TX (I)n love with: (J)ealous of: why would I be (K)nown as: Giggles (L)ongest relationship: idk (M)iddle name: don't got one (N)ew friend: Luis (O)dd fact about me: and it still is a fact DIRECTIONER (P)erson who gives good advice: Irene (Q)uestion I'm always asked: why you so funny (R)eason to smile: Life. (S)ong you last listened to: Happily-one direction (T)ime you woke up: 7:00 (U)ninmportant fact about me: umm... Idk (V)iolent moment: when people *** me off (W)orst habit: bitting my nails (X) you never stopped loving: (J) (Y)our last hug: Angela (Z) person you hate the most: Myra
Today. Ummm went to the aquarium then the world of coca cola. Then we had to go to like six different hotels think we found one.
The Captain and I are spending time with Coca Cola.
Okay I have a tip for all people. Never ever ever let ten teenagers into one of Europe's biggest mazes, alone, with two torches and a box of coca cola and flying saucers. It really doesn't work out in your favour in the end, although the fun never ends.
CONDOMS Imagine if major companies from all around the world started producing or sponsoring condoms. They would become fashionable and companies would probably advertise more openly: Nike Condoms : -Just do it. Ford Condoms : - The ride of your life. Sony Condoms : -Do not underestimate the power of Sony Condoms. Microsoft Condoms : -Where do you want to go today? KFC Condoms : -Finger Licking Good M&Ms Condoms : -Melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Safeway Condoms : -Lightening the Load Coca Cola Condoms : -The Real Thing. Ever Ready Condoms : -Keep going and going ... Macintosh Condoms : -It does more, it costs less, it's that simple. Pringles Condoms : -Once you pop, you can't stop. Burger King Condoms:- Home of the Whopper. Goodyear condoms :"For a longer ride, go wide stole from
Maybe this is a bit ridiculous... I don't usually drink coke. I'm a Pepsi kinda gal. But today, it's gonna be a Coca Cola day, because I can't drink anything in a blue can. GO CARDS!
Is it wrong that when I work out my monthly budget, Coca Cola has it's own category?
So, I wonder how much hail damage that your vehicle has to have in order for it to be considered totaled? My car is DONE SON! Never owning a dodge again; my moms ford was parked 2 spots away and is just fine. My car is made out of the same aluminum as a coca cola can.
Positives this week: Got Paid Ate lots of Bacon Drank lots of Coca Cola Got my Bonus from Kroger Made a new friend Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls! Got my Youtube payment Raided more CD's from Jennifer Aeder Garrido's collection and finished off White Collar Season 4.finally. Wrestlemania on Sunday with Rob Russell and Ericka Russell Kyle Engelhardt leaving us but got promoted, gonna miss you buddy Chris Calagna might get a PS4 8 hours in Dairy(And made target for the first time in forever) Went from 1080 trophies to 1,600 in Clash of Clans in 3 days, going from Silver II to Gold II BACON
I'm proud of Gabe and me.. We brought a case of Coca Cola on Saturday and still have 4 left!! A case used to last us 2-3 days.. Usually we would have had to buy more by Tuesday.. But we have been making and drinking a lot of tea.. :-)
Inca Kola - the Golden Kola...unfortunately belongs to Coca Cola now.
Official Photos of AVEO Entertainment Promotions at Christmas Coca Cola in the Park 2013 on Herald with Eloise Gantuangco Victor Zapata Lee Cook Kate Treweek Sebastian Vera Sara Djuric and Jason Stubbs
Coca cola orange is actually pretty good
I absolutely LOVE Coke, but this just made me re-think my love for the beverage. Coca Cola is the most recognized trademark in the world, and it is the world’s second-most famous word after “Hi.” ...
Have an interview at the coca cola wear house on Tuesday. Finally. *** Yea!!!
A Midnight Birthday Bash turned into Holi with Coca Cola & Water and Madness Never celebrated a Birthday Like this thanx to my roomies. I LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you for such a lovely gift Jyoti Dahiya Варша Дахия Deepika Dahiya
'',, Noodles Serve with Coca Cola Made by Me-Seizar Special MidnIghT Recipe :-P and B|"
Just read an article on soft drinks, made drinks like coca cola and mtn dew out to be some big bad drug that destroys your body and cause you to get your feet amputated
So proud of my brother, 5 months ago he decided to go for a major change, started working out again, no more sweets and coca cola, and chocolate only on sundays...and lost 23 kilos. I am so happy for him! And he is living proof and the perfect example; yes you can! He is one of the most stubborn persons I know which can be so annoying 😉but in this case, it worked out perfectly 😎👍
How am I ment to get my free bottle of 500ml Coca Cola Zero if they don't have any. Tut tut Jayne Goodwin lol
Ohh great day, eaten pizza chips and dring coca cola also played cricket, and worst day because my phuppo reached and i was not there :(
God got it under control. All i had to do was learn how to use my cruise control. Now my cup run it over like i shook up a Coca Cola!
Missing my man already! Pj-spongebob-coca cola party at my house tonight with the little man!!
The biggest coca cola that I ever drink =)
yoochoob and coca cola,by fk I really am the wild side of life tonight lol,think maybe a quick duster's in order:/
One of my favorite Coca Cola ads, from 1947.
Selfie with my coca cola bottle, Made in Atlanta and made it today (just now).
I go to the coffeehouse and drink coca cola lol
The Vault...about to sample 60 Coca Cola Products. Anyone got a sugar pill?
I believed it doesn't exist until today! Coca Cola 100 Years from Ecuador!
Way back... Way Way back... Way back, like a million eons ago, when GhCoats hadn't been sewn yet,way back, when I was young and trying to find my feet (I’m now looking for my knees), I did a research on Total Quality Management for a ‘client’. During the research, I came across W. Edward Deming, a smart fellow. (he had a nice, melodious silent voice). Fortunately, i finished the research before getting bored. Well, the only 'fun-thing' about that particular research was 'W. Edward Deming'. (I still wonder why the 'W' is so secretive). So, aft the research, I decided to read more about him. So one day, when the sun was firing expletives (4-, 5-, and 6-lettered) into my big sexy ear, I turned on my PC. I turned on my wobbly, whiny ceiling fan, inserted my modem, took off my 3-day unwashed t-shirt, clicked on my chrome browser, googled W. Edward Deming, put a straw in my Coca Cola, and then downloaded and read everything I could about him. I wouldn't bore you with all that I read since I've forgotten a ...
Coca Cola collections.items are numbered.$ 20.00 each
What I wouldn't do for an ice cold can of coca cola right about now!!
Its officially I can't drink Coca Cola anymore;(
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Well I guess Rae Whitely let the cat out the bag lol! I no longer work at Mondelez International as of today but I went out with a bang in my last 2 weeks at the company. I will now start with Coca Cola Refreshments in a new role of sales. 7 years of working with awesome people was hard to let go but I know God has great timing for what I want to accomplish in my career. Coca Cola here I come!! Thanks to my boss and friends Joan Alimena Carrigan, Rae Whitley, Dominic Grella, Glenn Benzion, Richard Bodwell, Sarah H. Hayes, Evelyn Puglisi, Melanie McCormick, Brian Hogg and the rest of team 361!
Ready for mini golf today . Coca Cola Themed Golf photographer ...
Much respect for a country in which Heineken is cheaper than coca cola by a dollar and a half... the cost of the $19 franc hamburger non withstanding
For some reason l can't seem to get a straight answer (even from Google). "What is the BEST bottled water to buy?" I assumed Dasani was spring water, but just found out it's basically tap! (And bottled by the Coca Cola Co.) uuugh...
The Coca Cola delivery guy thought my boss was my significant other.
Omg! Well, for those of you who get mad at me cause I don't always recognize you, here's a story for you, to prove I'm REALLY clueless! Our coca cola delivery guy has come in for months and we chat and b.s. Today, he came in and asked me where I went to school, and what year I graduated, etc. then he says you have no clue who I am do you? He's Michael Cox, who I'm friends with on FB, and man, I didn't even recognize him!! I'm so very blond underneath this dark hair!!! Sorry, Mike! You don't look like your bitstrip cartoon! Lmao!
Due to severe lack of sleep the last few days coke has become my new best friend. Wait that sounds wrong. I mean coca cola! It would be coffee, but then the restroom would be my new best friend! And quite honestly I literally don't have time for that!!!
Coca Cola partners Carbon 12 Ltd and Urban Addiction to bring u 2day 7pm at kuku hill off the osu oxford street
This seems to be a good thing, though it starts first with people's willingness to act. When I was in Bolivia , I saw an even greater level of disconnection from the earth than in the USA. The towns are covered in garbage. I mean a staggering amount of garbage! There seem to be no systems of waste management in place, or even any understanding of what they are doing. I saw a woman washing her clothes with Tide detergent in Lake Titticcaca. But what else could she do? There are no natural alternatives available, and truly healthy options are difficult to find there. All the soap products are filled with chemicals , and Coca Cola has saturated the place with their products which are already garbage to begin with. The world has a lot of growing up to do. Also, not that there is much that can be done to reduce waste and emissions for our environment, And i am quite sure that climate change is happening and is part of a cycle of planetary evolution, MAN MADE climate change is mostly being proposed as a means . ...
I had no idea that Vitamin Water has @ 32 grams of sugar. Might as well drink a Coca Cola or eat a candy bar.
(Coca Cola) coke runs and chocolate mules - we're all about the sugar at the Screen HK Filmart dailies office.
Coca leaves are still used in Coca Cola. A company in NJ extracts Cocaine from the leaves for medical uses, then ships the remainder to Coke
Coca Cola should make a board game and call it "The Coke Game"
Aww shoot, Taylor Swift endorses Diet Coke over here. Might have to cut all ties with Coca Cola (which will be tough at the moment!)
that's why I didn't say Coca Cola. Just coke in general.
When 3 people tried to sell Coca Cola secrets to Pepsi, Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI.
2. Which actor is the current brand ambassador of Coca Cola?. Prev Ans: 12 years a Slave. Siddique
Coca Cola Le Parfum - Designer Wonchan Lee answers the burning question: what would perfumes from Coca Cola look l...
Just watched a news article on EMTV news about how PNG MADE products and their manufacturers like Coca Cola and Pacific Industries are suffering losses and also struggling to keep their Papua New Guinean workers. This is because of cheap imported products from other countries. The government must now seriously look at increasing the import tariff on these products so our PNG MADE products can compete. As Patriotic PNGeans we must now start buying them so that our fellow PNGeans can continue to be employed to look after their families. So next time you want to buy a can of soft drink, think of our country and buy PNG MADE. I Know I will because I want my country to prosper.
Ahh is an explosion of color! My friends at Coca Cola hooked me up for !
David Correy! The Ambassador & Official Anthem Singer for the 2014 Fifa World Cup by Coca Cola.
My latest blog post: Coca Cola and WaterAid: Greenwash or a welcome change of heart? …
Nathaniel Williamson Event is Sold Out already but hit me up if your still interested in going. I'm celebrating St. Patty's day with FAT JOE and the best kept secret Unfranchise Business, "which will no longer be.. but recognized like Coca Cola and Pepsi!" words from our Newest Director of Urban Latino Development himself. What are the rest of you doing tomorrow? :D
I know this is long but worth it .. Sent to me from a good friend.. The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution ~ Thomas Jefferson I LIKE THIS LADY AND HER ATTITUDE. Subject: A Letter to Coca Cola I watched some of the commercials that were played during the Super Bowl. I always enjoy the ones from Anheuser Busch. They showed the “Welcome Home” celebration in Winter Park, Florida, for returning soldiers. And who doesn’t love those Clydesdales? I didn’t like the one from Coca Cola. All those young women singing “America The Beautiful” dressed in ethnic garb and singing in a foreign language really annoyed me. Americans sing in English to honor America, not Farsi or Urdu. I left a comment for Coke on YouTube under the video of that commercial. I got a reply from them today, which you can read below, and then you can read my answer to them. Maybe this time they’ll understand. I received this from Coke: Thank you for your email and your loyalty to Coca-C ...
7 Historical Facts That Completely Challenge What You Think You Know About The World--Facts You Probably Did Not Learn At CHS!! Just when you think you understand how the world works, you learn... 1. The swastika was actually a symbol of good -- until the Nazis got ahold of it. The swastika has been around for over 3,000 years and commonly symbolized goodness and luck, up until its use by the Nazis in Germany. The now reviled image was used by cultures all over the world, including early Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and even Native Americans. In more recent history, the swastika was still prominent just before the rise of the Nazi party. A few American uniforms featured the symbol in World War I, Coca Cola used it in advertising and, as seen above in this picture of the Edmonton Swastikas, sports teams even took its name. The Nazis deeply complicated the swastika's long existence as a symbol for good, and looking back upon its thousands of years of prominence in cultural history can yield some resu ...
Ideas Rule the World-The Coca Cola Example Why would I want to write on a topic that says: "Ideas rule the world"? Well, that would be because everything you see and touch was once an invisible idea in someone else's mind until it was brought into being.Like a dream, an idea sprouts up in the mind, flies around in our brains till its used or naturally fades out. The uniqueness and power that set apart any successful businesses or individual, starts with the kind of ideas they come up with(usually influenced by their state of mind, environment and situations). There are several instances in history where great ideas were born and have made success.I would like us all to look into the origin of the world famous Coca Cola: Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in almost all the countries of the world. Coca-Cola is manufactured by "The Coca-Cola Company" and is often referred to as Coke. Coke is one of the most recognizable brands in the world,yet,not too many of us can tell the story of how it started. T ...
Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge was busy this week with Coca Cola promoting the World Cup, but the England international's mind is far from Brazil sti...
Amazing – Global phone and internet company Orange has pulled its adverts from an anti *** tabloid in Uganda. It happened 24 hours after 77,329 All Out members signed the petition. In a later statement, Orange also promised to protect their *** *** bi and trans employees in Uganda. Ugandan activists have asked corporations to show that the new anti *** law is bad for business in Uganda. Because All Out members took action, Orange has taken the lead. The more companies that act, the more chance it will make authorities in Uganda think twice about applying the new law aggressively. Let's DOUBLE the number of signatures and get more companies to follow Orange – Heineken, Barclays Bank, British Airways, KLM, AirTel and even Coca Cola, which has a huge bottling plant in Uganda.
Breaking Bad season 5 Ep 7 intro "Say my name." "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca Cola?" Walter White classic Q Gqudu
Hey how many Weight Watcher points did that A1 Thick & Hearty on Texas Toast with whatasized fries and Coca Cola just cost me?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Since its a Friday the Big Man Upstairs has decided to send this light skinned, red weaved, Coca Cola bottle figured exceptionally well dressed Lady to preach on the train. Unkulunkulu wezi ghebengu ukhona, Amen. ;)
5.2 THE PYRAMID OF BEHAVIORS How many people do not own a car but still make it to work keep on wishing that one day life will offer them one (expensive or cheap). Really! The main focus is that the environment in which we are evolving is unfair and hosts 4 types of customers: - The fanatics - The loyalists - Stars - Observers (The pyramid of behaviors) The fanatics are persuaded that products they are buying are the best products in the world; they don’t see and accept any criticisms or negative image of their products. They would fight to protect them. They will influence so many people and make them buy without even thinking. A clear example is Marlboro, Coca Cola, the music business As Warren Buffet said it “the best business is the business that owns a piece of the consumers’ minds” Controlling minds is the best strategy a company needs to focus on to create a durable competitive advantage. Fanatics always need to see innovations so they can brag about them. To demonstrate this theory I study ...
STEM Club informal lunch - tomorrow - Friday 3/7 (noon) at Café: The members will decide whether the experiments that few did over the last snow merit Professor Burness and Dr-Raza to drink a Coca Cola product and will they be able to drink it? 2. If you would like to (not required) to give a short presentation (no longer than 3 minutes each person) on what dark matter and dark energy is, the group will decide on the best presentation and the presenter chosen will get a $5 voucher to Café 3. As always, we will carry on interesting questions as well!! See you all there!! (Please do vote on the pinned post on this group by Nick DeTello) as to if you would like the next Club meeting to be on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
"Coca-Cola is partnering up with the Philippine Commission on Women for an …
Fantabuloso! Also, he was here for the Coca Cola lounge. Either way. It's been awhile since he's been to our neck of the woods.
Coca Cola has some of the best campaigns - this is extraordinary -
Coca-Cola defends slogan appearing to tell New Yorkers 'You're on Coke' - reports
We are open tomorrow from 11am-5pm for General Admission! Hamilton King is best known for his “Coca-Cola girls”...
coca cola, Doritos, and the peacock. They are actually kinda cute :P
International plans to invest US$500 million in Egypt during the next three years
I made some money flipping coca and I ain't talking bout cola
This is gr8!Ive noted it down to dig into this wk! RT"An ethical reference website...worth checking http:/…
Coca-Cola Company could invest more than USD $1,000 million in Ecuador
Coca Cola's bottles over the years.
Nothing compliments a bean burrito like a coca cola
If it can't change 10naira to 100USD it's not worth anything “10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Coca-Cola http:
People are kicking off about 's new ad, but it's done the job. It's got people talking about Diet Coke!
Article describes competing demands for water in California as reservoirs run dry (WOW picture) via
Journalist shows Coca Cola boss how much sugar is in their drink :
So you thought having your names on bottles of Coca Cola was cool ha the new face of Pepsi Max htt…
I scored 4447 points on Coca Cola Generic : easy.
Coca-Cola sold only 9 bottles per day in its first year. Today, more than 1.7 billion servings are sold in a single day.…
Coca-Cola ad for Russians Coke has no real concept of human r…
Remember when Justin used to love those Coca-Cola pajamas
. Hi Dan, please send us your contact details, so. we get in contact w/ you: Thank you & regards. . ^SS
Interesting bits about what the drink can be used for!!
Coca-Cola offered tax incentives for expansion
MIPBlog | Today’s best online video brand activations: Chipotle via
RSS Seniors: get your Coca-Cola fundraiser packet at lunch today. Help raise $$ for Project Grad!
Coca Cola: What if we had another 0?
Talk about ambush marketing, ! Coke stole the show from Pepsi at the Oscars!
ice cold coca cola, incense, music, James and sun, makes me happy 😊
A little happiness for your morning. Thanks, cocacolaco. @ Coca-Cola Headquarters
a cooler filled with bottles of Coca-Cola to sell at the top. +
Ever heard anyone look to the positive lessons of New Coke?
To when each and every refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola was capped using this vintage capper.
Building adjacent to Mcdondalds (Main Boulevard) being entirely promoted by an entire wall-size Coca Cola banner. can i live there
Best soda in the world , coca cola vanilla .. 😋
What's the difference between Coca Cola & Pepsi, they both taste the same!
Thanks to Coca-Cola & the Olympic athletes, I'm be more active. Win a prize pack
if you've ever had a blast at the World of Coca-Cola!  ^BZ
Thumbs up to Coca-cola for being such a Fanta-stic company. That's the Sprite guys! Maaza aa gaya!
Giving up rice for lent has to be one of the hardest things since coca cola I give up.! 😩
Pizza, wings. Salads.. Coca Cola and prizes.. Delivered to the Friendship School in Waterford! This weeks Hungry Hump day Hook up Winner Tammy! Special thanks to Wings and Pies in New London and Coca Cola! Enter to win for your Job at!
Pact Myanmar vacancy announcement for Finance Director Pact in Myanmar is currently seeking a motivated, experienced and dedicated candidate for the position of Finance Director, Pact Myanmar. Title: Finance Director, Pact Myanmar Department: Finance Location: Yangon, Myanmar Pact values and supports a diverse work environment. Position Summary: Pact Myanmar is one of Pact’s largest and most complex country programs, and coordinates a well-funded integrated community resilience program spanning multiple sectors including health, livelihoods and governance activities. Pact Myanmar is currently funded by USAID, Chevron and Coca Cola, and expects to grow in coming years as Myanmar enters a period of rapid development. We are looking for an energetic and driven finance professional to help lead our finance team. The FD is responsible for the overall management and provision of key support services operational accounting, financial reporting, auditing, sub-grant financial management and monitoring, and staff ...
Pepsi banned Madonna for the LAP video and Coca Cola has Jean Paul Gaultier designed bottles to honour Madonna
Coca Cola cup with your Muller yoghurt jerseys. 3-1 against Utd if I remember correctly? I used to love Kevin Richardson
GMA = EVIL OPERATION MOCKING BIRD: TODAY! MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO INTERNATIONAL STRIKES BACK. & Share: = Evil Lesson # 1 LET THEM EAT GMO CAKE! Taught today at the Ritz Carlton by corporate lawyers for Kraft Foods, Nestle, Monsanto, Coca Cola, Pepsi.. FOOD 101: How to scuttle more elections I-522, PROP 37 R2Know elections: Lesson "Hello class.. today we will talk about how Agribusiness has taken it upon themselves and now we need the help of the Grocery Foods Manufacturers to deny Americans the simple Right to Know what is in their FOOD. Yes class, we know that we have been caught and sued by Washington State for money laundering illegal campaign contributions in the I 522 election. The question of How long will it take Americans to wake up to the fact that they have been deceived you may ask? Well, that does not matter, with enough $ to our corrupt Corporate Congress men, if we act fast enough by the time they wake up it will be too late for them. Our Handcuffs will be slapped on the R2Know. For you see w ...
Youth Beverage Brand of the Year Joint Award winners are Coca Cola & EH Cream Soda. Presented by Mr. Upul Adikari
The Grocery Manufactures Association, a group of transnational corporations ( Monsanto, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, General Mills, Coca Cola,) will be hosting a conference put on by high powered attorneys solely on: introducing a watered down GMO labeling bill on the federal level laws to thwart States from implementing GMO labeling, bring law suits against communities and/or states that have implemented GMO label laws or created GMO Free zones how to thwart laws and class action suits pertaining to food safety which includes laws regarding food dyes, nano technology and the new controversial "green" in plant agent orange pesticides 2-4D to name a few. Why be involved? It is our duty for Orange County to carry the torch as this event is taking place in out back yard. The main goal is to tie together the various TPP groups in OC, LA San Diego, Inland Empire and consolidate for a grand day of action. March Against Monsanto LB, Southern Cal, Food and Water Watch, Moms Across America, Americans Organi ...
Coca Cola and their vending machines: A neverending story.
Feng Shui: Do You Have the Energy for Business Success? When Donald Trump famously said "I don't believe in Feng Shui but I use it because it makes me money," he helped shine a spotlight on an ancient Chinese practice. However, he is not the only famous person or institution embracing Feng Shui – the White House, Virgin Airlines, The United Nations, Ford Motor Company, Charles Schwab, Citibank, Coca Cola, Disney Studios, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey, amongst others – are all embracing Feng Shui for success. The media has also taken it into the mainstream, with coverage regularly appearing on the BBC, and in the NYT and The Wall Street Journal."Trump reportedly even had Feng Shui principles applied to his Trump Tower building, having it placed facing Central Park in New York because he believed it would increase positive chi for prosperity and success" Even that old hit TV series, Big Brother, employed ideas borrowed from this ancient art. But it was BAD Feng Shui that ...
Who uses Feng Shui? Stuck in your career? Trouble in your love life? The root of your problems may be in the design of your home or office. What do Rupert Murdock, Donald Trump, Virgin Airlines, Coca Cola, The Bank of England, and The United Nations use to give them a competitive edge? Put away the snake oil and incense biases you might perceive when you hear the words "Feng Shui". Accepted in China as a science in 250AD, experienced senior executives globally have, albeit reluctantly (even cynically), accepted that Feng Shui simply 'works'.
John Henson (April 25, 1965 – February 14, 2014) John Henson was born in Greenwich Connecticut to his parents, Jim and Jane Henson. At seven years old, he and his family moved to Bedford NY, where they lived through John’s childhood years. At sixteen, John, with his friend, John Kahn, bought an old school house in Saugerties, New York. Kahn then trained Henson in the arts of home building, furniture design, and sculpture. These disciplines would become John Henson’s life work. Throughout his adult life, John worked with his family’s business, The Jim Henson Company, as an accomplished puppeteer. He performed the character Sweetums from 1992 until 2003, and worked as a full-body performer inside of creatures such as the Coca Cola polar bear, among others. After Jim Henson’s death in 1990, John became a shareholder and active board member in the company, and stayed involved in The Jim Henson Company until his death. His main life passion always returned him to his projects in Saugerties, New York. ...
Hey friends! Are you or someone you know a classic car/history enthusiast? If you are, stop by THIS Sunday the 23rd around 12:30 PM. We are proud to welcome the Ford Model A Club of Long Island to our store! These cars are over 80 years old! Many of them look like they just rolled out of the showroom! So cool! These are as much a part of US history as Babe Ruth and Coca Cola!
MTN Ghana Foundation wishes to thank all staff of MTN, individual blood donors, our supporting partners, Ecobank, Nestle Milo, Perfecto Noodles, Coca Cola, Merchant Bank, and all our media partners for their immense support during the blood donation exercise organized by the MTN Foundation on February 14, 2014. Our target was to raise 500 pints of blood; thankfully with your support we raised a total of 625 pints of blood altogether from four locations. Thank you for joining MTN to make lives a whole lot brighter.
Ever wonder why the Montgomery Bus Boycott was successful? It was successful because those who wanted segregation had to respect the power of the African American dollar!..Rosa Parks may have been the face of that movement but in actuality it was the faces of countless others who participated in that & white! People can no longer disrespect you, treat you like you are less than equal & then ask you for your hard earned money. We should take the lessons learned from our elders and apply it to every state that has that "Stand Your Ground" law on its books. African American buying power is projected to reach $1.1 trillion dollars by 2015. That's TRILLION with a "T" not billion or million but TRILLION or ($1,100,000,000,000). If you want to prevent another Trayvon Martin or Michael Dunn killing, affect change by boycotting businesses that support "Stand Your Ground" legislation. Businesses like Coca Cola, Walmart, AT & T, Kraft, PepsiCo, Intuit etc. who belong to (ALEC) American Legislative Ex ...
Why can’t all TV commercials be as entertaining as Geiko’s “Hump Day” starring Caleb the Camel? Or as cute as the Coca Cola polar bears. Perhaps Budweiser’s Clydesdale ads do it for you. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the uncreative, nonsensical and boring slop coming out of Madison Ave. Hence, I am compiling a list of the worst TV ads currently running. Since the volume of bad ads is truly astonishing, I invite all of my friends to add their choices by adding a comment below. Please don’t dredge up selections that are no longer aired and limit your choices to national campaigns. Although noteworthy, pitches for Frankie and Johnny’s Furniture would only be recognized by local citizenry of New Orleans. Paul’s Choices: 1. Would someone extradite the Geico Gecko back to his native Australia? At first he appeared to be cute, but never really funny. Insurance is boring. I would be more prone to consider Geico’s product if they would at least be amusing. Hire the Roadrunner and have him run . ...
Large beautiful auto painting Coca Cola covered bridge $50 or best offer must go to get home
Memories up to this point HAPPY 21ST! Your birth melted your Grandpa’s prejudice heart, comforted your Grandma when she had lost her son Earl Terry and got your Mom heading towards a better life filled with hope. Sports...tap danced as a sunflower, played for the Powder Puff soccer team and got gut checked, cheerleading routine to Cher cheering “dribble shoot shoot take that ball to the hoop hoop”, more soccer, volleyball and basketball leading to a championship. Fun spots...”the stingers the stingers” (bees), rafting, hiking (taking a break to eat a pickle saying “ok Mom lets go”, tubing and running into a rattler snake at Zion park. Pirate, Excalaber, balloon ride, light show, horse back ride, M&M and Coca Cola factory, dirt bike, go cart ride, swimming, swimming and more swimming, Sea world, Universal studios, Bow Wow concert more and more and more concerts, white water rafting, catching your first fish (goldfish size), hot springs, Heritage square, haunted houses, horror movies, more h . ...
John Pemberton, inventor of cocaine-laced Coca Cola as an alcohol-free Temperance drink, died a poor morphine addict
A disappointed salesman of Coca Cola returns from his Middle East assignment. A friend asked, "Why weren't you successful with the Arabs?" The salesman explained, "When I got posted in the Middle East, I was very confident that I will makes a good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown there. But, I had a problem I didn't know to speak Arabic. So, I planned to convey the message through 3 posters... First poster, a man crawling through the hot desert sand... Totally exhausted and panting. Second poster, the man is drinking our Cola and Third, our man is now totally refreshed. Then these posters were pasted all over the place" "That should have worked," said the friend. The salesman replied, "Well, not only did I not speak Arabic, I also didn't realise that Arabs Read from Right to Left...
I'm not an AKA fan but truth be told that we Hip Hop artists in South Africa are treated like sby the South African music industry and we are being labelled all sorts of names by ordinary South Africans like "American Wannabes", cheese boys, fake rappers, whack, etc. The last time I checked these "South Africans" call us wannabe's but they have no problem buying Dickies, Converse, Ipods/Ipads, DKNY, Coca Cola, Doritos, Levi Strauss, Gucci, Versace, Guess, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker and many other American brands instead of local brands like Klipdrift, Inkomazi and even Grammy award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Most Zulu youth are quick to point out Kwaito as original S.A music but dismiss Mafikeng rappers even award-winning Motswako veterans as whack because they don't understand Setswana. They are quick to jump on the dance floor and dance to DJ Cleo's Imbizo but they don't know Bab' Phuzekhemisi, the original composer of the song. Who's fooling who?
A data breach is the unintended release of personally identifiable private information. Data breach frequency is increasing as hackers become aggressive and strategic with the use of technology. Here is the most recent Recent data breaches in the media: 1. Target – 110 million consumer records including 40 million credit cards. 2. Neiman Marcus – 1.1 million credit cards 3. Michaels – ongoing attack starting in 2011. 4. Coca Cola – 74,000 employee records from internal theft by a rogue employee Some tips to help you reduce the exposure: •Educate employees and understand the exposures out there and the available security measures •Create a data privacy risk management response plan to use in the event of a breach •Try to stay one step ahead by staying up to date with your security procedures & software •Implement encryption on any laptops or portable devices storing private information •PURCHASE DATA BREACH INSURANCE COVERAGE Call us we can help
Dear Mr Abbott, Tough love? Yeah!! Bring it on. Motor vehicle industry was a lost cause? Not needed? How do you exactly determine which industries recieve government cash investments? Denis Napthine would like to know. The poor bloke is a little confused why you do not love Victorians. He has an election in November and would like to promise the electorate something good. So far Ford, GMH, SPC, Aloca, Shell and now Toyota are considering leaving us. Cadbury vs Coca Cola? Smart move. Chocolates for all you say. Sugar water is not good. What industries will Oz kiddies aspire to work in, politics? Maybe not. Then again, your mob make an art form from weddings gigs. Lawyers? Actually they seem to move into politics. We are not getting a quality NBN, so not communications. Do you think Malcolm T is breathing down your neck? Wow!! You are new to the PM and he is back in vogue. How so? How about alternative clean energy? Yeah, you are not keen on that either. I know, public transport. Ahh yeah not your cup of te ...
Just for the record: Ford and Holden pulled out while Labor in power. Toyota was going. Don't blame Abbott .. Toyota Motor Corp has billions in the bank and so ha Coca Cola.. Aust govt has minus 425 billion .. FFS !!
What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Coke? + Video Health & WellnessDec 6, 2013 Have you ever wondered what exactly Coca Cola is? After 10 minutes of drinking Coke Ten tea spoons of sugar contained in a glass of Cola, cause devastating “strike” on the organism and the only cause, by reason of not vomiting, is the phosphoric acid which inhibits the action of sugar. After 20 minutes of drinking Coke A leap of insulin levels in bloodstream occurs. The liver converts all the sugar into fat. After 40 minutes of drinking Coke Ingestion of caffeine is finally completed. The eye pupils are expanding. Blood pressure rises, because the liver disposes more sugar into bloodstream. The adenosine receptors get blocked, thereby preventing drowsiness. After 45 minutes of drinking Coke Body raises production of dopamine hormone, which stimulates the brain pleasure center. Heroin has the same principle of operation. After 1 hour of drinking Coke Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the gastrointesti ...
Did you know? What we now call Coca Cola was invented (concocted actually) by an American pharmacist named John Pemberton.
NO MORE COCA-COLA!! Brothers and sisters I have written this to bring awareness. There are many of us that know all this but we tend to ignore it. I again bring to your attention exactly what you are giving your money to. Exactly what areas you are funding by purchasing their products. Did you know?? From 1966 Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. In 1997 the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel. Every year Coca Cola bankrolls the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards which honors companies that have contributed most to the Israeli economy. In 2009 a Coca-Cola sponsored award went to Israel’s Lobby AIPAC for its successful lobbying of the Senate to reject of the UN call for “immediate ceasefire” and endorse the continuation of the Israel military assault on Gaza. In 2008 Coca-Cola tasked the Israeli venture capit ...
Capio Capital Market Overview and Trade Ideas The Dow closed up 1.1% and the S&P gained 1.3% as U.S. stocks posted their first weekly gain in three as the market reacted positively to the monthly jobs report as unemployment dropped to 6.6% the lowest level in five years. There were a few big moves on the day. Green Mountain coffee roasters soared over 30% after Coca Cola agreed to buy 16.7 million newly issued shares, online travel company Expedia Inc. rose 14% after saying that sales had increased. Luxury goods retailer Michael Kor's advanced 18% as earnings exceeded forecasts and GAP gained 10% after reporting an unexpected gain in same store profit for January. European stocks closed firmer with the FTSE gaining 0.2%. The national institute of economic and social research released a report advising that the U.K economy may grow at 2.5% for the year higher than the initial forecast of 2%. The DAX rose 0.49% data released showed that the German foreign trade surplus hit the highest value ever while Germa ...
Coca-Cola facts. Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. In fact, over one billion cans of Coca-Cola are consumed every day. But this magical drink can be used in many more ways than just an ordinary cold refreshment. 1. Coca Cola was first invented by a pharmacist name John Pemberton as a medicine to cure headaches. 2. Coca-Cola is called “Coca-Cola” because of the original ingredients used in the medicine, Coca leaves and Kola seeds. Wine was also added in place of sugar similar to the coke we drink today. 3. When Mentos is added to Coca-Cola, the carbon dioxide in the coke will be rapidly released, causing the coke in the bottle to burst out. Diet Coke works the best. 4. Coca-Cola can be used to help cure jellyfish stings.. 5. Coca-Cola can also be used as a cleaning solution, cleaning anything from rusty pans to dirty toilets. It can also be used to remove odor. 6. If you accidentally got gum in your hair, rinse it in coca-cola and the gum will come of very easily. 7.While s ...
The History of Coca Cola John Pemberton was the inventor of Coca Cola By Mary BellisIn May, 1886, Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. John Pemberton concocted the Coca Cola formula in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard. The name was a suggestion given by John Pemberton's bookkeeper Frank Robinson.
From Kansas City Star columnist Janeé Osterheldt on the recently debated Coca Cola commercial: "Have a Coke and a smile, and get over it."
Truth is America was stolen from the Native Indians By deceitful white pilgrims who lied about sharing the land creating a peace treaty to instead murder Rape and Genocide an entire Human Race .then came the Africans who were robbed and tricked into 400 years of slavery were Blacks were dehumanized and beaten and raped unwillingly being brain washed by religion and lies of owning land after years of torture I say this because we often forget who the real immigrants are Everyone wants a chance to live this so called American Dream in later years and it kills me that during the Super bawl commercials Coca Cola emphasized The new growing face of America by showing the different languages and color of skin while saying An American anthem song and The comments on YouTube from the most conservative Racist people disgusted me on how ignorant and backwards people think not wanting to embrace this new Face of Diversity If we live with Hate we will never Grow as a Country because behind every dream there is a Nigh ...
The Olympics are a corporate dollar driven vehicle and have always been a political statement for the host nation (witness Hitler using the 1936 Olympics as a tool to showcase Nazi ideals and white supremacy). Coca Cola and other American companies are paying over a billion dollars to be corporate sponsors counting on ratings to justify the expense. Russia passed anti *** legislation right before hosting the games in open defiance of the Olympic charter. The IOC should have done something about this but they didn't. People have have been arrested for simply waiving a rainbow flag as the Olympic torch went by. Hard to sit back and casually watch the disaster that is Sochi at the expense of the lives of dolphins, dogs, and LGBT people. I realize that a lot of these athletes have trained their whole lives with the hopes of becoming wealthy from exposure from success at these games. People have made far greater sacrifices than not getting to become a celebrity in the process of upending torture, murder, and v ...
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As we enjoy the weekend, here is something to rejuvenate our commitments with; How many of us drink Coca Cola? How many of us use tomato sauce? There is a man who owns stakes in these companies...Warren Buffet. This man is worth 53.5 billion USD and he is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. But do you know that before he became who he was, people told him no. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Warren applied to Harvard Business School which turned him down. This is the best business school in the United States of America and fifth in the world. He was turned down by the cream of business schools. He did not let it phase him and he went on to Columbia University where he graduated as an A+ student. After graduation he desired to work on Wall Street at GEICO Insurance. He was turned down. Mr. Buffet returned home and started to work for his father's firm as a stock broker. To make matters worse one of his investments, Sinclair Texaco failed. He did not let the challenges affect him. H ...
ABC's Good Morning America showing Coca Cola's Super Bowl Commercial. I think the commercial would have been much more impressive if they would have had people of different nationalities singing in me that would say these folks appreciate the opportunity to be a part of America. Remember the old saying, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"?
Right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, former Congressman Allen West, and others are freaking out about Coca Cola's Super Bowl ad featuring "America the Beautiful" sung in different languages as faces of people of different cultures ...
Funny, Coca Cola is what keeps the American imperialism alive, right after the wars. .
Allen West's response to the Coca Cola ad.
Ok so I just want to express my opinion regarding the two Super Bowl commercials who are being scrutinized for showing ethnicity. People are offended with the Coca Cola commercial for "America the Beautiful" being sung in multiple languages. I for one thought it was a beautiful commercial which portrayed the melting pot of cultures we have in America. Just for the record all of the girls who sung in that commercial speak English perfectly...they were asked to sing in their cultures language. They worked hard to do their homework on how to translate this English song into their second language. One of the girls sang it in Keres which is a Native American tribe (the people who were here before the Europeans). Keres is not a written language so she had to speak with the elders in the tribe to properly translate it. Overall I thought it was a remarkable and beautiful idea. I don't know why people find it highly offensive when it was meant to be symbolic. So for all you people who said you were going to stop d ...
Is America's (US of) global cultural hegemony about to crumble? Perhaps, David Beckham has just set the ball rolling with his friendly takeover of a football(soccer) club in Miami(BBC World service, 5/2/14). Yes, David has bent it like Beckham across the Atlantic into the goal post of the recovering Super Power of the World. Hollywood, Coca Cola and McDonalds could not stop it. The Brits are at it again; leading the World in initiating 21st Century model of colonization. However, this time Africa cannot afford to be a victim or an observer of this cultural scramble for the football pitches in the U.S. I call on George Weah of Liberia, to partner with Nigerian billionnaire, Dangote to buy a stake in football-U.S. America is at the receiving end, and the whole World led by Britain is ganging up to force-feed it with football(soccer) culture, fill their Superbowl with footballs , and get them to binge on football instead of burgers. Please, Congress and Senate, do allow the Chinese a stake in football-U.S. . ...
Commentary columnist and former Reagan and Bush official Peter Wehner castigated conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Eric Bolling for their adverse reaction to Coca Cola's multilingual Super Bowl ad.
The multi-lingual commercial for Coca Cola aired during the Super Bowl has elicited the following comment from Sarah Palin: "If English was good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for Coca Cola." You can't make this stuff up. Mrs. Palin is currently waiting to hear back from Mensa on the status of her application for membership.
I had no intention of commenting on the Coca Cola commercial but the longer I dwell on it, the more irritating it gets. How much more ignorant and insensitive can an American company be? I'd be willing to bet that all of the American soldiers that have fought and died so bravely for our freedom didn't do it so they could hear the National Anthem played in a foreign language, but I could be wrong. I understand that we are all imported from somewhere and that cultural diversification is part of our basic and genetic makeup but we are still Americans, and we live in America, not Mexico, not Spain, or Germany or any other country, but America. I'm curious what everyone's stance on the matter is, maybe I'm just being narrow minded about the whole thing because personally, I felt whole principal of the commercial was complete and utter crap.
Really? I was reading some of the comments regarding the airing and contents about the Coca Cola commercial that was shown during the Superbowl, that were posted on a local news channel's page. If you are claiming to be an American from the USA and so stupid and moronic to think that "America The Beautiful" is our National's NOT! Our National Anthem is "The Star Spangled Banner"! If you want to continue to claim to be an American and live in this country...get your historic facts straight before you start your criticism and gripping! You made yourselves look like total *** Really!!! Oh...and if you think we speak "American"...we don''s called English! So stop being stupid!
I'm not trying to start an internet flame war but trying to understand this Coca Cola controversy but isn't the American National Anthem the "Star Spangled Banner"? Also I believe the USA doesn't have an "official language" (28/50 states do have english as the official language, the other 22 including DC and NY do not). So Coca Cola is trying to say America is beautiful because of its diversity and some (not all) Americans take to the internet saying "how dare they sing our National Anthem in other languages"? Did I miss something cause I'm having a difficult time understanding. Maybe because I'm Canadian. Not my business. Just trying to see that perspective.
To the people genuinely upset by the coke commercial from the Super Bowl because it was "unamerican", Are you serious? Being from America means coming from many different backgrounds with so many cultures intertwined and brought together. I thought singing America the beautiful in different languages was absolutely beautiful. It's about time some more cultures in America are finally acknowledged. It's time for everyone to grow up and stop being so narrow minded. Kudos to you Coca Cola, you killed it.
So glad Marina Diamandis spoke up about Woody Allen, R.Kelly, and Terry Richardson being CREEPS. Why do we keep supporting/buying their stuff. But the second Coca Cola has a commercial including other ethnicities people have heart attacks and REFUSE to buy their product anymore.So as Americans we stand up for "patriotism" but not for victims of famous "talented" attackers?
Everyone is making a huge deal about Coke's commercial being un-American, but Bob Dylan saying is there anything more American than America, while in a commercial for a company owned by Fiat is ok... I am confused... but coke I guess that's what ya get for showing America as E pluribus unum... commie Coca Cola *** !
I thought I'd nailed it. Nope..Carlos Miller knocked it out of the park: "As thousands of Americans are swearing off Coca Cola because of last night's commercial where they had people sing America the Beautiful in different languages, vowing to gulp down gallons of Pepsi Cola instead, few are acknowledging the fact that the heads of Pepsi were not even born in the U.S. Also, the same people celebrating the Bu...dweiser commercial as being so patriotic are failing to acknowledge that Budweiser is owned by a Belgium company. And the Chrysler commercial with Bob Dylan (whose grandparents emigrated to the U.S. as European Jews)? That was my favorite commercial, but we must acknowledge that Chrysler is owned by Fiat, an Italian company that built planes to fight against the U.S. during World War II. Finally, America the Beautiful (whose writer is believed to have been a *** is not our National Anthem. That was the one sung at the beginning of the Super Bowl by a woman whose ancestors came from Prague. The ...
Sugary Drinks Linked to Aggressive Behavior in Children While obesity crisis continues to exacerbate, one of the positive outcomes from the situation has been an increased amount of research being conducted on how diets affect behavior – particularly when it comes to children. A new study that was conducted at Columbia University focused on the effect of soft drinks and heavily-sugared beverages on five-year-old children. The study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics. Seeking to correlate increased consumption of soft drinks and bad behavior, the study involved a sample size of 3,000 children who were all age five. From the 3,000 children in the study, approximately half of them consumed an average of at least one soft drink per day. A total of 120 children were said to consume four or more heavily-sugared beverages per day. A single can of Coca Cola contains 38 grams of sugar. The study asked mothers how many sugary drinks their children consumed over a two month period and how they would descri ...
"America the Beautiful". America: from the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Beautiful: derived from French. Coca Cola speak 'Merican!
For those former Coca Cola drinkers out there and to those who believe that any foreigner is a "terrorist", please keep in mind that there is no official language of the United States on a federal level. In fact, there are over 337 different languages spoken among the US population despite the fact that many states have English as their official state language. So, if you are drinking Pepsi now because you believe it is your patriotic duty, I would suggest that you first embrace core American ideology which shows that we are a melting pot of beautiful people and that language should not be a barrier to rights as citizens. These rights include the freedom to express in any language, love of this country.
making Coca Cola the only soft drink you can buy
Granted, Coca Cola is a corporation that makes gajillions of dollars sellin' sweet flavored carbonated water, but, to me their ad campaigns have almost always had integrity & spoke of gettin' along. Damned if their attempts aren't closin' in on 'em from all sides. Seems their gettin' flack for sponsorin' the Olympics, too. I think it has somethin' to do with the homophobic host. They can't seem to "win". They always seem to wanna promote World Peace & tolerance. I believe them (as much as you could ever trust a corporation.) Shame. Have a coke & a pile. It's *my* preferred soft drink. Now even more so.
Nothing wrong with the Coca Cola commercial in my opinion, I believe it celebrated what makes our country great. Diversity. I think we have greater problems to solve than a sixty second advertisement for a soft drink.
For people who think badly about the Coca Cola commercial, the singing in multiple languages is supposed to symbolize the many cultures and customs that make up America, as well as the immigrants from other countries who strive to come here. It has nothing to do with Americans not learning English. By the way, this is coming from a "conservative".
Coca Cola ad features America the Beautiful sung in multiple different languages - but mostly Spanish. Not sure what the point was - unless they're sending a message to those 12 million illegals about to get amnesty that Coca Cola is the official soft drink for illegals coming across the border.
Hello FB people, I am currently watching the news and came across a story about one of the Super Bowl commercials yesterday. That commercial was the multilingual America The Beautiful Coca-Cola commercial. Before I continue I would like to let you all know I mean this with all due respect and love everyone, white, black, green, yellow or purple... Ok so there are some of you that think this country is exclusive to your "kind". I have news for you people. the world is not made of one race of people we are all HUMANS made from GOD who also loves us all EQUALLY no matter where we are from or what color skin we are America was built by IMMIGRANTS that came from England to live a more equal and free life. America would not be America if it weren't for the Irish or the Chinese or the Italians that came over here. I am not saying that illegal immigration should be tolerated I'm just saying see what the commercial is for what it is. It's selling Coca Cola and is also showing how America is home to not only one ra ...
Funny how people were complaining about the Coca Cola commercial where the America the Beautiful song was not being sung in English, however, part of it was sung by a local New Mexican Native American tribe. Hmmm wonder which language was first in America.
I watched the Coca Cola add from last night's big debut and I do not see anything wrong with it. Yes, America is the melting pot of the world. Yes, there are many people who state "speak English" to those who come from outside. And yes, I'm one of them. But I'm not so close minded to think or say that once you come to America, you're supposed to forget about your heritage or where you came from. I've ranted about it before, there are services, many offered for free, to help people learn English as a second language. It's taught in schools for children who come here. Learn it. It will help. Do I like having to find the English translations for directions on certain products? No. Do I want to press 1 for English? No. Do I think the commercial ad was un-American? No. It shows what America is made of. People of many nations, who speak many different tongues. Those of us who live in the country are Americans. But we are not the first to come here. There are French Americans, there are Mexican Americans, Chines ...
“Coca Cola's the official soft drink of illegals crossing the border //said the Native …
Ha people are accusing Coca Cola of promoting illegal immigration bc of their commercial. im got
It's great to hear that everyone got the warm fuzzies from the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial, but let's not forget their questionable human rights record. E.g. massive investment in and profiting off of South African apartheid, and the numerous charges of violence (murder, rape, torture) against Coca Cola's union-affiliated employees in Latin America. Just because a corporation tries to sell love and unity in their ads doesn't automatically mean that those values are reflected in their actual business practices.
A Coca Cola one minute ad that aired during the Super Bowl celebrated the United States’ cultural diversity as voices of a multiracial cast sang "America The Beautiful" in a variety of languages. Get over it you Racists and Bigots ~ don't you remember the CONSTITUTION and the First Amendment? Duh ~ Freedom of Speech? Or is that only for Whites who speak American?
I really like the Coca Cola commercial yesterday at the superbowl. It shows how diverse America is. Translating a song to some other language is absolutely not unpatroptic. They didn't translate the National Anthem, They didn't translate the Declaration of Independence. What's the fuss. Every word in the great seal of United States is from Latin. So, will using the dollar bill which contains the great seal becomes unpatriotic. Just a question. Hispanic and Arabic speaking Americans have fought for this country in all the wars fought in the 20th Century and 21st Century. Were they unpatriotic because they spoke another language. I guess not. Nobody is downgrading the importance of English. English had been, is and will always be the National and Official language of USA, but having more than one language will not hurt either. It will broaden the horizons. Remember, about 6 billion people in this world call some language other then English as their mother tongue. There is a lot of rich culture and literatur ...
I find it hysterical that people are making such a huge deal about the Coca Cola commercial. The USA literally doesn't even have an official language. So considering that english isn't America's only and official language, it only makes sense to sing the song is multiple languages, for America is home to many cultures, peoples, and languages. If you're really getting pissy about the commercial and vow to never drink coke again, get off your high horse and realize english isn't the actual language of America. ***
yea, the message was strong and beautiful but I'm against Coca Cola as a product that contributes to the obesity epidemic.
Critical of the Coca Cola advertisement that aired during this year's Super Bowl? You're automatically a "xenophobic white supremacist." That's apparently how that works. Honestly, there's nothing "racist" about advocating language commonality. It promotes unity, facilitates communication, and strengthens our culture. Immigrants reach our shores to become a part of America, not to segregate themselves and promote hostility (otherwise they wouldn't come here at all). Diversity is not what makes the United States a great country, it's our shared beliefs and ideals. I don't really have any problems with the ad, in fact I strongly appreciate the song of choice. I just think an all-English version would have been much less controversial.
So a lot of people are complaining that it was "unamerican" for Coca Cola to play "America the Beautiful" in several different languages.. But isn't it pretty unamerican for an American not to know the difference between God Bless America, America the Beautiful, and The National Anthem? And I forgot that we were in a "free" country. Where we have the freedom of speech. I mean our country is full of diversity! The racists might as well say that people should have never come over through Ellis Island. Or the Pilgrams should have sailed the Mayflower somewhere else. How about you people realize that if you are not 100% Native American, you are "unamerican"!! Did anyone stop to think if there was an underlying meaning to that commercial?? It's pure ignorance to act the way people are over that commercial.. When you have 4 million dollars you can make whatever commercial you would like.. But until then, stop ruining our country and sending us back 100 years. Racism is purely ridiculous. And if you have an opin ...
(excuse me, rant ahead) I usually don’t comment on these things, but I will this time. I finally saw that Coca Cola commercial that was so talked about and that ‘inspired xenophobic comments’. First of all, the media loves to focus on those comments, and puts no perspective as to how many they are in comparison with positive feedback. The media is getting rich on these ‘culture wars’, and that is disgusting. Because, while I will not deny that racism in the U.S. exists, they don’t even approach it in a way that can be constructive, or in perspective. For example, the fact that all that these channels like CNN and Fox News show is stuff like this, or celebrity gossip… while American civil liberties are being trampled upon by NSA surveillance. Oh, but I guess that does not get people up in arms like some *** yelling that all muslims are terrorists, so we will not cover it, not enough rating. When an important politician or a public figure complains about the ad, not some ignorant *** wit ...
If your upset about the Coca Cola commercial, show me your families signature on the Mayflower Compact. Then you may speak.
People are freaking out about a Coca Cola ad, meanwhile there's a epidemic amongst starfish; warning, nightmares:
Responses to the Coca Cola commercial with "America the Beautiful" being sung in several languages are still going and people are going nuts! While I firmly support that English is our national and official language, I actually thought this was an amazing commercial. The idea that we have different people singing about their love of America is truly beautiful. It actually reminded me of my dad. When he first came here, he barely knew English but he dearly loved America and assimilated in all areas of American culture (and made sure we did too). But one thing that will always stick with him is being an immigrant and having Arabic as his first and most familiar language. I've heard him sing several American patriotic songs in Arabic growing up and they never once made me doubt his dedication and love for this country. If anything, it proves his ultimate loyalty that he is using a foreign language to praise America. People, calm the *** down about a commercial. It's overreactions like these that cause us to ...
The people who bashed Coca Cola's "America the Beautiful” clearly need to get to know their country. There is no official language. No rules
I hear so many hateful racist comments about Coca Cola. Maybe people had forgotten that the song "America The Beautiful" was written by a lesbiean, and there is no official language in America.
proud to have Sushmitha Suresh represent her culture and Metea Valley in Coca Cola's 2014 Super Bowl commercial!.
After a long thought out response, I am ready to plaster my thoughts about Coke's commercial, on my FB. which most of you really won't give a crap at all about, but anyways, here's to some bored reading for you all. At first, I felt insulted, angered, and violated that Coca Cola would take such a song, and let people sing it in other languages, while the flag that I have fought for, literally, waved in the back ground. but then I thought about it. Isn't that why we are here? We felt oppressed, denied, and felt the need to be set free from Britain. So that's what we did. We mixed in with the Indians in a new found land, and expanded our horizons. Then, hundreds of years later, again, we pride ourself on Ellis Island, bragging about becoming the Land of the Free, home of the Brave. For those who have the courage to fight for what they want, and a chance for a better and more passionate life. Today, we sit and talk about how racism should died, because come on. it's 2014. Aren't we passed that? Well, Coke j ...
Somehow I had the ability to predict the grammatically deficient and, at times, blatantly racist backlash that has come about as a result of the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial. I offer conservatives who took offense to the add these thoughts... When Phil Robertson expressed his rather crass opinion on homosexuality, a vast majority of you crowded behind Mr. Robertson in support of his opinion and his right to express himself freely. Fair enough. However, the First Amendment is a double-edged sword; if you claim to support the right of Mr. Robertson to express himself, you must also respect that Coca Cola has the right to air a commercial that you may not agree with. If my argument still leaves you with cognitive dissonance, you may need to examine the reasons why you found what Mr. Robertson said to be so profound and why you saw the Coca Cola commercial as offensive.
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I cant believe people are mad at Coca Cola! We're all not Native Americans, nor do we speak it, ALL OF US ARE MUTTS! ht…
People claim to not like that new Coca Cola commercial because "English is the national language of the U.S." We have no national language.
About the ad: Although I think we should officially designate American as our national language (yes American NOT English) and I did have a slight negative reaction to this ad, I realized that trying to be all hard azz "SPEAK ENGLISH!" about this didn't apply. The song has been translated to every language and many people who (LEGALLY) migrated here had the seed of hope sewn in their hearts when they heard those words sang in their language and listened to the words of freedom. Also I know that many immigrants who had learned the song in their language later used it to learn how to speak "American". PLUS Coca Cola has been peddling that swill around the world for 50 yrs. How else do you think that something so nasty could stay at so long? They are just being their typical *** ish selves. If all you been drinking is filthy ditch water your whole life and someone gives you a Coke, of course it's gonna taste like heaven. So no, I won't boycott them over this, I've been boycotting that crap my entire life ...
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