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Cobo Arena

Cobo Center is a major convention center situated along Jefferson and Washington avenues in downtown Detroit, it is currently owned and operated by Dennis Schultz.

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I remember one show at COBO arena he got off stage and into the crowd and body surfed all over the people on MF WHILE STILL SINGING
Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal. 1994 US Figure Skating Championship @ Cobo Arena in Detroit. ALL OVER the news in SE MI.
Dat boy Earl Walker (in 2007, playing for Murray-Wright against Renni at Cobo Arena. Bring the brai…
They tore down or are tearing down Joe Louis Arena, next to Cobo. They just renovated Cobo, seems li…
Wow, Cobo Hall, Joe Louis Arena, PineKnob/DTE are the places of great concert memories for me. 😊
I added a video to a playlist Prince & the Revolution -Controversy/Mutiny (Live Arena, Detroit
Greatest memories - concerts at DTE and Cobo Arena. Still one of my top favorites. Great article many thanks
Cobo a big conference hall the Joe is no more a new arena being built
Cobo is still a better name than Little Cesar's Arena. Stupid name.
Alice Cooper first at a Windsor high school, then at Cobo Arena in Detroit, in 1971 - Killer Tour.
Aerosmith, late 70s at Cobo Arena. Tuning up b4 the first song & having to check the setlist every 2 songs 👎
in case you haven't checked yet, Cobo Arena named for former Detroit mayor Albert Cobo
Since you asked, the former Cobo Arena & current Cobo Hall, was named after fmr. Detroit Mayor Albert Cobo,
In 2007, head coach Ken Flowers & his Redford Huskies three-peated as PSL champs at Cobo Arena 63-58 over Murray-Wr…
.was my first punk show in 1994 at St.Andrews Hall in Detroit. I saw before that at Cobo Hall the hockey arena.
I'm sure someone told you already, but Cobo Arena is named after former Mayor Albert Cobo.
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Last time I saw KISS was at Detroit's Cobo Arena (where much of Alive! was recorded) in 2…
Terry's tales did I see a Wings and Canadiens brawl, hit a bucket at Cobo Arena or talk to ball players as a kid at Tiger Stadium
Days Of Wild... June 7th 1986. celebrated his 28th birthday by performing at Detroit’s Cobo Arena.
How come the Class of 2006 couldn't graduate at Ford Field? When did it change from Cobo Arena?
Memories: Going 2 his birthday show @ Cobo Arena June 7 1986. That show sold out so he added another one June 6. Went…
Wonders of the World: Light My Fire by Live at the Cobo Arena in in 1970... with a long...
It was fun, cheap close tickets at the old Cobo Arena. You ever meet Kelly Pavlik?
relive the days of Cobo Arena with this shirt!
do you remember the days of the Air Conditioned Arena? http…
I walked up to him at a Detroit Pistons game in Cobo Arena in the '70s, asking for an autograph. Moses Malone happily obliged. RIP big guy.
Today in 1994-Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed in the right knee with a police baton by Shane Stant after a practice session at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, an assault planned by rival Tonya Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and co-conspirator Shawn Eckardt. The incident became known as "The Whack Heard Round the World." Some of the attack and its aftermath, which took place in a corridor at Cobo Arena, were caught on camera and broadcast around the world, particularly the now-famous footage of attendants helping Kerrigan as she grabbed at her knee wailing: "Why, why, why?" Although Kerrigan's injury forced her to withdraw from the U.S. Championships, her rivals agreed that she merited one of the two spots on the Olympic team. The USFSA chose to name her to the Olympic team rather than second-place finisher Michelle Kwan. On February 1, 1994, Gillooly accepted a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony against Harding. Gillooly, Stant, Eckhardt, and getaway car driver Derrick Smith all se ...
“Jello Shots at 7am!? . YOLO!” 😵😲😳 AAA meeting this Saturday at Cobo arena we would like to invite you lol
I saw Bob Seger at Cobo Arena in Detroit Labor Day weekend 1975 when Live Bullett was recorded LET IT ROCK
On this day in 1980, Hilmer Kenty wins IBF Lightweight boxing championship over Ernesto Espana at Cobo Arena.
I went to Cobo Arena in Detroit to see Bobo Brazil wrestle the Sheik when I was a kid. Great memory!
Here are a few shots from a fairly legendary concert on November 3, 1989 at Detroit's Cobo Arena. Stevie Ray Vaughan was absolutely on the very top of his game at this show. Incendiary is the word. SRV had recently become sober, and some people wondered if that might take the edge off of his playing. This show answered that question. SRV was simply in a guitarist's zone his whole set. The audience roared their approval on one transcendent solo after another. Jeff Beck followed Stevie's set, and seemed to sense that he HAD to bring his best...which he did. The two closed the night with an encore on "Goin' Down." One of those magic nights for sure! Less than a year after this show, we lost Stevie Ray Vaughan.
I went to dinner with my oldest son, Anthony, tonight. He's a senior in the nursing program now at Seton Hall University -- home for 3 weeks before he starts his new nursing job at the VA hospital in New Jersey. We rode bicycles to Somerset and ate at CPK, yakking all the way. Since he didn't have any firm plans for the rest of the evening, I asked him if he'd like to go to Gusoline Alley for a beer. We went. He'd never been. He met Eric Hermann, Carrie Ann Marotich, Eric Hoeft, and Father Steve. Nice time. We laughed and made plans to go to Memphis this summer if we can pull it off. Ok, why I'm relating this is that it reminded me of a bonding experience I had with my dad. Back in 1969 (yeah, I'm old, but then I was 17). I asked my dad if I could use his car to go to Cobo Arena to see Johnny Cash (opening act was Hank Jr.). He said "No" and that the car was the life line of the family and blah, blah, blah. Then, he offered to take me to the concert. I bit. I had to see JC and Hank. He was so ...
Appearing at Cobo Arena on this day in 1969 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
INXS' Michael Hutchence was one of the most charismatic frontmen in rock'n'roll. Here is a collection of a few photos that I'd taken of him from 1984 to 1993, and includes shows at The Fox Theatre, Hill Auditorium, Cobo Arena and others. It was always so great to photograph this band. The band and their tour manager really understood the value of good photos, and always made an exception and let me shoot their entire show rather than the standard first three songs.
is there anything being done with the footage from the 2009 Cobo Arena shows?
The Grateful Dead perform a flawless Comes a Time into a short Jam at The Cobo Arena MI in the fall of 1976. The remainder of this outstanding [partial] show...
So there's a Media Expo coming up @ Cobo Arena on the 25th of April. This is a pretty cool convention, and I'll be taking pictures and video
I seen Neil Young in 1982 at Cobo Arena & Simon & Garfunkel at the Dome in 1983, & James Taylor @ Pine Knob in 1983.T
Now there was a time I got locked in Tiger Stadium and froze my ball off. But there was a time I just hung around Tiger Stadium after a game, and truly fell in love with it.    On one beautiful day game back in the 80's, I went to a Tiger game. I can't remember the score, or who they played or what happened. But what I remember after the game, truly changed the way I looked at Tiger Stadium. Now growing up in Detroit, you just went to the Olympia Stadium, Cobo Arena, the Silverdome, the Joe Louis Arena, and Tiger Stadium just watch a game or other event. But one day after a game, I decided to pretend I was GEEDY TIGER FAN, and hung out in the stadium after a game, pretending I was trying to get autographs. I hung out on the Tigers dugout and clubhouse side. And I just happened to have my camera with me, so I went down to the Tiger's dugout and the last roll of seats, and was totally blown away at what I saw. I saw this wooden blue bench, and all these sun flower seeds all over the place. Oh yeah, and to ...
Video: 'Report on the Attack on Nancy Kerrigan - 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships' (Thursday, January 6, 1994, at about 2:40 p.m. EST) — In an incident that shook the world of figure skating, Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the leg today by an assailant at Detroit’s Cobo Arena. Four men,...
Some stories last a lifetime. In the world of figure skating, the “whack heard around the world” involving Nancy Kerrigan being attacked on Jan. 6, 1994 when leaving Detroit’s Cobo Arena is one of them.
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band concert at Cobo Arena on Jun 15, 1980
Well, we certainly didn't have a shortage of good music. There were great venues at great prices. Olympia, Cobo Arena, Masonic, Ford auditorium and of course the Grande Ballroom. What were your favorite concerts that you attended?
Who or what was the 1st live concert performance you ever saw, where and when? For me it was The J. Geils Band, Cobo Arena, 1973! I was 14 years old, tickets were $5 for front row! (good times, good times)
Here's the Detroit News article on Seger and SBB at Cobo in '75. It could have been that it was a homecoming for Bob Seger that made his two-night sellout performance at Detroit's Cobo Arena so triumphant this week. Seger, who grew up in the Detroit area, was backed by the Silver Bullet Band, also from Detroit, and Seger made it clear that he was not going to forget the people that got him started. "I read somewhere, I think it was in Rolling Stones," Seger told the crowd, "that Detroit has the finest rock and roll audience in the world. "Well, I've known that for 10 years now!" The audience was behind him from the start, as Seger opened his set with a full-blast attention-grabber, the pulsating "Nutbush City Limit," written by Tina Turner. Then Seger took off into some older tunes, including "Back in '72," where the lyrics state, "Yea we got lonesome for Lincoln Park," again demonstrating his love for the Detroit area. Keeping up the pace, the gravelly voiced Seger followed with "Rosalie," Van Morrison's ...
Recorded live in Cobo Arena, Detroit in Friday, May 8th,1970
Bob Seger & THE SILVER BULLET BAND in Green Bay tomorrow night, for you lucky people going to the concert, you are in for a treat, I've been lucky enough to attend 23 concerts from 1980 to his tour 6 years ago. Most of the concerts were in Detroit, The Palace, Pine Knob, Joe Louis also the Breslin Center & my 1st & last at Cobo Arena, nothing like a Michigan croud! I know alot of Yoopers will be at the show! Just make sure you have your dancing shoes on, cause you will be on your feet for most of the show. Alto Reed will "steal" the show playing his Sax, Bob may be getting old, but he can still Rock, Have a great time Folks, "ROCK & ROLL NEVER FORGETS" & ROCK ON!
.I saw BBD with Keith Sweat and Ralph Tresvant with my gf at Cobo Arena. True
Attack on Nancy Kerrigan happened at Cobo Arena (Detroit, MI) on January 6, 1994.
My favorite arena to play in on the road, next to the old Madison Square Garden, was Cobo Arena, former home of the Detroit Pistons. I liked it for the ambiance. The organ player, influenced by Guy Lombardo, made it a very soulful arena. LIKE or COMMENT to cheer the Lakers on as they play the Pistons tonight at the Palace!
The Great Blizzard of 1978.Thanks Joanie Silvi.Everything was closed.EXCEPT the Rams Horn restaraunt on Middlebelt road.where Robert Monaghan and I worked as Dishwashers.the band Nazereth had to reschedual thier date at Cobo Arena...
DETROIT, MI - Two months before the historic March on Washington in 1963, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. made his message heard loud and clear at Detroit's Cobo Arena. That's the site of King's first version of his "I Have a Dream" speech, and it reportedly put more than 25,000 spectators on the ed...
NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Keselowski made a quick trip home to get a glimpse of the North American International Auto Show Wednesday afternoon at Cobo Arena before heading to Charlotte, N.C., for a two-day test session.
On January 6, 1994, the United State Figure Skating Championships, taking place at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, were marred by violence and scandal as Nancy Kerrigan was hit on the knee when she was exiting a practice session at Cobo Arena. It was later determined that the attack was orchestrated by supporters of Tonya Harding, who was skating against Kerrigan in the ladies competition. Kerrigan's injury rendered her unable to skate in Detroit, and Harding subsequently won the ladies' title. However, Kerrigan recovered in time for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway the next month and won a silver medal. Harding finished 8th at the Olympics, and later was stripped of her U.S. title when the full details of the attack emerged.
So I guess today in Detroit history Nancy Kerrigan was attacked with a police baton at Cobo Arena. She was hit in the right leg by Tanya Harding's husband. So in observance of this great day, for those of you living in Detroit, go to Campus Martius and knock around a couple of skaters at the ice rink with police batons. Happy Nancy Kerrigan Day!! - Andrew
According to a Detroit News report, the Detroit Red Wings might owe roughly $70 million to the city of Detroit. The Detroit Red Wings are supposed to give the city a 25% share of TV rights as part of their Joe Louis Arena and Cobo Arena lease agreement. That's been around since 1980, but the team reportedly has never paid the city any of that money. With Detroit Red Wings and Tigers owner Mike Ilitch seeking money for a new arena, the unpaid debt is coming up. "The Ilitches are a multibillion-dollar operation, and they are inside a city that is sinking," said City Councilman Kwame Kenyatta. "(Mike Ilitch), I am sure, knows about this and should be forthcoming to help the city. Help us by writing a check, not by negotiating a new lease." Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said that his primary focus is on developing a new lease agreement, but he added, "we will take appropriate steps to collect any money that is owed to the City. We look forward to resolving all issues past and present in our negotiations with Olympi ...
On this date in WCW history: The Giant falls off the roof of the Cobo Arena and into the Detroit River
I was reading an old issue of SI this morning and was saddened to hear of the passing earlier this year of Joe Serpa. He was 83. He was a professional wrestler that I used to love to watch on Channel 9 back in the day. I went to see some of his matches at Cobo Arena. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in its very first class of wrestlers. We all knew him as Chief Jay Strongbow. RIP Joe and thanks for the memories.
Jack Straw by the Grateful Dead. Recorded on November 1, 1977 at Cobo Arena. (I cut off a little of the crowd noise and tuning at the end; it was getting kin...
Crowdfund this: Detroit is rock city and doc city in upcoming movie on storied Cobo Arena
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Crossroads really needs to suck it up and get the Rolling Stones on. They should do a show like they just did with Joe Walsh and have a different country band for each song. Last night I watched a movie entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones." It documents the "Exile on Main Street" tour that took place in 1972. I attended the Detroit show of said tour, at the air-conditioned Cobo Arena. (some of you oldsters will get the cultural reference.) The movie doesn't feature any cuts from the Detroit show, but I was taken aback at the memories it produced. The costumes, the between songs banter, Jagger being his usual *** self that everybody counted on and loved; it even recalled to me conversations I had with my buds at the show. The challenge at any Rolling Stones concert was to guess the song based on the intro. The Stones knew this and it was an accepted "Kabuki Dance" of the shows. (I was always right, lol.) They played my favorite Stones song of all time at this show. The Stones have been my g ...
Michigan State Police shared the following link and had this to say about it: Are you a veteran? Check out the National Veterans Hiring Fair at Cobo Arena in Detroit. We'll be there. are strongly encouraged to join the event at the COBO Center. We have jobs to fill and we want you to fill them! The Hiring Fair is fr...
Told by the rock stars and celebrities that made it famous, the story of Detroit's Cobo Arena is one that is unique to the world.
Construction workers gut and renovate Cobo Arena in time for the North American International Auto Show during phase three of a six year renovation project in Detroit May, 2, 2012. Andre J. Jackson/Detroit Free Press
I hear Cobo Arena & think '95 Halloween Havoc where The Giant (Big Show) was "thrown off roof" of Cobo but later showed up unharmed.
WOW!!! Tearing down Cobo Arena!!! Saw 2 of my Top 5 ever concerts there... First time I saw Metallica in Nov. '88 & Jeff Beck with Stevie Ray Vaughan in Nov. '89... Oh, yeah... KISS ALIVE! & Bob Seger's 'Live Bullet" were recorded there... I think a live J. Geils album, too...
Here's Sammy Hagar with his one two Three Lock Box if the Holy Trinity are listening. Live 1984 Cobo Arena. ♫
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