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A coast guard or coastguard is a Maritime Security organization of a particular country. The armed forces of a country are its government-sponsored defense, fighting forces, and organizations. 5.0/5

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Five branches, not four (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) make up the U.S. Armed Forces.
Cultural heritage New Delhi: A kaleidoscopic view of the country's rich cultural heritage and military prowess were on display at the 64th Republic Day parade on Saturday on the 8-km stretch from Rajpath to Red Fort. An eager audience on both sides of the imposing Rajpath, the country's ceremonial boulevard facing the seat of power Raisina Hills, braved the winter chill and cheered loudly as the parade went past them portraying the rich and diverse culture of the country. The icing on the cake was the 5,500-5,800 km ballistic Agni-V missile mounted on a road mobile launcher which was paraded by the Defence Research & Development Organisation as the crowd lapped it up with loud cheer. General Officer Commanding (Delhi) Lt General Subroto Mitra led the synchronised military and police contingents as they marched to the cheerful tunes of bands through the 2-km Rajpath where President Pranab Mukherjee, also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, took the salute for the first time after assuming office in ...
EXECUTIVE ORDER - - - - - - - ORDERING THE SELECTED RESERVE AND CERTAIN INDIVIDUAL READY RESERVE MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES TO Active Duty By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 121 and 12304 of title 10, United States Code, I hereby determine that it is necessary to augment the active Armed Forces of the United States for the effective conduct of Operation United Assistance, which is providing support to civilian-led humanitarian assistance and consequence management support related to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa. In furtherance of this operation, under the stated authority, I hereby authorize the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating as a service in the Navy, under their respective jurisdictions, to order to Active Duty any units, and any individual members not assigned to a unit organized to serve as a unit of the S ...
A huge thank you to bishop Derek Jones for licensing me for the ACNA Diocese of the Armed Forces as chaplain to the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Is it "Posse Comitatus" or "Posse Comatosus"? If you are not familiar with the term "Posse Comitatus" it comes from the Latin meaning "force of the county". In American jurisprudence it is the name for an 1878 law that allegedly prohibits the US Military from invading a state to enforce "law and order". The law was updated in 1981 removing National Guard and U. S. Coast Guard from this important limitation of Federal power. [1] Since then a cluster of additional federal laws have further weakened this critical safeguard. Consider: In 2006 President Bush signed the Defense Authorization Act HR-5122 which amounted to the President being able to use the U. S. Armed Forces against American citizens essentially whenever the president, for whatever reason, deems that law and order is at risk. [ibid.] Consider: Since then a host of other laws against collecting intelligence (spying) on American citizens have been seriously weakened by the replacement or addition of loose language and other legislation, all of wh ...
VIDEO : D-Day 70th Anniversary. -- How Are YOU Observing The 70th Anniversary Of D-Day? Flying A FLAG (or two), I Hope!!! In observance & commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France on June 6th, 1944, at our house here on Donovan Drive, we are flying some appropriate Flags to mark the occasion. On our four spinning poles we are flying, from-left-to-right, the Flags of the United States (Star-Spangled Banner), Canada (current), France, and the United Kingdom. Hanging down (vertically) in front of our living room windows we are exhibiting the "modern" Flags of our Armed Forces (from left-to-right): Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force (current), Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. In front of our garage door we are showing (left-and-right) a 48-Star U.S. Flag (in use from 1912 to 1959) and a World War II 50th Anniversary Flag. Out in our front yard mounted on a 12' flagpole we are flying a 50-Star U.S. Flag and a State of Oregon Flag. We offer our profound and sincere admir ...
Posse Comitatus. How about Posse Comi_Not us! remember the pesky federal law? dang those pesky laws... unless...YOU ARE THE KING! Then those laws don't matter. The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) that was passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction and was updated in 1981. Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal Military Personnel to enforce the state laws. The Act, as modified in 1981, refers to the Armed Forces of the United States. It does not apply to the National Guard under state authority from acting in a Law Enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state's governor. The United States Coast Guard, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is also not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act, primarily because the Coast Guard has both a maritime Law Enforcement mission and a federal regu ...
WTOC Lynda Figueredo Coming Up on the News at Seven.. Dramatic video from the U.S. Coast Guard of a rescue off Hilton Head Island. Plus - members of the Armed Forces taking time out to honor some special senior citizens - and talk about a wedding to remember - A South Carolina couple will dance to their wedding song tonight - while the original artist performs it live just for them.
Having fun @ Air fest Tampa Madill AFB! Thank you men and women of the US Armed Forces and Coast Guard for your service and making this FUN day possible!
LEGOLAND® FLORIDA SALUTES ACTIVE PERSONNEL IN ARMED FORCES WITH Military Appreciation DayS THROUGHOUT 2014! WINTER HAVEN, FLA. (January 8, 2014) – LEGOLAND® Florida salutes the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces with the continuation of Military Appreciation Days throughout 2014. As an appreciation for their continued service, all Active Duty Military Personnel including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reservists are now entitled to free single day admission to LEGOLAND Florida and the LEGOLAND Water Park (open seasonally). Specifically geared for families with children ages 2 to 12, LEGOLAND Florida also offers substantial savings for family and friends of Military Personnel so all can enjoy the more than 50 rides, shows, attractions and the newest expansion, The LEGO World of Chima presented by Cartoon Network featuring an interactive family water ride, The Quest for CHI. To redeem their free admission ticket, Active Duty Military Personnel sh ...
Battles, "The Noncommissioned Officer and Petty Officer, Backbone of the Armed Forces, National Defense University Press, 2013" Through the direction of the Office of the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this book was written by a team of enlisted leaders representing the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard with the participation and support of the National Defense University. All members of the writing team, except one, were serving or Retired NCOs/POs.” Good Reading!!!
The second father-son coaching matchup between Louisville's Rick Pitino and Minnesota's Richard Pitino is surely going to gain national attention. On Tuesday, ESPN announced the Cardinals and Gophers will face each other in the 2014 Armed Forces Classic from the Coast Guard base in Puerto Rico.
The Turkish Armed Forces are the military forces of the Republic of Turkey. They consist of the Army, the Navy , and the Air Force. The Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard, both of which have Law Enforcement and military functions, operate as components of the internal security forces in peacetime, and are subordinate to the Ministry of Interior. In wartime, they are subordinate to the Army and Navy. The President of Turkey is the military's overall head.
Day 26: I am thankful for all the people who serve in ALL of our Armed Forces to help protect our boarders of this nation! I have high respect for the people who risk their life day in and out to protect our freedom! I Salute everyone who is and who has been in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and the United States Marines! UNITED WE STAND!
I think the entire Armed Forces would be better if they all followed Coast Guard naming conventions. Army = LAND GUARD. Navy …
On the evening of September 30, the night before the lapse in appropriations began, President Obama signed into law H.R. 3210, the Pay Our Military Act, which was passed unanimously by the House and the Senate. This law gives the President and his Administration the authority to continue paying all civilian employees it deems are working in support of the Armed Forces. Astonishingly, the President and his Administration chose to ignore the law and unnecessarily furlough 400,000 Department of Defense and Coast Guard civilian employees. -from Congressman Jeff Miller.
So a while back I signed a petition on and recently I got a respose back. The petition was to reinstate tuition assistance for Active Duty military. Below is their response, in my opinion their answer is a bunch of crap. Tuition Assistance is here to stay Thanks for your petition. As you well know, the Tuition Assistance program has for years offered Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsman, and Airmen the opportunity to take college courses while they're off duty -- covering up to 100 percent of certain costs. Because of sequestration, the federal government was required to make cuts across agencies, including the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces, however, have determined that the required cuts can be achieved without reducing funding for tuition assistance. All four branches of the military, as well as the Coast Guard, will fully fund the program going forward through the end of the Fiscal Year. Last year, more than 286,000 service members took advantage of tuition assistance, and the De ...
I'm former Air Force (1980 - 1984). My dad was retired Air Force. All my life I've been around Military, and families of military, and all of them have my sincere gratitude. I make my living as a professional musician because of the greatness of our nation, which is protected by our Armed Forces. I'm very proud of my Air Force heritage, and the role played by that particular branch of the service in securing our freedoms. My friends, my father and other loved ones made it a better place, and I'm VERY proud of them. To my Marine, Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Reserves Brothers and Sisters: I understand and honor the special intensity that your service calls for. To my Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement, and other First Responders: I honor you on this day also. You all put your Country and Communities above yourselves, and "No man hath greater love..." Blessings to all of you, and your families on this, and every other day. I don't often sound off on my Patriotism, because it sounds like jumping on a ...
God Bless America ,we salute all our Armed Forces of America ,ARMY ,Navy, Air Force ,Marines, Coast guard our nations pride no tyrant hand shall smite ,America my country "tis of thee Sweet Land of Liberty Of thee I sing. by Zenaida B Manning
All my respects to the U.S Coast Guard 💪🚁 to the U.S Army and all the armed forces love you guys and thanks for everything !
Please clarify. Are the scholarships offered to all dependents of the Armed Forces or just those of Coast Guard?
This is Admin Maximus one of the owners of the original page, we conceived the three pages Modernize the Philippine Navy, Modernize the Philippine Air Force and Philippine Army Modernization and West Philippine Sea (no such thing as South China Sea) as way to inform the public about plans, assets being acquired and our current assets in our Armed Forces. We also featured foreign forces - the one threatening us - China, and the other countries our allies and other countries which we tap as allies or sources of weaponry. We also featured our ship building industry and international events related to navy and naval technology, our Philippine Coast Guard which becomes a part of the Navy in time of war, Maritime Security and Diplomacy. Due to heavy workload we decided to add administrators and moderators- we also added them because we want inputs from our members well all as well until someone or something entered the role of admin through hacking or other means and removed us or disabled our right to post i . ...
Defence Force stretched their lead atop the Digicel Pro League standings to seven points, but Police would have been the happier of the Armed Forces after they disturbed the wins column on Saturday at Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya. The League-leading Army/Coast Guard unit sped off to a 2-0 half-time advantage on Devorn Jorsling strikes in the seventh and 40 minutes, before Kevon Carter polished off their performance with a 73rd minute strike. Jorsling, also a national forward, twice ran onto passes from T&T winger Carter and midfielder Jerwyn Balthazar to beat Rangers goalkeeper Zane Coker for his goals in that order. And Carter also beat Coker from close range to finish off a solo run from defender Rodell Elcock.
I just saw a commercial about the Armed Forces and I thought about all of those moms and dads that allow or support their children with the choice to enlist. I'm sorry, but I just don't think I could be that gracious about it. I understand it is an American's right and honor to serve his/her country, but as a mother it would kill me to have one of my kids fight in active combat. I think I would have to only allow the Coast Guard! Can anyone shed light on this?
PH Navy needs bigger warships WASHINGTON D.C. - A ranking Philippine Navy official said they will need more and bigger ships to protect the nation’s maritime borders miles away from one of the longest coastlines in the world. Rear Admiral Jose Luis Alano, Philippine Fleet (PhilFleet) commander, said the country has no choice but to acquire ships like the US Coast Guard’s Hamilton-class cutters because of seasonal changes in the South China Sea that make it treacherous to smaller vessels about half of the time each year. Alano and Armed Forces chief Gen. Jessie Dellosa formally accepted delivery of the USCGC Dallas, the 378-foot, 3,250-ton sister ship of the Hamilton that was turned over to the Philippine last year and rechristened the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, during formal rites in Charleston, South Carolina May 22. Bigger ships, especially like the high-endurance, all-weather Hamilton-class cutters, can sail through huge waves and stay longer at sea, he explained. He downplayed reports that like the H ...
it's different branches in the Armed Forces. Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard. Marines are the more elite Army.
That list would be so long it would take up the memory of my computer. The short version though would be family, friends, all of our soldiers currently serving in the Armed Forces and the U.S. Coast Guard. My children, one of which has a birthday today. My grandchildren. The most important one of all though is the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with my own Mom. She will be 96 next week. God Bless all of you and I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
There are very few bonds in life stronger than among those who have served in the Armed Forces — the men & women of the Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Navy & Coast Guard who volunteered out of a sense of duty or who responded when called upon. As Americans, we pays tribute to those who paid the ultimate price. We all need to stop and take a moment every day to remember that we have troops overseas fighting for our country and we should be thankful for their service & the cost of this Freedom. Let’s stop and “proudly hail” those who proudly serve us. The last U.S. veteran of World War I is gone and the ranks of World War II and the Korean War vets are dwindling. Baby boomers who served in Vietnam are retiring. And with the pullout of troops from Afghanistan, the U.S. commitment there and in Iraq is coming to an end. Our Troops need our prayers and support. As these service men & women return home, our U.S. Companies can become Military Friendly Employers! There are already many companies who can't ...
Thanks to everyone in my family and in our country that has served in the Armed Forces. My brother Brad Gregory and my sister in law Laurence Gregory were members of the US Coast Guard. My father, Bill Gregory U.S. Navy retired. My nephew David Gregory, currently serving as a medic in the U.S. Navy. Thank you for serving our country well and proudly!
Fans help me choose which armed forces patch Im going to wear for next wks game!!! Coast Guard, Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force
US Coast Guard vessel. USCG is considered a branch of their armed forces. Thus the weaponry...
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'The Guardian' is a really underrated movie.. people seem to forget that the Coast Guard is one of the 5 branches of our armed forces
All Indians should stand up against those people who openly speak in favour of terrorists, secessionists and anarchists at public forums - these people portray themselves as `Great Intellectuals' and speaking against the security forces of India seems to have become a fashion among a small group of Indians. Officers and constables of our State Police Services need our special support today in this hour of crises, as do jawans of CRPF, CISF, ITBP, BSF, SSB, Coast Guard etc and of course the three Armed Forces of India.
The U.S. Armed Forces (Soldiers,Sailors, Marines,Airmen,National Guard, Reservists, Coast Guard) defends our rights and keep our country Free and Safe! It is...
Today was the 222nd Anniversary of the founding the of United States Coast Guard as the Revenue Cutter Service. The USCG is the oldest continuously running of the five US Armed Forces. Happy Anniversary USCG!
Congratulations to the Military Times Service Members of the Year: SSgt Jessie McDonald, United States Marine Corps; HM1(SW) Maria Decena-Taylor, U.S. Navy; SGT Steven Davidson, The U.S. Army; MSgt Brandon Lambert, United States Air Force; and ENS Stacy Smith, U.S. Coast Guard! While the award recipients represent the diversity of our Armed Forces, they all have the same leadership, humility, and love for our nation. You all have done a wonderful job, and we are proud of you!
Today is Military Appreciation Day at the Dane County Fair! In honor of their service, all Armed Forces personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard members and veterans) and their immediate family members will receive free admission to the Fair. Proper military identification will be necessary to receive free admission, such as Armed Forces ID, VA Hospital ID Card or a copy of separation papers. Dryhootch has a table at the Fair, so make sure to stop by!
Hey Everyone! When you are chowing down on corn n the cob and BBQ's with family and friends this July 4th, Please don't forget to Pray for our Brave Men & Women of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard! They are out there, now and always, to keep the wolf from our door! Some may not be coming back. During holidays, heck, ANY DAYS, when in the Armed Forces we all miss our family and friends when we are in another state or even another country. REMEMBER THEM. They give up so much so we can enjoy the days and sleep safe at night. God Bless them and bring them ALL HOME! AMEN.
I still like my pjs though. The Navy is my second choice of armed forces. It's about the Coast Guard ***
[Adm-03] The pullout of Philippine ships from Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal would not weaken the country's claim over the disputed area, according to the Department of National Defense. President Aquino ordered two Philippine ships to pull out of Panatag Shoal due to bad weather Friday night. DND Spokesman Peter Galvez said the safety of the people aboard the Philippine ships deployed to the shoal is paramount. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesman Col. Arnulfo Burgos Jr. said they would continue to work with the Coast Guard in monitoring the area despite the pullout.
I personally would like to take a moment to say thank you to all members (active, inactive, reserve, and veterans) of our Armed Forces. Your dedication, strength, and willingness to serve for the protection of our great nation should be acknowledged and appreciated. Hats off and a high salute to you who have made the ultimate sacrafice, as well as, all of you present members of the United States Army, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Navy!
Remember when the phrase 'Yo momma wears combat boots' was an insult? My hats off to the women of the Armed Forces for their time, sacrifice and dedication to duty on this Memorial Day weekend. And also a salute to all the members of our Armed Forces past,present and future for their unselfish commitment to the nation and its people. Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves and all POW/MIA' are not forgotten. Pvt. E2 W. Burkett CSC 1/66 2nd Armor Div. (1978) 'ALL THE WAY' my brothers and sisters in arms...
The Armed Forces Foundation is looking to support the Coast Guard community during the annual NASCAR Toyota/Save Mart 350, right here in our back yard at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. The festivities take place from June 22nd through the 24th. MWR will be taking names to be drawn to participate in a multitude of events including Pit Road passes before and during the race, exclusive Driver meet and greets, tours of haulers and garages and many others. What do you have to do you ask? Simply come by the MWR Hub's Library/Ticket office and fill out a drawing slip. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, 30 May. Good Luck Race Fans!
I challenge all Duval County, Lakewood, San Marco, Southside, Beaches friends to drive to the Veteran's Wall Downtown on May 28 Monday I am before I go into work and pause reflect. You are standing there offering a prayer of Thanksgiving to those who sacrificed for our country. Take your family to the Wall & Please rem all the Coast Guard, Armed Forces, and the staff at Pentagon families who serve without the uniform
We salute our Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard brothers & sisters as we conclude Armed Forces Week; we are unified to protect our Nation.
Day 4 4AM Walking group: A Tremendous turn out for the Armed Forces Day walk- a -thon. We started at 0340 as we were going all the way to Indiana. Being the ranking veteran I took "point" and Cindy followed me. For you that don't know "point" means at the front or leading, it's a risk I take willingly if there is dog poop or broken glass I'm the one that "gets" it. As the walk progressed I started having "flashbacks" of my Navy days, some good some not so good such as the time I ate a Chittlin' that was not properly prepared. To remind myself of some of the hardships I experienced I walked right through the water in the gutter instead of stepping over it. As we marched we tried singing all the Armed Forces songs I know the Navy and Marines', and parts of the Army and Air Force that we filled in with "dahs and Hums", I don't recollect the Coast Guard tune but I imagined one in thier honor. God Bless And PROTECT OUR ARMED FORCES Men and Women!
President Benigno Aquino III on Monday bared new defense items that have been acquired by the government to modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including a second Hamilton-class Cutter from the United States Coast Guard due to arrive in May.
The chief of the Armed Forces' Northern Luzon Command on Tuesday accused China of 'not telling the truth' when it claimed it had withdrawn its vessels from disputed Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal.
"CNN has interviewed women in all branches of the armed forces, including the Coast Guard, who tell stories that...
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