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Coast Guard

A coast guard or coastguard is a maritime security organization of a particular country.

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When in the Coast Guard, I dated the center of the local H.S. girls basketball team. SHe was an inch taller than me.
U.S. Detention Rate Dropped in 2016 according to Annual Report of the U.S. Coast Guard:
Now the Coast Guard is gone, won't the Illegal Drugs just arrive by Boat now? What am I the 1st person to realize t…
USCGC Morgenthau could be fourth vessel in class to become Philippine Navy frigate after decommissioning today.
Coast Guard assists Okaloosa Sheriffs with people in the water
11 things to keep in mind when the Coast Guard boards your boat.
Iceland spends less than 0.1% of it's GDP on its military has a Coast Guard and a Crisis Management Unit…
Passer-by calls Coast Guard after hearing screams for help from river
Coast Guard medevacs woman from cruise ship Carnival Ecstacy
Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Veteran's Affairs - we cover it all. Follow for daily insight.
trying to enter Mumbai by sea, warns Coast Guard; city on high alert
the Indian River Inlet is one of the ten most dangerous in the United States and we would have no Coast Guard protection
The United States has many options beyond a wall for securing the border with Mexico, but the Coast Guard, NOAA...
U.S. Coast Guard. These pilots and rescue swimmers are the elite of United States Coast Guard...
Fact 2: slash Coast Guard, FEMA, and NOAA, putting Alabama coast at risk.
America First my *** Budget proposed cutting cuts to the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and the FEMA
Meet a Wenham man making waves in the Coast Guard.
Coast Guard currently retrieving a body discovered by a fisherman in the Gulf of Paria. No confirmation on identity yet.
Coast Guard Cutter Spencer returns home after seizing $92 million in cocaine
A statement from Lifesaving Manager on the incident involving Coast Guard Helo Rescue116 .
The "17 agencies" include the NRO and Coast Guard Intel. Guarantee Meither reviewed or "signed off" not their missions!
The reason this shameless liar didn't finish the list of 17 is because it includes the DEA and Coast Guard. And it…
A warm welcome to our new Commissioner, Jeffery Hutchinson as he assumes command of the Canadian Coast Guard today.
Trump's budget will slash $1 billion from the at a time when it's doing more than ever via
Saluting our U.S. Department of State veterans who served their country and worked at DOS- in memoriam:...
Our heartfelt wishes to those involved in the search operation for including the local fishermen, & Ir…
One dead, three missing in Coast Guard helicopter crash via Rest in peace
'We are so proud of Dara's work' - family of mum-of-one who died in Coast Guard helicopter crash pay tribute…
Our thoughts are with our colleagues in the Irish Coast Guard during this ongoing search off Mayo
Thanks, Trump for taking away funding from the U.S. Coast Guard. So now mine and my brother's dental insurance is nonexistent.
Breaking: Trump to boost drug smuggling. [Coast Guard does a lot of Drug Interdiction, too not just the search n rescue thing.]
Head U S Coast Guard charged with clean-up & enforcement retired one day during the middle of the BP oil spill to work for BP the next
As a proud former member of Irish Coast Gaurd my heart goes out to families of the crew of
1 dead, 3 missing after Coast Guard copter crashes into sea
► VIDEO: A live map captures the flight path and last known location of Coast Guard helicopter
Some terrible news from Ireland overnight
Coast Guard respond to entangled subadult humpback whale off Maui
Nope, Mexico ain't paying for that fuwall! Our Coast Guard, FEMA, Secret Service and TSA are. . How did the 9/11…
Coast Guard member rescued from helicopter crash dies
let's loan them a Cruise Ship to load up and sail over. We promise subs will ignore. They're busy, Coast Guard sink it
Among Ned Price's "17 intelligence agencies" is the Coast Guard, Drug Enforcement & our Geospatial intelligence guys. Weird.
Dear Coast Guard,. Find something better to do with your time. Thanks
What was promised in return? US leaves new Atlantic seaways and oil and gas to China and Russia? Coast guard cut 1.3 billion.
Dodd-Frank, vital to savings 401ks, protecting our shores but cut Coast Guard, harmi…
But Zuck fam kept her from trending on FB at least... apparently the 'Irish Coast Guard' is a bigger…
Search for Coast Guard helicopter missing off Mayo
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You're a senior right? Good thing the coast guard doesn't require grammar 😂
Coast Guard seizes over 4 tons of cocaine in Atlantic, largest sum since 1999
Good luck to Somalia's glorious Coast Guard! The world may call you pirates, but we know you're protecting our seas from th…
if anything they need to increase the Coast Guard. It is dangerously low on Cutters and high tech equipment.
Coast Guard helicopter: Captain pulled from Atlantic dies
Tributes paid to Coast Guard member who died off Co Clare via
The three other crew on board the missing Coast Guard helicopter have been named as Mark Duffy, Paul Ormsby…
Search continues for three missing Coast Guard helicopter crew - Mark Duffy, Paul Ormsby and Ciaran Smith
BREAK IN THE SEARCH? Coast Guard finds debris field in hunt for El Faro
Some say cutting Coast Guard budget to build
Cuts to the Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration are "bad for Long Island"
Republicans control House & Senate "Not Democrats" & its why. Cuts to Coast Guard. Cuts 2 TSA. FHA Mortgages up. Russian Ste…
When Trump promised Mexico will pay for border wall, he meant US Coast Guard & US airport security.
Youre concerned about border safety so you want to cut finding to TSA and Coast Guard? Does Trump not know what the…
"Report: Trump considering cuts to Coast Guard, airport security to fund border wall" Must be an error. Mexico's paying, rig…
Trump admin weighing cuts to Coast Guard, TSA to fund border wall
But there's a good chance FEMA, Coast Guard, & TSA will pay
Instead of defunding the Coast Guard just deploy them to the border and scratch the whole wall nonsense. Keep Ameri…
Trump's draft budget proposes $1.3 billion dollar cut to Coast Guard to pay for border wall. …
President Trump is reportedly considering cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA to fund the border wall
Trump to cut vital svcs that really do protect our border, the Coast Guard, T.S.A. and FEMA to Build a useless wall
"...proposed cuts (to pay for the border wall) include budgets for the Coast Guard, airport security, and...
Trump administration weighing cuts to Coast Guard, TSA, Secret Service and FEMA to help fund border wall.
Cutting our Coast Guard to pay for Trump's border wall makes about as much sense as cutting our fire departments to pay fo…
Funds from proposed cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA would go toward erecting a wall along the Mexico-US border https…
."trump considering deep cuts to Coast Guard, TSA & FEMA to fund its southern border security plan." Ar…
President Trump is weighing cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA as he looks for money to bolster his border plan
Coast Guard proposes to remove Fresnel lens from lighthouse - Record Patriot
To blow up the EPA and crush the Coast Guard, two groups that save American lives everyday, does not equal making it great.
Somebody shud explain to *** trump how the Coast Guard protects our borders,helps with disasters,rescues ships…
One of the more asinine things I've seen today
To pay for the border wall, Trump might slash budgets for the Coast Guard and TS…
Who wants to bet that doesn't know that the Coast Guard is part of the military?
proposes billion & cut to Easy access for spy ships. https…
Trump plan pays for immigration crackdown with cuts to coastal, air security
wants to build a great Great Wall then cuts coast guard's budget! The 'man' is a genius!!
Trump admin wants to gut the Coast Guard, make cuts in airport & rail security to pay for crackdown on immigration: https:/…
President Trump will gut Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA to pay for his border wall, immigrant roundups
White House budget proposal would cut 11 percent of FEMA's funding in order to pay for mass deportations.
14 percent cut to the 11 percent cut to 11 percent cut to All to "make us safer.".
Trump considering cuts to FEMA and airport security to fund border wall: report
Muslim Bans from countries that don't attack us, ineffective border walls & yet they want to cut airport security & coa…
The coast guard which protects trump every weekend while he's in florida...
We're an island nation. So Trump cuts Coast Guard?? Airports?? Trump fails us. Stop the charade.
Trump is cutting 2 things that ACTUALLY keep bad ppl out of the U.S. to fund something that only LOOKS like it does. https:/…
The Coast Guard is a major Homeland Security military force that protects the nation, he is gutting it to build a wall…
“Trump wants to make America safe again by gutting Coast Guard and TSA budgets” by
Way to go Trump. Build the Wall to stop drugs coming in, then cut Coast Guard budget to let drugs come in by b…
is making cuts to the Coast Guards budget, 1st thing he can do is quit going to b/c it is wasting the Coast Guard's money!
To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard and airport security
Trump wants to fund border wall, deportations by cutting programs that actually keep America safe.
Wasn't Mexico going to pay for the wall Instead you are asking our Coast Guard to fund it?
Trump wants to cut funding to FEMA, the Coast Guard and TSA to fund the wall. Because terrorists have never used planes to f…
with what's being revealed in the way of corruption in , the Coast Guard is the least of my worries. Left looks bad.
Cuts to State Department, TSA, Coast Guard and FEMA. To build a *** wall. Because *that'll* keep Americans safe...…
He is a member of the Coast Guard protecting our nation & on his time off he went to buy a hotdog @ UC Berkeley. Violent le…
. If we are increasing military spending by $54billion, why has the US Coast Guard been left out of the equation?
I lowkey would be in the Coast Guard
US Coast Guard and Oak Creek Fire to Bender Park, 4503 E RYAN Rd. Caller can see boat off shore but no operator.
Opening borders and ceding the arctic to the plans to gut US Coast Guard htt…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
US Coast Guard helping to clean up fuel spill at Port Everglades after rollover crash involving tanker: h…
President Trump's Coast Guard budget cuts worry lawmakers as Vladimir Putin builds up Russian military in Arctic:
Coward & Murderer Michael Slager also violated Creed. in his execution of Walter Scott, U.S. Coast Guard. https…
Gulf Stream operated by the US Coast Guard at DCA
Coastie= Coast Guard? Thanks for your service, and Semper Paratus!
US Coast Guard helicopter airlifts man to safety: Coast Guard air station medically evacuates man from Beaver Islan…
Silver Lifesaving Medal presented to Coast Guard officer at Coast Guard Station Indian River…
Woman suffering diabetic shock airlifted by Coast Guard from Royal Caribbean
Coast Guard: No boat request from SpaceX, Air Force in latest...
Coast Guard: No boat request from Air Force in latest...
U.S. Coast Guard offloads more than 13 tons of cocaine at Naval Base San Diego seized in 21 separate incidents in the Eastern Paci…
Lions eliminated from playoff contention after loss to Coast Guard
Spoke to the Coast Guard. They just said to be careful of the weather as they expect 10-12 foot seas. Let's go Seth!
The Coast Guard says people who go on melting ice not only put their lives at danger, but also first responders.
The Canadian Coast Guard is here until 2:00 p.m. today. Stop by to chat about exciting careers. h…
Great job by Corpus Christi for catching four illegal fishing boats from Mexico off the coast.
The fighter jet & Coast Guard helicopter exercises over today are awesome! Have I mentioned there's a lot going on this weekend?
the cruelty of the bailiffs and call on the US coast guard decided not to extend the temporary cease fire, but he doesn't take much to
FLIR lands $50 million Coast Guard contract for electronics.
coast guard tracking Ru Spy ship near Groton CT submarine base - time 2 contact them - get the *** out or we blow u out of the water!
A retired Canadian Coast Guard ship now docked at Prescott, Ontario is for sale with a minimum bid of $250,000.…
Ever been a local unofficial lifeguard? I use to call the Coast Guard hotline when tourists swam in the sea where boats go thru. . Serious
Coast Guard urges extreme caution on ice, water as warm temperatures approach via
Time to transfer the Coast Guard to the Defense Department?
Coast guard has been alterted to watch for shoddily constructed gilded rafts, Soviet exfiltration submarines circling Mal-a-WheredHeGo?
Frontex Director:& are able to mobilise wide range of national authorities implementing coast g…
prior to GPS the Coast Guard had Loraing Stations inland that provided locations of ships.b
Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Majesty of the Seas failed at US Coast Guard safety inspection...
And the coast guard. wth is that for? I live 100 miles inland.
Two of the Navy and Coast Guard’s major private shipbuilders have been cited for cases involving worker deaths. A full rundown:…
Francis sat down for an exclusive interview with Commandant
a coast guard member telling Leblanc what the skimmer does. It's dropped onto and oil spill and brushes/skims it…
JRCC is being tasked to attend the waters off Watertown for a male clinging to an ice flow. US coast guard also responding.
Russian ship reportedly spotted near Navy base in Connecticut
Video shows the Libyan coast guard--the EU's partner in stopping migration--whipping returned migrants.
Tell me how that Coast Guard Intelligence report turned out.
reports that Russian spy ship sent to retrieve Mike Flynn. demands congressional investigation of US Coast Guard.
Coast Guard repatriates 16 migrants to the Dominican Republic
They'll deploy Coast Guard cutters and trained dolphins to patrol the periphery. That won't cost much.
Potential carcinogen found in drinking water used on Coast Guard ships
Potential carcinogen found in water used on Coast Guard ships
Coast Guard finds toxic contaminant in their water. Wonder where else this paint is used?
born and raised! I actually got a letter from Robert Kraft when I retired from the Coast Guard ove…
“Coast Guard does not order the scrapping of vessels. It is a commercial decision” Capt. Jason Neubauer on Tote scrapping El Yunque
Coast Guard searches for missing fishing vessel   10% Off
The United States has been granted permission to sail a Coast Guard icebreaker into New Zealand waters later thi...
Marine Board finishes very technical questioning of Jaideep Sirkar, chief of naval architecture division at Coast Guard headquarters
Coast Guard searches for American who went missing in Southern Leyte dive -
Coast Guard searches for missing American in Southern Leyte dive
Created in 1871 what was to eventually become the Coast Guard, The United States Life-Saving…
WPI knocks off host Bridgewater State 48-0 to start the day, next up Coast Guard
BREAKING: The U.S. Coast Guard says divers searching for missing filmmaker Rob Stewart have found a body off the Florida Keys.
Our equivalent in the USA is the civil air patrol. Coast Guard would be a more appropriate asset and looks like they’re involved.
The DENR with the Coast Guard and other agencies set off for Laguna Lake to dismantle illegal fish pens | via http…
If you had to join a branch of the armed forces in the U.S, would you join the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, and why?
the matter is we are speaking armed forces of America. Never served Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, NG
Blame your boy Obama4 not stopping all Hacking after USPS,WH, Coast Guard& many more before election.
Coast Guard Academy and Museum, New London CT. The history of the Coast Guard is well documented in this 3,500...
U.s. Coast Guard in Grand Haven Michigan practicing on Spring Lake Michigan it's been warm Ice thin careful was fun…
Hwy 160/Isleton: CHP Air 21 is back enroute to the area to assist with search until Coast Guard helicopter arrives.
Coast Guard repatriated 6 fishermen from Andaman & Nicobar Islands from to
Man found dead in woods was booted from Coast Guard academy via
Dennis Wilson's desire was to be buried at the sea, a privilege reserved for Coast Guard and Navy veterans. President…
Coast Guard should have been doing so all along worldwide. Last USCG FONOP was in Russian Arctic in 1960s; it faile…
Coast Guard suspends search for missing plane with 6 onboard
U.S. Coast Guard announces it will suspend search for plane that went missing over Lake Erie. Background:
radar about 25 seconds later after dropping 1,000 feet and traveling 289 miles per hour. Coast Guard notified to search Lake Erie at 11:30pm
Coast Guard suspends search for missing small plane in Lake Erie.
UPDATED: Coast Guard and Canadian aircraft searching for 6 people after plane goes missing over Lake Erie.
The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search efforts as of 7:30 p.m. on the shores of Lake Erie
The small plane is not designed to float, says US Coast Guard official
LET IT BE THE Search underway after plane reportedly piloted by CEO vanishes with 6 on board -
US Coast Guard MH-65 lands at KBKL after another leg searching for…
Acting director pays tribute to Caitríona Lucas who ‘embodied the volunteer ethos’
Officials: Small plane crashes in Tennessee, no survivors.
Coast Guard searching for plane that vanished over Lake Erie
Public hearings could be scheduled by spring, after Coast Guard goes through public comments/considers changes.
Coast Guard cybersearch launched after cyberplane vanishes in Ohio with 6 on cyberboard
BREAKING NEWS: The Coast Guard confirms they are searching Lake Erie for a plane missing after takeoff from Burke Lakefront A…
No debris found yet as Coast Guard continues to search Lake Erie after small plane disappears from radar.
They still have a huge following esp. on west and east coast don't let your guard down.
Coast Guard: Crews searching Lake Erie for 6 people aboard a small plane that disappeared after taking off from Burke Lake…
“One of the successful issues we tackled this year was the creation of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency,”
Check this out! Rainbow waves & surfer on the Coast Guard beach Eastham today
'Will to survive' key to missing plane passengers' survival, Coast Guard says. temp in 30s…
Coast Guard: Still actively searching for survivors & aircraft after plane disappeared
US Coast Guard searching for missing plane in Ohio
Plane bound for hangar at Ohio State has gone missing: U.S. Coast Guard is…
Coast Guard crews are searching for 6 people aboard a Cessna which dropped off radar shortly after takeoff.
OHIO AIR MYSTERY No debris found after plane with 6 onboard vanishes
Crews search for missing plane in Lake Erie
LIVE: Aerials from on SD 1 over Lake Erie as the Coast Guard searches for a small plane that disappeared Thursday night.
Trenton Crew helps search for missing plane in Lake Erie near Cleveland
OHIO AIR MYSTERY: Plane with 3 adults, 3 kids vanishes after takeoff
A Citation with six on board goes missing over Lake Erie:
CLEVELAND MISSING PLANE-Coast Guard Newser-SOT FRI0154-Confirm search continues for plane missing after take off fr…
Coast Guard: No debris found in search for missing plane that took off from Ohio.
Coast Guard searching for plane over Lake Erie
Coast Guard search launched after plane vanishes in Ohio with 6 on board |
Pair of Coast Guard choppers searching Lake Erie for missing plane
U.S. Coast Guard crews search Lake Erie for plane carrying 6 people that disappeared overnight shortly after takeoff
Detroit trends now: New Years, Lake Erie, Coast Guard, Detroit and 2017in3words.
Winds have picked up... waves too. Where is Coast Guard focusing their search?
Three kids and three adults missing after plane vanishes from radar near Cleveland
Private plane vanishes over Lake Erie while heading to Ohio State University with six people on board
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Check this out! Rainbow waves and surfer on the Coast Guard beach in Eastham today.
UPDATED: Coast Guard says search for missing plane is still considered a rescue mission.
A plane went missing shortly after takeoff last night from Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. Coast Guard...
Irish Coast Guard saved more than 400 lives in 2016. via
Crews hopeful in search for plane carrying 6 near Cleveland
Live from SkyFox: Coast Guard searches for missing plane on Lake Erie
No airplane debris found but Coast Guard believes there could be survivors in Lake Erie plane disappearance.
Coast Guard suspends search for Lincoln man who went overboard ship
U.S. Coast Guard rescued a man having a heart attack aboard a cruise ship near San Diego on Christmas day:
If we see Chinese sea drone in Gulf of Mexico, you better hope our Coast Guard takes notice.
More than 100 Coast Guard recruits from Cape May here for Christmas dinner
The year in Chinese sports - The US Coast Guard found his vessel and his life jacket but no ...
Coast Guard suspends search for man who went overboard ship
Coast Guard searching for man overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas
Historic cocaine offload for Coast Guard - It was a busy day at Coast Guard Sector Key West last week after two...
Cuban invasion out of control, overwhelming The US Coast Guard! Trump must act on day 1 via Ex. Order!
Coast Guard on fouth day of search for missing Middletown
Check out this video! Major rescue involving Coast Guard & Naval Academy after boats overturned in Annapolis. Join…
"Inadvertently". How do you inadvertently send a letter to the Feds? It dispells Christy's oil response narrative: http…
Muzzled? BC Minister for Emergency Preparedness retracts letter demanding Feds re-open MCTS
Pathetic - B.C. minister apologizes to Ottawa for Comox coast guard letter won't defend our coast
Coast Guard, Canada Navy seize 26 tons of in Pacific
BS. One of the agencies is the coast guard. The Report was "on…
Well I guess the New Years Eve party is off now.
After months of drug busts, Coast Guard unloads 26 tons of cocaine
Indian Coast Guard 20% short of its force strength. Read more
Impressive coast to coast drive with dunk from 2017 guard son of former great https:…
The 2016 Video of the Year competition is getting underway soon! Learn how you can vote for your fav:
They assigned virtually every agency we have to Clapper, who never made the claim - including the DEA and…
U.S. Coast Guard seizes 26.5 tons of cocaine valued at $2 billion
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After MONTHS at sea, the Coast Guard turned in 25.9 tons of cocaine in Florida. No questions were asked as to...
Announcing the top 10 Coast Guard videos of 2016 – we need your votes!
DG ICG, Rajendra Singh reviewing maritime security preparations off Gujarat coast at Okha and interacting with Indian…
From the Department of Fisheries and Oceans: "product is floating on the surface of the water and not...
26.5 tons of cocaine seized by US Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy
LOOK: Chinese Coast Guard turns over Pinoy fishermen to BRP Tubbataha - Update…
I liked a video from Nikki and Daniel Bryan join the United States Coast Guard for a
More than 26 tons of cocaine worth at least $715 million was brought ashore Thursday in Florida.
"Metaphorically these essays move as a quiet but observant coast-guard cutter among the rocks and islands up and down the littoral of our l…
Coast Guard ship docks in North Charleston, reuniting hundreds of families for the holiday
Pls explain the "17 Intel agencies" Fake news or not?. Coast Guard Etc. Keep hearing but nobody explains.
I added a video to a playlist Coast Guard - A day in the life 2.
Coast Guard cutter returns to Galveston after seizing 3.4 tons of cocaine. after a 66-day counter-narcotics patrol…
Coast Guard offloads 26 tons of seized cocaine in Fort Lauderdale.
Coast Guard, Royal Navy seize 26 tons of cocaine in Pacific -
On this day in 1943, The US 112th Cavalry Regiment with Coast Guard support, lands at Arawe, off the island of Ne…
South Korea's Navy and Coast Guard rescued three North Korean fishing boats drifting in waters off its east coast...
$4M boost for Coast Guard headquarters in St. John's
Digging up dirt: Coast Guard dock in St. John's gets $4M upgrade. . via .
Philippine Navy gets 'new' frigate - Lorenzana said the former US Coast Guard cutter was “pr...
US Coast Guard cutter turned Philippine Navy frigate arrived in the Philippines today.
US Coast Guard wants to play bigger role in patrolling the disputed waters of South China Sea, writes.
Gerald Anderson now PH Coast Guard auxiliary officer with rank of lieutenant
don't think Bowe Bergdahl was emotional ready for the military as he was discharged from Coast Guard after 26 days -…
Charles Rogers & Seymour drove around Red Falcon and worked with JMWave with Coast Guard and other InterPen Members later as DEA pilots
Coast Guard, Ecology team to contain pollutants from sunken vessel - Grays Harbor Daily World
May God bless and protect our Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines who are far away from home on this Thanksg…
Congrats to cuz this guy just got accepted to the Coast Guard military Academy!! God has big things for you brother! 🇺🇸
Come and join in on line with us. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Space, Coast Guard. We have training for you so join up today .Train on line
The Long Blue Line: Native Americans and their Service in the Coast Guard via
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Talking to U.S. Coast Guard leadership and crew members today at the Indian River Station today.
The EU is training the Libyan coast guard to curb
African Muslim migrants chant "Allahu Akbar " and "Europe is ours" as the coast guard takes them into Europe..
Serra a : Libia coast guard to be trained by EU mission with support
Another boat tragedy leaves over 90 refugees missing off Libya: The Libyan coast guard says more than 90 refu...
Alameda-based cutter captures mini-sub filled with more than 2 tons of
WATCH LIVE: Coast Guard press conference on seizure of $5.6 billion worth of cocaine
Coast Guard devises plan to conduct rescue operations in case of emergency landings via
U.S. Coast Guard calls off Pacific Ocean search for Chinese sailor Read More :
No sign of Chinese sailor Guo Chuan on board his vessel: US Coast Guard
Our is always ready! Check out our latest honoring them! Get yours today!…
While the US Coast Guard does not require PFDs on unicorns, we think it's a pretty smart idea. Here's to floating... http…
Ain't no such thing as a Somali pirate they're the coast guard
LNG tanker transiting the Bab al-Mandeb attacked with RPG & gunfire near Perim island, escorted out of the area by Djibout…
Curious where you derived the data on coast guard expansion? Cannot access article behind pay wall. Thanks.
Via Coast Guard suspends search for man trying to break record sailing across Pacific
The Libyan coast guard rescued 29 survivors, who recounted that there were 129 of them in all on the boat.
The U.S. Coast Guard in Hawaii is searching for a Chinese man attempting to set a sailing record from San Fra...
Rockford man accused of robbing 2 teens at gunpoint in Grand Haven during Coast Guard festival:
Yesterday on ICW Just south of the Coast Guard station in Riviera Beach. Water up to the dock…
I'll never forget the day Me, Dee, Justin and Reese went up to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard festival 😂😂😂
Richard Neal decided to ride out the storm in a former Coast Guard tower off the coast of North Carolina.
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