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Coast Guard

A coast guard or coastguard is a maritime security organization of a particular country.

Air Force Irish Coast Guard Aegean Sea Japan Coast Guard Perfect Storm Lake Michigan Lake Erie United States Indian Coast Guard Philippine Coast Guard South Carolina Marine Corps

Coast Guard rescues 12 people near Cape Cod - (WTNH) — Twelve people are safe back on land after being rescued ...
Coast Guard, local agencies, good Samaritans rescue 12 people in Cape Cod Canal, 1 injured
Coast Guard: Search suspended for Rochester man missing from Ambassador Bridge
Coast Guard now says it was an 18 foot sailboat with 12 people on board that capsized in the cape cod canal
We think our teachers are the best! boot camp company commanders instill Coast Guard core values into recruits.
Navy is the best, eh? What about Army, Marine Corp, Air Force, and Coast Guard?
The ferry captain was the person who alerted the Coast Guard!! And the ferry riders helped people out of the water.
Amazing display by the coast guard at Charlestown regatta 2017
.soldiers are stationed temporarily at the launch complex in Alaska for US Missile Defense Agency testing http…
U.S. Coast Guard mourns the death of Master Chief Phillip F. Smith, second Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coa... https…
Also hunt them down and hand them over to the "Libyan coast guard" who will probably sell t…
Coast Guard chief: ‘We need to be funded like a military service’. CLICK:
Alaskan test could be conducted next weekend .
Diplomat_APAC: Coast Guard in the spotlight amid threat:
Coast Guard and Rocky River Police searching in Avon Lake for an person who fell off inflatable kayak and never res…
Coast Guard in the spotlight amid threat:
“Hello Claus. We’re sorry to hear that your crew got in trouble and that the Coast Guard almost had to intervene.
By this he means to ensure The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard have the resources. I don't think…
Coast Guard Cutter Venturous holds change of command in St. Petersburg
.urges boaters to have a plan, have enough working life jackets, and to bring an EPIRB:
Why would naval or coast guard intelligence get involved? 100% of intelligence agencies who investigated found Russia culpable
Coast Guard: Missile test could occur as early as next week
Coast Guard helicopter crew rescues man from Navy ship 160 miles off NC coast
Coast Guard: Missile test could be conducted next weekend
Apparently the Indian Coast Guard is responsible for cleaning up the seas -
VN sent more than 40 coast guard & fisheries ships to Bloc 136 to protect Deepsea Metro I drillship and ward off HYSY 760…
How many times did put forward the ridiculous notion that 17 agencies, including the coast…
Oh, and she did say the plan was to turn migrants over to the "Libyan coast guard" probably to be sold as slaves...
It's fine for Coast Guard to seize but where the police to trace the origin and the intended recipient/s? The entir…
I just had a debate about the border wall's effect on drug trafficking. I quoted the coa…
Missile test could be conducted next weekend
also joined the aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Aspen and observed Maritime Safety and Security Team capabi…
This was reported days ago. That Trump is there AGAIN clearly means he doesn't give a crap about these veterans. https…
Vietnam already dispatched 30 coast guard ships to face the chinese.
Coast Guard searching for person in Lake Erie.
During a tournament, have any Elite guys been pulled over by the Coast Guard or Canadian authorities? It's...
Coast Guard says test launch from the Kodiak Island rocket complex in Alaska will occur as soon as next week
Thank you to Alaska National Guard and the US Coast Guard for food drive
I'd like to thank the man upstairs for looking out this morning & thanks to pilot Mario, Suffolk Co. Marine Bureau & Fire…
Coast Guard to enforce US laws on water
Reminder: the Coast Guard will prevent disabled vets from using waters around the golf club for a recuperation program…
Coast Guard considers pot possession federal offense even in states will legal cannabis
The Commander of the Somaliland Coast Guard paid a visit today to the EUCAP in Hargeisa where he met the Head of the Field Of…
That's why, according to the US Coast Guard and this in tha…
We are NOT in the Hurricane Cone - very fortunate. The entire Bahamian Navy, our Navy & Coast Guard, Cruise ships etc.…
A Coast Guardsman demonstrates how to put on a diving helmet used by the U.S. Coast Guard on a…
Electronic Device Insurance
Coast Guard to close portion of Potomac River used by disabled vets to protect Trump while golfing: report
Coast Guard aids 4 at Lake Michigan boat race
Search resumes for missing Coast Guard crew men off Blackrock Island, Co Mayo.
Fresh search and rescue mission for doomed Coast Guard to begin next week.
Are you saying I beat Army, Navy, Marines, now I have only to defeat Air Force? What about Coast Guard, National Guard, Swiss Guard?
Coast Guard medevacs man 28 miles east of Barnegat Light, NJ
You know that US Intel community Trump keeps on trashing?. Here are 5 members:. Air Force. Army. Coast Guard. Marine Corps. Navy.
Paying tribute to the vital work of the Coast Guard and Irish Lighthouses, a launch in March was postponed followin…
Ankara: "1 Turkish navy destroyer and 2 armed Turkish coast guard boats are on scene off Rhodes looking for the Greek coa…
Captain: "I was on international waters, 3 miles (6 km) away from Rhodes when Greek coast guard boat opened fire" https:/…
Turkish navy and coast guard boats are looking for this Greek coast guard boat in the area to respond with fire and sink…
[now] Greek coast guard can't open fire on Turkish ship in international waters, Greece will pay a very heavy price https…
Greek coast guard opens fire on Turkish ship in Aegean Sea: video
2 n Coast guard funded by - links to smuggling militias within
Royal Canadian Air Force is assisting the U.S Coast Guard in a search over Lake Erie -
[WSMV]Japanese media said the coast guard had cautioned ships about … organizers say you won’…
Turkey's foreign ministry condemns Greek coast guard firing on a Turkish cargo ship, calling it an "unmeasured act"
[now] Outraged Turks on social media demanding F-16s to hit and sink all Greek coast guard boats in the area
Kathimerini says that Greek Coast Guard suspected M/V ACT involved in drug-smuggling
Turkish freight ship captain Sami Kalkavan says Greek coast guard left 16 bullet holes in his vessel after he refused to dock…
Captain of the Turkish vessel claims he refused an order from the Greek coast guard for him to dock on Rhodes for inspecti…
Nigerians are the most rescued migrants' on the Mediterranean sea - European Coast Guards: According to the Europea…
Greek coast guard fired warning shots at Turkish vessel near Rhodes in eastern
This is the official statement of the Hellenic Coast Guard. There was an anonymous phonecall she carries drugs…
940 migrants & refugees arrived in in June, record for 2017. 1,454 were intercepted by Turkish coast guard htt…
After the altercation the freighter moved back into Turkish waters.
Turkey says Greek coast guard fired on Turkish ship in the Aegean Sea.
BREAKING: Greek coast guard fires warning shot on Turkey-flagged freighter in Aegean: Report -
Obviously you didn't read the article if you believe the Coast Guard intelligence wing confirmed any…
So, the EU plan would be to curtail NGO rescues and empower Libyan coast guard. And move EU border to Sahara.
Greece: Greek coast guard opens fire on Turkish vessel in Aegean Sea - r...
I took a Coast Guard Fire Control Technician and turned her into an art student for cartoons. But Games were the gigs where I lived.
Turkey and Greece tensions running high after Turkish cargo ship fired at
ICYMI: coast guard fires warning shots at Turkish ship in waters off the coast of Rhodes.
Turkish ship allegedly ignores Greek coast guard’s demand for checking the cargo in Rhodes Island port
The reply of Turkish ship captain to Greek coast guard, Ottoman military march "we are coming there to kill you all" http…
Turkish captain says Greek coast guard fired on his freighter - CNN Turk via
BREAKING: Turkey sending three vessels to the south Aegean after Greece's coast guard fired warning shot towards Turkis…
BTPU pers assigned @ Tagbilaran City SEA PORT TAC, together with the Maritime Police and Philippine Coast Guard.
BREAKING: Greek coast guard opens fire at Turkish cargo ship in – reports
The Coast Guard might throw money at me...;
Warning shots fired in the Aegean Sea – Hellenic Leaders – Medium
Check my latest article on Japan Coast Guard and Maritime Self Defense Forces published by !
This seems like you be in my mentions. And I told you specifically not to be. I'm contacting the coast guard
Logging on with your details to your local coast guard might just save a life.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I have two close relatives one coast guard and one navy...strongly denounce Trump tactics
Greek coast guard opens fire on Turkish cargo vessel in Aegean Sea – report
EU vows more aid for Libyan coast guard after more than 12,000 land in Italy in one weekend
The Coast Guard has suspended their anchorage proposal in the Hudson River—moving us one step closer to a victory.
Who will protect our citizens at sea when a gale breathes death upon seafaring mortals? US COAST GUARD will never forsake us! Happy 4th!!
Indian Coast Guard be duly supplemented by Indian Navy. Conduct joint submarine drill with our friendly nations. Put pressure on rogue China
U.S. Coast Guard sounds alarm over rising rate of false distress calls :Auto pickup by wikyou
Boy I don't need the coast guard to make me tough...I've been tough since I was in my daddy's balls
Members of the U.S. Coast Guard are asked what makes them a I love their reply!. 🇺🇸. h…
Coast Guard with the boat, everyone accounted for
Coast Guard ship used in Spanish American war won't be pulled from ocean.people taking on themselves the right to take se…
Never seen before amounts of sea ice off Newfoundland recorded by the Canadian Coast Guard trap fishing vessels...
Coast Guard cutter returns to Portsmouth after seizing $68M in cocaine
Watch: Coast Guard airlifts man from ship | KOMO
Espionage Act still supports mission to protect ports from sabotage & accidental detonations 100 yrs later:
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Coast Guard cutter behind massive cocaine bust returns home to Alameda .
Watch: Coast Guard airlifts man from cruise ship | KOMO - KOMO News
US Navy, Japanese coast guard disagree on crash time. .
Stumbled upon this rather interesting US Coast Guard memorial in Poole yesterday.
The Coast Guard has released video of a dramatic at-sea airlift of a passenger from a Seattle-bound cruise ship.
Watch the Howth Coast Guard go above and beyond duty to rescue dog from cliff
'A golden retrieval' - Coast Guard jump to the rescue after dog trapped on cliff
May 27..Awe-inspiring sunrise from Coast Guard beach in Eastham - Cape Cod National Seashore. Thanks to
3 year old Golden Retriever Marley became trapped down the 15ft cliff face after slipping near the cliff edge.
Confusion Over Circumstances of U.S. Destroyer Collision - The Japanese coast guard suggested Monday that there...
Vingno said they will concentrate on their intelligence monitoring because it will lead to the arrest of wanted...
"meaning the container ship waited 55 minutes before contacting the coast guard, according to the Japan Coast Guard
Libyan Coast Guard's dangerous behavior during others' rescue attempts shows EU would be wrong to delegate to it.
Coast Guard officer honored for rescuing climber in Maine
Marley, a three-year old golden retriever, was rescued from a cliff edge by Howth Coast Guard yesterday
Wait... Coast Guard jurisdiction extends to Japan waters??? Investigating on behalf of NTFSB because??? Di…
Watch: Irish Coast Guard rescue dog trapped on 15ft cliffs in Dublin
Why the US coast guard if the incident happened of the coast of Japan?
Japanese coast guard investigating deadly collision between US Navy destroyer and container ship off coast of Japan
Coast Guard interviews container ship crew after warship collision
A boat is taking on water in front of Muskegon State Park on Lake Michigan. A US Coast Guard boat is 5 minutes away from the boat.
Each cutter boasts a crew of 76 Coast Guardsmen used to conduct a variety of Coast Guard missions:.
Coast Guard officials say there was no threat at the Port of Charleston in South Carolina early today.
"FBI investigating report of dirty bomb at South Carolina port, Coast Guard says"
Coast Guard used in won't be pulled from ocean
A U.S. Coast Guard ship that first set out to sea during the Spanish-American War and sank off the coast of Sout...
This US Coast Guard ship set out during the Spanish-American War. A century later, officials determine its fate:
Omg someone has a different opinion than the great Frank Iero? Call the Coast Guard, human rights are happening
Technical divers from the Ph Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard & PSG planted the Philippine flag 60m underwater at the PH…
Coast Guard suspends search for 17-year-old boy who was swept away after jumping into a river to save his sister
Only people that eat bleu cheese live in East Baltimore or Glen Burnie. Or Black men currently in the Coast Guard. Don't
After exhaustive search, and Coast Guard suspend search for sailor assigned to USS Shiloh (CG 67), according to
JUMP and will be hosting a talk and Coast Guard museum tour on July 9 in Yokohama-- RSVP today!…
Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard -- we have no shortage of honorable and courageous men AND women
Not a good idea in Texas! There is kind of a large Texas National Guard, Air & . Coast Guard, & many Mil…
Fort McHenry was first built in 1798 & was used continuously through World War I as well as by the Coast Guard in World…
In honor of my Dad & brother both in the Coast Guard, Dad in S Pacific in WWII & my late husb in First Air Cav in V…
Moving the National Energy Board (NEB) from Calgary to Ottawa makes almost as much sense as moving the Coast Guard to Regina
Coast Guard says state ferries must add more life rafts | Peninsula Daily News
Coast Guard responds to capsized vessel on Copper River Delta near Cordova, Alaska via
Too dangerous to go fishing due to ice, Coast Guard warns.
If you are a member of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or Reserves, Canadian...
San Diego is designated the 21st Coast Guard city in the United States? Thank you Captain Joseph Buzzel…
US Coast Guard showcases its exceptional ability for self promotion at Pacific SAR Conference in Auckland
Coast Guard makes emergency landing at Berkeley Marina - Berkeleyside :
Coast Guard kicks off safe boating week with open house, water safety advice
Coast Guard helicopter makes emergency landing at Berkeley Marina
Unscheduled landing by Coast Guard at Cesar Chavez Park, citing maintenance issues
DHS chief caught on hot mic jokingly telling Trump to use his new ceremonial Coast Guard saber on the press
Bravo Zulu to the Coast Guard's newest Ensigns Taylor Lyons and James Rimmele, MAST grads of 2013 and US Coast Guar…
Trump, who wants to cut $1.3 billion from Coast Guard budget, is giving commencement address at Coast Guard Academy.…
This Trump speech is the most degrading thing to happen to these Coast Guard graduates since they graduated from the Co…
Coast Guard academy commencement speech is just like the police memorial service speech." Me me me... You. Me me..." Disg…
Trump telling CG cadets that he won't even say how much he's saving them on F-35, Ford carriers. Note that Coast Guard oper…
So much love for Quinn for graduating from the U.S. Coast Guard…
NEW: US Coast Guard says it is searching for missing plane with 4 Americans on board after contact was lost east of Ele…
Update: Due to the required slowdown on the East River by the US Coast Guard the East River Route is currently operating with 15 min delays
BREAKING: was just detained and is in Italian coast guard custody after act of civil disobedience htt…
The US Coast Guard Auxiliary will be hosting a tour of the US Coast Guard Station on Saturday, May 20 at 10am.
That's the Coast Guard Academy - Trump is speaking at their graduation on Wednesday - don't go down this rabbit hole
Lets not forget that Nasheed once ordered Ameen Faisal to throw some people into the ocean from Namoonaa dhoani & blame the c…
Our trash doesn't just disappear when we're done with it! Reduce, reuse and recycle!
Coast Guard searching for missing plane with 2 adults, 2 children on board near the Bahamas
My name change from Lil Wayne to Ooh Wayne. Oh Lord, she grinding on this Grande. Oh Lord, I'm drowning, I'm gonna need that coast guard
Business Mirror. PHL rising to challenge in Benham RiseBusiness MirrorIn Photo: A Coast Guard boat tugs the buoy t…
Min to coast guard:"We will not leave you alone. Libya, and the they all stand firmly behin…
Coast Guard searching for missing plane near Bahamas |
45 said he'd be addressing there this week--maybe US Coast Guard Academy?
Coast Guard searching for missing plane near Bahamas via the App
I added a video to a playlist Coast Guard medevacs fisherman 50 miles off Atlantic City, NJ
"Does it help though?" . *Looks across at every school, hospital, police station, road, coast guard...*. Do you not know…
And here is profile of Connecticut residents graduating from the Coast Guard Academy:…
Coast Guard is searching for missing airplane
WATCH: Plane with 4 on board vanishes near Bahamas - The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a plane that went mi...
New information from Coast Guard in search for Isabella Hellman, a mother from Delray Beach, lost at sea.…
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DEVELOPING: U.S. Coast Guard searching in the Bahamas for a small plane with 4 people from New York on board.
Tomorrow is graduation. talked to graduates from southeastern CT for The Storyline…
[Mine ENG Updated]. released. district's president calls for ending the "war".
Prosecute the coast guard and NGO's for allowing the invasion!
UPDATE: Coast Guard searching for Florida-bound plane missing after leaving Puerto Rico
US Coast Guard says radar and radio contact with the plane, en route from Puerto Rico to Florida, was lost with the pla…
43. to every single female graduate at the United States Coast Guard Academy:
HEADLINES: Coast Guard searching for plane that vanished near Bahamas
27. What can the president say to these idealistic men and women at the US Coast Guard Academy that will not ring hollow?
18. This dynamic will be set in stark relief Wednesday when Trump delivers the commencement at the Coast Guard Academy in…
Coast Guard calls off search for missing tugboat crewman
U.S. Coast Guard crews in Eastern Pacific Ocean free four sea turtles trapped in tangled mess.…
U.S. Coast Guard rescues sea turtles found entangled in debris floating in the eastern Pacific Ocean. http…
No more Cuban rafters, Coast Guard says: For decades, dramatic images of Cubans trying to reach the United States
The storied U.S. Coast Guard ship that helped rescue seven people now rests at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
A long-proposed Coast Guard monument in downtown Traverse City could finally take flight:
10 Things to Know for Today - A high-tech U.S. Coast Guard cutter in the eastern Pacific pat...
Philippines accepted donated Coast Guard cutters from the United States
All a side. Spill American blood. Spend US $. Wait a different but have bad precedent by U.S. Coast Guard on Holy Week.
To be clear, it's the Coast Guard seeking navigation officers.
It's actually the Coast Guard hat is seeking engineering officers, no?
Coast Guard personnel from the Philippines are taking part in a 10-day trainin…
Obviously our commander in chief has no clue about the services US Coast Guard provides our nation!!
Oil Companies Are Downplaying Spills in the Gulf of Mexico, Coast Guard Data Reveals via
The Cape May is holding its 3rd annual Community Festival this weekend. Details here:
US Coast Guard chief warns of Russian ‘checkmate’ in Arctic - U.S. - Stripes
NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard is reporting a waterway restriction to all traffic from mile marker...
Such laser strikes are a misdemeanor crime and carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years
20 members of the Philippine Coast Guard begin 10 days of training at the China Maritime Police Academy in Ningbo. https…
It's just like the coast guard where black civilians were fired constantly over "trumped" up charge…
Searching for safe shores, an man sings a love song as he waits after his rescue by the Turkish Coast Guard. via
Coast Guard is also on the forefront of drug busts as they flow into the California coastline
We were honored to be invited to the Coast Guard Ball tonight. Thank you for keeping us all safe out on the water...
Well, it explains why Trump wanted to gut the Coast Guard.
Indonesia cracking down on corruption: prosecutors demand 2 years for alleged bribers of Coast Guard (Bakamla) staf…
Coast Guard data shows oil companies downplaying spill impact in Gulf of Mexico via
Livers cause he in d army coast guard and air guard
Tribes sue Coast Guard over tanker traffic’s risk to orcas.
I love that the first mention of the Coast Guard on was said by my favorite Det. Reagan!!
Barge stuck under Harahan Bridge. People tell me they can hear it bumping the bridge, when it tries to move.
Trump is cutting the Coast Guard budget while increasing all the other Services' budgets to give Russia the upper hand in Arctic Ocean .
Man who crashed into Coast Guard station years ago, allegedly crashes into store (Courtesy: Oceana County Press)…
Police: Man crashes into store two years after Coast Guard attack. Being arraigned in Oceana County this afternoon…
No one was injured during this morning Coast Guard rescue that happened.
Not to mention the Coast Guard which is the fourth service under the MoD.
Here's my video. Anyone get a video of the Coast Guard helo's?!
1/ The posted this obituary and I'm extremely confused. Ms. Finch was born and raised in the Philippines,
A big Thank you to and the Irish Coast Guard for use of pics and to the for supplying shirts. See you all ag…
ICYMI: becomes FIRST branch of military to suspend killing of animals in trauma training!
I remember both Bush and Kerry bought their way into the Coast Guard or something like that
Boot Sale Bargain. :-) . Looking forward to seeing with which strangers I can chat to. :-) . Fire Brigade? :-( . Coast…
Reminder: Kyle Griffin is certain that Coast Guard Intel said Russia was behind "interf…
4/n: admits as much. The Phils' most effective warship is the former US Coast Guard Cutter Dallas. Built in 1968. It has little else.
2 tankers seized while stealing Libyan oil for smugglers in are now in Tripoli
Did you catch the coast guard off guard?
Key navigation aids in the US Rhode Island area damaged and sunk by gunfire.
Coast Guard rescues 2 people from sinking vessel off
I have every branch in my fam including Coast Guard. That wouldn't fly around here
A day spent with the coast guard helicopter being winched in and flown around. Not a bad days training with
Florence Finch, modest WWII hero who endured torture after helping Americans in the Philippines, died at 101.
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Coast guard shares details of heroic Dublin beach rescue.
Sailing team at US Coast Guard for CT championship @ U.S.…
Great personal story on living a life not defined by what she did, but by the way she lived her life.
Coast Guard offers free vessel inspections ahead of summer
She was interrogated and tortured. She never talked. . Florence Finch, 1915 - 2016.
Are you going to vote for a budget that reduces funding for the Coast Guard?
What I like about PVL is they always say the ranks of Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Army since... sounds sooo astig! 💪🏻
OFFSHORE- US Coast Guard responding to possible vessel in distress approx 16 miles NW of Channel Islands Harbor .
BREAKING: Coast Guard responding to possible vessel in distress, approxiamtely 16 miles out from Channel Islands Harbor.
Coast Guard suspends search of vessel capsized off Southwest Pass, Louisiana
Coast Guard medevacs man from cruise ship Carnival Magic
Coast Guard medevacs man, 41, from cruise ship Carnival Magic: via
Coast Guard urges public to be aware of bar restrictions in the Pacific Northwest via
US Coast Guard searching for missing boater, 64-y/o resident Juki Dang, who capsized off Muir Beach…
Lexie, any update on the Coast Guard Aux boating safety in May?
🌊🚢The Tamaroa, the Coast Guard ship involved in the "Perfect Storm" rescue, will be sunk off Cape May:
The Long Blue Line: 50th anniversary of the Coast Guard racing stripe
Coast Guard gives out free ID stickers ahead of boating season
I am blessed to announce my commitment to the United States Coast Guard Academy! Can't wait for my new journey to begin!
sir "Indian Coast Guard " recruitment ongoing but admit card is not downloading .Plz help me sir ,I have good preparation .
Homeboy was already the best lookin guy in SJS now he's a coast guard officer?!?!? See y crime cyah done 😨😩
Cuts of 14% to Coast Guard, 11% TSA, & 11% FME to pay for wall. Bad choices. Could cut travel expenses.
Surfers, water polo players on Maui sought out by Coast Guard - Coast Guard - Stripes
Nobody paid memberships to Crawford ranch and or raped taxpayers or squandered Coast Guard resources, Sonny.
Coast Guard medevacs woman from cruise ship Majesty of the Seas
Saving the Lives of Passageways: The Coast Guard and Maritime Choke points.
Coast Guard foils ship hijacking in Zamboanga del Norte
Coast Guard seizes over 4 tons of cocaine in Atlantic, largest sum since 1999
Coast Guard Rings in a range of styles and colors that will suit all...
The Coast Guard cutter Tamaroa, of the 'Perfect Storm' fame, is set to become NJ's newest artificial reef today. .
The old coast guard station at Howe Strand. This beach is near in
Santos said the discharge is estimated at 100 to 130 gallons per day during the school year, but some experts are...
The latest Hellenic Coast Guard patrol ship, designed and built in the Netherlands by https…
Coast Guard officers charged with drunk driving over the long weekend.
Saving the Lives of Maritime Passageways: The Coast Guard and Maritime Chokepoints via
Coast Guard officers charged with drunk driving | CNC3
New from NAPTOWN BUZZ: Coast Guard medevacs woman, 31, from cruise ship Majesty of the Seas
I finish work 130p and off Tuesday Wednesdays. I'm gonna start playing basketball with the TSA and Coast guard guys on sat
From 11am on April29 join the all new Pirate School arghhh, visit the Irish Coast Guard, Claoimh Medieval, Pirate P…
NEWS: Three found clinging to upturned boat in rescue operation involving Drogheda Coast Guard &
The New and Improved Coast Guard for sure. One of the best parts is that Coast Guard women are pay exactly the...
US Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau is likely to become the Philippine Navy's fourth Gregorio del Pilar class frigate.
When in the Coast Guard, I dated the center of the local H.S. girls basketball team. SHe was an inch taller than me.
U.S. Detention Rate Dropped in 2016 according to Annual Report of the U.S. Coast Guard:
Now the Coast Guard is gone, won't the Illegal Drugs just arrive by Boat now? What am I the 1st person to realize t…
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USCGC Morgenthau could be fourth vessel in class to become Philippine Navy frigate after decommissioning today.
Coast Guard assists Okaloosa Sheriffs with people in the water
11 things to keep in mind when the Coast Guard boards your boat.
Iceland spends less than 0.1% of it's GDP on its military has a Coast Guard and a Crisis Management Unit…
Passer-by calls Coast Guard after hearing screams for help from river
Coast Guard medevacs woman from cruise ship Carnival Ecstacy
The US Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, & Coast Guard. The families that have sent their young people to fight & die!
Watch: Coast Guard hoists stranded beachgoer into helicopter
.rpts: Coast Guard now responsible for guarding Trump's golf club. But he wants to cut their budget by 14%. http…
Coast Guard ends icebreaking mission in western Great Lakes
Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Veteran's Affairs - we cover it all. Follow for daily insight.
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