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Coach Cal

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let Nike pay Kentucky's best player $50 million instead of paying UK and Coach Cal for him to wear the same shoes
[The News Tribune] DBs coach Jimmy Lake talks Cal, Budda Baker and more
Coach Cal puts on a show dawg...should start seeing the first commits soon
VIDEO: defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe looks ahead to Cal and the challenges they present...…
Coach Cal joined the College Hoops Today Podcast w/ and called SKJ "the biggest surprise."
Bryan missed the date of the marathon. Don't be like Bryan. Mark your calendars for
Children calm down. Let's all get along basks in the gloriousness of our savior, Coach Cal.
Cal's reaction to Brad's 3. This is how you coach your son folks. Not kidding. Treat him no different than Briscoe. Well…
As per report yesterday, we have our very first So Cal Head Football Coach vacancy on the board.
Geno is a better coach than cal. He takes the best recruits awins championships with them
Sean Payton: NFL having part-time refs is “madness”: Saints coach Sean Payton is sick of having his games cal...
"Lynn is just going to fail the test and retake it again" wow thanks coach cal!
Brad Calipari banks in the 3 pointer plus the foul while Coach Cal tries not to smile.
Confirmed by Coach Jones, Hurd is out. Hearing chatter of UCLA or Cal.
Coach Cal's reaction to his sons and 1 three is how I would imagine Victor reacting to graduating his MBA program.
For those looking for a recap of Coach Pete's Monday night coaches show, we've got you covered -
Not a coach Cal guy, but a big fan of the message at the end of this vid.
Coach Cal heaping plenty of praise on Isaiah Briscoe. Says you hear Briscoe's voice more than his own, "which is perfec…
Remember that game Cal got threw out so Tyler Ulis was the coach?
You think Coach Cal was confused by your tuxedo at Big Blue Madness, wait till next year when you wear this bear costume.
Coach Cal probably has a monopoly on that area
Fort Vancouver football coach Cal Szueber has resigned, and he's not happy about the situation:
UW coach Chris Petersen on Halloween: "I always dress up but I can’t tell you what it was." Full news conf comments: ht…
NEW STORY || Isaiah Briscoe had 11 points and 11 assists Sunday, and Coach Cal called him the "key to the team." https:…
Coach Cal is asked, "Is Brad a better basketball player than you were?". Larry Brown chimes in out of nowhere: "YES."
Coach Cal of Kendrick stopped by Cox Mill today to see 2019 Wendell Moore
cause I remember that period between when Tubby Smith left and before Coach Cal got there. Guess they forgot too
Congratulations to Coach Cal on being elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!
The campers from Coach Cal's fantasy camp all come from different backgrounds, but all share one love: Basketball.
Watching Trump as a Republican leader feels like it felt watching Billy Clyde lead the 'Cats. I hope Coach Cal is around the corner.
I still believe Coach Cal contacted Phoenix Suns owner to save his program and probably offered to pay the draft players salary
“Every player should be thinking about going to Kentucky,” Murray said. "Coach Cal really makes you look good." https:/…
Then the way Coach Cal and Coach K can recruit in a way that no other coach can. Even Izzo is on their level.
Coach Cal was right... I am starting to look like a zombie😅 I'm starting to get the bags under my eyes again🙂
Lee would be next draft pick from UK with no impact on winning. 0-for-24 under Coach Cal this yr as p…
Coach Cal and former UK Coach Joe B. Hall just arrived to pay respects to the late Ed Davender.
Advice from Coach Cal during his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning: "Chase something that you love." Video at https…
Jim Harbaugh has a lot of Coach Cal in him.
5 reasons Kentucky's loss was a historic surprise and a shocker for Big Blue Nation. Chris Chase, FOX, and the NCAA bite me. Coach Cal- HOF.
Only human 2 manage as much talent as Coach Cal n 1 organization is James J. Dillon ht…
Coach Cal seeing Tom Crean on the sideline
You just know Coach Cal enjoys beating a team coach by one of Jim Calhoun's former UConn players.
Kentucky has reached Final Four under Coach Cal every time seeded No. 4 & lower. Wildcats are No. 4 seed this year. http…
Coach Cal's dad, Vince Calipari, shooting the bow and arrow to celebrate the win is my favorite picture ever. https…
What will E.J. Floreal do if he hits 3 in a game? "I'm shooting Jamal, Alex, Tyler, Isaiah, Jonny, Tai, Kenny Payne, Coach Cal. Everybody."
Big Blue Nation, the Kentucky Wildcats and Coach Cal are true autism warriors.
Coach Cal is giving Kennedy some high praise.
Saw you tonight at Coach House and you were awesome. Thank you for signing my wife's CD. Hope you're enjoying So Cal.
it sure worked for UK'a bball team when Coach Cal went Bobby Cox!😜
Effort without talent is a depressing situation, but talent without effort is a tragedy. – Mike Ditka
I emailed my presentation because my computer won't download Dropbox
“Success is uncommon, not to be enjoyed by the common man. I’m looking for people.” Cal Stoll, Minnesota Hea…
Congratulations to our Head Coach-Joe Callero for his 100th Cal Poly victory vs UC Davis tonight!
Coach Cal: Next man up. That's how we do it here.
Coach Cal on Texas A&M: They're so big. If you don't have a presence that can hold up down there they could dominate you.
Coach Cal: We're a little beat up. So is everyone else. We have like five games left. We have to get through it.
Coach Cal: they're feeling empowered and the best part of it is I don't have to battle anyone. They already know what they…
Coach Cal: I don't know if it's an 11-assist game. I believe they're gonna trap him (Tyler Ulis) some and do some stuff.
says the guy with Cal as his coach.
Just got off the phone with the Cal State Northridge coach! All glory to God 🙏🙏
Spent some time with the new Head Coach at Riverside Christian (So Cal) today, Jason McMains. Watch that program! Gonna be good!
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Congrats to Wildwood Catholic girls coach with his 412th win he's now second all time for CAL girls coaches
Hear Coach K and Pitino watching soph Romeo Langford in New Albany. Any interest from Cal?
Coach Cal says Skal Labissiere has improved his game and his game face. WATCH:
For you youngster that didn't know Michael Jordan had a great teacher (Coach Dean Smith). Greatness is a team effort h…
Colleges need 2 understand loyalty is 1st to the coach that recruited him & 2nd 2 the university. I never seen the Pre…
Fun Cal fact of the day? Only two pitchers under Coach Ninemire have beaten Kentucky: and Nisa Ontiveros.
Coming in at on all-time download list is W Va State's Cal Bailey p1 http…
Great end of the season for CAL grade 7 & 8 Boys Basketball Team! Thanks to Coach Macdonald for all the support!
Coach Cal on Texas A&M: Should be a terrific basketball game.
Cal is great recruiter and Good game coach. He is he is 1 of the best as a team manager - imo that is his magic
Quietly, Alabama is rolling under first-year coach Avery Johnson, says .
I know that the BBN pays Coach Pitino more attention than Cal.
Coach Scott suffering his own WOD. cal row, thruster and 3 rope ascents between…
Cal was up 10, coach puts Wallace in and game ends up being a wire job. Wallace missed 5 ft's
Cal-Fullerton coach Gene Murphy, when they had a program, called them ``body bag games.''
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pitching coach Thomas Eager makes the first mound visit of his career in Berkeley
Coach Cal on Jamal Murray: He's becoming that player now. Like it's a winning player.
Coach Cal: You have to have that will to win. Size doesn't matter. I mean my man is 5-9. Doesn't matter now.
Another day, another shot at Coach Cal by my pal It's as predictable as the sun rising or his boy Pitino lasting less than :15.
Kentucky still managed to get the win with Coach Cal, Alex Poythress, & discontinuing SCAR winning streak @ home.
Coach Cal: Frank (Martin) is doing a great job...It makes me smile, he's a great guy, salt of the earth kind of guy, but h…
Coach Cal talks about the win over Georgia...and also gave an update on Alex Poythress.
Coach Cal said Alex Poythress will be out a few weeks.
Coach Cal said Alex Poythress will be out for about two weeks.
Let's not forget the best press conference of all time goes to the Owls. John Chaney showing Coach Cal some love.
If the season ended today, Jamal Murray's 17.8 ppg scoring avg would be highest ever by a Wildcat under Coach Cal. http…
When Duke loses: "Coach K has a young team. They'll get better". When Kentucky loses: "Coach Cal can't coach! He should wi…
Coach Cal about to go get Ron Mercer into the league and I'm all for it
Would you expect Marcus Camby to come watch Coach Cal rocking UMASS gear?
Watch live to hear what Coach Cal has to say about the Cats' 21-point victory over the Colonels here:
Coach Cal says the toughness he's looking for needs to be brought out by the players themselves.
Coach Cal says Jamal Murray may have had his best practice today.
Coach Cal was obviously on another recruiting trip.
Video/quotes: Coach Cal talks about the BU win, Alex Poythress' play, facing USF and former asst Orlando Antigua:
Autographed John Calipari ball in glass case: Have a ball signed by Coach Cal the year Kentucky won the 2012 t...
-- There he is! I haven't seen Coach Cal since he walked out of Lucas Oil in April after getting crushed by Wisconsin.
The cash in Marcus Monk's pocket can be traced back to Kentucky banks. Coach Cal strikes again, like he did a Umass & Memphis.
Whether it's Coach Cal with Basketball or Fuente with Football or Joeger with the Grizz; Memphis reign supreme in mediocrity!
I really like Jamal Murray, but I like seeing Coach Cal play Poythress, Lee, Willis and Hawkins. Lot of veteran leadership there.
Love hearing playing as Coach Cal is being interviewed on the SEC Network by Paintsville native John Pelphrey!
Just like Coach Cal predicted:) Skal Labissiere cleared to play for Kentucky in 2015-16, report says
.seductively introduces Coach Cal at Big Blue Madness with wine and candle-lit room 😘http…
We rejoin at Big Blue Madness as we hear from Coach Cal and look back to the Auburn game 6
Coach Cal gives bed to loyal fan waiting overnight to watch 'Cats practice:
Boogie, AD and John Wall at Coach Cal's Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement!
Coach Cal going into the Basketball Hall of Fame tonight, Kentucky Football @ South Carolina tomorrow & UK vs UNC at Rupp Arena Sunday
On Friday, Coach Cal will be enshrined into the Hall of Fame, and his players are ecstatic:
oh how long is the walk? I'm going by coach and first time going to this place so no idea
Coach Murry, I coach JC ball in N Cal & would love to order a few shirts. Can you have a player contact me. Thx
COACH CAL: Sporting News says UK has ‘best college basketball alumni team’
Yet, Coach Cal has only won one champtionship... that really is his problem. Nobody does less with more talent
*** yeah that is my coach. We get degrees at real schools. Not cal state Fullerton or Long beach state or god awful UCSB. Whoops
Used to take 5 hours to get to Glasgow by coach when i started going,. no dual carrigeaway, midweek games got home at 3.00am
I can't stand USC or any of their fans, but I love their football coach. I wish Cal's coach would get fired up Steve Sarkisian did.
UK just passed Duke for the recruting class this year. Nobody recruits better than Coach Cal.
Quick and relevant history lessonL. Since 2015 Coach K has 1 championship and cal has none
you don't understand. No coach creates hall of famers. And cal only has 2. One might mot even be. Has much to prove first
see coach Cal teaches them the game and they thrive coach k doesn't simple soreilly!
and how on earth do you think cal is a better coach than coach K the GOAT
coach K is by far better than cal. No ifs ands or butts.
just as Coach Cal is meant to be the basketball ball coach at Kentucky you are meant to be on the radio show
Well good news is you have Coach Simpson for pre-cal, tell him I said hi
& if you got coach Williams for pre cal you good his class impossible to fail
Representatives are the PTA of government. Once Cal leaves and we have a boring/drunk coach you can just be governor. Fair?
I hate coach cal and UK more than anyone but he's been coaching significantly less time than coach K...
thank you soo much for the work u do on ur articles! Especially with Seth Rollins! He *** about as much as Phil and coach cal!!
good response but I still feel duke has a better class this year and definitely next year too! I'm just glad coach cal.
Coach K will copy Cal once again and bring in players early to benefit future teams AKA Humphries and Winyard
Big thanks to skipper for tidying the coach on the way back tonight. Wonder if I can shame into it?
Well done boys and a special salute to new HOF'er Coach Dave D!
Stamps TV: Coach Huff updates the media the day after a win in Saskatchewan
What are some experiences with Coach Cal? How has he influenced you, not only as a player, but also a person?
And a big "G'day mate!" to our newest AUSSIE CAT LOL!!! COACH CAL has taken this program to the ENDS OF THE EARTH!!!
ICYMI: Coach Cal says Humphries is very skilled, has great hands and is a great passer. More on the newest Wildcat: htt…
Nice, in his 6 years at UK, Kentucky players from Coach Cal have contracts worth 726 Million dollars.
domain names
Not a good look for Southern Cal HC Steve Sarkisian. Wow.
The Cal Poly rodeo coach just asked Kyle to come practice!
Will this be the second Southern Cal coach to get fired by being left behind on an airport tarmac?
Southern Cal coach Sark is acting like a fool at parties. I don't see the pac in it. ACC: Not buying Clemson or FSU. Ohio will lose one game
I'd usually pile on making fun of Southern Cal, but I like that their coach's actions required a headline that includes "alcohol-fueled"
Coach K is the one of the greatest, most decorated coaches in history, and yet..quiet modesty. Take notes, Coach Cal. http:…
Even JB Book and Coach Cal are excited about our new Vera Bradley collection! Remember: buy any University of...
today was the last day bro.. And since we lost we done.. Coach Cal was up at bob knight.. The other night..
When you in the gym with Pitino, Coach Cal, Coach K, Roy Williams, Tom Izzo, Tubby Smith, and Larry Brown... It's a heavy gym 🏀
Can we get a celebrity death match with Cousins/Stein vs Rondo and Karl. Coach Cal as the ref. And the match finishes with Boogie Shuffle
trade George Karl/Darren Collison/Carl Landry to Hornets for pick. sign Coach Cal from Draft Mudiay + Cauley-Stein.
Which is a bigger accomplishment for the program, four Final Fours or four overall draft picks?Coach Cal would say the latter. Agree
Do I sense a bit of panic that Coach Cal may lose out on another top prospect!?!?
Wouldn't shock me to see Coach Cal or Ollie from UConn even though Ollie signed a new deal. Or even Scott Brooks.
John Calipari: If Blatt's fired, Coach Cal is going to be a candidate. Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2015 10:42 AM ...
A dream only a Kentuckian would have: Coach Cal & Rick Pitino showed up at the 1D concert and fought over who would recruit them.
Coach Cal running smack at DP on Mike Lupica show right now
Coach Cal has been to 4 Final Fours in his 6 years at UK that's pretty impressive.
It worked for Coach Cal got him a couple final 4s. But Coach K is a better coach so..
Breakfast with Coach Cal this morning and Alex Poythress rebounded for Chase and I while we shot free throws.
"Coach Cal to John Wall Critic Cowherd: 'You're out of Your Mind'" via
2 Finals, but vs. LAL and SAS. Darien Petrovic. Bernard King's knee. Coach Cal. It goes on.
wow Coach Cal came off as a jerk! You guys needed John Chaney to put him in his place
mine was Coach Cal, Avery Johnson, Billy Donovan. I wanted a more well rounded coach who can develop young talent
I really hope Cal talks Jalen Rose to coach at UK. That would be an awesome recruiting tool.
Watch Alex Poythress be one of Coach Cal's best players the one who stayed 4 years
Paul is going to grad school (Cal Tech), but most likely will not have time to play. Marty will be helping coach us next year
Coach Cal led UK to another Final Four, but it's what he did off the court that he'll be honored for by Alltech:
Former Booker T. Washington star and coach Cal Davidson dies at 77
AD: Coach Cal had a big part, & I wanted to win. I loved the school, the campus, & everything that UK was about.
Uof A -v- Cal becomes grudge match. AZ had the Cali/Soldiers to themselves. We know Miller can coach too Cuonzo? We'll see
"We'll find out how good a coach Cal is next year. I doubt they make the tourney"
Coach welcome to the real world. Great football . Great food. Leave George Foreman in Cal. SEC. SEC
Great talk on recruiting, Coach Martin at Cal about his 2015 class...
great school there Coach. Please check out to see our recruits as well. Thank you, enjoy So Cal!
I'm a Cal grad ('96) and big fan of yours. Been saying for years that you'll be a top head coach one day. Best of luck to you.
CHCA vs Waynesville Saturday at 5pm. Might be worth the trip for Coach Karl and Coach Cal
Our sat down with Cal Women's Hoops Coach for an interview. The result? Awesomeness:
.head coach Jenny Condon chats w/us before final game of LBSU series:
So today I've watched the sandlot, killed my pre cal quiz and Coach Glow started a convo with me... WHAT A DAY
NPS remembers the life and legacy of Booker T. Washington High's Coach Calvert “Cal” Davidson.
Real ?: Cal has the 3rd ranked class coming in, with the number 1 player, & it's a "down" year. What coach would want to follow him here?
Heard Carver say he thinks he's the 'best coach in the league' today. At least I know where my crack pipe went.
Players in this class are tied to schools. Guardian is a Purdue grad, but friends w/ Coach Martin at Cal.
CAL names Perry White as their new head girls basketball coach.
CAL welcomes Perry White as head girls basketball coach.
Purdue, where his GUARDIAN, aka agent went. Also good friends with Cal's coach.
lmao Coach Cal brings in tons and tons of talent and he only has won you 1 title?!
well 'Zo is the coach at Cal so by the transitive property that's the same thing right?
Hope your looking forward to 4 yrs @ Purdue? I'm sure Painter knows what u need @ the next level? I don't know maybe Coach Cal?
Coach Harbaugh, I have your So Cal Camp on the SO CAL SUMMER FOOTBALL CAMP HEADQUARTERS here:
Despite no signed letter of intent yet, Caleb Swanigan says he’s still 100 percent committed to Michigan State:
Coach Cal was into platooning. These recruits are into cartooning.
hey I'm not him and he's knows what's best for him but why would anyone turn down coach cal or izzo Haa
unreal. I wish you the best in recruitment but hard to find ale one better than coach Izzo. Especially Purdue or cal
Great job Lady Titan Softball team for defeating Cal 7-3!
today when Cal Berkley's coach for the womens soccer team called me back in class I wanted to cry 💙💛⚽️
Sectional Badminton still going strong- tips from coach cal👍
Hey Coach Cal, what happens when Kevin Gregg pitches?
never bashed him I told him he couldn't coach!
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rick has helped more kids go to college than any hs coach in so cal! He may not be x & o guy, but he is in it to help kids.
You can bench 400lb, squat 1200lbs and run a 4 flat 40yd dash. But the real question is, can you play ball?. - Coach Cal…
😭😭😭😭 I think you mean recruiter Cal. That *** can't coach.
Dan McHale has his first commitment as the head coach of Eastern Kentucky. Anthony Pratt, a 6-6 forward, just pledged, per…
I *** sure know for a fact Coach K & Coach Cal wouldn't attend if the recruit was playing 😂
at least 27 wins the last 3 years and conference champs each year. not a bad hire. Coach Cal better watch out😈
It was great to visit with USC, PVAMU, CAL, Northern Arizona, and Ole Miss stopping by Cedar Hill.
if BiilyD is unsuccessful in OKC does this pave the way for him to be the next coach at UK when Cal leaves?
Well that happened in a hurry. Mike White is the head coach of the Florida Gators. Per well, the Florida Gators
Florida has hired Louisiana Tech's Mike White as its next head coach, the school announced.
lol I was referring to Cal's mbball head coach not John Canzano
It was great having Cal Poly coach on campus today recruiting our guys!
*asks coach Harrington what loves means to her*
prior package was Rabb, brown and him. His guardian is a Purdue guy but he played with Cuonzo who is cal coach
New Cal basketball assistant coach has Berkeley ties
NJ-bred Isaiah Briscoe is the latest star recruit headed to play for Coach Cal:
Coach Cal presenting the Lifetime Achievement award to commissioner Mike Slive.
Thanks to Indiana Basketball Coaches Association for having us demonstrate The MTH Rebounder. Fun to listen to Coach Cal of Kentucky.
If you were a top high school basketball player in the country why wouldn't you want to go to Kentucky. Coach Cal will get …
Rod Strickland used to be an assistant coach for Coach Cal, might still be.
If Dave Rice and staff land Stephen Zimmerman over Coach Cal and Kentucky...All I have to say is wow. Pretty impressive.
Spieth was a one & done prospect at Texas then Won the Masters.blame Coach Cal!
John Calipari was recently named Adolph Rupp Coach of the Year; another big honor for Coach Cal...
Incredible sports business stat of the day: Only two NBA coaches–Doc Rivers ($10M) and Stan Van Gundy ($7M) top Coach Cal's $6.4M salary.
Would you rather have Tubby Smith winning it all with Pitiino's players, or Coach Cal losing with Draft Picks?
Banners. It all started with Adolphus Rupp, then went to Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith, and now with Coach Cal
Mike took out Jay Wright, Sean Miller, Wichitar coach and now Calipari "Coach Cal in studio Monday
Congrats to Coach Cal on being named the NABC National Coach of the Year for the third time! htt…
Coach Izzo or Coach Pitino, Coach K, Coach Bo Ryan, and Coach Cal in the Final Four? That would be a legendary coaching line up😶
Poor form Coach Cal. Saying your team played poorly.bad form. Give your opponent some credit coach ...and your kids, too!
Just once I'd like to hear Coach Cal say "This isn't Communism. We are, however, looking to make a Great Leap Forward."
Coach Cal, Kanye, and Bill Belichick drive off a cliff.
can't believe we were up by that much and Coach Cal didn't even put Sam Malone and Brian Long in😅
Just saw the presser in 2009 by Bob Knight about Coach Cal. Screw Bobby Knight! Nice role model you are/were - not! You are an embarrassment
Charles Russell Elementary with lots of 3 goggles enjoying Coach Cal!.
Coach Cal goes for a perfect season Sat. Hear how he's changing the game on financial education across KY
Coach Cal just dropped the "Anthony Davis took 5th most shots in 2012" nugget on Colin Cowherd's show
Support TCF and Trooper Project with a $10 raffle ticket for a Coach Cal custom Harley. See
I maintain that Roy Williams, Coach K & Coach Cal would have won a title with Oladipo and Zeller.
I don't want anyone to panic, but Coach Cal lost one of his players last night http…
Great article on Dean Smith being players first coach written by Coach Cal
Dean Smith produced 25 first round draft picks at UNC. Coach Cal has had 15 in five years at UK. More teams today, but still. Wow.
i let my sports hate for coaches and teams blur my vision for who they really are..loved what Coach K and Coach Cal said about Dean Smith
SportsCenter leads off with Kentucky win, Anthony Davis, Coach Cal interview, John Wall, Willie Cauley-Stein and then …
So Boeheim, Roy Williams, and Jim Calhoun all went through off the court scandals too, but Coach Cal is the cheater. Ok, sure.
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Seth Greenberg is a DA.. Coach Cal could coach at Kentucky as long as he wants. His record is proven to be better than Adolph Rupp.
Jayson Tatum put on a show for those in attendance at the Cancer Research Classic, including UK and Coach Cal:
Briscoe says John Calipari will be at Roselle Catholic’s game at Elizabeth on Tuesday. Coach Cal at the Dunn Center? Love it.
Who is the rookie on CBS who just referred to Coach Cal as Rick Pitino??!
Greg Anthony while calling this UK game called Coach Cal, Rick Pitino lol
That announcer just called Coach Cal by the name of Rick Pitino. Awkward silence...
The announcer just called Kentucky's coach Rick Pitino instead of Coach Cal. SMH!!
I just had to rewind it but Greg Anthony just referred to Coach Cal as Rick Pitino! WTFO
Coach Cal with an update on Alex Poythress | Kentucky Sports Radio
UK basketball is a symphony in progress - it gets better and better. We need to appreciate what we are seeing this year. It will never be replicated. Basketball is the best part of UK sports. Coach Cal is the Bill Gates of round-ball.
I really like seeing the maturation and unselfishness of all the players Coach Cal is doing this year.
Dean Smith used 2 collect talent like Coach Cal. The fab 5 had an nba7-footer on the bench College basketball started before 2014
If you coach and don't follow Nick Saban's philosophy reconsider, just ask Coach Cal how good it works.
Coach Cal or Nick Saban? Who you guys taking to start a program?
Now when I watch Rose I'm reminded of what Coach Cal told Wright Thompson & he relayed to Rose has no tolerance for pain.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Coach Cal and the great wall of Sports Illustrated
“Has there ever been a more perfect fit for a program than Coach Cal at Kentucky?”. ...Tom Crean and IU!
Coach Cal, Coach K, and most importantly Bill Self and Tom Izzo.. so pumped for an incredible night of basketball!!
Recruit Jaylen Brown blogs about Kentucky's Coach Cal and his pal Drake, academics and official visits.
Top hoops prospect Jaylen Brown blogs about Coach Cal, Drake and more - I’m just…
Just drove by the Joe Craft Center to see an amazing line of excited ladies for Coach Cal's Women's Clinic! Today is going to be fun!
I was told to connect with u about our benefit event in Nov with Coach Cal, Bill Engvall, and Sinbad
Anyone else find it disturbing Coach Cal is getting 2nd billing to Bill Engvall?
Get rid of Bill Engvall and add then we will talk, Coach Cal.
This is pretty cool. Coach Cal is doing a comedy event to raise money for Haiti. Bill Engvall will be one of the comedians!
Patrick Patterson gives an awesome shout out to Coach Cal!
90 seconds into the ESPYS, and they've already shown clips of James Young, John Wall, Coach Cal & Aaron Harrison x 3.
I have been taking John David Kilmon to Coach Calipari's camp for the past three years. Coach Cal always rolls...
shoulda chose Kentucky... Coach Cal would have his whole family cousins included living in a 3 bedroom house no problem lol
Monk is a BEAST!! Coach Cal, Roy Williams, Scott Drew all there to watch em tonight!! He finished with 40 points and a couple dunks
82-85 Wings Elite leads Team Penny with 38 seconds left! Coach Cal, Roy Williams, and Scott Drew all here to watch Malik Monk!
Mike Strange: As Vols inch forward, don't assume Kentucky won't too: “Coach Cal (John Calipari) has been nothi...
Coach Cal has his 20 questions for recruits. What about Tom Crean? Rick Pitino? Roy Williams? A few excerpts here:
For example PUR 2nd Rd picks Ricky Sanchez and PJ Ramos didnt did the same. Sanchez rejected Coach Cal in Memphis &
Coach Cal gets a new contract for seven years. So did Sonny Corleone make a pit stop to Lexington today?
When it comes to meet-and-greets, Rick Pitino is so Avril Lavigne and Coach Cal is totally my girl RiRi.
to my LRT, the Lakers will never get // Coach Cal is far from being like
Someone buy me Coach Cal's book. My face needs to be all up in dat
I heard Coach Cal on Dan Patrick's show and then Jim Rome's. I like the guy. Once you hear him, you know why he succeeds
My podcast with Rex Chapman discusses Final Four "teamcast" and Coach Cal
An Arkansas paper reports Coach Cal accepted a job with the LA Lakers... WHAT?
It'd make zero sense to me for Coach Cal to leave an elite college bball program like Kentucky for a franchise in disarray like the Lakers
Rod Strickland leaving Coach Cal coaching staff.smoke before the fire!lol We've seen this movie before!lol
Contact with Coach Cal so that leaves us at 2 conclusions either this is a Nick Saban MORE$$$ GRAB or T Rex Chapman heard something
You guys should rank the top NCAA wins under Coach Cal. I did it myself and the Ohio St. game was EIGHTH. Amazing.
I truly believe wasted press conferences by the and other schools with talented ball players could be saved if these men get half year contracts Bill Self starting to look like Coach Cal in Kentucky nobody stays in school so treat them as such giving scholarships to people who want educations and half year contracts to temporary players
Rex Chapman is now the tv color analyst for Grand Canyon University men's basketball program. I guess that makes him qualified to be a spokesman of Coach Cal. Way to go Rex.
Last night's Championship Game made me realize the true importance of free throws and how valuable they can be. I can't stress enough how important they really are. It amazing me that despite how good John Calipari is as a head coach, none of his teams have ever been good free throw shooters. His mentality is "Talent will win this game". Free Throws is the reason Derrick Rose doesn't have a NCAA Title to go with his MVP. Coach Cal, you want another title, dedicate more of your practice to free throw shooting.
Coach Cal isn't like Charlie Strong. He is staying the the BLUEgrass state!!
I don't think Coach Cal will leave but as a fan you can't ask for more over the last 5 years. 3 Final Fours, 2 national title games, and a championship. we are watching history
Congrats to Coach & NBRPA Fellow Member Kevin Ollie! Also congrats to Kentucky Basketball Team for making it to the finals with a group of freshmen leading the way. Coach Cal also for an outstanding job. As a matter of fact, to all the teams that made it to the final eight. Looking at the pay scales of coaches, I would speculate that Coach Ollie might get an immediate raise or look out UConn. There are several jobs open in the NBA that might be very promising for a guy who talks the talk and walks the walk and has been there. I am sure that Phil Jackson is looking over the situation. Great Job Uconn!
But, putting it in perspective, 5 years with Coach Cal, 4 Elite 8s, 3 Final Fours, 2 Championship games and 1 national title. Nothing to complain about.
Hopefully Rex Chapman is wrong and Coach Cal to the Lakers isn't a done deal. Also, I forgot one thing and I reserve the right to use it as an excuse...Cowboys QB Tony Romo was at the game and if he gave the Cats a pregame speech, that's a curse by itself! Otherwise, you can't make excuses for going 13-24 from the free throw line in a championship game...that's just not championship basketball. Once again, congrats to UConn on a great game and we'll go for next year!!!
Now to the rumor mill . Some say its a done deal (win or lose) Coach Cal will be the LA Lakers head coach next year
Two good things today: 1. Digger Phelps is retiring. 2. Coach Cal and his starting 5 are all leaving ky for the nba.
There's "letting them play," and then there's this game. Coach Cal is setting up a table for the next power bomb.
Remember when Coach Cal said Doron Lamb would have a big national title game? He did the same with James Young. So far he …
So Rex Chapman says it's a done deal. Win or loose tonight Coach Cal is gone to the Lakers! Done deal!
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