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Cm Punk

Phillip Jack Brooks (born October 26, 1978), better known by his ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE and appearing on its Raw brand as the reigning WWE Champion.

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Who would win in a fan fave MMA superfight- 50 yr old Rogan or 38 yr old CM Punk?
I swear the greatest talkers for me in wrestling are between CM Punk Paul Heyman Jake The Snake and Raven. But Raven has the edge with me
I liked a video UFC 203: Mickey Gall and CM Punk Octagon Interview
Mnuchin on Trump promising rich wouldn't receive a tax cut: "It was never a promise"
Take a look at the rise of CM Punk as we go
theirs more chance of cm punk/Daniel Bryan returned to the than wwe,the Braun winning the title
I know he's treated as a punchline these days but I'll be damned if I don't still get goosebumps for a CM Punk Miseria Cantare…
I watch from time to time. The storylines are garbage. But that Cm Punk storyline was fantastic
i havent watched wwe since that storyline where CM Punk left w/ the title lol they trash now?
Ric talking about working with CM Punk
Pls tell cm punk sir when will u return to wwe
I used to do that to myself when I'd remember CM Punk and I are almost the exact same age.
I liked a video Raw - CM Punk, Bryan and Ryder celebrate their victories at WWE TLC
How's my performance been as CM Punk?
Pretty sure CM Punk coming back tonight would be bigger
You're totally right. I support england and Germany. Tottenham and west ham. Cm punk is t…
You have CM Punk as your avi. You can’t talk about good vanilla midgets.
What's worse is that I was watching some Aj Lee and cm punk honeymoon vid and didn't expect that
The Rock saves John Cena and gets attacked by CM Punk at 1000th Episode of RAW - 7/23/12
CM Punk had many great moments in WWE, but I might argue this was his best.
The important is talent just talent Clothes or hair are those things in fashion show only!!!CM punk He…
These are essential: 1. Wrestling with shadows 2. Beyond the matt 3. Rise & fall of ecw 4. Cm punk: best in the world 5. La…
I liked a video Johnny Devine shoots on Teddy Hart beating up CM Punk
Nia Jax, Kharma, Cm Punk, RVD, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, John Morrison, Finishi(we're gonna be here for a while)
I was watching this for a long time and I was like If I'd be there I'd ask a question for Cm Punk and that question…
my friends and I may do that for UFC 203. We used to chip in for wrestling PPVs and since CM Punk is debuting they're interested
I am ::not:: just a human being, I am immortal. A legend. An icon. 'And in this world that you all inhabit, I am God. . New CM Punk. RT?
nope !! Your foil did not give it up stick to your guys persona GTS aka Go To Sleep by CM Punk
Like Ross said, he did, you blundering casual. You thought CM Punk invented it? HA! He only made it popular.
Crazy that CM Punk's fighting at UFC 203. Actually hope he does well.
that was a horrible stunner by that CM Punk wanna be😭
that's your *** moment: fans not grasping CM Punk didn't create the GTS.
After that that fight how does the ufc expect me to be excited about cm punk fighting
So, CM Punk's gonna be fighting on Sept. 10 for UFC 203. That'll be... interesting.
Cm punk is going to get wrecked in his debut at ufc 203. WRECKED this man might die like seriously
CM Punk join UFC suda?! wow his first REAL fight. lets se 💪🏽
LMFAO I remember CM Punk was basically a Cena prop and one of the wrestlemanias. The 30s gangsta entrance
Honestly I can see CM Punk getting KO'd within 6 seconds.
Hideo Itami was injured and out for a year and STILL hit the GTS before CM Punk ever made his UFC debut.
I watched that ufc cm punk documentary earlier, supposed to be a series based on punk.
Why do they keep saying CM Punk has never been in a fight?
I mention anything CM Punk does and he shows up to scream 'BEST IN THE WORLD'.
worth all the hype. I don't really follow UFC but it was terrific. CM Punk fighting at the next one should be interesting.
I liked a video Cruz: I thought Garbrandt was CM Punk, I didn't know who he was - UFC 202
Number 6. CM Punk! Let's just start with the Summer of Punk, move to his title reign, a classic with The...
some people CONSTANTLY come at CM Punk for no reason whatsoever
CM Punk is returning to set Vince on fire on live TV!
The amount of people who said Hideo "stole the GTS from CM Punk" last night is alarming. Like where do you think Punk got…
why? Because he wants to fight McGregor? If they have room for CM Punk then why not Khan?
Cm Punk is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Joe Rogan: “This will be the first time CM Punk ever fights IN HIS LIFE!”. Teddy Hart says otherwise.
CM Punk will make his UFC debut against Mickey Gall on September 10th
Cm punk is getting put to bed when he makes his debut
For those of you interested in the CM Punk story I recommend you follow this series...
Think DC has Rumble's number. Artem Lobov bring in Saul Rogers and McGregor give him CM Punk.
Lol Cm punk is gonna get rocked in the UFC😂
i love you Amir, but his stocks just went through the roof. This exhibition match ain't happening. Go CM Punk route
Anthony Johnson hit Glover so hard that CM Punk just pulled out of UFC 203
Happy day. Here the first exclude look at the Universal Championship
The woman i ended up marrying. I named my son after Jeff hardy & Cm Punk also he was born during raw! Even tho its not the same i still 💙 it
Ezekiel Jackson looks ready for tonights match against Cm Punk
I wonder what happened to CM Punk...he used to be my idol 💪
CM Punk! CM Punk now gets his opportunity in this match!
When it comes to EXTREME situations, shows NO fear!
Any suggestions on what to watch on WWE Network? . Add year and any other good one ppv that you like
I liked a video WWE CM Punk Funniest Moments of 2013 2014
Rogan on CM Punk: 'It's ridiculous for him to fight in the UFC'...
Do you think CM Punk has a chance of being on UFC 200?
CM Punk made up of the sea in the UFC. Even though CM Punk is retired from the WWE its profile remain on a log in...
Currently watching Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk from Over the Limit. Solid WRESTLING match that told a story. Miss those days
Exclusive that Wil Wheaton will be in UFC 2 under the name "CM Punk".
I was a huge fan of Kevin Nash's "show up once, Powerbomb CM Punk, disappear for 3 months, repeat" run.
Also today in history,in 2009 he teamed w/Edge to lose to CM Punk & Shawn Michaels in Wilkes Barre,Pemnsylvania.
Die and be John Cena or live long enough to see yourself become cm punk
CM Punk is one the best in-ring technicians who ever graced a WWE ring in the 21st century. His mic skills were on point as well.
Guys have u noticed every Superstar associated with Aj Lee is gone... First Cm Punk..then John Cena, …
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Can't sleep & it's 515AM. I just watched & now AJ Styles vs. CM Punk from 2nd Anniversary show.
"There isn't a person in this world who should let a past nightmare dictate or cloud their future dreams - CM Punk
I still miss Cm Punk. He was a credit to the wrestling business
Why is CM punk the photo for the trending Lol
WWE Fact! Despite losing 48 matches in 2012 CM Punk stayed the WWE Champion the entire year.
CM Punk's Profile is back on We can only dream Wrestling fans !
At WrestleMania, if Shane brings out CM Punk it would be epic.
Joe Rogan says “it’s ridiculous” for CM Punk to make his MMA debut in the
CM Punk was one of Chad Gilbert's groomsmen in his wedding to Hayley Williams!
how are you mr. Cm Punk??. And what about all these rumours about you and wrestlemania? Is it true
The diner in town with the best chicken and waffles sells art and has a CM Punk portrait hanging up.
can you offer me odds on CM Punk appearing on the March 6th edition of Monday Night Raw instead?
CM Punk's profile quietly reappears on WWE website...
I'm taking this as conclusive proof the Mania is being main evented by Austin vs CM Punk
Ryback with those runnin knees,reminds me of CM Punk
I'm watching cm punk vs Daniel..I miss them both so so muchh
CM Punk's MMA experience before signing for UFC.
Summerslam - 08/23/09 - CM Punk won WHC in a TLC match, after the match Undertaker appeared and choke slammed punk https:…
*** in a Cell - 10/04/09 - Undertaker defeated CM Punk inside the Cell to capture the WHC
CM punk vs Bray Wyatt would be a dream match ..former Nexus members
CM Punk's new legends contract - Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania appearances.
I stopped watching WWE when CM Punk left.
Listen to tell how CM Punk snubbed a pic with a kid in a wheelchair because he "Doesn't do selfies"
At if Shane McMahon brings out CM Punk it would be epic.
Matt Brown raises important question regarding the debut of CM Punk...
Cm Punk wants to fight Rey Mysterio in front of his family
2011: Edge retired. 2014: Cm Punk left WWE. 2015: Aj Lee left WWE. 2016: Daniel Bryan retires from WWE
"I'm Over here try to listen to my cm punk interview, dude!"- master of none
It's a shame that CM Punk and Chris Brown never had that shoot fight. It would have been a win win situation.
ICYMI: CM Punk jokes about making his MMA debut at 200
All purpose parts banner
A leading candidate for CM Punk's first UFC opponent has emerged
I would like to ask him if he considered coming out of retirement to face CM Punk a few years back.
CM Punk jokes about making his debut in July
Has president just found the perfect first opponent for
It would be nice her and CM Punk inducted together
Jay westcott vs champ CM Punk in a non -title match.
Can't believe CM Punk is in Frank Turner's new video!! It's awesome!!
CM Punk taught us to never care about what people think and Aj Lee taught us to never stop believing in our dreams.
Don't forget that CM Punk will be at the huge in Las Vegas!
Find someone who looks at you like Paul Heyman looks at CM Punk
Bobby Lashley says CM Punk will kick *** when he fights in the UFC:
Somewhere in Chicago, CM Punk has just quit being a Blackhawks fan.
not anything bad bout CM Punk by the way i love him but he was a jerk character u know wht i mean
CM Punk training for his UFC debut.
I used to be a huge CM PUNK fan now I really don't know how I feel about the guy I see the points made on both sides
Dana White on CM Punk's debut: "He's going to let me know when he's ready"
President Dana White comments on when we might see CM Punk make his debut htt…
Bobby Lashley explains that CM Punk will kick some *** when he fights in the
Cm punk speaks his freaking mind i respect that much
For the monumental 1000th episode of Raw to end with CM Punk, and now for him to be no longer with WWE is truly saddening.
LOL.Easily CM Punk wins in aFIGHT Shawne Merriman rips CM Punk, says he'd like to 'make him feel pain' via
punk when will you fight in ufc need to add it to the calendar. Cm punk 💜💪.
On my computer watching old wwe videos of cm punk . PunkvsReigns . .
notice your a CM Punk fan. Huge fan of his for many years. Following you please return or I will unfollow
VIDEO: Shawne Merriman reveals he has beef with and wants to bring him serious pain
My only regret about not watching wrestling for a few years: missing the glory days of CM Punk.
So is it based on pregnancy or CM Punk/
I look forward to seeing in the Octagon soon. It will be really cool. Keep working Hard CM Punk, you got this!
Thank you AJ. The last remaining memory of CM Punk. The best diva in WWE. What will the WWE do without you 2.
How serious am I about this? Very. So much so that I'm adding this framed CM Punk photo to the Crowd Rise.
skip to the last few lol. Im watching ..CM in the world on the Network.
I don't buy Aj Lee decided to retire after defamation lawsuit against CM Punk. Rumored to be on the outs for months
Video: Shawne Merriman wants to demolish 'thong-wearing' CM Punk for violating guy code
They were claiming CM Punk lied about his infection and the concussions he got.
I really don think CM Punk should fight for UFC because they sponsored by Bud Light Ultimate Poker.
oh how come they are doing that to CM Punk?
Found out why AJ left. It was because of the WWE doctor suing CM Punk.
I wore a cm punk shirt that day and nothing happened
Aj Lee retires because of CM Punk situation.
LOL love the "blocked by CM Punk" in your info. I've been blocked by Renee Young and Kevin Nash.
You hear that pop! . Eat you hear out CM Punk. Hideo Itami Finally Hits CM Punk's GTS (WWE):
Hey guys announcement guess who signed with the WWE again... No not CM PUNK, But he is a world champion though.
if you see your idol. CM Punk. Aj Lee. Seth Rollins. Paige. Roman Reigns. John Cena . Dean Ambrose. The Rock. Sting. HHH. Nikki Be…
Probably similar to the copyright issues with CM Punk & Chris Jericho's tattoos.
CM Punk was one of my favourite wrestlers btw
I understand how directioners feel now cause over a year ago, CM Punk abruptly left WWE. Now he's in the UFC. Great things ahead guys.
well it depends what name could sale. Would you pay to see a guy name CM Punk or Phil?
Lesnar was scared CM Punk was going to bulk to his weight class & kick his *** so he resigned with WWE
Is CM Punk going to fight in UFC as that, or his real name (Phil Brooks)? I'm wondering
At WM29 the reversals between CM Punk and The Undertaker before it finally being a Tombstone!
So does this mean Zayn is the cm punk of one direction
Vince really thinks he's at war with the UFC first acts like a child when Brock resigned now Tapout. Guess losing CM Punk hurt his feelings.
"Are CM Punk and Aj Lee no longer together?
The WWE just played a chess move on CM Punk's ESPN moment after he left them to join the UFC.. that is awesome.
CM Punk walked out before it was cool. 😂
Zayn just pulled a CM Punk. Can't blame him. Those guys are getting milked w/ little to no downtime. Burn out is inevitable.
How to punk out your beauty routine: 6 spring looks every riot grrl needs
Relationship problems between AJ and CM Punk WWE? Details -
If you're a real CM Punk fan download this app!
Looks like CM Punk finally got an opponent:
Team Pai-J vs The Bellas, a 5 minute match with cm punk chants and the bellas win. YAY!
the most watched DVD in my house is the cm punk BiTW dvd and i have no shame abt that
It's so funny watching CM Punk throughout this video, he just doesn't care one bit ha
I don't even watcch wwe anymore, I need to start watching it again but I still miss CM Punk :(
Great workout today with CM Punk and Ben Askren 👊
UFC President Dana White stopped by WAAF in Boston today to discuss Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE, CM Punk,...
FIRST official promo pictures for CM Punk in
I'm picking Brock to retain so they can erase CM Punk's 434 day run in the modern day history as champ.
I love Chicago it's so awesome and of course my last day so it's support cm punk day :)
Bottom line on the Dr. Amann lawsuit -- CM Punk is as vindictive at Vince is, this battle has little to do with the doc
WWE doctor suing CM Punk for more than $1 million in defamation case -
About to go to improv class, sadly knowing that nothing I do will be as funny as WWE releasing that "CM Punk's *** video yesterday.
dude you're being ignorant. Even CM punk said cena puts stars over and that was after he quit
WWE physician slaps CM Punk with defamation lawsuit for podcast Bing WWE
CM Punk & Colt Cabana being sued by the notorious WWE doctor is the only interesting thing going on in that company.
WWE has uploaded a compilation of footage of CM Punk's butt. No, really. Any comment?
Check it out - CM Punk Stars In WWE 2K15 Showcase mode
Might be a good time for a Best of CM Punk in TNA DVD. I wonder if that would be okay.
Vince McMahon is fighting back against CM Punk! Full statement up now @ ~ including video link to alleged evidence. 👽
It's kind of sad that in his entire WWE career, the only person to call CM Punk a "punk" and sound menacing was
"The Staph was under his tights". WWE addresses CM Punk's allegations | via
Cm Punk said it was on his back not on his side.
WWEs doctor is suing cm punk for 1 mil? They tried to play a video like "look there's no lump" and they kept zooming into his butt in slowmo
CM Punk needs to stop overreacting about a mosquito bite on his lower back.
You CM Punk wankers need a life. You knob this guy off any harder and you'll be better match for him than Aj Lee.
They're putting more effort in CM Punk than booking Smackdown, it seems.
"To those who say CM Punk was lying. Yikes, that's brutal.
Yep but I got to 2500 as CM Punk lol
WWE posts statement in response to CM Punk's allegations Bing WWE
WWE bots are aggressively enforcing copyright on their hilarious CM Punk *** Montage.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
VIDEO: CM Punk shows his scar on the Opie Radio show in December
Watching the whole CM Punk *** video and you can easily tell he hiked his trunks up over the infection.
if wwe fire Aj Lee just to screw with cm punk, im done watching, and i wont be coming back
““CM PARR I'm Ross is angrier than that” CM pun…
My face when the WWE posts a video zoomed in & slowed down of CM Punk's back & turn off commenting
What is your opinion on CM Punk vs the WWE doctor?
To those who say CM Punk was lying.
This angle with CM Punk walking out of the Fed has been expertly executed. They'll easily get 100K in Cowboy Stadium for B…
The reason why WWE decided to fire back at CM Punk
It's CM Punk Saturday! Punk being trained by Brock Lesnar? Punk sued again by WWE?
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