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Clyde Gates

Edmond Clyde Gates (born June 13, 1986) is an American football wide receiver for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

Stephen Hill Jeremy Kerley Chaz Schilens Kiss Cam Patrick Turner Greg Salas Edward Scissorhands Jeff Cumberland David Nelson Charles Clay Mark Sanchez Santonio Holmes Michael Irvin John Jerry Roberto Wallace Ben Obomanu Geno Smith

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I especially like the Adam vs eve one, the romeo-juliet vs bonnie-clyde and bill gates vs Steve jobs
It's Bud's Spring Service Memorial Day Open at the Clyde! Gates open at 3:00, Warm Ups at 4:30 and Racing at 5:30.
3 seasons, no Clyde gates, Stephen Hill, and Cumberland
I remember that Clyde Gates was fast too but bad athlete rigth?
ok but he also never played for the jets when we had Clyde gates and Kerley as our starting wrs.
dont people realize that Geno was throwin to clyde fukin gates, steph hill, kerley , David Nelson?? Wake up folks.
every game...when throwing to Stephen Hill, Clyde Gates, Chaz Schillens, David Nelson, Kellen Winslow, and so on
here's one to ponder, Clyde Gates doesn't drop TD vs NE in week 2 of Geno's rookie year, what is narrative on Geno rn? (team would be 9-7)
meet u at the gates when it finishes , this is a Clyde day x
I'll respectfully disagree as well. Had 8 wins as a rookie throwing go guys like Clyde Gates and Steven Hill.
"Jersey and the Caymans are the gates to criminal capital in Europe - the UK is the country that allows it."
. Geno went 8-8 with clyde gates and a horrible coordinator. Id like to see what he does with this offense
Can't this be an argument for Geno? Throwing to Winslow, Cumberland, Kerley, Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill.
He went 8-8 his rookie yr with Clyde Gates, Holmes,Kerley & Nelson. I'm just saying. Not really going to lose sleep W no Fitz
I don't miss Jerricho Cotchery. I'm glad the Jets got rid of him and went with players like Patrick Turner and Clyde Gates.
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2 more for ya, Joseph Randle and Clyde Gates also had their suspensions lifted today
maybe cuz we had guys like David Nelson, Clyde Gates and TJ Graham as receivers. Probably the biggest reason and...
you probably are a big fan of who Geno threw to. What color is that Clyde Gates or Greg Salas jersey?
a ton better than Clyde Gates, Steven Hill and David Nelson like we had in the past
Billy Turner, Arthur Lynch, Josh Kaddu, Jordie Tripp, John Jerry, Clyde Gates, but at least we're playin Dallas Thomas every week. *sigh*
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Devin gonna have a hard time living up to the greatness of Clyde Gates but we can only hope...
Would much rather see Showers on the practice squad than Vaughn. Also, .Clyde Gates, saw something I liked in that guy.
ACU's Clyde Gates didn't make cut with Cowboys. Hopefully he makes practice squad.
Two more former players released: LB Jason Trusnik by Carolina and WR Clyde Gates by Dallas.
Idk how some guy named Dez Bryant beat out Clyde Gates
No one is better than Clyde Gates, except for maybe David Clowney.
Bring back Clyde Gates to return kicks. Cuz would approve.
remember when Clyde gates was on this roster. We've come a long way!
Price would be too high. . Vincent Brown. Matt Hazel. Tre McBride. Clyde Gates. AJ Jenkins. Like the first three a lot more.
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Really enjoyed watching Clyde Gates from ACU play for last night!.
New numbers to remember: Carlif Taylor is in 64, Phil Bates is in 86, Clyde Gates is in 81, Dakorey Johnson is in 43, Rod Swe…
Clyde Gates is fighting for a roster spot on. the What a throwback Thursday that is.
Clyde Gates makes the catch for a 1st down at the 48 yard line.
Clyde gates is a buddy and old worker buddy and it's crazy seeing him first play for dolphins and now the Cowboys ! Hope he makes it
if only his name really was Clyde Gates
Clyde Gates look strange to any of you?
Not sure I knew we had a Clyde Gates! Very dull
Ikr and that's also Cole Beasley and not Clyde Gates
They showed a picture of Beasley for Clyde Gates, that's a *** screwup
Gavin Escobar, Lucky Whitehead, Gus Johnson, Clyde Gates in the starting lineup
finally, what a change after starting Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates.
Cowboys' WR snaps vs. Vikings: A.J. Jenkins and Lucky Whitehead with 26 each; Clyde Gates and Terrance Williams with 20 each; Beasley had 17
Clyde Childress is an incredible person & puts on the fireworks to benefit the Virginia Wounded Warriors program. Gates open at 4:30!
gates, in order of legitimacy:. Water. Antonio. Hack. Swinging. Edmund Clyde. Spy. Deflate
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this is the guy that drafted Sanchez, Vernon Gholston, signed Patrick Turner and Clyde Gates. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE *KG voice*
Just remember: The alternatives to Stephen Hill are Clyde Gates, Jacoby Ford, and Greg Salas. Not exactly the Kings of Catch.
Autographs from Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates, Stephen Hill, Tommy Bohannon, and some random rookies wooo 🎉🎉
Oh come on, Clyde Gates has HOF potential. Hayden Smith could have been the next Dwight Clark.
so if Geno Smith throws a pass to Clyde Gates you don't want to know who he's passing to?
Just lay out Clyde Gates the first chance you get and they'll give you Geno's number if you want.
Basically, if Clyde Gates is on this roster opening day, the were epically wrong on all their WR picks for the last three years.
just hating on Clyde gates right now huh? Lol
Clyde Gates? Is there any logical explanation why this guy is still on the team?
Clyde Gates has been cut but coaching staff is having trouble notifying him because of all the dreadlocks in the locker room
Clyde Gates was guy last offseason. Who you got this year?
Paulie raises a very good point: Why exactly does Clyde Gates still exist on the Jets?
no team should lol.browns should give us Joe Haden for Clyde Gates and Greg Salas
Clyde Gates is on this list, but it's still extremely interesting (
Clyde gates didn't know how to play football.. Landry does
I'd say Clyde Gates, Jacoby Ford, and Stephen Hill are definitely gone at this point. Nelson and Salas are now very expendable, too.
He'll make it over Clyde Gates and Greg Salas. Maybe even Stephen Hill
Can't wait to see Clyde Gates off this roster
yep exactly. Clyde gates was opposite of him and can't teach a scurred wr to fight for the ball and get physical
The last small school player I fell in love with was Clyde Gates. Enough said?
The Jets should release Clyde Gates,Greg Salas,Michael Campbell,and Salim Hakim,and Dwight Jones.
Stephen Hill, Kyle wilson , and Clyde gates ,David Nelson& Matt Simms I would rent not buy
This will hopefully push Clyde Gates out
Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates can pick up Manish on their way out of Jersey
Clyde Gates should have never ever ever made the team in the first place...
Jets draft another receiver. Stephen Hill & Clyde Gates, it's time to call your realtor.
True, but I think worst case is that he pulls a Clyde Gates- pushes other guys off the roster, only to disappoint in real action.
Hey u can have Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates
I have a feeling Clyde Gates is on his way to put his application in at Applebee's right now.
Clyde gates on way out. Most likely Stephen Hill too. Finally
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HOLD UP !!! With all these new receivers how is CLYDE GATES gonna get playing time.
Ten times better than Clyde Gates and Josh Cribbs lol RT“what you think about Saunders and Evans?”
Jalen Saunders, Shaq Evans, Erick Decker, Jeremy Kerley, and David Nelson.Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates soon to be u…
Erick Decker, Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerly and Clyde Gates the WR coprs is taking form lol.
"[He is] a guy who is explosive, who can get downfield. He gets fast in a hurry." -GM Jeff Ireland after drafting Clyde Gates.
RAC for Denarius Moore. Explosive. No chance in catching him. Clyde Gates over Moore. Why, why Jeff Ireland. The move would've
Clyde Gates is the Justin Turner of the Jets.
I start Eddie Lacey, would I be better off throwing Franklin at flex if my other options are horrible? (Clyde Gates, Sanu)
Of the top-83 receivers in the NFL, Greg Little & Travis Benjamin rank only above Santonio Holmes, Lance Moore & Clyde Gates.
DOW Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates have nothing on any of the patriots receivers! they have bad hands for punters
Amazing how you can fumble the ball after crossing plane, but can't be downed by contact after catching ball on ground. I.E. Clyde Gates.
Hakeem nicks welcome to the clyde gates club
Nicks doing his best Clyde Gates impersonation there...
Clyde Gates's hands are both in casts right now.
pretty tough to tell when you have Clyde gates and Stephen Hill as your WR..
“Chris Clemons got hands like Clyde Gates.”--)Ha
if he's got hands like Clyde Gates doesn't matter how big he is
imagine to possibilities though Drew... Matt Simms slinging to David Clowney & Clyde Gates.
I agree Clyde Gates needs to be released
Clyde gates will drop another pass tomorrow
Arizona State rented Aaron Dobson and Clyde Gates for the night apparently
I would still take him over Clyde Gates. Two balls he could've caught that if he did catch,
I would take a banged-up Braylon Edwards over Clyde Gates any day. At least Bray can catch.
Clyde Gates takin snaps in massapequa
yeah but it wasnt a blow out like you said! And that Clyde Gates catch was a TD!
he's a stud. Only a sophomore and had 82 catches and over 1000 yards as a freshman. He's better than Clyde Gates right now.
I think Clyde Gates could even catch these Johnny Football throws. OK, maybe not.
yes indeed Clyde gates and Stephen Hill should take notes
Looks like Clyde Gates suited up for Kentucky today
Why hasn't Clyde Gates been cut yet?
Little Giant Ladders
Was looking for clarification on that NYJ-Clyde Gates TD. Y'all got anything? Couldn't see anything conclusive on replay.
Im still having nightmares of Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill to a lesser extent, dropping the ball over and over again
He's getting up there in age. Also, What does it say about him that he can't beat out Clyde Gates...?
Since he's busy making moves today...can Idzik do us all a favor and cut Clyde Gates?
Very true. Felt Braylon Edwards would've come down with bomb Clyde Gates dropped.
JETS fans..Mark Sanchez, Clyde Gates and K.Winslow Jr. to Jaguars for M.J Drew !! That's what I wish we can make happen!!
put Clyde Gates on plane to Siberia? ? Lol
the bomb to Clyde Gates and it hitting him dead in his chest!! Would've been at the 5yd line. *HEAVY sigh*
Jets fans.. was that Clyde Gates overturned TD a TD?
Stephen Hill had a drop and fumble. Clyde Gates dropped TD. 2 bad throws that would have TDs. One to Powell and one to Gates.
On Jets behalf Geno missed a handful of throws and 2 of them were TDs. Clyde Gates catches that TD we win.
To be fair I would rather have Braylon on a gimpy knee then Clyde gates right now!
does anyone know why spadola is still behing clyde gates on the depth chart? Baffling
Braylon catches at least 6 of those drops/incompletions that were right on the money. Clyde Gates blows hard.
where is Zach Rogers when you need a WR to actually catch the ball, oh yeah we stuck with Clyde Gates lol
about 100 I think, lol, I know Clyde Gates from the Jets dropped as many balls as Edelman caught, lol
"if I were Rex Ryan I would cut Clyde Gates tonight in the locker room"
I didn't know Michael Irvin had said that about Clyde Gates last night. I had turned off the TV and went upstairs by then
I started looking at Clyde Gates' drops from last night... here's what I found out.
must be frustrating to see a guy like Clyde gates with a job and you guys are unemployed... Millionaires at least
Geno Smith's pocket escape and throw to Clyde Gates was a back-breaker for Jets. Third down on Pats' 33, picked off by Aqib Talib.
we all would. Have you SEEN Clyde Gates?
After last night I have many questions but this one stands out as the biggest one. "Does clyde gates still play for the dolphins?"
Clyde Gates and Ben Obomanu would not make one other NFL roster. It's pathetic that they're big parts of our offense.
you're trying to tell me Clyde Gates and Ben Obomanu are better than Braylon? And McKnight is a KR. Kerley is our PR.
f Clyde gates makes that catch are we having this convo?
joking...why didn't u tell me Clyde Gates has butter fingers smh
Stephen Hill is not a starting NFL WR. Clyde Gates is not a NFL WR. And Geno made rookie mistakes late. Next.
Clyde Gates...Worse Receiver in NFL History..I can't believe they cut you and kept that clown!
Clyde Gates is the clown that was roasted time and time again on last year. Was cut *** camera.
Clyde gates got cut 3 years ago I thought
"Edward scissor hands can catch better than Clyde Gates"-Michael Irvin
Thoughts on Our WR's suck (looking mostly at Clyde Gates), Geno is ok but was innaccurate and was poor under pressure. D…
Clyde Gates has as many drops as receptions (3). Targeted 12 times. Why is he on an NFL roster?
"I would cut Clyde Gates in the locker room right now. Edward Scissorhands could catch the ball better than him." - Michael Irwin. Wow.
Michael Irvin really just said Edward Scissorhands catch better than Clyde Gates bruh
Michael Irvin just said he would cut Clyde Gates right now and replace him with Edward Scissorhands.
Michael Irvin just said Edward Scissorhands has better hands than Clyde Gates
This *** Michael Irving said he would rather have Edward Scissorhands to play receiver instead of Clyde Gates
Clyde Drexler > Clyde Gates (Even though he played a different sport and is 51 years old.) cc:
The WRs I think will be on roster: Santonio Holmes (healthy), Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates, Ben Obomanu and Ryan Spadola.
Matt Simms just connected with Clyde Gates on 45-yard TD pass in 7on7 drills. Simms has an excellent arm, accuracy a problem.
So now Clyde Gates is a solution at WR for ? BTW last's year's solution, Chaz Chilens is now a Detroit Lion
I got to see the new Sam's today!! It is beautiful!! Come check it out when it opens officially next Thursday!! Tuesday is a special military day for those in the military who will get to shop first!! Several football stars will be there thru the weekend signing autographs!! Dru Pierson, Charles Haley, & Clyde Gates!!
Stephen Hill (knee), Jeremy Kerley (heel) and Clyde Gates (hamstring) are expected back this week, according to Rex Ryan, so that should help with the overall efficiency of the offense. Santonio Holmes (foot) still isn't close and may begin training camp on the PUP list.
just off the top of my head, Rashad Jones, Austin Spitler, John Jerry, Clyde Gates, I believe Pat White as well...
Breaking: Toronto Argonauts have scheduled Clyde Gates for a visit?
The Jets overpay literally every single player on the team. Their 3rd and 5th receiver each take 4 mil in cap room, the backup safety takes 7, the two QBs: 8 and 4 mil, Shonn Greene takes up 3 mil, LaRon Landry takes up 12.5 million in cap room. The best birthday present would be to cut the backups that take up all that money: Bart Scott, Eric Smith, Aaron Maybin, Mike Devito, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Chaz Shilens, Clyde Gates, and that backup right tackle that takes up 9.5 million of cap room that I can't think of the name of. Or at least restructure their contracts and tell them to test free agency if they don't like it. It's tough being a single mother? Try being a Jets fan. That's more painful than pushing out any child's oversized head.
Clyde Gates reciever for New York Jets and Aston whiteside from the Bears!
A special thanks to Clyde Gates of the New York Jets & Aston Whiteside of the Chicago Bears for coming out to our...
Woohoo, trying to do at least one positive thing everyday. Went to Walmart today, then came home and cooked supper for the first time on a long time. Honey-butter pork tenderloin, rice, and oven roasted brussel sprouts!
v. adaptable haiku, just sub em in. First line could be Charles Clay and Clyde Gates or Egnew and Odrick. Try it, it’s fun
Neither of those guys were selected by him. Do a Clyde Gates, Charles Clay, Egnew Haiku :)
the jets could hire bill Walsh.not even be could draw up plays involving Mark Sanchez and Clyde gates
players with no penalties in 2012 TE Jeff Cumberland, DT Mike DeVito, WR Clyde Gates and FB Lex Hilliard.
Clyde C Robinson, your bus is needed in PG ASAP!
Like espn could see Clyde gates catch one ball and then start comparing him to like randy moss
Went up to nondalton for their Russian new year celebration. Was so amazing! We lit lanterns. Then they lit off fireworks. The show was amazing. I had a lot of fun. The road to nondalton was an little iffy but well worth it!
oh and, Raymon Radway- Cowboys WR, Daryl Richardson Rams RB and Clyde Gates WR for Miami. All active
people can complain about the things you say, but they can't deny THE MAN CRUSH LIST»there are also busts on it..Clyde Gates
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You mean Clyde Gates isn't the new TO?
joe flaco needs Clyde gates and Ted ginn
I'll bet Clyde Gates will be avail cheap this year maybe Tedd and his family too.
What in his game reminds you of Clyde Gates? Be specific.
Yeah because Clyde Gates was a world beater.
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Clyde Gates and Chaz Schilens beg to differ
That 42-yard pass completion from Jeremy Kerley to Clyde Gates? Kerley just passed Tebow's passing yards for the whole season (39).
Rich Gannon listed the WRs that have been in-and-out for Dolphins: Legedu Naanee, Jabar Gaffney, Anthony Armstrong, Clyde Gates. All-stars.
If you don't want Edwards you're saying you prefer guys like Jason Hill, Clyde Gates, Mardy Gilliard, or Chaz Schilliens... Okay.
Tim Tebow (ribs) is active and will be the No. 2 quarterback versus the Jaguars in Week 14, while Greg McElroy is a healthy inactive. Tebow was listed as questionable, but he'll back up Mark Sanchez. The Jets also declared WRs Jordan White and Clyde Gates, OLB Ricky Sapp, TE Dustin Keller, NT Damon Harrison, and OL Caleb Sclauderaff inactive for Sunday. Keller was ruled out on Saturday with an ankle injury.
Clyde Gates is out. Damon Harrison (ankle) is doubtful. Sione, Tebow and Stephen Hill are questionable.
Sooo with Clyde Gates possibly out, will we bring back the savior Jason Hill for the 16th time??
Why Pat Turner, Jason Hill, Clyde Gates??? They all have no business playingi n the CFL. Let's see what Jordan White has. Who cares?
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Blame being heaped onto Sanchez again. Yeah he's played badly but is every one forgetting Jets dont even have a running game opposing defenses don't have to respect. Also his starting WRs are Jason Hill & Clyde Gates. Who? Exactly. So what exactly is he supposed to do when the guys he has to work with makes the Browns players look like the AFC all star team
Want a few reasons why Mike Tannenbaum should be fired? 1.) this team has NO TALENT. On multiple occasions I've seen Chaz schillens, Jonathan Grimes, Clyde Gates and Conrad Reuland all on the field at the same time!! 2.) Draft Picks - Mark Sanchez, Vlad Duccasse, Vernon Gholston, Kyle Wilson, Mark Sanchez, Shonn Greene, John Connor, oh and did I mention Mark Sanchez?
Clyde Gates and Sione Po'uha limited in practice
Inactive for the today: QB Greg McElroy, WR Clyde Gates, RB Jonathan Grimes, and Offensive Production.
- Yea, dude and Pat White and Vontae Davis and Sean Smith is sooo consistent and Charles Clay and Clyde Gates
Jets lose WR Clyde Gates and C Nick Mangold for the game. Does it get any worse for NYJ?
"4 wideouts." We don't even have 4 to DO that with. ~Clyde Gates~
not even Hill. That scrub Clyde Gates. God knows why we haven't given White a shot.
Clyde Gates is the starting reciever for the NY Jets. no
Although if we had Clyde Gates, Naanee, and Rishard Matthews starting most likely no one would look good. It is a 2 way street.
A circus is better than Chaz Schilens, Clyde Gates and 3-13. Plax, Ocho, and Owens would be best weapons of Sanchez's career.
The Jets WR corps now consists of Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schillens, Stephen Hill, Clyde Gates, and Jason Hill
When yall see me out from now on I only answer to Clyde Gates
The top-3 WRs for the this week will be Chaz Shilens, Jeremy Kerley, and Clyde Gates. Against the Houston Texans. Cue bloodbath.
starting wideouts probably will be Chaz Schilens and Jeremy Kerley, who have a combined total of only 117 career receptions. The top backup is Clyde Gates, whom they picked up on waivers at the end of the preseason." Ryan put on a brave face, insisting his slumping team will overcome the adversity.
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Cider Sale after tomorrow's Clyde v. Perkins Game by Farmer's Quality Market out side of west gates start at 8 pm to benefit Perk Athletics.
So the receivers are Jason Hill, Chaz Schillens, Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill???
the WR depth on this team is so laughable..Clyde Gates should NEVER get reps in a regular season game...
So as of today our receiving core is Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, Clyde gates, Chaz Schilens, and now Jason hill?? Who are these people
oh no. Let the Clyde Gates curse begin!
I can promise I run better routes than Clyde Gates and Jeff Cumberland
Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Shillens, Clyde out Texans! Who says Sanchez doesn't have weapons?
the guy killing Clyde Gates was pretty funny too...
Jets= best WR core in the league. We got Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Shillens n CLYDE GATES. Putting the fear of God in Nfl Defenses
Santonio Holmes out for the year... lmao Jets Wr depth chart... Schillins, Kerley, Clyde Gates LMAO! With the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the New York Jets Select.
Can't wait 2 see my new Wrs out there on Chaz schillens & Clyde gates
Dont forget Clyde Gates! At least we still have big bad Bobby Malone.
The 2 top WRs are Jeremy Kerley & Clyde Gates or as I like to call them "The Kerley-Gates." Sounds like the death of the season to me.
Why do the Jets keep picking up the Dolphins garbage? First Sparano, then Clyde Gates, and now Lex Hilliard? Theres a reason the Dolphins (Who suck) get rid of these players/coaches!
Not that I think Patrick Turner is anything great, but why cut him instead of Clyde Gates? Gates isnt even an NFL player.
It is also a joke that Turner was cut before Clyde Gates, who could be the worst receiver active on a roster right now.
I think you know the answer. $ Larger veteran minimum than Clyde Gates.
Donte Stallworth also is on the street. Surely he could help the Jets more than Clyde Gates or the rumored Chaz Schilens.
The 3 healthy receivers on the roster are Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schilens, and Clyde Gates.
well don't worry, we have CLYDE GATES so it's all good!
But hey. It's all good. We still have Clyde Gates.
As I stare at Clyde Gates' name and position on this roster I am feeling irritated to the point that my coffee & Milano cookies can't handle
this superstar could end up on the jets with clyde gates and Patrick Turner. what a WR corps that would be
Jets are literally posting help wanted ad's on Craigslist for WR...Clyde Gates still cant get on the field for them..what a talent.
Same number as Clyde Gates as well.
Clyde Gates, Patrick Turner & Jeff Cumberland looking to make tackles now after Sanchez INTs!! LOL
and making him throw to guys like Hill, Schillenz, Turner and CLYDE GATES doesnt hamper Sanchez??? Embarrassing
I think we're rolling with Pat Turner, Chaz Schilens and Clyde Gates.
have to dump clyde gates. Maybe bring back Jordan white. Im good with plax bc he knos Sanchez.
.Patrick Turner and Clyde Gates are working out so well, makes me wonder what Yatil Green is up to!
Romo has no excuses, he has weapons , Bryant, Miles, Witten, Murray, Ogletree! Sanchez has the likes of Cumberland, Schillens, Clyde Gates!?
Yuppety. And I think we can at least agree that all things considered, Clyde Gates probably isn't the receiving solution.
Hearing Clyde Gates was set to be cut but due to Holmes' injury he'll likely stay.
Chaz Shillens, Jeff Cumberland and Clyde haven't heard of them either? Well they are the jets top three receiving options
So Rex wants us to believe that Clyde Gates is the answer? The same guy cut by the Dolphins? THE DOLPHINS
rather have them over Patrick Turner and Clyde gates
Apparently Tim Tebow and Clyde Gates were on the Kiss Cam at the game, meaning there was a sideline camera showing someone other than Tebow.
Tebow and Clyde Gates shown on the "Kiss Cam" together. A teammate (Chaz Shillens) tries to nudge them together.
Bless you, Chaz Schilens. Tried to get Tebow and Clyde Gates to kiss on "Kiss Cam". Gold.
Dolphins just put Tebow and Clyde Gates on the stadium Kiss-Cam. Too funny.
Chaz finally does something RT They just showed Tebow and Clyde Gates on the "Kiss Cam" here and Schilens pus ...
Tebow and Clyde Gates were on Kiss Cam. Chaz Schilens pushed them together. See? Everyone is having fun.
I would of rather had Chad Johnson (ochocinco) than Clyde Gates
Sorry Antonio Cromartie, the Jets found their no. 2 WR, Clyde Gates.
Philbin on releasing WR Julius Pruitt yesterday: “I don’t know if we had a harder-working guy on the ballclub,” Philbin said. “I thought a lot of him. It was hard.” Apparently Pruitt impressed the team during the offseason program but fell slightly behind during training camp. Pruitt’s release leaves Miami with 10 receivers: Davone Bess, Legedu Naanee, Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, B.J. Cunningham, Chris Hogan, Rishard Matthews and Jeff Fuller. In our opinion, Cunningham and Wallace have to be nervous and better step it up.
One play in the mid 3rd qtr reminded us why need Clyde Gates when he roasted Darius Butler on a 9, forcing Butler to foul him.
Clyde Gates for 6th WR, solely as a returner. Jeff Fuller to P.S.
Rishard Matthews, Jeff Fuller, Clyde Gates can make it, but have to step it up next four weeks.
Clyde Gates has RARE speed u usually don't find on the street. Teams roll dice on guys who run 4.3s.But he needs more polish as a WR
who’s impressed you most in camp thus far?» Day 1 was Clyde Gates. Day 2 goes to Olivier Vernon.
“After just one day, who really needs to step up their game?” - Clyde Gates need to catch the ball. If he did he'd be a star
The players who have me the most curious are: Jimmy Wilson, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace, Charles Clay, Lydon Murtha, John Jerry.
don't forget about Roberto Wallace, Matt Moore, Clyde Gates.. 3 Miami WR that didn't play much last year.. Lot of talent.
Clyde Gates ran a 4.30 at the combine last year. Phins are lookin for a Jordy Nelson type.
Clyde Gates has message for Miami Dolphins fans: Believe - Sun-Sentinel
Sept 16th is hosting at Mystique Lounge w/ Dolphins Daniel Thomas & Clyde Gates
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