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Clyde Frazier

Walter Clyde Frazier (born March 29, 1945, in Atlanta, Georgia) is a retired American basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Along with Clyde Frazier, making cool again!
OKC in the words of Clyde Frazier swishing and dishing
Dice que no se asusten were just having dinner 🍽 @ Clyde Frazier's…
...Shaq look like he goes Suit Shopping with Clyde Frazier
now if we can get Clyde Frazier on baseball games to describe the pitch.
I remember when Clyde Frazier said was the only Knicks player that ever asked him fo…
I believe I heard more than one bogodonanovich from ol quinn. Still love having him slicing and spicin…
The Nets are just playing street ball as Walt Clyde Frazier would say Matador Defense LOL!
Another season of Clyde Frazier rhyming his *** off... lol
I don't know who's a worse announcer -- C. Webb or Clyde Frazier!?
Kevin Love asking Clyde Frazier about Just For Men the Cavs first game in New York
u know how I know it’s a hall of fame number that’s your beloved Clyde Frazier career numbers in a faster era
Hearing Walt Clyde Frazier try to remain positive during a Knicks blow out, & Marc Jackson's "Energy and Effut" best parts of NBA Season 😅😅😅
Gotta get Mike Breen and Clyde Frazier on national telecasts nightly. Having them do what they’re doing now is a waste of their greatness.
The thing I love most about Walt Frazier is he never got the memo about toning down your wardrobe post-70s. Clyde i…
Everybody questioned can Earl the Pearl play with Clyde Frazier? Same in thing Houston with CP3 & Harden! By the wa…
Fragile Frank hasn't proven that he can play in the NBA yet.. Walt Clyde Frazier??!? Blasphemy.
An amazing example for bathroom design is Clyde Frazier restaurant by Morphosis. They made a row of stalls parallel to…
Clyde Frazier "Lance Thomas' forte is not the three ball.". Lance Thomas shooting 44% on 3s. . This is the team he's paid to watch
Clyde Frazier is a better announcer than Tommy Heinsohn. That is all
Cavs rock unis as far back as 40 years ago when they had Clyde Frazier, back 30 when they had Ron Harper, but not 20 with TB?
Mike Breen & Clyde Frazier laughing at the Cowboys lost. That's why this is my favorite duo in the league
Mike Breen and Clyde Frazier are aware that James Dolan fired Marv Albert for less, right? And security guards, pro…
I can't ever decide if I enjoy Clyde Frazier's color commentating. All the rhyming. Just a bit too much. Helps Mike Breen is pbp guy.
Watching vs via NYK feed, it's clear to me that Clyde Frazier knows absolutely nothing about the Raps and "Mike Lowry"
Mike Breen & Clyde Frazier are the absolute best. Also, Demar DeRozan is good at basketball.
Magic to Kareem. Pippen to Jordan. Clyde Frazier to Willis Reed. . C'mon, man.
Keith Tarango takes it himself for 6. 20-20. Its tempting to make a Clyde Frazier, "Matador defense" reference after Parkland gets scored on
That Just For Men commercial with Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier getting their lurk on is underrated creepy.
And call Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier & get the goat colored up.
Every time I get a rejection email, I say "re-jected" like Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier in that old Just For Men commercial.
Clyde Frazier is a bad color commentator. . Don't @ me.
I think I saw Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier sitting with
if Keith Hernandez or Walt "Clyde" Frazier owned your dogs they probably would Just For Men their white goatees.
Is Walt "Clyde" Frazier one of the 11 commentators in 17?
I'm at Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine - in New York, NY
why do u have only 50 followers Clyde? Ur Clyde Frazier king of NYC!
Clyde Frazier's resturant was really cool as ***
Walt Frazier. Going to the Garden and seeing Clyde, Earl, Willis, Jerry, Dave…
The "East" stickmen familia would undoubtedly be headed by Walt "Clyde" Frazier. Come on now!
Clyde Frazier with the steal! (via NBA Vault) "It's sheer beldam here at Madison Square Garden!".
Check out the awesome summer camp with .
I wanna go to that restaurant Clyde Frazier's.
It was rough. My Walt Clyde Frazier bobblehead fell over and lost an arm.
and another thing russill-LIO, SHAVE.cant u afford a razor? and again, Clyde Frazier, Joe Dumars,ETC would of ate steph for lunch/really
you should listen to Clyde Frazier's commentary of New York Knick games. So many rhymes
Been dying to go to Clyde Frazier's 😒
what do you think if this guy Clyde Frazier III ? Dude dont even breath in this solo lol
"Pretty Ricky" needs to get down with Walt "Clyde" Frazier and Keith Hernandez on Just For Men hair coloring commercials. lol
Competitors and championship teammates, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe and Walt "Clyde" Frazier
Clyde drexler was cool, Oscar was too, Clyde frazier, Barkley, but yoo Dr.J? He was telling ppl hurry and take pictures
look up what Trump did for Clyde Frazier Jr and the Harlem hoops tournament
STRONG suit game from Clyde Frazier last night!
"looping and swooping"- Clyde Frazier with the album description over here
Gotta say, this approach does not register with people who grew up with Clyde Frazier
Walt “Clyde” Frazier is the definition of super fly. Here are his best suits of 2016:
The Knicks have officially been put down. You know what that means? It’s Clyde Frazier suit shopping season.
I think Clyde Frazier killed a bunch of Smurfs to make tonight's jacket.
Clyde Frazier just said of Porzingis, "Definitely a precocious neophyte."
Walt Clyde Frazier commentary is cracking me up. This dude... 😂😂😂😂
Walt Frazier picks Kawhi Leonard as his defensive player of year. "Into the Clyde-escope" -- Kenny Albert featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lowkey want Clyde Frazier to coach the Knicks
Clyde Frazier is in the HOF so he makes this work
Clyde Frazier in the house at tonight.
I'm thinking Craig Sager mixed with Clyde Frazier for you.
if you're trying to be like Clyde Frazier its dishing and swishing
Evidently Clyde Frazier has hacked this account
What percentage of people watching Raw do you think know who both Keith Hernandez and Walt "Clyde" Frazier are?
The Clyde Frazier suit we were just talking about -Could Papa pull this off?
Clyde Frazier out here looking like the cow 🐄🐄🐄
Walt Clyde Frazier got on the moo moo Meadows from mario kart suit
I have so many sporadic gray hairs I'm afraid Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier are going to confront me about it.
We sit by the great Clyde Frazier and Mike Breen so come by after and I'll make it happen
needs to get Clyde Frazier to share the Grecian Formula with him
Lighting up defensive legend Clyde Frazier, among others.
It's the typical NY sports trope that we love swag as long as you back it up on the court. Think Clyde Frazier.
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Clyde Frazier is everything Bill Walton tries to be as a commentator
jk I would totally get a Walt Clyde Frazier or John Starks jersey before either of those 2
“Boy, we’ve seen some folly tonight,” says Clyde Frazier, the sole light at the heart of the entire Knicks enterprise
"Galloway like Lazarus...has risen from the dead" - Walt 'Clyde' Frazier
One nice thing about playing the is that I get to watch the sublime MSG feed on Kenny Albert/Clyde Frazier. Class.
Clyde Frazier has a vocabulary of like 14 words.. On a good night.
No go back to the 70s and put Clyde on him. Walt Frazier would follow you to the end of earth with or without ball.
Walt Clyde Frazier on George Hill's hair: "I guess blondes do not have more fun."
Clyde is a scouts dream outlet.Clyde Frazier ***
I don't like when Clyde Frazier uses the term "overzealous"
Clyde Frazier n Mike Breen chatting about Lin/Hamilton. Best thing Mike has ever seen. Clyde says he'll have to check it out.
"If you're going to lose, play the young guys.". - Walt Clyde Frazier
Someone created an IG page dedicated to grading each of Clyde Frazier’s suits. .
never fails to get a chuckle out of me with his grade of Clyde Frazier's suits. Great account, definitely worth a follow
I know I've said it before, but I need to say it again. Clyde Frazier is a *** national treasure. Best NBA color guy by far IMO   10% Off
lol not the big named guys just former players n Clyde Frazier they run little camps n sign autographs
Really channeling your inner Clyde Frazier this morning.
My new aim is to use one Clyde-ism every day. I am posting and toasting! via
The power of data. I would absolutely pay $$$ not to hear Walt Frazier call a Knicks game.
INT. MSG LOCKER ROOM - NIGHT. [Phil Jackson is reading the Mundaka Upanishad. Clyde Frazier saunters over.]. CLYDE: Yo Phil, we goi
Walt "Clyde" Frazier on LIRR safety: "To be really stylin' and profilin', step OVER the gap between the platform and the train."
Did Walt Clyde Frazier hack into this account?
SO HAPPY that this Thunder vs. Cavs game has Hubie Brown calling it. Best NBA announcer around other than Clyde Frazier.
Melo brought the plague to NYC. He chased Lin best PG NY had since Clyde Frazier.
Oh, that's where Mike Tyson gets his vocabulary from. Walt Clyde Frazier! Their defense is impregnable! gyrating, fondling, poking
Always here for a Walt Clyde Frazier shout out on national TV.
Clyde Frazier with the basketball rhymes hacking and wacky
The only guy I can think of who is clearly better is Walt Clyde Frazier.
why is it ok when Clyde Frazier uses those and similar terms? Put the race card back in your pocket on this one Bo.
That is too many coincidences in 20 seconds, Clyde Frazier...
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Listening to Clyde Frazier is a real test to the patience
gyrating & telestrating sounds like Walt Clyde Frazier describing 1970s 42nd St Times Square prostitute or is he talking about Brook Lopez?
Important Question:. What will Clyde Frazier rhyme with Jimmer first - simmer? shimmer? glimmer?
Did howie just compare Tavares to Walt Clyde Frazier?
Can we John Starks and Walt Clyde Frazier just come out of retirement and play for knicks again ? Best chance we got at pg
For When I was a kid I insisted on Puma Clyde's in honor of Walt Frazier. Never as a grown up!
Recapping the acheivments of legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier.
Clyde Frazier was . Dr. J, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird were . "Air" Jordan changed the game.
I wasn't sure if it was Clive or Walt Clyde Frazier. Maybe they swished and dished on a joint party this year lol
Clyde Frazier's PSA announcements at the LIRR track are really what keeps me going as delayed trains continue to dominate life
Not even Walt Clyde Frazier talking about passenger safety can make this experience ok ...and I love passenger safety.
I added a video to a playlist Dock Frazier and the Clyde Stanley Band "The L&N don't Stop Here
Clyde Frazier, Don Cherry, and Craig Sager walk into a bar.and everyone's eyeballs explode.
Craig Sager & Clyde Frazier are the only dudes who can get away with the suits they wear.
Hey, man. Clyde Frazier might actually dress worse than Craig Sager.
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Kevin Loves 31-31 game is on NBATV and Clyde Frazier is talking about how Darko Milocic's career struggles are inexplicable :(
I learned most of my fun vocabulary words and phrases from Gorilla Monsoon, and Clyde Frazier.
I have to *** and puke but Keith Hernandez and Walt Clyde Frazier got me laughing
Walt Clyde Frazier is definitely on my top ten humans of all time list
Clyde Frazier really calls these games with a thesaurus in hand. 🙈
Wait, what happened to Ron Duguay?!? He was the Hockey Clyde Frazier. Tonight he looks like ... a dude in a gray suit?
Walt "Clyde" Frazier commentary makes me not want to watch Knicks game ever.
If you see Clyde Frazier at Eli Zabars shopping for baby spinach & you converse about bball, love & the meaning of life on t…
Clyde Frazier will never learn another word.
Walt Clyde Frazier just called Kris the guy 😂😂 vs
Clyde Frazier called Kris Humphries "The Kardashian Guy" LMAO...I guess some things will always stick to you
"The Kardashian guy is starting to percolate," says Walt Clyde Frazier after Humphries knocks down a 3.
Clyde Frazier's bar makes an awesome Manhattan btw.
they feed off of Clyde Frazier negative remarks. Knicks will advance when Clyde is fired or…
Great lunch with the AfterShock Comics team at Clyde Frazier's. Suffered a bit of cheese burger's…
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Only jersey I own is Clyde Frazier. Don't think I could pull that off. Maybe I could go as Sasha Vujacic.
fraid not. Have to listen to Dave & Glenn but buck & me working tomorrow. CSN 7pm Clyde Frazier inda house
Knicks are 2and 0 with Wally Ball. No Clyde Frazier negative comments and energy=Victories Please reassign Clyde
No Clyde Frazier the fanbuster for the 1st preseason game was the best thing the Knicks did so far.Knicks R 2and 0 with Wally
I pay homage to Clyde Frazier for my grammar today
I'll be in the same building as the Gawd Walt Clyde Frazier on Friday
He wore one of Clyde Frazier's suits for the cover photo
same with Walt Clyde Frazier and the Knicks
You mean you didn't go with Walt Clyde Frazier. Who raps doing play by play. Are swishing and dishing
Hubie Brown is great. Gus Johnson is entertaining. There will always be a place in my heart for Clyde Frazier
Celebrating my Birthday Early with friends and family!! @ Clyde Frazier's…
Stylin and profilin as Clyde Frazier would say.
good memories Juan of Clyde Frazier calling out the lady in the 2nd row who wasn't paying attention to the Knick game.
oh man, great 1. Ali/Frazier 1 doc. was amazing, too. Sinatra, Miles, Clyde Frazier all there. Can't imagine electricity.
I did not know Walt Clyde Frazier is an Arsenal fan.
Check out always the coolest guy in the room.
when CLYDE Frazier retires or is replaced the Knicks will win a championship until then media manipulation will fanbust
Thank You Guys for . ALL the birthday LOVE❤️ @ Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
The Lions + how can a non-expansion NFL team go 0-16?...The Cubs are Lovable Losers & Clyde Frazier is still looking cool.
How should we rate Ewing, Clyde and Willis?
Do you know how Walt Frazier got the nick name Now we do! What an awesome story
I still can't believe we saw Clyde Frazier chillin at the Yankee game. His slippers must have cost 10k
love it, I grew up in NJ in the 70s. Huge Knicks fan. Walt "Clyde" Frazier was my man.
Keith Hernandez just quoted Clyde Frazier from his own Just For Men commercial!
I wanna dress like Clyde Frazier when I grow up.
Knicks legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier chats with season ticket holders tonight before the game.
Saw Clyde Frazier earlier before the Yanks game. What do you think his A-Rod home run call would be? "Swinging and stinging," maybe?
A little pregame chat with my basketball idol, Clyde Frazier!
I'm pro gray rights too. I get sad everytime I see Walt Clyde Frazier in Just For Men commercials. Its okay to be gray
I hope Clyde Frazier insisted on cash up front
if you don't get your clyde Frazier
Showing off the x Walt “Clyde” Frazier “All-Gold” shoes with the Black Sox Ink Luxury socks.
Ross could really use a visit from Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier . Just For Men. Used and abused
The battle of the suits, Clyde Frazier and Calvin Murphy, occurs when the Knicks visit the Toyota Center, Nov. 21.
Is that Clyde Frazier 2 people to his left?
Keith Hernandez & Walt "Clyde" Frazier see the royalties pile up.
Keith Hernandez & Walt "Clyde" Frazier are Undertaker marks for sure.
Wait... This isn't about Clyde Frazier, is it?
Legendary Weekend. See Pee-Wee Kirkland and his son with Steve Burtt. @ Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
this is why I say Clyde Frazier *** you will notice a change for the better when Clyde Frazier is reassigned
Clyde is a knick destroyer instigator . Fans to gullible to realize
because Clyde Frazier is a knick Fan Buster
few years ago, Clyde Frazier predicted, without provocation on opening day that Indiana would win east.
"Everybody will need to have somewhat a career year for the Knicks to make the playoffs.". - Walter Clyde Frazier http…
TEAM SHOCKDALE back for another HUGE networking event on September 16th at Clyde Frazier's!! Tix go on sale TODAY!!
When is Clyde Frazier going to do a NBA 2k
looks like Clyde Frazier's twin brother
Thank you God for another year. So blessed to be seeing 21 today. ☺️🎉🎊 @ Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
Walt "Clyde" Frazier and I at Basketball City Summer Camp Week 9... I love my job🏀 @ Basketball City
Peter and Pee Wee Kirkland at last night's 50th Rucker reunion at Clyde Frazier's super club
It's my great hope that his aloha shirt becomes the outfit of choice of all broadcasters. Only Clyde Frazier from MSG does better.
Clyde Frazier and Mike Breen talking about my fellow pack member on TV tonight
The power went out but that ain't gone stop the kid Birthday celebration Clyde Frazier a beast…
Going down Clyde Frazier all black bday bash!! Best live acts from across the South East!!!
... after considerable thought, the 3 people I want at my dinner table are Spike Lee, Clyde Frazier and Woody Allen
Clyde Frazier, re: David West sacrificing $10 MM to sign w/ Spurs: "If he wanted a championship ring that bad, he should've …
Tim Hardaway Jr, who was traded to the Hawks, was at Clyde Frazier's restaurant w/ Knicks fans when he got the trade call. S…
is crazy talking like is Clyde Frazier or Willis Reed. Melo only cares about the money and shooting the rock
he's great, but have you ever head of Jason Kidd, Isaiah Thomas, John Stockton, Clyde Frazier, Gary Payton, and Magic Johnson
Clyde, Happy Birthday. Remember seeing you in the convention hall, Asbury pk. Ali vs Frazier.
My pal is turning 70! Check out my "10 Things you don't know about Clyde card" We love you!
Happy Birthday to two time NBA Champion and Knicks legend, Walt Clyde Frazier.
Clyde Frazier and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe top 2 backcourt of all time, fight me.
To commemorate Clyde's 70th birthday, I've compiled a list of my favorite suits in the Post-Cow Era
Ima strive to be as fresh as Walt Clyde Frazier when I'm older..
(Turns on Knicks) I can't name any of them, and they are (Turns on MUTE after 3 minutes of Walt "Clyde" Frazier).
lmaoo I said I was playing. You're Clyde Frazier in his prime of this blog game.
Sorry Monta, according to Clyde Frazier, Andrea Bargnani not only "has it all" but also "does it all." Unclear what 'it' is.
Check my Top 10 Suits in the Post-Cow Era article that I did for MSG in honor of Clyde's 70th birthday!
He definitely appreciated your style. Dude does games with Clyde Frazier, he knows a sharp look when he sees one!
No doubt my favorite bracket: "Walt Frazier's Best Outfit Bracket." Cow hyde for the win.
MSG's outfit bracket is down to the final two. I voted for the old-school subway getup. But I'm old.
Clyde Frazier's started using it w/r/t Langston, and even so, it still doesn't sit right.
The championship round of Greatest Look starts today! Vote your fav before the special on Fri. 3/27!
Ray Hudson is the Clyde Frazier of soccer lol u need a SAT book while listening to their play by play.# Magisterial
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
happy BD Clyde Frazier, can you + the pearl shore up our backcourt 2015/16 please!
will win championship when Walt Clyde Frazier retires.Knicks have not been close since
8 hrs til the championship round with 2 amazing suits in the lead! Don't forget to vote!
Wasn't better than Isiah, Kidd, The Glove, Magic, Stockton, Walt Clyde Frazier or Pistol Pete. Won't be CP3, Curry, Russ when it's over.
I would say Clyde Frazier. Frazier should of won NBA Finals MVP in 1970
They should get Clyde Frazier to call every single tournament game
Gottlieb, stop with the bad Clyde Frazier imitations going to commercial. In-game stuff is quality; going to break is rough
I might be bugging but I swear I seen Clyde Frazier walking through the train station in Philly today.
Shame such a vociferous, splendiferous announcer like Walt "Clyde" Frazier is wasted on a team like the Knicks
Martin Brodeur retiring with Blues is analogous to the last seasons for Joe Namath, Harmon Killebrew & Clyde Frazier.
Willis Reed rolling over in his grave, Clyde Frazier rolling over in his grave, Bernard King rolling over in his grave
Meanwhile, Kenny Albert and Clyde Frazier deserve Presidential Medals of Freedom for broadcasting a game in which Travis Wear gets 30 mins.
Ron Duguay and Clyde Frazier: brothers from another mother!
You may have mentioned this earlier, but it's the most important question of the night: What's Clyde Frazier wearing?
Just saw Ice T and Clyde big deal
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If I had to listen to Clyde Frazier commentate 82 games I don't know what I'd do. He's turrible.
Walt Clyde Frazier has lost his mind. That suit 😂😂
In the fine presence of Clyde Frazier himself right now.
To borrow a phrase from Walt "Clyde" Frazier - matador defense by the Illini there
Check out my Postcard of Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine
Announcing imo Marv Albert was so great a Knicks announcer that alone or w walt "clyde" frazier, made games ↗️than📺.
Thank you the set up at Clyde Frazier's looks lovely
OMG Walt Clyde Frazier is on with Brian Lehrer! Love him so much!
favorite Clyde Frazier rhyme ever... Nate Robinson, not enough focus, too much hocus pocus...
Has there been a Clyde Frazier's suits meme?
You know the Knicks are getting washed when Mike Breen and Clyde Frazier start telling stories meant for the hotel bar
Clyde Frazier is a terrible commentator.
Listening to the Knicks without Clyde Frazier is like eating a burger without cheese. Just doesn't feel right
I like Walt Clyde Frazier's colorful commentary. Matador D or knicks playing w/ malice at the Palace when at Detroit Pistons.
It's the NBA preseason but Walt "Clyde" Frazier is in midseason form rhyme-wise.
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I only watch Knicks basketball on MSG to hear Clyde Frazier call the game
The sound of Walt Clyde Frazier calling a basketball game again eases my tortured off-season soul.
Boy I've missed Clyde Frazier at the call for the Knickerbockers
Clyde Frazier just be making up words
Walt Clyde Frazier should take the SAT reading section for me
Can anyone else not stand Walt Clyde Frazier?
Walt Clyde Frazier is as amazing as anyone in sports
U know Knicks basketball is back when you hear Clyde Frazier's sayings like "dishing and swishing, posting and toasting" 😂👌
I hate watching Celtics games in MSG. Can't stand listening to Clyde Frazier
The best thing about Knicks basketball is Walt Clyde Frazier . KnicksTape
LMAOOO Clyde Frazier and his way of words 😂😂😂
"A triangle has three sides." - Clyde Frazier, dropping knowledge like he's
"Brain-cell lackin' and horrendous shot-jackin'!" - Walt Clyde Frazier after that last JR Smith shot
I've missed you Mike Breen, Walt Clyde Frazier, Tina Cervacio and all of the MSG crew. Knicks basketball is BACK
Fish with that blue suit out of Walt Clyde Frazier's closet
It's so good to hear Walt Clyde Frazier
Walt Clyde Frazier, oh how i missed your voice
Clyde Frazier just gave me a head nod.
What if instead of reading from my novel, I just read rants about Carmelo and Allan Houston and Clyde Frazier?
Cool. Duguay does stuff for msg. He dressers like the hockey Clyde Frazier. Glad Nicky makes it across the SI Ferry.
I say you base Nba live16 on the legends, Michael, magic, Larry etc, hire Walt Clyde Frazier
Bert Hammel another fashion of the week with the throwback Clyde Frazier matching sweatsuit
Mark Wahlberg filming on 10th Ave, outside of Clyde Frazier's.
200 dollar gift card to Walt Clyde Frazier wine and dine and Joe Judice walks by with 7 cops. Live it up bro last hoorah
If Walt Clyde Frazier was calling this game, he'd say " New York with the swiss cheese like defense."
3 days until we jam and learn the drums. Thanks to United Auto Sales and Columbia ArtsAcademy for the use of Conundrum Music Hall!!! Clyde Clyde Frazier III and Jason Summers gonna rock the house. Please share and invite your friends
lmao chill bae gets wined and dined at fancy places only like Clyde Frazier's.
Just caught a dunk at Walt Clyde Frazier restaurant
"Who is the greatest sports announcer of all time ??". Clyde Frazier, and no one will tell me otherwise
I am mad I didn't get a picture with Clyde Frazier last night. Next time hopefully
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I wonder which other team is CLYDE Frazier going to pick 2win the east.last year on "OPENING"game he picked Indiana.
Still gotta go to Clyde Frazier's like wassup uncle ☺️
history says it's Clyde Frazier, but the game was played much different back then, and players are far more athletic now days.
I wanna take somebody out to Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine restaurant but I don't have a girlfriend smh.
My dad pmo that Clyde Frazier restaurant in the city is tuff 🔥
Oh how I miss Walt Clyde Frazier. Can not wait for Knicks basketball.
Anyone check out this place yet? Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine on 10th Ave
my pops said John Bagley was the greatest Ball Handler..He swore Clyde Frazier was in a Line up as a Pimp on Riker's Island
Walt "Clyde" Frazier "who is your Father's favorite NBA player of all-time?"
Listening to 'Walt Clyde Frazier at SS.' "Mike argues about Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam' * on deck
Listen to Clyde Frazier Sr on The Danny Tisdale Show as we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month-
The great Walt "Clyde" Frazier visited us last week at part of the New York Knicks camp. Also JR Smith &John Starks
CLYDE Frazier will always be a Knick nuisance
Walt "Clyde" Frazier and my Son at Basketball City kids summer camp
My mommy said she gonna take me to Clyde Frazier restaurant since I'm still lonely lol 😑
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
and just to be clear, The Knick is not a 1970s sitcom starring Clyde Frazier
I liked a video 1-on-1: Clyde Frazier on Melo, Knicks, and Best Dunker Of All-Time
NY Knick legend, Walt "Clyde" Frazier speaking to campers at Basketball City NYC today
Best OH from a bunch of teenage basketball camp kids on subway "we have to get selfies with Walt "Clyde" Frazier.". Know your history!
Behind the Scenes with Russell Westbrook and Walt Clyde Frazier -
Never thought I'd hear a worse color commentator than Austin Carr, but Clyde Frazier is awful.
So tired of hearing how great Labron James is, even heard he was the greatest ever, I beg to differ, how about these people Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Dr.J ,Oscar Roberts, Clyde Frazier, and Clyde Drexler they played the game without the flops didn't cry about the calls and played both ends of the floor. I guess by now you know I'm not a Labron fan.
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Join New York Knicks Hall of Famer, Walt "Clyde" Frazier, and at Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine on 37th and 10th this Friday May 16th 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm for a wine tasting and silent auction with items from Steiner Sports Memorabilia. All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via the MAD with Chad campaign. Cost is $45 for wine and food pairing. *** If you are bidding on memorabilia your entrance will be complimentary***
Frazier said who is coming in for with good cohesion out there on the
I hear Clyde Walt Frazier say Melo is hurting and they actually show Felton getting taped on the bench.Then why are they playing.
NY Knicks alway do exactly what Clyde Frazier say Don't do on the last plays another lost :(
Mike Woodson is a horrible coach. Melo was off all night, Knicks were playing well and he puts Melo back in. Even Clyde Frazier was confused
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