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Cloud computing is a metaphor used by Technology or IT Services companies for the delivery of computing requirements as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients.

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Cloud strategy session at pulls from cloud report series, bulletin, and mentions cloud CG
What is computing? Discover more about a technology you are probably using every day
Good advice for the "5 pitfalls to avoid when migrating to the
.revises platform pricing to ease adoption via Commentary by
Survey hints at cloud computing consolidation, staffing woes - ZDNet
Deep dive on vs. vs. cloud options: by
I'm pleased to be helping launch Cloud Mach 1 - celebrating cloud computing and digital technology:
Or...AWS could find an innovative way to make GPU cloud computing more affordable and democratize access to computing ;P
Mingis on Tech: How IT can prep for robots and avoid big cloud gotchas
Prices for object storage have begun to become competitive at the computing giants.
Survey hints at cloud computing consolidation, staffing woes
Dropbox really wants us to know its finances are healthy
"Analysts forecast that the global market will grow at a CAGR of 38.22% between 2016-2020."
NetSuite and Oracle unveil combined plans for global cloud domination -
Bluemix is charged up with P100 GPU. Learn how and NVIDIA are leading the revolution.
Infrastructure 101: Steps you'll need to take to employ IBM Cloud Object Storage:
Survey hints at cloud computing consolidation, staffing woes -
Free online course on the fundamentals of computing and essential Bluemix services:
hoping to put enterprise apps into containers. I'll say it, this'll be interesting.
A new compliance and security solution is born, thanks to and Here's the scoop:
Run this on using the IBM container service
Ixia goes native to build its solution via…
Three reasons 2017 will be the year of the hybrid cloud . Computing…
I don't get the promo for a blockchain governed by IBM, Microsoft,. is it less broken than their Cloud computing in…
Battalion Runner with Cloud Computing having the start he had. Passed the eye test though, to me anyway.
Security of Data in services is well Assured, Says Industry leading based firm -
The End of Cloud Computing. . What would be the future of cloud?
I'm hearing more and more people talk about Peter Levine's thought provoking POV on The End of Cloud Computing. He…
Would have to think Cloud Computing is being pointed there also. J Boys Echo is listed as probable for the Blue Grass
U.S. Dept of State AdvisCom on Private Internatl Law: Public Mtg on Electronic Commerce-Cloud Computing by publ 03/13/2017. DocFR 13540
Juniper Networks . Cloud Computing delivered through private or public cloud: a boon for business, but a burden...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Cloud Computing provides the ability to access, share and collaborate data anywhere, any time and on any device…
What if the Cloud moves to the Edge? - From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise via
Distributed and Cloud Computing: From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things
slashes prices ahead of re:Invent via
Good perspective - 7 simple truths you should know about the via
Federal, state & local governments - follow us to learn more about cloud computing
Israeli military kills 4 ISIS militants after ambush -
Japan plans superefficient supercomputer by 2017 - via
Six key points to consider when moving into the
Get the experts’ take on next-gen cognitive search and cloud computing. Join our Dec 6 webinar 1pm ET.
Morning roundup of news for November 27, 2016
Japan plans superefficient supercomputer by 2017 via
Learn how cloud computing can take your business to the next level. Follow us for news, training, tips & tricks!
With over 5% of hard disks failing in their first year, you want to move your to the asap
"if a describes itself with trendy words like big data, cloud computing, or SaaS, it's time to run away."
Great come from a great mobile platform
Cloud Operations Engineer: Cloudreach Canada: "We are looking for a superstar systems…
By the end of 2017, we'll have 16 EU data centers, more than any competitor. explains:
IoT, Analytics, Robotic Automation, Mobility, Cloud computing are all hot spots
Expanding on-prem IT to the is easier with on Learn more:
The new rule on penetration reporting and contracting for cloud services came out Oct. 21.
Great mobile applications come from a great mobile development platform
Follow us for the lastest cloud computing news & updates!
How cloud computing is helping untangle how trees can cool we know where to plant more of them:
Japan plans superefficient supercomputer by 2017
Curious about the Cloud? AWS Office Hours: re:Invent Recap, Serverless Computing and your Q&A
CIO lessons from 9/11: Resiliency, recovery, and cloud computing -
Cloud tech is changing the face of but which computing model is best?
Top 5 developerWorks Cloud computing tutorials for 2016. See which ones resonated with our readers.
What's In Store for Cloud Computing, Apache CloudStack in 2017? - (blog)
Hamilton Collection
Cloud Computing • Re: How can I move a small business server to the cloud?
Cloud Computing for Smart Grid applications. A reliable and efficient communications system is required for the robust, affordable and secur…
Are Financial Institutions ready for Cloud Computing? Check out report 1st w…
CIOs: Shadow IT is actually great for your cloud strategy
Here's why Google shut down a cloud customer -
Cloud computing 101: Advantages and disadvantages - RCR Wireless News
Forget the - have you heard about Learn how it applies to the here v…
Infographic for the latest cloud computing stats
The legal ethics of cloud computing & examined here:
strategies accelerate digital transformation, open new markets. Learn how:
Ready to move to the cloud? Follow us to get the latest cloud computing news for government.
AWS has 10x the computing capacity of the next 14 cloud providers combined, per
Interesting predictions from the WEF - The Blockchain link in the article is worth clicking on as well :)
On the IBM Cloud, WayBlazer is helping create travel experiences that feel unique to you.
By going private, Rackspace looks to fuel its cloud evolution. San Antonio-based Rackspace, which helped develop...
The will be crucial for businesses in the future—but companies in are hesitant to join the ranks.
Huawei Aims to Sell the Nuts and Bolts of Global Cloud Computing
Solve more complex problems quickly with on Learn more:
Concerns of Businesses for moving to cloud computing
FS firms: can help establish your presence in the evolving digital ecosystem.
IT leaders at turned a page with its move to the
Cloud Computing Basics For Small Businesses - Visit link for more
Steve Nunn explains why cloud computing represents disruption in the best sense.
NSX, and its new chief, take center stage at VMWorld - Network World
Spending on public IT infrastructure to hit $23.3 billion via
"Google Races to Catch Up in Cloud Computing" by QUENTIN HARDY via NYT Technology
Awah:Africa is very eager to use facilities that Cloud Computing provides but there's no readiness to drive the technology
Why does new GAO report on Cloud Computing not mention records management...
Cloud Computing in Education Market by Service Model, Deployment Model, User Type & by Region - Global Forecast ..…
Cloud Computing is predicted to have double digit growth thru 2026, with Public Cloud adoption leadi…
- IBM Cloud Computing / Guiding Eyes for the Blind: Jackson - -. Advertising …
autour2Paris: Bientot : Cloud Computing world expo le 23/03
BUZZ-Stormy times ahead for cloud computing ETF -
Dealing with multiple providers is often complex – but it doesn’t have to be:
The merger of Dell and EMC stems from the rise of cloud computing
How enterprises can ensure a secure cloud migration -
Cisco to create 200 new cloud computing jobs in UK
What is "the cloud"? Learn about online file storage options & explore Google Driveat
.Spending on services will average $1.56M in 2016.
Top 10 cloud computing stories of 2015
How Notre Dame is going all in with Amazon's cloud -
Easy-to-understand Information and Data on: big data; cloud; analytics, IT; computing; and productivity solutions :,
The three cloud trends that will roll your way in 2016.
Global survey finds cloud computing has gone mainstream
Follow DMC's frequent blog on all things IT. Insights on solutions in hardware, software, cloud computing, and more.
All purpose parts banner
The Linux heritage of Android, GitHub, Apache for servers, Hadoop for data analysis & OpenStack for cloud computing.
Even during the holidays, the news doesn't stop. Read take on what happened last week
In this special report, we take a look at what's now and what's next in cloud computing.
developers tap into machine learning via EricKnorr
dalytics: developers tap into machine learning via EricKnorr
Google Cloud Audit Logs in our cloud computing era >
$104 and 8 hours of Amazon’s cloud computing is all it took to hack NSA’s website...
micahflee The same can be said about the vast majority of cloud computing services. It's not the personal computer…
Such a great read! Awesome to see where cloud computing is headed!
love cloud computing. Learn why in our blog:
The University of Manchester School of Computer Science featured in Matillion's history of Cloud Computing by
Cloud-Computing will Keep the Deals Coming - Mergers & Acquisitions - The Middle Market
.looks at a silver lining of the cloud that current users are probably aware of: Productivity -
Was Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in Paris police raid? -
What’s going on at Citrix?: Tim Walsh, senior IT Architect at the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant in Michigan, is...
A peek into the future of hybrid cloud in 2016 - Network World
Improve productivity, lower risk, & offering choice at every layer of your infrastructure:
Thanks for speaking with me yesterday. My story came out today
RAC extends 'infrastructure-as-a-service' cloud contract: Automated service desk allows RAC to better...
We are providing cloud computing / hosting related all services by our certified technician.
New Consortium building tools to deploy computing resources at network edge. Also
Scale from PBs to EBs for your cloud, social, mobile, analytic & cognitive computing workloads - IBM Spectrum Scale:
Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Jerry Melnick, CEO of SIOS (Part 3): Sramana Mitra: Can you help me with a...
See how enables efficient & effective hybrid cloud computing in our webinar—1 hr away
Pivotal growth: "an average 56% of IT environments will be in the cloud by the end of 2016."
BM’s Global C-suite study: C-Suite believe Mobile Solutions & Cloud Computing will be the most important technologies in the next 3 to 5 yrs
Is the goal of computing to deliver transformative effects to a business by
Cloud computing APIs pose vendor lock-in risks -
How will adoption affect the economy? Will that change things for channel partners?
We offer eBusiness, Digital Marketing and Cloud Computing courses to unemployed adults in Meath.
The Guardian goes all-in on AWS public cloud after OpenStack 'disaster’ via
Question: do you know where your digital assets actually are? "In the doesn't count: via
Considering the hybrid cloud? Here's what you'll need to consider
Know why the cloud is great for small business? Check out this inforgraphic:
Inventec Enables Hadoop, Cloud Computing and Hyperscale Workloads with New ... - ThomasNet News (press release)…
Happy Thursday! Here are some Software Development secrets to creating agility in the
Oracle: It's time for a digital transformation in computing
University plans the future of transportation in China
Dell's Gordon Davey outlines the benefits of Cloud computing:
Cloud computing, economics and the channel -
IT shops will pass the cloud tipping point in 2016, survey finds
IT pros should focus on largest public cloud providers
What’s going on at Citrix? A tumultuous week follows years of wrangling at the company by
Cloud apps need governance too via and
Please... Just enable Cloud Computing so that we don't have to spend that much money on GPU's and CPU's.
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Google's infrastructure czar predicts cloud business will outpace ads in 5 years
Redefine Network, Cloud Computing, Big data and Analysis, Mobile, and more -
Cloud Computing-"Cloud Computing has changed how startups are built + companies are scaled."-Om Malik
Platfora is looking for a Engineer: Cloud Computing in apply now!
"Microsoft Earnings Climb, Lifted by Strong Growth in Cloud Computing" by NICK WINGFIELD via NYT
Tableau Software is hiring! Engineer, Cloud Computing in apply now!
Looking for a - Java - Cloud Computing, BXP Private Cloud
Ian Wellis from now talking on Cloud Computing at the Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya
LonginosRecuero: - - Cloud Computing and Virtualization in Ireland, 2010 -
QualarooInc: - - Getting Started with Cloud Computing: A LITA Guide -
Cloud Academy – The place to master Cloud Computing . Featured: by
Digital Forensics Market Analysis 2015-2020 - Cloud Computing is Raising the ... - IT Business Net
"'What impact does rise in Cloud Computing have on probably not right way to ask the ques."
Alibaba to compete Amazon with investment in Cloud Computing - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. will accelerate...
New farm planned by to power cloud-computing division. Winning with wind
Update your maps at Navteq
Top story: Another Big Price Slash in Cloud Computing Services: Microsoft Azure… see more
Rackspace Offers 'Fanatical Support' for Microsoft Azure - Cloud Computing on ... - Top Tech News
Zontec’s Synergy Cloud SPC is a game-changer. Cloud Computing in Manufacturing is Now a Necessity
Great insights of different models to consider (
What is / We are learning now why is important to work with cloud computing
Why Fortune 1000 CIOs and CEOs should make investments a priority now via
Top cloud computing myths that businesses need to dispel
Funders should pay to store large bio data sets in cloud computing services, say geneticists
Healthcare Cloud Computing market to grow at a CAGR of 21.95% during 2015 to 2019
Book review on Looks to be a good, thorough treatment:
The days of cloud price wars seem to be over
"It's time for because it's the delivery model that best fits today's computing environment."
A shift toward cloud computing is eating into India’s outsourcing industry:
Time for to rein in computing control explains
Cloud computing brings many innovations and advances in the information technology fields. Cloud allows businesses to focus on their ...
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Watch Vmware cloud experts discuss the best practices of cloud computing in this 7/16 webcast. htt…
There's a lot of buzz these days about "the cloud" however do you really know what "cloud computing" is? Click...
India will skip traditional devpt steps by leveraging Digital & cloud computing..powerful pitch by Amitabh Kant- Secretary, GOI
The public sector may still need further convincing over cloud computing's many benefits:
Google to pair its cloud-computing power with Broad's analytic tools - FierceBiotechIT
Our access to computing and knowledge is going to be via in
Windows 10 vs Ubuntu: Ubuntu may finally beat Windows in the Smartphone-PC convergence
8 Tech Skills Entrepreneurs Must Have to Succeed: New to cloud computing? Check out this free ...
Fantastic sharing by on India's model for future growth - mobile & cloud computing based revolution!
Cloud is to computing what the electric grid did to energy and will unleash growth.
Cloud Computing: IT evolution or revolution ? Answers from an European Community: “We’re…
This Week in Cloud Computing - Paul McNamara of Adobe Systems and Thomas Pedersen, Co-founder & CE
Cloud Computing white paper: Cost/Benefit Case for IBM DB2 10.5 for High Performance Analytics and Transaction Processing vs Oracle …
Masterstudium (Master of Science) High Performance und Cloud Computing (m/w) in Chemnitz...
Cloud Computing and Service oriented Architecture (SOA) by via
Scientists from all over the world in to the course "High Performance and Cloud Computing for Bioinformatics"
The Green Case for the Cloud: Environmental Benefits of Cloud Computing via Hedge IT - Eze Castle ...
3rd International Workshop on Autonomic Management of Grid and Cloud Computing (AMGCC'15) ReseachBib
Submit an abstract to Advanced Management of Grid & Cloud Computing (AMGCC’15) and co-located events Sep. 21-25 2015:
Tomorrow! “Roadmap to 5G: What Potential for Cloud Computing?” by Dr.Tarik Taleb from Aalto University
Lexington MA - Director of Professional Services for Data Center and Cloud Computing - Director of Professiona...
mshehab: Be Your Own Boss! - Cloud Computing for Lawyers and Executives: A Global Approach
What ever happened to cloud computing and the Xbox? Oh yeah, it never existed.
BlueWave Computing and our Partner Cirrity Make the Top 100 Cloud Service Provider list. via
Trends for Cloud -vs- Traditional Systems | Cloud Computing content from IndustryWeek
Will the personal cloud will define next-gen computing?
Cloud reduces costs and benefits productivity
Salesforce Blog - News from the industry leader in cloud computing via
"What's driving cloud computing in the UK?" at our partner gives his perspective http…
New blog post - Enhance your Process Automation skills with
Get cloud computing on demand with nothing more than a credit card and a browser. Sign up today!
40% of execs plan to increase spending on and What are they spending …
Why 'cloud computing' is called 'cloud computing' -
Where does cloud computing fit when we talk about supply chain management
My answer to What is cloud computing?
Confused as to what cloud computing actually is? PCMag are here to explain.
Great tutorial from on how cloud computing can aid the film and animation process:
Beyond the immediate impact of Five surprising ways cloud computing is changing education:
turns two,downloads cross 100 million! Few scenes from the journey: by
The Transporter beams you into the future of private cloud (ZDNet Australia)
Computing for HR - 3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Human Resources via
Centralised models are simpler for interoperability. A plethora of fog computing providers will need standard API.
Why cloud computing is a viable alternative in running programs and storing data for your business
IBM opens cloud computing centre in Slovenia - Telecompaper…
Google for Work vs. Microsoft Office 365: A comparison of cloud tools
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
BI Amazon wants to host all your photos and files with two new unlimited cloud storage plans (AMZN): Amazon ju...
Different countries will have different levels of acceptance for fog computing because of different cultures of trust.
Ditching the Paper Trail: Is Paperless Billing Really Secure? What do you think?
Fog inspires a lot of interest at unconference. Active debate underway.
Ken Corish from SWGfL talking about esafety in the context of cloud computing.
. You know There's no definitive response to the very best way to completely leverage cloud computing nevertheless.:
HP creates new server line for cloud computing
Is the enemy or bedfellow of fog computing? Latency is key.
With the purchase of FoundationDB LLC we at Apple hopes to add some serious engineering talent and expand cloud computing services.
3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Human Resources - For many Human Resources (HR) organizations, the move to c...
A deeper dive into mobile computing
CLOUDTECH 2015 - Special session: Internet of Things and Cloud Computing (deadline on February 28, hurry up!
PODCAST: What are the Leading Trends in Cloud Computing? An Expert Interview with Bernard Golden by Clark Buckner... h…
Cloud Computing: Legal Issues on the Horizon | Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP - JDSupra
Cloud Computing Concepts is a free online class taught by Indranil Gupta of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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How will you satisfy the expectation for “on demand” everything?
At cloud computing and big data summit at interop in Las Vegas
Cloud computing technology in Chines market by China Telecom, IBM
Cloud Computing for Programmers: Software Development in the Age of Cloud -
The cloud warning label and avoiding the dark side: Here's what he outlined: Cloud computing i...
Cloud computing, beyond doubt, has arrived on the technology scene as the next big thing. But amidst this hype it is essential to identify the...
Cloud computing: A critical component of precision medicine -
CEO discusses implementing business software in China with Angie Lau on "First Up."
Amazon at the forefront of Sustainablity"is turning to wind to power data centers
The enterprise-software giant was late to cloud computing but has lots of competitive weapons. Why the stock could climb 20%.
How and Thinking are modernizing the way companies do business
Top story: Why data science matters and how technology makes it possible — Te… see more
"Power is flowing from hardware engineers to software developers, the best of whom are in great demand."
" IBM, SAP to partner on cloud computing for businesses"
o If you might have heard of or are by using Yahoo and google Apps then you are aware of cloud computing.:
NIALS to NUC: Upgrade ICT curriculum with cloud computing services
The evolution of computing standards
SAP: To Cloud And Infinity - Cloud computing has now become mainstream and is a widely accepted delivery...
Do you want to migrate to the We can help you with that! Take a look at this page!
Review: Mirantis takes the sting out of OpenStack deployments by
Piford Technologies have Designed a Smart Crash Course (SCC) for Clearing Selection Exam in Wipro, TCS, & Infosys, RBS, iGate, Samsung, Cadence, Accenture, etc specially for those students who are pre-selected/ or are willing to apply in and wanted to appear for the regular tests conducted by them (in March, April, May 2015). These companies hired students in Bulk, so would be finally selecting Skillful Engineering students Only. We highly recommend to undergo our Employability Enhancement Program (EEP) – Campus to Corporate World. Maximum Number of students selected by these Companies are From Rayat & Bahra Group, Chandigarh Group of Colleges - CGC, Chandigarh University , Thapar University & Chitkara University & few PTU Colleges also. So to get finally selected in these companies, you need to be groomed under a highly Skillful Team of IT Professional that is available with Piford Technologies (USA Based Company). For Reference please see below their details (Qualification, Experience, etc). We welco ...
Do you need to understand for your We can help
Don't know where to start with for your business? We do...
Our Team Our team members are the primary asset of Zonocloud; they are graduates of world top universities with strong educational and professional background joined us from around the world working in pure cloud environment. We named our team as “CloudOne Team” for their cloud computing expertise that will be purely utilize to deliver the best cloud solutions to our clients. interested to join our team, send us your updated CV to info
.We because it's where we support local businesses to master
What do you think about these basic steps for decreasing the risk of cloud computing?
Big Data Skills on the Rise Overseas The massive growth of cloud computing, big data, and Hadoop technologies ha...
. We know what our customers need in cloud computing
*: So The strategy of cloud computing is rising all of the time and just lately a lot of organizations have jumped on the band wagon.:
Hi. Students here is opportunity to u all to secure a national level certificate on cloud computing.
news > CLOUD COMPUTING Google Opens Cloud Monitoring Service to Developers - CIO Today
Cloud isn’t just for non-mission-critical systems anymore. My take on how is revolutionizing business:
Research shows full extent of cloud computing price war A report from RBC Capital has reve
Statistical View on the Rise of Computing via
Set-up remote desktop access - MS Azure or any other cloud by photoadvert I need an expert to help me set-up rem...
Learn how startups build and deploy mobile applications quickly on marketplace
Vintage tech: Commodore PET: In an era that is overrun with iPhones, 4G and cloud computing, i...
Three tech trends set to shake up 2015
*> I say If you might have heard of or are utilizing Search engines Apps then that you are informed of cloud computing.:
oo There is certainly no definitive solution to the most effective solution to entirely leverage cloud computing still.:
Yes, you read that correctly... 44 ZB of data by 2020! you plan to keep up?
Information technology: Computing, fast and slow
Cloud Chronicle is out! Check out cloud computing news from this week:
Industry blog news Summary: Cloud Computing Coming to an Oil and Gas Company Near You
3 cloud computing predictions for 2015  
YBC offers your company a free onsite consultation that will provide
Wondering about the future of computing? Here's an article about leveraging cloud technology at HP
Great read that IBM and SAP - One American, One German - are to partner on cloud computing for busines
Where to Get Smokers Urn (Teal) , LIMITED TIME OFFER! BEST PRICE → (Teal) Apple iPod - An Ultimate Songs Participant iPods, the new brand name transportable media player was launched by Apple Inc. in October 2001. iPod was a section of the company strategy to mark its existence in the electronic electronic market place. There had been many issues against present audio gamers and Apple observed existing digital tunes players just "huge and clunky or little and worthless". Made a decision to produce just one Apple established into its creation and designed it in fewer than a yr. It was unveiled on Oct 23, 2001. Smokers Urn (Teal) Belkin Skype Wi-Fi Cellphone Assessment The Belkin Skype Wi-Fi Mobile phone brings together the wonderful contacting functions of Skype in a mobile Wi-Fi unit. Discover all about it below. Cloud Computing - How Does it Operate? Deep in the valleys of a mysterious mountain is a cave in which a magician would obtain distinct cables and hardware, blend them all up in an upturned pa ...
Mobile Deals - Positive aspects of Cloud Integration Cloud computing has a vast implementation in the present-day technological scenario of business enterprise operations. Because the attribute of shell out-for each-use is what attracts unique corporations, technological know-how abstraction is yet another providing place (USP) of diverse cloud based mostly services. Characteristics of the cloud like its agility, interoperability and authentic-time info trade tends to make it a greater selection for companies around some of the carefully connected technologies like point-to-place integration programs and so forth. Mobile Deals Organization Advantages of Cloud Computing Advantages of Cloud computing and its added benefits to the Market. Cloud Computing, if correctly built-in into the small business can substantially reduced the of price of IT infrastructure and administration. It can also support to reduce the possibility of downtime and boost facts protections. E-Recruitment Revolution Continues "Whosoev ...
Amazon Web Services Debuts Cloud Solutions at re:Invent - Cloud Computing on Top Tech News
Have you made your decision about Cloud Computing?
I just uploaded 'File Transfer Protocol in Cloud Computing' to
Trifacta's Chief Strategy Officer to Keynote at 2014 ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing via
How giant companies see the cloud via
Dear Students Two seminars from Microsoft Pakistan have been scheduled for Computer Science students on Thursday. 1.Seminar: Windows universal app development Introduction to app development that helps create apps both for desktop and mobile from one platform (Workshops on the technology are being scheduled in near future). Time:10:00am- 01:00pm Venue: MEDC 2. Seminar: Windows Azure The latest cloud computing platform from Microsoft for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a network of Microsoft datacenteres. Time: 02:00pm - 04:00pm Venue: MEDC This is a start of a series of seminars and workshops organized by FCS and Microsoft Student Partners that can prove beneficial for 1) Projects done on campus, and 2) As a profession later in life. Regards Team FCS
How cloud computing is forcing a reconsideration of intellectual property: via
How is reshaping post is excellent fodder for discussion (
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