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Clive Cussler

Clive Eric Cussler (born July 15, 1931 in Aurora, Illinois) is an American adventure novelist and marine archaeologist.

Tom Clancy Dirk Pitt James Patterson Lee Child Janet Evanovich John Grisham Patricia Cornwell Dan Brown David Baldacci Nora Roberts Dean Koontz Robin Cook Vince Flynn Stephen King Michael Crichton Ken Follett Harlan Coben Charlaine Harris

The Bootlegger is the seventh of Clive Cussler's bestselling Isaac Bell novels.It is 1920. Prohibition and bootlegging are in full swing. When Joseph Van Dorn is shot and nearly killed while in pursuit of a rum-running vessel, his friend and employee, Isaac Bell, swears to him that he will hunt d...
advance praise for Open Road Summer: "honey, this is better than Clive Cussler. i didn't know what was going to happen!" - emery lord's dad
Collection of 8 hardback books by various authors. 1) State of Fear - by Micheal Crichton 2) Crown of Stars - by Kate Elliott 3) Polar Shift - by Clive Cussler 4) Predator - by Patricia Cornwell 5) The Grave Tattoo - by Val McDermid 6) Promise Me - by Harlen Corben 7) Knees Up Mother Earth - by Robert Rankin 8) False Impression - by Jeffrey Archer £15 for the lot, collect from BB2 NAME THIS PLACE THAT IS IN BLACKBURN
Nothing to see here; just ranking on Amazon's author rankings, right behind Clive Cussler and Dan Brown!
I've heard of Clive Cussler but not the other two! Thxs! 😄 If you think of anything (c)
.add some guns and you have the plot to a Tom Clancy novel. Or, add a Mary Sue and you have Clive Cussler novel
Clive Cussler has some great books to read bc they're action packed
wow, have really gotten into reading "clive Cussler novels, just finished reading , valehalla rising , devils gate , treasure of kahn and the tombs , and bought 4 more from the thrift store,, need to get busy and stop reading lol like that's going to happen ,,, Enjoyed all that he has written so far, now to get busy getting the garden ready , maybe I can read while I dig ??
Like Ken Follett,Dan Brown,Clive Cussler action with some Indiana Jones thrown in? Buy The Guardian of Genghis...
Far be it from me to argue with a curious woman... - Clive Cussler
I hunger passionately for the written word, escaping to worlds left to my imagination, becoming challenging characters participating in unbelievable situations and locations. My eyes pause on favorite authors: James Michener, Robin Cook's medical mysteries/exposes, Tom Clancy's political drama, Clive Cussler's dashing heroic adventures featuring "Dirk Pitt", Michael Crichton's (Jurassic Park) beyond imagination thrillers. I pray to write as they do - thrills and exciting adventures without requiring sexual encounters to capture the readers. Imagine their exquisite dramas with a God inspired viewpoint . . . I am currently imbibing an insanely wonderful book by Lynne Truss: “Eats, Shoots & Leaves.” This author is a grammar cruncher to the nth degree. She is British with a dry droll wit. With the “King’s English” she celebrates apostrophes, commas, quote marks and other troublesome tidbits. This book is so worth examining. I personally suffer at managing hyphens, forgetting the self- rule. Devour . ...
Clive Cussler on LAIR OF THE FOX: “The pace, the tension, the sheer intrigue are spellbinding!"
April 6th top ten bestselling fiction as listed in Publishers Weekly: 1. Missing You by Harlan Coben 2. Power Play by Danielle Steel 3. The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott 4. Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett 5. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt 6. The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd 7. The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C Rosenberg 8. Private L.A. by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan 9. Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer 10. The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg Find other books by these bestselling authors plus thousands more at Rereadables Used Book Store at
This is pretty cool. My co-authored novel w/ Clive Cussler is available for pre-order & is selling big!
Action thriller eBooks in the mould of SAHARA, BOURNE series and authors like Fredrick Forsyth, Clive Cussler et al..
Is reading one of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels - Black Wind.
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If you love James Bond, you will also love dark and handsome Dirk Pitt. I have 12 of the adventure-packed paperbacks by the best-selling author Clive Cussler for sale. 50p each, or all 12 for a bargain £4. In used, but reasonable condition. Please inbox me if interested, or for titles. Ashton WN4
and when I adopted him, I was reading a lot of Clive Cussler. The main character's name is Dirk Pitt. Ever seen "Sahara"?
Clive Cussler, Atlantis Found. One of Dirk Pitt novels is the best love story EVER
What's everyone reading?  Here you go! FICTION WORDS OF RADIANCE, by Brandon Sanderson. (Tor/Tom Doherty.) The second book of the Stormlight Archive fantasy epic, set in the world of Roshar. CRASHED, by K. Bromberg. (JKB.) What will be the consequences when Rylee and Colton’s pasts crash into their future? Book 3 of the Driven trilogy. THE BOOTLEGGER, by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott. (Putnam.) The early-20th-century detective Isaac Bell tracks a wide-ranging international criminal enterprise. THE GOLDFINCH, by Donna Tartt. (Little, Brown.) A painting smuggled out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art after a bombing becomes a boy’s prize, guilt and burden. THE HUSBAND'S SECRET, by Liane Moriarty. (Amy Einhorn/Putnam.) A woman’s life is upended when she discovers a letter from her husband she was not meant to read. THE INVENTION OF WINGS, by Sue Monk Kidd. (Viking.) The relationship between a wealthy Charleston girl, Sarah Grimké, who will grow up to become a prominent abolitionist, and the slave she ...
THE BOOTLEGGER by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott is on the NYT Best Sellers List for Combined Print & E-Book Fiction
Finished Nelson DeMille's "The Quest" last night. What an interesting author. My book review in four words -- DeMille schools Clive Cussler. If you don't read it, there's a good chance you'll watch it sometime in the future. It'll make a great screenplay/movie
I am now back on the market stall after a week away in Sunny North Yorkshire. Vinyl news: I have recently bought several job lots of records. Included within these are several beatles originals (including Please Please me Lp, help, revolver, yellow submarine and several Sergeant pepper copies). I have also acquired a vinyl edition of The Wall LP and a cellophane wrapped edition of wish you were here LP. I have plenty of Bowie (the man of the moment) (including original issues of Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane and Pin Ups. I also have a large collection of early 80's picture discs (7" and LP formats) which will be on the store very soon (including Blondie and Madoona collectibles). DVD news I have an extensive collection of DVD's currently. Included are box sets of Lost (series 2,3 and 4), Ugly Betty (series 1-3) and a Shaun the Sheep box set. Books As always there is a wide collection of popular and contemporary fiction (including hardbacks by Stephen King, Clive Cussler, *** Francis and Patricia Cornwell). ...
Anyone interested in clive cussler books? :-)
This auction is for all SEVEN of these great CLIVE CUSSLER books together.
it's the newest Clive Cussler novel :)
In no kind of order and a little sloppy Author Series Lilian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who. Slow paced mysteries I like these John Grisham Well told lawyer adventures Best Story teller going George RR Martin Game of Thrones Fantasy, more a women's story Still good. Jeffery Deaver Lincoln Rhyme Best mysteries When you are half way through and you think you know, you are wrong Robin Cook Medical mysteries Good but they begin to be too much alike after a few. John Sandford Davenport stories Best Police adventures Very good Bernard Cornwell Richard Sharpe Historic novels, more of a man's stories Several good series Craig Johnson Longmier Police set in modern west good Harry Sidebottom Warrior of Rome Historic novels set in 2nd century Rome good Steven Saylor Roman Mysteries Historic novels set in 1st century BC Rome good enough Patrick O'Brian Aubrey-Maturin Historic novels set in Napolonic Wars at sea good but often slow(just like being at sea) Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter with Humor very ...
Loose Caboose March 1. Large selection of books. Have series of many authors as Vince Flynn, Clive Cussler, Nora Roberts Tax free day. All Christmas books on sale.
Ain't it grand to be a Christian, ain't it grand? Just saying. :-) — listening to Clive Cussler
Listen, I don't usually make rash vows like this, but if we win against the States I will read a Clive Cussler novel.
Buried Threads equals Clive Cussler plus Danielle Steel book with the erotic energy of Shayla Black
Dear Clive Cussler, your books are just to good a read. I started The Kingdom at 730 tonight and I just finished the last page. It only took me 5 hours to read your wonderful book when I should have been sleeping instead. In my opinion it was time certainly well spent!
I’ve been a HUGE fan of Clive Cussler novels since I first laid eyes on a paperback copy of Vixen 03 in a drugstore book rack, way back in the late 1970s. The green-shaded cover illustration sported the ghostly form of a Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter lying broken on the bottom of the sea, a column of...
If I didn't know better, I'd say I'm slowly starting to be jealous of Kelly Egans. Cussler, Valhalla Rising. A Dirk Pitt Novel#
Clive Cussler and three YA authors signings in two days. March I'm excited!
Holed up in my bedroom with my favorite author, Clive Cussler
Clive Cussler fans --- I got 12 hardback books in yesterday. Come check out this selection. Mary Kay Andrews fans --- YES, I got in a few of her books. Hurry in before these are gone! Great day to shop in downtown Tifton -- Walls of Books, 357 Main St.
13524 Penguin 29736 Fire Ice / Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos or , honestly , written by Paul Kemprecos with use of Cussler's name
my book Flood Tide by Clive Cussler is about WW2 sort of.
The Mayan Secrets (A Fargo Adventure) by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry - No.14 in New York Times Combined Print an
The Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler fit that genre quite well! Have a good day xx
So, when I got out of class today, there was a bunch of tables with books for sale. I look through them. There's names I'm familiar with, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King (never read either of them, but I know the names), Clive Cussler and you get the point, fairly well know fiction authors, which is what I was expecting. What did I come home with? Stephen Ambrose. :D
Finished "Flood Tide" by Clive Cussler. A fast paced adventure filled with interesting facts and very real political and geological possibilities.
Heartbreaking to think that someone in Sainsbury's promotional dept thinks a half-price Clive Cussler paperback = 'A BIG NIGHT IN'.
Serpent: A Novel from the NUMA files: Serpent: A Novel from the NUMA files - Kindle edition by Clive Cussler, ...
Here's a new book for all you Clive Cussler fans! Go back to 1920 and prohibition in The Bootlegger.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
We are now buying books. Looking for the following authors: Lee Childs, Daniel Silva, Robert Crais, Jim Butcher, Tom Clancy the Jack Ryan series, Clive Cussler. This may change to how many copies we get in. More to come.
I should be like Clive Cussler, except with maple syrup instead of boats.
3 of 5 stars to Treasure Of Khan by Clive Cussler
5 of 5 stars to Poseidon's Arrow by Clive Cussler
Does anyone know who I can donate around a hundred or so paperback novels. Authors like Clive Cussler, Johnathan Kellerman, John Grisham, Lincoln and Child, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell and others. PM me on here.
A2 Or they think there are only a few, like Clive Cussler or that serial crap. As if they dont realize the bounty of...
On page 42 of 527 of Golden Buddha, by Clive Cussler
All Joy and No Fun (NONFICTION) by Jennifer Senior Black Horizon by James Grippando Blackberry Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Bone Deep Randy by Wayne White Bootlegger by Clive Cussler Chase by Janet Evanovich Death of a Policeman by MC Beaton Duty: Memoirs of a… (NONFICTION) by Robert Gates Exposure (JUV FICTION) by Kathy Reichs Fall of the Governor by Robert Kirkman Finisher (JUV FICTION) by David Baldacci Fire & Flood (YA FICTION) by Victoria Scott Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Greene Heavy Hitters (JUV FICTION) by Mike Lupica Kiss and Tell by Fern Michaels Monster Truck Mania (EASY) by Cynthia Lord Murder in Pigalle by Cara Black Steeped in Evil by Laura Childs Trouble in Mind by Jeffrey Deaver Uganda Be Kidding Me (NONFICTION) by Chelsea Handler Why Kings Confess by CS Harris
A large selection of Clive cussler for sale will sell as one or individually there all paper back bar the top three ( raise the titanic, vixen 03 and sacred stone ) all in good condition except the dust covers on vixen 03 and raise the titanic can post more photos if required this is advertised on other sites so it's first come first served
For sale: Large black vase Red lamp with switch and bulb Clive cussler hardback book great read Great condition scatter cushions teal/duck egg colours USB mouse in car shape and lava "style" lamp light USB also. I phone 5 silicone case perfect condition penguin style Remote control 3 channel (park zone) with dc peak charger for batteries Assorted me to you bears Set of 4 locking wheel nuts great condition Ladies boots size 7 good condition Offers welcome please all must go! from Dronfield area thanks.
Hello FB friends. I would like suggestions on a good murder mystery to read. I have just finished Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isles series and loved them. I also liked the Richard Jury novels by Martha Grimes. I have read most of Clive Cussler and Butcher's the Dresdin files. Any suggestions?
Yesterday in 1864, during the Civil War, the Union ship USS Housatonic was rammed and sunk in the Charleston Harbor, SC, by the Confederate hand-cranked submarine HL Hunley, which also sank. The Hunley Sesquicentennial 150 years ago yesterday in 1864, the Hunley became the world's first successful combat submarine when she attacked and sank the USS Housatonic off the coast of Charleston. The Hunley signaled to shore she had completed the mission and was on the way home, but instead, mysteriously vanished with her crew of eight. Lost at sea for over 130 years, the Confederate vessel was finally located in 1995 by New York Times best-selling author Clive Cussler. After years of planning a recovery effort, the world watched on August 8th, 2000 as the Hunley broke the water's surface for the first time in over a century. She was brought to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston, South Carolina, a state-of-the-art laboratory facility designed to excavate and conserve the Hunley. The submarine ...
books I've read so far this year:- Ken Follett, Winter of the World, Third Twin, Pillars of the Earth, Hornet Flight. Clive Cussler, Medussa, Devil's Gate, The Storm, Poseidon's Arrow, and so many more... :-D
Today is not only a national holiday, but also the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Housatonic by the H.L. Hunley, making it the first submarine to sink an enemy ship during wartime. The Hunley was also lost that night until 1994 when Clive Cussler discovered the submarine 2 1/2 miles offshore. It was in August of 2000 that the submarine resurfaced for the first time in 136 years, with the crew still inside. The next time you are in Charleston, please make it a point to go to the conservation lab at the old navy base where the Hunley currently sits in a tank of water until the museum can be built. In the meantime, support the "Friends of the Hunley"! —
Hi book clubbers, I hope you are all well. I have been given a load of books so before I take them to st vinnies I thought there may be some interest amongst my fellow readers. Here is the list - Cold heart by Lynda la plant Love & war by John jakes The scarecrow by Michael connelly Heaven & *** by John jakes The death chamber by Sarah rayne The guilty heart by Julie parsons Cross country by James Patterson Eager to please by Julie parsons Flood tide, Lost city, Serpent & Shock wave all by Clive cussler. The stars shine down by sidney sheldon The da vinci code by Dan Brown Blood line by Lynda la plant I will have these with me (in my boot) on Thursday night for our meeting.
BOOKS! BOOKS! and more BOOKS!! Lots of paperbacks, various authors including David Baldacci, Lee Child, Clive Cussler and James Patterson. $15 for 10 books, choose your own selection! Pick up or can drop off in Port.
So some of you who know me, know that I am an avid reader. I started reading heavily about 12 years ago. My favorite authors are: Janet Evanovich, Katie MacAlister, James Patterson, Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child and occasionally Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz and Clive Cussler. So my tastes are varied as you can tell. In the last 4 days I had read two books that are awesome! James Patterson's ZOO and Michael Crichton's STATE OF FEAR. Both of these books have really opened up my eyes to things that I really haven't given serious thought about: government, the media, the environment and how gullible/comfortable we are with what we are told or led to believe. Great books! If you are looking for a good read, then I highly suggest these.
Clive Cussler, Jack Higgins, James Clavelle and more soft covered books..Take them ALL for $15. Pick up in Tappen.
Book 8 of 2014 .. next one on the Clive Cussler list ...
At least an article that mentions Dr. Lee Spence ... The discovery of the H.L. Hunley is not without controversy. Two men have claimed the discovery; Dr. Edward Lee Spence and author Clive Cussler. Clive Cussler's claim is that his organization NUMA was searching the area and found the submarine in 1995 while Dr. Spences' claim is from 1970. Dr Spence said he was diving from a commercial fishing vessel and found the Hunley while trying to remove a fishing net caught on the sunken submarine. In 1978, a National Register for Historic Places was approved to include H.L. Hunley's site. It was based of the mapped location by Dr. Spence and the Sea Research Society, whom he is president of. In 1980, Dr. Spence had an admiralty suit on the wreck site, which means that Dr. Spence was the owner of the site and the H.L. Hunley. In the end, he donated the Hunley to the State of South Carolina per the request of the state's Attorney General.
This all started for me around 1977/8 when I saw on Tv " A night to remember " Shortly after this a friend gave me " Raise the Titanic " by Clive Cussler. After that, I was reading his books all the time. Then I read The sea hunters & The sea hunters II. So with that little story; On this day in 1864 in the American Civil War, the world's 1st submarine sank the Warship Housatonic.
Gotta admit I ditched the stack of childrens books in favor of somthing with alil more substance. I think Noah is going to be a Clive Cussler fan!
*Looks left, and then right.* Recently, while watching a video about how to draw Steampunk, the artist asked what the shoulder straps on the military jacket he was drawing on his character's jacket were for. I launched into research mode to fill in the blanks about what I knew about them, and responded to his question, based on the material I had in my personal military history library, and what I found online. I'm not asking any of you for an answer to what these shoulder straps are for, I know the answer to that question quite well. However, the point that I want to make is that I took the time to do the research to answer this person's question to the best of my ability, because I really enjoy helping people find the answers to questions that they might have. To most people, they could care less about what these shoulder straps are called, and what they are used for, but I found it interesting to the point that I could expanded how I learned about them, into writing a whole book about the subject. I we ...
Okay! First round of "Keeping Creed" edits are done! Edited with red pen ("red pen draft") and just now finished putting all the corrections into the computer. It was 290 pages (double spaced), 100,330 words. Now it is 190 pages (single spaced), 95,735 words. Now I am moving on to GERMAN DERELICT!!! The first book in the Trevor Knight Series, based off my favorite author, Clive Cussler's books, with touches of Tom Clancy. In fact there are two characters in the Trevor Knight series who play minor roles, Cliff Cutler and Luther Clancy.
Clive Cussler books nearly brand new! $2.00 each or 3 for $5 feel free to inquire about specific titles!
Have spent the day alternating between tidying and helping girlies build homework (all 3 have got models to build, big Ben, saxon house & mote & Bailey strong hold) have spent 15 quid on glue and paint already! Now sitting in the back garden in the sun with my Vals day pressie (clive cussler)
Foss Gly is a Clive Cussler villain (Night Probe). He is unstoppable, dangerous, aggressive. In reverse, his name sounds a lot like a Monsanto poison with a similar nature, glyphosate (roundup). Some of the best wisdom comes to us from fiction.
So very wrong, Clive Cussler should be ashamed of his actions!!
Looks like I'm gonna be off again next week Sigh!!, . bored bored bored. I've read 4 books in a week - a Clive Cussler, a chick flick book, Freddie Mercury biography and The Girls, autobiography about conjoined twins. Thanks Kim Howson it's an inspiring read. Hopefully back to work week after next fingers crossed.
Poseidon's Arrow by bestselling Clive Cussler is the twenty-second thrilling Dirk Pitt adventure. In 1943 a submarine returning from a secret mission is attacked, its vital cargo believed lost . . .Three quarters of a century later, NUMA director Dirk Pitt is asked to help locate a missing person...
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Books for sale : pick up Mahora hastings but happy to drop off Napier or hastings Tom Clancy: $5 the teeth of the tiger (hard cover) $10 executive orders (hard cover) $3.00 red rabbit $3.00 mirror image $6.00 the bear and the dragon $3.00 without remorse $2.00 the sum of all fears $3.00 clear and present danger $6.00 rainbow six $6.00 shadow watch $6.00 politika Clive Cussler $6.00 treasure of khan (hard cover) $12.00 poseidons arrow (hard cover) $10.00 black wind $12.00 the mayan secrets
Another great day for reading a good book; The Kingdom by Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood
Publishing circles were reeling today after this morning's surprise announcement of the merger of pop fiction titans James Patterson and Clive Cussler, who between them are likely to account for tw...
"Satire: ‘Merger’ between authors James Patterson and Clive Cussler roils the publishing world"
Finished reading "The Tombs" by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry. Great book. I loved it, but then I am a Clive Cussler fan. This is part of the Sam and Remi Fargo series, a husband and wife team who explore and excavate ancient sites and treasures. Here they are looking for the very well hidden grave of Attila the Hun and 5 hordes of treasures he hid before his death. They have to compete with a very ruthless and powerful Hungarian thug who will stop at nothing to find the grave of Attila the hun first. A thriller with page turning excitement and adventure.
Took a quick detour from reading Mirage by Clive Cussler.. To read Lest We Forget by Leo Jenkins great book written by an Army Ranger Medic.. Very good read.. I had to take a break halfway through Mirage ... I haven't read fiction in so long this one is taking awhile to acclimate to
Some years ago I read a bunch of ripping yarns I found at work. Clive Cussler was the absolute worst. Don’t get yr hopes up.
On page 127 of 400 of The Kingdom, by Clive Cussler
Now a list of some of the mystery writers: Harlan Coben, Clive Cussler, Janet Evanovich, Joanne Fluke, Vince Flynn, Brad meltzer, Robert Parker, James Patterson, John Sandford, and Stuart Wood. Get 'em while we got 'em!
REVIEWS: “The Tombs” and “The Game” I promised to keep you up to date on what I have been reading… Last week, I finished “The Tombs” by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry. (This is one of the Sam & Remi Fargo adventures.) I’m a huge Cussler fan and have read nearly all of his books. While Cussler’s adventure novels have always been light reading, this one fell short of expectations. Unfortunately, for me, it’s lacking in suspense and comes across as hastily written. At least I liked the dog! Tom Wood’s “The Game” is another one I recently read. For those of us missing the work of Vince Flynn, Wood is a delight. Wood has only written 3 novels so far, beginning with “The Hunter” in 2011. His 2nd book was “The Enemy,” which I read earlier this year. Our protagonist is Victor (no last name), the assassin. Mitch Rapp, Jack Reacher, Scott Harvath have nothing over Victor. The books are intelligently written with superior plot lines. I’ll be looking forward to Wood’s next instal ...
From the HCMPL newsletter--see whose book is among the new arrivals, Becky Dorris Solomon!! Congratulations! NEW ARRIVALS * The English Girl by Daniel Silva * King's Mountian by Sharyn McCrumb * Smoke by Ellen Hopkins * Silencing Eve by Iris Johansen * Zero Hour by Clive Cussler * Guinness World Records 2013 * Daybreak by Shelly Shepard Gray * Storm Front by John Sandford * Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands * Grave Consequences by Lisa Bergren * Revealed by P.C. & Kristin Cast * The Guardian by Beverly Lewis * Ghosts Along the Tradewater by Rebecca Solomon * Second Honeymoon by James Patterson
Lots and LOTS of bargain books of authors like Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins Clark, Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler (Hardcovers!). Come by, spend a little and get a lot :)
You are reading!! What are you going to read next?? Michelle Moran, Vince Flynn, Ted Dekker, Robin Cook, Nora Roberts, Fern Michaels, Janet Evanovich, Clive Cussler, Jimmy Buffett? Good news - You can find all of these authors and more Here at Book-Warehouse!!!
In search of hard cover books by James Patterson, John Grisham, Lisa Scottoline, Iris Johansen, Clive Cussler, sue Grafton and Tami Hoag. Anyone have some they want to get rid of let me know what you have and how much.
My snowed in agenda. Write three asigned articles including my interview with Marlen Esparza, America's first female Olympic Boxing medalist. Then I'm going to snuggle up and finish reading a Clive Cussler book one of the favorite authors of my youth. Then I'm going to do what I usually do and deny the fact that weather exists. Just outright deny it because its insane.
It's been a good reading year for me in 2013. I've read 17 novels this year. 1 by Lee Child. 1 by Nelson DeMille. 2 by John Grisham. 2 by Stephen King. 5 by Clive Cussler and 6 by Michael Connelly. I've enjoyed them all and I look forward to many more good reads in 2014. Happy New Year everybody.
We have plenty of Clive Cussler, Dean Koontz, James Patterson & John Grisham novels in stock. Have a fun but safe celebration this evening & stay warm! ~ Judi
Since my driveway is filled with snow and I can't get out...Since some fb friends are talking about movies and books I thought I would list my favorite 10 in each Movies 1. Godfather 2. Hoosiers 3. Sands of Iwo Jima 4. It's A Wonderful Life 5. The Natural 6. Outlaw Josey Wales 7. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence 8. Diamonds are Forever 9. Donavan's Reef 10. Rio Bravo/ El Dorado 11. Goodfellas/ First Ocean's 11 Books 1. October 1964 2. The Longest Day 3. Helter Skelter 4. Any Book by Zane Grey 5. The Godfather 6. Gone with the Wind 7. Civil War Trilogy by Shelby Foote 8. Anything by Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and Andy McDermont 9. Maltese Falcon 10. Grapes of Wrath, Last of the Mohicans and Moby *** I know I gave more than 10, but thanks again to my teachers for my love of reading and for my love of movies to the Rivoli in Monmouth, although I saw most of these movies other places and sorry to fb and friends for being longwinded, but I am bored. And sorry to my teachers there are not more classics in t ...
NEW BOOKS Added this week to the library: ADULT FICTION: The abominable / Dan Simmons Stella Bain / Anita Shreve Want not / Jonathan Miles Tatiana : an Arkady Renko novel / Martin Cruz Smith Accused / Lisa Scottoline Mirage / Clive Cussler, with Jack Du Brul The golem and the jinni / Helene Wecker ADULT MYSTERY: Dust / Patricia Cornwell Cross my heart / James Patterson Takedown twenty / Janet Evanovich Through the evil days / Julia Spencer-Fleming Three can keep a secret : a Joe Gunther novel / Archer Mayor ADULT NON-FICTION: This is the story of a happy marriage / Ann Patchett Out on a limb : what black bears taught me about intelligence and intuition / Benjamin Kilham American mirror : the life and art of Norman Rockwell / Deborah Solomon The heart of everything that is : the untold story of Red Cloud, an American legend / Bob Drury and Tom Clavin Call the nurse : true stories of a country nurse on a Scottish isle / Mary J. MacLeod Birds and people / Mark Cocker and David Tipling CHILDREN & TEENS: How t ...
I have several paperback and hardback books to give away. Authors like Clive Cussler, Jonathan Kellerman, Stuart Woods and many more. If you're interested, let me know. Would love to get them out of the house soon. Thank you.
Reading White Death by Clive Cussler...relaxing n passing time at home...
Now onto Clive Cussler's Oregon files the silent see. This series of books rocks
Vidic has been given MOTM by the match day sponsors,am saying; you SOB, you'll never pull this one off, Clive Cussler
A monogrammed gold pen. Only so many Clive Cussler books I can give.
Ok, who just read "Mirage" by Clive Cussler? There is a subplot of China fighting Japan over islands and a new Nat gas field. Parallels to the current growing tensions is kinda freaky. Just sayin. Very good latest book- "Oregon"series.
I'm giving away: Dark Watch by Clive Cussler (paperback). Check it out -
Crescent Dawn by Clive & Dirk Cussler > 21st Dirk Pitt book. Far better than some of the previous ones. Great adventure, loads of action.
just read a third of THE TOMBS BY CLIVE CUSSLER - the first 120 pages were great. think i will watch the LSU game for now.
Which of my friends read Clive Cussler and can't wait for his new book: "The Bootlegger"?
Today's is brought to you by Clive Cussler. *actual quote from an interview with Clive…
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I've never read a Clive Cussler novel before. So I guess I'll just read all the Clive Cussler novels.
4:48 AM listening to Mirage by Clive Cussler courtesy of Audible's 15 day free trial. Scott Brick is doing great doing voice for the book.
Just finished reading "The Jungle", an Oregon Files adventure by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul. Once again, an amazing story, and very hard to put down. Once again, highly recommend.
Sunk early last night. Rose looking like the titanic... Clive Cussler style sadly
I just started a new book, the name is "The Striker" an Isaac Ball adventure. It is a Clive Cussler novel...Good stuff
I'm leaving you my entire Clive Cussler collection whether you want it or not.
I found the Dirk Pitt novels the best but if you are new to Clive Cussler the the Oregon books are great
Thanksgiving. national day!!! pretty long weekend. whom to be with? what to gulp down?.well. a l'tle bit of monika on my right. & a bottle full of "dimple" in front. to pass the time 'Dean.R.Koontz' lower down & "Clive Cussler" right above. plus, the inevitable insertion process of the sexual demand with a blossoming flower, tomorrow is going to be rather demanding.'ve to gather so that i can perform...god, forgive me,coz i'm freaking out.wud like to go with Jackson's lyrics. "Mothers cry. Rocket flies. Helpless me..." Alaways.,. ,... made a promise . nice & happy weekend mates.
Leg of lamb biscuits for breakfast and a soak in the hot tub with a new Clive Cussler book. Great start for Tgiving.
Just got 'Skeleton Coast' by Clive Cussler, my night is made.
Finished reading Mirage by Clive Cussler. Mirage is his latest in the Oregon Files series. Such a great read. Tonight I'm starting Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith. Never heard of him? Bummer. Arkady Renko is one of my favorite detectives. After Tatiana, The Trident by Jason Redman. Never heard of him? Maybe you have heard of Wounded Wear, the company he founded. Doesn't ring a bell? Time to broaden your world.
Laying in bed reading a Clive Cussler novel. When did I become so old?
The official group for the limited amount of people into Clive Cussler novels and Jane Austen films.5 members
On page 222 of 520 of Poseidon's Arrow, by Clive Cussler
This tabby is thankful for Clive Cussler. Who are you thankful for?
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OMG I've just broken into the Top 100 Paid Espionage thrillers on Kindle, ahead of several titles by Baldacci and one each of Le Carre, Clive Cussler, Stephen Hunter, Daniel Silva, and David Morrell.
Unbelievable!! Got the most amazing review for Buried Threads today from Foreword/Clarion Reviews. It actually gave me goosebumps! :) Five Stars (out of five stars) Kaylin McFarren has raised the bar for the erotic thriller with an action- and character- driven story. Buried Threads, an erotic thriller, combines the action and adventure found in a Clive Cussler novel, the plotting and romance of Danielle Steel’s books, and the erotic energy and supernatural elements of a work by Shayla Black. Equally plot and character driven, it has a superb balance of action, character reflection, and introspection. While their romantic and working relationship appears to be strained, professional divers and treasure hunters Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen are hired by a mysterious monk to travel to Japan and recover three ancient swords. Priceless, the swords are instrumental in stopping an ancient prophecy that foretells the destruction of Japan. To reach the swords, Rachel and Chase swim through hungry goblin sharks a ...
Very popular new books have arrived. Let us know if you want to be on the reserve list. Accused by Lisa Scottoline. Dust by Patricia Cornwell. The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon by Alexander McCall Smith. Mirage by Clive Cussler. Winners by Danielle Steel. King and Maxwell by David Baldacci. Through the Evil Days by Julia Spencer-Fleming. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. We are Water by Wally Lamb. Critical Mass by Sara Paretsky. White Fire by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
Thankful for books like The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Lord of the Rings, The Stand, Jurassic Park, and Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series, among many others. I devoured these as a kid and used to read the new Clive Cussler every year after Michael Boyd was finished with it. These were the gateway drugs to a my current raging, crippling, all-consuming addiction to books.
Ok Wayne Fielder here is you quote of the day " Using Technology to find a Luddite is like trying to catch a moth with an anvil" From Mirage by Clive Cussler I want this on my headstone !
What a vacation. Had to get two teeth filled this morning, so I decided to take the rest of the day off. Now I just spent an hour playing with and brushing my dog. Now I'm propped up in bed with a glass of wine and a good Clive Cussler mystery.
Just finished a good Clive Cussler book "The Jungle" at Starbucks.
Productive day starting at 5:50 when I woke up... I now have four computers networked via my router and finished the editing of the high def underwater images (47.729 after eliminating duplicates). I guess it's time to tackle my latest Clive Cussler book as a reward!
I’m thankful that I have had a good relationship with books these past few decades. I really enjoy reading. We had no books in the house to speak of when I was little. Had a library card at Verona Library and borrowed all the popular kid’s books. And my mom always had two library books on loan, but we mainly saw only the Reader’s Digest, Newark News and TV Guide come in the house on a regular basis. One exception to this was ‘Stuart Little,’ the story I read to my 4th grade class….twice. In college I read Studs Lonigan, Catcher in the Rye and Catch 22, etc., and during my engineering career I was captivated primarily by some of the “fringe science” books, but my reading didn’t take off until I was employed at Barnes & Noble. My story, of course, is that I was with B&N when I met Clare, who was working part time at Borders down the street. This subsequently turned into a Tom Hanks movie – we married about 9 months later. Clare had been librarian at her middle school, and her whole life ...
Feels like a good night to cuddle up and start my new Clive Cussler book The Tombs! Love some Cussler!
Just finished The Mirage by Clive Cussler an Oregon File series. WOW waiting now for the next one which will be
* * * SUNDAY TRIVIA CHALLENGE * * * Who wrote The Scarlatti Inheritance? a) Clive Cussler b) David Baldacci c) John LeCarre d) Robert Ludlum Leave Bing and Google out of it. All correct answers go into a drawing for a free book. If you answer more than once, your first answer counts.
***Books for Sale!*** We’re cleaning out our spare room to make room for our growing family. We have TONS of books that we need to get rid of. I’ll be adding more books to the list every few days or so… basically whenever I have a chance! All books are in good condition, unless otherwise noted. Willing to make a deal if you purchase several. First come, first served. I’m making this a public post, so feel free to share or tag your friends! Paperback, $.50 each. ~ A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny ~ The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon ~ Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler ~ The Awakening by Kate Chopin ~ Beach Music by Pat Conroy ~ Black Wind by Clive Cussler ~ The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum ~ The Captive by Joyce Hansen ~ Cliffs Quick Review: Criminal Justice by CliffsNotes ~ Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier ~ Columbia River Gorge: A Complete Guide by Philip N. Jones - $.25 ~ The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown ~ Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris ~ The Dog who Would ...
If there's down time at work, at least I'll have a Clive Cussler book to read.
Nice - a character named "Osgood" in the 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who. And I thought being in a Clive Cussler was the extent of the Osgood name as fictional characters.
Here is Question # 4, Answer this !!! Q. Who was assigned the task of partitioning India in 1947? a) Allen Octavian Hume b) Lord Lytton c) Sir Cyril Radcliffe d) Robert Clive Cussler
Thank you James Severin, I now will attempt to tell you all 7 things about myself, that you all don't already know. 1. I LOVE to read. My 2 favorite authors are Clive Cussler and Janet Evanovich. 2. I am a blanket *** Ask my best friend, Ashley Shirley, I can't pass a garage sale without buying one. :) 3. I am a garage sale fiend. My weekends sometimes revolve around who's having city~wide. 4. I wanted to be a Chemistry teacher. 5. I went to UNI for a year, after getting my AA at Niacc. Yes, I have a degree, scary. 6. On her deathbed, my husband's grandma foretold the coming of our first child. We didn't know we were 3 months pregnant at the time. 7. I actually LOVE my job. Most people think daycare is easy~eating bon~bons and watching soaps. It is not. Daycare is hard, but rewarding, and all "my kids" become like nieces and nephews, and our "family" is what keeps me going. :) There. 7 things. :)
Comparing Lehane to Pelecanos is like comparing a writer with talent to Dan Brown. Forgive my haughty bookish *** but I used to like Lehane. I used to like him but, after Pelecanos, he now sits on the dung heap with Stuart Woods and Clive Cussler.
Yepp! Clive Cussler does this to me all the time.
I am # 13- 1. My favorite music is Joe Walsh, John K/ Steppenwolf, CCR, Eagles, Billy Squires, Older Country, and occasionally classical music. 2. Favorite color/s Blue, brown, and yes pink-I know weird huh? lol 3. I have seen the rings of Saturn through a telescope, amazing to see. 4. I have met and got to talk to Charlie Duke-Apollo 16/youngest man to walk on the moon, and missed Apollo 13 due to measles. 5. I had a shetland pony named Shaggy and a dog named Samantha (Sam). Both names were from my favorite shows (Scooby-Doo & Bewithced). 6. When in late 6th or 7th grade I wanted to be a Pilot, that didn't last long-but have flown many times (both airplanes and helicopters). 7. Once or twice I tried writing a novel, one about a jet pilot, and the other a mystery. 8. Favorite authors Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, and Dean Koontz. 9. Favorite TV shows are American Pickers, Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and Counting Cars. 10. I'm a big sports fan, college football, college basketball, Pro Football, Hockey ...
SPCA BOOK SALE Saturday the 23rd November 09h00 to 13h00 outside Wallace’s Pharmacy in Pepper Grove Mall. Please support us and pick up some good bargains! There are many popular authors: Sandra Brown, James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Ruth Rendell, Patricia Cornwell, Robin Cook, Tess Gerritsen, John Grisham, Ian Rankin, Dean Koontz, Harlan Coben, Peter Robinson, Kathy Reichs, Lee Child, David Baldacci and many, many more. It is a perfect time to stock up on your reading books for the holiday! All books in excellent condition. Contact Karen Kouari at k.kouari
My childhood fav author, Clive Cussler is now just a brand that pubs use. Can't read "his" new stuff now. Slow. him fed...both of us are so tired...neither could.sleep last night...maybe we can now...but first I have to finish my new Clive Cussler.
Well thanks to Holly Pataski Blodgett, here is 7 more things you may not know... 1. I only live in my house about 20 days a year. 2. My 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT only has 18000 miles and I've only drove my 1976 Corvette twice in the last 3 year's. 3. I own 200,000 NASCAR trading cards. 4. I love purchasing stuff on eBay. 5. Read just about everytime I can, mostly war and Clive Cussler. 6. Lost 100 pounds after weight surgery in one year. 7. I wanted to search for sunken ships in the Bermuda triangle when I was a kid.
Makes me want to read more Clive Cussler
New in Fiction!! ** Lucy's Lane by Patricia Strefling ** Local Author! Davey's Daughter by Linda Byler Never Go Back by Lee Child *Large Print! Mirage by Clive Cussler The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler Alice in Tumbler-Land by Tim Manley The Tulip Eaters by Antoinette Van Heugten The Way Home by Cindy Gerard Dead Set by Richard Kadrey Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams A Basket of Trouble by Beth Groundwater Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach Strait of Hormuz by David Bunn Never Laugh as a Hearse Goes By by Elizabeth J. Duncan Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
"anything by Clive Cussler just for pure escapism"
Finished Clive Cussler's Zero Hour a disappointing work by one of my favorite authors. It lacks Cussler's style & character development.
If anyone has a novel from the Oregon Files by clive cussler and is will to lend it to me, pls let me know.
Clive Cussler books available in limited editions!
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4 of 5 stars to The Wrecker by Clive Cussler
Just finished "The Silent Sea" by Clive Cussler, with Jack Du Brul. Very good read, and interesting story line. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, part of the Oregon Files series. Recommend highly.
A Clive Cussler fan through and through. Dirk Pitt was my childhood hero.
I just finished reading a Clive Cussler novel that Chris had lying around. It was the MOST ridiculous book that I have read in a very long time!!!
Was able to buy "Mirage" by Clive Cussler today (latest book in the Oragon Files series)
Back on the road tomorrow, only I have a passenger for a little bit. Starting a new book, "The Spy ", by Clive Cussler. Church was good today. Thank you God, for blessing me so.
My number is six. 1. I played violin from 3rd grade through 12th and was offered the opportunity to play in Stockton's Jr. Symphony. 2. I met Donnie at age 12 at a Wed. night prayer meeting when my father became the pastor of his church. 3. I've been to Europe twice; stayed in a castle on visit and traveled from Brussels to Strasbourg, Austria on visit I collect antique Delft and was able to visit Delft, Netherlands on visit I have an insatiable appetite for learning; anything and everything. My personal library is huge and growing every week. 6. My favorite "old-time" secular writer is Charles Dickens. My favorite contemporary secular writer is . . . oh so hard . . . Clive Cussler (today). My favorite old-time Christian writer is John Bunyan. My favorite Christian fiction contemporary writer is Steven James. My favorite non-fiction Christian writer is Jay Adams.
"Compromise, Mr. Bell, is the essence of engineering. We surrender one thing to get another. Build too fast, we get shabby construction. Build too scrupulously, we never get the job done." Clive Cussler: The Wrecker; Chapter XXX.
My Number is 7 (Thank you Waana lol) 1: my older sister & I are born in the same year, we are the same star sign & the same age for 8 days & we are NOT twins ps... Same Parents 2:Adam Hohepa & Elizabeth Howard (Tiny Hohepa) were meant to be my adoptive parents & were at my birth, my parents ALWAYS referred to them as my Mummy & Daddy 3:I LOVE reading, Sci Fi fiction/fantasy is my favourite, I also love Bryce Courtney, Clive Cussler, Patrick Süsskind & any trashy novel-series 4:I LOVE Backgammon, Scrabble & any card games 5:I had the BEST childhood-upbringing EVER, We had everything FAMILY (great grandparents,grandparents, parents, Aunties, Uncles, n 1 million Cousins, children and now Grandnieces n Grand Nephews tho not a Grandchild yet :( (watch this space.) FRIENDS FARM FISHING FUN FROLICKING FANFARE FEUDS 6: My 3 beautiful, talented, amazing children are all 11 years apart 7: My Mum was (whangai- adopted) by the Wynyard Family
"A jolly good read, in the vein of Clive Cussler". - an Reader. ☛ US ☛ UK RT
Got these beauties for my mother at a bargain bookstore. I grew up reading Clive Cussler. So so good!!
I was given 6: 1: I have a love of the water and I could swim at 6 months old. 2: I have had over 300 surgical stitches mostly on my head 3: I remember the day, weather, the people I was around the minute I found out my mother had died. 4: I am a confirmed diffusionist (history majors will appreciate this) 5: I was born in Virginia but I consider Maine my home 6: I have way to many Clive Cussler books.
I was hit with 14. Lets see: 1) Favorite Movie: Zulu 2) I like to read. I have many favorite authors: Robert Heinlein; Stuart Cloete (How Young they Die; Rags of Glory); John Ringo; David Weber; Clive Cussler; David Drake; WEB Griffin, Wilbur Smith, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and on and on. Reading educates me and serves to escape reality. 3) I played the Euphonium in band and college. I love music, classical and rock and roll and big band. Hate country and rap. 4) I performed at the 1976 Cotton Bowl and the 1978 Orange Bowl and the 1978 Final 4 with the Razorback Band 5) Life member of Kappa Kappa Psi - National Honorary Band Fraternity 6) I am a Nerd. Corollary: I am loyal to my friends, sometimes too loyal. 7) I am a Marine. Smartest decision in my life was to join the Corps. 8) I was in combat as XO of an Infantry Company, India Company, 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines 9) I could not get a date in high school from the females I was interested in, only went out on 3 or 4 over 3 years. Back to being a Nerd. ...
A pound a book!!! Belmont area James Patterson and Clive Cussler hardback books for sale!! Also Danielle Steele hardback books for sale! PM me
I always enjoyed Clive Cussler's books, and the only actor who could have topped Macy for role of Sandecker is the late, great Ray Walston.
finished Mirage (The Oregon Files) by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul and gave it 5 stars
You notice no one is writing a blog post called, "A chick reads Clive Cussler and likes it!"
Thanks April are 12 more things 1) My favorite trail to wheel is Fordyce 2) My goal is to still train horses when I grow up 3) I can kill fake plants... Not sure how, but I can :) 4) I can't sleep without ear plugs 5) My favorite movie of all time is the first Smokey & the Bandit 6) I hate wearing a bra 7) My favorite author is Clive Cussler 8) I'm deathly afraid of spiders 9) My aunt taught me how to fish 10) I'm very organized but can't keep my truck clean 11) My horse was a retired show jumper 12) I have more guy friends than girl friends
This day has had more twists, turns, spills and then a gawddamned Clive Cussler novel!
Rita gave me the number 10 and Elise gave me 6. I will just do 10. Facts about me: 1. I LOVE LOVE taking pictures 2. I don't think I'm very good and I will nitpick my pictures for hours 3. I like reading Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler. 4. I like doing research 5. I stalk other photographers work in awe and wish I were that good 6. I like to listen to my girls tell me stories they have made up 7. I used to want to be a private investigator 8. I loathe horses 9. I really dislike sand 10. I rock out while editing with headphones to a mix of 50's and 80's Rock Music Warning: If you like this status, I'm supposed to give you a number for your facts for you to post.
Well I was given 7 more facts to relate by Kathy Jo Anderson I had always wanted to be a nurse since I was 5-6. I can still remember my 1st boyfriend in the 1st grade: Tommy Rickle In high school one of our favorite hang outs was Kings Drive in. Cars would be 5-6 deep. Don't remember if the waitress were on roller skates or not! My favorite class in nursing school was microbiology my first dogs name was Sheiba I love going river rafting I'm an advid reader. Love mysteries & adventure. Clive Cussler, J.J. Jance, Elizabeth Peters & so so many more.
that is so cool! I haven't read those on a while. I've been reading a bunch of easy reading Clive Cussler lately. Fun books
Per Jill Varner Crawford: 10 things you may not know or care to know about me. 1.Also a Park Circle Alum. from 1st to 7th and I still consider everyone I went to school with my friend to this day. Also I was in the last class of Blue Devils at North Charleston 1979 2. I have taught and ran Blackjack and Craps tables, I also have had a bartenders license and a red cross life savings certificate and have worked as a bouncer. 3. After working for ten years after high school, I put myself through college(Pre-Vet major) working in Bicycle Shops in Fort Walton Beach and St. Petersburg. I have an 85% recall of everything I have every seen, heard or read.( got it from my dad) Its the only way I made it through school, it sure wasn't my study habits. 4. Went out with my wife one time in 1981 and didn't kiss her goodnight. I moved to Florida and thought about that night for 10 years, when I ran into her by accident on Seabrook Island where she was the front desk manager 10 years late and by the grace of God was gi ...
Bought the new Clive Cussler Book today . So much for doing anything else today!
OK so Mike Johnson gave me seven, so let's see if I can come up with seven things. 1. I have not lived in Modesto all my life. I was born in Fremont CA, and grew up in Ceres and Modesto. 2. I grew up wanting to be in law enforcement, was a Stanislaus County Explorer and even went to the Academy. 3.Im deathly afraid of hieghts to the point I hate roller coaster, however I do like going fast. 4. I'm a huge video game fanatic, but I also love reading. Clive Cussler, Dean Kurtz are some of, of my favorite authors, and I also enjoy fiction and bios. 5. Out of my Brother, Sister, and Father I'm the only one that did not have a career in the Military. 6. I have only been out of CA. Twice in my life. 7. I love Italian food. Lazania, Pizza, Spaggetie are some of my favorite.
We visit South Haven, MI. alot and it's interesting the things we learn about this area near Lake Michigan. SOUTH HAVEN, Mich (WZZM) - At the time, it was considered America's worst commercial aviation disaster. Today, it remains one of our country's most mysterious plane crashes, that the plane has never been found. The wreckage of Northwest Flight 2501, which crashed into Lake Michigan off the coast of South Haven in 1950, has never been located and a cause for the crash has never been determined. More than six decades later, unanswered questions continue to define this tragedy. But a group of people is committed to locating the plane, ending the mystery and bring much needed closure to the descendants of the victims. It happened on Friday, June 23, 1950. Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 departed New York's LaGuardia Airport around 8:30 p.m. EST and headed west, non-stop to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its final destination that fateful night was Seattle, Washington. Flight 2501 was a Douglas DC-4 prop-liner, ...
Happy Saturday! Don't is the last day for the Bookends Book Store Clive Cussler books for 50%! Come on in, snag a great read for less.PLUS check out our Window Wonderland Windows created by our amazing store volunteers! See you shopping soon at 45 Main Street Erin!
We have an entire bookshelf unit full of James Patterson novels near the front door. In that same area are 2 shelves of Clive Cussler & 1 of Carl Hiaasen novels. ~ Judi
Thank you Mr. Clive Cussler for finally getting the next Oregon Files book out! I purchased "Mirage" - hard cover - last night and expect to finish the book no later then Monday night!!
Book 86 for this year was a reread from a few years back, Clive Cussler: Trojan Odyssey
Hey, I got 33 in the random factoid department. Tanks Chantell 1: I've had 14 surgeries on my right arm and chest. 2: I'm a dog person 3: I can tie my shoes in 30 seconds 4: Disney freak 5: visited every us team in the pioneer league in 1996 6: I don't understand basketball 7: I keep a kindle around even though I have an iPad because it's easier to read 8: I have been a baseball fan for a long long time. 9: gave directions in fluent German during the Olympics to a random stranger. 10: I have invested more in camera gear than I hav in cars. 11: first marriage was over in under 8 months. 12: have had a second job annually since 1999 13: I have been getting requests for my photos from people who I have never met 14: I met Walton goggins 'downtown anderson' from major league 3 on a flight to LA. 15: I like driving rather than flying because of a control problem. 16: sometimes I forget I'm one anded and volunteer for stuff I shouldn't 17: I learned to write by transcribing Clive cussler books 18: i helped salt ...
I'm listening to a Clive Cussler book, "Skeleton Coast" and am regaining some of my basic understanding about the way things should be and how they are not today. I long for the past when people still had scrupples and morals. Rogues in power that we encounter today would quickly be dispatched and all would be right with the world. I think I might have lived too long. I wonder why each day I wake up? What is Gods plan for me? Why am I still here?
My number from Heather Braaksma is 8. 1. I am a secret introvert, pulled out by my profession. Thank goodness. 2. I am tender hearted to the point that I pray for tougher skin. 3. Numbers drive me crazy. I love words. 4. I enjoy telling the younger family members their genealogy and heritage. 5. I play a Psaltry, Autoharp, dulcimer and piano...often badly but I play. 6. I am fearless. 7. I love to swim with a snorkel mask on. 8. Love stories bore me. I would rather read Tom Clancy , Patricia Cornwell, Clive Cussler or watch an old Die Hard movie.
I have been given the number 12, so here goes. 1. I am a college graduate with a teaching degree in Secondary Physical Education with a minor in Psychology. 2. I was born in Stamford, Connecticut and moved to Denver, Colorado when I was 4 years old. We moved from Denver to Deer Creek Canyon where my brothers and I attended a one room school. From there, we moved to Littleton, Colorado where we lived in the same house for over 50 years. 3. I lived in Connecticut for 2 years as an adult and worked at an inner-city Girls Club for one year and as a governess the 2nd year. 4. I have been to England and to France, which was a tremendous experience. 5. I am a "middle child" - I have 2 wonderful older brothers and 2 exceptional younger sisters. My brothers live in Los Angeles and Houston and my sisters live in Craig, CO and Denver. 6. I lived on a 2100 acre farm when I was first married and learned how to drive John Deere tractors - from a small 4020 to a very large 8630. Part of my job was to maintain t ...
My number is 13. It was easier than I thought! 1.I am the oldest child in my family. 2.I love to play card games, and don’t get to often enough. 3.I grew up in Auburn, the oldest child to a sports loving Dad. That is where my love of sports comes from. 4.My dad has been gone about 20 years and I still miss talking to him about Auburn football. 5.I took piano lessons for a few years and still wish I played. 6.I love crafts; if I won the lottery I’d have a craft store where I could play all day and not have to worry about money. 7.I’d also have an RV and season tickets to Auburn football. 8.My second language is American Sign Language. And I sometimes use it when I’m not talking to my brother who is deaf. 9.I love pasta and I cannot lie. 10.I have four best friends. Most people are lucky to have one! 11. I love the adult relationships I have with my four boys and my daughter-in-laws (and their girlfriends.) 12. My favorite author is Clive Cussler, I collect all his books and read them over and over. ...
Ok everyone else is doing it so here it goes. My number is 8. 8 things you probably don't know about me. 1. I hate egg nog with a passion. 2. I like to read books by Clive Cussler, though I haven't done so in some time. 3. I dreamt about 9-11 the night before it happened and I had no idea what the twin towers were at the time. 4. I don't like candy. And that does not include chocolate. Chocolate is not candy, it is chocolate. 5. I really enjoy chill inducing "epic" instrumental music and music in general where the human voice does not exist to ruin the beautiful combination of sound and silence. I have a strange sensation that the human voice ruins the nature of music in general and that music and singing should be kept apart. Use of the human voice should be limited to "speaking poetically to a beat or rhythm". Sadly this is known more commonly as "rapping" 6. I wish I lived in the world of the future where it space exploration is booming, distinction between human and AI is difficult, and terraforming a ...
Sitting down with another Clive Cussler* Love this guy:-))
Day 15: I am grateful for all the teachers I had growing up who taught me first to read and then to love reading. And thank you to authors like Beverly Cleary, Stan and Jan Berenstain, Tom Clancy, and Clive Cussler for all their wonderful books!
I started reading this book, "The Death Relic", by Chris Kuznski (a Clive Cussler-adventure type book) and it is so misogynistic and sexist I can't even get through the first third. And I ALWAYS finish books I start. Congratulations, Mr Kuznski, you've written the first book I can't finish.
Let's see: filled gas tank, Rite Aid errand done, got Pan's shot at vet's, Family Dollar errand done, Hannaford/groceries done, oil change in car done, got transfer station tags for trash bags at town office, got library membership YIPPEE!! and got 4 new Clive Cussler novels, Time Warner coming shortly, Pan happy to be back home, put up new clock that matches computer desk so nicely, put groceries away, did a bit of caulking in shower stall on a small spot I discovered that needed a wee bit more protection from moisture,and got the fixings for a beef stew for the crock pot,,YUMMIE!!
I wouldn't do this, if anyone else asked, but my wife gave me 8. 1. I piloted the Space Shuttle Simulator at the Johnson Space Center with Randy Okray. 2. The best meal I ever had was at Filet of Sole at the Oro Verde restaurant on Copacabana beach. The second was a steak at Dan's Cajun Korean Steak House in La Barge, WY. The third was a rack of lamb at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana. 3. I believe the best rock and roll performance so far was Stairway to Heaven performed by Ann and Nancy Wilson, et al, at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. 4. My favorite food is Spaghetti. 5. My wife is my best friend. 6. If I ever disappear from the boondocks of Wyoming, you'll find me tending bar at a pub on Notting Hill. 7. My favorite author is Clive Cussler. I've read everything he's written except "Raise the Titanic." 8. I can remember most every phone number I've dialed in the last week, but I can never find my shoes.
Best mess up of an author's name I've heard in a while: Cleave Crusher (Clive Cussler)
Titles included in this Set are : 1. Blue Gold, 2. Shock Wave, 3. Serpent, 4. Flood Tide, 5. The Sea Hunters, 6. Sahara. Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California, and attended Pasadena City College beforejoining the Air Force. He went on to a successful advertising career, winning many nationalhonours for his copywriting. Now a full-time bestselling author, he has also explored thedeserts of the American Southwest in search of lost gold mines, dived in isolated lakes inthe Rocky Mountains looking for lost aircraft and hunted under the sea for shipwrecks ofhistoric significance, discovering and identifying more than sixty. Like his hero, Dirk Pitt, heis also an avid enthusiast of classic cars. He is married with three children, and divides histime between Colorado and Arizona. Visit our website for more book collection box sets and books in all formats at low prices.
hi all just wanting to know if anyone owns the book the wreck by clive cussler if so can i please borrow it.Thanks guys.
Okay, i got a 6 Things you don't know about me, and likely don't care to know 1. I wanted to be a band director/farmer 2. I have eaten bbq monkey meat, frogs legs and snails 3. I have a screw in my big toe 4. I asked my wife's parents if I could marry her when she was only 15 5. I have given many gallons of blood, and gave blood on my first wedding anniversary, at a red cross in Dunoon Argyll Scotland 6. I read Clive Cussler Novels 7. Bonus: My wife filled this out.
The Library is now fully stocked...Lee Child, Preston and Douglas, Clive Cussler, Jr=ean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Nora Roberts as JD Robb ('IN DEATH' series), biographies, commentary, crafts and arts much to see! and GAMES...our game room has everything from traditional to cards, chess, it! Books are available to 'check-out' so you don't have to not finish a great story!
So I liked again an got 10 (thanks soo much cuz Carina)! Ah well.. 1. Love macadamia & white chocolate. 2. Am reading a Clive Cussler novel called Cosair. 3 I've owned 3 cars but never had a licence. 4. I miss Teanau ='( 5. I bake a mean baked Ricotta & Cinnamon cheesecake! 6. Im listening to Cowboys from *** 7. Would love to tour Europe an Scotland some day. 8. The Sound of Music is still my Fav Classic movie among other classics. 9. Jean Paul Classique is my fav perfume atm.. 10. Australian beer is crap! There you go!
Okay I got the number 9... 1) I didn't have tv or many years and now that I do I am amazed that I like Dancing With The Stars...amazed because I can't dance!! 2) I love Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream (but my local favorite is Lagos Albanian Baclava!) 3) I tend to make friends for life. 4) Clive Cussler is one of my favorite authors...and Nora Roberts is another. 5) I would love to meet Gordon Ramsay...but would never cook for him! 6) I have three tattoos and want at least one more. 7) I am constantly amazed at how strong and resilient my friends are. Several of them have gone through things that I think would have killed me. 8) I hate to do dishes. I'd rather weed the garden and mow the lawn than wash 2 pans! 9) my family means the world to me but I don't see ANY of them nearly often enough!
I got from my aunt!! Okey doke.6 little known facts about well: My father raised me on all the Star Wars movies, Star Trek shows and movies and Babylon 5. I can name every alien species from Babylon 5. I have thousands of Star Trek quotes memorized. My father and I love to use quotes also from Star Wars as lessons in life. Whenever Star Trek, Star Wars,or Babylon 5 are on, I am always the first one on the couch next to my dad with a meal or a crap load of snacks or ice cream. I'm such a geek for these films that I'm surprised I don't speak Wookie,Klingon, or Minbari as a second language.It's a special thing with me and my Dad. At the age of 8, I had a 12th grade reading level. I'd be reading books way past my grade. Books were always a huge love of mine. While my sisters dove into fashion, I stuck with books. Even now I read aalllooottt. I challenge myself. I'm reading 5 books at the same time. Celtic History,The Gold Of the Pharoahs, The Tombs (the tombs is by Clive cussler), pride and prejudice ...
I 'liked' some odd/personal stuff a friend posted and got a private message from this former friend that now it was MY turn. So guess I brought it on myself. 7 Things You May or May Not Know about Me: 1) I am 6'6" and now 220# (down from 330# a couple years ago) 2) I did not walk until 24 months and did not talk until 27 months. My Jewish doctor (Dr Perlman) told my parents not to worry; when I started talking they would never shut me up. 3) I am from Minneapolis. Attended the last home game of the Lakers before they were pirated away to the left coast. Attended the first game of the Twins at Met Stadium and first game of the Vikings at the same location 4) I did not get a drivers license until I was 22+ and rode my 10-speed bike often 50+ miles in a day 5) Even though I have been a pastor/college prof for nearly 44 years, I love to dance and play cards and dress up in old clothes - as a Civil War Reenactor 6) I smuggled Bibles into Eastern Europe and the USSR in the 1970's and was kissed by more men th . ...
Kelly Kureta here are my 8 random facts: 1. I am good friends with the great guy you married 2. I have known my oldest friend for 48 years 3. I am of 5 Primos in my family 4. I still have my tonsils 5. I would like to learn to play the guitar 6. I'm severely arachnophobic 7. I believe I am correct 87% of the time 8. I love Clive Cussler (especially Dirk Pitt) books.
So six things you probably dot know about me... 1. I've had my passport stamped in London, Helsinki, and in Frankfurt but haven't stepped outside the airport in each city 2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday 3. When I was 6 I informed my parents that I no longer needed to go to church because I knew all of the important things (oh how wrong I was) 4. I have never been to a formal dance with a date 5. I spent the first three months of my life in the hospital 6. Clive Cussler is my favorite author
Okay. 9 little known facts about me. my favorite color is blue. I am addicted to my MMO game which is DDO.(Dungeon and Dragons Online) I like to go shooting. I love to go camping. I really am a crazy wierdo that should be in a straight jacket. Dragons are my favorite animal. I love math. I have few friends and like it that way. My favorite author is Clive Cussler.
I got the number 4 here are those things 1. I collect snowglobles 2. I also collect mugs 3. I originally wanted to be a teacher 4. My favorite author is Clive Cussler
if Clive Cussler and James Patterson collaborated on a book.would it be several hundred blank pages?
Ok, Perri Becvar, game on. The challenge is to post facts about yourself and those who comment get a number to do the same. Perri has given me 9. 1. I have 8 tattoos. Got the 1st at 30. Among them are my children, and one from Ryan and one for Ryan. 2. I have been to 7 countries , one twice (legally) none bordering the USE but all my passport says is I went to Ireland and never returned. 3. I have three cats, rescues. I'm only allowed two so I schedule maintenance to come when I'm home and hide the black, he's quietest and harder to spot. I also leave TV on when we're not home so they don't feel alone. 4. No mushy, chick flicks or Danielle Steel here. Ghost hunting, haunting and Horror movies. Read books from Dean Koontz, Stephen King, John Saul, and thank you Crystal Johnson.Clive Cussler. 5. I live in Texas and drive a 6 cylinder SUV with snow tires and heated seats. 6. During the day I work for a state facility preparing dietary meals for the mentally and physically challenged. At night I run a shift a ...
I got the number ten. And I kept it pretty clean this time. 1. At the age of five I took my Grandaddy's Bell Clock apart. My Grandmother coaxed me to put it back together, which I did, because no one else could. 2. I've been shot. 3. I've jumped from military helicopters and planes, but never with the military Airborne. All jumps were with German's. 4. At the age of 13, I took my Dad's brand new lawn mower completely apart. (And this was before he ever used it to cut grass). Yes, I put it back together too. 5. At age 10, I jumped off my parents roof with an umbrella hoping it would act like a parachute. That hurt. (Later I did use it as a sail and it worked pretty good til it turned inside out). 6. I'm a closet trekkie. 7. I love Clive Cussler books. 8. I like to watch my chickens eat. 9. At 56 years of age I still have better than perfect vision. Left eye 20:13 right eye 20:15. 10. The only sport I was ever good at was Swimming. The longest swim I ever did was about five miles. Swim, ...
FOR SALE: Paperbacks and a couple hard cover books by authors such as Clive Cussler, Paul Christopher, Alex Cross,Tom Clancy, Howard Wasdin , Stephen Templin, Ken Follett, W.E.B. Griffin, Matthew Reilly and Lee Child.almost all in excellent, new condition. 1/2 cost of new
On page 13 of 384 of Iceberg, by Clive Cussler
Clive Cussler. The best among the rest...
"Um...yeah...are Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler two different authors?"
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month starts at midnight tonight. In spite of my proclamation that I had decided what mine would be about I've changed my mind three times in the last week. Tonight after the trick-or-treaters had run their course Cheryl and I spent some time at Starbucks and while she read a Clive Cussler wannabe adventure novel I wrote an 800 word outline for - a Romance! The 11th hour idea came to me today at lunch time and as the day progressed the story began to reveal itself to me and by this evening I had the main characters, the story, the locations and a five part outline detailing how the plot would unfold. It deals with love and death, recovery and a fresh start and new love found. Who'da thunk it? Me writing a romance novel. I know I can do it. Please keep reminding me.
4 of 5 stars to Mirage by Clive Cussler
Just bought 2 Clive Cussler books on Ebay £5 for both.£9 each at WH Smiths.such a good read.x
Adult Fiction book by Clive Cussler. I really like the book so far. And i like the way Cussler writes, it reminds me of Michael Critchton.
For November, fans of James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Patricia Cornwell, David Baldacci would be pleased.
Reading Clive Cusslers. Posidens Arrow on the beach of los cabos.
D r times wen even a dedicatd feminist needs a chauvinist to lean on.CLIVE CUSSLER
On page 374 of 446 of Corsair, by Clive Cussler
I am an Albert Einstein paper presenter. not a best friend of clive cussler spy novelist.
word the hunger games books are pretty good so are game of thrones...Clive cussler is a good author
If your a fan of Lisa Scottoline we got some great new books in this 2nd bag of stock I'm sorting through tonight. We've also got books from Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich and Clive Cussler.
"For those of you not yet subscribing to Shelf Awareness, we’ve got a fun new promo for you – we’re giving away a free book every day in November! Sign-up for Shelf Awareness from now until the end of November and you’ll be entered to win every drawing! We’ve got books from John Grisham, Helen Fielding, Clive Cussler, Alexander McCall Smith, Terry Pratchett, David Baldacci, Judi Picoult, Janet Evanovich, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kelley Armstrong, Nick Offerman, Anne Rice, Wally Lamb, Joyce Maynard, and many, many more!"
there are times when even a dedicated feminist needs a chauvinist to lean on . -Clive cussler.
New Clive Cussler book just arrived today - Mirage | Medicine Hat Public Library | BiblioCommons via
Grey Lady Debuts Oct. 29 Ever since I penned Bluefin Blues, the seventh and last of the Aristotle “Soc” Socarides Cape Cod detective books, readers have asked me if I planned to write another in the series. I was up to my eyeballs writing the NUMA Files with Clive Cussler, a job that demanded all of my working time, and then some. When the collaboration with Clive ended, I stuck with the formula that had worked so well, and pounded out an adventure story, The Emerald Scepter, which was published in May. In the meantime, I joined with Suspense Publishing to introduce new readers to the Soc series in e-book format. Work began on audio versions as well. While I peddled my adventure book, I pondered whether to take a crack at another Soc story. On a beautiful July day, my wife Christi and I took the ferry to Nantucket so I could look into using the island as a backdrop. The old whaling port has changed since Herman Melville used the “Grey Lady of the Sea,” as a setting for Moby *** but it still enj .. ...
been reading a couple of Lee Child books lately easy to read kinda like Clive Cussler though more thinking and investigative
Thought I'd get WAYRW up and out to all of you earlier than usual today! I've been a bit busier this week with reading ... Finished Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett and I've just finished a truly awful book ... Now, sometimes I like a good techno-thriller so whilst I was on my travels at the weekend I bought a book entitled The Titanic Enigma by Tom West. Apologies to whoever Tom West is (I think a nom de plume of Michael White) but however this second rate knock-off of Raise The Titanic by Clive Cussler I will never know. Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy. Very disappointing. Which leads me on to my current book - The Storm by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. I have to say ... I like the old Clive Cussler novels, but after a while they got a bit ... repetitive. I also have to say the editorial work on the later ones I've read has been lacking - some of the writing has come across as clunky and amateurish. But anyway. That's my moan out of the way!! :D How about all of you guys? How are you going with your reading li ...
On page 317 of 446 of Corsair, by Clive Cussler
"Equal parts Clive Cussler and Michael Crichton." New eco-thriller by prizewinning author.
I guess the next one I'm reading is "The Kingdom" by Clive Cussler with Grant Blackwood.
Sitting at the Sidney airport, another 5 hours before my flight to Christchurch, NZ. Enjoying the newest Clive Cussler novel Mirage, 7 days earlier than its released in the U.S.
On page 287 of 446 of Corsair, by Clive Cussler
Um Suspense!! Action!! Mystery!!! My favorite authors are Clive Cussler and Ted Dekker!
an interesting evening full of surprise, started off just a mundane look at some books left by someone who had died, half way through I asked the lady had she looked at the books, and then presented her with £450 in £50 pound notes stuffed in a Clive Cussler and then a little later a Wilbur Smith gave up £2OO in twenties, I wonder where he hid his 10's and 5's.
I just became the first person ever to buy a Clive Cussler paperback on Amazon. I think those are released straight to yard sales and senior centers.
John Grisham, Scott Turow, John Sanford, Clive Cussler, Jo Nesbo... New books are flying off the shelf. Get on the hold list for your favorite author.
Thank you everyone for birthday messages. Fantastic birthday so far. 5 locks one tunnel many bridges. At Talbon upon usk had lovely meal and drink . Steven King book Dr Sleep lots of choccis and another great book off David. The Storm by Clive Cussler
Wrapping up another page of HELLBENT & HEAVENSENT. More plot twists than a Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler story.
Come Check out whats new at Lakehills Area Library, Death Angel by Linda Fairstein Sycamore by John Grisham The Eye of God by James Rollins The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks The Heist by Janet Evanovich The Mayan Secrets by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry The Final Cut by Catherine Coulter
Can't decide on dvds or go get the new Clive cussler & Wilbur Smith book's for wild crazy fun Fri nite!
Book sale at work. Got Space by James Michener, The Grass Crown by Colleen Mcculoch, and a Clive Cussler novel.
Nothing like a kitty on ya lap and Clive Cussler novel on a sicky day.
Book! Lots of newer novels by authors such as: Clive Cussler, Jayne ann Krentz, Nora Roberts, JD Robb, Jayne Castle. even Harry Potter series, and more!!!
Read another chapter of The Jungle by Clive Cussler today.
we've been donated a lot of books lately. All of the ones we're not keeping are up for grabs. They're headed to be donated in the morning. Lots of Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, leven thumps, etc. You just have to dig through them to find what you want.
The third novel by my 6th grade teacher. He's now a best selling author. His books are up the with Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, James Patterson, David Baldacci, and more. I believe its on barnes and noble for nook and amazon for kindle. It releases in 3 days!
The first time it happened was in the Philippines when a buddy recommended the novels of Robert Ruark. Got 'em all, read 'em all, and felt cheated when Mr. Ruark died, leaving just a few stunning books behind. Then ex-son in law Scot suggested I take a look at a novel by Clive Cussler. Yup, read 'em all, and follow Mr. Cussler on FB, anxiously awaiting the next one. The next happy 'gotcha' happened when I had the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking to Theo Lippman, Jr., who at that time had recently retired from the Baltimore Sun. Mr. Lippman asked me if I'd read any of his daughter Laura's books. I hadn't, but promised to give them a look. Yeah, they're all in my library and I'm counting the days 'til next February when 'After I'm Gone' is published, and following closely as she's begun the next Tess Monahan mystery. Which leads me to Mike Shaffer. At our last lunch, Mike and I did our usual book swap. One of the books coming my way was 'Divided in Death', by Nora Roberts writing as J. D. Robb. U ...
The problem with Clive Cussler books is that I never want to put them down.
Found a new author.Clive Cussler is great
Our book group met yesterday and all were delighted that our numbers are increasing. Thanks go to Barbara for her hospitality and cakes! Discussion was lively and varied over a wide range of book genre and all too soon it was time to take our leave but not before an astounding 18 titles had been recommended. Far too many to list but included were: One False Move - Harlen Coben Mixing With Murder - Ann Granger The Juror - George Dawes Green No-One Has Sex On a Tuesday - Tracy Bloom Meet Me In Venice - Elizabeth Adler Treasure - Clive Cussler Happy reading! Our next meeting is at Diane's on Tuesday 26th November at 10.30am. Do feel free to join us.
Reader review : Mani Sandilya, Australia. Dear Sampath. I finished reading Frozen Waves a month ago and was waiting for the inspiration to write my thoughts on it. What you professional writers call as ‘Writer’s block’ can happen to us writers of letters to the editor and an odd letter to the near and dear ones. I think you fashioned the character of Amit Roy on you; laid back intellectual yearning for action and when the opportunity arises without losing his cool, navigates through the issues with logical thought process. No physical description of the hero (Amit) appears anywhere in the book but one can picture a tall, bespectacled, scholarly with a bush of thick hair and a boyish smile. You developed his character well, becoming decisive and secretive after the loss of the all the photos and the backups. The story ran on the rails of two time frames. The 17th century and the current, and at no point I felt that one of the rail is unhinged. Well done on that score. Occult, human sacrifice, cannib ...
It's official, I've become a bookworm. In the last eight months or so I've read thirty books, all eighteen by "Lee Child", just finished my tenth by "Clive Cussler" can thoughly recommend both authors, and for novelty value a couple of old paper backs by the late "Bob Barrett" (known around Maroubra) that I hadn't previously read. If your lookin for a good read these guy's know how to tell a good story.
Christmas evening in advance! Got 5 books from Amazon, 3 from Stuart Woods and 2 from Clive Cussler!!! The next 2 weeks sick leave is no longer such a nigthmare.
My copy of my novel arrived by UPS today. I am impressed by it. Frankly, I am a little surprised at how well it turned out as a book. Seeing it on a computer monitor is one thing, but to see the actual book is a totally different horse of another color. The book came out pretty darn-tooting good! I'm impressed. Tom - my brother - said it is bigger than WAR AND PEACE. Um, no, it's not. But -- it does rival Clive Cussler or Tom Clancy or Dan Brown . Or, "Richard Castle" of "Castle" ... All I need now is my own "Kate Beckett" ... Any takers?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I have this vain glorious goal of reading a 1000 more books before bucket time. I can't remember all the ones I read, I know I read lots of James Paterson, Wilbur Smith, and Clive Cussler but I can't remember which ones so I guess they don't count. More people should read. I think it is odd we get no credit for reading, only for reading what we are told. I had to read this book of Essays in college, I can't remember the name of it as I just called it the book of angst. Not everything was bad but it surely bit the moose in the entertainment category. Now people watch the movie and think they know the story. vile.
Just finished reading my twenty fith consecutive Clive Cussler book from my kindle i am feeling a might battle fatigued,what with all the fights with the heros Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin ,sinking ships,crashing aircraft,shootings,evil men,sly devious women ,rabid dogs,narrow escapes,death mayham and destrution,i think my brain needs a rest.Ony about another dozen or to read then i should be brain dead Wish me luck.!
*snort* Lest we all think it's just our genre (erotic) that gets pinged with the nasty comments, I just was at Amazon looking over the Dirk Pitt books by Clive Cussler (because I NEED 22 more books on my TBR, that's why) and this multimillion copy best selling author was graced with a few one star ratings of his own- at least one of which decried his "filthy sex scenes" and claimed the book could have been decent if he'd kept his mind out of the gutter. So naturally I bought the first ten books in the series. Though they aren't all on kindle, so er... hiding new "actual" books is harder than "virtual" books. Hm...See what kind of trouble bad reviews get me into?
if you like adventure look for the Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler.
finished Poseidon's Arrow: Dirk Pitt (Dirk Pitt 22) by Clive Cussler and gave it 3 stars
"If you like Clive Cussler you will love this book!" - Gail Ward"I just read your book, Breakthrough, and I must say it ranks up there with those of Vince Flynn, David Baldacci, Brad Thor and others! A great read!" - Tony DiazDeep in the Caribbean Sea, a nuclear submarine is ...
I just heard about Clive Cussler. I've enjoyed his books since 1978 and have 95% of his Dirk Pitt series. He took historical facts & wrote stories around them.
What do Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy, Patricia Cornwell, Charlaine Harris, Lee Child, Ken Follett, Junot Diaz, Iris Johansen, Elizabeth Gilbert, Khaled Hosseini, Thomas Pynchon, Christine Feehan, Kathy Reichs, Clive Cussler, Maya Banks, Nalini Singh, W. E. B. Griffin, Harlan Coben have in common? Their publisher, Penguin, has finally agreed to make their titles available in Overdrive, our eBook provider! Now their eBooks will be FREE to YOU in Overdrive through your library card! How AWESOME is that? :-)
On page 204 of 374 of The Tombs, by Clive Cussler
I'm in the mood to read some action-adventure/lost treasure books. I see a couple of Clive Cussler novels I want to buy.
| Checking out Goodreads. Clive Cussler maybe. Trying to interest you in the fantasy genre too.
read Clive Cussler and books like it, but always got drawn back into the non-fiction in that area.
eBook Requests • Re: Sacred Stone by Clive Cussler: I would like to withdraw this request as I've purchased th...
Author Clive Cussler founded NUMA (in real life!) & has located more than 60 historically significant shipwrecks.
BookChap: Uncover Dave Gibbins' Pharoah - Fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler will love the thrilling new Jack How...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Crit partner's take on my brand new WIP: "It's like a Clive Cussler or Dan Brown novel, but smart." Yeah, I'll take that...
I just picked up Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler. One of my fav. authors. So that will be a good read.
4 of 5 stars to Lost Empire by Clive Cussler
When I write 'The End' it's like being paroled from prison.--Clive Cussler",
In the year 1991, I have read a novel from Clive Cussler titled "NIGHT PROBE". Since then, I bought each of Clive Cussler Novels. For 22 years I have now a collection of 42 books. And still looking for a copy of his other novels.(hope you can help me). thanks!!! Trojan Odyssey Dragon The Mediterranean Caper Iceberg The Sea Hunters II Clive and Dirk Cussler Revealed The Devil's Gate Lost Empire Automobiles Collection
Just finished my last Clive Cussler book " Inca Gold" so no more fiction till I pass my NFPA sprinkler exam and go to fire pump school. Hope to have them both checked off the list yet this year.
First to Read: I just requested a galley of Clive Cussler; Jack Du Brul's new book
Wish Clive Cussler and Steve Alten would coauthor a book in which Dirk Pitt battles a giant shark.
You should see how pretty all those fat Tom Clancy novels look on the shelf. Clive Cussler is jealous. Don't get me started on Robin Cook!
Feeling bored cos I just finished reading my last clive cussler novel.
Someone just called the library and asked for the newest Clive Cussler and Jodi Picoult. Strange combination...
Ugh. Only thing I hate more than books on tape are Clive Cussler books on tape. Thank Jebus for headphones.
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