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Climate March

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Jewish groups to walk in People's Climate March - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
People's Climate March in DC on 4/29: 8am departure from Chesapeake College.
Climate March in D.C. will get headlines, but real action, green groups believe, needs to make waves on election day htt…
The April 29th People's Climate March in DC is going to be EPIC. Please join us.
Don't despair! Be there! Mark your calendars: People's Climate March scheduled for April 29 # via…
In the current climate of madness just blow up your cat
I know March was months ago. But I’m playing around with a new report and I thought I would look at TMax…
Climate Change is an education issue- Perceptions in the American Mind// Insights
The Ocean Really is Cooling From the Jennifer Marohasy Blog, March 21, 2009 THERE are 3,000 free-drifti…
Global cooling seems to have returned with vengeance:
Tell me about THAT! Lots of that devilry here in Sweden from December to March, dear fellow! I detest this vile climate :)
Deputy mayor of north-west of Indian Ocean gathered in Seaford for climate march, local mother infuriated.
'stitch up': Eleven sacked that emotional Boxing day ad advises European parliament against climate march.
I feel this is the right climate to start my blog. Everyone that attended the march yesterday please send me vids & pics I can tag u in
The global push to take action on climate change means directors need to understand the impact this may have on orgs
Global cooling returns with vengeance:
With the winter of 2013/2014 being one of the coldest on record, global cooling may be imminent:
I hate writing about these stories, but people should know whats going on. “(Washington, D.C., March 28…
Americans for Prosperity sent a camera crew to the People's Climate March in New York City, where thousands …
.explains why Hampton Roads residents will march for climate action July 23 in RVA:
On March 31, 2014 the fifth in a series of scholarly reports produced by the Nongovernmental Internation…
The left fighting for the best short term solution to climate change in their platform is "a burn-it-down march to the ideological sea".
We had a fantastic day yesterday at the People's climate March in London... :
The people who have long lived off Lake Poopó in Bolivia are joining a new global march of climate change refugees.
WSJ: "Mrs. Healey clearly sensed the political dangers of dragging her office on a long, anti-free-speech march"
Alex Epstein visits the People's Climate March in NYC to educate New Yorkers about why fossil fuel energy is …
Today's Climate March outside DECC. Marching backwards down Whitehall to show DECC is going backwards on climate https:/…
In March of 2012, the climate alarmist website Skeptical Science had their forums "hacked" and the con…
In new global march, refugees fleeing not war or persecution, but climate chnge
Open Letter from the bloc to the organisers of the People’s Climate March of Justice and Jobs.
Hundreds of people joined Climate March at Delhi in support of CTA's for campaign
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
New Zealanders rally to global People's Climate March call for action
Register now for our Symposium on Geoengineering the Climate which will take place on 22nd March 2016 in London
Will you be marching with to demand climate action?.
If you're planning to be in Sydney for the People's Climate March please join Uranium Free NSW in calling for a...
Join us on Sunday 29 November 2015 at Suncoast Casino for Global Climate March starting at 10am and ending at uShaka Marine World.
3 weeks to go! March with us on 29 Nov and demand action on
Join The People’s March for Climate. 28 and 29 Nov | Friends of the Earth
Nov 8 Global citizens come together in Rome to March for the Earth, supporting Pope Francis’ climate message.
1800 km by bike to deliver climate change petition in Paris
The success of the London Climate March depends on people like you. Be there.
Hi folks can anyone take an A3 poster for the climate march on 29th November. They will be available from the FOE...
SAFCEI is joining the CT Climate March on the 29th What are you doing?
STARTING NOW: in Rome. Join international organizations asking for a world climate agreement!
Can you tell your friends about the People's Climate Change March on Nov 29
People's Climate March: the revolution starts here 29 novembre on y va.
GPCA CC Co-co, Sanda Everette, will join Global Greens at the COP 21 in Paris, participating in the Climate March
Super impressed with how ANZ is lit up like a Christmas tree on the Climate Change March map!
We seek peace, knowing that is the climate of Celebrating peace at 11-13 March, N.Delhi!
A year ago we stood up to demand climate justice. to step up our call.
Happy to join the Climate March today! . Stand up for planet Earth-> ht…
Congratulations on your new position Come march with me on Nov 29th for climate solutions and justice!
Can you tell your friends the People's Climate Change March on November 29
People's Climate March: the revolution starts here
join climate march on September 20 to alert the leaders throughout the world that we Nepalese are climate victim.
I just signed up to attend the People’s Climate March in Melbourne. Will you come too?
Whose planet? Our planet! March with us for Climate, Justice & Jobs in London 29 Nov https:/…
If you need another reason to go on the Climate March,the the fantastic Colonel Mustard should be enough to...
Webinar: Self Organized Leadership in Networks: Lessons from Occupy Sandy and the People’s Climate March. Oct 21:
People's Climate March in NY, a year ago: the great scholar & friend of Tom Berry, John Grim, sporting my poetry...
Seattle People's Climate March is about to begin at City Hall!
Spain got 47% of its electricity from renewables last month
Spain generated 47% of energy from renewables in March
Reducing Neonicotinoid Pesticide Use. On March 23rd, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glen Murray...
My bruh DJ Climate will be here on March 7
Nearly Half (47%) of Spain's Electricity was Generated from Renewables in March 2015 via
What could be America's biggest climate march has just started in New York
10 ways to sustain momentum after the People’s Climate March:
Pretty cool, almost half of Spain' energy came from
"Spain got 47% of its electricity from renewables inMarch why can't we
One of the cops at the March in NYC in September 2014 had pink handcuffs. .
Revisiting the tons of photos I took at the march—the largest climate march in history .
"Bold fuel subsidy reform has paved the way for [Indonesia's] revised 2015 Budget", via
Western cities had hottest March on record: AP *abrupt climate change collapse
Supporting activism & in the latest magazine - who joined us on the recent Climate Change march. htt…
Thousands will rally around Australia today as part of a global day of
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
An important perspective from Ross Gelbspan Journalist and author of The Heat Is On and Boiling Point Because climate change has outpaced social change, the climate movement needs a new goal and a new role: pushing governments to prepare for a cascade of breakdowns. We have failed to meet nature’s deadline. The movement’s current goal of moving the world toward zero tolerance for fossil fuels now needs to be subordinated to this far more urgent task. Barring a rapid (and unlikely) outbreak of global cooperation, we will see a proliferation of national conflicts over resources. Intensifying climate impacts will also trigger totalitarian responses by governments trying to keep order in the face of chaos. It is not hard to envision governments resorting to permanent states of martial law. To head off this scenario, the movement needs to expand by an order of magnitude. Bill McKibben’s began broadening the movement by casting last September’s People’s Climate March as part of a wider “clim ...
Alex Epstein at the People's Climate March presenting a different viewpoint.
Take a look at and conference Gloucester
Climate march today has been a huge success so far!! come to MoRUS on ave c for follow up events! http:/…
Imam gives advise during the People's Climate March about how we can all do our part to help prevent climate change.
prominent at today's climate march-American people sick of war and support for terrorism …
There's a big climate march happening in NYC. We thought Bill Nye The Science Guy settled this debate. (Oh also new episode tonight at 11 on HBO.)
Funny, I saw the climate change march covered in mainstream media. Nowhere close to that anywhere outside of Ferguson.
Judging by the crowd on the subway the peoples climate march is gonna be huge
If this article is any indication, it seems that global cooling has begun to return with vengeance:
Join the REAL peoples climate march
organizers of the & 350 are pied pipers funded by Soros & Rockefeller
Sorry I missed the climate March in New York. My imagination powered balloon wasn't finished in time. :(
Huge PSC contingent on the move at the people's climate march!
If only the newsmedia had given this coverage to the People's Climate March. Suspicious am I their contradictory ways. Rumpus seeking ***
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Hope they don't leave as much trash behind as the Climate March “New York City right now.
"Ain't no power like the power of the people." The People's Climate March Grabs the World's Attention WWF
T-shirts to wear to the climate march via http:/…
want me to go out to ferguson and riot? I do what i can, donate to the NYC Climate March etc...
Last time I saw this girl was at the Climate March in NYC. Glad we made it back to Oregon together,…
to crowd experts who can actually count. # of people @ 125000 Max.
4 of our own were at the Climate March in NYC in Sept!
to 400,000 people who packed the streets of NYC for the March
Join me in NYC for the People's Climate March next Sunday (9/21)!.
280 Waterkeepers & supporters have signed up & will join Cheryl & me on the Climate March on Sunday...see you there!
.March with : Now is the time for h…
.March today March : Now is the time for htt…
Activists in the 'Forward on Climate' march staged the largest climate change rally in U.S. history today
to the 400,000 people who packed the streets of New York at March. It was a big & beautif…
New York, you'll march to protect the climate, but where are you now that it's time to protect black lives?
On my way to Columbus Circle! Join us for the People's Climate March
People’s Climate March, September 21, 2014. On the weekend of Occupy Wall Stree…
Ahead of the People's Climate March, Neil Young shared with Democracy Now! an acoustic solo recording of his new song, "Who's Gonna Stand Up" (previously unreleased). We will be broadcasting the song
Report from the People’s Climate March: John Kurmann and Mike Murphy report back from The People’s Climate March
Jarvis Cocker Pens Essay in Support of the People's Climate March, This Weekend in New York City -
mentionned the 400k people climate change march in NYC in sept - well done team for mobilizing your community!
People's Climate March Sept. 21 on 1st Ave in downtown Seattle - Great shot by Damien Conway:
On September 21st, 2014, over 5000 people and 130 organizations came together for the largest climate march in Oregon history--one of 2646 actions worldwide ...
"is no longer a POLITICAL issue, it is a PEOPLE issue, we're all in this together."
the climate calendar is increasingly difficult to predict. Some world regions had snow till March
Should the movement include the political right?
About a month ago, the left San Francisco for the historic People's Climate March in NYC that took place on Sept. 21st. resident and climate activist James Blakely was on board the train and gave a presentation on his experience attending the tar sands You can check out a snippet of his presentation as well as others several others by participants by clicking the link below.
Millions to March in Cities all over the World Today Demanding Urgent Action on Climate Change: via
HI- thought you might like to read this piece I wrote about why we protest in the face of futility:
yea that 'global warming' & simultaneous 'climate change' in late March really snowed and froze over everything quite nicely!
So many people to be. It's Strange! SEASON OF THE WITCH: Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills People's Climate March...
Love everything about MI fall! Colors are spectacular, cool/cold nights and climate prep for winter.
Children led the way Read blog by Enviro Justice Intern Emily Van Etten
PROTECT YOUR HEARING & make sure your children watch & learn. People's Climate March Greenpeace International...
Beinecke: NYC Climate March was my Woodstock moment. The voice is emerging about where we need to go & how to get there
Springfield coalition will march, rally for citywide climate action plan:
"What’s Wrong With the Radical Critique of the People’s Climate March"
Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans (Santos, Brazil, 23-27 March 2015) vía
Wrong! "is nothing less than the theft of one person’s property in order to give it to someone else"
To get action on climate change we need people to march as they did in NY. There's too much short term thinking in every country
Juggling petroleum in the form of plastic! "Can u march & juggle at the same time? http:…
Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo Join Ten of Thousands Crowd New York Streets for Climate March: via
Hey I was in NYC for the People's Climate March and i'm curious what came of the meeting- any new legislation passed? .
Could the have happened without city parks?
Insist that legislators act on climate change
See my video of the Peoples' Climate March in NYC:
So "liberal" friends in Vermont never saw the Peoples' Climate March in the news. Multiply by some factor or other and Nobody Marched.
March Live Feed: Live feed above. let me know if it works. Some estimates of more than…
Did you march last month for the Keep marching to Congress; join our intro call tonite:
Is the ignoring the political right? And why?
I am back from opening The Peoples Climate March New York City. See link here for a new important "Green" song... http…
Enviros must be so proud 2 have turned KIDS into TOOLS of SHEER IDIOCY. http…
Shout out to the Great March for Climate Action marchers having breakfast at 6th this morning!
Complete coverage of the San Diego People's Climate March not covered by mainstream media
John Jay College student Raymond Fuller shares his video of the historic People's Climate March last month
From people who are still literally marching to campaigns to sue the government for failing to take action of climate change, these projects make it clear that the People’s Climate March was just the beginning.
President Obama took note of the recent People's Climate March in New York City. He recently asked some New Yorkers whether they attended.
Athan (Call to Prayer) at People's Climate March by Ammar Charaf in New York City on 9.21.14.
The world's largest climate march calls for action on climate change. On September 21 about 400,000 people marched in New York and in more than 150 other cou...
Break out the tinfoil hat-- here comes the loonier side of the Kennedy family. Preaching the 'Green Gospel' at the People’s Climate March in New York, Silver spoon Kennedy heir, Robert F. Kennedy Jr fought off a reporters questioning of his own carbon...
Follow Michelle Fields of PJ Media came across Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during the climate march in New York City. Things started to get testy however, when Fields asks Kennedy if he would consider not using his car or his cell phone in order to "lead by example." "It starts by changing the laws, ratio…
Women's organizations at the People's Climate March: "there will be no climate justice without gender justice."
National Review's Katherine Timpf interviews protestors at the Flood Wall Street climate march.
We were thrilled to receive this video message from His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, leader of one of the oldest and most prominent Buddhist lineages in the world and founder of Himalayan Glacier Waterkeeper. He marched with us in spirit at Sunday's Peoples Climate March. We hope you enjoy his message and footage from the March.
Thousands march in NYC in climate change protest
Click to see amazing images of 675,000+ people joining the Peoples Climate March all over the world.
It’s been almost a week since the Climate March in New York City that drew 400,000 people from all walks of life and from over the world. That same day around the globe, there were 2900 marches in support of the one in New York, including a Little Apple walk in Lincoln. It is dispiriting to see how little media coverage these marches generated. Joan Rivers’ death or the latest turning in the NFL’s dismal story attracted far more media. It is impossible not to conclude that the media deliberately ignores events that have to do with dissent, social unrest and, most especially, our general unhappiness about the lack of political action on global climate change. This is a terrible problem for those of us who are trying to mobilize our population to insist on action to save our biosphere. When people do not know about others’ actions, they feel alone, weak and despairing. If they could see how many people feel like they do and understand how eager most of us are for change, they would feel empowered an ...
video from New Orleans solidarity event for People's Climate March!!
Last week climate change march in Dar, today children's march to promote book reading, both got no permission. Come on Pls…
Inspiring footage at the Climate March of vegans with Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret ~thanks for...
Climate March inspirational for participants - Poughkeepsie Journal: ...
But can we bash the annoying white people that were in that stupid climate change march w grown-up Eddie Munster aka Leo DiCaprio?
Now that Melbourne is experiencing a warmer climate i'll be free balling until approx March 2015 😎
Join the Crowd: Scenes from the Climate March – State of the Planet
On September 21, thousands took to the streets to demand change and action on Watch it here:
Sophie Heawood: marching for climate change
"If the climate were a bank, it would have been saved."
Native/Indigenous Women - Indigenous Rising - Women Rising in the Peoples Climate March, September 21st in New York City
The Weather Channel asked Richard Branson to respond to my book. And then they put his response to me. VIDEO
The People's Climate March made history. It's time for world leaders to follow suit and commit to actions, not words.
Strange.…Rick Perry has been praying so hard lately "This was the hottest summer on record.
Sophie Heawood: marching for climate change via
September 21 2014, Millions worldwide took part in the global movement "the largest ever march" WATCH IT!
Pick out the funniest thing in this photo from the People's Climate March... change
Estimate a zillion bikes on bike jam ride. Needed a boom shot to get any visual idea. It was like New York climate march
"Clean energy is a game changer, because it puts power over power back into the hands of citizens."
A look at how newspapers portrayed Sunday's Climate March around the globe:
400,000 people 1 loud voice calling for climate action. Watch highlight video of March htt…
Oh yes, This is not good news, It will make other climate for March reconecter reality. We need to make new
Indigenous, communists, freaks steal show at People’s Climate March in NYC -
.Leonardo Dicaprio at a climate change protest march is like Ted Kennedy at a MADD event.
Hear from who was there! The People's Climate March: Making Waves as the Largest in History
Reading List: 4 essential books to read for the People’s Climate March and the United Nations climate summit
OCA: March with Vandana Shiva and OCA at the People’s Climate March in NYC
What Rousseau can tell us about the challenges facing Climate March
Slowing population growth might affect climate change in the long run, but we MUST change our patterns of consumption to slow down the frenetic waste of natural resources NOW! Photo: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) at the People’s Climate March held in New York City.
Thought of the afternoon: Conversations I have overheard discussing the Ray Rice assault of his lady friend (now wife) and Adrian Peterson beating his child: too many to count Conversations I have overheard discussing the Climate March during its leadup and now after its aftermath: ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, GOOSE EGG This is why the threat of the downfall of Western civilization will ALWAYS be the actions of the black man in the white mind even if EVERY FACT refutes this narrative...
In search for policies, Salford and Eccles parliamentary candidate Daniel J McLaughlin joins the People's Climate March, in boycott of the Labour Party Confe...
MPA-ESP students took part in recent People's Climate March in NYC: State of the Planet
Climate March ball deliberate. New book and documentary.
Seems everyone but Tampa Tribune's editors know 300,000+ people participated in the People's Climate March in NYC...
Watch, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. becomes very agitated once he realizes he's not dealing with a like-minded progressive "reporter" during an interview with Michelle Fields, of PJTV at the "People's Climate March" in Manhattan.
Watch RFK Jr. Destroy Conservative Reporter at Climate March: Ring of Fire’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was in atte...
Either being married to Cheryl Hines or the fact he drove his wife to kill herself is making the man edgy. Utter fraud either way. But what a GREAT response the report nails him with!!!. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got testy during Sunday's Climate March in New York when confronted by a reporter about his own carbon footprint. Kennedy pointed at PJ Media reporter Michelle Fields and even grabbed her microphone when she asked him what kind of cellphone and car he had. "Are you going to give up YOURS?" an annoyed Kennedy asked Fields about her car. "I'm not the one who's here talking about the environment," Fields responded.
RFK Jr. Loses Cool at 'People's Climate March'; Gets Pushy with PJTV's Michelle Fields. More of PJTV's coverage of the People's Climate March coming soon, in...
Michelle Fields ran into Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the 'People's Climate March' in NYC. The two had a testy exchange and RFK Jr. revealed his climate rage when Michelle suggested his carbon footprint made him a hypocrite. See what happens when Michelle confronts him.
The People's Climate March in New York City drew more than 300,000 people — but you might not have known it from watching the news.
Here's an exciting video clip showing some of the 300,000 people today at the People's Climate March, the largest climate rally in world history in New York ...
Nearly half a million people filled New York City’s streets yesterday as part of the People’s Climate March, an event some are calling America’s largest political protest in at least a decade. Orion contributing editor Terry Tempest Williams, who was in attendance along with climate activist Tim DeC…
This video footage of People's Climate March was taken from a drone flying in New York City and provided to Democracy Now! anonymously. Watch our 3-hour live broadcast from the march at
The People's Climate March draws thousands to New York City in one of the largest demonstrations of environmental activism in U.S. history.
This is a video Donovan took of the blessing I offered as part of the interfaith service at the start of today's Climate March in New York City.
Imam Zaid Shakir's impromptu marching chant at today's People's Climate March in New York City.
Participation in New York City climate actions today and yesterday exceeded organizers expectations. Around two thousand people staged a sit-in on Wall Street today to draw attention to those who profit from practices that contribute heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. On Sunday, more than 350,000 demonstrators turned up for the People’s Climate March. Organizers had predicted a crowd one-third that size. Twenty-seven hundred sister events were held in 158 countries around the world from Berlin to Istanbul to Rio. The actions come ahead of climate-related events this week at the United Nations. Tuesday, 120 world leaders will join business and financial chiefs for the Secretary General’s specially requested Climate Summit. It will be a non-negotiating session but organizers anticipate that bold and aggressive ideas shared at the summit will lay a framework for the Paris Climate ta ...
CALLS for a greener world .Manhattan streets were filled yesterday with thousands of environmentally conscious activists from around the world who banded together to share big message : Go green before it's too late .Supporters of the People ' S Climate March said the huge turnout would be instrumental in getting U.N dignitaries to work meaningfully on saving the environment during their climate summit tomorrow by aggressively pursuing actions that reduce greenhouse gasses around the world , ban hydronic king and increase investment in green energy .
Green Party represents at the People's Climate March in NYC!
Jill Stein speaks at the People's Climate March yesterday in NYC.
"is one of the most imp threats to world health, & it’s completely preventable."-Dr. Erica Frank, People's Climate March
Hollywood A-lister and  Leonardo Dicaprio and music legend Sting are marching with a group of Indigenous peoples at the People's Climate March in New York. They're part of an estimated 310,000 people
Nobody wants to hear the truth, but everybody needs to hear the truth. - Olumide From Ed Fraser: In utter contempt for the intelligence of people here in the United States and around the world, a Climate Change Summit will be held on Tuesday, September 23rd, by the United Nations, the source of decades of lies about “global warming” and—since the Earth has not warmed in the past 19 years—the new name “climate change.” What the mainstream media have largely failed to report were the nine international conferences on climate change sponsored by The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank. The most recent in July featured 64 speakers from 12 countries, all providing science-based lectures that disputed global warming. Heartland’s “Climate Change Reconsidered” reports are filled with the science that debunks the doomsday scenarios. Numerous Green groups have been making plans to be in New York for the march. More than 750 organizations are sponsoring the People’s Climate March to c ...
Former Obama Official: Climate Change Not 'Settled' Science (And he is just now figuring this out?) my comment Sandy Fitzgerald A former high-ranking Obama administration official says climate science and the implications of global warming are not "settled," insisting such claims are "misguided" and stifle debate on the matter. Writing a Page One story in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Review section, Dr. Steven Koonin argues that group think among experts has been inhibiting "the scientific and policy discussions that we need to have about our climate future." Koonin, who served at the Energy Department as President Obama’s undersecretary for science in the Energy Department, is director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. Koonin’s position strikes a blow against climate change activists as People’s Climate March organized demonstrations at more than 2,000 locations worldwide. In New York, tens of thousands participated in the demonstration demanding urgent steps . ...
Bill McKibben, de facto head of the NGO, again erases social movement history with his claim today that the People's Climate March was "the largest political gathering about anything in the US in a very very long time. About anything!" Some of my reactions to that assertion are below.
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 Largest Climate-Change March in History Unlikely to Convince *** NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – A climate-change march that organizers claim was the largest on record is nevertheless unlikely to change the minds of *** a survey of America’s *** reveals. Despite bringing attention to a position that is embraced by more than ninety per cent of the world’s scientists, the People’s Climate March, which took place on Sunday in New York City, left a broad majority of the nation’s *** unconvinced. “Look, if hundreds of thousands of people want to march about something, it’s a free country,” said Carol Foyler, an *** from Kenosha, Wisconsin. “But let me ask them something: if the climate is really getting warmer, why was it so cold up here last winter?” Harland Dorrinson, an *** from Hollywood, Florida, was also unmoved by the message of Sunday’s march. “What these marchers don’t realize is that the planet goes through natural cycles of heating and c ...
It's interesting that everyone is applauding Leonardo Dicaprio for marching in the Climate March yesterday... but... let's be real here.. that guy is always on giant yachts , like everyday and has personal planes. What a turd.
Best sign I saw from yesterday's People's Climate March: NO ONE WILL BLAME YOU FOR GLOBAL WARMING EXCEPT YOUR CHILDREN. It's hard to reconcile that OUR CHILDREN (including Yoyo) will become adults forced to survive in a new world of drought, floods, toxic water, dead farmlands. There will be nowhere for them to run to.
Mark P. Thormahlen remarks, Actually the People's Climate March in NYC (and around the world) is getting some press coverage. It was in the Top Stories section of Goggle News for a few minutes, and social media are chock full of photos from events. Maybe it was just the live coverage from Democracy Now! in NYC with Bill McKibben, Sting etc. that sucked so bad. That was pretty much all I really had to go on when I wrote the previous post... lol! Hopefully, it caused a few people reflect... Beating the fossil fuel corporations, utilities etc. into submission, overthrowing capitalism, and recreating the economic and political systems of the world so that we can save humanity isn't going to be easy, not by a long shot... but it needs to be done. As it stands now, the "bad" people and "evil" corporations are still winning, and destroying life on earth at an ever increasing rate. Nothing much has changed despite decades of advances in scientific knowledge and technology, along with constant political struggle. ...
Bill McKibben, a principal organizer of the People’s Climate March, is completely Rockefeller funded. How's that for manufactured dissent?
Thousands of Demonstrators Take to New York City Streets Sunday for People’s Climate March
"CEO called Bill McKibben, organizer of the massive People's Climate March, a “purveyor of fear.” $XOM
Roy composed this fanfare to help kick off the People's Climate March at 6th Avenue & Central Park South in New York. September 21, 2014.
United Nations Building lit up for the People's Climate March by a Tesla car battery.
its so overwhelming...during the day I was walking along with Imam Zaid Shakir & Umm Hassan in the streets of Manhattan during People's Climate the evening, I attended the closing ceremony of Religions for the Earth Conference at St.John the Divine Catheral in which there were Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah & Former Vice President Al Gore...what a world is totally collided ~ subhanallah!
Everyone needs to know this man!Meet Bill McKibben,the Man Behind Massive 'People's Climate March' Rally via
Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber speaks on Climate Change at the Portland People's Climate March and Protest!
The driving force behind the big number: "The People’s Climate March: An Interview with Bill McKibben" via
Coming Up: Updates from The NYC Climate March: KKFI’s John Kurmann and Mike Murphy phone in with their impress...
The People's Climate March of Marquette made the trek this Sunday afternoon from the South Beach parking lot, to the Presque Isle Power Plant. The idea was introduced by a NMU Public Relations class about two weeks ago. They got the event organized to coincide with a similar march being held in New York City today. About 60 people turned out this afternoon!
Did the NYC Climate March today, at one point between African drums and a Balkan brass band. Rhythm Wars!
United Methodist Women step up for the Climate March
At the People's Climate March in NYC with Lt Gov. candidate Brian Jones and Former Presidential candidate Jill Stein!
Thumbs up to David Richardson, candidates who went to People's Climate March today
My friend, Pamela Olsen Coleman's wee one at the People's Climate March in Salt Lake City, Utah. You go, gurls!...
Susan Soleil, of an interfaith energy group, quoting religious leaders at Climate March in Salt Lake City.
BLOG: The People's Climate March and David R. Miller are calling for action
Bill Barron, who is running unaffiliated for Congress in Utah's 2nd District, speaking at Climate March in Salt Lake.
Ty Markham of Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance, speaking at Climate March in Salt Lake City.
John Dear. Dar Williams, and Dennis Kucinich at the People's Climate March in NYC. Sept 21, 2014
Throngs of demonstrators stretching as far as the eye could see move through Midtown Manhattan late Sunday morning, demanding for action on climate change. The People's Climate March is a global action day organized ahead of next week's United Nations climate summit in New York.
On Sept. 21, an estimated crowd of 100,000 people will flood the streets of Midtown Manhattan to march together on a single issue: climate change. The People’s Climate March, taking place two days bef
OVEC members in NYC for today's People's Climate March
I am so getting off my butt and taking the bus to cbc square at 1 o'clock today. Leonie Plunkett Janice Carroll Linda Diano Helen Whittaker Maggie Leithead. A gift for everyone who comes! Organizers are expecting 100,000 to join the People's Climate March in Midtown Manhattan ahead of this week's U.N. General Assembly, which brings together 120 world leaders to discuss reducing carbon emissions that threaten the environment.
100,000 expected to join the People’s Climate March in Midtown Manhattan today via
People's Climate March: thousands demand action around the world
Reassuring number of non-hessian harem pant wearing people at the People's Climate March. The issue's at a real, mainstream tipping point
Spoke at an incredible event last night at ABC store in New York to kick off the Climate March that is GOING DOWN tomorrow morning! WE will be opening the da...
People's Climate March around the world. Former ACEN chair, Bishop George Browning addressed the crowds in Canberra
Participating in the People's Climate March tomorrow? Be at the Bradley Center Bus Stop by 8:15 to depart by 8:45am & wear apparel!
Preparation for the People's Climate March is in full swing
Opening plenary at the People's Climate March with Immortal Technique, Oscar Oliveiro, Jill Stein many…
Busy weekend in TO: Junction Music Festival, Word on the Street, People's Climate March, and much more. I love this city!
Release People’s Climate March 19.09.2014 What: CAIRNS LEADS THE WORLD IN HISTORIC GLOBAL CLIMATE MARCH Where: Pullman Reef Casino, Wharf St Cairns, marching to Convention Centre When: Sunday 21st September 9 – 10.30am Who: 2 million Avaaz members around the world, Get Up, Cairns citizens Why: 100% clean energy by 2050: G20 leaders must govern for the 99%, Sunday 21st September Cairns residents will take the lead in the largest climate mobilisation in history. Cairns people will join millions worldwide, from thousands of towns and cities in every continent, in a march calling for action on dangerous global warming. “Cairns is in the unique situation of holding our People’s Climate March just as our city is hosting some of the most powerful decision makers in the world at the G20 Finance Summit”, says local person Zelda Grimshaw. “We are asking world leaders to govern for the 90% of people worldwide who see climate change as a serious problem. “On Sunday 21st we will be the first of over two ...
Friends, I can't believe the People's Climate March is less than 48 hours away. And I can tell you, without a doubt, that it's going to be absolutely beautiful on a scale that we've never seen before. These numbers don't tell the whole story, but they definitely give you an idea of what's coming on Sunday: 2,100: The number of People's Climate events taking place this weekend in over 160 countries around the world -- this is part of something truly global. 1,500: Partner organizations officially supporting the march -- and it's still growing! 1,000: Artists who have been hard at work for months making absolutely stunning materials for the march using more than 100 gallons of paint, 350 yards of posterboard, 13 parachutes, and miles of cardboard tubes (because no one is allowed to use wood in the march - NYPD rules). 500: Buses coming from across the country. Lined up end to end that's more than twice the width of Manhattan at its widest point - and they're carrying 25,000 people to the march. 475: The num ...
Can't make it to New York for the People's Climate March on Sunday? Fear not! If you can make it to Oakland there will be hundreds rallying there as well! RSVP/share here and invite your friends. Our staff will be there collecting petitions to cut carbon emissions. We'll see you there!
3 Generations will be filming at the People's Climate March in New York on Sunday. If you or anyone you know has a rooftop or window onto the parade route, let us know. Our film crew is looking for a bird's eye view! See you all there.
Want to walk with Waterkeeper Alliance in the 9/21 People's Climate March? Meet at Central Park West at 72nd St between …
See you Sunday, 9/21 @ NYC People's Climate March @ 80th & Central Park West at the fracking location in the march!
Not So Churchy is marching with Faith in New York at the People's Climate March this Sunday! You are welcome to...
A message from the Gyalwang Drukpa for the People's Climate March and Waterkeepers Allicance.
The People's Climate March is this Sunday at 11:30 AM. Assembly Location will be at Central Park West, btw 65th...
Tulsa People's Climate March this Sunday 3pm starts at 41st & Riverside Drive
I will be speaking at Central Park band shell Sunday 1-3pm to support Climate March and Vigil for Peace and Ecology
Thousands are participating in The People's Climate March -- even outside of NYC.
People's Climate March, Sunday in NY City & cities across Canada. Hope they're VEGITERIAN
No point feeling deflated about Scotland, What was meant to be, was just meant to be, for now. I do suspect that many on the no camp voted out of fear and worry of the unknown or doubt in what is possible in an independent Scotland. After all, to let go of something you've been attached to and familiar with for 300 years although unhealthy, has got to be hard!! The positives are that this referendum has really engaged people politically, myself included. Normally i'd feel apathetic about social justice, feeling like a tiny fish in a vast ocean, but the Yes campaign has shown the power people can have when they unite. That's why I'm going to start getting involved in activism myself, starting with the People's Climate March this Sunday, the one in London. Whoever wants to join me can. After all, I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be going has after witnessing this referendum!
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that he will join with the People's Climate March! YES!!
Climate March expected to bring thousands to Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront P… see more
Make a difference this Sunday! Join the People's Climate March in Manchester, one of many taking place in across the World calling on the World's political leaders to take urgent action on climate change. Immediately following that, a lobby of Labour Party Conference...
People’s Climate March in NYC Sunday may be biggest ever. It's not weather-permitting.
Why I am boycotting the climate March. I've covered this issue many times, so I won't go into detail. These are not in order. I know that most will simply skip over this, scanning it for key words that affirm that I am a "climate denier". In fact, I'm guessing that already there is at least one person who sees those words In quotes and is already fuming with angry and hurtful words toward me. 1) the movement has to come to terms with the fact that while climate change is indeed real, it's also happening on every other planet on the solar system. The evidence I've seen suggests that what is happening is a galactic shift, each planet has a core that is warming. Thus, to have proof that climate change is caused by humans is a half truth, which is a lie. If it is true that some wreak environmental havoc (Dow chemical, anyone?) how are they causing problems on Jupiter? Huh? This is a real question, and is unanswered. 2) the movement needs to face the reality that if is true, then you cannot possibly blame the ...
We're curious. Have you heard about the People's Climate March, which will take place in NYC this Sunday to draw attention to global warming?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
5 DAYS until the People's Climate March! With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history. Are you and your friends coming? [Thanks to NYC Light Brigade and The Illuminator for this video!]
The People’s Climate March will run through Midtown Manhattan on Sunday, and organizers hope to attract thousands of participants from across the world to New York City for the event.
Ban Ki-moon to join climate change march via
The People’s Climate March is going to be the biggest climate mobilisation in history. Sign up to host an event to build this massive global movement!
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