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Climate Change

Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.

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Why should he attend function concerning Climate Change when in REALITY there's no SUCH DILEMMA!. Get RE…
*** yes I believe in Climate Change, it happens four times a year. They're called "seasons." Merica.
I can't believe people don't believe in climate change.
Scott Pruitt is starting an EPA initiative to challenge climate science — via via
*** yeah I'm THICC:. Thinking about. How to get. *** to stop denying. Climate. Change
Failed attempt to buy an election but it's not their fault! Dem's will blame it on Russia, climate change, or
Climate change denial, open-science hardware, some missing pink dolphins, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: May ...
change could spark a Great Recession w/ no recovery |
“We can’t wait for the last man on earth to be convinced by the scientific evidence for climate change.”
New from Unpacked: With the US out of the Paris Agreement, China doubles down on climate change:
Southerner's take note: The American South will bear the worst of climate change’s costs, reports.
this is something else. EPA will fund "science" initiative to elevate climate change denial
The answer to global climate change is on your plate. Promote sustainable agriculture and you promote a healthier earth.
Limosuine liberal is prob the term that fits better. The kind to take a pr…
Climate change, food security and mycotoxins: Do we know enough?
New map projects where climate change will kill the most people via
By denying climate change, evolution and funding coal instead of alternative energy? Or how?
'Gulf Coast will take a massive hit,' scientist in climate change study says
A industry scheme is hurting our efforts to fight climate change. NRDC's explains:
The poorest in the U.S. will suffer the most when it comes to climate change
Temperatures soar to 129 degrees in Iran nearing HOTTEST ON EARTH in record-breaking heat: https…
In Cleveland, climate change isn't about rising seas. It's about jobs and health via https…
Lorenzo Quinn's installation 'Support'. A visual statement of the impact of climate change and sea levels on the histori…
This, on how states and cities are forming a quasi-government around climate change, is fascinating:
These experts say we have until 2020 to get climate change under control. And they’re the optimists
“It’s like a red team-blue team exercise about whether gravity exists.” (A. Dessler) .
We have 3 years left to turn the corner on global warming. HT
For farmers in Vietnam, is forcing some to head elsewhere just to survive
A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Some campaigners predict this will become as serious as c…
'Very strong' climate change signal in record June heat
A group of scientists says we have three years to save the planet from irreversible destruction ARE WE 2 LATE?
okay but how do people even DENY climate change???
Economists predict the South will bear disproportionate burden of climate change Meanwhile: https:…
EPA chief Scott Pruitt is preparing a "red team-blue team" exercise to challenge mainstream climate science
Major victory for California’s fight against climate change, lower court ruling on cap-and-trade program stands
Million bottles a minute: world's plastic binge 'as dangerous as climate change' - sea animals die with guts full.
In Trump's America the world's worst polluters are running our nation's Environmental Protection Agency
Amid shifting political winds, cities are stepping up and making bold moves to fight climate change.
Researchers say simulations show that due to climate change, Antarctica's ice-free areas would expand 25% by 2100.
'Very strong' change signal in record European June heat -
You want to stop Global Warming Er Climate Change Recycle Paoer and Aluminum.
World has three years to prevent dangerous climate change, warn experts
New today from American Academy of Microbiology & American Geophysical Union, Microbes & Climate Change, check it:. https:…
Today, I’m pleased to announce Jennifer MacIntyre will become Canada’s new Ambassador for Climate Change:
Trudeau just appointed Jennifer MacIntyre as our "Ambassador for Climate Change" - because more bureaucrats & 2 climate b…
Stevetshwete Secondary school combating Climate Change with the European Union # MissEart…
Impossible! According to and the radical Climate Change alt-Left, sea levels are on the rise!!
Republican Warren Harding coined the misogynistic phrase "founding fathers." The Founders and Climate Change
Big thank you to George Adams and Anne-France Kennedy for speaking on our Climate Change and…
I'd like to see Jim Inhofe grab a snowball in the SW United States to prove Climate Change is a hoax.
Scott Brison, is making announcement on Climate Change about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Friends of Science Questions calls for National Energy Board Reforms Focused on Climate Change
What the hecks wrong w/ "Climate Change is a Hoax" Senator (R-OK) Jim Inhofe. Time for this old white man to retire. C a doctor
From anecdotal evidence&increased political involvement, Climate Change is such an issue. The number of politically…
How's that Climate Change doing the United Kingdom🇬🇧 3 Islamic Terror attacks in 10 weeks.
"I would call it a vacuous political melodrama": Christiana Figueres, fmr exec sec, UN Convention on Climate Change
Michael Bloomberg commits up to $15,000,000 to support the operations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. h…
Dark day for Mother earth?Lol Wrong. . Even Without Paris, Business Will Leave Trump Behind on Climate Change - WIRED
97% of Scientists: Climate Change is REAL!. Public: hmm maybe.. *1 groundhog sees his own shadow*. Public: 6 more weeks of wint…
You just lost 99% of rural Ireland when you proposed Eamon Ryan as Minister for Climate Change. What an own goal!
No. Simon was first, said Eamon Ryan as Minister for Climate Change.
Is there really a need for a Minister for Climate Change (in Ireland)..? Ministerial salary for Eamon Ryan anyway
Candidates asked what opposition TD they would appoint to front bench. Coveney says Eamon Ryan for Minister for Climate Change
We know how to manage run-off, how to manage Crown of Throwns, an action plan for Climate Change.. Now to save the…
Christians burn while Pope Francis worries about Climate Change, Meanwhile, President Trump continues to fight for persecuted C…
I would hope Climate Change and Economic Inequality are in capital letters. And, perhaps part of the 1/2 hour was i…
David Attenborough and Tim Flannery on Climate Change. Some inspiring thoughts , have you heard of C02 absorbing...
This is sad in today's world, to cling to idea that Climate Change is 'questionable', that we even need ppl like Du…
'Do you accept that Climate Change is man-made?' and Duncan Stewart discuss now
America the Laggard as China and India Make Big Strides on Climate Change
I added a video to a playlist Tim Flannery - Climate Change & How to Save the Planet pt1-6
Union of Concerned Scientists to Bombard BP Annual General Meeting with Questions on Climate Change
To continue Climate Change progress sign the letters at: Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA)
Nash: Yes, Virginia the Threat of Climate Change is Real - Lynchburg News and Advance
And this is why Climate Change is real, now, scary & we have to act to reduce climate emissions. Food security!
Climate Change accelerating Artic melt faster than expected ?!.
domain names
New World Bank grant to help Marshall Islands be more resilient to Climate Change
Climate Change was just a ruse by Al Gore, Ken Lay, & Goldman Sachs to scam money out of well-mean…
Three words for all of you. Climate Change baby
If you think that "Climate Change" is hard to communicate, try "Planetary Health" Gina McCarthy former EPA administrato…
EPA has REMOVED the 'Climate Change' page from their website!!
needs Change Finance Framework for effective use of existing public investments in Climate Change.
Women's Show 4/27 – Climate Change and Peace with Medea Benjamin, Social Security in Jeopardy - WMNF
Medea Benjamin on From a Woman's PoV tomorrow at 10-Climate Change and Peace. Also Social Security Works-beware the Trojan Horse
I liked a video Bill Nye Gets Owned by Tucker Carlson on Climate Change
Ouch. Remember the senate committee hearing on Climate Change that Prof Manning had to contend with? He was correct.
The Columbus Zoo would be great for. you to deliver a Climate Change awareness message
April 24th 2017: After tense negotiations, President Sanders has convinced Climate Change to reverse its actions in the last few decades.
the Climate Change and Social Justice discussion today opened my eyes to the impact that c.c. is affecting not only
Executive Secretary,United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Ms. calling on MoS for…
At this rate, within a generation, there will be NO Great Barrier Reef. But remember, Climate Change is a myth.
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Theatre of the Absurd: US Energy Department bars the use of the term "Climate Change"
Everyone talks about governmental action to combat climate change, but no one wants to inconvenience themself and change…
Can't figure out if most candidates don't believe in climate change or think if we do nothing, it will magically g…
🤕 Global warming causing more virulent infectious diseases -
Even before Trump, we were falling far short of stopping climate change (or anything close to 2°C). So any deceleration is…
Computer models show possible impact to worlds oceans of four major stressors due to climate change
Santorum was lying about Climate change. He seems to have no problem lying these days about anything.
NOAA should focus on weather, not climate change, says Rep. Lamar Smith
Climate change doesn't matter if we are all having our heads chopped off or nobody has jobs. There are so many o…
Those who think climate change deniers prevailed at this week's House Sci Committee Hearing are pointing to
off hand can you name one climate scientist? Or do actors and politicians come to mind for climate change?
First Minister to sign climate change agreement with California.
Clean air and clean water are necessities. We can't easily fix the damage Trump is doing. Climate chang…
Really like this representation of global temperature change by Might have to make static version to share! https:…
Yup. Beliefs. Mhmm. Climate change and its environmental impact is totally a "belief".
Hamilton Collection
we come together with Greens on the front line of climate change, our unity is our strength, we will tra…
Trump thinks trying to save the planet from climate change is a "waste of money" .
Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity |
Here’s what optimistic liberals get wrong about Trump and climate change via
Dead Sea indicates climate change for 220,000 years
Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon statement on Trump's decision to roll back Obama's climate change regulations
The stress, the climate change from Klamath to Myrtle Creek and back, lack of exercise and simply being female has reeked havoc on my skin.😭
The carbon footprint of the average American's diet has shrunk by ~9%, largely because people are eating less beef.
Excuse me,but can anyone out there produce empirical data on climate change?...I didn't think so because there is none!
One million stand with you Ridhima.
2016 was hottest year recorded on earth. Over those 12 months the 4 networks devoted 50 combined minutes to climate. http…
Courts now at frontline in battles over climate change
stop spraying our skies with your toxic chemicals which are causing devastation on our environment! You create climate change!
No one is Denying Climate change, just the $$$ Elite claims of solution. Most scientist agr…
Have you seen the trailer for Al Gore's new film on climate change? Well you're in luck! Check it out! https:…
Global warming is reshuffling the ranges of the world's animals&plants w/ profound consequences for humanity. Read>
4. Oh look, Exxon says it "lost" Tillerson's emails that were requested by NY AG probing into Tillerson's role in climate…
Newsflash Climate change is real and doing nothing is not an option.
Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It
What if climate change is just a really big prank?
More than ever, China needs to lead on climate change via
EPA chief still doesn't think humans are the primary cause of climate change
It certainly is, and what does she know on climate change? She can't even perform the duties of a First Minister.
Mahalo Ke Akua for educated people that know Climate Change is an issue. Grateful people would rather malama the...
Chris Wallace systematically destroys EPA head Scott Pruitt: Climate change is not ‘all a coincidence’
America’s loss is China’s gain: Trump’s stance on climate change is a gift to the Chinese.
Wouldn't blowing up the moon just make climate change worse?
Too bad this little guy headed for a world where profit overrides clean water and breathable air becau…
This is literally the White House admitting it is "not familiar" with the economic impacts of climate change. Think about that…
TV networks that have been turning a blind eye to climate change are doing a major disservice to their viewers:
Seeing a lot of "Trump can't stop clean energy progress" takes lately. I still don't think that's quite right:
Political groups are worlds apart in their beliefs on by via…
Climate Code Red: Climate change pushing floods, cyclones to new ext...
climate change is a globalist scam check out Dr. John Bates from NOAA Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data The Mail on Sunday can reveal a landmark paper exaggerated global warming It was rushed through and timed to influence the Paris agreement on climate change America's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration broke its own rules The report claimed the pause in global warming never existed, but it was based on misleading, 'unverified' data
Bigly Shout Out to my No.1 troll, Fox News Kurt Schlichter re: Immigrants & Climate Change
I'm sorry Ann, did you happen to see Brian trying to discuss Climate Change with an Aus Pol Malcolm Roberts?
Heartland Institute is hosting its 12th International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, DC on March 23...
. Author John Ward references UK Commission on Climate Change approach to unify current policy & ministry conflicts in
our leader, President Governor Jerry Brown, is in DC this week to battle over the EPA and Climate Change .
'Biggest Case on the Planet' Pits Kids vs. Climate Change - National Geographic
I am working as an independent consultant for developemental projects on Environmen, Biodiversity & Climate Change
Galileo, Salem witch trials, Spanish Inquisition - that's what the Climate Change movement reminds me of.
Finally! Sensibility. Adults in the WH. Trump to Sign Exec. Order Removing "Climate Change" As Govt Agencies Regulate. h…
Climate Change: . If science is wrong, we still end up with a better world. If Scott Pruitt is wrong, our kids all die
CO2-caused climate change science is incontrovertible. The denial of such info by is incredibly ignorant…
Very excited to publish this wonderful piece on woolly mammoths, Russian visionaries, and climate change: ht…
I was referring to his overall outlook on science and climate change.
“Make your own mammoths.” Such a great story in w profound implications for climate change planning
My comment that climate change was biggest NatSec threat has really ruffled this liberal bias mythbuster. ht…
.Here's a nuanced take on how can help us avert worst aspects of climate change:…
Women are hit first and worst by the effects of climate change.
EPA chief Scott Pruitt disagrees with science on another major climate change issue
Assuming all the Stein Green Party protest voters are watching Pruitt deny the existence of man-made climate change with sm…
Trumps EPA chief says he does not believe carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to climate change…
Research shows that more people are starting to see global warming as a current crisis, not something to come: https:/…
impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans
The ocean is the planet's lifeblood. But it's being transformed by climate change
Eric discussed his findings about how strong communities save lives during disasters in this piece from 0201…
.denies CO2 is a primary contributor to change. Listen to the & stop spreadi…
Why the research into climate change in Africa is biased, and why it matters
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Umm. Pruitt is wrong. . CO2 contributes to climate change. We have know that for well over 100 yrs.
but Pruitt says climate change needs more study? BS. The time for is NOW
Pruitt says CO2 & humans do not cause climate change. He'll also probably deny links between smoking and lung cancer, sugar and tooth decay
Scott Pruitt's climate change denial is easily refuted by his own agency's website
In which I casually speculate that Steve Bannon knows climate change will cause chaos and that's sorta what he wants
When do we start talking about climate change deniers as long term mass murderers?
Oh. EPA chief Scott Pruitt says CO2 not a primary contributor to climate change.
In the Trump era, we are surrounded on all sides by people who think they can ignore science, with climate change...
For those who saw a sign of moderated views on climate change in E.P.A. chief Pruitt's confirmation hearing: uh, no.
Scott Pruitt is dangerously wrong on carbon dioxide & climate change. He has no evidence for his claim. We have decades…
EPA chief’s climate change denial. We need more debate, which means more time and money. Making America great again by doing nothing?
It is suspicious how Pope Francis gives his '2-cents' on climate change,politics, immigration,not much talk of Jesus htt…
Pruitt's statements are at odds with an overwhelming body of scientific evidence
Local leaders like Mayor are who we need to continue the global climate change fight.
This is just nuts: EPA chief Scott Pruitt just claimed carbon not causing climate change. We Senate D's will be a check on his crazy views.
Spring came early this year. Scientists say climate change is a culprit. (via
Earthlife Africa Johannesburg declared a major victory yesterday after winning SA’s first climate change case.
EPA chief's climate change denial is easily refuted by the EPA's website - Washington Post
EPA head Scott Pruitt doesn't think CO2 contributes to climate change
"This is just nuts": Critics pound EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt after he disputes human role in climate change
D: if scientists tomorrow found a way to erase climate change and health risks there would still be the pigs
Indiana GOP Mayor fights against his party's denial & steps up on via
Tech: EPA chief claims carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to climate change, despite scientific consensus…
Fun times when head US environment agency says he's not sure that CO2 really much to do with climate change...
The funny thing is all these people besides the Norwegians are on the Intel Committee. Climate change was just a cover for th…
The head of the EPA not believing in climate change is like the Attorney General committing perjury in his confirmation…
The head of Trump's environment agency just denied humans are to blame for climate change
Contradicting and administrator Scott Pruitt denies CO2 is primary contributor to climate change. https:…
mashable : Another day, another really stupid statement about climate change from a Trump …
Watch and explain why we have to care about [VIDEO]   10% Off
Spring weather arrived more than 3 weeks earlier than usual in some places. New research pins it on climate change. https:/…
Donald Trump's most senior climate change official says humans are not primary cause of global warming…
The Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty which extends the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
and tomorrow I'm going to spread some Climate Change knowledge in a Junior High School (Milan) .
Tucker Carlson spanking Bill Nye on Climate Change. No the science is not settled my friends. far from it.
Exxon (admits its factual) & (R) who deny, will end up being accountable legally. The true threat is Climate Change.
The Detroit News starts it's bid as Climate Change denying rag. This is the same city that elected Kwame Kilpatric…
1. Launching of 1st WG on Environment and Climate Change (WGECC) Jakarta, 22 Feb 2017 between Indonesia and EU Comm…
You thought was mainly problem? 'Fraid not - the *** is now undoing Climate Change policy.
The good news is that Climate Change is an issue where we all can make REAL impact. . Some ideas to get you started:
Join us in The People v. Climate Change and show us how you're taking steps to protect the Earth
G&A's State Street CEO to Boards of Co in Portfolio: Disclose More About Impact of Climate Change on… via
The mess that is Climate Change "science," and why intelligent people should be very skeptical.
Climate Change: Are we in danger? Feb. 23 from 10:15-11:30am in the Fine Arts Center Theatre
National Parks Adapt to Climate Change: Coastal Adaptation, Climate Change and the new…
Bilingual Book Sprint with on Climate Change adaptation in Ghana this week:.
Climate Change - what can we do about the things we can't stop? SFU ACT explores adaptation to the inevitable.
State Action Plans on Climate Change: They describe how the state government plans to close the ‘adaptation gap’…
Collaborative Use of Geodesign Tools to Support Decision-Making on Adaptation to Climate Change -
American Petroleum Institute Knew about Climate Change in the 1970's. Poisoning the planet and lying ever since
(cataloging EOT pubs!) The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States : a Scientific Assessment
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:. "to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first t…
"Registration now open for the 12th International Conference on Climate Change"
Winning at Rio Earth Summit. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change created. Is the UN tired of winning yet?!
President should avoid Fake News opinion on 'Climate Change' from failed 'Prince of Nothing'.
Tackling the Effect of Climate Change in the Lake Chad Region can Reduce Herdsmen Violence in the Co…
Fact: There is Climate Change. It started the day the earth formed and has continued everyday since. Man is not responsible.
Climate Change: *A thing that is happening and has been scientifically proven*. Donald Trump:
Climate Change: Norway’s Seal Hunt Ends, but it's only because Seal Pups are Drowning as Sea Ice Melts
Unbelievable! 'Climate Change' no longer exists on the White House's website!?
Great to meet HE Minister of Climate Change & Environment & thank for its commitment to &
Shadow Minister for Climate Change will hold a press conference on LNP calls to abolish the RET at 11a…
Donald Trump has been President for like an hour and the Climate Change and LGBT Rights pages from the White House website…
Geog Yr 12 Climate Change. World's first custom-built floating city to rise off Pacific waters via
Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee . Questioning contributors on the issue of Deer Management... ht…
No Man Made Global Warming or Climate Change, the alarm is just as fake as the "green" rent and grant seeker, crimi…
News: The African Development Bank Group appoints Anthony Nyong as Director for Climate Change and Green Growth
ISIS can win? Obama made NASA focus on Muslim relations?. Democrats wants the CIA to focus on Climate Change? ***
Prince Charles new book about Climate Change - remember summit with Gore in 1991 Brazil - forget the little people!…
Maybe President Obama and Leonardo Decaprio can go on a speaking tour overseas, seems ISIS didn't get memo on Climate Change
Fears of international partners not just about trade or military security. There is a distinct fear of new US Climate Change policy.
Tillerson said he's not aware of any US subsidies for fossil fuel industry. sheds some light:
Rex Tillerson grilled by Senate hearing over Russia, nuclear weapons and climate change - ABC Online
If you knew more about the Sun, cosmic rays & clouds you would have the answer on climate change
Tillerson testifies that the science behind climate change "is not conclusive" re it being in any way man made
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
smoking still doesn't help with pollution, and climate change isn't a myth. Side note: Can't judge an entire group, either.
Here is an interesting article about the North Pole's steady drift toward Siberia. Could this be related to...
Sandy the Squirrel is a climate change denier despite being directly in the face of a dying coral reef and emigration from Bik…
Trump. China Wants to Be a Climate Change Watchdog, but Can It Lead by Example?
Here's my interview with on his great article/video on drought, and starvation
Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson says risk of climate change does exist
And should on climate change after leading decades of corporate deceit on the issue.
Ms Fonda should look to her Pres. ELect Trump, who fails to acknowledge climate change.
Things heat up as Sen. Kaine grills Rex Tillerson on climate change: 'Do you lack the knowledge'?
Exxon CEO doesn’t deny climate change– but dodges questions about Exxon role in sowing doubt.
Tillerson: ridiculous answers about Exxon lobbying against Russian sanctions, Exxon on climate change,Putin as war crimin…
When u ask him what the leading cause of climate change is and he says "animal agriculture"
Unrelenting sends sea ice to record low as scientists feel heat, too |
Distance didn’t stand in the way of 3 in Norway & Russia collaborating to affect climate change.
Cities fighting climate change: a hopeful story from 2016
Update your maps at Navteq
I mean this was literally response to being challenged on climate change.
Jane Fonda says Justin Trudeau has betrayed his promises on climate change
Bird species vanish from UK due to climate change and habitat loss:
Syrian refugees are the new climate change!!!
Trump's secretary of state nominee refused to answer for Exxon's climate record.
Every major scientific/geophysical society & national academy on earth acknowledges that humans are causing chang…
Donald Trump wants climate change deniers to run the government. We can't let that happen. TAKE ACTION: h…
Palm oil also behind mass deforestation, which destroys habitats and contributes to change
Obama on climate change: "To simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations, it betrays the essential spirit…
"Climate change is heresay" *Currently driving through torrential downpour, snow on the ground, fog, and in full swing of winter in Mi*
From ocean conservation to tackling climate change, some highlights of the Obama years
Hundreds of US companies & investors repeat call for a low-carbon economy. Clearly good for business!.
"Climate change is a symptom of racial & economic injustice, cannot deal with climate change without dealing…
Such as the Military who sees climate change as a major threat
It's going to be 63 tomorrow... climate change is real.
Who's idea was it to send Jane Fonda to a city who is still mourning from being COMPLETELY burnt down to comment on climate change.
Prime Minister of Canada literally said that Alberta's climate change leadership (ie. carbon tax) is why the pipelines we…
How do you talk to someone who is skeptical about the impact climate change will have?
Science denial is a mistake. Trump needs to listen to the scientific community and take climate change seriously.
New study suggests has led to the vanishing of some bird species in parts of England. . htt…
Here's the excellent LATimes expose about what Exxon knew about climate change (a lot) and when (a while ago) --
Climate change is real, and its effects far-reaching.
Options are basically:. A) Do everything we can to slow climate change based on best science. B) Wait till everyone's convinc…
Please do something about climate change. Under your government, our emissions are still rising: htt…
Photo Feature: Children in the midst of climate change Eklabya Prasad on
When it comes to race relations, Obama denies there has been a change in climate. He's a race climate change denier.
More than 600 and investors renew plea to don't ignore %climate change
Hundreds of business leaders are urging Trump to take to protect American prosperity
Senator Tim Kaine challenged Rex Tillerson on his climate change views
Climate change is anything but a pure search for the truth.
Rex Tillerson just made Trump's position on climate change seem like a hoax
Double threat to UK’s birds and butterflies from climate change and land use
Guess what? Even in a warming world, it will still snow somewhere
Rex Tillerson and “We’ll Adapt” to Climate Change: Millionaire Oilmen Say the Darndest Things via /r/climate …
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change seeks a Special Project Officer. Apply by 9 Jan.
Gore was Clinton's VP after all, Lord Monckton on Climate Change (Another Must See) via
The Council for Climate Change and Environment was formed Based on the directives of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed A…
Murdoch loves to give his favorite Climate Change do-nothinger, Bjorn Lomborg, a platform.
Margret Thatcher, was spot on, nothing to do with Climate Change, people who don't get it, need to engage their...
Climate Change is to cover-up environmental degradation Royal Institution Chr…
Climate Change is such a large problem that central Government and inter-government action is required to make any headway.
Trump rejects but his Mar-a-Lago resort could be lost to the sea...Let the sea keep it!
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