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Climate Change

Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.

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Minister for Climate Change, Claire Perry, has suggested that stamp duty could be reduced on homes where sellers...
Malcolm Roberts doesn't "believe" there is evidence of Climate Change or that it's man made. This might help.
Coming soon: Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience to Climate Change at Sheikh Zayed Room
Sarah Thomson one inspiring New Zealander using the law to challenge NZs targets around Climate Change
Michael Gove and the Tories are failing on the environment and left us on course to miss Climate Change targets.
another Dem hack. Blaming IRMA on Hurricane's around well before Hacks like you "discovered" Climate Change.
GLOBAL FEVER: A Forum on the Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Human Health | PRE-REGISTER:…
Just published (open access): Communicating the Public Health Risks of Climate Change
University of Iowa Visit Focuses on Climate Change, Public Health - Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (blog)
"Climate Change" is a lie that TPTB are pushing in order to pass a "Carbon Tax" to steal more mone…
The False God of Climate Change → What does Pope Francis know anyway?
Fred Pearce Fuel has nothing to do with Climate Change
Dear Florida, Just a reminder that Governor Rick Scott is a Climate Change denier, and he's up for re-election in 2018
Nice to see you say that after your comments to Bill Prady about how important Climate Change is.
Peter Thomson (General Assembly President) on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Agenda - 71st session.
Indonesian President's Special Envoy for Climate Change is speaking about sustainable cities at the ICSD.…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"WWF: Forests are home to many of the world´s most endangered wildlife."
Britain - and the world - need urgent action to tackle climate change and meet the Paris Agreement: .news …
Nice to have you back in the fight for solutions,
BREAKING: New, first of its kind study finds that organic agriculture is a climate change fighter, with 26...
A million bottles a minute: world's plastic binge 'as dangerous as climate change'
Beyoncé started this message by discussing racism and then transitioning to climate change. My president is doing great.…
Read how the most vulnerable communities learn about climate change through Snakes and Ladders:
Omg it was climate change that ruined Lana's peaches 🍑 💀
Could it be that the term itself has failed us?
Climate change, manifested in flooding and increased precipitation, is a huge threat to Norway's
The rise of tick-borne diseases has been fueled in part by climate change — and this may be the worst year yet
The Florida Keys are the canaries in the climate-change coalmine
Climate change played a role in worsening the effects of recent weather events. Need proof? Check out these images:
Study: >91% of young people around the world agree science has proven humans are responsible for climate change…
The Jonas Brothers been warning us about climate change since they went to the year 3000 and it was underwater but no one…
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Demand the U.S. step up to do its part in fighting
Exec says not to worry about because fossil fuel industry has it handled:
Talking to "democrats" about the FACTs on why she lost is on par with discussing the FACTS on climate change with rep…
Hopefully the melting ice carries you out to see to my friends, the sharks. Climate change is a…
It is as if people are afraid to mention climate change?
ISIS and climate change are cited as world’s top threats in 38-country survey
Artist Patti Smith is at the to mobilize support for climate action & implement the htt…
LULz...the ignorance from "climate change deniers" is always good for a hearty guffaw.
No need to punish anyone. The way we are treating She is gonna punish the whole human race in upcoming years. https:/…
Myanmar disaster another case of civilizational climate change via
You seem to not understand that 2 things can be true at once. The climate of the eart…
Stupidity, incompetence, evil, crime, wars. These are taking bill tolls on our civilisation. Add to that pollution and climate change
Taking the Systems View: climate change as a driver of SDG implementation CC
You know that climate change seriously affects bees, right? What are you doing about it?
Ben Stein: "We don't need lecturing us on climate change. We don't need lecturing us on racism."
thought. banned climate change term. didn't care. Physics and chemistry do not com…
World hunger again on the rise, driven by conflict and climate change with millions of children at risk from malnutrition.
Still fresh at 30: Ozone hole healing, Montreal Protocol takes on
Here is a short E-Book from The Climate Reality Project: Soil Health and The Climate Crisis.
Great to talk with Prime Minister Bainimarama of Fiji today about taking action on climate change together.
These Nepalese farmers are on the frontline of and they have a message for
Why the West Is Burning Planning + Politics + Climate Change = burned area 2x what it was in 1984
All Climate Change whiners. Texas Gulf Coast recorded floods for many decades. . Climate Change did not cause Harvey!.
George Monbiot: We Can't Be Silent on Climate Change or the Unsustainability of Capitalist System
20% more rainfall.” Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, chairman of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London. 2/2
We are being battered by historical storms and God *** it we are going to discuss Climate Change. https:…
When a cyclone wipes out sydney, you'll all change your tune regarding Climate Change.
Speaker was Cat Payne, Audit Officer looking at Climate Change issues at Resource Efficient Solutions, Fife Council htt…
Remember the early warning on Climate Change by Re-insurence companies more than 15 years ago https:…
Climate Change is real..How are we going to deal with it
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change, Werani Chilenga is...
Newsline Update: Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change orders MHC to re-fix all sewer pipes in Area 18
I'd start with Climate Change. Spent the summer on the GBR and wish Nigel Lawson cld be dropped in it!
Climate Change has nothing to do with Hurricane Harvey, Alex Padilla is a liar!
Noam Chomsky in Conversation with Amy Goodman on Climate Change, Nukes, Syria, WikiLeaks & More
Trump and President of Finland were being asked about Black Carbon which is related to Climate Change. Trump does not believe in CC.
"There is no such thing as Climate Change", sagt El Presidente ...
Climate Change: time to get radical or die trying
Department for Energy and Climate Change talks next month Four-part series filmed over the world John Lloyd celebrates her twentieth year in
This is why when you talk about climate change, you can’t ignore agriculture
Prediction: Paris Climate Accord and climate change will be worked into the political part of media coverage of this story…
Playing Evolution: Climate Change by - super fun! Happy to be part of game night!
You have a mortgage? Savings? Investments? They'll be worth nothing once climate change really hits us which it will. Money…
Insto's step in to represent the people's views on business interests of corporations https:…
World, but can easily be taken out if we don't see what is transpiring right in front of us. Climate change is real, and it's the real deal!
Pretty sure this "act of god" would be a lot smaller if it wasn't for man made climate change.
I’m a big fan of a news organization called they report what the wont.
went from trop. Storm fed by the warmest sea water recorded to cat 4 hurricane in a day, but climate change is a hoax.
Just heard 99% of scientists believe in climate change, but only 94% believe tobacco causes cancer...
US energy agency asked scientists to scrub references to climate change
The 12th anniversary of Katrina is tmw and nothing's changed. Refusing to take climate change and infrastructure seriously i…
Well shii I guess He a scientist now. Maybe now he won't deny the existence of climate change.
Did you know that the GOP is the only political body in the world who act…
"Climate change is a liberal hoax!" -Texans that will gladly accept FEMA money when their homes are flooded
Exxon researched climate science. Understood it. And misled the public. via
A Northeastern University scientist received an email from a federal official asking to remove the word 'climate change' fro…
Staff at a US energy lab have asked scientists to scrub references to climate change from their work
A meteorologist research scientist at the Alabama University says Al Gore and Climate Change is . nothing but a big lie.🚫🌡️…
Some of us here do believe in climate change, etc.😥
Its gonna get worse cause your *** dont believe in climate change you Dorito chip
Breast Cancer Awareness
Our friend Katharine helps connect the dots in this NYT piece.
I’d like to join the movement for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to Climate Change.
Unbelievable. The Department of Energy instructing grant recipients to remove the terms "global warming" & "climate change" fro…
ExxonMobil misled the public on climate change FOR 40 YEARS, according to new report
what will be the effects of on poor: 2)Food prices up
Trump's budget language restrictions require removal of words 'global warming' and 'climate change' from proposals ht…
Deeply saddened by floods, loss of life South Asia, after Sierra Leone. Climate change is exacerbating disasters every…
New study: warming sea temperatures will shrink hundreds of species even +than previously thought:
In a state treating climate change like a 4-letter word, isn't an act of God--it's a choice made by &…
Hurricanes are fake news just like climate change
Dangers that can be avoided by not saying their name:. 1) Beetlejuice. 2) Candyman. Climate change? Not so much.
Smart scientists have to beg for money from stupid politicians afraid of the words “climate change.”.
Al Gore and Obama are the king climate change rats. Those two and their global warming cronies are the only rats I…
Can you imagine how much worse this storm would be if Climate Change was real?
Yes I am sure it is the white supremist statues that are responsible for climate change that caused the hurricane colluding…
Pope Francis inspires Iowa churches to tackle climate change
ExxonMobil asked people to 'read the documents' it produced on climate change. So these Harvard researchers did.
says I spearheaded Nice complement, but not true. Apologies to the good folks there. .
US Department of Energy asking grant recipients to remove "climate change" and "global warming" from abstracts.
Now at Environmental Caucus talking about the dangers of climate change. Thoughts and prayers to those impacted b…
Exxon spent millions denying climate change, knowing all along it was real
Yeah, they'll deny climate change to their deaths.
Momentary break from hurricane/climate change to say that pardoning is yet another clear support for racists & FU t…
Find a way for greedy *** Trump to make money on climate change and he'll address it.
We don't believe in climate change but CNN does control the weather.
Now on limb evolution of N. American ungulates in response to Cenozoic climate change.
"It's one of the few things that I can do that is a tangible task towards helping the environment."
New study finds that climate change costs will hit Trump country hardest | John Abraham
Segregation has led to Black Americans living in lower-lying areas prone to damage from hurricanes like
Please tell me the President didn't just pardon a notorious racist as lives are threatened by the climate change he denies.…
We're exposing the and truth with our latest podcast with Dr. Cohen. Listen now!
I could write 16 blogs on the Donald states of America but I don’t Donald all the time like the
Antarctica, Climate Change and a Song of Ice and Fire - Erath County Democratic Party
Rubio is no Authority and neither are you!! Climate Change is a natural occurrence junk sci…
Using Love to Tell the Story of Climate Change at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: DeSmog UK…
"It directly contradicts claims by Trump who says that the human contribution to climate change is uncertain"
It appears scientists leaked a draft climate report because they feared the Trump administration would bury it
Massive drought across plains states could cost farmers up to $1bn
The clampdown comes as President Donald Trump further distances the US from global moves to limit global warming. . |
"One government scientist who worked on the report...said he and others are concerned it will be suppressed.".
Trump is deleting climate change, one site at a time
There is real work to do: on healthcare, transportation, the economy, and climate change.
Climate change concern hightened as reports that Trump admin tries to suppress news. Read about it here.
The federal climate change report, by scientists from 13 agencies, is awaiting approval by the Trump administration
Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future.. via
"The BBC finds". The BBC has been repeatedly told that for many years while it held fast onto the climate change li…
The U.S. is already feeling effects of climate change, report says
. Think: if climate change makes YOUR place unliveable are you happy to be treated the way we tr…
Climate stories be like, "Scientists conclude high likelihood that man-made climate-change is cause of your therapist's heavy schvitzing."
Tuesday's big news: Authors of report "are awaiting permission from admin to release it"
Hackney Council owns 50% of the borough's roof space & wants to use it to generate energy. explains. https…
From Climate Change News- Australian bank sued over failure to disclose climate risks
Ministry of Truth: DoublePlusUnGood “climate change” expunged from Newspeak Dictionary. BB is wa…
Dramatic US climate change report leaked to amid fears Trump administration will bury it.
Believe what you like, but if you want fiscal responsibility & economic stability then climate change is your enemy. Ti…
day in history was 100 years ago Government report sees drastic climate change impact in US: NYT
Just wait till they all get their hands on that leaked climate change report, knowing is totally cont…
Emails obtained by the Guardian show that the USDA has begun censoring use of the term 'climate change'.
Read the draft of the climate change report
.are involved in Adapt Asia Pacific - assisting developing countries in climate change adaptation
US already feeling effects of climate change, report says
You can't deny the science of Climate Change simply because you don't want more govt regulation, dummies.
US federal department is censoring the use of term 'Climate change', emails reveal.
Federal scientists leak startling climate change report to keep Trump from burying it via
SCIENCE : Red is global warming, blue is cold caused by climate change.
UNITED STATES: Department of Agriculture staff have been told to avoid the term 'climate change' and use 'weather extre…
Yup she luvs to globe trot around the world on tax payers expense spewing h…
Protecting the environment: Pakistan 🇵🇰 among the countries most vulnerable to climate change.
The NYT reviewed an alarming draft report on climate change by federal scientists, who fear Trump will suppress it
Note to Trump: When it comes to climate change, it's not enough to just talk about "weather extremes"
Major climate report leaked to NYT shows that global warming is already hurting us. Will Trump approve its release? https:/…
“The first case in which an analysis of climate change of this scope has come up in the Trump administration"
US federal department is censoring use of term 'climate change', emails reveal
US federal department is censoring use of term ... emails reveal. h…
We Are Calling on all women, all girls and all of our allies to join us in demanding:. 1. System change not climate chan…
This is a real service and every citizen and member of the media should read it. Sorry to be pushy but climate change is a…
USDA safeguarding America against climate change by...forbidding the use of the words. Pretty sure that will work https:/…
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you politics over science. Climate Change is now Weather Extremes. Congrats USDA!.
Students over 56 (!) countries will collaborate and focus on Climate Change in October. Last chance to join us:
Closer to home, Glen Murray Minister of Make Belief oops I mean "Climate Change" has resigned
Minister Glen Murray resigns as Minister of Environment & Climate Change - to start with in Sept
It's not about the or healthcare, It's not about the spotted owl, or a ground hog or Climate Change. It's redist…
The first African Conference of Youth on Climate Change & UN-SDGs, the conference under…
HMState for Env., visited West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use
Harper/Trudeau no difference as thousands give PMJT unfriendly greeting at Victoria City Hall - Climate Change, No Tar…
Climate Change led to fall of Indus Valley Civilisation: Prof Anindya Sarkar
Climate Change is REAL! Just not human caused global warming...
Same timeframe as Mr Roberts views on Climate Change
Interactive Map: This is how Climate Change will shift the World's Cities | via Climate Central
New article about our goal to send out our Teacher's Friendly Guide to Climate Change to every school in the US! https:/…
Angela Merkel called out Trump today on Climate Change: “Unfortunately - and I deplore this - the United States left the…
Trump: Everybody is talking about John Podesta at Reality: World Leaders are talking about Climate Change &…
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - G-20 Seeks to Contain Trump by Avoiding Mentions of Climate Change (Bloomberg)
Don't let Rob distract you from the fact that snow is falling in Kenya - a country on the Equator. Global climate chan…
Teaching climate change is not controversial – it's essential. We cannot let right-wing politics censor scientific fact.…
Weather presenters show how cities could swelter in 2100 projections under business as usual emiss…
. "Climate change is an infringement of rights to and subsistence"
You're wrong about Trump.His daughter is for climate change.He stood profoundly a…
The clock is ticking. We will face an uncertain future if emissions don’t decline soon.
Q&A: What Kiwis think about climate change (via NZHerald)
READ: Wildfire researcher Mike Flannigan shares insights on the rise of lightning-caused fires. .
Atmospheric Spectroscopy and Climate Change meeting organised by UP College in Feb 2012 at K N Udapa Auditorium BHU. https:/…
Climate change is bad news for the world, but particularly for the American South, Midwest and Southwest.
Toxic algae caused by climate change might be killing scores of whales, and scientists are getting worried
Understand the importance of Plantation and Forests around the world to save the Earth from Climate Change.
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G20 summit: Theresa May to challenge Trump over climate change
My uncle just sent me this and you still think climate change isn't real..
If we stopped emitting greenhouse gases right now, would we stop via
Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research
Hopes of mild change dashed by new research
Climate change will make wealth inequality in America much worse: via
INCIndia: Think narendramodi takes climate change seriously? Think again.
9. I want Democrats to speak to the MAJORITY who believe that climate change is a real and present danger.
On "it is only in comparison with Trump that our policies look at all progressive".
even North Korea acknowledges that climate change is real.
"We want to throw climate change deniers in jail. Also, let us know who you are, exactly."
Not even the late, great Billy Mays could sell this "climate change" garbage these "experts" continue to peddle. https:…
Doesn't believe in climate change either. I saw him trying to pull down a small tree this morning. Might…
Really well done 3-minute video about the history of climate change. Lots of science crammed comfortably in!
Overseas scientists at UP College during an International meeting on Atmospheric Spectroscopy and Climate Change.
I added a video to a playlist How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan
Wong believes Turnbull's message to G20 should include climate change. Maybe she read my piece today?…
Oh, that sounds good. Turkey's a good ally. (*sh**). Trump May Find Some Allies on Climate Change at G-20 Meeting
Dr, Mr Rabbit. I don't think climate change is listening to you. Will probably ignore your Canute like commands.
In 2012, 2.9 million Indians died from diseases and natural calamities caused by climate change
You may want to check out what Judicial Watch found! Obama had EPA FABRICATE info to go with Climat…
Participants & Speakers of UP College International meeting on Atmospheric spectroscopy & Climate change in Feb 2012 https:/…
For those that don't know where Kenya is, it's in AFRICA on the EQUATOR. I don't wanna hear "global warming" & "climate chang…
Lying to win office is as as Koch cash, Bible thumping (but not reading or following) and climate change denying.…
It snowed in Kenya, AFRICA today. This has never happened before. Climate change is happening and it's real
Why should he attend function concerning Climate Change when in REALITY there's no SUCH DILEMMA!. Get RE…
♫ Climate Change is Real but so is Kathy Mattea 2017-02
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti & former CA Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up to praise California’s Climate Change taxes that the public hates.
*** yes I believe in Climate Change, it happens four times a year. They're called "seasons." Merica.
I can't believe people don't believe in climate change.
Scott Pruitt is starting an EPA initiative to challenge climate science — via via
*** yeah I'm THICC:. Thinking about. How to get. *** to stop denying. Climate. Change
Failed attempt to buy an election but it's not their fault! Dem's will blame it on Russia, climate change, or
Climate change denial, open-science hardware, some missing pink dolphins, and more! Monday Morning Salvage: May ...
change could spark a Great Recession w/ no recovery |
“We can’t wait for the last man on earth to be convinced by the scientific evidence for climate change.”
New from Unpacked: With the US out of the Paris Agreement, China doubles down on climate change:
Southerner's take note: The American South will bear the worst of climate change’s costs, reports.
this is something else. EPA will fund "science" initiative to elevate climate change denial
The answer to global climate change is on your plate. Promote sustainable agriculture and you promote a healthier earth.
Limosuine liberal is prob the term that fits better. The kind to take a pr…
Climate change, food security and mycotoxins: Do we know enough?
New map projects where climate change will kill the most people via
By denying climate change, evolution and funding coal instead of alternative energy? Or how?
'Gulf Coast will take a massive hit,' scientist in climate change study says
All purpose parts banner
A industry scheme is hurting our efforts to fight climate change. NRDC's explains:
The poorest in the U.S. will suffer the most when it comes to climate change
Temperatures soar to 129 degrees in Iran nearing HOTTEST ON EARTH in record-breaking heat: https…
In Cleveland, climate change isn't about rising seas. It's about jobs and health via https…
Lorenzo Quinn's installation 'Support'. A visual statement of the impact of climate change and sea levels on the histori…
This, on how states and cities are forming a quasi-government around climate change, is fascinating:
These experts say we have until 2020 to get climate change under control. And they’re the optimists
“It’s like a red team-blue team exercise about whether gravity exists.” (A. Dessler) .
We have 3 years left to turn the corner on global warming. HT
For farmers in Vietnam, is forcing some to head elsewhere just to survive
A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Some campaigners predict this will become as serious as c…
'Very strong' climate change signal in record June heat
A group of scientists says we have three years to save the planet from irreversible destruction ARE WE 2 LATE?
okay but how do people even DENY climate change???
Economists predict the South will bear disproportionate burden of climate change Meanwhile: https:…
EPA chief Scott Pruitt is preparing a "red team-blue team" exercise to challenge mainstream climate science
Major victory for California’s fight against climate change, lower court ruling on cap-and-trade program stands
In Trump's America the world's worst polluters are running our nation's Environmental Protection Agency
Amid shifting political winds, cities are stepping up and making bold moves to fight climate change.
Researchers say simulations show that due to climate change, Antarctica's ice-free areas would expand 25% by 2100.
'Very strong' change signal in record European June heat -
You want to stop Global Warming Er Climate Change Recycle Paoer and Aluminum.
World has three years to prevent dangerous climate change, warn experts
New today from American Academy of Microbiology & American Geophysical Union, Microbes & Climate Change, check it:. https:…
Today, I’m pleased to announce Jennifer MacIntyre will become Canada’s new Ambassador for Climate Change:
Trudeau just appointed Jennifer MacIntyre as our "Ambassador for Climate Change" - because more bureaucrats & 2 climate b…
Stevetshwete Secondary school combating Climate Change with the European Union # MissEart…
Impossible! According to and the radical Climate Change alt-Left, sea levels are on the rise!!
Republican Warren Harding coined the misogynistic phrase "founding fathers." The Founders and Climate Change
Big thank you to George Adams and Anne-France Kennedy for speaking on our Climate Change and…
I'd like to see Jim Inhofe grab a snowball in the SW United States to prove Climate Change is a hoax.
Scott Brison, is making announcement on Climate Change about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Friends of Science Questions calls for National Energy Board Reforms Focused on Climate Change
What the hecks wrong w/ "Climate Change is a Hoax" Senator (R-OK) Jim Inhofe. Time for this old white man to retire. C a doctor
From anecdotal evidence&increased political involvement, Climate Change is such an issue. The number of politically…
How's that Climate Change doing the United Kingdom🇬🇧 3 Islamic Terror attacks in 10 weeks.
"I would call it a vacuous political melodrama": Christiana Figueres, fmr exec sec, UN Convention on Climate Change
Michael Bloomberg commits up to $15,000,000 to support the operations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. h…
Dark day for Mother earth?Lol Wrong. . Even Without Paris, Business Will Leave Trump Behind on Climate Change - WIRED
97% of Scientists: Climate Change is REAL!. Public: hmm maybe.. *1 groundhog sees his own shadow*. Public: 6 more weeks of wint…
You just lost 99% of rural Ireland when you proposed Eamon Ryan as Minister for Climate Change. What an own goal!
No. Simon was first, said Eamon Ryan as Minister for Climate Change.
Is there really a need for a Minister for Climate Change (in Ireland)..? Ministerial salary for Eamon Ryan anyway
Candidates asked what opposition TD they would appoint to front bench. Coveney says Eamon Ryan for Minister for Climate Change
We know how to manage run-off, how to manage Crown of Throwns, an action plan for Climate Change.. Now to save the…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Christians burn while Pope Francis worries about Climate Change, Meanwhile, President Trump continues to fight for persecuted C…
I would hope Climate Change and Economic Inequality are in capital letters. And, perhaps part of the 1/2 hour was i…
David Attenborough and Tim Flannery on Climate Change. Some inspiring thoughts , have you heard of C02 absorbing...
This is sad in today's world, to cling to idea that Climate Change is 'questionable', that we even need ppl like Du…
'Do you accept that Climate Change is man-made?' and Duncan Stewart discuss now
America the Laggard as China and India Make Big Strides on Climate Change
I added a video to a playlist Tim Flannery - Climate Change & How to Save the Planet pt1-6
Union of Concerned Scientists to Bombard BP Annual General Meeting with Questions on Climate Change
To continue Climate Change progress sign the letters at: Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA)
Nash: Yes, Virginia the Threat of Climate Change is Real - Lynchburg News and Advance
And this is why Climate Change is real, now, scary & we have to act to reduce climate emissions. Food security!
Climate Change accelerating Artic melt faster than expected ?!.
New World Bank grant to help Marshall Islands be more resilient to Climate Change
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