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Clifton Powell

Clifton Powell (born March 16, 1956) is an American actor and comedian.

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Girl this is Clifton Powell you betta know your uncle lol he practically raised us
Clifton Powell 🐐 supporting actor for all black movies
Na you are already crushed with your bald head Clifton Powell lookin *** ..sit down
It was on BET last night lmao I knew it would be the most bc it had Clifton Powell, Drew Sidora, an…
Producing and Directing the Legend himself Actor CLIFTON POWELL in…
Man Idk what's worse seeing Clifton Powell have a statue shoved up his *** in the breaks or seeing that big dude pl…
You look like a stunt double for Clifton Powell AKA Pinky from Friday After Next
Slick looks like a old Baptist preacher & Koko B. Ware looks like a grayed up, diesel Clifton Powell.
Deep Cover put a LOT of ppl on the map...not just Snoop Dogg. Tyrin Turner, Clifton Powell, Laurence Fishburne (ob…
I cannot believe I was seriously and wrongly accused of me being a Bully all because I gave a female a taste of her…
It was a vh1 movie that finessed into theaters lol it was a dead giveaway when Clifton Powell appeared on screen
Lmao he lowkey look like Clifton Powell too
Coolee looks like Clifton Powell without a beard.
Clifton Powell as Big Smoke (not surprised lmao!) and Ice T as Madd Dogg! I truly enjoyed this game and still do!
Clifton Powell was fine AF in this movie too
Wesley snipes clifton powell in black movies lol. Sam Jackson clarence williams.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Clifton Powell with the clutch shots...amazing. UCSB beat Cal Poly SLO 58-53
My favourite Wetherspoons is named after him in Clifton Bristol. UK.
Clifton Powell I already know this will be straight
Hanging out with Jordan Werner and Clifton Powell. Filming Diamond In The Rough in Colorado.
I see your Clifton Powell and raise you a Keith David
Anything that Clifton Powell has ever thought of playing, played and will play in the future.
Clifton Powell deadass in like every movie I ever seen lmao
3 actors better than Michael Ealy, Samuel Jackson, & Clifton Powell. & a comedian better than Dave Chappelle
"I ain't always do the right thing..." Clifton Powell in every movie ever.
If Clifton Powell was not being hardworking or shifty in your black movie, did you even film it?
You left Clifton Powell out of that black Game of Thrones casting, which is why I don't trust you or it.
Y they got Lance Gross playing a pimp when Clifton Powell still alive 😂
YAHWEH Magazine . Mr. Clifton Powell . catch him in the September edition of . YAHWEH Magazine.
I'm mad Clifton Powell is in this episode 🙄
Clifton Powell keeps a job and I love me some big Dee Dee
domain names
I'm watching the fight on this stream and *** in the backround playing dominos ole dude sound like Clifton Powell 😂😂
Imma do a documentary on Clifton Powell. I'm tired of y'all sleeping on one of my heros
Clifton Powell has been in every movie/play ever created. Whether it's a box office smash or a movie you shot on your iPhone. He's there.
Yo deserves an award for not breaking during that record store scene with Clifton Powell 😂😂
Megan Fox. Whole cast of iron fist. Clifton Powell
Kevin hart, will bellamy, Taylor Schilling, Michael Rappaport, Ice Cube(lol), Tommy Davidson, Schwarzen…
Clifton Powell begging to be in the New Edition biopic
10 minutes in I seen Larenz Tate, Clifton Powell and Jennifer Lopez
listening to your show. Yeah, my mom introduced me to mad corny *** that she cheated on with some Clifton Powell looking dude
Great character actor...he's been in more movies than Sam Jackson & Clifton Powell...maybe.
Clifton Powell is the dollar tree version of Keith David
Well *** there go Clifton Powell. He stay working.
Clifton Powell is in every low budget black film ever made
She's up there with Clifton Powell punk ***
19) I really feel bad for Biggie than before . 20) Clifton Powell is the GOAT 🙌🏾. 21) Danai Gurira is a BEAUT 😍
Clifton Powell is the Denzel Washington of bet movies!
1. Clifton Powell in this speedo and these long socks. 2. Does Marques have a Bigen haircut
Clifton Powell and Wendy Raquel Robinson are playing his mom and dad, I might have a little time for this movie.
Too bad we don't have Freeman McNeil, Johnny Hector, Mickey Shuler, Don Maynard, Kyle Clift…
Clifton Powell says *** too effortlessly for him not to use it everyday
Any movie w/ Clifton Powell is made for DVD imo
i need a Multiplicity movie with Clifton Powell playing 5-6 different versions of himself
Isn't "Clifton Powell as..." grammatically understood in all hella black movies?
Council promises to urge Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown to raise issue of transitional state pension…
Some of tonight's work with. 6'1 Max Hazzard . 6'6 Clifton Powell…
Clifton Powell finally doing something positive in a show or a movie? Lmao! Cause the roles he play be so evil.
Ok... so Clifton Powell is in town bc a local business hired him to shoot a commercial. They brought him out for food & fun. That's dope.
If Clifton Powell don't get an lifetime award for all the work he's put out in black cinema for decades, it'll be a crying…
The Brothers is on. My favorite part was when Clifton Powell said "I am STILL yo' father!"
Clifton Powell delivering *Beautifully* in Ya best to have Respect for your elders, 'specially in pris…
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If Clifton Powell is in it, I know it's a classic.
Wow this is good stuff , Clifton Powell never fails.
Chantel Jeff and Clifton Powell also ... this can either be really bad or really good
I was thinking Keith David or Clifton Powell as Scar. Even Steve Harris. But Idris Elba has an accent . I think he'd be perfect .
Y'all better show Clifton Powell some respect that *** done played in like 300 movies lmao 😂😂😂
Found him!! Clifton Powell! He always playing the dirty uncle or trifling man in every black movie I have ever witn…
bro I was in lowes buying our pop up supplies. Old guy comes to help. *** looks JUST like Clifton Powell. LOST MY MIND
Seems like you living the life muthafucca *clifton Powell voice*
Clifton Powell (the guy that plays Pinky in Friday lol) he was cool af too
Clifton Powell in Misguided Behavior! Check out our trailer!
Bruh, Why was Clifton Powell in Rag-O-Rama? 🤔 What was he looking for? Who was he with?
Saints & Sinners will return to Bounce TV on March 5 starring our own Clifton Powell, Dawn Halfkenny and more...
Maaan Clifton Powell did that. I love this movie.
Starters for tonight are Eric Childress, Clifton Powell Jr, Maxwell Kupchak, Alex Hart and Christian Terrell!!
Day 12 Black Actor: While Clifton Powell has been in every black…
if it were real life, Scar would be played by Clifton Powell.
Clifton Powell rolled back the years to when he played Pinky lol lol, Nuuuggga!!
My dude CLIFTON POWELL AKA PINKY on the shout out. @ ATL Comedy Theater
I want to see Clifton Powell III in a prestige film as the lead actor.
Maybe someone like Shea Whigham, or Clifton Collins Jr to Play Rev. Harry Powell.
$$(Clifton Powell Voice all it takes is that voice Let alone the secret Duck Stuff with Wes and Rikishi Gainesburg)lol $$$ $$$(Kurt Angel)$$
Clifton Powell (Pinky) for that one time he raped that lil girl in Woman Thou Art Loosed.
regram Media Interview from the Movie " THE HILLS " with Actor Clifton Powell and Director/...
$$(Clifton Powell Voice- an Interesting Painting it's Definitely that Device and that cup that you gotta speak through with frequencies)$$
I wonder how many blessings I've blocked myself from by vehemently hating Clifton Powell 🤔🤔😕
I just spent 5 minutes laughing at how much I hate Clifton Powell 😂😂😂😂
your passionate hate for Clifton Powell is killing me
this dude is the most fatherst playin dude.. him and Jennifer Lewis as mama.. but its not Clifton Powell
Clifton Powell done been in every black movie since 1962 and still cant get no mainstream holla
Clifton Powell will play in any black film on earth. I hate him
Clifton Powell is the stain on my every day. he is literally on my tv or netflix EVERY *** DAY
I think *** *** chauncey" when I see clifton powell lol can't stand him
Whenever I see Clifton Powell I feel like that police officer... "I hate the back of Forest Whittakers neck..."
I think I need to add her into my Clifton Powell box of black magic & visual evil
I also found out that Clifton Powell is still a big black stain of disdain and I still hate him
Kendra just texted me a screenshot of CLIFTON POWELL -__-
Clifton Powell. Don't try to make me like you
As I get older... I begin to realize that I hate Tyler Perry even more than I hate Clifton Powell. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE
I'm on a 1 to 8848 streak of not seeing Clifton Powell in a bad black movie
The Brothers is actually pretty awful as well... And has Clifton Powell
So a Darius McCrary lookalike just beat up and got blackmailed by the skinnier Scott sister from Xscape.. THEN Clifton Po…
I don't watch plays or anything with Clifton Powell
I told God all about the qualities I want in my future husband but i left out "enjoys bad black movies" and "hates Clifto…
my hate for Clifton Powell knows no bounds
Conscious rap, Clifton Powell, spiders = three things I hate
Leon is every dark skinned singer.. and you know what? they'd try to fit Clifton Powell in and I'd shoot som…
Clifton Powell never EVER turns roles down... He's been in every black gospel okay ever invented..
bet you don't hate him as much as I hate Clifton Powell
Except for Clifton Powell with his powers of Jesus self.. How he keeps gettin roles is astounding to me
I'll only judge you if I find out that you like Clifton Powell
Only thing missing from this BET movie is a Clifton Powell appearance.
You ever hated someone so bad that you end up hating them in everything else they be in?? Negan welcome to the Clifton Powell Club!
In DC, on my grind!! Just wrapped shooting a scene for an upcoming film! Shouts to Tony Rock, Malik Whitfield and Clifton Powell.
STG. Just like Clifton Powell, I hate that man in real life! 😂
Clifton Powell is the unsavory uncle. No further qualifiers needed.
lmao charlie Murphy in C-LIST films. Clifton Powell for roles as a womanizer and abuser
Who been in more black movies? Charlie Murphy or Clifton Powell . CC:
Atandwa Kani and Mr. Clifton Powell on the monitor on the set of . Styling by…
Brilliant work today between 3 thespians; Clifton Powell, and
Clifton Powell and Vanessa Bell Calloway performances are stellar! They are such professionals & their delivery is effortless
Last season we got TK Carter, this season Paula Jai Parker. If Pete cast Clifton Powell next season Black Jesus finna show up.
Turned on the TV and a random Gospel Stage Play is on. Of COURSE Clifton Powell is in it.
Clifton Powell scares me, still to this day.
Banged Out. Clifton Powell was HILARIOUS in there though
I smoked a black and mild with Clifton powell on my birthday yea 25 is going to be alright
My voice is a little raspy from hitting Clifton Powell's black and mild
Guh mornin 🤗 I had such a good day yesterday. My oh my and then it all ends with Clifton powell lolol @ my life. Glorious.
Clifton Powell is a national treasure!!!
Clifton Powell, Keith David, Sidney Poitier and Sam Jackson gotta be in it
Clifton Powell playing Pinky might be one of the greatest supporting roles ever though
Clifton Powell got Pinky the pimp and MLK on his resume. THE ACTING RANGE, my *** ! THE RANGE!
You look like the younger Clifton Powell wit Peruvian bundles
Completely forgot to tell and that I ran into Clifton Powell yesterday lmao
Where's that video of Clifton Powell in the store wit that girl
Have I ever told y'all how much I can't stand Clifton Powell?
So I met Clifton Powell today. He said I was sweet then asked for a hug, but it couldn't be a church hug. He still got a church hug
Happy to hear Clifton Powell is in the play Married but Single!
Don't Miss The Great actor Clifton Powell today at 5:20, as he talks about his role in the Smash Stage Hit...
When your Grandmother tells you that actor Clifton Powell is Big Daddy Kane from back in the Day !..lmao
Clifton Powell one of the greatest to ever do it. He always bring characters to life.
Me & Clifton Powell last night on my birthday.
if Clifton Powell ain't in it, I'm not watching.
Clifton Powell is on everything black y'all. . Every play, musical, show, movie.
gotta get have Clifton Powell come thru for a cameo
listen they put Clifton Powell in that movie it will officially become the greatest movie ever.
Clifton Powell and Jenifer Lewis need to sign up to be elders.
That movie ain't authentic until they cast Clifton Powell though
it'll be a stone cold lock once Clifton Powell is cast.
Need to add Delroy Lindo and Clifton Powell to Black Panther for the culture
Clifton Powell in M2S is freaggin hilarious
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Twista..Sure, Gambino.of Course, and Bronson...Hes like Clifton Powell of the rap world
Clifton Powell is such a great actor that I literally hate him..😅
Clifton Powell always got that wife beater tucked in & those pants jacked up
Today I just realized that Doug Williams and Clifton Powell look alike
My *** Clifton Powell never getting a break 😂
Clifton Powell will NOT be at The Wave 4 Release Party but you should be.
Ayo who remember Clifton Powell role on "roc" lol
Check out in THE SAINTS OF MT. CHRISTOPHER with Clifton Powell and Tom Sizemore
Lisa Raye, Chrissette Michele, Clifton Powell, Carl Payne and Director Je'Caryous Johnson stopped by the office...
LIVE on Excited to have Chrisette Michelle, LisaRaye, Carl Payne and Clifton Powell in the office 2day!…
I don't know who plays more hated, despicable and/or shady characters, Richard T. Jones or Clifton Powell. Lol
This *** Clifton Powell on the Jaime Foxx show playing a African scammer he has truly played every role 😂😂😂
Yes T-Boz, Baron Davis, Romeo when he had the lil in his name with Master P, Nick Cannon, Clifton Powell
Bri. Eddie Levert looks like one of Clifton Powell's kidneys. wyd?
at the rate they were going, i wouldn't have been surprised to see Clifton Powell pop up in a villainous role
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I'm bout to serve this Bronze Trophy *** *** real quick . Dude look like Clifton Powell on something tough
That's Clifton Powell and he hates Spike Lee. Maybe we should reach out to him...
Clifton Powell, aka Pinky, aka the king of straight 2 dvd movies yo momma owns! lol
Clifton Powell at the comedy club... shid why i aint go tn
S/O to Clifton Powell for coming thru as well. ✊ "SAY IT AGAIN!"
The fool said Clifton Powell plays both him and his mama. I'm laughing so hard my kidney hurts.
book coming soon. Tyler Perry produced play at the Lincoln theatre next. Clifton Powell plays both me and my mama
Chosen1Brown: Excuse my face but I met Clifton Powell off Friday after next and next F…
Pinky (Next Friday) - Clifton Powell in the building watching 22-feet Academy
Another blk movie with Clifton Powell in it... shocker
If Clifton Powell isn't the villain, it's not a good movie.
Wow. Clifton Powell is playing a stand up dude in this movie.
Of course Clifton Powell is in it. Of course.
Clifton Powell is in every black movie ever made lol
Pray Hard & Speak Life: Finding Hope in the Midst of: Addictions Bankruptcy Suicide Cancer by Clifton J. Powell featured in NBC s Science of Love
So anybody else ever think that Randy Watson & Clifton Powell with a Jheri Curl??
.wait. no Clifton Powell...not even as random dude running a hole in the wall lounge? OMG, BRUH.
Why does Clifton Powell play a pimp in every movie 😂
Still at the hair salon. I done met Alonzo Arnold, Clifton Powell, saw a man get a sew in, got brow tint, now a man getting curls😩
so basically Robby is Clifton Powell in Rush Hour.
"God's not done with me yet!" Starring Tony Terry, Jo Marie Payton, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Dionne Warwick and Clifton Powell.
Just like Clifton Powell, Wendell Pierce is always playing a bad guy
The Hills Trailer starring me, , Omar Gooding, Malik Whitfield, Clifton Powell and more.
Chk out film release The Saints of Mt. Christopher starring Clifton Powell - Tom . Sizemore and at
Josh Pastner visited 22 Ft Academy to see Clifton Powell and Jordan Bowden
So diddy has gotten away with murder and slappin bright *** in public in the past 20yrs if this was a 90's film he'd be Clifton Powell
on Set w/the hilarious hard working Clifton Powell "the Rev" lol 🎬 face eat by…
same with Carl Lewis, same with Ben Johnson, same with Christie, Asafa Powell etc
I play one of the main characters in Chase Street. Directed by Clifton Powell . My part is 1:45-2:15...
Clifton powell always plays some sketchy role as a rapist in his movies
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My movie parents and daughter! Im so thankful to work with each of these people!! And Mr. Clifton Powell is in...
Drake donating that money to that school was like when Clifton Powell was leaving Larenz Tate crib on Dead Presidents.
And Clifton Powell and that party. I almost died laughing.
All I gotta do is do a Clifton Powell search and Im good
Trailer to "CHASE STREET" based in Camden starring Clifton Powell R/T
Trailer to new Camden based TV show Chase Street starring and directed by Clifton Powell R/T
And Clifton Powell has entered the building 😜🎬
I know I'm not the only one that think Meek look like Clifton Powell😭😭
Trailer to new show starring and directed by Clifton Powell set in
Trailer to new TV Series starring and directed by Clifton Powell R/T
errbody knows Clifton Powell as Pinky...I prefer to remember Chauncey
S/O to Clifton Powell aka Pinky Nucca!! From so many movies and stage plays came out to the show…
me & Actor Clifton Powell... 'Pinky' from Friday & more @ Half Note Lounge
She looks like Clifton Powell and a potato had a baby.. & then they threw a filter on it..
trailer directed by Adam Ratcliffe featuring Clifton Powell (Friday,Ray) and yours truly
Always gotta stop down & watch when it's on...the GOAT, Clifton Powell delivers another masterful performance!
I hate every movie role Clifton Powell has ever played. he's always raping people or killing them.
I liked a video from Behind the Scenes!! Filmmaker Stephen "Stix" Josey & Clifton Powell
The main man and one of my favorite actors Clifton Powell
Colin Farrell's mustache is its own special brand of grimy. like Clifton Powell transferred his soul into facial hair
This current movie looks like the one with Clifton Webb not William Powell. Cheaper by the Dozen movie.
2015 Village Christian SG Clifton Powell, Jr. will reclassify to 2016 and enroll at Mt. Zion Academy.
Chillin at Beso with Dave Brown, Will I am, Clifton Powell, & Nicole Murphy!
Looking like Clifton Powell when he played in Rush Hour 1 💀
Clifton Powell has never really played a role I liked either.
Proceeds from the ‘I Think I Love You’ cabaret will benefit playwright Greg Powell's family
Clifton Powell deserves a big role he needs at least a Oscar nod in his lifetime
Clifton Powell is only good for one of two things: Being Pinky...or an evil murderous villain.
Clifton Powell and Columbus Short starred in a *** vampire movie together and I forgot to watch it . :-(
ICYMI: Clifton Powell's best dunk from him winning the dunk contest. Nasty.
Good or bad, I never trust a character played by Clifton Powell LOL
Powell please read my book the nightclub lover he is about lust, decite and greed action and romance
...You know, the ones that always star Clifton Powell and Shirley Murdock.
Who gonna check Baron Davis, Dave Chapelle, and Clifton Powell in
Clifton Powell is the poor man's Sam Jackson
Great show in December with Clifton Powell, Anne Nesby, Tony and Trisha-Mann Grant and the cast of "Bound and Gagged"
Clifton Shaw Jr wins the tie game, however.
Who would ever known for me to believe in myself and got a chance to work with Clifton Powell, & on movie sets❓
im watching starring Lynn Whitfield and Clifton Powe…
Clifton Powell done played in everything and still haven't been recognized.
I like like Clifton Powell the most lmao
im watching starring Lynn Whitfield and Clifton Powell on
I DO LOL RT“Is it me or does look like Clifton Powell???
Gotta pull a Clifton Powell on The Brothers,in reverse tho"My dad new wife lit"
Clifton Powell fouls Nu Williams before the end of the third; Williams goes 1-for-2 at the line. VC up 44-34.
Check out this behind the scenes footage of starring Clifton Powell & -
High Flyer Clifton Powell tonight at the Challenge at the
Clifton Powell Jr and Ron Freeman are in the dunk contest here with New Williams and Chimezie Metu
New Williams, Chimezie Metu, Clifton Powell and Ron Freeman are the four participating in the Dunk Contest.
Clifton Powell was like 45 in "Menace II Society" trying to be cool with them teenagers smh I don't like him! 😠
Where Hearts Lie starring Clifton Powell and was cowritten by Founder,
Clifton Powell is gonna play him in his biopic
How come all us Darkskinned brothers grow up to look like either Clifton Powell, Keith David, or Zeke McCall (Quincy's Dad) when we get old?
Watch the first teaser for Where Hearts Lie starring Alexander C. Mulzac, Clifton Powell and right now!! ht…
Clifton Powell has 16 points. Serra has 29-25 lead over Village Christian.
Serra 17, Village Christian 12 end of 1. Bennie Boatwright and Clifton Powell have 6 pts each for VC. Ian Carter 6 for Serra
Christmas Edition of Bound and Gagged the stageplay 12/20/14 and Clifton Powell. Don't miss it!
Clifton Powell been old his whole life
Clifton Powell as pinky funny af to
Clifton Powell play all the bad guys bruhh
Pinky? Lol "Gotta have Clifton Powell as a black king though"
Aye, um, you still hate Clifton Powell?
Clifton Powell doesn't even have an agent. He has a hotline where u offer him parts and get an automatic reply.
Clifton Powell's character in Menace II Society was 34 hanging with a bunch of high schoolers
Clifton Powell been in 34562 movies. Only time I've seen him in a t-shirt is Menace II Society.
Clifton Powell always has a cigar or toothpick and he'll hug you too long and "accidentally" rub your booty at the family cookout
Every black movie ever. Starring Clifton Powell as your mean *** drug dealing creepy pimp and father
How do you get someone other than Clifton Powell to be Martin Luther King in a movie
u tlkn Dave chapelle version or the one wit Clifton Powell. Both on there.
Our new film 99 North in stores now! Hiphop musical with Omar Gooding, Clifton Powell, Shake da Mayor,…
In the life of Clifton Powell should play the lead!
While I was on set with Clifton Powell for a pilot he directed & starred in.
yea "Clifton Powell" takes it ... That *** does TV, Film, and Them Chitlin Circuit black plays lol
Check me and Clifton Powell out in the new stage play titled "Diary of A Mad woman trapped in soul elevator on Monday morning"
Gone Girl sounds like a movie that's starring Clifton Powell
Breast Cancer Awareness
I enjoy the movies that Clifton Powell play in..i have seen so many..even the plays 😩😩
I think Darren Henson has been in more movies than Clifton Powell. I didn't think it was possible.
Clifton Powell as Pinky one of the funniest characters ever
I'll never forget when I met Clifton Powell and he took my box cutter I had in my purse 😂😩 his security weren't gonna let me in with it
Met Clifton Powell when I was interning. I don't think it's physically possible to be as high as he was
Clifton Powell be playing some sick roles, but that *** a good actor.
Get your weekend off to a great start. Join us for CTYM with Powell @ Panera Bread Clifton,VA
Didn't like Clifton Powell character in this & Menance. That means he did a great job. Lol
I hate Powell as much as I do Obama..that's a lot
the old nba 2ks on the Dreamcast when Michael Jordan looked like Clifton Powell.
😂😂😂 dude on boondocks said what Clifton Powell said in menace to society " aye *** make me some links with them grits a *** hungry"
My man Clifton Powell aka Pinky stopped thru the box tonight
Clifton Powell plays your wayward daddy, uncle, deacon, pastor, and criminal. Sometimes all in the same movie.
Clifton Powell is a OG in blacc movies
I wanna be Clifton Powell when i grow up
We were probably going to see Meagan nude soon anyway in a straight to Redbox movie starring Clifton Powell III & Bodie from The Wire LOL
Nighas be smashin chicks that look like Clifton Powell
Who would have thought we would have catered Clifton Powell (Pinky) 40th Class Reunion! .
I have so much respect for clifton powell
As many have mentioned, yes, I think Chrebet is strong possibility for Ring. Boozer, Snell, Mawae, Marvin Powell, Kyle Clifton, too.
ME and my dawg CLIFTON POWELL on set of our film DEAD MONEY which I'm currently burning these…
Clifton Powell scares me like he's a creeper man
I remember said *** really be posting their I said f it I'm posting our Movie Starring Clifton Powell, Omar Gooding
When Lorenz Tate found out Clifton Powell was hitting his old lady in Dead Presidents
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