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Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 4 km north-east from Melbourne's central business district, immediately adjacent to Fitzroy North, with which it shares a postcode.

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Please be advised Service theOne is suspended between Blackboy Hill and City due to a major RTA at Clifton Down Station
Get out and enjoy our beautiful Niagara Falls this weekend.
Looking something fun to do this weekend with the family?!
Deanna & I are at work & all we have done since 7 was planned a trip to Clifton Hill this weekend & NYC to visit my family in a few weeks
Only $1 to get into Clifton Hill attractions this Sunday for Falls residents. Haunted House here I come!
Construction of the new Clifton Hill SensoryPod has started
oh. They didn’t call it clifton hill PS when I was there, that was the name gold st had. I’m so confused.
I took a couple of my Sister's friends on a day trip up and down Clifton Hill, went to King Wahs afterwards for Chinese food
Clifton Hill is a lot of fun! The Rock Legends Wax museum is the best of the 3, if you like those kinds of things.
I need a passport to get into Canada now. Just got one. Looking forward to visiting Clifton Hill,Toronto and Montreal.
Dollar Day on Clifton Hill this weekend. Details here:
taking sticker pics that r photoshopped so we're in a back pocket of a pair of jeans at Clifton hill
Just saw a handsome older asian man wearing a long white lab coat and knee high white gumboots outside a dim sim factory in Clifton Hill.
Been there a few times, marine land is fun, clifton hill is very fun also.
If you're local and looking for something to do this weekend!
stop out on Clifton Hill Saturday after UPW for a drink lol
Anyone ever went to Clifton hill beach resort?
Chantelle Shaver this looks a fun day and in support of a great cause!
DOLLAR days for locals on is coming up this Sunday! Just bring your ID .
Dollar Day is BACK on this Sunday! Bring your ID and have fun while helping
for a career as a Chef in Clifton Hill? This is the job for you (Clifton Hill, VIC) #
Shooting at Bishop Hill apts in Clifton Heights PA. Any info ?
Traffic: a crash blocking intersection at Clifton Hill and Falls Ave.
Collision blocking intersection at Clifton Hill and Falls Ave, NFO
Today's game sched. See what's playing on screens @ the bar!
I'd like to thank West Clifton Hill AKA Cinti, Oh for training my thighs and lungs for this Seattle monster today.
Clifton Hill is the International drive of
The enabling works have been completed at Clifton Hill School ready for the installation of the new sensory pod!
"Don't be a dill head to Clifton Hill.."
Clifton Hill, Victoria: I have a new 2 bedroom town house in Clifton Hill with 2 small dogs who live indoors w...
On New Year's Eve in Niagara Falls, they were playing IKWYDLS on Clifton Hill, and I was jamming like there was no tomorrow 💗💗
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But seriously if you've never been to Clifton Hill in Toronto, you're doing yourself a major disservice. Put it on your "to-go" list.
Off to Clifton Hill for some touristy, cheesy fun
Spinning wax at the Clifton hill tub station aka from 5. Leah Senior is playing live too. Free entry.
Clifton Hill - collision Queens Pde at Turnbull St - CLEAR
Unfortunately, Hill starts for Pacers. I agree, he would be a good bench guy.
Hill is a solid bench guy. Leonard probably not nearly as good without Pop as his coach.
Pacers got hosed in that George Hill for Leonard deal. I want a do over. Hill disappointing.
Crash in Clifton Hill, on Queens Pde near Heidelberg Rd. Crews there. Minimal delays.
Living up in Clifton would be okay, just a walk down the hill to Ashton Gate, *** to walking back up though
LOVE your Clifton Hill store. It's gorgeous and has great selection--food & beer! Thanks for making NF a tad more fun!
It's the 1st time in years that I'm going to Clifton Hill on a Saturday night
Southbound traffic on Niagara Parkway now closed to traffic into Queen Victoria Park at Clifton Hill. . North traffic closesd at Fraser St
very poor re cancelled 17:59 FSS to HBE. No station announcement at Flagstaff or Clifton Hill, no notify. Why having (1/2)
“CLOSEUP: Nine decades on Clifton Hill: 90 years of tourism “... nice to read story about Charlie!
Would anyone in Melbourne like to house-sit/cat-sit for me in Clifton Hill from Saturday through til at least the 2nd, preferably the 6th?
Hurstbridge Line - Travel Alert - The 9:34am Flinders Street to Heidelberg will terminate at Clifton Hill today.
Hi who timetabled it so that the South Morang ALWAYS has to wait for the Hurstbridge line coming into Clifton Hill? Every time
South Morang/Hurstbridge line: trains resuming after an earlier track fault at Clifton Hill. Info at
South Morang/Hurstbridge lines: delays currently due to a track equipment fault at Clifton Hill. More info at
Clifton Hill - maintenance bothways Eastern Fwy at Hoddle Street
What was the last song you sang out loud to? — I forget what song it was but it was at Clifton hill w raya I sang a…
I spent over $10 at the Wendy's on Clifton Hill last night and this is a perfect example of why we cannot take me places
Road:. A4018 Whiteladies Road in Clifton busy but moving in both directions at the Cotham Hill junction. ^Shelly
We'll be making the good folks smile and tap their feet today Lower Clifton Hill, Bristol. Why don'tcha come on down!
Big thanks to everyone who came out to Clifton Hill today to see demo! It was a rad time!...
First time I've been to Clifton hill in three years... 🙅🙈🙈🙈
We're on our way to Clifton Hill Skatepark right NOW! See you there! kicking it with Brissy fans.
I think this review of a little supermarket in Clifton Hill is my favourite thing on the internet at the moment.
Don't go to Clifton hill with she'll throw your Starbucks into the falls 😡
Had a fun no-phones allowed date night at Clifton hill with my husband. Felt like we were back on our honeymoon 😍😁
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Putting my money on Tower Hill tonight
Perma delayed train to Clifton down...information at Lawrence Hill hasn't worked in over a outdo yourself...
Breakfast in a greasy spoon on Clifton Hill in the shadow of Castle Dracula. My kinda vacation.
when I 1st moved down, i used it to get to my temp home in Clifton Hill. Where I could've got there in 1 train trip, it suggested
"She engages best on her terms, when I follow her lead" Tutor feedback from project at Clifton Hill school
Eliza Mithen is hosting the DO Melbourne Youth Initiative Festival Fundraiser at Chateau Dacq! - Clifton Hill...
Unfortunately I have to cancel tonight's show at Kelsey's on Clifton Hill.whatever sickness is going around...
Off to Niagara Falls today. Clifton Hill won't be the same without the crazed Houdini face projected on to a styrofoam head.
visit pub The Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Bristol BS8 4LD just to get view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. ; )
it was a drive through late at night in Clifton Hill
favourite place with my favourite person @ Clifton Hill - Niagara Falls Fun
Casual Thursday night spent on Clifton hill in Niagara Falls 😈
South Morang & Hurstbridge Lines - Delays up to 15 mins both directions between FSS & Clifton Hill due to a police request in the area.
Experience the darker side of Clifton Hill at this terrifying haunted house.
Lovers of our brew can now enjoy our Pilsner on draught alongside some tasty Italian eats off Clifton Hill in
Throwing it back to the top of Clifton Hill and Victoria Avenue in 1985. CP Rail crossing the top.…
Clifton Hill at night. Thanks to kmcnie11 for sharing. Bright lights, it's the city that doesn't…
A630 : Queueing traffic on Doncaster Road both ways at the B6094 Clifton Hill junction in Conisbrough
Did a big yummy shop this morning at Flower of Sorento in Clifton Hill. They are organic gods 💐…
Ashlynne Vince has a show on 2015-09-25 at 17:00 @ Kelsey's Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, ON
South Morang Line - Delays up to 15 mins for some services between Sth Morang and Clifton Hill due to a signalling issue near Epping.
running Hurstbridge train from Clifton hill probably makes your metrics look good. Hurstbridge is MILES out! Cheats!!
Hurstbridge Line - Major Delays - The 6:54 Hurstbridge to FSS will originate from Clifton Hill at 7:37 today due to a faulty train at (1/2)
thanks for sharing! We have a part 2 video next week with Clifton hill attractions :) stay tuned.
We are looking for a buyer on 0 Rebel Hill RD
MEDIUM Queuing traffic on A630 Doncaster Road in Conisbrough at the B6094 Clifton Hill junction. In the roadworks area.
I'm rostered on IDAC tonight, deciding on 3 contested planning applications in Yarra incl expansion of scout hall in Clifton Hill
Hurstbridge line: Minor delays Hurstbridge - Clifton Hill after an earlier signalling system fault.
made a trip to Clifton Hill today to work on the some improvement already. No in sight unfortunately
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Clifton Hill, MO is looking for an Environmental Intern. Eagle JobNet &
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Just discovered historical Melbourne massacre was 1 min round the corner from my house in Clifton Hill. Awesome.
the on Clifton Hill still has one. 9pm start. 01273 205260
can the train driver on the 4.04 from flagstaff to South Morang advise us why we are sitting at the Clifton Hill stop??
*Has* to be delivery? Because without that qualifier I'd say DOC in Carlton. Little Tony's in Clifton Hill maybe?
Walking around the Toronto Zoo and then Clifton Hill all legs feel like jello today
Which is scarier, that Frankenstein Haunted House on Clifton Hill or Fear Factory?
Join as we march down Clifton Hill at 245pm to the Canada /USA border on Rainbow Bridge 4 55th annual Tug of War vs NY Police
Great show - come out and support the Tug of War Champions. We march down Clifton Hill at 2:45 pm.
Making "Turtle's Fudge" fresh at the Fantasy Fudge Factory on Clifton Hill. Yummy!
New brewery on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls -
Taxi driver has pedantically insisted that I live in Clifton Hill, not Seven Dials, and invited me to refer to it as such from now on.
The Nutella Donut is here! Our Clifton Hill Tim Hortons now carries it and it's worth the hype!! This…
A new adult attraction coming to Niagara Falls for the next long weekend.
sitting at Clifton Hill and just got overtaken by a train on the opposite tracks. Care to explain?
South Morang & Hurstbridge Lines - Delays to 15 mins are anticipated in both directions while police attend to a request at Clifton Hill.
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Delay on 546 route. The 15:52 ex Clifton Hill towards Heidelberg is late 10 min due to traffic
how far from Clifton hill do you live?
UPDATE ALERT: New burger special and it could go alright tonight too!
Nice little stroll down Clifton Hill to finish the night 👌
Senior Men: The Continental Tyres Man of the Match Award for the Senior game v FC Clifton Hill on Sat 11th April...
had a great day checking out Niagara Falls and walking around on Clifton Hill and stocking up on some...
First proper night back with 7.5km with some hill training in the middle thanks 😊
New Brewery on Clifton Hill: Here is some more in-depth information from the local paper about the new brewery on…
Corner of Clifton Hill and Oneida Drive in Niagara Falls. It's a nice day to walk around our "Street…
Ak-47 seized along Clifton Hill, Laventille, during police last night.One man held
Old Louisville off to an early lead over Clifton/Crescent Hill in the finals. Vote:
the eastern freeway should've linked to the Tulla in Clifton Hill by Rushall Station like early plans
Can’t put them in the loop as they would impede on the normal services which run every 10-15mins to Clifton Hill
the Express hurstbridge service needs to have as much clear track ahead of it for it to run smoothly between Clifton Hill-Jol
why does Hurtsbridge line get more express trains btn Jolimont and Clifton Hill than South Morang?
yes the South Morang line train departs usually 2-4mins after Hurstbridge from Clifton Hill to provide enough clear track
station services, which allows for late coming Hurstbridge services to arrive into Clifton Hill without delaying South Morang
Ariel Batteries of 660 Smith Street in Clifton Hill are awesome. Need a car battery? Go see them.
Come and see Trevor Ludlow play solo acoustic this Thursday 5th at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill at 8pm. Do it! Watch the fear-sweat.
Can someone explain why there are delays and train congestion everyday at Clifton Hill and Flinders Street stations?
Nice late afternoon gig this Sunday, me Kit Morgan and Steve Webb on bass at the fabulous Eldon House lower Clifton Hill. On stage at 5,free
If you are thinking of booking a stay at the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, you are in luck! When choosing what restaurants in Niagara Falls to dine at, there is no shortage of options.
Headed to be a judge in Clifton Hill Spelling Bee
Let Agreed: We have just agreed a let on arguably the nicest student house in the city, on Clifton Hill. Luxury at £120 per person, per week
dear oh dear. Better head to the Clifton hill version. Not cheaper but at least it's local an crafty...
These babies are in our clearance sale on now. Open 9-4 tomorrow at 249a Gold st Clifton Hill across the road...
Looking for faith-full ebooks for kids? THE SECOND CELLAR and UP A RUTTED HILL
Clifton Hill staff have a friendly lost pooch in the office w/ them. Anyone recognise Fido?
I've noticed the trains aren't stuck on the overbridge by Clifton hill nearly as often recently. Well done!
We will be unveiling our conservation bus at the bottom of Clifton hill and Niagara Parkway at 2:30 pm today.
Update your maps at Navteq
We will stand tall over every hill or mountain. @ Clifton 3rd Beach
Demolition progress on Clifton Hill. Most homes have been cleared, with only foundations remaining.
just pulling into Clifton Hill. I wonder if the heat is making it go slower, due to track constraints possibly?
will there be more trains tonight to Clifton hill from jolimont due to tennis and cricket?
boarded at Clifton Hill around 4.15pm. Didn't say anything about going express and no announcement made.
Im tryna get a Clifton chick, with Indian Hill money.
Found near $Clifton hill in My fanbase be growing ♥ I'm so touched. This is…
Throwback Tuesday on the in Clifton singing Angry Hill. What a talented young la...
Way back in 1955, when the Clifton Hill railway gates crossing was only a model!
The best garden EVER! We published the story of this Clifton Hill garden back in August 2014 as part…
“We all eat three times a day, so we have three opportunities to change the world.”
Born and raised in South Hill but I claim Clifton Springs is home
Road closure at Boringdon Hill, between junction of Newnham Rd & Clifton Ave for SWW works from 19th Jan to 1st March.
Mum: "Where is Clifton Hill?" Honestly. She's only lived in Melbourne for SIXTY-THREE YEARS.
Just spotted a Zeppelin in Clifton Hill. I assume this means the Prussians are attacking!
The 1sts against friendly rivals St Pauls struggled early, but Sam Tyrrell 30-odd was a rock throughout and Andrew Fitzgerald got late runs to see us to a defendable 9/139. A middle order collapse, highlighted by 2 wickets to Stan Teo saw us bowl them out for 108. Coming off a couple of losses this game took on further importance for the 2nds. Wickets were shared around with Darren Johnson returning for 3-25, Tim McEniry 2-34 and Lukas Brett 2-13 leading the way as we held them to 9/139. In response, we controlled the chase all the way, Dean Siakoulis the standout with 80*, and well supported by Nick Green 22 as we passed them 3 down. The thirds faced top of the table Clifton Hill. Batting first we were in trouble at 3/17 until Rob Whitehouse 39 and Jason Worthington 35 settled. Further runs at the end got us to 151 all out. With the ball we failed to convert 3/30 into something more meaningful and despite two wickets to Malcolm Chatto and Jeremy Mekhael they passed us 5 down. The fourths had a crucial ga ...
Ever had a waiter slam down your coffee after mucking up your order? Go to Cavallini in Clifton Hill for *** ish service includ dirty looks
Most people I've spoken to have said their cats got used to it pretty quick. They're on sale at Petstock Clifton Hill...
John Stamos aka Jesse from full house was on clifton hill when we were today and we missed him 😱
They're doing maintenance works in the city loop tunnel affecting the Clifton Hill and Caulfield groups.
is in Clifton hill and I'm an hour away but no one will drive me there 😩😩😩😩
And now: back home to Clifton Hill, and the last stop of the night - Darling Gardens.
“Clifton Hill??”. No comment. It's like a secret surf break. We tell no one where 'Tis.
I am SO beyond excited to spend my NYE on clifton hill/Niagara Falls with my favourite people- what better way to start the new year?!
the movie "The Captive" has just ruined Clifton Hill for me forever.
figurines to purchase at the Canada Trading Company on Clifton Hill in Niagara…
APRA/AMCOS finds Clifton Hill the 3rd highest postcode for songwriting in Oz. Will be whistling on my way to work today!
Looking for a last minute holiday gift? The fudge store on Clifton Hill District seems like an awesome choice!
Both platforms at Clifton Hill are bidirectional, as is part of the down line to Westgarth.
Hi why is there an up train on the down track at Clifton Hill?!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The Great Northern in Carlton has an excellent range of beers on tap, as does The Terminus at Clifton Hill.
I'm in Clifton Hill and my phone is still connected to the wifi at home ?
A view of Eastlink's tunnels under construction. Is this coming soon to Royal Park+Clifton Hill?
Hi Nick, we had a train delayed at Clifton Hill due to an ill customer, are you on the move yet?
The Fitzgerald clan takes on Niagara. Why?. We're all big, grown up kids who wanna run around on Clifton Hill
try walking up Clifton hill while you're still hammered
New post up on the blog!. Review: Mixed Business, 486 Queens Parade, Melbourne.
Clifton Hill was empty like a ghost town 😭
idk man. I feel like there wont be tractors on clifton hill?
Hey, Clifton Hill station, I can't tell if it's Christmas or not.
hey do you need a few days 'holiday' in Clifton hill over Xmas? My friend need a cat sitter
Anyone trying to party on Clifton Hill tonight? Have a hotel room.
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Skywheel Clifton Hill Niagara Canada' - via
I lived in Firzroy north, Clifton Hill and Thornbury fir 18 years. Favourite melb street is Smith. Brunswick ruined
LJ, Stackers & I encountered Justin Murphy in Clifton Hill today. Does that narrow down her team of choice?
Hamilton Collection
One corner of the new shop at 2-12 Alexandra parade Clifton hill open mon tues and wed of next week 10-4pm our...
Even Christmas Bustle stops for coffee in Clifton Hill
We have now moved to 2-12 Alexandra parade Clifton hill in Melbourne just at the shopping end of Brunswick street...
Due to an ill passenger at Clifton Hill Interchange, Route 86 trams to Bundoora are delayed.
Still on Clifton hill transfer to blue line
Christmas windows painting on Clifton Hill: I’m a little late in posting this… If you have been to Clifton Hill…
Clifton Hill is more of a carnival atmosphere whereas Canalside is going to be more of a work/play type of district
I'm looking more at like Clifton hill in NF, ont. The wheel is there but not the main thing. Maybe new museums?
Just saw this on Amazon: Clifton Hill 3: La casa encantada de Clifto... by Maria Payano for $2.99 via
A urinal on Blackboy Hill has been marked as a Grade II listed building:
Clifton hill station going for brekky wai wanna come over later
South Morang Line - The 10:13am South Morang to Flinders Street service has been altered to run express Clifton Hill – Flinders St today.
Clifton Hill McDonald's is the greatest looking McDonald's of all time
Are you taking the *** Blackboy Hill urinal granted Grade II listed building status:
Clifton Hill! And Tony Horton's Workouts are Killer!Want to join my Beachbody support group on fb 2 keep motivated
I don't think there's anything more sketchy then walking up Clifton hill by your self with $300.00 company money.
The Mall Deli in Clifton sells Original by weight. Does involve the walk up the hill though...
It's on! Richard Wynne's corflutes going up around Clifton Hill.
Only 2 weeks and I'll be returning to Melbourne for 2 shows only, The Drunken Poet Nov 16 and Clifton Hill Hotel...
I'm at Rubber Duck Cafe in clifton hill
Throwback to that time was super stoked on this dinosaur @ Clifton Hill - Niagara Falls Fun
Hurstbridge Line - Travel Alert - The 5:54am Greensborough to Flinders Street will originate from Clifton Hill at 6:21am this morning.
From Heathrow onto M4 motorway West to Bristol then through the City to Hotwells then up the hill onto the Clifton Downs
We caught up with the director and conductor of 'The Child and the Spells' showing on Saturday:
Director Bea Paterson-Achenbach and Conductor Tom Niesser tell I:M all about BOpS new show 'The Child and the...
Clifton Hill on Saturday after a stellar night at Haunt Manor. What you got tonight? Try me.
I supported 100 Clifton Hill locals today opposed to proposed Delville Av subdivision precedent in Historic Precinct
I wanna go to clifton hill with a group of friends for a night, I miss it 😔
Science Hill just got a s/o on tv at the tennessee carolina game.. Sweet
Science Hill just got mentioned on ESPN.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What happened last night and why am I in a hotel room on Clifton hill.
Clifton Hill is in Melbourne they haven't picked a side, they are attempting to communicate with the savage natives.
OK Clifton in Spring Hill Florida. Black Diamond Express. Golden elevator for you. Great success of financial.
Halloween night in Niagara Falls. Is it going to be quiet or crazy on Clifton Hill?
I hope Clifton Hill is popping off tonight
Sometimes you are so beautiful Trinidad. Lunch view 🌴☀️ @ Clifton Hill Beach
Here is today's Boston Pizza Clifton Hill game schedule!
how come it took 2 days to fix track equipment fault at Clifton Hill this week
Visit our Clifton Hill showroom this weekend to experience our beautiful new range of Danish design sofas and arm...
Trick or treat mayhem in Clifton Hill. Little monsters control the streets. Lock up your lollies!
KINGSTON- Gas leak, restrictions and emergency repairs on Manorgate Road at Kingston Hill Clifton Road Park Road.Lane restrictions in place
Simple choice for Clifton Hill residents at election. Vote for to get better school or Napthine and an exhau…
Proud to announce that Labor will work to expand Clifton Hill Primary and deliver great educational opportunities for local k…
At Clifton Hill Primary with happy to announce commitment to a great local school.
nope sorry, would you meet us at Clifton hill? Because I can find out if you'd like
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Fun day so far! Clifton Hill is a blast! Gearing up for a romantic dinner on the Skylon Tower!
thank you! Yes, is all over the footpaths of Clifton Hill... And Quarries Park, Ramsden St Oval and surrounds. Not pleasant.
Why does a crash on the West Gate Bridge demonstrate the need for a tunnel from Clifton Hill to Parkville?
These are some of the restaurants but you can find a lot on tripadvisor: SKYLON TOWER (amazing view but expensive) 5200 Robinson St HARD ROCK CAFÉ 5705 Falls Ave THE SECRET GARDEN RESTAURANT (pretty view and not that expensive) 5827 River Road AG (quite a fancy place, good food) 5195 Magdalen St MY THAI (Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, fantastic smoothies) 1715 Pine Ave BRASA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE 6361 Fallsview Boulevard KEG RESTAURANT (quite expensive but beautiful view, located on the 9th floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel) 6700 Fallsview Boulevard ANTICA PIZZERIA (Italian?) 5785 Victoria Ave RAINFOREST CAFÉ (it's like the one in Chicago) 4915 Clifton Hill PHO XYCLO (Vietnamese) 6175 Dunn St PARIS CRÊPES CAFÉ (French) 4613 Queen Street MICHINAKU (Japanese) 6100 Thorold Stone Road JOE AND LAURIES RESTAURANT (Canadian, terrific breakfast) 8674 Lundy's Lane there is a Beer Garden Karaoke Patio at 4945 Clifton Hill, fireworks on Friday and Sunday after 10 and the Canadian food festival called "Springlicious" in ...
I will be all around Clifton Hill and the 'Falls, going into Louis Tussauds Waxworks, the SkyWheel, and Journey Behind the Falls
BOOTCAMP blueprint is available for PT's who are serious about adding an extra $30,40,50,60k+ to their PT business. Only 1 blueprint available per area with Prahran, CBD, Melton, Warragul, Frankston, Clifton Hill, Glen Waverley, Braeside, Doreen & Eltham already snapped up!
Spent my day at the river and then clifton hill :) ahhh great day!
Hello Melbourne, So looks my spare rooms gonna be free from the start or july. Single or couples, im easy either way. Big room in furnished 2 bed terrace in clifton hill. Complete with Cat, sofa and BBQ, Let me know if you know anybody. $1000+bills for a lonestar less for bummers. LIKE AND SHARE ME!!!
should I bring my own microphone? *the living room floor crew comin at you live from rumors top of Clifton hill*
Torontoo next weekend Thunder Bay next friday yay all week in Toronto than one day in Niagara Falls on Clifton hill 😄 can't wait to go back
Going to see Godzilla or down to Clifton Hill the street of fun at the Falls to play arcade games and win prizes. Depends on honey.
Seeing the sights of Clifton hill, Niagara.
if I didn't get off work at 10 id say *** yeah lets do it, but I wouldn't have much time , Clifton hill is right over the boarder
seriously , I finally have Saturday off so im really trying to go to Clifton hill when I get off work at 10
As you may have noticed we really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill. Everything from the great location of our hotel to the food and nightlife. It was an amazing weekend full of memories and fun! We were able to do a lot of firsts like hang out at night, play miniContinue Reading …
Bill Cunningham and 700wlw continue to drum up the fear of crime in downtown, North college Hill, Clifton & otr. Over 3 hours worth today
This is your go to spot to check out what games are playing on a daily basis at Boston Pizza Clifton Hill!
Clifton hill will be closing half an hour early sorry for any inconvenience.
Don't forget to Come along to class tonight at 6pm at Clifton hill gym! It's £5.60 a session :)
In an age of sports drink saturation, skate agents, olympic threats and hubba trainers, it is important to know how to laugh at skateboarding. This clip filmed by Louie Green at Melbourne's Clifton Hill put a smile on our face,
RPZ concerns in Clifton resolved!! Hey Clifton, can Lawrence Hill borrow that Sherman Tank?
Just catch a Sth Morang service through to Clifton Hill and change there for a Hurstbridge line service.
I am really interested in the small room, am style working out my movements in August, but thinking of July and Aug in Melbs ... I will def be there all of July! AND THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE CLIFTON HILL ... and mansions too, but who doesn't love mansions! x
Tonight in Clifton Hill. Come have a feed and a beer and enjoy the show. 8pm
Margery Hertzberg presents "Why is oracy so important for reading comprehension?" on 17/06 in Clifton Hill, Vic.
when next coming to Clifton Hill/Nth Fitzroy? We're a bit keen for you over here
to my teenage days , & and spending to much time Down by Clifton Hill. ...
Declan Trans Am and Louis Green's take on Clifton Hill Skatepark is not to be missed! Stop motion gold indeed!...
Today was fun but we should've gotten more time at Clifton Hill.
Anyone want to go to Clifton hill this weekend
Kind of want to go to Clifton Hill tonight, may venture alone.
Love ' lovely, stretchy fabrics and colours? Then don't miss the annual - today until Sat at 628 Smith St, Clifton Hill.
Loving this weather here in Niagara! Here's some photos that I took yesterday at lunchtime on Clifton Hill, aboard the Niagara SkyWheel, at the Oakes Garden (at the corner of Clifton Hill and the Niagara Parkway) and of course, along the Niagara Parkway and overlooking the Falls. :) Feel free to share any photos!
NEWS- I'm teaching Caribbean dance fusion workout at Clifton Hill Sports Centre every Thursday at 6-7pm and every Friday 6:30-7:30, aswell as the Wednesday class at Exeter Phoenix! I'm also teaching Caribbean fusion for kids at 4:30 - 5:30 at Clifton too!
I'm really starting to get annoyed with everyone & everything.. Its time for some changes, starting with blowing up Clifton Hill.
Running at 6:45 and saw cars in line to turn onto Ludlow past the intersection of Clifton Hills Terrace. All turning right. Brace yourself for the Summer Session of UC on June 2, On my way back was inspired by my iPod to dance around the No Left Turn sign and point to it. Cars lined up to make the illegal left. No impact. Maybe I need dance lessons
Exams are almost over!! Don't forget to stay fit during this period, so come along to a FREE session of squash today from 2-4pm at Clifton Hill House, BS8 1BX!! Equipment is provided as well, meet at reception. Bring along your friends and have fun!!
Hi everyone, just putting it out there again that we are renting out our two bedroom place in Northcote for two months from 18th June - 15th August while we are in Europe. It's right near the Merri Creek and a walk to the Westgarth and Clifton Hill shops, close to the 86 tram and trains. Please let me know if you are interested and feel free to share it to friends that might be looking :)
Support this free community service for more updates :) Please LIKE (y) each post you read, or share & comment also. Send in updates for: road issues, traffic, police, sheriff or related. Burwood but wood highway accident near 24 hour k Mary Speed camera on dandenong bypass just after Hammond rd before the east link Flash for cash Dandy bypass just after Hammond Rd inbound @ 16.54 hill. Heidelberg Rd. Just setting up usual spot just after the bridgE outbound Highway patrol and police bike in the waiting, booze/drug bus just pulled up - pic'd Booze bus being set up on Heidelberg rd Clifton hill ( just after bridge) + ++ +++ Please send in updates as: first! then any other info... STREET, TYPE OF ALERT, OTHER INFO/PIC, TIME, etc. You can TAG friends with to notify them in comments. Like, Share, Comment - Please support us.
This week's guest is wearable treat accessory designer Lara Ivachev from EAT.ME.DO You can buy from the online store, ( or at a selection of stockists, including one of Melbourne in Fashion's fave stores Keegan - 386 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill length: 27 mins
South Trinidad has yet another wonderful and upscale place to eat and relax as we did today…the Clifton Hill Beach Resort…thanks to developer Trevor Lynch.
Housefans! I'm playing a solo set at the Clifton Hill Brewpub next Wednesday the 4th of June. I'll be playing my new Shane Briggs Fan-Fret guitar that some of you may have heard played on our radio interview last weekend. So come along, have a pint and watch some fan-fretted guitar antics! - Steve
no it was one in South Yarra but the Clifton Hill one is an absolute work of art it should be heritage listed tbh
253 bus on Queen St to Clifton Hill or any Smartbus along Victoria Pde or Lonsdale St to Victoria Park Station/Collingwood.
No more point fortin bookings please, Saturday morning 2am Obsession at Clifton Hill beach front we kick off the point tour.7 point parties =-V
shuttle service will operate between Clifton Hill and Westgarth. All passengers at Westgarth are advised to take the shuttle bus to (3/4)
The wet snow has started to fall on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. No accumulation yet.
Plant's Paddock Plant's Paddock was located on the east side of High Street Northcote at the base of Rucker's Hill. Owned by George Plant in the 1870s, it was the site of many sporting events hosted by the hotel. Pigeon shooting was just one of the many activities run by Plant. It was also the home for the Northcote Cricket Club. In 1884 Plant sold the land to the Victorian Railways Department for £4,000 The Department had been keen to acquire the land as part of their plans for a circle railway passing through Northcote, Clifton Hill and Heidelberg. The railway circle scheme was later abandoned. In 1901 the Railway Department subdivided and sold off the land, prices ranging from 15 to 44 shillings per foot. A small section of landing adjoining Pearl Street was put aside in 1906 for use as a bowling club.
That lady that was responsible for burning down that business in Clifton Hill, looked about as authentic as a Milli Vanilli song.
... and they wanted an expensive tunnel in Clifton Hill ahead of local congestion busters?
sorry has no money for road upgrades in Gotta build a tunnel in Clifton Hill
... did locals thank Mr Dennis for stripping local transport $ for Clifton Hill tunnel folly?
Bus drivers now have to check passengers I.D.'s for the new Red line transit system? What happens if they don't have any I.D.? * With enhanced operating hours, the Wego red line will now accept single transit fare rides from residents that originate along the route, as long as they have proof of residency, such as a student ID or health card. The line services the full length of Lundy's Lane, the Fallsview area, Queen Victoria Park, Clifton Hill and the Victoria Ave. and Ferry St. centres.*
Rubber Duck Cafe in Clifton Hill is a great new addition. Owners of Cheeky Monkey in Richmond. Photo of the roof!
Fitzroy Nth, Carlton Nth, Clifton Hill & Northcote delivery is happening tonight for you guys. to order online
why is the 4.49 Hurstbridge limited express stopping between jolimont and Clifton hill?
alas "near school" is not compatible with "can afford". We'd love to be in Clifton Hill but oh my goodness expensive
omg ong omg you went behind the falls ): you should see Clifton hill at night ((:
it says lower Clifton hill on my address!? I don't know if that's right or not..
manor hall. Bottom of Clifton hill if that means anything to you?
If you just said WOW hit LIKE ☺. Django ~ connected with Clifton Hill. German Shepherd Connection
When Erin and I meet it'll be in Niagara Falls and we'll eat frozen yogurt together and go on the skywheel and go to Clifton hill ❤❤❤
has its Clifton hill but you can go to any of their 5 gyms around exe. I know! Even the student gym!
managed to shoot all 80 Gromits, last 7 Sunday, bar one. Empty plinth in Clifton Hill after vandals at work. Cross erected :(
u should tour Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls u would have a time man
Remember the Haylor new year kiss and I ran down Clifton hill cursing Taylor and swearing about her because I do
8.19 ltd express Clifton Hill to Flinders that just decides to stop in at west Richmond eh.Thanks for keeping everyone guessing metro trains
Attempted to rollerblade down Clifton hill.. Ended up wiping out taking the bf down with me and we awkwardly sat there laughing
If anyone knows of some shared office space or desk space in Fairfield, Clifton Hill, Northcote - please let me know.
We play an acoustic show at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill this Thursday night. Two sets from 8pm!
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