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Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 4 km north-east from Melbourne's central business district, immediately adjacent to Fitzroy North, with which it shares a postcode.

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Fun day so far! Clifton Hill is a blast! Gearing up for a romantic dinner on the Skylon Tower!
thank you! Yes, is all over the footpaths of Clifton Hill... And Quarries Park, Ramsden St Oval and surrounds. Not pleasant.
Why does a crash on the West Gate Bridge demonstrate the need for a tunnel from Clifton Hill to Parkville?
These are some of the restaurants but you can find a lot on tripadvisor: SKYLON TOWER (amazing view but expensive) 5200 Robinson St HARD ROCK CAFÉ 5705 Falls Ave THE SECRET GARDEN RESTAURANT (pretty view and not that expensive) 5827 River Road AG (quite a fancy place, good food) 5195 Magdalen St MY THAI (Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, fantastic smoothies) 1715 Pine Ave BRASA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE 6361 Fallsview Boulevard KEG RESTAURANT (quite expensive but beautiful view, located on the 9th floor of the Embassy Suites Hotel) 6700 Fallsview Boulevard ANTICA PIZZERIA (Italian?) 5785 Victoria Ave RAINFOREST CAFÉ (it's like the one in Chicago) 4915 Clifton Hill PHO XYCLO (Vietnamese) 6175 Dunn St PARIS CRÊPES CAFÉ (French) 4613 Queen Street MICHINAKU (Japanese) 6100 Thorold Stone Road JOE AND LAURIES RESTAURANT (Canadian, terrific breakfast) 8674 Lundy's Lane there is a Beer Garden Karaoke Patio at 4945 Clifton Hill, fireworks on Friday and Sunday after 10 and the Canadian food festival called "Springlicious" in ...
I will be all around Clifton Hill and the 'Falls, going into Louis Tussauds Waxworks, the SkyWheel, and Journey Behind the Falls
BOOTCAMP blueprint is available for PT's who are serious about adding an extra $30,40,50,60k+ to their PT business. Only 1 blueprint available per area with Prahran, CBD, Melton, Warragul, Frankston, Clifton Hill, Glen Waverley, Braeside, Doreen & Eltham already snapped up!
Spent my day at the river and then clifton hill :) ahhh great day!
Hello Melbourne, So looks my spare rooms gonna be free from the start or july. Single or couples, im easy either way. Big room in furnished 2 bed terrace in clifton hill. Complete with Cat, sofa and BBQ, Let me know if you know anybody. $1000+bills for a lonestar less for bummers. LIKE AND SHARE ME!!!
should I bring my own microphone? *the living room floor crew comin at you live from rumors top of Clifton hill*
Torontoo next weekend Thunder Bay next friday yay all week in Toronto than one day in Niagara Falls on Clifton hill 😄 can't wait to go back
Going to see Godzilla or down to Clifton Hill the street of fun at the Falls to play arcade games and win prizes. Depends on honey.
Seeing the sights of Clifton hill, Niagara.
if I didn't get off work at 10 id say *** yeah lets do it, but I wouldn't have much time , Clifton hill is right over the boarder
seriously , I finally have Saturday off so im really trying to go to Clifton hill when I get off work at 10
As you may have noticed we really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill. Everything from the great location of our hotel to the food and nightlife. It was an amazing weekend full of memories and fun! We were able to do a lot of firsts like hang out at night, play miniContinue Reading …
Bill Cunningham and 700wlw continue to drum up the fear of crime in downtown, North college Hill, Clifton & otr. Over 3 hours worth today
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This is your go to spot to check out what games are playing on a daily basis at Boston Pizza Clifton Hill!
Clifton hill will be closing half an hour early sorry for any inconvenience.
Don't forget to Come along to class tonight at 6pm at Clifton hill gym! It's £5.60 a session :)
In an age of sports drink saturation, skate agents, olympic threats and hubba trainers, it is important to know how to laugh at skateboarding. This clip filmed by Louie Green at Melbourne's Clifton Hill put a smile on our face,
RPZ concerns in Clifton resolved!! Hey Clifton, can Lawrence Hill borrow that Sherman Tank?
Just catch a Sth Morang service through to Clifton Hill and change there for a Hurstbridge line service.
I am really interested in the small room, am style working out my movements in August, but thinking of July and Aug in Melbs ... I will def be there all of July! AND THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE CLIFTON HILL ... and mansions too, but who doesn't love mansions! x
Tonight in Clifton Hill. Come have a feed and a beer and enjoy the show. 8pm
Margery Hertzberg presents "Why is oracy so important for reading comprehension?" on 17/06 in Clifton Hill, Vic.
when next coming to Clifton Hill/Nth Fitzroy? We're a bit keen for you over here
to my teenage days , & and spending to much time Down by Clifton Hill. ...
Declan Trans Am and Louis Green's take on Clifton Hill Skatepark is not to be missed! Stop motion gold indeed!...
Today was fun but we should've gotten more time at Clifton Hill.
Anyone want to go to Clifton hill this weekend
Kind of want to go to Clifton Hill tonight, may venture alone.
Love ' lovely, stretchy fabrics and colours? Then don't miss the annual - today until Sat at 628 Smith St, Clifton Hill.
Loving this weather here in Niagara! Here's some photos that I took yesterday at lunchtime on Clifton Hill, aboard the Niagara SkyWheel, at the Oakes Garden (at the corner of Clifton Hill and the Niagara Parkway) and of course, along the Niagara Parkway and overlooking the Falls. :) Feel free to share any photos!
NEWS- I'm teaching Caribbean dance fusion workout at Clifton Hill Sports Centre every Thursday at 6-7pm and every Friday 6:30-7:30, aswell as the Wednesday class at Exeter Phoenix! I'm also teaching Caribbean fusion for kids at 4:30 - 5:30 at Clifton too!
I'm really starting to get annoyed with everyone & everything.. Its time for some changes, starting with blowing up Clifton Hill.
Running at 6:45 and saw cars in line to turn onto Ludlow past the intersection of Clifton Hills Terrace. All turning right. Brace yourself for the Summer Session of UC on June 2, On my way back was inspired by my iPod to dance around the No Left Turn sign and point to it. Cars lined up to make the illegal left. No impact. Maybe I need dance lessons
Exams are almost over!! Don't forget to stay fit during this period, so come along to a FREE session of squash today from 2-4pm at Clifton Hill House, BS8 1BX!! Equipment is provided as well, meet at reception. Bring along your friends and have fun!!
Hi everyone, just putting it out there again that we are renting out our two bedroom place in Northcote for two months from 18th June - 15th August while we are in Europe. It's right near the Merri Creek and a walk to the Westgarth and Clifton Hill shops, close to the 86 tram and trains. Please let me know if you are interested and feel free to share it to friends that might be looking :)
Support this free community service for more updates :) Please LIKE (y) each post you read, or share & comment also. Send in updates for: road issues, traffic, police, sheriff or related. Burwood but wood highway accident near 24 hour k Mary Speed camera on dandenong bypass just after Hammond rd before the east link Flash for cash Dandy bypass just after Hammond Rd inbound @ 16.54 hill. Heidelberg Rd. Just setting up usual spot just after the bridgE outbound Highway patrol and police bike in the waiting, booze/drug bus just pulled up - pic'd Booze bus being set up on Heidelberg rd Clifton hill ( just after bridge) + ++ +++ Please send in updates as: first! then any other info... STREET, TYPE OF ALERT, OTHER INFO/PIC, TIME, etc. You can TAG friends with to notify them in comments. Like, Share, Comment - Please support us.
This week's guest is wearable treat accessory designer Lara Ivachev from EAT.ME.DO You can buy from the online store, ( or at a selection of stockists, including one of Melbourne in Fashion's fave stores Keegan - 386 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill length: 27 mins
South Trinidad has yet another wonderful and upscale place to eat and relax as we did today…the Clifton Hill Beach Resort…thanks to developer Trevor Lynch.
Housefans! I'm playing a solo set at the Clifton Hill Brewpub next Wednesday the 4th of June. I'll be playing my new Shane Briggs Fan-Fret guitar that some of you may have heard played on our radio interview last weekend. So come along, have a pint and watch some fan-fretted guitar antics! - Steve
no it was one in South Yarra but the Clifton Hill one is an absolute work of art it should be heritage listed tbh
253 bus on Queen St to Clifton Hill or any Smartbus along Victoria Pde or Lonsdale St to Victoria Park Station/Collingwood.
No more point fortin bookings please, Saturday morning 2am Obsession at Clifton Hill beach front we kick off the point tour.7 point parties =-V
shuttle service will operate between Clifton Hill and Westgarth. All passengers at Westgarth are advised to take the shuttle bus to (3/4)
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The wet snow has started to fall on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. No accumulation yet.
Plant's Paddock Plant's Paddock was located on the east side of High Street Northcote at the base of Rucker's Hill. Owned by George Plant in the 1870s, it was the site of many sporting events hosted by the hotel. Pigeon shooting was just one of the many activities run by Plant. It was also the home for the Northcote Cricket Club. In 1884 Plant sold the land to the Victorian Railways Department for £4,000 The Department had been keen to acquire the land as part of their plans for a circle railway passing through Northcote, Clifton Hill and Heidelberg. The railway circle scheme was later abandoned. In 1901 the Railway Department subdivided and sold off the land, prices ranging from 15 to 44 shillings per foot. A small section of landing adjoining Pearl Street was put aside in 1906 for use as a bowling club.
That lady that was responsible for burning down that business in Clifton Hill, looked about as authentic as a Milli Vanilli song.
... and they wanted an expensive tunnel in Clifton Hill ahead of local congestion busters?
sorry has no money for road upgrades in Gotta build a tunnel in Clifton Hill
... did locals thank Mr Dennis for stripping local transport $ for Clifton Hill tunnel folly?
Bus drivers now have to check passengers I.D.'s for the new Red line transit system? What happens if they don't have any I.D.? * With enhanced operating hours, the Wego red line will now accept single transit fare rides from residents that originate along the route, as long as they have proof of residency, such as a student ID or health card. The line services the full length of Lundy's Lane, the Fallsview area, Queen Victoria Park, Clifton Hill and the Victoria Ave. and Ferry St. centres.*
Rubber Duck Cafe in Clifton Hill is a great new addition. Owners of Cheeky Monkey in Richmond. Photo of the roof!
Fitzroy Nth, Carlton Nth, Clifton Hill & Northcote delivery is happening tonight for you guys. to order online
why is the 4.49 Hurstbridge limited express stopping between jolimont and Clifton hill?
alas "near school" is not compatible with "can afford". We'd love to be in Clifton Hill but oh my goodness expensive
omg ong omg you went behind the falls ): you should see Clifton hill at night ((:
it says lower Clifton hill on my address!? I don't know if that's right or not..
manor hall. Bottom of Clifton hill if that means anything to you?
If you just said WOW hit LIKE ☺. Django ~ connected with Clifton Hill. German Shepherd Connection
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When Erin and I meet it'll be in Niagara Falls and we'll eat frozen yogurt together and go on the skywheel and go to Clifton hill ❤❤❤
has its Clifton hill but you can go to any of their 5 gyms around exe. I know! Even the student gym!
managed to shoot all 80 Gromits, last 7 Sunday, bar one. Empty plinth in Clifton Hill after vandals at work. Cross erected :(
u should tour Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls u would have a time man
Remember the Haylor new year kiss and I ran down Clifton hill cursing Taylor and swearing about her because I do
8.19 ltd express Clifton Hill to Flinders that just decides to stop in at west Richmond eh.Thanks for keeping everyone guessing metro trains
Attempted to rollerblade down Clifton hill.. Ended up wiping out taking the bf down with me and we awkwardly sat there laughing
If anyone knows of some shared office space or desk space in Fairfield, Clifton Hill, Northcote - please let me know.
We play an acoustic show at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill this Thursday night. Two sets from 8pm!
Looks like 11ºC is going to be the overnight lows - here's Exeter's forecast ^ChrisP
Light showers & sunny spells today. Keep an eye on the rain radar & fcast ^ChrisP
People still go to Moskitto in Clifton Hill?!
I love walking at clifton hill, has to be one of my favourite places to be at
Im like 30ft away from rumors night club on clifton hill and i have the biggest urge to go 😭
If anyone needs coffee & kindness today I'm heading to the warm embrace of the Bell Jar in Clifton Hill in about half an hour. All welcome.
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Photo bombing everyone on Clifton hill
Sorry, Qlder here. Don't get Clifton Hill ref (just a station on the Epping line to me).
I'd be happy if he was made to pay the $9b for the Clifton Hill residences out of his own pocket.
oh lol I think that's further than Clifton hill for me.. I think xD
Buy tickets ahead of time with your for Clifton Hill and save money and earn 2.2% in rewards.
Let's do this! Saturday nights at Club Mardi Gras! Just off Clifton Hill Niagara Falls
Walking up Clifton Hill while it's raining, to mission to Denny's for breakfast
Clifton Hill will never be the same
That's awesome ! Are you near Clifton hill? Maybe Cody and I will take a bus to the falls today ;)
Guys, can you please let Clifton Hill back into the electorate of Melbourne? It's scary out here in the rest of the world.
Great first night in niagara. Spending all day in Clifton Hill.
Chaos at Clifton Hill station. What was a Greensborough train at Jolimont is now a South Morang train. Near-riots ensue.
AWESOME Niagara Falls weekend with Dean Dawson John Dawson & Will Lane we had a fantastic time at the water park, out-let malls & Clifton Hill sites. Fireworks at the Falls were amazing :)
Just booked our family vacation! 4 nights camping in Niagara Falls ! Should be interesting! First time all of us in a tent! Lol Marine Land, Maid of the Mist, Butterfly conservatory, and the zoo! Not to mention Clifton Hill! And we are staying at Yogi Bear and Boo Boo camp Grounds! Soo Excited! Aaron Charb
6 hours of water park..3 hours of MagiQuest (electronic scavenger hunt) w/ Bailey..heading back to Clifton Hill to finish up some activities there...and see the Falls at night...possibly more Quest..Bay wants to finish the book..lofty be. my tooties are much walking/climbing stairs! One of these years I have to try a relaxing vacation!!
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Well I guess I should let anyone interested know how things are going. After spending a week at Alum Creek Campground we headed north with 10 year old Tyler to New York State campsite Four Mile Creek. A beautiful campground with huge spaces. But it rained Sat and Sunday. We took Tyler to Canada on Monday and did a little sightseeing and ate at the restaurant at the Falls. Then went back to the campground and waited for Tim, Maggie and Sierra to get in. They didn't get in until 11pm. It started rain not soon after. It rained all day Tuesday but Wednesday it was nice out so we took Tyler and Sierra to Canada and did the Cave under the Falls eat at the restaurant in Queen Victoria Gardens which was the best food we had the whole trip to NY. Then went to Clifton Hill and bought the six for one pass for both kids. They had a fun time until the Haunted House. Then I was elected to go with them. Tyler felt very uncomfortable and departed at the first exit while Sierra and I went the whole way of course I used h ...
Dights Falls restored to Clifton Hill southern hemisphere orientation.
Geneva-On-The-Lake. The Matchbox car version of Clifton Hill in Canada & Blackpool in the UK.
"It is strange building in Ontario, Canada. Located on Clifton Hill since 1963 "
I actually wanna hit up Clifton hill with jaysun and Ryan get drunk and throw up on tourists off the Ferris wheel
lmao *** it. 😒😒 & yea walk from the hotel to the Clifton hill LOL
Im so bored!! And the news is depressing! All u hear is reading road. Bond hill and walnut hills. Smh. Oh and clifton
The arena really close wii, the sweat in Clifton Hill different!!!
got an expressions membership so I can go arena, wonford, pyramids, river side and Clifton hill!! Xx
exactly. Im from drexel hill and since i was 10 we have had beef w clifton over football and fighting lolol
u dnt even know half the drexel hill Clifton beef
Off to Niagra Falls today! Checking out Clifton Hill. Haven't been there since I was a kid😍😍😍
With Origin Driving School clifton hill, we set out to make your learning experience fun and exciting
Looking forward to doorknocking in Lawrence Hill for this afternoon. Want to join us? Meet to catch 2.48 train from Clifton Down
RN / LPN for ALS client near Drexel Hill -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
avoid Queens pde, Clifton hill. It is where failed redfaces contestants have retired to.
Maybe we shall go to clifton hill for my birthday.
I just want to go into nightmares on clifton hill and get scared half to death.
Recording dialogue for an animation job today! If you need to do this too, I recommend Nao Anzai in Clifton Hill
ha! Mine are dropped off but it's a fair hike from Clifton Hill. Leaving shortly to join the traffic...
sweet it's really fun. Especially Clifton hill :)
Excited about Brian Hill and April Hatten coming on Staff with FCA to expand our reach for Jesus in the...
enjoyed trying out a few new styles of beers last night at the hidden bar of the month at the Royal Hotel in Clifton Hill
I was on platform duties at Clifton Hill. Was fun..
Clifton park is horrible .. and broadway hill is horrible.. did I mention I only hate snow when Its rlly bad out..but I love to play in it:)
Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~ Napoleon Hill
Hmm, what's going on tonight? Got off train @ Clifton Hill 2 walk hm & narrowly missed being smacked in face by overexuberant cray cray lady
$39 for a $50 Power Card and 5 Attractions for 1 Person at Dave and Buster's Clifton Hill ($100 Value)
They're playing Michael Jackon's full blast. (@ Collingwood Leisure Centre) on
There were about 4 vehicles stuck on that tiny *** hill on Clifton ave and Paulison. Right next to Pathmark
Montpelier & Clifton Hill Association magazine devotes back page of its spring edition to The Tree.
Celebrate Playgroup Week this Friday by joining in our picnic at Quarries Park in Clifton Hill.
VISIBLE INK is looking for a graphic designer! Want to build your portfolio / get professional experience? Email now!
The Fun Factory on Hill just got some new "adult" sippy cups in this week...just in time for Spring Recess!
Canada Trading Company on Clifton Hill has your Spring Break essentials!
Extra work being done on Heartbreak Hill, 1stXV rugby ready for our tour of Felixton!
No-one is here and the weather is so cold. @ Clifton Hill Station
um nope well not at Clifton hill station lolz
Has anyone ever lit a fire and cooked some marshmallows, maybe a beer or two at the fire place at Clifton Hill station?
Working in Clifton Hill and everyone has locked wifi :'( Why can't it be like Toorak where everyone is too rich to care?
People from North College Hill, Colerain, Clifton, College Hill, or Finneytown are naturally chill.
Clifton Hill @ Niagara Falls since 6:30. I'm so tired now.
All green Errythang. Rocking the StPattys 6-close in the bar at BP Clifton Hill
Big week this week at the MFU! We're talking Models, Muses & Mannequins with Margaret Mayhew tomorrow in Clifton Hill
R246 8.05 Elsternwick to Latrobe is running 15 mins late from Clifton Hill due to Traffic EKF
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Normally clothed guy on old sit up and beg bike with saddlebags is streaking past Lycra lads on carbon fibre speedsters in Clifton Hill
Still at Clifton hill with the cousins😬
Omg just bought amazing fudge from Clifton hill! 😍🍴
needs to get out of bed so we can start our day. Wanna shop and go to Clifton hill 😊
coney hill beat Clifton so we have them
"Chosen Hill vs Clifton! Buzzing" apparently to Smithy, we can have anyone ?
Wanna know all the schools I,ve been to???... Kindergarten... Wakonda and Clifton Hill. 1st grade... Martin Luther King and Lothrop. 2nd grade... Lothrop then Brandywine (Clinton, MD) then back to Lothrop. 3rd grade... Westgate. 4th grade and 5th grade... Mt. View. 6th grade... Mt. View then Four Winds (Minneapolis, MN) then Yates. 7th grade... John Glenn (St. Paul, MN) then Beveridge. 8th grade... Folwell (Minneapolis, MN) then Lewis and Clark. High school... Omaha North. College... University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Metro Community College. Me and Dekia Peeples and Denika Peeples mother was talkin bout this the other day. That,s a lot of schoolin...
I am grateful for so many things today. Enjoying a marvelous sleep in after an incredible delectable dinner, the many kind people helping me navigate the Merri River bike path after having to ride from Clifton Hill to the city, the respite of shade an oak in Fitzroy Gardens offered, Crossways and their tasty curry and Halva ♥, air conditioning now that i'm home after a 17km+ bike ride today, left over lemon bay chicken ;) Brenn Ainger and showers. wonders are EVERYWHERE
Thirty-six people from thirteen families are now homeless following arson attacks in Laventille in the ongoing suspected gang wars. Member of Parliament for Port of Spain South Marlene McDonald voiced her thoughts on the fires and listed unemployment as one of the causes of the violence in the area. McDonald said that those carrying out the firebombing attacks in Clifton Hill needed job security as most were young men with too much time on their hands. She said her constituents had complained to her about the absence of the Unemployment Relief Programme and CEPEP in the area and said she would be looking into having the programmes implemented. McDonald also said she will write to Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, Minister of the People and Social Development and also the Housing Development Corporation to assist those displaced by the fires.
As promised by Minister of National Security Jack Warner more than one hundred officers were deployed into Laventille last night. Warner called the exercise an effort to “clamp down on those holding the country at ransom through their acts of violence”. Just after the exercise began, a third firebombing took place at Clifton Hill. This time at the home of Ian Elliot, Elliot who was not home at the time of the bombing said that he was clueless as to why he had been targeted. Neighbours reported hearing a loud explosion and upon looking found Elliot’s home ablaze. The army and police rushed to the scene but those responsible had already fled the scene. At least six people are now homeless as the suspected gang wars continue between the Beverly Hills and Clifton Hills gangs.
I am not afraid to mash up the government tonight when I reveal exactly what is going on in Laventille, in connection with the arson attacks on six houses at Clifton Hill, East Dry River yesterday. Be sure to tune in to Crime Watch this evening at 6pm for more! Share this with your friends and family, let them know that nothing can stop Ian Alleyne from doing what he does best. Is wettin after wettin!
Violence rocks the Beetham and Laventille, leaving 4 people hospitalised and 20 others homeless. Sherwin Jordon, Kevon Sampson, Nicholas Pompey and a woman identified only as “Garlic Sauce” were shot by three gunmen at around 1:30pm yesterday as they offloaded a garbage truck at the Beetham Landfill. All four sanitation workers remain warded at the Port of Spain General Hospital. Nearly 3 hours later, 4 men set fire to 4 homes in Clifton Hill, Laventille, leaving 20 people without a place to stay. The men vowed to return to burn every house down. Residents say this is just the latest instalment of an ongoing gang war between Clifton Hill and nearby Beverly Hills.
The first time I did it I was 15.. and I started in the spring.. discovering human life.. Summer brought in a lot of connections in the Downtown location.. Clifton Hill was where we melted in.. showing the tourists we belonged.. but fall came and school looked divided.. everyone was choosing their group.. I didn't want to be tied to one specific group.. I had my friends and they all belonged to someone elses group.. and so we drifted.. I never came in unannounced.. I waited to be invited in.. but outside got colder.. winter had arrived.. and into my inner work shop I returned.. ALONE. INSIDE. WARM. Spring came again.. then summer.. met Brian Convery who discovered my voice.. another CON ARTIST.. But I was introduced to so many more.. and went to STAMFORD TO HIDE..So sports oriented.. the artists hid in the basement.. mocking.. me.. I heard you.. do you think I cared? I was running on sunshine.. I knew my time would come.. WHAT I HAD FOUND WAS AMAZING GRACE.. AND MY SOUND WAS HITTING ANOTHER OCTIVE.. just ...
The joys of PT on a tram with brake problems lets hope I get to Clifton Hill ok only one down hill run at Ruckers hill could be like Luna Park ride
Anyone who survived Omaha Public Schools would have been "bussed" to another school at one point or another. What school were you bussed to and what grade? Me, Clifton Hill, 3rd grade.
On a more positive note: Yarra Jets Football (soccer) Club has its Open Day on Sunday 17th February from 11am @ Quarries Park, Clifton Hill
So apparently were not going to clifton hill for new years anymore :/
Clifton Hill is somewhat of a tourist trap, but its still fun!
The Jetboat and Helicopter are pretty cool. Also look at Clifton Hill.
The extremes of Niagara Falls. Example 2: Crazy sights on Clifton Hill.
We are still looking for an awesome Nth Fitzroy housemate! Single bedroom & shared art studio space (with cat and dog)
12/29/2012-Today’s Special Requested Prayer: Please pray for Barbara Clifton. On 12/25 Barb went into the hospital (Sharps on the hill, room 324). She is on a Morphine drip and we have been told that there is not much more that they can do for her. Please pray that she can be kept comfortable and that God will watch over her and her medical team.
Thanks to the council worker in Clifton Hill who said no to his mates & pleaded my case. Wish one on the Delhi bus had said no!
I'm sitting in Tim Hortons on Clifton hill! Come visit your DWW fan! :)
We are going to amend our snow fall map we are getting reports of heavy snow in SW maury
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I can't wait for Code to get up so we can go to clifton hill !
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Drink to be drunk, last minute "I can't be bothered going out so come here I have booze" gathering. Come on over to Clifton hill.
I swear I can't walk into the Wild Mushroom on Clifton Hill without recognizing at least 5 people from America. 👏🇺🇸
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Bra said he bout to walk from Clifton Penn Station to Price Hill... -_-
there’s also the bike path from Clifton Hill (Rushall Station) around through Carlton. Could follow that to Royal Parade or beyond.
If you go to Clifton hill, you clearly do not know what's up. St. Catherine's is where its at
I love how the hotel is right on Clifton hill !
there are many things i learned from Clifton Hill.
F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop tonight! Join us for the last Hop of the year in the Clifton, Crescent Hill and Butchertown neighborhoods. Starts in a little over an hour!
Sydenham Hill in Cotham.. let me guess - you're a Clifton gal?
oh, I'm going to Clifton Hill today Insh'allah
Clifton Hill/Niagara Falls may be the sketchiest place ever.
i really like traveling but i never do it my last trip was niagra falls great wolf lodge marineland clifton hill xo And of course The FALLS
Love living in Clifton Hill. A walk around the streets and you find some amazing things.
looks like the Terminus in Clifton Hill
Tell Him - Lauryn Hill >>>>> it was like her personal prayer too GOD!!
A Continental flavour for Clifton Hill's Christmas Market: On Tuesday 4th December the students and sta...
Everyone go wish my little sister a happy 19th birthday while I make plans to take her out to Clifton Hill!
Walking through the Festival of Lights with @ Clifton Hill Tourist Area
Can a Northern Group or Clifton Hill Group line train, they'll take you to those stations, otherwise try a tram.
Revamped Clifton Hill pool gets my stamp of approval for indoor swimming.
yeah probs. was a nightmare yesterday too. I cut through back streets collingwood / Clifton hill. So much quicker.
835K AUD gets you this in Melbourne - 600K EUR gets you this in Spain
key ingredients queens pde, Clifton hill ! And it's open just drove past it..
$79-$98 -- Niagara Falls Hotel Near Clifton Hill, Save 35%: The crowds are thinner, but the Falls keep flowing...
I thought I lost it on Clifton hill in niagra last night...
Clifton hill district: you're tacky and I hate you.
dude Clifton hill for the night pt 2
If you're in Exeter and in need of some post holiday yoga, I'll be teaching this morning at the Clifton Hill Sports Centre 11:15am-12:15pm.
You could probably do the falls, food, arcade, & the best spots on Clifton Hill in like 6-8 hours lol
Niagara Falls New Years Eve - Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Canada This is where you will find me this New Years Eve...
lmaooo we were planning on getting all the girls and take the bus up to Clifton Hill for skating and dinner :)
Due to the closure of the Burnley and Caulfield Loops, Northern and Clifton Hill Loop trains are crowded.
And, if you're planning to use Flagstaff Station today, all Northern and Clifton Hill Loop trains will stop at the station today.
Anyone wanna come sledding on my grandparents hill to Clifton beach..?
not yet, at Clifton hill now we stopped for a beaver tail then gonna head home !
lol they are and we gone sled ride down e Clifton hill lol on the STREET!
Wait.almost 50 likes? ._. I think best admin of the year should go to me for obvioulsy realzing this.
That you all for the fantastic year of training. To all the Sensei, assistant instructors and special guests that have shared the load and taught this year, a big thank you. For all those special people of the Clifton Hill Community that put in their valuable time and endless effort to bring the CHD back up to a state that all can be proud of, esp Ray Oldman Sensei... we thank you all from the depths of our heart. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas everybody.
DREAMTIME” No, not melodramatic at all. Our school years were formative ones and looking back through the fog of time, you would have to see why I regard my Technical Schooling as the “dreamtime”. It‟s a bit like a long dream, seen in small peeks,brief glimpses and then sometimes surprising detail with extraordinary clarity. The cold of winter, walking to Epping station with Steve Hargood & Garry Williams to shiver on board the red rattler that would screech around the bend out of the platform at 0740. At Lalor we would be joined by Bevan Day, Werner Piehler & Shane Carlin. At Thomastown, Shane Boyden and Ron Rabbitto, At Reservoir, Johnny Chapman,Greg Moller,Danny Hardy , Aaron Crawford and Chris Roland. Regent, Maurice Hangar. Thornbury , Matt Goodwin and Damian Hamling. And so on until Clifton Hill where a mob of „Eltham line” lads would board. Guys like the Pittle Brothers, Peter Soligo, *** Cahill, Brendan Buykx, Rod Munro etc etc….. When the leaky rattler arrived at the old, rickety w ...
Come to our wellness extravaganza on Saturday December 22 11am-5pm. All are welcome! Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga, Pilates and many more goodies to enjoy FOR FREE Come to Level 1, 37 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. Enter via right side of the Melbourne Bicycle Centre.
This is a reminder for the jewelry party this Thursday at 6:30pm. Please bring a friend. Will have some goodies to snack on. Jessica White-Kiehle Teresa Strickland Debbie Jones Hancock Vishia Wilson Whitney Whitney Clifton Hill Meridith Stewardson Tara Hill Arguijo Molly McCoy Brianna Dozier
Tonight's T20 had been postponed due to wet weather. Our first T20 hit out will be next Tues, 4 Dec at Clifton Hill. Training tonight is TBC pending weather.
Who wants to go to this Red Bull event on Clifton Hill next Saturday with me?!?!
Took the boy and his chum and dad to Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Canada. Bordering crossing was a breeze. Kinda cold, but we had a good time. Stayed at the Ramada on Lundys Lane. Pretty nice set up. Had lunch at Don cherrys sports bar, did some time at the dave and busters, and hit a couple of haunted houses. Fun!
Clifton Hill Public Washroom at , Visit CruisingGays for hookup, photos and a map of Cruising Areas In or Out in Niagara Falls
Last min decission for company x mass party 30th nov for Victoria will be in Clifton hill ... *** it . Where is it ?
RED BULL is throwing a free concert featuring THE ARKELLS Friday nov 30 Clifton hill area street will be blocked off with a mobile stage around 7pm
Snail carcass rocking out at Clifton Hill PS
Glow in the dark putt putt at Clifton Hill
All trains suspended on Hustrbridge line during peak yesterday...due to fatality at Eaglemont.thousands of people dumped at Clifton Hill with only two buses in first 45 minutes...Ken came and saved the afternoon for me and two lucky people going to Watsonia we offered a lift to. saving us all a long trip home.reminded me of the Joh years in Qld when he broke the train strike by asking drivers to offer lifts to anyone waiting at a bus stop if you were going in their direction... The looks on their faces when we stopped at the bus stop and asked "anyone want a lift to Watsonia?" priceless.
Anyone near Clifton Hill maccas want to give me a lift home? I'm worried if I get on the buses replacing trains I will racially vilify a French girl or something.
For those stuck at Clifton hill station and is going towards Eltham greensborough etc. Catch train to bell on the Epping/south morang.walk across the road towards High st. Near the corner is a bus stop. The 513 bus to Eltham will stop all train stations.
Massive queue for buses at Clifton Hill train station.
Trains are only running to Clifton hill due to a train accident in eaglemont stuck at Clifton hill gr will take hours to get home unless there is anyone at south morang who can give me a lift to wattle glen?
No trains from Clifton hill to eltham we've had to get off & now waiting 4 buses...only seen 2 buses in 20 mins such a fiasco. If anyone is in the area driving home let me know
So trains canceled At Clifton hill. now at the pub who wants to pick me n a friend up :) worst comes to worst we stay here all night things could be worse!
We have overcrowding issues at Clifton Hill station for buses. We recommend alternative options or delaying travel if you can.
buses replacing trains from Clifton Hill - no! :( :( :( :( :( :(
Accident on Greensborough line. 100s waiting at Clifton hill for bus service and said they've been waiting 50+ minutes. What a nightmare. Heading back to town...may be late to training tonight.
A woman has died after being struck by a train at Eaglemont Station. Buses are replacing trains between Clifton Hill & Heidelberg.
Clifton Hill station is likely to be very crowded as buses begin to arrive, so we thank all our customers for your patience.
For those caught on a train between Clifton Hill and Heidelberg, we have staff on the way to help you off safely. Thanks for your patience.
Trains are stuffed on hurstbridge line terminating at clifton hill buses to heidelberg - ***
We have ordered 16 replacement buses and they will get to Clifton Hill ASAP. However, there will be significant delays on this line for peak
Buses will replace trains between Clifton Hill and Heidelberg after a person was hit by a train. More info to come.
Where is everyone going out tonight?? I remember the days of going to Clifton Hill the night before Thanksgiving when we were all 19 and 20 years old. Good times.
Hampton Inn near Clifton Hill is (nicely) refusing to give Athena Kolbe and I internet codes because we already checked out. Not very grad-student-friendly!! :(
I need a gun coffee maker for early mornings at Clifton hill train station.!! any one got any hook ups hit me up
If you would like to learn more about The LifeLine Technique, take the opportunity to connect with Dr. D on skype at Clifton Hill, this Saturday!! Bookings are essential so contact Diane McCann asap.
was in Clifton Hill, so Smith street side. Decade ago now though
18 Nov. 1957---FRED VITTETOE, TOMMY GRAVITT KILLED IN CRASH--- Two Passengers In Car Injured As It Collides With Truck ! BULLETIN ! Tommie Gravitt, 16, died shortly after 3 o’clock this afternoon from injuries sustained in a car-truck crash near Higbee. Fred Eldon Vittetoe, of Higbee, 29, was killed, and Mrs. Vittetoe and two other passengers in his automobile received injuries in an accident near Higbee at 12:25 o’clock this afternoon. Mr. Vittetoe, driving a Chevrolet sedan, north on the Higbee road, collided with a new Ford coal truck owned and driven by W.E. Dunivent of Clifton Hill, The State Highway Patrol reports. The Patrol believes the Vittetoe automobile skidded on the wet black top, slipping into the path of the truck. The car was demolished and the truck badly damaged. Dunivent, complained of bruises, but did not want medical attention. Mrs. Vittetoe, and the two passengers, Bobby Jennings, 19, of Belton, Mo., and Tommy Gravitt, 16, 129 Collins Avenue, Moberly, were taken to Community Mem ...
Thank you to all my family and friends who served our country in the military. You and your efforts are greatly appreciated. (my Dad- Harold Hill, brothers-Pat and Larry Hill, brother-in-law-Ed Sargent, nephew-Clifton Hill, friends-Euel and Mary Atkinson and Sonny Atkinson and all other vets!)
will you guys take me to Clifton Hill? we need to go to another hunted house!!
Gig this Sunday arvo @ Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill with Nick O'Mara, Chad Mason- Get on down 4pm free
Cr Fristacky was re-elected during Victorian local government elections on 27 October 2012 to represent Nicholls Ward, which covers North Carlton, North Fitzroy, Princes Hill, and parts of Fitzroy, Clifton Hill and Collingwood.
Thrilled to receive commendation in Yooralla media awards for story about children with at Clifton Hill primary
I spent the day with Jamie Core going to Clifton Hill for the first time. We explored the area, went Ghost Blasting, did a 6D Cosmic Coaster, walked through Movieland Wax Museum, played Galaxy Golf, ate at Boston Pizza, went to Nightmares Fear Factor, and rode the Skywheel (my first Ferris Wheel ride, ever). It was such a fun and exciting day :)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Mini-putting at Dinosaur Adventure golf on Clifton Hill, for the Niagara Falls foodbank, Project Share!
20 amazing photos of people getting scared silly at Factory on Clifton Hill:
You used to LOVE annual dollar day on Clifton Hill
At IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) 2012 conference in Niagara Falls. On behalf of all Canadians, sorry for Clifton Hill.
Got a pretty sweet panorama of Downtown from Bellevue Hill Park in Clifton Heights tonight:
Had such an amazing day today...MarineLand was awesome and Clifton Hill was so fun! Love you Lauren and Owen, it was blast making new memories that I will never forget! Never a dull moment with the three of us ;P
Well left at 9am this morning and spent the day on Clifton Hill, and at Niagara Falls. It is now 11pm and we leave for Baltimore in the morning! Still 14 more days!
Oh my what a day I had with Chris Humphrey!Bus Ride to Clifton hill Point Fortin, it was pace going and coming lol
Massive pain shooting up my leg from my knee to my tailbone... And I'm in Clifton hill. Man!
Well we're home. What a long busy weekend! In 27 hours we squeezed in the maid of the mist, behind the falls, 4D ride, keg dinner, buffet breakfast, rainforest lunch, white water walk, glass blowing, chocolate shop, candy store, ferris wheel, ice cream, Dino's, bus rides, fudge and Clifton hill! Phew!! I'm dead tired now :)
Morning lecture cancelled...again. I'd love to know stuff for the exam at this point, guys :D Also tell me before I get to Clifton Hill...
Whether its the ignorance of Upper Darby, the pretentiousness of Drexel Hill or the trashiness of Clifton, delco finds a way to *** me off
dear lord alive no! Stayed in Clifton last night, walking up constitutional hill was interesting
Walking off this Grand Buffet situation on Clifton Hill.
The fact that one direction is always on clifton hill and I NEVER go to canada anymore
Just casually strolled down Clifton hill with a mustache last night
I had a very fruitful and rewarding day yesterday went 2 help cleanup Clifton Hill beach with Atlantic gas then went on a boat ride in d evening had a ball
Is this supposed to be the simpsons? @ Clifton Hill Tourist Area
Last night while walking home from clifton hill. I saw a guy walk with a blow up doll.
Welcoming Freshers of all abilities- Have a bash at Clifton Hill Driving Range tomorrow 6pm! 20 mins walk from campus!!
Fancy a bash at the driving range? Meet tomorrow 6-8pm at Clifton Hill Driving Range, 20 minutes walk from campus
Boston pizza on Clifton hill is like chucky cheese for adults
All power restored to Clifton Hill at 2.52pm. Cause - cable fault.
Power is out to the Clifton Hill area of Sumner 16/9/12 1.02pm. For details and updates see
Clifton Hill with the bestie, it'd be rude not too! 💋
Going down to clifton hill.should be fun (:
Don't go there! Go to Clifton hill and go on all five of the scary house attractions instead. Wear Pivothead HD glasses.Post
Win free coffee for a year! Enter "Coffee 365" when you drop in at 139 Queens Parade Clifton Hill. Winner drawn Sep 20
So wasted my whole day watching one tree hill and laying in bed. Zero homework completed!...
It's such a small world! We ran into my niece and her husband last night on Clifton Hill - and today saw my girlfriend Sandi in Niagara-on-the-Lake!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ok.. So the Clifton hill thing never happened..
Look out Niagara Falls is out and about Clifton hill showing off his sexyness!!!
At clifton hill :D so fun, jc at the pond, relaxing... -.-
yaaa only you -.- in gonna get drunk this time for real than go to Clifton hill :)
The Niagara SkyWheel takes you 175 feet above Niagara Falls for the most spectacular view you will ever experience from a giant ferris wheel in Canada.
Day on the falls. Dani got carded on Clifton Hill. I must have looked like her sugar daddy lol
went for a 69.3 kilometer road ride. Check it out on
agghh, I've gotten lost around Clifton Hill a few times, on the bike & on foot
did 32k today. Capital city trail plus a bit where I got lost in Clifton Hill (really)
I went through Clifton Hill two hours ago and saw no sausage sizzle!
That'd be correct. Often seen running around on a summer's day with a Clifton Hill CC cap on.
Good time at Clifton Hill tonight! survived the Skywheel :D pretty sick to see the falls from up there, 3rd baseball game tomorrow morning :)
Randomly got handed this by on Clifton Hill. Weird but awesome! (@ Clifton Hill Tourist Area) [pic]:
No fishbowl Friday at Boston pizza Niagara Falls Clifton hill?! What the fuuuhuk
If you're at the Beer Gardens in Niagara Falls on Clifton Hill, wish my Dad Norm a Happy Birthday!
doesn't everyone move in that weekend? Where are you living? I'm in Clifton Hill House. And ew. St Peter's tea. Vom.
Took the kids swimming this morning. Now we're heading down to Clifton Hill for more games and rides, followed by an afternoon looking at Niagara Falls. Just me, the wife, and the kids. Should be a great day.
Our first review, and we're thrilled! The Normandy Café » Restaurants | Agenda Melbourne:
Clifton Hill in Niagara must be the most grotesque and kitsch street in all Ontario.Only irresponsible parents would let kids wander there
Room available for someone rad to live in Clifton Hill, please pass onto anyone who'd be interested to.move in ASAP
Sitting alone in Mosskito's Clifton Hill a coffee. My 'conscience' just phoned & said we must walk at 5! Bossy biatch ;)
Walking down Clifton hill with slippers n pjs!? Yes :)
Friday nights on Clifton hill will never be the same again!! Paul Wellington invades Mardis GRAS Friday nights!!! Got your beads??? Boom baby!!! Saturdays I'm still available for bookings so get at me before it gets filled! See you tomorrow night!
Anyone down for a hotel for Clifton hill tomorrow night?
Hurstbridge train 3 min early from Dennis this morning towards city, why does it wait at Clifton Hill to get back on time?
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