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Cliff Clavin

Clifford C. Clavin, Jr. (born 1950), also known as Cliff Clavin, is a character on the American television show Cheers, co-created and portrayed by John Ratzenberger.

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watching Cheers on Netflix, and realizing that is destined to be Cliff Clavin
Buck doing the Cliff Clavin routine tonight 😂
Trivia category round two---Baseball Nicknames. Feeling like Cliff Clavin when he went on Jeopardy
Would it be weird if I went as Cliff Clavin for Halloween?
I wouldn't suggest it. Trebek doesn't have a sense of humor.
I always wanted to get on Jeopardy and use Cliff Clavin's question from Cheers.
has to be Cliff Clavin "who is somebody thats never been in my kitchen"
FUN FACT: was the first American President inaugurated while under FBI criminal investigation.
Little known fact, Ma answered a trivia question on the radio & won that movie cameo r…
I disagree. No one else has a mug like this.
Cliff Clavin fact of the day: Outerbridge Crossing is named for the first chairman of the Port Authority, Eugenius Harvey Ou…
Space Cliff Clavin: Eh, it's a little known fact there Princess that Wampas are actually not aggressive. I'm sure…
Donald Trump got the idea for his "Great Wall of Mexico" after a lost weekend of cough syrup and listening to Pink Flo…
One of the great Cliff Clavin moments.
This sounds like a job for Cliff Clavin...
Catholic Easter,Orthodox Easter,& Passover in same week in NYC is like when Cliff Clavin had 2 deliver Sears&Spiegel catalog on the same day
You don't actually have to choose. We're usually both here at the same time.
The Plains Indians ate up to fifty pounds of buffalo meat a day, and they lived long healthy lives.
.Who said it? Sean Spicer or Cliff Clavin:. "Look, it's a genetic quirk. It proves Pres. Trump is…
April the Giraffe had her baby three weeks ago. The zoo has been replaying video to generate ad revenue.
One thing I cannot even explain to myself is my attraction to Cliff Clavin
Listen to choral.mp3 by cliff clavin on
Cliff Clavin and his mom are both in it!
Fun fact: 90% of hiking is telling your group to stay hydrated every twenty minutes.
CAR FACT: At any given moment, 70% of all 1994 Nissan Maxima car stereos are playing Rooster by Alice in Chains
I need fan art of Cliff Clavin and Merle drinking together NOW
A new favorite: choral.mp3 by cliff clavin on
If Cliff Clavin was POTUS. "It's a little known fact that the tan became popular in what is known as the Bronze Age. "
Hmm, olive oil, ya know, here is a funny tidbit about olive oil, a few years back some archaeologists digging...
At any given moment at least 184 radio stations are playing Money For Nothing by Dire Straits & there's not a *** thing…
Have to not go all Cliff Clavin at dinner.
Perhaps the headline is just a compound subject to be completed later "...are three people who have ne…
Hey, remember when I found out that Hitler was living in my apartment building? No one believed me.
that's just my poor attempt at sounding like Cliff Clavin from Cheers
Mentioned Cliff Clavin from Cheers today in class. My students had no idea...
That only works if you're Norwegian. And ancient. Sorry.
In movie The Fifth Element, the Antagonist and Protagonist never meet each other, and don't even know of each other's existence.
Due to their extreme atmospheric conditions, it rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.
In the 1400s, my family changed the spelling of their name, due to the old No…
*puts on Cliff Clavin hat*. Actually Macy,'brunette' is the diminutive form of 'brune.'Both refer to fema…
Happy 70th John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin and George Wendt as Norm Peterson in TV sitcom "Chee…
Richard Riehle: Was considered for the role of Cliff Clavin on Cheers (1982).
TIL that John Ratzenberger, the actor who portrayed Cliff Clavin in "Cheers", is the only actor to have portrayed a character in every Pixa…
TIL: Cliff Clavin from Cheers™ aka John Ratzenberger was in Empire Strikes Back™. . Mind -> 💥
Looks like John Ratzenberger is emulating Cliff Clavin more and more
And a group of snakes is called a Nope
"Squeaky shoes are only a problem if you're a mugger." The wisdom of Cliff Clavin.
I'm slowly but surely turning into Cliff Clavin.
That long sought after Cliff Clavin endorsement. The nation turns its eyes to you, Balki Bartokomous.
Overshadowed by Trump's visit, Cliff Clavin (also known as John Ratzenberger) from Cheers is at the hearing.
The much sought after Dan Quayle, Cliff Clavin endorsements are now in place.
If u can't handle me at my Cliff . u don't deserve me at my Clavin
He s like a Nebraska version of cliff clavin
No dude. Alright to like Cliff Clavin, not Ratz. He's crazy.
You guys, John Ratzenberger is voting for Trump. . NOT CLIFF CLAVIN. Thank you.
He's on the left. He played Cliff Clavin (think that's how it's spelled) on Cheers. His character knows nothing about everything.
Screw it. It’s a little known fact that We’re about to nominate the Cliff Clavin candidate.
in all fairness, this is exactly who Cliff Clavin would support. More breaking news if he DIDN'T support him ;)
now we have to listen to Cliff Clavin. Cliff, interesting fact for you. No one cares!
I might just lie low until November.
I'm okay. Just seeing my name in the news this evening...
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Which is insane, because I find it hard to believe that such an educated gentleman such as Cliff Clavin would ever agree with Donald Tramp™
Cliff Clavin embraces bigotry and America weeps…
It appears Cliff Clavin is drunk again
Cliff Clavin would TOTALLY have gone Trump. Both tiresome, loud-mouth morons who think they're brilliant.
If the Trump support thing is true, is just as much of a winged nut as Cliff Clavin.
Cliff Clavin was the original mansplainer.
Blink once if you're safe, twice if you need help.
The Cliff Clavin of TV endorses the Cliff Clavin of politics.
Seems like what Cliff Clavin would do
Little known fact:UGH is an acronym for Unknown Ghost Host, usually used to indicate that a parody account has been hijacked.
Trump has secured the pivotal Cliff Clavin vote-Might as well hand him the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave-
Welp, if Cliff Clavin supports Trump, the race is clearly over. Next up:
Cheers actor John Ratzenberger ("Cliff" Clavin) supports anti-union scab peddler because he knows how to build buildings. Huh?
.Right on Brother.have a brew on me Cliff Clavin!
Is Cliff Clavin gambling away his Pixar money or something
A study found that anxiety disengages the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that plays an important role in flexible decis…
Little known fact: The founder of CostCo, Andrew CostCo, was named Andrezj Kosciuszko when he came over fro…
I'd probably be asked to direct, but I just don't have the time.
Fun fact: Oklahoma's state vegetable is the Watermelon. Yes.
Reading inspirational quotes makes me want to read Cliff Clavin quotes like: "A Freudian slip is saying one thing and meaning a mother."
Cliff Clavin showed up with some new toys today. Medals for The Traveling Beer Garden + lots of new stuff to...
Elvis Presley graduated from Humes High School in Memphis. the next day. (Cliff Clavin)
More people have been accepted to Harvard in movie plots than in real life.
Listen to Let The Horns Blow - Mr Green Contest by cliff clavin on
Little known fact, van Gogh sold his ear as a tea cup.
It's a perfect example. But BYU is obviously Diane Chambers, and Utah is the recovering alcoholic guy. USU is Cliff Clavin.
Fun fact: by the 2028 season, the New York jerseys will have to be alphanumeric.
Easter Sunday changes every year because it's determined to be the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox.
Kasich wouldn't be a bad VP pick for Cruz. Ohio and we could always use Cliff Clavin's sage wisdom.
So many good lines from this talented writer: "If Cliff Clavin did meth, he'd sound like
Rider has my favorite Cliff since Cliff Clavin
Projecting Cliff Clavin local news "...18 days until the start of astronomical Spring, but today is the start of "meteorological" Spring"
Little known fact: You can be fined for not wearing sunglasses while playing a saxophone solo.
Little known fact: in world war II, Australia planned to use an all-kangaroo defence force in the event of a Japanese invas…
Carl Winslow as Cliff Clavin. Dan Connor as Norm. Kelly Bundy as Carla. Perfect Strangers' Balki as Woody. You'd totally watch...
well actually - the ancient philosophers noted that there will be plenty of Cliffs to go around *cliff clavin voice obv*
I hope you get La Parka'd by Cliff Clavin.
How am I the same age as Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson in the first season of Cheers?!
FACT: If you slip a Secret Service agent a fiver, he'll kneecap anyone in the crowd that you nod toward.
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant scientist who is also Cliff Clavin.
Q:Why drink cold beer on a cold day?. A:A cold drink will lower your inner temp to that of the outer temp making you feel warmer. Cliff Clavin
Fun Fact: The Oscar backdrop is also the new Iron Throne on this season's Game Of Thrones
We all would have gotten Fs on our term papers if we'd used Cliff Clavin Notes.
Look at the 2014 election and the 2016 election and it becomes obvious: the Republicans are like Cliff Clavin on "Jeopardy".
LOL! My wife accuses me of being Cliff Clavin!
Canon worthy if only because Cliff Clavin referenced it to suggest that the Cheers gang prank themselves to beat Gary's
I think you were trolling for reaction to your numbers. All I did was call you a "Cliff Clavin." Good poker move.
Well wouldn't you just be a Cliff Clavin on a Route 66 road trip.
According to my trusty stopwatch, Dr. Carson keeps his eyes closed 16.3% of the time when speaking, and 28.5% when silent.
Are there any winners tonight? Like a Cheers scene and everyone is Cliff Clavin.
Kasich reminds me a little of Cliff Clavin
Ben Carson: why can't we all just get along?. John Kasich: My father is Cliff Clavin
to all the Cliff Clavin's of this great nation. Really needed these bad boys today :)…
I support John Kasich for president. -Cliff Clavin. (Mailman from Cheers)
Would there have been a Cliff Clavin on Cheers if it was on TV today? Norm would have just said, "That can't be right, let me Google it."
Obama is a smoker, which is why he is opening trade to Cuba. He wants that lung cancer vaccine.
hey is the Eaton Town guy kinda like Cliff Clavin from Cheers? Wouldn't have that been an easier analogy?
People who stay up late are more likely to be late to events, regardless of how conscientious or responsible they are.
Fun fact: the mouth of a jellyfish is also the *** Same goes for octopi, squid, and meninists.
One night at Cheers, Cliff Clavin said to his buddy, Norm Peterson:. "Well, ya see, Norm, it's like this.. A herd...
All purpose parts banner
In Medieval Germany, the only cure for a toothache was to kiss a donkey
Is it coincidence that some Bernie supporters who call in to SMShow sound like a peeved Cliff Clavin?
Sharon Stone is on this episode of "Magnum P.I." Saw John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin on "Cheers") last week.
Cliff Clavin, head of the Postal Union, has formally announced their endorsement of Bernie Sanders.
Did you know that Cliff Clavin's uniform from the highly popular television show "Cheers" is on display at the...
Feeling like Cliff Clavin listening to old Cave In
If you ironed out all the wrinkles of a human brain, it would be about the size of a pillowcase.
Little-known fact: France experimented with a calendar that had 24 months during the 1700s. The last half of November wa…
Little known fact: Every year, there are far more people bitten by New Yorkers than there are people bitten by sharks.
Riding w/ who, in Cliff Clavin fashion, connected Hoptown to &
he sounds like Cliff Clavin after a long night at Cheers.
Well is there a rule the vice president can't also be Postmaster General?
So makes a Cliff Clavin reference and now I'm down the Cheers Rabbit Hole on Youtube.
Been wondering what Cliff Clavin has been up to.
had planned to release festive cup sleeves to complement their red cups, but have reconsidered due to America's childish whining.
tell me will There be a meeting of storyteller and cliff Clavin ghoul in season 4. Cheers meets fallout
I've decided Ben Carson is the Cliff Clavin of US politics.
Hitler's nephews got together and decided to remain childless in order to end their undesirable bloodline.
Reminds me of the Cheers episode when they have a beard-growing bet. Ringer for Cliff Clavin
Via Cliff Clavin News: The "Spreading Kardashian" refers to a popular sex act that combines the "Hot Carl" with the "Houdini".
The word homosexuality wasn’t added to the bible until the 1940’s.
I can't wait to see Cliff Clavin's letter to Petey Roy.
If you make out with a Vegan more than once, you are legally required to grow sweet potatoes in your bathtub.
CHEERS for Jay Bookman's take on Dr. Carson's Pyramid fantasy.
Perhaps the QC is related to Cliff Clavin. "You do not joke about the US postal service, my friend."
has me thinking Ben Carson is really Cliff Clavin.
CHEERS for Jay Bookman's take on Dr. Pyramid fantasy.
I explained the Pyramids back in 1988. And I have video proof.(18:50) Get your own shtick, Doc.
The name 'Football' came about from the act of the feet kicking a ball. This is why the world is so wary of the …
either that or cementing my place as the Cliff Clavin of RHAP.
Many ancient wonders are postal-related. Pyramids were post offices. The Sphinx was a late-night drop-off
Ben Carson is the 21st century's Cliff Clavin.
Ben Carson saying the pyramids were granaries is only slightly less absurd than Cliff Clavin saying they were post offices. (Or is it...)
I think should choose his apparent top advisor, Cliff Clavin from Cheers, as his running mate.
West Point was opened to compete with East Point Academy which trained cadets for the KISS Army.
God made the Statue of Liberty grow out of the water near NYC, which is how the pilgrims found America.
The Egyptians built the Sphinx to scare space mice away from the Moon cheese.
Ben Carson = Cliff Clavin may be my new favorite meme.
You mean Carson's not the smartest guy in the room?
New music, yeh it doesnt happen often.
Before he was a brain surgeon, please don't tell me Ben Carson was a postal worker.
Norman Mailer was a famous postal inspector
It's well documented that the Limberg baby was taken by
The moon's high concentration of cheese puts all at risk from giant space mice
You take your average whale's intestines and stretch them out.You're looking at three miles and change.
Sir, I get that you're a PhD in the history of science and you know what you're talking about, but you sound like Cliff Clavin, so...
One of the most deserved hashtags of all times, anyway!
There you have it, NASA fans! Cliff Clavin and Paul Shaffer gonna rock your world 'Spanish-style'.
TONIGHT is Tuesday Trivia Night...8:30p-10p $2.50 Domestic bottles...get here and show us your inner Cliff Clavin!! -
thanks 4 giving cliff clavin a job. pretty sure the US Postal Service pension plan isn't what it used to be.
Calvins dad and are related somehow.
Little known fact: If you go to Coachella and don't dress like an Urban Outfitters model they actually burn you at the s…
40 million people in China live in caves.
Madonna has to suck the air out of a younger pop singer once every decade or else she turns to dust.
Gonna go all Cliff Clavin here, but it translates as happiness. Think I'll just call him Yordano Happy from now on.
At least half the audience is like "Who's Cliff Clavin, is he a prospect I don't know about?"
Cliff Clavin is alive and well and having dinner here tonight.
Teratophilia is the sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people.
You're being too generous. Cliff Clavin would be less obnoxious than Esenberg.
Officials have no proprietary interest in office, but reporters obligated to let Esenberg perform Cliff Clavin act
according to Cliff Clavin beer kills the weakest brain cells first thereby making you smarter
Cliff Clavin warned us all of and melting ice cap glaciers in 1990 on !
They only like daylight, whereas we're naturally nocturnal creatures. It's a proven fact, he said in his Cliff Clavin voice.
Phil Mickelson, playing style with the gambling of Bret Maverick coupled the mind of Cliff Clavin:
- where everybody knows your name - "Cliff Clavin" from TV's is in the area working on a
4am. Been up for an hour. Getting caught up on Cheers. Forgot how funny Cliff Clavin is.
I understand those condos are on Cliff Clavin's route
You are the best Mr. Buckley ! Truly the inspiration behind Cliff Clavin
So I see is in the Triad. How can I hang with Cliff Clavin? Beer's on me, John!
Only 2% of people on this planet have green eyes.
Little Known Fact: Under Judge Judy's robe is a live lobster habitat with over 400 lobsters who like to pinch.
You can't really know the pressure I was under. I mean...Sam Malone!
Gotta give credit to where it's due. Watching Cliff Clavin on Jeopardy pre-game got us in the right mindset
She should've learned from Cliff Clavin's epic fail 25 years ago...
Deep within Apple's terms and conditions, there is a clause forbidding an Apple product to be inserted into any body orifice.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is just CG animals set to the audio of Lord of the Flies sped up 35%
Henry James is the Cliff Clavin of literature. Long winded and pointless, but wihtout Clavin's charisma.
The older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom of Cliff Clavin.
Did you know the most used line in the (English speaking) movies is "lets get out of here"?
God bless you. I'm sure they appreciated your Cliff Clavin-esque knowledge.
Just a Cliff Clavin type fact for ya.
They called her Snow "White" because of all the drugs. Hence all the passing out, talking animals, and being so entertained…
Every one of Johnny Depp's scarves is from a magician he's killed.
Fun Science Fact: there are enough bones in the human body to form a complete skeleton.
Fun fact: pollen is just tree sperm.
I have the "pleasure" of riding shotgun with the Cliff Clavin of golf in Palm Springs today Stick a fork in my eye.
John Deszo Ratzenberger (born April 6, 1947) is 68 years old today! He is best known for his role as Cliff Clavin…
Cliff Clavin knows a lot on "Cheers." remembers a lot in real life. Happy birthday to Marilu and to John Ratzenberger.
Happy Birthday John Ratzenberger! Played the role of know-it-all mailman, Cliff Clavin on the television series,...
to who portrayed Cliff Clavin from 1982-1993 on the NBC sitcom btd 1947.
April 6, 1947. John Ratzenberger birthday:. Well known as Cliff Clavin; know-it-all mailman from TV show "Cheers".
I feel Ya. I'd rather have a beer with Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin than Brady and Jordan..
. Cliff Clavin: Normie. Call all my friends. . Norm Peterson: I think he moved.
and btw my character Todd is a cross between Cliff Clavin from Cheers,Mister Rogers,and pee wee herman..I hope you enjoy!
In a somewhat related way, I want "Cheers: Chicago."Instead of Cliff Clavin, there's Carl Winslow.
Ok, I meant Cliff CLAVIN :) my Cheers knowledge is rusty these days
.If you debunk you're the kill joy, you ruin the joke, you're the know-it-all - the "Cliff Clavin Effect"
The word butterscotch comes from the phrase butter scorched. It was discovered by accident when a careless cook walked away from the stove.
hes about as funny as Cliff Clavin. when I see his pic all I see is Travis's face.
Wild teabags are 18 times more common in Britain than teabags in captivity.
Little known fact about the "For Dummies" book series. Every book is written by Don Rickles
The number of Navy SEALs in romancelandia is only matched by the number of natural redheads.
It was a good look for me I think. Did you know the tan became popular in what's known as The Bronze Age?
If you gave John Boehner a mustache he would look like a Florida version of Cliff Clavin from Cheers.
"Heya... If you need a trois for that ménage à... I'll be at the bar." - Cliff Clavin
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Fun Fact: If you are right handed, you tend to chew food on the right side of your mouth, and vice versa.
Little-known fact: While famous for his work with peanuts, George Washington Carver is also regarded as Father of the Fluid…
One of nation's oldest traditions is lawmakers arriving early for State of the Union to smoke pot and knock around a giga…
The bigger an *** you were as a kid directly correlates with how excited your parents are for you to have kids of …
Tuesday's Live Trivia clues:. 1) Architect of the Holocaust. 2) Was that Cliff Clavin I saw in The Empire Strikes Back?
Brunch is French for 7 drinks with breakfast.
Fun Fact: There is a court case called "United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins"
Little known fact: . Watching 5 minutes of Entertainment Tonight kills as many brain cells as a weekend of binge drinking.
Mount Rushmore was originally designed to be waist up, but had to be scaled back for budget constraints. Also they skipped Lincoln's hair.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, mister.
Accurate nerd test: As a child, you thought Cliff Clavin was the cool guy on "Cheers."
Mississippi celebrates in conjunction with the birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, born January 19, 1807.
Classic Cliff Clavin final jeopardy came to mind today: goose
Cliff Clavin is supposed to be 39 years old in this episode. There's no way I'm only 4 years younger than that dude.
Let's just hope Cliff Clavin, Woody & Lilith aren't part of the officiating crew.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Cliff Clavin: [facetiously] Was it my imagination, or was that woman coming on to me?. Norm Peterson: Cliffy,...
That dude that was just screaming on the Colts sidelines looks like he could be the son of Cliff Clavin.
Photo: Cliff Clavin the mailman was an extra in Empire Strikes Back.
Oh hi Cliff Clavin. It is not Sunday just yet. So save the sermon. 143
Is it just me or is John Goodman doing a bit of a 'Cliff Clavin' impression during 'Arachnophobia'?
I believe Sam Malone and Cliff Clavin sabotaged the Gary’s Old Town Tavern blimp-signage during one of those prank wars
oh my god, Cliff Clavin is a monster
Loved our client episode of the McCarthy's with guest star John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin)!
so you'd be the Cliff Clavin of Cafe4
Love the Avi!!! . *whispers ugh!! you look like Cliff Clavin and Carla's love child
The Cliff Clavin of Peterborough. The name fits him so well! Dunners gonna hear that a lot.
I like how they trust everything Cliff Clavin says
Behold the infinite knowledge of Cliff Clavin weeknights at 9:30 PM / 8:30 C. on MeTV
A 'butt' was a Medieval unit of measure for wine. Technically, a buttload of wine is about 475 liters, or 126 gallons
Hey Lou. You suck. Along with the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Wahlbergs, and Cliff all suck.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I forgot how funny Cliff Clavin, I mean is.
That guy sure looks like Cliff Clavin 😉
Can't wait to see new tonight 9:30PM on starring my buddy with guest John "Cliff Clavin" Ratzenberger !
Last summer when my old band Operation: Cliff Clavin reunited to play a basement show
ha ha what about Cliff Clavin bars wouldn't that be a gas? I gotta tell ya, folks, you can't make this stuff up
Tonight's was written by it's got Cliff Clavin from (Also Scott Scanlon's mom from 90210.)
Cliff Clavin from "Cheers" --John Ratzenberger-- joins the to talk about buying American for Christmas at 7:05 am!
The conductor on this train sounds like John Ratzenberger. So Cliff Clavin is announcing all of the stops.
"Who r 3 people who have never been in my kitchen Alex?" John Ratzenberger-aka Cliff Clavin in Jackson.
My father's (Stage 6) is turning him N2 a chatty version of Cliff Clavin from 'Cheers'. My mother is slowly going insane w it!
Someone finally trumped Cliff Clavin for best Jeopardy Final Question...
At least he wasn't like Cliff Clavin from that classic Cheers episode:
For the record, Cliff Clavin's Final Jeopardy answer beats that guy from last night
Cliff Clavin on Jeopardy: via - Be that as it may Alex, those three people have never been in my kitchen!
When did Cliff Clavin take up cycling?
I just saw a mailbox decorated in Sponge Bob advertising livery. What would Cliff Clavin say? Where is the dignity?!
Video: Here’s a video recording I made of Operation: Cliff Clavin's basement show set the night before...
Forgot to tell you that today I met a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who sounds exactly like Cliff Clavin and it was awesome.
oh and Longtooth is totally the Cliff Clavin of the Windblade comic
It turns out I'm also the Cliff Clavin of my grief support group.
OK, Mister Impersonator, let's hear you impersonate Cliff Clavin from Cheers :-)
Oh hey. Cliff Clavin dude is holding court. He knows everything about stuff
Cheers fans will appreciate name of geocode extraction tool used by — Cliff Clavin
Unleash your inner Cliff Clavin (but with actual facts) as King Trivia comes to us for a night of drinking and trivia-ing! Get here soon!
Economic ideas from the left is like dating advice from Cliff Clavin.
After reading this I thought of Cliff Clavin and Norm in Cheers, then Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien in DS9, I wasn't sure so...
12yo son: "Did you know peanuts aren't really nuts?" Me: "Yes, Cliff Clavin. They're legumes." Him: "Who's Cliff Clavin?"
I did not know that Cliff Clavin from CHEERS was in Episode V . cc:
Let it be known that was the only person to give me props for wearing a Cliff Clavin shirt last night. More like Erica Wins!
Night 1: Operation Cliff Clavin, only country band to walk the line between punk and hardcore and be funky.
a Cliff Clavin trying to be a Sam Malone
I assume I was the Sam to your Cliff Clavin?
Allan Stuart was one of the first dudes I did cuts for... He is a long time brother and he has a feature on the new Edd Bundy HK DeadRabbits collectors 2 mixtape .. The track also features Cliff Clavin AP DeadRabbits.. Prod. by me it's called 'Best of the Best' ..look out for it.
Little known fact, Cliff Clavin is going to be at the Calgary comic expo this year.
For the record, it is a scientifically proven FACT that sliding head first slows you down. All teams should know this. It…
I’m amazed that the Cliff Clavin of the pod didn’t know what omertà meant.
My Mother-In-Law is having some kind of get together tomorrow night and asked me to write some kind of fun cryptic quiz for it, because apparently I have nothing better to do! Well, she was right, so here it is. Let me know what you think. All are rather crappy clues to famous books. 1. Some lions not letting a tiger play because he has stripes 2. Naomi Campbell 3. Dujardin's internet 4. It left when the Mistral did 5. MCMLXXXIV 6. Deloreon or Hot Tub 7. Played by Richard Kiel 8. Angry fruit 9. Turkish Van in Panama 10. Sandy Toksvig and Ellie Simmonds 11. Once in Royal David's city 12. Ms O'Donnell drinking a magners 13. More fruit! This time operated by a battery 14. Beans on toast in a jewellry store 15. David Blunkett shooting David Cameron 16. ard 17. Szyslak B. Emery 18. Tough decision for Dahl 19. Stereo 20. Cliff Clavin phones again Not all of these are too politically correct for which I apologise.
- This scenario would also equate to bar trivia of Cliff Clavin proportions.
"Every time a marvel movie comes out so does her vibrators. What's up with that?" . - Cliff Clavin
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