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Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers (also known as the Cavs) are a professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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News: "Iman Shumpert had requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers". Me:
Iman Shumpert has requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Via ESPN)
Jae Crowder's mother died the night of his trade from the Boston Celtics to Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers starting PG I.T. > Derek Rose...don't @ me
BREAKING. Kyrie Irving now with Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas moves to Cleveland Cavaliers.
Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers will not be the same.
The Toronto Raptors have called the Cleveland Cavaliers with interest to trade for Kyrie. . Full details:
Akron store trying to help convince LeBron to stay with Cavs by selling 'Stay home 23' gear
How Cleveland's uncertainty over Lebron James' future is impacting the Kyrie Irving trade talks. Column on ESPN.
Cleveland Cavaliers fans just saw the NBA champion provide Donald J. Trump with a piece of his mind.
Remember when Michael Jordan dropped an atomic bomb slam over Cleveland Cavaliers defense in 1991 🔥• From
Do you think David Blatt will get another chance to coach in the
ICYMI on AmicoHoops: Radio chat on Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and more.
Why trading Kyrie Irving to the Atlanta Hawks is the best move the Cleveland Cavaliers could make - King James Gos…
Derrick Rose reportedly commits to sign with Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers
New is up! joins to review the offseasons for the Chicago Bulls & Cleveland Cavaliers.
Eh . Lebron James: Tragedies matter more than an i…
Real recognizes real: LeBron and Serena Williams share more mutual respect on social media - via App
NBA Rumors: Lebron James is reportedly '100 percent leaving' the Cleveland Cavaliers next summer.
Lebron James flexes with new Cleveland Cavaliers uniform -
Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans. Have some dignity and Stop Begging for him to stay!
The best trade offer the San Antonio Spurs can make for Kyrie Irving - King James Gospel
Cleveland Cavaliers: Marc Gasol should be a trade target for the Cavs - King James Gospel
One day James will own the Cleveland Cavaliers now he want a young player to play by his side MJ,MA…
Warriors host Cavaliers as part of Christmas lineup - via App
Hawks preseason schedule to include Cleveland Cavaliers [Y! Sports]
The Celtics also play the NBA season opener in Cleveland against the Cavaliers. Oct. 17.
Sports Illustrated: Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James could be in store for his best season yet https…
Milwaukee Bucks to play Cleveland Cavaliers on ESPN in home opener Bucks
"Case Study: The Cleveland Cavaliers get a slam dunk with iBeacons" by
On AmicoHoops: Latest on Kyrie Irving, as remain determined in quest to trade him.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hawks preseason schedule to include Cleveland Cavaliers.
"Hawks preseason schedule to include Cleveland Cavaliers"
Thank you Cleveland Cavaliers for once again supporting our speech and debate team with your donation.
Hawks preseason schedule to include Cleveland Cavaliers
Celtics will also kick off the 2017-18 season by visiting the Cleveland Cavaliers on Oct. 17.
NBA releases schedule for Christmas & opening week. Lots of Warriors, Cavs (& 76ers!)
2017 NBA Schedule: Cavaliers to face Warriors on Christmas Day for third straight year Cavaliers
That's like me saying Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers in 4
Could the Cleveland Cavaliers acquire Ben Simmons in a trade package for Kyrie Irving? - King James……
Did you know the Suns & Cleveland Cavaliers are exploring a deal for Kyrie Irving? Seriously, I wouldn’t lie to you.
Possibly going to try outs for the Cleveland cavaliers 😝
On AmicoHoops: Add to official list of Kyrie Irving suitors.
NBA trade machine: How to send Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving to Boston Celtics
The Cavaliers mess shows why the NBA must end the conference system
James decides to return to which he wore in 1st 7 seasons in Cleveland.
J.R. Smith's views on golf are the exact same as his approach to playing basketball
The Cavs are only interested in one Knicks player if they send Kyrie Irving to New York
I liked a video Kobe Bryant Explains why the Cleveland Cavaliers Lose to Golden State
Cleveland Cavaliers bring in a Jewish general manager. via
Cleveland Cavaliers 5 vs. 5: Taking stock of the Kyrie Irving saga
.answers the question why Kyrie no longer wants to play w/LeBron.
Michael Jordan Scores 45 Points in Win Over Cleveland Cavaliers. CLICK here to see:
Would Devin Booker be a good fit on the Cleveland Cavaliers?
On AmicoHoops: Carmelo has talked with and reportedly remain on his wish list. Latest.
Another week, another big story as Hang Time podcast talks Kyrie, LeBron and impact on . LISTEN:…
Despite interest in Irving, they are in wait and see mode via…
How to ruin a successful business. In other words, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Next on
About 20 teams have talked to the Cavaliers about a trade for Kyrie Irving
And could the best chance at owning the East be a breakup?
After 3 straight trips to the NBA Finals, Kyrie doesn't want to play with LeBron. explains why:
The Front Office has to fix the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Stephen A Smith feud. Whats next?.
Kyrie to the Pistons, Drummond to the Clips and DeAndre to the Cavs?. Insider breaks down that and more scenarios:
Spurs. Clippers. Suns. Timberwolves. Knicks. Heat. reports that all of them have made offers for Kyrie 👀.
LA offered DJ and Patrick Beverley for Kyrie. | by ..
Cleveland Cavaliers bring in a Jewish general manager. Didn’t David Blatt coach there? -
OHIO has Lebron James. OHIO has JR Smith. OHIO has Kevin Love. OHIO has the Cleveland Cavaliers. OHIO came back from down 3-1…
As long as Kyrie finds happiness "wherever that is," Kevin Durant doesn't care where he plays. ht…
At least 20 teams have contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers regarding Kyrie Irving. (via ESPN)
Here's the reason why no longer wants to play w/
▶ Kyrie dunks all over his opponent in pickup game - (ESPN)
Questioning a reputable reporter's journalistic integrity will break a camel's back.Finally the real
Scottie Pippen says it's "perfect timing" for Kyrie Irving to leave Cleveland
Is Chicago rocking with the Cleveland Cavaliers this year with D. Rose?
Cleveland Cavaliers: Iman Shumpert must take over the second unit via
Free agent Derrick Rose has reached an agreement on a one-year, $2.1 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, league so…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Breaking: Derrick Rose has committed to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, per
None of the Cleveland Cavaliers have "liked" a Kyrie Irving IG post since July 10th, per
Derrick Rose and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious talks of a 1-year deal. (via
Gilbert is a super flagrant owner; how he made his money is textbook scummy and deadspin went in o…
Join the Cleveland Cavaliers and i can promise you a championship ring next year, which will lead to more…
Carmelo Anthony will be on the Cleveland Cavaliers at the start of the season.
MAJOR ARTICLE ALERT!📖. Check out my latest story on the Cleveland Cavaliers' offseason. .
On AmicoHoops: add James Jones, most recently of and now retired, to front office.
Tough year to be fans of the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Cavaliers 😂😂😂
If Carmelo Anthony goes anywhere other than to the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason, I will PayPal everyone that retw…
Kyrie Irving says in "peculiar place," is diplomatic in comments about team's offseason.
The Toronto Raptors/ Boston Celtics are the only NBA teams in the East that have a chance to dethrone the Cleveland Cavaliers.
After a worst-case-scenario offseason, the Cavs' future is up in the air
"I understand we're in a very peculiar place." . — Kyrie Irving.
If the Cleveland Cavaliers land Nerlens Noel and Tony Allen...take notes!
Breast Cancer Awareness
This time we have the pleasure to serve J.R. Smith from the Cleveland Cavaliers Congratulations on your new car
Big ups to a local guy Casey Prather balling in the summer league for the Cleveland Cavaliers!
Chauncey Billups has declined the GM job for the Cleveland Cavaliers reports
Cleveland Cavaliers were hurt by Chauncey Billups delaying decision -- Terry Pluto (video) -……
Cleveland Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert, President Trump and the Chicago Cubs? -- Bill Livingston…
***Carmelo Anthony wants a buyout to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers***. James Dolan to Phil Jackson : .
What can TJ Williams bring to the Cleveland Cavaliers - King James Gospel
What can T.J. Williams bring to the Cleveland Cavaliers via
Should former Cleveland Cavaliers' coach Bill Fitch be in the Hall of Fame? -- Bill Livingston (photos)
Happy Birthday to these two Cleveland Cavaliers: Deron Williams and Iman Shumpert.
Join us in wishing Deron Williams of the Cleveland Cavaliers a happy 33rd birthday!
Who fits better with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers system?. RT: Paul George. Like: Jimmy Butler
Cleveland Cavaliers trying to engage Chicago Bulls in multi-team trade scenarios for Jimmy Butler
Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers (via
Let's not forget the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers last
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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant reacts after scoring against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the way to the…
Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers to win second NBA title in three years
news-herald​.com >> Adrian Wojnarowski on why the Cleveland Cavaliers can't expect another 3-1 comeback
Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers arrive in the Bay Area for Ga.. Related Articles:
The Golden State Warriors blew a 3 to 1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA championship
Cleveland Cavaliers: Green bodysuit. Golden State Warriors: guy who took the L
Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the second highest paid athlete in the world
New on Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors, the "Turning Points" of the game
Cavaliers roll over Warriors, extend series
3-1. The Cleveland Cavaliers avoid sweep as they take Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors in the series. ht…
Loco, and DJ Pumkin are all smiles because the Cleveland Cavaliers got the win tonight ~ . 📸
The Golden State Warriors lead the Cleveland Cavaliers, 3-1 in the NBA Finals. . // wait a minute
The New York Times :$= "Believeland is not going to give up."
Cavs set 3 records in first half of Game 4.
NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers top Golden State Warriors to stay alive
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Im a Golden State fan but not a Cleveland Cavaliers hater👌🏻
nytimes: "Believeland is not going to give up."
Cleveland Cavaliers set multiple NBA Finals records with scintillating first..
BREAKING: With the Golden State Warriors taking a 3-1 lead in the the Cleveland Cavaliers have automatical…
Cleveland Cavaliers upset,# 23 Lebron James one still work hard and strong. When if Lebron James will break record and passed Michael Jordan
"Believeland is not going to give up." Vía nytimes
Tristan Thompson finally woke up from his NBA Finals slumber to give the Cavs a much-needed boost in Game 4.
Diane Simon is the best. She has been baking cookies for Cleveland Cavaliers players and visiting teams for over 30 years…
06-10 CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 09: Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives to the…
"Believeland is not going to give up."
The Cleveland Cavaliers will try to distract the Golden State Warriors at the free throw line with WWE wrestlers. https:/…
Kyrie and LeBron combine for 71 points as the Cavs break multiple Finals records en route to a Game 4 victory: https:/…
legal_problems: Tristan Thompson wakes up from Finals slumber, boosts Cavs in Game 4
Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love continues to show.. https:…
Cavaliers force Game 5 with historic offensive performance
[IG] One of AOMG's managers shares a pic of the guys walking towards the Cleveland Cavaliers stadium…
He's truly The King! You just witnessed fire in Cleveland Cavaliers' Lebron James! Check this...
"Cleveland Cavaliers lost Game 3 of NBA Finals to Golden State Warriors 113-118. Golden State lead the series…
END OF THIRD QUARTER. Cleveland Cavaliers now with the lead over Golden State Warriors!
Kevin Durant-led rally over Cleveland Cavaliers brings Golden State Warriors to brink of history
The last two minutes of that game were an all-time disaster for Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who will now…
Cleveland Cavaliers at New Orleans Hornets, March 2005. First time seeing LeBron in person.
Cavaliers seek answers as Warriors eye perfect NBA title run. Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers desperately seek a way to beat the G…
In the words of Clarence Carter, Klay Thompson "I be stroken." — watching Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game 7
ICYMI: TV play-by-play voice for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Fred McLeod, joined Papa and Bonta. . Listen:…
I liked a video Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors | June 1, 2017
In fairness, Cleveland Cavaliers' graphic design photos, posters, etc. is way better than those to Golden State Warriors.
Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant snatches game one from Cleveland Cavaliers
It's funny seeing all these fake Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers on the TL 😂
New post (Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers | Warriors vs Cavaliers Live | ...) has been published on -…
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Great show... Thank you Future, Migos, Tory, and momma💞 for tagging along. — watching Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors
this if you believe the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the 2017 NBA Finals.
Cleveland solved the NBA's Enigma Code--how to beat the Warriors--last June, but I don't think it'll happen again... https…
Jason Day shows off Cavaliers-inspired shoes for Memorial Tournament
Carmelo Anthony should go to Cleveland Cavaliers after Phil Jackson said this
For the third time, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are competing at the NBA Finals. Who's your team?…
Cavaliers could dust off Derrick Williams, use him against Warriors' small lineup
We have your official NBA gear here: Crank up your team spirit. Try some on!
We have your official NBA Cavs gear: Crank up your team pride. Try some on!
it's like making half your basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers and the other half the Washington Generals
We have your official NBA Cavs gear right here: Amp up your spirit. Check it out!
We have your official NBA gear: Show your team pride. Check it out!
Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving to appear on NBA2K18’s cover
We have your official NBA Cavaliers gear: Show your team spirit. Order here!
Ederson no Manchester City, Lindelof no Manchester United e Jonas assina pelos Cleveland Cavaliers
FOX Sports just let Oklahoma City Thunder fans know which Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers stars...
Cleveland Cavaliers close in on another trip to NBA finals |
BREAKING: CNN reporting that the Russians have colluded with the Cleveland Cavaliers to corrupt the Eastern Conference Fina…
If it's gonna Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden St. Warriors 3 in the then I'm taking Cleveland in 7 games.
I think Boston Celtics should have a plenty of rest before they face Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals
LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers have steamrolled the East so far in the playoffs, sweeping I...
Can we agree on this the Cleveland Cavaliers will 👺NOT👺 have home court in the east?
Going to the Cleveland Cavaliers practice at Cleveland Clinic courts today for Senior Project! I'll say hi to LeBron for everyone! 😁
05-06 Cleveland Cavaliers revealing Detroit Pistons aren't the 'Bad Boys,' but the 'Young Boys' with loud mouths…
Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James just dunked on the entire city of Toronto!!!
NBA Playoffs on the TVs all night!. $2 Bud Light Drafts | $3.50 Sailor Jerry | $5 Jameson — watching Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers avenge Mike Fratello's 1998 team by sweeping Indiana Pacers in 2017 WATCH at:…
04-21 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Live chat and updates with Chris Fedor
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors: Live chat and updates with Chris Fedor
Mo Williams returns to practice, Cleveland Cavaliers hoping he's available to
Cleveland Cavaliers center Edy Tavares named D-League Defensive Player of the Year -
So today I'mma rewatch the Game 7 of the NBA 2016 finals between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors
Pray'n to go and watch da NBA playoffs final btwn Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers 'if' they qualify. . One can dream right? 😂
If golden state or Cleveland Cavaliers win this year i will never watch NBA again.
Did the Cleveland Cavaliers have a game in Cleveland last night?
Cleveland Cavaliers signing Edy Tavares from Raptors 905 of the NBA D-League, per
'It says a lot about the Boston Celtics that the Miami Heat were able to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers.'
FINAL: The Miami Heat (40-41) beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in OT 124-121!!!.
Warren Buffett appears courtside at Cleveland Cavaliers game with Dan Gilbert – 
Dan Crawford was the top scorer for the Cleveland Cavaliers today
REPOST: Kudos to the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, Dan Gilbert, and theqarena for…
Donations matched by Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Help my CLE Students!. .
Eastern Conference First Round: . 1) Cleveland Cavaliers . 8) Miami Heat. Cavs in 4, I don't buy the Heat as a real t…
Great to see the former Cleveland Cavaliers player land on his feet.
Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards # Relive the epic finish: via
What's going on? Cleveland Cavaliers explain Q transformation project details:… Get found ->
Cleveland Cavaliers agree to deal with center Larry Sanders, reports say
Cleveland Cavaliers have signed former Bucks center Larry Sanders and waived Andrew Bogut. 6'11 Larry Sanders will wea…
Former NBA center Larry Sanders and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious discussions toward a deal, league sources tel…
One additional benefit of the Cleveland Cavaliers adding Eric Moreland, if they do, is that the Canton Charge use their terminology.
Line Update: Detroit Pistons are now - from +4.5 vs Cleveland Cavaliers recorded at 09:10
Andrew Bogut will be waived by the Cavaliers before returning to Australia to rehab and spend time with family.…
Cleveland Cavaliers' Andrew Bogut ruled out rest of regular season with broken left tibia. I’m in. 1 mill for 58sec
FC Barcelona and the Cleveland Cavaliers prove why you should never give up.
I am excited for JR Smith and Kevin Love to play again for the Cleveland Cavaliers
I will be irrationally sad if the day ever comes when Kyrie and even TT are on a team not named the Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Cubs, New England Patriots and now Barcelona, the year of comebacks ladies and gentlemen
Andrew Bogut's NBA future clouded as Cleveland Cavaliers rule Australian out for the season via
The will reportedly waive Bogut this weekend. Who do you want them to pick up to fill his roster spot?
The Cavs are going to waive Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut suffers fractured leg in first game with Cleveland Cavaliers -
Cleveland Cavaliers fall to Miami Heat, lose Andrew Bogut to broken leg
Cleveland Cavaliers: Kevin Love should be back for playoffs
Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson are expected to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sources say via Lebron James.
Former Center of Mavericks and Golden State Warriors, Andrew Bogut has decided to join Cleveland Cavaliers team.
Deron Williams first interview after signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Deron Williams will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday, league sources tell
It's over it's over Cleveland is a city of champions once again. The cavaliers are NBA champions.
02-24 Detroit Pistons vow not to quit as Cleveland Cavaliers point toward clincher
NBA Trade Deadline 2016: Get the latest news and rumors on Cleveland Cavaliers
Anderson Varejao deserved better by the Cleveland Cavaliers:...
With DA Bulls comin in tomorrow night..had to bring out the Delly trey's
NBA trades 2016: Channing Frye headed to Cleveland Cavaliers in...
Charles Oakley, at odds with the sat next to the owner at tonight's Knicks-Cavs game in Cleveland:
GAMETIME: Your Cleveland Cavaliers return from the All-Star break to take on the New York Knicks!
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AP Sources: Deron Williams is working on his exit from Dallas and is looking to join the Cleveland Cavaliers.
No comparison, and never will be. Insightful stuff from a fellow UNC fan
Cleveland Cavaliers get 10th straight win over New York Knicks
Winner: Cavs. Loser: Celtics. Insider has all the teams who are celebrating, and cursing, the trade deadline:
Cleveland Cavaliers make nine passes in 15 seconds before Matthew Dellavedova
The trolled the by inviting Charles Oakley to sit courtside
Cleveland Cavaliers Flashback Friday: Delly shuts the lights out on the Bulls - King James Gospel…
CLE 119 NYK 104 - Still lots of minutes from James but Korver is hitting his stride of ...
Deron Williams expected to sign with the Cleveland
Cleveland Cavaliers looking to sign Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut once they clear waivers
Q1. How many players from the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the NBA All Star Game?. A.3 B. 4 C. 5.
Just bought tickets to watch the Houston Rockets vs the Cleveland Cavaliers with my baby 😝
There is no team in the NBA Eastern Conference that can contend with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They'll be in the NBA Fi…
Memphis Grizzlies have re-signed Toney Douglas to a 10-day contract. Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Derrick Williams to a 10-day contract.
Let's go Cavs... — watching Denver Nuggets vs Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena
Kyle Korver came alive in the Cleveland Cavaliers win with 29 PTS, including 8 👌's!
Carmelo Anthony has been the center of trade rumors over the last few weeks and the Cleveland Cavaliers are right...
Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron James responds to attacks from Charles Barkley after TNT rant -
Four Things from the Mavericks mopping of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 104-97 - Mavs Moneyball
[SB Nation: Mavs Moneyball] Four Things from the Maverick mopping of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 104-9
Mavs have beat the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers back to back! This will be a great week. 😁 Go MAVS!!
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Tipoff time, TV, radio and streaming information
Which team in the East are the Cleveland Cavaliers biggest threat?
Top Pick 5: CLEVELAND CAVALIERS vsDallas Mavericks go with (-4.5) make picks free:
Top Pick 4: CLEVELAND CAVALIERS vsDallas Mavericks go with (-185) make picks free:
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Dallas Mavericks: Tipoff time, TV, radio and streaming information
According to a report, the Sixers turned down a TJ McConnell trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers
ICYMI: Latest news, views and moves from around pro hoops.
Myself, along with other GREAT coaches will be coaching at the upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers…
"Comparing Cryotherapy to an ice bath is like comparing a full night sleep to a nap" What is the biggest difference?
Meet coach Tyronn Lue, attend the pre-game press conference, get tix to a game & more!! Bid https:…
Who deserves the next Cleveland sports statue? Do.. …
Now that the Cavaliers have won a few we can cancel the Cleveland Cavaliers Panic
Who deserves the next Cleveland sports statue? Do..
Lebron James becomes the first player to score 20,000 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
If this Cleveland Cavaliers starter didn't know this about Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook...
The rest of the NBA better be prepared to have their feelings hurt when facing this Cleveland Cavaliers star.
Cleveland Cavaliers at Dallas Mavericks: game preview, start time, TV information
with the win! Get your gear for the next game day!
[SB Nation: Mavs Moneyball] 3 things to watch for against the Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has been voted an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, league sources tell ESPN.
Liverpool, Real Madrid and Cleveland Cavaliers fans, 'Itan' the stage play can take away the sting of that L
"The Cleveland Cavaliers parade was clearly larger than the Cubs Parade. It was merely the angles of the photos that were ta…
Lebron James resigns with the Cleveland Cavaliers for a deal worth around 100m.
Spurs-Cavs looks like it's headed down to the wire. Is this guy about to take over?. Catch the finish on ABC/here: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Extra basketball. LeBron's game-tying 3 from the logo sends us to OT. Find a TV and watch the finish on ABC/here:
Free basketball! LeBron's deep three ties the game at 107. . Catch overtime on ABC or here: http…
Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin on how his team went from...
Kay Felder and Eric Moreland are really getting it going with the Canton Charge according to
From who looks at who rivalry between the Lebron James and the San Antonio Spurs: .
Thanks to I am now, at 5'7" & 240Lbs, starting power forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
01-22 Cleveland clicking as energy surge drives Cavaliers to 2-0...
Nba - Lebron James and Cleveland Cavaliers get splashed by Golden St--
Carmelo Anthony would reportedly consider waving his no-trade clause to go to either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Los Angele…
At the Cavs/Suns game! — watching Cleveland Cavaliers vs Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena
Kyle Korver will reportedly be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers! Atlanta Hawks are currently finalizing the deal! http…
Vertical Sources with Atlanta is finalizing a deal to send guard Kyle Korver to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly receiving Kyle Korver in trade .
Kyle Korver has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They now have JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Mike Dunleavy, McRae & Kor…
ESPN's Brian Windhorst just revealed this Cleveland Cavaliers veteran's fate.
Receipts on The Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James's DJ blasted for sleeping with a Tranny. Just putting these here to go…
BREAKING: Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers just saw the uniforms they'll wear at the NBA All-Star Game.
We are counting down our Top 25 NBA MVP candidates! In at Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
About that backup point guard issue? Cavs had 0 assists and 8 turnovers in 4th quarter Wednesday. Final thoughts: https:…
*Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors*. Announcer Fred McLeod: "LeBron looking for Love.". Drake on sideline: "He won…
Michael Carter-Williams had the dunk of the night in the Bulls' win over the Cavaliers.
The Cleveland Cavaliers need more depth down low for both their offensive and defensive. The Cavs may be...
Our second vote for the Eastern Conference's starting frontcourt is the Cleveland Cavaliers' Lebron James .
The are the favorites in the Eastern Conference, nobody is disputing…
Cleveland Cavaliers: Willy Hernangomez could be a steal: qua
The Cavaliers have Rajon Rondo on their radar, according to Cleveland beat writers.
Cleveland Cavaliers fans will LOVE what this FOX Sports personality had to say about how Lebron James stacks up...
After leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a historic title, Lebron James has been named Associated Press 2016 Male Athlete of the Year.
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