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Cleveland Cavalier

The Cleveland Cavaliers (also known as the Cavs) are a professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Golden State Warriors couldn't have done this without Kevin Durant any Cleveland Caval…
So cavalier of u - Sources: Cavs offered lowball salary to Billups
Cleveland Cavalier fans are so stupid.
They got LeBron and he is not going to go anywhere he will retire a Cleveland Cavalier Gilbert is a smart business guy
The Heat will beat Lebron in the playoffs next year at home as Lebron last game ever as a Cleveland Cavalier. Calling it now !
If Udonis haslem is a Cleveland Cavalier by the time the season starts I'm slandering pat Riley ENDLESSLY and all of YOU can eat a ***
Greatest Cleveland Cavalier of all time not named Delly. Greatest current free agent of all time
You will not see a bigger Cleveland cavalier fan than me when they play Boston in the ECF. I'm not even kidding.
Melo GM lebron will make you a Cleveland Cavalier
Report: Chauncey Billups has removed his name from the Cleveland Cavalier's search for front office position.
Report: Carmelo Anthony open to waiving no-trade clause for Cleveland Cavalier..
One version of potential 3-team trade involving Cleveland, Indiana, Denver, Kenneth Faried would be Cavalier-bound, leagu…
Cavalier, Are We Witnessing the Demise?. Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert may be facing his biggest
LeBron is right from a capitalistic standpoint, but no way he is a Cleveland Cavalier in a non-salary cap market.
Sorry Cleveland Cavalier Fans. No moves made. Get ready to go to the finals and get beat by the Warriors again.
Kind Sir, please refer to the title of the graph which clearly states "Cleveland Cavalier Championshi…
Cari, when did you become so consistently concerned about the Cleveland Cavalier's? 'Sup Lady.
Carmelo Anthony will be a Cleveland Cavalier next season. Book it.
Us Cleveland Cavalier fans deserve an explanation as to why you let Griffin just walk!!!
It's still and always the Cleveland cavalier Eastern Conference invitational until proven otherwise.
The NBA All Star game is now: the Cleveland Cavalier All Stars vs. the World All Stars
The 2016 Cavalier should be GODS in Cleveland for all eternity. I have never experienc…
Troy, I want you to choose one of the best 3-point shooter of all time, now at Cleveland Cavalier, a…
Is Eric Bledsoe going to be a Cavalier?
We drafted He's been all Cleveland since day one. He should retire a Cavalier.
Is Eric Bledsoe going to be a Cavalier? - King James Gospel
Is Eric Bledsoe going to be a Cavalier? via
What was your favorite moment of Andrew Bogut's career as a Cleveland Cavalier?
It's official: Kyle Korver is now a Cleveland Cavalier!
was to get Le Bron (Baby) James and the Cleveland Cavalier's an NBA title (their 1st), a Gm. 7 Upset
My Johnson County brother-in-law who is a St. Louis Cardinal, Denver Bronco, and Cleveland Cavalier fan can be pretty funny.
Joe Boyle watches as his son Mark, 8, leaps off of his chair like a Cleveland Cavalier.…
Kay Felder is 5' 9" and now a Cleveland Cavalier. His hops 😳
So proud of the Cleveland Cavalier, you don't play Golden State Warriors, you attack them.
cleveland​.com >> Cleveland Cavalier fans know better than to fall into entitlement trap: Thoughts in an
nba finals. Well j maybe Cleveland wont have such a cavalier attitude this time. Yyeaaa
Cleveland Cavalier fans what do these photos mean to you?
Question of the day. NBA Finals start tonight so who do you want to win: Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavalier's?
Trying to curry favor with Cleveland fans with that cavalier attitude? Lol
I remember when mom had the chevy cavalier now she living like a Cleveland cavalier
"Remember momma had a she living like a CLEVELAND CAVALIER!"
Use the all Cleveland Cavalier fans let us all support our team 😊👍 🇨🇨
What do you call a Cleveland Cavalier player with a ring?. Ans: A former Miami Heat player
I hope the Cavalier's jump out to a 3-0 series start in the finals, only to blow it & lose 4 straight, because its Cleveland.
Excited for the Cleveland Cavalier game tonight.
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what do you call a Cleveland Cavalier . A referee
Whole airport has on Cleveland Cavalier shirts including me 😍🔥🏀
The Return of the King! Redemption Time for the Cleveland Cavalier. ALL-IN-CAVS
I'll cheer him...he'll always be a Cleveland Cavalier to me! The CLE uniforms look better on him anyways!
Who's trying to ride up to Cleveland with me to go to the Cavalier's watch party?
On plane to Cleveland to visit w/ rowdy Cavalier fans. Love Cleveland but official team for !
The NBA Finals are upon us!. Today Wine & Gold United teamed up with In-Arena host Ahmaad, Cleveland Cavalier...
For a spare moment relieve yourself of the yoke of your office job. It's the NBA player/workplace hierarchy quiz:
Cleveland is trying it end it's drought of not winning a professional title. The Cavalier's and the Lake Erie Monster.
Students are permitted to dress down in Cleveland Cavalier colors and/or attire on Thursday, June 2. Go Cavs! All In!
Bay Area Rapper Drops "F*** Bron Bron" Diss Track Ahead of NBA Finals: On the heels of the Cleveland Cavalier...
Five keys to the NBA Finals: Oakland (United States) (AFP) - Five keys to the best-of-seven NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavalier...
it's simple were talking Cleveland! The city is cursed and Lebron won't even be a cavalier next year!
if you can't give your blessing I ask if you can remove the Curse on we need you
Cleveland Cavalier all the way. Golden States not playing their best.
Let's go Cavs - I really wanted OKC to beat Golden State but now I'm a Cleveland Cavalier fan 🏀 👌🏿
a cavalier? Man, that's fitting for a guy from Cleveland.
who will win NBA FINALS.Cleveland Cavalier's no ? bout it!
Finals Preview - Matt, Sam and Brent look ahead to Game 1 and the Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavalier...
cleveland vs Golden States. Shud be Cavalier of a game! Dub or nthn shwdawg
Golden state warrior has a psychological advantage over Cleveland cavalier,no?
Nope he needs to be a Cleveland Cavalier!!!
Excited to see which Cleveland Cavalier Draymond Green will kick in the nuts.
.You kept the fanbase together from 10-14.' Seriously. Amazing fixture for Cleveland & you'll ALWAYS be a Cavalier!
Thank You for everything. You will always be a Cleveland Cavalier!
ICYMI, the Cavs acquired Channing Frye today. Get to know more about the newest Cavalier.
You will always be a Cavalier Andy. You will be missed. Thanks for all you did for Cleveland.
Channing Frye to Cleveland ! bye bye Jared Cunningham and R.I.P to the long time Cavalier, Anderson Varejeo !
It is a sad day in Cleveland today. I thank you for your 12 years of hustle. You will always be a Cavalier to me!
Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier. Gonna miss seeing Wild Thing out there in a Cleveland jersey
It has been a long ride Anderson Varejao and as a Cavalier fan I just want to say thanks for putting in work for the city of Cleveland OH.
Thanks for all your years as a Cavalier. Fun to watch and one of the most loyal athletes in Cleveland sports history 👍🏻
Bummed that Anderson Varejao is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier. Here's a classic picture in honor of him.
*** The Cavs traded Andy. Thanks for the memories Andy. It was funTo me you will always be a Cleveland Cavalier. Best of Luck in Portland.
This is the saddest day as a Cavs fan since LeBron left 😔 The Wild Thing deserves to be a Cleveland Cavalier for life
Thank you You will always be a Cleveland Cavalier in my book.
Thank you to for sticking with Cleveland through the thick and thin all of these years you will be missed as a cavalier.
you will always be a Cavalier. Thank you for everything you've done for Cleveland. I'm so ashamed of this decision.
Anderson Varejao was a Cleveland Cavalier for 13 years and a Portland Trail Blazer for a minute and 38 seconds
Best of luck to Cleveland Cavalier for life, even if the uniform doesn't say it.
Andy doesn't deserve this. He's been on the good and bad Cleveland teams. Should've be a Cavalier for life. Mozgov needed to go.
Congratulations to my great pal on becoming a Cleveland Cavalier!
Anderson Varejao is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier
I feel like Andy will end up retiring as a Cleveland Cavalier. No way they let him go out in a different city.
You will forever be a Cleveland Cavalier. You will be missed, good luck!
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thank you Andy for your time. Cleveland loves you and you will forever be a Cavalier!
thank you for the 12 years in Cleveland. You will always be a Cavalier to me!
Andy was a true Cavalier. The Wild Thing (& hair) will be missed in Cleveland. Always loved the hustle he plays with
Irving scores 23 to help Cavaliers to 91-77 win over Rockets (Yahoo Sports): The road-weary Cleveland Cavalier...
Irving Scores 23 to Help Cavaliers to 91-77 Win Over RocketsKyrie Irving scored 23 points, Lebron James added 19 and the Cleveland Cavalier…
Kyrie Irving is embarrassing the Rockets so bad Jeff Van Gundy says to turn the TV off: The Cleveland Cavalier...
as long as J.R. smith is a Cleveland cavalier everything will be ok
are they Cleveland cavalier cookies?
Lebron James Documents the Cleveland Hustle In New Reality Show: Hustle and flow—the star Cavalier… |
Now I know how the Cleveland Cavalier fans felt while waiting for LeBron to make his decision
: Spurs rule at home San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker goes for a lay-up past Cleveland Cavalier…
Lebron James posts tribute to Tim Duncan on Instagram: Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavalier...
Guurl, are you from Cleveland? Because you’re pretty cavalier about starting a bunch of wars. -me, to last night’s debate participants
NBA's Spurs still perfect at home. The San Antonio Spurs remained unbeaten at home this season, surging late to beat the Cleveland Cavalier…
I don't believe that K-Love reaches his potential in Cleveland, McTen...He just doesn't look like a Cavalier kinda fit...
Last 8 Cleveland cavalier possessions n 4th quarter O for 6 with 2 turnovers
The best player in Cleveland Cavalier history and his friend LeBron
Cleveland Cavalier Girls sold-out swimsuit calendar back by popular demand (video) |
Eastern Conference power rankings: who's the biggest threat to the Cavs?: The Cleveland Cavalier have been the…
So I lost to the Cleveland cavalier on my player on 2k15 still mad lol
How could you be so Cleveland cavalier?
Recomedic Rehab top story: Cleveland Wheelchair Cavalier Participates in U.S. M… see more
Well you see he's on the Cleveland Cavaliers and he's been walking around acting all Cavalier.
Baron Davis! 100/100 Cleveland Cavalier fans better know who this is.
Breaking Down the Road Trip: The Back 9 - What’s up, Cavalier fans and everyone back in Cleveland? It seems lik...
Game 40: Mavs at Thunder: Pushing the reigning Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavalier...
Cavs guard Mo Williams excused by team from game at Mavs (Yahoo Sports): DALLAS (AP) -- Cleveland Cavalier... NBA
ICYMI: Will Matthew Dellavedova be a Cavalier next season?.
always a real Cavalier, not a Cleveland one
Now a bunch of 3rd world country kids are going to be sporting 2015 Cleveland Cavalier and 2016 Clemson National Champion hats and shirts
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Andy- Cleveland loves you too!! You are a Cavalier and Clevelander for life!! Thanks for making us proud.
Hey Kevin Love was everything I wanted Kevin Love to be as a Cleveland Cavalier tonight
Cavalier untie the knot sea lawyer entryway cleveland: mfaRASAF
The best player won the MVP last year and the NBA championship and that wasn't a Cleveland Cavalier 😫
I got them from Marshals!! They had steelers Penguins and Cleveland cavalier ones!
Lebron James didn't mind Kevin Love watching the Cavaliers win from the bench: Cleveland Cavalier...
the current active Cleveland cavalier roster without lebron would struggle hard af
Anyone want to buy some Cleveland cavalier and Phoenix sun basketball tickets for cheap? DM 🙃
Swim team is raffling off Cleveland Cavalier vs. Trailblazer Tickets! Hmu if interested
Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving autograph on mini Cavs ball
Mo Williams returns to Cavaliers but Matthew Dellavedova out: Mo Williams returns to Cavalier...
What are the Cavs favorite Thanksgiving memories and food?: Cleveland Cavalier players remember fondly their…
Nba> What are the Cavs favorite Thanksgiving memories and food'> Cleveland Cavalier pl...
Started from the bottom now we here courtside you would think i was a Cleveland Cavalier
LeBron milestone as labor of Love sparks Cavaliers romp: Lebron James reached another statistical milestone as the Cleveland Cavalier...
Why do Cleveland DJs think they're so raw? So raw that they act like a Cleveland cavalier in person. Smh
Kevin Love's big 2nd quarter leads Cleveland Cavalier... |
Kevin Love now has a new Cavalier career high in points with 34
Whoa, I thought Swish Analytics were based on the old swishy Cleveland Cavalier guy logo or some sort of *** community stat.
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic: Tipoff time, channel and radio information: Cleveland Cavalier...
Oh man. I just realized I have to root against my all time favorite Cleveland Cavalier on Wednesday :(
Bleacher report be like " Lebron James becomes the first Cleveland Cavalier to walk off the court in frustration...
Cleveland Cavalier Colors - Maroon Fleece and Golden Yellow Sp by JeGoheadbands via via
ItsCeliaAu: We are being fancy tonight! And our team won!!
Every single Cleveland Cavalier has just a mustache except for Kevin Love. Somehow they’re winning this game.
How Cleveland Cavalier Fans cheer for their team. 😂😂😭💀 (Vine by
Former Cleveland Cavalier Larry Hughes in the building at Coast 2 Coast Prep in Nashville
Going to the Cleveland cavalier game tonight!
I'm a Cleveland Cavalier, Minnesota Viking, Dodger fan. You can only imagine the disappointment I go through
Samardo Samuels (6-foot-9, 260 lbs., Louisville & former Cleveland Cavalier) was also on the same high school team (St. Benedict's in NJ).
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Iman Shumpert, Cleveland Cavalier...and rapper? Shumpert shouts out entire team in his new hip-hop track.
he's to much of a friend to lebron and he's just a born Cavalier
Cleveland Cavalier Girls looking crazy hot in Dallaswear
- My first Fyuse. At the Cleveland cavalier's playoff game.
The Cleveland Cavalier fans do the same chants as the Heat did last year...I wonder why -_-
Not a Cleveland Cavalier fan at all, but Kyrie Irving is a Baller!!!
I know, i was sooo ready for this. He's a Cleveland cavalier now. They're ok but I can't see them going all the way this ur!
Why Lebron James is quitting social media: As James heads to the playoffs with the Cleveland Cavalier...
Cleveland Cavalier Fans! It's ! Follow me on snapchat: djstephfloss , as I take you…
A year of familiarity figures to get Pistons closer to top-10 D standing SVG craves: If the Cleveland Cavalier...
And Cavalier is not even a positive thing any more. Cleveland should become the Not-Cavaliers. RT
When halftime says Bulls have a "Cavalier attitude" does that mean they're playing like Cleveland?
I think this would be really cool if the cavalier sword was sticking through the Indians "C"
Cavs Recall Joe Harris from the Canton Charge: CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Cavaliers have recalled guard Joe Har...
I should never EVER hear a Cleveland Cavalier utter these words...
Well J, I guess you could say that Cleveland's victory has left the Celtics feeling quite...cavalier. .
Cavalier Film Room: Love in the post(season)
Cavalier Film Room: Love in the post(season) (via
The Cavalier in the Coal Mine: On Kevin Love and the Decline of the Power Forward
Got yo main Bih Bangin Cleveland like a Cavalier
Cavaliers' Irving shines in NBA playoff debut. Kyrie Irving made the most of his playoff debut, scoring 30 points as the Cleveland Cavalier…
Mike Polk releases a new song about ,Cleveland Cavalier Center, Timofey Mosgov that will surely top the charts!
Kentucky fans are ALL Cleveland Cavalier fans this year. I almost hope they win over my bulls.
Boston played Cleveland well in the first half, but too much Of Cavalier's big 3 in the second half.
Lebron James reflecting on playoff history, experience before Cleveland Cavalier..
second quarter too. Played his best defensive game as a cavalier.
ball so hard like I'm a CLEVELAND CAVALIER!!! First win
When you ask a Cleveland Cavalier bandwagon fan to name the starting line-up for the Cavs.
The Cleveland Cavalier's playoff experience is showing
I don't think I've ever seen this kind of intensity from LeBron in a Cavalier uniform
The Cleveland Cavalier bandwagon fans are out in full force
Cleveland Cavalier Fans! It's our first playoff game in 4 YEARS! Follow me on snapchat:…
- Let's Get It On: Hello, Cavalier fans! And welcome back to the NBA Pl...
Cleveland Cavalier Fans! Today is our first time in the playoffs in 4 YEARS and I need your…
if you don't get chills and tears from watching that, you aren't Cavalier fans it's time to get on your feet.
A little Spring cleaning and look what I found, the newest Cleveland Cavalier...
Stephen Curry Hits Kyrie Irving with You Reach, I Teach Moment: While it was ultimately the Cleveland Cavalier...
*We all know Daniel Gibson aka “Booby” as a professional basketball player who helped the Cleveland Cavalier’s mak…
I had a dream that I was at a Cleveland cavalier game with you lol
Can someone find out how much $$ are # nba official's making on Cleveland cavalier s games?
The Cleveland Cavalier's uniforms are blue tonight right???
ICYMI, I was back in the Cavalier film room at The Cavs are keeping it 💯 on offense and then some...
CLEVELAND CAVALIER FANS...I NEED YOUR HELP! What song should I bring the team out to tonight?…
Cavs offense is keeping it 100 (and counting): Cavalier Film Room . Shared from the FOX Sports LIVE app.
ball so hard like im a Cleveland Cavalier 🙌 GO CAVS by jmajoy
how does it feel to be a Cleveland cavalier again?
him likes me in my little Cleveland Cavalier shorts 😉😉
Why do the employees at the Slippery Rock McDonalds wear Cleveland Cavalier hats?
Derrick Rose injury clears path to finals for Cleveland Cavalier's.
your favorite Cleveland Cavalier's favorite rapper just dropped some fire, h/t
“Cleveland Browns have re-designed their helmets...what logo would you put on the side?” A Cavalier & Indian openly weeping.
Like cleveland,all I do is cavalier(carve a lair)
Ray Allen soon to be a Cleveland Cavalier
Stay classy State fans and leave the jersey burning to Cleveland Cavalier fans.
LeBron and Kendrick Perkins' basketball connection goes way back. See what LBJ had to say about the newest Cavalier
Cavalier's Lebron James sets all-time NBA record for assists by a forward.
Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James had his layup blocked by Detroit Piston Tayshaun Prince.
"I'm a good guy - if I'm on your team. Other than that - it's whatever." . --Kendrick Perkins, Cleveland Cavalier
Kyrie Irving (3 years, 8 months and 1 day) is the longest-tenured healthy Cleveland Cavalier.
- Cavaliers announce signing of Kendrick Perkins: The Cleveland Cavalier...
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And just like that, somebody is already wearing Dions old number as a Cleveland Cavalier
Kendrick Perkins is officially a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, AND HE TOOK DION WAITERS' NUMBER! Submit your...
I'm still a little angry with Timofey Mozgov for killing Apollo Creed, but I love him to death as a Cleveland Cavalier.
Heat got of to a HOT start but Cleveland will CAVALIER their way back into their game.
...Is watching NBA Basketball Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavalier (^.^)..I like this game...
Yay time for Cleveland vs Miami on abc. Lebron James’s return to Miami as a member for da 2x as a cavalier. This gonna be a good 1.
Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's been a day of mimosas, French toast, Watching the Newsroom, and chatting with friends, shrimp cocktail, pasta, subs, and now the Cleveland Cavalier and Miami Heat game. More drinks with my friends later on. America is great!!! Love to all of you!
So I'm sure it's plenty of people are on my TL wearing Miami Heat Jerseys with Cleveland Cavalier hats today
Once upon a time, was a Cleveland Cavalier.
When Lebron was a Heat player and went to Cleveland, he scored 38. His highest as a Cavalier is 51.
Why are they playing Lebron top 10 Heat moments??? Who cares about that, he's a Cleveland Cavalier now 😒👊
(James, Curry lead first All-Star Game balloting returns: Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavalier...
It's yall, Miami Heat vs Cleveland cavalier! LeBron makes his return to the American Airlines stadium!
Cavs lose Brazilian Varejao for season with Achilles tear: (Reuters) - The Cleveland Cavalier...
This is my top favorite moment of the year by far!! Lebron James is a Cleveland Cavalier
Cavs’ Anderson Varejao Will Miss Rest of Season With Torn Achilles: . The title hopes of the Cleveland Cavalier...
Anderson Varejao likely out for the season: Cleveland Cavalier center Anderson Varejao is believed to be out f...
Roy Hibbert will soon be a Cleveland Cavalier. You heard it hear first.
*** it! Cleveland Cavalier's Center Anderson Varejo had torn ankle terniles and likely out of season. Well they...
I liked 'All-Access: Cleveland Cavalier...' in the Sneakers App
Cavaliers lose key player for the season: Without Anderson Varejao, the Cavalier...
Used 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier Base in Cleveland, OH 44129 for sale at National Car Mart, Inc.
THIS JUST IN: Anderson Varejao out for the season? - Cleveland Cavalier Anderson Varejao reportedly underwent an M...
Sam Dalembert is already a Cleveland Cavalier. He just doesn't know it yet.
Sources: Tests on Varejao show torn Achilles: Tests Wednesday morning confirmed the Cleveland Cavalier...
So can we all accept Dion Waiters is a Cleveland Cavalier and should not be treated yet? Or you *** still complaining about him?
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: Live Score and Reaction: Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavalier...
“Happy Holidays to all Cleveland, enjoy your time with family it's so important” same to u OG Cavalier
TOP VIDEO - All-Access: Cleveland Cavaliers: An all-access check-in at a Cavalier...
"You turn on Minnesota, they don't forgive you." -Flip Saunders on facing Kevin Love as a Cleveland Cavalier. MORE: http:…
The love and hate story of Cleveland Cavalier fans and Lebron James
Lebron James is a Cleveland Cavalier again. Let that sink in.
It's a done deal: Kevin Love is officially a Cleveland Cavalier and Andrew Wiggins is in Minny
Kevin Love continues to be the main power source for the NBA rumor mill, and talk of an impending blockbuster deal kicks off the latest roundup of rumors from around the league. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves have agreed in...
Kevin Love going to Cleveland Cavaliers! not bad
Ever since the "King" decided to return home and acquiring Kevin Love, I have noticed that everyone is defending the Cleveland Cavaliers, very interesting.
Cleveland Cavaliers probably have the best line-up in the NBA now. Welcome to the team Lebron and K-Love
Minnesota Timberwolves agree to send superstar Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade package involving Andrew Wiggins.
This is the number one page for NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers.
Cleveland Cavaliers, the city of uncles Uncle Drew + Uncle Bron + Uncle Wes
Kevin Love to Cleveland Cavaliers what a Team !! :D The Next Trio na naman ..
The Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a pick for Kevin Love.
I think the Cleveland Cavaliers r going 2 b unstoppable this season. Lebron returns 2 team with Kyrie Irving and now Cavs have traded Bennett, Wiggins, and a 1st round draft pick 4 Kevin Love and now Shawn Marion will b joining once the deal with Kevin Love has been official
The Heat overcame a 27-point deficit in the third quarter and won their 24th straight game, 98-95 over the short-handed Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday ...
Cleveland Cavaliers is officially back to the championship ladder! Kyrie erving, Ray Allen, Kevin Love, Shawn Marion, mike miller, james jones and the rest of the Cavaliers is rolling with bron!
Cleveland Cavaliers | Breaking News Thurs, Aug 7th Tristan Thompson, Cle PF Thompson may become a reserve behind Kevin Love, as he is reportedly headed to Cleveland. The 6-9 forward started every game for the Cavaliers over the last two seasons. Advice : Thompson will either head to the bench to back up Love or form a center platoon with the oft-injured Anderson Varejao. In either case, he is unlikely to put up near double-double numbers (11.7 points, 9.3 rebounds) as he did as a starter. He will have value in deeper leagues as a rebounding option. Anthony Bennett, Cle PF Bennett will be traded to the Timberwolves as part of the three-player Kevin Love deal, Yahoo! Sports reports. Andrew Wiggins and a protected 2015 first-round pick will also go to the Timberwolves in the deal. NBA Updates/Fantasy Advice: This deal was preconceived before Lebron James announced July 11th that he would return to the Cavaliers, but this latest report explicitly states that this three-player deal has been agreed upon in prin ...
Tap here to access our NBA Tracker, which includes offseason rumors, trades and signings.The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly on the verge of landing a significant running mate for Lebron James:Sources: Cavs have agreement for Kevin Love, including long-term contract commitment. Wiggins, Bennett,…
Free agent forward Shawn Marion is leaning strongly toward signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Indiana Pacers.
Cleveland and Minnesota reached a deal that will make Kevin Love a Cavalier in exchange to Wiggins, Bennett, and a 2015 pick
Yes saw it,they are now a very big threat “Wassup Kevin Love is now a Cleveland Cavalier!”
Now that Kevin Love is a cavalier I feel like I should be a Cleveland fan.
It will be so many Cleveland Cavalier band wagoners these year ...smh
Our Cleveland Cavalier tickets just got a little more LOVE!!!
A deal has been agreed upon to send Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavalier's. - Bubblews via
Idgaf I'm hoping on the Cleveland cavalier bandwagon
The fantasy fallout of Kevin Love to Cleveland.
Why Kevin Love will be a Cleveland Cavalier -
Its official... Kevin Love will be a Cleveland Cavalier
ICYMI, Kevin Love is a Cleveland Cavalier. What does that mean for the Washington Wizards? Here:
This Cavalier season is about to mark the first winter in my life that I won't mind spending in Cleveland, Ohio!
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Wiggins will probably go down as the best Cleveland Cavalier ever
really happy Kevin Love is a Cleveland Cavalier.
I'm havin' a hard time picking my favorite Cleveland Cavalier, going forward. I was all set to hand that to Wiggins.
Is everybody a Cleveland Cavalier fan yet or .. 👀
It's been a great year for Cleveland: draft Johnny Manziel, LeBron decides to come home and now Kevin Love will be a Cav…
He is now a Cleveland Cavalier. Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett are now T-wolves.
BREAKING: Lebron James is a cleveland cavalier
by the way, BREAKING: Lebron James is a cleveland cavalier
“I been a cavalier Miami Heat fan all my life” I was born in Cleveland
All the bandwagons are all of sudden going to be become Cleveland Cavalier fans now
When the Cleveland Cavaliers tipped off their final game of the 2013-14 NBA season, their starting forwards were
Every Cleveland Cavalier fan right now lmao
Miami Heat bandwagon?...say hello to the Cleveland Cavalier bandwagon!
Kevin Love will be a Cavalier in 2015!
I don't know any cleveland cavalier fans
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Sports Talk for Thursday: It's official, Kevin Love is now a Cleveland Cavalier!!
But i still don't know who is the coach of cleveland cavalier this year?.. The coach must be a person who likes eric spoeletra.
Kevin Love will be a Cleveland Cavalier & Andrew Wiggins will a Minnesota T'Wolve!
Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavalier. That'll take some getting used to.
It is official ... Kevin Love will be a Cavalier. Looks like Shawn Marion could be next. Cleveland truly is the new LA.
Kevin Love and Lebron James are a Cleveland Cavalier. Let that sink in...
Its not yet official but is a Cleveland Cavalier!
In case any of you forgot Lebron James IS A CLEVELAND CAVALIER
"I've always been a Cleveland Cavalier fan"
okay, respectable. rooting for the NEWEST CLEVELAND CAVALIER!
Mike Miller is a Cleveland Cavalier - is Ray Allen next?
BREAKING: Ray Allen deal done! He will become a Cleveland Cavalier, per source
I'm so excited that Lebron James is returning home to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. It's a great story and since he is my favorite athlete, I go wherever he goes. So I am once again a Cleveland Cavalier fan. I will still like the Miami Heat and if Cleveland doesn't win the championship, I hope that Miami does. I will always remember the great run LeBron had with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade as a member of the Miami Heat. I think the decision to return to Cleveland was the correct choice. He now has Kyrie Irving as a teammate and could possibly have Kevin Love as his teammate in the near future. I think they will be able to build a great team that can be good for several years to come. I can't wait for next season and the beginning of LeBron's quest to bring a championship to his hometown.
All eyes on Lebron James. It appears Chris Bosh is another free agent whose future hinges on James' decision to stay or not to stay in Miami. Reports have surfaced that James could be leaning towards a Cleveland Cavalier homecoming, and if that is the case, then Bosh will sign with the Houston...
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