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Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are an American professional football franchise based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Pumpkin pie is the Cleveland Browns of pies. Looks and taste sort of like sweet potato pie but then u remember ur eating a squash. GROSS 🚮
Are we (as Cleveland fans) going to ignore the fact that the Browns and Indians both won tonight. Again?!?
You're KIDDING, right?! THE BROWNS are undefeated so far?! CLEVELAND? The same team that's had like 2000…
Deshone Kizer shows flashes of potential in win -
There should be zero doubt that Deshone Kizer is far and away the best quarterback on the Cleveland Browns.
Please tell me there is a Cleveland TShirt company willing to put out a Browns undefeated preseason shirt should it happen.
Deshone Kizer wraps up Browns starting QB job with composed, deceptive performance
Updated: Deshone Kizer to be named starting QB on Sunday after encouraging outing in 13-9 victory over http…
It was a slap in the face to the Cleveland police dept
You where saying? Dude that was as ugly as the Cleveland Browns W/L record last year
The are 3-0. Unfortunately for them, none of these games actually matter. Leave it to Cleveland to win when it doesn't count.
What a *** of a fight. Mayweather was obvi gunna win but it's always more fun cheering for the underdog .. unless your the Cleveland Browns
Much like Mayweather, Cleveland Browns have continued their undefeated streak.
*** I can't not like Mayweather ? 😵 He's just not an entertaining fighter. Like I can't get mad at you for hating the Cleveland browns 😂😂😂
Kizer to be named Browns' starting QB Sunday after Browns' 13-9 victory over Bucs
"Ohio VFW Bans NFL’s Cleveland Browns Viewing After Anthem Protest: “We like our Browns…We love our flag more”"
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The first white NFL player to protest the National Anthem is a perfect example of an ally:
My Cleveland Browns are 3-0 this pre-season can you say Super Bowl? Just asking if you can say Super Bowel! Easy now
[Via Mixed results for Kizer in first Browns start
Sports news: Hue Jackson: Kizer 'has right feel' for starter
"50-0" is a jaw-dropping number when it's a boxer's record and not the final score of a Cleveland Browns game.
Hue Jackson: Kizer 'has right feel' for starter
Myles Garrett gearing up for the regular season by looking like a beast for the​ Browns. Full game recap here:
I don't know about the offense, but what Gregg Williams is doing to that Cleveland Browns defense is awesome. So much energy and juice
Shon Coleman has played well so far in preseason. Cleveland could easily have a top 3 OL this season, whoever their…
Deshone Kizer should be named the starting QB: Top 6 reasons why
Some Cleveland Browns kneeled yesterday: That's actually a step up for a team that laid down 15 times last season
12 NFL players kneel during National Anthem, the largest group not to stand since Colin Kaepernick began his protest
Cleveland Browns need to fire all those kneeling players last night and put an end to it. Or, become an unAmerican team.
The Cleveland Browns are more worried about "protesting" then winning games. This is what last place teams do.
Jabrill Peppers was one of the Browns players who kneeled before last night's game.
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Diverse group of Cleveland Browns players take part in largest sports anthem protest
Video: Cleveland DB Brien Boddy-Calhoun – I was going for target area on hit to Odell Beckham Jr.
Video: Cleveland DE gets first sack, promises more will come
So we as viewers can support our freedom of expression by not watching you or supporting your team s…
That appears to be the Cleveland Browns. But, the headline reads NFL player??
I'm 56 years old and I live and breathe Cleveland Browns if any one sits for the National Anthem, I will wash my hands of…
Thanks to Cleveland I'm boycotting the again this year. I can't support a league that allows such disrespect to…
The Cleveland Browns can’t find a way to score touchdowns, but they found a way to protest the National Anthem.
Group of Cleveland Browns players kneel during National Anthem
Their coach told them not to. They exercised their 1st Amendment rights to protest anyway. Proud of these Cleveland
Noticed Cleveland browns team is now protesting while being paid. I don't think I'll watch them.So I'll protest them & not…
Hey Cleveland Browns way to kneel during the anthem trash organization
11 Browns players knelt in a circle during the National Anthem before Monday's preseason game against the Giants. https:/…
Thumbs up👍🏻for the 12 Cleveland Browns players for their prayer during the National Anthem last night. Seth DeValve showed a…
We are all in this together! Two white players join Cleveland Browns in NFL's largest anthem protest
Cleveland Browns disgrace to NFL and America! Losers in more ways than one!
the Cleveland Browns are not protesting they are praying that they could win a game this year
The Cleveland Browns ride out for Colin Kaepernick by kneeling during National Anthem.
Cleveland Browns one of the worst teams in the league, will this "protest" even matter no worthy names. 🤔
Did the country really give them the opportunity or did the Cleveland Browns? Please it…
Group of Browns players take knee in largest anthem protest yet
Two white players for the Cleveland Browns, both took knees for the Anthem last night, and it's about *** time.
12 Cleveland Browns players kneel during the National Anthem – the largest protest yet in the NFL
Cleveland Browns tight end becomes first white NFL player to kneel during anthem
In Cleveland + your child needs a haircut contact me Boys and Girls Club in conjunction w/ Cleveland Browns, tomorr…
The Cleveland Browns suck something awful. Almost as bad as last year's freak show.
The Browns offense did not get a first down in the first quarter. Had the ball four times, and came up one-half yar…
Zane Gonzalez gets the PAT attempt, good - lead 7-35:22 left in 1st half. 5 plays, 21 yards on the scoring dri…
Cleveland tried to get fancy and the Saints defense was having none of it! 9 yard loss for the Browns.
uuum, who is the brown announcer wearing the brown suit??? — watching New Orleans Saints vs Cleveland Browns
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Cleveland Browns disdain for WR's is inexcusable 😡😡😡😡
Tonight The Terminal Tower will be Lit ORANGE for our Cleveland Browns.
Deshone Kizer has entered the game at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. |
Deshone Kizer in at QB for the Cleveland Browns.
3 first half takeaways from the Browns' preseason opener vs. the Saints
I found Mike Patrick. He is calling Browns preseason games out of local Cleveland affiliate.
So I'm at a Cleveland Browns game... And surprisingly for the first time in my life... I know *** is going on. 😂
Congressman John Lewis is being honored in Cleveland on September 15 with the Louis Stokes Community Vision…
Usda report says Cleveland browns to win the Super Bowl this year
I'm officially starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.
LIVE BLOG: Cleveland Browns vs Saints in preseason action via Lots of commentary in here
Unanticipated benefit of watching the Cleveland Browns broadcast of the Saints game is that you get to see the Jim Brown segment.
A reminder that the Cleveland Browns passed on the kid from Ohio.
Can't wait to be in Cleveland to watch my play this year!!!
Quick recap of first half, Saints down 7-6 to Browns.
Update your maps at Navteq
With the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select.
Browns halftime analysts & suggest we'll see Duke Johnson as Cleveland's 3rd WR & Matt Dayes a…
Cleveland Browns fan sports Brock Lobster shorts (Video) - Fans in the NFL are just crazy sometimes. This super...
Myles Garrett makes first NFL tackle - Official Site
Click to read your halftime update:
Brock Osweiler named starter for Cleveland Browns' exhibition opener against the New Orlean..
BREAKING: Cleveland Browns agree to terms with this dog, signing it to a 3 dog-year contract worth $7 million to help on def…
Bilal, Marlon Mack and the Cleveland Browns backs are the guys I like I think. People realize LAC has n…
4 Front row Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns tickets in sec 129 row...
Breaking: The NFL has denied Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon's bid for... by via htt…
because Serena Williams shows up on the Cleveland Browns draft radar every year at 5-9, 180lbs, plays like a man
Two former NFL players were not fans of the comments made by the former Cleveland Browns cornerback.
The former Cleveland Browns player just responded to The Kansas City Chiefs rumors.
The former Cleveland Browns defender is hoping to catch on with a new NFL team soon.
"Meet the former General Manager of the Cleveland Browns & Buffalo Bills. He's just getting started."
A former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback just ranked the Cleveland Browns lineman. Was it fair?
BREAKING: Tragedy just struck the NFL. Condolences from Cleveland Browns on 247Sports.
Justin Gilbert former first round pick of the Cleveland Browns was suspended for a year Billy…
As a former Cleveland Browns fan, I have learned that moral victories mean nothing, and the Browns lead the league in moral victories.
Another former Cleveland Browns player on the moron list!!What could have been
The NFL Commissioner just made sure the former Cleveland Browns first-round pick does not see the field any time...
Former star cornerback, was selected by the Cleveland Browns as No. 8 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.
I know everybody saw JR pull that from the Cleveland Browns stadium right?
JR Smith shooting that 3 from the Cleveland Browns stadium!
Hanford Dixon signed Cleveland Browns 8X10 photo -Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity *..
Too bad these talents will be wasted on the Cleveland Browns, suppose they could reprise this on old Lake Erie
A source has confirmed the Jets are indeed trading S Calvin Pryor to the Cleveland Browns.
A former NFL top-5 overall pick has worked with the Cleveland Browns rookie to ensure he never slacks off.
The former Indianapolis Colts General Manager's role with the Cleveland Browns is now more clear.
Former Auburn OT Shon Coleman in line to start for the Cleveland Browns
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
...Regarding football and Memorial Day, remember Bob Kalsu of the Buffalo Bills and Don Steinbrunner of the Cleveland Browns...
5/22/1967: coaches win their annual golf outing against coaches from the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lion…
Thank you to Westcamp Press (Ed Evans & Chip Hilleary) for the awesome golf outing with the Cleveland Browns at...
Cleveland Browns: RG3 should start if healthy
Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been denied reinstatement by the NFL
With the 52nd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select QB Deshone Kizer.
Deshone Kizer Is a High-Upside Gamble Worth Taking for the Cleveland Browns via
Cleveland Browns are getting a humbled Deshone Kizer, and that's good -- Terry Pluto (photos) -...
“With the 52nd pick, the Cleveland Browns select … Deshone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame.“. Watch on
In the year 2021, the Cleveland Browns will be Super Bowl champions. The MVP will be Deshone Kizer. Pinning this just to…
Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore left city stunned, angered: PD ... - (blog)
Cleveland Browns own Day 2 of 2016 and they need to make it count: Tom Reed
Cleveland Browns select University of Houston cornerback Howard Wilson (in the fourth round h…
Myles Garrett: "How can I avoid being Drafted by the Cleveland Browns?". Laremy Tunsil: "I have a mask you can borrow 😉"…
[Akron Beacon Journal: The Browns] - 2017 NFL Draft grades: How do you grade the Cleveland Browns in the 1st round?
Another dream of NFL greatness dashed against the rocks of the Cleveland Browns. Dream decimated. Winning.
And now with the 25th pick... the Cleveland Browns select ... Punter Cameron Johnston. Ohio State. .
And now on the clock for the 2018 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns. Who own picks 1-32.
playing Carmina Burana about the Cleveland Browns is amazing 😂😂😂
The Browns are gonna draft Mitch Trubisky because that is the most Cleveland Browns quarterback name I have ever heard... mark my words
With the first pick of the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Adam Sandler, QB from Mean Machine Texas prison
I bet the Cleveland Gladiators could beat the Cleveland Browns.
It's sad that I can go to a Cleveland Browns nfl game for less than a Cleveland Gladiators arena football game
Sport Mountain - 5 games the Cleveland Browns should expect to win in 2017
Hacking the Cleveland Browns may cause Putin to lose the Black Sea. Enlist in our patriot army at
Using the ineptitude of the Cleveland Browns to bolster your Tannehill argument probably isn't the best…
Pro Football Focus suggests the Cleveland Browns engage in trade talks.
Thin mints are the Cleveland Browns of girl scout cookies. Throw them in the garbage right away.
Meet Paul DePodesta, the man tasked with turning around the Cleveland Browns (by
Derrick Rose's knees are the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks of athletes' body parts.
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How many trades will it take 4 the Cleveland Browns to make it to the Super Bowl?. *Insert Tootsie Pop parody ad*. The world may never know.
1961 Art Modell purchased the Cleveland Browns for the outrageous price of $4 Million dollars
"My son Lonzo Ball could step in to play QB for the Cleveland Browns and win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady over his…
Brock Osweiler would have started for defending Super Bowl champions, but is now being rejected by Cleveland Browns
We would like to thank Robert Griffin III for his participation as a member of the Cleveland Browns.
Browns are releasing QB Robert Griffin III today: Remember when Cleveland Browns fans were devastated by the…
If you're having a rough day, just remember you weren't cut by the Cleveland Browns.
Robert Griffin III to be released by the Cleveland Browns
Robert Griffin III is going to be released by the Cleveland Browns a day after they traded for Brock Osweiler:
If they traded Jimmy Garoppolo & something were to happen to Tom Brady "they would be the Cleveland Browns."-
OFFICIAL: The have traded QB Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. 📰:
Am I actually seeing "Cleveland Browns" and "Ingenious" in the same headline? Oh pertains to Brock Osweiler. Never mind
Just got word from a very reliable source that the Cleveland Browns have acquired Nathan Horton and David Clarkson.
Breaking News the Cleveland Browns sign former LA Rams WR Kenny Britt to new 4/32 million dollar deal
Anyone know why Kenny Britt decided to take a 4 year break from NFL and join the Cleveland Browns?
Cleveland Browns close to deal with Kenny Britt
Cleveland Browns need to think Myles Garrett at No. 1 -- Terry Pluto (vi.. Related Articles:
we are the Cleveland Browns of the NHL. Not quite as garbage as the Blake Street Bullcorn...getting real close
Mentor native and Former North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky trying on a Cleveland Browns helmet for the first time 👀…
Would the Cleveland Browns be wrong to narrow their focus to Myles Garrett?
Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, Nick Mangold, and Darrelle Revis should all sign to the Cleveland Browns just those fans need something
At the Oklahoma principal celebration listening to Gabe Ikard -NFL Cleveland Browns center.
Cleveland Browns have approx $110M in cap space, maybe they should sign Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson
welcome to the Chris Dale era on the Cleveland Browns trying to get this team to championship contender.
[Fansided: Dawg Pound Daily] - Cleveland Browns fans need to relax about Myles Garrett video
[Dayton Daily News] - Projected top pick prays for Cowboys trade to avoid Cleveland Browns
[Fansided: Dawg Pound Daily] - Cleveland Browns: Key dates to know during the offseason
Today in football history: 1996, Baltimore franchise, once known as the Cleveland Browns, begins operations.
Cleveland Browns: Could Leonard Fournette fall to the Browns? - Dawg Pound Daily
There once was a time when the Cleveland Browns were settled at quarterback. Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar were stea…
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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/8/17): Cleveland Browns: * "Creating more cap space and telegraphing more change"…
Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/7/17): Cleveland Browns: * "Justin Gilbert cut by the Steelers, will still cost…
With the 12th pick in the the Cleveland Browns select Marshawn Lattimore, CB, The Ohio State University. is OTC.
Cleveland Browns open up at the bottom of 2017 power rankings - Dawg Pound Daily
Awwwe Patriots... it could be worse. . The Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns (current iteration), Jacksonville...
Could Lady Gaga and her team of dancers beat the Cleveland Browns?
BREAKING: Cleveland Browns reportedly showing 'strong interest' with Lady Gaga after seeing her catch a pass during her half…
Mark my words.. the Cleveland Browns will win a SuperBowl.
Ok how does one get cut from the Cleveland Browns
Saw a whole family of Cleveland Browns fans in Walmart this morning. Dad had a Manziel jersey, son had a Browns...
Super Bowl champions Cleveland Browns observe a moment of silence for the
Cleveland Browns: Jimmy Garoppolo can be an upgrade at the right price - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns: Browns should not trade a first-round pick for a QB - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns duo to participate in panel discussion on race - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns: 5 Senior Bowl players to watch for on draft day - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns: Joe Thomas will represent Cleveland well in Pro Bowl - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns need to make an impact in next two drafts - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns: 4 players to target in free agency - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns plans in 2016 should be to: Sign Tyrod Taylor. Bring back Pryor. Sign Kenny Britt/Michael Floyd (cheap). Sign Doug Martin.
Cleveland Browns: Is Ethan Pocic the center of the future? - Dawg Pound Daily
there's a Cleveland Browns backers club even in Key West. Now that's a national team.
Will the Cleveland Browns pass on quarterback Deshaun Watson?
Cleveland Browns fans can get on board with this idea.
What would Deshaun Watson bring to the Cleveland Browns? Here it is as Tajh Boyd tells it.
[Fansided: Dawg Pound Daily] - Cleveland Browns: Was 2016 that much worse than 2015?
We just wanted to let the Cleveland Browns know how we feel. . DAWG POUND!
Cleveland Browns: A new defensive coordinator is nothing to worry about - Dawg Pound Daily
Cleveland Browns – ProFootballTalk Cowboys kick the tires on Jonathan Cooper
Cleveland Browns art collage. Original painting art for sale Click to buy 👉
Cleveland Browns Jimmy Garoppolo? Terrelle Pryor? What are the Cleveland Browns' top offseason priorities (video)
The Cleveland Browns have secured the 1st overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft.
0-16. Cleveland Browns would destroy the best college team. Line would be +/- 53.5.
I am sorry to say that the Cleveland Browns are not the AFC North champions. I had such great expectations too "NFC North Champs"
Browns lose 27-24 to Steelers in OT, but Hue Jackson ready to 'dive in' to fix 1-15 to finish season 1-15 |
So the Cleveland browns now have the first pick in the draft next year? Man, I feel bad for the guy who gets picked.
Texas High Tiger Cobi Hamilton with game winning catch in overtime to defeat the Cleveland Browns.
Got Cleveland Browns written all over him
Browns give their fans a season to flush and forget - ESPN (blog)
we need to come together for moral support for Myles Garrett... poor guy is about to be on the Cleveland Brow…
This Just In... The Cleveland Browns are currently undefeated in 2017.
The most exciting moment in Cleveland Browns history gets the soundtrack it deserves.
The Cleveland Browns are now on the clock.
HERE WE GO! Steelers win at Heinz Field against the Cleveland Browns, 27-24 in overtime!
Updated 2017 NFL draft order: Browns pick first, plus rest of the top 20 via
The 49ers are becoming the west coast Cleveland Browns: giving head coaches one season to create a masterpiece with an inf…
The Cleveland Browns have more wins in 2016 than Rousey!
Terrelle Pryor's untold story: From homeless in PA to Browns' star receiver
PITTSBURGH - The backups assured the Cleveland Browns of the top pick in the 2017 draft. Landry
With today's loss in Pittsburgh, the Cleveland Browns are officially on the clock.
2000 NFL Draft. Cleveland Browns select QB Spergon Wynn with the 6th pick. Patriots select QB Tom Brady with the 6t…
When you meet a Cleveland Browns fan at the jets game...
Great to meet Michigan and Cleveland Browns all-time great Leroy Hoard. Great dude! Thanks for the pic…
Cheer up, 0-13 Cleveland Browns. Keep in mind, whichever team wins the 2017 Super Bowl has to meet the President.
The Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars won today and Tom Savage will lead the Texans into the playoffs
Cleveland Browns after wining their first game be like.
Talked Thursday on and said there was "No way they would lose to the Cleveland Browns--1 of the worst…
Rain drop . Drop top. The won their first game on this field goal block block
The Cleveland Browns have won their first game of the season via
You may have had a bad year but at least you didn't lose to the Cleveland Browns 😂😂😂
S/O to the Cleveland browns and their fan base they got their first W on Christmas
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Browns fans acting like they won a Super Bowl cause of that lil win they got 💀💀😭
Marla Ridenour: In all too fitting moment, ‘Pierogi Prince of Parma’ saves Browns from winless season…
I liked a video Cleveland Browns get their first win of 2016
said it before and I'll say it again. San Diego fans have it worse than Cleveland fans
What a year for Cleveland! Cavs won the NBA title, Indians made it to the World Series, and the Browns won a game 💩
THE block. THE World Series. THE Cleveland Browns WIN. It's been one crazy year in Cleveland!
2016 is the greatest year in Cleveland sports history. The Cavs won the NBA Championship. The Indians won the AL. The Browns won…
Cleveland's so disgusted with the Browns that they've moved them to a new city. (via
Browns pull Christmas miracle in getting win
Looks like Christmas came early. . The Cleveland Browns snagged their first win of the season against the San Diego Chargers, 20-…
This is Swagger. He's the Cleveland Browns ambassador. Hype as h*ck after that first win today. 10/10
Teams who have never been to the are: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.
Cleveland Browns are like high school, b/c they get a very slow clap and head nod right now.
In 2016, the Cubs have won more World Series Championships (1) than the Cleveland Browns have won games (0)
Brian Billick has an interesting way of describing the Cleveland Browns front office.
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'Robert Griffin III: Cleveland Browns will fight to the finish'
Robert Griffin III focuses on fast starts for Cleveland Browns - WKYC-TV
Robert Griffin III: Cleveland Browns will fight to the finish - WKYC-TV
Cleveland Browns' Hue Jackson likes what he sees in QB Robert Griffin -
Gus Hansen said it best... . "I'm 100% certain that I would win the Super Bowl as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns!" .
Two Cincinnati Bengals were fined for their actions against the Cleveland Browns.
Cleveland Browns claim RB Darius Jackson off waivers from Dallas Cowboys
The last time the Cleveland Browns won a game Johnny Manziel was the QB..
One Year Ago Today, your Cleveland Browns won their last football game and was against the 49ers 24-10. And your QB was Johnny Manziel!
Retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and legendary Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown met with...
It's been one year since the Cleveland Browns won a football game. They beat the 49ers and were led to victory by Johnny Manziel.
Last time Cleveland Browns won a football game Johnny Manziel was the Quarterback.
.kind of like the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles? Parity does wonders for them. Ask their fans.
Mike Nugent is the Cleveland Browns of kickers.
A 6-pack of Labatt Blue cost more than a Cleveland Browns ticket.
Wentz's early season success. Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears were the first two. What a joke. So tired of hearing this.
question of the day...what will happen first? Cleveland Browns win a game or Mike Wright gets verified?
Mitch Mathews (WR, BYU) will be working out for the Green Bay Packers next week. Was recently w/the Cleveland Browns & Kansas City Chiefs.
Congrats to Tracy Howard for getting picked up by the Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns have been officially eliminated from playoff contention.
Changing the name sounds like a good idea. These are not our . .
What we learned in the Cleveland Browns loss to the Steelers
The lights don't work on my Cleveland Browns Christmas Tree, how appropriate
Longest-tenured Browns beat writer calls for name to be removed from fallen franchise.
Steelers unleash frustrations on Browns after 24-9 wi..
Kessler buys time. And finds Gain of 36 👀
It looks like Mike Pence stopped by Jimmy Haslam's home (Cleveland Browns owner) during the
15. The Cleveland Browns are now 0-10. They haven't won since Johnny Manziel was the team's quarterback. Sad on both ac…
Win for Roethlisberger in Cleveland will tie record for most wins (10) by any QB (inc Browns QBs) at FirstEner…
Big Ben has as many wins in Cleveland as ANY QB (Browns or visiting QBs) since 1999.
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is looking like Paul Bunyan with his Cleveland Browns beard..
because real sports with franchise teams lack competition completely! Just look at the Cleveland Browns. They should be relegated !
Cleveland Browns: Thumbs up, thumbs down at the midway point
Wrote this before Thursday night's game: Is Hue Jackson getting a pass?
Application submitted to the City of Cleveland for public parade to celebrate a Browns 0-16 season: Does this qualify as a reverse-jinx?
For folks weary of this, I'm sorry ... but calling a timeout before the first snap was just so --
Browns Community Highlights - November 11: The Cleveland Browns are committed to the community. Through the First…
Cleveland Browns going for perfection 0-16 in 2016, in the 216 area code.
At no time, anytime whatsoever should an NFL schedule maker think "Hey, lets put the Cleveland Browns in primetime. That'll up o…
Baltimore Ravens players had A LOT to say following their victory over the Cleveland Browns.
The Browns were the first team since 2011 to use 3 different QBs in a game.
I think Bama could beat the Cleveland Browns
I've changed my views about the NFL contracting the Cleveland Browns, maybe just give them a year or two off as they aren't even competitive
I just can't do the browns or the NFL This year. Thank god for Cleveland basketball 🙏🏻
Please, please Theo Epstein will you come do for the Cleveland Browns what you did for the Red Sox and Cubs.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Cody Kessler 'is still the QB' and 'I don't regret' yanking him,' Hue Jackson says
Keeping out of the end zone on a Thursday night? Forget about it!. Here's TD No. 1 of his career:
Man somebody gone head & let the Cleveland browns get their first win 😂
Josh McCown goes for it all... But is there to take it away. ball!
Who's having the worst fall? Hillary Clinton or the Cleveland Browns?
I've taken more L's today than the Cleveland Browns
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