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Clemence Poesy

Clémence Poésy (born 30 October 1982) is a French actress and fashion model.

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Very excited to see The Tunnel returns to Sky Atlantic on 14 December. Clemence Poesy and Stephen Dillane have been…
Can’t wait for this to return but sad it’s the last series. Elise is such an awesome charact…
A beautiful feature from our archive with French actress Clémence Poésy. We love the polaroid series she took for u…
"I think the people we meet in life and the loves of our lives are very, very important in what we become, like cha…
the great offbeat comedy IN BRUGES featuring Colin Farrell, Clemence Poesy and Brendan Gleeson is now available on…
Just realized Fleur Delacor is Clémence Poésy who starred in the awesome crime drama The Tunnel
Tito and the little Aliens has been distribution in some countries, though not the UK or France yet.
Happy Birthday to the lovely Clémence Poésy (who played Fleur Delacour in the films!
I think denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It's kind of my uniform, really. – Clemence Poesy…
'It was interesting to see how the writers would address Brexit' – Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy on season...
Am I the only one who sees a similarity of clémence poésy and linda eastman /mccartney? With her a…
New post (FOR THE MUSE || Clemence Poesy || NOVELA BRIDE...where the modern romantics ...) has been published on -…
"The Ones Below", this movie deserves all the prices it got. Unexpected end, best plot twist, played by talented actors (C…
clemence poesy is like the most beautiful and charming little person i want to embody her ESSENCE
Eu vou perder 3 horas da minha vida por causa do Eddie Redmayne e da Clemence Poesy, it better be worth it
- 1940s Katharine Hepburn. - Emma Stone in La La Land. - Anything Clemence Poesy has ever worn, including the Beauxba…
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Yes. I watched it. Google 'Clemence Poesy' & wikipedia her. She played Mary, Queen of Scots in 'Gunpo…
Today we’re borrowing 5 tips from women so you too, can have Clémence Poésy-worthy selfies
Simona is my fave and Clemence Poesy actress looks a lot like her. I watched a movie and thought it was…
"Acting makes you look at life and try to understand it in a beautiful way" - Clémence Poésy
will i ever get over the fact that my brother is friends with clemence poésy? . no, i won't
Thanks - Beatrice Pegard directed this last music video for w/ Clemence Poesy, pretty butts…
."Morning Sound" is out w/ Clémence Poésy, pretty butts & nipple lasers. Directed by Beatrice Pegard.
Check the new clip starring Harry Potter's Clémence Poésy. It's slightly nsfw depending on where you w.
Another visual rollercoaster from starring
Dear Clemence; Your poetic name and also as much as poetic acting performance are kept in my mind with a huge sympathy...
Tonight at we're screening Stanley Tucci's starring Clemence Posey + director Q&A!.
Grizzly Bear's new video stars Harry Potter's Clémence Poésy ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs
do people tell you you look like Clemence Poesy???
The best thing about Goblet of Fire is Clemence Poesy, she's just wonderful
I think what is interesting in life is all the cracks and all the fla...
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Recently made the music for Clémence Poésy Official's debut film about young ballet dancers. Somehow reminded me...
will not stand for you all sleeping on clémence poesy's street style
Clemence Poesy on growing up without TV, nudity & her French beauty secrets
Just finished season 1 of the fabulous on Bluray. Clemence Poesy and Stephane Dillon are one crackerjack team!
I'm always curious about anyone who has enough passion to go onstage and say, 'This is what
In this film, Clémence Poèsy shows Colin Farrell what a real French girl is like. Befikre trailer kinda looks similar?
That Befikre woman has tried to do a Clémence Poèsy from "In Bruges" and ended up looking like a fool lmao!
Watching Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and theres Clémence Poésy. Im triggered. I need the tunnel season 3.
Before her short film debuts this week, we sat down for a drawn-out Q&A with Clémence Poésy (
clémence poésy is in this ep, will I ever stop screaming? probably not
I am interested in costume. Clothes in your daily life are important: your choices say somet
Celeb Clip for Clemence Poesy revealing her body (she was Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter)
To embody a character, you have to lose all judgment about them.
I actually don't trust anyone who tells me they don't like New York.
btw who watches the tunnel on here? i'm disappointed in u. 1) u didn't tell me clemence poesy was in it 2) SHE KISSES GIRLS IN THIS ***
Clémence Poésy in the Spring‑Summer 2016 Haute Couture collection for the closing night of the
Clemence Poesy is so wonderful in The Tunnel. Both in acting and in a make-me-question-my-sexuality kinda way.
My is 🌹Clemence Poesy🌹. She reminds me that growing into your mother's face makes you unique…
It's super creepy and has Clemence Poesy in it. Murder mystery in French and English.
Same here! I was also impressed by how (young) Clemence Poesy is holding her own with veteran stage & screen actors!
People say things are complex when they want to avoid the truth." - The Tunnel. Clemence Poésy.
Just watched "The Tunnel" . So *** good. . Also now totally in love with Clémence Poésy ❤️
And now it has Clemence Poesy kissing ladies?!? You're a gift to us all.
Clemence Poesy speaking French on "The Tunnel" is 🙌🏻. Gonna have to watch this episode again because I can't concentrate on anything else.
CLEMENCE POESY? I guess I've amnesia coz I don't remember that!
I guess now that Penny Dreadful is over, I'll be watching The Tunnel with Clemence Poesy and Stephen Dillane.
it's so weird seeing clémence poésy in Harry Potter after seeing her in the tunnel
I really liked (2008), starring Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell, Clémence Poésy and Ralph Fiennes. I'd watch it again.
Who in their right mind would vote for less Clémence Poésy on our screens!? ***
with star Clemence Poesy on her new role in
I constantly make fashion mistakes but I think it's good to take risks.
He's right here, giving Clemence Poesy a bath...
Clemence Poesy's under £10 beauty tricks - how to do Parisienne chic on the cheap
Pure people: Clemence Poesy : decontraction incarnee au defile Chloe
Clemence Poesy: would break my heart. How can you talk about Europe as if you’re not part of it?
Clemence Poesy: Brexit would break my heart
who does Clemence Poesy look like in this picture, who is it
I'm not being an irony joker, we must protect Clemence Poesy.
Clemence Poesy: Brexit would break my heart Do NOT break the heart of Clemence Poesy.
If we leave the EU, Clémence Poesy will be sad. Why would you want that? /
Glorious read aloud by a girl in a car in Paris...
Will young Londoners warm to views of Clemence Poesy? Brexit would "break her heart" bc she "divides time between Hackney & Paris"
Clemence Poesy: I live between Paris and Hackney - Brexit would break my heart
much better suited for the movie screens imo I have a Clemence Poesy site I need to get open too ahhh!
Hot Shot for Clemence Poesy body in "Hopper vu par".
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I believe you have to make things happen.
From how to shop French pharmacies to the best salons in Paris, Clemence Poesy on beauty: https:/…
for with Clemence Poesy, directed by Mélanie Laurent
im gonna cry my whole life i thought Claire Danes and clémence poésy were the same person oh my god OHG MYG GOD
Looks good,seeing Stephen Campbell Moore on sat in Photograph 51 and just watched In Bruges 4 the 1st time (Clemence Poesy)
New Review: Eddie Redmayne & Clemence Poesy star in the BBC version of Sebastian Faulks' Great War book 'Birdsong'
im i the onlyone that imagine Thane and Ciena Diferently?,like john boyega and Clemence Poesy.I dream of your book.its amazing!
Okay I'm on set with Clemence Poesy and didn't even realise it until we both went to the loo at the same time.
Happy birthday to Clémence Poésy/Fleur Delacour in who turns 33 yrs old on Oct. 3, 2015!! htt…
Is there a plot to The Tunnel? Who knows. Who cares. Clemence Poesy is looking serious & speaking French = it should win awards 💫✨
Noomi Rapace, Clemence Poesy and more at Stella McCartney Fashion show in Tips & Tutorial
Clemence Poesy at the Goblet of Fire Premiere Tips & Tutorial
French style stalking with Clemence Poesy {blogged}
I've found my new fashion inspiration: Clemence Poesy 😍😍😍
who *isn't* weak for Clémence Poésy? Seriously though, all girls schools? Hives of cruelty.She could be your light in the dark tho
I'm absolutely weak for Clémence Poésy but, so I'm seriously undecided about this.
This is tough for me because it changes. But I like Lou Doillon and Clemence Poesy these days.
Clémence Poésy is looking stylish wearing the arrow coat in the latest issue of
I hope she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside
You heard it here first… Clémence Poésy will be the face of a new Chloé fragrance launching later this year!
english but features the incredibly french and pretty lookin' rootin' tootin' clémence poésy
it-girl-posts | Clemence Poesy by productionkid featuring a short...
Photo: Clemence Poesy by productionkid featuring a short front long back skirt Loose crop top / American...
- 30 August, 2014 - by LiveInVIP - 0 Comments the actress wore her abbreviated crop with a…
Oh my god Clemence Poesy is at fest and it's not even
6 Fresh Takes on the Bob: From Emma Stone to Clémence Poésy: With the timeless appeal of a Chanel suit and the unbeatable range of a ...
Photo: I don’t really crush on famous people because what’s the point? However that said Clémence Poésy is...
oh and clemence poesy. french women just. Wow
"Everything is poetic when you are with the people you love." - Clémence Poésy (via coldjanuarynight,...
Clemence Poesy new photoshoot and madame figaro scans
I could have sworn I read somewhere that clemence poesy loves the song "leonard" by sharon van etten but darned if I can find it
Hi, Clemence. Would you consider doing a movie role of a woman whose tucked in sweater and belted jeans are stuck on her?
Sunday Mirror: "Michael Caine is at his crumpled best. Clemence Poesy is delightful" Mr Morgan's Last Love (12A) 8.15
I should make Clemence Poesy icons at some point why haven't I already done that
I was on the tube with Clémence Poésy the other night. Was all a flutter as I shoved a quarter pounder in my gob
Lovely Clémence Poésy Official wearing our delicate black dress from the winter 2014 collection in Madame Figaro!
How-to tips for one of 2014’s hottest hairstyles, the bob: Clémence Poésy, Julianne Hough and Emma Roberts are...
Clémence Poésy such a beautiful person. She is so sweet in Last Love
Reason I'm watching Birdsong, apart from odd-eyed beauty, Clémence Poésy, is to check it's not close to my own WW1 desolate romance script.
Clémence Poésy...It is a really good film, also is it just me or is Ralph Fiennes starting to look like Leonard Rossiter
We are also showing Mr. Morgan's Last Love with Michael Caine and Clémence Poésy tomorrow at 4pm and 8.30pm
+ in a book, I’m always looking for stories, stories of lives, those that have a person as their core.". - clémence poésy
Watched "Last Love" on the weekend. A beautiful movie. You and Clemence Poesy were perfect. Thank you.
Clemence Poesy joins official video of Yann Tiersen 'Meteorites'
Clemence Poesy exclusive pictures from Birdsong and In Bruges! Featuring Colin Farrell and Eddie Redmayne
Clemence Poesy is the new face of Chloe because "she defines what effortless French seduction smells like"
Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!Have beautiful days with family and friends,next year full of great projects! Felices Fiestas Clémence!
Finishing off - seriously, Clemence Poesy has been spellbinding in this.
Last Love : Two-time Oscar (R)-winner Michael Caine stars with Clemence Poesy, Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson in this richly nuanced, emot
Why do we not make a big deal about clemence poesy, did you know she is 31 and she literally looks like a 20 year old angel
Now borgen and the tunnel have finished, I have no clemence poesy or birgitte hjort sorenson on my tv every week.
Finally ended up watching the gripping finale of 'The Tunnel' on Sky Atlantic...Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy excellent throughout. Top, top drama!!
Still not 100% sure if Sofia Helin is as compelling as Clemence Poesy's Ellise Wasserman
(Sep. 2010) VIDEO: Clemence Poesy on the set of Gossip Girl
A movie starring Clemence Poesy, Gillian Anderson and Michael Caine? That's an.. Eclectic mix, to say the least.
The Tunnel was a pretty awesome TV show. Shame it had to end. Big fan of Clemence Poesy right now.
Clemence Poesy in "Time After All". She is Jessica. La vie quand même (LIFE AFTER ALL) is another film in a series collectively called 'Tales from the Orphan...
how perfect are Clemence Poesy and Alexa Chung though this is really unfair
This one time, someone on reddit said I look like the "secret *** lovechild" of Clemence Poesy and Aubrey Plaza. I personally don't really see it at all but I don't think there is a higher compliment to be given.
then you must be know who Clemence Poesy is.. /giggles/ ^^
not bad, but I can't dislike anything with Clémence Poésy in it anyway. It's a remake though, original series hits BBC 4 next year
I just love a girl in a hat. It's really sexy. Clemence Poesy.
Clemence Poesy: Festival des Arcs for MMLL and new haircut!
Oh dear.. watching some clemence poesy. Shame... not
Clémence Poésy. That is all i have left to say.
Omg is so good! Cannot wait to see who the killer is. Clemence Poesy is an incredible actress as well, not enough credit in HP!
What am I going to do without clemence poesy on tv every week
Oh how I love the French accent of Clémence Poésy being angry and swearing in English!
Just caught up on last nights The Tunnel! Wow a real tour de force from Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy! Awesome!
Watching The Tunnel , it's very good although not as good as The Bridge (the original) .Just dawned on me Clémence Poésy was in Harry Potter
Ten weeks of Clemence Poesy does not seem enough.
Loved The Tunnel: the English/French idiosyncrasies and Clemence Poesy were perfect, and Stephen Dillane made an adulterer likeable.
Just watched the finale of the Tunnel. An excellent series! Clemence Poesy was absolutely brilliant as Elise! Top quality TV.
Completely in love with clemence poesy's style, even ordered some biker boots to copy her!
I loved so much I blogged about Clemence Poesy. She was amazing as Elise.
Did you catch the finale of Listen to our podcast feat. Clémence Poésy & Stephen Dillane:
The Tunnel was just a watered-down version of The Bridge: Clemence Poesy (Elise Wassermann) and Stephen Dillan...
Clemence Poesy added edge to her red dress with a black leather clutch complete with studded hand strap. Try a similar style to give some...
My issue with The Bridge is that the characters won't be as strong because Clemence Poesy and Stephen Dillane played their roles wonderfully
Clemence Poesy & Stephen Dillane ... Brilliant tonite on The Tunnel Now that's acting !!
Watched the final episode of THE TUNNEL. Love it. Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy were fantastic throught. Great TV.
Going to miss The Tunnel, Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy were just fantastic...
Actually, let me rephrase that, I am in love with Clémence Poésy.
Gutted has finished. Going to miss my weekly dose of Clémence Poésy!!
Watching the finale of The Tunnel. Think I am slightly smitten with Clemence Poesy..
Clémence Poésy is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world
I think Sofia Helin is unbeatable but Clemence Poesy has still been excellent. Stephen Dillane beats the original
The Tunnel finale tonight after watch man united smash stoke. I think im in love with . Clémence Poésy, she is the one.
Clemence Poesy is super cute in Stylist magazine
Clemence Poesy wears a Valentino gown from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection and Valentino Garavani
Watching Clemence Poesy in Goblet of Fire is weird, I'm more used to seeing her in lately!
If i tried working out whether i liked Clemence Poesy or Pheobe Lettice more i would explode into a million pieces
get watching the tunnel on Sky Atlantic lad, she's in that. Clemence Poesy I think her name is.
Genuinely in love with Clémence Poésy, I now not only understand, but sympathise with the lonely men who become celebrity stalkers.
Clemence Poesy is nice, innit? And she's legal in this, nonce watchers!
I know I'm several years late but o_0 Clémence Poésy is in HP GOBLET OF FIRE.
127 Hours MPAA Rating: R/ Genre: Docudrama/ Stars: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara, Clemence Poesy, Treat Williams, Kate Burton, Lizzy Caplan/Runtime: 94 minutes I came into this movie with high expectations because Danny Boyle, who brought us 28 DAYS LATER and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, had a lot to live up to with the quality of those prior movies, and after seeing this movie I can safely say that he did not disappoint and he managed to bring the challenge of creating an interesting movie based on a main character being immobile to life, and not only that, but make it truly captivating as well. The film chronicles the true story of Aron Ralston (James Franco), a recklessly arrogant mountain climber whose arm gets crushed under a boulder during a trip through Utah canyon country, and with no one coming to save him, must decide whether he will die or engage in a truly epic fight for survival. Now the logline and description may not sound like much, but 127 Hours delivers one of the most riveting and incr ...
Clemence Poesy has the most beautiful lips I have ever seen. Currently in sky drama the tunnel!
Stream Suddenly you walked in by Clemence Poesy on Lullaby for Pi ost for free on Grooveshark.
I'm not fascinated by people who smile all the time. What i find interesting is the way people look when they are lost in though, when their face becomes angry or serious, when they bite their lip, the way they glance, the way they look down when they walk, when they are alone and smoking a cigarette, when they smirk, the way they half smile, the way they try and hold back tears, the way when their face says they want to say something but can't, the way they look at someone they want or love.. i love the way people look when they do these things.. its.. beautiful -Clemence Poesy
Keira Knightley in her 2006 wedding dress Clemence Poesy in Valentino Naomi Campbell in black lace Bar Rafaeli in white lace
scene from Les Amants du Flore with Anna Mouglalis and Clemence Poesy.
Can't get enough of the series 'the tunnel' so awesome! And think I might be developing bit of a girl crush on clemence poesy aka fleur delecour : )
I think I'm in love with Clemence Poesy! If you don't know who she is look her up!
This is a list of very underused faceclaims that I would like to see added to our roleplay community to get some fresh faces, and interesting people, instead of like 15 Selena Gomez's, 5 Lily Collins', and 8 Logan Lerman's.  Five new names will be added every Sunday, so if you're not interested in the previous week's additions, don't fret.  There will be more. Female: Anna Kendrick  Brenda Song  Hillary Duff  Juno Temple Teresa Palmer Abigail Breslin  Beyonce Knowles  Isla Fisher Caitlin Blackwood Billie Piper Hailee Steinfeld Hayley Williams Katie McGrath Kiera Knightley Natalie Portman Olivia Wilde Scarlett Johannson Shay Mitchell Eleanor Calder Liv Tyler Jenna Ushkowitz Danielle Peazer Marina Diamandis Crystal Reed Holland Roden Kathryn McCormick Antonia Thomas Kerry Washington Mary Elizabeth Winstead Kristen Connolly Aimee Teegarden Malese Jow Lea Seydoux Zoe Saldana Alison Pill Kiko Mizuhara Felicity Jones Oona Chaplin Gabrielle Union Mia Wasikowska Sutton Foster Jennifer Morrison Clemence Poe ...
Sky Arts press event - with Daniel Radcliffe and Clemence Poesy!
Just walked past Clemence Poesy and she smells the way I imagine Fleur Delacour would smell: perfect/something I want to smoosh my face into
i would quite like to come back as clémence poésy in my next life
I may have saved 340 pictures of clemence poesy...
I wish I had a cat like her I could play the whole day with
Clemence Poesy was only hot in In Bruges.
Photo: fireglazed: Top eighteen outfits of Clémence Poésy (asked by mariusollivier) Chanel Fashion Show in...
Remake of Bron starring Clémence Poesy and Stephen Dillane. Could be pretty hype...
I never knew it was Clemence Poesy who was singing on Happenstance. Jesus.
clemence poesy doesnt have the stereotypical perfect nose,she's a super model.B happy in the skin ur in!ur nose is perfectx
Jem Mitchell shot French Actress Clemence Poesy using natural daylight on the roof for Tatler
Watching Birdsong tonight...crying like a baby!Clemence Poesy is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world! Eddie Redmayne..aahhh
easily his best performance. also, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Clemence Poesy.
Clémence Poésy and Caroline de Maigret Front Row at Acne
Front Row at Acne Tilda Swinton, Jane Birkin and Clémence Poésy attended Acne’s first women’s ready-to-wear show...
Not entirely flattered by being likened to Clemence Poesy. Not sure why.
Clemence Poesy and Tilda Swinton arrive for first show. misses them already
No one does effortless chic quite like the French: Clemence Poésy
24/7 CLÉMENCE POÉSY Demure and irreverent, the French actress is the epitome of chic. Get Clémence Poésy's look >...
Also Clemence Poesy's accent has basically disappeared. From Goblet of Fire to Birdsong her accent has said au revoir at some point
Love this photo of AdoredVintage with Clemence Poesy at our fall show! Our spring show is less than a month away-...
Clemence Poesy is featured in this week's magazine! Check it out :) (who else loves her style?)
Clemence Poesy the ultimate woman crush
I was wondering if you had a time turner. If you do will you please inform me. I am planning on stalking somone. J'amie Clemence xx
"I love characters with faults / cracks, they let the light through" Clémence Poésy
Went to see this exhibition when I was in London,this image and Clemence Poesy are my fav,Cecile Cassel sexy right?
wat if berenice marlohe and clemence poesy were in the same french film would I survive it nah
*** you clémence poésy for getting to film these scenes with Eddie Redmayne 😳
Mix and match : tangerine shirt by Kamicinta | inspired by Clemence Poesy
On the eurostar and gets interrupted in the loo by Clémence Poésy. Cool.
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--> feature article from kamicinta blog! Get inspired by miss classic Clemence Poesy :)
got it right - it was Clemence Poesy. 10 to Gryff
I always freak out when I remember that Eddie Redmayne and Clemence Poesy have a sex scene together.
Celebrity style must have: Acne Pistol Boots - Celebrity style must have: Acne Pistol Boots Acne Pistol boots are definitely the must have boot of the moment, worn by celebrities everywhere. Keira Knightley, Clemence Poesy, Rachel Weisz, Alexa Chung, to name a few have been spotted in them and we want to get our hands on them too. The cobalt See all stories [...]
127 HOURS: Danny Boyle's film chronicling the harrowing true life story of Aron Ralston who, in 1983 went mountain climbing alone and ended up in a crevasse with his arm stuck underneath a boulder. This is an intense, well-executed and acted film starring James Franco as Aron. Boyle starts the film as somewhat of a glamorous commercial for extreme sports; with split screens, and beautiful scenic panoramas. Franco goes to the desert, has a fun run-in with some cute girls, (Amber Tamblyn & Kate Mara) and then goes off alone where circumstances lead him to be trapped. From that point on, the movie gets darker and there are some very nice stylistic choices blending nature with the past, memory with hallucinations. In and out of these visions drift Treat Williams, Clemence Poesy, Lizzy Caplan (Franco's FREAKS & GEEKS co-star) and others, but they are there, not as characters but mostly as props. Make no mistake, the movie has two real stars: nature and Franco. Nature looks stunning and behaves badly. Franco gi ...
Chloe Moretz, Dakota Fanning, Clemence Poesy, and Juno Temple all made our Best Dressed list this week. Which was your fave outfit? Check all of 'em out here:
Watching Eddie Redmayne and Clemence Poesy in Is this going to be sadder than Les Miz?
need something to google? "Clémence Poésy" there you go. she's grown up a bit since we all saw her last...
Clemence Poesy a me habia olvidado de esa chica
really want to watch Birdsong I mean Clemence Poesy and Eddie Redmayne omg
THE SHIP IS Eddie Redmayne AND CLEMENCE POESY did you not see the sex scene in birdsong
Dan may remember Clémence Poésy as Fleur Delacour in "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire," and both "Deathly Hallows" movies
I could see you like a honey color like Clemence Poesy when she wasn't blonde.
Look of the Day: Clemence Poesy in girl by Addition,
I wish I was a French actress like Clemence Poesy or Lea Seydoux.
Clemence Poesy had a short film. Google Google Google!
Dreamt they were hosting a film version of Belsonic and Clemence Poesy was here for one the of the nights. Oh man I wish that was real.
We have followed Clémence Poésy all through the year and we rejoice in her looks ♥
OH, I love love love clemence poesy's accent! And her... but shh ;)
I just heard someone say that Clemence Poesy isn't pretty & she didn't deserve to be Fleur. Omg help me. Wht is wrong with you. Asdfghjkl
Watching In Bruges and I have a lifetime crush on Clémence Poésy now.
Clemence Poesy should not be allowed to exist
If you asnwer me I would be forever happy : ) S'il te plaît Clémence! Love you. x
I think this is possible her's, because it says so on which I think is quite a formal website about her
Becca just made me have a Clemence Poesy fangirling fit. As if I don't love her enough already!!
If you love Clemence Poesy, then I love you.
Clemence Poesy is my favourite female from the potter cast
hey hun, I got Clemence Poesy's autograph for both of us!:-) Stanley Tucci sent me only one for me, but I might write again:-)
we know that Clemence was easily the best part of that equation ;) But thanks - JC
Clemence Poesy played Fleur Delacleur! She gets all the best names.
"I love it when strange drunk men pester me at work because they think I'm pretty." -- Clemence Poesy in In Bruges, and every woman ever.
clémence poésy is perfect i don't understand please explain what how why
2: Claire Danes 3: Honeysuckle Weeks and I shall give you a 4th: Clemence Poesy. All have a quirk that I love.. :p
French actress Clémence Poésy, famous for her role of 'Chloe' in the film noir hit, "In Bruges"
watching some short films directed by BryanAdams. interesting pieces especially the one Clémence Poésy.
"You have to encourage people not to give in to the temptation to be normal, even if it isn't easy." - Clémence Poésy
Watching some short films directed by BryanAdams. Interesting pieces. Especially the one with Lana del Ray and Clemence Poesy.
there are twins at uni who look exactly like clémence poésy and they make my cry every time i see them
Much love for Ellen (though for finding me a Clemence Poesy icon for the future
Does anybody have any Clemence Poesy icons? :-)
I don't always But when I do, it's because She is such a
My beauty icon is Clémence Poésy ... she has a modern French chic about her I love!
I watched him in Birdsong where he just looks longingly at Clémence Poesy in most scenes. I can't believe he's like 30.
Clemence Poesy...brilliant and soo beautiful!
Happy 30th Birthday to Clemance Poesy ( the girl who plays Fleur) -Admin Crookshanks
Happy Birthday to Clemence Poesy!!! the actress behind Fleur Delacour [who today turns 30]. ~HaRonMione
Happy birthday to our beautiful Clemence Poesy who played as Fleur Delacour! ♥ ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
Celebrity Birthdays for November 30, 2012: - Elisha Cuthbert is 30 years old - Kaley Cuoco is 27 years old - Amy Ryan is 43 years old - Dania Ramirez is 32 years old - Clemence Poesy is 30 years old Visit for more birthdays!
Okay so Fleur Delacour, the actress who portrays her's (clemence poesy) in every fashion mag. I mean if you have the slightest bit of interest for fashion trust me you'll find her in any mag. Instyle and Glamour are the last ones I saw her in, she really does have a great style :D But the thing about her is; she's pretty but it depends on the photo. Sometimes she just isn't and sometimes she's the veela everybody knows her for :D Anyway, enough of Fleur Delacour :) ~Cissy who wodners how many of you actually knows what her name means? I laughed when I started learning french and understood.
First Light Awards 2011: First Light asked David Heyman, Harry Potter Director, for his top tips and advice for young filmmakers. Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delac...
David Bradley (Gardener) & Clemence Poesy (Fleur) being the other actors in Richard II
watching the tv series of birdsong to ready me for English- love Clemence Poesy and Eddie Redmayne. But you skipped loads? Book waay better
We're not over-the-moon about it either, but the similarity to this Chanel Resort 2011 frock is uncanny
when Clemence Poesy and Ed Westwick is together in Gossip Girl,that's the most perfect view ever
I saw the spitting image of Clémence Poésy in Glasgow once, and was very, very disappointed when I realised it wasn't her.
it was agreed by unanimous decision in my house at university that Clemence Poesy is a beautiful human being.
Claire Danes and Clemence Poesy have got to be related in some way because they are almost identical.
I would love photos of that for my fansite: ;)
Also, Clémence Poésy is my new The One. she may have pipped Olivia Munn to the post.
Chuck Bass was perfect with Clemence Poesy, but also Blair Waldorf..
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11-12/50 pictures of beautiful people: Clemence Poesy
We still think that French actress and fashion model Clémence Poésy looks so chic in “Strike A Pose” for Vogue...
life would be so much better if I was Clemence Poesy.
+ I do have a bizarre face that’s a bit out of proportion. I guess that’s why some people see me as strange. ~ Clemence Poesy
Clemence Poesy is so amazing. I love her in Gossip Girl so glad I brought season 4 with me.
Go like ~Fleur Delacour & Clémence Poésy~ The most beautiful women in the world!! ~Chlodemort
Conspiracy theory: Claire Danes is actually Clemence Poesy. They are both the same person. Thank me later.
Clemence Poesy is my favourite. Her voice. Oh, her voice.
Going to fill my life with as much clemence poesy as possible today.
No way! The best accent in it is Clemence Poesy's. Do love Colin Farrell anyway though.
Time to stalk Clemence Poesy and James and Oliver Phelps.
Thank you very much for your answer. I'm also a writer. You're the only actress (except Clemence Poesy) to answer to my
Clemence Poesy in Acne pistols. a pair! Click here & enter our
Why Clemence Poesy is so pretty... *sob*
it should be illegal to be this perfect [14/50]- clémence poesy
If I was half as beautiful as Clemence Poesy I'd be happy.
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