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Cleavon Little

Cleavon Jake Little (June 1, 1939 – October 22, 1992) was an American film and theatre actor.

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Once Bitten, starring Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey, Karen Kopkins and Cleavon Little, was released on this day in 1985…
Cleavon Little is always looking for white women on n he seems awfully partial to Zone 10.
He penned the script of Vanishing Point, starring Barry Newman and Cleavon Little in early 70’s.
.on "His development has been huge. When we first saw him come on the scene, he was a little, sk…
One of the greatest modern outlaw movies ever. Cleavon Little was revelatory
is he pulling a Cleavon Little trick?
Cleavon Little was the perfect actor for this part.
I'd put in a good word for Cleavon Little delivering Richard, Mel Brooks and company's li…
Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles had a bit funnier version!
The UK's strategy is like that scene in Blazing Saddles when Cleavon Little takes himself hostage, except the towns…
The Kaltenborn scene was a favorite of mine, only to be topped by John when I saw "Blazing Saddles":. S…
John Hillerman. With Cleavon Little & Mel Brooks on the set of Blazing Saddles. Photo: John D. Kisch, 1974
Pryor co wrote Blazing Saddles, he wanted to star but ultimately cleavon Little was cast
I recently found out that Blazing Saddles star Cleavon Little played Sebastian, who was o/c one of…
This marked one of the first major screen appearances of Cleavon Little -
Ernst Lubitsch: kay so you're all American except for Groucho Marx here and you're all gonna play Hungarians. Cast…
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David Clarke is a worse sheriff than Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles"
I'm reminded of Blazing Saddles by this story. As Gene Wilder is explaining to Cleavon Little about the…
Blazing Saddles for it's punchiness and more than anything for Gene Wilder
That line was ad libbed, so Cleavon Little is g…
I need to know it’s okay to call my male friends “baby” like Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles.
The world's greatest cast with so many gone: Madeline Khan, Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, t…
Once Bitten was a Lauren Hutton movie with Cleavon Little. Not a Jim Carrey vehicle.
Cheers to Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder limo-ing off into the sunset. . Little is splendid as Bart!Nods to Korman, Pickens, and Gilliam too.
He and Cleavon Little were the best in it
You just made me realize that I had no idea if Cleavon Little was alive (no).
is like the Godfather. If it's on, I can't change the channel. Pure genius. Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder were perfect.
Cleavon Little died far too young. But I'm glad this is the part we'll remember him for. He was terrific.
I'm still sad about Cleavon Little dying so young
Flippa Dippa came from a Bruce Jay Friedman play with Cleavon Little!
You can actually see Cleavon Little holding his laughter.
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Watching Cleavon Little ride past the Count Basie orchestra just made me more cheerful than I've been in days. God bless Mel Brooks.
Watching this you'd think Cleavon Little would get launched to stardom but he never quite took off which is a shame he's great
When I saw this in '74 I was already a fan of Cleavon Little thanks to the sitcom "Temperatures Rising"
Dang but Cleavon Little is simply beautiful in that scene
Cleavon Little: I'm sure a lot of us would be willing to pretend to be white women, if that's your thing.
could "Blazing Saddles" be made today? Director Mel Brooks, actors, Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder and Slim Pickens!
As much as a fan I am of Pryor, *** Cleavon Little is so great in this!
Cleavon Little is fantastic as the Sheriff but how much different is this film if Richard Pryor
Cleavon Little was genius in this flick.
Cleavon Little threatens to shoot himself and everybody laughs. But a white guy stabs himself and everybody's upset.
We all know Richard Pryor was supposed to play Cleavon Little's part in Blazing Saddles- but Gig Young also shot scenes in Gene Wilders part
Big up Mayweather! Making me a little richer tonight 💸💸💰
didn't Cleavon Little do that in Blazing Saddles?
Once again, like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles: holding the gun to his own head.
is like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles holding a gun to his head forcing us to pay for that wall.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I am reminded of the scene in Blazing Saddles where Cleavon Little takes himself hostage.
Nope and Cleavon Little never found where the white women at...
Blazing Saddles by a country mile. Never get made today as the studios would be petrified of the backl…
"Once Bitten" a silly early Jim Carrey vehicle with Lauren Hutton and an Inspired Cleavon Little..its terrible but…
"Where the eclipse at?" You sound like the awful Steppin Fetchit stereotype the great Cleavon Little mocked in "Blazing Saddles."
Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles are boyfriends
Cleavon Little should have been huge. I miss Madeline Kahn. Mel Brooks outlasted the entire primary cast.
Plus this person obviously unaware Richard Pryor co-wrote it & 1 of the 2 leads is Cleavon Little. Maybe see it 1st b4 outrage?
In the Nick of Time (1991) Lloyd Bridges, Michael Tucker, Cleavon Little . Santa Claus is up for retirement after...
I want him to use Cleavon Little style. "Excuse me while I whip this out.".
The chemistry he has with Cleavon Little is beyond compare.
Care too little, you lose them . Care too much, you get hurt
I still don't understand why DJT wants me to think it's a sheriff's star. Who's the sheriff in all this? HRC? James Garner? Cleavon Little?
It was obviously a nod to "Blazing Saddles" and Cleavon Little. Why can't everyone see that? *** dishonest medias.
Gene Wilder wasn't a sheriff but Cleavon Little got only a 5-pointed star in
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Technically Cleavon Little was the sheriff of Rock Ridge but Slim Pickens was great as well.
Cleavon Little is perfectly cast. I know they wanted Pryor to play Bart, but he brings a subtly to the role that Pryor lacks
Truth. Nowadays Cleavon Little would be drummed out of the industry for a few of the more choice lines from that film.
Cleavon Little, Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman: Apparently it is everyone's birthday today.
Heh. We had to hit the reset button after you went all Cleavon Little on me. :)
Barry Newman should be at the wheel with Cleavon Little on the radio
" what did you expect them to say? Welcome Sonny? Said Gene Wilder to Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles.
See I kind of like Fletch 2. It's not an all-timer but has plenty of good moments. Plus, Cleavon Little.
Gene Wilder & Cleavon Little jumping into the fight on the set of Blazing Saddles (1974, Mel Brooks).
I randomly remember this girl on tumblr who reblogged Blazing Saddles and tagged Cleavon Little as Richard Pryor and didn't fix it lol
As the great Cleavon Little once said, " I like to keep my audience riveted."
Reached a point years ago where, as a GOP Latino, I felt like Cleavon Little in those Klan robes
They just don't get humor. Still love the Cleavon Little & Burton Gilliam story that came from that movie.
Mel Brooks & Cleavon Little on the set of Blazing Saddles (1974) via /r/
For tonight's movie, I'm making Bigs watch Once Bitten. Cleavon Little is the best.
When I see this, I think Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles" singing "Camptown Races."
My dad saw him live in 'MacBird!' (along with Rue McClanahan, William Devane, Cleavon Little) in the late '60s. I'm v. jealous.
I liked a video The Day the Earth Moved (1974) Jackie Cooper, Stella Stevens and Cleavon Little FULL
They obviously didn't see the scene with Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles dressed like that
reminds me of the DJ played by Cleavon Little in "Vanishing Point" Follow him on for some brilliant life rants
That sound u just heard was Cleavon Little rolling over in his grave.
When you try to appreciate the little things but life moving too fast
Every time I watch Blazing Saddles I look up Cleavon Little and wish he'd been able to do more movies. He won a TONY before he'd
Cleavon Little was a better sheriff then that *** Clarke..
I can't help but think about Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder dressed as klansmen in Blazing Saddles.
Didnt Cleavon Little already play him in the movie version of that?
ALF comforts a dying little girl, helps deliver a baby in an elevator, and stops Cleavon Little from committing suicide. That all happens.
Remember scene in Blazing Saddles, & Gene Wilder explains town mentality to Cleavon Little & he says "you know, morons" :)
I bet some mornings when you awake to GOP racism-heavy attacks you kind of feel like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles? Good job sir.
Looks like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles. lol Just kidding Sheriff! Love ya.
Question, Mr. Wilder: was Cleavon Little's laugh when you said morons unscripted? It always seemed so to me. Very honest, real.
Question for you, Mr. Brooks: was Cleavon Little's laugh when Gene Wilder said "morons" unscripted? It always looked genuine.
You realize that whenever I say Vitter Baby, i'm saying it like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles when he say "Bitter baby".
Pryor? Ahem. Excuse me when I whip this out. Cleavon Little Pryor did help write script
Happy birthday! Can't wait to see you perform tomorrow night. I have a great Cleavon Little story to share with you.
Photo: Remembering Cleavon Little who died on this day in 1992.
Hey nubsters. I wonder if you've ever seen Blazing Saddles. Cleavon Little is awesome. You guys aren't.
Kind of like when Cleavon Little hits Slim Pickens on the head in Blazing Saddles. It’ll be funny!
I've pictured him in my head for 30 years as a cross between Cleavon Little and John Amos, so that was a little startling.
"To tell a family secret, my grandmother was Dutch...". Cleavon Little-
*Cleavon Little at Bed Bath and Beyond*. "Where the white linen at!"
I'm pretty sure it's not Cleavon Little either!
Sumlin channeling a little Cleavon Little right there.
Remember Cleavon Little holding himself hostage in Blazing Saddles? Now imagine Obama pointing a Nuke at his head!
Said it before:. Cleavon Little was amazing, just wish he had more movies under his belt before dying in '92.
Cleavon Little & Joe Willie Namath are on the same episode of Fantasy Island.
If there's a cooler dude than Cleavon Little in I've never seen him
My little girl and I, with the new kit. 4th and 5th generation of United fans in the family.
I loved Burton Gilliam tell me that he couldn't say the N-word. He hated it. Cleavon Little had to help convince him.
"Once Bitten" with Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton (and Cleavon Little) is a cult classic
Cleavon Little was so great in Blazing Saddles.
excellent movie...I miss Cleavon Little..I had a mega crush on's Twue!!😅
seriously. What would cleavon little say?
Mel Brooks & Cleavon Little on location for one of the most irreverent comedies ever made, 'Blazing Saddles' (1974).
They couldn't make Blazing Saddles in today's PC society, because Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, and Madeline Kahn are all dead.
I think Eric McCormack could be solid in Gene Wilder's role in Blazing Saddles. Toughest are Cleavon Little, Mel Brooks, & Harvey Korman.
Mel Brooks gets away with it. I was sad to see that Cleavon Little never really did anything after this. Gene Wilder is a God.
Was really good to see Blazing Saddles on the big screen. Still a funny movie. Hard not to love Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder.
. It was actually Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles. Pryor turned the role down. You.are good😉
Classic Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstien my fav of his movies, besides him and Cleavon Little in Blazzing Saddles. http:…
Movie choice this week for Monday's showing. Blazing Saddles starring Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little. Fear...
It goes without saying the Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder are perfection. For my money - they are the unique element of that film.
Watchin a great film from 1974 with Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Mel Brooks! Its called
Watching Abe is like watching Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles take himself hostage to avoid a lynching. Abe's latest action to hold-off...
Cleavon Little was perfect in Blazing Saddles. (Richard Pryor couldn’t be in it but he was one of the writers)
I can just hear Cleavon Little now from Blazing Saddles - "Candy Gram for Rodgers!" Discount double check?
I'm inlove with you.. And all your little things
A little Happiness is important in everyone's life
Thinking about Blazing Saddles, I can’t believe we lost Cleavon Little at only 53.
Let's make our own little world babe
Classic Movie Line . A Quote from Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) from the Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles" 😄
Wait, ignore me, it was Civil War. Breakdown has Cleavon Little from Vanishing Point. Another great film.
"Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben" - Cleavon LIttle, . "Blazing Saddles"
Progressives - this is just the first act of Blazing Saddles. They are the townsfolk, POTUS is Cleavon Little, and we get to be Gene Wilder
I'm telling you, Fletch is an investigative-journalism genius. Also, Cleavon Little is in this one.
Happy Birthday to... Grady Demond Wilson (born October 13, 1946) is an American actor, author, and pastor. He is best known for his role as Lamont Sanford, in the 1970s NBC sitcom Sanford and Son. Wilson was born in Valdosta, Georgia and grew up in New York City. At the age of 6, Wilson's appendix ruptured, almost killing him. At that time the young Wilson vowed to somehow serve God as an adult in some ministry capacity. Wilson served in the US Army from 1966–1968 and was in the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam where he was wounded. Upon returning a decorated veteran in the late 1960s, Wilson was featured in several Broadway and Off Broadway stage productions before moving to Hollywood where he performed guest roles on several television series such as Mission: Impossible and All in the Family and acted in films such as The Dealing (1970) and The Organization (1971). Later in 1971, after appearing as a robber on All in the Family with the late Cleavon Little, Wilson won the role of Lamont Sanford in th ...
Did O pull a Blazing Saddles Cleavon Little, "Step Back or the N-word gets it?" to force Julia Pierson out?! LOL
Cleavon Little becomes sheriff and helps Madeline Kahn with her iron deficiency. Town revolts! No stinking badges!
Original=1948. The Line from "Saddles": Cleavon Little "No thank you, fifteen is my limit on Schnitzengruben"
Cleavon Little is so handsome though that smile hng
the scene that kills me every *** time is when Cleavon Little, dressed in a Klan uniform, says: "Where the white women at?"
Trailer for the film Blazing Saddles (1974). starring Cleavon Little, GeneWilder, and Madeline Kahn . directed by...
Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn - all comedic geniuses, all missed dearly.
Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder are absolutely brilliant together. Their on screen charisma was tangible. Perfect back and forth
A Crowded Field The list of actors/actresses born on June 1st is impressive. The variety of talent on display reflects the immense chameleon quality of those born under the sign of Gemini. The mysterious allure of Marilyn Monroe, the equally elusive beauty of Willow Shields, the pert prettiness & frank sexuality of Teri Polo, the dynamic frankness of Heidi Klum, the mercurial mystery of Alanis Morissette, the poise & assurance of Andrea Bogart, to name a few. Among the many men born on this day there is the strong dynamic Brian Cox, the comedic charm of Cleavon Little, the flamboyant bluster of Frank Morgan, the raw honesty of Morgan Freeman, the cold assurance of Adam Garcia, the laconic charm of Jonathan Pryce, the spooky intense Powers Booth, the quirky bizarreness of Rene Auberjonois and the homey folksy gruff Andy Griffith (who started out as a rival to Dennis Hopper). Gemini you are many and you are never dull. Percy Adlon Film Director René Auberjonois Actor Pat Boone Actor / Singer Powers B ...
Happy 40th birthday, "Blazing Saddles", the funniest movie ever made and a film that could not be made today. It is a celebration of the enduring talents of Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Cleavon Little, Madeline Kahn. and Gene Wilder.
Finally I have seen Blazing Saddles. It was pretty intriguing. Blazing Saddles 2 out of 4 stars. Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content, and language. Released in 1974 the film is about (spoilers,) a black railway worker who is about to be hanged for striking the foreman on the head with a shovel. This black worker is given the position of Sheriff of the town of Rockford so as to scare off the black fearing townsfolk so the railroad can be built through the towns remains. This is a funny film by comedy genius Mel Brooks, and staring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder. Sadly a staple in Brooks's films (the fourth wall joke, where the characters and even crew acknowledge that this is a film,) slows down and stops the third act in it's tracks. Ultimately it is a funny film, however it does have poor pacing.
One time I'm glad Richard Pryor's demons kept him out of a part. Cleavon Little was dead solid perfect.
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I get confused between John Cleese (Monty Python) Cleavon Little (Blazing Saddles) and Lee Van Cleef (The Good the Bad and the Ugly) I am not a smart man.
Mel Brooks is a genius! Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little & Harvey Korman, to name a few, are absolutely hilarious!!
Young Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little are the best. Not to mention the bestest, Madeline Kahn.
FREE movie Tuesdays & Thursday (TNT) nights at Cine El Rey NO COVER & FREE POPCORN. Drink specials all night. Feel free to bring your own snacks, food i.e. pizza, burritos, burgers, candy, sandwiches just NO drinks please. TUESDAY February 18th a special 40 year anniversary screening of Blazing Saddles at The Historic Cine El Rey Theatre. Doors open at 8:00pm & film will start at 8:30pm Live music In "The Lobby" after the film from The TUESDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB featuring members of The Brotherhood Revival (on Tues) 10:30pm-2am with Drink specials throughout night. All/Any musicians are encouraged to come on down and enjoy a jam session. Blazing Saddles is a 1974 satirical Western comedy film directed by Mel Brooks. Starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, the film was written by Brooks, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Norman Steinberg, and Al Uger, and was based on Bergman's story and draft. The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards, and is ranked No. 6 on the American Film Institute's 100 Years...10 ...
Cleavon Little, Sherman Hemsley, Eartha Kitt, Berney Mack, Richard Pryor...few of the great actors on TV. I honor on this Black History Month RIP
Vanishing Point is a 1971 American actionroad movie directed by Richard C. Sarafian and starring Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, and Dean Jagger.[2] The film is notable for its scenic film locations across the American Southwest and its social commentary on the post-Woodstock mood in the United States...
"'I skipped the Grammy's (again). I watched Blazing Saddles instead and was reminded of a time when a filmmaker could make fun of Jews, Christians, women, Nazi's, Hitler, blacks, whites, drunks, *** straights, politicians, rednecks, the KKK, Arabs, cowboys, Indians, dimwits that knock out horses with a punch to the jaw - and everyone thought it was hilarious. We were a lot less uptight as a people 40 years ago, it seems... R.I.P. Cleavon Little. What a great team he and Gene Wilder made in that flick." Jeff McNeal
Today is a day of days! 40th anniversary of Mel Brook's American classic Blazing Saddles! Oh Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder you done good :-)
One of the funniest movies of all time, if you haven't seen it and don't watch it tonight I don't want to be your friend. AMC: Friday, January 24 8:00 PM 1974, R, ***, 01:33, Color, English, United States, A black railroad worker is appointed sheriff of a town marked for destruction by a scheming politician. Cast: Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Slim Pickens, David Huddleston, Liam Dunn, Alex Karras, John Hillerman, George Furth, Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman, Dom DeLuise, Richard Collier, Count Basie Director(s): Mel Brooks Producer(s): Michael Hertzberg
- Redd Foxx, whose real name was John Sanford, named his character after his father Fred. Known for very blue comedy, Foxx made the transition to television without missing a beat. Originally Cleavon Little was offered the role of Lamont Sanford, but he instead decided to star on another sitcom Temperatures Rising. Then unknown Demond Wilson got the role instead. - Originally a mid-season replacement, some of our favorite co-stars weren't on the show yet. Instead, Redd Foxx's comedy partner Slappy White appeared as Fred's best friend Melvin and veteran actress Beah Richards played Fred's late wife Elizabeth's sister "Aunt Ethel", who'd be replaced in the fall of 1972 by Elizabeth's other sister, Bible-thumper "Aunt Esther", played by Foxx's good friend Lawanda Page. While Fred insulted both, Ethel kindly and calmly replied with a witty insult, but Esther would yell and scream the insults. Also, coming in the first fall was Fred's buddy Bubba, played by Don Bexley. While most of the actors were portr ...
January 15, 1976 ... At Canton, Ohio's O'Jays, with "I Love Music (Part One)." Written by the legendary Gamble and Huff, and recorded at Philly's Sigma Sound studio, the song appears on the group's "Family Reunion" album. It was the longest song the group had ever recorded at nearly seven minutes and became a staple of discos and dance clubs. "I Love Music" peaked at on the Hot 100 and topped the soul charts. It also topped the dance music chart, where it ruled at for eight straight weeks. In a bit of music trivia, the signature bongo introduction was played by Bill Cosby, and the "Get it on" chorus was performed by Cleavon Little, both longtime fans of the O'Jays.
If the Tea Party set are the citizens of Rock Ridge, then just pulled a Cleavon Little on 'em. Think THE SHERIFF IS NEAR bit.
I'll forgive everything if Caldwell does a Cleavon Little at the press conference: Excuse me while I whip this out.
So much fun being an old actor! Watching the American Masters on Mel Brooks, I realized had known Mel, Anne Bancroft, Cleavon Little, and Cloris Leachman and some others who popped up briefly. Cleavon and I started out in NY together in 1967 at the Public in the non-Equity ensemble of Macbeth with James Earl Jones. Fun days!
Movie I remember fondly: Blazing Saddles. Mel Brooks, the old west, and Cleavon Little as Bart, the sheriff that comes to town. Hold on a minute while I whip this out.
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A great spiritual with a great baritone lead singer (Frank Acker) on an important festival - but it never fails: I hear "Wade in the Water" and I see Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little in their "KKK" robes. "I told you to wash your hands!"
cleavon little Blazing Saddles sherrif. Didn't he go Bolo?
Mel Brooks' raunchy, insane Blazing Saddles had a heck of a time getting out the gate, but when it finally did, oh what a race it ran. With pitch perfect performances by Cleavon Little, Madeline Kahn and Harvey Korman, the little Western (spoof) that could took on racial bigotry, sex and bodily func...
Cleavon Little , brilliant film with a great cast
'70 Vainishing Point Challenger R/T This is a 1970 Challenger Vanishing Point R/T , of which order to fulfill a thirty year dream it took me two years to own this car from the founder of the VP site, Russell Waring. It was a two year rotisserie restoration with photo CD documentation. From the start, it was built to make it the most truly VP accurate reproduction in existence. Ever since I first saw the movie, somehow, I just knew at some point in my life, I would have *that* VP car.:) This car has been completely refurbished in every way, shape and form. Yet, it retained its originality, except for the color changes. The 1970 Dodge is a real R/T, matching numbers, fender tag, copy of build sheet Challenger. It is not a clone. She has the original matching numbers 383 engine, 4-speed pistol grip, and 3.55 rear end... The engine and transmission have been rebuilt to stock specs.albeit a .30 overbore... It has correct subtleties as correct gas cap, bumper guards, rally dash cluster and road wheels. Al ...
If Cleavon Little was alive he would "dare, dare" me to make a trip to W 4th to eat $20 worth of 50 cent oysters. BUT, I have no interest in driving to Ctown in this weather unless I somehow buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the next 3 hours. LOL
I feel like Cleavon Little when he walked into town as sheriff in Blazing Saddles.WTH...What is with all the stares's 2014 lmao!
Blazing Saddles is on IFC right now and it's pretty brilliant & ridiculous. It's also kind of a amazing way to ridicule racists. Cleavon Little is great in this and of course it's also got one of my all time favs: Madeline Kahn.
Blazing Saddles (1974) Movie Info Vulgar, crude, and occasionally scandalous in its racial humor, this hilarious bad-taste spoof of Westerns, co-written by Richard Pryor, features Cleavon Little as the first black sheriff of a stunned town scheduled for demolition by an encroaching railroad. Little and co-star Gene Wilder have great chemistry, and the delightful supporting cast includes Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, and Madeline Kahn as a chanteuse modelled on Marlene Dietrich. As in Young Frankenstein (1974), Silent Movie (1976), and High Anxiety (1977), director/writer Mel Brooks gives a burlesque spin to a classic Hollywood movie genre; in his own manic, Borscht Belt way, Brooks was a central player in revising classic genres in light of Seventies values and attitudes, an effort most often associated with such directors as Robert Altman and Peter Bogdanovich . Some of this film's sequences, notably a gaseous bean dinner around a campfire, have become comedy classics.
for all you classic movie lovers..i watched 'Vanishing Point' on Film 4, superb , Barry Newman as the driver going from denver colorado to san francisco, wanted by the authorities, and Cleavon Little as 'Supersoul' the Local Radio DJ wanting him to complete his task...
It is written: If the evil spirit arms the tiger with claws... Brahman provided wings for the dove. Thus spake the super guru. (William Axl Rose-breakdown-use your illusion2 / Cleavon Little-Vanishing Point)
As for all the flapdoodle regarding Phil Robertson's anti *** position; I think Gene Wilder summed it up nicely in Blazing Saddles as he consoled Sheriff Bart. (Cleavon Little) "What did you expect? "You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons."
I got home and watched Blazing Saddles directed by Mel Brooks and starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Dom DeLuise.
Today in 10/22/1992: Cleavon Little star of Blazing Saddles, Vanishing Point and Greased Lightning dies at age 53
An underrated classic. One of Cleavon Little's top three all-time performances.
Cleavon Little: In 1992, Cleavon Little died on this date in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Calif...
Cleavon Little wowed us in the classic Mel Brooks Comedy Blazing Saddles. Did you know that Richard Pryor who...
Death day: Soupy Sales, Cleavon Little (the black sheriff n Blazing Saddles), Richard Helms (CIA dir. Involved in Watergate)
Whenever I see Cleavon Little in his all-yellow sheriff's outfit in all I can think of is Troy during paintball.
Cleavon Little died on this date in 1992.
I don't mean in the race way, but you should know you all appear to me as white people appear to Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddes."
Blazing Saddles - . Cleavon Little - "A man drinks like that, he is going to DIE". Gene Wilder - "When?". Yep.
That was good casting in Blazing Saddles for Cleavon Little. I've forgotten who their first choice was...Richard Pryor?
.if Richard Pryor had been given the role of sheriff instead of Cleavon Little
The late great Cleavon Little plays a fighting Preacher on this is one of my favorites from the show!!
I'm Cleavon Little, and this is the cheese dip chug. @ mi pueblo
Boehner reminds me of Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles", holding himself hostage...
Remember in "Blazing Saddles" when Cleavon Little points a gun at his head and says "Back off or the n*gets it!". Yeah you
Watching Blazing Saddles is bittersweet. I miss Madeline Kahn and Cleavon Little and Harvey Korman. I miss Gene Wilder on the screen. There are no more geniuses like this.
TV & Film Director Richard C. Sarafian has died. A director who paid his dues for years in television before unleashing a movie that became a cult classic has died. The New York Times reports that Richard C. Sarafian, director of the 1971 car chase movie "Vanishing Point," died Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif., at 83. Sarafian made his mark in television in the early 1960s, directing major series including "Maverick," "Dr. Kildare," "77 Sunset Strip," "The Big Valley," "I Spy" and "Gunsmoke." Soon after jumping to the big screen, he rolled out "Vanishing Point," which starred Barry Newman, Cleavon Little and Dean Jagger -- along with a souped-up Dodge Challenger that was prominently featured speeding past vistas of the American Southwest. The movie is revered in some circles for its social commentary, which is said to sum up the mood of the nation in the post-Woodstock period. Sarafian later directed "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing" (1973), starring Burt Reynolds, and "Sunburn" (1979), starring Farrah Faw ...
I still laugh at Blazing Saddles. Did you know Richard Pryor was one of the writers and was turned down for Cleavon Little's role because of his drug use?
I loved Cleavon Little! He deserved more of a career than he had after Blazing Saddles.
Was recently reminded how awesome Cleavon Little was in “Blazing Saddles”. Cancer took him at 53. What a talent.
While they were out, their house was burgled by Coke and Horace, played by the late Cleavon Little and Demond Wilson (pre-Sanford & Son)
Shame that Vincent's dad didn't have the same reaction that Mel Brooks had for Cleavon Little's family in Blazing Saddles.
"Hey, where da white (or any) women at?" . Cleavon Little as Bart, from Blazing Saddles.
Richard Pryor Storyville is thrilling & interesting. It's on the iplayer. I'm still sad about Blazing Saddles (though Cleavon Little lovely)
"Why don't you loosen your bullets," Madeline Kahn 2 Cleavon Little in a hoot of a flick, "Blazing Saddles." Still one GREAT CLASSIC! *
I love Richard Pryor, but Cleavon Little made a better "Bart" than he could have. RIP RP
Watched Mel Brooks AFI induction last night and laughed my a** off.. wow lot's of great movies and he is still hilarious. On the downside - so many of the actors in his movies have died and they were great.. Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Cleavon Little, Alex Karras.. and the rest are (forgive me ) old. but those movies were great and make me laugh every time... congrats to Mel Brooks.
Gene Wilder to Cleavon Little: "These people are the common clay of the new west; .morons."
Just finished watching Blazing Saddles! Classic slapstick..Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder,Harvey Korman, Alex Karras,and Mel Brooks.The joint came out in 74...and it never gets OLD..The whole time I wondered what if Richard Pryor came through and played the Sheriff? We can only dream... Goodnight family
If you were a Movie director and you were going to film a remake of Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles", who would your top choices be for actors to take the places of Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, Slim Picknens and Alex Karras (Mongo)? I could only come up with Cuba Gooding Jr. for Cleavon Little and "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson) for Mongo.
Thank you, WB. Instead of Richard Pryor in Blazing Saddles, you have us Cleavon Little
Blazing Saddles is on Encore... Here's your "mind blown" fact: The role of Bart was intended for Richard Pryor, but due to the controversial nature of Pryor's stand-up routines of the day and his background, Mel Brooks couldn't secure financing for the project with Pryor in that role. So Pryor was made a co-writer of the script, and Cleavon Little played Bart. Pryor later got to star in a different western comedy - Adiós Amigo.
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Thinking about how much Jean Stapleton meant to television history ... if you have not seen the following episodes of All in the Family, I highly recommend them as they display Stapleton's complete embodiment of the beloved "dingbat" ... Edith Bunker 1. Edith Writes a Song - one of my favorite episodes because it features Cleavon Little & Demond Wilson ... 2. Edith's Christmas Story - dealing with breast cancer - radical for 1970s television 3. Edith's 50th Birthday - this is a 'Must See' ... RIP Jean ...
In memory of John Masefield, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Griffith, and Cleavon Little. Past June 1s: 1494: First written record of Scotch Whiskey appears in Exchequer Rolls of Scotland; Friar John Cor is the distiller. 1792: Kentucky becomes 15th state. 1796: Tennessee becomes 16th state. 1831: James Clark Ross discovers magnetic north pole. 1868: Treaty of Bosque Redondo is signed allowing the Navajos to return to their lands in Arizona and New Mexico, includes establishment of a reservation. 1908: John Krohn begins walk around perimeter of US with a wheelbarrow, which takes 357 days. He walks 9,024 miles. The long days on the road wear out 11 pairs of shoes, 112 pairs of socks, and 5 wheels for the wheelbarrow. 1934: Congress establishes legal definition of “Indian.” 1938: The first issue of Action Comics is published. In its pages is the world’s first super hero, Superman. 1977: Native American activist Leonard Peltier is sentenced in Fargo, North Dakota, to two consecutive life terms for the killing of ...
Does anyone else think that Dule Hill favors Cleavon Little? I never thought about it before! Both very handsome and so talented! Shared photo via I'm Feeling Nostalgic
Just saw Blazing Saddles on the big screen and all I can say is: Cleavon Little was HOT . . . And Gene Wilder needs to read me bedtime stories. . . And Madeline Kahn is a genius, same with Harvey Korman and Mel Brooks and the little old lady. . .
Madeline Kahn and Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles is my everything!
And, onto Fletch Lives. This one just ain't as good as the first but hey, Cleavon Little is in it so, that's cool. Blazing Saddles, anyone?
Gene Wilder & Cleavon Little are a great team in that movie
True, they could never make Blazing Saddles nowadays. Harvey Korman, Cleavon Little, Slim Pickens, and Madeline Kahn, are dead. Dummies...
lol, without opening the link, Blazing Saddles! One of my all time favs! Cleavon Little and Madeline Kahn
PERFECT movie, omg! Cleavon Little & Gene Wilder should have won Oscars
Cleavon Little is great in that film.
Ah, Blazing Saddles. I've never really gotten over my childhood crush on Cleavon Little.
And Cleavon Little as Sheriff Bart was perfect. Really glad Mel didn't choose Richard Pryor for this role.
Pretty much! lol. Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles comes to mind for 1 particular scene.
The "Get-it-on" chorus was sung by the late actor Cleavon Little.
I did appreciate the appearance of Cleavon "Calculus Entropy" Little...
Director Micheal Schultz of Greased Lightening w me, Richard Pryor, Beau Bridges, Cleavon Little, Richie Havens will be at Lincoln Center!
Another one of the best movies ever made, Mel Brooks' best movie ever, and my all time favorite movie. 1974's Blazing Saddles. It's about a poor slave named Bart(Cleavon Little) who is appointed Sheriff by William J. Le Petomane(Brooks), the citizens of Rock Ridge complain and want Petomane to remove Bart. Meanwhile, Bart meets Jim the Waco Kid(Gene Wilder) and automatically makes him his sidekick, they learn that a thief Hedley LaMarr(Harvey Korman) wants to take over Rock Ridge, so they must stop Hedley. 100 percent a recommendation and my favorite quote from the move is "Hey, Where the White Women At?"
Thank you, Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeleine Kahn, Richard Pryor (writer), Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, David Huddleston, a great group I can remember right now and.Mel Brooks.
I hardly ever do this type of "Waah! Sign my petition!" thing. This is the exception that proves the rule. Remember when Cleavon Little begs for help in "Blazing Saddles" and the town folk ignore him, until he says "You would for Randolph Scott". The men take off thier hats, and everyone bows there heads, and there is a heavenly chorus of above singing "Randloph Scott!". It's like that. We cannot honor Pete Seeger enough. Thanks Elaine Sears-Dennehy for originally posting this, and Bill Granger I should expect you to see this. I don't give a rat's hindquarters what side of the Political Fence you are on, PETE SEEGER IS THE MAN!
Watching Jim Carreys second film he did back in 1985. A great comedy to watch called Once Bitten. Also starring in the film Lauren Hutton, Karen Kopins, and Cleavon Little.
One of my favorite Broadway Plays was "I'm Not Rappaport" with Judd Hirsch and Cleavon Little. It is a comedy as well as a commentary as to how we treat our elderly. As often is the case, the movie was not as good as the play. The movie was with Walter Matthau and Ozzie Davis. Two excellent actors. The movie was ok, but not nearly as good as the play. Here is the Trailer for the movie "I'm Not Rappaport"
'Blazing Saddles' (1974) is on CMT at 9pm tonight. If you know whats good for you, you'll watch. Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder. Tremendous.
Mel Brooks brings us the Ultimate Western Spoof. A town where everyone seems to be named Johnson is in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, Hedley Lemar (Harvey Korman), a politically connected nasty person, sends in his henchmen to make the town unlivable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor. Hedley convinces him to send the town the first Black sheriff in the west. Bart (Cleavon Little) is a sophisticated urbanite who will have some difficulty winning over the townspeople. Also stars Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks.
This is getting to be Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles."How are things in the CLEAN World"?
Today we have a new artist page for Cleavon Little, the Tony Award-winning actor best known for his hilarious...
warning of effects is like Cleavon Little's "hold it" speech in 'Blazing Saddles"
Gawd! How can you beat Mel Brooks, Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, and Madeline Kahn!
The sequester fight, as dramatized by the late, great Cleavon Little.
.During the Slow Speed Chase AC called 911 "I've got OJ in the car and he's threatening to shoot himself". Thanx Cleavon Little
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The young lady sitting next to me at Panera has a Cleavon Little's line about white women from Blazing Saddles as her ringer. Me, impressed
Count Basie and His Orchestra are providing today's sountrack. Here he is with Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles.
Have you turned to Separate But Equal on yet? Turn now & check out my brother Cleavon Little. He is seated next to Sidney Poitier.
Please watch the powerful movie "Separate Not Equal" on ! My amazing brother , Cleavon Little is in it! I miss him so much!
What I'm saying is I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Cleavon Little's car.
really enjoyed Tarantino's re-imagining of 'Blazing Saddles' - even if Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz weren't as funny as Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder.
Remember that old STAR TREK episode, wherein Lt. Hikaru Sulu, played by George Takei gets nutty, from some kind of super-sparkley space oddity, or whatever? Sulu gets crazy looks, on his face, attacks Captain Kirk, drives the USS Enterprise in a stay-the-course way, since he's imagining knives appearing, in a circle, around the ship, etc. Marty-tardy from CAL used to make affected-looking faces, like the crazy Sulu, played by George Takei, also a CAL grad, with me and tardiness. Mr. Takei was like other prominent actors, of the day, who were sketching future persons, of interest, such as President George W. Bush, also sketched, by C.M. Punk, of the WWE, as Obama is sketched, by Duane "The ROCK" Johnson, Kofi Kingston, Blazing Saddles star Cleavon Little, and by whomever played Darth Vader, after the burns and gear. I started getting messages, on my wall, over two days, by Marty-tardy, directed to coerce me, to not mention GW Bush, anymore. Maybe tardiness doesn't subscribe, to Louisianna Gov. Bobby Jindal ...
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian. With Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Dean Jagger, Victoria Medlin. Kowalski works for a car delivery service. He takes delivery of a 1970 Dodge Challenger to take from Colorado to San Francisco, California. Shortly after pickup, he takes a bet to get the car there in…
Friday night with Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little, what more could a girl want? Blazing Saddles; one of the most thoroughly politically incorrect, hilarious, off the wall, one of a kind, makes me laugh every time, aways something new to notice, puts me in a good mood movie! Truly lovin' life right now, hope y'all are too!
Sherriff, "Well you are my guest. And I am your host, so what would you like to do?" Gunfighter, "Oh I chess, screw." Sherriff, "Well let's play chess." Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder in Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles!
Okay, my favorite Mel Brooks story of all time. He shot a scene in which Cleavon Little and Madeline Kahn are in the height of a passionate act, shot against a curtain with the two of them not really visible. We hear garbled noises from her at first, then she mumbles, "Mien Gott! It is true what they say about you Black men!!" Cleavon replies and says, "Uh, you're sucking my arm..." Well, the scene was shot with the intention of knowing it would never get past the censors and he wanted to keep what he had in the final cut. So he showed them the rough and they cut it, and he got his other stuff to sail through. He's a funny guy.
On February 7, 1974, the this Western comedy movie “Blazing Saddles” premiered, starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder! Favorite scene?"
39 years ago today, the funniest movie of all time was released, Blazing Saddles. It was one of the first big budget movies to show an African-American lead character (Cleavon Little) using intelligence to overcome and win over a group of adversaries. Cleavon's character was based on Bugs Bunny. This was my father's favorite movie and he passed it on to me. "Candygram for Mongo!"
My parents bought a Betamax in the late 1970's betting it would be the hardware of choice to view classic films that you could now own. Of course they bet wrong and VHS became the dominant player (much like blu ray vs HD). We owned only 3 movies when production was halted and Blazing Saddles was one of them, I must have watched this film 50-75 times over & over. Django Unchained is good but in my opinion is extremely derivative of this Mel Brooks classic and can hardly compare. That said what became of Cleavon Little?
The stomach pain is getting old in a hurry. Cleavon Little (Blazing Saddles) had it until he died of cancer; is that my fate?
little known fact: The legendary Richard Pryor was a co-writer on the script for the classic "Blazing Saddles" ? If Warner Brothers Studios had even an ounce of courage or faith in Mel Brook's Vision richard would have been cast in the lead role. Cleavon Little was without doubt unforgettable as Sheriff Bart, but what if Richard had wound up with it, . Hm?
Cleavon Little's part in Blazing Saddles was originally written for Paul Lynde.
From Blazing Saddles: a shot of the best movie duo ever, Sherrif Bart(Cleavon Little) and Jim the Waco Kid(Gene Wilder).
So there were many things to love about Django Unchained. Leonardo DiCaprio being absolutely, deliciously evil. Christoph Waltz being essentially the same guy he was in the last movie, right down to being German, but now using his powers for good instead of evil so it's okay to like him this time. How Jamie Foxx looks without a shirt. The absolutely adrenline-pumping and completely, cathartically satisfying conclusion. But to be honest, the scene I will always hold in my heart, the scene that had me nearly comatose with laughter, was the scene where they were arguing about the eyeholes in their sacks. You can't tell me that didn't start life as a deleted scene from Blazing Saddles. I half-expected two of them to take off their sacks and be Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder. They weren't kidding when they said this was like Blazing Saddles merged with Inglorious Basterds. tl;dr GOOD MOVIE GO WATCH NOW
Writing a weekly column on deadline sometimes puts you behind the curve, but here's last weeks effort - Blazing Saddles There is a scene in the movie Blazing Saddles where the newly appointed, black sheriff (Cleavon Little), dealing with angry townspeople who want to “string him up”, pulls his gun, holds it to his own throat, and says; “Nobody move, or the Sheriff gets it”. The scene is hilarious in its absurdity. This is essentially the position that Republican members of the US House of Representatives are taking in the upcoming debate over raising of the debt limit. But, in this case, while the absurdity is equivalent, it isn’t hilarious. What’s scary is that many of them seem willing to pull the trigger. Last time, in Aug. of 2011, the TEA Party controlled House took the American people hostage over raising of the debt limit, the results were disastrous. Despite the fact they did, in the end, raise the limit, for the first time in the history of this country the rating of US credit worthin ...
TO: ALEXA: GO BABY GIRL This Grandee just has to brag just a little. Our Alexa was asked to try out for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts two weeks ago and she just received an email says that she has been accepted to the Academy. For those of you who do not know what this it. It is the Academy that "During the 20th Century The Academy became widely known as the "Cradle to the Stars" because of its glittering array of alumni such as Spencer Tracy, Edward G. Robinson, Rosalind Russell, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Jason Robards, Robert Redford, Danny Devito, John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, Anne Bancroft, Cleavon Little and Grace Kelly shown above. This legacy continues into the 21st Century with The Academy alumni such as Christine Ebersole, Paul Rudd, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Haysbert and countless others. Our training program is unique because it is based upon this storied heritage, advanced methods of instruction, an exemplary faculty and a leadership committed to the same standards of excellence th ...
Always wondered how different this movie would have been if Richard Pryor had the part Cleavon Little played...
If it helps, think of it as Gene Wilder/Cleavon Little slash.
Very kind. Although some of the credit must go to Mel Brookes, Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, Richard Pryor, and Steve Martin.
Some of my favorite movie lines (part 5): "For the bullet holes, mother*!" - Jimmy Jump (Laurence Fishburne) King of New York "Where all the white women at?" - Bart (Cleavon Little) in Blazing Saddles "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Dean Wormer (John Vernon) in Animal House "You got knocked the f--- out!" - Smokey (Chris Tucker) in Firday "This is a tasty burger!" - Jules (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction "You shot me in my pinky toe." - Vera (Della Reese) in Harlem Knights
Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder delivering beautifully written dialogue in Blazing Saddles
One of the best films ever tonight - condemned to the backwater of ITV4 at 11.30pm. Howdy to Gene Wilder/Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles!
He had to die cool too. Didn't go out like a punk in any of them. Dressed like Cleavon Little as the Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Cleavon Little to Gene Wilder in "Blazing Saddles", while watching Gene down half-a-bottle of Jack Daniels: "A man...who drinks like that, is gonna DIE!" Gene Wilder, after a final gulp and a burp: "When?" LOL!!
Is there a better movie than Blazing Saddles? Watching dear friend Cleavon Little with Madeline Kahn - the sheriff and Lily Von Shtup! "It's twoo it's twoo!" always lifts my spirits. '"
Saw Django Unchained and, like all the Tarantino movies, left the movie theater feeling like I just read a comic book. This latest film, was not one of his best. Jamie Foxx, it seems, can't find a movie role that's fitting of an Oscar caliber actor (RAY '04). This man's been around some 20 years and he's doing an underwritten comic book character. I can hardly remember his performance and I only saw the movie a few days ago. Pardon my coulda, woulda, shoulda, but...the late great Cleavon Little, (Blazing Saddles) or todays Don Cheadle (BOOGIE NIGHTS) drifts into mind as DJANGO. Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio shine here. These are two actors that have always excelled regardless of the quality of writing or character. Mr. Waltz, (a Tarantino find and also an Oscar winner for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) is so natural and convincing he could read a meatloaf recipe and hold your attention. DiCaprio, well... can't say enough about him. Watching him as this rich plantation owner (and other than they are men of ...
How Bout Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little, only one installment but very good # Blazingsadles
personally I'm in love with cleavon little
wldnt be surprised if one on one boehner PBO meeting is on purpose-much like cleavon little in Blazing Saddles when he took himself hostage
Reminds me of the scene from 'Blazing Saddles' where Cleavon Little points the gun at himself and demands to be set free.
Mitch McConnell filibustered his own bill today. It was like "Blazing Saddles" when Cleavon Little held a pistol to his own head.
Yes, Cleavon Little was a great singer. Died far too young, as well.
In my vow to do nothing of note today, we cracked open the Mel Brooks collection on BluRay. In a screw-up, of which I will not complain, they threw in a second disc of "Robin Hood: Men In Tights". We've torn through "Blazing Saddles" (again : ) and it's special features, which included the proposed TV Pilot... it wasn't bad, but John Amos wasn't Cleavon Little...currently working our way through "History Of The World, Part One".
Just watched "Blazing Saddles" Mel Brooks is insane! Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder were awesome together. Now time for: "Egypt: Engineering an Empire"
Before Denzel Washington, Arnold schwarzenegger, and Bradley Cooper, there was Cleavon Little, Alex Karras & Gene Wilder!
... sources have confirmed that Obama will re-enact Cleavon Little's town introduction speech from Blazing Saddles.
It looks like Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder are gonna take this thing. Latest News Reel from Fox News Attached
Blazing Saddles Movie Clip - watch all clips Buy Movie: click to subscribe Bart (Cleavon Little) is ...
The movie Blazing Saddles. Stared 1st the director was Mel Brooks. the cast was Cleavon Little as Bart the black sherriff,Gene Wilder as Jim, Slim Pickens as Taggart, Harvey Corman as Headley Lamarr,and the great actress RIP Madeline Kahn.Saw this at the drive Inn was halarious couldn't stop laughing I was ask if i new this earlier .I'm pretty good at this but somtimes have to take my time and think then I usually get and somtimes I don't .If you have not seen this movie yet it is a definatley Must see.Donna O"Shea.
Past cast members of The included Phylicia Rashad, Hattie Winston, Cleavon Little, and the late, great Al Freeman, Jr.!
Watched "Blazing Saddles" again last night, by the very talented Mel Brooks, only he could get away with such irreverence!! "The sherrif is a ni.?" No offence meant because he laughs at himself too. The very handsome Cleavon Little (sadly no longer with us) with his Gucci saddle, beautiful horse, and clothes!!! A "must watch film" for me! Superb acting by everyone. xxx
Actor Alex Karras dies. He is he seventh member (that I know of) of the cast of Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" to die in recent years. Cleavon Little (Bart), Slim Pickens (Taggart), Harvey Korman (Hedly Lamarr), Madeline Kahn (Lili Von Shtupp), Alex Karras (Mongo), Dom DeLouise (Dance Director), and Ann Bancroft (Mrs. Mel Brooks) who had a small, unlisted part, in the courtroom scene. Odd, eh?
Karras is the 4th, (that I am aware of) major actor from Blazing Saddles to pass; after Cleavon Little, Madeline Kahn and Harvey Korman not
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