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Clean Power Plan

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Trump will repeal the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Obama’s effort to fight climate change.
Totally agree:"Watch what Trump does with the Clean Power Plan. Not what he says about Paris accord."
Philadelphia joins other cities and states calling for EPA to retract letter on Clean Power Plan
Compliance with the Clean Power Plan should be governed by the rule of law, not by political rhetoric.
I direct you to the link I provided for a discussion of the Clean Power Plan by the public health e…
Protect the Clean Power Plan from the Trump administration.
The fight over Clean Power Plan will probably outlast Trump’s own administration, and so will the Clean Air Act
American Public Power Association - EPA sends Clean Power Plan proposal to OMB for review
Faced with "terrible options" on future of Clean Power Plan, environmental groups pick least unpleasant one.
D.C. Court of Appeals halts Clean Power Plan case, will not rule on its legality.
Don’t be fooled by the GOP’s harmful rhetoric — the Clean Power Plan that Trump rolled back would have created tens of th…
“Justice Department asks court not to rule in Clean Power Plan case” by
.is at EPA today to announce an executive order directing us to review the Clean Power Plan. Watch it live:
chief says will sign an order to undo President Obama's Clean Power Plan this week.
Trump to roll back Obama clean power plan
Keep in mind: Repeal requires another rulemaking procedure to undo it w/public comment. And legal challenges await
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Local leaders know that attacks on the are attacks on our health and economy: h…
Remember when the US used to pollute other countries like India? Now they get to cop some of their own medicine.
DJT signs order this week to roll back clean power plan.While the rest of the world invests in renewable energy, US digs up old dinosaurs
Trump will end Obama"s signature Clean Power Plan this week EPA chief.
Disingenuous Climate Science Debunked: The "Clean Power Plan" and other such climate boondoggles are based on lies…
'Death by a Thousand Cuts'. Trump slashes again! Cuts clean power plan. Ignores empirical data of harm to climate.…
If Obama’s Clean Power Plan is scrubbed, pollution from coal plants will choke agricultural productivity.
Clean Power Plan would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but .signing executive order on Tues. to kill it.
Clean Power Plan would create 30% more renewable energy by 2030, making it cheaper. But .killing plan on Tuesday.
Clean Power Plan = Energy savings to power 30 million homes and save consumers $155 billion by 2030 but .killing it Tues.
Clean Power Plan will save the average American family $85 per year in energy bills in 2030 but .is killing it Tuesday.
Clean Power Plan to have climate/health benefits of 25 billion to $45 billion per year by 2030 but .is killing it Tuesday.
Clean Power Plan preventing 140,000 to 150,000 child asthma attacks and 2,700 to 6,600 premature deaths. .to kill it Tues.
Clean Power plan would reduce the pollutants that contribute to smog and soot by 25 percent, but .killing it on Tuesday.
.plans to kill the Clean Power Plan Tuesday. Despicable.
America can’t afford to dump the Clean Power Plan. Add your name if you agree:
EPA chief says Pres. Trump is planning an executive order to undo Obama's Clean Power Plan
Apparently this week it's the War On Climate Action, the Environment, and All Future Generations
This should be put on hold till Pruitt is investigated and
Trump to roll back Obama clean power plan: Trump's order would lower electricity rates for Americans…
Pruitt: New executive order will "address the past administration's effort to kill jobs" through Clean Power Plan.
Trump to sign (very dumb, very destructive) executive order to begin unraveling Obama's clean power plan on Tuesday
Fantastic news: Pres Trump will get rid of the useless, job-destroying Clean Power Plan on Tuesday:
Trump to roll back Obama clean power plan.
Happening this week: WH announcement on Clean Power Plan, full hearing to challenge climate science https…
Too bad the food will be toxic soon since you cut the EPA and plan to undo the Clean Power Plan and dump chemicals…
Trump to roll back Obama clean power plan
The Clean Power Plan is a critical action for combating climate change and avoiding the worst impacts.
We need an head that puts people over polluters, not who calls Clean Power Plan “un-American” ht…
Oh, great Scott Pruitt likes baseball. But he doesn't like the Clean Power Plan.
AG of MI Bill Schuette and the Clean Power Plan: Wrong on the Facts, Wrong on the Law, Wrong for Michigan via
"You can't change the market-based trends in U.S. sector by ripping up the Clean Power Plan." -
Looks like EIA still assumes implementation of the Clean Power Plan in its 2017 reference case. One side case assumes it is not.
"We advocate that you reject misguided advice that the Clean Power Plan be discarded; advice that, if followed,...
West Virginia Attorney General is hoping Trump will get rid of the Clean Power Plan
Quoted in "Clean Power Plan could hurt...households" (Claim comes from front group: http…
Kelly Ayotte and Mark Kirk, two Republicans who broke from the party on Clean Power Plan, lost their Senate races.
Fossil fuel companies are challenging the legality of the historic Clean Power Plan, which is the biggest single...
Minimal impact: BNEF’s Nathan Serota on the Clean Power Plan and solar: This week, federal courts ...
This is critical - Obama Climate Plan, Now in Court, May Hinge on Error in 1990 Law
Clean Power Plan oral hearings begin today. Read Blog:
"Writing is on the wall: clean energy has arrived & fossil fuel power gen. is fading."
Yesterday & 8 other energy companies argued that the Clean Power Plan is w/in legal authority https:…
Get to know the – the future of our climate could depend on it >>
Inside the court battle that could destory Obama's climate policy
I suppose you've missed The Clean Power Plan and his climate agenda.
See story about how Texas will fare in trying to comply with
The legal challenge to the Clean Power Plan was argued in federal appeals court today
It's judgment day for the EPA's clean power plan, America via the app
CLEAN POWER PLAN: Oral arguments: the blow by blow
Obama's legacy at stake as has its day in court via
Appeals court hears high-stakes challenge to Obama's clean power plan - CNN
Why the top U.S. Corporations actively support the EPA's vitally important Clean Power Plan via
"A lot of people like to take credit, but I'm the guy that's got the name on it and filed first," Robert Murray on Cle…
Everyone that understands that our planet is under siege needs to make noise!
This court case will decide if Obama’s signature climate policy goes down in flames via
The urgency of climate change demands leadership on America's Clean Power Plan and delivers:
Broad support for the in court yesterday shows the importance of these lifesaving standards
The Obama administration's Clean Power Plan gets its day in court.
Where we stand with the Clean Power Plan, which is central to America's role in global climate action.
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Inside the DC Circuit: What happened at the Clean Power Plan's court hearing
DC appeals court hears arguments in Clean Power Plan case
Clean Power Plan clash at the DC Circuit highlights President Obama's legacy on the court
Audio now available of the argument in the Clean Power Plan case
denialist Myron Ebell to head EPA transition h…
The is a win for Virginia consumers. Here's why:
Here are 7 things to know about the
EPA the definition of fascism. Using bogus laws to destroy entire industries on the altar of a false religion.
Want to see 1 more example of the putting billionaires first? Just look at their opposition to the Clean Power Plan.
The latest attacks on the EPA’s plan for clean power make no sense
Foes of Clean Power Plan pitch appeals court on key ‘fence line’ argument: Amid initial signs that judges may...
Two grads got together to pen a joint op-ed in support of implementing
Obama's climate change legacy at stake as Clean Power Plan has its day in court
The Clean Power Plan puts unreasonable and onerous burdens on businesses and people. It should be overturned.
Nasi joins Texas and West Virginia attorney generals at TPPF event about Clean Power Plan | by
Court hears oral arguments in Clean Power Plan challenge: The exact role of biomass can play in meeting CPP r...
Urging courts to make the right decision for by upholding Clean Power Plan.
Businesses want the It’s good for business, and will deliver benefits to economy and planet.
US forecasts - note the impact of Clean Power Plan
Carbon prices are way down, thanks to the Supreme Court’s hold on Clean Power Plan
Big Polluters Are Suing the EPA Over the Clean Power Plan. Fight Back Today! Why do power companies want us choke?
In more Clean Power Plan stay fun, presses to acknowledge tolling requirements of stay.
.seeks further clarification from on impact of Supreme Court's stay on Clean Power Plan.
Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders wants to delay the Clean Power Plan. False via
What's the deal with the Clean Power Plan?.
For the health of our planet, I support the Clean Power Plan! Join me & tell Congress they should too! via
Clean Power Plan - New Policy or New Normal? Find out at Thursday's webinar. Read more and register:
Needs to Act on Reviews Stay of Prospects for Offshore Oil and Gas
"a simpler solution" to Clean Power Plan: have feds buy coal-fired power plants and close them
The Clean Power Plan is based on alarmist claims—and it will raise your electric bill 30%
"There's lots of compelling reasons to act—damage to coral reefs and sea level rise are two examples"
New report shows importance of Clean Power Plan
“We should make a Clean Power Plan based on clean energy, not renewable energy” former US Energy Sec. Steven Chu
Thursday 9:30 am Senate Environment & Public Works Comm. hearing on implications of the stay of EPA's Clean Power Plan, 406 Dirksen
It's time to change that. With the Clean Power Plan, by 2030, carbon pollution from power plants will be 32% lower than it was a decade ago.
Today, we're announcing America's Clean Power Plan—the most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change. Here are the facts:
Can consignment be a solution to the free allowance allocation problem?
Hillary Clinton is right! The Clean Power Plan is our best way to fight climate change and we must do all we can to protect i…
.bureaucrats admit their Clean Power Plan will only make the planet 0.03 degrees Fahrenheit cooler—in 80 years.
Clean Energy Expansion and Clean Power Plan Work as a Great Team to Keep up Climate...
The is vital for our climate and our economy! Take today: https:…
As other states move on new power-plant rules, Florida mulls its options
Republican Attorneys General Attack on the Clean Power Plan only business
There is optimism for the future of Obama's Clean Power Plan!
West Virginia’s attorney general just came up with a new way to oppose the Clean Power Plan http…
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Future power sector carbon dioxide depend on status of Clean Power Plan
is moving forward with the Clean Power Plan in spite of court stay
New brief by shows Clean Power Plan is essential to ensuring a healthy future for American families: https:…
Great to see Diane Doucette quoted here on how business support and can benefit from the Clean Power Plan.
Analysis: The future of the Clean Power Plan depends on courts, next president via
Despite Supreme Court delay stay of Clean Power Plan, states like Oregon forge ahead with climate plans of their own
Colorado Senate Republicans are working to block the state’s work on Clean Power Plan.
Big crowd here talking about the Clean Power Plan! Thanks to Macalester College for hosting!
Albright & Leon Panetta file briefs in support of Clean Power Plan
Next up on the Clean Power Plan supporters roster: Madeleine Albright, Leon Panetta & Bill Burns
In filing legal brief of support for proposed Clean Power Plan, >200 MoCs say plan is consistent with Clean Air Act.
Students discuss the Clean Power Plan with MN officials College remarks from 4/4
Franklin Equity Group’s John thinks utilities will clean up their act with or without Clean Power Plan.
LIAR LIAR $hilLIARY wrongly says wants to delay the Clean Power Plan via
Clinton says we need to support the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement
Registration is open for the Youth Forum with MN Gov Dayton in support of a STRONG & JUST Clean Power Plan:
panel now taking on Clean Power Plan. Ken Anderson from Texas PUC up first. Discussing merits of CPP appeal.
Gov. Scott Walker orders agencies not to prepare for Clean Power Plan
Dear SOUTH CAROLINA: Ask the Prez candidates if they'll pull down Obama's illegal Clean Power Plan & his Executive Order…
Spotlight on green news & views: Sup. Ct. holds up Clean Power Plan; charges filed over methane
Despite SCOTUS ruling, continues to support Clean Power Plan
Despite SCOTUS stay, America’s economy and climate need the Clean Power Plan
reply to the Clean Power Plan ruling:
Despite Stay, America’s Economy and Climate Need the Clean Power Plan via
Colorado can and must move forward on its Clean Power Plan in spite of disappointing SCOTUS ruling
State of Colorado stmt. re: Supreme Court's stay of Clean Power Plan
An obstacle rose in front of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) yesterday, but it's hard not be grateful for our state...
Gov. Hickenlooper statement on Supreme Court’s ruling to temporarily block the Clean Power Plan via
"5-4 order Tuesday halts the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan..." Amazingly they found the correct path
Clean Power Plan: “Today’s decision does not address the legal foundation of the plan",
Oklahoma, 28 other states seek stay from U.S. Supreme Court in appeal of EPA's Clean Power Plan.
It's crucial to this is just one way the Clean Power Plan is a step forward.
As federal court backs EPA’s Clean Power Plan, Colorado AG, lawmaker vow to fight on: A version of this story first…
Chamber of Commerce cracks down on the US EPA's Clean Power Plan
District court denies states' bid to block Clean Power Plan
well if that's true, it'd be a smart move. Dodd-Frank, Affordable Care Act, Bin Laden, Iran Deal, Clean Power Plan.
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, one of only 3 GOPers to support Clean Power Plan; Susan Collins (ME), Mark Kirk (IL) are the others.
Clean Power Plan will save Americans $93 bil/yr on health care. Tell the EPA:
Opinion: Sen. Kirk was right to stand up for Clean Power Plan
SPOILER: EPA not in favor of staying Clean Power Plan it tells court.
Republican EPA Administrators who served Nixon/Reagan and HW Bush Admins back Clean Power Plan: from
Former Republican EPA Administrators' Reilly & Ruckelshaus support EPA in legal challenge to the Clean Power Plan.
Clean Power Plan can enhance economic empowerment in low-income communities. Read more:
Senate Resolution 24 to block the Clean Power Plan passes the House 242-180. It'll go to who will veto it.
BREAKING: House passes resolution killing off Clean Power Plan. Vote: 242 to 180. Will be vetoed by
House has begun an hour of debate on resolution to kill off Clean Power Plan.
Three months after the release of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, Missoula County is making strides with energy
Marshall from Cass County Electric talks about the Clean Power Plan at the Cass County convention.
JUST IN! US Senate voted to block the Clean Power Plan. Now, it heads to the House of Representatives. Take action:
Take action for a strong Clean Power Plan!
Don't let big polluters get the last word on the new Clean Power Plan. Take action now!
Clean Power Plan, fuel econ standards, energy efficiency & investm. in new tech all key steps to clean energy future
.urges to side with the vast majority of Ohioans and support the Clean Power Plan
American Public Power Association - House panel to vote on Clean Power Plan disapproval resolutions
Four Corners Air Quality Group meeting focuses on options with Clean Power Plan.
GA sues the EPA again, this time for power plant rule. GIPL opposes these lawsuits, & supports the Clean Power Plan!
Mitch McConnell's "just say no" strategy on the Clean Power Plan fizzles via
Mitch McConnell's "just say no" strategy on the Clean Power Plan fizzles
Not helpful: A fire drill in the middle of taking a conference call. Good thing the Clean Power Plan litigation isn't important...
I applaud challenge of the Clean Power Plan. TX will fight against overreach by Obama Admin & an expanding EPA https:/…
Clean Power Plan is an opportunity for Gov. Dayton to create quality jobs, reduce pollution
DEP chief: state 34 months away from final response to Clean Power Plan
"Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said Tuesday that West Virginia will submit a plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan —...
Florida joins challenge to EPA Clean Power Plan: Florida and 23 other states are suing the Environmental Protection…
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection seeks public input on Clean Power Plan
West Virginia AG to States will sue EPA as soon as Clean Power Plan published
80% of emissions in come from cars, 20% from power plants. . Rep. Jason Isaac on the Clean Power Plan
Tennessee is leading a multistate effcy push to comply with the Clean Power Plan + other Southeast Energy News
Report: Texas can profit from Clean Power Plan, nearly 90...-Corpus Christi Caller Times:
Happy to hear MO's Attorney General Chris Koster is joining a handful of state's attorneys general to sue the EPA & the "Clean Power Plan".
Read op-ed on the Clean Power Plan's benefits in VA.
Tell Attorney General Chris Koster to support the Clean Power Plan in Missouri
.subcommittee to hold Oct. 7 hearing to discuss Clean Power Plan w/ Janet McCabe
Will Green Energy Grow More Through Onsite Or Centralized Generation? With the enactment of the Clean Power Plan, …
Here's the text of a letter from 33 legislators to Governor Steve Bullock, supporting the Clean Power Plan.
We will be holding a hearing at 6 p.m. Monday 9/21 at the Becker Community Center to discuss the EPA Clean Power Plan.
Great article from Andy Wirth about the Clean Power Plan!...
Wake up (CO2 storage is physically, financially & politically impossible.
What you need to know about the Clean Power Plan: via
Great message from Missouri to Washington: will create a better future
EPA's Clean Power Plan will hurt poor Blacks, Hispanics and whites the most
"It is the developing world, not the U.S., that calls the shots" to curb global warming. STC's
Coal can be cheap or it can be clean, but it can't be both. Today's illustration:
The GOP can also stop the Clean Power Plan by gracefully submitting to it, then co-opting the stuff that might help their donors.
Letter: Koster should steer clear of litigation over Clean Power Plan:
GOP starting to understand what's obvious: the courts are their ONLY hope for stopping the Clean Power Plan.
"Costs of Clean Power Plan not justified by perceived benefits,” writes chief
Non-agriculture sectors of the economy produce over 90% of all greenhouse gas emissions:
EPA says the Clean Power Plan is an opportunity to change the conversation on environmental justice issues
Meeting Clean Power Plan with wind power saves consumers billions on natural gas purcha...
The Kasich administration once again shows its shortsightedness, as Ohio's EPA director slams the Clean Power Plan http:…
The Clean Power Plan will lower electric costs in Ohio & help support the continue growth of the state's renewable energ…
This is a brutal line of questioning from last week's House hearing on the Clean Power Plan
Measuring the Measurable: The Clean Power Plan and the Need for Open, Accurate Market Data
A federal court REJECTED the latest attempt from dirty polluters’ allies to block the Clean Power Plan ht…
The government's fact sheet on the Clean Power Plan that passed on August 3, if you wanted more information on it.
Check out our Clean Power Plan fact sheet with information on the role of in the final rule:
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day – Green Jobs Initiatives and the Clean Power Plan (The Daily Signal) .
new Clean Power Plan called the strongest action ever taken to combat climate change, Check it out:
Another Voice: EPA's Clean Power Plan is good for Western New York - Buffalo News
Our Environmental Policy Initiative's analysis of multi-state Clean Power Plan compliance and the compact clause:
Thanks for reminder that Clean Power Plan is implementing the Clean Air Act, which has authority to regulate carbon emissions
Take a stand with state leaders committed to Show your support for the Clean Power Plan:
From our op/ed section. This is a brief video of Senator Roy Blunt speaking about the new EPA Clean Power Plan.
Texas blows up over the Clean Power Plan – Part 1
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
's coal-heavy power mix makes path to compliance with Clean Power Plan harder than many states
Big Coal is on the attack to bring down the Clean Power Plan. Join in and
American Public Power Association - FERC commissioners weigh in on Clean Power Plan final rule
VIDEO: How the Clean Power Plan will help the U.S.
The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan
What you need to know about the EPA’s 1500+ page Clean Power Plan: (via &
AG considering standalone in lawsuit over Clean Power Plan - Grand Forks Herald
Obama Didn't Kill Coal, the Market Did - Critics of the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan are d…
Obama's Clean Power Plan: Give them a cap and the trade will follow - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Clean Power Plan and our proposed coal terminal - The Bellingham Herald (blog)
The really important aspect of Clean Power Plan is signal it sends. This is a good time to work in clean technology
Because of the Clean Power Plan, the metro east will see 1,600 new jobs!
The trouble with Obama's Clean Power Plan - In unveiling the final details of his Clean Power Plan on Monday, Pres...
Obama builds legacy on climate change with EPA Clean Power Plan
Four things that you should know about the EPA Clean Power Plan
Why legal challenges to EPA Clean Power Plan will end up at the Supreme Court
Obama facing staunch opposition over ambitious Clean Power Plan
.chairman of Third Generation Environmentalism, explains what the effect of the Clean Power Plan will be…
How does US Clean Power Plan compare to EU and international plans to cut carbon emissions? explains http…
New Nuclear Power Seen as Big Winner in Obama’s Clean Power Plan (new pressure to resurrect Yucca Mountain)
Congressman Davis on the Morning Show @ 9:10. Iran and US Clean Power Plan on the agenda. It promises to be an energy extravaganza.
America's Clean Power Plan - means new opportunities for green businesses. See this week's Ideas Hub.
Watch Obama Talk About His Clean Power Plan, Live Right Now - . Right now, US President Obama is discussing his new Clean Power Plan. He ...
Check this out for more information on the Clean Power Plan (CPP)!.
Our Peter Iwanowicz will be on YNN's to talk & Clean Power Plan:
Obama's Clean Power Plan will cost $366 billion and bring double-digit electricity-rate increases to 43 states.
LIVE: Obama’s Climate Action Plan is the strongest in US history: America's Clean Power Plan will—if it passes...
Minutes after ends climate speech, WV issues statement critical of final Clean Power Plan
Plaintiffs attorney confident ruling on MATS rule a "death knell" for Clean Power Plan:
July 12: Later this summer, the Environmental Protection Agency will issue the Clean Power Plan, new clean air...
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Indiana governor threatening not to implement US EPA's Clean Power Plan. Details in the story here:
Obama’s Clean Power Plan could push millions of minority Americans into poverty [ Delirium Tremens or/and Kerry as advisor ? ] - (1/2)
Andrew Moore and Jeff McDonald of Platts Coal Trader dive into possible outcomes of Clean Power Plan on Video:
Oklahoma AG challenges federal Clean Power Plan in federal court case filed Wednesday in Tulsa.
"EPA's Clean Power Plan is a classic example of federal tunnel vision"
Energy Information Administration (EIA): Clean Power Plan will cut demand for coal to lowest levels by 2024, but …
One for the good guys. Court dumps bid to block EPA's Clean Power Plan
EIA finds wind energy will have largest role in cost-effectively meeting Clean Power Plan [illustrated] .
Over the last several years, the EPA has received millions of comments in support of the Clean Power Plan. Two...
Wind plays major role in cost efficiently meeting Clean Power Plan according to
EPA Clean Power Plan is a market signal, an economic development opportunity...not a threat! -
We have the first state to "just say no" to the Clean Power Plan: Oklahoma.
The much ballyhooed legal challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan, brought by coal co…
WV Attorney General argues against legality of EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan in federal court: West Virginia
"First Mitch McConnell wrote a letter to every Governor in America telling them to ignore the Clean Power Plan,...
Happening now: Continuing his Mitch McConnell is calling on senators to oppose the Clean Power Plan.
Could Majority Leader McConnell's efforts to derail the Clean Power Plan--and destroy the climate--actually work?
States: West Virginia House votes for control over Clean Power Plan compliance
Climate change threatens the health of people across the U.S. but the Clean Power Plan can protect us blog
Harvard Law professor says Clean Power Plan is unconstitutional
NAR submitted comments on EPA's proposed regulation to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants:
If the industry wins its challenge against EPA mercury rules, could they kill its case against the Clean Power Plan?
Support the President's Clean Power Plan? Your name belongs on this →
Take on New Ideas that Could Strengthen or Weaken the Clean Power Plan for pollution,
"I'm going to do any and everything I can to stop it," Mitch McConnell on Clean Power Plan (1/2)
Thanks for a great discussion on what to expect from on Clean Power Plan reliability!
99 Reps. got a problem and the Clean Power Plan is number one.
Electricity prices are skyrocketing in the Northeast. Does this foretell the
Proud to stand beside our partners in signing the
ICYMI: Green groups blast NERC for choice of consultant to analyze Clean Power Plan. By &
For as much Clean Power Plan doom-&-gloom we heard last month, TX grid regulator seems to be singing a different tune
For as much doom-&-gloom we heard last month seems to be singing different tune
filed comments yesterday to on Read them here:
more than 200 companies have signed the And we’re one of them!
One of the greatest concerns raised by the Clean Power Plan is how states will actually implement it
.caves to NIMBYs, forces Naval Station Newport to switch clean energy plan from to
Stand with the President's Clean Power Plan? Add your name to join these leaders in the movement to
Will the EPA's Clean Power Plan Really Affect Reliability of the Grid? via --- what a good question
Will the Plan Really Affect Reliability of the Grid? via
.talks to about climate change, Clean Power Plan, how to create jobs and drive econ
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