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Clean House

Clean House is a home makeover and interior design television show, originally broadcast in 2003 which has aired 9 seasons of programs on the Style Network.

JW President Tom Fitton exposes our government’s secrets and lies in his new book, Clean House. Get your copy today! htt…
From Bloomington, MN home to should Clean House those Not wanting Brent Venables as HC KSU FB Program
Don't stop there.Reggie Mckenzie needs to go too.. Clean House...Call Jon Gruden and offer him both the GM and... http:/…
Jairis had a whole house to clean on her day offπŸ™„
Some days you have to celebrate the wins. Kids happy, turkey dinner, clean house, laundry done, adorable me.
Ha Ha. Better clean your own house, loser.
get along so I thought she meant the tension between me and him was "messy". Like the house didn't feel happy or clean. So I
Trying to clean my house but this mix is just making me bounce around like a freak instead.
Did you know pigs make awesome house pets? They are sweet, smart, clean and cuddly! Check out Haley's Piggy...
Stay At Home mother: Art - Collectibles Broxwood, If you are indeed pregnant having a clean house might not be...
Clean your whole house with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. πŸ‹
Stay where you are, I'll just go around. No wonder my house is never clean.
Tennessee may have to clean house. He's clueless
the house of Saud is a tumour on Islam. Even wiped the history clean under your noses
Sometimes you get in a mood ... You clean the whole house do laundry & redo your sons bedroomπŸ˜‚
had plans to clean moms house for her in hopes she would buy me a new car, but now im stuck making my 4th cup of coffee and watching Lost so
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Its so annoying when people live in my house and don't clean.
Combining comfort and clean lines, this is the ultimate dog house! ..
Fascinating interplay between House and Senate R's on SB10. Pass it clean and send to straight to gov against Senate wishes?
There's nothing better in the world than having a clean and organized house. I'm on a cleaning spree taking a...
I need to go home and clean my whole house😩😭
Time to clean house at the EPA. Prioritized jacking up energy costs over protecting the children of Flint.
I gotta clean up before I leave my house. Enough is Enough πŸ™„
procrastination is a hidden tool. paper due tomorrow? I'll clean my house, make 7 mil and reach world peace before I even touch that paper.
Karen! This is too much love this week. I'm coming over to clean your house.
I wish I was rich enough to just buy a new house every time my room got dirty. I'm not trying to clean this mess.
I really need to clean my house. Anybody have a backhoe I can borrow?
I love how Blake literally does nothing around the house so I clean up all his messes and I get in trouble for it
So, you don't clean the house before she arrives ? Lol
The humidity is so high. The house can't clean itself.
Good day to do the lawns, laundry, clean house, shopping, dinner, & finish off with afew cold ones 🌞 ha
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Well *** James Harden tried to clean house. LOL
"He won't even clean his own house..." is total hypocrite
yep - in another life where I didn't have to work/cook/clean the house I'd hand fashion all my children's c…
My house and carpets are clean, til hubby enters the door that is. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Fire crews in Dover working to clean out debris from house fire on Spruce Lane.
My sister in law arrives tomorrow and I still need to do a lot of clean up in the house! 😳
*walks into house*. Mom: clean the bedroom, vacuum the living room, dust the furniture, pick up your brother...
Clean your house before you leave, when you come back, you'll feel so much better!
Low-key want a house husband that can cook and clean.
don't get me wrong I really like them he's hilarious! But the easy to clean filth in there house annoys me, no excuse for it
This is a red letter day for me. I managed to clean the entire first floor of my house and our pool house in one...
The ShamWow guy is 100% Latino. He can clean a whole house with just one cloth.
Oh no, he said he could just clean up limbs if I wanted to go that route. But if a dead tree could fall on our house?
make sure your house is clean. I'm coming thru!
Trying to fix climate change with clean energy is like trying to clean your house by wiping your feet at the doorβ€”it can't make it *cleaner*
No matter how many hours I work everyday I come home clean the house & make dinner so my mother can come home & just chill she deserves it.
Mom: I'm on the way home and my house better be clean. Me:
Thanks to POO on SB11, House R's didn't get to wipe bill clean of amendments & pass w/out conference
Donald as a business man brought the corrupt politicians, like the Lobbyist, special interest. will clean house
my legs hurt so bad πŸ˜’ .. & I'm trying my best to clean the house & my room
jokingly told my mom I was having a party tonight and she says "make sure house is clean and if anyone drinks they have to stay" πŸ€”πŸ€” hmmm
If I got a gift I might be as ecstatic as Danny is when he gets to clean the house πŸ˜œπŸ™πŸ»
I just get home n lay down knowing I need to clean this house
Love coming home to a clean house and clean room 😍😭
I don't think I ever want a house. It took me nearly four hours to clean my one bedroom apartment πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
Clean clean clean. Either this house is too big or there's a hoarder that sneaks in every night and does his thing! . πŸ˜•πŸ 
You know you're old when you're excited to be excused from work early- so you can clean the house without kids underfoot.
I clean 24/7 and my house still manages to be messy... Hmm probably because of Michael and Aubrey *** πŸ™„πŸ˜’
That moment when u just wanna clean up your whole house 😩😩😩
I love using the bathroom in the basement at talaya house it's so quiet and peaceful and clean πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
What?? I like to keep my house clean...I'm in charge of cleaning duties lol 😜😝😜😝
Since my Internet keeps cutting in and out until fixes it I guess I'll clean the house 😱😱😱😡
Sick at home. Going to take some DayQuil and clean/tweak out on my house. Thank god for legal forms of Meth.
I hate being the oldest in the house it means I gotta go and shovel the *** snow and clean the car.
I'm going through that now and I mean it's on when I walk the dog, clean the house, when I write, play video games, even when I go to sleep.
well I'm glad you were able to get signed in and situated! :) I'm good! Finally have a clean house. Lol
πŸ˜‚ where is this *** so I can pay him to clean my house
Anybody wanna be nice enough to help me clean my old house this weekend simple stuff like magic eraser the walls mopping and vacuuming :)
When your landlord shows off your house and you forget to clean glue room, sorry that I'm ratchet af πŸ™ƒ
I gotta keep my house clean no better feeling
I hope I didn't hurt his feelings... 😭 but I don't feel like no kids the house so clean & lots of food they gone eat it all & stuff no
Finally taught my dogs to do clean the house for me.
I'm pretty sure you guys aren't gonna go after anyone. Now us on the other hand.clean house
Okay, I've put it off long enough. It's time to clean my house. πŸ’†πŸΌ
express yourself by NWA is scientifically proven to be the best song to clean your house to ever.
I L O V E the feeling of a clean house! 😊 πŸ‘
House clean from top to bottom, it's lit. πŸ€—πŸ”₯
Managed to clean the house, put on 6 washes, go to a baby group, feed, bath and get Joel to sleep all by 7:30pm! I'm away for a wine πŸ’πŸΌ
People come to George Megennuph's help clean his house and give and advise to better Hi life... Please bring cleaning supplies...anything.
When u thought you got cut up clean but you get to your homies house and he looks out his window and starts laughing https…
I'll pay someone to go to my house and clean my room while I'm shadowing.
When your house is clean for more than 5 minutes you better take a photo! Plus we finally…
For a clean house and a happier you,Call HELPI! Download App
Mum: if you clean the house you are free to go out . *after 1hour*. Me: Mum I'm done . Mum:
. Golly house rules. Keep your room clean and tidy. At all timesfm
When you Mexican staying home means you gotta clean the whole house πŸ™„
Clean Studio with Will Bills Included WD18. This studio is located on the ground floor of a converted house.
Clean house to keep WordPress infection from coming back again and again A security researcher has discovered a ma…
Man it makes no sense for me to clean the kitchen when I purposely don't use it smh and they wonder y I never try to be in the house
Gotta go home and clean my car, my room, my house, my grades, my life. Living the dream.
A girl will suck a random guy's *** but then come to ur. house to ask for water and asks; "Is this cup clean?"
Lemme take this nap, then clean this boys house then go home. Bye y'all ✌🏾✌🏾
Clean my house this wknd and just relax
Parents dek how hard you work in college & you come home to them asking you to clean the house "since you dont even have a job" W.T.F. πŸ˜ŠπŸ”«
I love the feeling of a clean house
Oh goodness! Going to clean out my makeup bag and disinfect my house right now! Great segment!
not entirely sure. If people are gonna come through then I'll have to clean my house πŸ˜…πŸ˜­
cost of doing business under a corrupt Government. Who better to clean house?
I feel like I clean this house every other week 😫.
Clean the house & do homework or watch more's toughest decision right there
My parents say its their house, but when its time to clean it magically becomes my house too.
All family members get together clean the house, take trash out of your house and your mind, no heaving cooking, give your wife a break.
the ONLY PARTY in the CT and WESTCHESTER area !!! don't waste your time in a house party!! No clean up and if...
I have a stronger desire to clean house, than go to work.
It has to be bad. "Coach Mike, George Frazier"-lots of dirt here. Time to clean house.
I'm bouta clean the house for my momma πŸ’•
Omg...big deal ... does that really clean house we're talking escorts and *** no scholarship production
I always make sure my mom's house is clean for her when I'm home.
Time to clean house and prep for Spring! πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸ˜³.
, taking Madison to her father house den I'm Rey clean dis house up & chill
Hey Micheal you wanna come clean my house next?
spend big money on pr firm saved thousands w toxic river water. Yep that is a Republican. VOTE them all out. Clean House literally.
Family's got some serious hoarding problems. Calling Tempestt Bledsoe of Clean House πŸ˜…
Dear ROX, See what happens when you "Clean House" ala CUBS!! New Manager and New GM!!
But on a happier note, I cooked a healthy meal for the house last night and everyone loved it 😊. Eating clean can be tasty too!
When I clean it's okay to mess up the house but when you clean all *** breaks loose if something is out of order .. Tired of bs
Need to clean up the house for my cousin's visit from Illinois all the way to Indiana
If i hear house every weekend one more time im ripping my ears clean off
This day of the week. and have. a lush creative, social and love life. and also a. decently clean house then. you haven't lived!!!
At Joann's cousins House while Joann tries to clean it out
Only way I could clean is if someone coming at my house
Imma need to leave this house before my parents get home because they gonna try to get me to clean or something.
What's on your to-do list this weekend? β€” clean the house and get ready for brandon's mom to visit
About to wipe this whole house out and clean it from top to bottomπŸ’―
I was never allowed to walk out of the house without a shower, lotion on, clean clothes, and my hair done.
I just wanted to come home to a nice clean house and rest, considering I've been too sick to even drive home the past 3 days..
I need to go clean my dads house but it's all the way in NSL 😩 it's too hot to drive over there
This will drive you nuts !Put house on Market.Wait for someone to call about house.Get call .Clean house top to bottom !People dont show up.
The crowd is sent home happy when and clean house!
Im lazy but i work 9 hours everyday then go to practice everyday and still get good grades and clean the house lml okk
If you want a clean house, never have cats.
Clean house. Everybody catching hands. I'll make ammends with the Lord after
Only my grandma would travel 12 hours to go sit n somebody else house doing nothing and make me buy them food and clean the bathroom.
The hotel was so clean that I'm now motivated to go home and clean my whole house lol
"your senior sibling yells at you to clean up the house screaming "FRESHMAN." -Shelley
Guess who gets to clean up all of the weekends mess from everyone that was at our houseπŸ™‹ πŸ˜’
My dad didn't even bother to clean around the house while we were gone.
Well since no one wants to give me plans I'm listening to music while I clean the house 😐
When you're relaxing and your aunt asks you to clean the house ... Fml
this guy is gonna be so grossed out by my house we never clean LMFAO
Parents before exams: Just work hard now and be as lazy as you want after. Parents now: Stop being lazy and clean the house 😐😐
I cannot clean with other people in the house
They will NEVER take back the House until they finally clean out that nest of incompetent DINOs at the DCCC.
My house is clean I can't wait to lay downπŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ½
Every apartment & house I done had , can't nobody tell you it wasn't clean & smelling good.
You want to go out? Clean your room, bathroom, closet, dishes, house, street, city a…
Lord clean this house... From the inside out!!!
so I took today off to clean my house and get my nails done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
If someone could come clean my house, that'd be great. Just thinking about getting off the couch makes my body hurt & me want to sleep.
There's literally 4 people who live in this house and I'm the only one to ever clean or wash dishes. This is pathetic.
When you don't feel good at all but you still have to clean the whole house by yourself 😩😷
I really question your womanhood if you can't keep a house clean though
I swear ppl don't know how to be clean if im not home the house is a MESS!!!
Be having the house clean in record time 😭😭
Blgr: Keep your house clean in about 45 minutes a day!
My dear Bishop of Rome needs to clean the Curia house, totally, before leaving the office for the day. Humbug
Stal tp'd my house while I was on vacation so I texted his mom and it took him 4 hours to clean it up rt
I don't see how the people in this house don't know how to keep anything clean! It's not that hard!!
One of the youth we work with celebrated 90 days clean. Booyah!
my mom told me to have the house clean by noon. I woke up at 11:57. . the house isn't clean.
I woke up thinking I'm gonna clean the whole house
From reuse to recycling, there are a variety of ways for the eco-minded parent to clean the house of old and broken…
Before a party ur parents make u clean for hours but after the party the house isn't cleaned until two weeks later πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My dad woke me up and told I had to clean the whole house before going anywhere😊
I can't even claim to not be able to afford to clean the house now. Sheesh. -
I'm gonna invest in a cleaning crew to just come and clean my house when I have parties.
I'm so drained out but somehow I have the energy to clean my house
. (Mom on the phone) is the house clean ? . Me: yeah it is (Hangs up and gets off the couch quick af and starts…
This is what happens when I try and clean house! I hope I don't lose my toe nail, that would be…
Gymβœ”οΈ. Phone fixedβœ”οΈ. Clean houseβœ”οΈ. You could say it's been a productive day
1/2 the house cleaned, now gonna wait for Layah to nap to clean the rest 😌
Clean house, blunt rolled, and food ready for when Adam gets off work πŸ˜šπŸ’¨πŸƒ
β€œWho wants to come clean my house for me? Please 😍
Well, I finished penciling all of the pages tonight. Tomorrow I will probably clean house and start on the inks.
I hate cleaning my house, but am so grateful when it's finally clean.
I miss to wake up, clean the house, wait for all of you back home after class, lunch together.
idgaf if you were twelve when your mom made you clean the house and what not I am not you and times have changed
Everytime I go to my moms house, I keep track of how long it takes her to yell at me to do something like clean my room..Rarely over 2 min
I have to clean my entire house tomorrow before my fam comes on Wednesday morning :/ ah. I need help!
I'm going to clean my house. You know I must be REALLY upset if that's happening. Ha.
When I'm wide awake & bored I just start cleaning. Looks like this house will be pretty clean ✨
I'm sorry,but Mimi can't do anything for me but clean my house! Even that is under scrutiny!
I Betta clean this house before mama June get here πŸ˜…
can't do uppers. Don't understand how people use adderall for academics. I'd clean my house and then have palpitations for hours.
Need to clean this house because my brain keeps replaying the Sanford & Sons theme music.
If u ever think your life *** just remember that I have to get up and clean the house at 6 every morning & go to work with my mom all day
I'll clean your house and unpack your bags
Cook, clean, literally everything to make our house presentable
If you don't light all the candles in your house after you clean, did you even clean at all?
A real man helps clean house washes clothes and does yard work.
My *** needs to clean this house before mom comes home xD
About to mop the whole house after my coworker sweeps .. I'll clean these bathrooms in the morning
I'll finish this before 1 pm so I could clean the house.
My mom:"As if this house wasnt dirtier enough" . Me:"Well now is our chance to clean it."
Note:I said I'd clean the house when softball is over, so guess what we are doing on Sunday? Yes, travel ball practice! It's never over!
Yankees need to clean house. How does Kevin Long have a job?
My aunt is paying me 10$ to do her laundry and 12$ an hour to clean her house. I'm staying for at least 3 or 4 hours πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
Lol, :) well I'll say something, Godbless You sir, Your music is great & inspire me to clean house wit mywalk n ChristJesus
I always have horrible OCD when I feel like my house isn't clean, like bad
I'm actually happy I got to clean the house. I feel accomplished
*Various books and trash go flying out of her bedroom as she attacks her house for a long overdue Spring clean.*
Bouta put my lil girls in the bed, put my music on, clean up this house, work out and follow them. My day ain't over til 12 smh
Whoever's using my razor in the house won't even clean it after they use it. 😷😷😷
House is clean, children are fed, bathed, dressed, and their hair is done... Feeling like a solid house wife! πŸ‘Œ
*** I needed someone to clean my house this week
There's nothing like a clean house.
Kim is having a boy over tomorrow. aka we have to clean the whole house πŸ™ˆ
Aint nothing like the smell of a nice clean house!
The government just announced the biggest federal clean energy push since the stimulus:
Gotta do dishes , call bright house , fold 3 baskets of laundry and clean my car out
came home and Tye surprised me with a nice clean house. thanks Tye!
I should use this time to clean the house.again! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜’
I'm supposed to live alone with a baby turtle and some clean sponges for the pots that'll hang above my microwave in my house in upstate ny.
Someone come over and help me clean my house tomorrow.
If I have to clean my house before you come over, then we're not real friends.
and yes these *** was NOT loyal. so I'ma need you to CLEAN HOUSE when you get home. goodbye OHB, ABC, EFG. al…
I need to clean the house, but she wants all my attention
I'm so sick of trying to make my house perfectly clean all the time.. I'm starting to realize I just need to cherish my time with nels ❀️
This country needs Help time for a change clean house start with Boehner
Had some meetings, me and my bruh cut front and back yard, clean the house, time to check up on my kids, get in...
I clean the house, leave, then when I get home it's freaking messy again and I STILL have to clean it even thought it's not …
Awesome defined: coming home to a clean house --that someone ELSE cleaned. great.
Very productive day!! Got to work today than cleaned the storage unit.. Came home to a clean house!! Always a wonderful feeling all in itself!! :D got to chat a lot w my bff Kelly Anderson!! ;) over all a very good day!!!
OK darling..going to bed with a clean house.hope I WAKE UP TO not move :) :)
Today I vacuumed and organized some baby things. Straightened up the kitchen and living room. And now, I just have to wait for Salim to be done napping so I can clean the bedroom. So nice to sit in a clean house. Hopefully, it'll stay this way.
Clean house = no time for studying! Can we just skip chapter 14 Karim Jiwani and May Ann Gumban?
It feels so nice to sit down and look around at a clean house. I have been SO busy today. My body just feels so heavy as I sit here.
The greatest gift a husband can give his wife is the gift of a clean house.
Phillies suck. Amaro needs to go. Clean house after the all star break.
Have to take a spot here to thank Martha Dadoly Marchilli for going above and beyond in coming over and helping me clean house today. And I know it's harder for her in the late afternoon/eve and she said "I'll come over right now" at like 4-5pm. and working until almost 8. I'm SO bad at coordinating, sorting and putting away things... THANK YOU MARTHA!
Really good day. Finally home to yummy bbq cooked by monster and a clean house. ..i love this kid. Time to relax.
There is absolutely nothing like coming home after a long day to a sparkling, shiny, super duper clean house! Thank You Shannon Driscoll Moran and Jody Driscoll!
Worked 9 hours clean house grass cut bath and bed time with maddie whoa this super mom is tired !! I got this 😴😴😴
Came home to a clean house, dinner cooked, and baby girl bathed. Love it
Got to come home to a clean house. Thanks to my sista for helping me out while she babysat today. Now I only have to cook dinner and relax until figuring out some transportation for the boys tomorrow. Can anybody help me on that? Plzz. I will love you long time. :))
Jason Lott seeing how I'm so cold and I hate cold water. I'm not sure i can do anything tomorrow. I'm gonna need you to come take care of the kids and clean house. lol.
Me & my child are such night owls. At 4 PM we are ready for the day. We paint nails, clean house and grocery shop tell early in the morning. She's going to be a night worker, I'm sure of it! πŸŒ™ πŸ’…
What's on your mind claude? Well. My family rocks! I've been at work for the last 2 weeks, I got home to a clean house, went and bought sum dirt n manure for my garden, went and watched my daughter's fast pitch softball game.(we won) yea... Got home my sons Kealii Kai Shull Judah Paugh Johnathan Alan Radcliff spread the garden dirt while I was gone, my luscious wife and I prepared dinner, had a couple beers and a lot of tequila (lol) Sarah Ann Tresize helped out big time! Love you guys!πŸ˜ƒ
Finally got a Day off of work tomorrow!!! Got my Car Sold! Thank God!!! Now to register Kylee for Kindergarten tomorrow do laundry, clean house, work on the Pool pay Bills, get groceries! Wow is this what ya call a Day off ??? I Really need a vacation!
I love summer vacation! I go to work at 7:30am and return home at 6 to a clean house and all the laundry done. Gotta love summer chores! Thanks to my kiddos-you did a great job:)
Real MOM Question:Would you rather do yard work or clean house?
I don't usually post mushy stuff, but I am feelin blessed. Even though its not mcm or wcw or whatever, I want to say I come home everyday to a clean house, clean clothes, supper on the table and a wife that meets me at the door with a smile on her face. She loves me completely and is my best friend. Darlin you make me a happy man.
Sore, headache, tired in pain and all i want to do is get a little bit of sleep but can't. Got to take care of my kids and clean house. What a way to go.
Happy birthday to my beautiful mom! spoiled her today clean house some gifts and dinner. You deserve that at so much more especially for all the white hairs I've given you over the years!!!
Would love to once come home to a clean house dinner and someone who cares after a 9 hour day at work.
Felt great to have a desk day & clean house! I feel back organized after a whirl wind of weddings & events! πŸ˜ƒ
I can't find the energy to do any housework today. It might have something to do with the fact that a clean house only seems to last a couple hours. I wish a messy house didn't bother me so much..
Yes, worked 8 hours $$:Flordia is getting more exciting for me,fInally get to go shopping for my girl's.Than came home and my big girl surprised me with a clean house and food cooked on the stove. I TRULY HAVE THE BEST KID'S EVER!
-I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband.. I come home to a clean house & laundry done.. then he has my "home foot spa" ready when I get out of the shower.. after that he gives me a lovely back massage and lets me take a nap.. waking up to a great dinner! He is the best! I say thanks and he tells me he has to take care of his babys momma. I love you sweetie & I thank you for everything you do for me! Cant wait to meet oir little miracle. (:
There is absolutely nothing better than coming home to a clean house...especially when I had nothing to do with it!
I just love coming home to a clean house.
Both kids sound asleep before 8:00... Sitting here in a completely quiet and clean house!. It's either my lucky day or the world is ending! Either way I'm in heaven ;)
So my house is pretty well clean at all times lately because if I go into labour I want to come home to a clean house. . Well this morning I've woken up and the floors have been done, washing put away, dishes put away, toilet and bathroom cleaned, kitchen cupboards wiped over, missy moo's and spare room swept and thing's put away neatly. . I think someone is nesting. . Thankyou so much baby everything you do doesn't go unnoticed β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯
Boy do I love cleaning!! future husband better love a woman who loves a clean house bcuz I will scrub him clean too.lmao!! Pine sol.clorox.all kinda cleaners!! It bugs the *** out of me when I see a messy place!! Gr!! Well thats my evening agenda.deep cleaning the room!!! Good evening to u all!! πŸ˜„
Got home to a very clean house (top to bottom) by the hubby and kids :-) a very nice home cooked meal ( with out even having to ask for any of it ) :-) ty baby it means a lot to me :-* ur an amazing man and a very good daddy :-"
Feels good to be all caught up with laundry! And have a clean house:)
Just love working 12 hrs 5 days a wk then come home clean house in mowe grass!
Looking for a new maid in the north DFW area. Must actually clean house and wipe the dog nose prints off the single back door and storm door. baby will be home.soon ... time to clean the pipes out and mow the lawn.clean house gurl...
Wanted to share the progress of my "quilters" - who happen to be on a private retreat with me... All the fabric is from "their stash".. Ladies/Gents - here is a good pattern to "clean house". Congrats to both Soozee Pallansch and Melanie Pallansch on an inspiring job.. WELL DONE!
HUUUM .. start a new project, new dessert recipe or clean house ? My living room looks like a craft room- my kitchen is already a mess and I have about 10 loads of laundry that isn't doing itself !
I really am truly blessed!!! I have friends that will take full days (and nights) to help me get my house in order so I can leave in peace on my mini vacation and have a very organized and clean house when I get back and Mom is back home (next week). Thank you Sonia Amaro and Joshua for showering me with love in this way yesterday, today and even tomorrow. You and Josh are amazing!!! God's word is so true when it says "Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family" Proverbs 18:24 (The Message Version) Other traditional versions such as the New King James Bible Version say "A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." I have MANY friends that have done this and MORE for Rainey Buscher and I and now, since Rainey has been gone, continue to do so much for me. Thank you Jesus for these blessings! Please help me to be a blessing to them and ALL my friends and family. Have a terrific rest of the day ;-)
There is absolutely nothing like coming home to a fresh, clean house after a long vacation.
I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my awesome hubby Roberto Pedroza. I had to work a lot this weekend, but he was flexible so that we could still fit in some awesome quality family time, and then after Alonso went to sleep, while I was working, he put in a lot of hard work reorganizing and cleaning the house so we started the week with a clean house that I didn't have to stress out about. He also tackled some of the tasks I've been putting off forever (reorganizing our closet & cleaning out the fridge). Thanks, honey! I love you and appreciate your hard work :-D
Comming home from work, I pull in my drive way to a mass gathering of teenage boys. I thought summer is here. Lol. I walk into my house to a very clean house.floors vacuumed, dishes done...awe. what awesome boys. Thank you anthony, tye, joe, Kenny and Daniel! You boys are awesome!!!
Clean house, laundry away, jogging with Piddies, and steak and veggies for dinner, gettin back on track :)
It's so nice to come home from work to a clean house. ..Thanks Sami!
Very successful day! Feels soo great to have all the bills caught up and paid! Clean house, dishes done, laundry going, kids napping, suns shining! Wahoo for a good monday! :D
Is it just me but I love walking into a clean house and smelling Good Oan: cooking and chilling tho Y'all be bless
I definitely had a great day today. Husband did the groceries, unexpected coffee delivery, found out I made employee of the month, Patriot Subaru provided a BBQ lunch, came home to a clean house thanks to Jen and its still warm out. Woohoo.
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Its just something about a woman who keeps a clean house
So there seems to be an issue with people, whom it doesn't even concern involving my sons name. Just so it's clear for everyone my sons name is Weston Alan Myers, after his dad Jason Alan Myers, who is named after his dad. Just coincidence that my boyfriends name is Allan (see how that's spelled different LOL!) Okay.. So now that that's cleared up I would like to take a minute and let everyone know that what goes on between myself, Allan, Jason and Amanda is our business. Jason and I agreed months ago that we are not meant to be together. We are both in very happy and healthy relationships with other people and we are doing our best to co- parent and take care of our son while being spilt up. Also, for those who seem to be so concerned with my life let me just throw a few things out there... I take care of my son. I feed, diaper, dress, and put a roof over my sons head BY MYSELF. His father does not, nor has he ever paid me a dime in child support or helped financially support our child for that matter. I ...
Well, its about that time. Time to clean house. I hate to do it but do to so many strange and creepy ones out there Its time to clean up my FB friends list. Sorry that it's come to this but. Gotta do it. Please just let me know if you would like to stay on my list. No comments necessary a like will do. :-) Others I will be removing do to never interacting with them or anything. Thanks! Y'all are wonderful. Its ones like this one. I found no humor in it. CREEPY!! This dude is gonna be blocked. OMG CREEPY!!
FATHER GOD, WE ASK YOU TO EXPOSE EVERY SCAMMER and PLAYER and SEDUCER in this group and all of our other groups, so we can "clean house" and KEEP it clean, Lord. EXPOSE them Lord, and keep your children SAFE, in Jesus name amen
Tired of faking it and caring who gets hurt!! I'm almost 33 and don't have time for part time friends or friends of convenience or high school BS. That being said, time to clean house on FB! Later so called peeps no more creeping allowed ;-)
Some of my favorite things: A blue sky on a beautiful day A hammock under a shade tree The smell of rain Laughing so hard you cry My parent's house at Christmas A country drive to good music Hugs from my girls Waking to a clean house Dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles A gentle breeze Writing on good paper with a good pen Listening to my girls laugh and laughing with them Swinging on a swing Swimming at night The sound of a good storm A morning run Dancing silly with my girls Sitting by a campfire on a cool night
I now have a greater appreciation for those who manage to keep a clean house and fix dinner every night. I'm trying to become more domesticated. But, man, it is going to take some time.
My dad Nestor Lopez Garcia cleaning my carpets with my new carpet machine yay clean house. and my mom Manuela Lopez cleaned my kitchen thank you mommy.
I'm getting excited for my sisters wedding next week! And I'm gonna see my family from Florida! Time to clean house!
Ok this may be a little long-winded but it means a lot to me!! As a lot of you know I have children, the adorable Ollie who is 2 and a half but will insist he is 4 and the beautiful Alexa who is 5! I often find myself apologising to people enquiring about cakes or placing orders as I often can take a while to respond or send out invoices etc. But this is why sometimes I can't always respond as quickly as I would like...I also work a part time job as well as juggling 2 kids, 2 dogs and trying to maintain a tidy and clean house. Not to mention an impeccably *** and span kitchen!! (so if you haven't heard back from me I don't mind messages or emails saying your waiting for a reply.. A gentle reminder is fine and I honestly will get back to you as soon as I possibly can to give you and your order my full and undivided attention!) But to manage and achieve all that and try and run a successful cake and cupcake business make me very very proud!! . BUT . Not as proud as listening to my amazing daughter readin .. ...
Hello FB Friends and Family.Welll summer is upon us the Beautiful Friendly City of Austin Texas at least .must be 110 in the shade.Just came in to relax and jump in the shower.cleaned house and washed clothes.then outside and helped Frank cut the lawn and trim the edges.too much work.for old folks...I keep telling Frank we need to hire someone to do the yard work and some one to clean house.oh no.he says he can do it ..he needs it for exercise.and he can help with the house okay.I believe I am going to have to make an executive decision here and take the bull by the horns ..before we both drop.jes saying.LOL.
An update on our vacation, they did move us this morning without even having to ask! Apparently the FB comments and the pics we sent them did it the trick. The downside is we lost a whole day and we have now Spring cleaned a home for Elliott Realty while on vacation 😁 but all is well, we are in a fantastic CLEAN house and the sun is shining at the beach!πŸ˜ƒ
You know... ive been going through some personal realizations lately. I need cut some people out of my life again... people change... whether it be money, or a drastic event... or just because they are trying to become something they aren't... whatever the case may be these people become poisonous and bring everyone else down... its time to clean house once again... on a good note, there's also a few people ive met recently that seem to be quite the opposite. Im happy with the people who are closest to me.. and honestly.. I feel bad for the other people who wrte close to me that became poisonous to me abd others around me... I apologize in advance for the cut im about to make... t minus 2 weeks.
When I got home from the performance last night, Isaac had all 4 girls in bed and was waiting for me in a clean house with homemade pizza and treats. (little acts of service and chocolate...swoon, ladies) What is my life?! Heart explosions happen on the regular if you'll look for them. May your day be full of joy and moments of outrageous thanksgiving. We don't need mountain top moments to realize how crazy good God is. Just make a choice to celebrate life in His fullness!!
Plans for today: *Eat Lunch at Johnny's Pizza *Clean House *Get with Kim Brown and get project van to my house finally. Tammy Smith *Plan transport to Illinois *Deliver Crate back to Sherie Muslow :) *Take Joel Dies back to Dallas and prepare for return trip to Princeton Louisiana.
Little Giant Ladders
The Judges are too Old to be Judges, the Lamestream Media is too Old to Deliver News, and the Politicians are Too Old to Politic...(If You Wear Depends or take Alzheimer Medications, it's time to go)...It's time to Retire and Let Us Build America back up. It's Time for the Young People to Take Over.Vote Out the Retirement Age Elderly in 2014 and 2016. Time to Clean House.
The report is about Town Hall Meeting from last Friday. ASDB Report - February 24, 2014 Town Hall Meeting Takes Place "Need to Clean House" How to Contact Your Legislator (221 Subscribers) Town Hall Meeting Takes Place (First and foremost, Parents David Bailey and Rob Voreck wish to apologize to the Hearing/Hispanic community members. It was not our intention to exclude these populations; instead, we wanted to focus on the Deaf community first, as it has clearly been the Deaf community that has been most severely impacted by the current events at ASDB/PDSD. We will be hosting open community meetings in the near future with open invitations to Hearing/Hispanic populations. We do apologize for not being clear with our original announcements.) Nearly 50 people attended a Deaf Town Hall Meeting at the Phoenix Deaf Community Center last Friday. Following a summary of events since the Spring of 2013, the floor was opened up for comments, opinions, proposed actions from the attendees, which included Deaf organiz ...
Happy Birthday to Carol Denise "Niecy" Nash (nΓ©e Carol Denise Ensley; born February 23, 1970)...comedian and actress who has hosted Clean House on the Style Network and played Deputy Raineesha Williams on the Comedy Central television series Reno 911!. She is currently playing Lolli Ballantine on TV Land's The Soul Man.
I've watched Extreme Couponing, Clean House, What Not to Wear and a 1994 documentary called Hoop Dreams. I have taken full advantage of my new Netflix account today. Laura Miller
I am here to help others.I enjoy doing this. Why? Because it was done for me and continues to be done for me. GOD's will is to remain sober and for me, to carry a message of hope. I enjoy my life today as a result of practicing the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am alive for a reason and so are you. Count your blessings, not your bruises. Actions always speak louder than words, so I won't go into a whole lengthy post. Trust GOD. Clean House. Help others. And remember...we are human. Enjoy your evening. I will. And smile! Peace.
Clean house time!!! People coming iver for new year so I need to clean clean clean!
f you owned the team would you leave the GM and Head Coach in place? > No. I'd clean house. Start fresh. But need A GUY
Cleaning house inspired me to clean my room
a clean house feels so good... a leaky nose and stuffed head feels so bad... I'm stuck in the middle of a tug of war :/
Gotta clean my whole house so I can start the new year with a clean slate.
I'm ready 4 him to get off .!! Guess we a clean up the house tomorrow
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