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Clean Coal

In the United States, clean coal is any technology that may mitigate emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses that arise from the burning of coal for electrical power.

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most green solar companies went bankrupt in the US alot of good those companies will do now. Clean coal btw.
17,000 coal miners currently in America. 80% of Pittsburgh voted for Clinton. Million involved in clean energy jobs.
Twice as many Americans work in solar as coal. . Trump should step up support of clean energy programs to grow jobs. https:/…
Clean energy jobs are the future. Natural Gas killed coal. Black Lung is a pre-existing condition. So is addiction.
In America 5x more jobs in clean energy than coal!
Pulling out of Paris props up Trump's lie that he'll bring back the coal industry. Here's why clean energy is the future: http…
.on energy & climate: "California alone has 10 times as many clean energy jobs as there are coal jobs in the entire…
How our research is helping clean up coal-mining pollution in a World Heritage-listed river
Lets start with facts: Coal jobs have not been lost because of Paris accord. They were lost because of automation/rise o…
City of is great example of how economies in 'coal country' can be strengthened by investments in innovation &…
States that voted Trump have over 1.2 million clean energy jobs. Coal mining employees 74,000 total. Come on
I would rather be friends of the people than of coal. Also which has more job opportunities coal or clean energy?
There are 10x more clean energy jobs in California than there are coal jobs in the entire United States.
He campaigned on bring back coal. Coal is terrible for the planet. There is no such thing as "clean coal."
Decision on shows to be the lousy biz man he is. 500K clean energy jobs in CA. 50K US coal jobs. So smart!?
There is no such thing as clean coal. We need to find a different industry for those working in coal.
That's only 14 million fewer jobs that could happe…
Clean energy is getting cheaper than coal and creating more jobs.Trump will cause those jobs to leave America, the bad ***
Oh we voted but Putin put his plan in place years ago. He cares less about Americans n Trum…
This is not an economic decision. His economic advisors & business leaders advised against. Clean energy employs 6x more peopl…
Clean energy is adding millions of jobs to economies around the world. How many jobs have coal mines added lately?
Ex-NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg: 'Clean Coal' Is BS, but Feds Should 'Stay Out of the Way' on Climate.
"Genie in a Meryl Streep Performance in a Clean Coal. "
He believes in Clean Coal and wants miners back to work. What about STEM education to compete in the world economy? = jobs that matter?
Republicans gather in Congress to pull Clean Coal out of their *** for the Ohio *** who believed Trump's Con and voted for him.
Clean solar power is now cheaper than thermal in India. We aim to install more than 100GW of solar capacity by 2022. https…
Silicon from just one ton of sand, used in cells, could produce as much as burning 500,000 tons of coal.
Can coal companies afford to clean up coal country?
Ahem. Let's not be deceitful about China's supposed "clean" coal -
India and China are building new clean coal power stations to reduce pollution. More deceit from the
DEWA joins IEA as sponsor of Clean Coal Centre ...
The death knoll of Clean Coal: First goelth the research...
If you can't burn it clean, leave coal in the ground.
We need leadership of to reduce debt, job growth and improve clean coal production.
SAFE FRACKING is the same myth as CLEAN COAL. If donor $ hasn't influenced Hillary, why support it? ⬇
"how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. " Clinton said
Question was phasing out oldest and most polluting coal power in 3 years. Crucial because in Vic coal is blocking clean energy.
Colorado's coal industry is dying. || this could be the last mine: via
The end of an era powered by coal is in sight. The future will be powered by clean energy!
Peabody’s Chris Hagedorn: China leads world in build out of clean coal plants U.S.-CHN Clean Coal forum h…
Daily reasons to India’s clean energy revolution set to price out imported
Our coal industry is being destroyed so it can be sold to china for pennies on the dollar. We cant burn it clean??
"Obama's War on Coal is turning into Obama's War on the Poor." Energy prices will rise.
The Untold Story Behind the Clean Power Rule excellent summary in the decline of coal from Carl Pope
World Bank: is the solution to not coal v http:/…
This is a very useful account of the long term history of the defeat of coal power in the United states, well...
clean coal is our best option it can be achieved under the Obama administration
The says are a ticket to sustainable development & energy access:
What will your "clean" electric cars run on without coal power? Just another EPA disaster waiting for the landfill
Great news! New Zealand is closing its last major plant.
PS There is no such thing as clean coal - you'll have to think differently.
at the time 'clean coal' was Labor's biggest target, and gas was viewed as…
State reviewing Duke Energy plan to clean up coal ash contamination at Sutton Plant
New tech & thinking can get poor energy they need. From & h…
Taxpayers shouldn’t be on hook for costs of coal mines clean-up. needs to fix fed self-bonding. LIVE:
Extremely poor people cannot lift themselves out of without access to reliable -
Crews continue to clean up coal spill after train derailment
Texas blows up over the Clean Power Plan – Part 1
MT will move us forward in the right direction. Coal is the one of the most inefficient...
Renewable energy projects are the key to a prosperous future for everyone
Read this to see how innovation can tackle poverty & at the same time: via
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's coal-heavy power mix makes path to compliance with Clean Power Plan harder than many states
Big Coal is on the attack to bring down the Clean Power Plan. Join in and
World Bank: clean energy is the solution to poverty, not coal
The world’s poorest populations need a low-carbon revolution to meet their needs and lift them out of poverty
Is the age of over? It certainly looks that way from New Zealand. .
US Clean Power Plan Could Reduce Coal Power by up to 60 Gigawatts by 2020
World Bank VP Rachel Kyte: Clean energy is the solution to poverty, not coal
GAO: Power companies will close more old coal power plants, clean up fewer, than earlier thought due to EPA rules:
Coal & oil are depleting assets & are polluters of our air & water, the future of America is clean solar/wind energy.
ICYMI Cleanup proposed for downtown Eugene property contaminated by former coal gas plant:
what a time to be shredding our Clean Energy Future! Coal Captive Canberra.
Good American philosophy - we'll use clean Natural Gas and call ourselves "green" - the rest of you can burn the messy coal
Fracking is the new coal. As methane emissions continue to threaten the planet, how can we call drilling clean... http…
China's new clean coal power plant is the answer to the PM2.5: Too bad, the western medias chose to ignore...
agreed. clean coal is too expensive though. nexgen solar will work even @ our latitudes. I need half the cost & size to install
Can cleaner coal be the key to combatting Change?
Non-stormwater discharge of into Alaska bay not shielded from Clean Water Act liability
World's electricity needs to be met by coal, gas, hydro and nuclear. All other sources bit players..
As Coal fights against clean energy, their dirtiness seems to be killing growing numbers of minors.
Poor countries, once intent on building coal-fired power plants, talk of building clean grids from the outset.
EPA Clean Power Plan: All pain - no gain for American jobs and energy via
Clean the key to combating climate change, says via
POTUS' promotion of Natural Gas as clean alternative to coal hinders environmental legacy, say scientists, activists
The talking point that "China will get all our jobs" if we practice clean air standards is no longer accurate
Clean-cut characteristics relating to the coal section alias multifamily apartment get loans: bAt
I love how the coal industry is now interested in Energy Diversity. You had 15 yrs to bring us actual Clean Coal and you failed.
This is why needs a big clean-up. The brown paper bags are huge up there.
New regulations are coming for plants. Our Clean Air expert weighs in on what this means for the industry:
How about some more research funds for *clean* coal?
Its looking good for the next 24 mths as c20 Coal Fired Powr stations due 2 close!
wrong - Scots believe in clean green and will go forward without the whinging hesitancy of coal obsessed Westminster
2nd Life for old Deep Coal Mines as 'kinetic storage batteries' for A Beautiful solution :-)
.Coal with a sulphur content above .6% faces ban in China while coal is 3 to 4%!!! .
.Dear PM, It's time to acknowledge that Australians want more clean renewables and less dirty coal.
Raised COOL and our Clean Coal technology with House Speaker Thx for the time Mr. Speaker
I liked a video Richard Heinberg: The Inconvenient Truth on Clean Coal
Yes it does!! Thanks Obama!!! We need clean coal;not your buddies' windmills that kill birds.
watching and thinking to myself, Kenya cannot and should not go the nuclear way... Clean Coal Power + Geothermal = >20MW
Hudac should recommission clean coal plants with scrubbers.
Clean coal may be too expensive today but one can't underestimate the power of innovation.
American Coal is clean coal. Many power plants use American coal to provide electricity to customers!
GEORGE W. BUSH "We're spending money on clean coal technology. Do you realize...
This Video has been brought to you by "Clean Coal" and "Ethical Oil".
Dirty coal costs China 2.5 billion years of life expectancy. But what about clean coal? Yeah, there's no such thing.
Average life expectancy in Northern China has been cut by 5.5 years due to coal-burning pollution. Clean coal, my ***
"Clean coal" sounds like the shiny end of a turd.
Don't they know about clean coal? Oh, wait,..I don't know of any either.
Tenant, Akermin is focused on reducing the cost of clean coal via
Energy companies should be warned of the cost of – IER.
There shud be annual Orwellian doublespeak awards: 1st ones shud go to inventors of phrases "death tax", "right to work", "clean coal"
It was ... Against clean coal and the pipeline.
is also a supported the "clean coal" myth & adding more nuclear plants. He hasn't been good on enviro issues.
Major study in PNAS today shows 500 million China residents losing 5.5 years of life due to burning of coal
Accumulation in Clean Coal(CCTC) as firm negotiates major joint ventures
What's your point. And there's no such thing as clean coal
Nuclear, clean coal and Hydro is not intermittent.
Clean coal? "It’s an advertising slogan with nothing behind it." from and
Why didnt they use the clean coal?: Chinese coal pollution has cut life expectancy by at least five years study finds
Truce in the "war"? “Obama announced $8 billion in loan-guarantee to advance clean projects.
Coal’s Future:Bright or Bleak?. Obama announced $8 billion in loan-guarantee authority to advance clean projects.
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No clean coal, no keystone pipeline, no Natural Gas, no nukes..but no warming.. You do the math as to what the real agenda is with this ilk
Had 6 hr. power outage last night, guess they're preparing me for no coal: Clean coal means affordable power.
Clean coal is lopping 5 years off the life of half a billion Chinese citizens.
Aloha Mike, I represent a great Tech that could help the clean coal industry. How do I get this out to the industry
Seeking to destroy the coal industry rather than support clean coal initiatives is not
Obama Administration to Rely on ‘Clean Coal’ and Unproven Sequestration to Combat Climate Change: DeSmogBlog
did you know we've wasted trillions in doing so? Focus on clean coal production, stop the foolishness.
Interesting oxymorons to ponder and contemplate: Tea Party Intellectuals, Fox News Journalists, Clean Coal, and Internet Privacy. These are from Bill Maher.
HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? "Clean" coal projects at risk despite record $523 billion of subsidies for fossil fuels in 2011
You clean out a coal fire by hoovering it, right?
Check this campaign to check PSE's colossal clean energy deception:...
Toledo Power invests P10.2B to replace coal plant with clean coal | via
R&D is helping reduce pollution clean coal has come a long way & will continue
"Clean coal" is a euphemism for "buy more coal, fools". Net carbon addition to atmosphere is bad.
I reckon if Fitzgibbon and Marn put their heads together we could get clean coal-fired submarines made out of aluminium. Let's do this.
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There is no such thing as clean coal! I'm so tired of that rhetoric!!!
Sir, Have you ever heard of clean coal? New technology as cleaned coal up quite a bit. !
Can we kill this ridiculous notion that there is such a thing as "Clean Coal"
Obama and Dems as Santa Claus? I guess Obama can put COAL in Repubs stockings. Thats right, "Clean Coal" !!
Am I sad to see coal baron sack employees? *** no! coal kills. need to focus on clean energy.
nor has it in Oklahoma. OG&E are prepping to build a clean coal some where around the state. Clean coal funny, since there is
And how about stopping daft 'clean coal' experiments which waste fuel just to get low bottom-line CO2 figures?
Clean coal = oxymoron “Youth around the world know the truth: Clean coal is a dirty lie!
Obama has cut clean coal and Natural Gas research. Zeroed research budgets.
Good news for Maine lungs: coal-fired power plants upwind in NH are bleeding $ and going idle:
Just need to re-brand. Shaved head, white pants and a white Tee ought to do it. Presenting, the new Mr Clean Coal industry.
Owned by Bill Koch, an enviro capitalist. M/T “Aspen Skiing Co. invests in clean energy coal mine
Aspen Skiing Company invests in a clean energy coal mine (really!):
the reason we have inflation is fossil fuels. God Bless EXXON, Shell, BP and the folks at Clean Coal. the insects will just LOVE this place.
Alternative Fuel Efficiency: What is "Clean coal" and Natural Gas ...
The wkers of KY need a champion. She abhors MOUNTAIN top removal mining for coal. We need clean energy and she can help.
Stop w/ the Fracking, Stop w/ the "Clean Coal", Stop w/ the dirty Oil Sands. We cannot continue down this road.
NO nuclear power (learn from Fukushima), no fracking, there is NO such thing as clean coal, go green, go metric:no compromise
""power makes clean energy, good jobs and a better future. Don't blow it."
Election night in America is brought to you by Clean Coal and Exxon Mobil!
i could have gone on to the wiki and gone over the platforms of these two candidates and the propositions and all but heres the thing. I'm realizing you guys are all spun into it during the election and your even less likely to actually listen to me. Heres the double whammy on that tho the moment the election is over and one half of the population disillusioned i have a distinct advantage as everybody quits being a pawn and starts thinking a little more for themselves over what just happened. let me tell you. what just happened. is happening. is nothing short of bizzare and insane. We can safely credit 99 percent of that to the republican side of the force but when the "Good Guys" in the corporate oligarchic fascist duopoly are spending tax payer money on nuclear power stations (8 billion) and "Clean Coal" (An absurd oxymoronic scientific impossibility with not one actual plant in operation- all that money is going to find ways to make things cleanER but you can never get CLEAN COAL.) the sad truth is tha ...
Clean Coal. Really? I heard the debate the other night and the president was promoting it. Yes, tell me about Clean Coal! My father died of black lung.
Watching the President at an energetic rally in Ohio, talking about trust, integrity and working together. 'Wolf' Blitzer, of course, cuts in to set up the next segment: Womney blasting away. But first message from our sponsors! AT&T! Clean Coal! Wolf knows who pays his salary.
Rather than burning dirty coal to power ethanol plants, why not use this same ethanol to make more ethanol? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? What are the pro and cons? -- Kenneth M., Rockford, IL
"There is no clean coal, only dirty coal and less dirty coal." -Adnan Amin of IRENA
My head wants to explode every time "Clean Coal" is uttered! My grandpa,KY coal miner, lived through 3 cave ins, died of black lung
If you promise to never, EVER, EVER use the words "clean coal" ever again, I'll vote for you. Those words give me hemorrhoids.
plan to drill and use coal and oil for energy is just old news; we need new clean resources for our future! Move 2012!
Blocked from drifting into the air, these contaminants have simply found another way into our world, in the solid waste residue and wastewater produced by the facilities.
We have around 250 - 300 years of usable coal under our feet; Scrubbers clean the gases
All purpose parts banner
Combustion of ALL carbon produces CO2 and more CO2 production accelerates climate change, no matter how "clean" the is!
boom derails U.S. investments in clean technology ~
That's like saying a Prius is no different than a Hummer. Clean coal = good technology. Instead of a zinger, research.
Nuclear power is clean & efficient compared to coal & oil plants. If the world stopped using them the air would suffer greatly.
It was actually an argument for pushing for clean coal
no such thing as CLEAN COAL, vote & get ready to start drilling/mining in ur neighborhood playground.
How did your Congress reps vote on this term? Check this handy new Clean Water Report Card by
Clean coal. As big of an oxymoron as jumbo shrimp.
Dr. Alan Lockwood is Emeritus Professor of Neurology and Nuclear Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and co-chair of the Physicians for Social Responsibility's Environment and Health Committee.
Sen need political leaders who will lead on clean energy & global warming, not coal & fossil fuels.
The Human Impact of Coal. This is why we need clean energy
Romney considers liquid coal a "clean" technology, though it emits more greenhouse gasses than oil.
If people understood biology and chemistry, they wouldn't vote for Romney. No such thing as clean burning coal. - Shelby
Just back from USA, t land of adverts that claim coal is cleanest form of energy. Apparently 'clean coal' aka 'US own coal' beats renewable
I called Mitt. He said, "Tell him it's as safe as Clean Coal."
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Just listened to interesting piece on "clean coal." Would love to know how much fish these folks eat???
Forrest Allen tours the clean coal truck at the coal rally in Grundy with
Here...sit down...enjoy a harmless cigarette while we discuss clean coal, ethical oil and the wonders of fracking for shale gas
These figures about and clean are very relevant as both and try to paint themselves are "friends of coal"
Clean isn't very clean, or economical. And it just distracts us from pursuing truly clean
Shortages there are many on earth--oil, coal, water and clean air--but no scarcity is as acute as that of reason.
China is our biggest customer for coal, and they don't believe in clean coal, neither does Obama, Romney the power grid vote for romney and clean Republican Hurry now , save a nation ours for our childern,
Moody's Analytics in a February and August forecast stated that continuing with the present policies of the Obama Administration during the next 4 years (from 2013 to 2017) 12 million jobs will be created. Macroeconomic Advisers in April predicted 12.3 million jobs during the same time period under Obama . and even the the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has predicted 9 + million jobs . and that is after inserting the potential damage from Republican partisanship allowing America to go over the financial cliff in January of 2013. IT seems interesting that Romney/Ryan keep running around on the campaign trail proudly announcing that their plan will create 12 million new jobs in the next 4 years . are they planning to keep Obama and his staff in place? It just another example of making all these claims while offering not one iota of evidence as to how they will accomplish anything. How about the Romney/Ryan 5 Point Plan we keep hearing about ... 1. The economy, 2. Energy, 3. China, 4. Education, 5. Balanc ...
The commercial brought to you by so called "clean coal" people, "tell the EPA, enough is enough". God forbid we allow clean air to interfere with making money on top of more money.
Tapping into Natural Gas supplies by fracking has brought promise to energy independence, and some say, real problems for those who live next door to the process.
Fixing America - Part 5: Our energy policy is a shame. We need to get more self sufficient on gas and oil as well as pursuing alternative energy. We have foreign countries with drilling rigs sitting off our coast angle drilling into our reserves while we do nothing. This has to stop. We need to increase off-shore drilling. The drilling site proposed on ANWAR in Alaska, which has been held up for years, would be in proportion to placing a postage stamp on a football field. We need to drill for oil in ANWAR. We haven't built a nuclear power plant in almost 40 years. We haven't built a new oil refinery in over 35 years. The Keystone pipeline has been held up even though the Alaskan pipeline has never had a problem. Clean coal has been found to be a viable solution but the coal industry has been severly regulated almost out of business. Solar and wind power should be used but not subsidized by the federal government. If they can build it and be profitable, great, if not, someone else will figure a w ...
Why des B P oil company advertise that they doing so much for the gulf coast after they poisoned it with the largest oil disaster of all time, why does the coal industry advertise " clean coal " when coal is the biggest pollutant of any energy producing product, why does mitt Romney advertise that he is for women's issues when he has the poorest hiring record of women of any large buissiness and is unappoledgally against women's right to choose
I only half listened to the debate, but I gagged when the President Obama and Mitt Romney were arguing about who was more for Clean Coal, which is like who is more for the Easter Bunny. Katherine's rant isn't about that, but it reminded me. And I agree with her slant on the reason why we are where we are.
Really, and we are still talking about clean coal...come on man!
The global warming deniers believe if they keep repeating their mantra that the ice poles are melting as a result of human actions; then the whole problem will disappear.
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A friend posed the question: "What is Clean Coal???" Seeing an opportunity to educate a friend I posted this response. Read it for yourself if you want to educate yourself on the REEAEL truths of the matter & "fracking" as well. What it is, is complete & utter BULL-SH!T!!! I know all about this, because my Dad was from the heart of West Virginia Coal Country. So I can tell you from firsthand account. I have BEEN TO, "Clean Coal Country"!!! It is just a lame-assed "industry P.R. term" for the current style of "Mountain-topping/Strip" Mining. They basically go in, & literally, as the name implies, take off the entire top of a pristine mountain to get to the coal, rather than digging & blasting tunnels into it, in the traditional manner. They do it this way because this form of extraction costs the Mining Companies a lot less to get at the coal. The only problem for US is, the mountain-topping process COMPLETELY destroys the mountain, destroys the the surrounding eco-systems & water-tables, & is toxic as fto ...
Today I saw an ad for clean coal urging people to vote for politicians that would vote for less EPA regulation on their industry. So my question is, if clean coal is so clean why would they have any problem with the EPA!?!
Romney does a speech at coal company and owned by a Miller who violates safety rules and denies climate change of course since blows up mountains for sol called clean coal The guys behind him were forced to be there by the company. Welcome to plutocracy
From my favourite LP, the 1970 'Tom Paxton 6'. The hardships of the miner's life are not over even when he retires.
Tonight, I was talking to a friend of mine about the Presidential election. He is under the impression that if OBama is elected that he is going to shut down all of the coal mines. this is a false statement. I get tickled when I hear statements such as this. Correct me if I am wrong, I believe that the statement was about finding a better way to clean coal. this is how most of the people that are in thhis business scare people to vote the way that they want them to. Both parties are guilty of this. they sue us as "Lab Rats", tell us false statements and we gobble these statements and vote for who they want us to vote for. We need to tell these big money people to butt out and let us thi9nk for ourselves. Most important, Both sides need to tell the truth.
I feel like ranting.Only 2 years of tax returns released (And you want to run our COUNTRY!! i had to release more than that to get into college!); showing us taxes paid at a rate HALF the average. Multiple offshore accounts with tens of millions of dollars as too avoid taxes. A company legacy where 1 of 4 businesses absorbed went bankrupt, but Bain still made profits off them. Wants 'energy independence' by fracking the states (and contaminating ground water), drilling in ANWR (Did someone forget about Exxon Valdez or Horizon oil spills), and my favorite "clean" coal (no such thing) so we can remove more mountain tops. And women! Think you have authority over your own body, Think Again!! Corporations! You are a Person! ObamaCare! good job making that Willard!!. Got an opinion? Comment!!
Watching griz on root...down early 14-0 now up 34-31...good game...political ads killing me.clean coal.oxymorons in Montana...
It is outrageous that we are even having to have this discussion! Clean. ...coal?
Sierra traveled to three states to ask people how their lives have been affected by the world's dirtiest energy source -- and what they're doing to stop it.
What is clean coal? Coal is primarily carbon. It is based on fossilized plants which are made up of ...what? Carbon. Carbon is what burns. What's left? Toxic chemicals, carbon dioxide and ash. What part of that is clean? None of it. "Clean coal" is a marketing term. No part of coal is clean. C02 is one of the by products of burning coal and it causes global warming. Theoretically it can be removed at the smoke stack, but what do you do with it? Bury it in the ground or ocean? Will it stay there? who knows? No one knows. In the ocean it causes the water to become acidic destroying shell fish and coral where the fish breed and replenish themselves t. In the ground it could leak out and cause more global warming. When you see anyone say "Clean Coal" think that there is no such thing. Even Barack Obama uses the term. He is wrong. No one talks about climate change in the current political debate. Start asking your own questions. Climate change is one of our most serious problems for the future. Go to see my ...
Sad they spent so much time talking about oil gas and the mythical clean coal they forgot to mention the damage they are all causing. Obama talked about backing wind and solar but only as a future option like were not here right now. I am very disjointed.
Read, read, read. There are so many "don't think tanks" that want you to ignore facts and just do as they tell you. I just can't believe the people that quote them. I fear the worst. "Michigan's own Public Service Commission says renewables are cheaper than electricity generated by new coal burning power plants. Clean Affordable Renewable Energy (CARE) for Michigan already has spent $5.7 million on television ads against the proposal to increase the renewable energy standard to 25 percent by 2025, according to data compiled by Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. CARE for Michigan also received funding from the Washington, D.C. based American Coalition for Clean Coal - a group that recently admitted the elusive "clean coal" is not currently economically viable in comments made to the EPA. This is important, as opponents of Prop 3 mention "clean coal" as one of the alternatives to using more renewables. "...the opposition is largely funded by Consumers Energy and DTE Energy..." Both Mich ...
let me repeat - There is no such thing as clean coal.
In reality, there's no such thing as clean coal. Learn more. Join the campaign.
this is clean coal, chromium cinders for us all. in our water, in our land, on our streets...incase you didnt kow, chromium made Erin Brokovich famous
Little Giant Ladders
I've been listening to a wonderful discussion about coal on MSNBC (UP with Chris Hayes). First, chuck the phrase "clean coal" from your vocabulary. It doesn't exist. It is in a failing research stage only. No one has ever used any. When Romney goes on about using clean coal as a major energy source he is speaking out of his *** Even the Mine Worker's Union rep agreed to that. Coal is the worst pollutant we have. It emits way too much carbon to sustain life. Clean Coal is a vague attempt to remove the carbon from the coal. It's like trying to remove the shiny stuff from gold. Billions of dollars have been spent on this now dying concept. Yet Clean Coal advertises on TV like it is Mayonnaise. Long live the lying ***
If electric cars take hold, they will become one of the biggest users of electricity presumably a lot of it will be generated by coal under a Romney administration. Romney's coal is good for Edison but not for electric cars.
Can anyone explain to me what "Clean Coal Technology" is? This sounds like an oxymoron to me. When coal is burned it creates immense amounts of CO2 and leaves behind a nasty, ashy mess. Perhaps I am confused.
We are also going to collect campaign buttons and use them for *** shooting, and instead of yelling pull, we are going to yell "clean coal!" :p
For generations, people in River Rouge, Michigan, have lived within sniffing distance of a coal-fired power plant, an oil refinery, a sewage-treatment plant, a steel mill, and other industrial polluters.
between discussing the media-spun fallacy of 'clean coal' w/ Elizabeth Warren, and speaking of the comparative superiority of traditional Kazakhstani male discotheque rituals w/ Wyatt Cenac, I can't help but wonder what undue global social influence I might garner if I had a birthday say nothing of the hyper-inflation my ego would sustain from the constant doting attention from all of you most beautiful people here :D
A little piece of me dies every time someone says "clean coal"
In the CNN interview above, Bruce Niles (spokesperson for the Sierra Club’s anti-coal effort) said “clean coal means different things to different people.”
Preaching to the choir: Romney is against regulation (supposedly) but a big fan of "clean coal". How do you get coal cleaned up without gov. regulation? Magic underwear?
The following editorial appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News on Friday, Oct. 19:___The past 12 months have been the hottest on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Throughout the nation, drought, wildfires, floods and other extreme weather have made global war...
No such thing as clean coal - we need to take off the blinders Repugs keep trying to get us to wear
On Sunday, Oct. 14, 70 people gathered on Lake Julian in front of the Asheville coal-fired power plant to protest increased levels of water pollution from the scrubbers at the facility and launch a multi-year campaign to move Asheville Beyond Coal. Photo by Jeff Rich
Will coal become the clean, green fuel of the future? Not so fast.
Coal ash – the waste material left after coal is burned – contains arsenic, mercury, lead, and over a dozen other heavy metals, many of them toxic. And disposal of the growing mounds of coal ash is creating grave risks to human health.
finally got to meet lady of the hour Elizabeth Warren; talked about air & water pollution regulation and the myth of 'clean coal'...such an awesome birthday present ^_^
I want to see the Alfred E. Newman Memorial dinner and fun raiser. I thought the excess carbon problem with "Clean coal technology" was solved by producing better and lighter hockey sticks? Flavor Flav arrested on a weapons\assault charge in Vegas. Say it ain't so Flavor!
What an important pot this morning by a FB friend---What legacy are we choosing to leave? How can I play a larger role and have more impact? How can we all? I heard Bill McKibben ( speak tonight in Pt. Reyes. I admire him greatly. In the debates, I’d noticed (blaringly) that the imperative of remedying the rapidly deteriorating condition of the environment due to climate change wasn’t even one of the topics being addressed. This is ludicrous since all the other matters that have been on the floor for debate won't matter, in the long run, unless we protect the environment. We’ll all be toast. Both candidates made mention of ‘clean’ coal which is absurd as there is no such thing. McKibben attributes this to the fact that the fossil fuel industry controls the purse strings of this country and sets the agenda. He commented that there’s been a bi-partisan effort to keep silent about the matter of climate change for the last 20 years. He said we have to break the hold the fossil fuel industr ...
I was disappointed to hear Obama trying to go toe to toe with Rmoney about clean coal.
Vote for Energy Addiction Being bombarded with highly funded, special interest groups on TV and the radio recently I had to wonder where the American public stands on renewable energy. I have been subjected to TV ads that want me to vote4energy and radio ads that ask me to vote for Clean Coal. Even one of our local candidates tells me via radio she wants to burn “clean coal” while “protecting the environment.” I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as clean coal. I would avoid using coal and environment in the same sentence. Our chief electrician took a short call to work at the Craig coal fired plant last year. He called it “blood money.” Wearing earplugs, ear *** a respirator and coveralls in the plant, he said after coming home each night he could not get all the black off of, or out of his body. I believe the earth has the same reaction to spewing these byproducts into her atmosphere. We need to clean up the coal power plants now operating, or close them. That is what the EPA is trying . ...
Clean Coal supporters harassed, barred at Obama-Biden events September 26, 2012 | 12:36 pm Advocates of "clean coal," hopeful of pushing their cause at Obama-Biden campaign events, say that organizers have confiscated T-shirts, hats and signs and harassed supporters. At a Chesterfield, Virginia rally Tuesday for Vice President Biden, clean coal supporters said that their T-shirts, hats and signs were taken as they passed through security. Others said that they were barred from entering after an official who had earlier confiscated clean coal T-shirts called it a "private event." Wednesday at a rally for President Obama in Bowling Green, Ohio, clean coal advocates in their T-shirts and hats were asked to leave and their video tracker filming their treatment was filmed by an event video tracker.
So the candidates are both for "clean coal"? I can tell you exactly what "Clean Coal" looks like--my father was a coal miner and he died of BLACK LUNG. It's a slow death, took him years to die. Death on the installment plan.
What in the world is Self-Deportation?! Is that like Clean Coal and Legitimate Rape?
Romney says "Clean Coal" Must be that crack he's been smoking. Lies & More Lies!
Shaw Completes New 585-MW Clean Coal-fired Generating Plant in Virginia BATON ROUGE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 12, 2012-- The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE: SHAW) today announced it has achieved substantial completion of the new Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, a 585-megawatt clean coal-fired generating plant in Virginia for Dominion Virginia Power. As part of substantial completion, the plant was operated at its rated capacity and released to Dominion for commercial operation. In 2007, Shaw was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction contract for the new plant, which incorporates clean coal technologies and two circulating fluidized bed boilers supplying steam to a single steam turbine generator. Clean coal technologies, combined with modern post-combustion controls, result in low emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and mercury. “As one of the cleanest coal plants of its kind, the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center is capable of burning a diverse mix of fuels,” s ...
There's no such thing as "Clean Coal" and we know what other fossil fuels do to our environment. Solar is the purest form of energy available and the politicians are largely ignoring it in this country. It's time for ALL of our leaders to recognize that our very survival is linked to the development of clean energy sources and stop arguing about the best ways to continue using fossil fuels! Nineteenth century technologies are just too dangerous in our ever warming atmosphere.
My Dad posted a picture earlier about how "Clean Coal" came up in the debate between Obama and Romney but Climate Change didn't make the agenda. Here are my thoughts on coal and the coal industry. There is no such thing as clean coal, there is 'cleaner' coal but when you compare that to the green types of power generation coal is very bad for the environment. I've seen several ads this political season with coal workers disparaging the current administration due to how Obama has poured funding into green energy research, and how they are having a harder time making a living because of all the regulation that has been instituted on the coal industry. It seems to me these people need to realize that coal is doing more harm than good to our entire ecosystem, I realize that in certain areas of the country there isn't much option for work other than being a coal miner. But its time we as a nation begin to lessen our dependency on coal. The companies that rely on coal will be forced into spreading into oth ...
Seems to be more people getting kept out of rallies and such because they are wearing the wrong clothing -- a McCain shirt, a "Clean Coal" shirt, etc. Sign of the times, I suppose as we try harder and harder to keep those who oppose our views silent. Rest in Peace, First Amendment.
I'm all for saving the environment,but where will you get the 1.21Gigga watts to get that power to your car Dr.Emmett Brown?Come on people;we have to get smart,Natural Gas,Clean Coal,Start drilling,Keystone pipeline.Reality guys, Reality!
Remember a couple of talking points Obama chest pounded at his DNC speech was his having a Strong Foreign Policy and National Defense, Clean Coal and Clean Energy jobs with wind and solar and GM is Alive and Bin Ladin is Dead! Be very sure leading up to Election Day you give a lot of weight to what Obama does and does not rather than what he says in glossy speeches. Just call him who he is " Very Barry High Gloss ". Maybe that will help better define his true identity if you are tempted to sip the Kool-Aid. The biggest thing Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have in common is ugly wives and doing something else other than being at the helm during a crisis and definitely some new "Arithmetic ". Bill Clinton's AKA "Slick Willy", AKA "I did not have sex with that woman". I was flavoring my cigars and fighting impeachment in Congress. Very Barry High Gloss.I have everything under control! Just like the assurance we got when he was on vacation in Hawaii and the Shoe Bomber was arrested and read his rights at the d ...
What about the XL Pipeline. Clean Coal. Yea right tell that to the United Mine Workers and the people of West Virgina. Natural Gas? Hum, he hates fracking. I wonder how he proposes to do that.
At one point, I thought Romney would use Manifest Destiny again. He completely ignored and offended all first Americans. Made it very clear he does not care about the planet or its resources, except to the extent he can make money. Energy dependence via fossil fuels is a death sentence for the PLANET. Stupid! Clean Coal and Natural Gas. YES, Absolutely. Oil, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Solar, Wind, Water, YES. Safe Nuclear, YES. No more pipelines, DEMAND efficient transportation and industry. This nation had over 500 nations who lived in peace and in balance with the Planet. Then the immigrants came and destroyed that balance, claimed the resources and gifts of Mother Earth as their own, put the first Americans into concentration camps and continue the same today. Where is their hope, their America?
Republicons believe that putting the word "clean" next to the word "coal" actually creates something called "Clean Coal". The symbol for their party shouldn't be an elephant. It should be a unicorn. (credit to Bill Maher, paraphrased)
It's getting hot out there! and gonna get hotter! under their energy plan... Renewables are our best way to insure a sustainable energy future but takes some progressive and not degressive thinking... Clean Coal - it's what they want to serve us up for supper (mercury).
Listening to a story about the crazy drought we are experiencing and thinking about what it's going to mean for people on a community level and what climate change has meant for people all around the world. And then a damned Clean Coal commercial starts playing... smh.
It's reassuring to know that the Republicans and Big Oil and Clean Coal and the Koch brothers remind us that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by climate scientists trying to get big research grants. Not to worry!
Which energy policy should be at the tip of our Presidents tongue every energy speech? Clean Coal (that doesn't exist so he lied)? Drill baby drill at home, which he's adopted that position. Allowing for mutltinational companies to drill in the gulf again right away with ZERO regulation or change in the blowout preventers faulty design. Or this...
Because of the easy money policies (including printing money) of Ben Bernanke & the Federal Reserve, economic doomsdayers had been predicting rapid inflation, a declining dollar, & the economic decline of the US, especially manufacturing. The US is the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world & this sector has had continuous expansion for 24 months. Now expect low inflation & low interest rates to continue. A major reason is falling energy prices in part due to cheap Natural Gas. Year to date: the price of Natural Gas -16%, crude oil -7%, & coal -22%. Expect coal to perform poorly because gas is easier to transport, is cheaper, & cleaner. There is no such thing as "Clean Coal." No, we are not out of the "economic woods," but the trend is positive.
CAme back from the USEPA hearing on establishing the first ever limits on CO2 pollution from the coal industries. Wondered where the dozen or so young people in Clean Coal t-shirts came from? Heard they got their job from Craig's list! Did my 5 minute spiel, Dave Segel and I were at the press conference on Dearborn and Adams St. Great day. Hope we made a difference!
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